Newspaper of Evening Star, August 9, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 9, 1861 Page 1
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_ ^ THE EVENING STAR la PUBLISHED BVKBT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY KXCEPTEDJ AT THE ITA& BC ILDl* OS, (V?f P**mtylt>amia trniM and BUrxntk it. *T W. D. WALLACH. Piptn ktW 1b peonages by carriers it t4 I year, or 37 cento |yr month. To mall anbaerlbers the prloe la S3 SO a year, w advance; S3 tor tlx month*; tl for three month*; and for lea* than three months at the rate of 12 eento a we*k. Bin(le coDiee. on* mw-r- in ?? ? v s , -? ? ? ? J mmm ?? wmjr j/ mm a W W v an JW 1ZT Adtbetisimihts should be sent to the office before U o'clock m ; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. FURTHER SOUTHER!* ACCOLKT OF THE BATTLE. [Correspondent of Richmond Dispatch, July W ] The first gun fired by the enemy wu at five minutes past six o'clock in the morning, batteries opening against oar eentet as a feint to conceal the movement against onr left. A short time afterwards Uen Johnston and Gen. Beauregard, with their staff, rode off to the nearest point of elevation and observation convenient to the center, and there awaited developments, whilst the iron hail whistled around and over them. A singular misconception seems to pervade the publio mind which has not yet been corrected, that Gen. Beauregard fought the battle, and that Gen. r ? * ... jonnstoH yitid'il to preeonc tvtd plans. When Gen Johnston (who has always been in correspondence with Qen. Beauregard in regard to the junction of the armies, and wbo lor weeks have also pointed out to the President the absolute necessity of such a movement.) received orders to form the juoction, it came at a fortunate moment, wbeu Patterson had moved to Charleston, twenty-four miles distant, and had placed it out of bis power to attack us in the rear. Only ten thousand of our column arrived in time for the battle, but tJtey xcert enough. In quick succession the enemy's regiments deployed in line to their right, whilst ours came up upon our left. The engigement grew hot abd heavy. Their column numbered 23.000, while we could only oppose them at the beginning with about ft 000. Slowly but surely the heavy column kept on its march, pressing our lin? back by the weight of numbers, and moving on in the settled purpose of turning our flank and attaoking ns in the rear. Gallariffy, however, did our army struggle for the right, and despite of odds, regiment after regiTiiAnt throw ltAftlf in tKo maw ' ? " " ?~v" " "Vl UK-J'UUUg vuc jjr?and, inch by inob, regardless of the fact that iw predecessors had been cut to pieces or dispersed. A battery harrassing our lines, the 8th Ueergia Regiment was ordered to take it. 'iad right well did they dt? so; but a myriad of Yankees seemed to rise up, who had been hitherto concealed, and pouring in their fire upon our column, it seemed to melt away like snow beneath a summer's sun. Col. Gardner was here shot down and was taken prisoner, but afterwards retaken by our men later in the day. The 8th, compelled to retreat with nearly half their number wounded' or killed, the attack of ihe enemy was met by the brigade of lien. Bee, composed of Misiis^ippians and Alabamians, and one regiment, 1 think, of Tenceaseeans Later in tho day. Col. Bartow was shot near this spot, whilst leading on the 7th Georgia regiment, commanded by Col. Gartrell. Gen. Bee's brigade could not withstand the fierce tornado of shot and shell sweeping through its ranks, and slowly retired, fighting bravely all the time. The 4th Alabama regiment suffered terribly, all of its field officers beinz shot down, and two (Col. Jones and M*i. Scott) left QDon the field. Col. Jones was captared bu.t afterwards retaken duriDg the rout. Falling back upon the position taken by Hampton's Legion, whose prowess can clearly be ohown by the heaps of dead in front of their line, a momentary check was thrown in the enemy's approach. They had now retreated to the brow of the hill, where the brigade of Gen. Jackson was lying perdu, and this was the most critical Eoint of the day. Fighting for hours under a ot sun. without a drop of water near, the conduct of our men could not be excelled; but human endurance has itj bounds, and all seemed about to be lost. Our reserves were yet miles distant from the scene of action, whilst the enemy's reserve kept pressing on. From the knoll near the Lewis House, the two Generals had remained anxious spectators of the conflict; but the time had come for action, and plunging their spurs into the quick-footed steeds, away went the Generals and their staff into the thickest of the fight. Our light artillery batteries seem to have been more than a match for the rifled cinnon at the short distance, for onr guns would be fired three or four limes to their one. But it mast be admitted that some of their batteries were fired with the precision A i juk ...j. J:.4 ?. _ liuiroc ui ? uur i'fv jarusu^WLCtJ. X/uriug tha retreat a single gun wa? planted in the ekirtof a wood a mile distant from one of onr guns, which was firing sholl into the retreating column. Bang' went their first gun, and the hell exploded about twenty feet beyond ours, and directly in a line over it. The second shell was thrown about three feet farther, and instead of moving oar gun a few steps, the artillerist kept firing in the same position. Being only thirty yards distant, the attention of the writer had beeu drawn to this precision, when bang', came the third gun, taking off the head of the officer in command of oar gun. Then oar piece was rapidly moved to another position, bat too late to save the life of a gallant officer Already oar line upon the hill top was giving away, bat inoited to iresh deeds of heroism by the appearance in their midst of otr Qenerals, apparently bringing up reinforcements, they piiehed into the fray with redoubled ardor, and from that time yielded n?t an inch of ground. Gen. Beauregard riding ever to the left took charge of operation? there, displaying hii rMklfit hnverY hv ririin-* nvurrwhara in the face of *he eocmj'a tire, end having his horse killed beneath him. fortunately escaping asio}ured himaelf. The tide of the battle thus checked, away went Gen Johnson's staff to hurry op the reserves and aaaign them proper poeitioaa. The first were met two miles back, severed with dust and coming at a double quick. On they went, plunging into the midst of the fray, and the sunshine of certainty did not gleam from beneath thq murky olouda until Gen. Kirby Smith arrived with a portion of bis divirion upon the ground Coming from 'Wincheater be heard the roar of the battle, and withoat waiting for orders he at once disembarked hia men, Col. Elsey'a Brigade, and inarched hurriedly to our assistance Col- Kershaw's and Col Cash's regiments arrived upon the ground at the same moment, and with these 4 000 men Qen Smith promptly took tha extreme left and turned the tide of battle. The enemy had ao far turned our flank a? to have gotten entirely behind us, and near 4,000 were matching to attack us in the rear. Seeing this, Qen Smith determined to cut them off! and woald have done so bnt for bis miafortane in being shot through the nejk just as Colonel Kershaw waa within twenty yards of him for the purpoae of receiving orders. Hia plan of cutting them off was, consequently, not earned oat, and they were enabled to jt>in the main body, hotly pursued by our men. Geo Jackson s brigade bad been lying for hours sustaining with unflinching courage a terrific fire. The General bad his horse shot under him, and a finger of the left hand shot off; but, cool as a cucumber, ne atui urgeu nis "Doys to be steady; and steady tbeT were when they charged and batehered the Fir* Zouaves and other regiments right and left. A New Wat to Attack Fort Picm*?.? The Mobile Krening News gravely pota forth the following proposition : " Let General Bragg detail a few thousand of his ton thousand to the work of oatching snakes, and as soon as they hare collected several cart loads of these interesting reptiles, let tin or sheet iron shell, or canisters, be charged with them?the enclosure being cylindrical and of sise to fit the largest mortar, and so made that it will break to peices and liberate Its content* up?n filling within the fort. We would warn thoee who coarse the shell to pat only the same idmim iota uih u if tk> ware mixed they would sting eaoh other to | death before hiring* chanoe to operata on Billy WiUoa'f LonavM. The corneri end intaratJaaa ia each ahell might b? Ailed ap with a few a oarta of tarantalna, Morpiona, eentipodea, and iianrda, howaTar. tomakeoloea work, aa the nakea wonld pnak looenly." fTT'mV* he would like to "keep hotel'> aeaaowhato between Waahlagton and Maaamaa, there la aa mack trmmU la that Ttelaity." j / k % (gfrmitig Star. V*. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. FRIDAY. AUGUST 9. 1861. N?. 2.644. OPERATIONS OF THE PATENT OFFICE TV4 following Is a list of patents issued from the U. S. Patent Office for th? week ending July 30, 18A1?each bearing that date: Samuel Nolan, of New York, N.Y.?For improvement in washing machines. John A. Partridge, of New York, N.Y.?For improvement in spinning iufphines. W. P. Penn, of Belleville, Illinois?For improvement in seeding ploughs. Ciiarles Raymond, of Battleboro', Vt.?For improvement in sewing machines. George Rinewalt, jr., of Pendleton, Ind.? For improved wood-planing maebine. t Christian Sholl, of Mount Joy, Pa.?For improvement in butt hinges. James Spear, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For im- I proved fire-board stove. 'Anton Spellerberg, of Philadelphia, Pa ? For improvement in breech-loading fire-arms. Ulysses B. Vidal.of Philadelphia. Pa.?For improvement in lamp* W. Wadleijjb and N. F. Morrill, of Sanbornton Bridge, h. H.?For improved machine for turning tapering forms. Alexander Warner, of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For improved washing knuckle. A. L. Weymouth, of Boston, Mass.?For improved bridlodtat. A White, ofwenessee, N. Y.?For improvement in governor valves for steam eDgines. Francis G. Wilson, of Ontario, Canada West For improvement in hay rakes. John K.Whittemore, of Chlcopee Falls, Mass. For improvement in adjusting knife of feed cutters. Wm Douglass, of Westport, Mo.?For improvement in hand corn-planteri. Geo W Dyer, of Derby, Conn.?For improvement in skates. John Fowler and W. L. Walter, of Homer. N. Y.?For improvement in churns. A. C. Funston, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For slate pencil sharpener. \\ J. (iaskill, of Apalachin, N. Y.?For improved device for adjusting the rakes of luuley saws. Thomas Griffin, of Roxbury, Mass.?For improvement in flowerpots. James Hig^ins, of Chicago, 111.?For improved mosquito bar frame. Joseph M Uadlej, of Derby, Conn.?For improvement in skates. Jerome N: Ilodge, of North White Creek, N. Y.?For improved machine for sawing and cutting wood. D- A Johnson, of Chelsea, Mass?For imftroved mode of securing the spokes in tho ellies of wheels. Charles Kieser, of Baltimore. Md.?For improved machine for bending fifth wheels for wagons. Joseph Klepper, of WooJter, Ohio.?For improved tire-bending machine. Edward Lindner, of New York, N. Y.?For improved mode of preparing projectiles for ordnance. Robert Marcher, of New York, N. Y.?For apparatus for laying metal leaf on mouldings, Ac. Joshua Merrill, of Boston Mw.?For improvement in cuing of stills. Martin Metcalf, of Grand Rapids, Mich.? For improvement in bee-hives. Federal C Adams and Joseph Peckover, of Cincinnati, Ohio.?For improvement in cooking stoves. John Allender, of New London. Ct.?For improvement in wringing machines. Wm. D. B?rtlott. of Ano*?barg. Mu?. Fat improved furnace for heating buildings. < Benjamin S. Benson, of Baltimore, Md.?For improvement in pipe moulding machine. . A. Bigelow, of Hamilton, C W.?For im- i provement in rock drills. < J. F. and W. L. Black, of Lancaster, 111.? For improvement in gang plows. 0. II Bogardas. of Syracuse, N. Y.?For improved grade delineator. Henry F. Bond, of Waltham, Mass.?For improved machine for sharpening fence pickets. Renben Chadwick, of Nantucket, Maes ? For animal trap. John D. Cochran, of Milford, N. n.?For improvement in straw and hav cotters. Truman Crosaett, of North San Juan, Cal ? For improvement in machino for drilling r#ckc. Thomas Dare, of Osceola, Iowa.?For improved culinary boiler. George E. C. Delaire, of Paris. Frano?.? For improvement in analine colon. Jonn Dement, of Dixon, 111.?For improvement in plows. Suspended. Elliot Savage, of West Meriden, Ct., assignor to Julius Pratt A Co ?For maohine for gauging and toothing ivory piano-forte keys. Isaac S Schuyler. of New York. N Y., assignor to John Eckel, of same place?For irnprovement in cotton-pickers. Wellington Case, ot Waterloo, Iowa.?For proved strainer for coffee and tea pots Sophia Carpenter, administrator of William Carpenter, deceased, of Flushing, N. Y.?For improved automatic fan aud fly brush. REISSFE. John Young, of West Ualway, N. Y.?For improvement in washing machines. extension. T. icbard M Hoe, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in rotary printing presses. Gf.mrai. MoDowell?Very high expectations are entertained by the people from the accession of M"jor General McClellnn to the command'of the forces at Washington. lie brings energy, experience, a resolute character, and above all, the prestige of brilliant success, to ^he enlarged field on whioh he ia to act hereafter,?and these are 'he Qualities which command and deserve the confidence of the publio. We ah are these hopes to the fullest extent,? and trust that every possible facility whioh the overnment, as well a* the people, can afford will be given him in the discharge ef hia duties. Muah of the praise bestowed unon Mainr General McClellan M?ms, however, to involve what we consider a very unjust disparagement of Brigadier General McDowell, whose com* mand is to be absorbed in that of bia superior officer. General McDowell, it ia true, lost tbe battle of the 21st, bat there is not an offioer in the American service who, onder the same circumstances. could have escaped the same resalt. The battle was plannea with admirable skill and was fought with unquestionable ability and courage, on the part both of commander and men. Qen McDowell has received, as be deserves, the highest encomiums for the high military skill evinced in his plan of turning the enemy's flank ander cover of two feigned attacks upon his front, and its lailure was due, not to any lack of vigor or ability on his part, bat to the treaoherj whioh nude the enemy acquainted with its details, in theflrst place; and next, to the overwhelming superiority of the Rebels, in numbers and position. There is not a mora thorough soldier in tbe service than General McDowell?nor was there one who on that disastrous day behaved with steadier oourage,or labored with more antiring assiduity, to win success for the army under V:- _ J rri ? uib wuiuiiiiia ioe Diiut vu atttrioiDtd upon against his convictions of policy; bat wbcn commanded to fight, he did everything that man could do to secure a victory. That he failed vai certainly a misfortune? bufc it certainly should not He visited upon him as a fault.? New York Times \ $t*.kvimg Tboofs Biroai Action on Tuna S?i?? Too.?As aa Instance of the spirit animating all oar troops, tbe Sixth North Carollaa Regiment went Immediately from the cars to the battle of Manassas, after eating no meal si nee Siturdsy morning. They joined In the puranlt and were toe exhausted to return tn ramp, but bivouacked on the field ?Richmond Enquirer. l?T Orders have been aeat to tbe Quartermaster of tbe Department of Missouri to have eqnl pments and in 11 aaailie for 90,000 men prepared by the 15th of August, and the offlcer replies that he can dolt (D?Tbe jail at Cambridge, Md., U without tenant ' ' it W a ? * t Si I ? ? " * a % ARMY SUPPLIES Proposal* for armv waoonTnd A AMBULANCE HARNESS. Owe* OF Axxy Clothtsg AND FqcipaokJ Corner q/ Howard nnd Btrreer *tre*ts, > Nxw V ogt, AuKCat 3, 1861. \ Proposals will be reoeiven at this < mo? for furnisliin*, by contract, Army Wmwi Harness: The proposals shcn'd state the Drioeatwhicn thev oan be furnished at the piaoes of manufacture, acd the prio^ at whfoh they oan be delivered at this depot, the number whioti oan be made by the bidder within one month alter receipt of the ordei: &! <> the number which he oan deliver within one week. The hirn*as mmt exactly conform to the followin* spooifioations, aid to the estab ished pattern! : Four-mule harness as follows, to wit: WHEEL. Two (Jailor*. Oreech strap* 3 feet b inoheslong. 3H w.ohe? wide, sewed into 14 inoh rings of \ ir.ei iron; hfp strap* 8 feet U inches long. 2>? inches wid*-: stay pieces 2 feet long. 2X icchea wide, with IX inch baoklee; ornis straps to book e into ?tay nieces, 5 feet lone, IX inch wide; side straps 4 feet I nr, IX inch wide; tie straps 15 inches lone, X men wide, tapering to a point. Tieo Bflly Bands. Long *ide 2 f??er 8 inches long, 2 inches wide, with a two-inoh buokle; short sid4 l foot S inoh<*? lone and 2 inohes wide. Tieo Hair Voilars. 18 to i9 lucheslong, with double straps and sale leathers and buckles % inch wide Two Pair nf Strong Mamrt to suit, made of white oak root, ironed wi'h hooks, breatt rings IX inch square, step;es and lino rings. Tiro Pair of Htmt Straps. Lower one 5 feet 6 inches long. X inch wide; upper one 4 feet 6 iuch"8 'ong, X inch wide. Two Bridlts t'rowu piece 2 feet long, IX 'nch wide; (heck pieces oaoh lo inches long. IX men w de; front piece UX itches long, IX n*k wi ; star piecs. from biiuds'o crown pieces, lfiinohes long, 'It inch wide; nose piece 11 inches lonj. 1 inoh wide; bli d? 6 irches long. 5h inoheiwide: reins, ong *ide 4 fret long- 1 men wide; >h?rt side 2 feet long, 1 inch wide, with 1 inch bnokle; butt?, tinnod inuUen. to wdigh * lb", to thed Ben Two Pair Cha^n Ptpis, 2 leet long, 2X inchej wide. Twit Pair Trace Chain*, 7 f?et long, 16 links to the loot, of No. 3 iron, with T on one end, weight 7X to 8Jb*. per rair. Twisted or straieht One Pair of Breast Cha-ns,T2 inohes long, 14 link* tit tl.e f >ot. of No. 3 iror. 'i wilted. Two Nut Straps, 3 feet I inch long, 2% inohes wide, with '}% inofi buck'e. Two Iftrl. Ch'iins, 4 fe Uj inohes long, 14 links t-> the foot, \o. 4 i'on, Tand loop to be riveted on to the neck st'ap. 'fwisted. On* Saddle, made on Attaitapas tree, head collet and cam e, iron, covered in the nsua way with half tanned hornehide; t1\ps 2o inch' s long, 16 inhes wide; suroingi" 7 feet 3 inohes long, 2_V inohes wide with a inch buckle on one euu to be fattened to th? raldle br being riveted to two curved ttraps inch wide; these straps are placed one on eacn side of tbe sadale tree. o?:e end is tied to the front part oi thebir, the other end t? the ex^e.isw n of the bar behind the uantle, Spanish saodie fashion; btnrup leathers 4 leet 7 mcnes long, 13$ >*ch wide, with 1 in h buckle; stirrups, m*H> able iron, tinned, bolt eye pattern, to weigh 13>? lb?. to a dozen pair. LEAD. Two Collars, 17>? to le inches long, made the same ai lor wli el harness. Two Pair of Ham's, to suit, of same material as lor wti?el harness, ironed, wi n hooks, breast rings, aud line tings, with straps as in wheel harness Two Bridles, same as lor wheel harness. I Turo Ner.k straps and Chains, same as for wheel i harness. Two Be.l y Bands, " Two fair Chain Pipes, " " i Tiro Pair Trace Ckatn*. *' * Two Cruppers and Hip Straps, Back strap 5 feet < long, tvperug from 3* inches to aH inches wiue. Hip 'traps each 2 fret 4 inches tong, IK inch wide, each with a hook at one end. T? D-.l- ? ?- n / - ? ? * ? - m j mi* iwm j, a wot monea long, 3>fc inooea i wide. Two Martingales, 4 feet long, JH inoh wide, to huome int > tj e bit. One Coupling Strap, 5 feet 6 inches long, \ inoh i wide Cne Cheek Rtin, 4 feat long, 1 ir.oh wide, to buckle | into the bit ?t each end, with a ring a^wed in the < oentre w receive the lead line. , One Lead Lime, 21 feet loag, \ inch wide, with a i hue* e atone end,and an 8 inch loop at the o-her. J One W\xp. heavv o.atted horte hide, C feet 6 itches i Ion*. . On? horse Brush, oval, of bustlee, ? by ? mohes. i One Curry Comb, No. 22J?8 bar. I The whole to be packed in a box about 18 inches wid?. 17 inohes deep, 34 inches long, n ade of 1 l.,oh itutf. coopered, wood hoopa.or iron, as may be rein i red. Four-Horse Harness as follows, to wit: WHEEL. Two Quilors, Breech strap# 8 feet 8 inches long, ( 3>4 inoh wide, aewe-i into 4-inch ringa of inoh iron; hip st. apa 4 long, 3 inches wide; stajr r>ec a i feet 2 Inchon long, 3 inohes wide, with it inoh buckles;cross at'ap* to buokie into stay pieoea, b feet long, l>? inoh wide; Bide straps. 5 ieet6 inches long, 1>4 inch wide;bip straps 15 inches long, inoh wide, tap.ring t>> a point Tico belly Ban,Il^on< aide 2 1 iet 4 inchea long,2 luche* ?iue, with a v-inoh buotle; short side 1 foot Sinjh's toug and 2 inchea wide. Tiro Unit Collars, 22 to 23 inches long, with do? bl- straps and safe leathers and buckles ,' * inoh wide. Tim pair of Strong Hants to suit, msde of white oak root, ironed witn hooks, breast rings IX inoh square, s aples and line rings. Two p'nr df Hame Straps. Lower one 5 feet 6 incues long, S >nch wide; upper one 4 feet ti lcohen Ion?:, >? inoh wide.o* ai?m unni"d leather. Two hrttlles. Crown pieoe 2 feet 2 inches Ion*;, l1* uioh wide; cheek piecea eaoh 10 inchea long, ;>? inch wide; lront piece 12H inchea long, l'? inch wide; stay pieces, from b inds to oiown pieces, 16 mobes lo.ig, IS inch wide; nose piece 12 inchea long, 1 men win ; Diinas b inohes long, 6 inches wide; r-ins, long Mile 4 fdet 2 inohes long. 1 inch ' wide; tihort s de 2 le?t loi.g. I inch wide, wi'h 1 | i oti buck s; bitts, tinned mullen, to wtigh 5 Its. < the dozen. Two patr Chain Pipes, 2 f<*et 6 inohes long, 21% 1 inoh's wide. Two pai* Tra e Chains, 7 feet long, 14 links to the i loot, of >o. 2 iron, twisted or straight, with T on me end. weight 9 lbs. per pair One ptttr of krrast Chains, i8 inches long, 14 links to il o foot, of No 2 iron, wuttd. TVo jVec<r Strips, 5 feet 6 inches long, 2>* inches 1 wide, with 2>* inoh buckle. Two Meek Chatns, 4 feet o itch s long, 14 litks to i the uo;, twinted iNo, 4 iroii, T and loop to ba 1 ri vet-d on to th" neck strap, swivel in tho oha'n One Saddle, made on Attakapas tre?. i ead, gulie* < and eantle ironed, oovertd in the Uai'al w?; with half taaned horse hide; Haps <0 incite\ long, 16 1 inches wide; ?urcin ;e, 7 t -?t f> inches ion z, 2>? inches wid >, with a 2% inoh buckle en one end, to be lastened to the sadde by being riveted to two ourved straps, l.Vt inoh wide; ihes? straps a -* p aced one oa eaca nidi . f the sad lle-tree, one end is tied to the front pirt of t> e i>ar, the other end to the extension ol the bar behind theranUe, Spanish tadcie f&ihion; stirrup 1< ather < 4 lee' 7 inches lo g, 1'? inch *id-, wu.i l'4 inoii Incklt; s irrupts nia Kable iron, tinned; boit-eye pa.tern, to weigh 13>? lb?. to a <ioz n pair. LEAD. Tiro Bridies, same as for wlie?l harness. Two Collars, 30 to 22 inches long, made the rams as for wh?f-l nam <*s. Two pair of Hames to suit, of same material as for wheel harness, ironed, with hookc, i?rt*ast rings and line rings, with straps as in wheel liarne s. Two Neck Straps and Chains, same &s lor wheel harness. Two Belly Bands, earae as for wh?el harness. Trco pair Cxam Pipes, same as for w!;*el harness. Two pair Tract Chutns, same as for w h*es farn*si Two Cruppers and Hip Strop*. Back Stra? 6 f et long, tapering from :>H inches to 2>? inches wide. Hip dtiaps with buokies iach 3 feot8 iuohes long, 15a inoh wide, with wrought hooks. Two Back Bamds, 3 feet 7 inohes long, 3>* inohea wide Two Martingales, 4 feet long, IX inch vide, to buokle into the bitOn* Couplxnt Strap, 5 feet 6 inches long, H inch One Check Rein, 4 feot 1 moh long, I ii.oh wide to buokle into the hit a: each end, with a ring sewed in the center to reoeive the <ead line. One i tad Line, 21 f <et long. 3% inoh wide, with a bookie at one end, and an 8-inch loop at the other. One Whir, heavy platted horae hide, 6 feet 6 luohes lung. On* Horn Brush, oval, of bristle*, ? by ? inohes One Curry Comb, No. 222?8 bar. I he whole to be packed i a box about 21 iophea wide, 18 nohei de?p. 34 inohes long, made ot 1-iuch atull. coopered, wood hoops or iron, an may be re paired. 1 he whole to be made of the h;st material *ewing to be niadu with good waxed thread, and subieot to inspeotion during the prooess -of mauufao tore ard al?o when finished. When 6-horse hari;e*s i* required, the lead ooltars, bridles, h&mes, neck straps. bellf bai.di, oh%in pipei, trace chain, cropper and hip (trap*, back bauds and ooupiing sirapj are doubled; one bearing chain 3 feei ion*, 14 links to the foot, of f*o. 4 iron, with a T on eaoh end added, and load ine 10 be 3D feet long. The whole to be made of the beet material, tewing to be made with gocd waxed thread and anb J act to inspection during the procsae if manufaoture and aiao when finished. When ft-mu e hatneee la repaired, the lead onl lara, bridiea, hamea, neck strap*,bellj bacda, ohain pipes, trace chains, cupper aod hip straps, back hands, and eoatlmg straps are double; one bearing ohain,3 foel loag. 14linke to the f<w r, of No. 4 iron, with a T oa eaoh end added; and lead line to beMfeetiong- , PrOMiftlt Will tin k? ri?uiivMl fn?fcaW?-.AJ delivering ambalanoe harrieee for two o~ four mul? or horae teto'-i apeoi&oaUoa of whioh will be Porma o? I^ojofala and guarantee will o? farn lahed onapplioa'ion at Una office, and none will beoonaidered that do aoteo&f >rm thereto. The priviieca ia raeenred by and for tha Ua ted Btatee of rejaoting any proposal that may be de?aaed extravacaat. Prop xaia will be indoraed on th? mraio^e mol<?inj then, "Propoeala fur tumiaiiinc Ar^y Waaoaaod Arabu.anea Uaraeea," and a?idre?a u SUMMER RETREATS. SKA BATHING AND t?AFK RKTKKAT, At Point L*>ok-Oitt, Ma.bti.awi>. Thi? c? ebrated Bathine Plac?. *ituated at the junotionof the Potomac River with ih??A . . A Cb?sapeake Bay, will I* opened bytheTC|gkw

undesigned on tho 10th of June, iq theUULL very beet atyle, lor ail persona who n ay ?mti a wile and euiet retreat, where they can pare t^e benefit of the beet salt water bat* inf ar.d enjoy the daiioaoiea of the water, auoh aa Fiah of all kinda. Oysters, i.'rabe, fco Every description taokl* will be kept for tne accommodation of guesta. A fine livery atah e kept on the farm Alto, ten pin alleys and billiard saloona ; with all other amusements usually found at such places. The table will be supplied daily with fresh vegetables from the garden on the premises and from the Baltimore and Wasnington markets. The best Liauoraaml Cigars will aiways be found at the Bar. Board, $3 p*r day; one week, $12; second week, 10; four weelca for S35; chi.dren and ooloreU servant ? La'f-pnoe. The ste*mer St. Nicholas leaves Washington Tuesday a: 6 a m. and Baltimore i n Frida* at 4 p. m The half past2 o'clock p. m. train from Wa?Gington will oonnect at Baltimore with the boats, ro.vsiim* Point Lookout daily ; a so, a tri weekly tag* from Washington, by way of l.eonardtown Add eaa the proprietors, at Point Lookout, Washington- D C., or Alexandria, Va. m 31 HEFLEBOWKR tc CO . Prop'ra. DENTISTRY. M TEETH. LOOM IS, M. D., the inventor and patentee of the MINERAL FLATE TEETH, at ten-is personally at his office in thia city Jofea* Many p rsor.s can wear these tettn whoVI f T n oar not wear otne-s, and no peraon can wear others wh<? cannot wear theae. Persona calling at my offioeoan be accommodated with any style and price of Teeth th?y may 'eaire: but to thoae who are particular and wish the pu ?*st, oleacest, atroutest, and moat perfect denture that art can produce, the MIN ERAL FLATE will be more fully warranted. Roorna in thia citr?No. 33* Fa. avenue, between 9th and 10th sta. Aiao, 907 Arch street. Phi adel hia. oo tf-tf GAS FITTING" &c. _ AWM t. DOVE * CO. RE Now prepared to execute toy orders wltt which the* raay be favored lti the PLUMBING, GAS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. Store on Wh street, a lew doors north of Pa. avenue, where mar be loucd a oomjtlete as?ortmenl of CHANDKL1ERS and other ?AS, STEAM tzi WATPH FITTPWK.H UW W 1 SNYDER.. PLOMBER AND HAS FITTER, Hu removed to the corner of Twelfth and F sts. He is prepared to introduce Water and Gas upon the most favorable terms, and guaranties entire satisfaction. He has on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, whioh he will sell leas than cost, as he Wishes to gel rid of them. no 17 W6AS F1XTURE8. E Havs in store, and are dai y receiving, GAS FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns and Designs and Finish, superior in style to anything hereto/or# Dffered in this market. We invitecitisens general It to call and examine our stock ol Gas and Water Fixture?, feeling oonbdent that wo have the best e.euted stock in Washington. All Work in the above line intrusted to ear ear* Will b? romstS* ?.* ?>*n _ " ~MVERS H M08HAN. mart-If 3TW !> street. f|FFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER U OF ?A3 METERS. Washtwstch. July 11. 1**. NOTICE IS HEREBY U1VF.S, That,agr??Ibly to the provisions o* the ordinance of the Corporation asyrcTwl May 11. l&yt, tfcfl ucdere: jned is now prepare;], "whenever repaired 13 writing, and ?n pre payment of the fee of fifty cert*, to inepect, jxainme, tert. trove, and asoertain tke accuracy of registration of any gas meter in 'tee in this oity." Every oieter. iffoand incorrect, w>:l be condemned eealed and ir.arked as true, will be lot in r'' |;kuci< xx fiv>v.i w. . < . neasnit-ment of gas. is will be eealea accoaizgiy, iw\ again pat imposition for use. (ifllce No. S10 Seventh street.(near Odd Fal ws'Htli.) Open from 8 a. m., to i . m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy !8-tf Inspector and Seller of ess Meten*. Q F F I C 1 A- L. Department of Stiii, / IFasA ineton, July 26, 18SI.\ Information has been received at this Depart nentfrom Mr. R N. Shufeilt, the CoiisqI General >f the United States at Havana, of the issue, on he 15th nltimo, of a royal degree bv which all imtort duties on common vhip's bread are taken off '.n the term of fourteen months from the due of he put lication of the royal decree in Havana. The tame decree also reduces t<> one-half, daring the la-ne time, the import duties upon oarn and oornneal and potatoes. The duty by the tariff upon oorn is 35K per lentnm upon the valuation of $4 per barrel of 2*? pamsh pounds, when from foreign port* in for?ign bottoms ; upon oorn<r.ea! SdX per CQtnm npon he valuation ft 95 per barrel of sno Spauish >oundg, from foreign ports iu foreign bottoms; ipoa potatoes, from foreign ports iu foreign veslels, per oentura upon tne v? uatiou of 52.50 >er barrel; upon foreign bread, in foreien ves-els, ?"?>* rer centum upon 92 for every .'5 5?pa lish founds. ounboats foe tux western r1ver3. Qcaktermastrk General's Offick, t Wa'kintton, Jw*e 17, IfWI. % Proposals are iavited or constructing Gunboats upon the Western rivers bpeoihcations will be immediately prepared and run.) be examined at the Quar'ermaster's Office at Cincinnati. Pit vhurgh. and at tins office. Proposals (rom boat buil ers and engine-build ?r - r.'.'ne will be considered. P &< s submitted by biddora Trill be taken into consideration M C. MhlSS,ie ta Quartermaster General ITnitwt State . Thk kuhopkan hotel, kept dy p. K M RICH. at tho comer of Pecn. * A I ktsuiio uu c,ifTPiu;i Biresi, nu greatly impr.->?ed recently and now '""""I ll'pn H greater inducement* for the pntro: \ge ofoitilecB anil strainers than any othor publio house in the cit?, iua priooa being lea* than those o! any other hole! on Penn. areace, and hia aooommodruicna for permanent ortiauaient boarder* uuexoepti onable. The bar aa?* reeta'Jratt arrangements of the giropw.n Hotel have already booome rery popa r. being a!i that oar be dosimf by the most faaudioua. The prorr">tor SiCdgea cnre?mtte<i attention and oontinued liberal exponiitureato giveaatiafaation to all, ai.d thua renews hi a invitation ?o all t" five the KnroaAan Hotel a call. <te 4-tt T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOHE Parent* who wiah their d&ughtera to receive a thorough and ayatemat.o education, wht-re tl.eir phyatoa1 training will reoeivedaiir and special attention, under the moat approved system of Caliathcnioa and Gymnastics,are respectfully invited to iait the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth ct.and New York av. MR. k. MR?. Z. RICHARD*, an Sft-tf Principals. SI PECIAL fNOTICE T<? VOLUNTUER9~^ Juat arrived at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh street, opposite the Pont Office, a larpe lot of SPRING and SUM MER CLOTHING, TRUNKS VALICES, CARPET B\G-wSHlRT COLLARS, TIES. HATS and Cm*. N. H.-All of the abovenamed goodafor aalaat Nortuern price*. ma a'Mm J. H SMITH. Clothier. MOORE'S WEST END SODA FOUNT IS in full operation, diaponaing pare Carl>ouio Aoid Water, with nioe airupa of different flavors, to suit his patrona in addition to a fine atook of Medioinea, he haa a general assortment of Toilet Artiol a. fit e Clears. r--??? ? |MT*W /fv RESUMED BU8INE*8. A A A The Un'ientigced w<>nid inform hi?JL V Vfri<*nds atd he public that he ha-0 V la*en house on Ninth at., botween D and K, where he will again do business as a ..censed PAWNBROKER. Fair dealing in all busiueaa transactions. jeai 2m* ENOCH WARD. Ywood and coal. OU Will sorely get your money's worth by calling at tie PIONEER MILLS, iiwUw<<i cor ntr Of Seventh strut and Canal, (GEO. PAGE, Agent.) They soli cheaper and give letter ir.ftf.iure tnan any othors in the otty?out, ss:it, and delivered free of charre. If >nu don t 1 eJieve v? the Pioneer Mule atna . aod be ?-W.T CTE1NWAY A SONS' AND RAVEN * BA^ CON'S PIANOS.?A lar*eaeaortin-nt__??eh?* jaat heen received.?Per aona in eeareh|HHE> of % reliable instrument at a low *nee ar*?II 1? ' invited to oa.ll and examine at tbe Mueio Store of W.O. M8TZKROTT. Ordera received tor Mr. MARCUS REBINK PUm Forte Twnv ae U JJOMK MADK UOOTO AND SHOES, Lanu', Mum' 1.1c CsiLMMi'a Wui, A, j'^offciAL^ ma ^e Pa a*.. K.-t R?h |iu) 4th ? ?. 4t?^DlERS~AND FKLLOW-CITi ZENS'* O Come to SMITH'S, No. 4M Seventh street, msmXSSS&HS' BDK JOHNSTON, ALTIMOKB LUCK HOSPITAL, Ww dt ttorm.i tkt most Or mm, Sfitdy mmd *?iy Effttuni Httnt lf in tkt World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPL.V IMMEDIATELY. A CUHE WARRANTED. OR NO CHAROM, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wtakneae of b:i, Stricter**, A4?ction* ?f tit* *><) o?y? eiid Bladder i??i*cti*rf*e, Impotence, lieu era I Debility, N?r,?ou?neee, Lai:e??r, Oon'ut'on f Idea*, Low Sf:r ?. .l ?" 'uih. 4 tb* Heart, Ti?idity. Tremtiuifr*, Dimiieae ?' Sigr.i or Uiddit.eee. Pieeaa* of th* Head, Throat, N ?* ur Skin, Affect**, of ft e Lai n, St(inlet orB"?ei??theee Tembl* Duorder* tfiiii,^ fr^m Solitary Habit* of V>uth?thee* Dreadful arrd Dee'.rnctiee PraetKee which render M-riiaye mpouibl*, and d*?tr^f U-tb Body and Hud. YOVNO MEN lfrfXcWIly who bae* become th* eicnme of Solitary Tie*, that dre<dfal u>d d**tructie* habit which a.muaily iweepe to an Doumel; fiaee Ihouaaode of You eMeaef th* ut united ml ten and brilliant intellect, who night otherwise hate entrance'! Utteoiug Senates with tho thuudere of elo- { justice or waked to testae; the living lyre, way call with ro.l conidense. ( MARRIAGE. I Mark IBD PBRSO!*!, or T'>on|r Men c?rttu-.plau,f Marriare, being aware of physical waakntsa, organic debility, i de ornuttea, ftc , speedily cured I Ha who pUcta hiti.aelf uuder the car* of Dr. J. may religteun? confide in his honor as a gentleman and casildeatly rely upon his skill as a physician. ( OFFICE AV 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left hand side e?mf from Baltimore street, a ft w doors from the corner, fr'a1! uot to observe name and ouint>er. Letters cut be paid and contain a sump. DR JOHNSTON, Member of the Royal Coll eft of Nurreons, London, gradeete from out of the most e in meat Colleges in the l uited ' Statts, and the cieater part of whose life hat been epent in ' the hospitals of Loudon. Paris, Philadelphia and elsewhere, hat effected some of the most astonishing cores that wert t?tr known; many troubled with rinr'ng in the l ead a:.d < ears when asleep; great nervousness, Dting alarmed it sodden sounds, bashfulness with fre.,oent llBshng, attended sometimes with derangement of nr.ui, were cured imme- I dial elj. I TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Voui'g Men ana nfrfrs wlio ha?e injured themselves by a I Ctratu practice indulgtd in when alone?a frequency learned from ctiI companions, or at school, the effects of I wlucn are nightly felt eveu when atlttp, and if not curt 1. rtndtrt marriage iinfotsible, and destroys both mind and i body, should apply iixtnediatelr. These art ton.t of tht aad and melar-chol* alfecta ntMlacd by earl* babit* of youth, fit: Wmknftr of th* fiiek aid Limb*, Palm in the Head, Dimneaa of A: r!it, L' ? of Mairt.n I Pl vii, Palpitatinu of ln? Heart, Dyepep**, Ner*oo* irriubiluy, Derangement of tb? Pi?e?ti?* KouCUon*, U*i *ral t DfN it*. Symptom* of Conamnpiiou, 4c Ml>TILL* ?The fe?rtul etecu on th* mind art much t* b* dreaded? Loo of Memory, Confuaion of Heat, Dcpreaaioo f Spirit*, E'll Forebodinpa, A**r*ion of Society, Seif-Di*trnet, L ^* of Solitude, Timidity, etc., ar* acme of th* **ii* produced. NHTon DtBlLiTT.?Tbouaind* ean now )nd*e what i* I the caoae of their declining health, loamy their *igor, btcoru- ' lug wtak, pale, ntraoot and cinaciatta, ha*tiig a twrcm *p[ tarai.c* about ib* eyee, cocgh or lynipiom* of coucu'nptioa. DISEASES OP IMPRUDENCE When the nmgmdcd and improdant *otary of pleaaor* And* ( hi ha* imbibed the leeda of thu painful due***. it too often ^ happen that an ill-timed teote of *hame or dread of di*co**ry ? date re him from apply to thoae who, from (ducautm and i | riapectability, can alone befriend him. Re falla into fhi hand! of ignorant and designing pretender*, who, incapabli of curiur, filch" hu pecuniary aut.*tmc?, keer him trifling month after month, or aa Ion* aa the aicallea; fee can b? ob- 1 taioed, and in deapair lea** him with raiu*d hcaltji to *urh o*er riefilling di*appuintni?bt; or by th* 111* of that dr 1 r - v ? vwiianvavivnai jm^rnDii ('! Ui 1 terrible diaeaae, luch ? Affection* of the He.rt.Throat, Head, Skin, Ac.. prvxrt? >g *nh frifhtfot rariJtty, till de*th pata a period to hi* dreadful ?ufferiro by *eiiil?u'( hiret o ih?i ?odiecoeered coui:trr from whnee b?cr:.< bo traveler retsrna. DR. JOHySOS'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY Ey this great ud iaipor*.?ot remedy vetkieii of tbe erfeoe ere *pee4il* cared end fall vifor reetared. Tbaaaende or the moot nervoce and debilitated, wha bed laet all hope, Lee* beer, immediately relieved. All impedtrcenu to Marriege, Phyaical er'Mental P.tjaalllcatione, L<^ae of I'rocrea'jve Power, Herroae Irritability, Tremllmr and W?-ki.ete ar Kiiiaaauoe of the meat fearfai kind epeediiy cared. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. Tm Mart Thocia*di cared at thia moutatioo within the lea*, eeeenteen yeare, and he nsmeroue important Sarrical operatiooe perfuroed br Dr. Johnetoo, witneeeed by the reporter* of the papere ana many other peraone, noticee of eidee hie etau'ding ae a gentleman of char*ertfiOiO"rt*p?d<lMlity, le e eaSc:ent gaarautee u the aflieted. mar 15-1 j Da. J. H McLEAN 8 ST&EKGTHENINQ COKDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY * th* WORLD, Ky Dkltciovr axd ifci DELIGHTFUL Jt Jtd /p* I CORDIAL id, mWfm^ JrKJE* TAKBN-^? P W ' I W i7 ? ? WI6VI/ ? ??l* VQX 2 A , i vi' ??'. a?d Tcfiu- ^*ji j tmjy 1 ???/. -i kit prt- nfijF r SMEfcJP aaiad kj Ua diiuiUt!?* af iMti,y.iri?, ^ yiaak taai, ??**?? ^ ? / kiki nd DuiIiIIm KB 1 /Ml Jy wtiw let* lu ??a- IS**! Vft |W . Taa anUra ttilTt _y^- M / aTg*Tl jt ramdial yniidfl* ( tick tofradlai. W?S?fcj???S2aa5lfl?r taking. dUUlllrf, pradati g a dailt.?a?. lailiM.tlay aptrtl, ud U( mi lafalilkla lantdy fat .1 tkt ^uiuid tad raatariaj Ua '?*, > , ui dafcUiutad la valid I* ktilta ??<*. ifnjt^ Mci.EA!rs STZZNUTHFltlNO CORDIAL Wli tCf ?<c?IIy c ,r? Ui?tr Caini-Sainl, DjifpiU, Jiu f dla*, C? cr Rtiriu Dakility, OImiici t!u> Eidatyi, (l aa<1 a]! arU..if frai" ? di??rd?rad bivar ar taauak, <k IniiH i, artkira, K?*id Filat, Ac:5u? ar f emiu ! D uY l.i' ef Jltad la tat Bard, Call Pain ar | It #V- intfcaBaad, af tsa fca*n. Fnioaaa t< ar In Ua 8;e-:-.?*b, 3->?r Krcetxuana, Ckakiua > e Ciftnuif Patting *Mc lirlcf d?tt,Ortiiii fi af in ?*ii aai *ytt, Kij.m aimi, luvard Pnara, & Palu la ua CisaU af tea Back, Ckaa>, ?r S:<!a, fad'an ? Piatkta af, Uapraaaiau af Bjlma, Prijhtfa: Draarca, & btsjial, Daaaanrtanay ai any turraji diaaui, lam > u llaukia aa ua IkJi, ui fitu ul Apt (ar CfclUa tad v r,T#, ) OTMR A EIEElOtT BOTTLES \ ka?a kt aa a*!4 d?n* j Ul laai >ii auiUi, aoa t? la- { una ku It'. U (irtof aniira aaraftcuaa. Vka, tkaa, j, *1!! tafai fr? WaaVraat ar Dtkilny wkaa McktAKl \ RlXK iTIIKKf COIU>lftk *lli ajra yea 1 Ma laajaafa cu. taiiay aa adaqaaia idaa af Ua laaadl- 2 aia iai >'nui niraaaleaa tkacfa pr<^a?ad k? lakUf Ik la Cardial la ika duaaaad, dakUlUtad, ai.d akauatad aar?aaa 1 tyatt?, vkttktr k/aVtr dava ky aicaaa, vaak ?y aaiara, r laft'tld k; ?t?k??aa, Ika raiaiad awl laainif arfaal allaa la > lu prtatlaa feaalth axd rlgm MARRlEtLrgKSON*, at ?tkara, aaataiaaa at Inaknltr frain vbaiaaar aaaaa, *11! tad MrkB/A'B ?T*fcPfT 5 U JI GUBDIAk a iMraa?k r?(aa*rataraf Ua ayait?; and all vaa raa* kara la t*r*<J Uanttlaaa kj laafraaar lalti|tataa vtU lad ta Uli Cardial a ?t j.i.a aad lyat'r rtnit4y. TO THE LADIES. 18cS3\B'0 BTEXBCTHEBIB6 COBDIAk la a aaaaralra aad apaady aara far laaiptaui 'Janaampuaa, W> :ta?, kamata* ar tSaalt MaaatraauaaJ aeaaUoanca af trlaa ar laaa.'aatary IMaabarg* ikaraaf, Falling af Ua Waoak, lddlaaaa, P&lailcf, aad all dlaaaaaa iaaldaat (a Faaaalaa. THE HE IS XO MISTAKE ABOUT IT afar aa iaa|aa. *?ta n aaaardiof la diraatiata. It *111 atlaaaiara, airaarUas, and lurLfama yaa and aaaaa ika klaaa af kaana .a meant yaar akaak arm. Every kettle it ... ? rOK CHILDREN. lllttl ttlilrii ill aUk!?. p?nT ar illtlO, McfctUt CORDIAL ?IU aaaka tkaia a* titty, fat, tod rtiw. Dalty in a aiviitl t?j U, a?d yaa*w1ll ka aaarUaad. It la daMalacatataka. fi 9710*1. vat* af draf f.ata ?t dai'.art arha n; try la paiaa afaa yaa Mm* kiuai M a&tat.pLi.lit .raah, woiek tkay ut fat ahata, at Tina it U taal u rat-d. Aaaid taeh nan. Aab far rtckkantvninistakhihe cordial. and u?. atkinf alaa. It it uia a%iy tamady tbat will panfy u>a | Blaad maraaj* it a ad at Ui a aiwca tnaa atrauflban tba Itnaa. Una taaapaatifal ukau a?ary ifcaruu.g fuuof u a praaautlTa (at Cha'.ara, CMIla and Faaar, Yailew Faaar. a? IT pra??.lant dtaaaat It .a p?- af fa larra kaitiaa. Pnca a ify |1 par, at kauiaa !? |l JT MrLKAM, <..> amrtaiar af tMa OrdtaJ; alaa, Mcba&c'a Ta:cuni Ot htalaaau PnMlpal Dapal aa tka aataar af flirt tad Plaa avraaia, k. Waata, Ha. KcLean'i Voloanio Oil Liniment, ? BUiinU<? IP Tm WVUI1.1 I Tki nit aafa >i4 ?aruin Mrt fcr Ctacara, Mm, Tv mi, vtlltnf* utd Bra>iohij? ar Caiir*. Paralrau, I rtlfia, WuUui ?f U? Muciit, Chrauic at MMimury UaanaiUm, th? Jacou, Gaotractad Mut u ? k.ftaiiiU, bnititiTwhiebi, Irt jN, vrmiot, Fraafc Cau, W??r:d>, Oictn, r??ar fcm, Oakad Brun, Iwi Mlaplat, Barn*. Malta, Ihi Tkmi at amy taiaaaauac at aiib. aa difaraaa* haw MMH m ktig Utt tmiH ui k.r. ?iu;?d. MckXAll CKk*MUTW> klKMKMT i. a limit tamad*. rtKH-1| af Wau kaiafi Mf| fcaao aavtd a Ilia af dla raptlida and nun it by tka aaa af ttta tavalaakia ranady. ? lit L SAX'S VOLCANIC OIL L HUME NT a Will raUava pala ataaaat Ineuntasaawly, ai>4 ? will tlaaa, | pmrUi aad haal Ua faalaat aaraa la an tnaraditla abaci Uma. JOK HOHSES AND OTHER ANIIU.LS. IMJin OUUMTkU UHUIBVT U IM Mr HM uH nlhkU tar the car* af Iftflt, Immm, Wut4f*li>, Ifitau, unattnj Larapa. IklM a* ?aUinfa. h it'll tailed t* tni Bif ?< NIitU, flMU, tni?t iwn, * ir MMrij tHbii r? IfniM, InuH, IciuiHi, Oi4k?d ImU, Cfcaiaa, SaAAla i CaUat fella, Cm, km, at Wiaaii, h ? aa tatalUMa j rtT tiy. Apply it u itiHuJ ui a un la MWli k arar? I iMIMi 1 Ah Mia aa laatu with Ik a mnaj wsrthiaaa ktalaaMi foil ta ytm Ukuir. a aappiy af OA. MaUinCUlltTU kWlHSHT 11 will aara ya*. 4. . McfcJLAM, Ma hianiw. Cataar Third aad Phi iml. Ml bifa, Ma. 'OAftkJU ITOTT. 171 Pa. ?, Ml* iftal to Vaak!|| gyBSnSRii atb rt. i THE WEEKLY STAR. Tfcto eioeUeat Fully u4 Neva JoormJ contalnlcg a greater variety of lateraetlng Mi una caa oc rouna ib any ower?la pokUiM on Friday bmb1b| Tbem??C?j*. mrmfklf, in Wnj(l? copy, per bub an .'......St FIt* cop 1m 4 7* Ten copies... 9 * Twenty ive < oplea ?0 W It Invariably coat*! n? the "Wuhlmfoa >rwi' tbit baa made TV IMiJy X?mit( Star circoiata ao generally throughout the country (ZT^ngla copiea (1b wrappara) aan ba pro cured at tha counter, Immediately aftar the laaua of the paper Price?THREK CENT*. FOR mHPINf A l'AC1K'f OV 'APM > f AND ERTBLOPK* fJO I vu MATC1. * um LHAKGfcj MrVROPOLlVAII BOOKSTORE PHI LP * SOLOMONS. ilMH ft* 1 ivnw i mi+r*:?d Lmm ftm "IiiiM'M AftUin." ?-*. ??Hf bet, wtfc and l*h ifc WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. |\R. SHL'MAN has, after an ai^'XiK)* of Us 1 ' Tears, established the shore refuge tram quackery. se'f .abeP.ed Indian or tferiBM doctor*, ant) pretenders of wiioZ-craft and impoetore ui im srsJ This la the on'y p'aoe whore ft aarr and speedy cure oin be obtained in tue w^rldlora. rupropor ftnd evil habits, j?.morrh?, g net, sen..ral sett c*es, srphiltis, priii,nry eeoosdary. and tertiary, organic wnakcees. p&ms in the .ome, triotares, ten -ral debility. prostration, nervou- neee, reet. sss nights p& >:tttion of tt.e h?>art.nnr id the ears, loss of memory. oonfuai'-n.meiaenho *.mM? of the head, throat, io*e, and sain, aad aTl ikm p-culiar dlacrders ariaiuf trorr. the iudi?c-Mior. ef youth, rendering them unfit lor either beeueee. study. society, or iurrla?e. Or. 5. hu the |-?ateet remedies la the kaown wor'd for diaeaaee of the blood. (onorrlMa, cleot, ntnctnrea.eyphillia, aeminal w*&kneea, ee.f wue. *0. There it no aaae in which they fell to rare II from I to 6 day a. Vietima of theee horrible oomw aJrte, *Im woaid viah to be valuable me? *n_ orr.aioenta to society. ihould embrv the eAr.i^et oerouufctty 'or reii^C Dr. ?>aa mniei.'-.e mosteomp wiritB|?' raeuta for Uie oomfort of kia #?ti?eU who oocne from a digtanoe. 1 her will be rcrmahed with the moat yieaeart and a garter*. imaeaea-y li?t, aud ma.. - aa oomfonabie a* they would be at 1 h at c'v^a bote ! at lesa than half the ooel. Do not forjet the name and can cer. I>r. 8he man'aoffioe is on the oorner of Sixth street aad Pennsylvania avenue. Clarendon Hotel, opposite the National Hole I, Waehincton. D C. Persona at a iJ 1 atance hoeid ?tic oee aiatxia for return poat&ce. Offioe hoars, 9 A. M. to 10 P.M. Varioua parties have been antio-d from mj (a ititntion by certain awiadlera on bach et roots lr Lhis city, who will rae it till the day of their death. K word to the wis* la anfftciert. aa > If Cu'i Couth. Co*d, > Jlu4nza my Irritnttom v 5w h aui 0/ ik* Tkttmt, fUlui* taa I 4l*<M. 9 t Cmtmrrk, CUmr mmd n? 9 strtntth to the mu< mf Few are aware of the importance of oheetinc a Jouch or "Common Cold''in its first atacec that rhioh in the begininc would yield to a m J resna ly, if necleeted, sooe attacks the Lonaa. "fl???a"i 9rtmck*al 7Vom<<." oontainmt cemo ?eBtltjrodtmta, allay Paimonarr and Bronchial Irritation. .rows'. TROCHES KEf* ~ UV?!SOT llOWNK " I reoominaoA their aee to Pvblm Sriitiu." TROCHES REV. B. H. CHAPIN. mow N'S ; nsnssisp ftiwr mopnv'a "A OMt lUtMt raiiafiithtdl* ;*bor of brwthiBc r?oulW IROWN'8 to Asthma." fHUwniB REV. A- C. EGtfLESTON. FROCHE8 *' Coctun bo Oriim or urtbiii lajiriou." DR. . A HAs Kb/ IROWN'8 Ckmmut, JUtMn. rROCHES twAitim uf.ip***1 IROWN'8 DV A!T rROCHES " I inn fTovod ttea mtmt/mTt9t rROCHES """'EPEV.iUB. IROWN'8 Bom*. " BeLofielaJ vhN ecntMaed to rROCHES i^.iuSenu fron, Cojjj* IROWN'8 ? L*- ?rJ- P* AN rROCHES iROWN'8 ???IVon With 8rum' ^ ? rROCHES Prot * OTA^?J2gJV irown^ ?* rROCHES *?1 ^2ALwh2 and after preaching, at they frvwvmt raocHES KOWmx. >. IROWN'? President or Atwu uoiitftiTML -Roches fntHF^OmtVOSr ?o l-ly PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL a? BLOOD REH0VATE2 le prooiaeW what it* uaroe indicate*, for, wbfl# ie&aar.t to toe iwlo, it is rerlrifylng, ?LdiHratiD|, ivieo rating and etren thonjnf to the Tit*, iovki, nd at the >tn:t time rovmfcoe, reinstate*, and r? ew? the Bumm) in a 1 iU onriuai parity, apd thn* t tutor* > mmd rtmdtr* tie ryitm > ajfadtj of <*?? *??. It ia th* only preparation ver offeree to the world, ao chermoall? *p4 a kill iil'.y combined aatobetne iroet powcrfal torn a, r'i at th? aamc ume ao porfecty acaptea to, M to ot id pe-rtoct aaoordanoe with the laws of nature, nd hence win rootk* the mimktst ?iewuu-?. and sne up the di?eauve organa, and thai allay aU Mr onea"d other irritation. It ia perfect]/ ext. -iara ing and at the aame time it ia compoeM entirely of egetaLlee. yet ao combined a? to prodeoe the nott liorongh torio olfect. without prodacinc aaj in ariose ooiiae*uenc?e. Sooli a remedy ha? .orj *Cli (Olt V*' uc ue?iui<i?kH \m i u ?no -?> .?fur it neeaa no niedkcai akil to ? that detylitp .'llow* all attacks of diaeeae, and pryeeedi and ibeed lays ths ?y new owe to the *n*idir>*a attack* t many of the moft fatal , iuoh. for ei?n>t?, aa tee allowing: Consumption, iodiceatloti. DfMMit, om of Appetite. N?r?oo? 1'ntibmCT ieuta cia. rai* iau?n oi th* heart, Metaoakplp. iitht Sweat*. Lan*or, ?idcaneee, Retention of, aa iel! m Paiufu! ofatruo'ec. tO" irofiw, or toe cnl M?nbtiuation, at.d Ftin? of the Wowib Phe*e ail depend npot ceoerv <le:<tiity. Thia t??re. aa thy tonus Cordial aau B'ood F > .orator u ai ore to cure a* toe son 1st o na* and a a*. TWlll 10 mistak* a!n>ut it . Bvtthi* is ant ali If tM rcteoi i* weakened we are teen to t>i oca at act:, tie liver fxwomsa torpui. or wont ^'swasi he kidney a reraee to perform their fuDotvae, aad re are troablea witft itcA a.iv and ' oocttn? >a a iriue, or iDTolaucary discharge of tee aun*. pat a d the hack, aide aud between the aboajdara. a* finely aat.e to aagh:, ooagna, aad u aa taecked. aooc eraaciahor. foilowa, apu the paceat o?* qj*b to a p'ematno crave. Bat aaaaa vCl lot allow ua to euurnarate tt.a .n&av taato vlutt we .reliable 'na wxefceaed eonditioaot taa ay nam. Jot we will My ;n thia Cordial and B-o>< Reoova or y<n have a perlect aaie *1 aasart aat efaetaal ?meci for iors of Appetite. Biiioaaneaa. Plata enoe, wak aui sick t*tomaeh. Leaf oar. Liver Complaint. Cto.i* s ic Fever, or any JJi.ioaaarta k ""of t; vwiaet, Aoinity of the Hi< rr.aeh, Nervoaaaaaa. We<T?. ?ia- Palpitation of the Heart, Deereeaioa >fSpi"ite.8oraa. Pianpiae on the Faee, orjay die aae arising from impare Uood, aueh aa ttarofftla. iryaipelaa.BroboLiLa, CccxL. C.ftcw tj of B;ia< tit. end all thai elaa* of nLa*a?*i o*. ad fawia e reakueaa, and enumerated above, we wiuaiaq ay the traveler eipoeeo la epideiruoa obanre of .mate ana water. Will Lnd II a piaaaant. aafe and are remedy, and bo eaa W.'M ever Lrava, vitk All p*raoaa of aedetLtar; habita wlff Ltxi fie s>ct r?T?oOT? ol, m W* . ae a ear* for tfcv?e ailnenta vhiok they are aartieftlarty Hocoa uiuatar*, atadeota, aUor??7?, ilUrw> fmLtww. Ad lidiNvkg ?r( not aoouat. m?d to mac* oat loor exereiaa, wiM Lnfl it to U??tT tdmitti* to :m? a bottle aoastactlj ? bead; a*4 atew ail nouere, or tluee bfUiuui aeeh, viLip tn/oagk hat moat d&nreroaa jcrioo notoaty tm all their oeaatoaied atraact* tat lak and free ,bM| Ue bouaaod eiliaecta mo prevajaat aucu Ua la wan ortion or the world, la abort, is u 4?o# a waUar a ordial. Try it old yoau; no lo- ger ro? Ue lak of delay; it trill relieve aod *rore .tMu eauaat cal.y a fUttor+tw Cordial mmd Bl?d Itwmlii, O. J. WOOD. proprietor, 444 Broadway. New rork. and 114 M**et Mre?t, PtLoaia, Mo.. au< eld by all goad Dracgiata. Priee Oae Do ;w m? PROF WOOD'S RE8TORATTVB CORDIAL ? BLOOD KBNOVATOR x BoU tatktevity br O.flVOTT.ST* Pa. MlMrtr.ww ???gOOTl AMD *0 0b IV IM Weajt ??5 ?'l kl?4a o# ?** ft M f H ' IKS. and ?OI MMtLv NMM ?r?? w??W? ?*4?w?rt ^*?wrVIB cn^tior, m*de e??reMlr t?urMr,kkilwl.M Bl nM It I bic^ >Tf. 1''^ t^kikpr' M i*r?tofr>r? ohargwl la !>>? oitr for mmm tamnm vut at HMk kr4 m ? -f tworr rnt -Wfcfeas. * % # f T Vi

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