Newspaper of Evening Star, August 10, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 10, 1861 Page 4
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THE KV FINING STAR. Notel Balloon A?cessi"v ? A letter from 1 Portress Monroe says: Prof. La Mountain msd? a norel ascension Ho took bit baloon on board the steamer Fanny, Jind when she was about mid-way the Roads ascended about two thousand feet into the air, 7 >pes attached to the balloon atill being held *?d board. The eteamer then started slowly down the river, passing very near Sewell's 1 Point and then aeroes towards Pig a Point and I JJewport-Newi. The rrconnoi tsunc* waj complete L? Mountain could look down upon i their work ?t Sewell's Point finely. He reports | that behind th? lice <>r woods which -kirtJ the Point, the Ilebels are working actively upon batteries, and mounting spin* which will ha made to bear upon fh?- Hip-RDM, upon tbe hipping, and the Fortress. There arc a number of encampment. When the Rebels * saw him nearly above them, they concealed themselves as soon a? possible in the works an1 watched him from behind them or the trees near by. Other information obtained Is not made public The method of the ascenriou was entirly uew. and the reconroissance decidely the mostsatisfactoryone which has been made at this po?t. How m Sicish J3ei.d Court is Mario* CoufTT.?Yesterday morning some of the Screob magistrates m Marion county attempted to hold court, and succeeded like the famottt Iadianaian did in keeping a hotel. The? ? same magistrates m"t about a month ag:,, but the Union men suggested some little preliminaries having reference to the Holy JliMo and a promise to support the govtrnmout established oy the Wheeling Convention. Tho magistrates refased to swear; and rather than hive any trouble about it they adjourned. Yestarday they met again, with reinforcements. The Union men were also on hand, Secesh said they intended to hold c?urt by tbe authority of the State of Virginia. The Union mon said the authority to which they alluded was played out; that Secesh must comply with the arrangements of the government of the State " as reorganised and r^tored.'r or else thev couldn't hold court The magistrates then left the beach and marched away to slow and discordant music, produced by the groans and hi**es of th* lwjad populace. Ibe Union men of Marion know their strength, whish they did not when secession was up. Now recession is down. Bee State seal?tie innper tyraunis.? Wheeling Intelligencer, Gth. Wasted to save ms Bible axd Yraver Book, bct especially his Boove Cocxtv Bo'xds.?The following letter, picked up by an officer of Gen Cox's staff, on the ground from whioh Gen. Win's troops fled, shows the affecttone of true piety that runs through all the Confederate operation? Wat rr o* the Hill, ) !)>,?? r ... ? n " ' va^nLtsru.i] rutR * !ILE^ . J Mat ?I want you to put everything in the Sergeants room. Everything that belongs to us. And, if there ia any engagement, break my little trunk open and take out my Bible, Prayer book, and those Boone county bonds, and save them for me I have not read my .Bible for sixteen years, but I want them saved. Cook all the provender up there, and put all oar cooking utensils together in the Sergeant's rooms. The news is that the enemy are coming op on both sides of the river, in a damned strong force. I am the second company to have ? shot. The orders are to scalp all we get near to. J. W. M- Shkkrt. ? f OCEAN STEAMERS1 SAILING DAYS VftOM T3B UVTTBB BTATM. Liar*. For. Dnyt. .of Baltimore .New York...Liverpool... Aug. 10 j'Jtoma .New York... Hamburg. .An*. 10 fries New York Liverpool ..Auk. 14 Iton ? _ ?New York?.8outh'pton A>n. 17 K an gar oo.... New York...Liverpool ..Aug. 17 E?t?f> New York...Liverpool.-.Aug. 21 Persia _..New York...Liverpool . Aug. 28 Arago...?? N?w York...Havre Sept. 14 Fro* Kraopa Kangaroo.........Liverpool New York... July 24 Falton,.... , .South'oton.?New York.-July 24 Anclo fluon..... Liverpool Quebeo July 2.*> THtoaii South'pt>>n...N?w York_.Juljr 31 Staa Liverpool New York...July 31 Nova SooUan Liverpool Quebec ? Aug. 1 Persia.Liverpool New York?Aug. 3 Oaaada Liverpool Boston . Aug. in Bituii. _!*onth,pton...New York..Aug. 14 A?ia .Liverpool New York..Aug. 17 The Ca'iforn>A mail steamer* leave on tne 1st, 12th. and 21 ?t of every month. FEMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL ALEXANDRIA, VA. lira. 6. J. McCORMICK. Parscinx. The thirteenth tcnutl session of tme Inatitation vfll aomnwaoc on Tuee^a., September 18th, in the hoQ?e recently occupied by Sylvester Scott, tin., No. street. The ooarse of study pursoed -will comprise all the branches requisite to a thorough Enjliah Education, aa<i Alusio, French, Latin and Drawing, 11 oe;;-9d. In addition to .lar scholars. Mrs. MoCormiok is reparfel to rooeiVe a number of pupils at boaraorb, WL'X .onst.tuUuc a of her own famUy. will be aacer her immediate oare <?i:d supervi- | 10a. She wsil onJiavoi a? far as po?*i'c':e. to surronud them with tie oorzifort' and kindly icnnenoes ?f How*. fU,'sr???s.?Her. Geo. U. Nortcr Rer. I>r. Elias Harrie ju, K??t. il. t". S?ri,,, William H. Kowle, Esq., Kdsar 85D"w<!on.He;., Eiimnnd F. Witiner F.s\.. Henry M?-h?ry, Ksq.. I,ewts McKen*ie F.H., Ro:Kirt H. i'liuioa. ???., ?V. 1?. Wallaoh Editor KTOoir!*M*Ar, lienj?-'Ti:- ^-Va**ra, lv^s..Jas Knt J r.. n*q.,Coi. Joint VV.Muior, Loudoun, Messrs. B.aoi.i-jx 4 ."la.siiall, Messrs. Corse J) refers. THM*. D^arj. with Tuition .s a.: the Kr;!ish i?raneh*? for the annual sees;on?pvable s-'im-tiinuaay, I in vlv*noe. Music ard 1 v.jaa<^e at Pro'es/ore* pr <?s. rr>- No ? r tarr- . &i. ?? if WfcFHlNG Cl.OTtllNrt. ALL, S'l'KPHK.XS * CO. * re this day m receipt ot tfieir gecouit snop ? of 5*1*111 .NG CLOTHING aDd material lor tite:r oustou. trade,eonsi?t* auf New Clotns, CaMimers ii tl VejMnca.of tlie I st styles, whioh the* *?iil tn nr?nr *. i , ... __ ? ?v W1 V4W1 iM pesur style at very iow n'.oee. 6eot.eiri<sn wmhiag an imiitditta outfit will tin*! In oar Revif made De?>artB-?T)t every artiuie of Weaxing Apparf suitable to it wants. WALL.. STEPHENS 4 CO., ?f 1* ?'J J K?n?. avenue. E Have received w.thia tiie last day or two a large ansortustnt of HO SPRING CLOTHING. embracing al! styles of l' -sr-onc^. jrediuin, find fine qualities, which we are eelliug a t very law price* for cub. WALL, STEPHENS 4 CO., 322 Pa. ?v., btiw^tin ^ih kuti loth sis. rr\ t2 fin'* ??T>r*r a*-' H?uiihiu^irvl H FRENCH A RlCHBTEiN AVE Just received a Itesn sappiy of Nfrf* Paper, Colored Borders, ru ??l and p air.wtwi Envelopes to match Also, ^ t*aper of ail kinds, with and without Moilo**; Knveinpes to match. Purseaan-i Pocket 'look* of every description. A large iasoitaient of Stationer*. New Yo'k l'ap*r? received ?>.i;y; P/ipem from all parts of the KKENCH & RIOHSTfclN, m** ')1* P^if .WfpnH f.JKEbN CwR.N, iN CAN'S; PETITE POiS; Cbsnificnosj', FiMh Potatoes, ta quart can*; preserve-i Fruit, of ih&ny varteiia* ; Ctjuaervad t>in;<r,(Cant>* Angeique, F resh Mackerel and Halibut, in cads; Kre?h i,i!mt?is ai.4 tjjait s, in ana; sarumca; Hrawiied i'ruits; Crosze &| Blackwetl's Piokles, Joannes, Capers, Olives, A a- For ale by KINt> fr Bl'RCHELL, Grocers, m > Ooru'tr Vermont a v. and 15th *t EALM4UAKTKKS KoR SOLDIERS-Every goidier in theoity should call a'. SMITH'S ?460 Seventh street, oppotite the Post Office, bojtteir CLOTHING SHIRTS. COLLARS UN Kg. V ALICES, CARPET BAUS, HATH CAPS, ae it ta the Cheapest Store in town to Clothing and Famishing Gooes. J.TT SMITH. Clothier, me ?*-3m No. 46Q Seventh St. W E OPFEK TO MILITARY MKN ?. i..? ?? aaaortmentof 6RKV and BLUE FLANNEL SER-SHlKlTJ. WtfllE ?*H1RTS, DRAW^ 9, CAMP BLANKETS, HALF HONK, to., oa wa iqtiu all ouh paronaaara to axamina >re i?ak>ai laotr mImuum. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 393 Pa. a*., between 9th and 10th ?M. ?B (Intallnpncer Mj Remhucan.) C2UOU AKHCLKs^-MOOKE'S INSECT Ud V VERMIN DESTROYER Will no }oa ol iomiim, 1M Bn(i, Ann, *o Moore's Rat and Mouae Bxtarminator niwrmlt. Moore'e lieosina wiLi reuiove, varn ?h ?r irtti* of any kind fruca the moat dehoat* fabric, ailk or vouiw, without injury to ooiur or otherwise; will clean Kid fi.ottt Deaatirali?,with littla labor. For aale at MOORafl Sraat Madioma L>a?ot. 113 Pa. W?? K"** wm C^REaT ti \ K G AIN ? IN PIANOS.?On* ?erj I aiaa Ha I A Bona' aaake for #160; ^nice Rosewood ChicK'tr'.Bf ' malr MKl 100; one Ro rvood n fn>aii A bto.'i"! I mil male for #75. at ti?e Matio Storm of W. ?. METZtRoTT, tola aient of Stnuwar A Pooa* aad Ittm. HaA^n A I n ' ?* ??? ? -n? 11 LOUI8VIEI,E ARTBMAN WELL WATER, Ulaa Liok U atar.acd other Mad.c.i.aJ Waters, alwaj* L-e*u. A <o, 1/rth tnppueaul Par? Mediotaea raaatved weekly. Ayor'a, Schcaok'a, aad i othar Medicines on *! ?. i MOORE'S Wttt i:n>l Drue Stora, i W 111 Penn. avanpa. fcfECtAL bAlUAl.Ns : Bw. oft. J 33**H.NiNe eoooe. ? - ? oi Mourning Goodg l la oar took at greatly re-iuc-d sriMt/or out. U J W. COIJ.KV k. OO \fA0.iuuxji iiAinb. *" m MAGNOMA HAMS!! Wi &r? ouv recmii* or :.m tnpply ofMac&o MH \m? for t?u? * j.. i^.^camsot ba ?ar- I M * iw>rr.?r I'rt it %n<1 Vormontu I C *1a^jLaSi.^ |?J" A tN' )a.> y *t aALg 1 M? Jn$S?. 1 * - % . . . ? I >1 ?? "They fo right to tb? ffrot." _ -* INSTANT RELIEF! STOP \ OUR GODOH PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE! SFALDING>S THROAT CONFECTIONS, All GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS* GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. GENTLEMEN CARRY SPALDING S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARK DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S TJIROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They re'.iovc a Cough instantly. They olear the Throat. They give strength and volume to the voioa. They impart a delicious aroma to the breath. They are deliglitftil to the taste. They are mads of simple herb* and cannot harm a ir one. ! advise erery one who has a Cough or a Husky Voice,or a Bad Brra'h.or any difficulty of the Throat, to ret a package of my Threat Confeotious. They will relieve you instantly, and you wni a&rco with roe that "the? go ruht to the spot.' You will find them very useful and pleasant while traveling or a'tendirg pubiio meetings, for stilling your Cough or a!!a?ine your thirst. It yon try one pact(Af? 1 a n rafe in saying that you will ever af t?-wards ooiteider them indispensible. Yon will fii d them at the Druggists and Dealers in Medicines PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. Mr signature it on eaoh p&oli&ge. All others are counterfeit. A Paokase will bo Mnt by mail, prepaid, on re ceiptof .Thirty Cents. Add rese, HKNKY C SPALD1XG, No. 4S CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. .. olic/j. $> CURE CURE ^?r NervousHeadache MK mmr. find* lie acl ache. Hy the cm of tbeae Fllla the periodic attack! o NtrvoHS or Sick Htadatk* may be pre rented; and t taken at the commencement ol an attaok immediate relief from pain and aiokneaa will be obtained. They aeidom fail in remoriBf the Nautta and Htadntk* to vhioh femalea are eo aubjeot. The* act centiy upon thebowela,?remorun CoiH*m in. For Literary Mtn, Stivltnts, Delicate Femalea. and alt peraona of t$den tan habit i, they are ral u&i'ie m a i-watirj, improving the aypttitt, giving torn and ritor to the digestive organs, and re storing the natural eiastieity and strength of the whole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the reralt of long investigation and carefully oondnoted experiments, having been in nse tn vnr years, dnring whioh time thev have prevented and relieved a vast a.nuut of pain and suffering rom Headache, whether originating in thenr^voKs system or from a deranged state of the ttomack. They are entirely vegetable in their composition, and may be taken at all times with perfect safety wittyont making any change of diet, mnd tkt mb~ imei of any ditagtuallt fast* rtmdtrt it tasy le mdmini'tir thtm to ekildrtn. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The tannine have five signatures of Henry C. Spalding on each Box. Sold by Druggists and all other Dealers In Modi cines. A Box will be sor t by mail prepaid on reoeipl* the PRICE, 21ft CENTS. Ail orders ahoalU be add/e-sed to HENRY C. VPALDIN9, 4S Cidak Btkikt, Nxw Yoxx. trem lis Ermmintr, Norfolk, / . Cenhft'iff Mll> I I* tk. ?? .... ?vu<'ut/iiou luc uiycov ior wnion they -trereroade, vis: Core of headaolie In all iu fur cut. 0 ??? Frem >k* Krminir, Ntrftlk, Tm. They have L?e?n tested m more than & tkessacd cajeo, wita entire success. Vio*\ ikt Dtmoermt, fit. Cloud, Mi**. Ifyu arc. or have t>oeu troubled w iththeheadIrf.h4.0cnd fur a box. (Oepbalio Pi!!s ,) so that yo* u.aj Lave them id oaso o! ajjutaok. From tk* Wfttm K. R. (iiutttt, Chic* f?, fll. We lieerhly endorse Mr. Spalding, and kls ?rivalled Cephalic Fills. Frvm lit SonUsrw P<%tk Fm4*t, JVi* OrUant, Is, Try tlieci! yon that are afllioted, and we are sire that yonr testimony cau be ad-Jed to the already numerous'ist that has received benefit* that no other medicine cau produce. From tk* fascist, D?*tnp*rt, It**, Mr. Ppvoin* would not ocnnest his name wllk tu artioie he did not know to possess real merit. F*vm tkt Adr*fti?tr, Prtvidmu, K. I. The Cophalie 1'iUs are said to he a remarfcahly effective reipedy for the hca^laohe, and oneoflne very best for that very fie^aeat ooraplaint which Las ovci been discovered. fiVjmm #&. e? r - ?* T v?w? **W kJi* ?ll demand for the arUale (Cepkalle l'ula)ia rapidly iccreaair.i. From tk$ Kannwka Vallty Star, IfMwia, Vs. We are aare that pereona a&fferinx with the head aohe, who try Ihem, will ?tick to them. From tk$ Adatrtittr, Prorridmu*, R. J. The tMtimorr in their favor la atroag, from the moat reepeotab'e ?nart*ra. From tks Daily Ntwt, Nittporl, R. /. Cepkaiie PiUa are taking the plaoe of all kinda. from tkt Commtteial BulUttn, Bottom, Matt. tfaid to be very effioaeiona for the headaohe. From tk* Commercial, Ci*ev*%ati, Okia, Buffering humanity oaa now be relieved. 1E7* A aincie bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue will aave ten Umea iu eoet annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! KCOyOMY! DISPATCH rruA Stitch in Tim 8ivn Niwe."_/11 Ai aoeidenU will happen, hm in wall i?|uitMc families, it is Terr dfeiimble to have ?ome ohr*f tud^oouvenient taj for r?*aiilfl* Furniture, Toy? Crockery, Jto. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE Mb all mok rmorfeuei**, ami no boueehold cm mora to b? without it. it ie always ready, and to Ue aticiiDg rout i -USEFUL IN t^VEKY HOUSE." N. H. -A Bru?n uuorim>'>? ^ -*- ' it o*t>U. AddrMa " """" HENRY C. HPAL01NS, ' ] No. 48 Codar >UMt, Now York J CAUTION. 1 Ai oortun aprtMiplod r?rwu ara attarnpUL| to , ta^m o* r>a taa M?na?eotitg put<n?, tnufcuou ol I I KKPAKfcD LVfc, 1 VO?Id CMtiM a. .W?r 1 KK:i'- eitmin* before purohfcainf, and om th? h j ti? i name. PPALDIN+'t) PRBPAKKD 6LUC.{Jt | TRAVELLERS DIRECTORY. JJNITEI> STATES MILITARY ROUTE. SPECIAL NOTICE TO TRAVELERS On and a fur Thursday, May 16, 1881, FAB5XNOXK TXA1S* BKTWXKB WASHINGTON AND PALTIMORK Will run a* follow*: LEAVE-WASHINGTON at 4 15 and 7.10 a. m. and 2 90 and 5 46 p. m.. arriving at Baltimore at 5j0 and 8 jo a rn. an 4 ?6 and TJf) p. tr. UKAVE BALTIMORE a 4.2n and 8 30 a. m. and 3 45 and 5pm. arriving it Washington at 6.10 and a. m. and 5 25 and e 45 p. m. Passenger Train* leaving Washington at 7 10 a. m. and 5 46 p. m., and Baltimore at 8 ?i a m and 5 p. m . make direot connexion* for Amapoli* at the Junction. Trams leave A nnapoli* for Baltimore and Wash ington at 630 a. m. and 4 15 p. m. Pa*s?nger Trains leaving Washington &t4.15ard 7.10 a. m and 2 30 p. m. make direct oonrexion* at Baltimore f>>r Ph'la'jjiphi*, New York, Boston, and all other points North. All article* of freight (not o^ntrahand of war) wiil be trac?f.> rU-<l over the lina. Tonnage Train* will leave Baltimore at 4 20 a m. Leave vVaalur.gton at 7(p. m. By order of the Secretary of War: THIIMiD A apnTT ? ? ? --- - ? m ?W M 9 m 16 General Manager. U8. MILITARY ROUTE. SPECIAL NOTICE. On SUN DAY the Train* will leave the Depot at 7.1ft a. m. and 2 y p. ui for Philadelphia and New V ork. Trains will arrive at 610 a. m. and 5 45 p. m. THOMAS A. SOOTT. Gen'i Manager, ma 18 IChron, Intel, and Repub.) ftgi STEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN <ggg Nh W YO K K AN I) LI V KR HOOL, " Landing and embarking passengers at Q ueenstowc. Irelund The l^iverpfKil. New York and Philadelphia Stem.ship Company intend dispatchin* their fail powered Cyd?-buUt iron SteamMiip* aa followp: GLASGOW Sstur:ar, August Si. CITY OK BALTIMORE, - " H'th. KANGAROO. " " 13th. And every 3&turda7, at noon, from Pier 44, North river. pat88 or pab8aok. First Cabin #75 D.i. tj London SO J)o. to Paris US Do. to Hamburg ..... ... 96 Steeraee..... ? 8?i Do. to London 34 I n. to a i?i S* Do. to Humbnrg..? 85 Passenger* forwarded to Havre. Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Aa , at reduoed through fares. Persons wishing to bring out their friends can buy tickets at low rates. or further information apply at the Captains OfBoe. JOHN H. DaL , Aee..t, lfi Broadway. N. Y . Or to Q. A. HERRING, A<iams Expre?? Balti iiiuro. n"*""*. 1T 3 GOVKRNMKNT LINK e^tWJro FORT MONROE AM) OLD mi fOlNT COMFORT. Leave* the lower end <-f LNloN DOCK, Ba'.ti nv>re, wee: side, OAILY, (Sunda?s included,)at 4K u'okck f. >!. takioe passengers and fright- and connfctinr with the Railroad lines, to and fiom Washi-n'on, I). C., Philadelphia, New York, Bi.? ton, York, Harrtsburg, Pittsburg. Pa , and the West, immediately after the arrtvaT of the Express Train from New \ o: k and Philadelphia. r? ii ? - * m iic luiiuviu^ is ine ??cn?<lUi? I From New York to Fort Monroe and baok. 914 From Philadelphia and hack From Baitimor? and bick $6. ICT PROCURE VOUR TICKETS^J] In New the New Jersey Railroaa offiae fo it of Court.ard street. In Phi ade phia, at the Company's olfioe. N. W. ooruar of Sixiii and Chestnut streets, or at the Depot, Broad and Prime atreets. In BtlMmure, oj b >m-d the Steamers, foot of Union Dock. HUGH O CONNER, Passenger Ag?iit w?^individual knterprisk LINK. " ' *i EASTER* AND WESTERN SHORE STEAMERS. "A'EiVr," Capt. J H. K rwa:i " f lONEEH,'' Capt. W. Norman, Will run their r'Utes a? follows, leavi r Light street. Baltimore, foot of Camden, at 7 o'clock A. M: KENT?F?rCambridee, Dentin and Landings on Oh<>j>tanti river, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, returning every Thursday and Monday. For Annapolis and West Rivor, every TUESDAY and FRIDAY and returning *a e ''ays. PIONEER?For St. M:ohaei'a an* F aston, via Mile's Hiver, every WEDNESDAY, a-d return the same day. For Annapolig, West River, Cambridge, Oxford and Easton Point, every THURSDAY, returning by same route on Friday For Annapolis. West River, St. Miohael'sand rr m VI i 1 D p- ~ - ? ?VM| ?i?a .uno D nun r*"ITJt OVOrj *5 \ I UK" DAY, returning eve>y Monday by same routs Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Faston Point - $1 50 Fare to ft Miohae's and Miles' River,* round trip 01.) ICO Fare to Wear River,(round trip, #1) 1 #0 Fare to Annap->ii* (ionn<l tri-> 75 cents) _ 75 MSALS EXTRA. II /"Kroi?ht mult be pr?sa.<1 Wnarf and Offioe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden. Baltimore. 0. K. CANNoN. r-r? jt FOR THE west and south mm. - Baltimore and ohio railroad. On and after May 16tn, l?6t. tho tiains will run ai follows, v:x:?Leave Camdeii Station, Baltimore.? Mail, iexoept Sunday.) at 5 30 A. M.;Expreaa daily at 3.45 P.M. li?th Train a go directly through MiR ALL FARTS OF THE WEST, SOUTHWEST AND NORTHWEST. FOR WAY PASSENGERS. Between Baltimore and Piedmont take the a. m. Train; between Piedmont and Wheeling take Ao oommodation Train. lea?ing Piedmont at 6. 4?> a. M.;and between Grafton and Parkeraburg, take the5 9>a M Train from Baltimore. The FREDERICK TRAIN !-avea Baltimore at 4 3*1 P. M and Frederick at 6 30 A. M. Tti- KLMCOTT'S MILLS 1 HAIN leave Baltimore at 6 2" and 9,15 A . M. and 1 45 and 5.40 P. M., and hllioott's .Milla at 7.40 and 11.6" A. M .and 3.45 and 7.00 P. M. For further information, Tickets of eve kind, 4o , apply to J. T. ENGLAND Agent, at Camden station, or at the Ticket office. . W.P.SMITH. Master of Transportion. L. M. COLE, Gen'l Ticket Agent. r?r^Miwr<i NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY SUPERINTENDENT'S officer Calvfrt Station, Batiraore. Ma* 18,1861. \ On and after Sunda*, May 19th, 1861, Trains on the NORTHERN CENTRAL KAIuWaY arrive au'l depart as follows, until farther notioe. THAINS MOUTH. MAIL at s IS A. M. EXPRESS atsai P. M HARRISBI'RU ACCOMMODATION at 8 P. M The 8.15 A. M. train conneota at Relay Homc trains on the Western Maryland Railroad; at Haro*er Junction with Hanover and Oeftsbnric Railroads; at Vork with York and Wrighteville Railroad; at Harrmhurit ?i'h Penniy'vaiiia Railroad for ail part* of the West, aiao with Lebancon Val'ey Kailroad to New York rhrert; at Nortlium beiland wiih L and B. "ailroad lor Kingston and ah par's of Wyooming Valloy,and at*unbury with the Philadelphia and Krie Rail'oad lor all parts Northers Pennsylvania end New York. The 3.30 P. M train makos all the above conneotions except Hanover Railroad, Writhtaville Railroad and the Lebannon Vall?y. Railroad Ti.e 8 P. M tram makes connections with Penn Tivania Railrt ad for all parta of the West, and direat connects for New York. TRAINS ARKIVg. Ma 1 at6 10 P M.; Expre s at 7 ih A. M.; Hamebur* Accommodation at 3.43 P. M. For Tickets and inf >r ation inquire at the Ticket Office, Calvert Station, Baltimore. J. C. CLARK, Sup't. leave philadelphia for new York. The Camden and Amhojr and Philadelphia and Treu'on Railroad Companies' Line ir jh PHILADELPHIA TO NKW YO*K AND WAV PLAC^ S^froni WALNUT STREET WHARF aitu innsinoiuni ukpot, will leave as fol At fi A M .via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Accommodation.) . . _ ? _ At 6 A. M . via Camden and Jeisey City, (N.J. Accommodation.) At 8 A. M., via Camden and Jersey CUy.tMornAtllx A.?M .via Kei.sington and Jersey City, (Western Express.) . At 12S I'. M., via Camden and Amboy.t Aooommodation.) At 2 P M.,via Camdea and Amboy, (C. and A. Lxpren > At 4* P M . via Kensington and Jersey City, ( Evening Fx press > At 4>* P M . via Kensington and Jersey City, (f*eoord Class Tioket.) At 6 P. M., via Camden and Jersey City, (Evening Mail.) . . ? At MM P M., via Camden and Jersey City,(South ern Mail.) Ati P. M . via Caanden and Amb<>y, < Aocommoda tion. freight ar.d passenger, First Class Tioket.) Beyond Class Ticket. The 6 r M Mail Train runs daily. TheUJUI* M. Mail, Saturdays excepted Por Belv.dere, Eastou, l.a-<bertvil1e, ton, Ao., at 7.10 A. M.; ana 4>4 p. M., IromKeuairgton. For Water (Jap, Wtroudibora, Bcranton,Wilk?aharre. Montrose, Great Bena, Ao.. at 7.10 A.M.. from Keatingtnn, via Delaware, Laokawanna ana \V?stjrn Railroad. For Mauoh Chun*, Allentown and 7.10 A. M. and P. M.. from Kensington dspot; the 7.10 A. M ii v connects with the train leaving feaaton at 3 35 p. M. Fur Mount Holly at and B A. M. and 3 and iX For Freehold at? A. M and t P. M. For Bristol. Tn-ntoa.Ao. at 7.10 A. W.. and 5H P. M from Kensington, and 2X P. M from Walnut street wharf. ? . ? For Pa'myia Kiverton, Deianco, Beverly. Bur,in?ton, Fiorenneeo, Bordentown, Ao , at 12)f, I. l,4*a??46P M- ^ l h learner Trenton for Bordentown, and intermediate plaoes, at Sfc P. M. from Wamut street Wfftr Por New York aad Way Llnea. leavin* Ik??? ? >" ' -I*-? T ? " .?"I* on nnn etr?*t, above\v *'*>?t, Half an hoar before dm ture The 9*11 ran int" the depot, and oa arrival of train ran fro? the tlflfut. K ifty pounda of baggage only allowed to<aoh )MMB(?r P&aaengera are prohibited from taking anything u taim* Iwt rtmr wearing appar-I. |JI bagcage over ifo poanda to be paid for ixtra. The company limit their reaponaiStliir i t hutue to on* rfol ar per aoaad. and will cOt be Mkk^rWf amount beyond ou hundred doilara, tmtfi *? ?H?j? eATzmnu A***4# I T notice to travelers. HE General kaviug ordered the aiieernoe between Washington. JH" k. Riitimore, and Old Point ?Portr?>ia^^^nB^ Monroe) to m reromivl, on and Monday, the an-h instant the Buy Line of st?amers Sill le*?e Ha ti more EVERY DAY (except Sunt*> from their wharf, foot of Lmon D?ok, at 4H o'oloek p. nt., or immediatAly *A?r the arrival o] the Washington Train, whioh leaves Washing >n at 2)6 o'oiooK p. m. w)8?-tf M. N FAU X. Pres't. . ?mi, PHILADELPHIA. WIL MINOTON AND BM.-MAJLM VK! TIMORK RAILHEAD. \SPtitNG AND SUMMffi AHHANOEMNT. ?."i aua aiw lur-fi'Av m*? i4tn, r*asseii<er Trains (or Phitade phi* will !mve Presdent l>cpot daily (exoept SnDdarsta* follow*, viz: I xpress i'r?in at 6 15 A. M < Way Mail Train at 6.4$ A.M.; Evening Mail at 4 45 oVook. On SUNl>A YS at 4 45 P. NT. od!i. All traina conneot with New York trams except 4 45 P. M. tram on Satur. daya. A Freight Train with pawiarier car attached leaves at 5 P. M , atnpptnr at ai! stations between Ha'timoreand Havre de-Gf*o*. Pasaenxers for Delaware a^d the Eastern >hor? of Maryland will find the most expeditious route by w?? ?f Wilmington. IE?* All Colored Persons must five bond before enuring the cars. WM CRAWFORD. Agent. n * T CENTRAl. ROUTE FOR .astS^B' HE WEST, ria HCDSOV */r Efi UAILHOAO and NEW Y OHK CESTHAL RAILROAD. f vT'B" Trains ieav* New Y-rk oty depots of Hnriaou River Raihoad daily. Snndays excepted, a fol ows: From ' 'hariibers street From31 at at. station. At 7 oo a m At 7 SS a in l'OO" 600 pin VJlb " 5 25 p m S3n?Tn JBin Montr,al ar.d Buffalo Tram with sleep r.g cars, 9.'5 p m 1 45 p m Conneotir;* at Albany -w ith the New Yoi It Central R&ilrosd for Schenectady. Rrobette*. Utioa, Baiavia. Rome, and n'ations on Rome and Wit?rlown Railfa*. Huffalo. Syracuse, Niagaa Palls, Snspe gi' u Biidte. Auburn, tienev%.Ca> andaigca. Trains in oonneotion leave Buffalo and Stup^n sion via Lake Shore, Buffalo art! i nke Huron and Great Western Railroad. for Hamilton. Toronto, Detroit Cuicaro. Toletlo, Milwauki", Fon Du Lac. La Cro?se, Madison- Prairie Du CMon, Ga ena. Dunleith, Dubuque, Peoria, K"c< It land, Muacatine. Iowa Cut. nufancton, yuincv. Sprintfie'd, Alton, St. Louie, Cairn, Terre Haute, Indianapolis, Louisville.Cincinnati. 1 ayton. Columbus, Cleveland, and tu! pou.tH west, Northwest and South wast. NORTHERN ROUTEConnecting with Trains at Troy, with Troy k

Boston and Rens. & Saratoga Roads for Saratoga, Whitehall, Rutland, Burlington, ~t. A lba;:*, Rou?e Point, Plattsturgh, Ogdensbu gh, Montreal, Ao., Ac ^L/~ Freight Arrangement* by this route as above, without change of Cars, from the depots ia 'hamhcrs and ? anal pfroets. at all times as favoraM? as mad" by o?h<-r Pai'roa^ Companies. The 'acilities of this gre%t New Vork Ront*, 'o the Wrest commend it to the confidence of me chants an ' f h ppers for prompt^es* and !. p'v'oti P*???nj?r trams, with Fmoking and Sleeping Cars run in connection on the New York Cen:ra! Road. For particuiars as to local tMius and freight ar rangeiriebta, inquire at th? depot, 6"* Warr?n st. A. F. g*\11 rfl. Sepffintfpdgnt [H!Wsr.<Ni;W VOKK, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. LKAVi >H NEW YORK FOR ALBANV,TRO>, NORTH AND WK&T. SUMMER ARK ANGF.MF.NT Commencing Morda*. May 27th, 1*61. For Aban??11:00 a. m. fa?t <* press train from 26'h street. For Dover Plalrs?4:oe p. m rtoppinr at White Plnns and stations north to Dover plains?from 26th street statio". (This tram will run to Millertcn every Saturday evening,) ForCroton Fall*?8:'5 a. m. stopping at a' 1 stations north of Fordham from 16 h stre?t station. For V\ ait* Plains?2:3">. 4:10 ai.d S:*W p m. stopping at a'l stations from 2fitu streot station. For White Plains?6: 5 p. m. stopping at a 1 ntations from W lute streot rlaMon. For William* Bridje-7:3 ,1':'5 a. m. and !!:30 p. m. stopping at all s'aftor* from .7th street station. Returning will leajre? Aibar.y?9:00 a. m. fast express tram. Do\er P ains-f:S0 & m. <Thi* train leaves Mil lerton every Morday morning at 5 a. m.) Oroton Fal t?j p. m. White Plaine?6:10,7:00 a m. 4: 0 A 7:00 p m. Williams Bridge?.*:?>, 9:00 *. in.& 1:00 p. m. Sundar trams will leave 4th Avenue corner 2Sd street, tor Cen'ral Park, Yorkville, Hvlen and Hi?h Bridge every few mi&ute*. from 9:<? a. in. to 7*00 p m. JOHN Bl'RCHILL, Asi>t ^up ^ mil vpw YORK AND ERIE RAIL ROAD -? Passenger Trains leave via Pavonia Ferry and Long Lock, from foot of Chambers stre-1. New York, as follows, viz : 7.on a. m . EXPRESS, for Dunkirk, and B^fTtlo, and puncipal iDt?rm=?"ia'e Stations. 8?fia in .MAIL, for Dunkirk, and intermediate S'atiocs?This Train remain* over Bight at Eimira, and prnoeoda the next morn:nr. 9.00 a m . MILK daii , for Otiaville, and intor mediate Stations. _ 11 no a. m , ACCOMMODATION.daily, for Port Jervia, and p inoipal stations 4 00 p. m . WAV, for MuMletown, Newburuh. and intermedials Station". 5.00 p. ni.. NIGHT EXPRESS. d&'ljr. for Dunkirk, itun tlo. Canaudaiguaand principal Station* Tt.e Train of Saturday stop* at all Mail Train Stations, and runaonli to Emira. 6 00 p.m.. ACCOMMODATION,for Horneiville, and principal Station* CHA8. MINOT.Gen'l Sup't. _NATHANIKL MARSH. Keomver. HUDSON HI VER RAILROADMHi For ALBANY AND TROY,CON -NECTING with TRAINS NORTH And WE8 r, Train* leave: From Chan.beiBst. N.Y.:From3 (h atreet. Express 7 and 11 a. m., 7.2V 11.23 a. m., and 3,55 and 3 30 and 5 p. m. 5,25 p m Troy and Albany (with 10.4.5 p. m, 'Sundays ineleepinc car) 10,15 p. m eludeJ.) Potighke-pste train 6, a j? 25a. m.,and 1,40 p. m ir.. 1.15 p. in P ekskill train,4?Op m ,4 25 p. m. Sin*; Si ft train.OOOam . 'J25 a. m., and 4 55 and aud 4 3" and 8.00 p. m 8 25 p. m. Fiahkill train, 5 Si p. m 15.55 p m. A F SMi 1 H. ."uperintnnd?":t.. ^JT^^FOR BOSTON VIA N KW I'ORT AND FALL KIVER. By the splendid and superior Steanieia METROPOLIS, EMPIRE STATE, B.W STATE.and STATE OF MAINE, of great strmixtn and spaed, hat particularly aoapted to t:ie ..f f > " - - tit** lanwvu uj i,un^ in Biiu r-'UI.U, TUllVlUK III n 'Fl~ uectiou with tue Tall Kiver a-d Old Colony Kali road, distance <>f 58 i iles oniy to Boston L,?ave Pier No. 8 ^orth Hirer nearth: Battery. TheSeamer EMIMRHgTATK.Capt. Brayton Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 5 o'clock P. Mtouching at Newport oaoh wa-. 'I he Stea ner MKTKOPOI.f, Capt. Hrown. on Tuesday*. Thursdays and Satu'dars, at 5 o'clock P M., touching at i\ewport each way. Tlteso Steamers a s fitted with ootrirnodious state roon?*, and every arrangement for the He^nri t* and cim'ort ol passengers who ar? afforded by this route a night*' rest on board, and on arrival at Fall H iver prooeed per Steamboat Traiu-reaon in* Boston parly ti e following morning : or may mma*n on fi^ard until starting of the Aoooinmo<i? tion at 8 A.. M., by which they may reach Boston about 8 45 a. M A baggage ma'ter is attached to each "'earner, who receives and tiok^ts the baggage, and accompanies the tame to its destination. A steamer run in o.?nne?tion with this Line be twom Fall River and Piovidenos daily, except Sundays. Freight to Boston is forwarded through with gr??tdupatoli by au Express Train, which eaves Pali River ever* morning, Suudays ojcepte.l, a' o'clock for Boston ar.d N?.w Uedloid, arriving at lUvMtiuatioo at about 11 A M For freight or pa>sa* -. app y ? n board, or at the omoeoivPier No. 3 North River For s'a'e looms and berink apply on board, or if dosireu to aeoare them in advanou, to VV.M BORDKN.Ag't 70 and 71 \v est ?tr? et, N. Y. THE KKQUUR M .11, I.INK e.-^WJ?Vl.\ GROToN, S VON INGTON and PROVIDENCE, FUR BOtt TON?Island Route?th" s" or test and most direct?Cany tne Eastern Mail. The ateanur Pi.v.M UTH ROCK. Capt. J. C G??er, and COMMON WEALTH, Capt J. W. Wil lams, in connection with the Stonuigton and Providence,and Bos'onand Providenoe Railroads, leaving New York daily, Sundavs exoej?te<l. from Pier No 18 North River, at 5 o'?l> ck P. M.,ar.d Groton a> 8Sft o'otco* f. M., or on the arrival of he Mai' Tn?in which leaves Boston at 6Si P. M. The PLYMOUTH KUcK from New YorkMonday, Wednesdtt*, and Friday. From Groton?Tu> adat, l'hu'?day ,aud Saturday. The ;OMMONWEAi TH, from New YorkTu*?day Thursday, and Satnniay. From Groton ?Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Paso'niters from Groton proceed per railroad to Providenoe and Boston, in the Express Mail Train, rtaohing ta d place in advanoe of those by other route*, and in amsle time lor aU the early Mornirg l.inea coneoUng North and East. Pas eugera that prefer it. remain on board th* s'eamer, enjoy'a nights'rest undisturbed breakfast if desired,and leave Oroton in the7 15 A. M. Tr*in, connecting at Providence with the 140 A M. Train for Boston. F?re froui rrov.der.oe to Newport, Fifty oenta. A baggage master aoe juwauiea the Steamer and Train ea mi way , . For Fassage, Berths, State Rooms, or Freight, Tn y on board the sfam^r, or at the Freight Oflioe, Pier M Norrh Hiver. or at the Offioe of thn C< in:any, No. 115 West sf eet,oorner of Cortland street. New York. Feb. 23.1B61. E* MILITARY BOOK!*. r BENCH A R1CH3T1KN haveins. received a large a&u coiupet- assortment of Military Books of all kinds, which they offer from ten to fifky per cent. below the regular retail prices.?including : Anew edition of Herdee'a infantry and Rifle Tactios, complete, t-or ??' Volunteers' Manual, 1 vols, $3 Alley's Compendium of Hardna's Taotios, 50o Gross's Militvy Sorcery, 75o Ma!'an'? Field bonification and Outpost, ea*h 75 ardee's Taotios, ofieap edition, ate he Mrtdiara 6ui?ie, a onmpiete manual aad drill book for the use <tt the Volunteer Militia and the Home Gnard. 25o The H*nd-B?ok for the U.S. Soldier, being a first bonk of inatruetion to the U. 8. Infantry taotios. 25o Alto, Military M*m? Mm of the 8e*t at War, Chart*, Guide*, fco Flag*. Badge* a?d lUadala of every deacnpOoa. Aay of the a?ov? seat br mill fre?\ FRENCH h k! H?+KlN, ma V ?** l>?eu*Tlvanla ??? *. IVIAPS OF TttE 8JKAT OF WAR.?A aplecdM Kidiert' Camp D?niiH CMM from (2 AO to SC. ink Book* aud Stationery of ail kiiuU, F ?J , PWf?, Bann?r*and Ba4(M 'View* of Waaler ton, American and ForeTgn Ma<asine*, Daily utd y p*?wyRBN0|1 * ^ichktBIN'S National Bookatora, 1 m -lw (lataUfeftaffha) . J&S Pwwranae. PROPOSALS FOR ARMY BA96AGB WAT GON8. QurMnMiMr tfwirifi 00b*. J ITajAMUt**. Jim 21,IKLf PftorosALa are invited for the furnishing of Arm? BwiW? Wt| )U. , . Proposals khouM >tAt? the pnoe ?t whtoh they can be furnished, aeirered at New York, Baltimore, or Washington, stating the prioe delivered at each plaoe. The cumber whioh can t>e made by set bidder vithin one month aft-r reaeipt ?.f the order, alao tre nmrlter which lie oar dwiiver within one week. The W agons mast exactly conform to the following kpeoihuation* &lJ to the estab ished patterns. Six-muJe(poverecl) Wifum, of the sis? and description *f follows. to wit: T>.e frout wheels to lie three feet ten inches hiih. hubs ten inches in ihanitter and fvsrt*en ana a Quarter inches long; kind wueeis fosr feet tec inches nuh, hubs ten and a quarter inches in diame ter and fourteen and A quarter inches long; fellies two ar.d a half tncli<>i wide li d two and three otur tar inch?* deep; out :ron pip* boxes twelve inchea Iodic, two and * h* f inches at lb* Urge rn ! ar.d onf and acvan eit'.rh?moh at ima!! ecu; tire two ana a half niche* vide in fite eightha of aa inch thick, fastened with una screw bolt and cat in each rellie; hub* madecf (turn, ti.e spoke* and fellies of the best white oak free from delect*; each wheel to have a t-*n<l band an?1 linchpin t>and two and three-quarter inones wide of No. R band iron and two diiving lacde?outside hard one and a quarter inch by oue-qua tar inch thick, inside baud one icch by three sixteenths inch thiok; the hind wheels to be made and boxed so that they will measure from the inside of the tire to the large ?ml of the box six and a ha f inches, and front wheels aix and one-eighth Hiciiva in a parallel line, and each axle U> be ttiroe leet eleven and three eigiith incites .rorn the outside of one shoulder washer to the outside of ths &? to have the wagons all to track five feet from the centre to centre of the wheels. Ax etrees 10 be in*<Jo of the best quality refined American ir n, two and a half inones square at the shoulder, tapering down to on* anil a nvf laoli in the middle, ?ii:i a seven-eightus tuch k'.ng bolt hj!ein each axletree; washers ai.d lor each axletree; aixe of linchpins one inch w.da. thr^e-eightha or an inch thiok. with a hole in each end; a wooden slock four ana three quarter inches wide and four Inches dcop, f%> teoed snb tan la ir to the axletre* witft clips on th- ends and with two bolis, six inches from the irudo.e.a^d fa tencd to tvie hounds ana l*> ster.ithe bolster to be four fret five inohes long, five ir ones wi 'e,and three and a half ilo!iM de: p,} * ith four half inch bo.ta. The tongue to t>? ten fset eijht inches long, four inches wico and three inches thick at front < r?d of the ii? und9,aid two a .d a qua ter inches vide br two aud three qus.ii*r inches dcp at the front end, and *o arranged as to lift up, the front end of it to bairn within two loet of the ground wtun till wagva is ataudiug at reat on a level tutfaoe. The front hounds to be fix feet two inches lone, three inohda thick, and four inonea wide over axeltree, and to retain that width to the t>aok e? d of the torguo; jaws of the hounds one foot eight inches long and tlr e?> inch*? square at the front end, with % plate of i'oc two and a half inchee wide b? three ngbthe of an inch thick, fastened on t<>p of the hounds over the L>&ok end of tne t 'tiUf with one half inch screw in each end, and a plate of irou of ?h* same nz' turned up at each end one and a i.a!f inohea to clainp the front hounds toretner, and fastened on the under aid* and at front f-nd of hounds with ha I inch acrew bolt 'hrougn each hoand, a seven-eif J>th inch bolt through tonjoe and hounds iu the cen'er of jaws, to ? the to cue in the hounds;* plate ot iron thr e lii- hea wide, one quarter inch thick and one foot e grit inches long, scored on the inaid" of jaws or hon.'ds, wi h two rivet* aao a plate of samj dimensions on eaoa side of the tongue wre me tongue &jhi r anils ran together, tecurad in like manner; a b>ace ol seven e'* ol an inoh round .ron to extend from r)nder the f.Ont ax el tree and take two bolt# iu front fart of the hound*, ?ame brace three q carter* of ar. Icoh round to eontiua? t.> the back part <>f the hounds, and to be fastened with two bolte, one near the baog end of the hound* and one through the ajider and hounds; a brace over f out bolster one and a half inch wide, one qua-Ur >t an inch thick, with a b-j.tiueach end U> Jasten it to toe hound*; t:.e opening be tw<*eu the iaw* of the hound* to reoeive t et? ng?e tour and tnree quarter inche* in f ont,and four and a half inches at the back part of the jaw*. The hind i-ounde four foet two inches long, two and three quart?r luctie* thics.and tnree inone* wice; taw* one foot long where they oiasp the coupling pole; the bolster four ft>4? ftveinshes Song ana fivo inches wide by three inches *eej>,wi.h st aay iron two and a i>a f inches wide C? onehalt inch thick turned np two ai d a halt mcnes and fastened on each end with three rivets; the boWtcr - iock? and hounds to be secured with four half inch screw bolt*, and one ha.l-mcn acrew bolt ihrougn the ooupiing pole. The ooupling pole nine feet eight inches long, three ltohe* uoep. and four and a ha 1 inohe* wide at front end, and two and three quarter inches wide at back t>nd; distance from the center of king boit hole to the center of the Lack ax etree six feet one inch, and from the center of k<ng bolt ho e to the enter of th* mortice in tne hind end of the pole eight feot nino inches; king bolt one and a quarter inches diameter, of best refined iron, drawn down to seven mebths of an inch whereit passe* through the iron E^tloiree; iron plate six inones long, iliree inohe* wide, ana one-eighth of an inoh thick on the doubletree and tongue. wh?re they rub together, iron ?:ate one and a ha.f by one-quarter of an inoh on the sliding bar. fastened at each end by a screw holt through tLe hounds; front Ulster to have p.aics above, and below e even inches long, three and a half inches wide, and three eighths of an inch thick, onrners drawn out and turned down on the siils* of the bo'.et -r, with a nail in each cor ner. and four oountersunk nai's on top;t wo bands on the hind hound*, two and two ana a half inehes wide, of No_ to band lron^the ran plate on, the uoupiuig puio v' it ri(Di mcnea long, one and Citm quarters inch** wide, and one quarter of an li.oh thick. Doubl-tree three/eet ten inoh*e long, sin i !?tr?>o two feet ei?ht inches lout, all well made of LcSrorT, with an iroc ring and cup at each end, the oenter oup to ho w; 1' secured; lead bar and at' etcher to be three foot two inches icng, two ?nd a quarter inches wide, acd one and a quarter >nch thick. Lead bars, stretchers, a. d ting! .-trees for six mule tenr>; the two singletr?K>a for tne lead mules to have h?"'ks in the midule to hook to the enu of the fifth chain, the wheel and tnidd:e pairs with open rings to ati&oh tuera to the doubletree acd lead har. The fifth chain to be ten feet long to the fork; the fork one foot ten lnohes long, w,th tne stretcher attached to spread the foiks apart; tne links of the tlout>le!r<e, atay aad tougue chain*, three eithths ot an neb id diameter; the iork^d ohaic *evonaixteentli inch it diameter; the Lfth cnaia to ne sevtn sixteenth 'nch diameter to the forx; the fork to be five sixteenth moh diameter, the iinka ofth'ae and of tho lock chains to be not more tuwi two and a quarter inches Ions. Tm body to be straight, three feet six inches wide, two feet u?ep, ten feet long at the bottom, & ,4 ten feel six inches at tne top, sloping equally at eaer. end all m ttie clear or inside; the bed pieces to be two aad a haii inches wide, aad three mores d?ei>; front pieces two inchesaeep by two and a halt icohes 'Tide; tail pieoe two and a half inches wiJe and th-ee inches deop, and four ii,ohes deep in the middie to rest on the coupling pole; top rail one and a half inch thick Sy one and seven-eighth inch wide: lower rails one inch thick by one and sevon eighth inch wido; three studs and one rail in front. suat on strap hinges to close it up as h<gn as the sides; a box three feet four lnohes lone tne bottom five inohes wide front side, nine ar.a i half inches deep, and eight and a half Lnohes at tno top in parallel line to the body all in the oie&), to be nut-stantially fastened to the front end of the body, to have an iron strap passing round eaoh end secured to tlw head pioce and front rail by a rivet in each eud of it passing througii them, lao no to be fastened to th? front rail with two good strap h'ngee. a str*p oi five eighth inch iron around the box a half inch from the top edge, and two st>ap? sa'i.e sise on the lie near the fremt eugo to prevent the mules front eatir.g the boxes: to have a j >ir.t hasp iastentxl to the auddle of the lid. wiiji a ?ood wooden c.oAt on the inside, a strap of a on on tha oei Up ol the box w .pi a staple pasting ilirouf a it, to fasteu the lid to; eight stuas and two rails on each side; on* boie^er fastened to the bod* ix inoheedeep and fcur inohes vide at Itinc bolt hole; iron rod iii fr nt and oentre, of eleven six tuBiitoH of an inch rouari iron, with a head on the top of rail and nut oc lover end; iron rod and breoo behind, vith shoulders 0.1 top of tail piece, and tola on the ucdvr aide, and a nut on top of rail; a piato tvo mil a half inch** vide of No. 10 band ir?>n, oc ta? 1 pieo*. across the body; tvo irortiore m txi! piece an t hind bar tvo and a auarter inches via* ac<1 one inch thick, to ie<jeive piecea Hirer- feet lour ix.Cish long, to be uead aa harnecs bearors: four nveU tiirougu oaoh aide atoa and two nvuia tbrous'i oaoh front ctud, to aeon re tne lining boarCa, to be cl tt.e beat aualitr iroa and nyetr4 on a good I nr; one nvet tfcrouih eaot end ol the rails, floor five eighth a of as inch oak boards; sides five-e-ghtha o'l an iioh vhite pine, tail t>uard three-enartera of an Irak thick of vhita pine, to be veil cleatml vith irr oak -sleat* riveted at each end through the ta.1 board; an iron plat* three foet eight iuoh?a oca, two and a ausr ter mohea vide, and three eightha o. an n.ok thick on the ander sine of the bed pieoe, to extend from the hind end of the body to eight icehes in front of tne hind bolstera, to be faatoced by the rod at the end of the body, by tne lateral rod aad tvo three eighths of an inch screw bolts, one at the lorvard end of the piate and the other about eta: distant betveen it and the lateral rod. A rootc iron rod or bolt to paaa diagoEauy through the ratla betveen the tvo hind (tad a to acs U open tne bad *ieo?a d plate ander it. vith a f ooc ".eac on tne top and uut and sorav at the bottom, to be at the top one fovt six inohes from in-ide of tail board, and on the bottom ten inokea from tke hind roj. An iron t<lainp tvo inokea vide, one-quarter of aa inch !hiok around tne bed p ece. tne center bolt to vhioh the 100k ohain w attached pa?s>ng throuth it, to extend seven inehAf Oft f iiA inaida - ?* ?. urn uwi, m? eoon top ar>C Bottom to be ? soared by tvo turee eigi tha inch eetew bo t?, the middle bar at the ?n4i to be flu-h vitb the bed piese on the lower tide. Two look ohaina aeonred to the centre bnit of the body, one end el*veo inche*. the other two feet aix inctiea lone, tube of ti.ree-eijhu of an inch routd iron; lee > trough to he four feet aix inches loaf from oat to out, the bottom and rnds of oak, ibe aidea of yellow fine, to be eight leohea wide at bot tom, inoh-a wide at top. and eight and a hatf inches derp all intheol a*, well ironeo, with a band of hoop lion around lti? top. one around eaou eud and tnree between the enda. atrong and aui'abie irona to foeteo then on the tongue when feeding; g'MX strong chains to be attached to the top rail of the hod*, ae onred by a staple with a ho k to a'taoh it to the trough. Hixbowaof good uh. two tnehea wide ano one-half inoh thiok. w th three staples to oonfine the ridge pole to ita place; two a aplea on the body, to eeoure each end of the bow a; one ridge poie twelve f?et lung, one and ihree-quart?ri ir ca wide by five-eighths of an inoh th ok: tha vuvoi fc" lie yi int5 Dili quanty cotton <took, No. ?, I fifteen feet ioog and niue l?t eight inches wide, made in the beat wanner, with fear hemp oorde on ea^h aide, and one through e&oh obd to cloae it at hotu euda; two ringa on eaeh end i f the t*xl?,U> lose aud ecu re the enda of the oover; a aiaple in the lower rail, near the eeoond atud lrom enoa nd, to faattn the aide onrdt The eulaidrof the :>odj and feed trough to have two gooo ooata < f whiM lead, colored to a b ae tint, the iqaide of than U> hare two ooataof venitiva red paint; the ruamrg gear and whaaU to hare two good ooata of rem tun red darkened to a chocolate ooior, the hab and leliiea to be well pitched, inetead of painted, if required. .Atsesrt'issasf ki~x bolt and aingletreee aimiiar ia all raefeota to tneae belonging to it. bach aide of the body of the wagon to be marked & P?^.?3TSr^Si Cftti,TuW! pine, tar-pot eeilumme Nerere for eaok vifoi 5 .?._J ta ha ptt aa laaatroa* bei, (eo?yere4,i?e4 u* | lt?te ?^f*?2j^aratoai ttet t* vi|?H V* tokito c<T?traetai imi Ua imw ptru of ItJ OD? moi. wi' ard XMt!v It thoa* of aoy cthar, ao m to r?*aira ao aavhariRg ?r ir mn|irc fo' fntUM U>fa?aar,ac4 aJllha MUnii aaac for tbair ocLceartior to ba of tka baat aaaK ty; a!' the wood tkomaihl? imnrt. *ad U? wo'k la all iU pastaIWiWIr utoiM is U?a baat workn.n^ik# manner. The work snay ba taapaetad fr?w tuna tohiw at it pre?rw? 1. by an vA^r or a?ant of taa Quarter master'* Deaartnrot; 'tad im* ot it ira'l ba putted atul it tha i hava born in?aeeia?l m.C ay pro-ad b? Mid r?A*or or a?aat aatboriaad to 1a fact it U'han Int-hrd,aair.t^l. an<J a^oeaUl (>f an r Acer or M?i<t of Uta Qcar:*rroa*tar't D? j-arf ment ar-d drlivrra^ .? hareia at road, lh?y ahaJi ba raid for. M C. MKI08. )?at?*hr ttoartaraiaatar Gaparai f. H. THE OMLY PREPARATION voir* or UVIVDLSAL 00 NT ID KIT CIA PATRON AO 1 FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN. LADIES, mmd GENTLEMEN la ?ll parts of Oifvorhl testify t# tt* ?A?mi ?i PROF. O.J. W90D8 HAIR RB8T0RATIVR, ud gentlemen of the Praaa are unanimous in it* ruM. A few laati?K>nlala oaly oaa be here siren eee for more, and it wl be impoeeible 1<-r you to doubt. ci Wall Bum. N*w Yox*. D**. 3?. tm Your not# tta iKli ir.stant )im b*en r^Hred, eayiBf that yes had bearjl ffcat J bad been N>MBtidVi r imoI Wood i Hvr H? storati*e, an' re^. ??tmy oertlAoate of toe fact if 1 had no obje- .mi ; > tre It. 1 award ittojca * 'c'ly. beoauae I think it doc. My age ia a;?-ut ?> years; the oojor of rr.v hair Mbini, and inclined to carl. Some ire h IX rears aicoe it Kegan te tcrn<ray. and the eoa p on tneorown of my head to ioet its sensibi lty and land raff to form upuu it. Kaeh of theee disagreabi'ittea increased w;th aooct < months sinoe a fourth was a^Ued to lliem. ny >.?ir felling off the toy of my head and threatening to mftfce me betJ.i. In this nnpleasant predicament I *m iranoed t? try Wood'a Hair Keetoratire, mainly to afreet tne falling off of mv hair, lor J had really no expect* tioatnaitray Lair oo^id ever be restored to ; .* ?ripe*! oolor except from dyee. I tu. howerer. tK>&'Jy surertaod find, aft?' the aaa of two hot ties only, tfiat not was the off arrested, bat the o?lor was -estored to the giaj hairs ai>? ensibility to the aoalp.and dandruff o?ased Ufcrm on my head, very much to the gratif cation of itt wife, at whoee solicitation I r?? induced to try t4. For this, among the many obligations 1 owe < > bar sex, 1 strong* r**?>r metd a; cuih?i>,? wh rane the admiration of ti "<r wires te profit by my example, and axe it if gruwuis gray or teCOng ta^l. Very respectfully, J?is. A. Lavxkduu ?oO. J. wood * Co., <44 HroadwayVN. yT t rejiulT are ai>eeut from the eitr. ax.d 1 an bo on?er at No. 11 Cairo. P.aoe. **atoradTe" hae dos? my hair ao mnch good air** I oomme:??l th? nse of It, that I wiah to m&k? icon to t.V mN!o of it* off ecu oath* bair. wtion are great. A manor woman mar benearlt'lapriTei of hair, and b/ ? reeort to roar "UairiTeatoranre ' the hair will return mora beauti?<ii than erer; at least this ia my t"*ponenoe. b< licre it all! Voura tnii *? Wk H Iwfit. P. B.?Yob oan pi.'Ml?h the above if y?u u**, p, pobliahmg in oar tx??thern papre job will art ore patronage Hnntti , 1 aee eerr r*l of roar rer tifieatea in the Mobile .xeroury. a strong paper. W. H. kbhmsi. tvrrvnnKi ? a * ws VPflT/lDATIfL' TTUUV P OAJH t t &?, Pmov.O. J. Wood: LHn * Str: miafortnr.e to loeethe beat p "?rtior of rayhur, from tr,e effoota of the yel.ow fever,- "> Oneana m Itfl,T m induood to make a t 'ial ?l/our prr??^* tion. nod found it to an ewer a*. tna ***7 tbin* ??ed?d. My bur ia now thick a."*** $to*aj, and a? r>r<l? can expre?? niy obhfntiona T?a In (.Tint thaailiotad anch a Ucwurr Fi.TL *r Joirtfow. The RMtoratiTeiapnt up in bottle* o.' ^re^ainae. n? : large, in*diam acd aw.'l; the amaA ??? ha f a pint, and rataila for one dollar par trottU J the me dram holds at leaat 2!> per oent. more in pr >?ortictD than the amail, retaiia far two dollars f>\ hottie; the larje holda a a?tart,4o par aant. more us * rr p^.r trjn, and retaila tor #3. 0. J7WOOI) ft CO.. Propd?*ore,444 B> oad way, New Ycrk. and 114 Markatatraat, St. u ' '? Moi Sold in thia o'.ty bf C. f TOTT. 374 Pa. avert *. an Tt eoiyAiw JOTM7AE^ miMMM l?/iT THE AMMSDT iMJOICM or HEALTH. Friaa4.4a yai a?l>r' A ra yon the natti* af aa * ftnoae naniaroaa &iwt*t.ta whiok an?e fr??u: la parity of the blood/ What ara 4*157,00 yo? a?k f Jtataer a ah. what are ikey cot > T..e blood >a 1 U* aonrea of lf?e and health, and it la tee trat 1 of oar helng to reap op 4 to an* au?a whinh afaou tha ayatmn. aa u.e .nfaiiiblj ttwu The e?<" arcvaiilm Nearalcla, *Jm Lrye.p* v. 1. * btlo oflfoniA] t?r fcf cr Ebenmatinni, N*r roai D*( i.ily, Dyyeyiii, Liaer Corr^.a^nt with n? toracr ar<t dejaehOB, az.c ?h? nam'-erleaa Hie that lean ia heir to, aer. the'r tndeotie onj.n from t'.r b!v>o<J. Daa! Uec abd getitiy vt&h the hw.. Vaa the vitalizing reacwroea of natar* for lta imL aod *f*7 f? to ocrrmfL J- to roar cotloer.oa a.*.< aaa tui trciy raiaet.a medioamect knovr ti MRS. M. oors INDIA* TMGMTABLX D KOfXmoX. With ragwi to Uua inla.UMe aaeoifle Beubment u*a a*okec lu CwdMlnti and the aTtdaacaa or IM? treat eflsacj are aa? taaueJ by conetaut arora.8 rf curat ve fftu atd he bMjileat raavji* from :ta pan a?? atter el other reraediea and the beat ci^iioai rktli hare failed. Let as bat, ia ocwe.neior, 11,at eertif.ea'ea earoa arerot aonehtfto.u the i ,>rave and ibmt. fieial, bat Uiay aj* eolnEteere-j ?r the moatraapect&bio fcarcaa and jurtllj the L cheat term* ic w.ach it ia aorsiNe to comirand <u vaieable a ?e?f.o to ja&Uc ap?ro?*J. W ? mar ?dd???o that fthA A t? **.{* v* rowrMM -f ?k? r*wv1'^ifi? ?.* : M na.1^ only It rlftr.w ef'-oU, the ty?tm. r^CJTeriu fiorcd;ee**e?-.t* rtnowffl ooutmuiii- Tl(Lor* For me by all t^>ttb.? DruyiieU ^""^e aliy. and by tLe proprietor, MR#. ?. C<7*. Nona tentine esiesa her ilan.e u b.owc on hotte a.L'J her eeal on Lue ork \ y Pnoe #1 per bottle, aix bott ea tor It. W%ol*s?l4 Aftm. P.. f". T. Ciesi.L*. u-Sfiiirt eorgetown, 0 C.. Who.eeale Agent for tae I)a t- et, ar.' will ?p * U>e trade at my price*. aaU-tr 'jpHE A INSUFFICIENT THHbh.. TRIK8KMAF.1,! ?T7 ?-PrvUK>U>d by Rota Lettera Patent U t..j%cd, atu eoccrod ij t><e Seala of tb? Kooie de rLaruukoie i.e Par .a, ud t. ? 1 Imperial Conege of Mediouse. Vienna. No. 1 la iera;cat-i? for exbaaaucn and catarrhea and all phyaiqa: diaaMlitiee. No. Soyn.e etely eradioatee all trae?a of Ikci (lcuti that ba*e be*v hitherto treated by the na? eooua and perr.icioua aa? of oceaiva and euUe'-a Mo. 3 caa entirelj ai*pp antod tie mjonoaa nac tf mercury, therrby lcecm.g to tr.e mflerer iff*'' i relief, aitprreuig all tmpuritiee, aad roottcx ? the nopi of diaaaee. TRiF?EMAR, No*. I, lard S, are prepared it the form of a loaocfa,demid of taata an-'am"1.. aa<> can he carried ia the waietooat pooket. Bci< in tin eaim. and dirifled .otoaoparate doaea, u a-1 uumaterej i>t Vcipeau, La.iemand, Ronx, Riot 4c Price each, or foar oaaea for 99. ohir . a?-'e? *3; tu in 0[77oaeM, whereby tuere iiaw tin* f To j? uad.vnc ?aaie and ratali, of !>r BARk.OW.of 1V4 It eeokor atr^rt, .New Yo k Immediate.* onreoeinnga revutiai>oe, l>r. Ha wi!: forwarr)*te 1 r:eeeioar to ary part of ttc world, aecurely packed, and auGroeeec according to the in trootK-na of the writer. The itook. of ali ' <<rs, that about* be read by mac with oanutred ai?J hrnkua down aonatitbtiont ia'*Bnman Frailty, or rbraio of.oa Re*?arc>?-a " It in bcanUfaiiy iiisatrataa, and Ueata w?iiib?.? of ali tae* that lnvariab.* dereiop them ae!too, aoonor or later, reau ting 170m the ftaitu-* and ritifitiug habiuor earli/oath, inaeaacitat i 1 the victim trom tnaring the fruition or the matr. moma. i'i?, ana. 11 no! checked ?n tin;, t'.etener ?!' ?};e Aicctioaa of aiMii.uod. and t uni.vj Atiii stci by atop. t-'ft .;nc*t . c sad nr.t.rr^f d All. Sold by IV HAPKOWVJ84 B Mtktr atreet. Tonr doorp le.ow Maoaougal, Nit York. Prioo J* oenta. Boot fro* tott whore. Sold a ro by 8. C. For?, Jr? Drug Store. WaahlPfton.H.C. do tt-in. P READER, EKl'SE Thefollowingatarement and than Jndge of ite facte Tor yoareatf. ABRAM COLETof B ooklyn. N. Y., a wtll known niik n there, bad aaferad from for some years, wilboit permanent relief, ouu. he tried AVAR'S fILLS, which taken aoooroiag t > the direotior* for tki* oumplaint, rsetorec mm to he*, tii in a Tow week* After an inter* a of oome month he ha* had c<> return of kie oomptainl 6EO. W. CROSS, of Harmony, Texaa. had au eruption on hia aeok. ahou.der*, baea aad leg. i wbisu ooverodabout one third of hia body. It kepi a the part* aifeoted oow red with a eoab. and being I often a raw eore. wu of ooarte very troBbie*<'me and dietreaaing. It eo mnoh impaired hi* health ae to unfit hurt or bttainoee and ftept him in oprakai't 1 lufennf, All medical aid faLedbtm aatll be took > AYKK^ COMPOUND EXTRACT RARpA T PAK1LLA, wkiob cured him. fat* akin etaHehowa I oom? ooara from the aloeraboa, bat it i* otherwise I E-. ? MM. ft i RiehmondV Va.. took a eold whioh ecttled on hi* oicx*. A aorore pain eet in oa tbe .eft **de,with a Bad oongh, whioh w*a eoou followed by tbe unm.* taka' ie eymptoro* of ooneamption. VV b?n r*?i one: rmxj low aeooaun*se*4 takiuc AVER'S CHKfRY PECTORAL, whieli ooon top eon theooagh mw ?om?irw7 oaroQ aim* _ Pre**r<d by |)E. j. C. AYft?R 4 hTsto.v, of U^uwsd^' !!>?rl?ad?, by Jobr i U-tnr > Mottor; S vole ; ?#? b* ft The Rum of ih* Dutoh Rol'ii?, a history. by John L?throp Motey; J to ? ojotk; fr** h>y *,a .l. ft. Silta M?rw. tM Wmt*t fcavmoi. by the Author of * Act Hi oioti U#MQU ; r*K' "Eft ? Cwmt of Major And , by Wm'ro? I 8*'CMl':t; ?1J?. A1W lp*?.rrr? with a Painter, a Btminir ? >*?' *1 I Ahntdor arid Nevk>na<lia*d , by Rn Lon.? LNob a l fl ? Tri* Agar ufeotar* of PhotogMua or Hydro Car bon Oil*, by Tbonaa AniiaelT, M. D , |L%> Any of Uif> ab<iv?> lrt* tf j*aiI7 a?K N NION KAKk* AND Kl|tliIfOPri.-Tw.?> t*.:lir?r?nt ttyloa of Not# and LMtw fa^r. with Enre'o?*? tn ma?ch. Vtow* of Waahinrtoa in tha forn o( a Ro?*. m ' la Book for* i also. rate might at Wciook. < hr>? ?fin w Ueotim r?a4iu?. A ll!I6 ftAiortAAnt nf 1 nvAailM? M *. *mM B * - * X

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