Newspaper of Evening Star, August 8, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 8, 1861 Page 1
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} I I I? THE EVENING STAR I? PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (PUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Comer ?/ Ptnmtylvtnia ammmM u<i Skvtntk t*. BT W. D. WALLACH. Papere rrrrd la package* by cerrlera it Ml veer, or 37 r*nt* n#t mnnik > - w?-,w? , - ? ??? mw" ? *" AW mau uwKfivns ?b? price 1* S3 SO a year, ** advmet; fi for six month*; SI for three months; and for leaa than three months at the rate of 1< centa a week Single eop5*r ox* c?!fi; In wrapper*, two cxjits. JiJ~ AovaaTisaxaiT* should be sent to the o?<-e before Ut o'clock m ; otherwise they may not appear antil the next day. LhT OF ACTS PASSED BY COSfcRESS The following is a complete list of the titles of all the Mts passed at the special session of the Thirty-seventh Congress : An act to refund and remit the duties on arms imported by States. An aet to provide for the payment of the militia and volunteers called into the service of the United States from the time they were railed into service to the 30th day of June, 1 lOOi* An act farther to provide for the collection of duties on imports, and for other purposes. An set to provide for the appointment of Assistant Paymasters in the navy. An act to authorise a national loan, and for other purpose*. An act making additional appropriations for the support of the army for the fiscal year coding June 30th, 1^62, and appropriations of arrearages for the fiscal year ending June 30th, 18C& An act to alter and regulate the navy ration. An aet making additional appropriations for the naval service for the year ending the 30th of Jane, 1862, and appropriations of arrearage* for the year ending the 30th of Jane, 1861. An act authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to remit fined and penalties incurred io certain eases. An act making additional appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the Government for the year ending the 30th of June, 1862, and appropriations of arrearages for the year ending 30th of June, 1861. Aq act in relation to forwarding soldiers* letters. An act to provide for the temporary increase of the navy An act to authorise the employment of volunteers to aid in enforcing the laws and protecting public property. An in addition to the "Act to authorize the employment of volunteers to aid in enforcing the laws and protecting public property, ' approved July 22J, 1861. An act to refund duties on arms imported bv States. An act for the better organization of the marine corps. An aet relative to the revenue marine, to fix the compensation of the officers thereof, and for other purposes. An act to indemnify the States for expenses incurred by theui in defence of the United States. An act making addition appropriations for the legislative, executive, an4 judicial expenses of the Government for theycar ending the | 30th of June. 1862, and appropriations of arrearages tor the year ending 30 th of J une. 1861. An act to provide for the payment of the police organized by the United States for the city of Baltimore, and to enable the Mini to turnish small gold coins, and to provide for the manufacture or purchase of field signals. Au act^to increase the present military establishment of the United States. An act to provide for the suppression of rebellion against and resistance to tha laws of tbe United State?, and to amend the act entitled "An act to provide for calling forth the iniliti* to execute the laws of the Union," Ac., parsed February 28, 1795. An act authorizing the appointment of an Assistant Secretary of the Navy, and fixing the salary of the same, and f>r other purposes. An act making au appropriation to pay the expenses of transporting and delivering arms and munitions of war to the loyal citizens of the States of which the inhabitants now are or hereafter miy be in reb*tli<>n against the Government of the United States, and to provide for the expense of organizing them into companiad, batttlions. regiments, or otherwise, f jr their own protection agai?st domest.c vio- . leuce, insurrection, invasion, or rebellion. , Aa act makiug an appropriation for the pur- ] f?f trmJ f.if th? wftlnnUopj ??'! ? ?? 1 troops of ibe United States. i Ac act providing a committee to examine < aii I report as to the compensation of a'l otS- j cers of the Government, and for other purposed. An act to increase the medical corps of the nary. ; Aa act in alliti ?n to an act entitled "An , *>c: further to provide for the collection of da- | tic* oa :-ipor n. and for other purposes," ap- , proved July 13ih, 1801. 1 An act to doUao and punish certain conspiracies. Ao act to authorise ihe Secretary of War to reimburse volunteers for expenses incurred in employing regimental and other bands, and for other purposes. An act to increase the consular representation of the United fetate* during the present insurrection. An aot to amend an act entitled " An act supplementary to the act entitled An act providing for a naval pcac.- establishment ana for other purposes, passed March 27th, 1804.' An act concerning the Attorney Generil and the attorneys and marshals of tee several district*. An act to provide for the construction of one or m>re armored ships and floating batteries, and for other purposes. An act to amend an act to prohibit the sale of spirituous liquors and intoxicating drinks in tne District of Columbia in certain cases. An aot to provicL; for the purchase of arms, orduance, and oruuance stores. An act to amend in part the operation of an aot entitlei "An aot relating to revenue cutters and steamers." * An act providing for the better organisation of the miliary establishment. An aot to inhibit the sale of spirituous liquors and intoxicating drinks in the District of Columbia in certain cases. An act to provide increased revenue from import*, to pay interest on the publie debt, and for other purposes. An act supplementary to an act entitled "An act to protect the commerce of the United Slate* and le punish the crime of piracv." An act authorizing the construction or twelve sin *11 st4?-"heel steamers. An act to punish certain crimes against the United States An act authorising additional enlistment* in the navj of the United States. An act making further appropriations for the support of the naval service for the year ending June 30, 1862, and for other purposes. An hot making an appropriation to pay the expenses of the investigating committee of the llou*e of Representatives and Senate, appointed the first session of the 37th Congress, and of the committee authorised to examine aiid report as to the compensation of all officers if the Government. An act to suspend in part the operation of an act eutitled "An act relating to revenue cutters and steamers." An act to confiscate property used for iusnrrectiouiry purposes. An act to provide for holding the district and circuit courts in judicial districts during a temporary vacancy of the judgeship. An act supplementary to an act entitled "An act to authorise a national loan, and for other 1 ^Aa'aet to create a metropolitan police district of the District of Columbia, and to estaoluh a police therefor. .. . An act to require an oath of allegiance n to support the Constitution of the L nited ?.? to be administered to certain persons m ttie civil service of the United State*. 1 An aet supplementary to an act entitled''A? . el to increaae the preaent military establishment of the United States," approrad Jaly ?.18M. 1 At aet in r^ation to the office of attorney of the United States for th? southern district of New York. An set relating to appeals to the Supreme Court of the United States An aet making appropriations for formications and for other purposes. An aet to reduce consular fees for Tassels r-i&Lto ot between foreign ports i (f i 1 *4 i n i mi mmmrnrnrnrnmri ???????????? M A y ^ ? H H n f / B p? 83 #- W?"* ? V*. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. THIRSDAY. AUGUST 8. 1861. N?. 2.643. ?~~ An act to authorise an increase in the cerpa of engineers and topographical engineers. An act explanatory of an aot entitled " An act concerning the Attorney General and the attorneys and marshals of the several districts.' An aot to increase the pay of the non-commissioned officers, musicians and privates of the regular army, volunteers, marines, and ordinary seamen in the service of the United States, and for other purposes. An act to increase the pay of the privates in the regular army and the volunteers in the service of the United States ?id for other purposes. PRIVATE ACTS. An aot for the relief of John C. McConnell. An act for the relief of oertain musioians and oldiera stationed at Fort Sumter, S. Carolina. An act authorizing the Secretary of War to pay the volunteers who, under the command of Charles W.White and by order of Brigadier Gen. T. A. Morris, enlisted to protect the railroad bridge and other property in the vicinity of Oakland, Alleghany county, Maryland. An act to prwvule for the payment of Arnold and Willett for bread, Aand Henry North for wood supplied to the United States volunteers iu Maryland. Th? Mirrmfit np*n Wtihlaflil. E\ OFFICEHOLDER* FROM WASHINGTON AT THK CON F E DERATE TKAT. [From the R lchmond orrespondence of the Memphis Argus.] Richmond, July'27?There isan ominous silence the past few days In Richmond, In respect to military matters It is ominous, because It precedes and foreshadows important movements? the carrying out of the legitimate military consequences of our great victory at Manassas, or rather Mone Kridue?a few miles west of the Junction. rw ? - on?e i?gniniaie ends are the expulsion of the enemy from A lexindria and Washington, and the liberation of Maryland from the thraldom of Yankee oppression and Intolerable alien Insolence I am well Informed when I say to your readers that tbene are the ends which our victorious army shall, und?r a kind Providence,attain before they wreathe their brows with the laurels so nobly won near Manassas on Thursday, the 18.h, and Sunday, 21st July General Beauregard has Issued an order prohibiting any person, unless specially authorized by the Secretary of War, from passing beyond his lines towards the lines of the enemy. The reason of this precaution Is obvious and suggestive. In tee first place, men, or rather xcaraps after tarrying a few weeks in Richmond, easily procure a pass to rescue their trembling families from the Ht-sslins at Washington. They pass through our i nes with Impunity, and after they have reached Washington la safety, and received their " thirty pieces of silver," we find out that they were ipies. And, again, the order evinces the caution that Important movements inspire. Gen Beaure a t. ? - ' i?iu ib now aavancing upon A exandria In small columns and short marches, and mutt continue to io to until all hit extensive preparations are ;omplete. Hence the absolute necessity of exsluding strangers from our lines I have conversed with SfVtral officials In the lVar Department to-dav, all I could learn with certainty wns that, with Manassas as a bite of operations. we are pushing our columns onward toward Mexsndria on the right and the Potomac above he Chain BriA^e (some three mil'* above Arington fortifications) on the left This movement, /ou will perceive by glancing at the map of the I'otomac. supposes a co-operation with Maryland ilong the Potomac borders of .Montgomery county. Maryland is ready Give her a reasonable ceraiiiiy of relief auu ?tie wouia raise one nunarea uid twenty thousand strong to-morrow. Since the battle of Manassas Richmond la lltealiy swarming with northern ex-offlceholders in A'a?hing?on They held on there until thty were kicked out. took the oath of allegiance to Lincoln's despotism, and now have cr*wl?*d down to Richmond, since Sunday, asking for office because Lincoln turned them out for tktir toutkern stnttnentt ' Would you believe It, we have many iuch creatures in office here now 1 myself know several old Washington placeholders who bad to make way for hungry abolllpnlsts In Washington, now in public office in Richmond, and vet thf-v could not pet th? inHnri?. :nent of a ?iu^!e southern r^an of character or itandlnt;. Tbe way tbey do it is through iliques r>f old Washington officeholder*, some of whom l.old places of responsibility and profit here. This is shameful and must he broken up. The Field and Rfoimkxtal Officers Killed aid Wocsdid at Bitll Rus ?From late Southern papers we make up the following list of Field ind Regimental offi-ers killed at the battle of Bull Run, from which It will be understood why Jeff Davis pronounced it a "dearly bought victory:" COXFgflWtATE OFFICERS eilled General Bernard E Bee. South Carolina. Colonel I). K McKae, North Carolina. Colonel Charles F. llsher, North Carolina. Brig idler-General E K Smith. Regular Army, General Francis Bartow, Georgia. Colonel Lamar, Georgia Colonel Nelson, Second Virginia Regiment. <*oionel Ma?on, of General Johnson's staff. Colonel Francis J Thomas, of Baltimore Lieut. Col Benj J. Johnson, Hampton Legion. conf ed3k atk officers woimdkd Colonel P T More,First Virginia Volunteers. Major Robert Wheat. Louisiana Battalion. Colonel Gardiner. Colonel Wade Hampton, Hampton Legion. Colonel L. J. Gartrell, Seventh Virginia Regiment. Colonel Jones, Fourth Alabama Regiment. Colonel H C Stevens, of Gen Bee's a afF. Major Scott, Fourth Alabama Regiment. M.iirtf tn fJ?n^F41 Major Wheat was prevloualy reported dead, but mere !a now prcapecta of bia lecovery entertained The Federal forces lent no Held or ataff offlcera The followtngia * complete Hat of the Regimental officera killed md wounded: FEDERAL orflCIl* KILLED Col. Cameron Seventy-ninth New York, t ol John S. Slocurn, Second Kbode Island Lt. Col Kdward 1) Fowler, Fourteenth New York. FEDERAL OFFICER* WOCSDED Maj>r Sullivan Ballow, Second Rhode Ialand. Lt Col. John A Crelj(er, Fire Zouaves Lt. Col R? bert 9 McK. Elliott, Seventy-ninth New York Militia Col Farnbara, Fire Zouavea Col. Helntrelman, Seventeenth U S. Infantry. Col Hunter. U S Army. Col W. O B Tompkina,Second New York. Col A. W. Wood, Fourteenth New York. Col. Corcoran, priaotier, ali^htly hurt. |?^The Officers and aoldlera In the Confederate army receive the following pay per month; Tbe colonel* gs* ?175; lieutenant colonels 9170; m -jor*, #1511; captain*. #100; flrat lleutenanta, S90; *Tond lieutenants. ?*0; sergeants, #14; private*, 11, with yearly allowancea of clothing and one ratlun per day. Quartermaatera get the same aa captains; commlasaries get the same. 07"The New Orleans True Delta says?"The Chief of Police paid a visit to > den In one of the up-tuwn cotton presses, where a lot of men bad been Incarcerated by military runner* against their will. Tbe Chief found nine men In the camp of tbe Race Guard, who bad been 'grabbed.' and had them promptly released " [D~Tte ex-Queen of Naples amuses herself at Rome by driving a four-in-hand phaeton through tbe avenue* of the Qulrinsl garden, striking attitudes therein, and hiving her portrait taken by a young brother-in-law, who Is crazy on *he subject of photogaphs. The rebel force m Southwestern Missouri Is estimated at twenty thousand, poorly equipped and indifferen'ly provided for. At last accouut* th?y were laying In a stock of provisions by stripping the farms Uj~ The Oownment contract proposals for right hundred thoutaod pair* of idom, which were opened on Monday last, contained bids for 5 23J,U(JU paira, at price* ranging from f I 87 to *-> 20 ITT On Monday, while the workmen were engag* d In digging th? foundation for the new worka engine hnuae, at Cincinnati, they f?and a pushing (aitne spring at a depth of eight fee; and sue loch below low water u*a>ks. UjT I h- Frencn creditors of Spain, after long ae^oiitatioas, h *e renounced the interest oa her debt to them of one hundred million francs, and contented to take the principal, payable la laatalmenta within four years. fl^Th* new Ctar of Ruasta ia declared to be v?ry profligate In hit private lift, though he openly assumes to be aa cnatineatas Sclplo LT"The lotil shipments of boots and aboea from th?? city of Boston, for the past vr?*k, have been l.bto o-nea (fj" A-) armory la to be eatebllahe* at Memphla for U?e manufacture of amtll arm*. , ARMY SUPPLIES Proposals for army wagon and AMBULANCE HARNESS. Orvicx or Aimt Clothirs and Equipass, J Corner nf Howard and S&erur ttreets. > Nkw ^ on, Auguat 3, 1861. > Proporals will he received at thin < ffioe for farniahing, by oontraet. Army Wagon Harness : Tha propoaala ahou d atate th* prioe at which tiiey oan he furnished at the plaoea of manufacture, and theprici at which they oan be delivered at thia depot, the number whioh oan b* made by the bidde- witmn one month alter reoeipt of the order; aia? the number which he oan deliver within one week. The harn*aa must exaotly oonform to the followin* apeoificationa, and to the eatab i?hed patterns : Four mule harness as Inllows. to wit: WHEEL. Two Quilor*. Breeoh straps Sfeetb ineheslons. 9* lboiies wida, sewed into 14 inch rings of H iucn iron; hip straps 8 feet 11 iuohes long 2>* inches wide; ?tay Pieces 2 feet long. 2X inches wide, with 1ft inch bsokie*; cross straps to buok e into star neces,5 fret long. 1% incn wide; side straps 4 feet 1'ne. 1H inch wide; tio straps 16 i.-xhes lop*. X lnoa wide, tapering to a point. Two Felly Binds. LoDg Mde 2 feet 8 inches long, 2 itidies wide, with a two inch buckle; snort s.da i foot * inoMs long and 2 inches wide. Tiro Hair Coilarr. 18 to <9 inches iong. with doable btrsps and sale leathers and buctles % inoli wide T ico Pair qf Strong Ham a to snit, mad* of white oak root, irontd wi h hooks, breast ri^gs IK inch square, ste p'?s and line rings. Two Pair of Himt Straps. Lower one 5 feet 6 ino:ies long. H inch wide; upper one 4 feet 6 i oh s 'ong, ft moil wide. Tico Bridlts i.'rowu pieca 2 feet long, 13^ inch wide; hock pieces "icti in inches long. }% men w de; front pi?ce lift itches long. 1.?% inoh w i e; star p ?c*a. from biiotis o cown pieoes, lonr,'ft i'.ch wide; nose piece II iuohes long. 1 inoh wide; blird>6 Irenes long, 5ft mcheiwide; reins, one Bide 4 f?et long. 1 lnc* wide; th"it side2 feetlong, 1 luch wids, with I inch bnokle; butt', tinned rr.u'len, to weish ' lh?. to the d zen T.?? O? r?i n_ ? * ?? ? ' * i 'vv i liit , nn-n riprs, z ie?i long, incne? wine. Two Pair Trare Chains, 7 f?et loan, 16 links to the loot, of No. 3 iron, with T on one end, weight 7>* to 8 '!)?. per pair. Twia'ed or atrairht One Pair of Breast Chains, 22 inches long, 14 links to ti e f >ot, of No. 3 iror. Twisted. Two Dletk Straps, 3 feet 1 inch long, 2Jf inches wide, with SJH inoh buckle. Two Neck Chains,* fe-t6 mchea long, H links to the foot, >o- 4 i'on. T and loop to be riveted on to the neck strap. X'wisted. On'. Saddle, made on Attakapas tree, head gullet ai d oant:e, iron, oovored in the usual way with h&lf tanned horsehide; fl*pa inon s long. 16 inhes wine; surcingle 7 feet 3 inches long, inches wide with a 2jtf inch buckle on one enu. to Ua fattened to the saddle by being riveted to tvu curved atrapa 13* inch wide; these straps are placrd one on each side of the saddle tre*. ore er.d is tied to the front partot the bar, the other end t"> the extension c>l the bar behind the c&tttle, Spanish saddle fashion; aturup lathers 4 leet 7 inches long, 1% i?ch wide, witn 1>? in h buckle; stirrups, malleable iron, tinned, bolt eye pattern, to weigh 13X lb?. to a dozen pair. LEAD. Two Collars, 17H to 18 inches long, made the same ai lor wh>-el harneaa. Two Pair of Hames, to suit, of same material aa lor wneei harness, ironed, with hooka, breaat rinjs, and line rings, with straps as m wheel barnets. Two Bridles, same as for wheel harneaa. Tcto Mtck Straps aud CU&iaa. earns as for wheel harneaa. 7Vo Bel v Bands, * " Two fair Cham Pipes, " " TmO P/l If Twnrm ft - * 2Vo Cruppers and Hip Straps, Back utrap 5 fast ions, t&perng from 3* inches to 8J{ inches Vide. His "liaps each 2 foet ? inches long, 1J4 inch wide- each witn a hook at one end. Tieo Bark Hands, 3 feet 4 inches long, 3X inches vide. Tiro MartingaUs, 4 feet long, 1>* inch wide, to buckle int. u.e bit. One Coupling Strap, 5 feet 6 inches long, \ inch wide into the b tet'each end, with a ring sewed in the oentre to receive the lead line.. One Lead Lime, J 1 ieet loan, % inch wide, with a tine- e at one end,aud an 8 muh loop at the o'her. One Whtp, heavy platted horse hide, 6 feet 6 inches Ion*. Out horse Brush, oral, of bristles, ? by ? inches. On*. Curry Comb. No. 222?8 bar. Th? wnolo to be p?sked in a box about 18 inohes wid-?. 17 inohes deep, U4 inches long, aJe of 1-itch stulf. coopered, wood hoops or iron, as may be required. Four-Horxe Harness as follows, to wit: WHEEL. Tvo 'Juilors, Breech strap % 8 feet 8 inche* long, 3% iuoh wide, s*wed into 4-inoh rimi of Ji inch iron; lup straps 4 fret lone. 3 incite* wide; star b * loet 2 inches ;ong,3 iuohes wide, with mob buokies; oross straps to huolcie into star pieces, 6 feet ions, 1*4 iuoh wide; side st &ps. 5 l?ei6 inches Ion*, lii inch wide; hip straps 15 , inches long, l>* inch .wide, t&Ptriug to a point. Two B'lly Bands, bone side 2 feet 4 inches long,2 inohes aide, with a 8-inch buckle; short side 1 | foot 6 inut>-s long and 2 inches wide. Two Hut Collars, 22 to 23 inches loag. with don J hi" strap* aiid safe leathers and buckles >? inoh wide. Two pair of Stron* Hnmet to suit, made of white ( <>sk root, iroaea with hooka, breast rings IK inch square, staples and line rings. Two pair of Hame Straps. Lower one 5 feet 6 it.oiies long, !% inoh wide; upper one 4 font t? < inched long,H inch wide.oi alum cai.nrd leather. Two Bridles. Crown pieco 2 leet 2 niches long, 1>? inoh wide; cheek piece.- each in inches long, ;>?' inch wide; lront piece 12)4 inch's long, 1 '4 inch wide; stay puc?, from h.iuti* to crown pi* oes, 16 inches lo..g, IS inch wide; nose sieoc 12 inohes long, 1 inch ?id ; blinds 6 inches long, fiinihes wide; r ins. long side 4 fiet 2 inohes long. 1 inch wide; short 8 de 2 feet long. 1 inch wide, with 1 i oh buck e; bitts, tinned inullen, to wuigh 5 lbs. the dozen. Two pair Ckain Pipes, 2 f?et 6 inohes long, 2K inches wide. Tiro/air Tia e Chains, 7 feet long, 14 links to the loot, of \o. 2 icon, iwisted or straight, with T on one end, ? Mcht 9 lbi. per pair. Out pair of Bf'i.'t CKaxns, 28 inches long, 14 links to 11 e toot, of i\o. 2 iron wi u d. Two Seek Straps, 5 feet b inches long, 2K inohes wi je. *itti 2y? inch backlf. Two Seek Chains, 4leetoinch long, 14 lioka to tlie ooc, twilled i\o. 4 iroa, T and loop to be rivet d on to th? neok strap, swivel in the oha.n One Saddle- made on Atta kapaa tre??, i oad, guller and cantla ironed, covered in the u.>ual way with ball'taaned horse hide; flaps s(U inohe < long, Iti inches wide; ?urcin ie, 7 l-et 5inches lon<, 23* inches w:d-, with a 2)i inch buckleou one end, to be fastenei to the saddle by being rivetrd io two ourved airapa, 1 .'4 inch wide; these straps ar?? p aoed one ou eaon aid* < f the saddlt-tree, one end is tied to the lront part of ti e oar, the othar end to the exteiaion ol the !>ar benind the cantle, Spanish taddie fashion; stirrnp leathers 4 lee' 7 inches lo< g, ll4 inou ?idt im IS inon tuckl>; s irrups, ma 1< able iron, tinned, bolt-eye pa tern, to weigh la,S lbs. to a uoz.n pair. LEAD. Tiro Bridles, same aa for whe<?l harness. Two Collars, 20 to 22 inches long, inade the tame as for wh+r 1 harness. Two pair of Hamts to suit, of earn* materia' as Tor wheel harness, ironed, with hooks, t>r*a?t linga and l>ne rin*a. with straps as in wheel harne a. Two ytck Straps and Chaihs, aama aa tor wheel iiarneaa. Two Beliy Bands, tame aa for vh's! harness. Two pair Ciain P*pes, aan.e as for wheel harness. Tiro pair Trace CAatMj, same as for wh-ei lamest Two Cruppers and Hip Strapt. Back t>tra? 6 f et long, ibperinc from 3X inches to 2)i mones wide. Hip ft>aps with buokles tacli 3 fe<-t8 inohea long, 1)6 inch wide, with wrought nooks. Tiro Back Bands, 3 feet 7 inohea long, 3>? inohea viae Two Martingales, 4 feet long, 1)6 inch wide, to buokie iuio the bit One Coupling Strap, 5 feet < inches lone, \ inoh wide. One Check Rein, 4 feet 1 inoh long, 1 irch wide to buokle into the bitfti etch end, with a ring sewed in the oenter to receive the lead line. One Lead L.tnt, 21 fact long. )% inoh wide, with a buckle at ona end, and ao 8-inoh loop at the other. On* Wkip, heavy platted horse hide, 6 feet 6 inahes long. One Horst Brush, oval, of bristles, ? by ? inches. On* Curry Comb, No. 222?8 bar. I he who,# to be paoked i < a box about 21 inches wide, 18 .uohea deep. 34 inches long, made of i-ii.oh stud, coopered, wood hoops vr iron, as may be re quired. I he whole to b? made of the b?st material, sewing to be made with g-x>d waxed thread, and sub(ect to inspection during the process of ui&uufao are ai d also when finished. When 8-hone haroeaa te required, the lead oollars, bridles, hamea, neck iirtf*. bell* batrfi, ohiia pipea, UMtchain, orupper and hip airapa, bsck Muda and atrapa are doubled; one beariof chain 3 feel long, 14 tinka tothefi-ot, of No. 4 iron, viih a T on eaoh end add?d, and lead line to be 30 feet lone. The vhola to be naae of the beet material, aew ng to be made with good waxrd thread and anb jaot to mapeetioo daring the prooess ?.f manufaotare and aieo wh-n fimah-d. Wnen 6-iuu e harneea ia required, the lead o i lara, bridiaa, hamet, neck atrapi.bell j bai.da, oha.n 1 pi pee, trace chain*, e neper a id hip atrapa, baok handa, and coupling atrapa are doubles,- one bearing ohain, 3 f jet long. 14 links to the font, of No. 4 trim, with a f on aaah end added; and lead line to be *8 teot long Proposal* will a ao bo r.ceived for making and Hohvoring ambalanee barnee? for two o- four muU or hone team*?a apeeiftoation of wluah will bo b-rcafter (urniihed. Forma of P.opoaala ami (uamntM will oo faro need onappioa'ion at Uua offioa,and nono will be ooriiidared thMdo not confirm thereto The privilege ia raaorred by ana for the On1 tad Btatoa of rrjeoting any proposal tlat may be do <med oxtravMaut Propxala wi'l bo indoraed on the ertre op? m?! >. iug thom, "Proposal* fur fari>i?hiua Ar,?y Wagon aad Ambtt.auoe Haraaoa," acd aodroaa d to J??ajorTT.M TlNTON, I aa 7-tf Quartermaster U. 8. Army, SUMMER RETREATS. SEA BATHING AND SAFE RETREAT, *

At Point Look-Oct. Maryland. Thia 00 eb rated Bathing Place, situated at the >notion of the Potomac River with th^A . . A heaapeake Bay. will be opened l>y thew rdersignod on tho 10th of Jui:e, in *>"? U"? I ?ry beat iityle, lor a'l peraona who wish a afe and amet retreat, where they can have ti e fenefi; of the best salt water bat* ir,g and enjoy the eiicaciea of the water, auoh as Fisn of all kinda. jaters, Oab'a, Ao Kverj description of fiahing tackle wtli be kept Sr the accommodation of gueftta. A fine livery stab e kept on the farm Also, ten pin alleys and biluard saloons ; with II other amusements usually found at ati'.h placea. The table will be supplied daily with freah vogeWhlea from the garden on the premises and from Ar Hat urn ore and Washington markets. r The be# Ln uors and Clears will al wara be found aithe Bar. Rosrd, $2 p?r day; one wee!r, ?12; second week, #U>; four for $35; children and oolore I servants haif-prics. Tlie steamer St. Nicholas l?aves Washington Tuesday at 6 a m. and Baltimore on Friday at 4 p. in The naif pat 2 o'olooic p. n?. train from Washington will oomect at Baltim >re with trie boats, reaohmg Point ^ookout daily ; a so, a tri-w^.-kly t-tAf e from Watiingtos. by way of l.eonardtown Aiid ess the troprietors, at Point Lookout, Washington i)O., or Ale^a'-dria, Va. m 31 UE'LBBQWKR te CO , Prop rs. ISNT1STRY. Mtekth. LOOMli, M. D.. the inventor and patentee of tlie MINERiL PLATK TKETH. at tends personail; at his office in tins oity My'i.a' Many peraonanan wear those teeth who^' ' ?uuut wr?r?nrr?, snu no person oaii wearo'ners who cannot w?r then*. Parson* calhrg at mr oflloe can be aocommnaated with any style mil price of Teeth tb?y nay desire; bat to those wm are particular and #isl. ti.e purest, oleanest, stromest, ai >1 most perfect denture tuat ftrt can produsa the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warantod. Rooms in thii city?No. 33* Pa. avenue, botween 9th and 10th ats Alio, 907 Arch street, Phi ad el thia. oc is tf GASFITTINGV&c. AWM T. J)OVE * CO. RE Now papered t<> ezocutfl any erdere wlt> Whicti they rcaj be favor-*'! in th? PLUMB1N6, CAS OK STEAM F1TTIN* BUSINESS. fFF Store on 9th street, a lew tfoor* north of Pa. avenue, where oar r>e l'ouud a omfciete assortment of CH ANDEL'EHS and otjer G AS, STEAM an4 WATER F1XTUBF.M iaTT I SNYDER, s PLUMBER AND FITTER, Has removed to the corner of Twelfth and F sts. He is prepared to introduce Water ar.<2 Gas upon the most favorable terms, and guaranties entire satisfaction. lleha* on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, whtoh he will sell lees than cost, as he wuhas to get rid of them. no 17 We A S FI~X TURKS. E Have in store, and are dai y receiving, OAS FIXTURES of entirely New Patteresand Des it ? and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invite oitisens genera. It to call and examine our stock of Gas and Water Fixtures, feeling oonlident that we have the beet selected stock in Washington. All Work in the above Tine intrusted to *ur car* will be promptly attended to. If tr t * w-m i* m aa - ? r? ? ?? iaibks ? ncstlal, mar t-tf 37* ? rtreM. fVFICE Of INSPECTOR AND 8EALE* \J OF ?AS METERS. WA.fHTH?TO!f, Jnly II, 1H5. IfOTICK IS HEREBY UlVEtf, Tfcat.acre* ably to the pioru;ona of the ^rdinarce of the CorB0?VWVt?Jr*?r?ffii tSf i-TwrifiSr ."* & on pre-payment of the fee of fifty cent*, to inapcst. examine. teat, prore, ?n<ls-rcertain the accuracy of registration ofmy C*a meter in nae in t!iis city." Erery meter, iffound icecrree4, will be condemned and another, aealed and rrarked at trao will Ne etiui?? place, if proved to ie acoo^ft.'s it ita ni^aeaicment of gaa? it wilt be eealea iceu-a::jlj, anr again sat in position for nee. (MBoe So- $10 SeTenth atreet, (near Odd Fal. a' Hall.) 0?er from 8 a. m., to i p. ir.. CHAKL.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, jylltf inapootor ami Soaier of ??aa Meter*. Q F F I C 1^ A L. Dkpartmknt of Statk, ( Watk'nKtoM, July Ji, 1861.{ Information haa been received at thia Department from Mr. R N. Shufeldt, the Consul General of the United Statea at Havana, of the isaue, on the 15th ultimo, of a royal deoree by which all import dutiea on ooit.mon thip'a breed are taken otf [or in* term 01 iourteen mourns Irom the date of the publication of the royal docree in Havana. The same decree also reduoes to one-half, during the same time, the import duties upon corn and cornmeal and potatoes. The duty by the tar:ff upon corn is 35X p?r oentum upon the valuation of 34 ppr barrel of ?.) Spanish pounds, %h#n from foreign ports in foreign bottoms; upon oornmeal 35X per cer.ttim upon the ve'uation <<f #5 per barrel of 2f?i Spanish pounds, from foreign porU in foreign bottoms; upon potatoes, from foreign ports in foreign vessels, 29>? per centum upon tiie vauation of $2.50 per barrel; upon foreign bra^d, in foreign vessels, 33X ?er centum upon 32 for every <!5 Spanish pounds. ^JUNBOATS FOE TUK WESTERN RIVERS, qvahtibmaktrr fimsat'i office, i Wa-Ai.iflon, June 17,1861. \ Pkoposals are invitod -or constructing Gunboats upon the Westorn nv re Specifications will be 1 mined lately prepared and may be examined at the Qu tr'erinanter's Uflioe at Cincinnati. Pit slwgh. a':d at th'.s ofiioe. Proposals from Hat buil era and engine-builder* alone will be oonudered. P ans submitted by bidders will be taken into consideration. M C. MEttfS,ie i* Unartermaoter general Pnited . THE EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. EMRICH. at the odiuw cf .? A avenue and Eleventh street, has boeri^r* y greatly improved recently and now offer* ifc-aJ. greater inducements for the t^trcnafe of citizcna and strangers than any other oub'is house it' tie Ctty, his priees being Ism thf-n U.ose of any other hotel on Perm, avenue, ana Lis aoronunodatiouB for permanent or transient boarders unexceptionable. The bar and restaurant urr^ntemonts of tke European Hot*! have slreaJy become very popular, being all that can be desired uf the ri-utt fastidious. The proprietor c!edw<js utre.. ;tted attention and continued liberal er' ^cultures to give satisfaction to all, and tnua renews his invitation all to ?ive the Europe*n Hotei a null. rte 4 It rn FEMALE F^OUOATiON. X KOBE Parent* who wish Uiar daughters to r?ceive a thorough and systematic oducstion, where their phywoai training will roooivertailv and special attention, under the most approved system of Calisthenics and Gymcastics, are resp*?cutoi!y invited to isit the Union Female Aoaoeray, oorner Fourteenth st. and N ew York ?v. MR. * MrtS. Z. RICHARD*. an awtf Priuoipiils. SPECIAL P>OTICE T<? VOLUNTEERS^ *3 Just arrived at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh street, opposite the Post Omee. a larse lot of SPRINGandSUMMRRCLO THING. TRUNKS VALICES, CARPET BAG-, SHIRT COLLARS, TIES, HATS and CAPS. 0.-A11 of the abovenamed roods for sale At Northern pnoea. ma30-3m J. H SMITH. C!ot)ii?r IVIQORE'S WEST END SODA FOUNT IS Lvl in nil) operation, dispensing pure Carl>onio Aeid W^t-r, with nioe simps of different flavors, to suit hi* patrons In addition to a fine stock of Medioines, he has a Seueral assortment of Toilet Artiol -s. fit e Cigars. -O. <y 6 ?w RESITMF.D R1THINKSH. A X A. The l)nJer?iKii?d * njd inform bisJt~JL V wfriends and ho pahlio that he ha 9 0 takenhouse on Ninth st.. between D ard K, where hewiH a*aia do huimmi as a lioensed PAWNBROKER. Fair dealing in all business transactions. Je21 >m' ENOCH WARD. Y?? .. WOOD AND COAL. OU Will surely get yo?r money's worth by calling at tte PIONEER MILLS, >cuikw**t m* mt of Sjvmtk itrt't and Carnal, (GEO. PARK, AgMt.) The* sell olte&per and gi*e i.eti^r measure thanaay others in theoitj?cut, split, ano dei;vered free of oharge. If tou doa t t afceve . \ ve the Pioneer Mills * trie,, and be sabsftMl CTEINWAY A SONS' AND RAVEN A BA~ O CON*8 PIANOS.?A large aeeortment?*^ h?? just he?n received.?Persons in seareh||aw?2 of a reliable instrument at a low price are'U \11 " " " Orders received for Mr. MARCUS REBINK Piern Fnrto Taiiw a* II J|OMK-MADK uoo?8 AND 8HOK8, Minis' ARD Childish** WUI, At Kxri*dn%iii, Loir Price*. At J. ROSENTHAl/*, No. liVvk^EfftMb ' '? Pa ** . T.?t. xih %*? 't ?*?. ?<(dOl,DlKR9 AND Ffcl.LOW OITiZKNS ? O Ouran to HUtTU'rt. No 460 JWen'ta F ?H7 N G^O O L>8 f YREN K * .^V !-K& HATS tod CAPS, %t Northern prioM. Jy 17 Un BOH Johnston, ALTIMOKK LOCK HOSPITAL, H*l disco*tr$d tk? most Ctrtarn, Spttdf mmd Mif Efftttml Utmtiy m tkt World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY P HE TENT. APPL.Y IMMEDIATELY. A CVHE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARUK, IN *HOM ONE TO TWO DAYS. W?akn?Mof Stncturti, Aff?etioo?of th? Ridc*r> snd Bladder Oucntrft*, lmpotoucr, tieo rcl Debility, N<l*o<wii?m, Lt-nrb. r, Coafwoe f l<!ea?, Lew Spr. i. ? of til* fftart. Timidity, Tremblings, Pironen o' Bifator Oiddintw, DututtT tht He*d, Tnro*t, N?? or 8ku>, Afocuout of U>? Lanrt, Rimten or ?tbtat Terrible Disorder* innnf from Solitary H.iViti of Tooth?th*M DrttiUd ui4 Doeiroctiv* Pr?etic? wl.ich rtndir Mtrruri mpoMiblt, n.d dotirov b?ifc R,,H . .,,4 M ?J YO D.\0 MEN Kepaei-liy *Koh??( become tht ncumt of Solitary Vict, that drti*dfnl *nd deiiructirt habit which annually awtept to ui toliniflj fr>?? ihooeaode of Youif Man of tht moat ulted talenia and brilliant inttllaet, who might othtrwiaa | ha?e entranced hattninjr Beoatta with tht tbandart of tlo- { ?aanct or wiktd to tcttacy tht being lyrt, may Mil with li>) confidence. i MARRIAGE. M4RRIBD PlR?on?, or Yomnf Mtu eaoumplaunf Marri?cc, beiuf aware of phrncal wtakntaa, organic lability, dtrormiuea, Ac., apttdil* cnrtd. lit who placta himeelf ander tht cart of Dr. J. may relic oudy confide in hit honor aa a gentleman and confidently rtly npofi hit tkili at a phyaiciaa. OFFICE AV 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. Itft hand aidt roing from Baltimore ttrttt, a ft w doore frua tht corner. Kail not to cbaerTt nanit and narubtr. Ltuttt matt ba paid and emiuu. a tump. VK JOHNSTON, Member of tht Royal College of Sargeoot, London, gradattt from ont of tht moat tmiutnt Colitgee in tht United Stattt, and tht greater part of whutt lift hat bttn tptnt in tht noapiula of London, Paria, Philadelphia and alaawlitrt, hat effected aomt of the ir.oat aatoniehng caree that were tTtr known; many trovbltd with ringing in tht htad and aara when aeleep; great ner?ouaneea, ceing alarmed at andden eoundt, baehfulneea with frtqnent blaetung, attendtd toinefratt with derangtintnt of mind, wtrt cured matdiatt ly. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Young Mtn and othert who haet in)nred theroeexe by a atruun practict when alone?a habit frequently Uarne4 from eeil companiona, or at achool, tht tflecta tf whien art nightly fait teen when aalttp, and if not cured, rtndera marriage nnpoaaiblt, and dtatruya both mwd and doit, inoara "rP'T itt'ineaiateiT. Thfte arc ao.-r.e of tr.c uJ *ud melancholy ?ffecuproduced by e ar!r habtfe of youth, rii: Weaki.eaa of the B?ce and Limhe, Paine id the Htid, Diiduch o( 8i(ht, Lou of Mltri.<i Purer, Palpitation of me Henri, Dyapepay, Nertrout irri:* b lily, Df rnntrerneut of tbe Dig-eetire Function*, General De^iutjr, Syn.ptotre of Conaumptiou, Ac. ftlKNTtLLr.?The fearful effect* on the mind are weeh to be dreaded?Loaa of Memory, Confuaiou of Ideae, Depreaann of Spirita, E?il Forebodinga, Averaion of Society, Reif Idatrust, Lore of Solitude, Tiu iduy, etc , are eome of the e?ile produced. Nmoi'l PIBILITT.?Thonaaoda can t.ev^ajpa what la 'he can?r of their declining health, loaing their rigor, becomir>r weak, pale, nervoue and emaciated, having a eiugular appearand about lb* ?yt?, cough or tyoiptont of contumptiou. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE Whan tb? miaguided and imprudent votary of pleaeure And* be hue ?bib?4 tM aecda of thia pauiful dieeiae, it too often happene that an iU-uroed aenae of ebane or dread of diacovery detere him from applying to ihoae who, from education and reapectafcil.ty, M alone befriend him. Re falla iulo (be hande of iguorant an<? dfairniug pretender*, who. incapable of curmr, filch bit pecuniary aut.atance, keep hits trifling month after month, or aa lour aa :0 amallee' fee cm be obtained, and in deapair leave him with ruined health u> eirh aver nia galling dieappoiniment; or by the uae of that deadly ' poiaoi-?Mercury?haaten the conetitutioi *1 aymptoiDe of tbia terrible diteaae, auch aa Affectiooa of the Heart, Throat, Head, Bkin, A;., progreeeius with fi.ghtful rapidity, till daalh puu a r? n n.^ (a hie A r mm At nl infinnn K afnttmp kimf a . ^ < diaeovarad coai.trr from wboao uaan. ao utxlir rate ma. DH. JOHNSON'S KEMEDY FOK ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By tMa rraat uid important rauody vaakiaaa of the orf m,? ara ap 9tJ:iy cared and fail rigor raalerad. Tbcmvudt of It* aunt nerroae and debilitated, who bad loot all bop*, Mr* ka?t> imrraliaialy relieved. All imp Umoi.ta to Marriafe, Phyeieal or Maata.1 Diaqaalilc.itior a, Lota of PrecroaUra rowar, Nervosa Irritability, Innl^AUfUMr.k>,a>~ *"?"*" . ENDORSEMENT OF THE PKESS. Tmb Mant Thoi'iihds cared at tbta inauttuon wtthio the lut earenteen ratra, and the nsmeroaa important Bui cica: operauona par Mr mad by Dr. Johnatoa, witucaaad by the repcriera ot the papara and macy other rereona, oo*icaa of which hi?a appeared af am and afata before tha pvMie, baaidaa bie atandinf aa a pentlemao of character ana reeponeikllity, ie a eaHc)<mt fae.ran-.aa to the a ; mar lS-ly Db. J. H. McLKAN'8 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PI KIF1KK. *i/p ODPi^rc^ I? rurrnv a!, nrn d r n IXIC XTK\JiAAjB0+ A in ?M ftnd the moit Dslictowb ajiv sTl DKL16HTFLL Jl I CORDIAL #v #7\n A ST MA TAK?N.^p JglMk ll la atncUr a a4l- V.flBjP atitt axd Tartu- jBWf n? owfiui, }t*- yagpjr aaiad ky .kl dlatllU- HCtK 1I?i / rwUr ..arka, aal karka. Talia* r D?ak, ll**U l?i, T_.. -? B!??k >trupa- VB1IH Ink. aid DasdtliM 9?tarn. ** , \i 1 Tka nan ttllTi _?*?r H / ramadlil r^'IT'" f iBmbI' H iTWf afaaak loffadiau Before tlklBfr dulil.lof, prailati g n da.itlaaa, aiaiiartllar aylrtt, ul Ua ??". infiliikla ia??<!^fa? Mratiiii,^ Ui liaaaaatf arataat, ?'l HI ?-U, >u IHUIIlUa IITUlf l> kaaitk ** J auaa<U. MtLEAyS STR EN0TNFlfIIf& CORDIAL Will aU?t??lly air* fci?ai Catnplalat, Urtfff.t, Jaaa- I dl?*,Oaraai*at X.M*aa D)kl!.;;,D)iunii(iia Kiaoaya, > tad al! ditatata artalnf frarn a diaardarid Mrar ar litiuii, ftyipsyaia, Kamkaru, lcvard rilaa, Audit? ar lickcua af !ks * isttk, rallnaat af ii aad it ika Maal, Uaii Pito ar * tka l(tad, Ft:fi;- U?a ! tka Bain, railaaaa m WaljV. >a i*? atauetk, B?u Kmurni, Ukakiax > vfcul.f JTaatiaf vtaa i?r.' r *a.Di; iiTiilit. cu af Ik* Kklt aad Byaa, IfVi ara?u, Inward F??ara, File U tit kraal) af ika Back, Ckaai, ar Si4a, iaddaa flatkaa a' Bait, Papraaalac af tptnta Frigkifml Draaaa, haraar, Daajaadtoay tt any diitiu duaaaa, ttiu a> I'ttiku an laa Bk!?, aad f a?ar aad A ft a (ai CkiUa aad rim.) J. U1LL10N BOTTLMB kara ktaa aald dsilaftk* laai ait naatka, aad la aa taxi ill kai ti fatlsd la rl?tcf auura aajtafketiaa. Wka, ikaa, wiit nlti frain Wiifmh ?r Oaktliiy vkaa MckBAB'f 1 m set*?7? C*:MJ cOBDLAk win mt,?t i Ha tan i#mi? aa adacatta ldaa af ikt lmaadlata tod alaati calraaaiau tkasft pradaaad kj taktaf tkl* ' Cardial la ika dlaaaaad, dakiil'.atad, aad akauarad aar?aai ayauaa, aka.aar krakaa aava kr azaata, vaak ky a tiara, ] ar la^tJrtiky r.akataa. ika ra'.aiad aad aaairaaf iifuU atlaa ia ra?lar* 1 ta tta jitaUaa aad ?ljaf HARMED PERSONS^ ?r r.kara, aaatviaat af iaakility fram vkatavar aaaaa, vtl| ; i, J 71% ITISIifTlIII'fll COADlAk a tkarc?fk r:;iar".i?if tkt ayitair; and all wka ma/ kara ta ' tv**' tkdaaclrai ky imp raptr 'ada'.f aaaaa vUi (ad la IkU Criwiil a acrtaia aad apaady ra*.a?l/. TO THE LADIES. M^WAjre ffTftBBBTHKWlMOOUHAbla a aarar- i alra aad i|Hly aara far laalptani Caaanftlaa, Wktua, t Oaurar ad ar VtSaail mMUnJocaatlaaeca af liuta | r laia.?a!?r? Olal^irrt tkaraaf, FaJiiaf af Ika Waak, id'ltaan, falaUaf, aad all d.ituai iaa.das; la ranaiaa. , THERE /S NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Cct:i aa (atifat. Tata tt aaaarduif ta dliattlaaa. It will aitmlita, atraaftkao, ta". taTtyaraU vaa aad aaaaa tka 1 klaaa ( kaaiu j? macat yaar akaak iftlt. Bvary kattla la varraatad la fi?a aatlajaaUaa. FOR CHILDREN, 1 If t*st aMIdraa ara altkly, pan* > itliKl MrkliNt < CO&DlAk wtll sill una kaaluy. fat, ud rakaai Dala* . ii a K>aiat( tu It. aad jaavlli ka aaartaaad. It U datlalaaa la tat a. A WTION, fa vara a.' draff lata at daalan wha may try ia pals aaaa ya aaui kluar at auaapanlla iraak, a hick Uaj aaa ka* , aaaaa, k? aaruif it laJaal at gaad. Aaaid aach nan. Aak (at MckEAJITRnitTXtllLie COUDLAL, ud taka aalkiof alaa. It ta tka anly ramady tkat will parify iba Blaad t'taraafhl? and u tka auaa una atraofibar. tka ayatare. Ooa laaapaannl ukaa avarj naming faatinf ia a carta ia pravaatiaa far Ckaiara, Ckllli aad Taaar, Tallav Fa?ar, at ' aa* ara*a!aai dlaaaaa. It la pai aa la laraa kaulaa. Pnaa 1 ?..? fl par kaitla, ax I kaulaa far ft. J? McLKAM, < Bala prtariatar af tkia Cardial; alaa, MeLau'a Talcanit 01 < kl alia aak Frtaaipal Dapat aa tka aatuar af Tkwd aad I Raa atiaata, It. Ma, Ma. KoLean'a Volcanic Oil Liniment, <TH? BUT UJUMEXT in riK WOUP ) Tki aalr u(i u< urula car* bt Uutin, PUm, Tm. Mara. ud Iraoeklla M Calm, Pinlnu, nipt, WnkntH ?f uaa MmIm, Ctmic ?r Uiaatttrj K./i(?iziUunl IkfctH af ih* MMl,CwtnMl Maaciaa at kipninli, brttkiufiMbtU*, llllni, ImIu, friit Cata, Wanda, Clean, firu l?m, Cakat lr*ui, l?l pita, Kama, ?*ai*a, hra Tkraal, aa u; lihaatti- at alb. M difaraaaa k?> H?ri a* laee ties (laaaaa aaa* Era aiiatad, HckKAMl C?iB? UBIOT b a aaruin riaatr. Tiaatarda af Wau kitap kaft k?MJa?a< a Ufa af 4ka rapt tad a ?4 mi?rj kj ika aaa af lUa laaalaafcia raaak; MeL BAFTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT i WUl rallava paia alieaai laauataaeaealy, aa< k will ataa^ panfy tad kaal tka faalaat aaraa la aa laajadlkta atari llai rOK HOHSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McUtA.N1 CXLABkATED UmMCNT ta *a aatr aa* tad ralUWa^fasaad^ far Ua aata af fya**, jttjWai, | U o???r felUd |# ma Kg ImI, fdltTli, rinwU, CTi4 Eaunwg I?mi, m Iviut. if MMriy Iff Ml*. VW tfiuut, Mtatam, Icnittu, Cruk<4 ?*U, CkSha, *U4i? u UaliM teila, C*u, fan*. i W?mM, kltu IbJi Wi?l> i Affljtt u tlihu i u4 i ww i> iimh t? hwt baiUtt T??l ltli? M IMM ft* Uf Mlf PII^IlM UriMM if'Tilurn. oYSw * ?>* ?r M McfcBAV* CHJt- I U?TIl>k*UtJUt. U ?Jl tMM. * < tw wjt?iiyc1!^."^. | THE WEEKLY STAR. Thta uoelleat Family and Newt Journalcontaining greater variety of IntereaUug read lag than ru be fooad 1> any other?la published on Friday morning Tikk*? raj*. M?>f ie>/y, ? tirMM Single copy, per t' 'V Fire coplea 4 71 Ten codIm * ? ' " Twenty-ire copies SO 0" It Invariably contains the " Waahlagtoe News' that has made Tkt DsUy Imis| Star circulate so generally throughout the country. CJ^Bingle copies (In wrappers) caa he procured at the counter, Immediately atout the Umw of the paper Price?THREE CENTS. FOR STAMPiNR A PACKET Or PAPKR Sj f AND LWVELOPE? NO TO MATCR. ruADf^rl _ - MIAIIOU NbTKUrUUIAN BOOISTORE. I'HILP * fOLOMONt. Atmn ft* Lmmrmti't **>t$r+t?d L*mm 9 "Munfi'M* MiiU," t*~, #?. *? txc. >t> mki i?th sea. WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. DR. ?HUMAN !im, after &r. expen?noe of tan rears. established the trove refuse tro^t quackery, self-label e<i Indian or German doctors, v.d pretenders of witctiorait and loipoctors la gm ml This is the only place where * sure ar.d speedy onr? n?n be ol m the woeiifi*. improper bud evil htlnU, ( i.orrfrm, fleet, sem.i.a we*? ness, syphillis, primary seocndarr. anct tertiary, organic w^kuMi. pains in the loins. eirie'urte. r.wal dol.i it?, p-o?tr-\tloc, ncrvou-n*ra, '*?it eaa nithta. pai?itaUon of Ui? heat t. rinsing in the e?.rm, !o?a of memory, coiifution. me anclio ? afwtlona of the head, thnat, uoee, and akin, and all tho?* peculiar disorders trom the indiscretion of youth, rendering them unfit for either buaineae, study. society, or inamaie. Dr. ?. has the greatest remedies In the know wor d for diseases of the blood. fonorrhm. fleet, atncturoa. ay phillis, aeininal weakneee, ae J abuse. Sco. T here la no oase in which they ftui to ear* ui frorr Stfl6uays. Vlctirr.a of these horrible c^mp'aints, who womid wisn to he va. cable men and c mamenta to aooiety. should embraoe the ear ieei opportunity for re>i*i. Dr. SiiUinau <a? made the loost oouipete arrange merits For the comfort of hie patients wfc" octr.e from a distance. 'I hey will be famished with the moat pleasnr.t and agreeable quarters necessary diet, and marie aa comfortable ae they would be at a first claaa hotel at ess th*n taf the ooet Do not forget the name ana number. Dr. Shaman's offioe is on the oorner of 811U1 street aa<t Pennsylvania accrue. Clarendon Hotel, opposite the National Hotel, Washington- D C Persona at a distance should etc,<?ae stairs for return postage. OAoe hours, >A. N tn lu P. M. Various parties have been ent,c?d from my in satntion by certain swindlers on back eteets m this city, whp will rue it t;:l the day of their death. A word to the wise is sufficient. ap > 1? (V) ( Cold, Jn o?y Frni???m a* anri* mii of !* TtrsU, JUIim (4? fcjJHWfW HnrJnn* Couth m CM.nniplinnMHilIJI ,l0*a Brimtkutt, 4M*M, # CatarrA, ru and rin WtWc/ Kmiii i? 1*1 f?w??' VW/7JV\y PUBLIC 8PR\RBRS aRD SINGER*. Few are iwirc of the importance of oheotmf a Conch or "Common Col4"imu6rit ?taxo; th\t which In the begining would yield to a mi.a ren,? dv, if neglected, eoonattaoke the Lurp. " iiMn'i B'cmckfi 7Voe4?j," cootau.^nf demulcent icr recutita, allay Pulmonary and iliOLChia. Irritation. I "That trouble in my Throat, </? BROWN'S whioh the "JYocA**" area epeoifiol _ _ tiavicz made me often a mere whieFROCHEB Hrer* N.F. WILLlf. BROWN'SI " I recommend their nee to P?*; e s Srullu TROCHES REV. K. H. CHAPIN. "Great aervioelE anVtutng Bo?i?* BROWN'S !????." REV. DANIEL WISE. tgnrn po " A! moat lnatact relief in the die irulbe. treeemj i?t>or of breathing peculiar BROWN'S 10 A'"KV. . C. BGOLESTON. TROCHES "Contain no Opinm or anytime mjnrtona" DR. A A HA * ES. DHOTTH O Ckmui, Ap*l0m~ __ ** A ?mp!e and fieaaant aodfbinaTROCHES bon for Cocene. co." P. R1AKI.OW. BROWN'S! VROCHKS " B??aoi*J in BrnMrKin*.** DR. J. ?. W. LANK. BROWN'S _ Bt> ttm TROCHE BROWN'S "?TEV TROCHES ^ftfflSS?'gSS ? BROWN'? tET. cTj. p. A^iOEBSpH^ trocbes BROWN'S 8010?OB Sr*A?**.? 4, d B:n?RROCHES Prot M- ?TACV JOHNSON. _ _ BROWN'S T?ab?rofM?aio f Southern Fem&ie Colitg*rROCHL* beneSt wt?n Ukec before Md after preaching. aa thev pre vest BROWN'S Hosr?ene?e. From their put effect. 11 think th?y will be of permanent *i TROCHES rantage to me. REV.E. ROWLEY. A. N. BROWN'S President of Athaas College, Taim. koches 4? 1-lr PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL UTD BLOOD B.EJTOVATKE Is precisely what its ume indicates, for, whlla pleasant to :he taste, it is revivifying, ext.. seating, nvigoratmg and stret thening to the vita. powers, tad at the ?ams time revivifies. reinstates, ud re lewt the Blood in a.1 its original parity. And thi s it onee rtiler-trend reudtrt lk$ mruinerntU 0 attacks du*at*. It is th* only preparation rver offers 1 j the world, so chnniiea!)f ai.J sk. "ulijr combined astobetne post powstfal tonio, ind at the t n m? ti me so perfect y adapted t?. as to let in perfect aooordanoa with the laws of nature, ind hence wul ?o*tk? tk* w**k**t ttr^ach. and looenp the digestive organs, and thus a a? a; nerrou? ai d other irritation. It is perfect;? exhnara ang and at the same time it is oomposed entirely of regetables. yet so oombined as to prodcoe the aoit iho rough tome effeot, without prod scant any in lirioqs <v>n?e^neno*s, bucn a rwmedy ha? lots md fait to be a desideratum m the uedjaal w?fltf, [or it needs no madtoal sk 11 to see that debilitv Wlowe ail attacks of disease, and proceed* and in leed lays the system open to the <nsidions attacks pt many of the most fatal, sack, for axamsia, as the following: Consumption, Indigestion, Dyspepsia. 1 oss of Appetite. Faintneee, Nervous Irritability. Neura gia, Talsitation of iLe bnvrt, Melancholy, f . - ? C-XWin^es B alanhnvi at. t? IX Hi O w rov . l/j TI , VI . Oiuvuuvawt ? mm v., ?eT| u Painful obstructed. too profuse, or too ?o-ct Menstruation, and Famine of the Womb, faoae &ji depend upon general debility. This pore, oealthy tonic Cordis B ood Kt'touioum lire to euro as toe on lit o Mid itL There is no mistake about it . But this > sot all If the system is weakened we are open to bilioae at tacks, the liver Neoome^torpia, or worse diMUW. the kianeys refuse to penonn their functions, ai A *e are troubled witli eaaiaiag and inooctin?ee o urine, or involuntary disobarge ?f the same, pail in the l-aok, tide and between Uie .hosiers. sa joodinslj uable to slight ooias, oougns, mo u u shocked. eoon emaciation follows,and the pattest loee oowr to a premature crave. Bat sseee wt I not allow us to enumerate the manv i .is to waiea we kre liable ir. a weakened condition o< the ersta*. But we will say in this Cordis and B.ood Beaova tor you hare a perfect safe pi eaaant and effectual rei.ody for loss of Appeute. Biuousnees. Plate leooe, woak a:.d siek Stomach. Lanroar. U?w Complaint. Chills and Fever, or aay Biiione attack Co>Q i bbi?. Aoiaity of ike StoauMh, Nervaaaaeeq. Naaiajgta,Palpitation of tke Heart, PtirtMin uSpiriu.sores, Pimpiee on the Faee, or aay die nee arising from impure blood, such m Bcrofula, Erysipelas. Bronchitis, Cough, dlSoalty of Breath >ag, aad all that elassofliseaees sal ad fen*.e veaknees, and easmerated above. We will aleo taythe traveler expoeed to eytdtaUtt, abaata of samau and water, wuiftnd it a please at. ssn aad are remedy, aad ao one ever travel with Alf H?ou of seders tarr habfte will find it s per toot srerectiTe ot, as well m a oar* for Uon at nents whioh they are eartiealaf ex y leeTfTepoe grab j^ssESt-iS saraJoor exercise, will tsa it to their adraatace to tee. a bottleeon?tmBt!y ? hard: and above at Bothers, or thaae aoeotuibf raoh, will so throof fa * that most danreroni tcnoo not only tntt all their McaatoatM BtrMcU, bat ea/e and free froia the thousand ail menu eo prevalent mom the f-ni t portion ofthe world. Is short, Is indeed a Mother a _ raoe. wooye ^ r/. BLOOD MLBNOVATVR U4 la Ute eJty by C. BTOTT, ?Tf Pa. ivai' ? t^aaly.iw goon Ann MIT YBB ytm> jgy M'fcMrtSS all fclpi* af BOOTS IB4 BBQEft, UTMOMM; NMTUt Tfir ?] ?> atte vtttw mnVBHi wmml atu Mtwly fo?f4ar. aad mllfn bt abld at a maak iovw fna* thaa aaa ban* Blk haretofor* uargM la Qua wntkuMh KWa Pi?on? >a TMt wBiib an* 8>m ?f ?a^n tr Htr 14>d? worfc. will aiwar?fa4aj?od wtafc * "JWSw BCWSVWK7 MM iiiwwniii mm