Newspaper of Evening Star, August 12, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 12, 1861 Page 1
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i 1 ? .., ?* ? ? w . .. .jtr**w<iM^ ..--? a?**?r?a firming Sfc V*. XVIII. . WASHINGTON. l> C.. MONDAY. AUGUST 12. 1861. N?. 2.64C>. THE EVENING STAR l* TUBLI8HBD BVBB.Y AFTERNOON, SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) at the star bc1ldi*q9, Cc**4r r?mtriv**1* ivtmm mm Elrt'.ntk H. IT W. D. WALLACH. Ftpera iMTfd In package* by carrier* at f4 r-f. ot 37 earn ppr month To mall subscriber* the pelc? Is 93 JO a mi, %? advmmt*; S2 for all month*; SI for three month*; and for lea than three months at the rate of IS centa a we?k. Single copie*, oi(i oist; In wrappers, two cknt*. ADTUTiaaaiNTa should be *eat to the eSke before It o'clock m.; otherwise they may not appear antll the next day. MATRinoSIAL INFELICITIES. ?T A5 IRRITAILS Mi5. DOMESTIC GOVERNMENT. ^'Wby yoa don't keep those ohildren," I Mid to iiij wife, '*fr?m making such an abominable noiae while I am in the houee, I ean't imagine. I should think that you'd instruot them to be qaiet and behava themselves when I am at home. Tbej have all the day, from nine o'clock until five, in which to play and make aa much noiae aa thay please, and why yon will allow them to keep it ap until bedtime, I really don't understand. After I've been busily employed down town for six or eight hours, toiling for you aud the children, I want, when I return home to enjoy rest and quiet, and not find myself, the moment I enter the home, in the midst ef bedlam." " The noise tbey make," said my wife, looking up from her work, "can be i?* more annoylog to you tba* it is to me. wfto have to be suhjeoted to it all day. I'm sure my nerve* ought to be made of iron te enable me to endure it. You, in reality, experience little of its unpleasantness; bat here I. shot ap, day after day, with these noisy beings, obliged oftentimes, through lack of strength to correat them, to submit to their caprices and naughtiness, while you are abroad in the open air, and free from ihe p*t'y annoyances which turround me. You men, though, think a woman's life is a perfect paradise. I wish 20u had to live only ore such day as this has een. I have been obliged to have the sole care of the children ever sicce morning, and, between their crying and boisterous behavior, tbey have nearly worn me out. My head aches violently, and it doesn't Hem as if my fingers couiti take another stitch " " But why," I asked. "did you take so muck upon yourself? Why didn't you let K*tty have charge of the children, as usual ?" " Because this is ironing-day, and Katy always has to assist the lauudress." " Bat what is the use," I inquired, "of having Katy to take care of the children, ui le.-? she does it? If tl}e laundress cannot perform her work herself, why you'd better get some ore who can, 00 that Katy can attend to her own business. Now, if there be one thing I dislike more than another, it is your mismanagement with the servants. Each one should have her own duties to perform, and not interfere with, or assist in, tbo.-e of another. I ehould just like to have the control of this houtvhold for a week, wh?n I thick I could ?ffect a revolution in it of a most satisfactory character.'' " I am sure," said my wife, " I have no objection to your taking the entire charge of the bouse for a year or longer. A pretty housekeeper, though, you'd make. I think you would find it a more difficult task, however, than you imagine ** *kA!l ibat is necessary to insure a well-regulated household, my de&r," I said, "is a proper system. 5;siem is the basis of all governments?domestic and national. Without it, disorder* are .u rt iu to prevail. I have a theory about government, which, if you will listen to me, I'll explaia to you. In the first place?" "I don't think," said my wife, interrupting me, "that I have time at present to hear your theory, even if the little ones would remain quiet long e lough to allow me to gi?e you the attention necessary." PKilHriin AAifln vnnr nniaA T *vrt)tima<4 Bat they g*r* no heed to mj eommaad, and raised such a hubbub that it called forth from me an expression which onlj the extreme circumstances of the cue wurranted. " Don't speak so, ' said my wife, soothingly. " I have been obliged to endure much more than this all dajr, and have not onoe lost my temper. ' tJood gracious!" I exclaimed, "what confounded muss have I sat down in ! Some stioky s.utf I declare, it's molasses. It there be one thing I dislike to sit in more tLan another, it is molasses Wny do you allow the children to hare it?" 'I don't know where they got it from, I am sure," answered my wife, "for I was not aware there was a drep in the bouse. Knowing how averse you are having the little ones use it, since they slick themselves up with it so, I have' denied it to them for months past " ' Well, it appears they have got some, at all events, and? Look at that ohild! daubed from bead to foot." Here the slim girl of thirteen made her apCs ranee with a plate containing sticks of mo>ees oandj. whioh. she said, she had made for papa. Now, if there be one thing I dislike more than another, it is molas?es caudy made for papa; but. on the present occasion, I took the plate, with its entire oontents, determined that it, at least, should no: be distributed over the floor, chairs, and table. "E\ery piece of furniture in the room,'* I aid, "is sticky with this confounded stuff. Ivery door-knob and window nane is marked with it, and every part of uk house, for * week to come, will be redolent of it. The fact is, my dear, you allow tbe children to do just as they please, and when it isn't molasses tLey get into, it is honey or sweetmeats. What is the use of being a mother unless you oan manage year children, and keep them out of the molasses jug " . My wile Mia ane aian t see any ate id it, which teemed to me rather an equivocal anewer. While I ?u pondering over this reply, my eyes fell upon the candy before me. It seemed to be filled with raisins. I examined it carefully, and the raisin* resolved themselves into flies. " Good graci< us!" I exclaimed, "what oould have induced that child to put flies into the eandy V* -Flies!" echoed my wife. ."Yes," I repeated, "flies!" My wife looked at the o^ndy with a critical eje. Then she rung the bell for Biddy, who pood made her appearance " Where did tne children get the molasses for their eandy?" she inquired. "Out of the jug. to be sure," said Biddy; "where else should they? Didn't they find it ia tbe cellar, where it had been ever so long doing no good to any one, and so I just said they might have it for eandy." " But the jug ought not to have been in the cellar, Biddy; that is not its proper plaee," b Mid my wife. " Oh! it's not the jug we use, ma'am,responded Biddy, * and now I'll tell you all about it. When Nora, the oook we had last I summer, you remember, was here, she ju?> accidentally, one day, broke the handle cfl the jug, and so that it wouldn't be in your sight, ma'am, she put it on the upper shelf in the cellar, where we forgot sll about it. I suppose, somehow, tbe cork got out and the flies got in, but it waa very nice molasses, for all that, ma'am. And I told Miss Lily, when she bei ed the molasses, to be *ure and skim off the top of it, for I thought there might be s flv or two in it, and I knew flies liked mo Usees; tod that'# inst the blessed truth, in deed it is, ma'am !' When Biddj had left the room, I said te my . Wife: " Thia ia another example, mr dear, of y?ur housekeeping qqniifleatioae. You not only l?t the children do as they please, bat 70a allow th? servants the aame liberty. If they break a jig. why 70a know nothi'uf about it until month* afterwari, when the ehildren poison theoaselvea with eating flies." ' Pjiaon themselves' ' exclaimed my wife; ' you don't mens to aay that fliea are poiaonMt V ' "Weil,** I replied. " I don't regard them J4 wholesome food. And I advise, yon. if yon have any regard for the ehildren'e health, to eoUeet the ealawee of the enndy, aeattared around, and throw it away " This opportunity of dieposrng of the cawdy, wtiUh otherwise wonld be sticking everything ?P fjr a week to mm, waa appreciated by me aod the few flies I discovered were almost worth their weight ia diamonds j ^ *m el . ! ,ja 4 "Aw a I " Now, my dear," I said, after mj wife, having given her orders in regard to tho destruction of the oandy, reseated herself near me, " I will state 1x17 theory in regard to domestio government In the first placc, you must adopt, as a fundamental precept, that whioh Solomon taught?" " My dear," said my wife, " I am sorry to interrupt you, but I must leave you and attend to getting dinner." After saying thia, my wife abruptly left the room. My theory, which, however, is a good one, I shall Insist on her listening to some day or other.?Home Journal. Marn Marking Colts?Size of Colts. [Prom field Notes.] The belief that mares ore likely to copy any striking marks from horses which they see sr the time of conception, or with whioh they associate wnile pregnant, I have no doubt is correct I might relate many instances in onnfirmation, but will confine myself to a few of late occurrence under my own observation. Many who may Lotice tbio, will remember that my horse Blaok Ilawk 2d, is jet black color, with do white except 1 few hairs in his forehead. His colts have bsen almost universally of dark oolor, with but little if any white marks But four years ago this spring, immediately after be had served a mare, her attention wm attracted by another mare with a white face coming unexpectedly towards her, and she started up and stared at her as she approached. The owner remarked he expected the eMt would have a white face; and in due time it came forth with its vbite faoe. L?at spring, that oolt, then a two year old stai ion, ran in a lot near my barn, with only t - ? -xl l . ? f t ran icuce pejmrmiiig nun irom a puriion 01 my mares. I then bad six young colts from Black Ilawk 21. beside many older ones, none marked with more than a small star in the forehead or a little white on a hind foot?mest of them indeed without any white. Bat this spring all three of the mares that pastured next to the white-faced eolt, have white-faced oolts, while the other mares that were not so exposed, have again brought colts not to marked. All rules given for ascertaining what sized animal a colt will make, by measurement soon af'er birth, are necessarily unreliable, because the growth of the colt before birth is influenced by circumstances, just as is its growth during any particular period of time after birth. Colts which are very small at birth, frequently make large horses; while those that are very tall at birth, are often small when grown. There is, however, something in the general appearance, features, etc., of a colt, that mostly indicates to the eye of the experienced breeder, a pretty good idea whether it is to bo large or small when grown?occasioning such remarks as these, that it is a very neat colt, but it will always be small; or, that it is a growthy looking colt?will make a full siaed horse. The first eolt from Morgan Tiger, foaled in this neighborhood, was so little and crooked, it was perfect laughing stock, and I bought it for a trifle. When two and a half years old, I was offered $300 in gold for her She grew to weigh about twelve hundred pounds, took first premiums at Ohio State Fair twice; indeed. took first premiums at all fairs at which she was exhibited, before I sold her at ten years old. Of fix yearling colts I have from Black Hawk 24, the one which wn largest at birth is dow the smallest, whiie the least at birth is now the largest. W* H Ladd. Richmond, Jefferson county, Ohio. Practical Jake ef a Chirage Fire Z<?t?. [From the Chicago Tribune 1 A member of the New York Fire Zouaves who went from this city to join Col Ellsworth in April, and who, antil then, had been an industrious typo in the Chicago Tribune office, was out on picket duty one d?y last month, when the fallowing incident occurred : An F. F. V., with rather more than the usual superciliousness of bis race, rode up in a carriage from the direction of Alexandria, dri?tn of course by b'? "servant." Zoo boo stepped into the road, holding his bayonet in such a way as to threaten horse, negro and white man at one charge, and roared our "Tickets." Mr. V. turned up his lip, sot down his brows, and by other gestures indicated bis contempt for such mud-sills as the soldier before him, ending by handing his pass over to the darkey and motiouicj him to get out and show it to Zoo-z<o. " All right," said the latter, glancing at it, "mov? on," accompanying the remark with a jerk at the coat oollar of the colored person, which sent him spinning severs! pases down the road. " ^ow, sir, wnat do you wait?" addressing th . astonished white man. White man by this time had recovered his tongue. " Want ? I want to go on, of course. That was my pass." "Can't help it," replied Zoo; It says jvtss th9 bearer, and Mitt b*j.rlr is already passed. You can't get t?u men through this picket on "one man's p^w." , Mr V. relucted a moment, glanced at the bay-met in front of him. nd then called out to his black man to onmn hm>k K?mKn nn ? ???- ??-r pro&ched cau iously, but fell back iu confu ion when the "shooting-stick" wu brandished toward* hisowa breast. 41 Where's jour pass, sirrah7" asked Zo^*00. ' Here, massa," Mid the chattel, presenting the same one he had received from the gent in the carriage. " Won't do," replied the bolder of the bayonet. That passes you to Fai.fax, can't let anj one oome front rairfax on IKat ticket? mors on." A stamp of the foot sent Sambo down the road at a b*ud gal'op. " Now, sir, if you stay here any longer I shall take you under arrest to headquarters,'' he oontinued. Mr. V. grabbed up bis lines, wheeled areund, and went off at the best trot his horses could manage over the "saored soil." Whether Sambo ever hunted his master up is not known. Thz Fathkr or Ge* MoClblli*.?1The father of Major General George B MoClellan was Dr. George MoClellan of Philadelphia. H* was very eminent as a surgeon, and a man of striking mental characteristics. If a difficult and dangerous operation was to be performed in the City of Medical Colleges, the task was invariably committed to Dr. MoClellan. A oolumn might be filled with reports ol remarkable surgical oasee in which he was th< operator, evincing the moat indomitable ?ourage, joined to skill, ooolaess, and presence ol mind in a rare degree; but a single instanci must suffice: He was invited to Virginia tt rcuiuvc kuuiui uvui iuc luuuiuvr ui n uuj f >urteen year* of age It wm found necessary however, to take off the arm at the shouldei joint, and also to remove the entire shouldei blade, as the tumor covered this as well a? th< upper part of the arm Dr. McCiellan consul tec with the resident surgeons, and the boy waj prepared for the operation. At the appointee time he drove up to the house with his assist ant, walked is, made three incisions only, ant took awaj the arm, shoulder-blade, and tumoi altogether, and was out o f the house in less thai slaty seconds, leaving the resident surgeons fa take ap the arteries, and dress the wound The boj recovered Gen McCiellan appear to hava inherited the executive ability and th< during so eminently manifested by his father and bids fair to be as successful with thaawon as his parent was with the scalpel. -* (Q^Tbe Newburyport Herald states that sal moo has entirely disappeared from the waters e the Merrlmae Net one baa been taken tbi* sea son. The rivers of Maine and N>"W Brunswicl nave abounded with Um?i, and tbe markets e Massachusetts have been supplied from that dl rectloa ; ,. t P^Tbe Den?al convention. a?w la eeealen a New Haven, Ct , La* resolved to bold tbe n?-i cmtun at Trenton Falla, N. Y . on the secoiM i Tueaday af Aogurt, 19?. * . {/. '* y r ARMY SUPPLIES I Proposals for army wagon and ' amui'lance harness. OrriCK o? AKMr a?rn Fqdipao*,) Corner Qf Hoieard and Mercer ttmlt, > Niw Vork, August 3, 1861. \ Proposals will h? receiver At this > ffioe for AirniaMng, I j contract, Army Wagon Harness: Tn? p- posala sliou d btate th? price at which they can 6e furniehe.l at th? places of iranufacture. i and the price at which they car b* delivered at this depot, the numWer whioh can ha lu&ria by he bidder within one month alter receint of ?he order; aia<? the number which he oan deliver withm one werk. Ta? harn?i? must exactly oonform to ths following specifications, and to the eatab iahed patterm: Four-mule harness a* Inllowa, to wit: wheel. Two (Jailors. Breech straps 3 fe?t ? inches lone, 3X luchea wide, aewe. 'nio 14 inch nnca of \ net iron; hip straps b f-?er 11 iuoties Irng inchea wide; itay pieoea^. ieet long. 2X i'c h?? wide, with IX inch baokle.; oroai atrapa to buok e into stay pieces, 5 feet long. IX i? ch wide; aide atrapa 4 re t 1 ne, IX inch wr ; tie atrapa 16 inches lone. X inch wide, tapering o a point. Two Kelly Band*. Lone ?ide 2 ftet * mchea lone, 2 inches wide, with a two <noh buckle; snort aide i foot S inohea lone and 2 inohea wi ie. Two Hair Collars. 18 to i9 iai hea'org. with double fttrapa ana sale leather* and buotlea 7-4 inoh wide Two Fair of Strong Ham'i to anil, made of white oak root, ironed wrh ho? ks, brea'triugs IX inch *qu*re, staphs and line rings. Two Pair of Home Straps. Low?r one 5 feet 6 inouea lotg. X inoh wide, upi>er one 4 feet 6 i on a one, X noli wide Two Bridles i'ro*j piece 2 feet lone, IX inch wide: rheck pieces ?acL 1" inohea long. IX " oft w de; front pi?oe 11X inches long IX inoi w n?; stay p-?c?s. from bli.ids o e own pioces, 16 inches long,>X inch wide; nose piece 11 inohea long. 1 inch wide; blind ? 6 i> ch. s Ii>na, 5X '..oho' wide; reins, one .. de 4 feet long I mc wiiie; ii<>rt side 2 feet long, 1 inch wide, with 1 icoh bnckle; butt?, tinned mullen. to weigh IKs.tothed zen Two Pair Cha^n Pipes, 2 feet long, 2X inches wide. i >r , rair irate Lnaint, 7 i*et loug, lb lints to the loot, of No. 3 iron, with T on one ead, weight 7>4 to 8 ilis. per rair. Twu'ed or straight One Pair of Breast Chains, 22 inoues Ions, 14 links to tne f >ot..of No. 3 iroc. i'wisted. Two Neck Straps, 3 feet 1 inch long, 7\ inches wide, with inch buck e. Two firrk t 'iituns, 4 fe*t^) r ches Ion*, 14 links to the foot, >o. 4 i'on. T and loop to be fiveced on to the neck strap. Twisted. One Saddle, made on Aitakapas tree, hp?<J gullrt and oantie, iron, oovered in the usual war with half tanned horsehide; flaps 20 inoh s long. '6 inhes wi< e: i*oin*l? 7 fest 3 inohes lo: g, 2Jtf* wiue with a 2J% inoh huokle on one ena to be fastened to th?< paddle b? being riveted to two curved straps 1A$ inch wide; the?e tf'-.paro p'.acd one on eacu side of the ?.ad^l? tree one ei.d is tied to the front part oi the b*r. the other end t^ the extension of the bar behind the o&utte, Spanish saddle faslnou; stirrup leathers 4 teet 7 mohes long, lAtf i?ch wide, witu 1 "i in^h buckle; stirrups. in\U?ahle iron, tinned, boit eye pattern, to weigh I3>i lb?. to a dozen pair. LEAD. Tieo Collars, 17)4 to 13 inohes long, made the same as (o- wire! harness. Tieo Fair of Hames, to suit, of same material as lor wheel harness, ironed, wi'h ti"oks, breast rings, and line rings, wi|fc straps as in wntsi harness Two Bridles, same as (or wheel harness. Turn Meek Straps and Ch&ius. same as for wheel harnena. Two Bel y Bands, " " Two Pair Cham Pipes. ' " Tteo Pair Trace Chains, * * Two Cruppers and Hip Straps, Hack strap 5 feet lonj, taper nr from 3H inches to 8H incb? s wide. Hip -t aps eaoh 2 feet 4 inohes long, l)i inoh wide, eaoh with a hook at one end. Two Back Candt, 3 feet 4 inohes long, 3>i inohes wide. Two Martini<.: $, 4 feet long, 1>? inoh wide, ta bucuie into ti e iU On' Coupling Strap. 5 feot 6 inohes long, X inoh wide d-* - /<L?.L u a f?* 1 ? k- ?- j- * * -- ?' vit?* iicmi * ic? nun, i i.iou wine, 10 lUCKie into the bit at eaoh ?nu, with a ring sewed in the oentre to receive the lead line. One Lead Lite, il feet loar,\ inoh wide, with a bunk e at one end .and an 8 inoh oo? %; < he o*h?r. One Wmp heavy platted horse hida,6 feet 6 inohea tunc. One Horse Brush, oral, of biistlea,? by ? inohea. On I urry Comb, No. 22i?6 bar. I h? whole to be pa kad ir a box abon' 18 inches wid a, 17 inohea deep, 34 in aaa long, < a<1eofl luoh atutT, coopered, wood no< pa or iron, ttj b? required. Four Horse Harness as foliowa, to wit: WHEEL. Treo Quilors, Breeoh strap- B feet 8 inches long, 3X n:ih wide, sewed in.o 4-inoh rlnss of \ inch nou; uip st. aps ? f et loag, 3 irclies wide; ata? pieors* (eet I inches lout, 3 nones wide, with IX inoh buckJea;oroa? atraps to buokie into uta/ pieces, 6 feet Img.lX inch wide: aide straps 5 te<H6 ir.choc ion*, IX n.oh wide; hip straps 15 it ches long, IX n.oh wide, taj* ring to a point Tiro Hilly Bands, l*?nc aide 2 fdet 4 inohea lone, 2 lno'.ea wide, with a 8-inoh bno*le; enort aide 1 { 6in.h"? or i tad 2 irohi- wide. Two Hair Collar*, Zi to 23 tuuiioa long wi'hdon blfHirapa and safe leaiiiera and buckles X inoh wide. Tier* pair of Strung Unmet to tsui*. n'^de of white oak r< oi, ltoueu with hooks, breast rings IX inoh square, saple* aud line ringa. Tiro patr of Hame Straps. Lower one 5 feet 8 inohea long, X inch wide; upper on* 4 feet ! inches long, X inoh wide.ui alum *ann?d leather. Two Brulles. CroWu pieoe 2 (eet 2 inch ng, .'{I inoh wide; oheek piooe eaoh 10 inches .o. c, i.', inch wide; Iron* pieoe 12X long, LUinci ' wide; star pieo *. from blu.ts to oiown pi oei> IS inohea long, IX inoh wide; noae piece 12 mohet , long, liroh?ia ; blinds 6 inohea loug, t>.nch?swide; r-ins, long 4.foat ^ inches i? ng. linen wide; short ?<d? 2 feet long. 1 >u;h wide, wiihl i' oh buokie; bitta, tinned r^jllen, to w. igh 5 lbs. the d<>sen. Tiro pat Chain Pipes, 2 feet 8 luoLta long, 2X inches wide Tvo patr 7Vn e Chains, 7 fe?t 'ong, 14 links to the loot, oi o. i iron, wiated - >.raigUi, with T on one enr weight 9 lb", pi r pair. Owe pair of breast ur. ns, ?8 inch ft .> ?4 links to ti e icot, of No 2 iron wi ud. Tujo Seek Strap.*, 5 feet 6 inohea long, 2X inohea wide, with 2X ino buckle. Tiro Seek Chain*. 4ieetbicoh a long, 14 links to mo vu?? ?w?rvW ?iui * 11 wu| * n tu iw i/o riveted on to th-* neok *trap?Mwivei to the oha.n One Saddle, mad* on Attakapjui tree, : ead, gullet and cintltt ironed, oov^rtd . the usual way with half tauned horse hide; Ht,> i ifi inehe ong, <6 inches wida; ?urom le, 7 t ?t ft inches Ion*, 2H inches wide, ?;tn a 2H inoh U ckleon one end.t<> be fastened to the sadd e oy being r vet?d < two ourved scraps, 1 liich wide; th?ao ?tra,>' a ~ p.aoed one on eac.i aid - f uia *-vldle-tre<>, one end u tied to the lront part of t e liar, the other end *o the extension of the bar behind the cantle, bpauiah sadd'e fathion; <tirrup b athers 4 lee' 7 inches lo k, U* inou wid *. wu. 1% inoh tuokie; a irrups, ma Itable iron, tinned, bolt-rye pa.tern, to weigh 13^? lb*, to a uoz n pair. LEAD Two BridUi, same aa for wheel harness. Tiro Collarj, 30 to ? inohe? long, made the tame aa for wh?*l nam -aa. Two wait of Ham tt to auit, of fame mater al aa for wheel harness, ironed, ?ithhooln, breast riiiga and line rings, with atraps aa in ? heel harne a. Two Neck Straps and chains, same aa for wheel ha. oesa. Two Belly Bands, same aa for wh-el harneaa. Two pair Ckam Pipes, aaiue aa for wheel narnesa. Two pa*. Truce Chains, same as for a h^e' t arnf as Two Crupperi and il?? Strapj. Ba< k Strap 6 f-et long, ' pering from s* inches toaH inches wide. Hip straps with buckles < ach 3 feet 8 laohes long, i IS inoh wide, with wrought nooks. Two back Bands, 3 feet 7 inches long, 3S inohes wide Two Martingales, 4 feet long, IX inoh wide, to i baokl loio the bit. One I'?tplimt Strap, 5 feet 6 inohes long, \ inch wide. On* Check Rein, 4 feet 1 inoh Ion*, 1 inoh wide to bnokle into the bita<. each end, with a ring sewed in the oenter to receive the lead line. , One Lead Ltne, 21 f?et long. \ inch wide, with a buckle at on* and, and an l-inoh loop at the ? other. One Wkip, heavy platted horsa hide, 6 feat6 inahea r long. ' On* Hers* Brush, oval, of bristles, ? by ? inohes I One t urry Comft, No. 2*2?8 bar. > t'b? whole to be packed i > a box ahout 21 inches wide, 18 inohes de?p, 34 inohes long, made of 1-it.oh stud, eoopared, waod hoops or ixon, a? mav hr re , quired. r . I he whole to be made of tha best material aewtng to be made with good waxed thread, and aub' jeot to inapeotion during the prooaaa of mauufao ) f ll PA ?r H slsn whan i When ?horse h*ri.e*a is required, the lead onl. lars, bridiea, hames, neck strap*, bell? ba;d<, : oht:n pipoa, trace nham, crupper and hip s'rap*. 1 baok baud a aud ooupung airapi are doubled; one bearing chain 3 feel Ion*, M link* toihefoot. of i No 4 iron, with a T on eaoh end added, and lend line to be 30 feet long. r The whole to he made of the b??t material, aewi ng to be made with good wax?d thread and aun j jeet to inapffltioa dorin* the proe^aa tf manufaotura and aiao when finished. When 6-mu'e harness u required, ths lead oo|- I 8 lara, bridiea, hamea, neok strap*.bell; baud*, ebam . atpea, traae obaias. o usper and hip straps, back hands, and ooapling atraoa are donbl*4; one be*ri ing chain, 3 feet loag. Itliuka to the fo<>t,orNo.4 i iron, with a f on aach end added; and laad line to be St feet long. Iropoaala will a ao be r?oMved for risking aud ivering arrbelanoe harness for two o foar male or horae UaitiK?a apeoi&oation of wluoh will be ^ 'Vormi olpropotmla and guarantee will oe fern . ished on appltoa'ion at thte >'?oe, and none will , beoonaidered Urn do not ooutirw fere to. 1 Thepi!?ile?e la re*erre4 by anu fur the L'n ted State* of rejeetisg any proposal tnat nar be denned eitrsvttaut. t Prop jaaia wiTbo indoraed on tie wrt ope mt oiling tnem. "Proposals lux lumubitic Ar ..y . Waxon and Ambuianoe Harneaa," and a 'drcsk a -..m, 'towtoiu. . uO * *...'*? T T i

I % SUMMER RETREATS. Ska bathing and safe retreat. At Point Look-Opt, Maryland. This oe el.rated Bathing Place. situated at the Junction of the Potomac River with theA . . A Cl.-?i-ap?ak? Har. will be opene<1 by tb^wffTjkw u:idaro.; ;,n the 10th of June, in the^iljflLL very best style, for all persons who ir.ay wish a safe and auiet retreat, where they o*n have tl.a benefit of the beat salt water bat'iiig aiid eujoy the deiicaoits of the water, ?uo.'ras Fish of all kinds. Oysters, Crabl. &o fcvety description of fishfbg tackle will be kept for tne aooommodation of guest*. A fine livery stab e kept on the farm Also, ten pin alleys and billiard saloons; with all other amusements usually found at su<<u places. The Kble will be supplied daily with fresh vegetables from the garden on the premises and from theBaltimore and Washington markets. The best Lienors and Cigars will always be found at the Bar. Boyd, $2 per day; one week, 912; seoond we?k, 910; fjof weeks tor 335; children and odore^ servant half-erioe. The steamer f*t. Ninho'.ti Imvm TVuhimi Tu-^.'ay a: 6 a m and Baltimore rn Friday at 4 p. m The half past2o'clock p. m. train from Wa?liington will connect at Baltimore the boaU, reaoh ng Point Lookout daily ; a ao, a tri-weekly stage from Waahington, by way of Leonardfown Add eaa the proprietora, at Pomt Lookout, Washington. D C., or Alexandria, Va. m ill HEFLEBOWI'.R A CO , Prop'r*. DENTISTRY. | \\ TEETH. l?l. LOOM1S.M. L>., the ipyector and patentee oftua MINERAL PLATE T'-:ETH, At ^A tonda peraonaily at hit office in this cit* JafiSa^p Many peraona oan wear these teeth cannot wear others, and no p^raos can wear other* who cannot wear these. Peraoua cailir.f at my office can oe accommodated with any style and price of Teeth they may deaire. hot ttUhoae who are particular and wish the purest. o'eanWt, atrongeat, and moat perfaot denture that art can produae, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Room* in this city?No. S3* Pa., betweei. 9th and 10th ata. Also, 1#07 Arch street, phi adei piua. oo la tt GASFITTING, Ac. ~ AWM t. DOVE * CO. RE Now prepared to execute at* orders wiU waioh they ma? be far "red u. the PLUMBING, 6AS STEAM FifVlNC BUSINESS. fT>- Store on *th rtreet, a few >loors aorth of Pa, ? ^e, where mar be foasj''a Ci r'te assortrae&l of rfANDKLI KR" And other 8AL. 8TE4M ant v atkw v< ry.u t> .? tr-w 1 SNYDER, PLUMBER AND GAS FITTER. das removed to the conser of Twelfth ai d F ats. Heia prepared to irctrouuoe Water and li'inion the most favorable terms, ami guarantiee entire satisfaction. II* has on hand a lot of COOKING and ottier STOVK8, Wiuoh he wii! eeil less than cost, as he wishes to get rift of then. no 17 W ' 6 A 8 FIXTURES. R Hav?? in stor*?, and ar? rtai y receiving, Gj|5 FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns and Designs and Finish, supanor in strie to anything heretofore ?flr>re<l in this market. We invite citir-r.s eeneral ly to call and examine our stock of Gas and Wat?i Fixtures, feeling qonlident that we have the best elected stock in Washington. All Wurk in the above line mtrasted to aur care vill be promptly attended to. MYERS & McSHAN. mar l-tf 37 fi I) street. OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF 9A3 MEIERS. Washimtuh, Jaly It, 1MB. XOTWT. IS HEREBY U1VEX. Tfiat,agreaably to tfie p; avisions of the ordinance of the Corporation approved May IS, 18?>, the nndersigned is now prepared, "whenevt-r respired in writing, and on pr? *aymest of th<5 fee of fifty cent*, to inspee'. inani'^e, test, prove, and ascertain the accuracy of registration r f any cas meter in use in tht? citr." K^orj t, ""r-d incorrect, wfil be oondemned and another, pealixf ann martM aa true will be setini't* place. If proved to be aocm," in its measui? meet of gas, it will bc;-a:ca acco uisgiy, ard again put in position (or use. Oflkoe No. #10 Seventh street,(sear Odd Fai . ws'Hall ) Ope ' rr m 8 a. m , to I . m. CHA!l: .8 W. CUNNINGHAM, jy li-tf Inspector wid Sealer of Gas Meters. Q t F I C I_ A L. Dxpartm?*t o* Stat*. i Washington, July J6, ICfil.S Information has been ie?eiv rt at thi Depart mentfrom Mr. R. N. Shufeidt, the Consul Genera! of the United states at Havana, of the issue, on thn ink ultimo, of a ro*a' hv whinh ?ll in. port duties on common ship's breed are taken otf f ir the terra of fourteen months from the d-.te of the publioation of the royal decree in Havana. The same decree also reduoes to one-half, during the same time, the tirpori duties upon oorn and oornraeel and potatoes. The duty by th? ta-iff" upon eom in 3SH p?r centum upon the valuation of 34 p?T barrel of *>0 Spanish pounds, when from loreign ports in for oigu bo-toms ; upon eornmea! per oeutuiu upon tue valuation of .%5 per barrel of 20" Spanish p<'i^iis from foreign ports in foreign bottoms; jyon potatoes, from foreign ports in foreign ves sels,29>* per oentum upon the va nation of $2 50 per barrel; upon foreign bre*d, lu foreign vessels, 36H rer oentum upon for every 25 Spa nsh pounds. QUNBOHU ?o* THS WESTERN KIVERS. QUA.&TSKMASTBR GENERAL'S OrFICK. / Wa'Ainsfo* Junt 17,1861.t P*OPoeALi? are invited or ooustructing Gunboats unon the Western rivers Specifications will be immediately prepared and may be examined at the Quartermaster's Office at Ciuouinati. Pittsburgh, and at this offioe. Proposals from boat buil era and engine-build er? alone will be considered. Pans submitted by Uaderi will be taker' consideration M C. MEIGS, ie IB Quartermaster Q?n?r*l Tnited Statue. THE EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P, KM RICH, at the oorner of Penn.A . . A avenue and Elever'n street, has boenmTSft rMtl* imiPAVAH r#A*ntlv inH tiA? Aff&e* " t .*! V greater iniTuoementa for fhe patronage of^JTJSeJa and atraagera that any other ublio house in the pit], hia prioee beins leaa thftu those of any other l.otel on Penn. aTeaue, and hi; accommodations for pe, raanent or tranaiont boardera unexceptionable. The bar a^d reatauraut arrangement* of tha European Hotel hare alreadj baooir.e very pop* l%r heme all that can bo desired by the moat faetidioua. The proprietor fled; 9a unre;nitt<Ml attention and continued Liberal expenditures to fivefcitisfaetton to all, and thua renews his invitation ** all uin??tfc#Piiri'?**n Ho??i ana'!. <1?>4 ?i FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who wish their danfhtera to receive a thorough am! stptematio education. where their physical training vnll reae>v<> dMly and special attention, under the moet approved syatein of Caiiatheuioa and Grmnaetioa. are renpectfully invited to Tiait the Union Female Aoaueray, gorner Fourteenth at. and New York av. MR. & MRS. Z. RICHARD*, an irt-tf Principal*. 8~ PkFIATTTFTT !^VOLUNTEERS-? Just arrived at SMITH'S, No. 4?0 Sevcuth street, opposite the Host Office, a lar*e '?t of SPRING and SU I MERCi,o THING. TRUNKS V A LICE*. C All PET BAGS SHIRT COL, LARS, TIES, HATS and CAPS N- B.-All of the abovenamed foods for sale at Northern prioea. ma a' 3m J H SMITH. C:othier (VIGORE'S WEST END HO?A FOUNT IH 1*1 ieI full operation, disp^nsinc pure Carbonic Aoid Wat?r, with nioe airnpa of cifT rent flavor s, to ?uit lit* patron* in addition to a fine atnoV- of Medioin-1*, ho has a Jeneral aaaortment of Twiit.t Article. ti.e Gigai . -0. jr k-ivr /f? RESUMED BUSINESS. /A 1a The '5 sr?iRjied wnuid iufonn hiaX W friend* a:.l 'he publie that ne ha<:? 9 taiien poute on Niotk at., between D and E, where hewill a?ain do buaineia a< a lioeuaed PAWNBROKER.* Pair d^aliux in all buaineaa tranaaotioaa. Je21 3m* ENOCH WARD. .. WOOD AND COAL. OU Will anrely ret your money'* worth by allinc at the PIONEER MILL8, tguikwtn tor n?r v Strtnik itrtet and Canal, (6EO PASE, AcenL) They aell ononpar ana rive batter meaiura than any oUiera is the aity?out, apht, ad delivered tree of oharge. If yoa mm t I eiieve . i ?f the Pioneer Mill* a tna_.and b#aa*?fiM S_ TBINWAV * SONS' AND RAVEN 4 BACON'S PIANOS.?A large aaaortrooii mm > ha* jnat received.?Per eon* in aeara).|M|lKl of a renanie iD*u-um?nt ml m. In v nno* u?lll *? VV^^METZJRRo pijJ011'?? *l ttM Mano gloro of Ordera rocoivod for Mr. MARCUS KEUINB Vnrtm Tnnmr ' ' . >|H ||OMK-MAl>K liOO?8 ANi) SHOK8, Umb', Minn' ajid Cnztuxxn't Wut, At 8xc tiding I* Lay P rwi#. . . #? V. n\? -?o P? . SM. Oh mm> nth ?r* ?*yt? .OIKR< \Ni> PKIiLOW-riTIZKNS*' O OiMon to ?M ITU'S. No 460 H^enfh -tr*M, I> OK IOH!<?TUI?, >ALTIMUKK LOCK HOSPITAL, //(> dittoTirtd ik mo>t Ctrtam. Spttdf tmd tmly Efftctual Rtmflf tn tk* World, FOR ALL PIi*EA9Et* OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE PFLICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Weakneeepf ? ?::k, S'.ricinraa, Aff'C'ione of the Rld 7* end Bladder OwcDargee, li..potanCT, Gen. ral Debility, Nei.eouaneea, *-ee.apey, Laj e? 'r, Coufcwan f Ideee, Lo? ? p i.ot of >he rfe?rt. Timidity, Tremhiuiga, Diwimo' 8if 3t or Uiddmeee. Pteeaa* of tt?a H?ad, Throat, Niea or 8km, Affecuona of the Lui.r,. St >rnacti or B iwele?thete Terrible Diaordere arieinf tr >m SoliUrf Htl iuof Voaih?theee Prea-ifai in<l Pe?trncti?e Fracticea which render Marriage impoaaibU, and deatroy both Bod? and Mind. YOUNU MFN Eapaaially who baee become the etc una ?f Aoiiury Vic*, that dreidfai and destructive habit whirh annually ?*tt| e to an aetimely frn?? thooaande of Tom g Men of the moat exalted ule-.ta and hriliiaot intellect, wno might other* us ha?e entranced Ueteuinj Heuatet with tha ii.ur.dere of eloouence or waked to tceiacy the living l/re, may call with rail covtdaoca. MARttlAOK. MiihiI! i or V v. .f Meu coeitaonplating Marriage, being wire of physical weakneae, organic debility, i'mm itiM, Ac.. ereedily cored. He wno plu?i in i*\( under the care of Dr. J. may riliri s*'y cor.ade u. hie h >nnr aa a gentleman aud catiideotly %'. 'j uj "n nn a Fnj?ici*n. >,ff!CE No 7 south frederick st. Uft b uid (id* romg froai Baitimvr* au**U a f* w iloora fr~tr lb* corner. f nil uot to observe nau<* and ninibir. Lauer* moat t* paid and contain a a lamp vr Johnston, Mambtr ?f the Royal Colltry of Surgeon*. London, grtdtata from one of the roost eminent Colleges in tbs United 8f*tes, and the gte ter part of vbotc life has bear, spent in the of London, Pan a, Philsdelphia and ei*e?!)*ra, ha* effected aome of the moat aitonuh'ng curt* that were a?er knovu; many troubled with ringing in tht head and ara whan ?aleep; treat nerx-uat.eei, being alarmed at audden acuoda, b&ahfulneta with frequent blufLlnt. attended aome'imae with deraiigeiuaot of mind, were cured immediately. take particular notice. Young Men ana oifie: i who ha*t injured theneeleee by a certain practice indulged in when alone?a habit frequently learned from *?il co.Lp.tuiona, or at school, the eflects of whicn are nightly felt even when ulitp, and if riot cored, rtnder* rarnifa irop-asthle, and d*etr~<ye boih uund ana bod*, ahoold apply iminediatele. Theae are aon.e of the aad and melancholy effeete produced by early habit* ->f youth, eti : Weakneaa of tba B*ck and Lunba,r<ti{ia in the Head, Dimneaa of 8i;ht, Lose of Power, Palpitatiou of tn? Heart, Dyapepay, Ner?ooa irritability. "erargeiiiem of the Digeatoe faction*, General Debi.iiy, Symptoms of Conatunptioo, Ac. M EUTtLI.Y ?The fearful effect* on the mind are much t* b* dreaded?Lose of Memory. Cntifnsiou of Idees, Depreaaioo of Spirits, EtiI forebodings, Ata.jion of Society, belf-Dietruat, Lot* of Solitude, Timidity, etc., ar* com* of tht eeil* produced. TtXRroi'i Debility.?Tbouaand* can now )udg* what i* the cauae of their declining health, losing their vigor, becoming weak, pale, ner*ous and emaciated, hating a singular appearance about th* area, cough or eywptonie of cooaumption. diseases of imprudence Whtn the roiaguided and imprudent votary of pleaaure Bride he ha* imt.ihed the teeda of tbia painful diae<ae, it too often happena that an ill-tin.ed aenee of abame or dread of diacoeery detera him from apply ing to those who, from education and reapectability, cm alone befriend him. He fall* into th* hand* of ignorant an(? designing pretenders, who. incapabls of curiur, filch his pecuniary substance, keep him trilling month after month, or as lunr a* the smallest lee can be ob tained, and in despair leaae^iim with mined health t" eigh ever Ms railing dieapfomtnieni; or by the use of that dcinV poison?Mercury?hasten the constitutional iTia?omi of llal tsrrible dieesse, inch > Affections of ths Heart, Tfcroat, Head, Skin, Ac., procreating with frighrful rapidity, till death puts a period to hie dreadful aoiTermfra by sending tiirr.t o todieciTtred coantry from wboee baurie to traveler retarue. DR JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND 1MPOTENCY By thie great and important ren.edy weakness af the orgacs are speedily cared ana fall vigor Metered. Tboaeande ef the oat nervous and debilitated, *be bag I oat alt hope, na?e e en immediately relieved. All impediments to Marriage, Fhyeieal or Mental PieuBalilcatione, Loaa of Fracreatiea Powsr, KerTpea Irritability, Trernblinf and Wenkniu ar Kihaastiao af tba moat fearful kind speedily cared. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS TUB Mlltr THOUSANDS ccred at tbie inemu'ion ha last aavantaan vaari, and tba uamatoua important flargitai operations performed by Dr. Johnston, witnessed by Die fep?ttsre of the papers ana many other parsons, notices of wmcb bare appeared .-.gain and ogam before tbe cu lie, bee dee hie etandirg as a fr?>'tlemin of character ana r?sponeiMlity, lea eaCcient guarantee tc the aSicted. r tr 15 1y Db. J. H MoLEAJN'B BTREHGTHEHIHG CORDIAL Al<ll) BLOOD PrR'.FIKK. THF GREATEST REMEDY tn tkt WORLD, fc&x taxen.Q^ 3JLl Ilea af /eats, ..erkei MQda ead barks. Ysliaw K #i Bisek Raert^ snapsenters iclt its Baa- ^ j #nil* uu<i - mma l '? " > ^ . ^Agn | afar ah log radian U, Bcforr toBng,^e;e;^l; i???;? r Ming. dlatllllaf, praJati f a 4al)U?ia, amtiirttioj aplrkl, tad lk? aat lafiliiblt n??iT fti m.i??iUi:{ iba < iitii' traits, tad tttitriuf tka )?*, avfarUf, tad <Uiniuud ia?aild la ktal* tad u?[U HtLEAIfS STRENGTHFHiyfi CORDIAL *?!!' tffaaiaally tan iu?r Caraplalbt, D>r*tplt, JaaaJut, 'iNtllii Nnnn Dakilliy, D<at?*tt ( ma J dnara, ud *li d.aattia *r!tlcf f<an a iint<irt<l kit*/ *r ?i?-,an, lMi*.k*i, lawirt Pilta, Aalditt (rliikom *1 tba titiaata, Fmliat?t af lltad la tat Sa.d, Hi,, P,iu at vtia-aiDC la i?t Stad, Fo'ai;<U*a ef u>;S^.ri, m W?l?k? la tkt taitiak, B?rr Eractifai t, Oatir.f at />? ?bta I*ti t dawr., Uiynta* t? YtlTaWaaaa at taa ik!a aad Byti, *t|M l*nu, Inward ratara, Pain I* tka *??:! af <bt tack, Ckttl, ar ?idt. fladdta riiikti af Baal, Jipnnlrc a( Iplma, rrifbtfal Drtama. k>i|iai, DaafnCuia at aii? nar'an dtaaaat, lataa ai llattbaa as Ut tlla.ud N'ai taiAlil (at CklUa aad ^y| 9V MM A MJkMlOX BOTTLES ktri ka?a laid uai.sf i?a Itat ait aaaoiba, aad la ea ! win kai It (*11*4 ta r?ff anlira ?Ml?'atu?u. Wka, ikta, will ??fai fraa Wtttnaa* ar Dabtlltv ?b?a MckBAM'f vn**.v* UORUUkk wtil cart rn t a itufaaf iu u> ?aj an adaqaua Idaa a? Ut ata tad :..aaat iira?a!?ma abtnft pradatad b? taklaf tkti Cardial ta tba .laataad, daklitiMad, tad tkatttiad aar'aaa tft'aa, vbtitw kiakaa dava ?? mia.*iU kj aalut,' M laaaartd ,j alak-.-aa. tka rt'.aiad aad aaatraaf arfvaVlatlaa la rattaiad va lit prttuaa kaaitk i*4 ?.fai ' 1 MARRIED rERSOXS-, aa ?'i?fa, ?a?rtia? if li ability'r.n. wbataTM laiai, will ?4 Mcb*<.M 3 r. .? COUlAk a U* r< 'fb rtataarattr af taa irattn: aad all wba ma* bin k J*j >' ??i ly imfr??tv Utfatgim*** will lad U IfcU C?*4.i! ?. Miidj v?at4j. TO THE LADIES. McL>A?1 r-.AKKt HK *t GOAD'Ali II a ntirt'.ft tail fat latlylant CtMUfCM, Wh!:*a, (Mmii'l if ViMtau MitiuuuwJ otaauataca a/ Inn M IkiIuuii l?:?ah*?ra taara*.', r*J!iaf af tha Wa?h, t Jdlaaaa, ralauaf, iad all dUiuti laaidaat ta Timalaa. THERE IS NO UISTAKE AEOUT IT tllar u iNfai. Ttti ti UMt'ii f ta dlrattiaoi. It vlU tltevata, atraafthaa, aafl laviftrai* y?? and tasia (ha tlaaa af > aiui yaa? iktik afaU. B?iry aatUa la uiimC u (l? iaiuft?uaa. FOH CHILDREN, HjtMi aau<tr?a arc ilvkiy, f*uy at aCtatad, McbXABY CO&UlAb will aakl thaa haaltsr, fat, and rt nu Dili; aat a I? Ui i at, tiy U, a?d yaa-vill ha laav.aaad It U ( Ualaai ta taka. A WTJOIft vara ?( drajfUU at iniin wha ?; lij ta pals ifn yaa lama hittir at aaraayanlla traah, whtah titty aaa hay haaa, hy taring It It taatti fa*d. A>?d itch Bit. Aak lar MckfcAJt a VTBKMaTKZHlNS CO ID LA k, and lata thing tin. It It thi auly rtmtdy that will parity til* >.* <1 lharaaghly and at Uht tan* tin* Mrtogihto tf>a ayattn. Obi ttatptaanU takan Italy isaruinf faaurg- u a eartaia yraiantiri f?i Chalara, Chilli and fim, Ttlltv Fmr, ai aay vrivalint dlitaaa. St ti yat a> la larva haul ta Prica aaly |1 pat httllt, n kH'J? far fl J McLBAM, Bait yrtpiitltr af tail Cardial) a.aa, Mckaas'a Ta!-inie PI kiaUttat. Prnaipal L'a^at a* tha aavaat af Third aad Hal aUttta, Bt. kaau. Ma. MoLean's Tolcanio Oil Liniment, (TIC BUT kUUMXHT IM TIB WURUV) Tht aaly a*fa aad ttrtaln tart far Canctra, Mta, Tm. VII, WV ltlU| * wawa?>>aiaw w? WWUVf * ?J? I T ?! fatfia, Waaknaaa af UiMucim, orwatc ar lnlaiamatarj Jtaaatauaa, Bufnaaa af tha Jtioii, Caou*ciad MikIu u U|tniiu, ItnUiwTMUuai, Bniiii, Irruu, fnak Caw, Waar.da, Cleara, r?*?r km, Caked lt?ui, Iwi Niaplai, iarni. Ictlli, lara Tbraat, at aiiy initiMaUM a* Mia, u diftranca lut aa?ar? > Int lit Iimui bit CT?a aslatad, MckliHI CKkUUTU UHMUT la a taruia ramad*. Ykaaaanda af Mnu huip feaaa kaaa aa*ad a llfa af dla arapltada and alaarv k? tftaaaa af UU la>tlMkl? raaady. MtLSAITS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will raitara pale almaat toattniaaaawrty, ui H arlll c'aaa, partfp aad fcaal Ua raa.aat ?araa ta aa uttradma rtm uat ran houses and othmr animals. MckKAN ICEkEBRAT&lJ UBIMEXT ta lb? atU? aala aad ralltkll ramad* far tha Car a af pa rim, Ruifkaaa, Wuadf*ila, t'llau.lDattaial kawipa, Kaoaa a> Ivalikcra. Il Mtai CatJad la aara Bif laad, PaUavfl, riacalt, Old Bano'uf Baraa, a* SvaaiiT, it pta*ariy aapliad fat prima, Braiaaa, Bemenaa, Cnakad taala, Ckafaa, Baddla aa Caltu Calla, Cau, l?aa, a? Wanda, iliaai laialUkla ia*ady. iffl; !l u dtriaui tat a ina li aMUk ia anr; lawaali Tkaa irla aa Mtni vtn Ua uat atnUaaa klataaala aCarad ta yam. OhOi a nMli OB. MckUBI 0H? MUTIBUnNiar. H*Uit*a*a?. J. i McUCin, Ma PftpteM, Unai Tkird aad Ptaa aa., Be 1Mb. Ma. "" W| * y?g?d .^smnassi^'. THE WEEKLY STAR. Tkta exoeliont Family u4 New* J umal? containing a pMttr variety of InWreeti t m<\ng than can be found la any otter?! pnbilai ' 00 Friday morning TB*M??Cmtk, ?? eJreaa Pintle copy, per annmn .....91 ?* FIt? copies 4 71 Ten coplee 9 iw Twenty-ire copies ?W Om It invariably conta^na the W aaLlagto' Newi' that haa made 7k' JMilf 5Mr circa > ao generally throughout the country CTSingle coptea (la wrapnera) <-an bo procured at the counter. Immediately afVr the iar* ofthe paper Prloo?THRl'.f! n vrt FOB HUMriM A rACKKT OF ?*AFKB > J AND KimSLOPW i no j TO MA TCI. charge] METBOFOLIVAP 0OOESTOES. raiLP * eoLONom. AimU$ f*r Lmwmtt't ?Utrmtti Lmm Par* l "NiirVt'UM MM*," K, h. nM It ? bet, ttfc ainUi**-a. WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. DR. PHI'MAN hM. after an WiriMMo((? ?<*n. eft?bli?L?d the r?tt|? fro* ?naekery, ?'lf -labeled Indian or 6* doeWra, ted pretenders of wt to be raft and lmpoetor* la gmtrml . _ . Thu ie the only place where a acre and apeady onreoan be oDainedin the v"Td for ah raiprr par and eril habiU, ionorrh?, fleat, eniinal weakten, crphiliiB, primary e?oo?Uarf} odtertisry, organic weakneen. pair a in the lolna, etrlotaree, central debility, proetratlon, nervueeDeea, rameee ntrhu, palpitat.on of ?ue heart, rincinpia y.a ear*. lurmurj, ooma?iot,meiaconoiT,aaeoaona of th? heart, thmat, no-e, aud aklL, and Ml tLoi* peculiar dUordera arising Irom Uie lnc;??retioti of youtli, rendering them unfit for NtMr buiMM, tody, aooiety. or marriage. I>r. t*. hu the greatest remedies tithe kurvij wor.u for diaeaaea of Lh? blood. goc.or* hm, g laet? trioturc phillia, seminal vetktM. aalf m>?m. Ac. There la no oaae in whioh they Ifcu *o (in u> frem J to 6 d?i. / Vfbtima offiiese horrible oomjlainta, who worn id vnt to be valuable men ud crnaiaenfa t? honld embraoe the earliest ojfortaiuty for r?.i?f. Dr.Saumac hu made the rcoatoomj etearretge menu for the oomfort of hia patient* wb<? oo...e from a diitanoe. fttj win be furnished fttn the moat }l*a*art an* agreeable smarter^, i.*.ra*a ? diet, nod made aa comfortable aa tnr? wtraiu b? at a firet c mi hotel at leas than ha'.t the oost Do not forget tne name and Dumber. Dr. She man'a offloe is on the corner 01 8ixtb street and Pennavlvania evenue. Clarendon H< tel. opposite the National Hotel, Washington. D C Peraona at a diitanoe should enoloae stains for return postage. Offioe hours, 8 A. M. to 10 P.M. Variona parties have been ent:o<s3 Iron mr Inatitution by certain swindlers on baeir a train > thia city, who will rue it till the day o: their deal*. A word fn tho win* t? ?nit,oi*nt. aa#-lr #C*rt Ctmtk, Cold, Hnmrnm*'t. imAurnza. mm* hritmitm er 5wr *4." i4? Thramt, Rtltrt Ikt Mjsn?2L uw, i.'tm, t Citarrk, CUmr mm* n*>? trrMllUl I4? ??V? of PUBLIC SPEAKERS AJfS SINGERS Few nre aware of the importance of oh^cKinf * Couth or "Common Cold" in its first iU;?. that which in the beginmg would yield to a n io rewed?, if neglected, soon att&ok* the Lur^e. " ?? ? *'? Bronckxai Trotm*,' containing demuicent ingredients, allay Poiinon&ry and H <>nchinl Irritation. brown-s! ,;?T .Roches - *fi%'w?ear BROWN'? ?*i reooumend tliwr ueto Pi. l o* v , Snuiu." TROCHES REV. B. H. CHAPIN. "Great servioein snhduing BqaI *BROWN'S wnsp." REV. DANIEL WIS! unriirfi " Almost instant relief in the die iKUt-nts treeaitf lntK>r of breattuas rw*< *' BROWN'S 10 amku"v, A. C. EGGLESTON. TROCHES J/.ContniJ no^^anyth-n. BROWN'S I "" TROCHES 0ZAg'SSiZlty"BROWN'S .?' 6 F' '" > TR<: "BES * J.T'K vt., BROWN'S Bttm " I have proved tt em exee i?nt Un TKOCHkf W?o f (^oweii." RKV. H. W. W.'RRKN. BROWN'S P >tm TROTHPv " B?neftoi?.l vhea MBMiled te TROCHE CCL|J ttflOWN'S i.r.AWDEBP^If^ TROCHES BROWN'S ?JJ>?on wlUl "*"?" Si?^ TROCHES rrof. M. STACY JOHNSON^ BROWN'S TwcbOTOfMbbic. Sotit ere" TROCHES " 8reat benefit whet token before and after ".a*. ? the* prevent BROWN'S Hoarseueee. From their n?teff*~<, 1 think they will be of pernia .?t mTROOBES ?(Wt ROWLET.AJ,. BROWN'S rreeioect of Atkene OolWe, Tean. TROCHES j^?ol&y^^rJ,toMTW$N I ll rif a uoii is a ? ~ j || 4a My FROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL ? BLOOD REFOVATKB Id preo'aely what ya indicatee, for, wtt!# (!?&unt to tnetaete, iti? revivifyinr. exhi;*ratiut, invigorating ana utret. thaHng to th* vita powers, and at the ?air.e time revtviftee, rematatea, and r?newi the Blood 11. a ! ita onciua. pu itT.and tfcaa at i;noe rutorti rndmi tkt ryitrm im tr attacks uf dtteatt. It ia th" only preparatioa ever onernd to the world, ao chemically acd akiU rally o> mbined aetubetke n oat powtrfpl tocio, and at the nme time ao porleetly adapted to. aa to aot ia perfect aooord&coe with tbe tawa of naMir*. acd hence will *ootk* tkt wtmktti ttomack. and tone up the digeati va organa. and thaa aiiay ail nervous and other irritation. ltiaperfcoti? exhilarating and at the aanie time it i^oeinpoeed 'ntireir of veee'a'iiea. yet a? oomNn?d aa to proUuoe the moat thorough tonio effect, without prodacinf aa* in iurioua oonaequence*. fcnoh a rem fly hat >om t>?en felt to be a deaideratum la the mof.oa; w 'As for it : t no medio&i ak 11 to eee that cebuitj I<niowe all attacka of diaeaae, and proceed and indeed lay a the ay atom open to tk* c?iO,ou? atta ka oj /nany of the moat fatal, aaoh, for axao^pla, aa iM following: Consumption, l ndureetion, .Oyapepaia, I on of Appetite, Faintneee. Nervoue :|leura.fia, Taipitauoa of the heart, Metaaohoiy, Nignt BweaU, LAagor, GidtUaaaa. Rf?r.tioc ol.aa well aa Painful ot>atruet*d, too profuae, or U-c *''*-Dt Menstruation, and raliint of tae Womb. Theee ail depend upon general dabi Lit*. This ear*, oealthy Utio Cordial and Bood Renovator la aa a are to cure aa tae eun im o riae and eat. There ia no mistake about it . But thia ia aot a'J If the ayatom ia weakened we are oven to biuoaa a* tacks, the liver beoomea torpid, or worse diaeaeed. the kianera refuae to perform their futoUoLs, aad we are troubled with eaaiuinc ana inaoibnaaM o anne or ^voluntary d! so barge of u?e P*^? IU HiO UM1( HUl M1U W. w ? - oeod:u?iy liable to alicht ooiae. couf ne, a&ti a u oooked. eoor emaoi&tioi. foiiewe,anii tie patient ?oe? aowr to a pr?matnre irtT*. Bat INM Will not allow aa to enumerate the mart ilia to wmok we are liabie in a weakened condition oj toe inMa, Bat we will ui in Uu? CorC'a. and B ood Ilffc<>v?tor jon have a perfect eafe ? eaaact and e*eotB?tl remedy for loae of A ppeate. P tooeneae. Plat* .fLc*, weak ao?i no* Htomaeh. Uuov. Laver ComalaiDt. Chilleand Ferer.or an? B ion# attack pottlToneM, Aonity o.' tae Stomach. Nenmaiii Neuralgia, Paipilatloa oI Ut Hnrt. Devrewfte* ofSpiriU.Soree, P,mplee OB th* Face, or bb? d|?eaae arlaing from !ir,?nre b ond. tceh aa Bdrofala, hrTiipeiaa. ft'onoc^t. Coatt diAcm t? of H-eau .& , aoc a mat o.a*iofuiMKi M| ed ffilial waakcew,and ecnmfated a bora. Wi wil. a.eo ay the espoe*d la epidewijee, ehante of o :mM? md water, w;.. tad It aplaaeant. mf* aac re remedy, and bo ope ?Uoaji rrer travel withfeet Braver. ti raof,m well a* a yare tor Uoee_aU^ E"?Tvs1?^i door exereiee, will Lad it to their advarCa?e to tMi a bottle ooaita&tly on handi an a aU ? all moth era, or thoae oecouutj mob, Wl fc ti 'Wl that moit danceroai period not oal* with a. th*r accuatoroec it'ecf th. bat mm ana free froin the thoneand ailment* eo preva ent anion* ti.^h:uaJe [ portion of tke world, la abort, la inHoed a MU*ti oordial. Try it old and yoau; bo m< per ran the riak ofdeiay; it will relieve andprove itaelfwybBt Wfrr ??od l>r*f f Moo OM MU gar b0ttl#' PEOF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD RENOVATOR Bol4*!> thi? olty by C. BTOTT, SVt P*. iMtr. M?-OOly.atw goon AMD TO MIT IU WtmMW?ian KuoTi Jvt 8HQE8, Mi socslMflV noafiu m? of ?til mm* work or orvrr eenvope, mm axprooaty lo orior, *m villv ] l>c luld U I BMh iO*W MMttkU bM bM* bw?to|gt? Amim 1b few oin fnwmAwm iw WM 114 nWIMM i^pili

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