Newspaper of Evening Star, August 10, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 10, 1861 Page 3
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I ! ix aL NEWS. ' IcTThcuw# rn &r*a to prlatot on fee teste* f|rtUn p,,,, m Mr ?nth of Baltimore, Its edition t> so tof*? ** 'nttJrf> w 10 ** Put to preM at an *T'v Nmr: AdrertTwmento, therefore, should be ant in be&re ** o'clock m.j etberwtoe tbey may l(, a?pMir until the nert dar. >. Nrmca ?P'?*rict of Columbia Advertisement ?e kc wrrtM In the Baltic' s* B?:?are reoelred ft tad forwarded from Tna St*a Offlce. Taa Aimt Hoimui.?If one brllned tbe atatrtiwnU la regard to tbe hosp'.tt'.s here published 1r some of the Northern paper*, be would br forced to come to the ?*me conclnsinn as Sir John Prlngle, a British worthy who flourished V)V?B'd? tbe cloM of th# ISth rentnnr and urtui. * speaking of the ca mpalgns of that era, expressed the opinion that 'hospitals were imonu the chief causes of mortality In armies " All vrfeo know i anything of the matter, however, are aware that I those Institutions iranng us are situated in the P most airy and healthful localities; are fitted up with rverv arrangement conducive to the comfort of the sick and wounded, and are conducted In a-cordance with the teachings of science and dictates of humanity Statistics, whenever they ar?* published, will bear us out in these assertions. Take for Instance the hospitals la Georgetown. In one of these (the Union) out of 61*2 sick and mounded men admitted since May 25th. when the hospital was opened, only 13 have died In the other (at Miss English's Seminary) out of 250 patients admitted since Jnly 23, when the hospital w*? opened, only 2?fcave died. The'e are now two Army hospitals in Georgetown and three In Washington?besides the one recently opened on E street and the hospital for contagious diseases on Capitol H1U Of the three mentioned, one is at the old Infirmary building <nesr the City Hall) and is in charge of the *?l?Ws of Mercy, and usually contains about 2<iO patients; another Is on C street, and Is devoted to aick and wounded regulars; the third Is at Columbia College building, and with the hospital tents pitched in the vicinity will accommodate romfortably nearly 500soldiers. Half that number are now there Of the Georgetown hospitals we are able to speak more particularly, having visited them our afternoon this week Of these the largest is In the Union Hotel building on Bridge street, opened on the '29th day of May. It has beds to acc-Mnmodate 230 patients, and in spite of state ments to tbe contrary, baa never bad more than within it* wall* Tbe rooms are spurious, and tbe full number of patient* might be comfortably accommodated. &> the celling* are high, tbe window* numerous and large, and the arrangements for ventilation quite as good a* In the bmldlnga of lbe same cia?* anywhere The patients appear to be cheerful and contented, and ?peak In tbe highest term* of the kindness of their attendants, and gratefully ar-knowledge many favt>rs from tbe citizen* of Georgetown. W e made tbe tour of the establishment yesterl day, and if disposed to b? ever so fastidious and hypercritical could have found no fault with the ittendant* for lack of order or cleanliness At he time oi our vi*it there we-e 133 patients la the house, and of these about 00 were wounded I'be last death was that of J as Uarbett, of tbe 13U? New York regiment, who died a day or two since, of pneumonia ^ V\. e talked with many of the wounded?there was private Bugby, po<w fellow, of one of the Connecticut regiments, who bad bis shoulder shattered at Vienna by a Minle bullet, and has lain In the hospital ever since, seven long week*, sad borne hi* sufferings with the greatest patience nt?d fortitude Forty piece* of bone have been extracted, and he Is new, It is hoped, on tbe road to recovery He 1* laying on a water bed," fgu'ta percha tilled with water,I the only one in tbe hou*e One member of tbe New Y ork id regiment we saw, Mnc>n, bad hi* rigbt b bd dreadfully mangled by a fragment of shell at Bull Run. Capt Smith and Lieut Sinclair, f tbe 79th Highlanders, take tbe matter quite easily, Lave a label over their quarter* inscribed "Sinclair 4 Smith. Hotel de Manassas " Lieut Sinclair bad two bullets put through hi* leg, tiear thv knee, at Stone Bridge, but i* doing well. Dr Oanseier is In charge. V are under many obligations to the iadies of the Institute, and to Mr A J Chamberlain, ward master, for their kindness in pointing out many thing* of Interest about the establishment. We also vtsited the hospital at Miss English's Academy, located a few hundred yards north of the 4i Union," oiTelevated ground, in one of the moet healthy, quiet and pleasant neighborhood* in Georgetown It was opened July 23d. and contained, at the time of our visit, 148 patients, of whcm one-third, probably, were soldiers wounded In the late bfttle It has beds for and can conveniently accommodate 160 patients Dr. Joseph R Smith is In charge, and we were shown through the ward* bv his accommodating assistant, Dr W. H For wood. Cleanliness and good order prevailed, and the patients all appear to be well car?-d for The rooms are high and airy, and the corridors and windows and doors are so arranged ts to afford thorough ventilation. No more suitable building could be found. The range for cooking Is of the most approved construction. and has an arrangement for heating water, which can be forced through pip^a to the bed-rooms, of which tberfla one in each story Thus hot or cold water can be used at will for lathing. On the east side of the building there are long porches,with doors opening on tbein from each story, where convalescent patients can sit ana ma tne news, or smoke tbeir pipe*, as we a w some doing la tbe cool of tbe evening. Tbe yard Id tbe rear la cool and shady, and very pleasant for fever patient*?of which there are many here?to look oat upon We are glad to chronicle tb?e efforts at human zing tbe war Everyone may do something for tbe comfort of tbe aics and wounded, and no exertions should be spared to relieve tbeir sufferings. Impbovexbhts at thb Depot ?Improvements have keen progressing round about the depot of ( late until that vicinity presents a scene of sctivlty ' and life exceedingly refreshing In these times of general pr<?tration The high board fence erected some time since, enclosing a large space for freight. Ac., has been removed eo as to enlarge the yard, Into which another brsncb of the railroad lias been extended. Tbe large building erected for tbe convenience of arriving and departing troops is nearly completed Datbs. Ac , are being arranged In it, wh eta will prove an important Item in tbe preservation of health and comfort. Adjoining the cane factory a small baiidlng has been located for tbe shelter of cooking utensils, Ac , of the troops quartered there on guard duty, and nothing emitted that can in any respect add to the comfort of the volunteers Tbe deep golly which has so long disfigured North Cinltfil ltP##t ifi flllA >Krnt tn Km H i I H ? - _ g ? - - ? ??- ? ? ~ v_ ii>>' u< me# ua T I ?g be- a deposited at the depot for tbe construction of a drain, thereby remedying the evil resulting from every shower. With ail the arrangements for expedition and tbe energy of tbe officers of this branch of tbe road. It la at times impossible to accommodate tbe immense amount of supplies pouring In, and ahculd the present condition of ffalrs continue, it will become necessary to still farther Increase tbe provisions for accon.modation and dispatch Hwom Pbkskntatios ?The National Riflts being leit without a commander?their Captain, J R "mead. of the army, having been ordered to report for duty at H&rrlsbarg, Ps?it became necessary to till tbe vacancy by election At a iale meeting of tbe company. 1st Lieut. A D. Davis was elected Captain This promotion m >de ? change in the other officers necessary, and the following selections were made: 1st Lieutenaat, Joseph McMakin; 2d Lieutenant, J G Clark; breveted Lieutenant W G. Moore: 'id Srrgeaat, K N Lenard; 3d color Sergeant. N D Larner; th Serjeant, Tnomas Strong; 5th Sergeant, W i Phillips APer the election, tbe company determined to have a sword manufactured at Ames, N us , to he presented to Capt Davis, ss an evidence of their appreciation of hta wor h as an \ (Acer and gentleman The idea was carried ont, ma iur prraeniauon iook pimce ax Uie reatdenre of Capt. Davis last evening The presentation speech by W O Stoddard, ct tbe Laud Office, k waa a line effort, and Capt Davis responded In eloquent t?t ma It la eald thit asaoon as the Rifles shall receive lta tall quo'aof member*. It Is the Intention of .Mr. Nickolay, the Presidents private secretary, to organtie a second company, to be known ascompsny U. Movimk.its or Taoors ? Yesterday afternoon the Eleventh Massachusetts Regiment came over from Virginia and marched out the Bladensbarg road They wera passing through the Northern Liberties Just ss the storm came up. and apparently were averse to I be 'dea of exposing themselves nnecessarily la the heavy rain which was felling, u some of the companies oo the left broke snd ran. being completely routed The Provost ioa/d bad lively tint* gathering up tbe stragglers, and Ibis morning made a haul of twenty-four, all In a raw. Many of tbese soldiers, eshatiatad by the lang od fattening march throogb tbe heat of the day, *er? competed to leave the ranks, and were kindly taken care of by our cltisans, being "suppered and lodged at privato bouses. Tbe three rcgimeuta of tba Sickles Brigade, wbcce noTtmento have been noticed 1b the Slar, >re now encamped In Maryland, opposite Alexladr.a _ , The Nineteenth Indleea Regiment mart-Bed through the avenue yesterday to join Gen. Kleg B: **de, near Kaioraana The Second New York Regiment, Col To?ipkins, passed through Georgetown y eater day **?Bin* oa tbelr route to some point vuaknown) np tbe Pjtonar. As Imovivnt -Wi ftotlro that tbo marble <*ae of tbe V\ ainlngton Equestrian Stela*. In tbe Cfrcle, hat been repollabed, and the green Aaln (rem tbe broeie, which baa so loog disfigured tbe marble, removed. __ Pabadi?Tbe McClellan Rangers, Capt \Vb?. <>*rev, paradtd vesterday afternoon, and tbe <*>inf*ay ware weU Mounted and made a flne appear os There were prehaMy 71 or 80 ea parade. Abkival o? Taoora ?The Fifth Pennsylvania | Rrglanent arrived here by railroad at 10 o'clock j ' thi? morning. direct from Hamburg, and num- : < bert about 1 000 men The regiment baa teen < om" service, baring formed a part of General i McClellan'acommand In Western Virginia, where 1 tbeydld acme tall marching and skirmishing, but < Were engaged In no general fight. They are 1 finely equipped, and are uniformed In dark blue coats*and light blue penta. of army cloth. They are armed with Harper's Ferry muiketa of the latest pattern. Tbey are now at the Railroad White Hoaae, but expect to march bv way of Georgetown to-day, to Join Gen. McCall'1 command. The rfflcet* are: Colonel, 8 G. gemmcm, (formerly a captain 1n the U 8. Army;) Lieutenant Colonel, J W . Fisher; Major, George Dare; Adjutant, A G.Maaon; Surgeon, J T. Carpenter; Quartermaster, John W. Bigler; Sergeant Major, m uouy; (quartermaster' Sergeant, Wm. IU lib*n. The Captains of tbe companies are: Co A, H. C. llmwi; Co. B, James Taggert; Co. C, J.C. I.owaine; Co. D, T. Chamberlln; Co. E.J FI. Larrimer; Co F, H J. Traut; Co. G, A. 9. Harrison; Co. H, John McCleery; Co. I, Frank Zentmyer; Co K, A. D Collins. Good Samaxitaxs ?The Rev W. C Btltt, of Georgetown, on Saturday last received from some I'dv friends in Newark, N. J., a box of delicacies for oor wounded soldiers, comprising wine, lemons, jellies, farina, cocoa, tea. Stc . Ac. They are being distributed by Georgetown ladles, wbo have been unremitting in their efforts to do good at the Georgetown Military Hospital. In this connection we will state that we have received from the wounded soldiers of the late battle, a communication, dated from the U. 8. general hospital at Georgetown yesterday, in which they tender their sincere thanks to kind friends in that city for favors received They mention the Costen family of Weat Georgetown, who, living two miles from the hospital, have Kaar mmmtnlhinn In .HontUna' Mm QaU. wv uniciuiatiii^ i ss ?ucil o?vcu?iuu#| ?* ? * ?u ** man, who has been like an angel of mercy, and Mr. and Mra Vanderwerken, of Washington street, whe have showered favors upon them To the ladles ot the Institution they return thanks for taelr unceasing attention, and say "they have been to us as mothers and sisters, sacrlffclne the comforts of their homes to our necessities ?? They also acknowledge their obligations to many kind lady frleuds who are not known by name. Thk Small Pox?Shall it bk spread through oci city ??Editor Star: I desire, through the columns of your paper, to rail the attention of the authorities, military and civil, to what seems to me and other citizens as a very serious oversight. If not absolute outrage, in locating tbe ?maU-pox hospital in the thickly-settled portion of our city For a month or more past, soldiers afflicted with this terrible disease have been quartered at a private house, used as a hoxpltal, and located on First street east, between B and C sts north?less than two squares distant from the Capitol Itself' Tbe neighborhood around Is densely settled ; and the location of such a pest bouse in the very midst of a large population is, to say the least, a most strange and Inexcusable proceeding. The pump whence th* water ttsed there Is obtained stands near by, and is the only one to supply a large number of the citizens of the neighborhood. How can it be otherwise than that the disease should pread In the vicinity? Every day, Inmates of the hospital appear on the streets and visit the shops in the neighborhood, just in the condition to spread the diseaseWhy was not the hospital located out of the city? We have a right to protest, and do protest, most vehemently yet ret(>ertfully, against having our own and our family's lives thus wantonly and needlessly endangered. We ask that the authorities at once remove this pest house from our midst A Citizen of tub Nkiohborhood. Washington, Aug. 9, 1861. Center Market.?The gangways of the market were jammed to-day as usual by crowds of gossiping women, who lingered by the hour in the passages, airing th* ir vocabulary In company with all they met as Idle as themselves, and thus thoroughly stopping off the ingress or egress of those having legitimate business there If Government Is bothered to make the "blockade of the southern coast effectual," Why the mischief doesn't It collect a few canine* nf these wlH?.hnnn?l willow-basketed market gossips and post them down that way. YVe warrant they will do the job for Dixie The prices generally, to-day. were about aa quoted in the Star laat week. Peachea are more plentiful, and sell at 75 cts to SI per peck; pears, I 50&G2; sweet potatoes, new crop, 50at 1; watermelons, 12 to 37 eta. earh; cant elopes, 6 to 25 In the hay market the supply was large, demand moderate, prices ranging from 65 to 95 per 100 pounds. Military Prisoners ?This morning, Justice Donn proceeded to the county jail and committed the following persons: Alex Boyd and J. II. Bowman, who were arrested by Lieut. J P Druillard, of the military patrol, upon a charge of Insulting a female They were committed to await the demand of the regimental officers, when they will no doubt receive additional punishment by coort martial. They belong to the Sixth Wisconsin regiment Tbos. urltfln, Second Regiment N. V. State Militia, was arrested by the Georgetown patrol, for tiring bit gun in the street and stabbing Tboa. Ferrell, of 'he same regiment, In the leg. Committed for further action David King. B F Fallon, Jno. Thomas, and J no. Keyaey. (col.,) were captured by various ve*?els In tbe river, upon the suspicion of giving aid and comfort to the eneinv. They were committed to await th? action of tbe U. S. District Court. f*K*ioc? Accid*ht ?Yesterday afternoon at 1 o'clock, about the time the 19tb Indiana Regiment was marching ?ut the continuation of Nineteenth street, on their way to camp, when near the premise of John Litlle, Ksq , the four horses attached to one of the large ambulances became unmanageable and ran off Tbe ambulance containing four sick soldiers was upset, bat all had managed to get out at the rear of the wagon except one man, and his back was broken by the shock Tbe driver, Robert McClellan, a worthy young man, was tbrown some distance and so seriously Injured internally as that his recovery Is doubtful. The Injured men were taken to the nearest hospital The ambulance is a wreck, but I the hones MCjtrM>d without Ininm , j ? ?Yesterday afternoon Coroner Woodwaul held an Inquest In view of the body of the teamster Wolfe, who was ?bot yeaterda) iiear the railroad, in Swanipoodle The testimony differed In no respect from the statement published in the Star yesterday The verdict was that he came to his death by a shot tired from a gun in the bands of one Daniel Roberts, of Company F, 'ittth Pennsylvania Regiment. Wolfe was comparatively a stranger to bis companions, they only knew that be was called Wolfe, and believed that ha came from Baltimore. He had a small amount of money (about ten dollars) In his pocket. Tbe coroner was required to give orders for the burial of the body Vioilajick Re^uisits ?The Ward Commissioners just now are exercising very commendable vigilance in looking after the set of adventurers who, greedy to make money (M the unfortunate soldiers, have squatted down In every available locality, and entered upon 'be sale of bad whisky at a dear rate, in utter defiance of the provisions of tbe law regulating licenses. In aom? cases wnere iti? attempt bu becu made to obtain licenses, tbe efforts to that eod have been characterized byaucb remarkable feature* of fraud and deception as to eauae tbe commlaalonera to biing the | offending parties up with a round turn. What Bbidob Strbbt Wahts.?Mr. Editor: We dwellers on Bridge street were congratulating ourselves on the fact tbat the unsightly thoroughfare was to be speedily repaired The good work ! went on for a while, (>ut abruptly stopped at tbe corner of Bridge and Green streets. Worse still, the paving stones were torn up,scattered In loose, unsightly piles, offering great obstruction to vehides. \\ hose business is It to sttend to the matter? A Sirrimi. Georgetown, D. C., August 7,1861. Improvement ?We notice the erection on 9eventh street, east side, between M and N, of oulte a block (for war times) of frame buildings, which seem to be intended for shops, being one story and a half high, with open fronts. Tuera Is front enougn lor iwo or tnree store*, and tbey extend to the dwelling lu the rear. They belong to Mr. Dant. Wasbihoto* Boy* hi the Califoknia Rkoikc.nt ?The California Regiment now recruiting here baa been quite successful, and yesterday the tret detachment of the Washington company (likely lookinx young men) were muster ea In. I The officer* of the company are Captain W K. Waugh, First Lieut Lammcnd, Second Lieut. Tucker Naosbatib ? Many of our citizens hare been in?de aick, nut bv the Potomac water, but by reports In circulation ?( dead soldiers and horses, in a state of decomposition, having been fished from the reservoirs, circumstances being minutely detailed Let all such "straighten up" after reading our Georgetown letter of to-day. Withie* ? Our citizens will be glad to learn that Mr Wm. Withers and band have returned to Waih'ugton, after secompanylng the New York Twelfth to Harper's Ferry and thence home The band received many compliment* la New Vvikt and were touch pleased with their tour. CutaaL GoAaouuvaa Casks.?Jfarv Sliuonds, druak and disorderly; dismissed John Brady, disorderly, do Georue Wllklna and Tidy Wflklas, (col'd,) disorderly; Workhouse 90 days each. W m Plummer. arrested by Policeman Klopfer oa charge of borglary, was committed to jail. Rre Crss.?Some heavy pieces of siege ordnance have been taken through Georgetown In the last day or two, probably Intended for the entrenchment* In the vicinity of that elty Some required 16 osa? to draw them, i ? ()*phA5S' Cor*T ? After hearing tbe areuments npon tbe motion to admit a judgment against tbe sstate of tbe late J. Thecker, of Georgetown1 tbe jourt derided that tbe judgment la barred by tbe itatue of ltmltatlona. It not having been renewed by htri far tat witbtn twelve yean from the rendition of tbe original judgment Tbe court allowed the successful counsel in tbe case, Mr. Redin, a fee of ?50. Tbii morning, a question of tbe propriety of the widow of the late Wm. Painter disposing of certain mill property In Charles county, Md., belonging to tbe estate of her late husband, by sale or otherwise at the present time, was laid before the court and held over fur consideration. A considerable amount of bualneaaof an ordinary character waa disposed of. Rkc*cits to* thi Second Rhode I?l?np Regixe*t ?Yesterday afternoon seventy-eight recruits for the Second Rhode laland Regiment left New York for Washington. The coolest and moat comfortable place In the city ia stT Potentinl'a, No 279 Pennsylvania avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh streets, where yog can get all the luxuries of the season. By-the-by, he la alao noted for keeping the best Ice cream in the city, without any exception. 2t* As Epicure. Holloway'l Pills.?indigestion, Stomach and Liver compiainta. These medicines will oure the most confirmed cases of rtrspepBia and disorders of the stomach and liver Thev nave restored more 8?itiering dyspeptics to aotual and permanent health than ail the other ephermeral "speoifios" united. They have stood the test ol fifty years' experience. They ino'ease the appetite, invigorate the stomach and punfv the liver. In liowel complaints they are equally effioscioos. and for siok arid nervous headaches they stand unrivaled. Sold by all Druggists, at 25c., (Lo., and S I per box. auSlw Co*?h*.?The sudden ohanges of our oiimate are sources of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Affections. Experience having proved that simple remedies often aot speedily and oertaioly when taken in the early stages of the disease, recourse should at onoe be had to * Broitn't Bronchial T\nrk.09*1 sir I .nvitii** . l?t tha PaM PaiivK nr It. ritation of the Throat &e ever ao slight, an fiy thia precaution a more aerious attack may be effectually warded off. Public Speakers and Sinters will find them effectual for olearing and strengthening the oioe. See advertisement. da 1-ly KiADxm. have you seen Prof. Wood'a advertisement 10 our paper. Hear it; it will interest jou. an 20-eoly To ths Afflict*!* !?He aure to read the adver;seir.f: t of McLean's Strengtiianing Cordial and Blood Punfier. in another column. tf Pmmss. Persons deairing pennies will always And them for exchange at the Star Office counter. tf UIKD, On the evening of th" 9th instant, KATE, onlv danzhtcr of Cha.U-sand busaa V. >lcN auiee, ag d 13 mon'lia. The fuends o! the faini'> are i-vited to att*nd the funeral, f-orn h?r parent*' residence. East Capitol rtr >et, on to morroir (Sunday) evening at four o'clock. * * t New Caatle. Wednesda* evening, August 6, JOSEPH HE.NRY, son of Joseph and .Via la Blarkwood, of \Vv hington, aged 7 months ' All ouroorrfort is that he escaped from life and went to h-aven."? K. * | On the8th instant, ELIZABETH CARRALL, in t; e ?flth year of her age. * nnnin>na?inn A D?U I!. Ufll T T i tf v? uwH uuij-iiuin nu|Uoii oi?ltf 4*lit TT ILiiilA*U I SAUl , aged 27 years. JRON-CLAD STEAM VESSELS. The Navy Department will receive offers from parties who are ah e t > ex?*cut..' work of this kind, and who are engiigod in i . of whieli they will fur null evidence with their offer, for the oonstiuotion i or one or more Iron clad Steam Vessels or W ak, either of iron or ot wood and iron combined, for soa or river service, to bo of not 'ess than ten nor over sixteen feet draught of water; to carry an armament of from eighty to oue hundred ana twenty tons wight, with provisions and store? for from one hur.dr?d and sixty-five to three hundred persons, according to armament, for sixty days, with coai for eight days. The smaller draught of of water, compatible with other r'quisiter, will Its preferred The vessel to he rigged with two masts, with wire rope standing rigging, to navigate at sea. \ general description and drawings of the vessel, armor, and maoninery, such as the work can he exton'ed from, will be required. The i ffer must s!ate the cost and time for completing the whole, exoluaive of armament and stores of all kinds, the rate of speed proposed, and must be accompanied b> a guarantee for the proper execution u?Uie contract, if awarded Persons vrtUj^itend to offer are requested to inform the DepinWiont < f tl.eir intention !>efore tne 15th August u.stant, au'l to have their proposi ions pressn ed within tweuty-bve days from this date. au 7-tl5 y V fLMl'L.' *3 u l*i"? ? rmi - ?? ? - " ** " - ? - ? Uri IVO wr SCiV/Kbl AHt X IB C.ASllKHKi SoLDlKR'? H?Mi, Near the City of Washington. Pkal*d Proposals w II be r?c-ive<j at thin offioe until Tuesday, (noon,) the 20th of August, 1H61, for the oor*truotion of two Buildings at the Soldiers' Hoino a nuwhM imi'.ar to the two now th?re known as officers' quarters. The plans and ?pecifiaati'>d8 mav be examine*! at this offioe, where all information re'ative to the location and character of the buildings will be given. Every offer for the oonstruotion of these buildings m j?t be aooompamed by a responsible written guarantee that, if the bid should be accepted, the party or partian will within ten days enter into an obligation, with good and sufficient security, to erect the proposed bui dings according to the plans and ? pacification* which iav? been or may hereafter be furnished and adopted. The proposals wil state the difference between facing the with white etoneor marble.elinilar to the buildings already erected,or faoings wi'h the best pressed brick; or bidders may, in addition, make such proposals as to other materials as their experience may suggest. In deciding on the bids right will be observed by the Hoard or Commissioners of the Holdiera' Home t,? accept such off- rs onl* as may be deemed most nu v?iiutK""uB inr in* lusuiuuon; awi aisi> 10 reject th? whole should none of them be deemed acceptable. All bids to be staled jtnd endorsed "Proposals for Building," and address**! to BENJAMIN KING, au 3 2w Asa't Surgeon, freoretary and f resurer. AC A R D. Washington, July 16th. 1961. The undersigned, iate of the Girard Houre, Philadelphia, have leased for a term of years Willards'Hotel, iu Washington. They take this oocasion t<> return to their old friends ai d customers many thanks for past favors, and bog to assure them that they will be most happy to see them in their new quarters. jy 16-1 in SVKE-*. CHAnWICK ? CO. SPECIAL NOTICE. SUNDAY TRAIN. s&mmmsmmmmm On and after SUNDAY,SSth July, there will be but one Sunday dally trainLeave WASHINGTON at29) p. m. for NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA. Prom New Yom and Philadelphia, arriving in Washington at 6 10 a. m. J A SCOTT. t. cm - j* ?? wru'moi niaii?kpr. U N BOATS. Quartermaster GeneraVt OMce. f Washington Ctty. July 18, 1861 \ Plans and Specifications for hulls of Sun Boats for the Western rivers are on exhibition at this offioe, and at offices of Quartermasters at Pittsburg. Cincinnati, St. Louis and Alton. iioats to bo delivered at Cairo. U<ds shou'd be sent to Quartermaster Uen'ral of the United States Army, at Washington, by 1st An gust, at noon. \1 C. MEIGS, jy 19 Brig. Gen'l and Quartermaster tien'l, 8ELL1NG OFF AT HALF PRICE OL'R entire stock of handsome Flounce < Barege Kobes. in black and oolors; all Lawn and Organdy (Muslin Robes, We desire to olose out this portion of stook at onoe, for cash, and shall offer great bargains to pnrohaaers J. W. COI.LEY * CO.. Je 24 ioteo #23 Seventh street above Pa. av. T D E AT H - D E ATH -DE AT H ! O Roaches, Bedbugs, Heaa, Ants, Ao. Use Moore's lnseot Destroyer; never fails; price 2(>, 30 and 60 oents. Also, Moore's Kat and Mioe Ex terminator. Lar-e and general stook of Medicines, Ao., always on hand MOORE'S West End Drug Store, m IS-2w 113 Penn. a*er.ue. T CARRIAGES. ? HE Subscriber having made additions to hia factory, making it now one o< the largest.. 1U IUV WIIDlO JIJIS lOVlilUPBUm. for manufacturing CARRIAGES andmr-^Wr* LIGHT WaGONS of all kinds cannot be sur puied, and from hia long experience in the buaineaa, he liopea to give general s&tiafaction. All kinds of Carriages and Light Wagons kept on hand. All REPAIRS neatly done, and all orders promptly attended to. Second hand Carriages taken in ext>H\nge for new ones. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d 18 tf oorner of Fourteenth and ft aU. GIBBS' HAIR STORE. NoJI42 Pa. *v.. bkt. 12th awd 13th sts. PEKPUmERY. tc BRAIDS.CURLS WIGS. HALFWIGS, FRIZETTES, Ao. A full stoo* always on hand, or made to order at the ?hortest notice. Hair Work repaired or exchanged. N. B.? Ladies' Hair Dyed in the most natural manner. ma ? (im FIRST cLASSi^^?n-,-. military FTb^HT ?r uM field H GLASSES, old at thj* lowest Eastern M. 1. FRANKLIN, Optician, 24 4 Pa. avenue. jy l?-l?w between '?th and 13th sta. cfwi nnn LH^- rough tallow and OUUjUUU GREASE WANTED, for whioh the highest price will be paid. Also. )M,ooo lbs of sOAP and CANDLES for Mle cheap for eash at the National Soap and Candle Works, Green street and the Canal, Georgetown, D C. u ( la r R KWEl.t. ww? m. m mmm Vt VI ? mm ?? uuu| a Ufa IVWI * A" 8 "WAX? orpiCE'/?x B V Bick of (it Rational Hotel. O Q Moat liberal advanoea mada oc (jold and ,-ilVor Watouoa, Dianion >a, Jo wo ry. SUw ware, (Mothinc. Piitola, and all kipda or Marahandiae. Buai? ^SiXSISSSiW. " caal

?n Botwoen 4K and 6th ?U. >1 fU? PROVISIONS. 4UIJ HHH8 HAMb and MIDDLINGS, l"6 ke(i BUTTLR, L u M? b?. OATB. >?a Corner PiAmbU at. auu Varawnt ar. / WANTS _____ WANTiy>?A few gooJ AGENT8. Addreaa "W If H,w Star Office. It* WANTED?A white or oolorw) WOMAN, to oook and do the bonaework of a amali fanny. Appl* immediately at No. 139 Seoond at, between D and F. it* WA STED?AOKNTS to ?ell * patent artiole, j iat iBaaed, for the oae of ao'di-?ra. Appiy at the (<iohan Honwe, No. 34 Louiiiana avenn?. between 7 and 9 o'clock a m an 10 st* WANTED?A good WATCHMAKEft. Apply at Mr. ROBERfON';* on avenue, near Sixth afreet; or at Mra. WATSON S. No 59 Bridge atreet, Georgetown. au lft-2t* WANTED?A HORSE, for driving aingle in a heavy carryall or oarriag* For one perf ot'y aound, gentle, a rapid tiav#ller, not over 7 year* old. and free from trioka. a fa r price will l>? paid Inquire of HENR > OTTER BACK, Esq., 9tb aud M ata., Waahington Navy Yard. au '. -St* A^B NORTON. V\' ANT ED- A GIR L, 'o do gener' 1 housework vv for a small family. Good reference required. Apply at No. 414 K street, between 9th and 10th streeta. jy !>-2t* WANTED TO PURCHA*E-TheGood Will ?v and Fixtures of a ?niall Grooery Store in a rood business location. A line, stating price ard particulars, addreseed to "R., Star Office, will reooive prompt attention. au 9 2t* \m/ANTEl>-A BAR-KEEPER, an honest, vT white, gentlemanly y ung man of experience, with good references, is wai.ted at the Har Room attached to the lodging house No 413 Pa. av?Bue, ; opposite Wil ards' Hotel. Call between 1 end 3 p. m., for three days. au 9-3t* \AJ ANTED, FOR THE CASH?All kinds of ? SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLE*. Persons leaving the city or having a surplus will do well to call immediately. R. BUCHl.Y, Je 3 _ 43* yrcnth. between G and H ?t?. WANTED.?We are now buying SECONDHAND FURNITUK E, STOVES aLd BED DING, for whioh we are paying the highest oash pnoes. Families declining housekeeping, or having a nrplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give us a nail. KONTZ * GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No. 3G9 Tth st., betw. I and K ets. LOST AND FOUND. RE WAR D.?Strayed or stolen from the euhV scriber, or the 3d instant, a small dark red I'OW. with short horns, la s mnrkeu. TM BomIWtra Will De to any one returning said on* to THUS NOLL on Maryland avenue, between 12th and ISth streets east. an 10-3t* ?C RKVVaR D ? Stray ?d away from the fubsiriber, on the 1m instant a small black COW, with whit* h >rns witu i-lack tips, whit* face ar,d end of the tad white. The aiove reward will be given if r<*turne i to K. WIMSATT, Kilej's wharf, foot of Eleventh st aii 10 it* IOST?On Saturday morning. the loth instant, i on C street, b*tween lith and 14th, or on U'h, between C st. and the Long Bridge, a PoCKKT BOOK, containing sutler's papers and crnnmuiion of John Praskauer. A iiberal reward ?i 1 be paid the finder, on leaving the n a' EM RICH'S Hotel, corner Pa. avenue ai d 11th st. au ifv-2t" District of Columbia, couktt or Washington ?On this 10th day of rr\ Ang?st, 1861, before me, the suh criber.jL^y Justice of the h'eaee lor the oounty afore said, personally appeared Wil ian Hutchingson and made oath in due form of law that, on the 2d <?ay of August ISfil, a nsgro (supposed to ^>e a run away rcame to him, iivine at the foot of th* Kaste n Branch tirr'ge, and offered for sals light !>av M ARK, about 12 hand* high, with tnra? white f ?t. Any person can obtain said mare by calling on Mr. PHI LIP UUTCHI "Mi SON, at Mr. Georee Boher er's i-tore. Navy ^ aru Bridge. J. S. COLL. _*u lft 3t^ Justice of tne Peace. _ District of Columbia, c?c*tt or Washington to wit ?I hereby certi- f.-y ly that Micheal Schannr,of the city *nd oounty ol Washington brousht before ms the sub?cibcr one of the Justices of the feaoe In finil f r thft KAtfi nnw nf* + ln? r\f A nm. ? - . ... ? -W -? ? MIS " J ?'? itu? II OW| 1861. as a stray. trespassing noon hi* e clowu eg, % maV HORSE about seven rears old, fonrte-r. or fifteen t and* nigh, b azrd f Teliead, two hind teet white, shod all roond, switch tai'. trots ar.d oan ters, and has been us?d in sear*. Given under iny hand this 7th day "f Auimt, IF6I. J. W. BARN ACLO, Justice of the Peace. THE OWNER IS REQUESTED TO COME fmaard, prove property, pay charges and take him away. MICHAEL CHaNNY, H street between 2d and Delaware avenue It* Advertisement of an estray.-ih?tr1ct of ''olcmbia, Coc??tt or r\ Washington, T> wit1 hereby certify TL-5S& bat Hourjr Yeatman. of ea d oounty ? 1) ought before me as an esfray, a sorre rtokr*e, la ge size, about 11 years old,and 16 hand* huh. Given u"der my hand and reai this 8th day of August ?#!. THOMAS C. I'ONN. Justioeof the Peace for Washington oounty. Dmtriot of Columb a. the owner *>f the above described h'Tsewill come forward, prove property, Ry cha'ges, and falce him away Ineoireof r. O. inn. inn 9 2t*) H ENRV VEATMAW. Iost-a bank hdok, two papers. J and BLANK HOOK, on 7th street, near H. A libe-a! reward will be paid to the finder on rfltnm ing them to No 39'2 7tli ?t., near^l au 3 3t* ( OA RKWARP Will b? *'ven for the recovery of four Whitney PISTOLS, stden f'om our store, sizes 3J-..5, and 6 inch?or in proportion for a* many as may be reovered. au 8-3t DK.MPSEV fc O'TMQ? K. JO'T-On the 7 h instant, a Certificate of In-J spectiouof80 inules forCol Young's Kentucky f.euiinent of Light Cavalry. The finder wi'l be sui'ably rewarded by leaving it at the Kirkwood House. <an8-3t*> P. A. AHL. QlAK EWA K I).?Stolen trom my stable, on the V I" nijfi t of the6th lrstant, (supposed C\ by U. S. so diers,)achesnut sorre1 HORSK "lr?A about 6 or 9 rears old, and about 15 hands'^* high, with blaze faoe, lelt hind leg white. MAHK HOWL.IN. au 8-3t* Comer 14th and Boundary sts. REWARD-ROBRERY -XVa.* stolen from the subscriber's store, N<?. 492 Pa. avenue, near 3J st, a^out 2 o'olook yesterday, sup poged by a bare-foot tx y. three REV< iI.VKRS? one 6 in'eh Colt's, o!d pattern, No. 187 825; one Bacon's ManBrantunn< Co.; one 4 inoh Wiiitne*. second hand, loaded The above reward will be given for the rooovery of the revo vers and proneoutiou of the thief, or inproporMon for one or mora of the revolvers GEO. 8AVAGH. F"R RkXT?A 4-storv Hrick House. No 31 Q K ptree', .<?&r 5th ; purs' air, good wator, St,c., 4o. Inquire fig above, au ? 31* GEO. SAVAGK. MEDAL FOUND.?A lsrse Silver M"dal, found by a *ean?.in and left at the Navy ;epartment, can be had by tli<" owner upon identifying it. au6-6t (Repub A Fijte. ) REWARD?Taken fro:n the vicim'y of the Port Offioe on the evening of rv tne 31 ?t of Ju y, a I ay HOUSE and two J seated CARRIAGE Whoever will return^*-"said property, or give ir-f rinauon whore it inav be found, snail receive $25, and $V> additional will be givtn for the oonvict on of the thi*f, WM FAX"N, Chief Cleric. N?vy Department, August 6,1*61. au 6-61 ( Repub. A. Intel.) CAMK ASTRAY, to the subscriber, three t'OWS and CALVES?one roan r ifidi one muley brindle. and one with briudleWUf* sid- s an 1 speckled back. The owners aremmJrnm requested to come forward, provo property, pay charges, and take them a?ay. WM. R. PLOWMAN. jy 27-1 aw3w* Boundary and Tenth sC. pA MK TO TH K SUBSORXBKR, on Monday, July- one oiaou .makk, marked /tv ' U. 8.," one large bay HORSK, no mark*. j ,\<) The iiwnerr arc requested toeome forward. prove property, p?y ohar<es. and take them nway. WM. R. PLOWMAN, jy 29-JawSir* Boundary and Tenth street*. "fok sale and rentFOR RENT?Twoelegantly furnt'hed ROOMS, viz: large Parlor and Oh %ml>e' artaoned Peraon* renting these Rooms can be acooinmntfa'ed with meals in the house. Apply to THO'UAS HOTENTJN1, No. iiT9 Pa. aveuue, tetween loth and 1'th >ts. )t* LiM'R SALE?The Outfit srd Go"d Will, with r the Ftock 011 iiaDd of an old established Wood and C"*l Yard. A rare opportunity is offered to any ne wishing to engage in the business For further information address, (with reat nsm? > through Post Offioe, "Union, ' Washington, D. C. au 10 1>,H AR?RE CHANCE FOR INVESTMENT ? FOH SALE?TUa Stook and Fixtures of a R*s<aur?nt, now doing a first rate bu?iness. the proprietor wishing to retire f om the business. For particulars app y at this t fliee an 7-lw* A FARM, of about 290 acres, with timber ami o>ar?Hl lauds orchards, d jelling and t.ara. in Maryland, for saie or exo.iange fur other teal or peraonai eu&'n; united state, and railroad, or other ati>oke. no lea, boada, or other aeouritiee. Inquire at No. 490 Masa&obua etta av. jy 26-tf HOUSES FOR RBNT-No. 3? and No. ST^on the aouth aide of Indiana avenue, buth of them very large and oonvemect houaea, with good stabling and oarna?Miousee. Auo, theoommodiouaand large Houa*, No 380, on the north side of C atreet Apply to THOMAS BLAGDEN, No 499 Seventh atreet. jy Ig 2%wtf 1?OR RENT-The north HOUSE of the row of new four atory houaea on Fourth at, between D and E ata., No. 399, fronting the City Hall aauare. Poaaeaamn given immediately. Apply to WILLIAM H. PHILLIP, Attorney at-Law,No. 40 Louiaiana a venae. ina U-eotf HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS.? II Four bandaomely Furniahed Koomi, supplied with gae and water, and convenient to the Pate; t and Poet Office Departments, for rent. Apply at 490* ManaehtraettaaTanua, north aide, between 4th and 5th ata. ma 23 1 HAVONDALE FLOUR L M AVINO Made aTancamenta with Meaara. Bakboob ftskmmkifor the Bale of my Hour, they will a waya be preparad ti. aupply my old frier 01 and onatomen, and tha trade aaaarally, at nnli pnoaa. (jy C-ln^o) GEO. WHEELER. JOHN HlN^Ijr\?8 . LIVKRY AND SALE STABLES, SUhtk Strtti. bet. D*?d E, ^ WaahiBjton. 1J. O. % ~ GEORGETOWN. Comspondene* of Tkt Star. Gioisitow!!, August 9. 1*?1. 1 learn that at a meeting of the Board of Guardians of Georgetown School, held her* night before last. they had a " high eld time,*' all about the lection of tftfebers; and the result has been that two of the board (Dr. Barberln and Mr John Marbury, jun ) hnve tendered their reelgnatlona The teacher* were all re elected, aa follows Pentor Male Department. Mr. H Craig, Male Primary. Mlaa Jewell; Senior Female Department, Mrs Farquhar; Female Primary, Mlaa Good Our new Corporation notes have made their appearance, and are readily taken by our citizens and*recelved at the Farmers' and Mechanics' Bink and the Bank of Commerce Th*y are i<m liar to the old $5 notes, except 'hat the word << tn.??_ _?? * - ? ?- ? - - - -- Virginia-- is sincaen oni una "curffDry" inserted? making them redeemable In tbe latter; and tbev have a strong green tint, so that they are readily distlngimhed from tbe old?redeemable In Virginia?note* I have to note tbe gratify!ng fart of an Improve* meut In progress Mr Dill, whose property on High at. wai destroyed by tire a short time since. Is about to build on the eld premises a nevr brick building, 24 feet front, 33 feet deep, and three stories nigh. Mr Ignatius Dyer, carpenter and contractor; Mr. Jos F. Collins, bricklayer. A soldier waa taken to tbe hospital yesterday, insensible from sun stroke P.p. OaoRoirowji, I). C . Aug 10, Messrs Drill and Robinson, of our r>o!W force, bearing that the escaped murderer, Bill Woodward. had concealed himself iu the sewert uuder Oak Hill Cemetery, undertook an exploring expedition yesterday afternoon. These arches ere quite extensive, with many ramifications, and the officers had a dirty, dark and disagreeable task, which one of them says be would not undertake again for twenty dollars. Tho openings were closely watched while tbe officers were making tbe grand tour, but Bill didn't turn up. Col Tompkins' 2d New York Regiment passed through here just before the storm of yesterday The weather baa been Intensely hot here. Oodey's ice has 'gin eout," and to aggravate our auffertngs the Po'omac smells bad and tastes wo se, owing (our aeusationista say) to tbe number of dead soldier* and horses In the Reservoir .1 I) ui n l .. . 1. i 4 'fui ?> - * - * L i i^>iu.riy Biiutimk! loiaaiiiy ncrv II i>elieved bv many, but let those sensitive stemar-hs nauseated by such reports immediately recover their tone, on be'ng informed that our drinking water come* from the Receiving not the Distributing Reservoir, and that the "blowing out" of street pipes now progressing will probably remedy the ovil. Pip GEORGETOWN ADV EttT'MTS OfHI lN VIRGINIA BANK NOTES ""'v and Georgetown Corporation pajaH e in Virginia notes, wasted, at a (a.r rate of tiix count for District BmiIc N< te? or t?<.id, or in e* change for 6roc--ria? at my regular retail price*. Appiv soutliea*t corner bridge aa<l High streets, Georgetown, sigh of tne U. 8. Flag. au 1-tf W. H. TENNF.Y. \1AS6EY, COLLINS A CO.'!* i*i PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. Expected this liar, per ataamer J. Jerome? 2W bar re. a \t DRAUGHT ALE, 4(1 do- XXXX do. do. hlf.-bbia. do. do. do. Winch on arrival will be for rale. Terma ?aeh on delivery. ARNY A SHINN, _n?2 Union Depot. Georgetown. JUST RF.CEIVED? 10 hhda. prime Porto Rico SUGARS l*n bbis. oid Kre WHISKY, 110 Lb!?. HERRING and ALKWIVES. bbla. t'rog'nod ani R^hned SUGARS. V' i>aea Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhda.dow priced) MOLAS-E8. For sale by JOHN J. BOGUF. te 18 KKVK TOPHAM'S Hlin mate PREMIUM TRUNK QSlO MANUFACTORY, 499 SavaSTH ?tkbkt. Washtioioji, D, C. Silver Med?l awarded hy Maryland lnatitate of Baltimore, November 7, lf?n. Alio, Medal h; Metropolitan Mec*M,ica'Ine?Itate, \VarL. niton, L>. C., 183?. 1 am oonatantiy marine, and aiwaya hare oc hand. of the best materia!, every detcnption of rin? Sole Lenthar, Iron Frame. L?liec' Dreea, Wood Boa. acd Paokmr Trnnka, Pelliaier, Carpet. an4 Canvas Trave.ine Baca, Sohooi SatcEe.s, & c.. At Low Prtets. Members of Conereas and travelera will p!eaae examine my atook before porohaainc elaewhere Tninka that are made in other oitiea. Superior Leather and ilreaa Trunks made to order. Trunka oovered and repaired at abort notice. Goods delivered free of charge to anyfpart of the oity, Georgetown, and Aieiannria. ja23-lyeo JAMES S.TOPHAM. U8T. WASHINGTON ST. 1 t STOVE HOUSE. II 267 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 867 CAM? EQUIPMENTS of every variety, atyle and finiah, constantly on hand, and for sale at prices oomparing with any retail honae south of New York. TiN. SHEET-IRON, or COPPER WORK made to order at the frhorteat notice ah guoae guaranteed to De as represented on sale. Call at JAMES SKI R VINO'S HFtfhimq ton Steve, Grate, Haute, Hot-air Furnace, Tin, Sheet Iron, and Copper Ware Manufactory, No. 267 Pennsylvania Avenue, jj 30eo2w Corner of Eleventh Street I CASH NOTICE. N Consequence of our having to pay cash for ever; artioie of goods we purchase, we are forced to reduoe onr business to Cash exclusively, for the present. VVe bwe in store a very larte assortment of READY MADE CLOTHING J. r <nen and boys' wear, which areeeilinr at a much lower rate than usually. W ALL. STEPHENS A CO.. 3U'J Pa. avenue, between 9th and loth its. j? 7 l Intel. A Repub.) PORTABLE OVENS, FoR MILITARY* CAMP?, HOTELS, A FAMILIES. FAIR BANK'S SCALES. FURNACbA and CAIjLURONS. A o. Ao. J P. BARTHOLOW, jy S6 8weo 5#S Seventh street, near Canal. ^EW OPTICAL ESTABLISHMENT. W44 M. I. FRANKLIN, 944 SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, (From Philadelphia,) having established a branch of hu business here, he offers to the citizen* and strangers his celebrated . , IMPROVED SPECTACLE#, with the finest Pensoopio-Elliptic Lenses, (uited for every age and condition of the vinua! organs. Also, for sale his world renowned Mieroscop *, Ttltseopes. M Hilary ?Sj?y Olarsff. Sttreoscopfs ana Stertoscopie Pictures, a*d Matkematicai Imiru mints, at the lowest Eastern prioes M. I. FRANKLIN, Optician. 344 Penns>lvania av.t bet. 12th an<l isth st? , , (formerly the stand of Dr. Woolfson,) je 34-ly Washington, D. C. milV QfTRQPD I RfD *2 D IdDL'PTL'HI IV 1*? *_j wv uuv/ I\I&J <?n 1.01 LJU i i v uu I inrite th? attention of the Array and Navy to their full ?uppW of MILITARY^? ana NAVAL, FURNISHING 6<?<>DS, I\ Buch as lmligo Blue Cloths and Doeskina, WW Cap*, Kpauleta, Laoex, fhoulder Straps,"- * Belta, Sworda, Sword Knota, Capa. Hata, and all respective embroidery Atao, th celebrated PATENT FILTERING CANTEEN. Orders in that line respectfully solicited. H F. LOUDON & CO., Naval and Military Merchant Tailcra, jy 18 e^Sin UK2 pa *v? under Brown'a Hotel. " MHWKRIN'S ^ ^ l:ie c':'" known and 83 UbSwKsi beat artio > le ' TyfiF exterminate ^Roat a-t. Bed Bogs, Anta, Moth a, Fliea, f ~ ' Jl-'l??vr.t,.lni\VnriBl Vine Bags, *e. - ^ jt eontaimt no poiitm. SCH W ERIN'S PILLS are aare death to RaU andMioe. M. Schwerin hae received certificates from the Preaident of Girard Colle**. Direotora oI ; House of Refu;e, Penuayva .ia Hospital, and 1 other Prominent Institutions of Philadelphia: U. 8. Jail, V* aahinrton, D. C.; and Charity Hospital, New Orleans, La The original ?ert Loatea oan be seen at the Wholesale and Retail Depot 144 North Second street, Philadelphia, ana for sale in this eity by D. U. CLARK, corner Pa. arena* and iH eta., and by all Druggists and Grocers. BEWARE OF SPURIOUS IMITATIONS-, ITT" Remember to ask for Sohwerin'a Annihilating Powder. \TT" None genuine inlets signed M.Sciwna, W ATCH IXMJX'r1" Wi" I have on* of the beet eitabliahmente, and furnished with a oompiete eetof t<>o!? for repair- *v inc every description of fine Waiohee. and JMj particular attention five to the same, br thorough oompetent workman And a., work guarantied. Al?o,every diascnp ion of standard SILVER WARE, plain and oruanaatal, macufaotared under my own pervtaion, which my onatomera will find far auperior in eualiiy and fioiali to northern ware eold by dealera in r*ncral and reereeeoted aa their own Hianufactura. H. O. HOOD, a a Fa. arwnne p?*r etfc mL NEW OLUMB~BALZAC,8 NOVELS.?The A ohmniat, or the Hoaee of Claee;tote jtae Frenoh of Honore de Bafaao. Free by muI, SI. ftUae Maraer. the Weaver ef Raveloe; by Beo. Elliott, the antkor of"Ada* Kerte " Free ?y a?aii. IS oenta. FRENCH * RICH^TmN^ MW p? 11* *??**. 8$Sg?aSS?Kt cWKTJfSW TELEGRAPHIC i\EWS LATER ritOX FORTRESS WO^R^lT Baltixobb. Aug 10 ?The Mndh from old Pol Bt bring* notbtBg new fro an Fortrana Monro* Hampton U not occapted. The fugitive cltt> ien* are being provided for by Unm! Butior. Tbe big gun 44I'alon " bM be* mounted at Newport New*, and will be eiprrlmeeled wttb on Monday. Frtai flra Baata' ( Hiaiaa^. Sahdt Hook. Anguat p ?Oen Hione baa boon aaai^ned to a aeparate command, to be BtatloBod at tbe Point of R?rk?. wber* It li proaumod tbo rebel* Intend ultimately to eaUhliatf a atrong battery to Intercept tbe tranaportatlon ?>f auppileo and troopa from Baltimore and tba lowof T#Wmac Col Hamilton, of tbe Third Wlacouatn Regiment, be* been appointed to the command of tbo third brigade of tbta d I vial on, In place of Uou HtnnP_ trunif^rPMl tn fKa Poini Tke report of resterday purporting that two rebel reglmenta, with all guns, were approaching from Leeaburg toward* tUe Point of Rocks, la dta credited. Tbat point la now guarded t>? tka Twenty-eighth New York. Colonel Donnelly, atrengtbeued by detachments from other regime nta The section of Virginia opposite the Point of Rocka, through which the enemy must pasa to attark ua there, la thoroughly scouted day and nliiht Two gentlemen of the sanitary <~ommlealon have been here aeversi days, and have examined ttoo camps. Among those examined they apeak In particular commendation of the sanitary and police regulations of the W lsronsln ramp sa sn (iampleof ncatneaa and discipline They wlalt tb? Twelfth Massachusetts and perhapa others to-day. The medical purveyor's department has be?en removed from Hageratown to Frederick and ordera have been laaued for tbe removal of tha general boepltal to the aame place: tbe latter will be located at tbe old State Wracks. built by tbe Kugllah In 1775, which are still In s good condl tlon. delightfully situated on high ground on tbe >n?hern limit* of tbe city, with an abundance of excellent wwter. Last evening Major Doubled**^ siege battery was tried npon tbe Loudoun Heights Shot and belli were thrown entirely over tbe summit from the smooth-bore guns, while Ka^le Rock, a flint pinnacle In tbe tnountati.a, was successively struck and shattered by tbe percussion shells or the rifled uuns The estimated rang* of the.latter shots Is 1\ miles Tbe accuracy with which tno?e projectiles were thrown elicited burets of applause from the beholders. Good health and discipline pervade* nil the en* campmenta General Banks dally inspects some of the regimental camps, and notices, with tbe eye of a veteran campaigner, any little delinquency which mar have been disregarded by the i ommenders Not alone this, but he baa field particular personal attention to all the strategic points around oor position. Col Mann's Second Pennsylvania Reserve now promises to become very eflclent. General satisfaction exists since tbe reception of the new roue kets and a better quality of food Additional clothing and shoes are now on the way from Peunsylvanla for this regiment. Col. Porter, U S A., la acting adjn'ant ef the division, in place of Capt Robert William, who is expected to return from Washington to-day Reconnaissances by the engineer staff* are 4allv kept up. Weak points are strengthened by additional forces The Point of Rocks prisoners are still In con loav. annougn great enoru art- Dfirir raiat wjn them released, but Gen. Banks 1* determined to ferret out the truth of all the statements bearing upon their case. K umon as to movement* of the enemy In this trinity are plenty, but unreliable i The Latest Irene ttisseerlRolu, Ang. 8 ?A gentleman from Springfield on Monday, at noon, famishes the foiiowl a* Information In relation tc Gen Lyon's movements. Gen Lvon, with his forces had fallen bark on Springfield, having reached there on Monday morning, and was preparing for a vigor* ?s defense The rebela were advancing by four differ ent roada Their advance had been ascertained to be from 10 to IS miles distant Gen. Lyon had called out twenty-five hundred Home Guard, from the country around Spring in aM Kim It itm thfit t h# 0T~iP m V would ma ke an lie mediate attack, f'om tie fart that their commissariat la in a miserable condi tlon, being obliged to depend on forced contributions for temporary supplies It waa generally remarked la Springfield that Gen Lyon seemed perfectly confident of success In case of an attack. He had no entrenebmenta, but depended upon hla splendid artillery In tb? open field. Fifty wagons filled with provisions bed reecbed him. " Gen. Pope's military district baa been extended so as to embrace two tiers of counties south of the Missouri river, including St Loots, where he has established his headquarters. St Lov:s. August 8.?John McKee. Speaker of the House at the two laat sessions of the Legislature of this State, was arrested night before last by a body of the Federal troopa, at hla realdence In Shelbyvllle, and conveyed to Macon city, where be is now under cloae guard. Governor Gamble has ordered an election to be beid on the first Mondav in November, for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, and members of the Legislature, and for taklftg the sense of the Deo Die upon the recent action of the State Convention Sntbera I tea* Louisvilli, Aug. 8.?Congreaman Ely la rt~ ported to be at Richmond ditching for the Cctr federatea. The ateamer Pocabontaa, owned bare, baa been ae'.z^d by the the Confederatea on th?? Tmmm river, with GO hbda. of tobacco. The Courier, of thla evening baa a report of a riot at Dublin, Ballard county, Kentucky between the Uulonlataand Seceaaloniata, tn whtch two men named t^herfleld are aaid to have been killed and another wounded. The Macon (Oa ) Telegraph au^geata that the health of tha volunteera would be promote by a liberal allowance of corn meal, instead of bread ratio..a of Oour. The P^naacola Obaerver of the I at report* the United Statea ateam frigate Wab&ab off Fort Pickeiia Gov Harrla, of Tenneaaee, haa laaued a proclamation railing for a reserve force of 2S.0UU n.en from the State. The Alabama gubernatorial election hv probably gone in favor of \' atta A diapatch to the Mobile Newa, of the 5th, aava a naval engagement had occurred between a Federal veaarl and the Drlvateer Nixon, in Mlaa'aa'pnl sound. The steamer opened fire first After eichanging twenty shots. the stesmer vru bulled and withdrew. The privateer wu unlnjnred. A Msbia New Hampshire. Cojicoed. N. li . Aug 8?Tbe office 0 the Democratic Standard was completely relieved of its content* thu afternoon, by a mob compos d of the soldiers returned from the First raiment and citizens. The Is allegs^had abused the volunteers, who demanded a rttra* tlon, and on the editors refusing to comply, the office was mobbed. While the ritv autborltlts endeavored to quell the disturbance, the Palmers (editors and proprietors) fired four shots. wounding two soldiers. The office was Immediately gutW, and tbe ma terlals burned in tbe street The Palmers took refuge In tbe attic, but were finally carried t . police station and protected by ti?? police, though with great difficulty T reaps Re tar a lag ts the War. Uostoti, August 9? Ma's Flying Artillery. *? AA??*nan<l UfhUh MMIttlv Mm* ioriucny vwi vw ? ? ? 1 borne from duty at Camp Carroll and other polnU about Haiti more, having reorganlied, aUrtfd again for the war. Tbejr left here thla morning at two o'clock for Naw fork A Bather Confederate Prlrautr Aflaat Boiton, Auguat 0 ?A letter from a Eoaten merchant, dated New Orieana, Jolfll, Ifcki that the prlrateer ateamer McRae ran the blockade a day or two prerloua Rrtiri of Weanded neldiera Pkovidkhcb, Auguat 8 ?Tba ateamar City of New York arrived here tMa morning, bringing about 80 of tbe alck and wounded of tba Abode 1 aland Regiment from Waahlngtoa OUR CUSTOMERS HAVING BOOK ACoonnU with aa are re?p?othi 1* nntiied that owing to the dulineea of tiia une* and th* eonrcitf of money, we are willing to offer a diaoonut of are per oont. on aH aooounta paid in oarroat mm aeeeie fbnda. Virginia mount will aiao be taken at (be earrent rate of diaoonnt. ^ WALL, STEPHENS ft Cp , an i* (lat?l.> Pa. w,. Hoc. n< an?< KO>*b. w TRAVELING TRUNKS'. _ TRA^VEL*NG'TR UN% iS^foJnd thia eU^ ee*?nsi^ M 8oie_L^m^^g \^."eaVJ?t"Hmi'iI, JfcoZVUioh w? ari mow m li?c Mt?tt low >r,?^ALU bTKPBfc.Nl> 4 CO.. Mil P?H . SUMMER CuOTHINU At RihkS Pur**. W* offer omr l?rr? tnortmut ?f tkm * < ' JTM K It CLOTM1NB ?i rtniooeo ?n,?*. rur iW k ?u?hrac* ?u! ?t?l*? end *u*ilie? rf G tti ? n. Youth*. and fojl" <v fcenr A pperei. of <" n>o?t iaAl? u B^'heST^UR VHd)\U-??/U3 *cTotfciaTuari' t*> <>reM at u>- ace. JWu<?. WALL. TV.PHBn* 4 ??.. Ml H ii < T ? a reae*. jjr?? (fai*l. 4 P ' *" 1X2 ^ V V LANNl . .e,ei SMUtt'ft, No. ?e?i >. .,^eu "

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