Newspaper of Evening Star, August 12, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 12, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Tfcragb Txa Ptax to printed on the ftmn Mm T*rm Ib see ar??th of Bniraaore, Ito edition It ao l?* * ?o reqMre It to be put *n prra at an wit bene; Adrntlaeawtrts, therefore, Bboaid b? sent !n beftwe IS o'clock tn.j otherwise tbey nay ft aonenr until the next day. f?onc* -Di?vict of Coltustoie n Htmiikh a Is to be lneerted In tbe B alt-*oib Bin are received at sad forwarded from Ttta lui (KBce. Aa rival of Txoora bt Railroad.? Three regiments arrived at tbe depot tnWiUt. rbe 14th Maas^cbusetts, numbering 1.015 men, came in at a very earl* hour In the morn?g T>e rorp# 1* composed of companies belonging, for J5"?"* P*rt, to Eaaex county, and U commanded by Col William B.Oreene. Previoue to leaving the city of Boatoo the soldiers received their State pay, amounting to about through the hand* of the Hon Jsa KUrble, of the Executive council, the process of a1n? them off occnping tbe whole of Tueaday a conalderable portion of the following day The men had all been aupplted with amooth ?>ore musketa, of the Springfield pattern, and name of the aoldlery expro^ed great dissatisfaction, aa they had expected to be armed with the Enfield rifle Some of the men carried their dlsaatlafcctlon ao far aa to destroy several of the mrakets. rendering tbem entirely unfit for active nee it waa rumored that tbe men acted thoa onder directions of tome of their officers, but this has since been emphatically ?*?nled. The Colonel of tbe regiment la a->ld to bav been quite satisfied with tbe Springfield musket, especially as it was well known that the autborltlea could not, at the moment, supply any other description of arms In the whole regiment It is aald there are three hundred and fifty married men. and five widowers with famine. Men profeaaing every kind of tnide and handicraft are found In the ranks, many *>f 'bun being extremely stout snd robust. The "Hirers for the most part, are fine specimens of men and soldier*. The smithy has sent forth a large proportion of Its iron-framed son;; while the fartiiera who have enlisted are about equal in toUm^ers to the blacksmiths. There are also artiste, photographer!, atudenta, hattera, machinists, a printer, a physician, and a host of shoemakers. Such a regiment Is ' equal to any fortune." They bring with them a large number of horses and baggage wagons, and a fine regimental band. The uniform of tbe corpa la light-brown pants, dark-blue jicket. light-blue overcoat, and caps The following la a correct llat of the officers of this regiment: Colonel, Wm B. Greene: Lieut. Colonel, S. C Oliver; Major, Levi P Wright. Lawrence; Surgeon, David Dana, West Reading; Assistant Surgeon, S K Towle, Haverhill; Adjutant, Cbarlea A Simmons, Beaton; Quartermaster, Andrew Waahburn, Newton; Chaplain, Stephen Barker, Andover; Sergeant Major, Amos Henllold, Salem; Commlita y Sergeant. W. C Giaes, Boaton; Qurter master Sergeant, Arthur I> Drew. Company A, of Iptwicb?Captain, Nath'iShatswell; Firat Lieutenant, M. B. Shattuck, Second Lieutenant, L. R Worceater. Company B, of Metbuen?Captain, Leverett Bradley; First Lieutenant, J. B. Ward well; Second Lieutenant, C. S Heath. Company C, Lynn Mechanic Phalanx?Captain, A Ion so G Draper; First Lleutmant, ArcbelauaC. Wyman; Second Lieutenant, Joseph H. Sparks Company D. of Haverhill?Captain, Seih S. Baxter; Firat Lieutenant, Jaa. Pope; Second Lieutenant, Frank W. Taggard ^ Company E, of West Ameabury?Captain, J W Sargent- First Lieutenant. Wm. F. Martin, ^jeeond Lieutenant, Benj Atkinson. Company F, Scott Guarda, of Lawrence?Captain, Samuel Langmaid; First Lieutenant, Jca. W Kimball; Second Lieutenant, Geo S Follansbee Company G, Mugford Guard, of Marblehead? Captain, Benjamin Day; Firat Lieutenant, Cbas * ?"??* ! Second Lieutenant, Benj. P. Martin. Company H. Andover Light Infantry-?Captain, Horace Holt; First Lieutenant, Cbas. Poor; Second Lieutenant, Warren Clement Company I. Putnam Guards, of Danvers?Captain. A. A. Putnam; First Lieutenant, Cbas H. Aoams, Jr , Second Lieutenant, Wm J Rhums Company K, of Lawrence?Captain, Frank A. Koife; Hirst Lieutenant, Wm rreston; Second Lieutenant, A. A. Dav'.a riJTBBHTH MASSACHUSETTS r.toout 5 o'clock yeaterday morning. From ? "Pf^^nce of the Maaaachusetta boys, it canno* >e doubted but that they will render excellent ** *lce in the preeent struggle. They are all tall, V>uacular men, possessing the Hghtoesa of limb and fulll developement of natural powers which denote tbe true specimen of a soldier. Their dress consists of the regular army uniform?gray pantaloona, blue coata and hat, which la aa neat a thing aa our flghtlng men could bave. Tbe regiment numbers 1,(M6 men. wbo are armed with the Spricfleld muskets of 1841. They bring with thrm a fine band of tweuty-two pieces, which will remain with the corpa while in service. The leader a E P. Goddard, of Bcston Their departure from camp Scott, Worcester, waa tbe occaaion of a touching farewell and ovation from tbe nativea of th?t place, and a short time prevlova ttrv were the recipients of a aplendid American flag from the ladies of Boston, aa a tribute of the high esteem In which tbey are held by that aex. It is no wonder, however, that the ladiea of Maaaachuaetra abould have a particular regard for the members of tbe Fifteenth, for a bad Iooktng man ran scarcely be found among tbe whole regiment. They are all hale young men, and poe?esa the physique nnd general appearance to captivate the hearts of the beauties of Boston Tbey bring with them a train of 115 horses. 25 com misaiaral wagons, five ambulance a. and two hoapltal wagons Tbe nanus of tbe principal ottcera are?Colonel, Cbas Devers, Jr , of Worcester; Lieut. Colonel, George H Ward, cf Worcester; Major, John W Kimball, of Fltchburg; Adjutant. J. Hicks, of Boston; Quartermaster, Cburcb Howe, formerly of Sixth Regiment, M V. M ; Surgeon, Dr Jos. N. Bates, of Worcester; Assistant Surgeon, Dr 8. F. Haven, Jr ; Chaplain, Rev Wm G Bcanlln, of Grafton; Quartermaater Sergeant, Wm R Steele, formerly of the Third Battalion Rifles; Sergeant Major. F A. Walker, Comm'stary Sergeant, Wm G. Waters. Co. A, of Leominster, Capt Rock wood; Co B, of Fitcbburg, Capt Simonds; Co C, of Clluton, Capt. Bowman; Co. D,of Worcester, CaLt Stud ley; Co E, of Oxford, Capt Watson; Co. F, of Bruokfleld, Capt Sloan; Co G, of Grafton, Capt Forcfcard; Co H.of Northbrldge,Capt Pbllbrlck; Co 1,of Webster, Capt Joslyn; Co. K, of Blackstone. Capt Gate bell. A finer and better equipped body of men has not yet been aent to do Dattle In tbe cause cf tbe i'nton Both of the above regiment* marched out West Twentieth street to tbe commons In tbe First W'ard, about half a mile from the avenue, where they will enenmp Tbe I4tb marched through the heavy rain of last night, and the 15th went out early this morning TBK TW1UH PENNSYLVANIA arrived about 4 o'clock yesterday evening, and, like the other reaerve regiments of that 8 ate, 1a composed of vouog and able-bodied men, well uniformed and equipped, and wltb considerable knowledge of tbe drill They rame direct from the camp at Harriaburg Tbey number about 850 men, armed with tbe Minle musket, and are accompanied by a drum corps The uniform la aimilar to tbe Fifth Pennsylvania, as already desert bed in the Star. Tbe regimental officers are: Colonel John H. Taegart, Lieutenant Colouel S Bailey, Major Baidy, Adjutant Henry Lucas, Quartermaater Reld, Surgeon W. D. Tnorne, Assistant Surgeon I.J Clarke. The company officers are: Captaina Wiener, Mattheeon, Gusler, WUke, Hord, Oliver, Devln, Baldwin, and Eyster This Regiment la at the Assembly Rooms (formerly Copp's.) and expects to join Gen. McCaira division to-day. Three more Regiments are expected in to-day Movikknts or Tboops ?Tbe Fifth Pennsylvania regiment, Col SlmiuoM. marched through Georgetown on Saturday, to join Gen McCall's column Tbey are proceeded by a drum and life corpe, and followed by a long wagon train with camp equipage, Ac. The wdgons were of every known and unknown style, and the borsee? well they were very good frames to make horses on, prebaps." On inquiry we learned that the ricketty wagons snd bony Rostnantee were "contraband/' having been csptured by tbe regiment In Wrste n Virginia How they managed to get them this far Is a myste y. Company A, of tbe Campbell Artillery, (Pennsylvania Firat,) also passed through Georgetown on Saturday, to join Gen McCall They had a fine battery of four guns, drawn by son.e of Uncle Ham'a No. 1 horses, contrasting very favorably wltb tbe "prise"stock from Seceaaia. Some beovy ordnance alao passed through Georgetown, drawn by ox te*ama, out of ita destination we cannot ?pealt positively, as the drivers, wbo formerly knew everything, now, In the Improved state of affaire, know nothing " Company A. Captain Martin, of Col. Young's Kentucky cavalry, went over to Fort Corcoran, and Company B, Captain Town, same regiment, to Alexandria, yeaterday. ^ Mvstbbbd is ?Capt Robert Boyd, of Georgetown. marched over to the War Department, on Saturday, a large detachment of fine-looking young men, to be mustered Into hla company, in Col Talt'a Dlatrlct Reg ment. The officers of tbe company are Capt Robert Boyd, of Georgetown; Firat Lieut H. B Curtis,of Washington; Second Lieut. Benjamin Mag raw, of Georgetown Capt Boyd la a fine officer, he and hla lieutenants having served a three months' term with great credit Tbe McCiaUan Rutgers, a fine DU'rlet cavalry coaapoay, waa alao mustered la on Saturday, for th'ee yeare Tbe effioera are Capt Wm. J Gary. First Lieut B W. Martin. Second Lieut Samuel D Lewis Tbey were Immediately furnished with equipments, and will go Into active ae' vice at once. Libbt W. F. Gabbbtt, late of Company C, Firat District Battalion, ban received an appointment as First Lieu tenant la the Marine Corp*. ?J-? in 0*oi??tow!? ?Since the tatabllshinaot of that excellent Institution?a Pro "??*?here. tbe residents In our neighboring ?r . ^i!' annoyed by lawless gangs H, . w" f* wandering through the streets, some witn ar.d some without arms, Insulting ladies, entering dwelling-houses, and destroying property seeming to be anxious to exercise tbe largest kind of libcrtv there bemuse of tbe restraint upon ?r? S0171? o' tbelr outrages have been noMced In tbe Star, and we now hear of several more Tbe police force and the volunteer sold.ery heretofore quartered on Water street seetn to be like Inefficient in preserving tbo peace. On SatU , L' ? quad of soldiers armed with muskets ? Mud to be a portion of the military guard?entered the bouse of Wm Litchfield, a Inion man. who *5eJ* * little shop In tbe northeastern section of j and no* only took his segars, tobacco, I . .t' "'Wclee exposed for saie, but wantonly I broke his doors and windows and otherwise lnIJtired his property An officer of these men atI ^ r,*,Ml'n them, was cursed and a Mined I HT bPm ln,n outrageous manner, when be struck the most violent with the flat of bis aword across I P., This model tolditr Immediately charged at bliofficer with his bayonet, and would bave run him through had not another of the I 'n'*r''*red> when the officer promptly cecked his pistol and placed It In close proximity t<> the ear of the offender On Saturday also, a soldier entered the dagnerrean saloon of Mr Hixler. corner of High aid Bridge streets, snd stole some daguerreotypes This offender was promptly arrested hv police officer Fl ndley and the bystanders. Last week also, a rowdy squad entered toe premises of Major Hollingsworth during bis absence and passed through bis bouse, the ladles having I to lock themselves In a room The scamps left I In double quick time on learning that they were in an cfflcer's house. We have heard of other I ca*es as bad or worse, but th?se are sufficient to 1 show the reign of terror under which our neighI bors bave suffered recently. They may now, however, congratulate themI selves on tbe restoral of peace and quietness, as j they have been provided with the remedy which I bai bffii found to efficient here?i provost guard. I I *? The guard, consisting of companies I I A and D, Second Infantry, marched over to that city on Saturday and are quartered at Forrest Hall. I yu rriTpd "ere Ja8t week from Fort Abercromble, parotah, from whence they marcbed 300 I S?.*? , Paul, Minnesota; thence through to I ff1 city In 17 days from the time of starting I Tbe detachment is of excellent material. They are In charge of Lieut. Col Hannibal Day, ProI vost Marshal for Georgetown, and will no doubt I act with promptness and decision. Is this War a Dcil '-To Kev Dr Hull. ?'Ct0lf'^Cknrck o/tkt Eptpkauy, WasA,t>g'on: I ?/.k pi., v you ran have>lf y?u wish it, I of the Editor of this paper. I -J.- i ?.* Kplacopalisn, and have been so much I fdifled by your preaching that I have thought of taking a pew In your church, If one can be bad. among the crowds who press to hear your calm, manly, discriminating, and Christian teachings But yesterday morning [ heard one thing that I gives me pause, and makes me wonder whether your sober second-thought will utter the sentiment I again. Y?u bad already said : " As for this war of I bayonets, let others see to that" d.ldJP^t th,nk< 'ro,n ?bat remark, that you .TrC ln. .. rrnJ " the laa,,e' but only that you thought 11 not the province of tb. pulpit to discus* it-tboujth one would think the prayer for the I PrFBfdent of the Inlted States, and the two other KfJ! off*red e*ery Sunday In your church, eIPr?"1y 'or tbe war. would warrant ?n opinlen, at least, aa to the righteousness of the I ?n!iUVTrt? p,,"e??"'"nda'lrr,P"klng eloquently I ta!. .v ' of ,be murderous and I 522"!?? ,,P.lrlt that is the attimns of duels vou I I ? /',t ev,dent *H?*lon to the war,?''this grmt I duel that ts how upon vs " I I came away asking, "Did he mean that?'' If Th.n the Par,y Kl*lng the challenge M wMeh 7. Trr ?W.n UdC",n?- ? murderousI Thit h ZJSS accepting tbe challenge? I ./*' b? y?,,r teaching, Is cowardly I .v, ij manv gentlemen In your church with I I shoulder straps on, and several soldiers present. I Uke 10 know, as well as myself, whether they are seconds to a duel, and on which I side you class them. I A Fbikjid or th* U. 8. asd of this War August 12. A Prisoner's Statkmkmt ?Among tbe prisonI ef" 7 i cojuty jail, who were arrested by the I I naval 'prces on the Potomac, Is one Francis Kerr, formerly of the U S Navy, but discharged about I eighteen months ago. His friends are moving I fh nf obtain his discharge, and to that end I I v. ?l,owlnK tatement, to which be subscribed l"p?Tm t 10 be,worn and Pre*ented at the U. 8. District Jail, ) . Washington, D. C , August, 18(11.1 I I ?? 4? mDC , K"r. was visiting some friends I in St Mary s county, Maryland On the3Mth day I of June, (Sunday.) I took a boat and went swim- I mtng in the Potomac About three miles from I ir?5 lrglnla shore the boat capsized with me I The river was at that point about eight miles wide, and 1 struck for 'he Virginia shore. On I starting I bad no intention of crossing, out was I I J?ere!y aalling for amusement. I was arrested by I I tbe steamtug Reliance, and am now held as a se- I cess.onlst I-am devoted to the Union, under I which I was born, and to which I owe my alle- I I TUm . Frank K KRH I Here are some apparent discrepancies about tbe I statement, which, however, may be explained I Arkistkd at Port Tobacco?Yesterday, a I man named J H Llndeberger. recently of Call- I fornla. was brought to this city by military orders, and committed to Jail by Justice Donn, under I 0,?,Le Stlte department and General I Mansdeld He was arrested by Mr. T E. Wil?i I llams and a iquad detailed from one of the L*. sH I ^ Tobacco, yesterday morning about 2 I I o'clock The order from the State Department is I as followi: Dkpartxent or Statr. i I Washington, loth August, 1NH.C I I To tbe Commanders of the Land and Naval I L'nltrd Btates: Arrest and detain J. H Llndeberger. recently of California, who has I proceeded towards F'ort Tobacco this morning. L _. . . ? Will H Shwaid. P The order from Gen Mansheld to Mr.Williams I I is to seise Llndeberger, search his baggage and I I secure the contents, and turn him over to Justice I Donn, for trial hereafter. He was duly consigned I I to j ?11 for safe keeping. I Didh't W o*x ?A few days since, several per- I I sons seen In u boat ou the Potomac, undt r suspl* j I clous circumstances were captured, and wern I subseauently turned over to the authorities !?y Capt D<higreu,of the Navy Justice Donn comI mltted the parties-to jail. Among the prisoners I was a youth auout fourteen years old. On Satur- I day. a strauger went to Justice Donn, and made I I a demand for the boy's release, claiming to be a I I relative The Justice informed blin that the I I p wer of release was not with tbe magistrate: I when tbe stranger scted In a violent manner. I I swearing and threatening Tbe Justice Informed I him that If he did not behave properly he would I I be allowed to keep bis cousin company, when tbe I I "'ranger stminered down, and on somebody hint- I I ing that bis cap looked like a Virginia military I I chapeau, he left abruptly. Thk Flood?Yesterday afternoon, about tlx I I o'clock, rain began to fall In brief showers, and I shortly descending in such torrents as to flood I gutters and side-walks, cellars and basements, I eausing no little dismay to housekeepers The! I avenue from Thirteenth to Thlrteen-and a-half I streets was s muddy lake In consequence of the I I bursting of the notorious sewer there, upon which I I workmen sre again employed tbla morning. Per- I I sons having business below Twelfth street. If they I I started as high op as Fourteenth, were obliged to I go north as far as G street, or ford the streams, In I I some places over knee deep. The regular service I I at tbe churches was in most cases quite stopped I I by tbe rain. * I Flao Raisins, Ac ?The fine flag presented to I tbe Dlstrlet Union Rifles by tbe ladles of WashI Ington county, as noticed In the Star of last week. I was on Wednesday last placed on a pole sixty- I I three feet high in front of the residence of tbe 'id I I Lieutenant of the company, J H McCbesney, on I I the Rockvllle turnpike, about four miles from I this city The exercises were of an Interesting I I character, and were participated In by tbe MassaI cbuaetts Seventh, after which there came off the I I finest kind of a pic nie In tbe woods adjacent. I I Capt Morrison has been commlasioned In Col. I I Tslt's District Regiment, and we bave no doubt I those who served with him so faithfully for three I months will join htm for three years riKTRAL GUARDHfeUsl Ca??s ? Befori dark ?Sunday?Mary Stmonds, drunk and disorderly; workhouse 60 days Ned Churchman. I fugitive slave; jail. George Cotral, drunk and I disorderly; line and costs SI 94. Robert Cotral, I I do ; do ffl 94 P. Kcgan, drunk; do fl 13 J. J Stafford, &ua?lt and battery; jail. John Green, I col'd) aleeplng In the street; workhouse AO days I Monday.?Catharine Gray, for being drunk and disorderly, was sent to tbe workhouse for 90 days. I James McDonald, for lUbting and resisting Policeman Lloyd In tbe discharge of duty, was hsld to ball for eourt. Rkckcitikg is the District ?Let It be re- I nembered by those who think our citizens are I I slow to enlist, that most of tbem are serving the I Government (n other ways While recruiting Is I eaay at tbe North, ae many mechanics and laborer* I I being on. of employment, it Is difficult here, I because our laborers all flnd employment on tbe lntrencbments at f l 25 per day, and our mechanics flnd steady work at the Navy Yard or Arsenal, or | la tbe quarter toaster's or commissary departments I at rate* ranging from 923 per Booth and rations to pay equivalent to two or two and a half dollar* | \f**r Basdo" Shots ?One or two bouses in the 1 north eastern part of Georgetown have been 1 pierced In wladow shutters and other vulnerable I I i ts by mlnle bullets. Theae missiles evidently come from the camps at Kalonma s mile or two I I distent Criminal CotJRT? The Murder 0/ Ctmtlt** Boyd ? The lury i11 the case of John H. Murphy ana others, charged wttb the murder of Cornelius Boyd, hiring been unable to agree at the former trial. the court met tbla morning, wh?n- the accused parties were again brought Info court, the counael being the same as at the laat trial The witnesses were all present, and ihe court decided It was not necessary to arraign the prisoners again Tbe court then procefded to empanel a jury, when th- following jurvmen of the regular j anel having formed an opinion, were rej<rt?"d: John b. Davidson, l*ewla Brookes. Henrv Mies. Thoe. B. Brown, wm 8 Venable, rlebfrd Butt, Robert w. Bates, John Thompson, e. c Dooley, Edward Deeble. Jaa w. Barker, wm a. Mullov. Jos r McNHr. Joseph Llbbey, Henry w. Blent, Henrv c. Baldwin, and Jesse Lipscomb w Lowe waa excused on account of being related to one of tbe defendants mr Duval was sick j.iroesS Dsvls (sick at the last trial) was accepted and sworn, making only one juryman of tbe regular panel accepted Tbe Marshal was then directed to summon fifty tallsmen, to appear In court to-morrow morning. All of the regfllar panel, except James s Davis, were then dismissed finally, and the court adjourned till to-morrow moriiing. Washington Monument.?The Secretary of the Washington National Monument Society acknowledges tbe rec eipt of the fallowing sums in aid of the Association : From a United States Senator from Minnesota. 3*20 ; from a member of | the House of Representees from Ohio. 85 ; from j the n?-w York Seventy-first Regiment, $7 39; from five young ladles of f street, through Mlsi m. Dimitrv, s7 87; from a page In the Senate of the United States, for a short time page in the House of Representatives, ?20. dismissed ?'The case of the United States against Mr. t. t. Taliaferro in which he was charged with selling a musket knowing It to be i the property of the United States, was taken up before Justice Glberson at noon to-day. After i hearing all the testimony Justice Glberson decided that tbe evidence fully cleared mr Tall- i ! aferro of any criminal Intent or act In disposing of the gun, and dismissed the case. The Old Capitol Jail.?An awning has been erected at tbe entrance of the building for the protection of the guards. There are now sixty-five military prisoners and five "contrabands ' con- i fined. a few of tbe prisoners are slightly sick, and receiving medical attendance, and one has been removed to tbe hospital on South e St. with a dangerous attack of typhoid fever. Thi patalitt among children In this city lately, has fallen with sorrowful weight upon the family of Mr John e Thompson (Principal of i the Fourth District School), who within a fort- i night has lost two interesting children, the eldest i a hoy of remarkable promise. Tbe grief of tbe i patents will be shared by a wide circle of friends. i Pardoned ?On Saturday Christopher Boblay- i er?convicted more than a year since of attempting i to kill Policeman Holden, and sentenced to eight | years Imprisonment?was pardoned by the Presldent j Work on thk Capitol ?We bear that, by or- i der of the President,work will be resumed at once i on the Capitol extension, and that a large force i will be employed until Its completion. ice to be Had Yet.?t. j Middleton, corner of f and Twelfth streets, has a cargo of Ice for i sale, as thirsty citizens will be glad to know. Hollowat'l pill*.?Indigestion, Stomach and i Liver complaints. These medicines -vrili cure the i most confirrred oases of <lyspepaia and disorders i of the stomach and liver t her nave restored more i suffering dyxpeptics to aotuai and permanent hea'th i than a>l the otner ephernieral "specfios" united. i They have stood the test ol fifty years' experience. i '1 hey ino-easethe appetite, invigorate the stomach i and purtfv the livei. In howel oompl.imts 'hey are i equally efficacious, and for sick and nervous head- i aches they stand unrivaled. Sold by all Druggists, i at 25c., 64)., and 91 per box. auSlw ' Covsrs.?The sudden ohanges of oar climate are i sources of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic i AJf tenons. Experience having proved that simple i remedies often act speedily and oertainly wnsn i taken in the early stages of the disease, recourse i should at once he had to *' Brawn's Bronchial i 7\oehes," or Lozonges, let the Cold, Cough. or lr- i ritation of the Throat be ever so slight, as by this i precaution a more ceriouR attack be efleotaaily i warded off. public Speaktrs and Sinters will find 1 them clleotual for clearing and strengthesins the i i voice. See advertisement. del-ly i rkaber. have you seen Prof. Wood's advertise. i mem in our paper. rew it; it will interest you. j an 2f)-eoly \ To the artlictan!?Be sur.e to read the adver- i't ot McLean's Strengthening Cordial and i Blood Purifier, in another column. tf i Pennies. i Persons desiring pennies will always find them i for exohante at the Star Office counter. tf diku, In Georgetown, d. c.. on the llth irstant, john i l w . second son of James l.. and Martha i Degges, ag"d 2 years. The friei ds of the fkmiiy are invited to attend i ths luneral services, from the residence of his p\- i rente No. 34 Dumbarton street, on Tuesday at 4x i o'clock. * On j^nndar morning, aged 3 months and a half, i FLORENCE, infant daughter of John Eawftra i and Mary e. Thompson. 1 On 'heq'h Aurust ihot, GEORGEANNA ida,! ir.fa t child of Zachanah ar.d Susanna E Brown, I aget' 9 months and 24 days. * i Obitt'?*t?Drowned,in Grand Traverse Hay, i Mich, on tne 29tii of Julj ia>t, THEODORE i sedgwick stevens, aged ii years, son of i Hon. h. L. Stevens, of this city. j ron-clad steam vessels. Titenavt will receive offer* from i parties wiio are ah e to exeouta work of this kiud, i and who ennagod in i', of which they will fur i nWh evidence witn their offer, for the construction i of one or more Iron clad Steam Vessels oe i w ae, either of iron or of wood ami iron combined, i f>r ?ea or river service, to he of not ess than ten i nor over sixie-n feet diaught of water; to carry i an armament of from eighty to one hunure<! and i twenty tona weight, with provision* and i-tores 1 ?r i from one hut drfd and sixty-five to three hundred! persons, according to armament, for sixty days i witn coal for eight days. The smaller draught of i of water, compatible with other r?qi>isites, will he i preferred The vessel to he rigged with two masts, i wita wire rope standing rigging, to nivigate at i tev a general desoripion and drawings of the ves- i sel, armor, and machinery, such aa the work can i bs ezrouted from, will be rr^ 1 The i.ffer mu.>t s'ate the oost and time for 00m i p eting tii' whole, exclusive of armament and i storesof ajl kinds, the rate of epeed proposed, and i must be accompanied by a guarantee for ihe proper i execution of the contract, if awardcd Persona wnpii.tend to oflVr are requested to in- i form the Depamn?nt < f t> eir intention before tne i 15th August instant, an 1 to have thei propositions i pr s' u *ii within twoi.ty-five days from this date, i au 7-tls i Office of secretary k. tr kasl'rer, i Soldier's Home, Near the City of Washington. Sealed Proposals w ii be re 0 ivec at this rflioe i until Tuesday, (noon,) the 20tli of August, 1h6i, i for the oo'-struotion of two Buildings at th" i SoHers* Home >iu*wh*t similar to the two now i th- re known as officers' quarters. The plans and ?pecifixations may be examinel at i this ofhoe, where all information relative to the i location and character of the buildings will be i given Every offer for the construction of these build- i ings m jst be aeoompanied by a responsible written i guarantee that, if the b>d should beaooepted, the 1 party or parties will within ten days enter into an i oblicatiou, with good and sui&eient security, to i erect the proposed bui dings according to tlte plans i and rproifioationo whioh Fav? been or may here i after be furnished and adopted. i The proposals will state the difference between 1 facing the walls with white rtone or marh.e.slinilar i to the build'ngsalready ereeted.or facings wrh the i best pressed briok; or bidd"rs may, in addition, i make such proposals as to other materials as their i experience may suggest. ? . In deciding on thebida right will be observed by i the Board of Commissioners of the J*oldierg'Home I to accept suoh off. rs onl* as may be deemed most i advaiitageous for th* institution; and alsato reject i the whole should none of them be deemed aooept- i & a1*1 bids to be tealed and endorsed "Proposals i " ? '"'?? """"svpuamin k, no. au 3 2w Ass'tSurgeon, Secretary and fresurer. , a c a * ^ Washinbtoh, July 16th, 1961. The undersigned, ate of the Girard House, i Philadelphia, have leased for a term of years i WiUards' Hotel, in Washington. They take this | occasion to return to their old friends and custom- i ers many thanks for past favors, and beg to assure i them that they will be most happy to see them in i thltl6-*m<u>ft*rsykk<. chadwtck a co. i Q u n B O A T 8. Quartermaster General's QJtcs. ( I Washintton City, July 18, 1361 f Plan* awd Specificatiors for hulls of Gun I Boats for the Western rivers are on exhibition at i this offioe, and at offices of Quartermasters at i Pittsburg. Cincinnati. ?t. Louis and Alton. Boats to ho delivered at Cairo. Bids should be i sent to Quartermaster General of the United Statoe i Army, at Washington, by 1st jy 19 Brig. Qen'l and Quartermaster Gen'l. i FIR S T c L A 8 8 mwe'ladkv noii 1 ^ glasses, sold at th > lowest Eastern prioee, by m. 1. fr4nklin, optician, 944 Pa aveuue. ly 1>-1wi between '2th and 13th sto. I r/wi aaa LBS. KoUGH TALLOW AND OlrUjUUU GREASE WANTED, for vhiok I ^ csnd..kk to, sa e cheap f >r cash at the National Bos I and Can- I dl? Works, Green street and the Canal, George- I town. DC. _ au I Ira __ c. B. JEWELL, Pioprietor. I ^it the opp'ce.^ m S B 'ck of the at tonal Hot?l. Mnitl beral adva i^ee road^ on Hold and I Watenei. Disnion s. Jewe ry.*Uv?r ware.Olotiling, Pistols, and all k?*J? of Merekandiae. Buei- I i.Ak 1 itrijut ooi?fi*4?nM* 1. i M ISAAC HKK.ZB6RG* C ?traat. | aal-Sm Between 4H Md ?k eU. WANTS WiNTED-Two rood P|F HAK FRS. Inauire of U H. RIPENOl'R. Cocf ctione'. 304 P?. avenue. betwoe- <>tn and H'th s?s >u'i M M/ANTED IMMEDUTKLY-A good GIRL. ?* t?do housework. A?l> at th* Pa--o:ia*?.

Nin'h street, between E aid H st*.. No. 450. U* %*/'ANTF.P?By a respecUb'e jfum woinn. a SITUATION as (ihumWuaid or eh Id's rur?e. t?o d referenee nan bs siren, if required. Addre-.a Box 2, **tar Office It* W A N'TEO? By a r*epe-<t\l I ? y? nn? voir^n, A SITUATION to do liouanw'orfc and as?i t in wtnr Refere::ne, if r~q' ired Apply &t No :i9# Seventh st . bstwe?n H and I stg ]t* WANTED?A ima I or medium-siz^d BRICK DWELLING* m a o*ut'a' losation. at a moderate rent", or would porobare on reasonable tanna. Apply at tnis office. 1'* WTANTED-A WOMaN ?o oook and wash* " Good references required. Apply to A. J' JOYf*E. F street, b?tween Hth and 15th ata. an 12-8t %*7ANTRD?A WOMAN, to eo^k. wash, and " ir?n. The highest wag * wi l l>e given to one that will suit. References r quired. *pply a* No. .?63 New York avenue, between hth and 11 th ate. an 12 It* WA NTKD-A SITUATION an unrs*. to attend on one or two children; no objection to travel. The advertiser is fond of oluldren and suit'b ? to the nursery ?'%n be well reoommended. Ad'rens let era to "Eli?a." Star Offioe. au 12 VVA* TF.D? AOENTS to rail a patent article, { just issued, for the usa of so'di-ra. Apply at the Lichau Houae. No. .34 Louisiana avenue. bctween 7 and 9 o'clock a m an in St* WANTED-A rood waTCHMAKKK. Apfly at Mr. ROBERSON** on ?-a. ?v?n?e, near Sixth street; or at Mra. WATSON S. No 59 Bridge street, Georgetown. an l"-2t* WANTEl>?A HORSE, for driving tingle in a heavy carryall or oamage. For one perf ot'.y sound, gentle. a lapid tiavller. not over 7 years old. and free from tricks, a fa-r prioe will b? paid Inquire of H ENR V OTTER B ACK, Esq* 9tii acd jM sta , Washington Navy Vard. _ au :'-3t' A. B NORTON. WANTED?A BAR-KEEPER, an honest, white, gentlemanly y ung man ofoxperienc ), with good relerenoes, is wai;t.ed at the Bar Room a'tacned to the lodging house No 213 Pa. avenue, ovpi'gite Wil ards' Hotel. Call between 1 and 3 p. tn., for three days. au g-3t* WANTED. FOR THE CASH-Ail kinds ol SECOND HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLE*. Persons leaving the city or having a surplus will do well to call immediately. R. BUCHI.Y, je 3 4#* Seventh, between G andjl ?ta. WANTED.?We are now buying SECONDHAN D FURNITURE, STO VES a ,d BED | DING, for which we are paying the highest 1 cash prioes. Families declining housekeeping, or having a surplus ?>f furniture, will find it to their advantage to give us a "all. HO NT'/ 4. GRIFFITH, | je 13-tf No. 369 "?th st., betw. I and K sta. LOST AJSD FOUND. LOST?On Saturday last, a small diamont BOSOM PIN. The finder will b* rewardod by returning it to J. G J E WKI.L, Room No. 1 si, west wing. Post Office De;artment an 12-3 * fcJTRAY COW.?Taken up. Eatray Cow. b?tween Kde's Mill and the ^hain^?l| B'idge, milk and cider, cider color spotted, with a broken horn a>d bni. tail ; which AhAbb the owner can have by calling at AMOS KiiRROW'S, on the Canal. au 12 3 * fife C REWAR D.? I.ost or stolen, a brown and white POINTER DOG, weif-<?^_0 gown atM>ut one year oM, and bus eral letters branded on his back. Th? J* a^ove reward will bs given for his return to 103 West St., Georgetown, D. C au fi 3teo CAME TO THE SUBSCRIBER, on Fridav, 3th August, one da'k brown H??RSE, li\ with black mane and tail about It>4 hands high, with co ma'k. The owner is re- * quested to come forward, prove prcp*rty, pay charges, and take him away. WILLIAM A WROE, au 13-3t* 13th street. No. 375. ?C -FIVE DOLLARS REWARD Will be paid for the recovery (or for sueh rr\ information as will 'ead to the reooveri) of jL^v* a small brirht bay M ARE. The mar? ww^" taken from the fron' of *chne!l's Hotel, on E st., between 12th and 13th sts , on Sunday evening, 11th August, and had on saddle, b-irtle, a-irt stable ha'.ter; a) e can I e known by the following marks^'ix: is 1 lind of right eye; a little spring in front kfcees; a Inmp on right fore leg, close to bcdy. Address WILLIAM HARTER, Seventh st. west, near Holmead'a Grave Yard. au QQ REWARD?Strayed from the subscriber, <J*Oon the R ulgn Roal, three miles northwest of Georgei'>wr, a small brindle VU( CO A', having two hol?? in her earB az.d a Ji *Li horn marked gd her left side DANIEL J. GRAHAM. ESTRA YS.?Came to the subscriber's premises, or. the Ridge Roa<l, about three miles north we. tor Georgetown, a small aorrel M AR E, blind of one eye and a small star in tha forehead. Also, a red and white C()W,?na hor osif with a whitish fac?; on the Sth inst The owners will pleaie oome forward, prove property, pay charges, and take them away. _au 12 2f DANIEL GRAHAM. Cjw) RF' WARD.?Strayed or stolen from tire sub? Hcriber, oa the 3d instant. - r ? n'l mf i|>g dark red < OW. with short horns, ri iBUf marked. The above reward will be paid JbaJkas to any one returning said cow to TH< ?S N^)LLon Maryland avonuc, between 12ih and 13th stre?ta east. au lo-3t* I OST?On Saturday morning, the loth inst?rt, 1 j o , C street, between lith and 14th, or on M'h. between C st. and the Long Brider, a P?>CKF^T HOOK, containing sutler*' papers and oommusien of John Praskauor. A liberal reward wi l be paid th? finder, on leaving thorn at EMRICH'S Hotel, corner Pa. avenue ai.d 11th st. au 10-2t* District of Columbia, corwTY o? Washington ? On this loth day o.' rv August. Idol, before me, the sub.criber, Justice of the Peaee lor t^e conrty afore said, personally appeared Wil ia"i Hutcf ingeon and made oath in due form of law that, on the 2d day i f August 1861, a n-'gro (supposed to be a run a*av i came to him, living at the foot of th? East e-n Branch Bridge, and oiTered for sale light bay M A R Fj. about 12 hands huh. with ttir?? white f >et. Any person can obtain said mare b* calling > n Mr. PHILIP H UTCHI ' G^ON. at Mr. G?..rgo Iloiier er's ftore. Navy Vara Bridge. J. S. CULL, an H)3t* Justioe of the Peace. MF.DAL FOUND.?A large Silver M^l, found by a seaman and left at the Navy .jeparim?nt, can be had by the owner upon identifying it. au 6-6t t Repub. k. Intei ) O 'jl R F* WAR D?Taken from the vicinity of the Post Offioe on the evening ??> fr\ tne 31st of JuW. a I ay HORSFi and two seate<l CARKi AGF1 Whoever will return said property. or give ii f rrrstu?n whore it ma? be found, shall receive ?25, ano $25 additional will be g.ven for the oonvtet on of the tbi'f. WM FAX N, Chief Clark. N?vy Department, August 6,1S61. au 6jBt (_Mepuo. A Intel.) C^AMF; ASTRAV. to tne subscriber, three / i'OWS and CALVES?one roan oow, one muley brindle. and one wnh bundle aid s an 1 speckled bick. The owners arrJb^B requested to oome forward, prove property, pay charges, and take thein a ?ay. WM. R. PLOWMAN. jy ST7-law3w* Boundary and Tenth sts. CAME TO THE SUBSCRI BER , on Monday, 2>d July one black MARE, marked /tv U. 8.." one large bay HORSE, no marks. The owners are requested to come forward. rove property, p*y oharres and lake t'.em away. WM. R PLOWMAN. I jy 29-law3w* Boundary and Tenth streets. j FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR SALE?The Outfit ard Go^d Will, with the ?to^k oil tand of an old established Wood and Coal Yard. A rare opportunity is offered to any "ne wishing to engage in the business For further informatiju address, (with real name.) through Host Offioe, "Union, ' Washington, D. C. au 10.18,14 * A R*RE CHANCE FOR INVESTMENT.? FOR SALE?The Stock aqd Fixtures of a Restaur ?nt, now doing a first rate basinets, the proprietor wishing to retire f oni the business. For patioulars app y at this offioe au7 lw* AFAKM, of a!/Out 290 acres, with timber and o'eared la'ids orohar-'a, d aelllug and barn, in Maryland, for sa e or exchange for other real or peraonal estate; United States, Mate, and railroad, or other stooks. notes, bonds, or other securities. Inquire at No. 490 Massachusetts av. jy 2&-tf Houses for rent-no. a? and no. sr.?n the soutn side of Indianaavanae, b >th of them very large and convenient houaes, with good stabling and oarnago-houses. Al?o, the commodious and large House, No 3S8, on the north side ef li street Apply to THOMAS BLAGDEN, No 499 8?vemh street. jy 17 2awtf jj ANDSOMELY FURNISHED R?? Four nai.dFomely F'urnished Rooms, supplied with sas and water, and convenient to the Patei.t and Post Offioe Departments, for rent. Apply at 490H Maaaaohosetts avenue, north aide, between 4th and 6th sta. ma 29 j^ADIES TRAVEL1N0 {tuiTS! "Economy ?? tk$ Road to We*ltk." Ladiea intending to leave the city should first procure one of oar TRAVELING SUITS. They also answer for Mornir.g Suits at the Springs or 8r? shore, or in the Country MANTILLA DUSTERS and DRESS to nsatoh At only S3 ? and $3.50. GREY SACQUE MANTILLAS And DKESSt* match At only 94 SO. FRENCH SACQUE C0\T9 With DR F:ss to matoh. At 50. 96 50and 97 SO. Also, a full assortment of White Back, and Brown Droop and Basin Shaped STRAW ll ATS. aUo a full s'ook of BLACK .4ILK SACQUKS, COATS and M ANTlLLA8. At an 7 3teo KlK SWELLS'. fa, avenaa. /GEORGETOWN FEMALE 8EM1NARY. U (Miss Uiiiovn'U A Boarding Day School, No. lftl%aat street hatwaao Coimass aad High ats , Weorget 'wn, D C. The duties ef this Institatmn will ba rebumad ot th* firat Monday in fe?t. n.uer text Circulars may I* obtained at the principal bookstores, or by UTS* "** '"""Ci- M. >. HASSOVES. | GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS rlV NOTICE^ " I lo ALL WHOM IT MAT CONCERN ? Agreeab.e to an urdirance. approved Jul* 3, IMS. j tha ? I bar?-e! provision. suoh a* teer, pork, tab I Ac., irust bo ic*p-oted, p.t up lure or ctfered for t tale in chit market? I won id ? ay *?> tIf > ? gectiemen who cal'ed on me tare# or four ?eeks tin to inspe -t tnat I am ?..w prepared for that a-r^e*. J. ROBERTSON, Q""rtrtown. July?, IBM. ilt'l li a^ior. Xr, 000 IN VIRGINIA BANK* NOTE* | w*'^Vyr\F a ,d Georc'ova Corporation ra?ahe j in \ irginia n nee. w*r>t?d. at a la:r rate of discount for Di-irict Btnk Notes or Gold, or m sichange for Groceries a? m? regular retail prioe?, Appl* oath-a^tcorner -ri^eand Huh streets, Georgetown, sign of the U. S. Flag. *" I H W. H. TKNNKV. !\1 ASSEY. COLLIN4 1 CO.'S 1 J . , rHILAOKLPHJA DRACO HT. Expeetej tfiiaday.per steamer J. J?nme? 2"0 barrel a X* PRAVGHT A I.E. 40 do XXXX Ho. ?ln. frio hlf.-bl'la. do. do. do. WInch on arrival will be for eaJe Term* eaah ond.-ivory. ARNYA9UINN. ^ 7 Union Depot, K?or|rtnvi. JUST RECE1VE1>,i!! I I?!1*- VJ'ST F?rto l1*00 SUGAR5* 1*1 Mid Pt? WHI^K Y, * U^lifi'i. HEKRING am! ALE WIVES, *! bbte. Cnianed and Reined "UGAKS. ?o oass R:o and Java COFFEE, 10 tihia.(lo<r onofe-i i MOLASSES. For sale ^v JOfTN J. BOnlTE. ee 1* PENSION OFFICK, jc*B ?T*,19C1. TO ALL WHOM 7T MAY C)N( URN. Application having been male under tee act of 23a June. Wi, for tne reissue of the Land svarrauts described herein, wh'ch are a.leged to have oeen lost or destroyed.notice ia hereby given, That at the date following fhe description of each War rant, a n?w Certifioate, of like tenor, will be issued, if no raid obj-ction aha!! then appear No. 9i,ff55 lor 160 acres. issued uudt-rthe act of March. ie5o, in the naxe of Su. ar na Hublard, WI.8W.? V J.ohn H.ub:.arU.decaawd, and crauted on the 16th day of June, 1856.-August 31,1861. No. 3.116, for 160 aces, Msuod underaotof 1847, to Auguttua Ingram, private of Captain Murray's company, second Regiment of 'i'euneaaee lnfau try ?September 6th, 1861 No. 46.745. for 120 acres, issued under the act of March. 1855, in the name of Jacob Gulick, a'd K%1, ?n the84lh d&* of January. U56.?e>eptemr 21 f 8fcl. No. 56 602, for 80 acrea, issued under the act of September, 185ft, in the name of Elisabeth Wells, widow oi Daniel Wells, and granted on the 27th day of September, 1&>4 ? September 28, 18nl. No 45 S*', for 16" acr.s. issued under tne aot of March, 1855, in the name of Alexander Orme, and granted on the 13th day of October. 1856 ? Septeni ber 28, 1?6I No 71 626. for 160 acres, issued under the act of March. 1855. in the name of Amoa Arthur, and gra-ted on the 17ih daj of August, 1857.?October 12. lBbl, No. 69A20, for 16" acres, under aot of 1847, and bearing oate May 6tii, 135u, in favor of Micha?l Ropp father of Hamue: Kopp, deceased. Third Indiana Vo unteer'. Mexican War.?October 13.1?61 No. 64 526 for 120 acres, issued ui.der the aet of Maroh, 18.55, in the uame of Jam^s Lonr, and granted ou the 3!st day of Maroh. l?jo.?October 19, 1861 ..^0 657, for iso aores, issued under the aot of March. 1855, in the name of Thomas lamer, and ^l=ted on the 3d day of May, 1856 -Oo obea 19, JOSEPH H. BARRETT, e It-1 aw Commissioner. nTOPHAM'S mi'n, PREMIUM TRUNK WSjU MANUFACTORY, 499 SlTBWTH bTBBVT, WAJHITOJO*. D. C, silver Med*! awarded by Mnry^nd Icstitvte of Baltimore, Novemlier 7,1 60. Alao, Medal by rietropo itaii Mecaaaioa'lnstitite, Waahinjton, D. C? 1W. I amcnr etac'Jy making, and aiways have OB hand, rf the best mrtenal, every deacription of Fine Sole Leather, Iron Frame. Ladiec' Drees, Wood Box. and Paokme Trunks. Pellisier, Carpet.and Canvas Trave inc Baca. _ SchoolBatcHeTsTkc., At L<n? Pric*i. Members of Congress and travelers will pleaae examine mv stock before puroharict elsewhere Trunks that are made in other oitiet. Superior Leather and Dress Trunks made to order. Truuka oovered and rceaired at short notioe. Good* delivered free of charge to anrtpart of the city, Georgetown, and Alexandria ja23-lyeo JAMES 8.TOPHAM. UST. WASHINGTON ST. l f STOVE HOUSE. II 467 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 86T CAM/* EQU1FMF.NT3 of every variety, style and finish constantly on hand, and for sale at prioes cor paring with any retail hoUBe south of New V?>ik. TiN. ?HKET IRON, or COPPER WORK made to order at the thorteat ootioe All gooda guaranteed in be aa rc'preaented on ale. Call at JAMES SKIRVING'S Washington Stare, Orate, Hnnre, Hot-air Fumitt, Tin, Sheet Iron, and Copper Ware Manufactory, No. MT Pennaylvania Avenue. jy 30-eo2w Corner of Eleventh Street. 1CASH NOTICE. N Consequence of our having to pay oash for every artiole ol goods we purohase. we are forced to reduoe our business to Cash cxolnsively, for the present. We hwe in store a very iarge aeaortmeat of REAOY-MADE CLOTHING for men and boys' wear, which are selling at a much lower rate than usually. WALL. STEPHEN'S A CO.. 3U2 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th >t?. ie 7 (Intel. A ResnM PORTABLE OVENS, a for MILITARY CAMPS. HOTELS, A FAMILIES. FAtRBANR'S SCALES, FURNACES and CAULDRONS. Ac. Ac. J. P. BARTHOLOW, jy 26 2weo Seventh street. cee.r Canal. J^EW OPTICAL ESTABLISHMENT^ 944 M. I. FRANKLIN, 944 I N. ( From Philadelphia.) having esta tlip.ied a branch of his husin^sa here, he (.ffers to the o ..?ens and atraii^ers Ins oelebrateil IMPROVED SPECTACLES, with the fi'ie^t Penscoaio-Elliptic Lenses, suited for every a^e and oouilttion of the vicual organs. Also, for sr^.e his world renowned Mtrrotcopei. Tel**ropet, M^itnry Spy Ola.nes. Sterefroper ana Stertotriptr -.rtur's. antt Mathematical Inftrnrnentf, at t..6 .^we?t Ka?erit p'ioes M- I. F KANKLlN. Optician, 444 Pfernsylvp.nia a v.. bet. l?th &ud '3'h sts , (lor ,.3rlv 8Uutu of Dr. Woolfson.l je S4-ly Washi&cton, 0. C. SELLING OFF* At HALF PRICE OUR entire stcok of handsome Fiouncel Barege Robes, in blaok and colors, all Lawn and Organdy M us in Robe*. We desire to olose out ihia portion of atock at ouoe, for caeh, and auall ofTer groat bargains to purchasers J. W. CO!-LEY A CO~ je 34 loteo 393 Seventh street, above Pa. a*. T CARRIAttES H E Subscriber having made additions to hia factory, makiig it now one of the larsest- ?rm. tj in the District, where hia faciliUe*iffiK3KRr for manufacturing CARRjAGES andW*?Wr* LIGHT WAGONS of all kinds cannot be sur paosed, and from his long experience in the baaiuess, he hopes to give general satisfaction. All kinds of Carriages and Light Wagons kept on hand Ail REPAIRS neatly done, and all orders promptly attended to. Second liand Carriages taken in exohange for 1 newones. ANDREW J. JOY?rK, d 18 tf corner of Fourteenth and R sta. i GIBBS' HAIR STORE. 1 iwo, U 4 U Fa. a v.. bkt. 12th awn 13th sts. PKRPVjfrEHY. tc BRAiD? CURLS WIGS. HALF WIGS, FRlZETTES, Ac. A full stocg always on hand, or made to order at the *horte*t notioe. Hair Work repaired or exchanged. N. B.?Ladies' Hair Dyed in the mus' na'uraJ 1 manner. ma a* 6m ( JOHN HINSLKVS 1.1 VERY AND SALE STABLES, 1 Eighth Stre?t. bet. Dand E, Washington. D. O. CARRIAGE*, BUGGIES, PHAETONS, and SADDLE HORSKS. -r VI TP < every deaoiipuon. aiways ou hand, at reasonable I oharges. iv 17-eolm* WATCH REPAIRING AN PS1LVER WARE MANUFACTORY. 1 have one of the best establish menu, and furnished with a oomplete set of tools tor repair I lag every deeonption of fine Watches, and UU particular attention give to the same, by a^H i thorough oompetent workman And a. work guarantied. Also, every deeorip ion of standard SILVER WARE, plain and ornamental, mauulaota^edaDder 1 my own auperrision, whioh my ouaU>mera will find far superior in aaaiity and finish to northarn ware sold by dealers in general and represented as Uidr 1 swn manufacture. H. O. HOOD, i WPa w?m? ^rerfcit. A FULL ASSORTMENT OF BRASS AND WOODEN DRUMS. Brum Heads. Drum Stick, and Snares. Brass and Copper Bugles,Fifee. . Klutee Banjos, Guitars.and Violin*, at low prioee, Seat arrived at the Mdsic Store of W. 8. MET- 1 EEROTT, oorner of ElerenU street and Penna. 1 aveuae. n 17 I OUR CUSTOMERS HAVING BOOK ACcouuta with ua are respeotfully notified that owing t > the dulmesa of the times and the aoareity of money, we are wi ling to offer a dieoount of five ser cent, on a'l aeeounts paid is eurrent aad speaie rends. Virginia money will also be taken at me current rate of disoount. , , WALL, STEPHENS k. CO . , mil (I ?t?l. i PaavKet ?>th and letii sia. \EW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVBLS.?Tke N Alchemist, <?t the House of Claes ; from the French of Hoiwre 4e Ba sao. Kree by sail. Rl. I Silas Marn?r. the Weaver of Raveloe; try Geo, Elliott, the author of "Adam Bede " Free or saeil. ?ooeota FRENCH A RICHSTMN, aaP " ' tta P*a?-a sews. I'MMER CLOTH1N? st regular priees at N?. 469 Seventh street, oi peaite Pen Oftta 9 TELEGRAPHIC MKVVJt FROM *m*OI HI?AXOTHf R BATTLR F1PFCTED. PmiATHLrfu, Aug 13 ? Ad vires reeHeed from Springfield, bvtbe war of Fra?k1ta. Tburs dsy morning a*v that no battle has been fnrgbt. "but wss hourlr rxpeetcd F:*f kunir?d (tnlnr were ready to r.OTf on Ybunder mordrg Tbe Home Guar J wrr* In motion. and th? regulars remained In position. The rebela were rntanpid n WIInd Creek. twelve mIN from Springfield There baa been a a ight skirmish V'aeew patrolling parties, four vile* oat, on the Mout* Veruon road. In m bleb four of the rebels were killed Frem Fertreee Maaraa. FoKTtvaa Ang. |t? ? Tb? a tea met (Quaker Cltv ttli morning ftrr-ugbt up the pHra schooner "George G Bjk?r,"ef Galvanic*, aed h?r Confederate crew of four men In Irons Tbe arbooner was ce.ptured bv one of the Uniied (Mates b'.ockidlng fleet off Gslvfcston. and sent to New York with a United States crew en board Yeat.-rdav abe was re-captured off Cape H?t<eraa by tbe Rebel privste-r "York," wbo pnt fo?ir of be' uwo mrn on bo?rd: meanwhile tbe "York" waa men by tbe gunboat "Union," wbo tmmMlatrlf gave cb?is?. and the prlvsteers. In order to esospe oar bed ihelr vessel, wbere abe waa barnt by tbe lire from tbe I nlon's gaits The privateer crew escsped In their small best a The "Union" then recaptured tbe ? Baker" and made prlaonera of h?r er?-w and transferred tb*m t"-day to the Quaker City. The United States prlxe rrew placed on board tbe "Baker'" wore of course made prlaonera, and still In tbe band* of the Confederates I.lent Croaby'a aeeond expedition to tbe Kastern Shore of Virginia haa not yet been beard from. Tbe expedition silled a few daya since with an effective force No apprehensions arc entertained In regard to Ita safety A flag of truce came down tbla morning from Norfolk to make inquiries concerning several Confederate cfflcera whom the Confederates supposed to be Imprisoned here, among others Col Pegram the few houses remaining In Hampton on Thursday morning after tbe Are have not yet been d rut roved by the Confederates, wbo are now near Great Bethel One white woman, an Invalid was burnt to death In the great conflagration at Hampton It la reporud that one of General Mae Oder's Captalna penetrated wltbln our line of pickets at Newport News, and haa declared that tbe place la too atrong to be attacked One tbouaand ratlona are now taoed to the "contraband" at Old Point Tbelr eervloes are Invaluable to Quartermaster Tsllmsdge wbo providea for tbelr various wants They work with alacrity The Captain and mate of tbe wrecked English bark Glory, from Rio to BsKlmore, with a large cargo of coffee, came from Norfolk with tbe flag of trwee. Thev aympathlxe strongly with the Confederates. It is more than probable that tbe Glory waa / urponly Ion as the cargo waa saved and aold at twice tbe ordinary price Aa an encouragement for tbla manner of avoiding tbe blockade, tbe Confederates paid promptly and treated tbe Captain with consideration Frain Gen Baaks Calniaa. SasDT Hooa. Aug 10?Col. Riddle* First Pennsylvania Rifle Regiment, (the Wildcat, > from Harriaburg. arrived here last nlgbt and Immediately went Into camp Tbey have been as alined to tbe first (Col. Abercromble's) brigade. Tbia la tbe regiment that waa organised by Col. Kane, a brother of the late Dr Kane, of Arctic memory, and wbo declined the chief command in favor of Col Blddle, but took and still retains tbe rank of Lieut. Col of the regiment Capt. Charles H. F. Collls, of the Zouaves d'Afrlque, of Philadelphia, is bere with a tender of his company, composed entirely, tt is said, of soldiers who aerv?d In tbe Crimean war. Mr Coggaball, agent of tbe Bute of Pennavlvanla,arrived bere with supplies of overcoats, shoes, Ac , for Col. Mann's Pennsylvania reserve regiment Captain Hobert Williams, assistant adjutant general, haa returned from Waahlngton and resumed Ula position on the ataff A delightful rain last nlgbt had the effect of rendering the air cool and balmy tbia morning Col Geary, of the Twenty-eighth Pennsylvania. haa been notified that one o mire companies have been sworn In as additlona to bia regiment, already numbering 1,040, but it la to be lncreaaed to 1.550 Tbla regiment, with Its experienced and able commanders, promises to be one of the most efficient of this column. Tbe Lieut Col. is Gabriel De Korponay, tbe greater part of wboae active life baa been a pent in camp and on the battle flelda of Europe and America. and wbo commanded tbe Brltlab foreign brigade in the Crimean war Col M urphy'a Twenty-ninth Pennaylvanla was Inspected this morning by General Fltx John Porter, Inspector general of Gen Banka' division McMullln'a Independent Rangers leave for Philadelphia to-morrow. Sentbera Items?Reported lovaslea of Kn< tacky by Sece*etea Troeps. Locisvillk, Aug 10 ?No trains have been allowed to run eastward of tbe Tennessee river from Memphis for tbe paat two days, owing. It Is supposed, to the rolliug stock being engsged in transporting to Union Cltv, Jnnneanee The National Umcn published an extrs saying that the editor had been Informed that between 2ihi and 300 disunion troops hsd come Into Kentucky through Cumberland Gap, marching on Barboursvi lie, supposed for the purpose of selling some 50.0UU pounds ?f bacon st red there, and to rob the banka It w.-.a also feared that tbey Intended thence to proceed to Richmond, Kentucky. The Unionists of tbe vicinity of Barboaravllle have sent runnera to Owsley, Jsckson, Esteils and other adjacentcountles. wbere tbe Union men are rapid ly gstberlng with rifles and shot guns, to realst tbe luvaders Tbe extra aays the above la reliable. but we have no means bere at Louisville of verifying the report richmond. Aug 9 ?The papers this morning sen.:-officially announce that Admiral Duudaa Intends to take hla fleet into Cbarleat<>n regard ieee of Lincoln a blockade The Brltiab consul here statf s that he has no official authority for any such statement Ntw Oai.iA?6, Aug 8 ?Bales of coffee were made bere to-day, payable in Confederate treasure otes The Woshinpton report that Lieut Walter H St? vens, formerly a Federal engineer, but new in tbe Confederate army, is a defaulter to the (7 9 government, is generally discredited Recaptare ef Another Privateer's Prlxe by a Gsvert uieal Vessel Nkw Yoaa, Aug 11 ?The schooner Mary Alice srrlved here this morning, having sailed on the ilat ult., from Guayaquil for New York, with 210 barrela su^ar On the 25th ult . sbe waa captured by the privateer Dixie, Captain Welch and three of tbe crew being token aboard tbe Dixie, and a privateer crew placed aboard tbe Mary Alice, with orders to take her to Charleston or W liming ton. bat on the 3d Instant she waa recap tared by the United States frigate Wabash, and the privateer crew were transferred to thet vessel While preparing her papers to send the Mary Alice to New York, and the latter In tow. tbe Wabaab captured the brig Barak Btarr. which bad no hailing port or papers, snd (probably eitaer a privateer or privateer's prlxe ) The Pirate Dixie la described as a fore-end aft acbooner of about 190 tons, pslnted black Ste carries three guns and a crew of Mt men. Important freaa fieatbera kaasas Lasvenwoeth, August B ?We have latolll een< e from tbe Southern Kansas border that great excitement prevailed there, owing to the aetloaa of the naif breed Cberokeea and white outlaws from Arkanaas and Missouri, headed by John Mstbews, s leader from tbe Osage onantey It is report, d that men have bees killed and ilxty families driven from the Cherokee Neutral Lend, who bsve tskea refuge In Hu?.bo4dt, Kan taa The outlaws three tea aa attack apoa that place. A msseenger bss arrived here, requeuing issistaoee from the Government Kansas Cavalry?The War ta Missouri St Lea is. August 10 ?Ceptala Jennlson, of Kansas notoriety, arrived bere to-day en route to Washington, to arrange with tbe War Depart ment for mustering his mea Into tbe United Stoles lervioe He bas 840 well mounted aad disciplined troops now on tbe weetorn border There Is nothing new from Springfield General Fremont has ordered tbe aumbsr of artillery companies 1a this Stole to be increased to twenty four. Ceaaectleat Regtmeet at Home HAETronn, August 10 ?The ?f Connecticut, who were 1a tbe battle at lull Rob, srrlved bere yestorday afternoon, aad wore received amid tbe firlag of gone, tbe chests e the I emea and military, ai.d an I mm-one throng of &itlsrn>, wbo bti MMBible# to welcome tb*n* avondautflour Having Made a raasemeets with. Mesers. Baanosa A Saaaas fo? tbe sals of ay Flyer, they rill a-wars ha prepared to sa>ply e?y old friends Summer CbUl Hl.Nti _ _ At Rsnoesa Faicna _ Ws offer our largs aaaortmeat ofthURIMKea CLOT HI n b at redsoed pri-?ai t?ar stoskssnhrases all talea and asa^uee. of tteatlesaet. Yoatka, aa<l Boys' ^ aann Apparel, of tos m?s* 1T17^ffltfrfiaW5SS.l5?Na aooaa.. *'rT.'th?ln?*nia<l * to order at ?He ebortsto Jjk?b M W A LI ~ j*TR * _ 1*4 Pea?yIraMsaraaue, . H M (ll^U U ' hs4.*ke?dW??to. 1 v ' ? I |

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