Newspaper of Evening Star, May 1, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 1, 1861 Page 2
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LOCAL NEWS. Wa??i**toji Matt Yaib ?Our Nrry Yard now prraenta a more animated aspect than It baa before In many yrara The strange rraaela In our waters, tbe unusual activity moai all claaaea of workmen, tbe pll? of frHght upon the wharves, and the tmall army of volonteera quartered there, together with the throng of Tlaltora, preaent an appraraneeof life and hue neaa altogether refresh ing in ttwee timea of commercial stagnation For aeveral dan our wbarrea bare been crowded with vessels never before seen in this region, many or which still remain, while others are constantly coming and going with troops, naval ntorea. srnns. ammunition. Mr n? light, which brought the baggage and engineer rorp? of the Seventh Regiment. still tin at tbe wharf, where she ia being acrubbed and washed, preparatory for le*T'ng The wbarf la covertd aclth boxes, bale*. and packages, awaiting removal to the quarter* cf the troop* for whom they were l>rou/ht, and the <&rew. having nothing to do, are lounging about tbe ablp awaiting the order to ? * )oo*e and be off She will probably nil to day or to-morrow. Tb* steamer Coatxaeoalcoa, which carried the Texan troop* to New York, lie* %lo*e by the Penaaroia, and la now disc bailing a heawlcutd of freight. Along her deck* are ranged 1'iii.diea of hay, and her gorgeous a&loons are filled almost to the ceiling with immenae box** and pile* rf baggage L" pon the wharf ere heaped up a large number of gunny bags, uaed for making wind batterlea. 4c The aloop-cf-war Pawnee awing* quietly at anrhor in the channel, appear ing hot unlike a deserted ablp. aave when tbe t??d of an ofllcer or marine appear* for a moment above tbe bu'.warka Several little ateam-tugs are crowding and puffing In among tbe amall craft 'oaded with wood ana coal, anaiching one away here and dropping another there, amid tbe ahouta of those who are In ronatant apprehension of dan ger to their tub* from tbe crowding andaquetxlog ?<f new comer* i ne r>Mtimore and Mount Vernon.escb with a 33 pounder and a large quantity of shot snd shell, left about half-past s*x p m on i cruisedown the rim. Tbe guns all l>or? on tbe Virginia aide, nnd the officer in charge of one remarked to bis in n that If Alexandria Bred a rrnaket at him as he pnss*-d hy be should toss back a shell?half a tloxrn If he had tlme.M Among the freight token ?>a bcnrd wir* several boirt of fbarpf 1 iltfiind three or tour thousand charges of flxed ammuni tion Tbene ho.tts pre sent down probably to ro ronneltrethe heights along tbe river Just pre rlous to setting t<ff It was whispered around among the Seventv-tlrst Regiment of New York that seT?-ral of their companies were to he thrown Into F^rt Washington to repel an expected attack, and all hand* brisked up In a lively style, each hoping that his should be one of tbe lucky com panies Pa a a dks Ykstirdat Aftmsoo* ?The dress parade of the R hode Island Regiment yesterday afternoon, In front of the Patent Office, drew to gether an Immense crowd of spectators. Tbe Vines were drawn up In Seventh street, opposite tbe building, and tbe entire regiment reviewed >?v ?iov Spra^ue. The entire band was out. and during the parade discoursed delicious musio or precisioa ana order with which the regiment executed every detail of the review vaiccmme nt ed on with admiration by every military person uhn witnessed it, and the universal exclamation was that the Rhode laland boy* " wear the bell ' At the d'smitsal. three tremendous cheers were Kiven by the spectators for Rhode (siand. We may add. while on this subject. that there sre thrtt "Daughters of the Regiment" with the Rhode Islanders; viir Mlsa Sarah Bezely, Mrs. Kate Brownell. and Misa Maria Strahan They nre charming, Intelligent ladiea, full of life ana animation, and accompany their brothers, bus >"inds. and fathers, for the reason that they utterly d to be leltat heme, when those so near and *1?*r to tl em were marching to the defense of th* Ir wintry They propose to mike themseives usefn'. aj nurses in the regimental hospital. A laurdre* also accompanies the thoroughly-pro vided Rhode Island Regiment. The Matnachuaetts Sixth, and the New York -ruiu ??*.uicu,'jrauta in lll( MIT grounds of the Capitol at 4)* o'clock, and went through tbe ceremony ef iron ping their colors The fences surrounding tbe grounds were lined with p^ctatora. Tbe Seventh Regtinent executed with usual skill and preclaloa a number of maneuvers The various companies of the N Vork Twelfth Regiment were out on drill la front of their quar ters (La avenue) during the afternoon. The Zouave dram corps attached to thia regiment yes terday afternoon went through a variety of skill ful m'ant-uvera in front of the restdenccof General Scott, corner Sixth st. and Louisiana avenue, and executed a drum serenade with so much excel lence aa to challenge tbe unanimous admiration of the crowd that flocked around tbem. Tbe band of tbe Twelfth played in the mean time a number of patriotic sirs, where it the spectators cheered lustily. Tbe Pennsylvania volunteers, rear cf tbe City Hail, are aas duous In their drill exerciaes, and arr rapidly acquiring proficiency Soon- of Uncle Sam'* Infantry were drilled In tbe City Hall lot last evening, performing their with tK? ? ? ? -?? >tuv* ?AB^iucu pt^uiiar w the "regulars " Ma?sachcsitts asdNiwi Yo?*.?Ata meet ing of I be Eighth Masancbuaetts Regiment, laat Monday, a aerlea of revolutions were adopted fl preaa'.ng tbelr hub appreciation of tbe hearty Mrflconi* extended to tbem by th* Seventh Regl inentof New York upon their arrival in Annapolia and their grstStade for tbe generouaentertalnment furnialied tbem by tbe Seventh on the afternoon of the <t?th inat., when tbev wrea'.ly In need, and especially for tbe voluntary subscription ratted amon; thein for the benefit of one of the oUlcera of the Eighth, who waa accidentally wounded a few da\s ainre. In conclusion, they reaclve "that wherever the Seventh may go we would go, where tbey lodge we would lodge, and, If ever thrlr colon eo down before tlr? bo-ta ?? K- .. Ik. n-i-.i. ? ' ? -< *U'. UI^UIU ?I .MtMiruUKTJ WO 1M b* the flit to avenge tceir fall wltu the Lear; a blood of evrr> roan " (iCABDH<>C4K ?Jtmn Welah, trcaMd of a? aault and iMtterv on Win Adama, (colored.) with intent to kill; aent to Jail for trial Wllllam H. Taft. charged with robbing a drunken man named Homan, waa taken to the guardbouae. Taft aaid be waa a aoldter in one of the Mmm cbuaetta Restmenta. and that the old man w.:i a!ao of the aama re/lment, and be waa taking htm home and bad taken hta pocket-book to ke?p It for him. Tbia morning tbt old man being aober, atated that he la a citizen of Waahlngtoti; don't belong to the Maaaacbuaetta or any otber regiment, and moreover don't know Taft at all: never aaw him till lact night; waa drunk and treated a crowd of aoldter* In aome restanrant Taft waa aentover to jail for trial Piok Cokrley, charged with throwiug atonea and awearlng pre* finely, waa aent to Qiieenatown for QUdaya, In default of aecurlty and coata. Pl>a to bk Raisin ?Tbe flijr purchased by tbe Tolnnlary contributions of the clerks In the PaifGt OSf, to be hoisted owr that building, la to be raised on to-morrow (Thursday) at li m Tbe flat; la *i4 feet tone by 16 wld-. Several of tbe mfmkfrt of tbe Cabinet will probably be present at tbe ceremony and will participate In tbe ralalnj? Some remarka roev bo expected from Got Sprigue, and tbe Rhode Island band will dlsoourae some patriotic music. Yi'TTitiT trTii<ioo!i, tbe President of tbe United States, accompanied by tbe Secretary of War, visited the quarters of the varl??tw regiments nowhere I be Pr?*stdent expressed uiurh sttia faction with tbe appearance of tbe men, and spent some time 1n each of tbe quartera In conversation with tbe officers In tbe Patent Office be was received brGov. Sp'ajjne and bis offlcen. and on bla passage through the bnllding waa repeat edly cheered by tbe Rhode Island Regiment. Examination Postponed?The examination of the part!.* concerned la (he killing of Boyd at the Nary Yard last Sunday, haa been post poned without day. as their arreet by military n(hAtll? tw-t- w-a * - ...w w m >hcii vcing rcmoTfftt irora tkclr mUi without an order from the command ing od<-(r The other cues are postponed for tbe same reason. Acttdixt to a Soldi i* ?L?*t evening, a mem ber of tbe New York Twelfth Regiment, In coming out of tbe quarters of h!s company, (old Trinity Church,) the tongue of a gun carriage, which bad been left against tbe adjoin lag fence, fell upon bin forehead, knocking blm senseless. He was properly cared for, and bit wound drested st a contiguous apothecary shop Amotbbk Ait'iT ?L?st night, Wm Kelly was srrnsted by oftcer J F. King upon suspicion of tbe larceny of s valuable goid watch belonging toPr Prsiter Several arrests have been already made of persons suspected. Kelly was taken be fore Justice Donn and committed for a farther bearing. Petty Labcbnt ?This morn lag, a colored boy nxmrd Peyton Day was arrested br policeman Lloyd upon susp clnn of robbing the residence of xntkmtu in the Seventh Ward. He wax held In custody by the officer while search was hrlag made for the stolen property, Wben s float hear ing wilt be had before J oat Ice Donn. Not IirnciTiD?We learn that the charge against Mr. William Thompson, late of ?b*Ord ninca Department, of having been n part* to the treachery of Hill ok bombs with sand, haa been carefully Investigated bv the oflleera In charge, and that nothing whatever haa been discovered tending to criminate him. Moms P*iton*ms Escara raoa tbb Pnitis hut -Nobis Grav-aoo and tdw'd Duckett, two colored convicts In the penitentiary, netf J from that pta<M yeaterday morning. They our Aged to give the gnttrd the " go by" aa they ware work lag In the garden. Postronan ?The May ball of PretaM Ma rlni. that was to have taken place to morrow night, haa been naceaaarlly postponed until far ther notice; as tha Government requires the use of the Assembly Rooms for the accommodation pftrveps. ?' .. X?" * -* r? * 4 Tma 8ixtt-N iktb ?On? oompanv of this regi ment arrived here lut night from Annapolis, in charge of the regimental bae^igt The r?f(liMot la expected In to-day At ttjf o'clock this morn ing, a train arrived from Annspoll*, bringing about forty northern paaengers, and all the northern malla. which came through vis Perrv v'ue to that citv. No troops arrived by thla train, and none had arrived at tlie Junction In the train from Annapolla. The Slxtv-Ninth la at the Junc tion awaiting orders to move forward The field officers are Col. Corcoran, Lient Col. Nugent, and M*J Bag ley. The regiment consists of ten companies, the rank and file of which nurobera l^e aggregate l,4#y man. Prof Roblnaon. of .new i or*, 1* tbe leader of their excellent regi mental band, to which la added an efficient drum corps. Tbe Sixty ninth baa been guarding the road through from Annapolla to tbe Junction for several daya uaat, and their deportment towards the Maryland people haa been ao unexceptionable that the citizens along the llneon Moudav laat ap pointed a committee, which waited on Col C. to tbank him and hla men In their name for the courtesy which bad been extended them by the entire force, alnce their occupation of tbe line. Some of the aoldiera of the command have arretted two peraona, one rfh a charge of theft, and the other charged with treasonable designs His name Is Granville, and suspicious pap?rs were found on him. He was sent under guard to An napolis, and placed In tbe banda of Oen. Butler. Great curiosity Is manifested by our citizens to see this regiment, and the railroad station Is be Helped at all points, In expectation of their arrival. Tbe? are to be quartered at the late Columbia market, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Thir teenth atreet, and at the old Union Buildings. Theatkk.?Our coxy Washington Theater was reopened last night for a short spring season, and tbe pv formances, sprightly and amusing, afforded a very agreeable relaxation from tbe grlin stern ness of out-of-doors affairs. ' Simpson A Co." was very agreeably per formed Indeed: after which caine the recitation br charming Mlu Mann, of Tennyson's "Cha-ge of the Light Brigade," which waa delivered with so much ap'.rlt, and atruek the audience as no apropos to the time*, that it waa received with the moat extravagant applause. A pleasant farce con cluded the performances. To-night, the military drama of "The Maid of Crolsaev," and the amusing farce of "Mr. and Mrs. Peter White " By request, Miss Mann will recite "The Charg* of the Lijrht Brigade " The excellent music afforded nightly by W'lth ers"s orchestra is alone Inducement enough for a visit to the Theater. A SceoKSTtox ? Mr. Editor: I have been much gratified until the present at the general good conduct of the soldiers here, and rejjret, deeply. nm even a lew instances have occurred, within a d*y or two, of the bad behavior of any. For this, the Innocent must suffer more or less In public estimation with the guilty. It will give the se cessionists sn opportunity of disparaging the character of all. and the southern press will teem with exaggerations and slanders To correct this state of affairs In a measure, it will be necessary for c< mpinv commanders to limit the number each day on pass, and retain a register of their names; see that In leivlng their quarters they are so uniformed that their regiment and company can be recognized; snd, when the necessity exists for the press to make public any of their misbe havior, not only publish tbelr names, but their reg'ment and company. In this way the guilty alone will suffer. Ol&Solsiik DcsrtBATX Attempts to Fiik a Hotel ? Yesterday, no less thsn four attempts were made bv some party unknown, to flre the Union Hotel, Georgetown, and two attempts have been made to day A strict <ruard has Wot nl?c?ii unr-.n ? i r ** building, and strenuous efforts are b~ing made to detect the parties to this extraordinary Incendiary attempt. Bt Shillikoton's faat express we hare Balti more paper* of this morning and New York pa pe's of yesterday The Colonel 1? a public bene factor To M D Russell, Seventh atreet, another en terprising dealer, we are indebted for coplea of the same, and for Philadelphia papers of yester I day. Floci, &c ?The prices of flour hare declined s'nee the panic occasioned by the removal of the flonr from Georgetown a week ago. The price* range fr<?m 50 per barrel for superfine to Sll for family. There will be no lack of provisions, as our merchant* are to-day arranging for the re ception of provisions in abundance. Yoitthful Militakt?A fine looking com pany of boys from Georgetown paraded through Pennsylvania avenue this morning. In new uni forms, consisting of red pants, dark blue jackets, with orange facings, and fatigue caps. They were accompanied liv martial music, ami nr?. Rented a very handsome appearance. Srvsre Drill.?The recrnlts of the Pennsvl varila volunteers stationed at the City Hal!, were kept In constant dMll hy their ofli ers \>s!erday? first In squad and then In company drill \ es terdav afternoon one of the men falntM while on drill In Louisiana avenue, near Sixth street Music at the President's Urou.xds ?Toe music l>y the fine band of the Seventh R?*glraent In the President's grounds will commence at five o'clock this afternoon, and continue two hours A teleorara has been mad* connecting the Anenal, the Nevy Vard. the Capitol, Executive Mansion, and other public departments. The Polic*.?Our police failed to receive their usual wages this morning, although it Is the reg ular pay day. Another Steamer?A steamer came up this morning with provisions and military stores for the troops quartered here. See elsewher* the notice of a meeting of the Phenlx Building Socltty, to be held to-night. Wr, the nnile'sicned. Dry Goods Merchants on >k ?*-v. wt: ci -aa our re*pecli>? pace* of butireaa at 1 o'skck p m, (Saturday excepted,) from May l?t to Seot<?inber 16tli, 831. K. Hr ct Hali., G. T. Swans 4. Co., A. Mosxiion, A. I/OBDAKD) MtTTHrwi Goal, 9. Fisuman. W. W. Dckdittk, ap9>-3t Covqtip ?Tbe aodden changea of ocr climate are o'irces of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Astkmatie' Affections. Experience having proved that simple rmrediea often aot speedily and certainly when tak -n in the tarly atarea of the dia*aau. recourae anoold at onoe be had to '* Broken'? Bronchial Troches." or Losenges, let tbe Cold, Cough, or Ir ritation of the Throat be ever ao alight, aa by this precaution a more aerioua attack may be effectually warded off. Public Speakers and Singers will fid them effectual for clearing and atrenguomnt the voioe. See advertisement. liel-ly Rsadkk, Kavs yoa aeer Prof. Wood'a advertiae ment in oar paper. Rear it; it will interval you. an 30-eoly To thi Aftlict*d !?Be aure to read the adver tiaemei.t of McLeau'a Strengthening Cordial and Blood Paafier. in another ooluma. tf ? * *r?i*ixrs? A Persons desiring pennies will a'ways find them for oxohante at tne Htur Office counter. tf 91AKR1KD. On the evening of the3tth ultimo, bv the Rev. P. D. Uurley D. D . ROBhK T COI.TMAN to Mus MARY 1 .youngest daughter of John T. Clem ents, E'q., all <>t this city * On the 3f>th ultimo, by R?v. P. Light Wilson, MALCOLM VVAl.I.INGi'FOR aud Mm SA L UEC. STEVENS. men, AprilSOth. ELIZABETH L A ROHEHTSON. Tito friends of the lamilr are respeotfally invited to attend her funeral, on Thursday afternoon, at 3 o'olock. Irom her mother's resiJtaoe, No. 434 I, between 4th and 6th streets. * SPECIAL. NOTICE TO ? OUR CUSTOMERS. in mie^UDM of theansettied state of the coun try, and thj general suspension of business, we de aire to close all acoouu's on oar ho-ks,and will thank ail indited t'j come forward and settle aa aooa aa abesib'e, and greatly oblige u?. J W. COLlKY ft CO.. aa at-2 w am rteven*h at.. ah<xve Pa. av.Q PROPOSALS FOR COAL AND WOOD. Orr:cm Swutait or Sxnatx U. S.,t April II, 1861. J Sbalid Proposals will be reoeived at this office till o'clock on Monday, the 6ih May next, for I furnishing, f r the use of the Senate, five hundred toes best white ash furnaoe Coal (small steamboat sue) and se\enty-fcve ocrds teat dr? ????? ?> ? wix). 1. Th* wnoie to te packed away in the vault* of the Capitol, in place* which Viil bo abowo on application to the Kngineer in tb? aervioa of the Hruate ; and to be delivered by the ?>th J una next. Booda for tha faithful exaoution ol thaoontraot vl 1 be required. Btda lor tne ooal and wood will be onn*id?red separately, and **U*factory arrangement* must be mane for Ilia correct meaeuremeiji ot both. ASUL'RY D1CK1N8, ap lS-dtMayft Secretary of tlie Janata. HNEVV book**. ISTORY of the Umt*d Metherlande. by John Lothrop Motley ; 2 role ; fr e by mail, f 4. 'IbaHiaaof th? Dutch Republic, a hittory. by John Lotnrop Motley; 3 Tola.; o!oth; free by mail, S?* Si'a* Mvner, the Weaver - f R^velol, by the | author of ** Adam Bade cloth 75(oent* ; paper fiO cent* Ufa and Cara?r of Major Andre, by Wintrop ya'teant; ft ?. Ait'r lqpb-rga with a Painter, a Summer Voyace to l^brador and Nawfonndiand; by Rev LoniaL. Noble; ?1 50 Tae 4%uuiaemre of Pbotocemo or Hydra-Car bon Gila, by Thomaa Autiaeli, M. D ; 61.75. Any of t&e above free by mall FRK.NCH * H1CH9TEIN, ap ? 87* Penua. wiiik I A 1'ARD. WOULD Raapaotfully oall the attention rf the c:tixeu and *trapger to our new lot of M?aTr aed Moyf CL.01'MING, FURNISHING GOOD8. H .\TS and CAPA 1 can aataly nay that I am now prepared taaall gooda on batter term* than ever Won't forgot to aall aad io?k at oar new grwJ., i Mvi. N-J*fcssxstsSE:* SELLING OFF AT A IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE PRECAHlv affairs, we prefer to coavtrt our Gooda into mone of DRV GOODS at a great reduction from for departmenta, comprising an assortment of all Ike can production. An early call is solicited, as we deeire to close ap 30 3t 575 BOARDING. UOAR I) AND ROOM -Bowd.with Karnuh-d ?_Hj>^rn oo tfte imh>i d floor, i.ifty be had at \o. taa iwe.itn ?t.. between u and h. ay u> at* Boarding.?A private rami y having four large. Airy Front Room* ioonn?o;ir.g i w. all rent them, with or without Board, *o cfcntiemen, or gentle<nen and their wivea without children. ' 449 Ninth at? second door above the Patent Of. fioe. ap 27 4i* FOR SALE AND RENT. F3R R KNT-Two larpe FURNISHED R??OM*?, at No 341 lstreot, between 9thand )Oth Board rext door. my 1 S'.* THK ROOMS lately Ot'COPIKD BY Hon. Judge Greenwood, of A lean-as, a- d t ted No JOh E street, between 3J an i 4th ttr et?, are now for rent at r<-duc"d pricea. They ate him' aomelv furnished. N j ohiidrcn in tha house. 13t* FOR RENT?Two BRIt K house* of the handsome row aituated on Ninth between M and ix atreets north, very convenient, with rat o nrplete Rent moderate if taken immediately. In* ww of Mr. VV ELLS, oppoaita the bujldinca; or of WAF. H CAMPBELL; No 3*3 P* aven e, between 4H and fith ata.. aouth side ap 3-> 3t I?UR RENT?A amall BRI' K HOl'SK. :<63 Eich'.h near the Northern L hefty \lark*t House oont%ininn 6 rooms. Al&o, a Brick H >u *e, rooms, 31 $ H afreet, naar Seventh, next door to the suhaortbe-r, 37 6 M atreet a?S<> 3t JAq. M. TOwers. For sale or exchange for city property.?The underaicned win tell or f"icnai:ge ineir FA K M of 365 acre*, 7^ i f which n in tim'*r, situated rn th? river r >ad. about t<-n miles from Georgetown, and 2H diitant Tri m the o*' al. Person* wichir.g to purchase ?r exohanee will apply U> UOMILLER X DUVALL, Butch era. ap27 Iw* F'OR RENT?house No. 440 E street, he tween 6tli and ltd, a three story brck. with attio, convenient to the Post Office, Patent Office, and Center Market. A pply to Dr. J AS. J. WAK ING. K street. No. 44 {. ap 26_eotf_ 17*OR H KNT? A desirabla house, an excellent location, 401 Twelith street west, between I and K streets north. Inquire of the occupant, ap a 7t* For sale or rent-a frame houhe, containing seven rooms, together with the fur niture, situated on New Jersey avenue, between M and N sts. north. Also, a new three-story briok house, with bnok building, on the kami square, I No. ISO Fourth st ) Also, some valu*l?fi? LOTS, all of which wi.l be sold very cheap. Inquire of J. D. RVNARD, New Jersey avenue, between M and N sts. _ ap 4-tf_ FM)R RENT-A URICK HOUSE, containing 12 rooms, with Potomac water and gas. on I K-k-? to*i- J - ' " * d.iw?, uci-ocn win duu ifin. oppoiuo f ranK.m Square. Inquire at WARDER & sTKWARfS Wood and Coal Offioe, corner of H and Twelfth sts. AI to. Brick House corner Twelfth and 1. ma 88-tf Handsomely furnished rooms. Fonr handsomely Furnished Rooms, supplied with can and water, and convenient to the Hatei.t and Post Office Departments, (or rent. Appyat 490>t Massachusetts avenue, north side, betVcen 4th and 5th tts. ins23 STORE FOR RENT.?A large Store-room or Pa, avenue, a-li' ininp our auction roomk. for rent. App.rto WAl/L * UARNAHD. Aaetton aud Cominickion Aleroliants, oorner Ninth street and sontn side Pa avenue. mar 11 fj'OR RENT-A three story brick house,oon 1/ taininr 8 room*, in ?ood order, with pas fix tures complete, on H street, between 4th and 5th. Atoo, a two story brick COTTAGE, with larre yard attached, corner of F street north an ' 14th ?t. ea?t. To punotual antf reliable tenar.ta the terms wnl be mode:ate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between G aad H. no 13-tf FORRENT-The fine ItRICK HOUSE No. 100 West St., Georgetown, at present occu pied br tho subscriber. It. has 12 ror?r:<!, with gas and water throne hont, a fine yard, sta'le Ao., and U in a*o?>dneight.orhood. Apply to JA8. A. M.\ GRUDKR. oc2ft-tf GEORGETOWN ADVEflT'MTS LOST?Oa Monday morMn*, tarem t?ooigrt'*n ar.d the Circle, (Fa. av.ia p ain fold CIJ \ f\ and S^AU. with ooat-of- arm* en.raved on it. beic; an old family re ic, a liberal wi I ha civoa if delivered to me at ray Urtf titor*. 1^6 Bndxe ?t., C eorxetown. Bp 3 .'H t,hO. M. SOTHORON. t/OK W KMT? ? r??m .Ma* 1st, an f x^ei ent two utorj FRAMH HOISK, No. 130.on 6r? n Etr> t between Weat a^d S'oddar. atre?tn, ad join P'g t a ??1 K ohvrt Dodge, K>q The h use la 24 fj?t r nt, containing a piMie way and 7 room*. b**i<len a scrvam'a rtvm, kitchen, o^ilar, a'ore rooui. and itmoke linn e. It l.aa alio a argepia*za rui>n>ng from the front piaaaxe. A'tact-.ed to the hou?e is a large tard?c, with eioe!l<u<t fruit, r.s reach. apricot, rr*ar, I'iumt). and g.apo, er.'t * flowri. Inquire at the corner above. No. 136. a^2?eo2w SAMIJK'. Cl.AKK. PJU8T AKK1VKD, KR Propeller i*. Bermour, from Phi'a'elphia, W ha're!ii and Ion half barrels of Maw^y, Collins A. Co '? Philadelphia DRAFT ALB. For sale by fei<2 AHNVftSHINN. jniiDni!) I'M I >1 K l/'lUKK nJA\L Y Kxpect'd perschoonerMarj Ann McGee from Bo<rtcn. This Cider in A No. 1, and is lor tale in iota to suit purchasers. ARNY 4 SHINN'S fe 22 Union Kittling Uepot. Georgetown. JUST R ECEIVEJ>? 10 nhd?. priino Forto Rico SUGARS IV" Mils. "id Kye\Vl!l>KY, M>l?. HERRING and ALEWIVES, Sit bt?;s. Crushed and Refined "HOARS, 3>i l ags Rio and Java COFFEE. 10 hhds.Clow priori) MOLASSES. For calo Jit JOHN J. IJOfiUK. ?a 10 1QHARGEJ FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPE* AND ENVELOPES *0 MATCH. Itthl METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. Y PHILP k SOLOMONS, AttntM for Lanrer.ct's ctMratid J.intn Fmptrt, "Mitropo'itan Mills," 4"c., je. ly 334 Pa. av., bet. 9tt and U>th ats. WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. DR. 8HUMAN hM, after an experience of ten ?eare, eatabluhed the above refuge Iroin quackery, so!f labe led Indian or beniiau doctora, and p eUjnders of witcucraft auJ impostora in gen eral. Tlua ia the only p ace where a aureand apeedy care can ba obtain'*! >a the world for ah improper aiid * vjt Kabtta, gonorrhae, gleet, aemw.a: weak neaa, atphlliia, primarv aooondary. and tertiary, o'rnmc wo?kD?a*. puma in tiie loin*, utrioturea, gennia: debility, probation, nervou - neaa, rentlees night*. pa!p.tati'?" of the he&rt. rini uig in the cara, loaa of iminory, cocfuaion, melancholy. atu-ctioni of the he?'t, tiiroa', uo?e, ami akin, and ail thoae peouliar duordera ariau<g ir< in the indiscretion of f Oiitk. mndnrin# nnf?? Iap ?.?? ? study, societ?, or marriage. I?r. S. has til* gre.*trst remedial in the known world for diseases of the bood. n^or-hir. *lfet, strietnref, s? philli?, seu.inaJ weakness, seli ahuae. Ac. There i? no ca e in wh en thoy fail t;> cure in fruii 3 to 6 days. Viotims of these horrible complaint*, who would wish to be valuable men and ornaments to society, should embrnce the earliaat opportui.i'y for relief. Dr. Shuman naa made the moat oorap ?te arrange ments for theooirfort of his pvtiocta who come from adistaroe. They will De furnished with the most pleasant and agreeable quarter*, necessarr diet, and intde as ooiut'ori&ole as they would beat a first olass hotel at less than half the cost. Do not forget tae name aud nuirter. Dr. Shu man's offioe is on the corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue. Clarcr.d-n Hutel, opposite the National Hotel, Washington. D C Persons at a distance should enclose stamp for remrn postage. Office hoars, DA. Mb 10 P. M. Variou* parties have been enticd from my in stitution by certain swindlers on back st.eeu in this oity, who will rue it ti'l the day of their <i-ath. A word to the wis* ia sufficient ap9 1y R GREAT EXCITEMENT! ENFORCEMENT OF HARVEY'S OYS TKR DKPOT. No soldiers, bat a pientiftl supply of OYSTERS, HAKO CRABS. LfVE LOBSTERS ?. ^ and BOSTON FISH of all kinds. f~\ Don't fail to otll ana get the worth of yo?r money. _ _ T. M. HAKVEY, ' M 11 tf ',1*1 C ttreet. th k CONNECTICUT MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY or HARTFORD. ACCUMULATED CAPITAL, #3,M9,411 OO. DIVIDENDS DECLARED ANNUALLY, and PAID DURING THE LIFE of th? AMOfcED 1841 DiTidead, 60 per ceat APPLICATIONS run 1SSIKANCB RECEtVSD BY ULATH A KlN??WLKH. Agcnu, Washi niton. D. C. oo-Roou 1? ovir IHmJl of Waahinftoa. ?to-v>,tr COMETDiNG NEW ' ON FREE EXHIHI O TION.' ? A T?ry large iot of CLOlHINu, SURM8HING GOOD*, HATS ami CAPo. at r>. 4M Seveuth ?t N. H ? Ail at tlx ?im?n GEEAT SACRIFICE. )U8 AND DKPLORA8I.K STATE OF PUBLIC f, and have determined to aril off oar entire ?tork mer priest Tbettork la fnll *rd complete In all i new and desirable fabrlca of Foreign and Amerl out the Stork at ipeedtly n? potaible. It. BRIiT HALL, SEVENTH STREET, bftwira lu4K. "medicines. Bor jounstox, ALTIMORE LOCk HOSPITAL, Hat Jitcovfred the mo*t Certain, Speedjr and enlf Effect itnl Remedy in the World, FOR ALL. DISEASE* OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. ' A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, iiT riiUM Vint. TV TWU DAYS. WiakutM of th< Bock, Strietnrea, Aff?c:ioo? of th? Kid atys ?od Bladder, 10volrruir y Dnch]|(it, ImpotencT, G?o i ani Dtbility, N> n ? oum < ??. l>y>p?pjr, Lanytor, Confusion ' or Men, Low Sp.rr.?, Pilptutuu of tba lie art. Timidity, ! Trtmbliuf*, Dhih ? of S'j-.t or Oiddiucu, of Ui?

I lltad, Throat, Nott or 8kIII, AflVr tiona of thr Lcnfi. Stom ach or ?thrtt Tarrible Di* rdtra *r'iing from Soli tary Bib U of Youth?tlictc Drtadfal and D??trocti?? Prac tices which rtiidur Marriage unpoaaible, and dteuroy bulk Body aid Mini YOUXG MEN EapacHlly who have become th* victims of Solitary Tic*, th*l dreadful and deatrnniv* K?Kn 11 to in nuneljr |r>>i Uomndi u( Yoorf Mm of the moat esaltcd talents and brilliant lutalleet, wbo wight ctherwits M* entranced limeniug Senates with tbs thunders of ?I j ?umce or waked te ecatacy tbe Imug lyre, may call wiih ullcontdencs. MARRIAGE. fAKKIKO PlRlOHt, or Young Men contemplating Mar riase, being awara of phjaical aaxutH, organic debility, dffrrinities, kc., speedily cured. ffc who places himself under the care of Or. J. may rtligi cD?lj confide in hia honor aa a gentleman and confidently rely upon hia aktil >ts a physician. OFFICE JVo. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left aead aidaroinr from Baltimore street, a few doora from tbe Cvafr Kail uot in obstrea nam* and number. Lcuer* nasi fee pall and Contain a sump. DR JOHXSTON, Member of the Royal Collega of Surgeone, London, rrado aie from one of tiie most eminent Colleges id the United Sut??, and the rieater p-irt of whose life has been spei.t in the hoapii.Is of London, Paris, Philadelphia and elsewhere, has efTec'.ed some of th<- most aaton?lnng curaa that were e?er kuowu; many troubled with ringing in ths head aud ears when aaleep; great nervooanass, nung alarmed at sadden sosuds, biahfolnns with frequent Mashing, attended aometimas with derangement of mind, were cured toinie diately. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Young .Yen and <>thera who hate injured by * eertMu practice indulged in when alone?? habit frequently learned frosi evil coiupan.ona, or ai achool, tha eBecta of m hicn ara nightly felt e?en whan asleep, and if not cured, tenders gnrrnce impossible, and deetroya both mind and body.ahould apply immediitely. Theee are aooia of ihe aad and melancholy effect* produced by ?*rly habiu of youth. ?u : Weakness of tha Bick and Limba, Pr ma in th? Head, D'.runeaa of Sight, Loaa of Muscular Power. Palpitation <*f me Heart, Dyspepsy, Nervous Irrita bility, Derangement of the Pigeaiive Fuiictioua, General Oebmty, Symptoms of Consumption, Ac. SI ?"iT A Ll-?.?The fearlal effects on tha mind ara mach to be dreaded?Lnea of Memory, Confusion of ldeaa, Depression of Sprrna, E?il Korebodinga. Aversion ol Society, 8elf-Die true'., Lo*a of Solitude, Timidity, etc., ara aooia of the e?ila prodveed. NOtTOf* DtBlLlTT ?Thousands can cow lodge what ia the c iu?e of their declining health, loainf their sigor, becom ing weak, pale, nervous m.d emaciated, having a singular appearance about tha ayee, cough or symptoms of consump tion. jjio&axta ut iMrnuvKNCK When the misguided and imprudent *ot>*ry of pleasure finds he hat imbibed tne seeds of pamtul disease, it too often happens that an ili timed sense of shame or drtsd of discovery deters him from applying to those who, from education and respectability, can alone befriend him. He talis into the binds of igimrtat an<? designing pratenders, who, incsp ihle of curing, filch hn pecuniary substance, keep bi?n trifling month after month, or as long as the smallest fee can be ob tained, and in de?ptir le-*ve lum with ruined heMth to s?rh over cis rilling disappointment; or by the use of that deadly poison ? Mercury?hstsn the Constitutional symptoms of this terrible disease,'tcch as Affections of the Heart,Throat, Head, in, 4c , prorresmiig with frightful rapidity, till de-it'i putt a period to hi, dreadful eii3>riuga by lending him to that un diacotered totintrT from wtioie bourne do trveler return! DR JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND 1MPOTENCY By thu rriat ami important remedy weaknencf the orrani art ipeedily cored and fell eigor rettored. Thoni mdior thi moit nerrvu and debilitated, who had loit ail hop*, bit, been immediately relie?e<V^i All impedimenta 10 Marriage, Phyiical or Miatal Dit-jisl idcation,, I,on ?f Pr<>creMiTe Po?er, NtrTi-ui Irritabiittr. Tremhlin* mj W ,iu ?,# K?Ii?-m.*- ' - ' 1 find ipee^ily cored. KWOHSEMEKT OF THE PRESS The Mast Tk?1'11S8i cored at ttia iiittitnuofi within the iaet aeeantaen reari, *nd the tmroerou* imp ?rti?it Hurjri cal openuoua performed by I>r. Jolinaton. witiictaed oj ih? reporter! n# the pnpcre and w .nj oth*r peraor.a, notice* of which hi?e appeared tf -in arvd ajatn bet-re the pobiie, I r aidea bit aunriing a fer.ilemin of character and responsi bility, u a asfiicet t |ur<niae to the afflicted. mar 15-1? Dn. J. H. McLEAN s STRENGTHENING COBDIAL AM- ULOUU H RIKitR. THE UREATEST REMEDY *m tU WORLD, and th? moat Dxuciotxa aso DELIGHTFUL COKDIAL EVER TAKEN.' It '? a ast er. tSs ar.4 Vtjtji" kit Campcand, r*a t?r?d by th? diatilU tian af raoi, . er*?, u.d ktrka. Yalirw !)?'*, I.i?cl .1a?t, BSck Ha?t, Brritpa It.lx, Wild C'<atry Mark, u.ti isaidellM enter* in La tu taa Tr.e entire ae?i?e reicediii prtcipl* rf atrk ir*?a<ti?ni i? More Uk^aSjUlit taking. diaullinf, aradaalar ' dalicicaa, tiail ,rtunf apirlt, an<l Ua m??t infilllbla rim I? far ranaTailof tha diaaaaati ayatam, and rattaricf lia alck, aalaruif, and daklluaud la?? lid ta kaaltfc asd auiafX McLEAtTS STRKPfflTHKIilNa CORDIAL Wiii afaaiaally em*a t *? <'e<nj!air>t, Dytcapam, Jn aa dlta, Chracie nUirmi 1-Mhiiu/, Miaaaaaa arika lidiiaya, \ui all 4iaa<tsaa vri? af Iran i Uiaordarad Li Tar ar Viaiaach, Dfapapaia, a;l?a;n, inward Pi'.ta. Acidity ar tlcktiaaf aI ik* biareacfc, Pa'.lnata af E'rod t? :?a Hud, OaU Pain ar S?iiarainf lu tfca Maad, raipinueo af thf laari, Fallaaaa ar Waif tit In tha ItaU'Ch, Hour Eractatiaoa, Chakiof *r afaeauof Paaiiiif wSau 1atiii? i!awn,Dry.>?aa or YallaW> atai af tha Skia *n-l *? ?> Hif>;Bwa?!a, Inward Pa??ra, Palo in tha Small af tta ?-ck, Chaat, ar fida, addao Piaahaa af Baat, Dapraa<i?n af Bptma, Prifhtfal Draaica, bufaai, Daaaaiidai.ty ar an? narrasa diaaaaa. laraa ar !aith?ian ua ilku. trd aad Afaa ( > ckiua u< vmr.) 07EE A UILL10N BOTTLES kara kaaa ??ld ilarinr tin l*at ?ti and in tn iiaoaa hat ll failcl in ftln f anura aiiiifaetiaa. wha, thao, ill aafar fraa waitoaaa ?r oahllity wb?n mckeam'l tkehcti EMI NC CO id! at will car* yaa 1 ra lanfiifi can aan*?y an nuaqaiia idaa af lha tir.nadl ala aad ainaal miraea'aaa ehrnfa pradcaad ky ukinj tkia Cardial to c<a duiaaad, i?akitil\tad, ud ?ba:tarad Blr'itl lyilaa, ?halb?i krakao dawn k? azctta, vaak ky uma, ar imymjraj ky a aknaai, ih? rtuzad and ar^aai .ailaa U ml?r<c la Ita *?tmn? htallh and ?i far KAXRIED PERSONSt U rtkaia, aanaaiati iaakilltt frara wbatttar cant, will lid ucbkak'? ttrkw9tbesi1mi CORDlAk a |ba r?9fk rtgrn?ii>4t af tka tyttam; and all wha rr.i? feava la l??id ikinuim ky lb?i**ar iud?! j?aaa?' will (ad u tkla cardial a aaruia a>4 ?>*toy laiuady. TO THE LADIES. kciiax'i erixk-itbtkma cordial u a mt? ifa and tpaadt eara fa? inclpianl caoaatapuaa, whitaa, oaatracud ar ditlcalt m?aatr*auan,l ntsminanea af ur:aa ar invalauiity dla?h>r*a tharaa/, r?!!inj af 15a wrmk, viuumin, w ur.u?(i iuu ?:i uuvaivs inciacui ;c r truaita. WE HE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Saffar na langar. Yaka it t.-.cardiuf la U.raciian*. It will uma'.ata, tuaaf-.hau, and ii?.??r*.ta ja? an"J cim IS? bl**s ( fcaalth ;u r.**.u yeur c!iaak afaio. Every batlla U varrtatad l* (!> aatiafat-en. TOR CHILDREN. If raar ablldran tri c.-.Vlr, pany ft aRia'.ad, McLEAWt CORDIAL will idmi ;k*io hailihT. fat, and retail Delay XI a meuitn;; Uj It. ltd T?* Will be eenvineerf. It it de lieieaa MtUt, CAVTION a war* *t drag plate ar daa:ara * ta mar try u pain span y?a aani bitter ?r earaap&nila traah, whten they ean La* aheap, br eayinr it ia i?*l raod. A?*id a*cb mas. Aek far McLkAK'H STHCMuTHENIN(> CORDIAL, and uka aathinf alaa. It ia tha anly ren.ady that will parity tba lead tnaraafhly and atlba aaiua U.oa etreng then tie eyeteai. Ona teaepaeRfal '.\k*n **ery (naming faiurj ia a certain preventive far Ghalera, Cbille ard Fever, T?!low fever, ar in* prevalent diaaaaa. It ia fat up ia ierre bottle e. Pnea an'.y |1 par battle, ar ( bat'.laa fnr #5. J. H. McLEAN, taia rreprietar at thie Cardial; alaa, Mclaaaa'a Volcanic Oil Lioliaadl. Pni tipil Uepa; aa iba carnal af Third aad fine atraata, ?. faa*ia, M i. McLean's Yoloanic Oil Liniment. (TBI SKAT LIXIMKMT IN TB* WORLD.) Tb* arly of* icd *?ruin ear* far Cuictri, Pilaa, T% ntri, 8w?11:iij* tod Jbranehil* ar Court, Paralalia, Nil ralfta, Waakotantf tb* HimcIm, Chronie or Inflammatory iMixi'.nn, tufa*** of lh*, Joniractod Mo*ct*a *r kltminli) EiMihitiTodhicbt, Iriuii, Ipnuii, Ffiili Cava. Woiiuda, ViCtra, F*?*r Sort*, Caktd Braaai, Sort Kippltt, Barr.t, ic-.Ida, Bcra Thra?t, or any ittlifiroatioo tr Kin, no diftrtcet bow ttttrt or leu* U>? dittaa* ni? * tiitttd, McbEiSl CEkEBBATKi) LINiMKNT u a aartain r*re?dy. Tlioaaa'idt if himaD btinfi ha?* b**n laT?d a lifa ?f die rtpitada nr. J mini; by tba aaa af tbia u. raJaatlt rtratdy. MeLSAWS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will rail*** pain almott tnatanUa*o?a!y, and H will c!?aa, purify and haul tb* f*al?tt tortt la an inert iiblt abort una. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MckSANt CKUErRATICD L1N1MKNT la tb* ooly aafa and raliabla rtintdy far tba cor* af Spavin, Riarbooa, Windfall*, [ UiiU.'CnnatBral Lmicpa, Modat or Swaliinf*. it n*?*r failad ;a car* Eif Htad, Poliaail, Kiatala, UM Bantunf Bara*, or IwaaBy, If proparly appUad. Par praina, Craia**, ScraicB**, Cracktd Httla, Cbtftt, Saddla ar Collar Gall*. On *, Sortt, or Woanda, it 1* an infalhbia rtratdy. Apply 4 a* dircctad and a ? ? la e*rvua is irarr UiUaCI. Th?o nil* ? with tfe* m?j>y wjtnklMa Lialnttatt find ta 7?a. f'b'tln t topp\? ?f Da. McLKAMV CELK KATkD LlMIMEIfT. It will car. ? ?. It will ear* t??. J. H. McLJCA*. PrapriMM. K. Urn, M?. Cmir Talrd u4 Fia? iu., k. LmI>, rorr, fj p?. ?? tM a. ? r.niMKL.?(..rtim CIAKLK? rrOTT.,wl>tft>t In ?ut>1(| " - - ? - M M-0*Vl/ &jt HIR 1)8!?BIRDS FOR SALE. v*jt xjO J oat reoeirftd a apiondid aaao-tmer.t of 5jC< Irow Kurop^4>f>rin%ii t'anari**,^* Eajli-.u tfiaok Eima.Thraeljee, BullKiael?*?, Gold Finckea, Liceta, 8k; iAika. Vallow Hiuii-ra Par roqufts. Jar* Sparrow , Slarlena, tlift rt?<l Mooaw Parfot, and gr??o and (ray. I have Mocking Bjrtfw, Ri'd Wins Rtaok bima, Rec H nia, Dovea, and but>."i*k?iala",Tr?ia?d Bir'a. Price2So*cta to f XL raf>H of all k^ide iroui 16 ocata to Jk 10, at JOHN O'MKARA'S 6ird store,086 Pa a* rpBf, at the Capitol fate. fe ? 3?u i ^LOTHINS A.NDCM<TH1.N9 MATERIALS K?rt DrpttmnT. ) Burt mm of tT0n$i*?s a?4 Clstkimt. > AVli 4, fl>P4*ATi P*opo?al?, ana <*>4 m??? " l\op.?*?u for imv) C othiiig &r.d C othi?c M? torwillK> &t ,ti? oB i- ?..tit*o"o;?.ok ft in. on t ? MS c??of May n xt. for f.?riii?hit>? km! d? i?? m("nr wtm.r iixlidMi'rot?e?)*l "cn r ?une- ?i Yards at Ckarlrstowa, N?iMctni?tt?; Hro.illjn, Ni?w Vork;?rtt<i*rort, Vlrgiuiv th? t| jiutitiaa hmow m^ni^ied r f as? or ill of iha toI; u< o ?fiM cf wlidM of Nny ?'<> h'r.t act! (' o hi ex Materials, aad ?uch further quantities of t' * -an.e s* ina? b? ordered by the ? hicf nf tSt ? >;o ?*n.or bT t&e Coaxir*ndante of Hi* avil Suvf Vitrds. r?spectiT?ty, dunn* the hscal ??-ar ?<>3i uaocinc oa the lit day of Jul? Ltitikad rDdiiii ou in? o>L8 day ul Juqp. HQ, ?i? Class 1.?Cloth Clofhtng. B'ue cloth tr<>w?*rs . - S WW B.ue satin't trowaera. ? ?_ Claps 2.?Se/rmfess Clothing. Bine fell pea jaokcts Bluest cap* Class 3.?Flannel Clothing. Bus flannel overskirts ? V00 Bluefann?l and?r?lnrt*.?.? ? 3 Blue llaune! drawer* S,<*? Clas? 4.?Linen Clothing. Canvas duok trrws^rs. . 3,000 Barn*'.' j sneetinc frocks -... 3,005 Class 5.?Blue Satinet. Bice satinet. yards, H'.uX) CliSd ft K/m? Flntin*/ Bine flannel - .* yarda,?VCO Class 7.?Sheeting, Duel, and Nanlirt. Barnrley ihfHus J aril 4, lo.irftt Canvas duck do low? Blue Nankin. do 10,o 0 Clasa 8.?Shoes. Calf skm laced shoes fairs, 4,'i? Kip akia rhoes do 4 WJ Class 9 ?Sort*. Woolen aooke ?pair*, s.m? Class 10.?Mjttressei. Mattresses . with 3 covers for each) ....2 ??<J Class 11.? Blanlets. Bl&uke*e..... S.W? Class 12.?Handle rchitf*. Bi*ck silk handkerchiefa ?_?.a,ono Offers itiay bs made for or e or more cia?eea. at the option of iho biddei; but all thj articiae eiu biacej in a o in must be bia f?*r fcach class vrli be o.ipsid-red by stse'f, ard the Oont:a:t lor tna cls*? *i 1 be a?"\rfed to the bid der wiiose propota * for the ar?iri*E computed in the class a*e lowest in the arrrejat*. I'h j >'amics? ololhmc a.'i&II be < 1 fait o'oth, dyed pure indigo blue, m.vle of n:>od wool only, ami v <* .1-v. ni*vn, t> / \H , ft I ?UC 111 WO<l.t in all other reapecta to ths sainplea depcaited at the Navy Yard*. I tie Cio:h for blue o'oth trow?era nhall be twill ed. at! wool, n&d pure icaito biue, woo! dyea. It aha'l have a list oa t ach edge composed of 44 wrnte thro&d*. of all #00!. All<*s ur.d*r 17>* ouiic per ya d wi i bi rej ^c;rd; and fain 1-alo of ai/ont Sn yard* moat average 18 cu- eesp*' yard The Satinet muit t?e jn mot es wide incide of hat, with a heading to constat of not leaa tr>an twelve white woo.on threes at ea-sh end of thepiec.-; muat weigh not ie?s ilian &>? ounoea per yard, to 0 ctain in each piece a out 23 yarea; tne warp mnat cotton, puie inJigo hue. yarc-dyed; a d the fil'ing wool, pore tudipo blue, wool dy?<l. Kach bale of 4"> ?a"iaaral average nice and a h vlf o ji.oea to ti e y.ird, and no p.eoe ah&il be t-elow 9*4 ouncea to the yard. The satinet Trowaera muat be trade of mat- rta1 like tue above. 1 ha ftroadolotn and 8a met of which garments ate madethail be well tptinred b-*for tnadeup. The Hannel must he all wool, wo M-dye-', pure indigo blue, and twibed; mutt bein puce a of about So yards in lergth. 27 ii.eties wide wngninr five ounoea per yaru. with a u?t on *acr. edge of four wri;te woo.on thread- woven in tne whjie letian of the piece. T > be packed in bales of :en pi?c?*, the pieces to be ro.lM aeparara y icithcvt oioth boards, fach bile to eonta.n S*' yarda and 1*'? poumt? F aj.n I r?o piece to have a e.-? average w^uht tiian 4 8 ltocncM per yard. The tiverkhirta. tin 'ershfta, and Drawers trust be in**!* of Man r el like the above i he Barna!ey She-ting must be free from cotton. ?u incites in wictn; weight, twelve ounces 3:-100 pw ?ar<1; texture, 4 by 4 to I 1? inch. Tno Canva* buck mu?t be tree trn*n eolt*? d. 27 lrionen in wi?th, arid at'oul Jfi yams in ;be pi?ce, double thread warp anil; w>i?ti!. eul.t o jn?OB 23 ino p?r yaid; t<Jitur?, 9 l#y 10 to ^ inch. Tiio Mines mitt te paijiy sta.upod ?ii.i the contractor'! nacie, nun.bsr of the ?ho*. and y?ar whe i ma> *. J he cues to be 13 the following pro portion* for each too pair*, unie?? ( tuerwi**- or rierod, vi*: 8 of j. 17 o! No. 6 85 of N??. 7, 25 of No 3, 'G of No. 9,7 of No. 10, anc SofNo. 11. f-?>y UiUit outtlo.m in all ro-pects t-> ilie rantpl- nt me yaris, and to be de!ive,->d II s" J. strong boxe*. tlie lops of wh'c'a to be Btc rfi* fasteced aita ser?w?. ami each box to contain cairt. in t proportio.-ia, viz 3 pair* ot No. 5. with i7r>f No 6, ;3 ol No 7, with 12 oi No. V, or ctce trrfa, io < f No. f>, witk of No i7 1 , #ni2<-t No. li Th* Calf-skin an j Kip sk>n Shoe? to t?e packed n sep*. The woo'en sock) mu?t be wnven or kn.t. indi go ?niX3<<. all wool, ehatl n- w?ll so< ureti, ai.'fr in color and quality fully equal to sample. 'i he irat iet.a-s must wui^h ten (ouud*, includ ing tio*ur, which li to be rut 6 fe?-t in ie *t?. aid 81 niche* wide The oovera must ;r.?aau'?> 71 inches in length amt 29 icc esinwiitS The hair, tick m* a:.d corere must ooaf >rrn t<? samp!**. The raokin mupt be equal to the bra- bine Amer ioan nankin, 26 inch** wide, texture 5 litteads r y 4 tmeada to the 16th of a:? icch, d/t-d with purt B'* gal indite. The b.aaketa must wurli six pounds p*r pair, and measure 51 by 78 incu e^ch. A 'a..? of 6u pair* nriuat weighs*)pounds, a?iU no p?.ir aha 1 w^i^h .e?a than 6 pounca >3 ouua*a. Th?r mai.lMmvl* of ci? an wool, and each blanket most be tn'.rkcd v *-? **??? j r% in mo Baintlit*. The biack 'ilk hanJaerchloU mutt be?I>4 by S1K inches, vetgii 1 oti.c* and 12 gram* 1 n y ; tex turo. 14 oi 23 to i no fcif lith oi ai. i: ch. liidaers lor th* abo-o wi 1 ppecily whether t*ie "riiclea they propose to furrrie.ii a; ? 11 Us i f the growth, p' manufacture of the United St<vt?>?. at, a orefc-rei ce wi!l i e elver, to such. A schedu.e ?f ?h? ttiree siie? for e?:li itii p'eces of tnad?-up c b>thinc will bj found With tho?a:n p'.e? at the re*pccti yard*; awn a i tue above erli jlcs, li cludi ,* the neoiMMur button*. nns? Ac., are to be full; equ?l iu tn > quality, texture. col r, * ight, R'ld fiMcn of piaierial aua co foim in put tarn, Kin, \-j<i wcrrkmaii*?ip. to "ample* Tne LUir ier or quantity w ' ich vi 1 be r<q? ire<l of eacti of the a ticien cannot be p. ec.'f - If (tUfd. It inli Mt M lo?M. k*VMW, tliHu th? quantity specified iu th-> forecoin* '1st. Th*? Co. - tract* wilt, her-iore, he rove lor lh? q"aat tv of each article bo ?pejified, aud (or such furrier quv. tity a* tie bureau may require. Thrrritt m>i lit uH'/iwm at ail the stations All the ah -vo article* must !-e aut j*ot t ? tu^ii in paction n.t the pl&ce of delivery a> the chief of thi* bureau may uirict; and no a tine wi.l be received that in not ful y equal to the para; e in ev?r? r>? ap^ct, *ud wh.ondoea notoor.f.rni to the biipuia tion* ai.d provisions of the contract tj be insds. 1 he wh |e mnat be delivered at the n> k aid n psme of the oo:i laotor.'i hox an ' ! * e lo be marked with tiieoomractor''* ta-n-*. 1 ho ic.*p?ct it'H 'libera to be appoiLted by ihe Navy Lit {.art ment i'lie olt'era ruuat distinguish the pric M for each article raer.ttoi ed in a e &< ?, a: d mutt be ca.oi iated to cover every np?uko atiendiuf the fulfil ment of the oontr&ot, iLuluding the tiece??a.'f but ton a. lii ca*e of ;ai!ure on the part of the contractors to deliver the aeveral article* which tiijvt (> ? or da ed from them, i? proper time and e/ pr(p*r qual ity, t!.o chief ot the Hureau ot fr viaiuus a d Clothing eh&il he aathoricixl to purch&ce <>r ditect purcnaaea to if mvn,| what war be required o upply the dehoieccy. undertne eiv.ait* to ha ex preaa>*d in the contract; the record ( a requtattioa, or a duplicate cop? ttiercof, at tiie bureau of Pro viaio.a aid C oihioc. or at either of the Navy Yards aforwa d, aia l b* evidence th vt moh r?qui ait on has b#3ii n a<'? a> d rcceivtd. Two or more approves ?metie* iu a mm o^ual to th' eatinaud ani.unt of the reaptctivj coct acta will be repaired, and twentf per centum will be withheld ir*/in tna a?nount of a I payinei U mac o >unt thereof aa oolla'erC. security, and not id hi.jt ev nt to he paid ubti! it la l : al! reap _ota complied with, and eighty per caLtun: ot the amount r.f all deliv.rie* tna-'e will h<? paid hr the Navv Agent within thir y days a/nr tripic&e bill*, Jul) aj ther.tioated. ah^li h^ve been p-eaenttd to hiin. Bidder* wlioae propoaaia ai.ail be accept*! (and none other*) wnl be foituwitn i.utiti.*!, and aa car!y a? practicatils a contract will be trac*<nitttd i to them for ex-cutio?i, which oontno! not t-? rt- , turned to the H'ireau within hv-?da?*. egc!u?ive of tho time r?quirod f jr tne regular tranamiaaiou of the mail. A record, or duplicate rf the letter mfonriuc a l/iuuoi ?r| iii'J (HJLViy Wk ii/D 1/1 UIQ Dl U^U^H ? Wlli I'P j d?<rrio*l a LotificaUou thereof, within the uietning | of the act ot 18?? *n<l hi* hid wiJt be mv!e and av oeet^d in conli.-rmilf with thi*underat&ndin*. fcrfry oiler mmt lie accompanied (aa directed in the notpf Conrr.n making appropriation* lor the Nfcva.1 service for l-HG-'tf. approved loth ol Aucn?t, 1346) t.jr a written nu&racUe, ?i*r eJ l.jr one or more re pon?ibl? jwinm, to tne effect that he or they undertake that the bidder or Didder* wii . if hie or their hid bo acoeptrd, enter into an obligation within five days, with good and an(Hcie* t rorctiea, to futmah thi (.upplier prop*ted. The Bureau wilt ci.t be obligated to conaider any proposal attleaa a c?mpanied by the gmr\ntae requirea by Uw; the competency of the guarantee to be certified by the Navy Agent, Diatrict Attorney,or Collector of th? Cuat-m'. Blank form* of proposals may be obtained on ap plication to the .Vary Actnts at Portsmouth, >'< * Hampshire; Boston, Xetc York,*Philadelphia, Bal timore, fiorfolk, and at this Bureau. The attention of btdd>r.% > called to the >amples and description of article* required, as, in the in spection before rerentii m. n i? ?' ' _ ? j wot* ' i ? i 'i i ur/k f'' ' r i/i? viU te mad' bettceen the artirlet ojferrd and tkf *am jlrsand rontrart ,rec trim ?(?? that fall below thrm: and their attention ?.? i' particularly diverted to -he joint resointion ofZlth MarcJk- UJ54. ?* Ld'htiun to the art af tke l??a August, 1846. ?pS-la?r4v IREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital. ?800,000. QfU* com r C ttrut mnd Lonuiam* ?., ovtr Bmk Of WafKtngton. INSURE HOUSES ANtToTHKR PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. G?o. Fho*m&k?rt Ma Redfora, Wiiiiau Wi not. Sniuot Cropley, WiuiMO Wi.wn, Richard Joc<-?, Johu D Barclay. JaoobGidWn, Andrew Roth well, Tho?. P?rk?r, Riatmrd Barry, B. U- Krnook, v_,h*r!M W. Davit. No chary* tor Poiieios. J A.M Efe ADAMS, PrMtder.U Ab*L G. Davis,Secretary. < W THAYKLlMi TRUCKS E offer for ?*le the UifNt M-orttnent TKA VKlINB TK I MK8 to be found lam; tbi* oitr. oompnein* b?#t BoJ? l/?*a herl LmliM' Dr??n ai<d Paakiag Trunk*, V? Uom. Cvy?t *o., wtitek w ftr* low m lmi ?t r.ry low ?"*^ALL< feTEPHBNg * l ftp M 399 Penu. it*ih - ? ,TELEGHAPHIC INEWS !r rwwm niiuiBtr* Baltimoxv. April H) ?From Information gath ered from gentle-nen wh** and Infloenc# put* Ukui In lb'W*v of knowing ib* r*rtliif ud viewi of lb* majority of Ifae member* of Ibr L? gtalature of "?i?rvUii*i. tbev feei w?rruiHl la uvliu that that body will not even paaa a bill to rail a ?t?l* Convention, but w.ll coriteet tbast aclvr* with making a calm and dljjrifled appeal | to the rou a try Tbr? spontaneous I'nlon itMetlnfi were bid to night, In d;ffert-i.t sections of tb? city Thry j wrr* well attended and straight-out I'nlon rrmu ' hit: cna were adopti d. for suau.nlng the Govern ment, expressing apt robatloo <>f i?m Vott aud ' a determination to maiotiia tb? bonor of the ns tional flrg I'nlcn badges are becoming quite prom incut on I be atreeta f? kooMu d artKH ] HaltWoii, Mav I ?At noon to-day. tn? SUr Spsnjled Banner wu raited with treat demo* ' siratlons of enthusiasm. from the Post (??< e and Custom Uouae. by order of tbe n? w<y-sppclnW-^ officials A large crowd aaaen.bled in front of the Cuatom llouae to wltneaa tbe flig-rats'ng A new flsgstaff was erect*d over tbe p 'rtteo, and at preclaely quarter to twelve. Capta:a Frailer. a j veteran aea captain of Fell's I'otut. wbo ?n assigned tbe bonor, drew up tbe flag, which, aa i It spread to tbe breeze, wa? greeted with tremer j dotit applanae, waving of bats. and rheers for tbe ' Union and the old flag The crowd then jalned In alnglng tbe Star Spangled Banner The Prtbtblc Attack aa Vt aaklsftta Philadelphia. April 29?A gentleman. wbo Las just arrived berc from Wilmington. North Carolina, having left th?-r?* on Friday, and wbo was at Richmond on Saturday, atatea that the | people of North Carolina were all up in arms. and were preparing to come North with seversl tbous ; and troona for tbe pur|>o?e. aa Governor Kills in ' formed b!m, of making an attack upon Wdkhtnt , 4__ e*? I J _ ?i . . - ??i. j ue aay max ne irn uov l.uis abownd t,m a dispatch, which be bad ju?t recei fr< in .Montgomery, stating that lomr tive thousand troops re on tbeir w?v in jata lLoae of North ! Carolina, which were about to 1-arr for Rl h | inond, and thit It wm the p.jrpos- < f the Confrd ' erate government to make an attack with >ut a [ inomect'* delay; th-t If tbey were to attack It, ?t j n list be done Wfore tlf federal vernineut had I concentrated a large fore* at Washington My j Informant states tbst h? conversed with Governor I Letcher on Saturday morning, and that ??ov I (.etcher told bim It was the purpose of the Soutt > rn r^ates to m*ke tbe att n k at once on the capi tal He ((^etcher) had advlard against it. but the Confederate government were f?>r Instant attack. He nyi be has no doubt lu bla own mind that tbe attack will he made verv soon, and at several points at tbe same time tlesavs that every little Tillage w ? bristling with bayonets, aud that tue people were perfectly frantic. Ttie Northern Crhtrai Koad t? be KrptirH Another Ktntr Is tbe ( apttal ts be trpeat-4 lltntftcis, April S9 ?There are full prep* 1 ?i ^ _ a il 1 j L a a _ _ a ?<> ? >11^ wrir X iruNitu *ur UKUtrri ur stro>ed on the line of the Northern Central Rati road. Tke I'ennavlvar la Railroad Company baa loaned totbe Government* number of iron bridge frair.ea, which tbey Lave at all tlmea on band, to put up In caae of tbe dee'.ruct.on of brldgea on tbetr own road A of <.ar|?ntera, 250 atrong. with other workmen of approved akUl. have been quietly conceutrating at York ?1nce Saturday Laat Tbeae will be proteOd by the troopa a* the* ad vance. Pilia and heavy beniua of timber have been forwarded to be wl erever thev may be neccaaarv. w.tb any atru unt of lumber from tb> point The whole of the civil engineering ! placed under tke control of Tbomaa J Tower, a we'.i-known engineer. Tbe five regiment* now here will move to morrow York T*-e Intention la to guard every bridge wit a troopa all the way to Bait' more \Yben tbe troopa reach that print the, will pasa around and reach (be Relay House, at tbe junction of tbe Washington branch of the BaiUmore and Ohio Railroad, which will be permanently occupied. Siewi fraai Plke'a Peak Fort Ksibsbt. April OT ?Tbe coach of tbe California Overland Coach and Plkr'a Peek K? pr??* p??*td h-re kt noon yesterday with Denver da!?a to tbe 'iiiU lnat. Serlui:a anorf ;.eiisl?->r? of til entertained f hey can e?it off all the Plaint' travel ard trade. Col Boon Indian a^ent, sent a courier to Fort Wise yesterday with a r?qnt?1 tlon for two of ravalrv to bold ibem selvc* lu reidii.e.s to march bitter at an boar's notice Should i (id I cations conttuue unfavorable, they will be ordered ?ip very so.n There St lnt?r.?- feeling r^s'-ecting the war In the S*tat?s A amall secession flaj; was d spicy d by a business hmm here y?*sterdsy evening; out It was mo insignificant ttjat no notice was tekw of it Union ftaini nre waving In many parts at the city, aid t-e Unioa feeling is auuoct unan imous Tbe military express to the New .VfilcsE forts Las bttii discoitiaued De-]?erate Itsw Arasnc Xrw Ysrk Yainoteers Albast, N. Y.. April *29.?There was a despe rate row at the Adams House to-day, one of lb* depots for the voluutcrt The men have bean complaining cf the f- od furnlsjed them for s?m?? time, and to day an i tkccr of one company knocked down a wiiter A ^euer. l row followed Cbi<rs. tables, dt'Les. and windows w? re ait rma?t<>-d to piecrs O .e of th* Dclavan House waiters was throwu fruiii a window. and liis le* badly broken rt. i * - i .* oi? wrrr brea. s::ves U'avrji mid M-veral m?-n Mere bad If cut Tbe row seemed nothing mor than 1 drunken freur v, ard tb' men wi* Injured ii.difc rlmtnalf:y. Tbe Governor rrimrfd Ui ttin Sv-ene. and the j-ollce were called out W^rc the d:i^rac?fjl row could quelled. Legiilitirr of Ntw Jrrtff, Tr?nton, April .* ?Tbe I,cjj s'.nture of this Stat-met to-day. The tioveriior ?n bta n>eeni r> recotumendi n loan of S2.<KK>.W0, to b^securwd f y SMte Us, and th? appropriation of for tbe pure bane of arms and ralain^ four additional regtaients f >r State service, su?jvtto tbe call of tLe general jiovf-mmt-Dt; tbe defense of the southern portion of tbe State by fortified forU. or j aa entrem-hed camp Tbe few rr-gln.euts raised ! are now receiving tbelr equipments, aud will start soon 1'alai Renceutre. PittsbcR0, April VM?A quarrel occurred to day between Capt Titos. Kotrers of tbe steamer Diadem, aud Thompson Vande^rift, a steamtoat runner, about a trill nig pecuniary matter. during which Captain Roger* drew a knife, but did not inflict anv injury Subsequently be met Vande grift on the wharf, aud after a abort colloquy, be dfOW a riil'uil nri ?1iaJ * * ^ ?,w n'.most Instantly. Kogt n gare blmatlf up to tbe police. Smpeasian ( I*ayu?rut? to thr >?rth AwfaCsT*. Ga , April ?? ?Tba Is just reo*lv?-d from Macon: " Governor Browu, ??f bt?r(U, La* iMnir.1 a proclaniation, wblrb will appear in the Mttledgevllle paf*rr?, prohibiting the payment of all debts to Northern crt-d.tots til. tbe rid of Localities, and directing tbe payment of the money into tbe Stat* treasury, to be re funded, witb lnlereat, at tbe end of ilif war, to depoaitors " Fram *?rth lar?llaa. N*\v VokK, April 29 ? Tbe arbooner Writ Wind, wblcb bis arrived at tLla port from Wil mington, N. C , reports ihe setxnre of tbe steamer L'i:Cle Hen. Her rf-vr Irtd b?*ii liiior'.aoned on a cl.trge of bring Federal pi** Tbe aec<-s4toniaU kuuk several vessels la New Inlet, blocking up the channel Kepsrted A dsptton *f the kKewlM Orit uaurr in Te?*i??ee Buffalo, April 29 ?We learn from Mr. F. A H niiUry, formerly of tbis city .who passed through : .NhstivUie on Saturday afternoon, tbat be waa ln . formed by a member of the Tennessee CoavetitloR tbat the ordinance of secession vraa passed that af . ternoon, in secret union. Later frsaa (aliftraia. FortKkaixi# Arril 2P ?The pony express passed bere yesUrd?y with San F rancisco dates to th? 17th tnst The newt it uu'mportant P L. Miner. a realdent of California ainca I9M. committed lutcide at Red Bluff, Shasta county, on the 15th He ??i the l?tdiny merchant of IU town, and a man of wraltb and respectability. Mmtft ( th< (itrrratr of PeaatylTaiia. HimmtG, April 3? ? Tbe Governor Mat hla measa^<- to tbe Legislature to-day, embracing tLs ret oiuioeodationa already pub; ilM He aaya tbe Uovernmeut baa a rl^ht to an unobstructed paaaaxe to tbe capital, which tuoal be tnfwrcid if not yielded. Ohio Volaateers. Haiaiaatbo, April 'At ?It la ronflrmod that Gov Drnolaoa, of Ohio, will mure two rulnrnti to Bridgeport, one to a point opposite P?rker? borg, Vs., one opposite Uuyaodoitr. and one oi> poaite Point pleoaant. Another will be held in reserve at Zanesrll.e The C'rotoH Aqseditit Gaarded N*w Yob*. April2S ?The (rowa Aqoedoct la guarded by tho poiico lacoiarquenet of trar* bf entertained that traitors Bkv ?tte<nfl to blow up the piers of tbe Mt^h bridge tlhio CisciNRATt, April & ?Seventy-one thoiMand rolunteera bare cffrred their s?-rvicss to G >?ernor . Doaoia^n, to fill the thirteen teg menta roqairsd Drpartar* of the t ire Zmm. Niw Yoai, April *J?The a'eawer Baltic sailed thia eveaiug with Ellsworth'* r?igla*ct ?f Fire Zouave* ? ? t ? mam