Newspaper of Evening Star, May 2, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 2, 1861 Page 1
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THE EVEMNG STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THtBSO VY May 3, 1961. of the Moralng Presa Tb? I*i*llig?*ctT replies to Southern journals which inffr at the treopo from lb' rSortb, that tbe m?rtlal spirit Is not peculiar to any one sec tion of the country, and that tbelr Impression mith regard to the material and discipline of Northern vol ;nteera are entirely unfounded.^ The fiermbliean says the sectslon leaders 'have h>fl*roed tbe popular mind witb the ld?a ?f an attack upon this rlty, and they must either try to execute it, or the people will abandon tbem In disgust. Tbey cannot be kept a great while. In their present condition of excitement, wltboi.t some offensive movement, ard th?y can xcaks none which will not miserably fail." THE *BWS HERE. As I*rO*T*JIT MATTSB to or? Fillow-Citj aiss.? In locking over our city tax Bales, we d!s cover that fn tbe excitement of the tlmaa and tbe general difficulty of obtaining money. hundreds wbew real es'ute has been sold for the tixes of l&Si sold to 1S331 have failed to redeem It t o lc?a rtdeemed to-day or to-morrow, it will be Irrecoverably lost to tbem, as tbe imperative law declares that It must be redeemed witbln two years from tbe date cf sale, (which was on the 3d of May. 1859 ) The two years sxpUe to-mor row. Unfortunately, no power exists that can posalMy accord longer time. We advise everv pers >n who has not redeemed bis property srld for taxes In 13?S>, to do so before three o'clock to morrow without fa 1, at asy sacrifice to obtain tbe mfs s ci so doln*. SaoiTsicHTVD CiLccLATiuxi ?Tbe d'sunlon 1st | ress of the !*oi)th, npon the author.ty of a foolish paragraph recently appearing In thr New rraurrs inm im* bel'ef that the Government It powerless to pro ti? t with Brim the authority and right* of the United Slate*. The paragraph In question ad v ted the displacement of the Prea:dent by vl<> Vnrr. and thr elevation of some one tu hl? ?t-*d wbo may he more of a representative man of th? current wur ft-elii?jj of tUe loyal population of the country L'ron the strength of thia tolly ?f tbe Trnt's', the disunion press are cahnlatinj; that Washington r-mvns well nilfh es drfencelers as n tbe 4tb of March last, arid that nothing effec tive h^s ret'h*^n done bv the Government t > or^an'ie the requisite military force for the due nulr^e'ianee cf its Authority. How erroneous this impression Is, Is evident In the fact that already v\ ashm^ton city Is safe azainat an aa ?*.u t from an army of (his than fifty thousand an b tr -ooa as the dinwinputs ran command! and In the further fart that with1 n two *f-k? afw the t'rMldrnl'i tir?t call for troop* wai l??>ied. the who'e 75.0"0 w?r*> actually mustered Into ?trTlc?. and 25,Wt mere h?d offered them a- lve* to tiie <iv*?rmnent Thti?, In two weeks time o?!y. tli" United jiiat*s railed an army three ?r four t'nr.e* larger th*t which the ditutlon *s? hawe tieen ;tt>ie to bring Into the field alter ttire# month* ain?o?t ?uoer human etertion* to that erH hi one ov>nth aiore the balance of the 163 OuO men which the Government design* to ju?e? in the B-id immediately, will snrely be in uriii*, making a force '.wire ?? lars?e c* the dis na'MM'a cat) at any time poaaiblv have in etr ie?. if but becaiue they are ab?oli;t<-ly Mt ithout cf sustaining a larger force, if one ac> largr Acver b?fire In the b!*torv of modern war?, ba* ?o lar^e an army a* 75,< t-0 men been so sud denly iniprov ?*ct and *o oulckiv orovl/lpii for hi a r m " " ? anv government These tacts prove Incontestlbly not only the military pow> r of the I'nited States, bot the ei-er^y anrt ca|>aclty of who tav? b?rn called to the responsibility of welldlng that power for the protection of tbe rights of tbelr t uarg??the Government of the (Jailed Siatcs. T?? Flikt ?W e .r.trii th.?t a dcien vessels cf rpcimodore t*tr!n>*baiji*s fleet will very shortly put to sea It is fb consist cf at least fifty war ves s?j? of various descriptions, accompanied by suf ficient steam transports for tfc? accommodation of a land force at least 2i?.000 strong. Thus it will prr>v? sniSclen* to n.ake an efficient blockade of ?v?-rv Intet on the Southern coast. into which any ^ " *1 driwlnj si* fret of water might otb?*rw.a enter. devolve on the disunion *u thorl'les th- n'orssity of keeping In arms, feed log. k<: distinct armies sufflcient to cope with the lai d force* accompanying it. in or n?-<r Nor folk, Char esU u. Savannah, Pmwcola, .Mobile, aad New Orleans Or at least ait ajigre^ate ?1 1 i-t UOU troops smtloned for the protection of those lii'oortant points Tb? operatlous of the fleet alone thus bid fair to monopolise the attention of all the military force the disunion ?ts can possibly keep in the field, tinlew thev propose to abandon to the United Mate* tbe cities we name above. That not a bale or a cargo ft other southern prodactiun mn trek a mark't through any southern port. I* to b?cor?-e a tii-tl fact within one month frutn ttiU tlav ; pud without the prccatd* of the sale of their rro;>j. tin; dtsunlonlsts will have no mean* what ever of procuring military supplies of aavdescrlp 1!oo ; f<?r thev do not produce or manufacture th?m. It will be remembered. and their wealth is by no memi la money. In ucb d fll'--nltle? as th'-se, bis the disunion conspiracy already planned the South T** DiriKisit^iAL >TA*r? For the infor mation of "our r*-ad?rs wto m.iy have business to transact at the Headquarter* of the Military De partment of Washin^toii, we furnish a list of the < S era now serving on the Departmental i*taff: Col J 9 K Man* Held, Inspector Gene al U J* Armv. commanding; Csipt. Theodore Talbot. Assistant Adjutant Genera!; Lieut T C. Sullivan. 1st Artll'erv, Acting Asslss Adj't General; J. K. Drake De Kay. I>q , Vol r Airt-ile-cnmp. maj j tt. darnard. Ohie? Engineer; Cart 1) P Wet4burr, Lieut F. E. Prime, and Lieut II M R-lx-rt, am.slant*; all of the U. S. corps of engineers Major D H Backer, chief of Quartermaster'! Department; I.tent E. E Camp, 9>h Infantry, and Lieut E Rom, Ttt? infantry, assistants Lieut A Beckwub, 1st ar:lllerv, chief of the Pohsislenee tvepartuieui; Lieut. Kelton, 8th In fantry, aaais'aiit. Sarueou C H. l.aub, USA, Medical Direc tor; Surge' o R F !?in:|ion, li S A , In charge f General Hospital for the regular troop*; Assist ant Surgeon I). L Magrnder, L". $. A , in charge of General Hospital f.<r the volunteer forces. Jo** Co5!?i?. ui- uuk n-iiient messenger who reefniiy tampered with confidential dispatches entrusted to h'tn for conveyance between Wash ington and Philadelphia, la a ttaltlmorenn. and herrtofor^ Is satd to have borne an exceiieut char acter On the MiVliy of his dirpjirbes in Phil adelphia, C:?Dt Sanders dla* ?"* *?<?? -? all been ofeiied and read kimewhfre on tbe road Mwfrn w asbinpton and tbat city. Conner Is believed by tbe Government to have sold the in formation tbey contained at a rouad price, to some agent of tbe dlsun'.onlsta He i| now In tbe custody of Col. Butler, at Aitnapnl's, wbo. it la understood, will probably bang Llui, by w?v of an example. KxsccTtrv ArruiMMtM^t ?Tbe President yea 'erdav n-de tlie ( il<>w-in appolntmenta : James Harlan. UniUd *?t?t?"a Attorney for tbe district of Kenta<*k\; Alexsrder H. Soeed. Ma alial for the aim* district; Li. H. <"arr, Marshal for the dis trict cf Connecticut; Illram Wiley, Attorney for tbe s?ra? district; Alt?ert Sanford, Marsnal for tbe district of Island; l.evi J Keltbiev. Maratal for tbe district of New Mexico; Sydney H Hobbell. AlZOclab* tnr o>- ? -? - .w. ?uv, iCiiiM'it ?#f New Mexico trroiiTU)?J KrUUjr, Mteh.; Gw?' A. V miurii, Minn ; Gutdo ll^et, Ind ; and D M Kelary. Nebraaka Territory, have been ap p> lii'ed to f rat rinaa (*l :2><) per annum) clerkabi pa In the Flrat Auditor a Other, In the Treoaury. B F S^pford of Oblo; Cbs'lta A Warden of M?eh ; and Henry A *Uah of Fa , have been ap pelate*1. clerka In the State Department. RikhtiI) -U'nt C Ktdrtall, of Virginia, third-cl?aa clerk tn the Sta'e Department; T. H. Maddnx, of I.onlalana, a *?<-oi.d -claaa clerk In the Reflater'a other; K. R. Brows, clerk in the otBce of the Secretary of the Treasury ; John Mctiulre and John Braonan, iat>or?-r? In the relate Depart ment, bare been removed Arrni.lTID I* THE NaVT DErxKTMtST ?The followl ^ appoinimenta have recently been n.ade In the Ni?y Department:?George Rye. of Va . to a *1 -juo per an rum clerk?blp; Bedford A WaUlnson, of N Y , to an 81&0<? P? annum c lerksblp; and John Cloakey, of D. C ., a watcb an. at $tM) i+r annum. R??'oMtD? Pr K W. Young, of Virginia, four-h el?as clerk in the State Department; W C l.lpsrcmb. of VI Jtlnla, third-class clerk In the s,?u, Audit.r's ? Hi e; Mid J C. Carrie, of Ken tucky. vroi d rlasj lffk In the Third Auditor's tJW, bare resign*"*. Rtsiapaiio* ? ? joint t'iXniM.?Hon. Joliii A Caotphe 1 Las r??V?ed his appointment a As??cla'e Jmt cf of th Bench cf the Supreme l*eurt cf th? 1'r.ivd s*b>t.? PaicarnoM As*i5tT I'bivat??h??Tfce In surance companies of New ^ ork, apprehending d?:ikcr? to < <ininu rce from Southern privateers, propose to fit up an armed stealer to crulae for tte protrr'lon o! rrer ? ant vessels T Ik V propose to fur !ih half the money required, ana look to the (hipping merchants who hare property ex posed to depredation for the other half. No doubt' * ciitciuiaro tfaat u.e m<rrbsr.ts will second the pleasure and reader It effectual MARYLAND LEGISLATURE Wfdntsdny ?A petition from the cltlxena of Waablngton county not to pan an ordinance of aereaalon nor to trkeany action which might lead to It. wu referred to the committee on federal relations. A series of resolution*adopted by aSUtes' rlshta meet'na In Harrison county, Virginia, affirming Southern rights. ?u also referred to the same committee. After eome minor business, Mr. Holland re ported a bill to amend the 17th, l?th, 26th. 27th and 29th sections of article 54 of the code of pub lic general laws, relating to taking up vacant lands This bill repeala the law known aa tb? bill affecting the oyster beds of Maryland, ard restores the law precisely aa it waa before the pos tage of said law at the list a sslon The bill was pasted unanimously. The same bill alto paased the Senate. and is now a law. A communication from 'be Majror of Baltimore relating to the Injury done the trade and indus trial pursuit* of that cltr. was referred to theCom mittee on Federal Relations. A b 11 to amend the 4th article of the code of public local laws relative t > frte ne?ro< s and mu lattoes was referred to the Committee on the Ju diciary. Mr. Wallis. from the Committee on the Judi ciary, reported a bill to ratify an amendment of the constitution of the United States Mr Coudv reported a lull to exempt from ex ecution the property of a debtor to the amount of S3UD The ?pe^ker preaented a me**a;j a from the Ex ecutive. In reaponae to an Inquiry of the House, stating that on the aoth ult there were at the bar rack* In Frederick tlfh en hundred m.iik'U and a >m 'Jl number of owords and accoutrements and rifles Since th?? 20th ult , 300 of the arma there on hand have been ordered to be furnished to the Home Guard of Frederick; 300 tt companies or ganized In Middletown. Frederick county; and 1U0 to a rotnpanv in Montgomery couuty?lenv ng on hand about e*RI inmkpt* All the trnn hav> Hint lock*, and have none of the recent improve ment* Within the past two or three davs the Home Guard baa bee;? added. Hftcam ot ?t ite the exa^t number of troop* !n actual service, but believe* the number to b" from 3W? to 4tJO Of the r (eompris'ni? Ave companies; one company la aally delat ed f.?r duty. Wbeth-r tbe?e tioopa are to be paid or n?t. I* a matter to be determined by the General Assembly. Mr. Stake said that the order for the Virginia troo: s to search for arms in that State had been countermanded bv th- Virginia authorities. Mr. Chaplain offered au order providing for the ending of a special me*a?n^er to the Governor of Virginia to ob ain information on the whole sub ject, and that the commltt e on federal relations inquire and report whether or not, at the time of the burning or the Armory at Harper1* Ferry, cer tain ctizens of Maryland went over to Virginia and appropriated and brought to this Slate certain arm* at Harper's Ferry Laid on the table Mr Jacobs reported a bill to prohibit uU*y en campments and traveling fortune tellers ; referred to the committee on the judiciary. Also, a bill prohibiting free negroes from returning to this *tate after leaving It. Also, a bill to authorize the county commltsiont rs i f the State to levy du iinonnt not exceed! ng the annual levy for ?.ther count/ purposes to purchase arms for defense, armories, etc. Referred. The bill to authorize the banks of the State io issue small notfs?reported In the House proceed ings of Tuesday?was passed, and is uow a law. The bill to empower tbe Mayor and city coun cil of Baltimore to rala? and appropriate money for the defense of the city was passed, and is now a law. The message from the House proposing the ap pointing of a joint commits on mileage was concurred In. and the president appointed Messrs. Bradley and Franklin Mr. Stone offered the following resolutions, which were a select committee \V bereas the late deplorable events that oc curred in the city of Baltimore were caused bv a misapprehension of theobj-ctof the pisaa^e of the troops ftver the ?oil of Maryland; and \V hereas that object was for the protection of our national capital, In the preservation of which our ftate is more deeply Interest- d than any other, and not. an many supposed, for the p<.rp<.se of at tacking any of our sister States; therefore, be it litiolvtd by the Senate of Maryland, That the passage of troop# over the soil of Maryland for the protection of the national capital should not be rnnilrlero^ *n ?/? s\f t?i"> ' '?? ??? 41 - -v.. VI u6in?..uu via luc Jian vi lUC ^eoeral government. R-solved, That If anymore troop* than those now within the border* of the i*tat? should be ne cessary f*ir the protection of o'tr capital, that we recommend they be transported l>y the different railroad comp?u!f? over their roads Rnolved. Thnt the Governor be requested to do what in bis judgment m.iy stem beat calculated to produc* harmony and restore the travel on the diilVrent railroads to and from Baltimore. The bill from the House to repeal the present law relating to taking out lard warrants for va cant land, passed last ?>ssion, effecting the oyster beds of the State. wss parsed Mr Lynch offered the following, which wts adopted: \\ hereaa. the condition of our country 1s such that civil war, with all its impending horrors. Is about to break upon us, and from ?ur geograph ical position, th?. liven and property, both public and private, of our citizens, will be more enaan K?red than tbs-t of any other portion of the coun try, It becomes our duty as well as our luterest to exh?u?t ail imans of conciliation and compro mise, without relinquishing our rons'.itutional rights; th?*ref<>'e, be ii K'Solrfi, That a joint committee of the two House* t>e requested to take into consideration the propriety cf recommending the appointment of n committee to wait on the President of the Unltrd states, the President of the Southern Con federacy, and the Governor of Virginia, with a view of brintrlnj? about ?i>nie nnH?*r?!?r>?n?w? whereby the danger may be averted, ?nd civil war, the destruction of the live# and property of our cit!xen*, be prevented, and that they report by resolution or otherwise. The Senare went Into executive session, and afterwu'ds adjourned to meet in executive session at four o'clock Tux Situation or Af?a<rs?A crisis is ap proaching in the military movements progressing at the seat of war. Troops have not been concen tring there for so many days without a definite object, aud It is manifest now what the purpose of governnunt is. Kaltimnre is to be completely filled with troops, and Maryland is to be com pelled to act like a State *t!ll In the Union. All the information which reached us up to a late hour last night plainly Indicated that this is the pollcv of the government at Wanhlfj/too us rtate the points of the latest news in brief The greatest activity prevails in Southern Pennsylva nia, 17,(X>0 troops being In tt.e field thereat the present time. At Camp Scott. York, Pa , there are 6,UOtl men; at Camp Stjfler, rear Chambers burg, 2 S1*); at Camp Curtin, near Harrisburg, 4,000, two regiments from Ohioare quartered near Lancaster, and 1.2<4) United States regulars at Car lisle. Scattered at different point* twtween Phil adelphia, Eikton and t'emsvllle there are 0,000 more Three thousand New Jersey troops are fo march from Trenton to-day, which will i cnstitute in all a force of over 20 (KW men l>i that region, their destination being undoubtedly for Haltimore. to ?prn ?ui iifuiic ?u tor ieaerai cai llal Oa the I t >uth tide of Baltimore are stationed at Annapolis I a force of between four ar.d Ave thousand men, Including the Provide nee Marine Artillery, which left Perrysviile yesterday. The Sixth ana Thirteenth New York regiment* occupy a petition directly epposite Annapolis, and the sixty-ninth are at the Junction It will Jhu? be seen that Baltimore Iscompletely hemmed in on both sides with an effective force, which is to be Immediately employed hi opening a passage through that city for the federal troops, and restoring free communication between the North and the capital of the republic. With this purpose Major Ueneril Kefm, of Pennsylvania, wis ordered to leave Philadelphia yesterday for the camp at York, with Instructions to advance at once with an army of fifteen thousand m*u on Baltimore. !f any resistance Is offered, be will Issue a proclamation announcing his Intention to march hla f'ree through that city, and warning the loyal citizens the 'women and children, to leave, and will then cut his way through at all hazards It is probable, however, that the threat of visiting Baltimore with so severe a chastiB" ment will bring the resistant* to their sen?<n. and thus save the effusion of blood.?AT. Y. Herald, May 1st. t*csp*S?M>* Or thx CO!VGBXSSIO?cal ELKCTION by tux Vikoixia Cosvxstiom?Accompanying the Ordinance of Secession of Virginia, which has just been published, Is a schedule authorizing a poll to be opened in each military camp of Virginia Volunteers, whether In or out of the Stite, to ascertain the sense of the voters there as sembled upon the question of ratifying or reject inn th#? ordIBJinr* hir '* *- ? ?--??ii it oiso pro vld'd that tbe elrrtlon for members of Congress for Virginia to the Home of Representatives of the Congress of the United StaU-s reaulred by law to b?-held on the fourth Thursday In May next, be suspended until otherwise ordained by the Convention. FaT?I0TI?M ix Boston Pohools.?Tbe boys of the Kllot frbool have contributed 3106 fir patri otic purposes. Tbe pupils of the pnbllc Latin school having nlsed funds to purchase an Amer can flag to float from the school house, at a meet ing held on Tuesday, resolutions were passed unanimously appropriating tbe money raised for tbe purpose of supplying the necessities of the volunteers Tbe teachers and pupils of the Girls' National School have contributed about C240, to b? expended for the purchase of soldiers' clothing. Death or Bisaor Okdbbdonk, or Niw York. iueea?y morning imijaailu T Onderdonk, D. D , L. L D , dlrd it lilt r'lldtoce, in New York city, of cardial. dropsy. He graduated at an early a?e at ColnmbU Coii^e, and waa aooa ap pointed aaaiatant mlnlater of Trinity Church, [u 1KJ0 he waa made Blahop of New York, In 8t. John'a Chapel, which poet he held at the time of hie ilotk BALTIMORE ITFMS. I From the American of Tueaday ] The tree development of Union aentiment, which bu been an crushed for two weeks past, la lslble In all pirt? of the ?*t*te. and haa had 1U effect In the Legtalature We learn by telegraph from Frederick th t there ia now ooraiderable doubt whether the Secaaionlata will be able to |ibh iu(uuj(u ma i.cifiiiiiurr r?cn a Dill csinnij a Poveretgn Convention Tbe 1 m pfeml on It thiaj morning thntthey will either adjourn wltboutany j action on the anbject, or confine themaelvea to an I addreea to the people. When brought up ?quare | to meet the laaue. the moat earn?-at of three who hive been engaged for montba paat In atlrring up rebellion ahrink from the responsibility We iinrteratant that soma of our dry jfoods com- > mlta'.on bouaee have received ordera froui New ! York to tend bark immediately all their goodB upon which .?n "dvanre baa not been made; and i one bona* filled one of the Krlcaa^n steamers to It* capacity, and another house a schooner with I alzteeii hundred pa^kaues So w<- go. tor a little fun for the boya, but death to the frogs We are Informed that the ^oods belonging to the Mastachnaetta reiMment, which were taken i pnw^saion of by the authorities In Baltimore, ar* | all safely kept An inventory baa been forwarded . to Washington, and everything will beaentou i aa toon na opportunity will admit of the same The men.hers of the Corn Kxchange and of the Provision Exchange, at meetings held yeaterday, appointed committees to confer with the authorl ties in retailor, to the removal of the rts'rlctlons which have operated to lnjurlcualy to the trad* of the c'ty. ur council ytsieravy pswfl a resolution requesting the Mayor to commun'rat* wltb tL? L^lslature on tbe iul-jf-ct of bringing about % r<stornt on of railroad communication between Baltimore and other part* of tbe country. [From the Sun of Wednesday ] The Customs Offickks? Raising or th? Usi tkd }*tatk? Flaa?Ths Halyakis Cot?Ex i cmt.xsxr?Agreeably to pr- vlous arrangement*. H< n Henry VV Huttman, tbe newly appointed collector of this port, entered upon tbe duties rf bis position yesterday morning It was expected thai, tbe United states flat: would be riised on the customhouse at ten i>'clork. and at tbat time large ; crowds of persons tsacmbKd on Ser.cnd, Gay and l.omharri t<? uiHh?o t? l'? ? ? ..... ? * a ? i < iiiar rr.i?uii the matter win delayed, besides which It became t ecessary to erect a fl3g-sU.ffon the Lombard street porch before tue flajj could he, tun up. J he work of putting uptne po:e drew the whole crowd to Lombard and Day streets, and atqusrter before twtlvt? o'clock the flag was hoisted It w s greet ed with reputed cheers, and the "Star Spangled Banner" and "Columbia, lit-m of the Ocean," were sung There was no other excitement than the cheering and singintr. and ti>e throng d spers d more rapidly than It b*d gathered. Throughout the whole time there wai apparent good feeling, nor were there any unkind exprefsious, calculated to disturb the pear* About two o'clock, when only tome twenty or thirty persons were standing near, nearly the whole of the police force having been withdrawn, a young ma namtd George Lemmon fiwilisLly walkrd up the pop*h and severed the halyards with his poi keV koife. Instantly a cry was mad* bv those outside, and Lemmrn ran Into the cut tom-lious'-. A crowd quickly gathered and thrcatemd Mm with dtam if be cou'.d be found. Policeman Moran Sutherland, who w?re near at h-nd. followed Lemmon Into the custom-house and tooJr him into custody. Without the crowd was f.-ricus, and a rope wn? procured with whir h to execute tb^ir threat, but Justice C. D. flics snd deputy sheriffs Pontier ar.d Crouch tffered their I tn i?rntwt ts.? *--i j ..? v- *wv ?/ ?* y iu *iic cf nirBi police 6t?tion. wbtcb they did, though the throi.u followed closelr after, and sometimes attempted t?> get hold of Letnm?n After rcacbintr tbf po lice (t itioii the crDwd dlspesed. and Lemmoi was subsequently taken brfore United States Commissioner llaiiin, who be d him lo tali for a furth-r hearing In tbe afternoon the flag wa8 again put up. a^d it is not probable that it will be ataiti disturbed, as suchcovduct isd; preen'ed by all goodcit.zeD?. Jcpge Bond'* Chakgr to the Grasp Jcrt i!i Haltimoks in RertiKicNCE to thk Ricisr Riot, i At tbe opening ?>f the May term of the Baltimore Criminal Court, yesterday morning, Jud'_'?? Hor>d delivered an importar.tchargetotb'* rrand j iry in i refer>*r,ce to tbe occurrences of tbe 19th of April, in j which he says it is their duty impartially to inquire ! into the occurrences, and to present such persona ; as have beme a part la the riot If either of them i has anv knowledge or means of discovering the ! truth, thev are bound to make it known Their lnv**sMgatlotin nre not to be confined to the occur rences of that day alone, but are to Inquire whether there was prtccccert aiid preparation, and by whom, and nre to present all who aided , i in obstructing the raiftoad. They are to Arid whether any of their citizens were ilred upon ai d killed bv the troops w.thout provocation, and mcst at^u'd to the breaking Into stores and Illegal arming of troops In this connection he says: 1 call ynur attention to sections IS9 and 16(1 of the (ode of Public General Laws respecting the obstruction of railroads, which are ?s follows : " 15'J If anv person shall piece anything, or ...... . _ ?A - ? * tiu<r ouyiuint; to ue piacea en unv railroad In tills State calculated to obstruct, overthrow, or direct from the track of such railroad any c<.r. vehicle or carriage traveling or parsing on such railroad, or shall break or Injure In any manner any railroad In this SUte with th" view or Intent to obstruct or overthrow any car, vehicle or car r'age. sutvh person so offending shall be deemed guilty of felony, and upon conviction thereof, shall be sentenced to the penitentiary for not loss then two yea-s ncr more than t-11 years. Section 160 If the death of any person shall l>e occasioned by tbe overthrow or obstruction of any railroad car, vehicle or carriage, produced by the placing of anything, or obstruction on any railroad, or by breaking or injuring any railroad, or any I rid-je attached thereto. In violation of the preceding section, tbe person so placing tbe thing or obstructing, or broking, or Injuring, eball l>e deemed guilty of murder " And to se tion 203, r?-sf'ee.ting the injury of telegraphs with the State, which Is as follows: "Any person who shall wilfully, and with Intent to Interrupt the opera tions of the tele?rsph, Injure or destroy any of the poles, wires, or other works of the telegraph com panies now or hereafter Incorporated in this State, hall, upon conviction, be fined not leu than five nor more than fifty dollars, or confirmd In tbe j;tll of the county or city where the offense was coinn tied not more than twelve or less than three months, at the dlscretioa of the court." Military Vovembnts is St. I.oris ?The 9t. Louis Republican of theV/th siys:?'On Thurs day night a larte quantity of muskets?from 14,(XO to :i0,U00, it 1s reported?were placed on board the City of Alton at tbe Arsenal, and trans ported xo Alton \VhIle thl? movement wa? in projjr'is, a car containing several German United State* soldiers, was stopped 0*1 Fifth street, near Washington avenue, and "cleaned out." The report had been circulated that the soldlera were on the wav to a D"\vder magazine, in the north part of the city, for the purpose of taking poaoet ain>i of It Detachment* of troops from the dif ferent military companies are now encamped about the magazine, at the request of the owner, for the purpose of protecting it. A quantity of guns marked for Frankfort. Ky , were' seized on Thursday, on the I,?vee, and thetr shipment pre vented This embraces all the sensation news for the present." Public Mketisc?We learn that a public meeting of the citizens of Fairfax county, was held at the Court House on Saturday last, the '27th, In which a central Home (juard was estab lished at the Court House, and auxiliary guards recommended through the county Resolutions were alto passed assuring the citizens of the Northern Mates wbo bav? settled in the county of the fullest protection to their persons and property against alt unauthorized arts, and af firming that the only test required of tbein was what all citizens should yield, obedience to tbe law and authorities of the State. A committee of safety was also appointed, to whom all cases aff'ctiug the loyalty of any, should be referred We Lave not vet received tbc c&clal notice of tbe proceedings ?Alexandria Gazette. Mo Mors Statu Militia to br Sunt Awat.? We understand that General Sandford has been advised by Governor Morgan not to send any more regiments of the regularly organized ml lit a out of the State. The regiments that have already gone forward will be quite *ufllclent to take care of the capiUl until the volunteer forces arrive, and when the volunteers ?h*u - ? aillTC III U U1 C 1 ent force, It is the intention of the Governor to order the militia home .Many of our city reel merits. aucb es the Ninth, f*eventy-nlnth and Fifty-fifth, will be sadly dtstppoluUd at not getunu an opportunity to sh?>w their patriotism. But the thing cannot be helped, and the troops will have to content themselves with b<>noe ser vice for a week or two, at lesst ?N. Y Herald. Powdik Mii.lh ?There la aaid to be but *ne powder mill in Virginia and eight in Maryland, and none In the rest of the South, while Delaware haa nine and Pennsylvania sixty seven. Front these tlgurei it will be teen bow important it li for the Government to take possession of. or to se cure, (for we believe they are in the bands of Union men,) the powder mills of Maryland and Delaware It will be imposelble then for the Richmond mill to begin to supply tbe ne*H? *i ? *? ?? " * iuc waivers?and tne time m?v "arrive when we may even put a atop to that.?Boston Journal. K.U.C?The Knigh'a of the Golden Circle have their headquarters in Baltimore, and thence distribute ansa, munition*, and clothing to their lodge* through the ttouth. This organization plunged Texna Into rebellion; and It la probable that they brought about th? treacberoua murder t f the Massarliusetts soldiers In Haiti more last week Their headquarters should be promptly broken up.?N- Y. Tribun*. CjrTbe ladlea of th? city of Indianapolis hive gathered a thouaand bl*nkrta for the soldiers, and are at work preparing lint and bandages Wa* ArraornATioifs ?The Legislature of Ohio has appropriated t3.000,000 for wsr purposes, and Indiana has appropriated f t,0M),U?J. * NAVAL GE5ERAL ORDER. At a Naval G<*?tal Court Marital convened in the City of Waabtngton on the 12th day of March, 1MI. Captain Jaxrt Armstrong, of the Navy, waa trt?d on the following cbnrtj?a and p-r1t<*at,ona preferred againat him by direction of the Secretary of the Nary: 11 i B I - ml * * ? * - "

Sycijirntion 1 In this: that the talri Cartain Jauiea "Armstrong being, on the twelfth day of January, eighteen hundred and slxtr-one, In com mand of the United States Navy Yard at War rington, Stat# of Florida, and a naval f-?rce thereat adequate to a defense of ?ald yard, did then and there, on the demand of Commissioners of the State of Florida, supported by a mllltarv fore# from the States of Alabama and "Florida, surrender to tbem. Without resistance, said yard, the public property thereat, and a portion of the force uuder ills con mand. SfiftiJicattiM 2 In this: that the sild Captain Jiiurs Armstrong being, on the seventh day of January, or thereabout, eighteen hundred and s1*ty-one, In command of the I'nlled Mate# Navy Yard at Warrington, State of Florida, and the nival forces thereat, and having reason to appre hend the appr< a?b of a hostile force, did then and there, and at all times subsequent thereto to the twelfth day of January, Inclusive, eighteen hun una sr. a sixty-one. fall to take the ordinsry and proper measures for the defense of said yard, and the public property thereat Sprt>firation 3 In this: that the tatd Captain J>onn Armstrong being. on the ninth day of Jan uary. elght?-en hundred and alitv-one, in mm rn-'id srt forth In the Us* preced ng specifica tion, dM then and there, nrd at all t'mea subse quent thereto to the twelfth day of January, Inclusive, e'ghteer hundred and sixty-one. neglect to remove to Fort Pickena. or other place of safety, ttir men under his command, and munitions of war. and other public property In his rharge, or the latter to destroy; arhouub at the time afore, sa'.d he was in constant expectation of the approach of a hostile force which h* believed be could not, with the forces under his command, successfully T'Bist Charge II.? Disnbedi'ite of Orders ami Conduct Unbrommg an OJJittr. Sptc'Jirntion I In this: thit the said Captain Junes Arm* romr h# t?4f nn th? u* uarv, eighteen hundred a-id sixty-one. In com mand of the United States Navy Yard at War rington, Florlrta, at d the naval f >r~rs thereat, and In 'barge of the public prop* rty attached thereto, and In receipt also. at that time. of an order from tbe Secretary of the Navy, dated January the | third, eighteen hundred and sixty-one?of the tenor following: "Be vigilant to protect the public | property. Tbe commanding officer at Fort Bar ranca* has l?een instructed to consult with you. You will cooperate with him."?did. then and there, and at time* subsequent thereto to tbe twelfth of January, eighteen hundred and sixty one. in vlolntion of sa:d order, neglect to s? nd the marines, and other men under his command, to Fort Pickens to cooperate In the defense thereof, and to remove to a plice of oefety the public property in his charge, or to take any measures or practice any vigilance for tbe protection of said Navy Yard and the public property attached thereto, except to double the guard at one of the gates of said yard Sptrijitati(m'2. In this: that tft* said Captain James Arn.strong, being in command of the United States Navy Yard at Warrington. Flirida. and tiie n ival forces therpst, and under instruc tions from the fecreUry of the Nivy directing hlni to be vigilant t~> protect the public property, and to coftpente with the commanding officer at Kort Barrancas, wio was Lieutenant Slfcmmer. I'nited StaUs Army, did. on the tenth day of January, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, then and there, in accordance with an nnderstaudlng prevloisly had with LleuUnant S'emmer. d's patch tbe steamer Wyindotle to aid him. L'eu- | t'luntS^airaer, la the defense of his post. Fort Pickens. Florida, to which be. Lieutenant Sl^m- | mer. had removed; and thereafter, to wit on the twelfth day of January, eighteen hundr*-d and ?l*ty-one, the said Captain James Armstrong, In violation of such understanding and bis induc tions, Issued, withouttbeknowlwlgeof Lieutenant Piernnier, to Lieutenant O H Iterryman, com- j mandlng said steamer, an order of the following tenor '-You will continue to cooperate with thu commanding rfllcer at Fort Pickens; but, sbotild j an attack he, made, you will not fire a gun unless 1 It be actually nec'-ssarv in tbe defense of the ?** j sel under yur command In tbe event of the capture <>f tbe fo't. you will proceed immediately | to the station to which you have been ordered by ] tbe Navy Department. It is reported that the j yard is surrounded by armed men " | Upon tfceie chir^es and specifications the" find ing" of the Court is In the following terms: "The Court, having maturely considered the whole case, with ttj?* evidence and the dtfence afcrrsald. flod es follows : j " 1. Th :t the first specification of the first charge m" ?.iia tupuin James Armstrong Is proved, except hi to tli* word? In s^id specifica tion?'adequate to a defence <-f Mid yard ' " <!. Tbat tbe s-?co:id tpeclfl^etlou of the fl'st charge against the said Captain James Armstrong is proved ' 3 That the third sper.'fl -ation of the first c).arj?e la proved, except ihut the aeou??-d did re move or send to Fort P rk?na thirty men? a part of hia command?thirty mu?ke*? and some am munition, and a barge load of provisions " And the Court thereupon f srther Hid that the said Captain Jarr?-s Armstrong is guilty of the first charge of neglect of duty " And the Court doth fur her find: 44 1 That tbe_/ir?' specification of the second charge ngalnst the accused Is proved, except tbat thirty men?a part of bis command?we-e sent by th* said Captain James Annstro:ig to cooperate In the defence of Fort Plrkens. And thev fur:her tin!: " 1 That the second specification of the s-scot.d charge Is pttTi'd. ' And thereupon the Court fl-id the said Cap tain Jiimei Armstrong to be gutlty of the S'e.ond cia'ge of disob'dienct of orderi and conduct un becoming an ojfirer " A'id the of the Court is : fi That the aaid Captain Jamti Armstrong be suspended from duty for the t<rm of five year*, with th- loss of pay for the first half of the said t?-rrn, and tie reprimanded bv the honorable Stc retirv of the Navy !n general orders." 1 hsv?* approved this sentence, and Captain James Armstrong will accordingly be simpend* d from duty for ttie terra of five y?-ars from this date, with loss of j?:y for the first half of the said term In carrying Into execution th*t part of the sen tence which directs that Captain Armstrong be reprimand^! In genenl orders, 1 have a piinful duty to perform The sentence In this case mi^bt be considered severe, without the addition of a reprimand; but a Court composed of otficers the highest in rank and most experienced in the ser vice, has deemed otherwise, and Its judgment cannot but be approved. The misconduct. in deed. which led to thistrtal. do?*s not affect aion? the reputation and disciplln** of the naval service, but th* interests of the whole people And th? 9(/? anrl lon^tK 0 *l *"* ? wri ?k;c ui iue i>m '.er who bat been found uuilty of direliction of duty, under ucb circumstances, instead of constituting any rlatm to lenity, only render It the more Impera tive that tbe discipline of the service should be vindicated. It was tbe duty of Captain Armstrong, as the conunmding officer of tbe naval force at cila?? dutv wuicta be could not but know was expressly and " strictly enjoined" on Llm by law ?to show In himself " a good example of patriot Ism." r* well as to be" vigilant in inspecting the conduct" of those under b's command What, ever the embarrassments of bis position may have been, an earnest patriotism would have taught bim to iiiake the best possible use of all there sources at bis disposal?adequate or inadequate? and to bave Imparted zeal by bis example to those around biin; inttend of suffering the promptings of loyalty to be checked, either by any specula tions or conjectures of bis own, or any suggestions from others, xs to tbe possible views and designs of su pertors in office. Had be discharged bit duty witii stern fidelity, be mUht bave dis*p Cointed some, but? es events have recently shown i the case of another officer, placed iu similar circumstances?be wornd bave been upheld by tbe applause of his fellow countrymen, and tbe respect even of antagonists. The safest xs well as tbe most honorable co jrse for every individual in the public service?whether commander or subor dinate?is to he true to tbe flsg of bis country, no matter what difficulties or dangers encompass It Tb'.s General order will be promulgated as usual at all the naval stations, and on board gf all vessels of tbe Navy in commission. Giukon Welles, Snrttary of the .Vavy. Navy Depastxekt, April 24,1961. GENERAL NAVAL ORDER. A Naval General Court Martial, constating of a full complement of officers of the highest rank in the service, was recently convened in tbe city of Washington for the trial of Captain James Arm strong, of the Navy, on charges growing oat of hts surrender of the Navy Yard at Warrington, Florida. Before the Court separated, the members of it addressed a communication to the Navy Depart ment^ of which the following is a copy : ' The President and Members and Judge Ad vocate of the Court lately held Ik the City of Washington, D C , for the trial of Commodore Armstrong. i>eg leave respectfully to submit to the Hon Secretary of the Navy the propriety, justice, and n?Kxt policy cf bestowing Kmc ap propriate mark of 1U approbation of the loyalty, spirit, and good conduct of William Conway?a quartermaster of the Navy?on duty in the Navy Vard at Warrtngfon. Florida, when the same wna surrendered on toe 12th January, 1801?who, with uianly pride and In a spirit of patriotic devotion, rtfuud to obey the oraer to haol down the Na tional Flag on the occasion of aaid surrender " The evidence of this honorable devotloa to the dignity and cr?dlt cf the Flat; of his country is found In tbe record of the testimony la Com modore Arrnttrong's ease 'Respectfully submitted,by order of tha Court. "A. 11 MAsavoaM, Judgt Advoeat*. " Washington, D. C., April 8, iftl." It appears, from tha testimony taken la Captain Armstrongs caae, that Will am Cm way. aa seed, doing duty aa quartermaster in the Wsr rlngtoa Nary Yatti, at the time of Hi tar reader, i when ordered by Lieut F B Riubiw U> teal down tbe National Flag, promptly and ladlg ! nantlr refjaed to obey the order > Tbe lore and reverence tboa ImpnlalTelv ? i hlhft?d for bla country'a flair. In Uie b?ur of ite i peril, la sot tbe leea worthy of being called noble and eblralrlc becauae dlaplayed ?>r one la as bumble atatlon It la the re deserving of com memoration?for aubo dlnatea la tbe aervloe are not utnally expected to art eiamplra of patrlottaM and fidelity la tbelr troata. but to follow tbem i Tbe Department deema It no more tbaa atrlct | Juatlce to William Conway tbat tbla testimonial from Ul* rnnrl 1 ? Kt? ?> > ?" -v 1J W ? known throughout th? service It therefore directs that this Oenerml Order be publlrly read. as errly ? practicable afU-r Its receipt, by tbe Com man d?r? of all naval atadona. and all veeaela of the Navy In commiaaloo. In tha presence of tha of ficers and men under their command Gidrom W bll&s, S crttarf of iks .\Sfjr. Navt Dbpabtmbxt, April 'JA. Itrtl NOTICE. The following order, uaaed by tha Navy Department on tha 26th instant, ia now mate pab lio (or th# tanefit of all whom it mar coroern i Navt Dkpabtmbrt, April * 1*1. To >A? Fvmrik Auditor if iK* Trt+jwrg : Pia?'The uxionta found to ba dse to resigned Navy Officers fr >m th* ^tatea whiah ritia to have a roe lad will hereafter be paid them from the I nit^d S'&tea f?nda heretofore aant to or deposited ia tho-e States, exoept m cases where ths Dwpartwat shall otherwise direct. 1 asa.rsspaatfuUy, your obedient servant, GIDEON WELLES, ap ta-8w Seoretary of the Navy. Ft REDMOND'!* GALLERY jYPBl.. L'VT Oli'TfTD fO i iui i<n t.- r ruin *?? '. r.r* I ? r. J. Peun**iv-aciaav., h?e*<-#? m 2 ST L TO THR I AD'KS. ADIK? \Vi?h ng DRK*KS, COAT'*, and MANTILLAS of f h* v*ii <ui ?tjl??. and ?n child en's ra< ious ?'y'e* of Dreeees. cut and *>a?t?d <>r r?d? will pl-ie-e c*'l oo Mn 1.1ZZIK - . Wm KF.CKKLY.No 36* on 1 w?fth street. K an i L tta . at Mr. W? ker Levis'*. IaHm. if roc are in a hurr.. and *i ka great deal of work done in a-hort ti?r?j, oall on Mm. L K. Hhe o-in cut and fit liom 8 to 0 dresses per day. 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The* keep aleo oousiaaOT E%?4 WV a coot: auppi/of NAVAL am: MI LIT ART FURNISHING GOODS, aaak aaEpaaleta, iw""U-?*'d H** LOUDON *00, ma ? 3m#o N^a'bJ .^iierB^n^ ft. f HAVfc VOURl BSCRIBED F?'R THE WEKB LY BTAR,TO Bfr MAILED TO VOCE FR1ENU OR RELATIVE * (T 18 THE BE0TDOLL\R WEBKLV IN TRB WORLD' ITS WASHINGTON NEWS IB INEQUAL LED' ITS GENERAL NEWS 18 INSCRPARSBD BY THAT OK ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! IT* AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUN DRED TIMES IT* YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL BATE TEN TIMES ITS COST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. Tho Number for tkn U out m Fn day Morning?yrxro Three Crntt??* // be a rowiarkaUy in: t resting one. Every Person at a distance %t>he would loop Potted with rtforonoo to eokat u really gotng on here *n these interest ing lien** should receive ft regular ly. CALL AT ONCE AT THE STAR OFFICE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR IT. AMUOlfiMfiMTB. THEATER p. ?la*d uid W. With ska. J ft \*ooeoe u. r. *?t? ?. tl?|? THIS KVKMNO. Th? Perf?*manc? will otcvirt o( CHARLEl* THK SKCOND And th* ROUGH DIAMOND. Frtu or I'Rirn. Private Bn|? ts Orch??ter rUir> 7Soent?; lad? a*.d gentleman 91 Dreaa Circle anu f arq?ett;?( it.auien U) oenta lftriiei 25 mtf. Box Offioa open a* 1? tili 2. anl 3 till S. H VVANT8. WA.N'TKD?To know if UANIKL FLINN m hi WMhirft"?. H? * a retire of? oantr Fermannab, I eland. An* irlu n.nt or <>' h>n vtU obi ( Hi* mkr, Margaret, corner Mxteonth er.d K *U VI7ANTKD-A ?n " eeod ? . per r arenne rim H 'm?!l IIOl'^K; r*a> i t to ?i m nth; t?etw*er, Pen aa? Ira- m arenoe ana tf **f?tt, and N.nth and K"urie?nth a'reeta ; by a pjro'o* tenant. P.e?-e aldr^aa * note to Box N". 1 'i. ft?r ?ffioe. m 3 St WANTF.P-A mii'i and ooir><V>rta?<? furm?ite<l HOOK.inornwr the Kir?t \V*id, for I rmall family with' at children. H ?ct not t.i?& -ee<1 |0 M' month Apply to C. W. R A M)N. 31*, Iron Htf. m > ?t*o WANTED?At Alf? lWv?sth street. < up itair-,1 from ten to filler. respectable aud r?apoua K? t > ' ..ery fr nrelopea. Fr?a on* to ?hr?* do'la p. can *e ??T?d % <t??. m 1 ft' VlROltflA M^NfrY WANTH>. ib M-TioeBt for t*oap and Ca.dlea, at tua \a*i a Wo-ka, firee., atre-t, between lirKge ar. ! Wete- atr?Ma. Ooorretjwa. C. B. JEWELL, ap S>-1w* Prapriatw. Running horse WiNno-vmm to purch&a?, a Hire*. 16 h*nla hi*h. h*lf-*red, a fair aaririle borae. not over 9 \eir? old ; iruat ran at leaat a iw > -inmate ?t oka: ?*n* that >ap? we'l and ta broken to arini preferred. Inquire at thia oftoe a?l?-tf U|7ANTED-}'KCOND HAN? Ft'RNITUHE. " Peraora de< hcuaek??epin*, or navin* a aorpma of Fi?rn,ture on hand, can obtain thecaah and fa:r prioes by applymr a' S<>9 Seventh at no 17 BO NT/. A GRIFFITH LOST AND FOUND. OQ RKWARO-St ?j<Ml iw?r.OB thMetinat O'J a ?'** t>iaok COW with a wh pot on her for* heed, white *fot? on f*?t, ud l'?nf horn* Th? et.uve r#? an: will b? paid to whoever will find end rftarn ne- t* the Infant Aeylum. oorrer ( !SH an1 K ata. It* AUCTION SALES. t>r J- C. MeOL'IKK ft CO. Aaetioneera. TRIWTKK'rt i*ALF. OF Fl'RNI rCR K AND Hotiio^LD l-rrBCTa.?On SATURDAY, Say 4th, a*. 10 o'o'oi i, in front of oar Aue ton ooire. w? ehall veil, by nrtueof ad??dof treat, da!y exeouted and recorded, a v%,ee??le aeeort m*n* of Honaehold Furniture and Lffeeta, oom nai'i- _ Walnut Tete a Trte ar.1 "ft cjacy Hair f?pria? eea* Potae, Ro?ewoo4 M*rble-t pJ*of*TaMee. M*to?ar? ?P'irit init P^r orC*atisand Roekere, We rut Whatnot. Kaoc? Chei'f. Do and Ma ??en> Koete Tabiee. Cane e?at Ohairt, l.ontr*?, Ruteeie. Three p'y aid iugraiD Carpet*. F.xtenaior Di' irk Tab ei, Oak DiuiRcChairs Sincle ac 1 Dou' le Mattre??ea ?>o iter and Pit.owe. 0ed?**nda, Bare-u?. W*?h*tand?. L -t Oica. O'ookcry and (j'ae* ? are, C?. kirt Store, t. emc* a'o*. * e. Term* oaaii in current ten a. j "'Mi' IR f * ro . Aaeta. My I. C. MatJIIIKK t CO, AHOtionm*. ADVINMTRSTOR'P gO.F OK WASH ISaro* ClTT 8 ? t I?*T Co?Fi*T PTOCE.? OuHaTL K'HV A?-ThKVOON 4th, at S o'Hook ?' the * octiou K ..orra, ? eaha. I aefi, order of Tfcn Ophan'i Cra't - Fcufwii Sh?r?? Wm:ud(U)B City 6m Lif nt Com;a'.| Mo^k. Terma eu*i. My order of th* A?*m(n atrator. m 8-3t J. C ypGl'IWK ft CO . AuoU. LANDLORD'S 8AI K ?By vi"U* of a wrwl ofdiatem.iariiad at the?u!*?f J>hn ( mph ey?. br , Kaq . in uat the good* and chute lau?i* % C ten?me t of Bnaon 1 u^ker, to n?* di-eet-d,! have ien-d ai.d taken in dutreaa aJ1 the aetata, ri ht, Ute iot?re*t. proaetty. eSairne ai-d demand at law and ia ?quit* of th? aaid Hriaoa E. Tuaaer in and to aJ tha h urm'u e oonlamrd in sa d hoa?? on Sixtii treat. No. 19? bot weri M at.d N.ia tna aid citt of Waahiagtan, ?. C , to * it: Bureau*. Wax* stan >a. Looking ( iaaaaa, Clocka, Ca-auti g of rarioua k uda, Oilaiotha. Nut"?. A Large number of rarioua kinda of Redateada. Be* ?. Vatiraaac*. Pulova, Bolatera, RLaaketa, }*he"t?, Togethe-w th a la're quantity of good* to* ea rner, o a to particularise, Four Shot Gua>, And I haiehy aire notice that oa FRIDAY MORNING, the ad mat. at 10 o'eloek, I vili offer for aula the aaid p'?*perty ao aeiaMl and taker in d atre?a, by pu< !io auction. to the hit heat bidder ti- wr?ui I?i .^o 1WT r*ix'h Btr?"*t. m J -21* b#t???D M and N, the fla? will <ii?a ana*? th?plaoe J P. KKLLY Bailiff. Bt GKKKN A WILLIAMS. AuotiviMrt. H?or?KH(?i.n AND KIT^BKN *XTRNl tt*e at Atcrinx ?On KRIDA> .the3d Km, at 10 o'oirvo* a. m.. we *hal. ee 1. at th? r?ii4*(M of Mr J. 8 kto*>iite..p, >" 3*1 Ml' etreit, b* twvaGand H itrHU BorU, k(ocdmorttMt at Pumiture, ?it: M ahoganr Co! , Sideboard. C%"*or, Rocking %r.d otfc?t Chairs. Mahogany far I, Pui' t. Side at?4 < thar TiMm. Cotiaieao^ other Be<i*teada, K<aU?v Bed* and Mat'r**aaa, Heading, Window Binds, C?n? a..d other ?.na.r', 8U>ek. R|rudolM,l?un(? and Waahataada. hi'a, 6 a?a and Crookery Ware, Cant .r? and Cutlery. Klor, Paeaage and Pt?i' Carpet*. ki'if, Radiator and other Notm, ^ ithagood ot of Kronen Fea?iart?a. With many other arco.ea win ok wedeen aary to enumerate Term* o\ah in apeoie. apjQ-St fiKKRN A WH.HAMh, Ants B? J. C. MoGl'IRK k. CO.. Aaotioneara. TUtU8TBE*0 8M.E OP KHaMK HOU8K 1 Airti.oT-On THURSDAY AFTKRNO 'N. M?y9h at 6 o'o!<>ck. on the by rtrtne ot aCi d of traat.datad January 16th, liV. and re oor >M is Liber J. A. S.. No 161. fo io- 338, et aeq . I akall ae.l f>e aouth part of l.ot No It, m Agaara No.??, fro-itirg 6 feet 6 irtohea on levei th at we t. between G and H ate. ?o iU,-unniug baek tk t width to tne rear 4 aald 1 t t"g*thrr with t*e napr?*e iwts ooiuiatinc of a two etory frame dwaiiibg j iae with ia"k betiding. I Terma: One-foe rth eaak; the raaidue In ?, II aad U montae, with mterert aaonrad t.? a n.r ? --- on tlM promiaoa RICB " D WI MHATT. Tm-W. ??T7-oodAda J. C. McQUIREA CO., A?U. 1V1 AONOUA ttAMS ! 1' 1 m AO NO I IA HAM8R We ?ra now receiving oar trat iiMly of Mina lui H ma for this h?iod Thar ovinot be a?r yMMd. KiNO A b< RCHKi.L. a# 4 ooniw ISHi ?t and Vermont mw CTKINWAV A t*ON?' AMI RAVfcN A BA 9 CON'B PI AN OS.-A laritworUMDt-. ha* juat riaan rao?i*ad.-Pa?aona i?i a*ai BnMEfl of a ralikMt tna'.r u mont at a ma pnoa iraHl *?' lnriiac to ev m>?i nuiiBt at the Mine Store ot vvg7mktzkrot I. Ordara rocMTod for Mr. MARCUS SERINE, Piano Forte Tnn?r a-a H I WILL Tate^afftiad?of Girfui'ia wwr for n boo* daota aod lor Bo?tU, Ahoea, and Trfaka. ALI MWM ixltMai (A -a ?n ? i mm *w? mm, or I fatl?!* Milled to tire to* r twwih ] tt.U. ^f-KkovE.. i . aft I I wn H hi w.. lot?m tt> mm Ha mm. I SPRING CLOTH'NO. w yeoi Ikwr eeeew eewp't of ?PBI >U CLuTE- I INtf mkJ tor ihrir oe.toe trsde.ewMt- I In* of Srw iVoUa. cUariMd Vmum . M [UtMt ?t) let. vow* U*? will n??k? to orior n **6 nu#inon'w i?"hi'cg Zn'. nm?d at* oati* will tn4 BlBrirTT'Hi Urns? u. 4 CO..