Newspaper of Evening Star, August 12, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 12, 1861 Page 2
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g I ??I I I THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MONDAY Aagast 12, 1S61. Or* FKmiOft at th-- various military camps and positions will confer a favor by keeping us posted aj to movements and aff>!rs in tfce'r vicinities. Spirit *1 the Mtraini I'rcM Ths J?i*li'g?mrtr notice* the bad effect which the exaggerated stories of our battles are creating in Kurope, through the sensation articles of our press The Republican denies that tbe idea of a peaceable separation of these States is au increasing one In the free States. THK NEVVS 11EHE. The Military Fugitive Slave Question ? Below the reader will find a letter of instructions from the Secretary of War to Gen. Butler, relative to the disposal of fugitive slaves seeking refuge under the protection of the army of the United fltatee. It announces that the Government will adhere strictly !u this matter to the principle of Ihe Constitution, wherein it declares that private property shall not be tak?n for public uses without jnat compensation, and forbids in plain language Ihe troop* of the Uuited States from Interfering in ny w*y with the slaves of peaceful citizens "In house or field ." It shows clearly, moreover, th-t it is the purpose of the Government In the prosecution of the war for the restoration of the Union, to respect and maintain existing property rights under State or national law, so far as that can possibly be accomplished consistently with the purpose of securing a successful issue of the Government's necessary war measure*. Military exigencies must, of course, for the time beiny, override all things else, and may at times require our ?9cer?to subordinate all other things to them. The existence of that fact is, however, justly cbargeablc only upon those sttemplng to subvert the Government and Union, whose insnrrection alone bids fair to work the injury to the slave Interests of their alders and abettors that must necessarily grow out of their employment of their slaves as war means agalnat the United States: Washixgtox, August 6, 1661. GeneeaL: The important quentiun of the proper disposition to be made of fugitives from service In States In insurrection sgainst the Federal Government, to which you have again directed my attention in your letter of July 30th, has received my most attentive consideration. It is the desire of the President that all existing Tights, in all the States, be fully respected and "5^1 Th'W!,r now prosecuted on the part of the Federal Government Is a war for the Union t0T. Lhe PW'vMlon of the constitutional J?? States and the citizena of the States in -n "ence n? question can arise as to fuCltives from service within the StaUsand Terrifies In which the authority of the Union is fully acknowledged The ordinary forrr.s of judicial proceeding, which must be respected by military and clsll authorities slike, will suffice for the enfo cement of alt legal claims But In States wholly or partially under insurrectionary control where th# laws of the United States are so far opposed and resisted that they cannot be effectually enforced, it is obvious that rights dependent on the execution of those laws must temporarily fail: and it ! tonally obvious that rights dependent on the laws of the States within which military ope5X ?I^iare conducted must be necesstrlly subordinated to the military exigencies created by the Insurrection. If not wholly forfeited by the treasonable conduct of parties claiming them. To ?5.? rnl*' rl8hu to aervlces can form no exception *,b? act; of Congress approved August 6th, 1?6I, declares that If persons held to service shall be > hostility to the United States, the tight to thslr services shall b? forfeited, and such persons shall be disc-harped therefrom. It follows ^ V no C^a*m be recognized bv the military authorities of the Union to the services of such persons when fugitives A more difficult question Is presented In respect to persons escaping from the service of loval ' S111.1* *PPareut that the laws of the BUte, under which only the services of snob fugi,TeLTanu *!? cUlm^. must needs be wholly, or almost wholly suspended, as to remedies, by the Insurrection and the miliiary measures necessiTi ' # .If '* e<luaUy apparent that the snbstaatlon of military for judical measures, for lbs enforcement of such claims, must be attended .f. K.reat lncon*cnIencee, embarrassments. and Injuries. KD?h.r.thrr circturr*t^"ncc*11 eras iu,,e ci?r tiiat the substantial rights of loyal masters will be best protected by receiving such fugitives, as well as fugitives from disloyal masters, into the ser *lre Of the Uuited States, and employ 1 ng them under such organizations and ir such occupations as circumstances may suggest or require. Uf courK a record should be kept, showing the name and description of the fugitives, the n*Vne and the character. as loyal or disloyal, of the mas-t-r, and f\!!,ay, e necM,3'y <o a correct understand. nj of the circumstances of ear h case after ^n?nl!r shail have been restored. Upon the return of pear,., Congress will doubtless properly t?0' received into the service of the Lnioo, and for just compensation to ?* -i' i" Wny ""ly' ? *ould eeern, can the duty and safety of the Government n-id moniztd ** 'Uliy reconcil?d and Lartbfr<,for,! consider yourself as |?structed to govern your future action, in res i.e. t and*wiT *?fVl?V by ,l"* PrinciP'? 1" '-v.. EmY twin.^ ? fri"" tu,1P to time, and at l ast twice In e;icb month, your artion In the premSes to this Department Yon will howevtr thi n0f l,CTmit"?y Interference, by ef i m/0"' command, w^h the servants of peaceful citizens, jn licuse or field, nor will you in any wav, encourage such servants to leave the lawful service of their masters; nor will you except In cases where the public safety may ?eeni Prevent the voluntary return of any fugltUe to the service Iro n which ho may- have J"' ?ene"'' T?y respeclfolly, yf-ur obedient Maj ben " Wm" Commanding Deptof Virginia, Fortrem Monroe. Mis. Lijicol* sots to Lo^o Branch As the *ew York papers have heralded Mrs Lincoln on sch day of the past week as on the way from Washington to Long Branch. New je,My, It may ave some misunderstanding to say that she has ?ot y.t left Washington for that wsterlng place, ndwlU not probably before Wednesday, when a* will go accompanied by some members of her Jmllr After a stay of eight or ten day. at Long Branch, Mrs Lincoln will, it ]. presumed, ac?ea"pauy Mrs Grlnruly on her route home ai frr a N lagara Fails, where a short stay will be made by those ladles The absence ef Mrs Grlmsly from the White Mouse will be greatly regretted, aa her vivacity Mdconversational powers added much to .be "?' ? ?4?/ L)ncoln accompanies the party, and will proceed from Nlsgw. to resume his collegiate During the absence of the family, the White Moose will, as usoal, be cleaned up and re?1*be*Jp p?ln*er? are already at work on the etatde of the kulldlng. The Pres dent will probably remain In town aurlng the summer, as be has announced himself a fixture here "during the war." Shortly before noon V.T'. ! th* Hon Ch" J?m? Faulkner f Virginia, sx-Unitad States Minister to Farl. by Co1 Forw'u 9 a ; Frovoat Marshal, i. perwn, at his (Mr. F.%) quarJ^Brown-. Hotel, and conveyed to the^lty prison, where he is now held uTL'OHZtSit<' cba,K? * ??? ? him are foe having aided and sbetted the agents of the revolutionists to obtain arms snd munition, of ZVJ* himself holding the comdi^D " UJ* and Knvoy Extraordlnary And, further, on the charge of belnjr J2 command of . d.aunlon regiw!ae^ter vl? "wa,tln? bu ? Bach rumors have for some time past been ??oat hers, we know not on what authority, how ? ?-?. THB 9,,th Acditoe's reatlv been PPoln* ?ota have reofepa? th/ S1*th Auditor's Office : ?u u ' ,, ri.'. A Chamberlin, of xm uioai ZIOSTJ ! "i?l? !.?? C.f%, Will, Fre4crlcfc A I Ml ill ! ^ r "** br?h", ? mma issues la to be of a small aosount, and ea lhpy are alone to be receivable for Government duea; and further, aa tbey bear six per centum Interest, the legttlmste bnslne** demand for tbem muit soon bring them up to If not above per, everywhere. Arrkited?Yesterday morning, bjr order of the Provost Marshal of Alexandria, Mr. Alexander W Flowers w?s pursued by Majors Riderson and Phelps, and arrested on the river some m !*>? below Alexandria He was supposed to be 0!) his way to Richmond, and Is alleged to hive l>een a spy for the s"je$sioni8ta, though not long since a Government clerk In Waahlngton. He ? H'j* held In Alexandria. His case baa been referred to Gen Mansfield. When taken he profis'etl to be going only on a fishing excursion. ?. The Washisotos Police Cummibsionkbs ? We apprehend that the delay In the announcement of the Commissioners of the new Governor., nt police for this District arises from the fact that tbs Mayor has requested time to be beardas the r'jprt sentative of the Corporation of Washington?before the President finally announce* bla selections. U"7"Surgeon General Is stated, has taken measures for carrying Into effect the late act of Congress for adding to the medical s'sff of the army a corps of Cadets, whose duty It shall be to act as dressers in the general hospitals and as ambulance attendants In the field, with the same rank and pay as West Point Military Cadets. \N hen applications are favorably considered, candidates will be examined before a Board, and from among those approved by It the selections will be made. The Postmaster General has received the following despatch from Gen Roseerans: "Claeksburo, August 7, 1961. "The rebels have been expelled from Kanawha. Can the mail service be resumed there ? "W. S. Roskcbah*, Brig. Gen. U. S. A." The Department In reply telegraphed that they had authorized the immediate resumption of mall service, wherever It Is safe to do so and the service can be entrusted to safe hands From a note received from the feourteous telegraphic correspondent of the N. Y. World, we are satisfied that there has been no intentional appropriation of Star matter without credit on the part of that paper or Its correspondents It Is but justlce'to the World to add that that paper has thus far In its career been distinguished by a marked spirit of fairness in its dealings with Its coteinporaries 1X7* Governor Gamble, of Missouri, has ordered an election on the first Monday in November next ( r a Governor. Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, and members of the Legislature, and also for taking the sense of the people upon the recent action of the Stnte Convention, by which the late Governor and other olficers of the State, as well as the Legislature, were deposed from office. ID" Among the rumors of the day, In the newspapers, is one that the Hon Thomas A. R . Nelson, of Tennessee, was arrested In Lee county, Virginia, on the 4th instant, while on his way to Washington to claim his seat in Congress. The charge on which his arrest was made is treason to the State of Tennessee. The election took place on the 1st of August. C7"Our readers will remember that we stated some days ago, tbat the Spanish authorities at Cuba had ordered the surrender, to tb? American owners, of the several vessels captured by the Confederate privateer Sumter and taken Into the port of Cienfuegoa We now learn that this fact was officially communicated to the Secretary of State, by the Spanish Minister, on Saturday last. ID"The Pittsburg Gazette says that when Gen. Garnett was killed In Western Virginia, his body was taken care of, embalmed, and sent home to his friends; but when Col. Cameron was killed by the rebels the men that were sent after his body were imprisoned "Cast not your pearls before swine, lest they turn again and rend you."' ID" The Presbytery of South Alabama met at Selma, Alabama, recently, and severed Its ecclesiastical connection with the General Assembly of the United States, and recommended the meeting of a Confederate State Assembly at Memphis, Tenn., on the 4 th of December next ID" The Baltimore Sun has rather up-blll work in Its industrious efforts to ferret out and pamde anything that looks like a "peace-movement" in the country, but at last announces with a flourish of trumpeU the election of an anti-war Justice of the Peace at Columbus, Ohio, on the 5th Inst " ID"Advices at the Navy Department state that on the 3d Instant the transport steamer Rhode Island engaged a Confederate privateer off the harbor of Charleston, drove her ashore and beached her. The particulars are not given. JIT" I* 1* reported in Louisville, says the Con r;?r. tbat Asa starkweather, a U S. recruiting officer, wus hung near Canton, Mo., Inst week, by the secessionists under M. E. Green, brother of ex-Senator Green. ID"The Louisville Courier of the sth heads its telegraphic columns In huge capitals as follows "Battle in Missouri; Federals Defeated; Lyon Surrendered: Frightful Slaughter; Their Troops Disaffected !D"Th?? New Orleans Crescent of s late date says that purchasers of cotton for the Mexican market, are shipped by sea route at least once a week, from tbat city. dTTbe clear unconditional Union majority la Kentucky Is not less than flu.000 Will John C. Breckinridge now resign his seat In the Senate, as be promised he would ? ^ - ID" The Republica* appears this morning In a handsome change of dress, having donned that lately worn by the Staitt and Union. The Wheeling Intelligencer notice* the existence of a secret secessiou organization In tbat city. ID" The Comin'ttee upon a prize National tivmn, after reading hundreds or verses and Banning to scores of tunes, find none suited for a National Hymn,and conclude to make no award The result was to have been expected Only the people can make a hymn National, and in such a choice the people could hardly oe expected to have the ears of a committee "Goon from Sebmiso Evil "?The Christian Chronicle, of New Vork. (Baptist) extracts, among other good results accruing from the war, the fact that it baa cruabed out the lottery company of the State of Delaware, ?he latter having been unable to meet 1U semi-annual payment to tbe State of if,two, by which delinquency ita charter la forfeited. lET" The largest amount of bullion ever received at one time lu ttie Branch Mint at San Franciaco, was deposited on the .'id of July. The aggregate was over 26,UX) ouncea In gold and ailver, valued at This Is a good beginning for the new Administration. ID" Mr I^eeper, one of the inembera of the Missouri Convention from the southeast, baa bad the misfortune, during bis attendance at JeflVraon City, to lose all bis oxen, horses. wagona, grain, and family atores. at the hands of the secession army which passed through his county. ID" Benjamin Haliuck, engaged In buying rattle In the West for the New York market, waa robbed In a Bleeping car on the Great Wcatern Railroad, on the 3??th ult , of three thouaand five hundred dollara. Prizes ?It wss rumored on tbe street yesterday (aaya the Charleston Mercury of 1st Instant), and, as far aa we could learn, with truth, that several valuable capture* made by Confederate privateera had got aafely into harbor. ID" Two bar* of gold have reached London from Nova Scotia, being the first remittance from that quarter since the gold discoveries It Is described ss the average quality of Australian. ITF Gold Is worth In Montgomery SO per cent., and In Nashville 14 per cent, but even at these rate* It Is difficult to gtt LD" The late Sultan of Turkey had over *200 wlv?s, and these were waited on by 730 ladle* It Is no wonder that be died before his time. lET Efforts are being nude In Philadelphia to organize all tbe artillery companies In that city I Into a regiment. 3 ID" The vote on ratifying the new constitution ofGeorgia ahows a majority of a little over 100 In Iteffcvof. Cy The first company of regular* formed unfT UT' ***m In Rhode I aland, by Captain Rom, of the U'h Infantry CD" According to the recast Paris cenaua, It an|*ni? there an mors than tt uuu photagraphera In imc City. ora military budget. IHTRBKSTI.IO FROM WISTBR* VIROIK14, I of Ros'ntrnns, Let, VTue. nmd Amdorton? Wxst mot Defeated and Captured by I Col Tfltr, at reported from Cincinnati, ^-e. [Special correspondence of The Star ] Wkulim, August 10 ?Our laWsl Information from General Rrs-ncrans' command la that he is In the Immediate vicinity of Cheat mountain pass?about Beverly and H nttonville*?preparing to give General Lee a warm reception, If he attempts to force his way over the Alleganles. Lee has arrived within striking distance of the east side of the ptss, with such troops as he could gather from the rout of Garneti* dispersed army Anderson wss at Staunton on the 27th ultimo, I pushing on to join Lee In front of the pass and Wise's retreat for Lewlsburg was doubtless to form a junction with Lee at or about the same point I We have a story via Cincinnati, of the defeat and capture of Wise by Col. Tyler, at the head of four regiments, in which no confidence Is placed here My belief la that by this t' me he la up with I Lee. I We have every hope that General Rcsencrans will be able to manage all three?Lee, Wiae, and Anderson?aa successfully as General McClellan managed Pegram and Garnett. There is, howI ever, a deplorable want of arms to equip properly I the large relnforcementa which Rosencrans may I obtain at any moment in Western Virginia that | he may be able thua to render them serviceable I troops I a A ~^'P 1 P "> to-day no information rendering the Cincinnati atory of Wise's defeat, loaa of 1,500 meu and capture by Col. Tyler's command, 40 milea east of Gauley'a bridge, hid been I received by the Government here. Though, aa we I go to preas, a respectable citizen of Western Virginia now here received a dispatch announcing I the death of his brother In a recent battle with Wise's force Hla brother waa aerving In one of I the columns of the Union army in Western VlrI ginia, he knows not which. I This dispatch gives the Cincinnati story probability, so far as the mere fact of the occurrence of I a recent battle with Wise'acommand Is concerned. j HOW TO DO IT. We apprehend that three-fourths of the vessels | reported to be ashore on the coast of North Caro. | Una, where they are recent wrecks, have been wrecked by their otflcers Intentionally, and withI out the asalstance of alleged privateers prowling in and out of Albermarle Sound. It ia * fine I apeculatlon for a dishonest man to beach an old vessel Insured against the war risk, and laden | with a cargo that he knows will bring enormous I prices in Secesala, even If eventually he falla to I clutch the insurance money. I The Navy department have, at th!? moment, I sixty additional vossela under construction and J fitting out, to participate In the work of closing I tha ports and guarding the coasts of Secessla I Almost dally some of them are quietly departing I for their res pec tlve stations K very available shlpI yard on the Atlantic coast, as well as all our navy I yards, are alive with buay work upon them. In sixty days they will all probably be in commission. No government under the sun could ge I thein ready for sea faster than oura Is doing. AN explanation I A member of Mr. Throckmorton's family writes I us the following : Editor Star: The following appeared In your I paper and afterwarda in the Republican : I " On Tuesday, a party of about thirty rebel I I *n??ny I Wcnt, Xr ^ ?f the H On C H I K?IU ;-Vn f K :oun,ty. Va , a mile this side of fori i^urcb, Bn(d tripped the house of furnlI ii,l carrying it off, together with three I m Pr?P?rty of Mr. Upton's son-in l.w i s'k' "fckmu'ton, a clerk in the Patent Office' I n P y wa" hfeadpd by ? brother of the latter I ems"' (a member of the secession troop,) 7wn 10 clalm the P'?P?ty as his own k.uf. .be, neerw>* ?ubs quently escaped, and I ;? .ln T"?n ?' the factto Mr Upton's I residence, in Georgetown." Now I presume you would like to know the I truth of that affair, and have an opportunity of I doing justice to a fellow-being. The fact Is, Mr T" not at Mr ''I*00'* P'^e. but I met a wagon returning from Georgetown driven I by one of his brother's servants, and wanting some stones conveyed to a certain point, pressed them Into service, and then sent them back I This U all he knows of the affslr, if It ever I occurred. I navy yard. This morning another of the large 6-inch rifl#d cannon waa mounted, and will probably be tested I hs regards its range during the next week These cannon are now being manufactured quite rapI idly, and are well worth a trip to the Yard for Inspection. Several are now in the lathes, and are assuming their Intended proportions with I great dispatch. A huge U-inch-shell gun lies on the wharf, recentlv arrived from New Y ork It is intended for a pivot gun on board the Pensacola, tb? car I riage being already near ita completion No arravals at the Yard have occurred since . atiirday, save the steamers connected with this department engaged in carrying malls, Ac.., to the Pawnee, off Alexandria, and Fort Washington Considerable activity in the lumber business is manifest several vessel, having arrived and diaI charged heavy cargoes during the past week. military affairs at colpiper cocrthoosk. | [Special correspondence of The Star 1 i Au>{" 10 ?1 hav? Ju,t heard from I Culpeper Court House, to a late date There has I '*"lt**larBe b?dy of soldiers stationed In that vicinity, most of whom have moved forward T i *.v ,Jday' P"1 AI1 tbe churches, in1 oldI,re,byte/ian-whlcb was ready to MI to the ground six months ago_aa likewise all public buildings and some dwelling-houses, have been turned Into hospitals. There has been a j number of sick and wounded sent to that place So says my informant, who has just ? run the j blockade and arrived aafely here. urnwood. | rrmrdy applisd. I Thfl following general order by Col. Davlea !! D.?. fa*T? the effect Something like It seems to have been long needed Headquarters id Brigade. 3'A IHviutm, > , c-,?n?;sajfflsilr 1. wound Alexandria have become w^uent to I n a Portlou of the time of the comI J"and'n8 offlcerfor their consideration and inveaI i ?Di would hereafter Inform all such I complainants that the Stars and Stripes ttoatinc ot/r?f*r,y or overany^house Is I s!>ld^HU# *? ? * depredations of the Midlers, and you are directed to Inquire lnta and wnWHIth severity any violation of the sacred | protection which such ft fives By order of Thomas A Da vims, howl.?^ca?t"'"?" 8"*>de A HCMBCO roorback. i?T^*^rT 0f tbe Ricbmoad P?p?r?that Admiral Oundas has given notlcs of his intention to enter the port of Charleston with his (British) fleet, i. a humbug of the first water. Any foreign vessel of-war has s right to enter any blockaded port; insomuch as It does not do so for the purposes I of eotnmerce. Under International taw he may st any time do so without "notice" or let or hindrance from any blockading squadron. ANOTHER BR1SADIBK 0?M*RAL Tbe President Is understood to have this morning appointed Kx-Senat r James Cooper of Ps ^;"?^0fMMary,a"d' <who ha? of late been acti In ra sing Msryland troops for the Union cauae ) to a Brigadiershlp In the voluntee;servlco. COLOMRL CORCORA.N Col Corcoran, of the New York 6t*h, In a latter to hla wife, dated July HKh, aays be Is at Rir hmond with Sergeants Murphy sad Donohne and I thirty-five privates of his regiment. BsJ?"The LouUt1U* Cou'l?'. of the 8th Instant, "Th* Southern Confederacy has conamtMl tn saaasrtr ^of v isnatr y"rxszgr s?3<ss55 s?3k jnsim'vte be,paid for upon a fair valuation bv^' I SSSSfcT '00n Mtroop, i. .JSSS ID* ^ foliowiutf ITZZZW d mw?tW? ? *ti?ippiJr Rua o#rWhils Jo*, a servsnt of Eraklne iv.tki.. "jirt'ssShiL'JSfs: SSSaa *2 ysysTMSfta I tbe chicken iflsr dat." ' ? f Utrr?tli| Carrespsodrnr*. The Rlrbmond Dispatch publishes the follow- ' lng correspondence between Arnold Harris, who went for the body of Col. Cameron, and Gen. Beauregard : . ? jult *2. 1m1. To G?n B?n*r'g*r4, ot Commanding Officer Confederate Army ?Sir : I s?nd this by a friend , ana trn?tv servant, who 1* well known to many , officers In your army He In sent for the purpose of obtaining from you a permit for Mr. H S Mr- ! Orsw and myaelf to paaa vour II net to obtain the ! body of Col. Cameron, who fell io the action of [ yesterday. Mv solicitude In this matter Is an Impulse of private character The rigid rules es- j tabiished in \\ ashlngtou with reference to flags of truce prevent me from carrying out my wishes without proceeding as I am now doing I b-Iieve General B. will recollect me while a resident in New Orleans; but if President Davit, Gen Ue, Gen Johnson, Gen Wlgfall, Colomds Miles. Keitt or Withers are preaent they will not hesitate to vouch for me. General B. nham and In t*ct nearly all your officers know me In addition to the gratifif ation of performing a sacred duty, 1 would be highly delighted to meet in your camp many of my most valued friend*. It is proper for me to add that I have not been In any manner connected with the action of the government

here, and that I am a neutral. Very respectfully, yours, Ac., [Signed,] Arnold Harris Please make the passport for A. Harris. H S. McGraw and two servant*. I have 'not named my friend or servant for prndtflkt'al reasons, but either of the gentlemen above named can-^ouch for them Htndqunrttrs Army of ih* Potomac, ) Manassas Junction. July 23. lsXJl \ Sir:?lam instructed by General Beauregard, commanding the First Corps, army of the Potomac, to say that he has received your note of the S3d, and to reply thereto The General declines giving an Informal permit Xj any one residing beyond his advanced lines for any purpos? which may be accomplished by those formal proceedings known to, and practiced by, civilized belligerent nations By no act of hU will he lower the dignity of the Confederate States as a nation by permitting that to be done indirectly which the usages of civilized warfare accomplish directly The arbitrary and unusual course adopted in such cases as you refer to by the United State* government, will be the guide of the General's conduct In return. Any one, therefore, coming within his lines without the proper flag will be sent under an escort to the Confederate government for examination. The General deems proper for me to add that humanity should teach an enemy to care for Its wounded and Christianity to bury Its dead. 1 am sir, your obedient servant. John L. Manniso, Aid-de-Clmp. Thk Rfports or thk Colonrls?Brigadier General Tyler, and Colonels Hunter, Burnside, Helntzleman, and Miles have furnished their reports to Gen. McDowell, and they are made a portion of his report of the battle of Bull Run. Tyler, who had under his command the brigades of Keves, Schenck, and Sherman, sneaks In the highest terms of all, but especially of Keyes, who has since been made a Brigadier-General Tyler states positively that Keyes was in successful advance when the retreat was begun. Col. Hunter's report simply mentions the gallant conduct of his staff Col. Burnside's report is confirmatory of all other reliable ones of the battle, stating that his brigade had been engaged for six hours with everything In favor of our troops and promising a decisive victory, when some of the regiments on the extreme right of "our line" broke His brigade, however, protected the retreat, and wis not thrown Into confusion until its arrival at Cob ! Run, where, in crossing the bridge, under a heavy cannonade, a wa^on horse was wounded, the wagon overset, and the passage completely obstructed After this the column could not be rallied for two or three miles Col Helntzleman's most Important abatement Is that the Zouaves were led by himself against a partly-concealed Alabama regiment, but at the first fire they broke, aul the greater portion of them fled to the rear, keeping up a desultory i firing over the heads of their comrades In front; they, however, dispersed a company of secession cavalry which then attacked them, killing four I and wounding one. ??Col. Farnham. with some i of his officers and men, behaved gallantly; but the regiment of Zouaves, as a regiment, did not appear again on ttie field. Many of the men joined other regiments and did good service as skirmishers " Colonel Helntzleman's description of the breaking up of tbe Brooklyn Fourteenth is equally minute and equally mortifying. H? attributes it to the lack of disci pline ft was doubtless in this division that the disaster of the day began. Col. Helntzleman does not mince matters at ail, but says it was impossible to rally his troops; heexcuses them by saying that "few of the enemy could at any time be seen," and "raw troops can- j not be expected to stand long against an unseen enemy." Colonel Miles, the officer who has been a^eustd of drunkenness on the Held of battle, gives a re- I port which is dated July 24, three days after the | fight, ard commences by stating that his "health being impaired and growing worse, if he delayed he would not be sbie to report " The details are auite hs full as that of anv other officer; he mentions that the command was takeu from him on the Held; and at first without bis knowledge he praises the behavior of Col. Rlchardnon (hts accuser); and closes by a personal allusion to his own condition during the day "I had lost my rest the two nights previous, was sick, bad eaten nothing during the day, and had it not leen for the great responsibility resting on me, should have been In bed " Thk Loss or thk Cojskkdsrate* ?Letters from Richmond state that General Beauregard h-id made blsoflictal return of the killed and wounded at the battle of Manassas, and the t>tal loss Is 1,470 Tbe number of Federal prisoners Is stated at 1.400 A correspondent belonging to Gen Johnson's brigade, writes a* follows: " The beauty is we have eight Sharpsburgera' Sharpsburg Maryland,) prisoners, have killed three and wounded two of the force that were under Cook, at Wllllamsport Billy Lee was shot in the breast and is not expectod to live. We have in one company a pistol with this 1:. criptlon, "Presented to W \ Hill, of New ^ ork, by Rev II W He-cher " We have captured army blankets, Ac . In abundance We are all In good spirits, and have plentv of everything except water, which Is rather muddy A mong the captured articles Is a wagon of cheese one of cake, one of cans of strawberries, peaches', ac., and boxes of lemons The men who have been to Manassas sav the estimated value of the captured articles is *3,000,000 " a 1 #c.w N*polkon Viroisiia ?A correspondent of the New York Times gives an account of Vl"i?/Prlnc* N?P?leon, with hissulte and the 1-rench Minister, to the Confederate commanders at Manassas It is stated that he was received with great enthusiasm, saluted with cai>. tured guns, and entertained hospitably bv Gens Beauregard and Johnston, with whom he breakfasted on Friday. He declined their p easing invitations to visit President Davis at Richmond. At departing he was saluted with artillery, but in reply to the expression of a hope-by Col Stuart that he would interpose a good word when he got nothing " r ce very ProPefly replied, " I know Mobr Prisoners-Since the first fight near Manassas, the trains from that section bavr been R^hL'"n^',Ke^-?!n brluKlnK Vankee prisoners to Richmond There are some tw. lve or fifteen hundred now here.lncludlng about 250 wounded A large number were brought down on Saturday and yesterday another batch arrived-amongst ** "Regulars," some Zouaves from New \ ork city and Brooklyn, and some of the 2 :??hrtU Main* Volunteers, and other States Two or three hundred more prisoners are expected here to-day. The wounded prlSone* are receiving the attention of best physclans ? Richmond Enquirer. r ' Dr Rcssrll ?Another Russell letter appears. The correspondent begins to show his hand as be gets so far North as to know that be will be safe under the Lincoln at^is by tbe time his letters come back to this side of the watsr. He has abused the confidence of the South In giving a very minute account of the fortifications in Tennessee commanding the Mississippi river. His s!rfI" devoted to ridicule of the South, being s farrago of the most contemptuous ^T.TTt m a*/ 1 Wlt ,nd Tenom could not equal It.?Mobile Register. A redding is on the tapis at New Vork kL.'I ^ H'?ch gos>ip. | he Nestor of Pres . K?V!ne?' *n oc&g^naMan jn years, but a widower of only a few months, is about to wf.rhry.?iMa,Kien ?f at Ieait ha,f " ceotury of age, inamounting to about #200,000. Taking all the circumstances into consideration ?h^, n "pply ,hi* ra** 'be old phrase about "Winter lingering in tbe lap of Spr?**.>> Drath o? Libot. Mangum ?We deeply regret to learn that 2d Lieut. Willie Preston Rlar^um coinpany B of the 6th North Carolina regimes 0t the lBiorle* '?celved in the J?*? battle at Manassas. Lieutenant Mangum Norther H Willie P Mangum, of ^ c*rolln?. ?nd was a man of brilliant promise yd an Officer of rare Uct and ability -Rtckmond Ex-Postmaster Fowlrr Doing Will ? Fowler, the defaulting New York postmasU* MAP.eaMnlIy located at *be city of^Vpic In Mex co, about fifty miles from the Paciic 'and ? ^SLrx.'nL ' touM4 "r r,wi,r cb^r. a render of the murderers has f1!' -p.? THK MlSTAKK WHICH SaVBT) THB Ml?f!*tSOTA I Raeutt.tT ? Mr. Irvine's n-rratlveln ye?!erday'? Pre* explains clearly tbe cltumsUocs of the Rebel regiment which <Hir Pnlinal on tbe battlefield railing out that tti"T w?Te frleeds It waa not an intentional dee- ntl#a of t' e eremr. bat a mistake which rest tbem e Lieutenant Colonel, and a great advantage and saved our boys from overwhelming destruction Tlie Minnesota Regiment bad got be tween 3,000 Georgians on one a'de. and 4.HO Xlntselppianaon tbe otter, neither combatant realising tbe fact Our reiflment approaching frowi the Georgians. were mistaken for them Col B *>?e r*d>~ forward to our regiment to prevent the firing, of Rebels upon Rebels, as he supposed. He found ont his mistake too late, arid hts regiment seeing his capture, and j*rfrrtly nonplussed by finding the Ftderal troops In eurh a ncaltlon. fell back, and gaveorr men time to | rally In a less exposed sanation The confusion [ | about fia^s Is not surprlsiug when tbe similarity I ofthejwoare taken into account. The moet of our letters have perpetuated the original mistake of supposing It a deliberate deception of the enemy. Colonel Boone's testimony cor firming Irviiii-'s, makes 1he matter clear will be seen, wis not deceived, and lost no time In firlug.?St. Paul Press rI. O. O. F ?G"AND ENCAMPMENT.'I " An a^Jou ned meeting of the K W. O'and Eeca ' prr.ent will b-> h -id at Odd fellow*' Hslt on 'J 0 h"*DA Y E VfcNING CSth) at 8 oVonk. ??lS-2t II. S. BOWEN, G. S. mf*KXTRA NOTICE !-V?lnate?ra vs.,ud X3 f r Captain Powell's Cm jur*. I?t ' e?i mer.t l?. C. Volunteers, unler Co!. Tait. by authori y ?>f the War Department Clothing and quipmen:* fjin rh. d. and r emit* e.t oro? put m ?ervice Pay 913 per month, and extra ratio * by ate ac of Con*rp*?. an>! aof Jin to *1 r?r,? months men upo i foinc into tin* etiin-'t. and a muaterint our bounty ol whether the war lasts six month* or three y are, and other inducements that ml' be freely stit'd .<p ?r inquiry. l!? l at at the Keni.etv.iu<, corner street and Pa. arence, ard also at the Old Union Buildings, on E, between )3tr, and 14th ft* Opt. J i'YLER POWELL. 1st Lieut M P. Fisher au 12 St* nfl^THE UNION PRAYER MEETING J 9 will be holden EVERY DAY in the E street Baptist Chtircii.ocmmeucinr a' 5 o'clock p. m. and to be continued an honr. Stranters as well as oitixens of 4<1 denominations are invited to attend and take part in these social moetmga. m 21 fY-g-" 1 ?AY, STRANGER. WHERE ARE HJJ you going? Yon *eem to be in a treat hurry. 'So 1 am. I a,n fo nt to SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh street, to buy a su t of Ciothmt. The peop'e say h" has a very nice arsortinant. and they aay he sells them eo cheap." Wot*.?Tie la*t we saw of the atranior he was running up Seveath street aingint out "SMITH. No. 4*0." m 21 Sin AVERV NICE IRON PLATE PIANO FORTE for sale for at MtTZK--*-. RO I T'* Music-Hoe ffefPjft Tumnc and repairing of Pianos f?i hfol-*" wTl ly executed. au 10 THE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE KXistmg between James W. Dredge and J. E. DeVauthan is th'.s day dissolved by mutual o'H sent J. E. D?V*uthan is a one authorised to nae the name of the iate firm in liquideti- n. JAMES W. DRKD-E, JOHN E. DbVAL'GHAN. Washington, 0. C , Autust 1st, 1861. THE UNDI- R!*IGNCD Bets leave to return his thank? to the aiblic for the anhm'tet patronage h?ret ! re ex'entfe ! to the a e firm, and hopes, liy strict fide'it/ aarl attention to business, to merit a oontinranoe of the *aine. H<ir?es sh< d according to the natural formation of 'heir feet, by a sirill'ul ehoer a' the old ar d well-known stand. S W corner of 19th anu K stree's opposite the Firat Ward Maikn House. First Ward au 10-3f JOHN E. DaVAl GHAN. ??ORPS OF MEDICAL CADETS.^ Smoao.N GanrRAL'* Orrtca, / Autust9 1861. S The follow ng act of Cougress in relation to the Corps of \ Cadets is pjblisiied for the information ol all concerned: "Sec. 7 And he it ffrtK'r mncU4% That there ha added to the Medical S aff of the arnn a ' of Modioal Cadets, who*e duty it shal l>e to act as diees^rg iu the ger.erai hospitals, and as ambulanoe a'tei dants in the fif!d, u> der thedirection and oontrol of the Medical t fficers a ote. Th*y shall have the same rank and pay as the Military Cadets at West Point. Their number snail be designated 1 br the exigencies of service at no time to exceed fifty- It shall be co posed ' f young men of liberal education, student* of mcdi me, between tiie agea of eighteen aid twen-y three veers, who bare been reading medicine for two rears, and have attended at least one o^urse of lecture* in a medical cll-ge. 'I hey shall enlist for on? year, and be subj ot to the r jlee and articles of war. t in the fi te-nili oay of the last month of their servioe, the near arprcaoh of their di*charte ?l all be reforted to the Surgeon General, in order, if desired, U at thev may be relieved by another detail of applicants." Applications must be made to the Surgeon General for adimsi-ton into the ?"orps in c onformity with the above ao', stating the date and p ace of birth ; place of re idenoe ; p- riod of meuiual studi^a.-and ei,closing the oertifinate ol the Dean of the <*<?1 !e*e. (or whan not at airable, other satisfactory of the faot.) tnai tne applicant has attends one full c<-u.*e n a medical col eg?. These applications must also be a.'cou p'nied with te-timoma s of the pood moral character and physical 0 ndition of thc> candidate. When an application i? fa?orab!T con*ide'ed tbe candidate wil're>oei\e a letter autnoriaing him to appear before an Arm* B idol Aledical F.xami J!er*- who will make a specia rep< rt la each case, r r< m emone these approved hy the B< a d the Sni geou (janeral will ku ect such a number as the service may require. At the tervices of th ? clasi of melicai and surgical assistants are at mine required, a, p loations, to b ? hue crfisful, aljod.d in ad-* proiripT jr to Ui? hurt;eon General, who will direct the candidate to appear before oue of Arinv Medical Hoar4*, row in secsion in Washington city, a * ih" otiv of New York. K C. WOOD, au l(i-3t Acting Surgeon General. g R"OCTK E V I L 1. E~A (TA D EM VT Tb^ next session will commence September 3d. Boys are prepa-ed ft r i llr<j? or for buhino s. For catalogue pieaee address, at Bro. Seville, Md , E. B. PRETTY MAN. A M.. au t-lm (Intel.) Principal. 1 Oflfl *?UoHEL8 iyUUU SHIP-TUFF, l'O barrels New POTATOES, 25 do Fresh EGGS, 5S firkins I- reqh BUTTER. *> xen CHI- E>E. Mi barrels FLOUR.all grades, 4' boxes RAlhlNS. For sa'e by J. R. HARK tc CO 1^1 REM EN'S INSURANCE COMPANY 1 or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital t'J00,000. Qftt f.orn?r c *rr??r mni l.otttruinM *e., evrr Bank of WatktHtton. INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. ? . DtascToas. Geo. Shoemaker, hamuel Redfcra, Samuel Crop'ey, Wi iiain Wileon, Riohard Junes. Johr. D Barclay, 8ul?on? Andrew Rothwell, Thos. Parker. Riehard Barr*. ,. Dr. O. W. Da vi a. [\o charge for Policiew. ^ ? 'AMES ADAMS* President. Aaat. G. D*vi*.Secretary. as d eo6m BUTTKR?BUTTER! _ RESH BUTTER, in laig-<and small packages, arriving every day. for sa e at the lowest ir.a\ t pnoa. at 4 SO Eighth street, between Pa avenue , , , I). E. DUTRow. w. ? ?tookiof for rale iow. au7bt% P\MIL>* CARRIAGE AND HORSES FOR SaLE?The advertiser will sell at a ry IV! ?T Prloe? fin* Family t arriage, and IrW ws i Jf ? u' *ni'ld|y'natched Ho's?s, Wys, 16 hands high, bob-tails, fine style a d act oa. The owner havi ig no further an- fjr them, ar,* perron iova'o* H,J>k?oha^e 5'11 addresn, by letter. Bo* fjiJ Olfioe, Baltimore, for further partiou'iliL au 7 PKHKW5UJnI^CHEESE. NAVY 5 deiAiipi ill BACON,on ooiiticiiinent iLd for aale by CLARK A BLOCKER. ? Comnursion Merchants. m o E?-J8T Seventh st. between G and fa. u ^ oinU and upwards jy 3D 2W I H. PEABODY, M. D., SuaeicaL ajcd M*chwicai Distist, Wing rcvims at No. *JT6 Pa. avenue, Between43Bi^ Uth. andlith su? two do-?rB east of the^fflMP, reepeotfuily so lcit* a share of lha profession. ^ Varlf'u' D1CKLING VINEGAR. for sal 4 by at ^ WM. BR VAN. an p st mo No* 44, ?PP f11* Center M rket. _an 8 between 7th ai,d 8 h its C^RKSH AND GENUINE ~~ T CUCUMBEK,CABBAGE. *!?., BUCKWHKAf TlMorSlI it- ar.~" ' ||ORSE BUCKKTS, " TRACE CHAIN4. UagonhAMES. For aale by \V -iL^eo LI M E! s- :LIME! _Now Diaoharsinf and for aaii^ a'? ?*i ? M 's? eg. SSK ,aa?-lw Corner Twelf h and SOLDIERS ? SIGHT 0RAFTS boaght and aold m anas to VaitT NORTfl swkbny. ?1 ' U..T'BPVB'Y^o'^I. AfcLirsrS!"- erifi ? AUCTION SALES. By 6RSK1SA WIUJAMJ*, Aw*\?~+rt Excellent household a* i?kitch?* Pcin ten it>rcTio?-u?MjiNPiv, tne lr.h in*tact W* AwTe#!!, et th# r**?4eew of? geailemaa deolima* iMMMtttyiu, ft* in , on Pei-esteenUi. bMvNn H ? ' I ?* *? north, an excellent M?orlmeat r f Fnraitore, rtl Fin* VYalnat Pi?h towtJ Pvtor iM, Wr*tnoU. l.adi*e' tad other W-itlBf Deaka. U'? pqt ?ria Dutar T?M?. 4c.. Freooh Mut?l Mirror*. Chin*,fllM>.Cn>ikw,Hw!t<?w w ar*. NtkoiitT wirdnhw, B ditmti, ud Dreee m Eur end ^wk Vnfrt"*, Cotkiac Md other J-'tove*. Kitchen rt*n?Ha W i th many other artiotee. whiah W deem bbnece??ary to er.BDTB'a. compn*>Bf ever* liiir.c in the i ocaekeoptn* lin?. Term* mIi IB *i???cie an 10 u GREEN A WILLIAMS, IHU. Uy THK ABOVK 8\?.E 18 postponed, oi xwcbl ol t -a c'notMi weather, nn'il W KDiN E^OA V, tba m\ .aetaat. auii boar and f'aoe . _ae 12-7t e REE N a vvilli a MS. A aat Br J. c. MeOUIRK A co.. A??i?mwi. Furniture and rfpeots or a re* TACUHT AT ^rrnow.?Oa M" NI?A\ M'?RNl < ti. An?u>t 19 ernnrnttfrnf a?JIn e'elook. ><t virtee oruordw for diatram. I Mai a*l|. a* ti?e Re taurant of cha le* rn*r oak? walk pai n??*vauie av?nue, mu 'he e?*a?r of l*i\!l? *tre*t,all hia Hcaa hold UTeo'a, i ar end 1'ar Ho m fivtnrea < o kmj Utenaila. Wiaee, l.i<ior?,k( , eon>i?tiB(. ib p*it, of VV ai n -< t Frame piano l-oria. Hair Cloth 8 >la and Divan*. Mahoganv Uiranui, Side and Outer TiMm. W'inut Frew oh i ed'tea/i*. Fra'her Bai, fl oater aad Pi'lowe Mutr'HM, R ai? Quilt*, and other Beddirt. Can?-??at <ha<r?. ?7oaken , I.- nnee*. Rraeae a an-' Infrata Carpeta. Oil'loth. Matti t.Ae, .. ? ,? LvvkiDtStoT* an** Cooki^f Utenaila eei table for ie*taura?t kitchen. .. . At.e?. 1 Ma1 oeauy i:a?at? l? Table, 8 :a<-?e r>"?d Card Tablea. Sdi i'n Wood teat Arm < t<ai*a. Together ?it,< al the Winea. Li^a^t^ad Ber Hxture*. Pain ior?. LiUiujrapia, dte., A*. Term* oa?h. WILLIAM MARTIN. Re'lir. au 13 ta J. C. McOLIRE A CO.. AacU. Br WALLA BARNARD. Aeeticm ?re. fJROCKRIES* AT auciion?Oa 7 HP SI>AY vX morning, 12th lOo'clook.a" wlTf aeli in frort of the Auction Rooim. a ato, 'k *>1 Groeeriea, Liquor* and Seeare. oomprieiacCincinnati Kama, Cracke'a, Cheeee. Assorted Pickle*, inri'PO' bt the Hundred, Areortari Jara Pr**erve? and Branny teaihea, Koxe? Staoh aud 8oap and Candle*. Fine Cat Tobeoeo, Heeara, auorted Bracda, CaoM Old Neotar Whiakey, Otard and Marrett, Brandy, Caaee fiaret. CMk Rraaiy, Old Rocrbon, Parker'a, Funk'a. and other \\ hiakiea, Rariela Vicecar, Witit may other ro"da to at-** ??ecu amenta. Terma eaah. _? _? WALL A BACftAll T), A acta Ef Bt?NTZ A GRIFFITH. Aact;mK?~e. Truster ? sale of houpe anp lot 1> te? Noetiikbr LiBKHT **.?Rt virtae of I a deed in treat hearir* date on the ?th r'ay <fO - 1 oher. Its*, and rMorded in LiH*r /. A. B . No. r lai, folloe 2f*S. 104 acr1 an*, the *ab'crib?r wi!! ee!l, at pub 10 aaie on THLR8UAV, t?<e **th day of Au^n*t 1861. at 6 o'clock p. m.. r>v the premioee, p*rt of Lot No. 19. in antxlmaion of nquare No. ??. 'rontinj 17 feet l)H inoh*e on tth *tnwt vett, wi h a depth 9n feet o an alley, truh the irap'ore- ? menta eonaiiting of a two atory and attiO*ran><? / liweUin* Bonae. with oe'lar. The above property la aitaated *t tha eoraer of th atreet we?? ar.d M atre?t nor'n, ib a rapid;* in pro*in( part of the oitr. ar.d uffera e f*voral?1e opp<>rtnnity to pcraona deairoe* of prooaring a reaide^oe or maVing an lareetroent. Terma oeah. ? If the term* of sale are not comp'ied with ib five cat? after the ?a!e the propertr will be reeoM apori one work*' notioe. at the riak and axpenaa of t:>* enrcheaer. All ooaTeyacotng at the expenee of the pnro.' aaer. r chard a. f nMONHTON, Treetee. an w-3 awada hONTZ a GRIV>1th. a acta. I rV^TV^Wti % I BlNQivw^, Ere respaotfolij iaTitad to Ml 1 a.t the Sturm o( C. WOODWARD, Ne 318 PENNSYLVANIA AVENIE, betweea 10th aad nth Sie., WASHINGTON, D. C? and aee the moat complete artiole of OAMP MESS CHESTS, WITH table and writing desk combined, EVER INVENTED. An articl? Officer* who apfrtciaXe tke cofl foria of Camp life ekould not be vn>hout. A OAMP GOODS always on hand. CUORING STOVES, Ac , Arc. % _aa 9 ? BILLIARDS! I f Li wa The lorera * 1 *" of the GAME OF BILLIARD* will find in EMRICH*8 FINE hall, Corner of Penoay Ivmib avenne and Utk atreet, (aouth aide,) two of the moet tdairalilt TABLEb in the L'aiteJ Bute*, with every oomfort aid oonvenienoe *M * tf tor the plerere. i^IGARS AND LEAF TOBACCO FOR 8ALE ^ at and below cost. To cite* out, I offer my entire ato?k, oomariatna k ?vn '-f 10 oaaea CO* N EC < ICL T 8^ ED LEAF T??BACCO, YARA III. eto ele for oaah at an<i b?low oo*t eio.,e?e.. P. WEILEI \CHER, of Reltimora, an a n?? ?toIf ' * *** avonae. - *? 6 '4t Be>we?B l?h and 13th rta. | IBRARY OF CONGRESS. trsurs aui JoHN G 8TKPWRWSON. Librarian GEORGETOWN INSTITUTE. Th-' tiea of thia SohT^j Vl|j be reaemed on th? I 8epteml*r next It* a^vvntace* ard moJii^f^tt,on and ^3lllt***.for Improvement t aa ? W*ptl PriMipala &VT? WM 'Si?" M I -.KM, an 3 mtjf Oppo-ite Center Market n?v*cA9llCL? STOCK OF FANCY ^ S t and DR^ <?OCiDH, reoentlr brouaht here from Alexandria, Will he eold Ma etui craaier rednati*n I ia prieee, to enable .. toTo^.w 6^0^^ m poaMbe. We Mil (ooc Straw MatuVa I SKSte^ *****}* \ few piece# Hemt C4tm( IH^ ^ 15 oenta per yard ; 13-4 LaSen 8h*etin?r7?%er,u Mil lnery Goods 100 No'lom nf ?*er? i * oa^led'w'if MKVfcNBERe*S.(or,rM?*tJy eerTioee to the .auip? Mi ft nil in i of t^ia jedu urea. th-'o?} SSI: M?le' . Crbb Oriiu, mcguire 4 co, Cenaer ef lUk u. mmd Pa. mx., have aa exteaaive aaaortaaeat of artieie* MWFU,^S5^?T. for a a xs: ?vrlfc'A' VS.AVSJJ*S?JSB portable afairW the kikd ib uZa^' mht CA*P STOOLdk. of?T?rr ^anety M ^ , < , **??#,7 IA <aanuuea?? \ h_?\i iAR c.ti?rn?a a. ^ '^ wesKfffiEr

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