Newspaper of Evening Star, May 2, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 2, 1861 Page 2
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LOCAL NEWS. T?? Flab ?Tbe lar*? new American flag contributed bf the clerks of the Patent Office f>nertrarnt. to be boUted orer tbe Patent Office bn'ldtpg owi the Seventh street portico, was hoisted to-dav at 13 o'clock in the presence of sev eral thousand apectatora Previona to the time designated. thecrowd had collected in large num ber*, occupying all ?he available places within algbtaad hearing of theacene. Tbe Rhode ialand Regiment were out. Gov Sprague at their bead, and formed In Seventh street In a line three flies deep, facing the bafldlnr The Metropolitan Rifles. Capt. Nalley, soon after appeared on the roof of the portico, and formed In line juat be hind the entablature, where they fared to the front and stood at rest Shortly afterward the President of tbe United State* appeared on tbe roof, accompanied by the Secretary of State, and at tbe signal seized bold of tbe halyard to which the flag was attached and ho:ated It to the peak, the crowd below, following the example of the Metropolitan Rifles, giving three bafcrty cheers ana uprr n? m 101ns were nniunea 10 me oreexe The President ?tood uncovered while tbree fcearty cbeen were given for him, and following came three more for the Secretary of State, who ratting his hat, acknowledged the compliment. The President then stepped to the front ?f the por'lco. and the military came to a present arma, the beauty of the movement eliciting loud cheer* tor "Little Rhody." The Regiment then gave nine tfemendoua cbori and & Wampano&g war-whoop, toppnd by 'a tiger" fur the Union, and nine more with toe same trimming* for the Staraand Stripes. The crowd then took the thing In hand, cheering the Rhode Island Regiment, Gov. Sprague, Colsnel Burnfides. and concluded with a few miscella neous of a patriotic order The Regiment then went through some military evolutioua in mpttxl style, and returned to their quarters at the Patent?'IB ~e. Gov. Sprague and hla staff was then presented to President Lincoln and his Cabinet upon the portico, when several moments were spent in pleasant conversation. By request, Mr. John T Parsons, of this citv, Mtiir ?'! h m l>'lau nf mir l*ni nn '' 4 r* Krilliant ulo which railed forth repeated demonstration* of applause. Three more cheers were given for Gov. Sprag-ie, when the President and Cabinet quietly with drew. and, escorted by Go*. Sprague, entered their carriage* Considerable disappointment waa felt by the crowd tbat the anticipated speech-making nf the occasion did not come off; but in consequence of the high wind, doubtless, this part of the pro gramme was not carried out. Alixaudbia News?From tbla morning's ? Gazette: Owinir to the blockade to whirh the Pntnmxr la now subjected, the occupation of the numerous river pilots baa clean gone, and their office in this eitv has been closed. The steamrr Anacoatia, yesterday morning, towed to the Arsenal s large thrsr misted schooner which she had captured off the mouth of Pomon key Creek. The steamer aoon after went down the river About nine o'clock, the steamer Key stone State passed up. Several carriage guns were on her decks, and she had a full complement of seamen, but no troops wete visible The steamer Boston, accompanied by the propeller Commer cial, loaded with ammunition, also went by yes terday morning. No soldiers could be seen atnard them' from our wharves. Altyut l(l,o'clock, a large propeller steamed down. At'2o'clock, the steamer Powhatan went up She had been down the rtver to replace destroyed bwys A Volunteer company has within the last week been organized in Alexandria County, called the l>ee Guards. There will be a sale at Corporation Stock to da?\ by John T Creitjhtcn. The ?a!e ia made not umUr any panic?but because from business arran^t ments. the stock has to be transferred f'om its present owner The Corporation Is, and has always been gcod, and no sacrifices should be inade The Rev. R. J. Nixon, who was stricken with paralvsis during the session of the Virginia Conference In this city, last fall, died a few days since ar.d wes buried from Centenary Church. .Richmond, yesterday. Very Uw fish arrived up. Sales of shad at *oa?- per hundred. Herring S4a&5 50 per thous and The Sentinel of yesterday says ?:'Our picket guard stationed at the Aqueduct near George wwo, v?rre unTrn in nil nigm oy a ooay ol Federal troopers Tfcey frequently show them elves in considerable force ?>n the Virginia side, and are becoming very insolent A stop will bar* to be put to this matter or e'se give them powsnion of tue soli. Afternoon rides for A*alt4 will soou be fashionable." Mrsic at tbi Prksidot's Hovsk.? Lust eve ning. the tine baud of the New York Seventh Regiment opened the season of semi-weekly mu sical entertainments in the grounds adjoining the FrfsHlent's House. Notwithstanding the u:i;t weather, a large crovrd collected quite e?rly, which rapidly Increased In numbers until the usnd c?*ased playing at 7 o'clock. The atten tion of tLe crowd seemed divided bet.vewn the band and the White House, from which it w?s momentarily expected that President Lincoln would make hi* appearance; and when h? finally csn.e out upon the piazza, the b<md w?s d?-seited at once, and everybody rushed up to get a glimpse oi mc urw rresiaeni Mr. Lincoln made a few pleasant rem rki, bat which could not be beard d ?ti nelly by msnv owing to the bi^b wind Af'er remaining n few minute* upon tbe portico, the President retired amid loud cheering, and the crowd resumed 1U position around tbe hand, wblcb struck up !n tine style " Hall Columbia " Ne*t Saturday, tte Marine Band plays at tbe same P?* . Police Appointments ? It has been the talk for some time that quite a number of the Mayor's Police have been no* est at roll call We learn tLat last night tbe following appointment were made: Jtsse Mann, vice J Ooodyear, deceased; Moccabee. vice Zimmerman, sloped; John Carr, vice Bu'khardt, do.; Daniel McCann, ?ice Neale. do ; \Vm Krrnan, vice Irwin, do.; Wm It..* L ?a tr ? * - - * "? i uiuiiu, me rvuui* uo ; jonn nowe, vice Brow- i era, d.smlsaed. John K. Carter has b??n di* mlaed. but no appointment made to bia place. 1 John Flaherty, Thompson and J. M Tborn ton are held over until tbelr whereabout* la aacer- ' talned Moat sf these axe of the notodoas Baltl- , mure Importation. a TBoora b* boctb ? From Mr. Hanacom. of the New York press, wbo arrived In tbls eity to-day as bearer of dlspatrbes. we learn that there arc now some 3.000 troops at Annapolis, from | New York and Pennsylvsnla F.llsworth's New i York Firemen Zouaves, 1,1(10 strong, are at An- 1 napolls, and the fleet of eleven propellers con- 1 talnlng the New Jersey troops are on tbelr way to that point Mr. Hansrom passed the Piitv nlntb New York Regiment at the Annapolis Junction, and was Informed by Col. Corcoran - that they expect to be In Washington to-day. Tbbitbb.? Last evening our Theater presented quite a mlttary aspect, from the representation of tbe various regiments quartered nere; and the drama, "Tb* Maid of Crolcsey,*' seemed pecu- I llarly Interesting now In these times of war .\li?s , Mann's recitation of tbe ''Charge of tbe Light t Brigade'* was. if anything, more spirited and : stirrlnsf th .n the evening previous, while the ' farceof'-.Mr ?ad Mrs. White" brought down tbe 1 bouse repeated iv To-night, we have Charles the . 11 and thtf? Ruuuh fkilimnnH please both military and civic visitors. Labcbmt Casbs?Yesterday, Wtn Kelly, the young mia who was arrested upon suspicion of stealing I>r Frazier's watch, after a careful ex amination, was dismissed bv Justice bonn, there belne no evidence to justify bis commitment. Ar thur Hughes was arrested by policeman Bright for stealing bottles of liquor from the ttteamboat Hotel, and was sent to Jail for court Mimtaky 84ibts ?See advertisement of Wle senfeld 4 Co , ander this head. Our c!tlz*ns do ot need to be notified of the fsrt. but for the benefit of strangers we may say that this clothing tore Is one ot the largest establishments of the kind In the country, and that It Is qulto aa noted for Its fair dealing as for the txtent of its stock. Tbb Sixth Rmimist M assachcsbtts Volcs tubs paraded this morning, In full uniform and equipments marching through New Jersey av enue, from their quarters, In column, and present ing a most soldierly appearance Col Jonescom minded them, mounted, and the turnout was worthy of the old Bay State. Casna Miiiit -There waa but a al'm at tendance at the principal market tbla morning. The aupplv ia furn:ahed principally by the cenaed dealer* of the Diatrlct, and tlie fur ma and gardens of the county. The aupply In the fiah market waa a mall, the prlcea have not materially changed since Tuesday's market. Thb steamer Maryland, from Philadelphia, brought to Anaapollaaix railroad engines frotu the Pennsylvania roads. A large number of pas senger and baggage cars will be tranaported thither at once, to assist In the tranaportatiua of the Federal troops to Washington. iNTiUiv.?Last night. Rev T B McFalla waa lnatalled as pastor of Aasemblv'a Ch'irch (Presbyterian,) corner of Fifth ana I streets. i be rrmon on me occasion wu prricbrd bv R?t Byron Sunderland of the Four and-a-half street Presbyterian Church. Wsabb Indebted to M. D Russell. Feventh street, Shepherd, corner of Seventh and D, and Shlllinxtoa. odeon Building, for eoplas of Balti more, New York and Philadelphia papers, In ad vance of the mall Da Pirn wu pitched out of his buggy yes terday while riding on the Avenue, by reason of om of the wheels romlng off He was dragged SMoe distance by the horse, which became friyht eaed, though fortenaWly without serious injury. Th* a*t Hiai ?The Tetrran Welling ton Light Infantry (Companies A and B) paraded Seateraay afternoon, making toelr twentr-alxth lay-day turnout They w?>re preceded by the Marine Band In full uniform and playing excel lent muatr Capt Rodler'a Anderson Rifles made a line ap pearance on pende during the afternoon Tbe Firth Massachusetts Regiment, Col Law fence, paraded tbrouzb the street* to l.afayette Square, where Maj McDowell inspected them. They were subsequently sworn Into the service, by Maj Gen. Thomas. Com pan v A. Union Regiment, Capt Carrlngton, made a splendid parade, enlivening tbe atreeta as they paased, by fine muti# (rum the Rhode laland Regimental Band. They proceeded to the Park, where the company pas* d lomt time In pmctlt lng at target. The first prlxe (* beautiful silver cup) wai won by Private B Scrivener, and the aecond (a gold pencil; by Private Jamet Cannon. The Young Guard, of Georgetown, a fine-look lng aet of lada, made a decided aenaatlon aa tbey passed aleng oar principal thoroughfares In passing the Patent Office, the Rhode Island Regi ment turned out In large number* to see tbem Sot. Sprague and Col burnalde received them; after which they passed along on their homeward march. Companv B, Union Regiment, Capt. Kelly, paraded through the First Ward yesterday morning, and spent considerable time In prac ticing the various company movements, and in rehearsing the manual of arms. Company B is fast becoming an efficient and naeful one to the Government Company E (Zouaves) W L I., Capt. Powell, made tbeir first May day parade yesterday after noon, and turned out a strong force Their drilling was admirable, and attracted much at tention. This tin* rorni ha> Iwen k?r?t 11 r\A*r a cloud since they were drafted into service, by reason of their not all being provided with com pany uniform*. Tbelr uniform* were promised long since by the firm engaged to make tbem. They now expect tbem wben they get tbem. Tbe Seventy first (N. Y ) Regiment are quar terrd Ins de the Navv Yard, where they are being rapidly settled down into regular barrack life Commander Dahlgren Is exerting himself to make tbelr quarters pleasant The strictest discipline Is maintained within their ranks, and no little time is passed by the several companies in tbe exercises of the drill. The Twelfth (N. Y ) Regiment, are to be quartered In a few days in the public square, near Franklin Row, where buildings are being crcvtru jur lueir occupation. Military Stores Arrive.?Yesterday, about noon, the chartered steamer Keystone State, Lt. Trencbard commanding, arrived here direct from New York She made the pass-i^e In thirty-eight hours The Boston also arrived at the same hour from th? same port, and the two steamers were convoyed by the Anacosta, (steam tug ) They are laden with military stores, provisions, etc The Boston, after coming up the Eastern Branch to the Navy Yard, steamed back to the Arsenal wharf. Wi, the nndersiened. Dry Goods Merchants on Seventh >trMt. will ?i n?A nilf ?U-?- " ?... v>v?%- 'Hi iD|/wki * v yir*< ua bu?it.em at 7 o'ili'Ck p. in , (Sainr<l&; except**],) from May 1st to September 16>h, ?6I. K. Hrick luu, G. T. Swasi 9c Co., A. MoRRlsoS, A. OoLDARD, MaTTHKVVJA GoRf, S. FlfHMAS. W. W. Bcrdittr, ap 30-31 Ho?tettbr'? Stomach Btttbrs. The operation of thU paiatab.e reme<iy upon the at >r.i*cn, li?er and ex '?eto:y <>rcans is sirguiariy soothirg ai d consei vative. It recnlates, recru ?? and pnrifiM teem. Dyspepsia mall its forma yteldi to its control ar.d invi;?'ati> r pr?perliss, and it is reeo-rm-iiUei to mothers, enfeeNed by ihe car's and duties of maternity, as the ?af*??t and beat tor io they can probably "e?. In a'l the cms oi female life :t wil he ft ut.d eminently useful, and eld-rly f-isons wi.l derive much more benefit from it than rom ordinary "-limuiai'ls. H?>?fetWs Celebrated ztomaoh Bitters are sold by druggists ever/where. ap 29 3t Cowan* ?The sudden chanres of oar o'iinate are ?o?rooaof Puimcnary. and Asthmatic Affections. Kx(?c<::ei.'30 iiavinx proved tnat. mrnpie remedies often act ep<*eUily and certainly wtien t?k~n in the early itA?es of the disease, rcoouise lould at once Ue iivi to * Brorrr.' s bronchial Troth**." or l^osen^es, let the Co'd, CouKii, or Ir ritation of the Tnroat t>? ever so slipht, an by this n^ecauticc a more venous attack tna? be effectually Warded off. Public Spankers and Stntfrs will find them effectual for cioarinc and strengthening the voioe. See advertisement. del-ly Rvadsr, have yon seen Prof. Wood's advertise ment in our paper. Kea/ it; it will interest yon. an ao-ooly To t".ik A fflicted t?Be sure to read the adver tisement of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blooti Purifier. in>- 00,11 inn. tf f*Kns:*3. Pcsons desiring ppnnie* will always find them for ?ia-?ni? at tne Star OfTio* otiiinU*r. tf MARRIED. In (i?nj'to?n, D C , on M"nd*y, ApmI 2"*.1851, bj tho Rev Ur Win. Norwr>>d, CD.MI ND I. N ATKS, of South Carouna, to Misa HALLIK TlwL?>Y>of thispl&cx * DIED, In Wash'rrton. M-?y 2i. l;61,at 4>? o'clock a m , Df ?on>uiiiftiOD. Sa i XIK A K, OAWIiLuwil" A Thumti >1. t'aatell and daughter cf John K,b lufon in the 22d year of her sc. Her funrra: will t\k* p!\o* from her father'* r?>; eor'-^r Fourteenth and Kb >eius fiu' i njr ?*v iilnr. Z)i o'ol->ck. The f'iends cf tuo family are invited t attend the * ( Baltimore Sua e->py > V it RKWARL) FOR PsxOOF SLFFl IENT Clw to convict *ny man or boy f r ste* id? p*pi> <i or optiiir t our huntl e?. aa.9 ? ;UNCH * RICHSTK'V i ^oL.ii iukry anu Virginia Li MO vEY PURCHASED. Northern Uncurreut Mon'y wanted SWEKNV. KITTEN HOLSE, I'ANT A CO., i?g> Ij (ln'?l.) . BankT?. IV KW VOLLME BAI-ZaC'S NOVELS.?The ' * A oh-mist, or the House of l;ia<?e; from the Frnn~h < f Hnn..r? rt-> R? ??^ >-> ?? _ _ _ . . - ? awv w ? j man | c; i !*ilas M ^rner. the VV?\v?r of K\vrln?; br ?ie<?. F.lliott,the author of"A?fam Ke<'e ' Kr'f t?v mall, tfoe-ta. FKKNCH A KiCHSTElN. &p 29 37*9 P?n?a avenre. THK WARRKNTON SPRINGS. Fauquier ooucty. Vs.,?ill b? open d -nth* 15th A ?. ? A of .May. In the m-wntime a lin?it?<l nuin- YjVTwfcW tar of visitors will >>e received. Tcnn "'JUmBmLL l?oard: ? per moirh ; lu par wes< ; a d^TTer lay ; white servants three-f-nrtha ; and children under 10 and over i yari, half prioe. Hordes 50 teat* per day. Address ROli'T HUDGIN. &?29 lni Warrenton SpnDgs, Va SPECIAL NOTICE TO OT'R CUSTOMERS. In oonseqoence of the anxett ed state of the ooun try, and th? general suspension of business, we de uretooli-se all acoouata on our ho..k?,acti will thank al! indebted to o<>me forward an J .settle aa toon &s possib'e, and greatl* oblige u?. J W. OOl.i.KV * rn up 24 2* 523 ;<even?h ?t., atiove Pa. av. ROPOSaLS FOR COAL AND WOOD. Othcx Sscsetait or Sk.iatx U. 8., Pmopo?Ai.s will be received at this office till 12 o'clock on Monday, th>?6 h Ma? next, for inrr.iahing, I r the uw of the Senate, ova hundred lona tx?t white a*hfurnace Co -.! lima I ateamboat sixei and ne.euty-hve oordi best dry epruue pine Wood. The ?no!e to t e packed away in ;he vau.t* >f the Capitol, in piacr? wt-i.n wiii be aliowu on ippiicati.m to tne Kngmeer in the cnrvice of the ^uato; ai.d to be delivered by the 3 th Junenrx'.. Botdi lor the faithful execution of the contract tu 1 be r*<|U'rwl iiid? for tue coal and wood will be onn*ider?d leparatoly.acd satufaotory arrangement* most be made for the oorrect ineanurenr.ei I <>< iw>tt> ftp 18-<ltMftyfl asblkv Mcui.NS, Secretary of the .Senate. KA PARD. WOULD Respectfully call the Attention rf the utizen anil stranger to our new lot of Men's and Hoys' CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS, 4 \ TS and OA P^. I oan saiely say that 1 am now trepared to eell goods on better terms than ever LK>u't forget to ball and took at oar new goods. J. H. SMITH, Clothier, a? 5-1 m No. 48Q Seventh st.. near F. zrjt BIRDS!?BIRDS FOR SALE. **+ yff J oat received a splendid assortment ol\ff T-Birds Irom Europetierman Canarie?,^? gngiish Black Bir<i?,Thru?hee, Bull Finches, Gold [ 'itches,, Sky Larks. Yellow Haru'rs Par 'oqaets, Java Sparrow*, Starlens, the Red Mooaw Carrot, and grcea and gray. I have Mocking thirds. Red \\ ing Black Birds, Red H'rda, Doves, Lllli K.lh liinkf D-;?fte fnd w * I ?! >IVU Ull 1 IlVO^OfUUi .o .fv>, Cages of all kinds from 10 oents to $ lo, at tOHN O'MKARA'8 Bird Store, No. ?66 Pa av mue. at the Capitol tat*. fa 9 3m 1/WWl CHOICK BUTTER, 3,UUU LWS. GOSHKN BUTTKR of the very beet aualitj, llso, PENNSYLVANIA BUCKWHEAT. CALVERT'S HONEY. KING A BURCHELL, fa V enrner V?rm< >nt av. and Fifteenth ?t. ~f 10.000 OATH OF BOOTS, SHOES aud TRUNKS, Of all Stylej atui Qualities, AT A 6XI.lT SACRIFICE ON COST. Store for Hon: and fixture* for Salt. II the Stock in S. pTHOOVER'S STORE, YTCBlron Hall,embracing every variety ?M*** KjmRof i.viics'.'ienf*', Children's anuBsEM Vservanrs' SHOES Also, TRA V f |] SLING TRUNKS are now befit* sold,/or* VtE? aekM ereat sacrifices on neual retail sellinciprioea, ndeed much below original coet. The attention of he public is sohoited, as treat inducements will le mad* to purchasers. The above ewnprises a large stock of the finest inality French and Ameroan GaitersJ^hoes,Boots, to., ft o., lor ladies and gentlemen Th Store i? for rent and the Fixtures for sal*, iffiy on t e premises. Iron Hall. i?. ao ?nuvo UH/S, Oiilivr in WROI0 OF 111 art, will b? ?ol>: at pri v*l? sal?. To u; onade irun* of ?nt?riiu th > Hoot, !*tioo and Trunk Bun >c*? ttiis ajords a wttar opportunity than may <UD b? prMeutad. Fsrtons indebted w 'II oonfar a ffcror by promptly iliac and Mttlinr ti ?ir aooounu. ja 7-tI pjOMB-MADK BOOTS*AN1) 8HOK8, Lambs'. Mint*' asd Childish'* Wiai, ma -so Fa. ww? bet. Mb ?n<l Jth ?u, 6ellih6 6ft at A tafcAt sacrifice. IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE PRECARIOUS AND DEPLORABLE STATE OP PUBLIC affairs, Wf preter to convert our Good* Into money, and have determined to sell off our entire stock of DRY OOODS at a great reduction from former price* The stock la full and complete In all department*, comprising an assortment of all the new and desirable fabrics of Foreign and Ameri can production. An early call Is ?ollclted, as we desire to close out the Stock as sp?edlly as possible. R. RRICE HALL, ap 30 3t 375 SEVEN TH STREET, between I and K. FOR SALE AND RENT. ROOMS FOR RFlNT, in the apaoi'ui h<m* of 6 and Fifteenth street*, opposite the State Department. and adjoining Duugiai'e jreen liiuie Thia location ia one of the beat, ai d the house agreeable &t.d healthy a* a rummer re?i deno*. It contaim many rooma. large and airatl, and iacaloo *t?d far the noo"mmodation of fimiliea or a'neie gentlemen. Board auppiied if deaired. m2-lt? ii'vi\ r r-f* i ? i wo i?r{? r u r .n i s m r. i> r ROOM*, at No. 341 * street, between 9th aid 10th Board next dr or. m? 1 St" r|',H K ROOMS lately occupied BY i Hon. Judge Greenwood, of A kansas, and t Da'.ed No 30b E street, tetween3J and4thitrtets, are now for rent at reduced prices. They ate hand some]* furnished. No ohiidron in the house. ml-3t* FOR RENT-Two BRICK HOUSES of the handsome pow situated on Ninth between M and IN streets north, very convenient, with gas o >mplete Rent moderate if taken immediately. Inquire of Mr. WELLS. opposite the buildings; orol WM. H campbell. N" 383 Pa aven e, between 4)* and 6th sts.. south side ap 3" 3t For sale or exchange for city PROPERTY.?'The undersigned will sell or exohange their farm of 366 acres, 70 of which is in tirryar, situated on the river r >ad, about ten mi,es from Georgetown, and 2X dutant from the ?a; al. Persons wishing to purchase ?r exchange will apply to HOM1LLER & DUVALL, But< h ers. na 71.1 w * For ?*aleor rent-a frame house. containing seven room*, together with ths lur niture, ?ituated on New Jersey avenue, between M and N sta. north Alio, a new three- story brick house, with back build<nt, on the same squar*, ( No. 150 Fourth st ) Al&o, some valuable LOTS, all of wh ch will be so'.d very cheap. Inquire of J. I). rynard, New Jersey avenuo, between M Mid N st?. ap 4-tf F-'or RENT-A HilICK HOUrtE. oor.tainiBK 12 roome, with Potomac water and gas, on i street, betceen 13th and Hth, opposite Frank in Square Inquire at warder k bTKVVARl'S W oi?l and Coal I'fli^e, corner of fl and Twelfth sts. Also, brick House corner Twelfth and 1. F< ma 28-tf IXANDSOMELY FI'RNI^HF.O R'>OM8. I* Four handsomely t-urnisii?d Koome, supplied with gas and water, and convenient t.> the Patent and Post Office Department*. <i>r rent. Appyat 490X Massachusetts avenue, norlh eiae, between 4thjvnd 6th sta. ma23 'OR RENT-The north HOUSE of the row of new fonr story hou?<ts on Fourth st, between 1> and E sta., No. 3SS, fronting the City Hall square Possesion riven immrdiately. Apply to WILLIAM H. PHILLIP, Attorney at-Law.No. 4Q Louisiana avfnne. ma M eotf 'OR RENT?A three story brick HOUSE,ooq ? taming 3 rooms, in good order, with k*? fi* t'lres complete, on ft street, between 4th and 5th. Atao, a two-story brick COTTAGE, with lar*e y?rd attached, eorner of F street north an^ 14th st. Mat. To punctual and reliable tenants the terms will be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between G a ail H. no 13-tf FOR RENT-The 6n? BRICK HOUSE No. 100 Westst.^ Georsetown, at present ooou pied by the subscriber. It l:a? 12 rooms, with K&e and water throughout. a fine yard, stable A<v, and U in a sood neighborhood. Apply to JA3. A.MA CRI'lVKR. ooiVtf F( UEiUKUJirrUWJN ADViSKT'MTS I 1ST OF LETTER* R KM AIM NO IM THE ^ PO?i OFFICE, GEORiiKTOWNi D. C., tor the month ending Apr 1 3*, 1861. ID* Persons applying for letters in 'he following list ?rli pit?a*e *ay theT are advertised; otherwise they may not receive tb*m. LADIES' LIST. Atiston, Virginia Gravel, Etna J Paekiand, M A Adams, Mm Pet Hurd, Mitt E Pearee, Mra H E Aahford, Mn Hep ri v. Catherine Rom, Mrs E Beek, Louisa E H ill, Mitt M K?2 Rtcnaria, Sirah A Baker, M A Huddleston, Mm 8pvrknisn.MrsW E Browning, Mrs G J E?3 Sulliiifa, Mtu N iJill, Panme H?3 Hutch neon, Mrs H S it ige, Mm M E B .bcock.MrsCftasB Jewel'., Miss Jennie Sullivan, Margirst CoDuera. Mrt M?2 Jones, Mra 8 A?2 Stevens, MiulVI E Carrol, Miss N fi Jackson, Miaa A J 2 Schlicter, Mtss C Curtia, Mrs Chas 5 Jackson, Virginia Stew?rt, Miss A M Cunoimnx*, Mrs J King, Miss 8?llie Turkey, Miss Emma Csllon, Sarah Le* i?, C ?roline Weaver, Mrs J me Dyer,C Mailou, M Ein Walker,Mrs Dud.ey Edwards, Miss 8 Matthews, Luct E Walker, Mrs J C Puller, Miss C A 2 Nichols, Mrs E J Woodson, Miss E J Goodrich, Mrs E Nichols, Mrs Suana Whalen, Mias E UDQUini , .?ir? n i. wi^onnera, .>Jr? w liiiaxna, 3iua 13 Goodwin, Mra K K Perry, Mra Anna 0LN1LE.MEN H LIST. Antiaallt. Dr Thoi U*le,C*ptCS?2 Nicholson, A iiaU, Wm H Nicho!atC M Oife, Capt Geo R O^den, Capt Wm !!eldreih,Capt Win U'Kieljr, J unaa A-i uiii, C?*pt M Aekhart, L?wia Ackhert, Jaa L A -Ian.a, Berber Bro A Co Bin el, VVa?U lindy, W K Li:k, W?u H Brown, Thomaa ?iker, Lc?tndar Booth, Jno W B.?rt&el, J?a Hunter, Win H utdlli, JliO Hoof, J no B H rpen, Jaa Hill, Ilopkina, Gt*o llownra, Beal J one*,John Juruan, Capt M UuiaUii, Juo Fierce, Jca' uA Peliia, Win Pauticoa*, Mr Payne, Henry Popkiua. Hanry W Ktary, Wm Kotidzer, Jj-tul A R<y, N U J t Bur>, Hr " J A Brown, H W Hi uwnmf, Geo W B?i r, Danl J?i Br?wn, Aipheut N Co eniin, Redman Caiebtngt. dil it A1 Congdon, W P Ca*anHUgK, in C ill Kill <11, Jli'j Carlin, Fredrick Clark, D It Curt't, C'llnl T Ditidaou, Jr. j H lJurrniti, W in Dare?, Step <?u Davis, Jji W Divtl, Safl.l Kollen, Win Ford. W C KrtiiCii, R.chard fl.tiiif iu, Fiul Penning, Ja? Kow i?r, J it J Kmgerald, D?3 Kenton, Cout C 11 Uvtet, lut R Jenkina, Iv.tu Keily, Thoe hidweil. Juo H Keater, Cnm () W KiuntJjr, (ieo King, Frank in La:t{.i;.r, Win Lally, rat l.-tuaoa, Cap: N W Ltnduj, L I. irgns/. Juo I.tuck, H c Lvncii, K J ward Maaon, Tlws Murrj, W rn Mori rt?, Mich) M?4ri, L D Mil It, J une* Mori irtj, Jno J M tddoa, Juo S Moore, R Maloiity, Ji.o Martin, Wm H Mtchliu, J R F?4 McKee, (jco Mankint, iLdwd, EeaJ McGrsw. Jno Roche, M Renle y, Jacob Ri ^crt, Juo J Rnmaey, H A?bton Rn>rdau, Danl Rice, C B Roberta, Col E ??2 Rotidier, A Kuiliv in, Tfio* Scott, Tbos J Bcberxn.iuu, T P 8he*, Ricb*rd 8chrieder. P?-ter Smith, lit tc P Smith, kit-by Sebntton, fi*nj 8eward, Alexander Tuwrim!!oii, P J?g Tmnplet, J J T leruty,Jno Tnoinaa. J O'Connor W il lant, Th??a K WeUh, Robi K nrfield, Mr W 9odl?tid, Joecub Witaou, J 8 W Jtkina, tieo S Wilun. E M Ui'txrl. Jno AlcOonald, Patrick \N i.kjm, Be eriy Ueld.c, Henry B Mc<jr?Dt, Patrick. Young, W i.trea Urice, Geo VV A.ickereou, M !;7" I..KTTKHS IS ALL CASK" Minx BK PREPAID. May 2 1t H K N R YWIRTT1L I.E Y. P. M. Sheetings and drills.-a hm tot ?f then* goods. suitable for parhe* con tract* with the Government, (or sale by J. FRYOR WILLIAMSON ft CO., It* ____ Fioner Factory. Georgetown^ Iost?On Monday mornint, the2'th iratant, be -j twe*n Georget own ai d the Ofrole, < Pa av.ia p ain gold OH \JfM and SKAU. with eo\t-o'-vm? engrave*! on it. Deing an old family le.ic, a liberal rewa.t! wi 1 be given if delivered to me at mjr Drug Stor*. 1-6 Bridge ?t., t>ear<etcwn. a p 3' 3t bhQ. M. SOTHORON. Pjust ARRIVED. ER Propeller S. Seymour, from Phi'a<lfIphia, 75 barrel* and I**) half larieicof Ma*scy, Cciiiua ft Co 'a Philadelphia DRAFT ALE. For Bale h? /?22 ARNV ft; SHINN. DSOO Hill b prime CIDER AIIjY Expected purschoonerMary Ann MoGee

froin lioston. J his Cider is A No. 1, &u<i is for <a,e in lota to suit Biirohiifri ARNY A fHIN'N'S f?22 Union P'.ttlins Depot, G*orgot<'^n. J" UST RfcCKlVKD 10 hhda. prime Porto Rico SUGARS 15o bbla. Oid Rye WHISKY, 860 bills. HKRRING and A LKWIVK8. fift bbls. Crushed and Refin?H MJG ARS, 30 bags R io ar,d Java COVFK K, lo hhda.t low-priced) MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOOTH. ae 10 WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. DR. 8HUJ1AN has, after an erpenenoe of ten ?ears. established the alove refuge from quackery, self-labelled Indtau or German doctors, and pietoodera of witohoraft and impostara in gen oral Thia ia the only p ace where a cure and apeody oure can be obtained in the world f.>r ail improper and evil habita, jonorrhx, gleet, weak neaa, ayphiliia, primary secondary, and terUnry, organic weakness. paina in the loins, cinctures, general debility, prostration, nervousness, resile** night*, palpitation of the heart, rinsing in the ears, loaaof niunory, confusion, ineiauoliofy, affections of the hea?i, throat, none, and akin, and all thoae peculiar diaordera arising Ir?>m the indiscretion of youth, rendering them unfit for either Lusineaa, atudy, aociety, or marriage. I)t. M. haa tfca greatest remedies; n the known world for diaeaaea of the bood. goLorrbtp. gleet, strictures, s?phllii", seminal weakness, self abuse, Ac. There ia no ca>>e in whioh they fail to cure in from 3 to 6 day a. Victims of theae horrib'e complaint*, v-ho would With to be V&lafthlA m?n*nfi ??'" - -??? v.h?u;vu?o m BWIOIJ, shouid embraoe the earliest opportunity for reli'f, Dr.S'iuinan bumtCetli* mostoomp etearrange rn-ntn for the corrfort of his p\ttents whouoma from a distance. Tney will be lurni?hed witn t!ie moot pi *asant and agreeable quarters necossary diet, ana m?de an comfortable as they would ba at a first olass hotel at less than half the cost. Do not forget the name and number. Dr. Shu man's office is on the corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania?venue. Clarendon Hotel, opposite the Nationai Hotel, Washington D C Persons at a distance should enoioso stamp for return postage. Oflne hours, 9 A. M to 10 P. M. Virion* parties have been entio* d trotn my in stitution by oertain swindlers on bick streets in this oity, who will roe it trl the day ol their death. A word to iho wis is sufficient ap 9 ly GREAT EXCITEMENT' ENFORCEMENT OK HARVEY'S OYS TER DKPOT. N? soldiers, but a pentifjl supply of OYSTEK8, HAKI> CRABS, LIVE LUB^ms^cv aoi BOsTON FISH of a)' kinds. ?i / , Don't fill to call ana get Uie worth of * roar money. T. M. HARVEY ap 11 tf R *<J?1 C kept oi * ***!? tjhm# Tops. *o. ma 18 eosm Fa. a*., brt. 18th and lata ?{?. !> DK JOHSSru.%, Ijaltimorc LOCK HOSPITAL, Hat Jitcovertd the most Certain. Sj-tedy and imly Efftttual Remedy in tke World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. Oft NO CHARGE. IX t'KOAl ONE TO TWO DAYS. Weakness of the Back. Swic'nres, Affections of tht Kid neys end Bladder, in vnlonn rv Diaehargee, Impotence, Gen riil Debility. Nenvousness, Dyspepsv, Languor, Confusion of Ideas, Low Spinti, Palpitation of the Heart, Timidity, Tremblings, Dimuees of Right or Giddiness, Disease of tht Head, Throat, Nose or Skin, Affections of the Lungs, 8tom acn or Bowels?these Terrible Disorders arising Irotn Soli tary Hibitt of Youth?these Dreadful and Destructive Prac tices which render Marriage impossible, and destroy both Bvdj and Miud. YOU NO MEN Especially who have become the victims of Solitary Vice, that dreadful and destructive habit which annual!y sweeps to ?n untimely grave thuusnnds of Yourg Men of the most etalted talents and brilliaut intellect, who might otherwise have entranced heteuing Senates with the thunders of elo quence or waked la ecstacy the living lyre, may call with full confidence. MARRIAGE. MarriBD Periods, or Young M<a contemplating Mar riage, being aware of physical weakneee, organic debility, deformities, Ac , speedily "cured. He who places himself under the care of Dr. J. may religi ously confide in his houor as a gentleuun and con&deutl/ rely upon hie skill as a physician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left hand eide going from Balnraore sir eel, a fe w doors from the corner. Kail not to observe name and number. Letter* must be paid and contain a etainp. 1)R JOHNSTON, Member of the Royil Collect of Surgeons, London, rradu ate from one of the roost eminent Colleges in the L'r.ited St i'cs, and the rieater pari of whose life hit been aper.t in the hospiuls of London, Pane, PhiUdrIphia and elsewhere, has effected aome of the most astonsftli ng cure* were e?er known; many troubled with ringinr in the head and eara when asleep; great nervousness, beinf alarmed at sudden sounds, haahfulness with frequent blushing, attended sometimes wilh derai geiuent of mind, were cured imme diate!!. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Young Men and others who have injured ft*eniselvei by a certain practice indulged in when alone?a habit frequently learned from evil ccmp-inious. or at school, the eflects of whicn are nightly felt even when asleep, and if not cured, renders marriage impossible, aud destroys bolh mind and bode, should apply immediately. These are some of the sad and melancholy effects produced by earl? habile of ?onth. vix : Weakness of the B*ck and Limbs, Pains in the Mead, Dimness of Sight, Loss of Muscular Power, Palpitation of tne Heart, Dyspepay, Nervous lrnia bility. Derangement of the Digestive Functions, General Debi ity. Symptoms of Consumption, Ac. MENTALLY.?The fearful etVects on the mind are much to be dreaded?Loss of Memory, Cont'usiou of Ideas, Depression VI bill r 'Jiruu'iui^l, ATtrilon DI oociciy, Oeil'l'll* trust. Love of Soiitude, Timidity, etc., are tome of the evils produced. NCflvot'S Pehii.ity ?Thousands can now judge what is the cause of their declining health, losing their vigor, becom ing weak, pale, nervous and emaciated, having a singular appearance about the eyes, cough or symptoms of cousump tion. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. When the misguided and imprudent votary of pleasure finds he has imbibed tne seeds nf this painful disease, it too often happens that an ill-timed sense of shame or dread of discovery deters hun front apply mg to those who, from education and respec'. tbslity, can alone befriend him. He falls into the hands of ignorant a tie? designing pretenders, who, incapable of cunnr, filch his pecuniary substance, keep hirn trifling month after month, or as long as the smallest fee can be ob tained, and in desptir leave him with ruined health to s>rh over MS railing disappointment; or by the use of tint deadly poison?Mercury?hasten the Constitutional symptoms of tKis terrible disease, such as Affections of the Ke-irt, Throat, Head, 8km, &c., prorres?in* with frightful rapidity, till death puts a i period to his dreadful sufferings by sendiug him to that un discovered country from whose bourne no traveler returns. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By this -Treat and important remedy weakness of the organs art epeecuy cured a? J full ?ignr reetored. Tb^ui md? of the rnoet nenon anil debilitated, who hta lott ell liope,ti*?e been i?.mediately relieved. All impedimenta to Marriage, Phyeiea! oc Mental Dnqoal iflcatione, Lots of l"rocre.?u?e Power, Ner?ou? Irritability, Tremtim# at,d Weakiiees or Exh\u?uoo of tb? xsit feirfiil kind speedily eared. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. Thi Ka!*t Thousands cored at tint mentation within '.be last seventeen Tears, and the numercBt important 6urfi Cal operations performed by Dr. Johnston, witnessed by tt>? reporters oI the pipers and many other persons, notices of which have appeared again and a fain before the public, he sides hie sucding a* a geutlema-i of character and responsi bility, ie a iBiSeier.t guarantee in the ?Sicted. mar 151? J.?R. J. H. MoLEAN'S 8TEEHGTHENIX0 COHDIAL a*j? blood pimriEK. THE GREATEST REMEDY tn ikt WORLD, tnd the moot Dxlicioss and DELIGHTFUL rnp n* a i WW L?ikL. JL ?j_. ? m Wli Vt/lU LjEVEi'. TAR*?'. 2j SeS'W ^\yT It i' t.-'ilij * a't- ' f'3U| n'.ilt ri.d Vi|> v ' it- / -. r kit C?r.j^??r?d, r ? a*:oi by .'sa duu ? liar. ?f rooUt . at a, *.? ! y?i: Deck, t ec4 Rm,, Bl??i R' t:. Birma; * rili*, Wild Cb?!-? Bark, ati* Dandtli -a ntart iui? tu f uon. Th% niift a?U*# r?Dtdir*.: prvncip'? i p i im fmh : (.f rtuitLt it g ?p Btfore tald??T5??:2KKlftM '" ""S' d'.aitlUnr, Br?dBCi?? * ?l: '?" *h???rmllnf aptrtt, and tka MlInfallible raraadyf" ???'?? tk? <ia.aaad and raaurinf tht ?.ok, tad daal'.iutad 1?t? 114 l? k?*!vh aui itranit^. McLEAIfS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will tftclme.Ur CtW Ui??r CsrapUint, Dyarapaia, ;a?o lica, Chr?oie ?r Karto?a liability. D.aataaa rtha -oaya, *ud all duaaaaa triali.g ?ram * tittjfdtrtd Littr ?r Itouneh, Dtapasa.a, Membmxn, luwird Pi ta, Acidur ?r Sieknaat ?f Ka tlomAch, Fniloaaa ?f Eleo! :i tht Hand, D?U Pmo ? vnnminf m ina raa.VJ, r*iyuu:cc N tfca Haim, Falloaia ?f Waifht in lb* -.aini.cfc, Kractatiaoa, Cbakinf ar f tfacilirf raaliof vlitb '" wo, Urynaaa or YaliaW uaaa .f Ua Ikiii nod ?ra?, mglit Swa?ta, lowud Ft i r?, fain to tr.a Be.*11 ( t'.a JBick, Ukaal, ar lid*, taddan F.aahaa at Ha&;, D^praman af Spirtu, Frifbtfal Draarna, kvufaar, Dai?anuai>ty ar uy diaa&aa, Saraa ar lateral an lb a Iktu, ml Farar tui Aril (ar Cailia ajod Dm) OYER A MILLION BOTTLES fcara kaaa aald darlor tha Hat an niautha, and la a* In auota haa it fuiad la rl?Kg a-ura aaucfce'.iao. Wba, ;haa, wll aafar fram Watiinau ?r Dabiiity whaa MckJtAH'l ITIUITS LKtSB GORDLAfc ?il! eara jaa 1 Ma l&afaa(a ca.i *?u??y ac f-daqaata ldaa af tha inmadi ata and ajmaat rairaemlaaa cb"pj? (.radacad ky taking tbia Cardial m iha diiaaaad, dakiliutad, and ahauarad oarraaa aralaia, wkathar krakac dawu kr aicaaa, vaak k j oatat a, ar Impair ad kj tlaknaaa, tha rrlaiad aad acatraaf tifui latlaa U rtatoitd ta ita friatina htalth and aifar HARRIED PERSONS} at athara. tanitUat af inaWntr fraiu ahuinr him. will ted MckKAK'a rrZKNfiTl(KNIK? CORDIAL a fla-" ratgh thi lyi'im; and all wha u*ar ban In ca iry tmp>aaar indaljlacil Vll) lid Utl Cardial until aad apaady riraiGy. TO THE LADIES. KcLIAR1! CTRSHSTMEMiKU CuRDIAk la a aarar airn and ipiidy ear* far IntipitDt Caoaaraptian, Wlntaa, Oaitrvetad ar PiRealt Masitraatian.I ncontioanca af trio* ar iriTalannry Dutharri thiraaf, FalUny af Oa Womb, ldaiaaa*, Fiiuiiuf, ana ail dUaaia* Locidau: ta Kamalaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT taf*r La laugar. Taka ii accatdiaf ta diractian*. It will uuala'.a, atranfthac, and hiTigoma > ? and ciaaa tba hlaau af haalta ta raaact T??f ehaak aja.o. Evtry Lai;.* U war ram* d la fi?* aatiafacOan. FOR CHILDREN If vaar eblldran ara liek'.y, pa .? ar aCietitl, McLEAVl CURDlAk will raak* than haalthy, fat, and rabait- Dalay D?t a maDiint; trf It, aad yaa will La aaaftutad. ll U da lUiaai tat at a. 9A UTION iwara af draff ,?ta ar dialari wha nay uj ta palm apan yaa aaraa Litrar ar taiaaparlla traih, which tb?y e?u bay aha?p, by *a?n.r It ia 'sat aa rood. A raid inch ra?n. Aak far McLfcAira rraKhOTKENINn CORDIAL, and uka alhinf alia. It U.a anly rauiady that will parify tha Rlaad tbaraag h!y aodatlba accua tuna atrenftban tba a?a: im. Una taaapaaofal takan avary > .ng hating ta a caruin priTantiTa far Chalaia, Chilli and Katar, Valiow Favar, ar a?y priTalant diaaaa*. It ii pat ?p la laraa boulaa. rrica rjy II par battla, ar battla* far ft. J. . Mi LKAN, all prajrUtar af IhiaCardial; alia, McLim'i alcaoie Oil kinlmant. friiKipal Dapat ait tai caroar af Thud aad rina I'.rnu, kaaia, Ma. VnI<Aftn'a VMranin Oil T V ? MlUiiJLlCU l*f (THE BEIT LiSlVENT IN TIE WOR.LH.) Tbt only nfi and caeiain ear* for Cueor*, Pilt?, Tu. t?fi, Bvtlliiif* aod (tronchiio or Ceiut, Faralrtit, N*a i*lf:a, W*akn**t?f tb* Mucin, ChrM'C or Inflammatory KiMaroauam, Btifn*** of th* Jwoti, Coolraeud Motel** *r fciftratntt,* *r Toothaeh*, Brviiiti, Bpraint, Frtib J?U, Wood*, Ulctrt, t'trn lor**, Caked Br<ui, 8er? K'ppltt, Barn*, Scald*, S*r* Throat, or any inflammation or oofn, do difortne* how ****> or !on? th* diteatt rn y Ear* *xltt?d, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ii i s*rtaio r?m* Jy. Tooutaudt of baman bttnf* bar* kt*n ttrtd a lif* *f dt* IMpitad* and nuitry ky th* u* of thu inralaab!* r?inedy.v MeLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT VTitl rolitv* pain altui'. iniianuncowiy, and it arill el*an, fUi;fy and h*al tb* foaitti tot i* .o an incrtdibU *hor; um*. FOR HOUSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINLY. KNT it ih* cwly?ab ind rtliabl* ronxdy for lb* ear* ef Bpuvui, tiincbeno, Wiodjallt, [.litiU, Bnnataral Lamp*. Nixi** or Birt'.iinr*. It u*?*r failtd v* ear* Bif Htafi, Pollorii, F^ia'.a, '..jj laaotof Bor?t, or Bvttny, tf prop*rly ftl'pUtd. j or Ipraidt, Brai***, toraicn**, Crack*d Hot it, Chf^tt, 8*ddl? it Collar Gaila, Cut*, Bor**, or oauu'., it u an infatlibl* r*in*dy. Ayply it at dirictad and & tar* j crruia in ?T*ry aotwica. ( ?iii c?r? ? ?. H. McUEAN, M( PT?pn?v?T, C?:n?f Thiro and Pin* >U., St. M?. ^ * vtott, 171 P*. ??., ?.i. ?f.nt in WnVtil - r niiltl l?rran ? M-D*Wl/ W TRAVELING TRUNKS. K OtT??r fur Ml* the largest assortment cl TWAVEuINft TRUNKS to be found in* thU citr, comprint ? tw??t Solo LflttMH {. dies' Dress Mid Paokiuc Tiunks, V*-' lioai. C?rpet Hngi, ?c., which we are now Be line bi very low price*. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. ap 18 satf Peng.avenge. Pianos for rknt.?a cr?at i?b?r of Pianos, nmbracinc ?very e'ass and, aty.e ami prioe, lor ront hy toe week nt'tnih or year, at rrasunable rate*. JOHN F. KLLIS, ap IT 306 Pa. av., bat. 9th and 10U its. 'rnn CURE ^o; ki ? NervousHeadache ?** &* By the im of these Pills the penodio at treks of Ntrront or Sick Hta4at\* may be prevented. aid If taken at the commencement of ar att?ck ir. m? diate relief from pain and siokness will be obtai: d They seldom fail in removing the and Htadaek* to which females are eo subject. They act gently upou thebo?e!s,?removing rot iivmiii. For Literary Mm. Delicate FtmilMi, and *11 persons of ttdmtary k*bxtt, they are val uable as a Laxative, improving the arretite, giving ton* and vie or to the digestive organs, and re toiing the natural elasticity and strength of the whole system. The CEPHALIC PILL!* are the retail of long inve?tigation and carefully conducted experiments, having been in ore many years,during which time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering rom Headache, whether ongi mating * u ??v> <. vd <? o/awui vi in'ui ? uniku^ou slat* of the 4ti>mnr\. They are entirely vegetable in their composition, ac<1 tnay be tak?n at all time* with perfect e?Jety without making any ohanreof diet, an// tKt at of any ditatrttnbl* tastt rtndtrs U ?a?y to admmifttr tkrm to chiHrtn. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have live isaaturea ol Henry C. Spalding on each Box. Sold by Dmggi?U and ail other Dealers in Medi cinee. A Box will be aent by mail prepaid on receipt a the PRICE, a# CENTS. All orders should be addr.-B??d to HENRY C. ?PALI>1N?. 4S Cxpak Strkkt, Niw Vobk. THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF SPALDING'S CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER FROM HEADACHE THAT A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE 13 WITHIN THEIR REACH. i. -1-.- TV W I _ m mrjr j. r*i i moTiirits lrnre nnxoiiciirc cy ilfr. SrALDixo, ///'"v afford unquestion able -proof of the efficacy of this truly scientific discovery. Marosvill*, Conn., Feb. 5,1861. M?. Spalbiwo?Sir: I hive tried Tour Cephalic Pilis, anl I like tiem .?<> iptli that 1 want yim to end me two dollars worth moro. Part of theo^ are for the neighbors, to whom 1 gave a j>w oat of tli? fi'st box I eot frpm you. Send ths fills by mail, and ?bi!*e Your ob'tosrvaat, JAMES KENNEDY. IIavsrfoht). Pa, Feb. 6.1381. Mr. Suldiito?Sir: I w?>ift ?on to ?*nd ir? or<? more box of jnxxr Cephalio Pii'a, I i?s? rtctxvtd ? fr??i d?al ?/ onuAtfrom tkiwx. Yours r*s*eoi:nl!?, MARY ANN 8TOIKUOUSE. S?r res Cs.KEr. UurtTi^ro'i Cc., Pa ,f Jarvary 18.18*1. { 11. C. Sr VL91*"*?*in Yon wi.'l p>a?ie send me twa !mjxo? of your Cepfcalio Fills. 3oi?d tliem im mediate.y. Regp-o'fo'lr yours, J'(O. B. SIMONS. P S ?J Mavt usti .*? box of yenr Fills, axd find (iuat?zctllent. B slle VgSKDS, OMo, Jan. 15,18C1. Jlxifur C SpAM);ua, ?ssPlease find inclosed twenty-five oesls, for whieti srndl me another box of your Cephalic Pill*. Tkoy cr$ truly Ik* &*H Pills I kav* cvtr tritd. Dlreat A.HTOVFU.P. M Cs!!s Vernon, \V j&nJot oo., I)., Mam., Dec, 11, I960. R. 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Aa certain unprincipled persons are attempting to pain off oq the anaatpecting public, imitations of my PREPARED ULII& I wopld casuoa all per sons to examine before pnrcn&siag, aad see that the full name, lETSPALDINS'S PREPARED ?LUE^U TELEGRAPHIC WEWS 1 he Illinois Troaps, Itc. Caibo, III , April 39.?Om thousand additional troop* vrtTed here at 3 p m yesterday. All ru quiet Tbe people of Heien*. Arkansas. artted the , steamer Mnrs and a Cincinnati parket on Friday, J and took her four hundred barrel* or inolaaaes a large quantify of sugar, roein and turpentine, all ' for Cincinnati The boat Is tied up there, wltb i a rannon placed on sbore directly opposite h?r Tbe Helena folks say tbe Cincinnati people caa Lave tbe boat vrben they take bar. but not until then. An attack was made on the stasmer Westmore land, a New Orleana packet, at Nspoleoa, Ark , on Thursday ni?bt. It appear* from tbe stat* went of tbe captain tbat be rounded to at that place for tbe purpose of taking on freight Aa soon as tbe boat was tied up, tbe clerk went :>sbore In a moment he returned, and aald the wbarf maater Informed him that tbe mob waa going to take tbe boat Tbls Information waa Immediately followed by a volley from the guna and pistols of a crowd of fifty or sixty persons The boat waa crowded : with passengers. many of whom were ladles A ! passenger named Henry Hammer, of Memphis. . was shot through the beart and died Instantly. ! One Hreman was wound<-d Tbe captain had ; tbe wneel set going, bresking tbe line, s?d got oil A Strat'i'linf Are was lirnt no for ao-u* t!ma The boat arrived here laat night The hole* In her look as If u.ade by grape shot fired from a cannon. Matter* at Harrtsfrarg. Harrisbcko, Pa . April 30.?Over 5 000 men are now In camp at Harrlaburg They consume dally 6.5W pounds of freah beef, 6,5(JI. pound* of bread, Got pounds of augar. 300 pounds of coffee, loo pounds of candi<-a 4 bushels of aalt. and 13 bushels of beana. Not more than 15 barrels of iiiess pork have been used out of the TOO barreia , ?*nt here, the men reftialng tomtit. Ittaeatl ' mated the coat for the aabalstence la Sl.'JUO per day. Five soldiers attached to a IV Is ware county | < ompany w*re to-dav aent out to arreat dea-rtera During their travel tLey abus d aevtral cltliena and * ibst-qi.cntlv entered a public bouse, got frenzied with liquor, rbareed bavoneis in a rowded room. and woundrd a cltlten severely, through not dangerously. One of the soldiers was severely cut in tbe rencontre by a cltlt-n All five of the aoldiera were arrested and lodged la jail lanada Paper* an Americas Affairs. 1 oro*to. April 30 ?Th? Cilebe of to-day, la a long and able article on American affairs. say* tb t the North, by their impatience with reference to President Lincoln's policy, ignore thsstuoend o;is and delicate task be has before him, and wilt drive tbe country to anarchy and Chios Itadvo cate strengthening Mr. Lincoln's bauds, aad to abstain from perplexing his councils Tbe leader, the government organ, fears that Canada may l>ecoroe involved, and advocates an armed neutrality, and suggests that tbe Canadian government represent to the imperial authorities the expediency of sending six or eight regimenta of the line for the protection of the frontier AlLltary Maveaseats. New York, April 30?The transport s'eamer Star of the South has the 2Kh Naw York real ment on board, and will sail to-morrow Tbe Columbia also sail* to-morrow with tbe 3d regi ment. The steamer Harriet Laae will accorn panv them as a convoy. The steamer Chesapeake arrived to-day from Fortress Monroe, where she landed 3.R00 bbla of provision Tbestt-amer Parkeraburg arrived this morning from Annapolis, and is now load la for Portland Lights Extiagatfhed tbe Itaesapeakc New York. April 3'J ?Tbe steamshln Marlon with the United Statra brig of war Perry aa con voy, arrived tkta morning from Annapolla. which place sbe left on Mindly. Tbe lightabip on York Spit and the Wolftrap have tn-fO renioved. and the llghta on Smith s PolnU, Windmill and Slla gray Points, New Point Comfort, Cherry 8W>b?, Back Riv?r Point, Cape Henry and datiUt'a Island, have all been extinguished alnca Thura day laat. rrom Prrryvt|le. Pebktvii.lh, April ?The Rhode island Marine Artillery, Capt Tompklna. haa Jaat *r rived, and will be st!pp"d p-raU-amer Maryland for Annapol'a a:id \\ aYbingtoo. this evening. It com nr. ars six pieces, n.uety horses and one boa dr?d and fifty men A heavy gale to-day blew down the tent loaned to the t.-oope by Ct Oeorge's Church, of l*hlisdei pbta, beside* earning other alight damage. t aptnre ef aGivrraBeat 8teaa?r. Niw Yore. April 30?The scbooser West V.'lnd, Capt Burnt tt, from Wilmington, N. C.. iOtu lnat , reports that tbe ateamer l'n< le Bea bad been taken as a prize and her crew thrown Into prison on the charge of bein^ spies of to* federal fovernmcat. Tbe authorities bad auak **** * n New Inlet, blocking up the channeL Tbe Uncle Ben w. a a first-class etesm-tag, r bartered by tbe government for aervice at Fort Sumter The Me*v Jersey V* unteers. Philadelphia, April 30?Tbe whole foroo the New Je'Sey volunteers, three thouaind men, w;u leave Trenton to-morrow for \\ aahin^ton Ttey will embark in twelve propellers, each aroied with two guns, and go through tbe canal to ISordenViwn, and tbeuce down tue Delaware in it.e uflau'ar- aj;d Cliraapttk'* canal, a-d pro ce?-d to Aunar-olit. Fort PickfDi st lot:b, April 3D ? The junior editor of '? Metuphla Avalanrhe, who Lai juat arrived from Mobile, saya it ia act the Intent).>a of tbo Confod erate forcea to attack Fort l'ickeiia at preoeut, un Kaa pr -Yoked hv a^gresaive oioremetita on part uf the ^arrl? >n. From n?w Mexico Ixdepindexck. Mo . April s? ?The New Mex lean mull arrived litre yesterday, twelva day from Sante Fe. I.leut Tbomaa, U. s Armr. John W. Webb and C. b. Clark, fame through aa paaaengera. The Second Keqii'ltlai for troop*.. iiakki'iu'eg, May i ? I be aecond requialUon for troopa from thia State waa miatnWprew-d The totil number of reglmeate from thta State ta twenty-ail, making only ten re^lmenta from tbia State ta twentv-aix making only ten regimes ta called for by the aecond requlaitlon. bhia VtUntreri. Cisci!t^*Ti, April 29?Seventy-one tbouaand voluntt-era ha*e offered their aervlcea to Got. Dennlaon, of Ohio, to fill the thirteen regiment required. Seizare al Pender Bo?rnx. April 30 ?The brig St Marr. with 5ui keys of powder, was seized't<y the collector of this port to-day. gfc| TO TI1E KKAlIKhS OF THE gA] F|3s Ws submit to the onnsid*r?tioe^Ml * V^of the readers of th? i?tar the lol * VOL low mi .i?t of prices of artioles in our Una of busi ness: Usuai no*. Ladie*'Clipper* _. 2Sc. so " Kngliso Lasting Slippers? ? Soo. 76 " CuruHt Touet do?-. Sic. 75 " TUioi sold sewed Mor. Boots.. 1 on lit <! >. L'ldressed do.... l.flO lJS do. Cone Mor. do IS 175 do Calfskin do? 1 <m 1 Jto ?i?iifcc?riu Di?ca ukitora. .. M . . JW. 1^9 " Ki|. L&s'.ipc co. do. ........ 7So- loo Wonwn'i R??l?(l Buoti 7Se. lft M>MM'ilovbl*-?OiMl Sewed Boot* 75o. IjW Ladie*' tjk-eoied F.og. Lwt. heel 6ut. 00 1-JS " m but. **.. IM IJ? In addition to the above. we have Men'*. Bore'. Hmc .wti Children'* BOOTS and SHOKS in very variety, to d at MtnaiekiMf;* In* pro?. ? *\j J? it i S St OU Boot and Shoe Store. 347 Seventh at-, ap i-eotl g?lor?r* helow Northern Market. HNKW HOOKS. ISTORV of the Cuited Nf h?riaoda, by John Lothn p Motley ; 2 vol* ; fr.-e by mail |4. The Kite ol the Dutch K'puoiie, a history, by J "ha L-olurop Aloliej; J vu.i.; oioth; frM by nuu., ?i Si'.u Mvner, the Wiwrar IUtiIo!, by tb? author of "Adam llcda j" cloth 75#o?nU ; pap?r 90 o?uta l.if? and r-araar of Major Andr?, by Wintro* SarK?ant; 1 ~o. A fltr lo^tvrf with a Pai n ?er. a Riuw Voyat* U> (.abra^ur and Newloaod.and; by Eav Loan L. N<>bie , #1 SO The <H?nufaotare of Photogenta or Hydro-Car bon Oil", by Thomaa AnUMlI, M. D ; fl.TS. 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