Newspaper of Evening Star, August 9, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 9, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. * ?~ ETTiti Stab publishes the List of Letters remaining In the Washington City Poet Office under the provisions of the law directing them to be printed In tho newspaper harlng the largest circulation within the delivery of the office. Ita totffi dally circulation Is more than double that of any other Dally printed In the District of Co'umbla. 0T Though Thb Stik is printed on the fastest team prees In use sooth of Baltimore, Its edition la so large sa to require It to be put to press at an rty hour; Advertisements, therefore, should be neat la before li o'clock m.; sttterwlse they may ?ot appear nntll the next day. Nonet.?District of Colombia Advertisements to be Inserted In the Baltimobb Bun are received at and forwarded from Thx Stab Office. Ma. TALtAraaao's Pistol ?The srrest a few Wf?ks sluce at Port Tobacco. Md bv Captain Darling's expedition, of Mr. G T. Taliaferro, formerly a Department clerk, will be remembered. He waa charged with being on bis way to give ' aid and comfort" to the enemy, but nothing was shown Implicating him, and he was discharged When srrested a revolver (Colt's) wss found upon him. This weapon waa retained for a short time bv Gen Mansficid, who afterwards sent it to Justice Donn, with directions to give It to the owner Mr. Clement L. West, it seems, then called on the Justice and requested him to retain the revolver until a claim of his on it could be settled with Mr. T. From the subsequent developments In tbe case it appears that the nature of the claim of Mr. West w?? this: At tbe time when an attack on Washington was apprehended the clerks In tbe Departments were furnished with arms A United States inosket thus came Into tbe possession of Mr Tsllsferro Hunter, a nephew of Mr.T.'s, and tbe nephew, previous to his departure South, presented the musket to bis uncle, (Mr Taliaferro.) This musket was traded by Mr. T for tbe revolver In dispute with Mr. West, with the condition, it Is said, that if tbe musket was claimed ?>y the Government Mr Taliaferro should pay to Mr West ?13 "5 The musket was claimqp by the Government, hence tbe claim of Mr West for the pistol or its value, as agreed upon. When Mr T. took tbe oath of allegiance a few davs since be went to Justice Donn to get tbe pistol, when tbe Justice told him of Mr West's claim Mr Taliaferro, it seems, then aereed to pay the value of the revolver, and Mr. West told the Justice to deliver the pistol to him; but, It seems, that Mr T changed bis mind about paying, which caused Mr W to change bis about the delay, and he protested against Squire Donn's delivering the pistol until the *13 75 should be paid Yesterday Mr T applied fur the revolver, . but being refused, a writ of replevin was served on Justice Donn by Deputy Ma-sbal Philips, and the usual forms having been complied with, the pistol w*s surrendered to tbe Marshsl and bv blm to Mr. Taliaferro. About a half an hour after the service of the writ of replevin above mentioned, Mr. Taliaferro was srrested by Officer Williams upon a charge of s-lllng a musket, the property of the United States, knowing the same to be Governm-nt property. Taliaferro was taken before Justice Donn and required to give bail for a farther bearing, Mr. T. Smithson, banker, becoming bis security in the sum of 9'KA. Thk Fifth Wisconsin Re& mbst ?This fine Regimen' whose arrival was noticed In the Star of yest* rdav Is 1041 strong, compo red entirely of young snd hardy men They have a fine regimental band and an excsllent drum corps Seme of tbe companies Lava the old arm and soo.e the mlnle musket Tbey will probably all oe furnished wi h Improved arms. The officers are : Cobb, Colonel; H. W Ujjorv, Lieutenant Colonel; C H. Larrabee, Major. T. S. West, Adjutant; J. G. Clark, Quartermaster; A. S Castleu'.an. Surgeon; G D Wilbur, Aasistant Surgeon; O E. Crane, Assistant Surgeon?appointed by the State; Robert Langley, Chaplain; Joseph Crsig, Leader of the Band; T. S. Alexander, Drum Msjor; John W. Windus, Fife Major; Charles l^ngrldge, Sergesnt Major; James Ordway, Quartermaster-Sergeant; B Millard, Commlssagr Sergesnt;JF p. Stevens, Quartermaster's Clerk; Eliza T. Wilson, (noticed In yesterday's Star,) Daughter of tbe Regiment Company A, Manitowoc Guards?Captain T. Clark ; Lieutenants, Horsce Walker and Peter BcbaeOer. Company B, Milwaukee Zouaves?Captain, E. C Hlbbard; Lieutenants, T. B Olnsr and Robt. Ross, (tbe latter formerly of tbe old Chicago Zoosves ) Com! any C, German Turners of MilwaukeeCaptain, William Berrens; Lieutenants, J. C. Bchroellng and Hanx Boebel. Company D, Beaver Dam Rifles?Captain, T. B. Call in; Lieutenants, D E. Tllden and T. R.' Spafford Company E. Janesvllle Light Guard?Captain, W. W \\ heeler; Lieutenants Clum and Mills. Company F, Waukesha Union Guards?Captain, 8 M Bean; Lieutenants, E. Totten and A. S Bennett Company G, Berlin Light Guard?Captain, W. A Burch; Lieutenants. Strong snd C Ay res Company H. Ric bland Centre Guards?Captain, Robert Hawkins; Lieutenants, George Leybourne and J^ry Turner Company I, Redwood Guards?Captain. R. H. Emerson; Lieutenants, C. T. W'ymau and G. S. Davis. Company K, I'lnerv Rifles-Captain, William Evans; Lieutenants, C. Barrett and T.S West. Abbival or Taoops by Railroad?The Nineteenth Indiana Regiment arrived hereby railroad last night. It is a newly ra'sed regiment, and nnmbers 1,016 rank and tile Tbe men have had no opportunities for drilling, having only been furnished with arms a few days previous to leaving home. Tbey are line athletic specimens of W estern men, all very young and active. Tbey will no doubt make good troops in time. Two companies were armed with Enfleld rifles, and the others with regulation muskets of lfe55; but tbey all expect to be furnished soon with tbe Enfield arm. Tbey are uniformed In grey casslmere, and are accompanied by a drum ai.d fife corps of twenty-four pieces 'I bey came right through from borne, and expect to be joined by their reglirental band of twenty Instruments next week. Tbey are now at the Railroad White House, but expect to be stationed atthe Navy Vard. The following is a Ust of the officer* : Field ar.d Stuff ?Colonel. Solomon Meredith Lieut. Colonel, Cameron; Major, A. Backman; Adjutant, J P. Wood; Quartermaster, James S. Drum; Quartermaster's Sergeant, Baker; Surgeon, Dr Woods; Aasistant Surgeon. Dr. Henrlck; Chaplain, Kev Dr. Dale Companies were formed In regard to tbe seniority of Captain's commissions, as follows: Company A-Capt. May; Company F?( apt Llndley; Company D?Cspt Jacob*; Company I?Capt. James Johrson; Company C?Capt Hamilton; Company H?Capt Kelly; Company E-Capt Wlison; Company K?Capt Williams; Company G?Cspt Clark; Company B?Capt Dudley Fifty-three members of tbe Third Vermont Rsglment. who were left In the hospital at St. Johns with tbe messles, having recovered, came on to join their regiment, and arrived here at 6 o'clock this morning 'I'bey are apparently in good health, and anxtous to give a good aecoant of themselves INTVBBSTI5S Casx ?On Wednesday afternoon Justice Donn was called to decide in one of those Interesting cases which will sometimes grow out of qusrrels between married females Tbe psrtles were Mrs. Burns and Mrs. Gleaaon, residents of the Swam poodle section of the city; snd tbe parties, determined to see tbe matter through, at any cost, employed counsel. Mr. Glberson appeared for Mrs Glesson, Mr Williams for Mrs. Burns. The evidence showed that tbey hsd a deeperate fight, in which both parties displayed both pluck and bottom. In adaition to the hair pulling, scratching gouging, and a little biting when engaged In the bsud-to-bsnd conflicts, there was a contest with various missiles at abort range, accompanied by volleys of hard names arid some cursing Justice Donn decided to hold Mrs Gleason to ball for court, and Mrs Burns to security for peace The cause of the conflict was not disclosed. Row 15 the Nokthskn Lisxbtixs ?Yesterdsy afternoon a number of young men, and among tuem two Auxiliary Guards and a soldier, met at a boose on L street, near First, when a regular . row occurred The guardsmen entered Into the muss, and tbe soldier drew a revolver snd flied several shots st one of tbem(Sain'l Spalding); tbe other gusrd (H Norris) procured an axe to use In the flgkt Finally, the soldier's revolver by some me?us exploded prematurely, and be shot himself, tbe ball passing between tbe f re and middle Anger of tbe right band, wounding him allghtly. The parties were arrested and examined Wore Justice Walter, who dismissed tbe esse, and tbe soldier was turned over to tbe provost guard. Tbe afiiir created much alarm la the neighborhood. Absival or Railway I son?A lsrge amount sf railroad Irso Is arriving at tbe wharf foot of Sixth street, where it Is loaded upon tbe cars and taken to tbe depot. Several car loads of valuable timber for building purposes have also arrived at tbe ssme place and been deposited at tbe depot with tbe Iron Pabdo.isd and Dischaboid ?Yesterdsy Lodlm A Bargle, who bad been in tbe county jail about a year, several months of which was ia service of the term of a sentence for obtaining money under fslse pretences, was discharged from prison, having been pardoned by the I*resident. ? ? * * * Absibal ?Laatevenlag the First Artillery Pennsylvania Volunteers wers removed to the Arsenal, ttas men drawing the gnus by hand, not having yet obtained their horses The rifled Ks are expected soon, and we will la a day or have this fine body of men ready for action. TaBBMoaartB ?in the shade yesterday the thermometer Indicated 96 degrees, la Baltimore ttrsesteW,* diftoeoee of nine decrees. *r I A Tkaxstri Mu*d***d ?t a Soldi** ?Tbla morning Daniel Roberta, a aoldler In company F, Twenty-sixth Pennaylvanla Regiment, wii arretted by Lieut. J. R Hadley for ahootlng a tea miter named Wolfe, noldler of the aame regiment, near the bridge over the Capitol branch, known aa 8 warn poodle Bridge. Roberta waa taken to jail, and Juatlce Donn waa aent tor. when an Investigation took place, which showed that Wolfe waa driving hla team, and Roberta came up to him and aaked him to let htm ride Wolfe replied that he could n*t, aa hla team waa too heavily loaded already Roberta then celled him a d?d aon of a b?h, and Wolfe dismounted from hla horae. Roberta Immediately preeented hla mnaket, which he had with him, and tl'ed The entire charge of ball and buckahot entered Wolfe'* aide, horribly tearing the flesh, and causing lnatant death. Col Small baa aaked to have the prisoner turned over to him for punlahment, and Justice Donn haa committed the priaoner to await the military order if such a courae ahall be decided upon. The wound la a shocking one. preaentlng an opening In which the hand may be caatly Inserted One rib was shattered, and the heart, which la horribly mutilated, and the upper part of the atomach mav be aeen. The charge entered the left aide, and paa ed diagonally out through the right. Jailor Wlae haa the priaoner heavily Ironed? Impostor*?Our cltizena who are dlapoaed to be charitable have been greatly impoaed upon by a herd of profeaaed mendicants who are now loafing about the city Some of them, with their arms thing and head* bandaged, paaa themaelvea upon the charitable foraoldiera unfitted foraervlce by the recent battle and aklrmlahea In Virginia, and are left h?re without quarters or meana of aubslatenre. Many of tbeae ocampa are making money by thus imposing upon citizens. One, laat night, In fifteen minutes made a good mechanic's days wagea, and In an hour after waa ataggering drunk In the streela. Our cltizena abouid not be so Impoaed upon The talea that these impostors tell are false, for the Government does not allow the Invalid soldiers to be turned out upon the streets to live by begging. Presentation?On Wednesday last a fine flag was presented to Capt Morrison's company?the District Union Rifle*?by the ladies of Washington county The presentation speech of Mr. J. W Clampltt, on behalf of the laalea, Is spoken of . as a line oratorical effort, and Captain Morriaon acknowledged the favor in suitable terms. Tbla company rendered good service to residents in the county by their efforts to protect the property from disorderly soldiers, and this tlag was In acknowledgment of that service. We hope the company wlil carry It in the service of their country for three yeara, when their three months are out. Railroad Sharprrs?Travelera between here and New York by railroad will do well to lie on their guard while on the cars, against "abstractlona " Cases of pocket picking are becoming onltc numerous. A thousand-dollar check on ?. Philadelphia ba'ik was taken from a gentleman near Havre de Grace, and a aoldler taking home a allver-monnted revolver as a " Stone-bridge" trophy, bed it taken from bim. Another gentleman, in the same locality, lost a considerable sum of gold last week, hooked from his pocket. How they Get It?As It has been rather a mystery how the soldiers at Alexandria manage to get drunk In spite of the restraint* upon them, we have -ecelved information that leads ua to auggeat that wagons going in the boat to that city be looked after, and we have no doubt "dlskivirieB" of contraband in the shape of old rye and lager will b? made Once landed there the male and female venders of "pies an' cakes'' know how to dispose of the smuggled goods. v The Asylum ?Yesterday morning the entire number of lnniatea of the city aaylum was 132. Of these over two-thirds are in the poorbouse department as paupers It Is an indication of a very orderly condition of the city; though the increase in the poorhouse department evinces the fact that our citizens are yet taxed to support paupers from abroad, as well as those of our own city The corporate authorities have often endeavored to be rid of this extra expense, but at the present time It la very difficult to do ao. Kstrays.?During the paat two weekaan unusually large number of horses, cows, &,c , have i been tiken up as estrays by the residents of this city and of Xhtt adjoining counties Many have been returned to the proper owners, but quite a number have not been claimed. Some of theoe animals, It la supposed, have been driven off by persons straggling through the country. We hear of a few identified as property of Virginians, used by persons in their tacape from the hands of the Confederates. N*w Track ?A branch of the railroad la now being extended, for the convenience of Government, from the curve at H street out across the flit north of the depot Tbla has become necessary, from the immense accumulation of cars and freight which haa of late blocked up all approaches to the depot It is also Intended to erect a large Government storehouse near the aame place, for the storage of auppllea. Ac. Hammack's larder just now beats the world, In Its way His supplies cf fresh fish, soft crabs, lobster, hard crabs, game, turtle, choice meats, ll'te fruits, Ac , are magnificent, and hia cooks know precisely how tu prepare them. No sojourner here can realize how luxurloualy one mayfareln the Ftderal Metropolis ere paying Hammack's a visit. The Livuor Law ?This morning, Henry Beorhboltz was arrested by the guard at the central station for selling Intoxicating liquor to soldiers, after having been notified to stop doing so. He was taken before Justice Donn, who fined him In those cases tftere Is no supercedes* allowtd, the Hue n,ust be paid or lue accused goes to jail for thirty dav*. Central Gcardhocsh C/ses.?H McCann, a marine, was brought in ^runk and disorderly; turned over to the Provost Marshal. W. Morgan, of Va , do ; fine and costs, 92 91. Joseph Par iter, drunk in the street; dismiss d John W Fraaer, colored, carrying concealed weapons; workhouse 60 days. Ben Penny, colored, sleeping in the street; do 30 days. Drowsed.?Yesterday, a bright active youth ten or twelve yeara of age, named Willinm Moore was drowned at the wharf In Alexandria. He WHsabout pas-sing from the steamboat Junes Guv at tL" wharf to the steamer Star when he fell overboard between the two boats and sunk before assistance could reach bim. Qualified.?This morning Kdgar H Bates, recently confirmed by the Senate as a Justice of the Peace for the County of V\ ashington, District of Columbia, took the required oath (preliminary to the beginning of his official duties) before Justice Donn. Arrived at Carter's wharf, foot of Thirteenand-a-half street, sloop Stafford, McReady, Philadelphia. with coal for C M Keys Also, schooatr Ida L , Adams, same port, wltn ?< tons of coal for G. T. Langley, and 70 tons for James Fraser. Go** ?The wife of John Hart, late Superintendent of Public Printing, lias left tbla city to join her husband in Richmond. She has been engaged in transporting letters for the rebels. Arrival or Government Horses ?About 200 boraes, Intended for army service, came In by railroad yeaterd^r. They are of the first quality Hollowat'l Pills.?Indigestion, Stomach and Liver complaints. These medicines w ill cure the most confirmed oases of dyspepsia and disorders of the stomach and liver Ther have restored more suffering dyspeptics to actual and p* rmanent health than ail the other ephermeral "speofios" united. They have stood the test ol fifty rears' experienoa. Thar lno ease the appetite, invigorate the stomach and purify the liver, (a bowel complaint* they are equally effioaoious and for sick and nervous beadachea they stand unrivaled. Sold by all Drurgisu, at 36o., &o , and $1 per box. au 6 lw Covsrs.?The sadden ohanges of our elimate ara sou roe* or Pulmonary, Bronchial and Astumatic Afutiont. Experience having proved that simple remedies often act speedily and oertaicly when taken in the early slates of the disease, recourse should at once he had to * Broun's Bronchial TVocA**, or Lozenges, let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be ever ao alight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may be effectually warded off. Public Srtaktri and Stngtrs will find them effectual for clearing and strengthezinc the oiee. See advertisement. de 1-iy P*!tmi>. Pereons desiring pennies will always And them for exohance at the Star Office oounter. tf MARRIKU On the 27th of May. b? the Rev. John N. Coombs. Mr. JOSEPH B BISHOP to Miss LIZZIE LACY, both of this city. * On Wednetday, the 7th iu?tart, at the Church of the Kp'jhar.y. by the Rrv Chas H Hall, the Rev. PK LHAM WIl.LUMft. of Hartford, Ct, to Mis* HELEN M. GUNNKLL.of this city. 1)1 ED, . In thia city, ea Thursday, Aurnat 8th, at 9M p. nr. ISAAO CL* RKK, in theTOth year of luaa<e. The funeral will take alaoe on Saturday, at e. m . from the 1st Baptist Chtroh, Thirteenth st, to which the relatives and friends of the family are invited, without-further notice. Ou the morning of the 9th instant, JOSEPH ABRAHAM, only son of Joseph S. ana Susan A. B s-, ased 1 year, i months, ani) 8 days. The iriends of the laaUlv are invited to attend the fascia), from his parents' residence, on New Jerse- Arena*, near New York avenaa. It-morrow (Saturday) evening at 4 o'clock * On the 8th instant, Mrs ALICE MACKNA NEV. ag'd 83 jeats. The friends of the ft mi It are re* Rested to attend her funeral, to-monow, the loth inst, at lo o'clock, frxia tt<e reaideooeof her mother, 8Rrs,Chafon, oa M ?L. between >8th and 80th. * At Fanmnx'o*. Md , on the 8d instant, of oon sumptoa, JOHN H. HOWELL, in the^uh year year of his a* a. On tbe7?h Aug*"J?*iutAli,J#rln* ilof 7 weeks, WALTER TAVLoi, a?ed 1 year. 1 j^onth, aad 8 oaya, so? of Mark B. and Mary E. LIST or LETTERS remaining in the post office. Waski*?to!( Citt, a ugnst 9,iw1. [Ordered to he inserted in the Evxki.i* Stab. it being the sewspaper having the largest circulation of any daily paper published in Waahin<ton.] |c^ All person* applying for letter* in the followng list, will please iar they are advxktiskd. ladies' list. Austin. Mi** Ellen Ketcher, Mrs m m Andrews, Kate Kelby, Mrs Atkins. Miss Charlotte Kesley, Miss ' * Alexander, Mrs Geo m Kercall, mi** Mary e Aldrioh, Mi** m k Ketoham, Ettie m Aims, Mia* Martha Lloyd, miu Fanny Beale, Mrs m a Lecompf, Mrs Harriet Bates, mi** Nancy c Lett Mr* e Black, mi** Ada 1.oca*. Mrs Sarah Brook* Mrs Jane r Lewis,Mr* Isabella Boyle, Miss Annacosta Lugue, Mr* Ann Bayle. m>ss Beokie Lowry. Miss Jennie Brown, mr* i- a Marsha'l, mi** Emma btrne, Miss Mary " Malonev, Miss Anna Raioh. Mr* Marshall, Mr* v t b anche, Madame Moro?>sy, Mis* Mary 3 Bradley. Mr* c w Marshal'. m's Sophia f&rton, Mis* Kate c Martin, Mis* Mar? h Bar bee, Mr* Bella Maiisor, Mi** Dora a Bagby. Mi** Lu-t Major. Mis* Sallie j Biancha'd, Mr* Ann Morpny, Mr* Susan Berry, mi?* Hattie Mpran Mrs k Bennett, Mrs Ida Moreland, Mrs Caroline Harcrolt Mrs j w Ma?uire. Miss Annie Bulger. h1!* Maiia MoRea, Miss Ki.'a Bris'and. Mi?s Rose McLaughlin. Mrs k a Butler, Mrs Charity MoCrossa^, Mis* Mary Bogan, Mr* John f MoGarr, Miss Lizzie Byron, Mrs Sarah a MoCauley, Mis* Rosa Bradley, Mr* Catharine McCauley. Miss Julia Bievine, MrsRiel McGlen, Mr* Catherine Blakeslee. Mr* Hattie e MoLe' an. Fbza Cha*e Miss Kate MoCristal, Mrs v Crist, Mrs m m Nichols, Miss Belle Cook. Mr* k p Nawman, Mi** i a?inia Ch<ate- Mrs i)r o'Roark, Mrs Ellen Cross, Mis* Kate Ferry, mr* e Child*, Mrs < atharine Pol ard. Mrs c w Collings, Mrs Mary a Patterson. Mr* Carlile p Crosdale, Mr* e Pickens, MrsAlrx Colbert, Mrs e Pott-r. Mi** Sarah Carroll, Mr* m Pedicord. Mi*? Sarah Curtin.JoJia Prudhomme. Victor Commms. Mira Vio'a Patrick, Mr* Ain Cond-n- Mr* Mary Prrkina, Mrs Warren Campbell, Mrs Maria Patt'raon. Mrs Mary Cameron, Mis* Moliie Plaguire, Mis* b Chapman. Mrs j Queen, Miss Mary Carogan, Mrs Ca'harine Qu?en Miss Elisabeth Crowlev. Mis* Ellen Revere, mr* r 8 Ca'dwe'l. Mr* Augusta Roa^h. Mrs Mar?-2 ihwei. Mis* Anra e Head. Mr? Anra \v Down* Mr'Ctarlotte Rhode*. Mrs v Priseoll, Mis* Maggie Hanson, Mrs e!!en Dashiell, Mrs e Russell, Mr* m du**nbery, Mr* Ginnie Rirfgiway, Mrs Susan Dickensor, Mrs k Roberts. m s r b lickineon, Mr* Mary c Rnnberg, Mrs Anne n?nni?, Mis* Mary Rider. Mrs Rebecca Diem^r Anna ''mith.^iisi Nancy Duvall. m'?s Ma-raret Shrew, Miss Jane Pu'aney, Mis* Tilda Smith, MissliM f'amant, mrs lizi a Slack, mrg Rachel a Finagan Marie Strong. Mrs e j f*nt?n. Miss Louisa m Smith, Mis* i oitie Foster, Mibs Sarah s'eele, Mrs m f Pates, Mrs s'ran* Mrs f j Fals.Aimra Stncs, mrs j fa'es, mr* j v Smith. Miss ^athera Gibbs, Mr* m b Stiles, Mrs John Gui d. Mre Ellen Short, Mrs l > Gwinn, Mrs w m Smith, Mrs sarah Gwrn, mjsa lucy Smith, i.izz e l r.nvId, Miss V rancis sm'th, Mr* Ann 0! g?jney. Mrs sufan s >wer. Mis* Ckil'a Griffin, Stewart, Miss Msry a Griffin. Mr* Mare Simpfo:i. Catharir.e Groesn-ai. Mrs j Ira Sherwood. Miss Marr c Hodrcs Mies e Sherman. Mr* Major Hald, Mrs Ann Stewart, Mrs c g Hill, Mis* Anna m Stuart, mrs James Hart, Mrs p Stevens, Miss Moliie 2 Hedte, Mrs l k Tnrton, Mrs P ache' Hays, Miss a m Tucker. mrs Mary v 2 Mars, Mrs m Tyl*r, Miss Mary Hodge, mrs Mary Tyler, m'.ss Heater Ha-wood. Mrs f Toi*on, Mis* Malvtna Hevener, Mrs p Ta!l>ot, Mrs a h?"?nn, *'r? Ann Voil?ntine. m rs ii Hurbort, m'a Vosb?rg. Annie Hanson. Viss m e Widup, Mi**ta me^nan. Mrs w'stut, Mrs j k h< wi'?i?n. Mrs m Wa'ker. Mrs Jennie Ila^ an. Miss Sallie wo druff. Mr* a l Haean, Mi*j m*t(tie Whitrey. Mr?f m Hoihrook Sir* h si wi ron, Mrs Char'es Harson mrsa Watron, Miss Msry j2 Hoioomb, Miss f Wheeler, Miss 8 a Hemmick, Miss Lizzie Warnick. Miss i. Ives. Miss i'srnis Walker. Mrs g w Joirs, mrs Major Willi?ni*. misc Johnson, Miss Hellen Whelan, Mrs Susan Johnston Mr* a j Wlartoi Mrs t b Jaeksor, Mis* Laura Young, Mrs Y c Kenney, Margaret gentlemen's list. Avsrill LtW w Beebee Geo w Carpenter e XV Androe wm Becker Geo ta l?n Dcnnl* Adam* wm?2 Bnt'er Geo b c apin'^ennis 8 Anderson w c b ackman g w Car in Dennis Ainsworth Wm BrubenGeoM Connor d Allen Thus G Brown Geo c a?in d Arntftrong Thos Bucl aion 8 m cou~h c<>1 d n Acton t c b'air Got CoiwpII l> t Arrold Saml e b?ttly g a co* p w Arkrigtit Saml Brown g a Chal i* l k adaros^ml Boynton f m r'a iahan d a al'en Robt b o?nF-2 CusliirgCha-j d 1 ArnoldCaptR?2 Riirr.ey f j 8 Colt Cha* h Anderson l Brnzee Cicatern RevC 1 .^verill Lorenzo Boll Freedoaia Chadsay Capt 1 AnJaraon Ion hbs'lan-jt w Cook e a j Abercromtie j j Barks, Francis t.umi oikv? Arnold j m Branch Klam Cowen b r Arnheim j alden e Curtis bns Gen ' Anirenstoin Jno Raker Ezra Chetwoo^LtBC2 1 al en Prof j m Brunf e d-4 Cheever b h Adams j h Begg* f. v Car michael b Allen JnoT b-ck'ey e r Craig Burton Allen Ira w Brew.-r e t Oampltell b a All nProlJM-2 Boden ? Clark a h Adkins j no Bayle e Cushmg Lt a h ' Alexan?!er Ira Buckley e r Clarence a 8 Anderson Ja -2 Nrenen d'? Cypress \ Addams Jco b*bcock d ^ c arkAG a' ornJo*m Brown David ColllnsworthAD * Auc'mirud j c Boyd d h Camming* Alex ( ardre"** Henrr Bell Capt Craig a a-2 Allen Dept q m b^ar<1*!ey Capt Chidsey a Cen Boyle Christy Craig Andrew < Amhercrombee Brown C 8 Caam A'?x M gen Betrne Chas Dimick WmHon Alexander g w h ste 1 Dr c ii Button hr Hon a blot e 0 MailyCP IJiittonWmM al e.l j) a Bonnev c h Davm Wm 8 An..*s Rev Danl Rurreli Chaj Dove Win a AgnerDrCK Bone Chas?2 Davis Wm h Arnold a c Birnum Capt Daniel Wallace alien a a Mo*manC f?2 Draper Tlieo 8 Banning wm l Bowers c Dickey t l liar \v h Benton Benj Dolon thot h i Browne Wm Bayley b b de any Thoj Bradford Win Hrown a s?2 Davis Thoa Bow*>*Wm Backus Andrew Honnelly Thoa Burgess w r Bowman a h Draper t s Burdine wm b ake Alex Daiiey Samuel Brown w h Brummell b DinsmoreSamlP Bigler wilson Broley a f r 2 d'cKinion Sol Bmieigh w a Hently a j Dilib,e Spencer ha'sennan w c Barrenger a Davi* Saml Burr w h Bowie a f Duyre Sargt braz^iton w p Arowley a c Dunn Robt g Brooks w p Buchanan a Dicgi-sonR HuellWP hnu a d Duyer Patrick Barse w h b?cnstein a c Daab Phillip Bartrem w h Che*boro w Dirtfelder mr Kradish cl l Cook w j DeBo<* Martin Beall w w r Chei bjronjh w Dubois Morris Bu t Lt w s h UwerLawrei.ce Brown w w Crawkin wm DeAntet.u LoHailry v Carliss w h renzn Bru'h v Cutter w b?2 DarlingLeonard2 BanmgardenerTCro** w b b Drown Leonard br.t??s j'lio* c Cadr wm ? , Bnrch t Coop?r mr Dewey l Col Biewn Thos e Co'e w h DingmanLevant mfndie?theo Ponger w m Drew j d Baco . Stephen Ciopper w h IJrece John b >lden Spenoe Campbel w m Dow Jobn c BaswoithSC CalwelWm d^mentt h BeniaminSH Claik Tho* Dstlon j b Brown Saml t ? hrisfe Thoa Dezay j b Capt BeachOapr r a Cook Thoa d^irpsey Jaires Mabco k r s cr.ran Timothy Davie j w Col HretkentidseRJCuran t a Davideon j?aae But er k m Ca*i<iy '1 hoa DeBois j<>ftn VaboockRS Conrad 6eo Dobman John Baker h w caiu>l>e 1 Thoa Ho< kman John Bryant r o cartsv Saml p Decker John Bvker Phillip Curtu Saml r Dnscoll John Blanehard p Crawford 8 k DuBo.a John c Buck lts w ChidreyCaptSG Do ge h w Ballard o w Cam ron s h d?nenbergHetnBuford Col n B Coomes Semi rich hennett Nelaon Carter 8 h Doreon Herman Bechtel n Cooke Smey Duncan ttaha Butler Rev n Cooper 8 f Duel rollar^ Benson n f CreooSaml DuenhamcHeart Bennett m Cones Saml e d'.wack h t. 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Jailor D?3 X\ ocd'iery A t Sparks M iascoo David Walker Albert 1 ?!" if* Tuttle C F WaiteM Stone L H Tripler 0 8 Young A J 2 1' Thornton Bei Tetter M L 2 Smith L Throop |) B H Yard M T XV S?fUrtU\"<K? Trowbndge A S Young Ttioa c Lfl. ge 'l H ?our-g Tiios H t ? ?k i l i> tpton Lt \ rule r4 ?: Smith Jacob B I liman Jci-3 Vonrc Oe W R ? Scnwaz Jos JJcsworth J no Yoang Law Snuth J C Lrn.yAV YingliJt J.,oT ' J*M? ^,a" Mr Yrager ll S t S!"!!h'fUu Veagiel A Young F S ? gmitiylaaS Vaol tt C Yuger F 1 ScotV . ' *V ^ r p '^sn' Z tnancv A P ? ^ Van Vankren D '/ere^a A L t r X*f. H /jate- Kdw Swai a J A \ allette H Zeanng XV B ! MiacBLLANBoua.?H?urs of James L.avland: ?oL dier 01 1812 ?. U; Gov. of Conn; Pub. ol 'States and Lnion-2; Capitol Extension Office; A B; Post ( Omce; I ub. XVeek.f I nion; Editor Ma? s ai.d Ltion; L. O P ; a. B C ; Sut o 6U1 N Y. Cav- * vry: Ed. C hronicje XV ar; Admiriatrator ta'Me of 1 Dr. John Evaua.dMs'd. IE^ Lstt?8 mtar in all case* be Peefaih. I Drop Letters, in all cases, mu?t lie pre-paid. Aug 9 LEWIS CLEPHANE. P. M. BCT tophams j Qua PREMIUM T K V N K *?*0 ? MAS V FACTORY, 499 SlVg.lTE STKBET, WABHINOIOM, D. C. ? Silver Meda awarded by ."Iaryland Inatitate of 1 BiUimore, November 7, lf 0. Also, Medal by Metrop<>litac Meo.Kira'Inatitate Xvaahicgtiin, D. C., 1857. 1 1 am constantly making, and alwara have on hand. < of the best material, every d^e.criaf.on 0/ ' Fine Sole Leather. e Iron Frame. ; Ladiet' Dreaa, 1 Wood Bex, and Paokir-.g Trunka, Pelliai8r.CaxKi.fn4 Cacvaa Traveling Baca. C a. 1 r SchoolSat^ge,Ac, ( AI Low Fncf. Meiubera of Concreaaand travelera will please axamme my atock before eiaewhere Tru: sa that are made in other citie*. ' Superior Leather and Dreaa Trunka made to ? order. t Trnnka eovereU aad repaired at **i">rt notice. t Goods delivered free of or.arce to aarip&rt of the 1 oity, Georgetown, and Alexandria. J jaS3-lyeo JAMES 8.TOPHAM. b UST. WASHINGTON ST. 11 STOVE HOUSE. 11 ; *67 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE ?67 i CAM.* EQUIPMENTS of every variety. a?yle and finish, coi stantly ou hand, and for stl<- at prices oonipanug with any retail house avuth i \ ork. T.N, fHKET IRON, or COPPER WORK made to oider at the ehoiteat notice All gooda guaranteed to be aa represented on &?te. Call at ? JAMEA SK1RV1NG'8 WZtkiW? ?tort' Aa"V- Hot-mir Fumno. * Txn, Sheet Iron, and Copper Ware Manufattary, o No. 86T Pennaylvania Avenue, jy 30-eogw Corner of Eleventh Straet, JJ 1~~ CASH NOTICE. " Conae^oence of onr having to pay eaah for i svery article ol good a we purohaae. we are foroed 6 to rednoe our bnaineaa to Caah exolusiveiy. f.-r the " y,J t*ve 1in store a very large aaaortaieat ?f READY-MADE CLOTHfNG I-r nen and boya wear, which are aeilina at a much lower rate tiiaa nsiiahy. W ALL. STEPH ENS A CO? 3)19 Pa. avenue, between 9th and lnth ata. > lev Mntel.* Hepoh.i ^ poRTABLE OVENS, " FURNACE** and CALLDr6xN8. Ae. Ao. Il ,,a.J p: BARTHOLOVV. ^ jy 26 2weo aaS Seventh atreet near GaaaL NEW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVKL8.-The - " fu'*'1 or i?VHo""* of Ctaea ; from the rr#noh of Hoavra Baiuo. Prec bv mi! ii Silaa Marner, the X ,'eaver of Raveloe - bv' bM Elliott, the autl.or of "A( am Bede ' p^;' 4 ?centa FaKNCHARICH ^Tftl V^' } M P?? imkiiii s^?sfoSJK'V.?j Knd. M^tr * TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Fr*a ( alihrala. Foar Kitim, Aug 9 ?Tb? overland mail continues to arrive regularly Tbe prtos of pass ?f? from Mcramento to 9t Joseph baa beaa Cud at f ISO Passengers who csme through in the mall lUgft eon to regard tbe trip aa oae of no great hard ahlp. although compelled to ride continually night and day, for eighteen day* Since tbe last dispatch a new telejrsf>h station baa been opened tw entv-IIre ml lea farther east, with praeprcle ef another like Ixtenaion baton* another ponv expreoa Tbe candidates of all three political parties aro in tbe fleld, engaged In active canvass of tbe State Between the I nion democrat* and republicans only State issues exist, a* ?>oth parties largely ans tain tbe administration war policy. The Breek inridgera alao make great pretentions. but claim that the prosecution of tbe war render* tbe pro aervatlon of tbe Union hopeless. Kx-Senstor Gwln made a speech, rtoraUr at Warren, principally on a topic personal to himself He said It was his last political speech sad be appears to take but little interest In the politics of the day Bv tbe way of I<oa Angelas we have later news of the party of secessionist*, including Oeoeral Johnson's men They were last heard of at Tucson, In Arizona, numbering sbtut ifty Sev eral had joimd tbe party after leaving Loa Ange los, and among tbem were Major Arms'eed, Lieutenant Hardcastie. of the Sixth Infantry, Mr Armstead, a brother of the Major, and others. Tbe dates from Oregon are to tbe 2Jd Tbe Indian who shot Judire Washington was given up bv tbe chief of the Sp? .ante He coaf.aaed hiacrlme before Squire Hall, at S?ivtn?. and was forthwith bung hy tbe wh: m at that place. Frsaa Fsrtrees Msarss. Forth*** Mono*. Aug 7 ?Colonel rhelps it is said, has hern promoted to the ran k of Brigadier General, and will remain at Newport Newa A Urge acres* I on to Cap'aln Kllipatrlck's Mounted Riflemen la expected to-morrow Lieutenants Butler and Flake yestordsy went out with a flag of truce from Newport Newa. for the accommodation of a lady wlahiog to return to her friend* They found no Confederal** within six miles of the camp. Tbe party waa hospitably '?terUlnsd by a company of hors- men Tbe men picked up yesterday by tbe Quaker City represent that provisions are vera cheap In North Carolina The harvest has been abundant Flour, ft waa thought, would not bring more tban ?."> p-r barrel Coffee was dear and worth rts p*r pound. A prlre-cargo of cheap sugar, taken luto Newbern, N C , brought 9 cts per pound. Col. Bet;fd1x. who baa been in command for lome time pist of tbe New York r^lmenb. having res cued, goes to New York for tbe purpose of raialng another regiment, which will be ac cer>ted by tbe War Department Mr Toombs, one of tbe correspondents of tbe New York Herald, who baa been on dutv at Old Point writing communications for that papier, has incurred the ditpleaaure of General Butler, on ac count of certain official ac'iona and waa notified to leave the place by tbe drat steamboat f r Baltimore, so he came up la tbe Adelaide Hedestgns publishing a full statement of his difficulties with tbe General and threatens many disclosures. Kailrsad Accident at tba Sssqeehaaaa River. Havei-ti Gnri, Aug 8?An accident oc curred here Isst right to tbe army freight train from Philadelphia for Baltimore, which caused ?ome hours detention to tbe pssssnger train for Baltimore On the arrival of a portion of tbe freight train, "ontalning army wagona. horaea. *e , on this tide, the engine, ss usual, had drawn tbe cars off the boat and took tLem to the top of the grade l b* boat then alarted back U> tbe other side for mother load. After tbe euglne had been detached from tba :ars at the top of tbe fcrade they started backward*. and tbe brakesman aot being able to bold the cars, they ran back some distance snd wera not checked until one car had gone Into tbe dock. The car contained arm? wagona, all of which were gotten out, and after seme tie ay the dock cleared. Six horses In another car wers unothered In consequence of the accident Tba ",r In tbe dock prevented the steamer from coming In with the passen-ers and msils Finally ihe passenger* were landed on the pier, and after kome futher detention for tbe mat la and baggage, be passeuger train wai enabled to proceed to Baltimore. Ssnthern Items. Louisville. Aug 7 ?A dispatch from Little Hock, Arkansas, to the Memphis Avalanche, says hat a Confederate acoutlog party encountered a lundred Federal lata In Northwestern Arkansas, ind killed twenty five of them, with a Confederate loas of only two The Charleston Mercnry of tbe 3d says: "Ws been provoked berond enduranee br rsadl ng o? most complacent and gratulatorv comments )f certain Virginia papers on tae charming charity ind benevolence of certain cltlxensaod ofllclsla of hat State towarda the Invaders of their soil, blunderers of their estates, destroyers of their lome* and firesides, and tne polluters of thalr women. We demand that every prisoner in Richmond be Incarcerated and put la Irons. JusIce. Lumanlty and clvilxatlon silks cry for -stem etrlbution '" Lieut Lamar, of tbe Confederate army la still on lined at Richmond The whole of oue aids of lis body Is seriously paralyzed. Frsm Gea Banki't awaaJ SasDr Hook, Aug 8 ?Yesterday tbe wife and laughter of John Sowder. one of the rebel prlaon re here, was escorted to the headquarters for aa nterview with Gen. Banka They repreaeated hat the priaoner waa a quiet, domestic man. bat km forced from his bed by rebel afoute recently aptured at the Point of Rocks Gen Basks told hem that if the evidence corroborated their states neat he would be released, but they had scarcely leparted before other parties made a contrary aUtonent. To-day others from Maryland appeared in be same prisoner s behalf, but Gen. Banksawsite 'urtber evidence Two apana of the bridge at Harper's Ferry ara :otnplet?d. and the work la rapidly progressing. There la a rumor In some of the camps tnst Sen J oh r. son is approaching tbe river opposite Point of Rocks This la doubtful. Mew Ysrk State Doaaecratte ieatral Ceaveatlaa Aliaki, Aug 8 ?A meeting ortbe Democratla State Committee was held hereto-day, when a proposition was received from the Republican *tate Committee for a union convention of the wo parties The proposal ws? rejected The Conventron while holding tbat tbe war ibould be vigorously prosecuted, regarded it as be duty of the federal government to bold out erms of peace and accommodation to tbe dlsevertd States, assuring tbem of all thair rights inder the Constitution. The SUte Convention will be held st Syracuse >n tbe 4th of September Subsequently tne suO-commlttee of tbe Repnbllan State Committee called a Stats con vent! or of neet st Syracuse, September 11th. Okie Urasrratlr State Caavaatlaa. Cleveland, Aug 7 ?Tbe Democratic State Convention to-dav nominated H. J. Jewstt for Governor, and John Scott Harrison (soa of tba late President Harrison) for Lleutonsat Governor. A series of resolution were adopted Tba third ecouimends to the L'gls.atnres of tba several 'tales to appoint delegt-t.-s to a National Cosvenion for the purpose of aetillng tbe present dlttcul les. restoring pesce snd preserving tbe Colon, rbe sixth resolution condemn* tbs President for ils lite attempt to auapend tbe writ of Ao*?e? orpu* iKW OPTICAL E8TABL1BRMKNTT 914 m. I. FRANKLIN, S44 iFfom Pkxladtipktm.,) av, i.j established a branoh of bis besm?es bars, bs ffers to the oitiaens and stranrers his oelabraied improved spectacles, nththeftoeat Psriaooaio-Y .liatic Lenses, ssitod r svary a?s and oondmon o< tha vi us orgaaa Also, for sale his world reaova<*d Mteretrsps*. *U*cmnsKM*Umrti Spy Olassss. .Sleuwwi mmj 'Mr?s*cert( IWw. mm* Msrtsa*snes< fruew, ssati, at ths lowest Eastern s< ice* M. I. PR A NILIM. O^tietac. S44 Penntrlvania avn bat. lRhar. 't h sts . pyatcb?? ? I, have oas of ths bast satoUishamats. aad for tshsd with a complete est of Kns for repair- Jv every descvpuoa of hae Watones, aad ? artioaiar attention (ivs to tas sasss, by ifll ^orooth oompetent workma.1 a.r,d a ?o-l v k-s-. jad. _A)?o, every de?orip ion of rtandaMllLYKJL * A R K. ylatnaadornameLtAi. ssanshtetarea t t.uet ay own supervision, wmcti my eastomars will tad kr superior in esaht? and fcr.ish to northers ware *" "wnrapt*" eeS ??* av?me e^rwliel. )UK CUSTOMERS HAV1N? BOOK ACooasU with as ars reapeotfo 1| not kM that 'Wine to the dal neae of th* bme and tbe esareitv if aiooey, we are wi'lirg to offer a c laooaat of five ?er oast, oc a 1 aeeoeata paid is crrraat aad saaots unda Vtrf .ua money will al*o ^ taken at tbe larraatrato of dur.oosL _ * taj r*AVEUN? TRUNKS, i h a \ r,iTu n^Is t5T?fo"d mwrm his ?M, Soapmirc heat S?.e Mil ! mli?ta' D'??? s jd Tsskins T?i> ? f, wUB ?. Oa?p*? ?Sa<?. e .j. ? >' v ? %e (tas > e?v u?a *nm

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