Newspaper of Evening Star, May 4, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 4, 1861 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. . WASHINGTON CITY: Batirday yiny Spirit 0t the M?rniB( Prm The Intelligence nyi the manner In which the ordinance of tec cm! on waa p*M-*d by the Virginia "Conventiop. verifies the prediction of the Rich Tnotld Prttmt rrr a lmt nrtnh#r thut 4< hitrhpd it* abe is to the Southern State*, she wl 11 be drag yd Into a common destlnv with them, no matter vrhat may be the desire of her people." The Reful/liean says: "The plan of attack upon Washington may be given up. under the change In Its condition of defence, but to give it up. will be such a crushing disappointment of topes which hare been excited, that the bubble ?f a Southern Confederacy will collapse under it." THE KIEtt S HERE. Mi. Jons D. Risd ?At this gentleman's re quest, we publish below as much of a reply to the card signed by Mr Lewis Bailey and some thirty other late neighbors of Mr R , (alleging that be left Fairfax county, Va , in a fright when there was no real danger of bis being molested,) us we have room for We have merely to ray upon the su^j-ct. that Mr Retd would have ma tflPlftllv kl- 1- ?* ? ? ? 7 >i?i.^turucu iiis irfny, ii naisimjg be allude* to a* Ucertilu persons," u a certain se cession official," Ac.: Mr Editor:?* * ? A certain secession official declired that Head should be bung tf be did not leave tbe State Immediately. And yet, Air K hoped to be able to stay at least until be could s* 11 or rent bla farm, and did not determine to leave until be was Informed by reliable friends that he was in print peril. On Sunday morning early. several persons were discovered in the vroodsmar Mr K 's house, apparently wltb no good d-sitns; and on Monday, April :?M, at mid nigk't be w;? again called upen, and urged to llt-e with tbe least possible delay. Now, Mr. Kdttor. It w.ts under these rlrcumstances that Mr. Read hastily left bis home and family. and call ing upon two of id* ii? |gM??r*, whom he owed a few dollars. |old tbem to jro to bis house and sM l?fy themselves with furniture, which tb?-v did Mr. R. then proceeded to th'.scity without delay, leaving bis wif?> and children to come on as soon as possible The n*iiv<; Virginian" referred to, wlio kindly conveyed tbe family to Washington, was tired, aud most liberally compensated f< r h's labor. # # * Vour correspondent ?a\s th.:t '-diligent Inquiry has beeu made to ascer tain if Mr. Head bad been iiriii*.d ?wav." *r it s well known tbat a certain man went about tbe community to pet uani** to tbe statements which be was p'eaced to make, and succeedtd in Eetin;? but a few, and tbe lunt of them are known and avowfd secessionists, while others 7efus*d to sign tbe paper. It ;a also well known that the ttrst se<<Mion d<t! r*iscd in tbat |vurt of the county, was put up by some of the men who : ? ?-d that paper, and that Bag is at Bailey'? croaa roads' a u> tue statement of vonr he saw Rutland bis family stationed in froutof the h*T*blu*n publication office." ice ,* It is cn'y becess.ry to ob*erve that tbeir l.eln* at tbat point was purely accidental Mr. K. stopped bis wa^on tber?*. In tbe shade of tbe trees, while be went to attend to s< rue bnsiot ss which detained ii m K'lnttime When be returned, a goodly Tti.nibft of people wr-re around tbe wagrin, elicit ing iriforiiiailnu relative to their lea viujj Virginia, tbeir circumstances. Ac r'artx onlu \xr*r*. oi??n t.v Mr* Reed. of tbis the p-ihllr uiay rest assured. ?i?1 'be smountin^ to *.*> , were worthily bestowed and gratefully tece.ved Mr R attempted to remove his wagon and family from tbe rro-Ad. but ws? prevented A grotlriua* of this crty soon conveyed tLem o Lis house, where tary were cared for, end bos fitabiy entertained. Faik Flat. Washington, .May 3d. lefil. T tireby ctrtify that tbe above statements are tr m J O Rbad. *The Idea tbat the whole rantttr was a ' sell" was not tl<?t of the people of Fairfax and Aieiandria counties who signed the card to wtirb Mr. Rehd replies, but of the Star, drawn from tbe Unor of tbelr statement. Mastlasd?A portion of the committee ap pointed a day or two since by the Maryland l,<?Klalature ? Messrs. Otho Scott, Robert M. M< Lane, and \Vm. J. Ross?"to communicate pvrviuauv who iur rresl<l*nt or the I ultt d State* ou tb? occupation of the (oil and property of Mary land by the General Government. r.nd to report to tbe Oritenl Assembly vb?tL?r tiny becomlrg arrangements with the- General Government are practicable in that connection for the maintenance cf the pe?ce and honor of the State, and the security cf lu inhabitant*"?have arrived here If, a* is generally believed here, their errand la really to claim mat Maryland has some ?ort of r>Kht to obstruct the passage of tro >ps of the Gov ernment on their wiyto protect this capital, under ime plea or otber that ber honor or her assumed rights will be Invaded byt^clr patsage tOrough Maryland, they will of course be promptly an swered that if Maryland assumes the right to set upon any such thecrv. she must prepare herself immediately to take all the consequences thereof; and that tbe first hostile demonstration on her part against the purpose of tbe Government to mirch U 'of u> \\ ujLin^ton city over the com mon highways within h?r limits, under existing c i rc u in st-i no e? will be r**co^n:z-*d &s her delib erate declaration of intention to take part in the vrir against thf United States, nicking it necessary t > treat brr immediately a* mak:n? open war on the United Statu 'I hi re are. within our own knowledge, at leaat thirty thousand available troops wlitiln two dava7 eaay march <>f Baltimore, and the burnt railroad bridges and torn up tracka | are being relaid aa they approach thai city, ao that toe movements of those troops, and such as are S(?on to j">ln them, to protect the authority of the t'nited states in Maryland, may be duly factlt t ted. Our lmpr?-saion is that within five minutes after the committee aee the President, they will clearly understand that lb- Government has no terms whatever to make with Maryland; standing ready and amioii" to treat her in every reaped aa a loyal State, if she ao conducts herself; or aa an ally of the Olijrarchv and n?mv of th? " he electa t<> bold berieif la such an attitude d rectly or indirectly. Maryland will no longer be permitted to carry water on both shoulders Of this we frel assured. Albx asm i a .?Tbe sfcitementof a correspondent in tbia morning's Jnttiligencer, th\t a ve?#el-of war baa been ordered to remain eff Alexandria for tbe protection of Testwls of every den-rlption l>ound to or from Washington and 'iet-rjjetown. Is correct TMs precaution baa been rendered*ary by tbe action of ibe Alexandria military authorities or others there, iu bringing to and detaining ve*?e s and cargoes of fish and otber ln^ri-h?nil i tp <!*?(1 tiMi -a r,~1 ? ? . ... >. SVI ?uc I/IBM ?' h v* V- <' I II11J - 1 la, and by the fact that gun* have Ijeeu planted t!:ere and a mil* or two below, n> as t<> place such raft at th? mercv of ibo e wielding them, unless rueh prot.nion be constantly at band to secure ibem. ptou.ptlv, entire Immunity from tuch threatened asnault. P ? ?We are gla?f to learn poaitiyely, ere ^oing to | r> m tbta afternoon, that there now ?lists no earthly r<-as?.ii lor anchoring a wir vca mI eff Aleiandxia. I .-sat nlj,'ht all the soldiers then ?N??e. e*< e|it perb?|# a dozen m?'ii or so? ^mtir wot into the interior under Col Taylor |i la alleged ib'it tbey ?rc to t>< itatloned at the headquarters of Hie new Virginia military depnrtmet tof Alejandrla?CulpeperConrtLouae to await order* All the disunion guards that re cently awnrined the appro^cbta to Alexandria *nd Alexandria eonntv from iMn-iiir K.?n i?... J mm mm - -mm " *. 1W ? V >-?V* >1 withdrawn. and Interourac Urtweni the twi? <'? of lb?- rtv?-r ia *a!ii to be now free from any d imlM n>oJ??t;>tlon i>r interference whatever; tbo Virginia market people l>e!mr allowed, aa heretofore, toteil and buy In Washington. ? ? > rillirAlClIt^Cll IX THE I'lXOOR Hciltc ? ApfmU*.--Robot Wtiaon. of N (Sl.2t)0 pi annum;) J no Q Thompson, flHkd . do ; Chrlatopter S*haw.of Ir.d .do ; Nathaniel Hat< h, f Mr. (?l fill" per annum;) II T. Dixon, of Va , (*.enn-??r?ry,) (#1 VOti per annum ) Ttam?/rrre4 ?Mr. John Robb, of I) U . haa >*ieo tranafrrred from (he Chief Clerkahlp of the (VMioi* Bureau to nn ?1,KK> per annum cltrkihlp 4> tbe aair.e b?r*?u Rtuiit* Rriioa*?The current newanaper ftorlea. ailririntr that Mr. Cbarlea J. FauiRner, II. tt. MlnUter to Kranee, bad preaeuted Com* naiaaionera pu'poritng to reprereut the oligarchy to tb? I- reach Government, li wholly without foui.dntli n At Utrat advices no Mi<~h Commis sioners h?d made their appearance at Paris, or *?>y otb? r capital Hue h la the intelligence re ceived by the Government here. 6miil Botlkk.?The gallant and efficient Frigadler Ueuerai UutieL, of the Mawn Luae'.ta troops. now In eotrmand of the Annapolis dlvl s:on vi General Patterson, reached here yesterday with the last dlvison of the New Vork Sixty ninth Regiment, and returns t bis headquarter^ this rv?ul??. after spending some twenty-foul fcnur* In consultation with the military authori ties here. I'huhutid -W t hear that Dr. Antlaell, late ? " ut iur rairiii v/uiur, uai UrCIl ptcnit'td to tbf plaff of Chief Examlaer. A I'bkbidkuti al A f i'ii , m msTTb? President hM appelated lasac Henderaon, Navy Agent si "Thiii I'iiiii ivTiMnraC-Obdisakcb ?>r ^ecviiui Pab?bb ?The Alexandria deatlnel ha? th? following apodal dlcpatrb : "Hicbmobd, May * ? A private dispatch aaya tbat Teuiteiare baa paaatd a aecraaloa ordinance y a larifo majority ' ISeit-aaion ordlnanr# poaaed by whom or what ? ere la do body In arwloo In Toaneaaoe wLat ?**r tbat baa power to poaa aacb u ordinance ? PROCLAMATION BY THE PRESIDENT. Bf tk? Frutdent of Ik* United Stales of America. A PROCLAMATION!. Whereaa existing exigencies demand Immedi ate and adeauate measurea for the protection of the National Constitution and the preservation of the National Union, by the surprecslon of the in surrectionary rombtnattona now existing In i several State* for oppo<ln?f the laws of the Union I and obstructing the execution thereof, to which ! ?..J ? iiu # ?_ * - - * rnu lummy torce in aaaillOD 10 ID1I r a Ilea forth bv my proclamation of the fifteenth day ot April, In the present year, appeara to be indispen sably necessary: Now. therefor**, I, Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States and Commander-in-chief of the Army and Navy thereof, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into actual service, do hereby call Into the service of the United State* forty-two thousand and thirtv-four volunteers, to serve for the period of three years, unless sooner discharged, and to be mustered into service as Infantry and cavalry The proportlona oi eacn arin ana tbe aeiaiis or enrolment ana organization will be made known through the Department of War. And I alan direct that the regnlar army of the United States be Increnaed by the addition of eight regimenta of infantry, one regiment of cav alry, and one regiment of artillery; making alto gether a maximum aggregate Increase of twenty two thousand seven hundred and fourteen officer* and enlisted men; the details of which lncre*?e will also be made known through the Depart ment of War. And 1 further direct the enlistment, for net l?ss than one or more than three years, of eighteen thousand seamen. In addition to the present force, for the naval service of the United States. The details of the enlistment and organization will Ka mBiia V r?n\?rn tk?mi<rK Ke I >?.???? ??? * - w uuv *iiV**u tuivugu 1Mb l/vpai IlilCllI VI ilic Navy. The call for volunteer! hereby made, and the direction for the Increase of the regular army and for the enllatment of seamen hereby given, to gether with the plan of organization adopted for the volunteer and for the regular forces hereby authorized, will be submlttd to Congress a* toon as nsaembl) d In the meantime, I earnestly Invoke the co operation of all go<>d citizens in the measures hereby adopted for the effectual suppression of unlawful violence, for the impartial enforcement of constitutional laws, ar.d for the speediest possi ble restoration of peace and order and with tiu<a? . - ? 1 ' - " I of bapplntsa and prosperity throughout our country Id testimony whereof I liave hereunto net my hand, and caused the teal of the Un'ted States to be fiflixed. Done at the cttv of Washington this third day of May, Hi the year of our Lord one tbou [l. s.J (and ei^ht hundred and sixtv-onr. and of the Independence of the United S the ?-'ibty-iifth Abraham Lincoln By the President: William H. Seward, ?"ecr?tary of titate. Tuk WiR SriKiT iw Maim ?The Lewiston Fall* (Me ) Journal says that cn Sunday last tbe lad it* of that place devotod the day to the work of preparing hospital supplies for the volunteers #, _ - b. ? A ? * * * * " * &iu 111 luaitny. i nuer me direction or Dr tiar celon, hospital surgeon and bead of the medical and surgical department of tbe Maine volunteer militia, tbey met at tbe Vestry of the Main-street Free Baptist cburcb, where tbey spent part of tbe forenoon and evening, with liftetn sewing ma chines busily running, to prepare sbeets, sblrts, blankets, bondages, A.c. Notices were given at at tbe different churches, requesting families to send In all their spare cotton clothing; and conse quently hundreds of bundlts of necessary articles were received. In live hours after the notice was given tbe following articles were furnished and packed for tbelr destination: 4'HJ pillow ruses, 300 %beets, 3;hi shirts, 160 towels, in blinkets, 100 bed ticks, and Innumerable bundles of bandages, be sides numerous other articles for the convenience and comfort of the sick or wounded soldier, too numerous to mention. Notice was given at tbo cburcbes that twenty nurses were wanted to ac company tbe First Regiment to tbe seat of war. ^nd on the instant fifty Udie? offered their ser vices: The Maine troops left Portland on Tuesday for Washington 17 ? " " ? ' nA.nvtivi m i\KMti.i . ? ectra l ?I He Cairo correspondent of the IjOiilsville Journal says tbat the main points of conversation betw-en Gen. Buckner, Senator Johnson, of Kentucky, and Col. Prentice, consists In additional guarantees on the part of Kentucky tbat Kentucky was de termined to maintain a neutral position. Tbat she would not allow Confederate troops to cross h? r soli to Invade Northern States, nor countenance the organization of any portion of her citizens for ?l - iuf purpose, in reiurn sne requires a guarantee on the part of the authorities or Illinois that the territory of Kentucky should suffer no invasion from Illinois troop* The repre?entatives of Ken tucky protested against the blockade of the river at tUls point, claiming that the jurisdiction of Kentucky extended to the Illinois shore. Nothing but munition of war under the present status will be Interfered with. The Governor of Tennessee has issued a message to the Legislature of that State In which he recommends'-the |>erfecting of an ordinance by the General Assembly formally declaring the independence of the State of Tennessee of the Federal Union, renouncing ita authority, and re assuming each and every function belonging to a separate sovereignty; and that said ordinance, when it shall have thu* been perfected by the Legislature, shall, at the earliest practicable time, be submitted to a vote of the nenDle- to tie h? them adopted or rejected " Should the legislature donbt its power to pass a secession ordinance, he recommend* the immf diate call of a sovereign convention. He further suggests that af'er secession, the State join the 5*outbern Confederacy, provided a majority of the people, through the ballot box. so determine. Affaix* at IIaipkb'* Ferry.?We gather the following in the Charlestowa Fre* Press: Many of the troop# at Harper's Ferry have changed their quarter* to the heights of the town. Many of the private houses in Bolivnr are now u*ed aa quarters. The number cf troops stationed at Harper's Ferry is variously estimated,hut range from four to five thousand All points are guarded, and great vigilance is observed. Col. Jackson arrived at Harper's Ferry on Mon day. and on Tuesday, in pursuance of law, super ?^aed Uen Harper The latter received the thanks of the Governor for the able discharge of his duties The citizens of Hardy county have made a do nation of thirty be? ves for the use of the troops. Now and Tiikh.?Some days ago, xvben the Confederate journals were hopeful of the surcess of the attempt to seduce Gen Scott from his al legiance to the Stars aud Stripes he has no glori ously defended, they congratulated themselves upon " the accession of a judgment so eiperi rnced, a head so clear, a hand so powerful, to the councils and to the army of the new Confeder acy " Now that the hero of so many battle-fields has Indignantly repulsed the dishonorable propo all Af tK* f*nmkwml?ssls? * v. ?? a * 1 ....? vi *uv wui^ucinicB) %ucy *** r in pi in "B I i ] R8 y old granny, imbecile in mind, and crippled In body." IT^As yet, very little has be<-n done toward or^.infzln^ Cavalry rc?im?*n?a for the armies of the Union, tbe original mil not having required any llut cavalry. aside from their use In battle, are tbe < yea of an army, and to an advance In a hostile country are indispensable. James II Van Alen. esq , In Dutchess County, aided hy Col. S 11. Mil In S*chobarte, la now raising a regiment of Mounted Haulers, to he picked men through out, and skilled not merely in horsemanship but In care of borsrs as well. A bap-hazard levy of volunteer cavalry ia of no account, but Bucb a regiment will do jjood *? rvlce. Collision o* tkk Chkhai'kak b.? The steamer Baltimore, Capt. Colbert, from Havana for Balti more, was run into by the (Jhaker City (lately chartered by Government), and Injured to h con siderable extent, ou tbe Ud Inst. The captain of tbe Baltimore w? iguorjnt of the blockade and the rhnrfi) ter of the Quaker City, and w?i passing by without noticing her pennant, or hoisting tbr required signal. The Baltimore was laden prin cipally with sugar. |T7" Tbc Madison (Wli ) Patriot of the 2lth uli says: M. M Samuel, of the Indian Fur Depot at St. Croix, Hoik county, writes to (iov. ernor Kaudall that he has at his command five hundred braves of the Cblpnewa trlhc, and he offers his own and their services In the conflict with the Couth. He has lived among the Cblp pewas for twenty years, and wishes to serve in the cause of the Union against treason. He has made the same offer to the Prtsldent of the United Stales. ljJ"Th? Baltimore steam-gun will discharge .TOiMballs In a minute. The range Is accurate up and down, but the balls are liable to bit wide of tac mark on one aide or the other Its range Is about 100 yards, and it can be worked so as to dIs . ... ... J witvhuu. 1 ur WUUIB nucmne weigh* ?.700 pounds, and la about Uie size of a steam fire engine. The impression of most of * those who have aeen it U that it will not be of muofc service H7"At a theatre in Pitttsburg, on Saturday night, a man hissed whilst a national air was be ing sung He was immediately assailed by a ' large number of persons, and would have been badly beaten, but that he hastily eiplalned, say ing that he was a volunteer, and only objected to the style In which the patriotic air was being ' butchered This turned oat to the truth ? Wke*T 1 tag ImttUigenctT 20th. ASJOCB.IMBXT OF THE CONVINTIOM ?The Vir ginia Convention adjourned on Thursday nlgbt, uatil the I'ith of iuse next, by which time tbe returns ef tbe voir ratifying the Ordinance of "rrsMim Trill have been received. Tbe Gover nor Is authorized to call tbe Convention at any tine daring the reces** If be deem* It necessary to do ao. A fnUUi^adaoMrlabmen,8,000 strong, Is / / ( MARYLAND LEGISLATURE. Frtday ?In the Hons*, thi bill to vest In the Board of Police Commissioners In Baltimore city the powers now vested in a single magistrate and ? constable, under the ?6th article of the code of public general laws, relating to negroes aad ffiu lattoes, was passed The committee on the Judiciary reported unfa SI Vlll . # _ * ' . * . . - ll ? 1 eraoiy on me 0111 01 nr. jicnn in protlDiurrf nrgrrws from returning to the 8tate after leaving It, etc. Mr. Chaplain offered a minority report. Both bills were recommitted to the judiciary commit tee. A lolnt resolution appropriating SIM mileage, In addition to the usual mileage, to e?ch member and officer of both House* from Baltimore city and all the countlrs. excepting Washington and Alleghany, was passed. Mr Maxwell reported a bill to pay sundry per sona the expenses of summoning the LegUlature, amounting tof925: which was discussed at length, and referred to the committee on clalma and mileage. The name of Outerbrldge Horsey waa Inserted ! In ttie joint resolution appointing a commissioner to Richmond, reported yesterday, and the rtaolu- ' tlon w&a passed unanimously., A bill providing for tbeqnalfttcation and instal lation of A. I.lnpan Jarret as Comptroller of the ' Treasury, wu referred. An order requesting the Governor to furnish the I House with a ropy of hia letter to which the letter of the Secretary or War of April 1, l?8l. la a reply, waa adopted; and the House adjourned. Skhatk. Thursday.?In night session, the bill appoint ing a " Hoard of Public Safety" was taken up. Mr. Goldshorongh, of Talbot, offered an amend ment that the Governorappoint one distinguished person from each congressional district to consti tute the board, and spoke generally against the bill. Messra McKalg and Yellott advocated the bill, and auoted the opinion of the Court of Anneals In the ease of the Baltimore police bill in proof of lta constitutionality. Mr. Goldsborough ottered other amendments, upon which, and repeated motions to adjourn, the yeas and nay* were railed The matter was compromised finally hv permitting tie hill to ordered to a third raiding, with the understand ing that it si.onld be op?*n to amendment on its last reading, and the Senate, at midnight, ad journed. Friday ?The Senate took under consideration the " l'ubllc-?afety bill;" and !>n amendment proposing an ehctloti on the 13th of June of three persons?one from each Gubernatorial district, and another for six?one being from each Con gressional district. In place of those persons nauied in the hill, wts voted down i ue oniy ameuemrnt naortcrt was one substi tuting tbe'paone of John H A Latrobc for that *t Thomas Wiuans. who declined. After sonic lurihtr ds< usston, the Senate ad journed. tI~^Tlie Mobile Advertiser snys "A citizen of Rhode Is'and write* from Prussia that he had Just visited a manufactory of arms, wh?re there are being manufactured 5<?,l/x> ritleseiidSU 0(A> swords for the South. The order was received through a leading Paris banker We trust that to bring these arms safe home the Confederary will secure by purchase as powerful a Shi pas floats on water? an armor-plated ship of war, if possible?that she will come to us loaded to the scuppers with pow der and munitions. And b~lng again loaded with true Southern men. be sent out to de?l destruction the Insolent foe that infests our water* and de?troy* our commerce. Let an a^ent with mil lions ai command no to K.uroptj aad buy us a ready-made navy?a navy of a few powerful ships j wbi' h will run off these hostile cruisers from our couts. fH7*The work cf re-building the bridge* on the railroads leading into Baltimore U progressing rapidly, Partlesof workmen, protected bv United i S'ates troops, had advanced yesterday as far as i Parkton, live miles wltb'D the .Maryland lne I Preparation ere also making to repair the hrldires on the Baltimore and Philadelphia road. The ' damage done to the long bridge over the Bush I river is said not to be as great as reported. Fifteen hundred troopa have crossed the Susquehanna and -J J * ? A *- J " * * * ** " " niivcni ni an iai am itwnieen, milli in;s 81(10 of tbe river. t?7~ The reinforcement of Fort IMrkens was m >?tly accomplished on tbe night of the l<ith ? f April, but the landing of horses. artillery, am munition, provisions. and all kinds of supplies, occupied the fleet till the 23d. The fort is now in a good condition of defense, if attacked. \U~ The papers say that a ladv entered a win maker's estaolisbment on Hroadwny, New York, and directed tbe hairdresser to cut her hair off snort, and part It at the side She said that her husband had enlisted, and that she was determined to follow him. lET"Tbe Fairfax News says: " We are pleased to learn from an official sources tbat the Order re stricting farmers In this county from attending the Washington markets ha* been rescinded so far as relates to Wood. Coal, Vegetables, and the products of the dairy." JUT* In Baltimore, yesterday, the military were all discharged except one battalion of fifty men from each of the four regiments All the uni formed companies have been discharged hu? are to hold themselves lu readiness to respond wheu called for. \T/~ "American gi'ls can do iust as well as Trench jjirls," was the reply of a respectable young lady to Gen. Small, at Philadelphia, on Tuesday, when he alluded to th>* vicissitudes and dangers auenning the lire or a vlvandlere, which he went to volunteer for. The white fl*g reported to haveb^en borne by the Massachusetts regiment when It fought lu way through Baltimore, was the regular Massa chusetts standard. It Is a flag of white silk, with the arm* of the Union on one side, and those of the State on the reverse. JTy" "I would no more leave my native coun try at this time than 1 would desert .uy hou?e when it wason fire," remarked President Stearns, of Amherst College, to his students, on his return from Boston, where he had gone and paid his' passtge to Europe. 1X7"By request of Archbishop Hushes, the National flag was raised on the Cathedral In New York, on Saturday afternoon This Is only another proof of the unanimity of the North, on the diffi cult question now to be decided. l?7*Tbe "Union" sentiment is so strong in Delaware, that scores of citizens have gone ever Into Pennsylvania to get Into the volunteer service for that State. The quota of Delaware is already tilled. lO" Yesterday mornin? the engine ?nd three car# i-f a cattle train on the Baltimore and Ohio rM'.road were thrown from the track near the Re lay Houae None of the men or cattle were In jured, and the damage was toon repaired. J?7* There had juat been landed at Richmond 15,(*<*) barrels of gunpowder, a large quantity <>f bells and shot, tnd about twenty place* of artil lery, which bad been taken frotn the Navy Yard at Norfolk. |?7"A letter from Penwicola, dattd April 18. to a secession journal, saysthe flying artillery which left New ork a ?hort time before the attack on ? cumin, uts nm vra in inn quarter, wuere It will doubtless do good service. 117" Samuel T Thompson, of CnSeld, C?., a member elect of the House of Representatives, has written to the Governor. offering to resign his ?eat. enllcr as n volunteer, and contribute, If need lie, ?2j,000 to the cause. [f/* Louisiana has furnished ?o Memphis,Tenn . several 32-pouudcrs. 3.000 Mississippi rifles, and 5<K).(100 cartridges The Confederate States Gov - rrument has also s??ut to that city several plcces of ordnance and 1.500 guns. JX7"The U S n'wmfr Fulton was seized at tha IVnsacola IVavy Yard, while In ordinary. She was built tt the Brooklyn Navy Yard in island is of tons register. It will cost 810,000 to put her in seagoing trim. IP" The young ladleaof Norton Seminary have contributed HOfor the volunteers, and have agreed H? wi?uvu? uuttri iur %urrc UlonUM. ttlG boarding bouae, the price of which, 911 p?r month, la to be given for the ume purpose. IIT The Ohio State Jcurnal nvi 81,000 troopa have been offered by Ohio atnee the lime of the Prealdent'a proclamntlon. 31,000 have been aa ured that they would be accepted. Ip-Indiana'a quota, aix regiment*, are now fnllv organized, and four rfL'imenta, It la under atood, will march aoon. Six more regimenU will h#> tv-oi.* U^-A large number of Baltimoreans who were driven from their homes under mob rule have returned to that city with their families, the Union majority being restored to power. ITT" In Baltimore, laat Thursday, the police seized 76 breach-loading rlflea in tbe possesion of an organization styling thrnsselves "The Gov ernment Guard,-' and stored for safe keeping. . \?TK fl-lb. cannon shot, llred at Bunker Hill, was presented to the Boston Light Artillery on Saturday night. It will give a good account when needed. , An embargo is laid on all provisions going south from Cincinnati; on Saturday, loo sacks of corn were seised, marked for Augusta, Ga , from a wharf boat. ID" " Nary drop," waa the laconic reply of a Cincinnati brewer, in reply to an order by tele graph for 300 kegs of lager beer, on Wednesday, irum .unnpDli. Illinois will offer to tbe government. Hot six regiments, wblcb la her Quota, but sixteen fifll rr rinients of sixteen thousand men; and tbe whole Win oe reedy to inarch In a few day*. |?7"The Union Convention met In Baltimore on Thursday, adopted a resolution to adjourn until S3d lost., so tbat all the counties might be represented lX7~Thotnas \Vloans, Esq., appointed by tbe l^vlslature of Maryland one of tbe "Bi>ard of Safety," baa declined to serve In that capacity P7* Heavy train a freighted with beef, cattle, sheep, and bogs, are now running to Baltimore over tbe B ft O R R. r?idlti?n ?f TMa?? at Ftrlrtu M?ar??

Tb? Portsmouth correspondent of the N- V. Herald nn of thing* st Fortress Monroe: Not withstanding tbe comparative weakness of the land aide, It bat been materially *trengthened. wltbln tbe last few we?ka. and labors are con stantly going on, to render It unassailable Over 2,000 troop* are in garrison, and they are In tbe best of health and of spirits They are well pro visioned. and. excepting milk, wblrb th?v have been unable to obtain, since communication was cut?IT with Hampton, have everything tbat la needed Tbe volunteer* from Massachusetts be nave admirably, and adapt tbema-lvea readily to tbeaerylce. There la datlv practice with tbe large palxhana. constant drill, and the strictest maintenance of discipline Inquiries are continually made whether any i baturies have been raised by the State troops, on ; the western side of the fort. Thla Is the side near est the land, on which there ere no casemate. Col Dlirick declare, even before the sec?salon of Virginia, that be should regard any attempt to raise batWIes there as an act of war. and.wltboot waiting for Instructions from Washington, should demolish them forthwith Not a s'ngle appear ance of aggression has ye' been made, however, nor do 1 believe that anything of tbe kind la in prospect There is no movement of runs. mor tars or ammunition possible from the Interior; and the little steamer which make* dally passage* from Norfolk to Hampton is so closely watched that she could scarcely land a ptrru?e1on cap without its being detected. The surveillance, In every direction, Is Incessant Sentinels are posted at the bridge over the creek, and all eomraunica tion from without is carefully excluded; although this has been done mor* for the pur|>o*eof pre venting annoyance from fugitive slive*. than as a measure of precaution, or to keep out citizens of Hampton. All of the barracks and woodwork In the Inte rior of Fort Monroe, have been burned Carroll Hall, a brick building, Is the onlv ed'flce which has been allowed to remain. Officers and sol diers, are alike quartered In the casemates The trees, whose beauty and shade are among the chief attractions of the interior of the fortress, have, of course, not been cut down. The seven ty-five acres, Includtd within the vrst stronghold, would be bleak indeed, without their presence upon the parade. Not a little annoyanee was experienced, and some nilsundrrst-ir.dlngs w?re created, previous to the entire stoppage of intercourse oetween Hampton and the fort, by runaway negroes Not many day* ago. a doz*>n or more escaped over the Mill p ? l- 1?u? 4 ? - - i.i ii vnr? Mrmu'j nni were con<1ucte<l barjc to the Hampton shore by order of Colonel Dlmlck. Some of them were not recovered by their owners, but uot oB into the woods The Hamptonians complained bitterly thatthev had notbe?>n brought by th'1 troops to tbe guardhouse The Colonel replied that he had neither right nor authority to do more than to eipcl them from the preciocta under hla command, and that therewith they must be content One wench managed, howwer, to remain three weeks li* tbe fortress, going about from kitchen to kitchen, before the fact of her being a alave wise discovered Do not believe any atory to the eflect that Pott Monroe It In dinger of being taken Such reports are gotten up for effect by enemies of the Govern meut. All ii safe, and tbe utmost confidence Is felt lri tbe commander -"** ? ? I IWil) ?!'? General Scott, who forgets nothing 1!T Theiteam^r Maryland vntrrdav landed between three and four hundred men at Fort >lc iienry The <jarr:aon now consist* of about tlx hundred men. (V"3?COl UMIJIA TYPOORAriUCA!. 90CI 1 kjf ETY ?A m^etins of theSocietr will he h?M THIS FVK.*'1NG at 8 o'clock, in tho Cornell Rf-ojn, Citjr Hall. If U 8. ROW FN. Rei ?eo yv=?RKV. MA^ON N??BI.E Will coutinn-his 'i ~ Keriea of cjiKcourae* on t'i?? (Jiti** of th* Bible. in the Hresbvt-nan on Hxth utrfe', n*?' .Mary an<1 av>-itu<*. T'? M(>RHUW A&-TKR NOO * at 1 o'clock. Ftil jeot: Joita a.- d Co?*a- - RIA It* rr*3=? Y'MMi CATHOLIC*' PR I KND SOCI 11^? ETV.?Th? regular monthlr nicotics of this fior>ii?t? will he helil at ft Matthew's Church, CI' V ? v. * next. M!i. at 5 o'o! Hi'liH B SWf KNEV, Pr??*. 1' J. MolIENRY. Seo. m3 ys" . NOTICE. ijjf The following order, msued by th9 Navy Department on the 2?5tli instant, in now male pub 110 for the fcenefct of ail wh^m it may concern : Navt Department, April 26, 186!. To the Vuutlk Auditor of ike Trtamry : Sir?The amounts found to be due to reined Navy Officer* from the State* which claim to have ree led will hereafter be paid them from the I nited State* funds heretofore sent to or deposited in tho'e State*, oxoept m cases where the Department hail otherwise direct. I asn, respectfully, your obedient servant. GIDEON WELLES, sp ts)-Sw Secretary of the Navy. Ill im i ai\ i ni*z\?> ivl I I?, TO l L I T A R Y 1*1 BLVMvETS ?On* talc of Gray MiliU y 1 Rlanlcets just received and on M eat ur muai low pnc^a. NOAH WAI.KER * CO., in 4 3t 3t?* Percna. avenue.^ DUELING PISTOLS FOR SALE. rifled bar rel*. hair triggers. pa-e nippies, a?-d a.I ne^es ?a--v apparRtii*. in mahogany oa?9. 309 K a'reet, a" 8 a ni and a an t 5 pm. m 3-3t* TllK MISSES KOONKS J^ril continue the du ties i.f their S>ininary. 430 O street, and will rro^ive pupi for any lime paren's inay derin prop er to erte them as their prea nt term do ? not close til' JtineJUh pi 3 St* WA NEW PISTOL. K Introduce t > day the ' YOUNG AMERI CA" POCKET PISTOL, en entirely cow arti c n. A double shooter, with large bore, oonvem* >t to carry, su-e and cheap. M. XV. U A Li T A PRO.. Jcw'l'ers, r>5 4 Pa. av , 4 Coors west of Brown's Hotf-1. m 3 3*. Washington, D. C. / 'KEEN CORN. IN CANS; PETITE P>'MS; T Onampirnons; Fresh Tomatoes. i? quartcana; Prea^rved Fruit, of ninny varieties; Conserved Ging?-,< Cantoi;) Aocelique. Fresh Mackerel and Ha'ibut,in csn.-; t'tsii Lobsters anil l lairs, in cans: sardines; Brandlod Fruitk; Crosse A|R!ack - ?,?!!?? L'imI'o.. 4J? /l - w Vi: n | lUklOBi 'JU'jTBi ' " UiI?PH? AC* 1'O #Ue bT Kl.vG * BUROHELL.Goce'f, mS 4'orn?r Vermont av and ' ?t. R ED, WHITE, AND BLUE BLANKETS. Brown and Green B ankets, l/**> jar<li K usaia Craali, 50 d< tin cheap fowel?, y* " ch"ap Oott >n Half H"*". At' our !ar*? *t-?c? of DKY ? JODS ofT'red I very low prices for oa*h. WM, R. R lLEY A BRO , No. .T> Ce- tra! Ptoret, Between 7*li ar<l 8'h *t? , ip 3 ?Jppo?ite Center M nfce*. II* RKDMOND'f GALLERY jXCELLENT PICTURES Krom 23 ^ENTS . ? * ? i siit p-icf rrquirca. renn?yivania av., i^tweii flth and Sth bU. in 2 St* tTO THK LADIES. jA 1)1 E* Wiiirn* DRE?*ES, COATS, bd<1 MANTILLA* ?f tim varioiia style*, nn<l ai?<> ohild'en'a vari>iu? n'jlen of Drcssea.out and ?<a*t?d f made will plen*e call on Mr?. l.l/ZIE KECKELY.No. 3S1* on Twelfth ureft. between K and Lata, at Mr. W? lwr Lewis's. I alios, if joa are in a hurr? and wi li a (treai deal of work done in a ?h"rt ti-ne, call on Mia. 1. ft. Mie oan out and fit front 8 m Odre?aea p r day. She wi!T d?> to jfoar hou?e, if pi'.fcired, or take theio U> h?r ?oi k rnonii. . in Mw* ip MM.Ii ARV SH I RTS tTKEV. RLl'E. ANi) REP KLANNEL Sill H I of ttio qntii'y.ard anv qiiaitti'r can heauppiei at One iMiliar aid Twentj-hv? Oenta each. WHITE WHIR I'h from Nine Uoilaia to Eighteen Indiaia per dozen. rail and look at < ur 41 25 Shirt. Call " " " " ' * C?:U"d look at our 31 S# Shut. It || l? * ? ?? ? Iff /ll II ?? * * Catfand look at our large stook of FLAiyTfcL SHIRTS OF ALL COLOR?. I 3ft" 91 ?* S1-?ft ?J-3# 1.VA 1.24 1.25 1.2ft 1 UJ I 23 1.25 1 2ft SHIRTS. SHIRTS. SHIRTS. SHIRTS. A'no .the largest ateek of fine READY-MADL CLOTHING in thin e t* WIKSKNF tLD A CO., Corner 4)4 street and Pa..avenue. Odeou Hall. TO THE military. Ui? AND RKD SHIRTS lu the createat 8 ^ cQ BiT-1 fit 3^3 Pa. avenue. PPURK FRK3H milk. " KR8ON8 In want of I'ure Kre*h Milk oau l>e aoooinmo<1at<?<i on r*a?onab.e term*. morninc and even'nic, by applying to UaNIKL MoCaRtHY No> 177 Twenty eeooud at., betveen Pa. arena aiii I iL wi l-lm* Shikt3 and DRAWERS! Bi.UH A A I) ? ONK THOUSaWD SHIRTS AM) HRKY SHIRTS' . -*ousa!>td SHIRTS. TWO THOUSAND DRAWERS. Order* filled promptly. my l-5t \V all. RTKPHKNB a rn A FINK MILITARY HOR8K FOR SALE? /V, A valuable anl apinted ammaJ. of fin* ft?le ami action. wll ru led for ?T* purpoaee. Tlia owner has no use for mm ami would b<* pleased to dispoae of him to any on* wan'injt anoii a horae. Jnqniro at J. P. HARTHO LOW'S Ag-iouitural Warehouse, 55S Seventh at., b?tw.-en Pa avenue and Canal. mj l-3t 1THF. STARS. AND STRIPES HAVE a few moieof thoee superior Amertoan Flaca. H>ml2 to 18 feat long, wbioh 1 am nsxioua to dirpuae uf at the usual rate*, notwithstanding the iuoreared prie* in ouuaequenoe of the demand. Alao, a ima.: quantity of Banting Call at or ad dreaa H. W. h , No. 19 Pa. avenue, between t5tU and 26th aU , First W ard. m 1 St* Mao?uua?am,?!mao We are now receiving oar fcrat supply of Mafno lia H as for thia eea?on The? cannot ha ?? I* ?rrtv*i M SMITH* . No. ?j?#H?5 SlW'kJlS-JgZ AMUSEMENTS. THEATER K. BlahdamI W. Witkbb*. Jb 1mm L. P. Rot*. SU?e Miim? Bc?l*of Pmcn. Print* Bo**a (3 OrehMtor Chair* 75 cuU; lady an* ?#n?l?m%r 91 Dt?m Circl# and farqaalia? iMtltmw H< MiU; IUin ii cclU. THIS EVENING. THE LADY OF LYONS. Mr. L- P- Roya Pan in* lid A. P. Mui To oonrad? vi'h lb? fare* of MR AND MRS. WHITE Box Offca ?r?n at IP till 9. and t?n * ' WANTS. Wanterv-A good InumymM BAKBFI. li - *u?t? of itnward ESPUTA,?*rri??* *-, UK N?TT VM fft*. M 4-St* WA NTEB?A tpoil coa^H PAINTER. Ap ply ?t Walter, k^rmann * bopr-. d ?tr?-1, tth ?"d 10 ft ata to 4 St %VANTED-* ?t?uJT hand to dr\r* ftvllk " ?u?a Mutt com* w?ll raoo>rn>ec(2*d. Ap ply to john j. BOGUE, Epq? Adam i-xpr?M rUKca. Oao''K*to^n. it* Wm ANTE I)?A PARTNER, with a tuAoi?rt O&fh (ADlUl to intrnda^p a orduanoe. a wrr>u*Ut iron cannon, a tori t>arr?Ied and rifled, and oapaMe of thmviac a ball off'on: two to five bacdred poand* without 'he elifhteat i*U(?rof expoetoc. Addrtu Box 503, Poet Of Boe. ?' WANTKD?To find one or mort customers to bar lo 12 raMons of pare freak MILK, served out morning and e entor, at 99 centa per gallon. It will not l^mldinonuititiN t an one quart per day. Address D. Mot' * R TH Y ITT I wenty jgogt ?t, or at the Star Office. in 111* WANTF.D-A email and com'ortaMy fcrni?hed HOUtiK. in or Df?r ibe First Ward, for a mail laimiy without children. H ?ut not to <x~eed 040 per month. Apply to C. \V. BOTKI.FR k. 5<OP?. .11 *, Iron Hall. m 2 Step VIRGINIA M??NKV WANTKD. in payment far Soap and Candles, at trie Na'ior at Wo'ka, Green street, between"ttridge anil Water atreeta, Georgetown. ^ * apWMw* Proprietor WANTED.?A thorouchly competent AC C?l)NTANT and Cl.KRK, w!?b DB'Inu t>d references. Acoii*t<>iued to the eurchaae ofal k".d? of army mippli**, ir.c'udinr hP'??i, e*Mle. har ne*?, Iiit, oaia, pr-nnlon*. Ac., Ao.. it open for an enraeemeut. Addreea"Rei.nat," ?tar UTtoo. ap ? 3teo? WANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Pernors ditiiin hoti?ekeepinc, or hAnnx a surplus of Furniture on hand."an obtain < heoaah and f?tr price* ?>T epplyinc ?t 369 Seventh *t. no 17 BONTZ 4 GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. n 4N 4 \v A v O- T1 -- ?vju * iiurKuar cvmiii(. inm Jll No-tb Capitol above I, a aray gv HoRSK. 3 or 1" hand* high. with col ar *im1 iia>i.A?? on A liberal reward will v paid to any one returning i im ( CHARLES C. OI.DM A.t, un Norfi Capitol at . above I. it* AUCTION SALES. By J. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Auotionfera. PAIR OF FINK CARRIAGE HORSES, two Cmusi? ?NDIWO SlTt or OotnLB Hit i?te?-??n TUESDAY MOhNiNO, Mar 7th,at o'olook. in front o: the Auction Room*, we thvil a?ll far account ol a centlau.%r. about to I save tha oonntry? A pair of verj excel ant Ra? Carnage Horaea, one oi them %n excellent Sliddla Here*. Ona ha- daome Cloa? Family Carriage, O e Fa! ire top 4 passenger Sntnrnei Carnage. Terms e&vb. in 4 <1 J. n. MeGUIKR * CO., ??eta By WALI. A IUHNakii HOR9L9 AND lilGOV AT* AUCTION. On S?ATIHt?AV MOhNING. ??h Mat, at 10 o'a'ock, we will sell id Croat of the Auotion Room"? Onef>ar ym ola Grey Ridms Hone. farfd1 Rndli*, Oiif fiti? Buuf Horse, Huigr and H&rneu, Teime cash. It WALL * BARNARD, Aueta. 1 ICTTIIK ABOVE BALK IP POSTPONED urii! TUESDAY MuRNIN'i, came hoar my 4 WAI ' * BARNARD. Aaot*. Br J. C. M?OUIKR % CO., Auotioneera. SALE OF FLOWERS AND PLANTS rmo* Cohhebvatort of A. JaRXn*. E*Q ?On BAT jl'RD'.t AFT**NooN,at 4 o'aiook. we aha:l ! cell, at the Aaot1r>n Koo?>.? mall lot of extra , oboioe Hdim, Geranium*, Oran?e Trewa, Ooron* t.on Wrbenaa. Dah taa. aad a variety of other ehoioe Flow?ra and flanta. Termi otah. mV* J.C. MoGUIRB k. CO , Aaota. tsj J. C. MoQUIRR k. CO.,AueUon?*ra. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE of WASH isoton Citt G?? Light CoxfiST Stoce.? OuSaturday afternoon, mm 4th, at? o'Hook ttthe Aoction Roomi, weahall Mil, ??j order of the Orphan'a Court - Fiurtpen Share* Washington City 6u Light Comparj Stock. Tenna cash. Hj order of the Administrator, m 2-9t J. C McGt IKE ft CO . Aaate. B? J. C. MoGUJRE & CO.. Auctioneers. T^BK OTKK'S MALE OF KHAMK house a*d i ot-On THURSDAY AFTERNO ?N. M?y 9 h at 6 o'clock, on the premi'?* hy virtue of &?) '(< of truet, dated January iGth, 1S-SB. and re c -r f<l in l.iber J. A. S.. No 151. fo'.io- 333, et afq , I fhaH ? '! t*>e nooth part of Lot N<? 12, u?!*^uare N'?. 438, fio iti' g 'S feetS iDch^? rn "*eTe mat wet, b?iwoen G and -i *ts. ?o -itfvonmng back th t vi<lth tO tn? TPtLT ?l fr'v-afK.p ?* *U * - . -k^tari w i VII fc 'O I ?lipr '?0 m nt', conri*tiQc of a two story framedwellinc iiorse with ?-aclc bnldinic. Terms: Oi.e f.u rthcash; the residue in 6,12 and IS m'>ntt>s, with interest secured by a deod of trust on the p'ea:i?ss. RICH AW f> WIMt* ATT, Trustee. ap27-eodJtds J. C. MeGUIRR A CO , Auots. For Two Days Longer! AT E T7- -A. T?J m 9 0 4 76 .... Pennsylvania A venae.... 478 We aha! I continue oar aala of JEWELRY, PLATED W/tRK, kc , P011 TWO DAYS LOSGEK-ONLY. Now :a your time to make * selection of JEWELRY AND PLATED WARE frcrn the moit exteneire and t>?autifh aMortment ever offered f?r sale in tbia #r an; other oitr, For the Low Frio# of one dollar: We have mat received a new invotoa of all the DIFFERENT KTYLEB OF SETS in market, tocather with A LARGE LOT OF LOCKET*. tins. FAR RINGS. I A hi PC m**A HCK'TI t-' m.a a ^*a ? ?a?? au'i uuii i<Tir iiu V/Il A IH"i BRACELETS, *e.. Ac. Also, A LOT OF PI^ATEl) WARS, ooneistiiic of Koivec and Fork*. Waifere, Cake Baaketi, Ooblft*. Cop*, Salt Stands, Tea and Table Spoona, to., fto. SELLING AT HALF TRICK! and " He now may read, who ? Could not read before. Ami he who aiwata could Ma/ read the more." We~Shall POSITIVELY CLOSE OUR STORE m m t^vartia*^ nod we inrite your EARLY SELECTION of ur of our article* before it ta FOREVER TOO LATE ! 6. 6. EVANS, 476 Pennsylvania Arsjrvi, re Mr Between 3d and sU. CTBINWAV A SONS' AND RAVEN A BA ? CON'S PIANOS.?A Urge aseortment?^^^, h?? just h?en reoeired.-Pe?eons in eearoMffBBI ofa reliaMe ici'.rument Ma low pngeareVsl ? ? invited to on!! and examine at the Mneie Store of W.O. MET7.EROTT. Orders reoetved for Mr. MARCUS REBINE. Piano Forte T?o?r ? Woo4 and Coal. A No. 1 article of WOOD on hud, prepared to salt the wants of eeeh onstomer. Wood told oord length also, or in any way or aa? tnaUiue* de sired. CT Coal W in Com* Ho****, screened befrre 4* livering. [ZT lbs. to the ton. [P* Personal attention to ovary order. T. J. A W. M. GALT. Ofioe 90S Pa. a?., between Uth and 1SU eta. Wood Mill and Wharf foot of Seventeenth street, below War Department. wsM-U QOMS-MADK BOOTS AND BMOKS, Ladibs', Misses' a.wb Cb;ldesh'? Wui, IV U ?Th? Budereif n*?l h*?a to lifom 11? of mon*uCknt^DS^ISWa, _jm *e., rft ?t ti? Upon tad prioM. A *>, js&s^;arimri | JQ RE WAX U FOR PROOP 8LFF1IKNT 1 to oonrKst ht or boy f?r ?? ororwun o^B^ClT* R1CB8TBIN. FOB SALK AND RENT. rpo RKNT-A F?*M5HKp COTTAOK 1 |lbl? aitltUnl. !?"? ? ? ' * , ?. iivm > i l ,?< ? Bn*. 4 root'y. on im> mt*t !> tvtr*. ooirmarim .-? wltn th? ?i?y by l?<xu w>d o?r? ad?r?mft. F. c. kirkwood H ? *. c ?h?rt an mftthoh*'. nun* nm<1 ?pp y h?t r*rtt?a ftbl* m4 wiiIim to p%y root prnmort o>tt* to lfc? iiitm t?i?? of i^cbiiiu k ?>ik tad mulisw r? t?%t. if TO rfnt?a '?nr? *nd oomm-diom house, and #s ??!* o( l*nd with t<*"l h?rn, out hoa???,(ruil 4c,*? cm?? rowtt, Fkir lu coiirtr, vl, it oftred for r*?t on r?%>on?h? urir? r' T particular* arp't nnmo<1iatH? to Mrs. 1?. m. pavs*. in. tht>'?wn??. m > ?t* Fhor rkmt-a HOU8B * twlflh *r??t ??t,lNo 4?4 imwb | fd k it* no rill ; hm ro<n**?. With i??, ?od wtter in th* ?*rt1 ; po? wico cirrn "a th* 1mb. Alio. ? Hoih on l. ?l orth, ( No. MH. i txl?mn ljth fcr <1 i?' h '?. w??t ; ku rin'mi'; pomp of gon4 wun id tn? itid. both hoimi in |i>wl oidtr. lcoir?ofa boklan'o. i> wo. ii2 i. ?n m* For walk or rknt-a framk hoi&e, tontkir ni n?m rooir?. u>(*thrr wttb th? fmr ! mara ntuiv <>? v.? " . - vn *?v?. +wiwwj m * ri.Uf, DMVNI M Ud N ?t? corth A lao, a i f* thrt>*-?U>ry brisk mm,witb took haild.n*. on tba MID* aqaarr, (No. 190 Foarth ?t ) Aao, a<>B?a LOW, vki?k vi 1 h? toiil vtrr ?kMf. Inquire of J. _ lYNi" ~ ad N ata. T/ beUmUth ard Wth, orp<>?;te f-rank i* gauar* lnaaireat WARIIK.k k cTKtt AR fH %% ood and Coal l -flio#. oornvr of fl and T*?MU lot n A l*o. Bnok Hoik corner Twoiftft and 1. mNnsOMKI.Y FLRMHHKD ROOMH. 'ourhatdix'ir.r ; t-?rci*h*d K<H>m?.aapp >*d vithraa aod jratar. and con\M,i#ct to the Patant and Poat Office iVpa'tire t?. for rwt App? M 49OH Maaa*cl.u#?;ta avenue. uurth ?..< s?.f ??? ?th and 5th pta. ma a CH5R RF.NT-Th* north HOI'*F. of tha row of r new f< ?r ito'T hmi?>i on Fourth it , Mww D and E it?.. No. * ? ?, fmutinc tht City Hall pauar* P??p?^non niven lirni-<ttat*ly. Apply to WILLIAM H. PHIL.LIP. attornay at-L?w. No. 4* Louisiana avpuua. Mil wtf FOK RKNT-The fcra PRICK HOITSE Na. 10f? \ve?trt., Oaorcatowo. at pr*MDt oocu T>** fcy tb? *ut??rib*r. It l>a? IJt ro, >??, wiUi iri an.1, wntcr throughout, a tiw vard. *la' IP Ac, an<i U in acood natshUKliOvd. Apply to J Art. A. M A ?K t I)KR. o? ? tf GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS CORPORATION AMI VIRGINIA NOTKI AT PaR. I* bbla. CniibH ?u<a and i diveri??J J*u?ar, 10 llio |0ht><?. UrtM' ? 3 hhdt. Porto K wi Su*ar, 71 bbla. Whisky. 5 t?bl?, l.\rd. WiaokaO.A Sa't. Jt> bushel* Mat*. ?cf". Uuiltr, Dried AfP * *. Cr?n!>errie*. Hp?rm, Ad%man*iD*, and M<>ald Candle*. N'OM Teas, W o** and Liquors. Powder aod Shot. ?"ia3ker?, i"he*->*. I.enr>n* . Dried Cberues. Tohaoao, L.'ic?rs. kc . kc For sale'or ca? h tor Cort>ora'ioi), Virginia. oi Di?t-ict Bank P*p?r, by W H, TFvNh\, m ? ?t Oeoft'toyn. P C PJITS4T AKRIVKD. KR Propeller t?. Seymour, from Phrasle>phta. V> h*fr?ie and 1C*> half l?arreisof Ma*aey. Col.ios k Co ' rhiladephia DR AF I" A bfc. Fm t*1' M leg AR*V A fHlVN D 300 PRIME CIOF.K A1LY f*' achooner Mary Aon MoG?e from Boatru. Thii Cider it A \? i.mdii A kN V 4; fHINNt fiS t'pi? r Hottimt JU U8T RECEIVE^ 10 hhde. prime Pvrto R??o SUGAR * Un bblp. Hid Rto WHIfhY. ? l.ble. herring and alkwivfa an bbi?. Crc?h?d au?t R<*hu??i "JL'C AKff. 9' ban Rio and JavaCoKFFK, 1G lihdi.iiow OlOLASSES For eale by JOHN J. BT#Gl_E. I? C'OLD CURRKNCV AND VIRGINIA r MO>KY PURCHASED. Northern L nourreui Mor?y war, tod PWKKNY, RITrEN HOUSE. FA NT A CO.. ap 29 1 w |ln??l.l Wanfc?r?. \E\v"VOLUMfc HA t.7. AC'S NOVELS.-The ~ A'ch?miat. or the Uouee of Ca?; lr<>m tiie Frer.oh of Hoiure d- Rk uo Kree by oi?i ,11. Si!a? Marner. the We*?r?r of Rft?*>l?e : by Gao. K iott.t:.e author of "A< *m IUU " i-r?? ... . S' dSlpr ?6centa. PRkNCH * KiCHBMnTI *p2d 8?^ Peuna. >v>BM. THIIK WARKKNTON SPRING*. Fu<ui?r oonntT, Va., will b*op>B?4 on the I9th^~ of May. In t&e meantime a ta t-- 'nun ber of vieitnra will t>a im?ivM, T?r m? < b-*rd : fS' pot run b : ft 10 f?r te-i , fcj m* da* ; white eervaota three-fourth*; ai<?1 children under V> and over S T<an, J?a;f price. H(>'? ? fto onUifr diy, Addreat ROH'T HUDQIN. a>S9 Irn W arrenton Syr.Bf*. V* SPECIAL NOTICE TO ? OrR CUSTOMERS. In oonee<ji?enee of the aneett ed ataie of the coun try, and tha (enrra. auapeaaion of baainea*, we ?la aire to oloee all aoooaata on our bo- ka.and will thank ail inae*'t?o to o<>c&* forward and eettie aa aoon aa poatib'e, and treat)* oblice J. \v. COLlEV A CO.. ap M-tv 4*23 !?#vOTth it., ahor* P*. a*. P" OPOtJALS FOR COAL AND WOOD. Orrics SBCKITA.XT or Skats U. S..f T or ?*bnatb U. S..I ami i*. 1861. VliLIC P?nro?AL? will be reoeired a: thia of'* till 11 o'clock on Monday. the 6th .Mai r?*t. f ?r furmahlnc, f'?r <he ?i the S?nate. |iv? hundred toaa liMt a hite a*b furnace Coal (wnaii ?team bo v aiee) and ?e* entj-hve con-'a t<ft dry apruee pi je Wood. Th? wnoie to t-e paolted away il the vau ta of the Capitol, in piaoea which will he ahown on application to the Kr.cie^r in the aerriM of the Heuate ; and to lie delivered by the 3tli June rex'. Honda for the faithfal execution ol tne contract wi 1 t?e repaired. Bida for the coal and wood will he ooneidei^d eparatt !y. ac<! watiafaotory arrangements muat he made for tne corroct nieanur?irtei?t < ! both. A8BIKV PICK INK, ap 18-dtMay6 t*eer?-lar? of the .Annate. (jkeaT fxcitkmext EINPOKCtMKNT of hakvey*s OYS TER DKPOT. No aoldiera. hat a i> eatifkl a apply of OYBTKRS, HAK l> t'Jl Alls. ! JV I. I (iB?l i.Ks ?^ ^ ana isuri O^ M*H of &l. kloda. J Don t fall to call ana get the worth of year mosey. Tl v T. M. HAKVEY. M 11 tf 2*1 C I A CARD. WOULD Reepoctfully oa;i the attention ?~f the citnen and atrancer to our new lot of MWf *>,4 Moya' CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOOD*. H A n* and CA PS. I hi witl* nay that I am 0"w repared to eell good* on batter tertna than rrer Don't forget to Mil and look at our nev good*. J. H. f?MI TH. Ciothiet. a* Mm No. I6fl S#r?ntk rt . near F BIRDSBIRDS FOR SALE. f? Jaatreoeirad a aalendid aaaortment Birda ir<?m Euroa?- ierjnao Cananee,** inciiah tflaok BifH.Thruahee. Bui: Fiuonee, fi?. d ii>chea, Lie eta. Kk- Igarka. Yellow Ham-r* Par rnirt*. Jam t*p%rrow , Stariena the KmI Mora* Parrot, and cnon and gray. I have M^ekm* Birda. Red Wiitf Black Birda, Red Birda. I>?ve?. and Bob^nrik); ai*?. Trwied Birda. l'rio???Mil? to RVO. C*?e? of all ki"<M from 10 o?nta to 10. at JOHN O'MEARAHt B^rd store. No. ftfe* ^ tt th? Canto! iat*. f? " Am STAR TL.ING DISC I Ai#r? K it f CLA h A Tfoy OF IT4 K GRKAT Ol'TPOl RINO OF TrtE PKOI'LL Bmujisixs or th* Coktb?t bt WINDSOK k UKOTHKK. ?A9 ftevtath *.. * >in< BOOTS. t?HOfc?. HM -r 131 CAPS, fto ,n * ere*' nw'.fiMoiifnf f Hi mer r%U*?. tiood Men's Witrkim^^ * P>ho#? *t 75 c?nt? ; Miiim' t?*w*J Morn4 ro Boot* <TTV w?il worth 91 *5. ?ud *? m?! k* ortmfut of t?ont?', L?dio?\ ?a<i Ch i droa'a Miora, vitrr W* will M.I %* low Mjr one, and U*? off 6 per ooot. discount for cv-u in our rent fend*. MS-oolin THE 9t HSCKIUEKt* HAVING KEOElVKD 1 tt.eir fir*t ?nj>P? of new styles of PPRING GOOD?. they respeotfa'.ly invite ^4* 0*11 from their patrons and the eaMio *ea \\ rally. The? kees al?r> constantly hand mm a |o<id ?up?.? of N \V AL siwl MILITARY -** FVRMSOlNtt GOODS. sucb u Lpw.rts woids, Gold Uon. etc. H. F LOUDON k CO.. OitisAo u4 Military Tailors, aw V Srwee No. S*8. ender Rrowr'? Hii'? Wmm 9P t1NGCLOTHINO. ALL. STEPHENS A CO are this day in re MiltOj Ibnr Htoid HH't of SPIINii CLOTH 1N(j and material for their custom trade, ooasist il# of New data*. Caeatmers and Vmuoii.p' the latest styles, wtuoh they will make to order .a ea e?ior style at very low fnoee. Gentiemer. wishiag an immediate oatitwill tad In oar Ready Made Deyartsent ev? y aruoie <M Wearing Af rare suitable to their wa to WALL, STEPHEN* * CO.. a? W Peaa. are? e _ fgte TO THE READERS OP THE fVj Weeabmittotiw'eoeeiderativrr^Q Pbof the readers oftae Star the foU* Hk lovt&c Uet of pnees of arttalea ia oar Use of ? neaas Ceaal in woiuoii k> ?w w* tar* Mw'i. Bot?' Lutoa- Md (JhiidWa BOOTS mm4 *HOMl n tvf) TVlKl, M>.d At MtOllltlOII tow pr o?* Boot ud **ko? Mort. 34 M >- <? I 4oon t*low 8,000 oftto kA?t A BUCKWHEAT. N? ft BUKCJ miMP All ?m?r