Newspaper of Evening Star, August 9, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 9, 1861 Page 4
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_? "the evening star. I Gis Frshot i* rir* Weit ?Oen. Fra- ] jor>m re'urtifcd to St Louis from Cairo on Sundsylast, bavin* landed hi* troop# at Bird'i I'oint amid (treat rejoicing on the part of thoM stationed at th?t point. The Oeojfal insp?ot?d the fortifications at Cairo and Bird'g Point, and held a consultation with the officers previous to fcts departure. Since hi* arrival in llisaouri, great energy baa been thrown into i All the department?, and everything is progressing with remarkable rapidity lie reached ft. Louii first on the 25th of July, at nine ( o'clock, and ^according t* the 8t. Louis Democrat) at noon of the sarao day called a meeting of his staff, and though recommended to take a little teat after his continuous day and night travel from tbe East, remarked that hia busi"jiM? was important, and he muat go to work, fttuo* that date he has labored unremittingly in the organisation of his department, and in laying the foundation of thoee important plans which have been confided to him by the Government for the movement of a grand army down tha Miaaisaippi river during the coming fall, lie rises in the morning at 5 o'clock, and xarely quits his labors before 12 o'clock at sight. In all his orders he is explicit and Oouprehensive. and in his appointments punctual to the minute. In oue week after bis arrival, though oppressed with a variety of ether important busine.48, bo had chartered a fljet of eight steamboats, loade-l thcin with oldiers ealled from different portions of the State, ropplied them with artillery and various kind e>f military stores, which he had ordered from the East, and led them in person to the relief of the troops at Bird's point, which ptace waa seriously menaced by the rebel army u.ider (Jen. Pillow. From advertisements in the newspapers and other sources, we gather that an extensive camp of instruction is at 0-ice to be established on tbe outskirts of St. L nis, the camp to hold twenty or thirty thou?4Lid soldiers. Near Springfield, Illinois, another camp of equal dimensions is already established and rapidly filling up. The hospital and commissary department in St. Louis re also under process of enlargement. All tacse fortaidablc preparations of eourae look to hit one grand objevt, and that th?j oomplete I >ss??3iou of the valley of the Mississippi river y tha Government oi the United States. Th* Eid id not YtT ? Let not our peop!c deceive themselves with th? jo'ion that either the first or secon ? battle of Bnll Run is decisive or li!:c!y to terminate the campaign on tho Potomac. Facts do not justify such hopes nor oir position wvraut the expectation. The f >rces of Scott mu*t of necessity be demoraljied >v the brilliant action that has crowoed the SoQthern arm? with victory over great odds. But the invading array is neither destroyed nor captured. Oar forces are comparatively quite maall. Washington is not taken. It is strongly in'renohed.and a^ott has available many more trooj* than ourselves. The forces that hjivejust been routed will be rallied, re-enforced and brought back into the field with every precaution and advant age generalship and military reaoarees ean furnish. The prestige and position of the Abolition Government, no less than fW-tt's reputation, urge them to prompt aui peculiar efforts to retrieve the late severe check they have met with. McClellan has ready been sent for. Circumstances all Sint to a -peedy renewal of battle on the otomac. The next struggle will be one of life and death with tjje invaders?of great imDortance to us in regard to the time of the war. It is to be hoped that our own brave forces will bo properly strengthened, and our able and indefatigable generals put in condition not only to defeat and discomfit but annihilate the enemy and drive his remnant from the polluted nil of Maryland, and soon end the war ? Charleston Mercury. ITT" A toper. In a discission with a temperance lecturer, asked, "If wa <?r rota your boots, what ! etT at mast it have on the coaia of your atomarh." CT Nearly 10.00" persona have visited the ateauier Gnat Eastern since she arrived at Quebec OCEAN STEAM h'RS' SAILING DAYS F*o? tub I'hitib Statu c, '***" For. Day s. C.of Be timore..New York.-Liverpool-. Aug 10 {Tf^uu n:a New York-. Ham I- u re. .-Aug. 10 'V.^ 'iow LiverpoolAug. 14 ' 'toil ? ? , ?Ntrw \ o-k_.^outh'pioa Au*. 17 "xaroA MYe-h I ivarann' A n* IT I haropa New York-.Liverpool...Aug.21 Persia .New York.-Liverpool.. Aug. 28 A-ago New York-Havre .Sep;. 14 Fcom Kcbofb Kangnroo^ . ...... Liverpool New York?.July 24 F : ton ?.. .South'pton. ?New York ?July 24 Ar-l-'~ ""axon..... Liverpool Quebec Ju'y 25 -1 ?u?<-.nia ... South pvrn.?New York?.July 31 Etna... ? ..Liverpool. ...New York...July 31 {* T? Wlon Liverpool ?. .Ouebeo Aug. 1 per*ia.._Liverpool rsew York.-Aug. 3 Caaada Liverpool Boston Aug. lo B?T*r!a.?_ -?*i>uttrpton-.New York..Aug. 14 Aaia .Liverpool....New York.-Aug. 17 The Caiiforiua mail steamers leave on the 1st, littt. and 21st of every month. L^ilALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL r ALAlANDRIA, VA. Mra. 8. J. MoCORMlCK. PautcVaL. T^e thi,t?entc annual session of tnie Institution wili ec.smoBoe on Tuei-laj, Septe-uber 18th, m uie fc>ueracect.f equaled by Syiveeter rioott, Ea?., i?V. Siug e'.'<*>?. Tie joufao (4 udy pursued will eomariseall tii- i>-anca*? r??Digits So a thoroaga Erglish Eduraru'u. aod Alueso, Freaoa, Laun and Drawing, il 1c s.k?ition to-Jj.y taholar#. Mrs. MoCormiek is ?? e,-^ro?! toreoeivea licuced nuoil>er of pupils as w-r?, wi:i>, co jsutatiu* a part of her own nuni.T, a ili ha ccui r?' uroiehato care and superviafon. Sue wn tn^eavor.aatar a? possible, to aurrour<! tt;cni witi? lasoomrortiand kiadlv lasueuoea of in ere. H. Norvop, Rev. Dr. KIim Barueoo.Uev.D. P. Spnjg, WilTiau H. Fowie, bu?ar bjf wa?a. Km., KdmunU F. Witmer H?ry Marbary, Em., Lewis MoKetaie 1 -5V U ii3I5tSn' . W. D. vC'allaeh F^uIdx 8aar, Benjam:a Waters, iittwiaJa, JrM Ea^.,601. Jobn W. Minor, Loadonn, flew-fc tf.aetiock &, Marshall. Mewre Corae Bisusra. _Bfa^, witn Tuitl^a 111 a^\ha KrgJtsh Bicxchea, 93nr? for the anaual aesaiflt -payable aam; aauraily. uadnnea, ' V?s?e kdJJ vig.sac? at Profaaaora' prices. ILT No hVi ctfctw. auM-tf w*ll. *m&i,sv>g8'ss^?, e at o| tfceir aooond sapt r of SPRING CLOTHINC "J 'heir austom trade, oonaistu*?: of >ew CiOtaa. utumtra sort Vostiags, of the lafcaet styiaa, wunh tin will maka to order in aupe^lor style at ?erj low pnees. w"iUc,.?a oatit will find L. our Ready made l)e;arta;ent every artiola of Mi earit: Apparel snitab'e to their warta. WALL, ?f?7HKNS 4k CO., VV v. J ^L.VTHI.Vfl. v ? h Hin > bocivt?: wit.-ua the tut day or two a as?>ol 30^ S' SPRING CLOTHINb, an. jrnciij; a.; striae of low-priced, medium, fcid n;.a ities, watoh we are snilmg a t vary iJW p.ricea for ens.; * - > ,Y: ALi'? htf.PHKNS a co, p,v av., between <?tj> aul iota ata. "" > * .M'.t'-i'"i-'Wr Repnb^on.* H. Vl. 1R1-NCH A RICHS4LMN %Y.K Ju?t r.-ci'ived a saT^ ? of Nate Paewe, colored borutf's, ruled and plain, with F.nJ wiluout .\?otto j*; bovekspr . t<> >natcn. . * * ,?s a r ,o*et il- on <>t every ueaoription. A ifi'gas-e.jrunemot stai.on^ry. ' P 1r! r#celT#<1 uatiy; Papera from u parte ol tae owuritrr. FKfcNCH A R1CHSTKIN, n P^nn tnrnwo. R>x ?N CANS; PhTl l't PoiS; . . ^ r rwsti I umau>?a, la auart oana, !. *, ?J ,,lfny v?rieti?ss; c?m??rvf3 Ea*?t!ta^Ange iaae; Preeh Mack-re,and ?!5_! Lorpwr V-rmont av. and ISth et. RJj LADQUARTFRh FOR SOLDIEKS ? K?lh r^*2*dier lathaeity laoeid cs*ii SMITH'S ? j" . Ser atii etreot, oapoaite the Po?t oCm ul buy thair CLOTH I rin 1 JvS' ? v^43- valicjk. mwffc f?. Ui ,J\'_ Lhe?peet Store in town to bay Clothing and Furcishjig Oo.?dB, m-. J H/gMlTH, Clothier, No. 4ftp Seventh at. WK UFFKK TO MILITARY MEN a large (> V Uvv H ,V,^ LANN A uvrii-hHlK 18, W HI I h ^HiKTS DRAW. KRrSOAMf BLANkhTS, HALF HUSt, Ae.. yjo we mvite a.l eaah pururuuera to examine before making tae.r aeiectiooa. -"aiiHa SrfciPHKNS A CO., 3'iU Pa av., between dth and loth ?u m2g (Int^ligeaeer end Repabtican.) BaROALNS* IN PIANOS.?Oa# TvrT Biea Ha 1 A 5S'na' maaefor 9150; ^ yry nine k,>t?w< i>d Cbiokeringe' f t or>j> Ro-ewood NVwmau A Itro.'eWVlW M UxNwistttors of W. G. MKTZ>.MOTT. we agec.t of stetnway A Kena* and KM^H Jk r? ^i%ro9 11 ? ARTESIAN WKLL WATER; 1-J tijae Lug VN other Medicinal Water., ways treak. Also, treeh supplies ofpara MediT?41 ?a?kTv. Ayer'a, Sohenok'a, and other Medielnae oa aaie. MOORE'S Weat Lad Dru? Stor^ w 11.1 Peer, avenoe. fcPE'PlAL BAttdAiNrf . IN MOURNING GOODS. We offer ail taa best fradea of G> od? ".Jb'"** " r>,, 4 A SONS' PIANOS FOR SALE Vy ea monthly paymenu, or dieoounto for ?St. ^ i ? m They go rlgbt to the ipoC." INSTANT R ELlfcF! STOP *OUR COUGH PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE: SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, All GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, . GOOD FOR LECTURERS, UOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, * GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. GENTI EMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Cough instantly. They olcar the Throat. They give strength and volume to the voioe. They m.part a delioious aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taste. They are made of simple herbs and oannot harm any on*. I advis* every one who lias a Cough or a Husky Voios, or a Had Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get a package of my Threat Confeotiocs. They will relieve you instantly, and you will agree with me that "they go rirht to the spot.' You will find them very useful and plearant while traveling or attending publio meetings, for stilling your Cough or alia*ine your thirst. Ilyoatryone package I am rafe in saying that you Will ever af tervsa-ds consider them icdispensible. You will brd them at the Druggists and Dealers ia Medicines PRICE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. My signature is on each package. All ethers are counterfeit. A Package will l>e sent by mail, prepaid, on re ceiptof Thirty Cents. Address, H?:NRY C SPALDItO, No. 4S CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. NervousHeadache m Headache. By theaseof these Pills the penodlo attacks o { Ntrrons or Sick Hiadarx* may be prevented, and t taken at the commencement ot an attaok imme diate relief from paiu and aloknees will l>e obtained. | They seldom fail in removing the Nausta and Hmdack* to which females are so subject I They act gently upon the bowels,?removing Cos nnsiu. For Littrary Mm. Studtnit, Delicate Females, and all persona of :*>l*ntary kabits,thej are valuable as a Larativ*, improving the appttit*, giving ton* and rtnor to the digestive organs, and re storing the natural elasticity and strength of the whole system. Tk. PVPUALIO nLLO s,a Uiv iceU.lUl lOLg investigation and carefully conducted experiments, having been in use many years, during which time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering rum Headache, whether originating in the nervous system or from a deranged state of the stomack. They are entirely vegetable in their oomposltion. and may be taken at all times with perfect safety without making ai.y change of diet, and tk* aiI s*nci of any disanrttnb:* tast* rmdtrs if Miy to administ*r tk*m to ekildr**. beware of counterfeits: The genuine have Ave signatures of Hmrv c. Spalding on eaoh Box. Sold by Druggists and all other Dealers In Medi cines. a Box will be sent by mail prepaid on receipt o PIUCE, Jk CENTS. All erders ahoaid be addressed to HENRY C. UPALDING, 4S Cidam St&xkt, N**r Yoxx. From th* F.zaminn, Norfolk, Vm. Cephalio Pilla acaomphah the ohfect for whioh they were made, tii: Cure of heaoaohe In all its forma. From tk* Eramittor, Norfolk, Fsk They have been tested In more than atheaaanJ eases, with entire success. From tk* Domotrat, St. Cloud. Mm*. If you are, or have been troubled w ith the headache, bend for a box, (Cephalic Puis ,i so that yoa may have them in oaae of an^ttaok. From tk* W*st*r? R. R. Ostitti, Ckiemg*, TIL We heart*'? endorte Mr. Spalding,ard his unrivalled Cepbilie Pills. I+rm <*? Soutktm Patk Pindar, Ntw OrUans, Lm, Try them ! you that are affiioted, and we are sara that your testimony can be added to the already numerous list that has reoeived benefits that no otner medicine can produce. Pram tk* Gaxttu, Dae?per*, few*. Mr. Spalding would not oonneot his name wlL. an artiole he did not know to possets real merit F*om tk* Adntrtistr, Prtmiim'*, K. /. The Cephalio Pilla are said to be a remarkably effective remedy for the headaohe, and one of the very beet for that very frequent complaint aaa ever been discovered. From tk* St. Lewis Dim trot. 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SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE aMaty all such emergencies, and no household oa afford to be withoat it It is always ready, and to the sUekiaf point -USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. B.-A Brash aooompaniee each Bottle, Pns tt cent*. Address HENRY o. SPALDING, No. 48 Cedar street. New York. CAUTION. As eertala unprincipled persons are attempting to sonar*. examine before purohnsmg, aad see tha i naae. SPALDING'S PREPARED 6LUE??J| I TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. I tpW STATES MILITARY BOUTB. 1 Mnapv SPECIAL NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. < On and efttr Thursday, Af*? 16, 1861. riMimu TXAin* BITWIKN < WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE Will rup a? follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON at 4 I5and7 10a. m. | ami I 30 and 5 45 p. m.. urn vim at Baltimore at 5J&) I ai.d a in. an 4.16and 73) p. m. LEAVE BALTIMORE* ?*? and 8 2?> a. m,and I 3 45 and 5 p m , arriving at Washington at C.iifand ' I U'.1" a. m. and 5 Zr> and 6 45 p. hi. I'a<eenger Trains leaving Washington at 7 10 a. I m. and 5 46 p. in., and Baltimore at 8 2ft a ro and 5 ( I p. m , make direot connexions for Annapolis at the i I junction. Train* leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Wash c I icxton at 6.3ft a. in. and 4 15 p. m Passenger Trains leaving Washington at 4.15a*d l | 7.W a. m and as? p. m. make direct connexions at j I Baltimore fur Philadelphia, New York, Boston, I ard all other points North. < All articles ol freight Mot oontrabar.d of war) i I will be tranxportod over the line. Tonnage Traine I will 'eave Baltimore at 4 20 a. m. Leave Washing- ( I ton at 7,p. m. By order of the Seoretar? of War: THOMAS A. SCOTT, ml* General Manager. J ITS. MILITARY ROUTE. < I U . SPECIAL NOTICE. | On SUNDAY the Trains will leave the Depot at j I 7.1<i a. m. and 2 9ft p. m lor Philadelphia and New 1 I York. Trains wnl arrive at 610 a. ro. and 5 45 p. m. THOMAS A. SCOTT. Gen'l Manager. ma 11 [Chron, Intel, and Repnh.l ! STEAM WEEKLY H-TWEEN ?yfJ32 NlW YOU K AN D LI V r'R PdOL, I Landing and einoarking passengers at . I IJue'niiown, Ireland The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia I Steamship Company mt?id dupatchine their fall , I powered C'vd '-built iron Steamships as foil"w?: ' I GLASGOW Satcrua*, August 31. PITY OF BALTIMORE. ' " I'tii. KANGAROO. " " 13th. And every Siturdar, st noon, from Pier44, North I river. RATES 0T PAIUOI. First Cabin ?75 D'>. t > Londun FO ! Do. to Paris IS Do. to Hamburg .. 85 Steerage _ $30 Do. to Condon -- .. 31 ? o. to '"a is.... ?i Do. to Humhurg 85 Passengers forwarded to Havre. Bieineu. Rotterdam, Antwerp, &<i, at reduced through fares. Herson? wishing to-bring out their lriends can I buy tickets at low rates * or further information apply at tho Captams Office. JOHN ?r. DAL .Agent, 13 Broadway. N. Y . Or to y. A. HERRING, Ariama Express BaltiI n'?'eI' s GOVERNMENT LINE CL IST,, FORT MONROE AND OLD iffl iii iw n mm tOlNT COMPORT. I Leave* the lower end <i UNION DOCK, Ba'ti I in re, west side, DAILY, (Sundays included,(at I 4K -/'ol- ok P M. takini passengers and feight. aid I o un-oting Vith the Railroad lines, to and f<om I Washirg'on, I). C., Plnade phia. New York, Bos I ton, York, Harrisburg, Pittsburg. Pa, and the I West, immediately aPer th3 arrival of the Express I Tiain from New \ o, k and Philadelphia. The following is the Sohedu.e : I From Now York to Kort Monroe and back. $14 I From Phiiada pli a and rack . .? 10 1 From Ba timoreand biok 56. IiyPROCURE VOIR TICKETS.^]] I In New York, at the New J ersey Railroaj Office I fo >tof Courtlard street. In Phi ade piua, at the Compxnj's otCce N. W. I oorn?r f Six'h and Ch3e;nut streets, or at the I Depot, Broad and Prime streets. i In B-lMmore, ou b >anl the Steamers, foot of I Union Dock. HUGH O CONNER, I P.-Mtswnger Ag*nt -TT-** ^INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE LINK EASTERV AXIi W-S^ERN j SHORE STEAMERS. "KENT," Capt J H. K rwa.i " PIONEER,'* Capt. W. Norman, Will run their routes a* follows, ieavi e L'gl-t I street, Baltimore, foot ol Camden al? o'clock A. I M : i KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landing" I on Choptank river, every WEDNESDAY aud I SATURDAY, returning every liiurediy and I Monday. ! F^r Annapolis and West River, every TUES I DA Y and I'Rl I >A Y and returning ea e daja. PIONEER?For St. M'chaei'san^ I-as ton, via I Mile's Hiver, every WEDNESDAY, a-d return I the same day. I Hor Annapolis, West River, Cambridge, Oxford J and Eauton Point, every THURSDAY, returning I hy eame route on Fnday 1 For Annapo'i*. Went River, St. Miohael'3 and I Ea ton, via .?lie's River Ferry, every SATLRI HAY, returning every Monday by same route. I Fate to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Kaston Point . ..?150 I Fare to St Miotiaei's and Miles' River^round ! trip i^l > 1 no I Fa-e to West River,(round trip, SI). 1M) I Fare to Annapoli* ( oiind trm75ceiit?)?.^. 75 MKALS EXTRA. I ID" Freight must he prepa.d 1 1lioii i or., r...? .r I Baltnrore. C. K. CANNON. FT 1 a ? FO* THE jUM w K?'r AN D SOUTH 1 BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. I On and after Mat 18tn, 1?61, the t'ains will rtin I ai follows, vix:?Leave Camden Station, BaltiI more.?Mail, .exeopt Sunday.) at 5 3ft A. M.;KxI'press <Iai y at 3. 45 P. M. B<>th Trains go directly I ti.poigh f(iR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST, I SOU i HWEST AND NORTHWEST. ! FOR WAY PASSENGKRS. Between Baltimore and Piedmont tske the A. M. I Train; b?twaen Piedmont and Wheeling take Ao I oomm<>dation Train, leading Piadmont a' 5 4? A I M.;and bctwpon Graft-m and Parkeraburg, take I tiie5!>iA M Tram from Baltimore. I The FRKDEKICK TRAIN taves Baltimore I at 4 3ft P. M. and Fre-ierick at 6 3ft a. M. I Th' KLI.ICOTT'S MILLS I H A IN leave BalI timore at 6 2ft and 9.15 A. ai d 1 45 an ' 5.4? P M , I ani Ellieo t'a Mill* at 7.40 and U.61* A. M .and 315 I a'd7.?*> P. M. For further informat'on, Tiokets of ev^ry , I Ao , apply to J. T. ENGLAN D Agent, at Camden I Station, or at the Ticket effioe. W P SMITH, Master of Transp.irtion. I L. M.COLE, Gen'l Ticaet Agent. 11 .I 111111 1, 1 NORTHERN ! central railway. j SUPERINTENDENT^ OFFICE,I Calveei "tation, Batimore. May 18, 1861. s Or tnd after Sunday. M*v 13th, 1861, Trai"a on I the NOR ? HKRN CENTRAL MAI 1.W ? Y ar I rive and depart as follows, until forther notioe. i TRAINS NOKTH. MAIL at 8 1.5 A. M. | EXPRESS at3 30 P. M. HARRISBL'RG ACCOMMODATION at 8 P. I M 1 The 8 15 A. M. train oonneots at Relav Honae I with trams on the Western Maryland Rai mad; I at Hano- er Jn otion with Hanover and Geittbi . g I lla'!road?; at York with York and Wrightsv '10 I Haipoad;at Harr sLurg with Peuney vauia Rt.1 I -oad lor ail parts of the We*t. also with Lebannon I VaHey Kail road to A'?i# York dirttt; at Norttium I be> land with L and B. ''nmuvJ lor Kingston und I ah paria of Wyoming ValleT^nd at Sunbury with I the Philadelphia an?i Erie Rail.oad tor ail parts I Northern Pennsylvania and Mew York. The3 P. M t ain m\k''? a'I ttio above oorn-*oI tion* oxoept liauover, Wrtgh' I Railroad and the Lebannon ValJ y Railroad Ti e8 P. M tram mafcej omn otions with Penn I s*!vaniv HailrraJfor all parts of the West,and I direct oonnects tor New York. TRAINS ARRIVE. Mail at 6 10 P >1.; Expre-a at 7 45 A. M., Harr.aI borg Aocommodation at 2.43 P. M I F<-r Ticket' and inf >r atlou inquire at tho I Ticket Offioe, Calvert Station, Batimore I J. C. CLARK,Snp't. ?. LEAVE PHILADELPHIA FoK NKW VoKKI Tho Camden and Amboy and Philadelphia and I Tren < u Railroad Companies' Linelrjm PHILAI BE PHIA TO NKW YO?K AND WAV I PLACf S. from WAl NUT STREET WHARF I AND KENSINGTON DEPOT,will loaveaafol I lows: I At 6 A M , via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. A 000 in mc dation.) I At 6 a. M , via Camden and Jaraey City,(N.J. Acoommoda'ion.) I At 8 A. M , via Camden and Jersey City,tMornI i g Mail.) I At liH A. M , via Keualngton and Jeraey City, (W?-tern Express.) I At I >? P. M., via Camden and Amboy,(AooommoI dat on.) I At 2P M , via Camdea and Amboy, (C. and A. I Expre a ) I At 4H P M , via Kenaington and Jeraey City, (Evening Express.) At 4S P M , via Kensington and Jersey City, (Se<><jrd Claaa Ticket.) '* I At 6 P. M., via Camden and Jeraey City, (Evening I Mail.) I At 11M P. M., via Camden and Jeraey City, (South I em Mail.) I AtS P. M . via Camden and Amboy, (AooommodaI tion. freight and paaaenger, First Claaa Tioket.) I Second Cla?s Ticket. | The 6 P. M Mail Train runa daily. ThellJtfP I M. Mail, Saturdaya excepted Por Belvtdere, Eaaton, La-"bertville, Fleming I ton. %o , at 7.10 A. M.; aud 4>t p. M., Iroui Ks.i| aington I For Water Gap, Stroudsbnrg.Sorant in,WilksaI barre. Moctroae, Great Bend, Ac., at7.10A.M., I from Keatington, via Delaware, Laokbwanna aw I Weat-rn Railroad. For Mauoh Chunk, Allentown and Bethlehem at I 7.lo A. M. and 53a P. M. from Kensington depot; I the 7.10 A. M. li o connects with the tiain leaviua I Eaaton at 3 35 ?*. M. For Mount Holly at 6 and 8 A. M. and 2 and 4X I p vt. I For Freehold at 6 A. M-and 2 P. M. 1 For Briatol, Trentoa.fte. at 7.10 A. M..4V an(j 1 (Ai P. M from Kenaington, and 2H P. M from I Wa.nut s-roet wharf. I For Pa'myra Riverton, Delaneo, Beverly Bur- * I ifnaton,^Florenn?oo( Bordentown, Ao , at UJ^, I, I Steamer Trenton for Bordetitown. and intermeI diate piacea, at 2K P. M. iron Walnut street I wharf. i lET" For New York and Way Line*, leaving I Kmsincton Depot, take the ears on P.fUi atreet. I above Wall u'. half a?' hour before deaa ture 1 he ] I oara run luto the dop jt, and on arrival of train raa J I from thedeaot. 1 lfty pounds of baggage only allowed to act I pa*aengrr Paaaengera are arohibitad from taking anything aa ba?gage but iheir weann* aprarT ] I Alt baggage over fifty ponnda to be paid or I extra. The company limit their reaponaifeulty f.,r t bag cage to one rial ar per pound, and will not be 1 I liable? -r any aaount beypnd one hand red dodlars, I except by ?poo a: oortract. I WM. H. G ATZMEK, Agent, NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. HE Postmaster General having ordemj the HI servioe l>?twr^3 Washington, ? Baltimore.ted Old Point iFortreaa_^^4^K?k Monroe) tn b? resumed, on and Monday, th?20?h instant, the Bay Line of sfamera rill 1?*- e Ba tim .re EVERY Day (exoept Sunlay) from their wharf, foot of Union Dock, at ?3i , ^o'^O-m.. or Immediately after the arrival of lon Train, which leave* Waehingtoa it 2S o'clock p. in. * m?-tf M. M FALL*. Prea't PHILADELPHIA, W1L Ml WS&MASXk: SPRING ANDSUMMKR AR*ANOEM*NT. On aud after 1LKM)A\ May I4tn, Passenger Prams lor Phuade phi* will leave President street [)?pot?aily (exoept Sundays)as follows. vt?: I xpreaa rr*inat615 A.M.. Way Mail Train ?t 1 1.45 A. M.; Evening Mail at 4 45 o'olock. On 8UNHA Ys*lit 4 45 P. M.odIt. All tr&ini coooeot with New York trains except 4 45 P. M. train oe Satur. lays. A Freight Train with passenger oar attached eaves at 5 P. M , stopping at all btationa between Baltimore and Havre de-Grao*. ? assencers for Delaware a< d the Eastern Miore jf Maryland will find the moat expeditions routs by ? /? 4 Wilmington. IT7* A11 Colored Persona must give bond before Bntering the cars. WM CRAWFORD. Agent. ~CHBar,ORKAT CENTRAL ROUTE FOR I HK WEST, via HUD^OS *1V Eli HAIL HO AO and NEW YOtiK CE -TrxAL HAIL ROAD t x press I raf? lei v* N?w Y rk o ty depots of Hudson River Railroad laily. Sundays rxoepted, s fol ewe: Krora chambers atreet 'Frr.mSlst at. station. At 7 00 a m At 7.5 a in 1' 00 50!) pm I 1 .26 ' 5 25 pm 3 3" p m (355pm M<>ntr a! ard Buffalo Train with aleep ng i cars. D.'5 p m ! 1 45 p m Connecting at Albany with the New York Central Railroad for Schenectady. R< chefte-jjtftica, Ba avia. Rome, and stations on Rome and W*t*riown Riilr a' Buffalo Svracuso, Niagara Falls, Bnspe .ai n Bridge Auburn,Geneva.Cat andaigua. Tra'ns in connection leave Buffa'o and Su^p *n Mon via Lake Shore, Buffalo and ake Huron and li'eat Western Railroad, for Hamilton. Toronto, Letroit Chicaxo. Toledo, Milwaukie. Kon I<n I^ac, L* >ro>.se, Madia n- l'raine Du Chlen, Gaena. I>utjleitli, Dubuque, Peoria, Hook Irland, Mu?ontiue, Iowa Citv, Burlington, Qumcv. Sprinsfield,

Al'on. St. Louis,Cairo,Te-re naut*. Irdianapo'ia, Louisville, Circunat'. 1 ayton. Coluir.bus, Chve land, and al! points West, Northwest and ttouthWJSt. NORTHERN ROUTE. . Connectine with Trains at 1 roy, with Troy A Roston and Rens. ft Saratoga Roads for dars'oga, Whitehall. Rut'and, Burlington, ?t Albans, Rou->e P unt, PlatUburgh, Ogdcisbu gh, Montreal, Ac ., fto iLr Freight Arranreme'Ma by this route as above, without chan;e of Caia, from the iirpots n banners and * anal streets, are at all times as favorable as made by o'h?r KRilrna-' Ooir.?ari?s. The abilities of this rreat New Vork Ront-?, *o the Wer.t commend it to' the con?der.o<* of rre chants a<i sh ppers for promptness and di*patoh Passeig<*r *rair-s. with Smoking anj Sleeping Cars run m connection on the New York Cen<ral Road. . For particu'a's as to local tmnsanrt freight ar raugementa, inquire at th<> depot. fiS Warren rt A. F. SMI TH. Superintendent. Ml, VL'W VOKK, HARLEM AND gi&BBSxfci Albany railR"ao. - mLEAVING NEW VORK FOR ALB.VNV.TROv, N 'RTH AND WEST. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT Commencing Morda*, May 27th, lofil For Abany?11:00 a. m. fast express train from 26'h street. For Dover Plair s? 4:<v? p. m rtoppinr at White Pi-ins and stations north to Dover piama?from 2Stti etroet station. ( I his train wiil run to Millerton every Saturday evening.) ForCJro'on Fal's?8:'5a. in. stopping at a 1 stati"ns north < f Ford ham 'rom i6 h s'ret-t station. For a hit? 1'lainn?i:?\ 4:10 a> d 5:tn p m ?U?ppm": at all stations f'Otr, 2fitn street station. For White Plaint.?B: 5 p. m (topping at a 1 atatioi s from W bite rfret't stu'ion. i or W i! iam-? Bridre- 7.3-, ll:*S a.m. and 8:?i p. m. stopping at ail ? atious from 27th street station. Returning will leave? Aiba'y?1:00 a. m. last express train. D iver P ains-?.-so a m. <Thi* train leaves Mil lerton ever* Mot day morning at 5 a. m.) Croton Fal'L?5 p. a.. White Plains?b:l!>,7:f0 a m. 4: 0 ft 7:0n p m. Wi!l:ams Bridge?f^t, 9^10 s. m.ft 1:00 p. m. Stindar trains will leave 4th Avenue corner 22<1 jtre^tLfor Central Park, Yorkvil'e, Harlem and High Bridge every f'-w minntea. from 9:00a. m. to 7:Ml p m. J<IHN BURCHILL. Asi-t SupV. ^g^g^NEW YOKKANn ERIK RAIL Passenger Trains leave via Pavouia. Fer^y and Long Dock, from foot of Cham era et e t. New York, as follows, viz : 7 on a. m . EX 'RKSS.for Dunkirk, and Buffilo, ai d p irc.psi lr.terme ive Stationf. 3a in , MAIL, for Dunkirk, and intermediate S:atioi:s?This Train remains over sight at Elntira, a-.'t pr the next morning 9'si a m . ft;ILK dail., for Otiaville, and inter r:i?<; ia?e Stations II ik' a. m . ACCOMMODATION.daily.for Port Jervis, an<! p incipal St\t>pna 4i*0 p. 111. WA>, for Middletown, Newburgh. and ii'terinediat > Station*. fijr> p. r?i., MOH T EXPRK83. da'ly, for Dunkirk, ISt ffilo. Ganandai*aa and prinoipal Stat-ona T e Tram 01 Sa urda* ttop- at all Mail Train tar, 01 t| 1 ui H Of 'J TO t'j fill T\ 6 00 p. in.. ACCOMMODATlON.for Hurnegville, and priuoipal Stations CH *8. MINOT. Gen'l Sup't. NATHANIEL MAKSH, Iteojrver. . HL'DSI>N RIVER RAILROADbKKsBTOT For ALBANY AND TROY,CON , ^7 NECTING with TRAINS NORTH And F.S 1, Trains leave: From Cha rbers st. N.Y From 3 th atreet Express 7 and 11 a. ni., 7,25.11.25 a. m., and 3,55 ard S.3'1 and 5 p m. 5,25 p m Truy and Albauy (with 10.45 p.m, 'Sundays insleeping oar) 10,15 p. m cluied.) Pougi keepste tram 6, a 6 25 a. m.,and 1.40 p.m in . 1.15 p.m P ekskill train, 4 ?0p m ,4 25 p.m. Sinz Srn g m .19 25 a. m? and 4 55 atd and 4 3" and 8."0 p. m 8 2-i p. m. Fiahkill train,53? p.m 5,Jip m. -________^^_J^_S\l22_H_;_^uperintendent_ __,JT^?^FOR BOSTON VIA NEWPORT &wrfTft aNU PALL RIVER. By the tpleiidid an1 anperior St?ame s M KTRDP" >LI EMPIRE STATE, Bay STATK. and STATli OF M Al X K. of grrat strensth and spoed, but particularly adapted to the navigation of Long Ik and Sound, running in connect on with tue Fall River a d Old Colony Rail road, dftauce of 63 triles only to Boston Pier No-8 North River 1 ear the Batte'y. I'ho Steamer EM PI RK ST ATE, Capt. Braytou v ndays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 5 o'oioek P. M., touching at Newport each war. 'I he Stoa'ner METROPU'.iy, Capt Brown. 011 Tuesdays. Thursdays ai.d Saturdays, at 6 o'olock P M.. louoiiing at Newport each way. Tti'-se steamers a e fitted with commodious state roomn, and every arrangement for the seturi tv?.lff .? ni ort of passnuger4 who are afforded by this ro-ne a n'ghts' rest on board, and on arrival atha'l Ri\er proceed per Steamboat Train reaci mg Boston e\r!y the following morning : or may rema noi bca-d antil start nc of the Aooommoda titn at 8 A. M , by whioh tney may reach Boston about 8.45 A. M. A baggage master ia attached to each steamer, who r>. t> di.u nek -1* t oe and accomp.Miiea the >a na 10 its destinat'on A steamer ru*a in conn??tion with this Line be tw8'ji! tall River atid Providence daily, except S'M'.dass Freight to Boston is forwarded through wi<h or'Mt1V,vP*toh til*"6** Train, which leaves rau Hivor evert mo:ui< r, Sundsyt, excepted, at 7i?^)M?ck for Boston a:.d N?w Bedlord, arnvins atTWdesunstion at about 11 A M Forfreishior pa-sag-app y?,n board, or at the "ffipeonPier No. 3 North River Korstae rooms aud be thsapp y on board, or if d*sirej to aeoure mem in W*M BORDEN, Ag't 70and 71 West strret. N V. ^ a...THE REGULAR MAIL LINE ?^2?tafcJ|VlA GROToN, S ''ONINGTON *"^"*and PROVIDENCE, F??M BOs ? Route? The s orteat and mostdireot?t.arry tue Eastern Mail. The steain. r PLYMOUTH ROCK. Capt. J. C Geer, and COMMONWEALTH, Cspt j W. W il lams, lr. connection with the Stonington and provide u je.and Bos on and Providence Railroads. <.?*v,r'P New York daily, Sundavs exoejoted, from Pier No 18 North R.ver, at 5 o'oi< ok p. M . and Groton atsai u'eicoc P. M., or ou the arrival of lie Mai I am whioh leaves Boston stSSOP. M. The PLYMOLTH KOlK from New y..rk? Mouda?, Wedaesda*, and Friday. From Groton?111 tula . riiurhdaj.aud ^aturaay. The -OMVlON WEAl TH, fr<;m New York? ''''oay T1.ure.1ay, and S\t ;rday. From Groton ?Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Passengera from Groton proceed per railroad to I rovidenoe a. d Boston, in the Express Mail 1 rain, naching ta d plnoe in advanoe of those by other route , and in ample time lor a'l the early MorniQg Lines oonecting North and East. Pas aeigers that p'efor it. remain on l>oard the ; eain-r, enjoy a nights' rest undisturbed breakfaat U desired,and leave Groton in the 7.15 A. M. lr;'n, connecting at Providence with the I4J A M. Tr:m for Boaton. ce to Newport, Fifty oenta. A baggage master aoc^mpauies the Steamer and Train na h way r or Passage, Bertha, SUte Rooms, or Freight, spniy on board the st*ara*r, or at the Freight Ofnje, pier l? North River, or at the Offioe of the C> mrany, No. 115 We.t street,oorner of Cortlacd street. New York, Feb.?, 1861. MILITARY BOOK8. RENCHft RICHST1EN Savs jast reoeived a targe and oomplet- aisortment of Military Books o' all kindc, which they offer irom ten to fifty per cent, nelow the regular retail price*,?including : A new edition of Hardee's Infantry and Rifle 1 actios, complete, $1.25 t-or es' Volunteers' Manual, 2 vols, ?t Alie 'a Compendium of Hardee's Taouoa, 6"c Grosa's Military Hui^ery. 75c J" ahan's Field Kortifioatiou and Ontpoat, each 75 Hardee's Taetios, cheap edition, 25c 4 TPf **2^l?er'a Guide, a complete maaaal and irUJ book for the aee of toe Volunteer Militia and the Home Guard. 25c 1 c Tj?eHand- Book for the U. C. 8oldier, being a I Erat book of uiatriiotion to the u. 8. Infantry tac- 1 Uoa, S5o ( c??&,?il!S7 &? M" * w. ] FRENCH ft RICHSTEIN, \ * HT* Peansvisrania avenoe. ^|Af8 OP THE 8KAT OF WAR.-A apleialld I 'ajporana Envelope*. ^ 1 Fla*a, Banners and Badgea Viewa of Waahlng- 1 on, A men a an and Foreign Magazines, Daily a?0 I nf MlLlJ m -Iw (Intel, ft Repnb.) $78 Pa. arwae. 'j PROPOSAL* FOK AEMY BAGGAGE WAI GONSJ. ? _ OtMiunntiut &m?rmTs Q*t*. I wiukimttom, Jane tf, LM.( Paoroaau are invited for the tarnishing of Army Uufiie Wi|oni. Propoaais shou.d state th* prtoe at whfoh they nn he furnished. uetrered at New York. BaJtim^e.y %*a*hington, stating th* prio* delivered * Tm number which oaa be made by ui bidder within one m<<cth after reoeipt if the ord(r,tJ?o the number which he can deliver within one week. The \> agons muatexaotly oonform to the following speoifioatioos and to the eetab lahed patterns. ?ix-mul?> (covered) Wacona, of tit* aia-> aau dekoriptionaa follows to wit: Tee front wheel* to be three feet ten inohea high, hubs ten inchea in diameter and fourteen and a quarter inches Ionic; hind wheeia fonr fee* ten mcbea high. huba ter. and a quarter inches in diameter and fourteen and a quarter inchea long; fellies two aud a half inchea wide aod two and three quarter inchea deep: oaat iron pipe boxes twelve inohee Ions, two and a ha.f inchea at the Urge en l and one and aeven eulths moti at small enu; tire two aod a ton f inches wide bv five rtzhths of aa inch thick, fastened with one torew bolt aud net in each fellie; huba made tf sum. ti.e apokea aad falliea of the beat white oak free from detect*; eaoli wheel to have a aand band and linchpin baad two and three-quarter mode* wide of No. < band iron antl two driving l>anda?outside band one ar.d a quarter inoh by one-qua ter inoh thick, inaide band one i> oh by three sixteenth* inoh thiok; the hipd whet la to t>e made and boxed ao t?l they will measure from the inaide of the tire to the large end of the box aLx and a ha f inohea. and front wheeia aix aud one-eighth itiohra in a parallel line, ai.d each axle to be three leel eieven and three < lgnth inohea ;rom the outaide of one shoulder wanner to the outaide of the other, ao aa to have the wagons ai: to track five feet from the centre to oentre of the wheels. Ax etreea to be niMid of the best quality refined Am->ricau ir n, two and a half icones square at the shoulder. tapering down to one and a half inoh in the middle, ? >.th a seven-eighth* inch king b.ilt hole in each axletree: washers and linohpins for eaoh axlf tree; size of linchpins one inch w.da. three eighths of an inoh thick, with a hole m each end; a w-oden stock four and three quart-r inches wide and four inches d-ep. fastened aub tan la ljr to the axletroe witii olipa on th? ends and with two bo.ta, aix inchea fromth^ fa tentd to the houmis ana bo tter.ithe bolater to l<e four feet five inches long, five ii.cbes wide, ar.d three and a half iLohae de. p.) with four half inoh Wots. The tongue to r>e ten feet eight inohea long, four inches wue and three inchea thick at front -ni of the hounds,and two and a qua* tor inchea wide b? two and three quarter inch* sdwp at tl.j front end, and ao arranged aa to lift op. the fr. nt end of it to hang withiu two feet of the ground whin tne wagon is standing at rest on a level auifaoe. The front hounds to l>e six feet two inches long, three iaohea thick, and four inches wide over axeltree, and to r*:\in that width to the iiack erd of the tongue; javs of the hourds one fooifcighf inches long and the^iaohe* square at the front end, With a plata of frou two a*;d a half inchea wide bv three-eighths of an inch th.ok, fastened on t p of the hou d? over the back enu of the t >iigue with one haif inoh screw h-lt m each end, and a p.a'.e of iron of he sann* aize turned op at each end one and a t all inches to oiamp the front hounds together,and fastened on the under aide and at front f nd of hounda wito haif u-ch acrew bolt through encli hound, a s^vta eiti th lueh bolt through tongue and hound* in the center of jaws, to ?.ec'-r? the to r.ue in the uoucda; a p.ate ol iron tbr>*e inches w;de, one quarter inch thiok and one foot e chi incites long, secured on the lcsid* of jaws of hou .es. wi h two rivet* anu a plate of same il<men3ioiis on each aide of the torgu" wnr-je the tongue and h unds run together, tee-ireJ in Uk* manner; & b-ace of seven-eighths o! an ir^h round rou to extend from under the front axeitree ar.d take two bo,is in front part of the hour.da. b-aco 'hree q .artors of ar. tnah ronrd to oontinue to the back pari of tne hounda. aad to be fastened with two boits, one near t*e back end of tne hounds and one throngh the a!id?r and hoanda; a brayri over front bola'er one and a half inoh wide, one quarter of ar. inch th ek, with a l o tiue&ch end to faaten it to the hounds; tne opening be tw >en t**e jaws of the hi>undato receive t et- nsue four and thr<-e quarter inohea in f ont, and four and a half mohesat the back part of the jaws. The hind hounds four taottwo inchea long, two and threo ^uaiUr iaciiea thick, and throe luohea wiu?; iawH one faot long whore they ciasp the ooup'ing pole; the bolster lour fe?t five inchea 'ong anii fivro inohea wide by three u.chea deep, wi n tt au? iron two ard a ha f inches wide by t ne halt inch thick turnod np two a>-d a half inches and fastened oa each end wi.h three rivet*; toe bo.'ter stocks and hounda to be secured w th four ha f inch acrew Itolts, and one half-inofi acrew bolt through the oouplint; pole. The coupling pole nine feet eight inohea long, three inohea tloep. and four ana a ha.f inohea wide at front end, and two ar.d three quarter inohea wide at back end; distanoc from the center of king boit hole to the onnter of the back ax etree aix feet one inoh, and from the center of king bolt hoie to the center of th* mortice in the hind end of the poie eight feet nine inohea; kin* bolt one and a quarter inohea dinmeter, of best refined iron,drawn down toaeven-eiRhtha of an inch where it piaeaea throngn the irou &x:eiree; iron p.Mo aix inohea ;ong, three incnes wido, and one-eighth of an inch thiok on the doubletree and tongue, where they rob togeth er; iron plate one and a h%lf by one-quarter of an mcu on the aliaing bar, fastened at eaoh end by a aorew boit thrcujh tne hoande; front bolster to have pi a'oa above and below eieven inohea long, three and a half mchea wido, and three eighths of an inch thiog. oornera drawn oct and turned down on the aides of the bolster, with a naii ir. eaoh tor ner. and fouroounteraunk naila on top;t wo banda on the hind hounds, two and two ana a half innhea wide, ol fSo lo band iron; the ran phateon tfie oonpline poie to be eight inohea long, one ?ud ftiiee juartara inchee wide, and one quarter of an uch thiok. DoubJ<<ree three feet ten inohea long, ain aUtrjc two feet ei?ht inches ione, ail well made of hsckorr, with an iron ring and clip at each end, the oenter c.ip to !?e w? li aeoured; lead b?*r and at etoher 10 be trire^ foet two inohea ioDf, and a carter inches wide, ar.d om and a quarter inch thick. Lead bara, atretchera, a .d siugiotreea for aix mule Wtfnj t!i6 two singletreeii for the ir^j n\ulc*c to have hooks in the rnidule to hook to the enc of the hfta cuaiu, the wheel and middie pairs with open rings to attach Uwm to the acu Die tree and iead t*Jir The fifth chain to be ten feet long to the fork; the fork one foot ten inches iocg, with the stretchyr attached to spread the forks apart; the linka of the dinibielree, sta/acd tongue chains, three citnths ol an irica in diametsr; the fcrkod chain men disaster; the tiflh chain to l-^ sfcven Eixteenth inch diameter to the fer*; the iora to l?c fi va aix'eefcthiaoii Jiameter.the linka of theoa and of the lock canine to be not more than two and a ar.arter inches long. Tue body to he straight, three feet aix iacnes wide, two feet d^ep, ten f^et lung at tho bottom, ami ten (aet six icones at the top, sloping eaua.iT at eacnend ail in the cloar or maide; the bed aieoea u- be two aad a half inohea wido, and three inchea deep; front pieoea two laiho? deep by two ar.d a ha.1 inohba wide; tai: piece two and a lidf inches w.lo and three iiichea de?^?. foar i .ches aeep in the nuda'c to reat on the coapl.'ng Mle; too r-ii one and a half inoli thick by cu^and ae^'en-eighth inch wide: lower t%i.? cne inch f'nck dt OLe and aeven-eiguth ircii wide; thre# studs and one rail in iront, with soat on strap hiuges to cloae it ar ?ts hgh as tne sides; a box thrJTTaSt fSTr lnok" \SZPm. hfir five inchea wide front ?ide. nine ar.o a half inohea deep, and eight and a half inohea at tao top in parallel line 10 the body all in tn? V a &eteced to the front end ol taebody, to have a;> iron strap passing roar.d each end secured to tho bead piece and front rail by a rivet in each end of it pasaiug through them, theiia to bo. faatened to the front rail anth two {ood stray h?a?bfla a strap oi uve eljutii inoh iron around tne box a half inch frr-ni the top eage, and two straps aa-..* uxc on the lie near thefro!tcd?e to pieveui tho niu.ea from eating the boxea: to have a joint hasp fastened to the middle of the lid. with a good * odtn on the incide, a. strap of iron on the oertre of the box with a ^aplo paasinc through it, to fiuitrn the lid to; eight studs and two raiia on eaoh aide; one Bolster fastened to the body six mohes 4e?p and foiir lcchea wide at king bo?t hole- iron rod in fr ntand oentre. of eleven aix Mentha of an lush round iron, with a head on top of rail and nut on lower end; iron rod ard behi.ia. with soonldeis 0.1 top of ta:' aiene and nuts on the Mnder side, and a nut onV1# of rail; a plate two pui a half inchea wide of No |C hand iron, on tail pieoe, aoroi.. the body; two mortices in ta.. pieoe an. hind bar two a iua^jt inches wide and one inoh thick, to teooive pieces throe feet foar inches long, to be upnd harness bearers; four nvau through eaei, side stna and 'kth'onfh each front stu^, to secure the lining boarug, to be of tlie beat a.-ality iron and riveted on a good bur; one Hkret tnrougn -ach end of the rails, floor five-eighths of an incb oak boards; sides five-eighths of an inoh white pine, tail hoard three-quarters of an inoh 'Siok of white pine, to be won oiaated with fiv? ofk o'.eaU riveted at each end through the ta 1 bo ^rdjan iron piate three foet eignt iuoh?s long, uoand a ?uar ter inoh as wide, and tnree eighths of an inoh tniok on the unuer side of the bed pieoe, to extend from the hind end of the body to eight inches in front of tue hiad bolstese, to be faatened by the rod at the end of the body, by the lateral rod and two three eighths of an inoh aorew holts, one at the forward e?d of th.o plate and the other abont equidistant between it and the lateral rod. A halfiscc rouse iron rod or bolt to paaa diagonally through tut rails between the two hind atuds to ano tu.occn tne bed piroea d plate under it, with a gooc "i^ai on the fop aud nut and screw at the h? in*!11'/ 10Pj OD? six mokes from Vh ^ board, and on toe bottom ten inoLea from the bind rou. An iron clamp two inohes wide, one-q uarter of aa im-h thick a>ound the bed p eoe, tne center bolt to whioh the >ook chain u attached passing through it, to extend seven inohes on the inside of the body, the ends top and bottom to be secured by two thiee eighths inch sorew bo ts, the miadle bar at the ends to be flu h with the oed pieoe on the lower side. Two look ohains seoared to the eentre bolt of the body, one end eieven inohea. the other two feet six inohea long, to be of three-eights of an inoh rourdiron; tee . trough to be four feet six luohea long from out to out, the bottom and tuda of oak ihe sidea of yellow pine, to be eight inohee wide at bot torn, tweve inehn* wide at top. and e.gnt and a harf inches deep all intheol ar, well irocea . with a band of Hoop iron around LLe to a n?* around each end and three between thS'ii^.* strong at<d suitable irons to fasten them on the tongue when feeding; goo. strong Jhaina to be attaohed to the toe rail of the boat so oured by a staple with a bo k to attaoh it to the trough, hix.bowa of good ash. two inohea ?.hI ana one-half inch thick, th?ei^i?|J ,o ihe ridge pole to iU plaoe: tvo S on t??e body, to secure eaoh end of' the bows one ridae pole twelve feet long, one and ihree-oWrt^I inch wiae by five-eighths of an lnoii oover to be of the firs, quality ootton dnck No fifteen feet ioag and nine feet eirht inrhM .iH.' V** 'oVrVem^ordi^ each side, and one throngh each end to olnao it ax both ends; two rings an eaoh end! f Uie bod. to ^he eorer; a staple' IB gl.^oV^fo Kgsx&jnr&usfsz ?Lr9& mitortale I?I3 for their ?h r it'MOM to WofU* best eeaU tvt all tiH v?m thoiqaihjy seaeoiee, u. Um w?*k is til its faithful y umiMo Im b??t workmanlike Tb? work may be inspected tr*m iimtctiMU it a r ogress- . by au oio?r or ecent of tbs Q*r?f mutor'i l>ee?rtni?ct4 and n. d? oi ft e??eil be painted until it sbvl have horn inspected aad ap proved by aaid oftoer ?r asent autboised la !? MNt It. wb? fini'bed. tainted, Ud S'oeSted by en ?<ftoer or Mr "it of the Q nariern>?ster*s D? pa-t mnL erd delivered U herein agreed, U>er hbail M ?. MEKJt. )e Bitwt* gwgwg^wjg*nJ u. g. THE OVLT FEXPAJLATIOV WORTIT OF UITIVXftflAL OOKflDBKCI A PATROB AQB FOR STAT*8MBN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN, LADIES, -U GENTLEMEN Lb ?11 jerta of tbe world teetify to tbe efficacy ot PROF O.J WOOD'S HAIR RS8T0RATIVI, and gentlemen of tbe Preea are unanimous in iti ruic. A few tMUmos:?.i oil; ou bt h*r? ilr* m fcr more, and It will be impossible for ;ot to doubt. CI Will 8ruarr. Nrw You, Dae. t?. IM. : Voir note of tne l?ti. nstant bM been received. that rot bM hca'd dial I had beeu benefited by the ueeof Wuod'i Bair Resto rati re. an i re^uostir.^ my certificate of the (act if 1 bad oo objection to give it. (award It to yon oncer fully, because 1 think it (Sua. My a<e ia about If yean*; the on lor of my hair an* vm, and inclined to carl. Soma ire ?r aix ream nn.oo it bogan to tarn (ray. aad the eeaip on tneorown of my head to icae its aaaeibi.ity aad iandruff to form cpon It. Eaoh of theeediaagree abi.ities increased with time, and about 4 month* ainoe a fourth wa? added to them, by hair (ailing off the tea of m/ bead and thrwetecmg to make me bald. la tlila unpleasant predicament I waa induced to try Wood's lia r Restorative, mainly to arreet the fa' .nz off of mi hair, (or 1 had really no expectslion that (ray bair ooaid ever be restored to Its original ?olor except from d?es. 1 waa, however, gseetly surprised to find, after the nee of two hot ties only, that not only was the off arrest**?, bat the oolor was estored to the gray hairs aud sensibility to the scalp and dandruff c?a*ed to form on my head, very mnoh to the gr?L.?o*tion ?4 my wife, at whose aoheitation 1 waa indaoed to try it. For thta, among the many obligations Isowe to bar aex. 1 strongly rewrrr.fcad all husbands wk" va'ue the admiration of th< ir wives to profit by ruj azamp.e, and useitif trowirggray orgetting ba-u. Very reseeotfuily. ?* ?. A. IjjBttu. 5o O.J. Wood A Co.. *44 Broadway, N. Y. iy family are a<>*ent from the oity, ar.d I am no oncer atNo. 11 Cairo. Plaoo. BiawsTon, Ala., imi S". *%?? To P*o?. O J. Wood; D*sr Str? your ' Hinr Restorative" has dote my hair ao much good mac# I eorr.meroed tbe use of It, that 1 wish to make Known to the publte of its effects cnthe bair, wl ioc are gr*at. A man or wumar, mny beneariy 4epHred of hair, and by a roeort to yoar "llair Reetorauve the hair will return more beantuni than ever; ftt least is m^ experienoe. BaUeve f, B.?Yon oan pnb'.lah the above if ^>n litre. Br pabliahicg in car Southern paper* y?? wiU ge* mare patronage South. I see several of youroer tlflcales in lae Mobile Msronn. a strongSouiheni paper. w. n.lnr*. WOOD'S BAIR RESTORATIVE. SPaov. O.J. Wood: Jeer Sir : HavUs had the iafcrtune to lose the beet portion of my hair, from ie effeots of the yeitow fever, in New Orleans in 1851,1 was induced to make a triai ot yoar prepara tjon, and found it to answer aa tbe rery thipg neec-dT My hair ia dow thioa ano giossy, and no worda oan exprees my obligation* to yon in giving to the aflhotad ruck a treasure Fiklxt JoHftso*?. The Restorative is pnt up In bottles of three sises. vli: large, medium and sicall; the ama.I hold half a pint, and retails for one dollar per bottle; the medium holds at '.east ?> per oent. more in proportion than the small, retai.s for two dollars perbolte; the large holds a *uart, 40 per oent. more m propor tion, and retails for 93. ... . O. J. WOOD A CO.. Proprietora,444 B-oad way, Piew York, and 114 Market etraet, St. Loai? Ho, Bold in this oity by C. BTOTT, ST? Pa. avania. aa n eolyA'w j?TfofffiK?c? jPf fwmr iiur REJOICE kIN HEALTH. FYlead, 4a you aafferf Are yea the vm*b ef an* fthose naireroas aumants waieh arise tren: im tvrity of ihe blood.' What are tbay, do, yoa ask f luUbor ask, what are they cot? The bicod is th? aoaree ot iHe and health, and it?Ihe ?rrt elemect of oar beir.* to reepond to anr eas'.e which affeeta aabtleSorviaAjthetconU^C R&nn^tiam. Nervou bei uityTDpwa*. Uw Oajsfcaint ^th 'ts torpor acd degertioL.acc the nnmberMH ills that flesn ia ftflr to, derive their hwecps origin from the biood, Pes! kindly then ard gmiky wife the b.ood. Use the vitalising reeenreee of catare for its aid. and saffer ?a to oomr.end to you* ernideooe ana aae that traiy va'tab.e madieament known as JTAS. M. cors INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to ^la almost infallible spoetfte popaiar sentiment has ap?ken in oec'ded terms ana the evidences pfthie great e^eacr are ana tailed by oonetart avowal of curative effeots aa? the Lapp.eet rese ts from its cse are aftor al othai remedies and the teet m'dloal akih have failed. bet na conclusion, that oevt.t^&tes ettrrs are not aoucht from the illiterete aad neerftcial, bnt they are volnntsered from the mcstraapootabla gonioen and Justify the kigbesi terms ia which it is poeeit.le to commend so valuable a specific to psnlic approval. We may add a-so that the on rati re prope, i.eso* ihemedteins areesual.ed only by its reatorati.e electa, the s*ftera rrroverin* from<Sisea*e itn renews ooastitutiona- < For sa.e by all respectable Dmgr.sts m th'.s ity. and by the proprietor. MRS. M. COX. None genuine anieaa her same is blown an the bvlfee ara her sea! on the ro'k IrT-Prioe fl per lottie. six bottles for fL WicUtmU Lisl. fl. S. C1H8KL, Dragiiat eorg?towr ,U C.. Wholeeale Agent for the District, and will aapply the trade at my pnoea. an li-tr *J>HK ALJrSUFFICIENT THREE. TRIE9EMAR.1 J and >-rrote?jted by Bora' Letters Patent of England, and secured by tke Seals of the Eoo.e de Fi-armaaie de Paris, and the Imperial CoHms< i Me^.icce, Vienna. No. 1 ia invaaa^ble for ixhanation and natcrrhea. aad all ph*s.oa. disabilities. No. S completely era .^tea all traoss ef these 41sce.-es that have been hitherto treated by the naaaeons and pernioi' us use of oosauva and oababa. No. 9 Las entirely supplanted tne injurious aae of mercury, thereby insuring to tLe sufferer speedy Blief. Qispeir'jig all imparities, ard rootloc on e vencm of dteeara TRlEbENAR, Noal.tand B,are prepared la the form of a ioaenje, devoid of taste add ipell, and oan be oarrled in the waiatooat pocket, eo.d in tin \s<\s, and divided intoeeparaie doses, %s ad ministered br Ve'.poac, Lailemaad, Roux, Rioor.'* Ao Pries #8 each, or foor cases for #8. whioh saves fS, and in $27 cares, where??t there is a aav mg of r*. To bp had .wholesale and retail, of Dr BARROW,of 194 B acker streeu New York. Immediate j onreceivitg a renuttanoe, Dt. Bartow will fcprard the T rises mar to any part of the woric. st o'ely packod, and addraaseo aeoordicx to the m struoti.<ns oi the writer. The Book, of all others, that ahoaid be read by me p. with danuu^ a^d broken down oonsUtutiong ia "Human l>ailtT, or I'h^sioiog.wL Rseaarcftesi" It is beautifaL'y lilcetrai^c, and trsats ^inuteu of all tils tymp cms chat invariably daralos tnem wives, eo:>cer cr .ater. resulUng (rem the frailties and vitiating hat it* or earlr Tcutfc. ipoapacltating the viotim from snaking tbe fruition of the matr?'al state, and. if not ebeakeo rn hat, aasaaarating ail the functions ef mamhood. aod bnuir.g doors below Mao>iougai, New York. Prioe ? Stor*. Wu. lactase 1VC. de g-4m P ERU8E The folluwingataUMtient and then Judge of its (acu for yoaraelf ABRAM CoLE, of Brooklyn, N. Y.. a well known ci'iaen there, had Buffered from l>yap?;t<? for some tears, withont permanent leitef. snti. he tried AC ER'S i'lLLS, whioh takes aooordiag m ti.e d.'octior.s for this oomplaint. restored aim to beaitb ina few weeka- After an laterva of acme mombi he has had no return of his complaint. GEO. W. CROSS, of Harmony,Taxas, had ao ernpuon on biB nrec. ahou oers. bacc aad leg. waieh covered about one third of his body. It keH tbe parts atfeoted oovered with a acab. aad being often a raw sore, wae ef oouree very tropUeeome and distressing, it so maeb impaired b^s health as to unfit himi or buaineaa and kept him tn constant wm PAR1LLA, which oured him. Bis skin still showa some soars from tbe aioeration, but it is otherwise as clear as an infants. JOHN H SHOOK, Ese, as eminsat lawyar of Kiobuond, Va.. took a oold whioh eettied on bia Uinga. a eevere pain aet in pa the left side, with a bad soagb, whioh was soon fo.lowed by tbe anauetafcat-le symptoms of oonaampUoa. Whenr?duoed MJ low be oommenoad tak ng AYER/fl CHER kS PFCToRAL, whioh soon stopped theooagh and completely cured nim. Prepartd by DR. J. C. AVER A Lowell. Maaa ma 13 ?ot? Hnew books. ISTORY of tue L'sited Netherlands, by Joha L<>tbrop Motley ; 2 vols ; free b* snail It The Rise of tbe Dutch Rep ubtie. a history, by Jotin Lotbrop Motley; S vos oioih; free by mail, Silas Marner, the Weaver Ravel el, by tbe author of "Adam Bede j eloth 7S#oeau ; paper m> ?*Life aad Career of Major Andre, by Wiatroe Sargeaut; #l *a. Auer lot-iTgs withaPiiafiai.aBammer Voyaae u> babrado^aad NewMaaa.aaui by Rev LoaisX. ' The Manufacture of Photopenic or Hydro-Car boa OiTL by Thomas AnUeell, Ml D ; 91.Sk. with Flnve o?-s to atob. Visws of W ash is g ton in tbe fane of % Rom, aad ia Book form, also, separate >4 VSHS SSXSllZ sight at 4 o'oiooh. A treah aapply of Boofct (jr sum-nar rea'iu*, sheep A large assortment of Juvenilia- Mayae Rei4'a Books, Roilo Boobs, Abbott's Histories As. Jr-"jsmsSSifc"

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