Newspaper of Evening Star, August 12, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 12, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVFNINfi STAR. Fna F?rt McKm mad Fstress Picktit I] Government hss authentic Information through aa Intercepted letter from an honorable rebel lu the force* opposite Pickens, to a friend In one of the Gulf States, of the following facts which we fcave been permitted to copy from the origins. His feelings sre honorable *nd human : " We had some little excitement at the Fort last T night snd this morning, causd by the arrival of ' a man from Pickens ' It seems that he was In bathing on bis side of the channel, a mile and three-eighths rMs'ant from here, ar.d he swam out ? beyond his depth. Both wind and tide being against him. he came over to us, and threw him If upon the merev of the Commander, Major Gregory, who, we think, treated him very badly Re appears to be a noble fellow. When he was asked whether or not he was a deserter he replied : ' No, sir; I am a gentleman !' M?j Gregory tried to get some Information from him ss regarded the *tate of defence in which Pickens was, but he refused firmly to give any luf >rinafconitall, apon which 6regory ordered him to be w sggedjhorrible) and sent to the Barranras pruon. Tbismay oe to* ruie or war, out may HetTfo deliver me from ever maltreating a hei files" foa. Tbe Madiaon Rfl^-s consulted about tbe propriety of s .fferin:; tbe ord*r to be carried out, out they were auvsed by their own ctlicers not to interfere; that if t'_ey did tbey would be puniahed far nutiny; besidas. th?y did not know tbe true real <-auaa of tbe t.-cVment. 1 " EUvtn o'clotl?Juat returned from a small ,, cmup of friends wbo were discussing animatedly ue question whether or not tbe prisoner w a 1 treated justly? rhey came to the conclu?ion that be was not only treated *wjustly but cruelly; and ' they have determ'ued to report the Commander of ] tbe Kort to headquarters. what good It will do we cannot tel!: >? it auch acta of unklndnesssbould 1 aot be piaa^d t? * unnoticed. Supo'*e that we abould be placed h.s situation, (*bich la not at all Impossible, aa * - b >he daily, and fr> que' tly go far out from tbe short) would we not tLi k \ ft hard if we were and tbreatfcened w 'th ^ death If we did not tarn traitors to our friends* 1 , thlui. tbat Gen. Ureg* will expren Lis indigua- i tiun at tbe bad .wanner in which tbe priaoner wm * treated, and. If possible, he will redress bis injury I admirea tb prisoner; beseemed to feel no fear of foes or death. V* ben clo'h-s were given ' J him, be sifd 'Uai >f b? evrr lived to get back he , t would return tbei i iquivai rft iu money. When It told tbat be would be sbot if be did not answer | f the quettioDS put to him, he told Gregory to shoot c him if he chose; that one dea.u vvaa ail a soldier cauld die At one time he was highly insulted at , tbe treatment, and even prepared to spit upon the luaoleat man wbo dared to try to force him to be- c tray hia friends Such men are rarely found, and whea tbey are found their courage should con- c mend reap*, t even from their e> emies " fTTAt a party In New York, a few nights ago. a lady came father late, and wai chlded for It. 'Why," raid at-, " I hnve a ijoodexcuarto make I' I had not ftmr at all. with all mv babies at at home'' An incorrigible wit, a well known |>"bUaher, replied?"1 believe, madan. you are ??od at making at leaking aucb excusea " tJ-T Wheat doea not rommand more than aixty c?"ta In any part of Indiana In many placea It *!]? for forty and fifty ceuta per bnshel irr Th? cltixeua of \fem$hla held a man meetl' K o? the night of the 23J, la honor of the victory a* Manaaaaa ||TC?pt Peter Fr'tx well knewn a a a pioneer among Philadelphia Hvmen. la organizing a regiment of Zouaves in that city. UVEA N STEA MFRS' SAIL/NO DA YS fbom *f? umrrnb sTATIH l.iar* For. ZV*v? C.of Baltimore .New York.. Liverpool... Aug. in l'eouiua New York... Haini.uig. . .Auk.10 Jlnoa .....??,New York...Liverpool.. .Aug. 14 Fulton vew Voek.?South'pton Aug. 17 Kaniaroo??_..New York...Liverpool. ..Aug. 17 Faropa? ...New Yor*...Liverpool.. .Aug. 21 F?r?ia_^_ _^_.New York...Liverpool,. Aug W iryo.... _.N>w York...Havre Sept. 14 Fbow Ftropb Kangaroo.. .Liverpool ^ew York...July 24 Fllton nABtri'ntiin Va?lr l?lv Oi Saxon. ....Livh pool Queheo Ju y 25 I Tettonia .Wouta ptua...Now York...July 31 Btna Liverpool New York. . July 31 Nov* SooUau Liverpool ? Quebec Auk. 1 j Per*ift._ Liverpool Nfw York-Am 3 Qanad* Liverpool Boston?? An*. 10 ilftva*ift.__? _.South'pton...New York..Auk 4 Ant __ .Liverpool... .New York .Auk. 17 She Oa i form a mail itmmen leave on the lit, anaSlet of every mouth. IT'KMALK HOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL I* ALEXANDRIA. VA. Mr*. S. J. MoCORMICK, PniifriPAL. Tlie thirteenth annual eession of tAia Institution til oonunen^e on le^lay, September 13th, in the house recently ooeuried by Hyiveeter Scutt, Km.. No, ISO Kit* V*" The oooree ol study pursued will comprise all im brvacnet requisite to a thoronjh English KJucaacn, and Music, Frecoa, Lat;a aj.u u.awict, 12 Id addition to day Kbolars. Mrs. MoCorrciok ia prepared to receive a limited uumber of pup. is u boejrders, who. coastit-itint ft p*-t of ner own lamilj, will ? under be' in*T - n? <? f>are and supe-vimion. She wili endeavor, ft* far as poaaibla. to surround them with the oomfbrta and kiadir iiit ue:.. ?e f Hoire. Ktftrtncf ?Ktrw. &eo. H. Norton, Kev. I?r. E m Hftrnaub, Rev. j>. F. Spncc, Wuuaiu H. how Eat., Ed?ar SnowJeu, Em-. Edmnnd F. Km? Henrr MarbUrr. Ka?.. l-ow HnK- ?'? Eii,, Robert H. Hunton, Eaa., VV. U. \S ailach Kdftor Ereaicg Star, BsnjartMn W*te-*, K-*.,Ja? Kntwia.a. Jr.. Em.,Col. Joiu? W.Minor, Loudoun, , Mauri. Black. Jo i & Mar thai.. Meaara. Corae 1 lux*. , Board, with Tuition in a.l the Eniliah B-inchea, #*? for the annual aeaaion? ?ayal " genu annually, ( Magic ac/l Laacnacee at PTOfeaaora' priooa. Jtr No extra aharc ea. au ?-? W SPRING CLOTH i NG. ALL, STEPHENS A CO are tins day 10 re9* at ot tne.'r aeoond aupply of SPRING CLOTHING and material 'or their cuatom trade, conait ui of NewOtotha. Cauimen V ratines, of the lateat ?*y lee. which the; wi.l make to order 111 au peeler atyle at very low prisea. . Seqbemen wuh;nj an unined.ate octfit will find ! In our Read? made Department eve y artiole of Wearinc Apparel satiable to tneir wa ta WALL. STEPHKNS A CO., %? u P?sm ?"rn?, uu\5' CLOTtal>G E Have received within ih* !iwi la? or t?? a large aeeortm-nt of BOY?' fiPJ; .>G CLOTHING, aaibraeir.* ail atrlea of lo* priced. me>ii?nn, ad nne eoa . tea. which we are a-*lliiif a t very , tow anoee fur cash. WALL. STEPHENS A CO , 3'iii Pa. av., b"iw??eu 9th and 10ti> eta. Tt T2 Mnt?i|ig?* T?ntl R*?iihni>?n.) H FRENCH A R10H8JMN , ? V V I ,,.f ,. . ? ' - - . -- .... linn UI niltf ? ?er. Colored Borders. roied a id piaiii. wftii EnnloiM to A to, Has fij><=r of a!! kii.ds, with and with*) t Mottoes. Kn esope* to ir*teh. PirtN ftutl Books ot eveij Uaso iption. A .ar*e Maori!.. '.t of Stationer?. New. Y ork Pi^rs received lai.j, Papers from I 1 a . tarU of ta? furtrj. _ vUfNCH A RICHSTEIN, nu S JT" Pf" g >KKEN CORN.1N CANS; PElifE P^'iS; 1 * ' Cnampiranns; Fredi Tomatoes, in ^uart cam; Hnmd Froit. of m&Lj varietur; Cons*f\*a ft .* " ,(Cacton;? AnxeMone, Fresu Mackerelaid ki% ibat, in ean% Freab lobsters aud liaros, u i eaos; ea.-aiues; H.-aodiad FraiU; Croese A|Btaok wall's Picklea, Sauaes, Capers, Olives, Ac- Foi | HU? bT KINfc 4 3rR0HELL. ?'o em, a S Corner V^rnmrt *v. and isth ?t. lJfcAlM.iL AJk i P *? HjK SOLDI EKS-Ev XX erv fxildieT in tnecity shuu >1 oall a' SMITH'S N >. 460 Seveatn street, onpOMte the Pom Ofboa, Pd bur-their (TLOTHI NO SH'RTS, COLLAkS TRtNKl.VALlCES. CARPET BAGS, HATS And CAPS, as it is the Cheapest Store in town to bay Clothing aaU Fa/iislunt UouOa. . J. H7s.WITH. Clothier, pa ?-3ra No. 46Q Seventh st. T DEATH-DEATH-DEATH' O Aoaones, HMhuj?. fleas. Ai.ts. 4o. Use MotKrs Inject Destroyer; never (aiis; price 30.30 and 9b oenu. Also, Moore's Rat and Mice Ex?ei BSiratoT. Lar?e and general stock of Medicines, Ao..a<waTS on hand MOURE'S West End Drug Store, H-l> If* Penn. a?erue. tW OFFER TO MILITARY MKN a large sortmentof 6 R E Y and BLIE FLANNKL -suture, WHITE ?H1RTS, DRAWiAMP BLANKETS, HALF HOSK.Ao., we Lavita all oash purobaaert to examine mmkla* t^lTFttf1?PHEN8 A CO., 199 Pa a?., between 9th and loth sis. H Mafr?!h?s-m?r and Hepab; loan.? , >< on Tin no yon ol loMkM. Bad Unit Aii'i \o Moere'a Rat aod EiUfimntliif n?T?rfails. Mwre'i UeDllua will rMM" pa?nt. ram >k or (r?mM of any kiud froatMBuAdtnotufiL' 3, Bilk or vooUd, withMt laju? to foior or oiterwiae; will oleau Kid e o?ee S^antifali* jnth little labor. Kor Ml* at MooKE%flrHi Mt<ii?iD? Daaot. 11.1 Pa. afH W mit Krf ? d ^REAT UAK^AI.NS IN PIANOp.-OM very VI aloe H * 1 4 8?'U?' make for #IS'; T?rj Bio* R#eewuo<1 Chiokennie' nakrHH for flu* on* Ro ewoodN wuian i Kro. ?nTlTi Bitifortn. al the Ma?io store of W. ?. MK'i'ZKROTT, eo?# aceat of ?>t*iDwaT * Hon*' acd . % r*o ' H? M J I OUWVILLK AK1 K-IAN WELL W A f KM, < JL* Kim i.iot WuN.a awUiM JhieUuuosi Wawa, iwaytlieett. Ateo, fresh cuppUeaof Pur- Medi<*w? r?o?iTf^ we?kly. Ayer's, Schenck'?. and i otter Medio i nee on Mi*. n MOORE'S W?t hud l)r?| Slort, t W US P?un l??n?? j^PKClAL BARGAIN is ^ ,,.u . ?N MOURNINS WOOD*. W* offer all the boat gradea of .'laurainc (joodt * M o?' "took at g really reduaed irioti for oa?L. ? J * rtil.l.KV ? PO \IAVMOtiA HA*i?! 1"* MAUMOI.IA HAM!*'! wear* uv reo**.r.g oar Aral sumly -,f Ma?i*> Sir*71" " n^A^fesvtt. s a* * (wwnorlwh ?t V?rn?ntit*T ) g^MiCEEKIN9 * SONS' FIANOsTn^T^ALE 11 nm-u, it&T&xi: u |H,WTMlUaJliUiUb "They go right U th?Spot." N8TANT RELIEF! STOP \OUft COUGB PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE! SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, All }OOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOH LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SISQERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. AKNTI.KMBN CAP FY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELIGHTHD WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. rnit paIiava Pauvh inatftnt! i IIVJ wii '?w BP wa?u iuBM>uti7t l"hey olear ibe Throat. [*hey give ttrength and volume to the voioe. I"ney impart a delictum aoma to the braath. ["hey aredeligh'-ful to the taste. rher are made of simple herbs and cannot harm any one. I advise every one who has a Coi h or a Husky Joice,or a Bad Breath, or any at.fealty of the r'nroat. to get a package of my Thr at Confeoions. They will re'ieve you instantly, and yon rill agree with me that "they go rirht to the spot' fom wi'l find them very useful and pleasant while rax 'ing or a'tendir.g puMio ireeting*, for st'll'ng our' ough or al!a*ing your thirat. It you try one >aok 1 am mfe in saying that you will ever af er?a-<1s oonsider them mdisponsibla. You will ii d them at the Druggies and Dealers ia Medisines. PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. Uy signature is on each paokage. 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T e inmenae demand for the article (Cephalia Pills) la ra^'dly snoreaair j. Fiowi i&? ?imwiU Vmilty Stmr, laaaitU, Fa. We are an re that peraou- aaffenni with the head ache, who try them, wnl atiok to them. * f\em tlu Aiiitrtittr, Providmu*, JL I. The teatimor* in their fevor la atrong, from tba moat reapeotab'a a uartera. Prnm tkt Daily N*vt, JVivporl, K. I. CephA 10 Pillaare taking the pl&oe of*: kinds. From lk* CommoreuU Bullitt?, Barton, Matt. Said to be very effioaoioua for the headache. From tk* Commercial, Cinetnnati, Ohio. Buffering humanity oan now be relieved. IHT1 A aingte bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue will aava ten tim*a iu oort annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THK PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH lfT"A StiTCtf in TimbSatu Nma."-ni Aa aooidenta will happen. ?*en In wall regaiatac Mm, it ia vary deeirabie to have tome oheap kDcCoonvaniant way for repairing Furniture, Toy* Jroekery, Ao. # SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE neeta all anch emergenoiee, and no houaahold oa >fford to be without it. It la al way a raady. and n the atloking point. - USEFUL IN BVEKY HOUSE." N. H -A Brail. MoomruiN ??k MotU*. frM I Mats, A riiirrw HENRY C. BPALMNO. No. ??C*d?r vtrMt, Nrw York. CAUTION. Ij f??i Mvmel1** ' ln*' ^ flPALDIN# 8 PBEPAftEO GLVH.JJI >-.t ??fHri ui ?um ?U3?*LC' iiiipriiuh m i+-%mww TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. JJNITfll) STATES ^MILITARY ROUTE. Or and ofttr Tk?r*dax, May 16. 1981, PASSINGS* THAIS* KKTWRK WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE will run as follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON at 4 15and710a. m. and 3 90 and 5Wp. m arnvin* at Baltimore at 5j0 and 8.50 a m. an 4.05 and 7jo p. m. LEAVE BALTIMOR K a. 4.30 and 8 20 a. m.and S.46 and 6pm, arriving at Washinfton at 6.10 and 10.10 a in. and 5 26 and 6 46 p. m. Passenger Trains leaving Washington at 7 10 a. m. and 6 ii p. m.. and Baltimore at 8 9o a in ftn(j 5 ? m . make direct oonnexions for Annapolis at the Juncton. Train* leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Wash in*'o< at &S0 a. m. and 4 15 p. m . Passenger Trains leaving Washington at 4.15and 7.10 a. m and 3 90 p. m. make direot oonnexions at Baltimore for Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and all other points North. AJ> articles of freight (not oontraband of war) will be transported over the line. Tonnage Trains will ieavo Baltimore at 4 30 a. rr. Leave Waahingtoa at i,p. m. By order of the Secretary of War: THOMAS A. SCOTT, ml# General Manager. US. MILITARY ROUTE. SPECIAL NOTICE. On SUN P \ Y the Trains will leave tne Deoot at 7.10 a. m. ?r ' 2 8n?. m lor Philadelphia and N?* York. Tra win arrive \t 6 IP a. m. and 6 45 p. m. THOMAS A. SC.'TT.Uen'i Manager, mall [Chron, Intel and Repub.] frail MF.AM WEEKLY H'TWEEN alPft NfcW VOKK ANDLtV-RPOOL. ^Lauding and embarking passengers at Queens'own, Ireiami The Liverpool. N w ork and Philadelphia 9teamshi? Compsnj nt nd dispatohinc t eir full powered Cjyd*-built iror Suamship* as foil.- jr?: GLASGOW --n'.u. >T, August 3J. city of Baltimore, n*n. KANGAROO. " " 13th. Am I every Saturday at noon, from Pier44, North river. * ATKS OF PASSAGE. First Cabin #7S D<>. t>> London?....... f? Do. to Paris 85 Do. to Hamburg at Steer*. .i to i^ondon 34 ? o. to 1 a u..? Oo to Humbnrir ">5 Passenger forwarded to Havre. Bremer . Rotterdam, Ant werp, An , at redooed througa aree. Person* ?selling to bring out 'heir friends can buy ticket' at low rates. ?>r further information apply at the Captains Offioe. JOHN ?. DM. , Agent, 13 Broadway N. V . OrtoQ.A h KR KING, A lams Express Baltimore ? -FT*"*"'- r ? GOVERNMENT LINE ^w ? to fort monroe am) old rulnt comport. Leaves the lower end of UNION DOCK, Ha ti more, weit aid*. OAII-V. <S?inHiwi ???*)*.* _..M . , , _ tiivi v* -**? / cab ?H o'6; ek P. M. takin* and fei.nt. and o<>nu- o'inf with the Kailroaa linea. to &ud Tom Wui' rg'on.U. C.. Phii&dt phia, New York, Boa t?n, York, Harriabu-g, Pittaburg, Pa , and thr We?t. immediately af;er theai .val of the Expraae Traiti from New Yoik and Philadelphia. The following ia the Schftdu.e : From New York to port Moi, o? and baok,..?U Prom Philadeiph'a and hack aio From Ba tirooreand biok 36. JIT" PROCURE YOUR TlCKETt?.0] In New the New Jiitey Rail roaa office fo >tof Courtlai d atreet. In Phi a>leiphia, at the Comp vnj'a cffioe.N. VV. corner < f Six h and Ch*atnut atreeta, or at the Depot, Broa-i and Prime atresia. In Baltimore, ou b ^ard the Steamera. foot of Union Di ck. HUGH O CONNER, Paa*enter Acnt - ^INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE LINE. EASTER V AND WESTERN SHORE STEAM MRS. "KENT," Capt J H. K rwau ' 1 /OiVKJSK/'Capt W.Norn an. Will run their routes a* followa, leavi r Light atreai, Baitimce, foot oi Camden at? o'clock A. M : KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landing* nu.>..w ...... ...? ~ - - v,, vinj'vauM I1TO' I cvorj ?* Y fttlG ATIJRDAY, returning every I hu r?d\y and Monday. For Annapolnand Went River, every TUES DA V and FKI l?A Y and returning ?a e *5ay?. PION EER?For St. M ehwl'iani Fanton.via iV 'le'n Kiver, every WEDNESDAY, a..d return the tame day. For Annapolt*. Went River, Cambridge, Oxford and Ea?ton Point, every THURSDAY, returning by same route on Friday For Annapoli*. Weet River, St. .Miohael't and Ea ton, via Mile's River Ferry, every SATURDAY, returning'ere'y Monday by lima routeFare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Fan too Point ? ? ft 90 Fare to St Mtuliae.'a and Mills' River,(round trip 9>-) IW fare to Went River,(rourd trip, SI) 1 HO are to Annapoli- (-ound tn^7>cent?)~?. 19 MSALS tXTHA. in*Freight inuet he prepa.d Wiikifaua OCta?, I.lull I ST., I?ot of Otmdtn. balturore. C. K. CANNON. ft- mi i FOR THE WEST AND SOUTH ' TrTg* BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. On and after Ma? 16tn, lftfil. the t-aina will run a* follows, vix:?Weave Camden Station, Kaitiinore.?Mail, iexeept Sunday.) at 9 9)A.M.;Expre*s da> y at 3.45 l*. M. Both Train* go direot'v tirougi, 'OR AM. FARTS OF THE WEST, SOUTHWEST AND NORTHWEST. TOR IV* V PAMPMfilBU Between Haltimor- and Piedmont tak* the A. M. Tr?in;b?twf>n Piedmont and V o?lin* take Ao ooinmodation Train, leaving Piedmont at 5.A M ;and between Grafton and Parkereburj, take the 5 9'A M Train from Baltimore. The FREDERICK TRAIN Uave? Baltimore at 4 30 P. M. and Frederick ar 6 an a . M Th? ELLK'OTT'S MILLS ? B MN l??eve Baltimore at 6 2" and 9.15 A.M. and 1 an ' 5.4-' P M., an<1 Lilico.t's M ilia at 7.40 and 11.6o A. Ai .and 8 45 and 7.00 P. M. For farther informat on, Tioketa of every kind, <fco , tpp!y to J. T KNO LAN D A*ent, at Caiuden station, or at the Tioket office. W P SMITH. Ma?ter of Tranaportion. L. M. COLE, Gen'l Ticket <jent. northern CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT^* OFFICE,! Calvbrt Station, Batimore. May '8,1861 S On and after J*nnda?. Mat li?th, 1861. Train on the NORIHKRN CENTRAL *AIi.W/\V ar rive and depart as ' tilovs, until furtner notioe. TRAINS NO&TH. MAILi v> A M. EXPKE * at 8 ?> P. M. HARRl*BUR(i ACCOMMODATION at 8 P. M The 8 IS A. M. train onnneou at Relay Hou* with traine <>a the \Ve?t<?rn Mainland Rai.road, at Hanover Ju> otion with Hanover and OetUbii'g Ha'lrovl <; h. York with York and Wnghtavlile Railroad; at Harriaburc with Pennsylvania Rai >/> ! far *il n* el m nf * ^? ' ? ...... ? ! Kai v? </i HIV *? 0?V. ft'BU Willi JjODAnCOD Valley Kailroad to tw York direct; a' Northum berland with L an ?. Railroad tor Krxiton &ml all part* <>f WTOomiut; Valiej.and a? *ui^>ury with t ie Philadelphia ai ' Krie Railroad lor all parts Northera Pennsylvania ard Vew York. The3.S0 P. M t'ain m k?H * I ttie above connections except Hanover Km r ad, WrijMsviile Railroad and the Leliannon Yall y Railroad T eg P. M train makes oonn otinns with Penn sylvani* Railroad for a'* part* of the West, and direct connects for New York. TRUSS ARKirg. Mall at 6 lop M., Expre at 7 ?& A. M.; flarr:aburg Accommodation at 2 43 P. M For Tickets and inf<.r i ation inquire at the Ticket Cilioe, Calvert Station, Ba! ,i >. J. C. ^:L^RK, Sup't. I LEAVE PHILADE'-PHLA FOK NKW YoKKThe Canr'en and Am boy and Philadelphia and Tren'oa H ai'rovl Companies' Line (ram Ptt I LADE'.PHI* TO NKW YO?K AND WAY PLACM?. from WALNUT STREET WHARF AND K EN at IX U TON DEPOT, will leave as fol lows: At 6 A M . via 0amden and Amboy, (C. and A. Accommodation.) At6 A. M , via < amden and Jersey City, (N.J. Aooommola'ion ) At 8 A. M., via Camden and Jersey Ctty,?Mornn g Mail.) , AtliH A. M , via KeLsinxton and Jersey City. (Western Exores*.) At 12). P. M., via (Jaruden and Amboy.tAooommodat on.) At 2 P M.,via Camdeu and Amboy, (C. and A. KiprOU ) At 4* P M . via Kenaingtou and Jersey City, (Evening Express.) At 4)t P M . via Kensington and Jersey City. (S?u.?rd Class Tioket.) At 6 P. M., via Camden and Jursey City, (Evening Mail.) , At Ilk P M., via Camden and J ersey City,(South ern Mail.) AtsP. M . via Camden and Amboy, (Aooommoriation. freight and passenger, Firtt Claaa Tioket) Beoond Claee Tioket. The 6 K. M Mail Train nine dally. The 11* P M. Mail, Pa'ardaye excepted Por Bel. dere, Kaaton, La^bertvilla, Fleming tan, Ao., at 7.10 A. M.;aed?S P- M., from Kensington . , ? For Water Gap, Mtroud*l>ars,Berantna,Wilkeebarre. Montrose, Ureat Bend, Ao., at 7.10 A. Mf from Kea?ington, via Delaware, Lackawanna ana Western Railroad. For Mauoh CHun*, Allentowa and Bethlehem^tt 7.10 A. M.andJ . P. M. from Kensington dt pot; the7.10 A. M. Ii oonneota with the tiain leaving Baeton at 316 ? M. For Mount Hoily at e and 8 A. M. and 2 and 4H p ^ ^ For Freehold at 6 A. M- and 2 P. M. Por Bristol, Trentoi, to. at 7.10 A. M..4X and 5H 1*. M from Kensington, ana J* P. M from V\ % nut street wharf. For Pa'myra Kuerton, Delanoo, Beverly. Bar 'uiiob, MurtDOMO, uoraenlown, 4.0 , at 1U(, I, Chi and 5 P M . Meainar Trenton for Bordentowa. and intermediate^ placea, at 3K P. M. from Walnut itrNt W|Cr: For New York and War Um, leaviac KonaiutoniMpot.takaUta.aari on Filth atreet, above Walnut, half an hour before departure Tha' oara run iato tha depot, and on arrival of train ran from tha depot. Kifij pound* of baggaf* orlr ellowed to 'a?h/ MMtniir Paeeeniereare prombitedfrom taking snsy? ssssy" ars extra The company limit their reeponaiSiUtj fr baxcace to one <*ol ar par pocLd,and will not he Uahler >r any amuot beyonu oaa hundred do liar a, """ *?Sf5Ctt.eAWMiui.A^.?. / T._ .NOTICE TO TRAVEL**?. . ? 1 BE Poitmutir Senermi na^ng ordered the J mail senrfoe between Washington. *Mlmm w Baltimore, tad Old Point tFortress^^4^^^ Monroe) to be resumed, on ud Monday, tiisjnh inttant, Ut<> Bm Line of iHi??ti will leare lia timore EVERY DAY (except Sunday > from their wharf, foot of I'nion Doe at ( o'olock p. m.. or iT-mediately after ' e arrival of | the Washington Train, which eaves Washington at tX o'olocl p. m. m?-tf . M. N FALI.W. Pree't , __h PHI LA OKLPHI A, WIL. 1 _^K3^PIBE M1NGTON AND BAL? TIMORN RAILK ?AD. 1 SPRING AMD SUMMRH ARAANGEMANT. Oi. ai.d al'er Tlfc^OAV May 14th, Pas?*nger Train* tor Pnnade ph.* leave Preside:.! street t Depot daily (evoept J*ucdaT?)*s follows, vix: ? xpre?s Tr*in at6 15 A . M Way Mail Train at 5.45 A. M.; Eren'nc Mail at 4 45 o'o ook. On *INPAYSat 4 45 P. Si. onlf. All trains eonneot with New Yorfc trains except 4 45 P. M. train on tjatur. . days. A Freight Train with passenger oar attaohed leaves at 5 P. M , stopping at all htations between Ba'timoreand Havre df-Gr*o". i'ansengers f ir Delaware a'-d the Kastern fhore of Maryland will find the most expeditious route by >m ufWilmington. ir7"All Colored Person! must give bond before entering the oars. WM CP. AW FORD. Agent _^_?__-GKF.AT CENTRA! ROrTBFOR LSIJCIg^ IHF. WKHT. via HUDSON tit T?-??Ji HAlLh.UA I' and tfEW YORK CE TKAL RAILROAD I x;res? Trair." le?v? New Y rn o ty depots of Huut 'i River Rallioad daily. Sunday# rxdepied, 'aioi ( w?: From bariibers street From SUt st. station. At 7 roam At 7 25 am 1(*>" 5 00rm 1'as ' 535 p m S3" p m 3SA p m Montreal and BnfTalo Train with sleeping cars, 9.'5 p m 1 <5 p hi Connect)'* at Albany with Uio New York Centra! Kauroad fir J-obenectady. Rcoh?tter, Utioa, Batavia. Rome, ar-! "rations on Rome and Wnt?rtown Railra' HuSXIo Mvraenso, NUga-a Fal's, Snxpensi- n Bridge. Aubnrn,Geneva.Caracdanoa. Trains in ooiinectn l<*ave Buffalo arid Sn?p*n ion via Lake Shore, CutT?l'> and " ?ke Ku oc And Gre?t Western Railroad for Hamilton. Toronto, Del.-'it Chiraco. Toledo, Miiwaukie. Fon Du Lac, La Crosse, Mad is 'n Frairie Du Cnien, Ga <*na. . Dunleifh. Dubuque, Peorta, F'olt Island, Mn*catlne, Iowa Oiir, Burlington, Quircy, Spricffisid, Alton, St. I jonis, Cairo,Te-re ri#ute. lrdat-apo'is, Louisville.Cincinnati. 1 a?ton. Columbus, Cleveland, and all points West, Northwest and South wc8t NORTHERN ROUTE Connecting with Trails at 1 roy, with Troj ft Bo?ton and Rrns. ft Sar?t.oicv Rossis for Saratoga,

Whitehall. Rut'and, Burlington, -t. 4 lbans, Rou-o Point, PlatUburgh, O^densbu gh, Montreal, fto , fto fT7* Freight Arrangements by thi? route as above, without change of Cars, trom the frpots in C hambers and ? anal streets are at all times a? favorable as madelyo*h r Railroad Compa^i ?. The aoiMties of this great New Vork Rout*, 'o the West commend it to the confidence of merchants an eh ppera for promptness %nd dispatch Paster,ger tram*, with Smoking snd Sleeping Cars run in connection ou the New York Central Road. For particulars as t" local trsins an^ freight ar ransfemoiiU, inquire at the depot. Warre^* st. A. K. SMITH. Superintendent. VORK. HARI.EM AND aBHKS ALBANY RMLROAO ! - *"J| LEAVtiSG NEW YORK FOR ALBANV, TRO , NnETH AND WhsT. SUMMER ARRANGKME -T Commencing Monda*, May 27th, InCI. For Abany?11:00 a. m. fast express train from 2fi'h street. For Dover Flairs?4.p. m flopping at White Plains and stations north to Dover p ains?from 26th utreet station (This train will run to Millerton every Saturday evening.) For Croton Fal's?8:15 a. m. stopping at a'l stations north i f Fordham from Sfi h street station. For hit" Plains?2:3^. 4:10 ard 5:0" p in. ctopping at a'l stations from 2Gtti street station. For Wlite Plains?6: 5 p. m. stopping at a I stations fro>n W bite < treet staUon. For Wil isms Bridge? 7:3\ 11:15 a. m. and S:10 p. m. stopping at a'l stations from 27th street station. Returning wil' leave? Albany?<fc<m a. ni. fast ejpres* tra;n. Dover P ams-5:30 a m. (Thi* train leaves Mil lerton ever. Monday morning at 5 a. m.) Croton Fal ??ftp. u.. White Plain*?7.-00 a m. 4:'0 k 7:00 p m. Wi liami Bridge?9.-00 r. m.A 1:00 p. m. >?undaT tram* will leave 4th Avenue oorn?r 28<i ?tre??t, for Central Park, Yorkvilie. Harlem arid Hieh Bridge every f w micutne. from 9:M a. " to 7:W p m. JOHN BURCHILL. A*>t Sup-\_ vw YORK ANH ERIE RAIL kiiaH Passenger Train* leave vta Pavo<ua Ferry an<i Lour fiook, from foot ofchim er* fi-e-t. New York.a* follow*, tia 7no a. in , EX?'RFSS.for Dunkirk, and Buffalo, and principal int?-rni? la e Stations. 8 ft1 a la .MAIL, for Punk: and intermediate Satiors? fhis Train remain* <.v?r Rightat E.raira, anil proofed* the next morning tJ.ooa m MILK dail , for Otisville, and inter mediate Stations. 11 on ?. m , ACCOM MODATION. daily, for Port Jervi*. an.t p Inoipa! Stations 4<m i>. ni . WA\ for Middietnwn, Newbnrgh. ai d intermediate Station*. .c/y> p. in.. IS 10a 1' EXPRESS, da !y. fo' Dunkirk, JiutT^lo, Canan?lai*ua and principal station* Tit Tram of Satnrday ftop? at all Mail Train StaMon*, and rue* orlj to E mira 6 no p. in.. AC^OAl MO L> ATI ON,for Hornesville, and principal Station* CH*f. MI.NoT, Gen'l Sup't. NATHANIEL MARSH Reo'iver^ HUD3HN RIVEK RAil.ROADFor ALBANY *ND TROY,CON NECT1N0 with TRAINS NORTH And WES l , Train* leave: From Cha nber* *t. N.Y-1 From 3 th *tree? Express. 7 and 11 a. m., 17,25. 11.25 a. m , .md 335 and 3 3" and 5 p m. 5.25 p. in Truy and Albany (with 10.45 p.m . 'Sunday* in. looping oar) 10.15 p. m oluued.) Pougiikeepme tiaia6, a 3 25 a. in., and 1.40 p. m m . 1.16 p.m !' ekskill train, 4 rfl p m ,4 2": p.m. Sing Sii g trai?i ? oo a m |9 25 a. m, and 4 55 and and ? 30 and 8 ?<> p. m 8 25 p.m. Fithkill traiu,5&> p. m 15.56 p m. A K SVl' I H, superintendent jfT?^FOR BOSTON VIA NEWPORT ANl> Kil.l, HIVBR. 4 By the xp.endid and snpert-ir ?t?arae i METROPOLIS. EMPIRE STATE, H\Y 8TATK and STATE OF MMm E, of great st'entth and sp*ed, hut particularly adapted to the navigation ot Long ls'and Sound, running in oonneot on with tne Fail Kiver a d Old Colony Railroad, distance f 58 ' ilos onlj to Bortnn Leave Pitr No. 8 vo tli River near th? Batte-y. The Steauier EMPIRE S TATE,Capt Brayton Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 5 o'clock P. M., touohing at Newp-.rt bach wa>. I he SUa ner METROPOLIS, Capt. Brown, on Tuesday* Thursdays and Satn'dais, at 5 o'clock P M-. touching at Newport each way. ! Tuese Sieara?rs a.e fitte-i with commodious state rooms, and every ar-ai.g-'mrnt for the soenn tv and om ort < ! pa?vnser wh j ire afford**! by tins ro;it? a ntgh?s' test on t><>r.rd and onarrual at ta 1 Ruer proie?d per Steamboat Trata reach lng Boston early the following n orning : or may reina n on board until <>t Lie Aooommoda ? on at 8 A. M., by whioh tuej ay reach Boston ab"ti' 3 45 A. M A baggage master is attache to rach steamer, who receives and tiok-ts the baggage, ami a"Oom paiiies the i-aTie to its desunat on. A steamer ru' e in connection with this Line be twe*n F all River and Providence daily, exorpt Sunday a. r rriti.i 10 um1 n la 101 warded through with frnat dispatch by a i txerei- Train, which envoi 'all Kiverever* mo, mug, exoepted, a' TVi o'clock for Boston and N?w Bedlo.-d, arriving at ita^eaunation at a!>oa* HAM For freight or pa>aagw. app yon hoard, or at the offio-' oaPier No. 3 North K'V?*r For state rooms and be fhs apply on board, or if d?ieirei to amours them in advanoe, to WM BORDtSN, Ai't TO and 71 vn eat atreet, N Y. THK KhfiULAR MAIL LINE * GROToN. 9 < ONINGTON Wi^afcand PROVIDENCK, FuK BOtt ION?It la d Route?The aorteet and moat dire^ ?Carry t*e t astern Mail. The ateaimr Pi. V MtlJTIl ROCK. Capt. J. C Geer, and COMMONWEALTH, Cajt J. W. \Vil*iama, in connection with the tttomngton and Providence,and Boa on and Provtdenoe Railroads, lea vine Now York daily, tfundara fioeswl, from Pier No 1# North R.ver, at 5 o'olook P. M., and Groton a' 8 3".o'oi< ot f. Wor on the arrival of he Mai1 T>ain whioh leaves Boaton -t 53" P.M. The PLYMOUTH ROt.K from New Y< rkMoi.da*, Wedaeada*, and Friday. Frorn Groton?Tnrada-j Thursday,and Ha tor day. The OMMONWEAl TH. from New' YorkTu*?day Thursday, and Sitorday. From Groton ?Monday, Wedneaday. and Friday. Pav*ngera fr?m Groton piooeed per railroad to Providence and Borton, in the Eipr-ea Mail Train, rraohing sa d place in advanoe of tho?e by other route-, and in amaletime lor all the early Morning Linea O'inecting North and Eaat. Paaaeugera that prefer it, remain on board the iMmae ??* wLka-l i;"4 1 * 1 ? | oujuj a ai?Hit root aiiuiBUiruvU- or?M" fast li desired, and leave Groton in the 7.15 A. M. Tr-in, ooiiDAOtinK at Providenoe With Mis 14) A M. Train for Boston. F?refroui t rovideroe to Newport, Fifty o*nti A b&igace master aooumpanies the Steamer and Train eah way. For Passage, Berths, State Rooms, or Freight, Boijron bi ard the st?amer, or at the Freight Offioe, Pier 13 North River, or at the Offioe of tho O' inpaui, No. 115 W e.t st-e?t,oomer of Cortland street. New York. Feb. a. 1861. C* MILITARY BOOKS. r RBNCH * R1CH3T1EN have just received a targe and oomplet* assortment of Military Books o' all kinds, whioh they offer from ten to fifty per cent, below the regular retail prieee,?inolnding : A new edition or Hardee's Infantry and Rita Tactios, oomplete, $1.25 For e?' Volunteers' Mams), 3 vols, ?3 Alle ' ('ompen' iuin of Hardee's Taoiioa, AOo Uross's Military Nursery. 75o M aban's Field Portifioa'ion and Outpost, each 75 fardee's Taotios, 9 heap edition, 25e he Soldier's Guide, a oomplete manual an< drill book for the use oi tbe Volunteer Militia aud the Home Guard. 25c The Hand-Book for rile U.S. Soldier, being a first book of instruction to the U. 8. Infantry taetUJS. 25o Also, Military Mass. Mm of the w? ChArta, Guide*, Ac ^ * PlftM, Ba4g** and Mad at* of ajary deeonpUon. J ay ol" tba akore ient bj mail fra*. FRENCH i KiCaSTSIN. ma M 9T*P?iiiiTlniia?**Ma MAM OP TttB 8LATOFWARr-Aepieadid ItI Map of tba Seat of War for only Scanta. A Lao, Pocket Mapa of all kind*. SaldMra' Camp Dranainf Caaaa from IS fit to #t. lank Buck* and Stationary of ait klaoa, Fiac ar and Enveiopoa. ? '.a .Bacoara at i Badges . v lew* of WartV<|. J ton, American and Foraizn Magazines, Dai!j act* 1 ^^^^"pRENCH jk RlCHflTEIN'8 I . -If (UML * ??V? Paflvanua. j pJ^OPOIULS FOB ARMY IAH1II WAQmmKimiiio Omtrwfi Mm, I IftiiiMtt*. ImB, IMLf PaorosxLs are wetted ft Ue ffcraishmc of fcrmr Hu(K? Whfons. Proposal* shovld itMe the price at which they ?an be famished, de irered At New York. Haiti more, or V* sahiacton, stating the prioe d?liv?r?d Ueach p'aoe. Tne enmber wkiok oar. be nade by Mr bidder within i d* m nth After receipt of the order,aJ?? toe csmt^T which he can deiiver wtthia one week. The W A?oua muit exactly conform to the f ?liowinc specifications and to the estab 1shed pattern*. ?i*-mnle (covered) Wi^ou,of the nit and deicnpt.on as follow*. t-> wit: Tne front wheels to be three feet tea tnohe* inch, hobs ten inohe* lu diauieter a*id fourteen and a l??rter inches ions; hind wheeis foar feet ten laches high, hubs ten aad a quarter inobes in diane ter and fourteen and a quarter inches ion*; fellies two and a half inches wide aLdtwoand three qo?rter inohes deep; oast iron pips hexes twrlre inches lone, two and a hn f inches at tee Uric* enl and one and reven ?uUln inch at small ene; tire two and a hail uiouaswiUe b? fi.e eiikths of aa inch thiok. fastened with one screw bo.t and nut la each fellie; hubs ma<le rf jam, ti>e spokes and te lle* of the best white oak free from defect*; each wheel to have a sand hand aod linchpin band two and three-quarter inches wide of No. 8 band iron > nd t w A ilenMti? l a >.? ? ? _ _ J ? .ww ** >? lift uv ' V U IT?"U (IW?li4 m Crter inch by output Vat inoh thiok, inatde I 4 one i oh by thr *>e aixtef nth* ir.on tbiok; the hind whefla to l>? made and boxed ac tt at the; will me&aure from the iimiue of the tire to the larne end of the box six aad a ha f inchea, and front wheel* six and one-eighth mohra in a par* lei line, and each axle to be three leet elevw and three ti^uth inchea iroin tne outaide of one ?boulder wasner to the ouUideof the other, ?o as to have the wagona all to track five feet frtfm the centre to centre of the wheel*. Ax etreea to be in via of the best eual'tv refined Am<rioan *r n, two and a half inches square at the thnuider. tapering down to one and a hvlf inc.. m the middle, *.\th a aeven-eightha inch king b.?lt hole in each fcxiftrec; wvheic and liuohpibi for eaon aj^i tree; aiza of linchpins one inch wide. three eighthr of an inch thick, with a hole in e?oh cndj a w.>oden stock four and thrcse quarter mq/iea wide arul four inches dnep, fastened aub tan' to theaxletree with clip* on th* ends and r ith two bona, six inchea from tha midd.e.ard ta tened to tva hound* auu l>o ster.ithe bolster to be four five incite# long. five irohea wi ' three and a half ibobM de. p.) *ith four half inch bo.tJ. The tongurfto t>e ten feet eight inches long, four in< he* wi -eand three inohes thick at fro it end of the uounda, aud two arid a qaa ter inches wide br tw<> and tLree quarter inohes d p at the front end, aud ao arranged as to lilt up, the front end of it to hang within two feet ol the ground wh?n the wagon ta etaiioiug at rest on a level turfaoe. The front hou: ds to be fix f <-t two inchea long, three inchea thick, and four inchea wide over ax< Itroe. and to retain that width to the back end of the tongue; jaw* of the hoH>da one loot eight luu.m iuui si/'j m-ee loootx square at tne trool end. with a plate of ron two ai,u a half Inohea wide b* fbre* eighths of an inch th on, fattened on t >p of the hou'da over the baok enc of ti.e ti.n?oe with one half inch aorew fc It in each end, and a p.aie of iron of he santi* rice turned np at eaon end one ana a r ait inotiea to oiamp the front hounds together, and fattened on the under aide aiiU at front end of hounda wit' half iiich screw boit tinough each hound, a aeven eig] th inch bolt through tongue and uoanua in the center ot jaws, to *ecur.' the to gue -n the hounde; a p ate ol iron thr -e inch^e wide, one qua>ter inoh thick ahd one foot e kIu li.onua long, Broured on the maid-of jaws of hou:<4a, wi to tw? rivet* an., a plate of aaine dimenaiona o ?aoti aide of the tocgue white the tongue and h< unda run together, tec red in like mann*:; a brace of seven eigntha ol an inch round roti to extend from under the fiout axeltr^e and take two boita in front part of the hounda, .am? braoe >hree q arteraofai. inoh round to oontmue t.> the bao. part if the bound*, and to be larten'd with tw boiti, one nea. tr>e bacs e -1 of the hounda and one through the eader and h'Unds; a b^ace over front bolaier one and a half inch wide, one quarter of an inoh thiek, with a r o t iu each end to laaten it to the houi.da; tne epeninc be twr?n t^e jawa of the hounda to receive t et nc ue four and three quarter inohea iu f ont,an< four an<i a half inches at tne back part of the ja we. The hiud bounds four feet two u.oht a 1 g. two and three quartrr i:.enes thicg.aad ti.r -metes wiue; jaws one foot long where th- * ?. *sp t^e oouj'ing pole; the bolgt-i four feet fivb injure ong an 1 five inohea wide by 'hree niches de?-p,witfe at aay iron two ard a ha f inohea wide by ne halt inoh thick turned np two ai.d a ha.l inohea and fastened on -ach end with three rivets; the bolster ftooka and unnnili t/> K? asmwaH fmu I ha f inch t-crew bolts, and one half-mon aorew bol .hrouga the coupling pole. Tlie coupling pole nine feet eight inohea long, thrf-e inohes deep, and foor and a ha f inohea wir. : at front eua, and urn and three quarter inohea vide at baok end; distanoe from the center of ? ing joit hole to the center oi the back <vx etree six k*<*t one inch, and from the center of king bolt ho o to the oenter of th** mortioe ;n the hind end of the pote euht feet nine inches; kmc bolt one and a quarter inches diameter, of boat refined iron, drawn down to seven eighths of an ino'j where it paasee through the iron axletroe: iron p.ate six inohea >ong. ;hree inohes vide, and one-eighth oT an inoh thick on the Uoubletreo aud tongue. where '.hey rab u gcUi er; iron plate one and aha.f by one quarter of an inol a the aliding bar. fastened at each end br a acrew bolt thr^ngh the hounds; front bolater to have pia'es above and below eteven inches long, three and a half inohes wiie, and throe eighths of an inoh tluok, oomers drawn o^t and tamed down on the sides of the bolster, with a nail in each cor ner. ami four nountersurk nana on top;t wo bands on the hind hounds, two and two ana a haif in ches wide, ot No 10 band iron; the run plate on the ooupfing pole to b? ?irht inches long, on* and ahree quarters inches wn . na one quarter of an iLoh thick. Doubl tree litre*-feet tru ineb?e long, sin tUtree two le?t ^lght inoh s -v well made of lokorv, srfthaniron ring oil* each e>" oenWoiipto be w. liseoun ; lead car and ot. etohe? .0 :>e three f?et two inohes long, two and a quarter inches vide, ai.d one and a * Barter inoh thiok. Lead bars, stretchers, aid singletreoa for six mala team; the two singleireea for the lead muioe to have hook* in the midtiie to hook to the eiHi of the fcfth chain, the whee. and midd.e pairs witii open riugs to atiaoh them to the doDb'.etrec and lead f>ar. The firbohain to be ten feet lone to the fork: tha lork oi.e lout ten luches long, with toe str*tebrr attached to^p'ead the forks apart; the link* ol the doubletr-e, sta* ar.d tontue chaine, throe eithths ol an r oh in diameter; the lorkcd ji;: sixteer.tli inch iu diameter; the fcltii cnain to ue seven cixteenth inch 'uameter to the for*; the forx to be fi ve six'eenth IP ah di meter. toe i;nk < of thee * and of the look ohair.a to be not more than two and a 4Darter inohea long. body to be straight, thr?efeet six inches wido, two fort ie*p, ten feet .one at the bottom, and ten feet six inches at the toe, sloping equally at ?acn end alt in the dear or maid* the bad pieces tu bo two and a hair inches wide, and throe inches deep, front p'*nes t^o inibeeueep by two and a ha.i inohes wide; tail piece two and a haf mcnee wi Je and three mcbes deep, and roar i nclies deep in tho middle to rest on the ocophng pole; V?p rail one ana a half iroh thiok by one and seven ?igiu:{ inch wide; loww rana ins inch thick by one and seven-eighth mon wide, three atnda and one rail in front, witii neat on st^ap hnges to oloae it up aa b'gh as the aides; a oox three f*ot four inches 'ore the bottom five icohea wide front aide, nine awfa half inob?a deep, and eicht and a half Ucbes at tbetoe in parallel line to the bocj all in the elear, to be ?iibstauua'ly fastened to Ihelront end of the body, U> have an iron Ktrap passing round each end teourul to the head piece and (ront rail by a rivet in each end of it passing through them, tne U'l to be metened to the front rail with two good ettep hinges. a strap ol five eighth inoli iron arouDd the box a half inrh f:> in the top edge, and two straps same siae on the lid near the front edge to prevent the inuiee fr<?r eating the boxes, to Uave a joint hasp tasteneO to the middle ol the lid. with a good wooden cleat on the uaiue, a strap of ir on the centre of the box with a staple p&s-a;c *, to fasten the lid to; eight stnda and two rai:s on each time, one bolster festered to t^e body aix mohes dee* anti lonr idaHm ? ?~?a ? ? - - - Uf UVII lioie; iron rod in fr- ctand oentre, of eleven six teentus of au mob round iron, with ft head on tu' top of rail acd nut on lower end; iron rod and braoe belliud. with shoulders o_top of tail pieoe. and nut* on the under side, and a rjut on top of Sit; a plate two and a half iivne* wide of No. ! ud iron, on tail pieoN across the body; two irortioes iu tail pieoe anj hind t>ar two and a tuarier liOliM wide and one inch tiiiok. to teoeive pieces tlirc?e feat four inniiee lone. to l>* u harness bearers; four rivets through eaob aide ?tua a.jd two nveu through each front stud, tn secure the lining boards, tube of the beet eualttfircn and riveted on a good bnr; one -i?et through each ana pi the rails, floor bve-aigbfte of an inch oak bo?rda;*a ?v?-eigiiihs ol an idol white pine, tail board tLree-s uarJeni of an inch *h?ek of whita pine, to be well cieated with five oak c eau riveted at each end through the ta.l board; an iroa plate three feet eight inob "s ong, two and a anar ter inohee wide.and three eightna ofai inch tniok ou the under aide of the bed p?eoe, to extend from the hind end of the body to eight inohes in front 01 tne hiiid bolsters, to be ia*teL,ed bp the rod at the end or the body, bp the lateral rod and two three eighths of an inoh screw holts, one at the forward e^d of tl;e plate and the other about equidistant between it and the lateral rod. A hallices 'one, iron rod or bolt to pass di&conally through the ratla between the two hind stads t# at- occo toe bad pieoe a d plat* under it. with a fooc on the fop and cat and soiew at the bottom, to bo at the top one foot mx inohes from In ide of tail board, and on the bottom ten inobe* , from the hind rod. An iron clamp two inohes wide, one-quarter of aa inch thick around th4bed p eoe, tne center bolt to whioh the ook chain is attached passing through it, to extend eevea inches on the inside of the body, the ends top and bottom to be secured by two Uiree eighths incu screw bo ts, the middle bar at the ends to h? <tn h the bed pieoe ol he lower aide. Two look ch?ioe eacureU to the centre bolt of the body, on- end el*ven inehe*. the other two feet aix i no bee long, to r>eof three-eigbta of an inoh roand iron; fee trough to be four feet aix inohee long from oat to t out, the bottom and mda of oak. ihe aile* ot yellow fine, to be eight inchea wide at but turn, twe re innh<? wide at t p. aad e ght and a half inchea deep all intheol a*. w?ll irooeo. with a hand of hoop iron aronnd th? top, one arouna eeon end ana tnree between (he eada, atrong aid auitab:e irona to laateo then oa the tongae when eediag; foo atrorg ohaina to be attached to the toe rail of the 5ojt. ee Bared by aataple with a nook to a tac. it to the trough bit bowa of good aah. two inrhee wide urn one-half inch thiol, w th three rtaplee 10 i confine he rlf'ge pole to ita place; two a apl^eon the bod*, to aeeare each n>4 of the bowa; on? ridge pole twelve feet long, one and threa-tuarterv 11.oh wide by five-eightha of an inon th ok; t e ?over to he of the firat quality oottonduck, No ?, ifteon feet long aad niue feet eight laohea wide, aade in the beat manner, wiu f<>ur hemp oorda o?> saeh aide, and one through t aoh eud to cloae it at >othenda; two ringa on <?*?h end cf the body, to lioc and aeoere the enda of the cover; a erapie in Jm lower mil, near the aamad etud from each *ad, o faatea the aide o^rdi The oe-.aide ot the t-od? lad teed trough to have two g c> i ooau f white ead, colored io a b ue tint the naide of than to lava * wo ooata of venlti n red paint; the iiouci tear at d wheel* to have t? o tood nnw. ?r .Ian red darkened to a ohoooiat* oolor. Um hub aid fa ..?? to to veil pitched, leetaad of quoted. flfHUli A tor-pot, ud extra kuu bolt, and two extra inxlet'eee to bo term eked trith eooh varon. tto doc bolt ui MiifUtroM einiiar la oh r?*e**ou . o thoeo hotonftBc to it. Kaon aid* of tbo bodr of tho *um to to stareod j obepw ip likitroai box, t?opwd. u< ue n&K are to be eo MMtrMtod tkat tbe ? > >! f*rit t MX om moi valt k|r?* ud iimui it tt~?* jI my ether, so u to r?^?ire mo n?binl| ? ? t?; Mi tSlWoofl in 'I'<.??b it HMO?WU buO *?*k la all fu p*rta ftwihfw.iy iiniX tn tt? boat vorkatM'tke m^r,Dt>r The work m*r N? inspected fr?? time to *i?e M ft progreee '? by ?n . ii?f ?r?mloltM QM'lMBMUr'> D>?> tm?t,t, tr>4 < oe of It t'tl be pat > ted utti it *h* I ha?e boon im?wi?1 aid a# proted In mm oAcet or e?ent Mtko-'W u> m peot it WH fir.JVhed, punted. fcad ^oepte by a < ftoer or Merit of the Q' li'WuNf'i D* p?traeat, ?r d d?h rt_rM M herein tfrttd. they kfcaii be paid for. M C. MEIQP. J? 2? t\wTw Wmrteniuor tf?erai V, ^ THE OILY FEXPAiATIO* UA1VUL8AL OONFlDEf CI A PATROL AO! FOR STATSStTETf, JUDGKS, /?r binvurv t j nr?c 13rvtt rilvv M Sim. JO 4* | --j? ~ "I la ail parts of tho wortd tootify *o 'M efca--? * ' PEOF. 0. J WOOD'S HAQl RK8T0RATIVI, aod gontiaiaen of tko Praaa are unwii?-?i itt its praise. A tew toat. mcuialf on.r ou m I e?* af. oc Moi ru.&r for more, and it win do ia?oo. -ibla for yon to 4ooK. V WiU Brtm, Nrf Yojl*. O^o- 9.1MB now or too |fta Jnataot hu boon reooired. aavinf that toi had Cbat i had boon bonoited bytho in of Woof* t<>ntuto, U't requesting kj oortiaoaU v t*? j if i bod bo ottfootion to g re u. , ,, I award it to jou ohoortulij, booapso 1 un>, it duo. My age ia ab*>at <u ycaro | loo ook?r o> tcj hair unburn, and inclined to sari. w??t "v. ? ix ysara ainoo it boaan to torn gray, ai>4 tat aoo v on the orown of my hood to loaolta ionoibliit? aaw i&HdroJT t-o form upon it. Each of iheooala\gr?oabmtiea inoroased w:th tint, and aboat i laj ainoo a fourth *v added to them, J?y bafr <v. "i off the to* of my head aao threatening to make t. ' baM. In thiaanpiaaaant p-ed rament I waa id4?o<- to try Wood's Hair fleatorativs. naic y to arreat tuo Ca.aux <18 of mT hair, for 1 bad really ao oxpeota tiontiatgray hair ootud eror b? raatored to U original oolor except from dyoa. I waa. however, g?satly surprised to find, after the uae of two br.t ties only, tfjat Dot on.t waa tho fa.. 10c of arr>?tt<-. bit the onlor waa estored to the gray hair* ar.<' sensibility to tho sea! p. aad dandruff cased to f- rn, on my bead, Tery mnch to the gratification of wife, at whoae solicitation I waa Indooed t" try tt, Forthie, among the mar.-01 jgations I owe uhor aex, 1 atronsly reooi, uteod al! nnshands wh.? Tklat the admiration of their win* to prof t bj ny sample, aixl nee it if growing gray oraetOng ha?4. Very reepactftlly, fin. A. To Q.J. Wood * Co., 4*4 BroadweyTN.Y. My firnij are abeex tjrn ni the oity, and Iimm oncer at No. 11 Cairo, piaoa. Biaiuvor, Ala.. Jaly ?>. 1M* To P*op. O J. Wooft pmr Str?Yo?r "Hair R -ftnratire" hu done my hair eo riaoh good ainoe I oommenoed the nee of It, that I wiah to mai?* known to the pnblio of it* HI eota orthe k>air. wkK \ are gTeat. A man or woman may bea early dsftm I of hair, and by a recort to your "Hair Keaeorauva" the hair will return inor? beaatuui thaa ww; at iaaat thm ia ir.y experience. B^iieve it all Yonra truTV, Wi, H. ElinsT, P. B.?Yon ran pabllab the abore if yon tifeo. Ft pnblinhtng in onr Southern paper* yon will get more patronage Srnth. I eee eereral of jour ?r tifioatea in the Mottle Meroary, a etmng jou'.era paper 1 W. hi. Kmst. WOOD'S HAIR RBBTORATITK. Paof. O J. Wood: Z>?ar St*: Having had tho miwortone to loee the beet potion of my natr, from the effect* yei.ow ferer, in New Orleana in 1X51, J waa induced to *>ake a trial o( yoar preeara tion, and fonud it to *newer aa tite very thing needed. My hair ia now thick and gioaay, ai*i uo words can expreea ray obligatiena to yon 10 gincg to the aslieted a?eh a treaanre Fihui hmr *on. The Reatorattre ia pat ?p tc bottlee of th-ae tlgee, vis : large, medinm and email; the airal! bold half a Pint, and retaila for one do1 .at per Ix.tlie; the ra* diiini nolda at .eait 2n per o*^' muto in ?rcporu<T. than the email, retain for two dol ar- -crDOttia; the large holds a % uart, 4? per ? nt 100 - ia propor Uon,and rota,.* for f s O. J. WOOD 4 *0., Prop' etor*,444 Broad way, New York, and 114 Manet at. oet, Bt. Louia "go-d in thia o'ty by C. BTO a'T, 47* Pa. avenue, an r eolyAlw jot AMY Th? LXMMDF KM JO lOt 'lW HEALTH. Vyni. ? rot nfert Are rot tt? twUb ifu; of inotc Biraerowa wbiek trut from im rarity of the biood? W in in tkff, do jrm aa* fexijer ut. wba? are tbey not I "f uc blo?l ic t aoaioe of lite ai/C health. ard it u tao I rat rWim, of oar ben.g to respond ?< any min which aflecta theaysirri, aa tt* infai.ibiy atyota Tte . prevt'.irg Nearaigia, the IrnUUng rryaipeW, _je subtle 8?r?\ila. the ago?j*i?g Rt.e:r..*u*Tn. N?voas Debility, i)yapep?ia.Liver Corapiaiat wit* :fer oraor and dejection, and tao laaboliw Ul? trsi floaa ia hetr to,derive Mr hiieoss onpi fr . .,?? WooU, T)e?l llud'r then aDdgentiy witfc lb? .. oa.' Vao mevitaiiaing rteouroea of Latare for ui a'd, ud aafw aa to ooq.mcao ta yaar eocf deuoe ano aao that trair valuable medioamoat kaown ae mrs. m. cora INDIA* TIGKTA3LS DECOTJON. Witt regard to tola aimoot lafaUlb)* roeoiflo a?u a; aentii&ent i?a spoken it dacicel td ue J the evidenooe of ttia great HBcar* are *ar UjIim by coo?t*r.t avnwaya of atrativ* rfvrta ? -vi W>" happiest raaait* u?ta l?c tae are after ui c?m rerri^iea and the beat akin have 6n\^ Let aa aarf la cor,o/uaion. Uiat oemtiaat'. mi are not sought from tbe i literate uJn?". , but they are Tolaataarrr m tbe tnoa. .e pectabie source* and juetiry the higheet terme in wmch it ia poeeiMe to oommasd ao Taxable a apeetfrc to pabiie approval. We may adoe - ? :t?at the curative properLeec; t^e ireOtoise aree?,ae only by tU restorative eff ecu. tbe system re&ovar inr fromdiaeaee with renewed oofistftafaouai vigor. For #%le by all respectable Dnigcisla in Tale aitj. and by the proprietor, MRS. M COX, None genuine un;eea ber name it blow* oa Us bottle and ber aeal on tbe cork try Price #1 per botlie, ai * Sottiea for ft. WmaUtmlt Attnt. k. K. I. oiiMSLL. IVrugriat eorgetown. D- C., Wboleaale Agent for tbe T>1a rict, and will rappty Use trade at rcy ppr-? aa Tt-tr rJ1Ht ALL SUFFICIENT 7HHKK. TRIKSKMAR.iJ and J-Proteoted hr *r?a. Kttera Patent of Kn?iasd. and eeoured by tna k!z of the Ec? e de PiAnnaoie da Parit, atd the Imperial Collate of Medlome. Vierna No. 1 ta iBvalcabie for rvh^aauon rjti aatarri.aa, and all pbyuaal ixo.sooinjieieiy eradiouoa treooe of lh:<r? diaoasea t Um u&T? been hitheiVo treated !> t?e "n Nobi end perr.ioiouf dm of ooaeir* an'* r No. 3 n?? entirei* supplanted &e ia)*r ??* of more or*. thereby inaanni to the >in>tr apoody rei-f, dieperaine all imperibaa, an?l r >otiL* oa the room of duseoe. TR1ESKMAR, Noe.l.Jend ?. are p roper ed 1: the form of a* of tart* a>? 11 and e*n he oerr.od Ic it* tiilHWtyr' u, ^ ID tir ow?. ?na dind??U lr V> r?paret?> rtoee , 9# ?*1 mitueterod by Velp?*?ffL*.lein*i>d, llovx. fti* -< fco. rnoo #3 eeob, ?w four oum k-r tr-, * u?n ->, end in #V7cav t ?*retr ther i< ini 01 %.*. To be jukd, vUo.t s&to&iid reu .? i>r BARKOW.of 194 Bleeokor street. ? Yod, IratpodiatelTOiirece.Tiuj a lenjittenoe, l>r ? vow winforwaroAhoTrleaoirartofcuj far* of th?* #cr-', aeonrely pecked, and addrwaee aocortiint fen the it?atruotlyna of the writer. The Book, of ell others, that ahould bo ree- *,/ men with damnied and broken do*; o<rrt'tui.< ~j KSm "Hnaen FraT.tT, or PhrrioiocioaJ Reoeereljeo.* la ManUfklly lllnrtreted. and treata ? initoi? ?f I tne symp.cma Uiat iEv%neb<j develop u*>n, e Tee. sooner or iator, reeu tine from the ftaiitiee end Tibatinf bebita or mrl- joput, moapac.te. . i the ncUm trom aoaxinc the fruition of the natiimor.ia state, aud. if not oheoketi hi bate, de? 6. Hili all the fanoticna of menhood, and hri r * him. otee by step. toahcfenci and nobJMly ?*uli. So,<4 by br. MARROW,! #4 H eeokor abort, foar door* below Maodoafii, New York. Prioe la oenta. Bont free e*ery where. Sold aleo by 8. C. For a, Jr., Dice Store. Wash incton. D.C. d*C4e ? .1. if ERUBE TbefoJiowincstatemeotand then Judte of lU faot?Tor jouraelf ABRAM COLE, of Bn^k.jc. N. V.. I w? II known oitisen there, had aafered from D'apepaia for eon.e years, witbo it f#nMDNt relief, entii he tri?d A Y EK'S f ILLS, wmota UJin aoeordiac vo the d:r.>otj<>ri for thia oon^.titt, rrdorM ub to Afl?ru mtorti MNM momh be um had no return of aia oomp atiiL CEO. W. CROSS* ol Hvnuaj.Teiu. had an eruption on hi* neei. ahon.dera, back and let. wnioh covered about one third of hit body. It kept the parts afeeted oorered with a eoab, aad ben.r often a raw ?ore. *a> of ooaree vert ?roabit?oni< and dictreeaing. It eo macii impaired hta health at to vn&t hint or bnaineea and kept him is ?? : ht&ut tufferin*. All medioa! aid failed him an til he Ux k AVERT* Co?PoUKi> EXTRACT t?AR*APARILLA. whieh oared him. Ria akir. ati.l ebowa aom* aoara from u? aloe ration, bat it la otberwue MJC^N*Vph()&K, Eat, ac eminent lawyer of Richmond, Va, took a eold which nettled on hi a Uim*. A eerere pain eat la on ffce left *id*. wif h a badooach, whion wee aoon fo lowed by the anmietakaMe aynutoma of oocaampQoa, \N b?c r-d aeed r?rj lyw he oommenoa.1 taking AYRR'B CHER R\ PBCTOftAL, whioh aoon atopaed tfce ocufb and eoa?leteiy eared turn. Prepared by DR. J. C. ATKR A CO, Lowell. Ma? muTwiii Hnew book*. ISTORY of the United ise.uor.aeda, by John L?otar m Motley i 2 rola ; fr w b- wail I Too Riae of ue Dutch R??u >na. a l tory, by John Lothrop MoLey; 9 to a ;?ths tr*o by mail, Bi)a* Maraer, the Wearer dR?ro<o'Mby the author of **Adam Bode al<-th tt|oeaie ; paper te Till nA ('?nat cd M ,u\r a L? * ' wirM-rf with ? PkiBttr, ft ffnmaicr of**e to ^ftbrador aad Nrwlouediar.d; by Rw Loaia L. * TM konukotmro of rhow*two or tLjim-CvFRKNCB * RICUBTKIN. I [NION HAKK? 1NU KSVfcLuPK- -I woo U IT iffcront atylos of Notepad o*tUr r*fr. with 1?bt? of* t? nick V?ow? of n uhiifiuu ic tk?fern al l ftM'.f > jffljSjjaSStec aantsj A iff? MAortnont of M?*.: Bi ( , Rullo Huoll. AlMwK't ItMOlM *?. rBs*v' r i - - ' i- i 3- i nx 13 In?irN i T*tl i H I I

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