Newspaper of Evening Star, August 9, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 9, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. <m ^ WASHINGTON CITY: FRIOAY i?|Mt 9, 1901. On Fbiixm at tbe arloua military '-imp* and poaitioni will confer a fayor by keeping as poated aa to rooyrmenta and affblra in their Ylctnltiea. UZT" Tbe new Dollar Weekly Star, fuller than aw of Metropolitan newa and goaaip, and choice literary reading, la now on our counter ready for dellTery to tbe public. Embraced in ita entert*!n1n<7 rnnt^ntj nr? th*? fnllnwincr ? rfl<>lMi fatlent Walter* no Losers; Exploits of the Indiana Date Deviis. The London Times Correspondent at the Boll Kan Battle; Confederate Account of the Fight; The Recent Fl?g of Troce: Letter from Jeff Davis to Prealdent Lincoln. The Kanawha Expedition; Affairs In Memphis, brutal treatment of a lady; Interesting budget of military affairs; Important news from Pensacola, Fortress Monroe. Richmond. Harper's Ferry, Western Virginia, Cairo, and Missouri; War movements In and around Washl-gton; Confederate prisoner* In the city Arrival and movements of Prince Napoleon; Llat of Confederate officers killed at Bull Run; Interesting war correspondence of the Star Departmental Intelligence; Executive appointments and removals: Operationa of the Patent Office; Latest telegraphic dispatches; Proceedings of Congress up to the adjournment; Criminal Court; Examination of alleged spies; Gen. McClellaa and the troops here; Agricultural, horticultural, and gardening correspondence and mlsceUanv; Household Recipes, general news. Ac . with aeveral columns of local Intelligence, Interesting summary, select paragraphs, fun, and poetry This la just the pAper above all others for peraons sojourning In the National Metropolis to sand to tbelr friends at a distance Price only thre>? cents per copy, or #1.00 per annum; postage 1 prepaid by stamps wh?n so arranged. Spirit sf ths >Urs*0| Press The Inttlligencer brleflv notices the direct tax liitpoaed by Congress at its called sesilon. The Republican regards the great mortality In the southern camp* as malting in a greqt measure from Inferior vigor and endurance of southern to northern men. THU NEWS HEUE. Tn* Ho* Charles J*mks Faulxsk*, of Vlr? g'.nia. ex-U. S. Minister to France, reached this city this morning, and Is at Brown's Hotel. He Ja on hi* return from Par's, and doubtless come* to settle up with the State Department the affair* f his late mission. Hi* health seems to be excellent, and h's toute tmiembU betokens hts recent residence under the sky of Pari*. Surmises are numerous around u* a* to whether be will be permitted to depart for "Scce**la" shortly. We find ourself unable to answer the question, not knowing what amy be the policy the Government pro. |>om? to pursue towards ex-officers In the public gervl-e In his peculiar position. r*i!?c* inafolkojs d!d not return to Washington laat evening, as teemed to be generally anticipated We think that be proceeded from Fairfax Court House to Manassas Junction. No doubt (Torts were there made to induce him to extend his journey to Richmond ; which be could hardly do. as he was not prepared, on leaving Washington, for such a trip. Appointed.?George Harrington, Eaq., theaceompliahed and efficient Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, has been appointed by the Presi- j dent to be the Acting Secretary of the Treasury daring the current absence of Secretary CLase, who la now In New York. Appointed?H Kilbern, Esq., of Indiana, h;a been appointed Chief Clt-rk in the Census Bureau, which has been temporarily filled by Mr Ken???r, the aon of the Superintendent. There have been over eighty removals In the Patent Office since the 1st of June. Hon. J. C. Beecxihrimk i* Balt'imoek ? A Stem*de Attempted?Speech and Roue?Meeting Ditperted ?Mr. Breckinridge waa serenaded last ? i s m ? ?? vs. m. t j. In raaponae to vehement calla, which were cor*, lonally Interspersed with cheers for the Union, Mr. Breeklnridv* m*<t? v.i. ??? - _ 0_ .... hi* uppcaioucc Willi uncovered head upon the eastern portico of the Eutaw Houk. Silence having been partially restored, he commenced to address the assemblage, whleh had by thla time been largely increased, when be was interrupted by ch?ers for the 'Union." for "General Scott." an''for "Henry Winter Davla." riven by a crowd of men occupying a position In the street to the right of the speaker Mr. Breckinridge again attempted to speak, his ' remarks being denunciatory of the U. 8. Government, and especially inflammatory in Inciting Baltlmoreans to resiat the U. S authority now in force there. Great confusion followed \Vait'.ng until the noise had somewhat subsided, he said be was not pleadiDg 'he cause of the rich and cf the powerful, but of the poor and weak J A voice? You He, and you know It," followed by general blssea ] Do yon, he asked, call tbis liberty? [Cries of '-.No." ,4no," Intermingled with htaaes and shouts of "Oh, dry up, you traitor," 4c., Ac.] Mr Breckinridge?You poor fellows may bits ?e tiow, but your children will bless me. [A voice?'Oh, go to South Carolina and be d?-d to vou."} This was met by vehement cheers for John C. Breckinridge, ana a rush by the police, followed by tbe gang of men from the right, towards the 1 lia fr<>n> ? 1 - * |jiui r-rofu iD? coeers. Another eere of commo'lon ensued. during which several men wer* severely beaten bv the police and hurried blading fr?m tbe afreet Mr Breckinridge?If 1 did not know that the quad of m*n bow disturbing this assemblage wre no exponents of the sentiments of the people of Baltimore, I should despair of your city. [Cbeers for " Jeff. Davis" aitd for " General BcoU "J # An active fight, wh'.ch now sprung, occupied the attention of the crowd for several minutes, and occasioned a general stampede of tb? timid. Mr. Breckinridge ?It is evident th? disturbers * are bnt few in numbers. Are they afrsld to hear a Senator speak words of truth* [The inquiry Was met by a renewal of opprobrious epithets direr wd against theapenker. Voices?Ob. never mind them, Mr Breckinridge, they are juat from the jail a?d tbe almshouse " "It's only tne Dodge Police," Ac ,4c This was repMtd to with cries Yon bal us ou the 19th of April, now we've got yoo "J Mr Breckinridge ? concluding his remarks amid the incessact clamor of cbttrsfor himself and JfflT Davit, and counter h.sses?said here, as In tbe United States Senate, he would nter his protest agilnst the usurpations of the Administration, and he trusted in God that the day was near at hand when the evil career of these bad men ?ould receives summary check. [Loud cheers and biases ] Th? ? ? ? ? - - ? .r ??rr iarn reurea to one of the reception Csrlors of ILe hotel, where ho wii surrounded by to (''end* Call* Wert then made by those who thronged the parlor* and lobblea of the bouse for 41 Vallandighsm," bat that gentleman.thoughtprraent, declined to apeak, and shortly after retired to hi* Twn Whilst attempt* were being made to silence the disturber* they responded " Remain ber tbe J9th of April,"?"Remember the week of ter*oc."?"You bad u* on the 19th of April, we have got yoo now," Ac. When the bend struck up ''Dixie" tbe crowd cried for the "Star Spangled Banner" and other national air*. Fortunately there was no firearms u*ed on tbe occasion. Tboae arrested were taken to the Station Houae nd after a ahort confinement released, tbe only charge being that of disorderly conduct. ([7* The detail* we have of the Kentucky elecSon come to u* like good new* from a far country, and the Loulvvllle Journal of the 0th lnatant, ?litre ua that the "game of aeceaaion 1* played at, and there 1* not a trump In the miserable hand." In <hla connection It la reported that 'Sir. Burnett, of the House of Repreaentatleea, *ad Senator* Breckinridge and Powell, will reSign their aeata In Congrea* |[TThe State of Indiana ha* now in ?h? thirteen regiments, and arrenteen more forming, which wilt *lre bee a total of thirty alx thousand soldiers Two of the regimenta will be cavalry, aJ there are tree additional companies of artillery ready for active service. E'Tbe New Haven Palladium glvea aa an Int of the battle that a man of the Connecticut F ret had a Bible la one pocket anda pack of e?rda lathe other. A ball atruck the caraa. and when half way through It, "begged" at the eight , f %a are aowiewhere. thereby probably aarln^ ola Costbas?m> ?K large quantity of contraband eoda, co >?:a lng of swords, revolvers, aad a veafederate General a uniform. w?n? seized at "farre Haute, led , oa Friday The goods were ] w^fued at ftoea W^l> to |6,ort> The owner made i fcl? aarape I 0 . . T. . OCR MILITARY BUDGET. MOII IllOAtllll orilUI APPOINTED. Tbe President this morning made the following additional appointment* of brigadier generals for the volunteer force?all of them but Professor j Mitchell being from the Hat recommended by the New York Congresalonal delegation. VI*: Col. Louia Blenker, of U. 9. Volunteers. Col. Henry W. 91ocom, of U. 9 Volunteer! Major James 9. Wadsworth, Volunteers, aid to General McDowell Col. John A Peck, ex-Ma)or of the regular armv, who distinguished himself In the Mexican war John H. Martindale, a graduate of West Point. Ormsby M Mitchell, (Professor of Astronomy,) of Cincinnati?a graduate of West Point and exarmy ofllcer. A SIW INSPECTOR 3 RNKRil.. Ths President to-day appointed Maj. Randolph B Marcy, Paymaster U. 9. A., to be Inspector venerai or toe Army, wiid tee rank or colonel While serving In the line, Col Marcy was an officer of much distinction. MO vk.mksts down the rivkr. yj Thin morning the I" 9 steamer Freeborn, Lieut.] Hurld commanding, arrived at the Navy Yard, from below, for coal, auppliea, Ac.., and left again this afternoon. She is now engaged cruising between Fort Waablngton and Aquia Creek, and running In the little Inlets and creeks, overhauling and destroying boats All boats of which a satisfactory account Is not given ere summarily destroyed, thereby very much Impairing the facilities for communication between Maryland and Virginia Occasionally a shot or shell is tos*? d over into Mathias Point and other placcs where the Confederates are supposed to be, but without el'cltlng any reply Night before last the George Page (Confederate) attempted to run out of Aquia rreek, but the Ice Hoat engaged her, and after a few shots compelled her to bent a hasty retreat. The Ice Boat was not struck, but It is thought the Page was injured. The latter carries six guns, Ulld it Is Said has lw>*n ralntcit hlnclr Sho fro. qnently comes down to the mouth of the creek, and after a brief glance at afl'airs puts back Into her den. The Ice Boat and Poc?hontas now guard thla point, and occasionally drop a shell In the woods by way of test of range. The Pawnee and brig Perry l'.e off Alexandila, as usual. It Is reported that batteries are being put up at the White House; and on Wednesday night live boats of armed men were seen by a schooner to cross over from the Maryland side, and land at that place. At Fort Washington all la quiet and In good order. Several prizes lleat the wharf, taken by the fleet down the river. To-day, the resignations of Chief Engineer Charles Spencer and Second Engineer Andrew tiuranca, of the Freeborn, were accepted, and those positions vacated. We did not learn who are to succeed the resigned officers. The steamer Philadelphia went down this morning. NAVY TABD. Workmen are now employed clearing away the rubbish of the building demolished by the late explosion, and preparing; for the erection of another building. The walls were so shaken that they were pulled dow n with ease Many of the brick will anawer however In the conatruction of the new building, and materials for mortar are already on the spot. For the preaent the work carried on In the building previous to the explosion Is done outside, under a canvass protection from the weather. The two men who were so baldly wounded are rapidly recovering, and will soon be able to resume their business. MARCH!N"'? UNDER THF. HOT *C!?. Mr. Editor: Please to Inform me why It Is a " military necessity'* to march our noble men at mid-day, instead of the cool, Invigorating hours of morning and evening?especially wheh their i route is up a hill like the one reached bv High I street, Georgetown ? I am sure one object is I gained by it: secessionists have the satisfaction of j seeing hundreds of our soldiers lying down on crease our army,when needed on the field of batle MOVEMENTS OF TROOP*. The Third Regiment of Sickles- Brigade went over the Eastern Branch yesterday evening. A NPW R errlmont r* ? A l i _?_ J ..vpt. wvui vi u?w? 1UC nif-AdllUr IB Aqueduct into Virginia, yesterday afternoon.* M11.ITA2T AKRIHTI. Thos. Hitchcock, John F. Gaunt,Wm Thoinu, and William Wlnkledom?four men captured by Lieut. Greene, of the Second Cavalry, a few days a?o, about four miles from the Chain Bridge. In Virginia?were brought to this city yeaterdav, and last night were committed to the county jail by Justice Donn. They are charged with conveying information to the rebels. Th* Cosfedsract and the Isdiakii.?The Confederates are at work making treaties with the Indiana The Fort Smith Times of the Pith ultimo learns that Captain Pike has concluded treaties with tbe Choctuws, Chlckasaws, Creeks, and Setninolea All the tribes on the frontier have thus formed an alliance with tbe Confederate States except tbe Cberokees. These latter, with 11. o .... - .vI 1 ? - - - .... ??.??? a. ?ucir urcu, *re ior neutrality. A large number of his people are with the South, mostly half-bloods, while the full-bloods are opposed to the South, and still adhere to the old Government. Several of the half-bloods have l>een con*prlled to tiee for their lives. The Timet entertains no hope of any arrangement being made with Mr. Ross by the Confederate Commissioner. PiarisiKT Questions ?The Maysvllle (Ky ) Eagle asks the following very suggestive and pertinent question*: Did your ever hear one of these State Rights men, who talks about the expenses of the war, blame the Confederates for bringing the expenses on us? Did you ever bear one of them, when talking of Lincoln's unconstitutional act in calling out troops, say anything about the unconstitutionality of raising an army of Reitels in the South? D'd vou ever hear on of tbem say that Jeff Davis was trampling the Constitution under foot' In short, did you ever one of them express a patriotic thought, except "when forced toi A De*ertsr Suof"?The Charleston Courier snv?: Mr J. A. Thompson, of the Washington Light Infantry Volunteers, relates to a member of tue committee from this city n fact whl< h explains in great part the severe and persistent attack ai?d concentration by the enemy on the Hampton I,*?ion in the latebrttle. A renegade shopkeeper WUO had SUDDlled th?> l.Mrlnn ?it?H ntili- ?!>? ? ? .. < in* nutll in c*mp near 'Richmond, went over to the enemy before the Kittle, and described full the d-ess ana equipment* of the l*?-glon It Is tome connotation to know that thla raaral renegade was detected, end w?? shot on Monday, 29th, by order of Gen. Beauregard. ip" The Charleston Mercury of the 3d savs: "We have been provoked beyond endurance by reading the moat complacent and gratulatory comwent* of certain Virginia papers on the charming charity and benevolence of certain citizens and c'tficiais of that State towards the invaders of their soil, plunderers of tbelr estates, destroyers of their homes and fireside*, and polluters of tbelr women. We demand that every prisoner In Richmond be Incarcerated and put In Irons Justice, humanity and civilisation ailke cry aloud for "stern retribution." . Fftox PsifsacoL* ?A private letter from PensacoU. Florida, dated July 29th, say*: "Two or three of Billy W lison's Zouaves deserted from Port Pickens and swam across the bay to our side. They were taken In charge by Colonel Gladden. One of the d> aerters brought hla gun, cartridge box and dinner with bim. We are having pleasant weather here, and there Is not a case of sickness In our company. Cnf.n?*t B? " mmv m m s*?m m.-* wu**. ? C isirn rrom | Kanawha that Col. Lewla Rniftier, who was apKlnted by Got. Pelrpoint, for Kaniwha county, entered upon the duties of bis oBce with h1? characteristic energy and i*al, and la rapidly orf;anlrinjj the forces of that valley He thinks that a addition to the necessary police force, under the late Act of the Legislature, that Kanawha will turn out an entire reylment for the regular army. Imttlligtnerr. - Amothik Pboclamatio* ?Got. L?tcber baa Issued a proclamation prohibiting the tills or note* of the Merchants and Mechmnlca' Bank of Wheeling and the Northwestern Rank, with the eflre* of dlaconnt and depoalte of each, except tbe Branch of the Northwestern Bank at Jefferson vl lie, from being received In payment of any money duo tbe Stat*. Tbe reason given Is that the hacks named have "given all to tbe enemy." (jTMr Edwin James, tbe celebrated criminal a*r>er of London, Las compromised with h:s Ireditois. married a rich wd-?w named Milliard, ;nd lert England forever to seek a new fortune In ik? United States t THE WAR IN MISSOURI. Ops Lytn'i Saccess Csafirmed?Retreat ?f tkr KAeasy?General Lysn Falls Back Springfield. SrameriiLD. Mo . Aug. 5 ?Advices from Geo. Lyon's army to Sunday bare been received The cavalry charge heretofore reported waa made by scouting party aent out by Gen Lvon to ascertain If the enemy w?i approaching, after our troops bad encamped for the nighf at Dujr Spring Seeing a regiment of infantry coming along the rosd, the lieutenant In command of tbe cavalrv ordered a charge, which resulted In killing 30 rebels, and wounding 40 The charge waa not Intended by General Lyon, but probably prevented the rebels from attacking hia main body, when they would unquestionably have been routed with severe liss A large body of tbe enemy's cavalry, wbich uad taken a poslt'on on high ground to observe our position and strength, was dispersed by a few she! .? from Totten's battery, wounding some 30 of them On Saturday morning our forces moved forward cautlorsly, and on approaching Curran, tbe rebels numbering some three thousand, were seen posted on the hillside southwest of that pi tee. Gen Lvon Immediately formed his arm? fnr bat tl? and gave orders to advance As our column was approaching a piece of timber to flank tbe enem*, Capt*L>ubo!?' battery opened Are on the enemy, who quickly retreated. It was not known whether any of the enemy were killed in this last engagement. We did not lose a man, but took ,several prisoners > Our army encamped for the night at Curran, afW on Sunday morning Gen. Lyon determined to retire to Sprln field, fearing that, as most of the'rebels are mounted, they might make a rapid movement, flank him, arid take Springfield Generals Price, Ralnsand Parsons are said to have twenty thousand secession troops under thelrrommand, and Hen McCuIloch has four thousand five hundred The latter are all well armed and effective troops A Skirmish in Vi issenri?Attack #f the Cenfed-rates the llcisn tamp at Athens? Another Kepnlse t| cincy, 111., Aug 8 ?A band of Confederates, numbering from 1,000 to 1,100 made an attack upon tbe camp of the Unlou men at Athens. Mo., 1 on Monday morning; last, at live o'clock There was a considerable amount of arms and ammunition for tbe United Stales troops stationed there under j?n srd of tbe troops composing this camp o( United States volunteers, numbering about J50 men, under command of Capt Moore The b^hting lasted about one hour, when tbe Confederates retreated. Meantime Capt. Moore having been reinforced by about 150 men from Centralia, Iowa, on the opposite side of tbe river, gave chase after tbem for about a mile and a half, killing one.taking eighteen prisoners and capturing thirtv-?ne horses and two secession flags Several Confederates were wounded in the chase after the battle, and six or eight were found dead on tbe Held In the afternoon the bearer of a flag of truce came In from the secession camo, who admitted that they carried ofl' fourteen ot their killed and as many more wounded and missing Tbe Con reaerat-s were led by Martin Greene, a brother of Fix-Senator Jim Greene The Unioir men had only three killed and eight wounded In the skirmish. Athens Is a small town In the extreme northeast section of Missouri, on the Desmolnes river, *25 or .10 miles west of Keokuk It is reported that tho Union forces, havlug been further reinforced by Ave or six hundred troops from Iowa, marched on Monday night in pursuit of the rebels, encamped eight milesfrorn Athens, and a tight probably took place at that point, unless the enemy retreated Yb*THE HOARDOF ASSESSORS WILL SJ..S meet at their Ro-im MOMD^Y, Antut*t 12, st 11 o'clock Kaoh member is requested to att-?r d as bimnesa o! importance will be brought before the Board. au 8 3t GKfK T. STKWART. Sep. (Y^=?ATTKNTION. ANIiHRSON RIFLKb !: L ? Kterutts wmted for the Hrtr.?Twenty eood av' a bodied men will be r?vj>nited fo< the War in Captain C. H Kodie's '"orapanr, Distriol of Co umHa Volunteer*. Office Forreat Hn.1 . Georgetown. 8 J > bounty extra for reenlistments, #10") at er.d of onJutment. au 8 3t* ry-S=-?OIN? INTO THE SERVICE.?The (L3 Everett Guard*, who have just completed tn^ir organiz\tion. will hoM a meeting at Island Hall FKIDA V NiGH f, August 9th, for the pur pone of making arrangements to bemu-tered into the rervioe on Saturday. Evert member in expected to be present. Hy ord"r of 'he Captniu : au 8-2t* MAURICE TI CKER. fY^rm NO'I ICK !?A Company is now forming at lj_3 'he Old Hospital corner of Pennsylvania avenue ar.d Tenth str-et. Navy Yard, to join th* Third Regiment Maryland Volunteers This company ms.<l be <worn into service on or before the 21st day of this month. All persons wishing t<i volunteer, who will call at the ha'i. wiil r*ce:v# ample proof that the cunpany will be mustered into the servtc? withiu the aliove a'a'ed time. Meeting Ever? Eve in* at 8 o'clock BERKLEY. Commander 3J Keg't M. V. an 7 3l* ,Y?*THE UNDERSIGNED ARK A DKLEl ? cation f om th? New York Young Men'i Christian Association to visit the hospitals and camps i' the vioira'y tor the purpose of ministering to the spiritual wants of the soldiers, and, as fa: as possible, to their bodily comfort. Tli? have fuLi authority f am the General Com inandins and will be happy to co opsra'e with Chaplains and other* inte estod in the welfare ol tiie Army P. HAR WOOD VERNON, Hev. F. S RISING. NORI.E H KATII. Jr. au7 4t* *231 F street, Washington. m^THE UNION PRAYER MEETING y. R will be holden EVERY DAY in the E ttreel baptist Chnrcn. commencing at 5 o'clock p. m. and to be oontmued an hour. Strangers as well at citiscns of all denominations ara invited to attend and take part in the^e social meetings. m 21 Ys* ' 1 SAY, STRANGER. WHERE ARF 'L5 you goir.g.' You eeetn to be in a great hnrrrT^ "So I ain. i am so:nc to SMITH'S. No. 480 S?ven 'h atrial, to buy a iu t of Clothing. The peotie nr ho has a very nice aanoriintnt, and tbey mi e aell? them ko cheap." Not*.?'The la?t we taw of the strar ?er, he w/m rounin? up Seventh ?tre*l infinn >? AS\f ITH. No. 4?0." m 21 3m jJROOKtVlLLE ACADEM The next neMinn will oommecoe September Jd Boys are prepared for college or for bui-ino ?. Foi cataiogue plcoae addre?R, at Rrookeville, Md , E. B. I'RKTTY.MAN A M., an **-!m (Intel.) Principal 1 OllO fct'flHELS I.UUU SHIP8TUKF. barrel* New POTATOES, 26 do. Freah EGGS. 56 firkins Fresh BUTTER, 15 ?> xoe CHEESE, 5N1 barrel* Pl.f?!'H "! ? ?!?. - . W ? . ttli g ? OUOOf boxes RAI-INS. For *&le by .. _ au9 3t* J. R. BARR k. COfpiREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 9400,000. Q/Ui comer C <lnd and Lovxtxana ?., Mir ?>?*i 4f Washington INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. DltBCTOM. G?o. Shoemaker, Sainoel Kcifern, Samuel Crppley, Wiili&m \V?ii?a, Riohanl JAue?, John 0- Barclay. Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Rothwell, Tho?. Parker, Riolianl B?rrr. It. B. trench, Dr. C. VV. Davu. No charge for Polioies. JAMES ADAMS. President. Ab*L G. Daws. Secretary, au 9 eofau A.HMY OFFICERS ... ivapoouiiiy invited to call at the Store of C. WOODWARD, N* 819 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, between 10th aad 11th Sia , WASHINGTON. D. C.. and tee the moit complete article or CAM P MESS CHESTS, WITH TABLE AND WRITING DESK COMBINED, EVER INVENTED. An article Officers who appreciate the coinforts of Camp life should not he without. ALWAYS ON HAND. COOKING STOVES. A* - au? at .J FOR 8ALE-A ?*>r of OARR1AGK* HORSE8. aixtoan h?oda huh, fine <TV_ iln??r8. rftxitljr <?rtl? and w un<1 ; aold JL?^P for no flwlt. the o?ntr (raving th? oity a "d ^ v~"? hM bo im for there. la*tiir? at PUMPHIRT'B Lirary BUM*,Oat. aaMt* i hi.. ... _ _ J0 Proposals for side wheel steamers. NAVT DFPAB-TMBST. J Byte u > f < omtir*(ti>?. J W AtHiKoTox , Audit a, '861.> 'y rowToEMirr with the aot of uongreen approved the 3 J Auruet, '861, the l"Itj Department will hohtk proposal* for the oonntrnoiioa and equipment of T??l? Side WheM Stea-no**. The load draft of vater not te eXf?#d six feet nine inches; to be arm*d with two nflad can'.of 7/to lb* each. 01 eat ea?h end of the vees?l; *l?o, with t?o '2-pound bnwitsert; th* comp e ment to b? one hundred persons with provisions for sixty day*? to have two thousand gallons of wa'er in ta?ks, a'd to be provided with a condenser for distilling poUb'e water. To be schooner nsged and have a rudder at each end, properly proteoted by a post. The Department desires to have the hir> est attainable speed, which iruit be stated inthaoffar, together with the length o4 time it nun h? m*m tamed, and the quantity of coa' that ran he oarried in the bunkers for that speed, vhich shoulJ not be less than for eighty rave. The proposal must !>e for the lia'l, spare, rigging, aara, and can*aaa work, I,oats. ai.ohora, ard o ble^.tanka, o\aks, furnit >re. cooking apparatus and eta-ails. steam machinery and apare w<>rk, with all the equipmenta for a veaael ot war oomplf t? and ready in all resp'ota for sea aervice. and ready to receive her officers, men, armament, at< r?8, proviaiona. and fuel for steam machinery. The armament, storea. provision?, and fuel wi'l be furni?hed by the Government. The sp'o fuationa must fu ly detorib* the n a terials to be ni<ed,the method ana sizs of fastening, the detail ol the s'ze, materia!, finish. kind, ana arrangement of machi??ry. and of the various eanipm^nts included in the proposal. Tne plan muat be working drawings,from whioh the veaael and iraohinery an be built, abowing the allotment of apace for accommodations, atore room*, magazine, and ahell-rooma. diepoaition of the oi a',*o. The boiler* and engine* to be be'ow the dfok? the main ahaft may he above ; the boiler pre?aure not to be )e~a than thirty pounda per asuare inot>,? ard a snrfaoe condenser to be used ; the piddlewhee to be overhung. Up n apancation to the Comma' dant of arty navy yard the binder oan see the list of equipments required for the F^opeller ?un-boats, to w?ioh, as far a? pract cable, there a-e ti oonform.aLd for w loh cnnveri' ut atoware it to ne provid"d. Tne hi iilers will state the least time w t in wMch they wi I agree to eoinp ete the vrss?l for ?ea and deliver her at arch navy yard as they ma? name, w thout extra est t*> the Government. It miat i hk'wise be s'ated in the i ffar the total amount for whir h thry w 11 engage to do all that is required

abovo and emb^aofd in their specifications and , plans; and the bi must be accompanied by natnds of guarantors that if awarded they will cxeoue 1 the contract Th* usual conditions of^Jovarnment nontr*n?? will be ( *?? ved. Payments to be made at four d ffsrent interva's, as the work procretses, retaining one-fifth of the whole amount fir ninety dsya alter the doll vary nf the ve.-sel, to >epa'r any de facts that may he discovered within thattim'in > t'isl at sev It is understood that in the oontraot a guarantee will be inserted of t- e fulfilment of th? con'iti n of speed, fuel, satisfactory working o' tie machinery, Jko., with a forle ture in ca of foilure. ' 'he reputation of bidders as successful steamship builders will have duo weight, and the pr?>posal trust plate the rameof the marine steam-engine building establi shment at which they intend the ste?m inaohincr* to be imde Th>? Depa tment re?erves the rigvt to accept t^e propositions mvl? in confo'mit* with the conditions sre?cibed which shall be conMderfd irwst to the interest of the Government and combie the greatest uumber of advantages, aud to reject any or all of th-'n. at it' option. The specifioatio ns and p;atis of parties not ob taining th? contract can t>* withdrawn by thnm. T'>e Department will notcon-ider itself nnder ob'ue.'iona to receive proposals after the 5th of September, 1861. au9-!aw4w WASHINGTON GYMNASIl'M, nkak C?*tre MakkkT- Some now features have been added to thia well-*n >wa e? ablishment calculated ? > g ?e it increased popu triti wth the pu'dio. The services of Mr. Henrv Nash, a practical (ivmnast anil & Drof>F?nr nf n,i?in?. h?un >>??? , secured and he is il1 be constantly n attendance to Kive instruction Parents can tend their child-en ' to this ?ell conducted estab'ishment f??iing per ( feo'.ly assured of their be n;; in good na <is t erm* )lp?'RiO' th, <?ptn Irotn 6 a in . until 8 p. m. p. S. Th? Stook ho'ders are particularly rejucgted ?o me t at the Haii on Monday Kvoring, at 7 p. m. au s 3t* . P Bl* rTEK?BUTTER ! r RE?H BUTTER. in largeand smalt packages, arnvitg everv day, for sale at the lowest market ' price, at 45rt Eighth strert, between Pa avenue and D *t. D. E. 1>UTR??W. N. B ?CooVing for sale low an 7 6t* , LHMILY CARKIAbK AMD HORSES FOR I SSaI.E?The advertiser will sell at a nv very iow price a tin* Family <'arris^e. and T.-.P a pa r of ?p endidly matched Hors**, bays,^^2-*( 16 hands high, bob-tails, fine style ard act.on. Tl e owner havii g r.c further us* f >r thein, arv perron desir< iib to piirol-a'e wiil ad'lreitf, by letter, Box 1WT3 Post Office, Baltimore, for further pa-tioulara. au 7 6'* ; LMFTY OULLAK8 REWARD L'mitsd?T*irs .Mar*h?l's Or?ici,( ! W.i.'Aimtion Auicust 6. 18-iJ. \ Escaped fro n ian t .i* morn'iiK, about ha'f-pait , six o'clock a m . negr tran named Win. Wood i ward, #nnitnitt u t> jail charged with killicg a soldier in tjeorretown, D C., a'out the 2^th of Juii la?t. Wo dward is a nm atto about foity years ol'i.S fpet 9 in hei*h'. stout built, a d ? !'? < uu ft lies* liv left u k i oC flannel shirt and > ?-l:ow carsin t pa> te. I will give the above reward for his return t~> the c ui.ty jail. WARD H LAM ON. I _?U 7 3t i:. S. Marshal D. C. ! A CARD. . ?? JUiy lbtn. 1861. The undersigned, at<? of tho Girard House, Philadelphia, have leased lor & t<>rm of years Willarda' Hotel, lu Washington. The; take tlui r occasion to return to their old friends a-.n cuatornera many thanks for past favors, and beg to asaure them that they will be most happy 11 ree them in their new quarters. jy 16 Im SVKKf. CH A D W<CK ? CO. SPECIAL NOTI< K. S USD AY TRAIN. i g??? On and after SUM DAY. i#.h July, there will he but or.e Sn- day <*aily train? . Leave WASHINGTON atj^.p. m. for NEW : YORK arrl PHILADELPHIA. I From New Son and Philadelphia,arriving In Washington at 610a. m- J A St.:OTT. j? 27 General Manager. NAVY KUANNFX?Snita at al puces, at !?.MI 1'H'S, No 4<?0 Seventh atreet, oppose fost Office. jy 17 lm T CARRIAGES. HE Subscriber having made additiona to hia factory, making it now one ot the . jsrp, b in the DiBtrict, where nia faoilitieaYjSRjrjjg^ ' for ntanulaotnring CARRIAGES a'.-l.iBF*: '? LIGHT W^G<hN8 o; all kinds cai.r.ot fie sur palled, and from his long experierjje in the business, he hopes to give genera, satisfaction. Al! kinds ol Carnages and Light Wagons kept oc hand All REPAIR8 noaUy done, and all ordere promptly attended to.. Seoond hand Carnages taken in exchange for ANDREW J. JOY<TK. d 18 tf oorner of Fourteenth and F. &'?, JIBES' HAIR ST OR E7 fa. av.. hkt izth abb 1sth bts. PEHfUxWEHY \r HRAIDS.CLRLS WIGS. HALF WIGS, FRIZETTES, to. A full stooa always t?n hand, or made to order ivt the ?horteat notice. Hair Work repaired or exchanged. N. B.?Ladies' Hair f>Ted in the incut natural mani'ftr. ma 3P ftm GLASSES, W1 sold at thr lowest Eastern p. ices, by M. I. FRANKLIN, Optician, 44 4 Fa av<:nue jy 19 T?" between '8th and ISth at*. WANTED, FOR THE CASH-A1I kind* of fcfc(-OND-HAN|) FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Fersons leavmr the oity or ha vine a uurplu* will do well to oall immediately. R. 1IUCHLV, je 3 4'i** faventh. between G and H sU. U N BOAT 8. Quartermaster GmeraVi Office. I ITas/ttarton f\tv. July 18, 1861 > Flans and Specifications for halla of Gun Boata for the We*t*m ri??r? *?? ?- **"? ....>?vuoAuiuitiuu ai this offioe, and At office* of Quartermasters at Pittsburg. Cincinnati. St. Louis and Alton. Boat? to be delivered at Cairo. Bids shnuM be sent to (J unrterm%ster General ol the United States Army, at Washington, by 1st Au gust, at noon. M- C MEIOSf Jv 19 Brig. Gcn'l and Quartermaster Gen'l. SELLING OFF AT HALF PRICE OUR entire stock of handsome Flounoei Barege RoIms. in black and co ors: al! Lawn and Organdy Muslin Robe*. We desire to olose out this portion of stook at onoe, for cash, and shall offer great bargains to purchasers J. W. COLLEY fc CO., je 34- inteo S23 Seventh street. above Pa. av. DEATH-DEATH-DEATH! O Roaches, Bedbugs. Fleas, Ants, Ac. Use Moore's In-eot Destrover; never fails; price 30,90 and 50 oeuts. Al?o, Moore's Rat and Mioe Ex terminator. e aud general stock of Medicines, Ac.,always on hand MOORE'S West End Hn.. m in arw 111 Penn" ?-wtm'a. \|AGNOLlA HAMS! i?I MAGNOLIA HAMS!! We are now reoaiving our brat aupply of Magnolia H*m? for this eea*on. Thfjr oAnnot be ir*rumd. king a bt'b-ciiell, U 4 nornor 14th ?. ard V?trmnnt a* aaa i-bs. rough tallow and OUUjUUU grease wanted, for which the highest price *i!' be paid. Also. IS) .000 ro? of sOAP and CANDLE* for ate olieap 1 ?r cash at the N&:iocal Soap and Candle Worka, Green street and tbe Caual, Georgetown, D C. au 1 ! C. B. JEWELL. Pfopriator. - AT ?!??**? mi ? * - a ? i qcj vtii/ rAvv pi i*I1 MUfc? IW1 C Stuit, X1*! 9 Bute ( th* national Hottl. O 6 M??t liberal advftooA? midd on bold And I'vrr. Watote*. Di%n?oB a, Jewe r*,*tfv<?r wftrj.,riothmt, Pistols, tod ?I1 kind* of Merohunlise. Buun?u ttriotly eonMenti%l. ISAAC HKR2BVR0, S31 C an 1 >m rt?t?wn ?H >n?< 6th iti. 409 HHDS_HARsVaVi^0MlDDLIN&ft. JS tS' jSToU^. }?21 wtfc ?t ? .o t ?v ? AMUSEMENTS. | T JOYFUL SEWS! HK HOLV H1L.I. BAND are still in fhe i-ld. and wi'l n*e th* aeo* nl Mo Nio 01 tbe ?* H n at Joe Kiirmantr&ut'a 0'?ftn Spring Pa- JM nlioa on MONDAY. Atga?t )?h Ticket* Fifty Onta; admitting a ? iii'-m?n atd i?-LSflk diet. Tio^fUrn be had of Kid well k. aurei,ce, corner ot Pa. a>enne anfl 14th ?i; a>?o at Bernard's drug atore, of High and Bridge ate.. Genr?etown. an 7 St WANTS. : WANTED? A GIRL'o er>oV, waah, and iron in a ?ma!I family. References repaired. A|? r m vm p.. HUC um UUwU # * WVi I J DtVIVI I au &-lt* 1 IV ANTED?A GlRL, to do |>n(r?l hooaework v v for ft ema! family. Good reference required. Apply ftt No. 414 K itrMt, between 9th loth atreeta. jy 9 tt* WANTKD TO PIJRCH A* E?The Good Will id Fixturea of ft imt l Grocery store to ft good huaioraa lor-anou. * line. atvmg prioe ft id particular*, addreaaed to "R , Star OIRce. will receive prompt attention. ftu 9 ft' WANTED?By a reapeotable young ?nmm. ft SITUATION fti cook, waaber, ftnd ironer for ft mftll family, or fo do chamberwork or nar in*. Good -'commendation* c?q be given. AJdres-a b'ox No 1. Star office. It* WANTKD?A BAR-KKKPKR. fto hone.', white, ger.tieMftcly y unx man < fexperi-nc , witli *o??d reier?Loea, la Wot 1 at th? ?*?r ?< oo . attached to the lodrlng houae No 413 Pft. ftvi nue, o^p '-lie \Vi ft da' ilotil. Cftll between 1 ?no a p nv. for *hr-e d???. ftn 9-^t* WANTED TO PURCHASE FURNITURE, AND REN T A HOl'Sb ruitafoi* lor ft amftif family An* one deolinlr:c bona-keeping vi 1 'find ft cuatomer by addreasirg ft note to F. M-GHAN, 37? D atreet, stating r*rticul?'? of p ice, rent, location, to It* \\ ANTKD-An mduatMona, toneat BOY, with " aome business capacity, and willing to make himaelf useful Address in hand wntir.gof ftp* 11cant, t trough Poat Offioe, ABC, giving n?me ace, resiqrnoe, and reference ft J 7-St *_ WANTED.?We are now buying 8ECONDHANO FURNITURE, STOVE*and BED OING, tor which we are the higheat c&ah prices. Familiea declining housekeeping, or having a ?urplna of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give ua a "all. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, je lS-tf No. 369 7th at., betw. I and K eta. FOR SALE AND BENTT" A RARE CHANCE FOR INVESTMENT.m ftjh. salk?The Sto<ok and Fixturea of a naataur ins. now uoing a brat rate imtineu, the proprietor wi?lunic to retire f om the hnam**a. For particu'ar* app y at thin "fljae nmw' A FARM, of about 29" acres, with timber and c eared laida orch%r< a?d treilmu and t>arn, in Maryland, for sa e or exchance for other real or pereonal eafa'e; l'nit>*d s*tatf?. State, and railroad, or other Kt?ck>. rotes, bonds, or other accuriUea. Inquire at No. 4*<f> M%??acbua*ttaav. iy 26-tf H? ANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM 8.Foor naroaomely Formatted Kooma. wirp.ied with aas and water, and convenient to the Patent and Poat Office Departments, for rapt. Appyat 490* MasaanhraetU avenue, north aide, betweec 4th ami itn ata. mats GEORGETOWN APVEKT'MTS IMWI ,N VIRGINIA BANK NOTES ''(""U and Georgetown Corporation pa)ab in Vire'nia notes, wanted. at a fair rate or discount. for District Bank Notes or Gold, or id exchange for Groceries at mr regular retail prices. Apply toutheait corner .rn'reand High streets, Georgetown, sign of the U Sj. Fiae. au I tf W . H. TBNNKV. !\1 ASSEY, COLLINS A CCI.H i'l PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. Expected this day, per steamer J. Jerome? SoO barrels XX llKAUGliT ALE, <o do. XXXX do. do. V*< hif.-bbla. do. do. do. Which on arrival will be for cale Terms eaeh on delivery. ARNY ft SHINN, tn 7 Union l>epot. Georgetown. JUST RECEI VEI?? 1" hhds. prime Porto Rioo Sl'SAIS lKi bbls.Oid Rye WHISKY, tt" hMs. HERRING and ALE WIVES, hbls. Crushed and R Mined SUGARS. bass Rio and Java COP FEE, 10 hht!e.<low priced) MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOGUE. self LADIFS' I ' TRAVELING SUITS! "Efonomy it thr Road to Wtaltk." Ladies intending to leave the city should first procure one of our TRAVELING SUITS. They also answer for Morning Suits at theSpringa or Sea Shore, or in the Country MANTILLA DUSTERS and DRESS to mttoh At only !} 1 25 *nd *3.5n. GllKV SAi'qik \f 4 \'ti i i Ai.d DRESS to matoh. At only 8? 50rnCNCU BA.COUC COST* . With L>R LSS to match. At SS 50, 96 ?aort 97 90. A'eo. a full assortment o' <Vint? it %ck, *nd Brown Droop and Rmid fhaped STRAW MATS. alto a full stock of BL\?'K LK SAOQlJhS, COATSand MANTILLAS. At au 7 3te . MAXWELLS' T>. ar>iiB? JRON-CLAD STEAM VESSELS. Tiik Na*t Dkpartmknt will reoeive offers front p\rt'As wiio are ab e to execute w?w k of this kind, an'* who are -?n::sged in i?, of which tney will fur ni>-h evidence with their offer. f?r the ?"n*t-uotion of one or more lion cl?d Stzam or VV ar. either of iron or of wood and iron combined, for sea or rivai sa*vice, to be of not than ten nor over sixte n feet diauc^t of water; to oarrjr en armament <-f from etthtjr t<?one hundred ana twenty torn w i*ht. with provision* ar,d stores lor froininPhui d u and ?ui?-five tothr?? hun<ir?rf p tfoni. a^eordinr to armament, for nxty daya. with coal for eight day*. The smaller draught of of ?a'er, compatible wtho hec requisite', will ha p>e ferr?d Tn? veaae! to be rigg'd with two inuii, with wire rope tending rigging, to n%vigateat let. A general ?'e*cnp'ion and drawing* of the pel, armor, and maoi-infry. auoh an the work can be ?x- o-'ed froin, will be required The t.ff-r n.J-t s ato the oo?t and "time for ooin p'etiiig th-? wlr le, exciunive of arniMnent and ato'ep of a;l ki'id*ttlu rale of tp?*d p-<pi>ard, and must be accom. aved by & guara.t?- for the proper execution of the contract. if awarded Pe'?oun who intend to uff< r are requeated to infirm th-> Department < f t. eir wit^Mi >tt ttffore tie L5!h A'ip'.ct it it&nt, an 1 to havo thei propoai iona prm n withiu ' wei.ty-five days from thia dat?. an 7-tis CIGAKr4 AND l.KAFTOB \^C?> FOR SALE AT AM) BEL???V COST To cloae ?>ut, I offer my entire at?ck, oompriainc eont: iw ftV? p*?M-made Ctti AKS, of a I an a an* Srad**, &l-o alont in oarea CONNECTICUT ?t.i) lkaF tobacco, vara hi, eto.,etc? for oaah at an.1 b-1 >w oo?t P. \VfclLB\CHKR, of Haiti more, Store N". St3 "a. avenue. an C 14t* Be'?e n 12rh and 13th ft a. I I ii R A R V OF CONGKKSS, I ' AraraTS. 1861. Ni'tio* ia hereby given that the' I.ibrnr? ot Con g-Baa" wilt be c oieo on'I uesday, the 'Sth d?v of Anguat, and will not he rsopered until Tueaday, tue 17th fay of September. au 6 J H\ fi *T*-:PtlENSOX, Li^-ra'ian ^tOKGETOWN INSTITUTE. Th* ''utiea of tbta Sohrol will be reaomed oil the firat \f / T -W? * * * * i s^p'riniwr lifll II4 H(lV4DtAf6l (both a* tn location and faoi'itie* 'or improvement) ?nd mideratp t?nn- ? * to 'he earon ioofall. THOM ?8N. CONRAD, W^A., JOHN 8. CONRAD. an 6 tSeptl Principle. 100 PIKCF.^Vufk' RTn? NV>^ow. Green, and Wliite Mosquito Net juot opened aiid for vale oy WM R- k LEY * BHD., No. 36 Centra Stores, Bet we- n 7th an<l tth sta., an 3 tnt.if Opposite Center Market AUR RKMAINING STOCK OF FANCY t f and DRY SOODS, reoently brought here irom Alexandria. w>l' he sold at a atili greater red notion in prioes, to enable u? to olo-eonr t games* as soon as posub e. We sell *r.od Straw Matting 4 4.90 cents, 5-4,25 oents ; a few pieoes Hemp Carpet l^ft, 15 oents per yard ; 13-4 Linen VheeUnc. 75 oents; Milun*ry Goi/di and No'ion* of every deioription, at wholeaalf and retail ; Ladies' Dres* Go^ds. Embroideries, 8haw s. Mantillas, Bed Blankets, Winter Goods, and a thousand different arttoiee, wi 1 be sold to please every one Call at S. ft W. MF.YKNBERG'S.jor, reo-?nUy called ijr its reputation) the A exaadna Cheap KtorA AN VI rkr a, *r J ? ... vfwv 'I WVWUM *?WI WWW* W! enth st. M>1* fsmmtiI BILLIARDS! TClM The lovers , . .1??J * of the I GAME OP BILLIARDS will find in EMRICH'S FINE HALL, Corner of Pennsylvania avs.ue and 11th street. * (sooth side,) tvo of the mJrt admirable TABLES* in the United State*, with every eomfort and oonvenieaoe an 8 tf tor the ?lay?r?. Fresh butter, kgup, cheese, navy BEANS, and B*CON.on oomii.niKnt and for sale ty CLARK t BLOChbK. Commission Merchant*. %io. 497 Seventh st.. between U and H. N. B.?Butter U1XH oents and upwards jy? iw* JH. PKABOOY, M. D., t>vneiC4L AND Ma ch4ricax. Ukmtist. havins iiien/vm rooms at No. si76 Pa. avenun. KetsxciMfl i in ?iw iiin iu., two do>ra east of tr.e * '** Kukwo xl Boiw, reapoctfolly aoiieit? a abare of the pnttlio patronage, in the variooe anehea of hia profe?ion. jy li lm' SUMMER CLOTHING _ ? At ft is von Paicsa. I We offer oar targe ataortment of thin BUM If Kft CLOTHING at redueed pri-ea. Oor au>ok eaabraoea ail etvloa ud aaalitioe >( tie&uanoa, Youtha, and Hots' Womuc Apptrol, of Uoiaoot soon.. grant vatioty. CUitnug made to order at the aho-toat aotioa. wAlL STEPHENS* CO., i Jy U (latol.*fto?.) Kk a?2 mtTafa. i < i 0 LOST AND FOUND. | 0?T SrKCTACLiam fU lrv?. nt mt Li rAMo ?m?. in ero^iBf tba HwlUi g?tCyiTJL ni u iroitdi f om B atnwi wmtk to*. * Heranth itrMl VNl. or tl"?| ltr?f le l|? M?rk?t Hoom or ?t the M?rkat Ho?* ; tto triM m?- k*d "Hood"?"am# of m?k*r. Tb* ?4*r ?ij b# ibaiVly rewarded by Imtioc tb?m ?t Una rf go* IT_ r|IKTRiCT OF COl U*?HI A. C?>mTT ow * Wmrimtoh. f# wil :?I hw-br ??f- fv tify that IMrid WMt?|?:4. o( Mid eovntr, l,Jl broojtht b?f?r? * to tr??. ? Sin HOR9K. Itr<? alio MHr*"tl? ftboit 'I * '? old. ktn?Ml down faoo: no oihar n i'ki: t i>R. Gir#B nodar nij h*ort ?-<t ?? I Una ? h C?? of Aafuat, IDi. THOMAJC. DONN.J P THE OWNER ofth?nl>->T*<lMorih?<4)inrMvill oon>?forwd_ ^roT? >rof?rty. ht cktriN, m<I i?tr 111 m aj ? ?. n r t f ^T.l ?l'i W tah nCton City. 0 C . H* At JuitiM I ou'i Ulo*. Al>VBtTI?EMEFrr OF AN E8TR AT ? Pt?iiict or 'oimiiii Ci'tm Wiim.xtiox, T> *v:-l oertifr lU*v that H tmr Ynimu. of ta d o^aati boncht bo'T# roe a* an e?*n?y. a off*' WORSE. Itjti ? ah >u? 11 jearj old,and ' ha-* hi*h UiTtn ?r-der nir tand -r>?i e* 8'k c?f of Autnat 1M . THOMAS C M?*\. Justice ol the Peace for Wa?h'i>?tr? oointrl>i?l.iet vf > kltgib A. THE OWNKR ?F THE ABOVE UEarribvd h-rte will e^rr>* forward, pror* property. Mt eba'|H,ti)il <ak? him ?*a> lr*n"? ' ' t. Donn nnHt'i HK.N R V VEATM AN. ?.8T-A HANK R<?OK. TW i PAPHRA. L ?nd BLANK HOOK ot Tih rtr??t arai H A liht al reward will he paiJ to tut fender on ret?m ins them to No 39U 7th -tn?r H au ? St* ?OH RE WAR D Will he e'ren for the roooverr of fur Wh'ti^y PI?T'tLS, stolen from oar store, use* SS.6 and S inch?or ia proportion for a* many a* mar be recovered, an 8-S' DKMPyKV A O'TOOfF,. IO T?On 'h? 7h ins'ant.a Certificate of Ir j ?pecf!ori of m inuforCol Vounc'a KentU' k? re*iroent of Li;ht Ca?a!nr. Tie ftuder will t?e ptarablv rewarded b? earias it at t>?e Kirk wood Home (au8 3f) P. A. AHU I OS T? Between the Treasury |)e^rt?ert an>1 the Arsistun' Ouarterm??r?r*? ? ?? '1 K K ^ SI R Y NOTK. "l yea*-*, No WS8. payatle to and endorsed by tt M Clark. di?b?trainc e'e-k. The finder, hj leavirc it at SI BLfcY A. QUY'8 Store. wi I be awarded, as J Q in R KW> R D.?Stolen from wit ?tabl?. on ti?? C I" r.i* t of the 6th it etai.t, ( upp"?f^ gv b? L'. S. a" dier?,>a eh^er.nt sorrel H< 'R{*K' HLLri abf at K or 9 rear* nl, and aVnt 15 handa*^** h'f h, with Maae face, lelt hind Ire wh<te. M 4 K K HOWLIN. au P st* rpTcrr nth an<i Wnundar* fC8T?' *n Satorda* "renir.j. Atiiuat >l. a am*!! i bO 0 CHMN.titu two in*d? and com at'aoh'd. the cr^ea ergraved ' faiHi;" f'??p he a red a?*t The fir.dT wi'l t? rewa'ded and receive the kanka of the ofner b? ravtrf at try dwelli"* No, si91, on H it., between 17th and 18th, Firat Ward. ?B 8-2t* WM N RKFFR COn RK WA R I)-KOBBEK V Wea^oleo O ' fr * ? th? eubacribe'' ?to>a. No 492 F*. avenue, near 31 >t. a^ut t o'olo" k yesterday, ?nppoa*<l by a h\r?-|oot tx % . 'hree R?V' ?(,V KRIS ? one 6 w~ta Colt'a, old pattern. No. U7 ?25, oue 4inch. Baoon'a Man<ifattarin( Co.; one 4 mo* Whitn??. eeeond hand. loaded The aliove reward wi 1 be given far the re^very of th * revo ve<-? ??d prosecution of the thief, or IB proeoVie* for oae or more of the revolver* (iKO, SWAG*. Fob Rint?A 4-?tory Hriok Houee No SIS R tree , near 6th; pare air. good water, Ac . Ao. Inquire aa ab >ve. an ? 3J CEO. SAVAGE. TAKKN l'P-'>n the6th ic?tant. a t'l'k R*V HORSK, with bla? k lec?. and b ind in rv one eye The own*r will pleane com" f r jUkV vrard. prove property paj c a-*e?,and take him away. JOHN "TEW ART. ( au 7-St R street. hetweeii P'.h end f?h rts. & !T KEW^RI)-Strayed from theam-ecr.ber.oii the Slat of July laai. a ?maJ l> owni^ MARK MULE, ?ith a bunch of jonc.^BA o"thedded hair under her t*llv. 'he VS^B above r wanl wi I l.e gi vrr. f >r u? r u t aU. ? ? f ( kit at ? ? - ? w hi" j"n.i n Tftrf.UK.Doriisr of M dryland avenue and 13% atr??et, rear the l?onc Bi*1!*. mT ?* SIX TENTS RHVAKU, ANI> NO TMANK*. Kan away from the underngned, oa or ab"nt the 2d ir>?'ant. * NKGKO M??Y, *UX WILLIAM H. BRO K?ao indentured ayprentioe. aged 16 year*. Ail p-r? ic? are w%rned aganiat t arborir g or employing thaJ?? aa d boy, under the penalty of h? law an 7-3t an'DRKW J. JOVr"K \f K.OAL FOIND.-A laree >?i'ver Medal, foand i~l by a Aamnn and left at the Navy <?ep*rtmeatt otn be had by th* owner upon id?Ltifying it. j au 6-6t < Repab. A lnte. ) I ? REWARD?Taken from tha vicinity of | the Pott Oftoe on the evening of rv I tue Slat of Jay, a fay HDR^E and two aeat e<i CARRIAGE W hoever will retu n ' * aid property, or give inf .rma'ion wh -re it wav be I found. mall reotiv# #"5, and 9tS add.tioaal will be | given for the oouvirt on of tSe tt i- f. WM. KAXi N, Chief Clark. I N?vy Department, Auguat 6. 1K1. aaC-Ct ( Nepub. & Intel.) AUCTION SALES. By WALLA BA RNARD. Auctioneer*. GROCBRIM ATA l?CI ION -Oa Tl' E8DA V MORNING, 12th inatant, at too'clock.we will aell in front of the A notion Roonta. a a took o( Groceries, Lienor* aid Sagara. enmpriaiag? Oin-irnati llama, Cracke *, Cheree. Aaaorted Piokl* , inra>eo' b? the Haodred, Ataorted Ja<a Pr*?erve?and Brandy fea'hea, H?>xe? Starch and 8cap ana Candida. Fine Cut Tobaoeo, Segara. aaaortrd Branda, Cacae Old Nectar WhUkey, Otard and Marrell, B and*. Paaea Claret, Ca<k Rran y, Old Bourbon, Parkar'a, Funk'a. and other \\ biakiea, Ba'.ela Vinegar, With tray other go*;da to oloee oonaignmenta. { Terma oaah. an 9 Wil l, i - - - - u . i. M L#| il HOU Hy J. C. MoGl'IHE A CO.. * nobouM'i. EXCELLENT BLOGV AND HARNKfJ* AT Acctios -Oa J?*Ti KDAY NOKMMi, Autmt l?*h, at Wo'etork, in fr?nt of ih~ A nation Ro<>rnaofJ.C MoGii ? ? On , c?rr.*r of lohnid , 1) atreete. I *1 a I a II,for an a paid livery 1>??J? On* exo1 lent Top Bug*) \\ agon. On* He mem Te'ina caah. ROBT. I. * AINEY. a J 7 J.C. McGL'lWE ft CO . Aoota By J. C. McGUIRE ft CO.. Auotionee a. Horsk. ki;ggy, and uarn^sp for Sale.?OlTSATlEDAY MOR.Nl.NO, Ain.t lota at n o'olock.weahail sell, in fiontOi the Auction Store? Ol* ^av Hone, about 15 hand* high. 9 ynara old, kind aid (act's, w*rka we.! ia ami a or dout> kameaa. ()"? eo d Top Patsy, and aet ?ln?V Harnaaa. The ab^ve can tie a en at Bir?hra aUb.a, F?*mr tee ,th '. ret. and will be for p I vate a%le nnti! tl.e da* of auction. I'eriraoaau. au 7 st J. C. McGtlRK A CO.. Aueti. OFFICE OF SECRETARY A TREASLR' 3. SoLtuea a Nam, N*nr tk? i ?rw ( ITa)/i?|i(>a. F?oroaax.? w II l* rro iveo at t*?i- ?fr*e antil Tueadar, (noun.) th? 9r*th of Aagaat. lafit. ? the co atmotiofl of two Hni1<l<vr> %t tb" Bol l.era' Hons- a m >wh*t a irn ar tj the two n w tb-re known a> oftoera' quarters. Tiie plana and rproih '.&U'>na may t* examine ' at thia onw>, wierea1! information re'ature t > the location and character of tne buidims will l>e given Kvery offer for the eonatrnotion of t*.eae buildin** nji-t t>e aoeon'Mnied br a reaaonaible written guarantee that, if the b?d ahould be acoepteti. ti e party or ptrtiea will witk'B ten daya aatar into an obhgatior, w tfi food a id aiftaient a*curth, to eraot the proponed bai dinr* acceding to ti?a elan and aaroifioation* whioh 1 ?v? been or may here after be fnroiabed and adopted. ue propo?a? wii |i?t? the difiwiM between noioft the valla w th whit* atone or marS e^imil*T to the boild nr? *lr?ad> imtort,or facing* wrh U ? beat preened brick; or bidd<-ra nti, m addition, make such propoaala u to other rofcieriel* u tteir UMnNM rna j rg|('it, Indecidinc ob the bide rlfht will be obaereed by the Hoard or > :o? miwoncn of the *?!diera' Hnm* t ' M??^t ?uch off ri 001? a* iraj be deem'd irvat tdnctft|*o?? f>? the lnititutton; and ilio to the who)* ahoald none of Um be dee mod aoceptfrbt. All bid* to be t*ml*d and endoraed "Proposal* for Baildiaf," and addre*e*d to BKNJAMIN UNO. U? >w Aee't Barroom, Secretary >k Tr?rer. t CBA P IJ8TK PfcBDBIAT, HI ROPODI9T. of Paria,*** the hooor t-?oC. r hie aerYioee to the ladia and rent em?n of lata k ftj. He forfo mt a. ?aeration* neoeaaer? f ?r the ' XTRA- TION AND Cl'RK OF CQKN?. UNIONS, Ac . Ac , a* ?r%?tioed by the French aedicnre*. Oflioe. No 1 i 4>* atreei, mv the C ?y Hall. ? t-1w? Camp Outfit*. IVfcOUIRE A Co.. l"l t'ratr of 10(A ?t. mm4 Pm. as., ilSV6 An AxUmirA -A.-! ? T ? .. .M?U? Ul TUOtVI DMMur; to Cm UN. ot mprtaiag: PARK'S AMERICAN CAMP CHEST, for a M'U of Foar onUktaiff Cooking ard Tab e F?niil?t?. TfMi, T?l? C otki, T?w ?la, Ac., all contained in a neat and strong Ch??t a laabes loag. 14 rtM, and t dsep, vatf lung <?air 40 pounds FWOI1 PATENT ARMY AND HOSPITAL COT-U?? stron*?st, chsape*'. aod au4 portable aflkir of the kind in oaa. CAMP STOOLS, ofevery variety and pnai. MATTRKSSKS, PILLOWS, BLANKETS. SHbErS; PILLOW CASES, Aa., 4a. CT'SaUfrs aad others ferai shed la q uanUttas at jy"? ,^nc<>*- JA^ c MqQOTRE A CO. SOLDIERS ? SIGHT DRAFTS ? _ ?, ON TME NORTH boagbt ami sold ia siai to aait SWEENY, R ITTE^OSB? F ANT^OO.. jy 8 1a (*aad ^hraa?*n*aT Am.tajreseb. WJL-.*- ?. v?ssr^ /

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