Newspaper of Evening Star, August 10, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 10, 1861 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR n FUBUSHBD BVBRY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY BXCEPTKD.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, rv??r *f ae?M and EUv*mtk st. mt W. E>. WALLAOH. Paper* aer^ed la parkngea by carrier* at S4 t V?er, or 97 centt jyr month. To mall anbacrlben the price la 93 50 a year, to advatut; SU for alx montba, SI for three months; and for leaa thai three aoootha at the rata of 19 ceuta a week. Single coptea, om obrt; In wrapper?, two cawra. ILT ADvaanaaxa^Ts ahould he Beet to the vmrz oeiore is o olock m ; otherwise they may aot appear until the next day. ^??? ?????i? i THE T1TIL WAR 171 AMERICA By William Howard LL D , B*rn>ie>-?tU?, (In gpicial Lontiyowleiii of Tit* Loudnu Times. Washikgto*, July 8, 1861. Tha rail and the river still connect South and North together. With all the hate of the 8?uth toward the North, and with all the anger of the North toward the Sooth, there is yet some lingering aversion to the total disruption of all ties between the belligerents. The trunk is torn from the limba, but the political durgeons are loth to out the tendons, and seem to act as though they thought Conservative surgery would effect some miraculous recovery. Although Postmasters-General out off the mails, they wink at the devices of expressing agencies and railways to keep open the communications, and thus a man or a letter may, at risk of certain contingencies, be sent through. The contingencies are that he or it may be opened if there be aught treasonable in expression inside ?r out?and treason is determined by both sides as they list. So it is I am bere without being opened, and I am bound to say that of all the myths?and they are many and magnificent?which have been hymned and hummed on the lyres of the none have been so quaintly fanciful, I though stupidly mendacious, as those which have been published to the effect that I have complained of my letters having been "tampered with." There never was a people which rushed so xapidly to the conclusion that the argument of force was the great solvent and settler of disputes as oar American brethren. See New York now?just recollect what it was toward the close of last March. Sumter cannot h?r? made all these banners, filled all these streets with soldiers, turned the Laodieeans into frenlied Unionists, and shut the mouths of the disaffected. People who argued philosophically boat the right of Secession and the impotency of the Federal Government to restrain States from exercising that right, have all of a sudden begun to find out "We must maintain our glorious Union' We must have a eouatry;"1 and then they go off into sophistical arguments on the other side about the Mississippi and unity of peoples and political necessities. Had jou always held this language, good gentlemen, you might never have had this present contest. You strengthened the hands of the Secessionists just as you weakened the hands of the United States Government, by the indifference or actual hostility to its measures whioh you displayed when it most required support. One-half of the indignation, one-half of the strength you exhibited after Sumter had fallen might have prevented its ever being attacked. Why are the Southerners so much more irritated against New York than any other part of the t nion but because in their own words, "she deceived us at the last moment! Up to the taking of Sumter she pretended to be friendly and then, when that happened which she seemed to approve, she turns on us more sav...I. ... >L. T? i t_ T1 %- ?: n *" goi/ iuau t.tu lav diucs. nepuoiicans. in fact,-though the Government may not now wish to recall the circamstanoea, the tone of the Nor A in referenoe to vital points in policy 1 matt have perplexed it almost as much as the hostility of the Secessionists. It ia all very well to talk of the outrage on tho flag, bat be- I fore Sumter was fired on, the fl?g had been expose* 1 to insults sufficient. It had been hauled dawn by force from United States arsenals. The Star of the West carried it as much as Alaj Anders command, and ghe was fired on; j one shot as a cai'ts belli or ra u *<* belli is as *ood as 20. Why, when I arrived in the United States the newspapers were treating of j the surrender of Samter as an abstract question. and the headings about it and PicKens barely excited a languid euriosity in the minds of many men. *nd northern journals, not merely in New Yor?, bat in Pennsylvania and other States, seriously warned the Government that if they attempted to hold the one or reenforce the other they would be responsible for the deatructionofa Union which at the time was manifestly destroyed. How the tone is changed now ! I can recognize no reason for the change in events, bnt I oan understand that behind all this surface show?this varnish coating which pretended to refleet public opinionthere was a solid, deep, and powerful mass, inert however, and needing strong excitement to set in motion, which only began to heave upward and bnrst through the glaze when h-ated by the news that the Stars and Striped had been shot away by rebel bullets. The mass is now at work in earnest. It is rolling over the land in lava streams It may be that if an attempt be made to check it the red hot floods will a*sin break through the official crust. While Mr Seward, with the modest confidence whieh distinguishes his vaticinations, was prophesying that the " policy" of the Government won'd win back the rebel 6tatea at the rate of one a month, not only were the seceded States preparing to hold their own in the course of secession more strongly than ever, but the Northern States were beginning to agitata the questions in a manner which might have inspired one with doubt as to a peaceful issue. It is not improbable that up to the moment of the fall of Sumter there ware in the Cabinet at Washinsrton states meu who thought they could patch up the Suarrel, and unite North and South by running anada aa a drag acent under their noses. Indeed it would certainly be an agreeable reeult if the 250 000 Northern troop* now in the field coald be united with the Southern forced in a common raid on British North America and on the Spanish possessions. Bat North and South will not agree to join. What may come after battle who oan say? At present dismiss entirely from the mind of England the idea, no matter now itfmay originate, that there will or can be peaee, compromise, Union, or Secession till war has determined the isea? How gay New York is with flrgr The 8tars and Stripee float on the fainting air in the warm highways; the shop windows are full of printa cf a martial character?soldiers,firemen, or corps of eccentric costume, Ellsworth, Scott. Oreble, battles and charges, Tanopkins, and Big Bethel There are little Zouaves led by noraes, and old light infantry men, abdominous and spectacled, on the froMoirs. All theclerio vriarr iu gr?j or oiue glories. mere are teats in the public square*, rows of sheds in the . places," wherein are soldiery>quartered who came hither on their way to the seat of war; placards abont books of taotiee, illustrated with staring red and scarlet Zouaves in impossible attitudes. (Oh! dear me, how tired lam beoeninp of these imitation* of my excellent frienls. in which little is suoeessful, except the baggines* of the breeches and the eolor of the uniform.) Advertisements concerning arms and equipage meet the eye in all directions. There is a crowd around a window in which is ' displayed a recession officer's cap, and as it is all stained with blued the exhibitor is justified in SMTinc. as he dues, that the owuer was kilW. xkis is a reiie: there is a strong feeline for relies in the State* The tree under which Brie. Gen. Sickle# (hot a gentleman in Wuhin*p?jn has been denuded of the bark for 15 or 20 feet above the gr>und to furnish relies of the remarkable event. I incurred the resentment and provoked the indignation of a friend by my indiffsreaoe to relict at Charleston. He carried into my moot, a* a precious trophy of the "battle of Sumter," a fragment of ahell, and unwittingly left it oa my chimney-piece. Djfi assembled beneath my window at ni^ht; difference of opinion arose among them?noises making night hideous and sleep impossible. I aroee. in my wrath, and no other missile being available, the Samterean fragment was hurled forth, and I did what It and one of its fellows had yet accomplished?hit something, via : a dog, aid dispersed the assemblage. Where is ay bit of shellV* I did noi know I was saeh a monster till I saw my eo ad act ntainly depieted is the ingenuous face of friendihip, oa its owner ascertaining that hlb shell had gone oat of the window andeonld not be fonndon the pavement. This U a digression, I know; bnt I have only to say farther that Hew York M up in arms and eager .1 J i L?L.-L 11 ? 1 1 ? i : . " ' f ' * # i 4> ' * * ~ V?K XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. SATURDAY. AUGUST 10. 1861. N?. 2.645. for the fray, even though there is much los s end greet suffering caused by the war. See, for instenee, that assemblnge of women, young and old, some with ohildren by thvir sides or infants in their arms, before that large house. These are wives and mothers of volunteers, reduced by their absenoe in tho wars to dependence on charity, and awaiting their turn to some before the distributors ef the fund raised tn New York for the purpose. The appearance and dress of many o. these women would lead to the belief that they did not belong to the class usually exposed to suoh trials. I could not judge of the justice of the impression on mv mind, that the ladies are not as burr In w ? - ? - 0 ?? cartridge-making. lint-scrapipg and unifrrm ewing u they are down South; but I dare say they are busied with works of charity as much as their fair sisters. The invective which was formerly directed against universal suffrage and oognate institutions is now, apparently, employed in denouncing the corruption of contractors. and evil at the War Department; and one journal openly speaks of " swindling and Iilunder" as agencies and results not unknown a the transaction of business there. There is also much unsound advice tendered or forced on the authorities respecting the plan of the campaign, and writers who are quite ignorant of war or its requirements demand that the (JeneraU shall immediately push forward to Richmond with an army that has neither transport. artillerv nor cavalrv grfmiiit* ?n ?iich ?n operation. As it was nearly four months ago, so it in n?w. The public are amused by daily assurances that something decisive will take J lace to-morrow, am "all thoir yesterday! ave lighted fools th? way to dusky death." Bo the public goes to bed happy in the knowledge that 4iit is expected (by soma one unknown. at a place not indicated) that a great battle will shortly be fought." One effect of these reiterated statements must bo the concentration of the enemy on the points in front of the Federal columns. Another change whioh I observed on getting in to the railway train on Tuesday morning was the appearance of many men in uniform among the passengers. They wore on their way to the camps, and belonged, apparently, to a respectable class of citizens?staid, steady people, without the awash-buckler, gallant, bravado air of the ^euthemers, but possibly animated by a proper amount of pugnacity. When last I traveled this way the train was filled with office-seekers. At the villages along the road and in the towns the flag of tho United States is displayed from available points in wild profusion. Soldiers and volunteers get in at every station. On going on board the steam ferryboat at Philadelphia. I observed over the door of the saloon a wor?H-hiifr>h?f ^ ? ? ~-"b'"Ps which was inscribed, "State Rights fire ax." Other passengers observed it and smiled. There is less earnestness and rancor, or more food nature, in the North than in the South, 'he owner of an ax inscribed "Federal Union ax." in an Alabama or Mississippi steamer would have a "mauvai* quart d'heare," or, as it is called here, "a pretty hard time of it." But as the carriages approached Baltimore the sign* that war was in the land, and that we wore in an enemy's country, thickened, and evinced most forcibly of all the immense magnitude of the change which h*s taken place ' since I first journeyed toward the capital. | There are many rivers and watercourses which run across the line of the railway in the val- j leys between the undulating woodlands and pleasant fields of Maryland. These are traversed by bridges of wood or causeways on piles At each bridge the whit? tents of an Bncampment gleamed through the trees and foliage of the Dank, the groups of armed men turned out to take a look at th? train ? pa sued. These men are stationed to prevent the friends of the secessionists destroying the bridges. Their presence is significant. Sentinels are on duty, and by these means communications are kept open with Washington. At Baltimore itself, ihe evidences of a military occupation were more striking. For several miles on the northern side of the oity, camps crowned the knolls and hills, and close upon the river the tenta were so thick that one might imagine tho city was about to be iuvested by an enemy. The Federal flag floated from some public buildings, private houses, and shipping in the river, but there were some proofs on the walls that 44 Old Abe" was not popular The infiuenoe of the dark faces which aho* that Baltimore is in a slaveholding Stale begins to be manifested. The political predilection is determined by that ingrt dient of color. I take up my Baltimore paper of the day, as I am crossing to the Washington terminus in one of those horrid street railway cars. (May I beg of you parenthetically, to save us from that, train in our streots? all comfort and speed will eo forever, and the thoroughfares will no longer be endurable ) First I read of a bad practice, not to say an unusual one in civilized war, which is said, with circumstance, to exist in the South, and ain informed of a gallant officer whose troop "scalped'' 23 Federalists in a recent action. This is, we will hope, a flight of fancy. Next, however, is a plain matter of fact statement that the magistrate of police had the day before sentenced a woman of color, who was called a "plucky darkey," to be flogged severely for an assault. I wonder what manner of men it ia who do such things. Barclay A Perkins's draymen, why are ye not at Baltimore? Here is Haynau established by law and cultivated by justice. But, as we now flog our little criminals, perhaps Baltimore may be right in flogging ita "darkeys" in the nude wherever it pleases. The streets of the city are guarded at the corners, near the main avenues, by picket! of soldiers, and the houses are militarily held at the angle*. * The inhabitants don't look cheerful, and in Pratt street there ara still the marks of balls on walls and window-pane. " They won't try a fight again as long as the soldiers is here," said tne driver of the train to me. From Baltimore to Washington the camps increased in number, and as the unfinished dome of tha Capitol oame in view, and the spires and domes of churches and publio buildiugs rose on tha wooded shores above the Potomac, the rays of the setting sun lighted up the canvas cities whose denizens were keeping watch and ward over the seat of the United titatea Government; and from the dark highlands across the river, on the soil of Virffinil nthai- - ? 1 4 * B , vuv?uipujvuM uiuppeu uui iruin the dense green; aad on all aides floated the Stars and stripes, visible even in the distance on land whence their expulsion was promised long ago to the faithful. I have beard the Meua?e rend. I have visited some camps and heard of some movements soon to take place, but of all theae matters there is no time now to speak, as the mail is about to close for the Boston steamer, and I must defer the rest of my letter till the next dispatoh of mails from Washington. One thing I may mention?the relations which were almost jeopardised by the um of language and the adoption of a tone not provoked oy England, are in a much more satisfactory condition- A?other, the party of aetion arc gaining ground, and Gen. Soott will be forced to move onward, though he will do as little as he can till he is readv for rieAUiv* work. Still, these movements will iidiin the publio, and may possibly produce some actions greater importance thin it ia intended. McClelUa's column it this day moving on toward Beverly, and if Wise holds his Virginians together there, there must be a collision. It does not appear to tae that Beauregard will be directly attacked at Manassas The real baae of oparaiiou is from Furtrew Monroe acd Hampton on Richmond. Of this more by and ky. The civilians and the military are. of ooarse. divided in oouneii. The formor are for immediate actios; they want te walk without leg*. Tendera are out for a mill on pairs of shoe* and for a thousand wagons C7"Two trains, numbering tbirtv Ave car Ionia of cannon, with shot, ahell, and other artlr.l.a of roaapro<uta?, went to St. Loot* on Sunday over the Okie aad Mississippi road. * " ? i- * ? i. ARMY SUPPLIES Proposals for army wagon and ambulance Harness. 0??icRor Ahmt Olothiso ask FqcitaskJ Corner of hotvarii and Mercer streets. > New Voek, August s, 1861. \ Proposals will be reoeireo at this rffioe for furnishing, by oontract, Armr Wagon Harnesa : The proposals shou'd atate the erioeatwhicn thnr oau h? furnished at the places ornanufaoture. and the pnoe at whioh they oan be delivered at thia depot, the number whioh oan be made by the bidder within one month after reoeipt of the order; aiac the number whioh he oan deliver within one The harness muit exactly conform to the following apecifioationa, and to tne satab ished patterns: Fourinule harness aa loilowa, to wit: WHEEL. Two Quilori. Breach strap* 3 feet b mohaa long. 3H luohes wids, sewed into 14 inch ringa of lucn iron; hip atrapa 8 feet 11 inoftea lung SH inchea widr; *tay pieces 2 feet long. 2X inches vide, with : S inoh bssklea; oross atrapa to buck a into ttay ?i?o#s, 5 feet long, IX roeh wide; aide atrapa 4 feet l">ng, IK inch wide; tie atrapi IS icchea lone, X inch wide, tapering to a point. Two Pclly Finds. Long Mdc 2 feet 8 inches long, 2 inchea wide, with a two inch buckle; abort aide I foot S inches long iwid 2 inches wide. Tiro Hair Voilars. 18 to 19 inches long, with double atrapa and aafe leathera and buoslea inch wide Two Pair of Strong Hames to auit, made of white oak rout, ironed wi'h hooka, breaat ringa IX inch aqu?re, stap'ea aid ime ringa. Two Pair of Home Straps. Lower one 5 feet 6 inohea long. >? inoh wide; upper one 4 feet 6 inch- a 'on?, X .noli wide. Two Bridles ilrowa pieoe 2 feet long, lif inoh wide; > heck pieces onoh to lnohog long. ')< icon; front pirce 11 itches long, 1'^ inehwiie; atay pi?c*?. from blinds'o crown pieoea, 16inchea long, <X inch wide: noae piece 11 inchea long. 1 inch wide; blw'd-fi mchea long. 5X mche?wide; rema, one tide 4 fo?t i?ng. 1 lnc* wide; fhori aide 2 feet long, I inoh wide, with 1 inch buckle; hutt?. tinned mnllen, to weigh ' 1?>*. to t!ied 7.en Two Pair CA?'? Pip's, 2 feet loog, SX inohes wide. Two Pair Tract Chains. 7 f?et Ion*. 1? links to the loot, of No. 3 iron, with T on one eutf, weighl7>< to f? ;hs. per pair. Twisted or straight One Pair of Breast Chains, 22 inches long, 14 links to tiie f?ot. of No. 3 iror. TwisUd. Two Nerk Simp*. 3 feet 1 inch long, 2% inches wide, with ajtf man bnck'e. Two Neck Chains. 4 fc*^ inches long, 14 .'inks ta the foot, \o 4 i'on, Tand loop to be riveted on to the neck strap. I wisted. One Sartile, made on Aitakapas tree, head gullet CDde&ntte, iron, covered iu the usuai wa? with alf tanned horsehide; ti%ps 2?> inch 8 long, 16 inhes wide; surcingle 7 feet 3 inches long. 23tf l no tie wide, with a2Jtf ineh buokle on one enu. to be fastened to the saddle br being riveted to two curved straps inch wide; these strap, are p'aaed one on eaon side ef the saddle tree. o*e er,d is tied to the front parto! thebtr,the end the ?xieuston of the bar behind the uantle, Spanish saudle fast.iou; stirrup leatners 4 leet 7 inches long, i*ch wide, with 1\? in h buokie; stirrups. m4ll< able iron. tinned, bolt eye pattern, to weigh 13>4 lb*, to a uoztn pair. LEAD. Two Collars, 17K to i9 inches long, made the same a i lor wh el harness. Two Pair of Ham.'*, to suit, of same material a> lor wfi*el narnrsx, ironed, with hooks, brea?t rings, and line rings, with straps as in wheel harness. Two Bri lies, same as for wheel hamoss. Tmo s\tck straps and Chains, same as for wheel harneos. Two Bel y Bands, " ' Two fair Cham Pipes. *' " 'two Pair Trace Chains. " ' Two Cruppers and Hip Straps, Back strap 5 feet Irnitf * f aly ? -* - Ivan) fc ?foi >ui liuiii a?* laciids iu oTi inonci wiae. hip ~t &P8 each 2 fact 4 inches long, IX mob wide. each with a hook at one end. Two Rifle Bands,3i?et 4 inohes long, 3X inohes wide. Two Martingales, 4 feet lo:ig, IX inch wide, to buckle int-> ti e bit. One Coupling Strap. 5 feet 6 inohes long, X inoh vide One Cki-ck Rein, 4 feet loag, 1 i;>oh wide, to buckle lout th* bit at eaoh end, with a ring sewed in the centre to receive the Irad lino. One Lead Line, *1 feet long, Ji inch wide, with a bnc* e at one end,and an 8 inch loop at the o- her. One Whip, heavjr platted horse hide, 6 foet 6 icolms lone. One Hone Brush, oval, of bristles. ? by ? inches. One Curry Comb. No. 2&2-S bar. Thu vttole to be pa?kod in a box about 18 inches wide. 17 inches deup, 34inches long, n adeof l-ii>oh stuff, coopered, wood hoops or iron, as mar be required. Fuur-Ilorse Harness as follows, to wit: WHEEL. Two Quilori, Breech strap* 8 feet 8 inolies long, 3X inch wide, sewel m .o 4-iuoh rings of \ inch Iron; hip straps 4 f-et long, 3 inches wide; stay f ieo s3 le^t 2 inahes Jong, 3 inches wide, wui X inch buckles; cross straps to buokie into stay pieces. 6 feet long,IX inoh wide; side straps 6 ieet6 ir.ches long. IX inch wide; hip straps 15 inches long, IX inch wide, taotring to a point. Tiro belly bands, Lone side 2 feet 4 inches ionr,2 iuohes wide, with a 2 inch boovle; short side 1 foot 6 inchrs long and 2 inolies wiuo. Two Hair Cellars, 22 to 23 inches long, with dou bl* "traps and safe leathers and buokles X inch wide. Two pair of Strong Hamei to suit, made of white ?ak rcoi, ironed with hooks, breast rings )X inch squaro, s arle* ai d line rings. Two pu\r of Hume Stray*, l.ownr one 5 feet 6 inches long, >$-inoii wide; upper one 4 feet ? I inches l?n<, J* inch wide,o: alum canned leather. I Tiro Bridles. Crown piece i leet 2 mohes lot s, li? j inoh wide; clteek pieoe* each 10 inches long, ;A? inch Wide; front piece 12H inches long, !'4incJi wide; stay pieces, from to oiowo puces, 16 <nohe? long, 1>? inch wide; none piece 13 inches long, 1 inch ?ia ; blind* 6 inches long, 6 inches wide; reins, long ?i<io 4 fjet2 inahes i"Ug. 1 inoh wide; short s de 2 leet long. linhwule, wniil i- oh buckle; bitts, tinned iiiailen, to weigh 5 lbs. the dozen. Two pair Cham Pipe*, 2 feet 6 inches long, 2)i tcchts wide. Two pair j>a t Chain*, 7 feet long, 14 links to the loot, of \o. 2 iron, >.wistetl or straight, with T on one end. weight 9 lbs. per pair. On* pair of breast Chaws, *3 inches long, 14 links to il-e foot, of No. 2 iron. wutrd. Two Keck Straps, 5 feet 6 inches long, 3>? luohes wid<\ with 2>fc inch buokle. Two Neck Chains, 4 leet 6 u ch a long, 14 links to the oo*,, twieted No. 4 iron, T ana loop to be riveted on toth* neck strap, swivel in the oha ri. One SaddU, made on Attakapas tree, i ead, gullet and oantle ironed, covered in the ueual way with i.alf tanned horse hide; flaps JO inches Jong, 16 inches wide; snrcio ie, 7 f> et 5 niches loux, inches wid-, with a 2X inoh buokleonone end, to be fastened to the saddle by being mete* to two ourved straps, lAtf itch wide; iliesi straps are p aoed one uu eacn side i f the saddle-true, una eiid ia tied to the Iront. part of ti e bar, the other nil to the extension ot the bar behind the!<5, bpaniah aaddie faiiiion; xtirrnp leathern 4 lee' 7 tuobea lo g, 1U men wide, vim 13* inch .mckle; a irrupa, ma It able iron, tinned, bolt-eye pa.iern, to weigh 13>? Ibi. lo a uox n pair. LEAD. Two Bridltt, aame aa for wheel harneaa. Two Collars, 3) to 22 inchea long, made the came aa for wh??l narn jaa Two pair nf Hamts to auit, of same material aa for wheel harneaa, ironed, viih hooks, breast nn*a and line riaga. with atrapa aa 111 wheel harne a. Tiro Ntck Strap* and chain*, aame aa ior wheel hareeaa. Tu-u Belly Lands, tame aa for wh?el harneaa. Two pair C\at* Pipes, aauie aa for wheel harneaa. Two pair Trutt Chains, aame aa f >r wli-el 1 arunaa Two Cruppers ami flip Strops. life -k Strap 6 f et long, icperiaa from as incneato2>? inohea wide. Hip ^t>apa with buoklee each 3 feaib inohea loue, IS inoh wide, with wrought hook*. Two Back Bat.di, 3 feet 7 inohea long 3S inchea wide Two Martingales, 4 feet long, IS inoh wide, to buckle into the bitOne Coupling Strap, 5 feet 6 inohea long, X inoh wide. n?< r^.rU B... A i ?i- i?. ;?>??->- ? ^ -m iwnt, i illVli >VII?t I inoil WlUO VU bookie into the bit a; each nil, with a ring sewod in the oenter to r?w>?tv? ttie jevl line. On* x.*ad Lin*, 21 f^et long. 3>? iuoh af *de, with a buokie at one end, aud au 8-inch loop at the other. On* Whip, heavy platted horse hide, 6 feet 6 imhes lung. One Horn Brush, oval, of bristles, ? by ? inohes. One Curry Comb, No. 2*2?8 bar. I he whole to toe packed i a box ahoutn inches wide, it inotion deep, st inohes long, made of 1-icon toff, ooopared, wood hoop* or iron, as may be re mil red. l he whole to be made of the b??t material, sewing to be made with g n.d waxed thread, and aubjeot to inspection daring the pioosss of maaufso ture atd also when finuhsd. When 6-horse harue^a la required, the lead <k>1lara, bridles, hamea, neck straps, bell* ba: da, ' chsin pipes, trace chain, cropper and hip strapa. back bauds aud strapa are doubled; one heanijg chain 3 feet Ions, 14 links to th? foot, of No. 4 iron, with a T on eaoh end add<*d, sud lead hn? to be 30 feet long. The whoie to be made of the best material, sewing to be made with good waxed thread, aud sua jeot to inspection daring the poc;ss tf ir.auu'aoture aod aiso wh?n finished. Wlien6-mn'e harness is reqsired, the lead orl lara, bridiea, hamea, neck strap*. belly baeds, chaun pipea, traee ehaina, o oarer and hi> hands, and coupling straps are double^; ouo be\rla<

chain, 3 faei loag. H links to the fo.t,olNo.4 iron, with a r on aaoli ecd added; and lead lins to b'? 28 feet long Proposal* will a to be rtoeived for making and delivering ambalaooe harness for two o four niui* or koree ^team??a speeiftoatioa of wklok will Forms' of Proposal* and guarantee will oefara I tshed on appliea'ion at this office, and nono WiU be considered that do noteonf?r<a thereto The privilege is raeerved by and for the Umtfd States of rejeoti?( any proyoeal that nay be doomed extravaiaw. v* Propj^aU will be ir.d< r?rd on th* euve op* ino! *riug them, "Propoeale fuf ivrauhina Ar ?.y Waaon and Ambuiauoe Harness," and address 4 to Major |>. H VINTON, .1 ttwwWrDMlwV.S.Ariw, SUMMER RETREATS. WtA BATHING AND SAFE HKTREAT, At Point Look-Obt,>. {This oe ehratwl Bathing Plaoe. situated at the unction of the Potomac River with the A * ? A Jliesapeake Bay. will l>e opened Wy theVffsBkP underage*! on tho loth of Jnue, in ti.? il"H I very best style, lor a 1 persons who may wish a *ie and auiet retreat, where t:iey can have r e benefit of the best salt water hat> ltg and enjoy the deiieacies of the water, suoh as Pish of all kinds. Oysters, Crabfa, fco Every desonption oi fishing tackle will be kept for tfie accommodation of guesta. A fine livery stabe kept on the farm Also, ten pin alleys and billiard saloons; with all other amusements usually found at snoh plac?s. The table will be supplied daily with fr*sh vegetables from the garden on the premises and from the Baltimore and Washington markets. The hfcst f.iannn aaH rtri II ?!??? ? - ? ? ? w mil wt w ?? "V IV'UUU at the Bar. Board, $2 p*r day; one week, }12; aeoond we'll, 10; four weeka for $S5; chi.dren and oolored aervantu half-price. The steamer St. Nioholas learea Washington Tat???y ?:6n m.anJ Baltimore on Friday at 4 p. m The half pant 3 o'clock p. m. train from Washington will oouneot at Baltimore with the boats, i reaoh'nc Point Lookout daily ; a so, a tri-we*k!y atagefrom Washington. by way of Leonard town Add ess the proprietors, at Po nt Lookout, Washington. D O.. or Alesar.dria, Va. m 31 HKFLEBOWER A CO . Prop'r?. DENTISTRY. M TEETH. LOOMIS, M. D., the inventor and patentee of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at tends personally at his office in tins city JJtejS Many persona oan wear these toeth who^*1 car. not wear others,and no person can wear otners who cannot wear these. Persons ealiinf at my o Ace oan be aocommooated with any style and price of Teeth thoy may desire; but to those wno are partiouiar and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that art can Dro<lu??, tna MINERAL VLATE wiii we more fully warranted. Rooms in thia oitv?No. 3S? Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th ata. Alio, 997 Arch street. Phi adel phia. oo U tf gasTiWINGT&c. A wm t. dove at CO. RE Now p'Sfared to ?xeoute any orders wlU wmch tbej mar r>e t?TO""d in the Kit IIUDliin r\ i /?n run . . . ? ?- ? i uv.numa, was '-m c>j| AIW BUSINESS. |C7* Store on ?th street, a few doors north of Pa, avenue, where maybe found a compjete assortment of CHANDRLIFRSand other 9AS, STEAM and WATER FIITHRFH i?FT-1t I SNYDER. PLUMBEK. AND GAS FITTER. Has removed to tha corner of Twciflh atd F im< He is prepared to ictrcdooe Water and Gas upon the most favorable t-)rms, and cc&ranUcs entire satisfaction. rtehae on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, whicn he will sell loss Uan cost, as he wishes to get rid of them. no 1? 6 A S FIXTURES. K Rave in store, and are dai y r-jceirine, OAS PIXTVRES of entirely Now Pattern* and l>er;?:is and Finish, suporior in sme to aaythinic heretofore offered in this market. We invite oitnons seneral It to call and examine our stock of Gas ana Water Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the ba*t eeteotod stock ir Washington. All Work in tho?V< a Tine mtrastcJ to so roars Will be promptly attended to. M VERS * MoGHAN. mar l-tf 376 I) street OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALEK OF 0A3 METERS. Wash:h??op. Jaly 11,1W8. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That,agreeably to the provisions of the ordmanoe of the Co.~porstior. approve-! Xaj 17, lago, t.'ie unUersifned is now prepared, "whenever retired in wrilins, ate M ^ - .1* ?l. ? / _ / A'. ? - vu OI mo ICC CJI IliiJ CfHW, VO ILPffOli jraiui*ie, tesf., ito ye. and ascertain the accuracy of registration of ujr gas jpxter in me in this city." Kyeiy ajeter, if found incerrcot, will be coademwd Mid ?n<*?hoi, oo*:-xi ftbii n.a.ktj M li ?o, trill t>? etiait* p';aae. If proyed to be *oou-*?s in iU ra???ai?m3nt of jus. it will be scaiea *u3ox:?fi?, and t:uii pot in position for uee. O*oe No, 610 Peyenjt str?^t,fnr*' Odd FV. ws' Hall.) Oven fromra. in., to l ?. m. CHAKL.F3 W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy U-tf initiator and rtn*:er of was Metera. Q F F I C 1^ A L. DKPARTMKIT ?>? S*TM-r, ( nra*hintt<m, IBS'.S Information has been received at thu Department from Mr. R. N. ShnfelJt, the Consul Genera! of the United States at il&vana, of tlie issue, on j the 15th ultimo, of a roya' decree hy which all im- I port duties on common ship'* bread are taken off | ior me wrm 01 lourtften nientna from the date of tbe pn> lication of the royal decree in Havana. The une deoree alto reduoes to one-half, during tiie sa<ne time, tbe lirport dutiea upon o >rn and cornme&l and potat eg. The duty by the tariff upon corn is 35X per centum upon the valuntw n of 84 p*r bar'cl of a<0 Spanish pounds, ? hen from loreign ports in foreign bottom*; upon ournn.eal 35X per o^ntum upon the valuation cf #5 por barrel of 200 Spanish pounds, from foreign ports in foreign bottoms; upon potatoes, from foreign ports in foreign vessels, 39>? per centum upon the va nation of .%2_V) per barrel; upon foreign bread, in foreign vessels, SbX ter centum upon 82 for every ?? Spanish pounds. ^JUN BOATS FOR TH* WESTERN RIVERS. QDARTKRMASTKIl Kx^tRA.L'8 OFFICII, f . Wa-htfifton, Ju?f 17,1P61.S Pbofobaxs are invited tor constructing Oonb"?ts u?on the Western rivers. Sfeoinoations will be immediately prepared and TTifLV hA Afftmi naA at ? li?? O rt ? rtAr.n. i - 4 ...w/ ?V^.W..WHVM WW ?MV <^u V O X' Ui'JO B! Cincinnati. Pit sbu>-gh, and at thia olAoe. Propoaala from boat-buil era and enema-build er? alone will be oonaidered. P!ana aubmitted by biu-lers will be taken into consideration M C. MEIGS, <* m Quartermaster Q?rieral United 3ta'> a. TH HE EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. EM RICH, at the corner of Peun.,fl A ? A avenue and Eleventu street, haa been^T?^' jrcatly imarovod recently and now oCerxJLtiicUL greater induceinenta for the patror,age of oi(!xena and at rangers than any ?.ther public house in the oity, hia prioee being lees than those of any other hotel on Perm. avCane, ami his acnomraodat: jua for permanent ortranaieut boarders ucexoepuonabla. The bar au 1 reuanrant arrangeir.enta of the European Hotel have already become very iopu lar. being ali that oan be dee;r-4 by the iroaf fa? tidioaa. The proprietor pledges unremitted attention and contirced UNerai exrendituresto giveeatief.vHion to all, and thnarenewa bit invitation ?o ail t^aive 0;e Fn?oaean K?te! a ?ail. rfe? ti Tmm FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE rarent* who wish tueir daurhtera to r?oeivc a thorough and systematic education, where tiieir phvatoai training will revive dailr andspeoia! attention, under the n??at approved ay stem of Calietheuic* and GymnasUos, are respectfully invite 1 to i visit the Union Female Academy, corner Fonr i^cctn at *na ,i?w y orr st. MR. * MRS. Z. RICHARD*. mi jf-ff I"nncinli. CP EC! AT j >OTICE Tf? VOLUNTEER SO Just arrived at SMITH'S, No.-ICO Seveath i street. opposite the Post Oiltce, a lar?e or of SPRING and SUMMER CLOTHING. TRUNKS VAL1CK*. OARI'KT BA?-, SHIRT CoL LARS, TI.ES, HATS and CAP8- N. U.-All of the aboveoaiued goods for aaleat Northern prioea. ma2n-8wi J. H SMITH. Clothier (VfOORfc/S WEST EM) SODA FOUNT IS i"I iu full operation, diap?nsin< pare Carhonio Aoid Wat r, with uioa sirups of flavor*, to suit his patrons In addition to a fine at^ck of Medicines, he haa a general assortment of Toilet Articl a, tii e Cigars, Ac. if i-iw /?>\ RESUMED BUSINESS. /fl\ A A The Undersigned w aid inform biBl A W friends ai.d <he public that he ha V V taken noaae on Ninth at., between D and K. where he Will uaii do hniinmi u * linwwil Ultt'M I CRUKEft. Fair d^ing in ftli baat&ase trar fractions. | 1" *? ?? KNOfiH WARD. Y WOOD AND OOALn OU Will aurejy let yom nnuiey'a worth by oalline at tne PIONEER MILLS, toutKtatu ecr ner if Seventh street i*d Canal, (GEO. PAttB, Air?nt.) They sMl cheaper and *iv? hatter me&eiire than any others in the eity?out, eatit. aori doiiyero;! freo of charge. if yon don t I oiiere . i *+ tiM flonMr Mttrl ft trift., aod bo > AMafted ? lt.r __ CTKINWA.V fc 90NS' AND RAYF.N ft flAO OON'8 PIANOS.?AJ?rM ha? jnat !>oon received.?Pb>mrs in aearoblMBLj, of ft reliable inatraiaeai ?t ft low jrjMftrc-H' * *' Order* reogiTad for Kir. MARCUS REBINK P<M? Fnrt> T?n?r ??li pjOMEMADE BOOTS AND.fcHOES^ Nu rn? -** P% ? ? . tvt ?tb +t><i ti ?r?. "QOLDIRRS AND FELLOW CITlZKNP " O Come to SMITH'S. N?. <60 Savon'b ?tTa?t, O UK JOH.1KTO.V Daltimurk LOCK HOSPITAL, Hmt dtteortrtd tit mort C*>tat?. Spit-ly nlf Effftuai Rtmiriy m tkt World, FOR ALL DISKA8BSOF IMPKUDK.NCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY FR STENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARM K, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. W*akn*t?of '.S? EiCk, Striciaraa, Aitcuootof tb? RidQ?;a nod Blxldtr Oitcbarfta, lmput#ne?, 0?n r?l Debility, Nn.'nnniu, p?y, Luirsor, CoafMion f lden, Low Sp:r:^; ?. it si?? ffnrt, Tinidii;, Trtrabliitfs, Dimntee u" Sijrat or, Dimhi of th? Htad, Throtl, Nom or Skin, Aftctioni of lh? l,or.*?, Slom4Cft or Brntili?thaa* Terriblt I?iaor1?re anauif ftotm Solitary HabiU of Vtroth??h?e? Dreadful and D*atn?cti?? Prmetic a a winch rtadir Mtrn>|? mpooaibl*, *nd daiuc? botk Body aji4 Mind. rftumt MEN Kapecially who ha?e become the vitume of Solitary Tica, that dreadful and deetrasti*e habit which auuaatly awee|e la an ontimely gra*? tnoasande of Ymi g Meu of the moat eaaltcd talent* and brilliant intellect, who might otherwiae ha** entranced ketening Benitre with the thunder* of elo. ?oenee or waked to ecetacy Ike tie log lyre, Bay Mil with uU cor.tdeoc*. MARRIAGE. MtlKIl!) PltlOKi.M Ysaif tt(o contemplating Marriage, being iviri of phyeical weakaeee, organic debility, deformities, Ac., epeedily cured He who placee lumaelf under th* ear* of Dr. J. may religiosity connde in bu honor a* a giullmun and confidently rely upon hie *kill a* a physician. OFFICE A'o. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left hand (id* rowg from Baltimore f reer, a few doore from th* corner, rail not to cbterrc nam* and camber. L*U*r* ma*t h* paid and contain a etamp. DR JOHXSTON, Member *f the Royal Collegy of Sargeone, Louiton, rrad* at* from one of the luott eminent College* in th* United State*, and the gieater part of who*e life hae been epent in the lioepiule of Loi. Ion, Pane, Philadelphia and e!eewh*r?, b&* effected torn* of the moet aetoniebing cure* that were e?er known; many troubled with ringing in the head aud tare when aaleep; great ner*ooei.tea, r?mg alarmed at esdden *oonda, baahfolnee* with freqaent Meaning, attended eometime* with derangement of mind, were cared immediately. i au r. i .1 n i j it l ,1 iiui jic, Y"ur.(f Men and other* who hae* inturtJ theneelree by a certain practiJe indulged to when alone?a habit frequently learned from evil companion*, or at echool, tnt effect* of whicn are nijhtly felt even when aaleep, and if not cared, render* marriage inipo**?fele, and deatroye both muid ai.d body, aboold apply iii.uiediitelrThee* ar? *on.e of the ead and melancholy effect* produced by early habit* of youth, ?u: Weaknea* of the B .ca and Limb*, Pain* in the Head, Dimne** of flight, Lo** of Mntr Ut*r Power. Palpitation of ine Heart, Dyepepey, Ner*o?* irritability, Derangement of the Di^eeti** Function*, General Debi.ity, Symptom* of Consumption, Ac. MMTiLLT -T?-e fearful effect* on the mind are m?eh to be dreaded?Loe* of Memory, Coofuaion of Idiu, Depreaeinc of Spint*. E?il Foreboding*, Aeeraion of Society, Be.ftiiatrnet. Lot* of Solmda, Timidity, etc., are tome of the e?il* produced. NrRtufl DEBILITY.?Thonaand* can now )cd(? what t* (he cau*e of their declining health, loeiug their vigor, becoming weak, pale, nereoue and emaciated, hieing a *uigular appearance about the eyei, cough or symptom* of couamfDISEASES OF IMPRUDEXCK. When the muguided and imprudent-rotary of pieasar* 6r.d* be lia* inihibed the *eed* of till* pamfal d?ea*e, it too often happen* that *n ill-timed aenae of ah-iine or dre*d of diacoeery dc.tri him from aDPlvine to those who. from education and respectability, can a.|one befrkeud hiro H? (all* into th? bm.ili of ignorant au<? designing pratendera, who, incapable of corinr, filch hi* p?enn1ary sobs-juice. keep hira trifling month after month, or a* long as the smallest fee can be obtained, aud in despair leaae him witb rained health to eeer hie galling duf.pfKjintn.eiit; or by the dm of that deedfy po.s>t.?Mercury?hajteu ibe constitutional symptoms of tbia terrible disease, such ae Affections of the Heart, Throat, Head, kin, *e., pro^reaetng wit'i frifht/ul raraity, till death f Me a pariod to b.i <lrrajfui by s#ndi: r hunt o >:??; andiseoTered country Croio whose bosrt.s no traveler return*. dr. johnson's remedy for organic weakness and im potency. By this (real and inpo riant remedy weakness of lb* orgar s are epeeduy cured ana fail vigor restored Thousands of die reoet nsrro'as and debilitated, who bad last all bops, tiara b*su tramsdiaiely relieved. All impediments to Marnafe, Physical or Mental DieqaalIfcationa, L ?a of Procraaties Power, Msreoas Irritability, Trarrhilar and YS?? kneaj or Kxbttaeuoo of the most fsarlal kind spsediiy cared. endorsement of the PRESS. Tmb JIiSt Thousands cared at tbia inetitatioa within the las', seventeen years, and the nataeroae important Sorgtsal ccsrations performed by Dr. Johnstac, witi.raasd by tna rsporters of tas papsrs and many other j>?rso',s, notices of winch have appeared agan. and again bof?re the pabhe, bss!f*es his standing aa a fsntleraan of character and responsibility, is a aaScisQt gaar*r.'ss to tha aSicied. mar 15-1/ Da. J. ?. McLEAN 8 STRKKGTHEirarO CORDIAL AXD BLOOD PURIFIER THE GREATEST REMEDY m tit WORLD, teraii taxex.iLM' rtltl* a?d ^cjf.t- j H* Ovp??a<i, p?ten4 ky tk* dltiUU- . ^ t!*a ?.' r??;?,^. trtt, vg t; t k R??l, f! r?* p* " .V Btik, **d Dttd*lt?* +*.-* r.t'rt tat* It* ?- V^' Tkt ?*t!r* ttiir# Jf Itf * C r*.-a*tUt! fiicttflt ^JgtM/g? f t.tb i?f F*di?o n? DCIOP uLtiqfr^;",5^'-^?AfUr taking* dltllklltf, rr*d??i (> dtUt.tu, tmltrtUnf tf'.rti, tad lk( ?m tefilllklt T*n*>i*r*t reritrtunf tkt 4it *.??* ipua, u < rMtulif tat CU, (ilirttf, ui Iitlllwi4 UfilM W k*t?k t?d tutaftfc. MtLLAWS STREH&THFI1IN9 CORDIAL Will tf?tt?il!y ?*f? butt CcmpUliit, Dyiytptlt, Jtka41i),Okmll?>lmin Mtkliitj, D'**->** fti* tido*7*, a*d tit dUttttt it'ii | fr?m t d;:?rdttt1 U.rti *r CicBtcb, y?f?pr.*, St.'Mkaro, Invtrd Y : *, A cid*'? * fitkrttt ( tkt Biwattt., Fttiiutt* tf W**a : ut Daii Pt,n tr vmatipf laikiKttd, Ptipit u?a *f tktlttri, rilliMt u Wtlfkl la tk* Iiwm'v * " Cr*?<tti*oi, Cbakiuf iCtttUxf Pttltof ? ?vi??n, Dryu**t > Y*.i*V *H VI ill Wftia iau MTVV, oi vvtiu, iiwini rivin, Pala la Ik* Si?*i) ?' ika Back, CBtot, n lid*. Baddaa Piaakaa af Iwt, af Iplnu, rrighifml Drum, kupai, Daaaanlauay ar acj narvaa* diaataa, lam at Ii?m?? aa tat Skla, ui f??ii ud Agmt (at CfclUa aad rtT"J 1 MI1L10X BOTTLES kava kaaa aald 4ariaj ika Ian an aiatitka, ud ta aa lalUtM aaa li (aiiad la acuta aaualaaUaa. Wkt, vkaa. vtli aaftr frtm Wiilrm ar Dak'Uty alia MckBAB'rf rrk.BWer imn CO* DIAL wtli aara yaa 1 Ka luptfa aaa wi't; aa ada^aau iiaa af Ua Iwaatf at* ttd aliaaet w'rajalaaa akaof a pradaaad ky ttklaf n Cardial ta (ha diaatiad, daklUtatad, aad akauaiad aarraaa akatkii knkaalaai k; aitm. taai *j aaMta, at taapatiad k? aiakaaaa, Ua ralasad aaa aaattaaf argaalKtlaa la ia:Ufii ta >ta prWUaa kaaltk aad 'lf? MAF.KlBD TEKSON&i at atkata, tnuwn af taakUttj (ran *hna**r aaaaa, will ad MckBAXm rrKBBBTBBlTlBC CO&niAk a Uaratft viftaat.tttaf Ua arttaa; and all aka Ml ka?* U Ian.1 :k:??c>aa kj latf w???? ln<Ja!j*ata? will lad la Uia Cardial a tamia sad tptady raaeadj. TO THC LADIES. KcUUII RtSMITII?il?00?0Uhla a aar?ra'.ja aau tpaaCj *a?? fat IkatplaM CanamapUaa, tat, katraatad ar Wttill Maaitraat'aa.l ocantUoaaa af ?rta* at ItTtinttn I>jat<rn tkaraaf, ftllluf af Ua Vaak, Iddiaaat, ralnUff, aad all d.aaaiaa Ualdant u Tamalaa. THFRE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT afar aa la&gai. Tt*a It taatrdlnf ta 41?t?t1at.a. It will a'.tanlaaa. tmaftkan, anfl larifaitia r?a aad aaaaa Ua klafi af ka?ii? ta .lit jt" kkaak tfaia. B'arj kaula ta vtma'.ad ta |i<a u'.niitCta, FOR CHILDREN, IIJ??J IU.3IH ?l IHUj! ' T N HBXIIB, KCkliai CUKDlAk wlil aaki Uka kkftiic?, fat, ftud fakau. n?l*y an ft B*B?nts try tt, ?ad ?at-?rl;l k? aia'aod. Ill* daU?' U U.kk. 9A WTIOIT. tvtr* af liMfMi ? *!> m; try ? ptla im t? Mat Muii ? Hiuru iit truk, ?kic> tk?y mi ? ? ktftf, k; iiTiaf li t> 'itlur?d. i?Md <?ck ?? . A>k i** MckKAM's im^^vesHiRe coediau, u><I u?< Bathing !??. It tk ih* Mly itrztAj tfcf.t will p*ntj th* w?d h,* Mid fti ii?t uuik kU?nftt>?u ?? a^t;an Ont tftupaanral uk?L i?ir; marautf f??uof la 4 ctruM prtTkMt** far Oalara, Cfctlla And r*??r, Yallav > cut liaaaa*. Uiaiatit la luti ka'.Uaa. Prick ofy |1 ptr kttUl, n I fcattlaa far (1 f. I. MrLEAM, k!a praariatat f Ikit Cardial; ftiM, Mchaao'a Tdctku 01 fatalfatot. rriatlfAl l>?p?\ aa ik? Mratt af Tkird ftad Rat MIMU, li. faaci*. M?. MoL^n'i Yolc&aio Oil Liniment, <TIX HIT uaiMUT l* TBI WOKfaDJ MM9 ? ?*/ M? Vtwwu WU? I?I I llVSf ?? **>>, BviKinfi and Br*nehil? ?r CaitM, Paralvaia, Nilrmjfta, Wutatiitf tSl Maaelaa, CknutM wim? i>ry Riititsaunu, tiiCbtu af Oil Jatota, Caairacia* MmcIm at Lk'(B<n[i, Cw>fc? itT?nh?c>i, iwlm, furt Gat*. W?anfl?, Clean, fi'li Itm, Ca*ad Bar* M pflu, Barna, BaaUt, Mart Tunt!, at uj itilaremauao > iih, m Mimii t*? it taar At dixui ott Iim astaiad. McklAllt UliUMtTKP UHMERT U iimia himIj. tnnr li ml kuu fcaiafa kaaa ?< t lift af dla iM|?taJi ?n4 auaary kj ikt ?m a<(Mi lattlaakU raaa4y. McLmrS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will?alla?a pate tltaaai lrn?minaa?alj, aa4 it will iliaa, f tn'f u< Uil tka UHrti HfM la u ImnMIi *>an ubm. FOR HORSES AMD OTHER ANIMALS. M'.LKANV CU.KBaA.TtlO UIIMMT la Ua nh aato ?a"t nlitaU ra-naJy far tk? cm ?f ?parta, H?nw>, Vta4#tU*> *?nau, Buonin: hull, H?An a* " Uian. It Utiad la UUI Bif Km4, r*Ua*U, Matala, Ol4 Eaanlaf lw?, u Itim?. tf mfuti uthii f? jrwr.a, Bnuil, knulM Caaakad Baaia, Cha/aa, Baddta ar Oaliaj Cau, Mar*., at #?aada. nUu lataUlM* ? <? A.ff)r It a* aad a tan ta nwata h a?ary CkMBT IBAXBStwiMiurr. u?tb?MM.T THE WEEKLY STAR. This Family u4 New* J<mraal? ontalnlng a greater variety of liimH^ Mating than can be found la any othot U pufeUahod on Friday morning. Tuna?C*M, mvmr?Hp, m Mnim Hlngle copy, per annnm ....Ji w . Five coplfi 1 Ten copies ................ <*> Twenty.loe copies *> <0 It ti variably contain* the "Washington News that has made 7V IMkiy Srtai ?| Stmt eifanlsss ; -w g?TK>r*iiy wrong hunt th? coax try UZT Single coptea ^in wrapper*) eta be procured at Ui* count**, I n>??l lately after tte too* of thr paper. Price?TURK K CENTS. MMMBBnHi^naMaMaBap^ SFOK STAMP INS A PACKET OF PAPER AND FWTELOPKS VO MATCR. METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHI LP * SOLBMOHR. il?l< fm !? an'i mMwW Lmmb f?iw uJ(?iw'iiM HiUa," h., #a. M U lT *~be?.?Uaad 1?*1? WMS/f/iVGTOiV LOCK HOSPITAL. rkR. SBUMAN ha*, aft<w ac axaeriapoa of tea I# vaara, eatabliahed the *Sow rafuf* Thia it the oaly plaoa wbare a a*re h< hii<> cure can be obtained to the world tor ail improper and eril habita, fonorrh*. gieet, eeinina! weak organic weakness. paint id the loins, aLriotiirss, general debility, prostration, b?tc?>a?i, rtitlM nights. palpitation of the heart, ringing in the ears, -uk.- of memory, oopPubiod, ieianr >o. * a? eot. tmm of the bead, throat, nose, and skin, and all thoe* peculiar disorders arising from the intfjsoretior of ycutn, rendering tnen unit for either bMUW, tody, society. or marriage. i>t. s. baa the i reateet rmtdin la the kxer t world for diseases of the blood. poDorrhm. ateou tricturea. iyphilln, ser*unai weakness, aau-ahaoa. *.0. There la no oace in whloh they nul to amrOln from I to 6 day a. Victim* of tneee horrible complaints, who woaitf wish to be valuable men and ornamental? eonetT. ahould emhrnoe the earliest opportunity tor relief. Dr. Shumat haa made tbe moat oomp.ets arraagemeuta for the comfort of Mr patients wfcoooir.e from a diatanoe. Tbey will be formatted with the moat pleas* :t and agreeable esartert, nsoesssry diet, and made aa comfortable aa they woald be at a ? rat olaea hotel at lesa than half the coet Do not lorgoi the name ai.e nasi her. Dr. 8hr mar,'a office ia on the corner of Sixth street aad Pennsylvania avenue. Clarendon Hole.. opposite the National Hotel, Washington, D. C. Persons at a distanoe abould enc ose stamp lux return poatage. Office hours, 9 A. M. to lh F. ft. Various parties have been ectaoeo iron mt is citation by oertam urmdlen on task iturti is this city, who will rne it till the day of their death. A word to the wi?? u enffioient. ?-|y ftfi row 4, Cold, mmtikui . /?^mui any itrumtm er Sarr^ '** Throat, Rtlisv ik* KMIfMB Hnrkini C<mik m? On?**w?f lt!Vi"lr iLuil It**. firMCMlw, A*4w. 4- Cmlmrrk, CUmr mmd r? w/wrw ttrtnrtk (0 tu vote* ?f >6V5T?rAar rDBLI C HPEAI E R 8 and SIN6ERB. Few are aware of the importance of oheoting ft Conch or "Common Cold" m tto fret etace-.tbat which in the beg mine would yiald to a mtiu remedy, if neglected,soonattaoks the Lnnft. " Brown'i Brenckial 7Ve<*?.?." ooutaitimg tfema.eeut mgrec1 nte, allay Faimosary and H. onohia I rritauon. ? "That troahie in my Throat, ((or BROWN'S whieh the "TrocJw" ar* a ep^oifie) harm* made me often a mere wfclaTROCHES jerer. N. F. WILU* BROWN'S g" 1 rmomnmid thtir n? to Piilm TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAFIN. '?real ervioein bdalng Botat* BROWN'S ***?.*' REV. DANIEL WISE. v b (m' b is "Almost instant reuef in the dieu h.s leasing iabor of breathing peoaltar BROWN'S t0 A,"EV. A. C. E66L ESTON. TROCHES " Cofltein so^Opiam o^anythiM BROWN'S M"?? " TROCHES BROWN'S DR. 8. r. B19ELOW, MOCHE8 * "~ta1Ut5fRWC4lB. BROWN'S Si*tm TROCHES BROWN'S ^-^Vwa^ TROCHES * BROWN'S CiTyr^ND ER j* ^ TROCHES " ETTfTT,,^L l" H?4r? MM MUi IrrMMOD OfUf ThroM. M BROWN'S *lth 8'iuni *a4 SiWTROCHES Prwt * STACY J OH W0ON. BROWN'S Btt,., TROCHES " 8f*? bmuft v*m ta*?a before flEOWN'8 S^j^2-,r?J5fS3! ?ocBE8 BROWNE PrMifiat 01 AuSS MgrfA. B.OCBBS R-fT^E^SJ'ltS'Za"4? 1-1T PBftF. WAAIVft RESTORATI I E CORDIAL hi BLOOD REJTOVATKB. It procure vtat its name indicates, for, Whl!? pleasant to the taste, it it revivifying, exhilarating, invigorating and atrenithening to the vita. HT*r>and at tLe K&ir.e tiine revivihea, reinet^tea, fcud renew* the in si it? original po-ity, aod thue at ooM restoro and rmuimt tk* if Htm tmvuUtrmiit tc attack* af It is the only >r?Hntum ever offered to the world. so oheimoalky ami aktlfolly c >ni6ined Mtobetbe moat powerful to^c, and at the i&me time mo perfectly adapted to. aa to act in perfect accordance with the ,?ws of aature, and heuoe will tootkt tk* w?aJutt $iontao?. aad tone vp the digestive organa, and thn allay afiimr vena and other irrtta&oa. It ta perfectly exhilafa ting and at the same time it la oumpoaad entirely ot veg etabiea, yot so oombined as to prodaoe the mc?t thoroach tomo effect, without procoaac aay IB iurioua oonee^ueacea. Speh a retuecj has tops D^ec felt to be a desideratum in the Biecloa* world, for tt needa no medical *1.1! to we that detulitp folio we all attack a of diaeaee. aad proooeda and lbUsed laya the system open to the 'uaulicsa attaofca ot many of the most fatal, such, for dxarrple, as the following Conaninptioa, ladisesttcwi,- IW pepafta. Night Sweats. Lar.jor, GidrQneee, Retashoc 0U as we i ftj Pajafnl oEallttHt. WW iMtektMW ec*-nt Mauatruation, ud Failina of the Wank, Tuea? *n depend upon feaeml deMlitv. Ttupm, iiMltbj tonic C<>?tuii and b *xi Rri?'T?t?iuw "are to car* u tae rua lit o nee ud eft. Th?r? 3 ro mi'tak* abowt it . But this la wik all If tha avetera la rwUn?! we are oeen to Ulioos aktae&s, the liver ikk .'idm or wore* Cimmm. Itie jndner* reftiae to perform their fane#* pa, M wearettoaMea wun ?ca>ai&c aaa luountinooo* o fflesrsm rj&xr&xxsi.ts' eee<!in*lr name to aitcht aoiaa. aonvn*. *M u u cneokoa. moon eataaiatioc fouova, ao<l Ui* aaceai joea down to a prematura rraVe. Bat >mm will Dot allow na to enumerate ttianaav ilia la ttNtvi are liable mi a w-.?*cr eo c m t.ion ol tM mp. But ?e will eay h. Uiia Cordia and B c*< Rec^**tor yon have a perfect aare pi aaaant aad afleacaa.1 remedy for loaaof Apppiua. Buwn nee, Flats leace, ? 'Vk aad rick Sumach. Lanacar. Lmr Complair.t. C!,i. **?<! Fever, or a?? JwaaaHuk Hmt-MMM Aoiait* ofthe fttnmarh^Nervoaaaea*. VMikiMM, ud cnsicmt** tbov*. w? *ui,m fythe trarerr ex?o*?d to pjicomit*, eV,att? o' elimaU *rd w?tw, *i tnd it ? >1*?art. a ran Tfrr-tsjn, u4 bo om rw triw ??kkDjAfSfa^ c^:^XKJSM?iS . AJl rrwm of *M?buJ7 htbito will fiM it* Vf?ot vrcvecQTe of, M well ui out for ttoifIMman vhich tbay ara Mrtiont?r> vlmo* k?*i ? bottl* aoavtaatly os taait wi. mm tlli Wi most lunrom c?nu? *yi - ? MoaaioaMdIbtiftk tart mk ao4 ttm 4 jmni-e U.0DH011 A.imMiU ao r --fportion orilis ?orM. 1b Abort, i? dtJWwr oonlu^l. Try U old t PEO? WOOD'S : il.U? . RESTORATIVE CORDIAU+ BLOOD REffVVAtOR ' 8ol4 la this oity t* C. BTO*T. t>* hu ftfflp**. II W?! ?l Poo# ?M ft ? V ?wl?rt. M I NM- Mu <?*ayWWii PPfr.

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