Newspaper of Evening Star, August 13, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 13, 1861 Page 3
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I oc A L INB WS. EyTboorh Tk* to printed on the festal UniB press la aw south of Baltimore, Its edition la an toff* m to require It to be pat to pre? at an early boor; AilwfttMirt, therefore, should be eat la before 1IS o'clock metherwtee they uy met appeal until the aezt da?. N onca.?District of Co'.nmbla Advertisements la be Ineeeted la the Baxtt*ou* Sun are reoelved at aad forwarded from Th? St a. a Office. Pa?raaDine? or twm Citt Coc&crLs, Autnit H ?Board / Aldtrmtn?A communication from the Msyor wat received, notifying the Hoard of bis approval of the "tax bill." An art authorising the receipt of Treasury notes at par for taxes, licenses, and other debts due the Corporation, was amended by the finance committee by the addition of a provlao that aaid notes l>e tendered In suit a not exceeding the amount to be paid Nr. Brown thought we owed It to ourselves, living and having onr being aa a community by and through the General Government, to give It our support In Its hour of trial, and, owing everything to Ita generoatty and beneflcence, to set a good example and show our appreciation of benefits received The bill passed by an unanimous vote. Acta for relief of Dempaey A O'Toole; for relief of Holinan and Krnnrlly; and for building a shed at the Northern Liberties market-house, wereseverallv passed (The last bill was from the Board of Common Council, and waa amended la this Board 1 Mr Itsyly, from the police committee, made a favorable report on the Mayor's nomination* for j Chief of P 'lice, officers or Police, and Clerk of tbe Northern Market The Chair told gentlemen to prepare their ballots Mr Lloyd r?ae?o inquire whether the bill recently passed by Congress dots not to some extent do away with the neoe?gtty of Corporstlon appointments of a police farce Before we confirm these nominations let us understand whether tbe authority of tte police force which may be ap- j pointed by the Government and that appointed oy tbe Corporation will clafh. If we are certain i that the provisions of the Congressional bill will be carried Into effect, then the necessity d? ?a not 1 exist to have a Corporation police, and In a true aplrlt of economy we ought to postpone these consignations to s remote period Mr. Bayly aiid the Mayor had sent in these nominations, and we ought to act on them Afterwards, If tbe expense could be saved, be would acquiesce cheerfully. Tbe Mayor would of course notify us Mr. Llovd thought it would be the same thing If thev were not confirmed, as they would hold on. He preferred to let the matter lay over one week, until the Commissioners appointed by the President could meet If there was no necessity for a corporate police he would vote for tbe rejection of all these nominations He asked that the Bi*'!er be deterred The Chair (Mr Dove) said the gentleman's motion came too late. The greater part of tbe members bad voted. Mr. Lloyd ?*id he was not aware any gentleman had voted He raised a point of order Mr Fiaher aaid tbe corporate law could be repealed at the proper time Mr Lloyd thought It much easier to reject the tiominationa than to repeal tbe law. Mr Fisher thought no one here wanted to bold on (o the police if we could do without tbem. Mr Llovd could not vote for any of them unless be.knew the necessity. If the Congressional bill waa carried out, there was no necessity That bill provides that the Metropolitan police force of 14?> should attend to tbe execution of all corporation laws, and It ia rumored that the Prealdent haa already appointed commissioners. It was strange that gentlemen knowing our flnaaclal condition to be wbat it Is, the corporation notea being five per cent, below par. It waa a singula/ position they tooMn confirming tbese sixteen or seventeen policemen. Let us defer tbe matter one week He (Mr Lloyd) In reference to tbe men. would say be believed them to be competent, ana would vote for them If there was a necessity to have a corporation police Mr Bobrer said It would be necesaary to repeal tbe law to get rid of the expenae Mr B rod Lead agreed with him, and aaid that these men were appointed under existing lawa which we must respect Tbe Chair said it may be two montha before the Metropolitan police force la organized. .Mr. L oyd aaid it was putting these men in a false posltloa. Putting them in as policemen for a limited period they would make no effort to get on the new police. It was acting In bad faith towards them and might prevent them from getting appointments in the new police Mr. Bayly thought tbe gentleman'a argument a bad one Tbe Mayor ought to have a great deal J to say about the new appointments; and what he would say about tbese men would be more beneficial when he could add that they had the endorsement of this board Mr Lloyd said the gentleman must remember the Mayor waa only one man, and his recommendations might be rather disastrous in this case, If be (Mr L ) might be permitted to say so Mr. John H Goddard waa confirmed aa Chief of Police; tbe vote being?ayes 7, nava 3 The names of the following policemen were then confirmed: W.D. Serrln, R L Mastln, C. 8. Eek'off, Win. H. Fanning, J. F King, (a narrow escape in this case. th? vote being 6 yeas, i nays,) Beuj Klopfer, Edward McHenry, Jacob Ashe, George Donaldson, F. S Kdelin, J. Z Williams, J M Lloyd and Reuben Collins (at tbe Railroad depot ) All of tbe above, with one , or two exceptions, were unanimously confirmed Ths nomination of the following policemen we e then reje ted : Jas H Suit (2 ayes, 8 no?s;) : W llltsm H Bright v5 yeas. 6 noes;) and Patrick Gorm.ey (1 aye, V uays ) [When Gormiey's nomination came up, Mr. Magruder reminded members that he (Gormiey) was tbe man convicted some time sioce of an aa?ault on a citizen.) Tbe nomination of Thomaa A Brown, Clerk of tbe Northern Market, waa tbeu taken up Mr Rlcharda aaid It waa the same gentleman reje'ted here once befo e. H^(Mr R ) bad voted against him because he was sported to he a dis- ' unionist He (Mr R ) made no asaertiona; be . Would be governed In tbiscase by common report. ; Mr Brown waa aaid to be an efficient officer, tte commissioners of the market saj be is efficient, j and be (Mr R ) would make no objection If ] aldermen were satisfied Mr. Brown was a Union j man Mr. Bayly thought the complalnta against Mr ' Brown b-d originated In malice It waa a great i mistake to suppose him a disiiiilonlst. Mr Lloyd had sn interview with Mr. Brown, Wto said It was positively a mistake; he was a good Union man 1 be cbair (Mr. Dove) voted for Mr Brown before, but waa compelled to vote against him at this time, because he hsd long ago made an Issue as to tbe right of the Mayor to renominate persons rejected by the Board of Aldermen Mr Moore reminded the cbair that this was not such a case as he alluded to He (Mr M ) did not vote f? r Mr Brown before, because he waa not prepared; but Mr Brown wan now nominated at his instance. In the case of Miller against tbe Corporation It was decided that tbe Mayor may > renominate at the Instance of a member who I voted against tbe nomination Tbe Cbair aa-.d, aa be understood tbe decision, Ihe court decided that any member voting againtt the nomination migbt request tbe Mayor to re. nominate (Mr Moore did not vote at all ) The court decided that Miller could only receive pay M tbe time of hia first rejection The Hoard had not a right to aay who the Mayor should have, but they had a right to say who be should not have. Mr Bohrer though tbe Chalr'a objection was not well put, under tbe circumstances Mr Sargeut asked If aay gentleman who voted against the nomination before bad recommended It. Mr M?~ore said he could not vote before, but he had saked the Mayor to renominate. On a ballot being bad, the Chair announced that 14 ballots were cast, when IV was evident there were only 11 members present [Mr. Moore, (int*rK<)?*'l didn't vote twice" Cnalr?"No, there were two blanks cast.") On another ballot being had. Mr Brown was confirmed, the vote being sves 11, noes 1, blank 1. A resolution Inquiring of tbe City Surveyor as to tbe Thirteenth street sewer. Ac., was passed Tbe committee on claims reported au act for relief of James Towles. (for superintending Long Bridge repairs and addition to Center market, Ac.) Mr. Moore opposed the bill st great length. Mr Mag ruder (Msyor at tbe tlm? tbe services are said to have been rendered) entered Into a lengthy explanation, to the effect that Mr Church, a competent man, was paid 93 per day for superintending the Long Bridge repairs, snd thit tbe Commissioner of Improvements, Mr. Owens, sn experienced carpenter, superintended tbe putting up of a shed at tbe Center Market, a simple matter, and that Mr. Towles rendered no services that be f Mr. M ) was aware of. Mr Brown said tbe gentleman (Mr. Magruder) bad a veer ago voted sye on the passage of this very bill, tbe vote being takea by yeas and nays. It bad pessod four times here, being only opposed each time by the gentleman from tbe roarth W ird (Mr. Moore) The services were rendered, as Is certified by tbe papers now on tbe President's tible, and the Corporation had saved thereby more than tbe tluu charged The gentleman (Mr. Magruder) is good at everythlng?the old saying m Is, Jack of all trades and good at none; bnt tbe geut'emau Is Jack of all trades ajid lit for everything?and on tbe Wednesday after that illustrious Monday whan tbe ex Mayor signalized himself st the bead of tbe marine*?tbe ex-Mayor ia vallaat and brave; be might havedtatiagulsbed / blmorlf at Bull Rua?on tbe Wednesday after tbat Ulustrions day he (Mr B.fmH the Mayer, Mr. Tow lea aad Mr Kennedy, where tbe work of ending the market hones was going oa. Tbo Major (saftf Mr Brown) congratulated me oa my *le< iiou by a splendid majority of 13, and I congratulated hiui on bla exertions In putting dowu the Plug Uglies It wse suggested that tbe poles for tbe shad were being placed toe far oat, and Mr. Towles agreed that they ware; on whlcb the Mayor observed : 44 Hare it done right, then, Towlr? ?? Mr. Tow!m remarked that he was no longer a member of the board; but the Mayor said, " Never mind, Towles. have It done right " He did do the work; the Mayor siw him there, and never notified him not to attend to It. The Mayor may have supposed he was actlag voluntarily: but be was there, probably 200 daya, and construed the Mayor's language as an order to goon. Mr Magrnder said he never notified him to f Suit because be never employed him. The gen- < eman aays he was tbere 200 days, when the work ] was done In three or four week*. I Mr Brown.?' Three or four moniktV * i Mr Magruaer ?44 Well, that would not be '200 days " Mr. Owens, commissioner of Improvements, ? practical carpenter, superintended the i simple st'ucture (the market shed ) He (Mr M ) never had an Interview with Mr. Towles at which he told him to go ahead. On the contrary, when . he found wbere they were digging the post boles he aaked by what authority they were doing it, < and being answered by Mr. Towles, he did say 1 stop, and don't do anything except by my authority; or that of Mr. Owens, superintendent under m-i. Mr. Magruder resuming, said : "This is not the first time the gentleman (Mr Brown) bas nld I voted for this bill. He can find no such vote." Mr. Brown?4*1 will bet the gentleman my alary against his " Mr. Magruder said fie did not so vote. Mr. Brown Itotto voce )?44 You did " Mr. Magruder said tbe gentleman hadjnade the assertion before, and bad looked but 'could not find such a vote, and had net the courtesy to Set up and say so Oweus was superintendent, it tdn't rt-qulre two; Mr Towles ought to have j been architect. Mr Owens bad more claim for extra pay than Mr Towles had. In consequence ; of the Importunity of the gentleman from tbe : Third Ward, be (Mr M ) had voted neither way I before but absented himself, but because be had I neglected bis duty once be would not do it again Mr Brown ' Does tbe gentleman say be voted against the bill last year? I ask bim a categorical question " Mr. Magruder. 44 Tbe gentleman has no right to ask me a categorlral quest1 on " Mr. Brown said it w*s a question of veracity, a question of record If the gentleman voted for the bill las' year, the bill waa right, tbere wjfre no new developments My recollection is clear that he ?o voted, and-Mr Towles, who would be mo'e likely to remember than either of us, is equally cl-ar. It passed with only the objection of tbe A'derman from the Fourth W;trd against it If the Alderman from the First Ward in*ists, let the matter go over to next Monday, when this matter of the record can b? put right. He didn't want to impeach any gentleman's Integrity, but bis recollect on was so distinct that be could not be mistaken, and his recollection was corroborated by Mr Towles, which stamped tbe claim as just and equitable, and unless his(Mr B 's) testimony was worthleas, Mr Towles could establish h a claim Vfore a jury. It was not within the 1 scope of possibility he could be mistaken as to the conversation with the Mayor, for the next day Mr. Towles called on him, they were speaking of the matter, and he (Mr B ) made a minute of It. The Ex-Mayor simply does not remeini>er; 1 do remember Mr Magruder replied tint he had not said that he voted against the bill, but did say he had not voted at all So far from not remembering, he bad the most positive recollection he did not authorize Mr. Towles to go on. He used to think at tbe time that Mr. Towles was rather in the way as "too many cooks spoiled the broth." The yess and nays being called, tbe bill was rejected by the following vote : Veas?Messrs Brown, Bayly, Fisher, Rlcbards and tbe President?5 . Nays? Measrs Bohrer, Brodhead, Clark, Lloyd, Magruder. Moore, Semmes and Sarsfeant? 8 The committee on Improvements reported favorably on tbe case of James K. Rawllngs, nominated by the Mayor for Commissioner of Improvements In the western district, and be was confirmed viva voce In the case of Samuel 8. Taylor, nominated for Commissioner of Improvement In the eastern dls- 1 trlct, one member was not prepared to report, and the nomination lays over. Common Council.?The following communications were presented and apprjprlatcly referred : From tbe Mayor, approving an act making an appropriation for paying the salaries of offlcera of 1 tbe corporation for the month of July, 1861. Account of Tbos. Champion, for gas fixtures, Ac., for the Northern Liberties market. 1 Petition from Franklin Fire Company, asking an appropriation for a two-wheeled hose reel 1 Petition of John E. Kendall and oibers, praying certain Improvements on K street south Petition of Peter Mark and Michael Long, > praying remission of fires , A resolution instructing tbe surveyor to furnish the Board with a plat of the space at the Intersection of Massachusetts en<i New York avenue* 1 and K street, between Seventb and Ninth streets; adopted Mr Wilson, from the committee of ways and means, In compliance with a resolution adopted 1 at tbe previous meeting, presented tbe following estimate of the expanses of the Corporation for the 1 next fiscal year: For salaries of Corporation authorities, 827,000; other Items In appropriation bills, such as supporting asylum, burial of pau- 1 C'rs. printing, stationery, fuel, &c.. 8*2.000; lnrest on funded debt. 844 0??0; principal and in- 1 terest on bonds of Washington and Alexandria Railroad Company, 810 000; support of schools, 1 830,0(10; nee,es?a-y expenditure* from ward funds, 815,000. neeessiry expenditures for tbe Levy Court. 8'2 (MM); five dollar certificates of Indebtedness *50,000; other certificates of indebtedness, 8*20.000; total 8220 000. Mr Wilson stated that as tbe estimate was only desired for Information, and be had been unwell, the e timate w^s not strictly correct, though suffli iendy for all practical purposes Besides, tbere wer?- matters in the estimate which tbe operations of tbe Metropolitan P< lice bill would effect, and which could not be definitely fixed at present. A substitute for tbe bill making an appropriation for cleat lug the sewers, streets, alievs and gutters, fi rcasoal repairs and removal of garbage, wis Introduced and referred A oill amending the "water law" was passed Tbe committee on elections on the eligibility of members reported that all of the members were entitled to seats ex. ept Mr.tttevena. The opinion of tbe Corporation Attorney. Mr. J M Carli-le, In relation to the case, wrs read It states ' that, though Mr Stevens may have no tlMe-deed to property, yet the certificate of ownership of certain property makes him a proDertv-holder, and eligible to bis seat. It also considers Mr. 1 Powell not entitled to a seat. Mr. Sbepperd moved the adoption of the report, so f r aa t applied to the cm of Mr. Stevens Mr Edmondston?Don't be lu a burry now. I would just like to read the gentleman a little law. , Mr Mulloy desired to have a vote upon that motion, so as to see how gentlemen stood upon the que* Ion He was willing to abide by the dedsiou of the attorney, though be must confess It was aa far from his own opinion as day from , nlgbt If a man could bold a seat In that body upon s.ict? frivolous claims as that gentleman (Mr. Stever s), he thought it lime to take the matter into their own bands, and examine It well, before any such dangerous precedent w*s established. He would vote for the adoption of tbe motion; but be would like to see how members could vote affirm tiveiyon this and on tbe other subject (Mr. I Powell) of the report Mr Edmonston read the laws applying to the q cation of ownership of property, and claimed tnat Mr Stevens was not a bona Jiit property holder in tbe eye of the law He would like to 1 k><ow how Mr Carlisle could get over that. Mr. W lbs. 1.?It seems that my friend from the Fourth Ward (Mr Edmonston) for once doubts tbe correctness of our attorney's opinion. He generally pins bi? faith on bim, i believe; [Mr. \ Edmonston ?' Yes, sir; so I do, sir;"] and especially, too, when it aulta hia purposes Now this property, of the purchase of which Mr. Stevens holds tbe certlfl- ate, was bought by btin and paid for, and they all knew very well If be was In debt, *ult could be brought and the property so d for the same Tbe certificate was just asgood as a deed, so far as bovi Jide ownership was concerned Mr Emerson differed from tbe gentleman He b Meved ttiat a man must be In possession of all the requisite deeds aad title papers lu order to be 1 a bona Jide property-bolder. After further debate, tbe report was referred back to tbe committee with Instructions to report it at the next meeting in a modified form. Tbe letter to the Corporation Attorney relative to this case, with bts written opinion, was ordered to be printed In the proceedings of the Board. Tbe bill making appropriations tor the salaries of tbe several teachers and aaslstant teachers in tbe public Schools of tbe city for tbe fiscal year 1 ending June 30, 1864, was passed; also, a joint resolution in relation to the deposit of moneys by tbe Intendant of tbe Washington Asylum. A bill for tbe relief of Dem; sey k O' rootejfvas ' referred; also, a joint resolution In relation to nogs going at large, aud for other purposes. AsjooiM. ThkNiw Esclosvbk at t?i Tbbascrt ExTiJtsioN ?The enclosure to tbe yard on tbe south frost of tbe T'eaaury building far surpaaaes any I thing of tbe kind In this city, and Is mncb admired for lis beauty Tbe granite coli.mna at tbe gateways are of unique dealgn and splendid proportions, and tbe substantial iron railing with its . chaste and appropriate ornamentacommends itself to tbe cultivated eye Tbe railing Is quite plain, but of fine proportions, and tbe gateways are handsomely ornamented, those for tbe csrrlage < ways having In the center a wreath, iuslde of j which a "spread eagle" is perched; tbe support Ing bars radiating from this center In tboee for tbe footway 1 a ceat of arms takes tbe place of tbe eagle Wnen tbe work now In progress there is 1 finished, tbe tpproacb to tb? building will to* of tbe most Imposing character. Fins Psacns?'The season bas not been 1 fa vorab'e one for fruit, but we have seen some re- j markably it." peaches, grown by Mr John Bell. ' 1 of Montgomery county, Md It Is to be hoped that other orcaarda in Montgomery may do as wall, so that tbe crop hereabouts may not prove *0 deficient m MUIctp?tod. | TwrArrr.tofMr Pauii*** _Ron Charles I lamea Faulkner, ex-Mlnlster to France, after be- I og arrested at Brown'a Hotel, by Col. Porter, I r lbont noon yraterday, aa waa stated In the S'ar, I wss taken to the county jail and confined In tbe I a fuard room. first floor Hla qaartera are not | a lumptuous. but are quite comfortable A detach- I ' ment of twelve soldiers of the Sth Infantry are I ? performing guard duty there alnce Lis arrest. I ? rhla guard la la charge of Ll"nt Remmlngton, I ? ?H Infantry, who bns positive ordera to allow no I communication with the prieoner. Thla we sup- | pose doea not apply to the guards at tbe jail, as I they were allowed to paaa In and out of the room I 1 at will Several persona attempted to aee the I prisoner yesterday afternoon, but none except I 1 Marshal Lamon (who, by the bv, la from the I ? same county aa the prlaoner) and Deputy Marshal I ' Philips were allowed to enter hla room. Lawyer I e Norrls called to aee Mr. Faulkner aa a friend, not I o having succeeded in aeeing him aince hla return I rronj Parla, but Mr. N could not be accommo- I dated Mr Faulkner doea not appear to be much I * depressed by the circumstances In which he is I 'J placed He is said to have remarked to his mlli- I < tary guard that he had no Idea as to the charge I on which he was arrested We understand that>| / Mr Faulkner asked to have his baggage sent to I ( him at tbe jail, but was Informed that his rrqucst I . could not be complied with. I " -? I 3 For Port Tobacco.?Last night inf rrnation I , was given to the military authorities that a Mr. I Oulver and another party were making arrange- I J menu to leave this city at 7 o'clock this morning I for Port I obacco. Md , and that the preparations I "i were extra-extensive for two private gentlemen I About dusk a number of trunks and boxes were I t seen deposited at the Klmmell Houae, to go by It that route, and it was thought proper to watch I J them. The circumstance was reported to the | military authorities, and this morning an author- I t i'l? 0,?cer..0,f the department, with Detective I r Dfflcer J?s VV A lien, went to the Klmmell House I I and mtide a search of the baggage contained In I ^ eleven trunks and two boxea; but nothing contra- I . band wis found This baggage was claimed to I i b" that of Mr J. C. Davidson, nls wife, and two I daughters who Intimated that for fear of the ap- I ' prosch of Beauregard to the city they had de I 1 termined to leave Mr Culver, it Is said. Is togo I 1 also, whether for the same reason is not stated It I Is also a^id that Mr Benj Eggleston haa departed I ' by Jhat route. Mr. Davidson and Eifgl^ton were I both employees under tbr late administration. i c . uBS.TRwL CraanHorsa Casra ?This mornln?, I 1 John Kelly, for being disorderly, w*s fined #1 94 I John K^nji, vagrant; d smissed. Tbos Connor, I for str.king a soldier with a shovel, waa brought I " n yesterday by the military guard, and this morn l"g V* waa reported to Jusilce Clark, who had the prisoner brought before him The con- I ditlon of the wounded man was ascertained to I ' be not dangerous; the wound being only a flesh L* wound The evidence showed that the soldier [? entered Connor's house and assaulted him, and 1 he truck him with the shovel The Justice de- i ermlned to admit Connor to ball; but before do !ng so awaited the call of the commander of the I guard for the prisoner, as he was also on the mil- I itary guard list I pon this call, the justice an- I i peared before the officer at his request, and ex- k plained what he conceived to be his duty in the I a case After which he returned to the trial room I l and ordered Connor to give bail for a further i bearing at tlx o'clock to-morrow. j Cbisiinal Court.?Thecommlsa!on of Edward I I C Carrington, Esq , as District Attorney, was I I read In open court this morning, and the oath of I t office was administered to that gentleman by I , Judge Crawford. 1 M Boyd Murdtr Case.?Of the list of fifty talesmen I J jammoned by the Marshal to appear In court this I i morning 29 had formed an opinion, 11 were I f challenged, 5i did not answer, and U were accepted I 1 I be names of the Jury, eo far as chosen and i Srr,'.re.;eJ?.m7 P Jo,lah Truman, ' Oaniel Ligbtfoot, John Murphy, \Ym P Shrdd I ' Robert Morris, E E O'Brl/n,Patrick Crowley; ' ?.Ha,ry' and ,Mac Marshall 7 I < The Marshal was then directed to summon c twelve more talesmen, but they had not made I tc^lr appearance In court when our paper wentto I *" press. 1 ( I ? Odd FRLLowsnip.-The Secretary of the (J rand Jh*' B,*n,rs- K,<1 > ln hl? report to I f the Grand Lodge of the United State#, gives the | \ following statistics of the Order In the District of j ] Lolumbia for the year ending July 1. 1&61: I t dumber of initiations, 73; rejections, 5; admit- I 1 led by card. 19; withdrawals, IS; reinstatement*, j ? 10; suspensions 115; expulsions, 2; deaths, Irt, I ] lfevLni^^ La tr,\aiben' brothers re 1 lleved, 1,8; widowed families relieved. 20 I ( Amount paid for the relief of brothers. 81 %o I * do widowed families, f.',79; do for educating 5 orphans, $-<6l do for burying the dead, I \ Amount of annual receipts, #7 f<06 I Hot 'nclud*' patriarchal or encampment branch of the Order. I c i-Aiv^Au Vj'* K,tL*p-?L.??t Sunday, policeman I ? \ . ?? ?? on ^'i,y Bt ,h* IT>"?rdhotise, was lent far from the residence of Dr Hall, Pennsyi- 1 1 vanla avenue, near Ninth street, to kill a mad M dog Supposing the dog ouUlde, the officer took I a pistol to shoot the animal; but on getting to the I " house, he found the dog shut up in a drawintr I ' room Into which the animal had run. Taking ? I J p >ker I n his hand, he struck the dog a blow which I r stunned him. and he then pulled him into tbe it yard and finished the work of destruction. The | c dog was evidently suflering with hydrophobia I e n,?T<fhK-u Killrd?This morning, a soldier of) | the 3oth New \ ork Regiment, named David Aus- I > ten, was killed while felling trees near the en- I J campment of his regiment, Cy a dead limb fall- I ? i.ig from * heigh' of forty or fifty feet and striking I " ? ?!!L. b*tcnd He died In twenty minutes' i ? time rhe deceased belonged to Company C,was I 2 from the town cf Theresa, Jefferson county, New | J i ork. was about !iH years of age, and was a gen- I i eral favorite amongst his comrade*. He will I>e | I burled at the Soldiers' Home, this afternoon, and I * the remains will be accompanied thither by the I usual military escort. I ? Examination at thr Jail.?This morning I Justice Dunn proceeded to the County Jail to in- I vest)gate ihe case of Thomas Hitchcock, a native I of Maryland, who was captured by Lt McLean I i of the Second Cavalry, about two miles from the ! Chain Bridge, in Virginia, July 3t)th He is I f charged with hunting down Union men, shooting I ' Government pickets, and other offenses, in that I vicinity. Tbe principal witnesses aga nst him I not being present, the case was continued for air few days. I J Provost Guard in Georortow* ?In George- I I town two companies of U S Infantry, as already I stated, are performing the duties of a Provost ! 1 liuard Our neighbors across the creek were I T rharmed with the delightful music of the Regl- I ^ mental band in front of the headquarters last I evening, and would not object to ? repetition. I'oLica Commissioner ?a petition was In clr- ! ' culatlon In the Board of Aldermen yesterday eve- I ning, In the hands of Alderman Richards rec-I on.mending Dr J S B odhead of that boa d ? to the President for a position as one of the new I ' CommiSkionera of Police. I 4 Drowsid -The body of a white man was I found drowned In the canal between Seventeenth I , and Eighteenth streets, (In the First Ward.) this 1 morning An inquest will be held by Corontr I < Woodward this aiternoon. 14 A Note from Rev Dr Hal#, In answer to the I 1 communication of " A Friend of the U S and I I the War," Is reluctantly laid over until to-rnor-I row. i Arrived at Carter's wharf (foot of Thirteenth- I ' snd-a half street,) schooner H M Smith, Jones, n with a cargo of coal for Geo. Bogus. jo 1 Hot-LowAT'L P^Ls.-lndiiestion, Stomaoh and " Liver oompiatnts. These medioines will oure the I t and disorders I ? stomach and liver. 1 hey nave restored 11,ore I suflerinc dyspeptics to aotuai and pfrinanent health I 1 than ail the other ephermeral "spec fios" united I If'' have stood the test ol fifty yoars' oxperienoe. I rht.? ino-easethe appetite, invicorate thaKtomach I ana purify the liver. In bowel oomplair>ts they nre I 1 fu for sick and nervous head-I LV "nr"'*Jed- 8ol(1 DruKXists, C %l25o.,tua , and 91 per bjx. au6lw I ^8 ,u<Wen ohanges of oar oil mate are I . purees of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asikmatie ( rSm^d^'^T10' >ioved that simple remedies oiten aot speedily and oertainly when I shnoLrt'a* ?th& disease, recourse I ? should at oace be had to ' Brown' 1 Bronchial I r??l '?t tha Cold/Cough. or lr- I ritation of the Throat be ever ao slight, as Ly thia I ? w^Sl ofr * r?'TOU: attack ma; beeaectualiv ' ,s?aktr* "<1 Sin*** will fina " Blood Pnnfiar. in another oolumn. tf { .... . P?i*m?s. . ' 1Persons desirias pennies will always find them I t ror exobanse at the Star Office oounter. tf ' MAHRIKI) u,? wOn tlie IS h inataut, br the Rev. F. F. Borle I a RYaRLE8 ^ WILLIAMS and JOSEPHINE, J DIKD, " rJj1*4*!?CLAKK. beloved wife I * of John MoDonnell The friends of rhe family are reqa?sted to attend I . ?l W^ue^Uy. ttje Mtn nistan^ at 11 b oioek, from her late residence, earner of f snd Seventeenth sts. I irVSffJi l8S* onJy daughter of Maria I E. ard James T. Carroll, aged tw j years and one I i ironth. # J |

e e AMUSEMENTS. rHF ORIGINAL And wor'd renowned CAMPBELL MIN8TRKLS will m?ke their aopearr?!?.^THUK*pAY NIGHT ne*t. ABfn.t tfith. Odd Fellows' Hail. Thi'assneiatioioftriistrels * ''"i lsuded to the sk'e*- br tht pre?s thrtu fh I: (he oountry. The price >f ad-ni-mon t? t-eir eiight n< entertamm?nt? has beta placed at 2ft ct*. ? a!I portion! of the house m *3 2*. WANTS LV ANTED?A ?teadr, re?p?<-tv>:e WHM A.N .-? ' ,^:t "1* ry ,?firn??.tl Appl* at 30" we I fin st. between [ and K. au 13-lw* W \STt:i>~BT a rrspeotab'e girl, * SITUA?* 11? N as housekeeper or nnnk. Best of refrenoe given. Apply at No. 30 IS* street, oomer 1 (L It* LVANTFD?By a respectable young woiran, a , ITL ATI ON as chaiulterma'd or nurse. o^d ref?'<*n3e oan ba given. Address K. F.. Box w*ar Office au 13-21* LWANTKO?A 'TORE, with cellar, on Penn" sylvania avenue between oth and 13th *ts. impress?with rent and location?,-A ?," 510, P >?t fmce_ an IS-2t LVANTED?Two good PIE BAKFRH. Inquire of U H. K IDENOI'R. Coi f ctioner. I0< "* avenne, between 9th and 1>nh s's aui2-3t j^ANTED?A WOMAN to cook and wash \Oood references required. App'v to A. J. ?\ ' K. F street, between Uth and 15th sts. au I2-3t TED?AfifcNTS to sell a pat?nt article, just i8su?d. for the use of soldi-rs. Apply at he Lie au House, No. 34 Louisiana avenue, b*ween 7 and 9 o'clock a m au 10 st? ^MANTEL>?A HORSE, for driving sine!" in a " heavy carryall or carriage For one pe-f otly lound. gentle, a rapid t'av-'ller. not over 7 years Id. and free from tricks, a fa r price will l>* paid nquire of HEN R V OTTER BACK, Esq., yth and II sts , Washington Navy Yard. - A. B NOR TON. WA^TK?. FOR THE CASH?AH kinds ol SECOND ??AND FURNITURE A N I) iOU?EKEKPING ARTICLE'*. Persons leavng the city, or having a surplus will do well to call mmediatoiy. R. RI.'CH'Y, je 3 Seventh, between G a'd H sts. L\7ANTED.? We are now buying SECONDHAND FURNITURE, STOVE-at-d BED )ING, for winch we are payine the highest lash prices. Families declining housekeeping, or taring a ?urplus of furniture, will find it to their id vantage to give us a -all. , . , _ BONTZ A GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No. 369 "?th st.. betw. I ami K sts. LOSl^AND FOUND. 2 C RE W A RD ?St'ared o* *?o>n, on Saturday, the 10th in tint, from the is*, toll ratc^dFwfla in the \V asfcitgt >11 and Ha titn >re Turn ike. a large brownish hlaek COW, withJbvIbB arge crooked horns and la-ee big. Theahovererard will be paid for her return, or for any infornation If aJing to her recovery. JOHN CONNOR, au 13-2t* On N street, between 4th and 5th. ^TRAYED OR STOLEN FROM TIB8UB~ sonb r. on 7th instant, a white and bay srv potted M AR E, white face, black mar.e anil TiTW ail. A liberal reward wi I be driven, if re- 1 urned to ine.or for information so that J can get leracam. N KUHLA NO, au 13 3t* No. 210. corner L and 'Sth sts. r <>ST?On caturdar 'ast a small diamond l.j n(lS()M P|\, The finder will b? rewarded ?y returning it to J. G JEWELL, Room No. Itf, rest wing. Po?t Office De;a tment a" 12-3' i^JTRAY COW.-Tak?n up, Estray Cow. be^ tween Ede's Mil and the Chain^Ff^a I idge, milk and cider, cider oolor spotted. ~W&1^ riih a l>rok?n horr, a d bob tail : which^^^M ,hA.'i^5er can have by calling at AMOS Hi RtOW'S, on the Canal. au 12 3 * HA ME TO THE S U BSCR1BER"! on Friday, 3fh August, t?ark brown H< >RSE. vith black mane and tail about I5>4 hanH?*lzrn iigU. with no mark. The owner is re-^-^ZjL iueat?d to come forward, prove pr.>p>rty. rav iharges, and take him away. WILLIAM A VVROE. au !?-?* 13th street. No. 37ft. -FIVE DOLLARS KEWAHD Will be Wy* paid for the recovery (or for sueh /rv nformation as will tea?l to the recovery iffnrn k! briglU bay M ARE. The mar-* wan\ aken from the front of ^chnell's Hotel, on E st.. >otw?er. 15th and 14th stu evening, Uth August, and had on saJdl-, b-i^le, ani stable haler ; sr'? can !e known by the following marks,-iz; s I lind of eye; a little sprine in front knfeu; k.,v.'t,p. ?" r,*ht f"re 1,,e< close to body. Address ?! HARTER, Nineteenth st. west, near lolin?ad i Grave Yard. au 12 3** REWARD?Strayed jrom tsubscriber, p'foB the Ridge R. a 1, at^ijt three milet, lorthwest of Georget.-wn, a small hi indie >0 vv, having two hol^s in her ea,-s atd 10m marked c,n her left side DANIEL J. GRAHAM. FSTR A\ S.~Caine to the subscriber's premises, m the Ridte Roat, about thr. e miles north we-t of eorgetown, a strail eorrel MARE, blind of one je and a sina'l star in the forehead Also, a red ^nd white <_o\V and herca f about on* yean Id. "11 ^ wl''t'ht> l??j , u'l tl.o .^tli ilia i. tho ownc.e s.ll pleaie come forward, prove property, pay harges. and take them away. an ?2 2f DANIEL BRAH* M. JjQ R E VV AR D.?Strayed or stolen from the t>ubr . 80r,^J?.?n tl,e * instant, a sinaii lark red <'OVV. with abort horns, ?-a agpiLF narked. Tno above reward will be pudXi^h* 0 any one returning said cow to TIIoS NOLL >n Maryland avenue, between I2:hand 13th sf-eets an lo-3t* [ySTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Cocntt or U asHinr.Ton ? On thu, irth day of r\ August, 1861, before me, the siih :ciil^r, *L-?^ luatioe of the I'eace for the ocunty afore-^33^. aid. personally appeared Wil ialn HuUhingson md made oath in due form of law that, on the 2d lay of August. 1801, a iK-gro (supposed to he a run K?ay 1 came to him, iivin* at the foot >f th<* Ea?' 'in. rir|,<Ke. and offered for sal- light bay d A RE, about 12 hands high with tnr?^ while f-et. iuy. P^nV.u,V.b.'a'^ 'aid mare by call in* on Mr. MI i?l P HL I C HI n GSON, at Mr. Geoi ge Boherr " v &ra Hndge. J . S. C L' L L. aujo 3. Justice of tiie Peace. FOK SALE AND RENT. ~ A RARE CHANCE FOR lNVKSTMK^/vl !* FO/< iSltfc?Ths Stook and Fixtures of a ivgiaurint, now doing a firi-t rate bu^ir.esf, the iroprieior wishing to r,t;re f oin the business. or particulars app y at this . ffiae au 7 lw' A FARM, of about 290 aores, with timl^r and TV c eared la'.ds orchar a, d veiling and barn, in iliiryland for sa e or exel an?e for other real or lersonal estate; United States, State, and railroad, ir other stocks, notes, bonds, or 9'her securities, uquire at No. 490 Massachusetts rv, jy s'j-tf UOUSES FOP RENT-No. 'Ji an7.No. uiTon LA the south Hide of Indiana aveuue. 1 th of them 'ery large aud convenient homes, With good stalling and ca'riage-houses. Also, the cominoiJious and large Hoi^b?, No 3SS? in the north aide f t, street Apply to THOMAS BLAGUEN, No 4H9 SevnrHjtreet. jy .7 2am:f FOR RENT-The north HOUSE of the row of new four story housea on Fourth st, between J and b it?? No. 3!*S, fronting 4he City Hall iquare Poaseeaion given immediately. AddIv to WILLIAM II. PHILLIP, Attorney it-Law Vo. jo Loimiana weoue. ma U eotf Handsomely furnished roomITI hour naudsomejy t urnished Rooms, supplied ntn gas and water,-4u<! convenient to the Patent ^ Offio? Departments, for rent. App yat 190>4 Massacnubetu avenue, north side, between tii and ?th sts. ma23 1 ADIES' U " TRAVELING SUITS! "Economy it tk? Road to Wenltk." Ladies intending to leave ihe oity should firat irooure one of our f TRAVELING SUITS. rhey also answer for Morning Suita at the Springs ir Sea Shore, or in the Country IAN TILL A DUSTKRf* and ORES3 to matoh Aton'y S3 25 and S3.Vi. rREY SACQUE MANTILLAS And DKESS to matoh. RENCH SACOUE COATS At oo!y 34^ With DRESS to match, .. . ? At ?5 5fl, 96.51) and $150. A'so, a full aasorttnent of White B ack, and irown Droop and Basin Shaped STRAW HATS. au 7 3teo MAXWELLS' SQS Pa. avenue. GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY. ^ (M IS* UtlROVll'i,) A Boardint and Day School. Jo. 151 West atreer bat ween Concresa and High sts .Georgetown, D C. The duties of this Institution will ba resumed ot he first Monday in Sept:mber ?ext Circulars my be obtained at the principal bookstores, or by ddressine the Principal, au 1-eotl Miss M. J. 11 AR ROVER. hCHWKRIU'S Annltallatlnf ^ Powder Mnfi&Si la the only known and beat irt o.e te 1 irfiMWnr!^^K * terminate Roac B?vj Bugs, AnU, Moths, Fliea, ^ 'siiii?1 _ Flrr- Garden Worms YIM Baca, Aa. SCHWERIN'S PILLS are suTe'delL**^RaU nd Mioe, M. Sohwerm has reoeived oeitiboaiet, rom the President of Girard College Directors of lonae or Refuge, Pennsylvania Hotpi'al, and ther Prominent InaUUitiona of Plu acel> i;a ; U I. Jail, Washington, D C.; and Chanty Hospital, ifw Orleans, La THa original oertifieates oan be seen at *Ji? Vholeaale and Retail I Wot 194 Noith Seconc treet, Philadelphia, and K>r sale in tkia olty by D. I. CLARK, eoraai Pa. are one and ate., and by 41 Druggiati and Grooera, U?yvARK QF SPURIOUS IMITATIONS. 117" RemeKber to ask for Sohwerm'a Annini ating Powder. ILT" None geaaine nnlMS signed M.ScHwmn ma 15-^meo A,, . SPECIAL NOTICE. nLLL Persona indebted to tne undersigned will pleased to oall and settle their aoo unta, as then iilla are now made off ready for soUleme'it WM. K RL.EY A I'-RO, No 36 Central Stores, , Between 7th and Sth sts., JaS?-M,if Opposite center Market. GEORGETOWN ADVEBT'MTS a-j 000 Virginia bank note* vt""u and cmrieiovi corporation >a\i'. * ?n Virginia notea. wanted. at a fair rati ot *?. oonot. for Dutriet Rank note* or u..ld * lb ?w" change forGroom*- at my regalar retail lrni. Apply southeast corner jridje and Eiih aKeta bmihtnwn, si<r of the u. s. Fla?. 't.eeia, ' tf w. h. tf.nnfy. ]\f as9ev, collins ft co.-h imAz*ar Mteon^del'ive ?b arn**j wM t??for ?l?d?'t?r?v ?aah on delivery. aknv * *hlsf\, -m 7 Union De?ot, gaortemqre. ju8t received .12 prl,m* p?rto r'o? sugaes 1*> bbla. old Rye whisky. v4in? 'ff* alkwivk8, ? * Crnahed and Refine.1 sugars. h}? aud jai;* coffee. if hhda.t low priced) mola^fcs. to' r?!? tiy john j. IIOtjtlK. ? tr " ' _ i j ron-clad steam_vessels. nirt,'jlplra.i7.i)*vrt***t wi" receive o?tera fro?n w',oare ?b e to ?x-cnt< work of this kind. i ?? i,v"/ enw?e<l in i . of which tuey wi!l fur th*,r offer- for lh? notion i Vir? m?re li.ix run stba.m vk?im ,,r i f arf ?ith?r of irou it o| wood ind iron coiiiluii^l i f >r sea or river semce. to he of no; e.vt an ^n nor over sixte n feet draught of water toea^? ?we^?o^tu^rom?r,*tv?''? u,n^ad\3 wer.ty torn w- ight, with provision? ai,<j ttorea f ?r i 8,xt>five to three hundred i jfr*on,? ^c?rdinf to armament, for riitvdn\i i f?r '? *>" miller cs'o'f m r. i' compatible with o'her r qunite- wi 11>? i with we;l r^^r'l l? b* d lev ^ atauding rigging, to ntviots at i a general rfescrip ion and drawing* t,f ,h* vea"e!,arnior.a'id mv? m?ry. su.<h as th? work can i be 0*t0..?ed Iroin. will he requ re j ' i ff?*inujt rate the eoat and time for o^m i ato-m of &m k^nv vk?*? ?"'*? nf *rm\??nt an'i i i u ilnii?,th? ra*e of r pe^m * ?ner<1 a?d i | must be accomja'oed by & guaranty |,?r ihe roof-r i execut.on of the con?r*0t,v award d * ' c.xz't^rtintend to off r are reque'w to in- 1 ijh\ department < f t- eir mt-nti <o it fore tn? 1 | l^h August iijatant.aoi tohavethei p ,.p..s, lot , i au 7-tll5 w n 'we: l> tve days from ih;? ^ate. j / ul ice of secret a r y a tr kaml'rer. i i ? Soldi be "a Hnxi, ad n * QT tht City of if*<i jk h 9 ft ttott i uiitu'tum w i' !>e r?c n-e.i at thi> cm i until Tae-day, (noon,) the ai'h of Auguat. 1x61 i k"m'i,,"'ttruol">n cf two " i'?t>n5" atTh.' i sol i ers home i.pwii?t a'lnilar ta the two l w i i ik' ^??wn a*oftoors' quarter*. i i ti.fl ans ^ecifi>ati<>na rriar be exaroinel at i it wlere all information r<* ative t < the i liven?d ad oharacter of th? bui.diugi will be i in?vm!.f'^-r.f0rthe00n^ucf,,>n of thme buildi ings mu*t l?e accompanied by a reiiponeibi* written i I ?*??^tee that, if the b?d ?hou!d acoept-o. the I i hf </?r * will with'o ten days enter into an i e^t^v"!''wlth^f2 >'id ??','ent e'curity, to i i ^e propoeed bui ding* according to tne plana i i r fpecilioation" which lav been or may Lere i afjner be furniahed and adopted 7 i f.ihe!u'p"a8w,l.,,',lte the diff^renc* b^tw?n jrvhf 1 *|t w, 1 7h'te atone or marb'e.alnnlar i i ll , iv1!8 %,[pad? erected,or iacing* wi h the i mat<.p?r.r?h'^r i' "r ,bldd j' ">*>. ,n addition, i malto *uch propoaala as to other maieriala as their i i experience may rugg-at. i tin u,e hid* ri?ht will be obaerved by i the Hoard of' .on m;a#ionera of the So'diera' Horn* i t. aocept auch off ra onl? af may he deem-d m at i fh/iji. jf*^k * 1a th' tio";& d a1*" lo i the wholo should none of tAein be deemed aeoept- i at).e. , al' hld' to,,h* *e*i?* "-dd endorsed "Propoaala i i for Building,'* and addre^?-d to k ' . , h bknjamin king. i au 3 2w aaa't Surgeon, SeoreUry and Tresurer. a card. ms;. j washiwgto*, July ISth. 1861. "'*ned', the Guard kouee, i Phiiadelpnia, have le&eed for a term of *^ar? i w.liar,i.' Hotel, in Washington? 1 i.^y uket th" i occasion to return to their old friends a id custom- i i era many thanks for past favore, and beg to aaeure i tht*m that they will l.e most happy to see them id i i their new quarters. i h f6-lm svkf*. rhadwick ? co. I 't'he subscribers respectfully I i .7 mvite the attention of tne Army and s. i Navy to their full mpplr ?,f militaily^tt an?i naval Ft*rnishinu ?oods. (r i ?u<?h as Indigo blue Cloths and Doeskin*. WW i Kpaulets. Laces. Shoulder Straps. i i Beita. Sworda. Sword Knots, Caps, h-iu, and a'l i ^^t kl!!;rcjfs'tv^n?'l,l',"*rt ''at' Orders in that line respectfu'l* solicits. . , h , f- loudon ft co.. Naval and Military Merchant t>i;< ra. i it e<?3m 3^*i Pa av.e unde*- brown'* Hotel. q l' n boats. Quartermaster General's OjHe?, I I Washington City. Jul* 18. 1s61.c i i u"la!', *!? Snciriciiiom for hulia of Gun i i Koau tor the Western rivers are on exhibit,on at i i v?'". pm?", and ai offices of Quarterma.<leia at i i Pittsburg. Cincinnati. m. Louis and Alton i i Boau to be delivered at Cairo. bids stn-u d f?e i i sent to Quarterinanter Genera! of the l'nite<l Stalea i i rmy ^ by let au^uei. ok i.jtou, , ? ? ? m c. meigs, i Brig. Gen i and Quartermaster Gen'!. i fcjhkcial notice. i ^ SUNDAY TRAIN. ^ w TfTT ruiWBy, i Ob and after sunday, ?ui July, there will he! i but one Sunday daily train? i Leave washington at2 j* p. tn for new i york and philadelphia. i | ,,:'rcm New \urt and Philadelphia,arriving in i j Washington at 6 id a m. j a.scott. i i >y Genera' manager. !\1 . . .ick cream, Ac. i i;,, hall adams Reapeo fully call a the i i aitennonof hia friends, and thepublio in gmeral. i te.!1!,1 i"*? "w'f.of fruit. mineral wa- i i hie Ice Cream, Confectionery, and i i j" atl"k ^opn. No. 311 Eighth atreet, Ktween l i i ??m* stev ,ee Cream delivered to all parta of the i i city free of ot.arge at the ahcrleat notice. i jt Imeo* i i ? ? cash notice. i an Consequence of our Having to pa* oash for i i every artioi? ol gooda we purchase, we are forced i i to retiuoe oar business to Cash exclusively, for the i i pre1f5~ "h^ve in store a very larce aesoitmeat i i k ready made clothi) for men and i i pi!/'* wf>ar, which arc selling at a tnu^h lower rate i thin usually. w all, stephens a co.. i i a. avenue, between 9tii aad luth sts. i i* 7 (Intel. ^ Hepnh.l portable ovens, i * For i military camps hotels, ft families. i fair bank's scales. i furnaces and cauldrons, Ac. Ac. j p. bartholow, i jy 2fi 2weo ssh Seventh street, near Canal. inew oi*tical establishment. ?m m. i franklin, 844 sciI . (From Philadelphia,) haying established a branch of hia bnaineaa here, he 1 i offera to the oitiscDM and atrangera hia oelebrat?sj i improved spectacles, i i with the finest p?riscopio-hlliptic Lenaea, suited i i . ?veri ?nd condition of the visual organs. | i m? ?' sa''* wor,d renowned Mierofcopt*. i i Tenseoprt, Mrtttary Spy Glasses. StTtoscopis and i i Stereoscopic Pictures, and Mathematical i i nients, at the lowest Eastern p ices ..... m- i franklin, Optioian. i 844 Pennsylvania av., bet. 12th an<1 13 h sta . i (formerly the stand ?>f dr Woolfaon.) i i je 3?-ly Washington, d. c. /jjibbs' hair store, i i ml ?.. n?kii4*j pa. av., bkt. 12th ahd 13th sts. i i PKKVUjfrKKY. j-c bralds.curls wigs. i i half wigs, f"k izettes, ac. a foil atocc i i always on hand, or made to order at the shortest i i notice. Hair Work repaired or exchanged. i n, b.?Ladies' Hair Dyed in the must na'nra i j manrer. m? 8? Urn i iohn hinslky's j livery and sale stables, i Eighth Street, bet. Dand E, ^ I Washington. d. c. carriages. buggies. phaei tons, and saddle hofcshs. -r v " i every deaoription, alwaya on hand, at rfa*onat>le i j charge*. ?y 17-eolm* i i |upo<mt's gunpowder, i | i' For mie at manufaotarers arioea. b? ioyu. bosue, Gaoaeerows, d. cm Attnc, for tht District nf Columbm. I a wpnim, em bracing every ranety. aiwajt i n hand, ?nd delivered free to all parte of the dif- 1 met Ordera oana'ao beleft atthaofieeof Adame' i i Exera? qoaiaaav. waaMaHaa p. r. huavit linu provisions. hhds hams and middlings, 1?5 kega buttir, oat?..v.,w%?lb^,cbh?m, i* 21 Corner Fift* nth ?t a>- Ver mont aV p1r8t clas8th^h|^^^^^^_ i r miliiakv aA*k&. PHD I r feasaws,'' . .. , 844 p* avenae jy lt-lw? between '2'h aad lath eta. |\jew volume balzac's movklb-Tks i hi Alchemist, or th/tto?m of ClJL; f,em thj Frenoh of Honore de Be xac. Free by bail, #i. i p.k.nch^^cbfw^- | ^SSHiiSaSEffis lOWD, li ak>1 ,m c. b. jewell, Proprietor, a Stick aodSnarea. Brass aod Copper Baflea,Fiiea, i >ui<<a Bainoa. Gaitars.aud Viellaa, atTow pno*a, i as'ift^rstemi avenue, jit ft ? ! TELEGRAPHIC NEWS LATER mill WlkMl'Kl. FraKKLih, Mo., Aug 13?Geaeral Lvon met the advance *f tbe riwwif en Thursday snd drove them Into tbe woods The ml a body of tbem, supposed to bo *t 000 strong, ?m encamped on Wlesen'E Cre-k. probably aw* t!n< relufetea* menu from Arkanaas Gen Lyon's effort* to draw tb* enemy Into an engagement were without success, Jirrneoa Citt, Mo, August 13.?Twenty. tworebrl prisoners have been brought in by a detachment from Syracuse " 4 Arrival of the ( hnmpien New ^ oat. Aug 13?The aten.ner Champion. from Asplnwalt. la below Front Gea Baaks'Tetania. S**m Hook. Aug II ?Tbe New York IDlb volunteer regiment la now commanded by Major I.edMe, Col Cla?k stlII twine under arrest, and Llent, Col Seward bavin* obtained leave of abeence an account cf aickneas Tbls rsvimeet keepa watrh and ward on both sides of the Potomac. from Sandy Hook to Berlin Last Wednesday newi reached Mejor Led lie that a force of upward of one hundred Confederate cavalry were at Lovettavllle, In Uxideun county, where tbey were pressing end opprewt'ng tbe Union Inhabitants Detachments from d fierent com pan In amounting to one hundred men, under command ofCapt Kennedy, company B , accompanied by Capt. Stevena. of company F, and Surgeon T Dlinon, cri-esed the river at Rock ferry at one o'clock on Thursday morning, and after .t difficult march through a rocky pa?s of aeveo mil-a, reached IjOvet'aviUe about daylight Ascertaining that the rebels L\d left, they retraced tbelr route two mile* toward the river, la hopes that the rebels would follow tbem, aa soos aa the latter ascertained Kennedys numerical weaknes* Here the In ion men formed an smb'iah where tbey laid concealed until 2pm when ascertaining that the rebels had not re turned, they continued on tbeir way. ? ben about thr'-e m'les from the river tbey were orert .ken hv a Ik?v with information that about I3u of Stewartrebel cavalry had re-o>~rUpled tbe town Tired, worn out arid almost shoeless and hungry, theae brave fello4fc with a about at once voted unanimously to return and attack the rebels Starting at double quick tbey gained sight of tbe town. and. under cover of a corn-field, trained sight of the cavalry, about thirty rods distant Resting here for a few minntea. tbey heard tbe rebel captain give orders to ta' unt. and believing that they had W?n diacovered, and were about to be Charged upon. Captain Kennedy charged upoa the town atdouble qulefc. firing two volleys as they ran Toe enemy, after firing two hapless shots, made their way, concealed brrat houses out of the opposite aide of tbe town, but not until they bad one man, a lieutenant, killed, and five wounded, as ascertained from person who came Into town soon afterwards The Inhabitants of Loudoun county are generally Unionists, and were greatly rejoiced to be freed from the oppression of the Confederates Tbe only spoils taken by Captain Kennedy's command, were two Hall earbtnes, tbe killed man's hat. aeveral caps, saddles, coats, cartridge boxes, and some letters and papers of an import ant character Surgeon Trlpler, medical director, has been ordered to iolnGen. MrClellan's column at Wast Ingten, and his place here bss been supplied by Surgeon W. 8 King The rumor that Gen. Banks' headquarters are to be removed to Frederick has no foundation In fact The Philadelphia City roop are getting ready to leave for home, via Hagerstown, la the morning This corps has received the most flatten ag compllm- nts. In tbe shape of letters, from Gen Banks, and Col. Thomaa. of tbe '2d Cavalry On 'befr departure the* will be escorted from camp by Col. Geary'a entire regiment and a portion of the 2d Cavalry. The War la Jllssearlv-Kxcltlag Ram ere? Aasther Skirnal*h St. Loci*. Aug II ?It Is related on reliable authority that Jeff Thompson with his entire command made a demonstration against Cape Girardeau on Friday, ^.it finding tbe place In a much better state of defense than tbey anticipated , tbey precipitately fled. SpsiNortKLD, Aug. ?? Much alarm has been created here In consequence of reports that the Secessionists were flanking tbe city on tbe southwest and east The stores were closed and tbe citizens gathered together all valuablea that were easily transportable The directors of tbe Branch Bank of tbe State Bank of Missouri haje placed about 9250,000. nearly all In apecie, In charge of Gen. Lyon for safe keeping Scouting parties now report tbe road all cleir. The public mind has therefore become more calm. The only force of the Secession ists now known to be in this vicinity is on Wlison's Creek. 12 miles from here A force will be sent to attack them In a few days. Potosi, Aug 10 ?A party of 110 Secessionists made a dash into this town yssterday Tbey were fired upon by 14 Home Guards, and compelled to retire, with a loss of two killed and several wounded One of the Home Guards was mortally wounded It Is reported that there are 1,100 Secessionists about 30 miles below here A Ship Destined for a Ssathera Psrt?Masdttoas af Mar. Boston Aug. 11.?A Southern vessel now at St. John. N. B , and having considerable quantity of munitions or war on board, is stated as being destined to run the blockade Tbe captain and owners, who are both citizens oi Cbarl.ston, are cautioualy pur:ha*lng further cupplies. The steamer New Brunswick carried from Boston last Tuesday *1,100 worth of tin plate, 91,900 worth of block tin, and *950 worth of quicksilver. This being an unusnal Importation to St. John. It is considered as part of the cargo Intended for said vessel. The above vessel ts the ship Albonl. of Charleston. arrived at St John, N B., June 15, and the goods above referred to were landed alongside of her at the wharf there. From Alexandria Alexandria, August 12?The Fire Zooaycs struck their tents and leftfor New York this after.noon, where tbey will be disbanded preparatory to tbe reorganization of the regiment A prominent resident of White House Point, named Burke, was arrested to-day bv our pickets about six miles out of Alexandria He iscbarged with beln*? a spy and actingasa rebel messenger He is at present confined In the jail, swaiting orders from Washington. A party of ofilcera, while out scout* ng to-day visited Mount Vernon They report that no rebel troops have been seen In that locality for tbe last two weeks. . a New York Bank Statement ? Meetlagaf Baak Officers. New York, Aug 12?The weekly statements of the City Banks shew a decrease In loans of ?1. T35 000; s decrease In deposits of f?l3 000. ar Increase In specie of 403,000, and an increase in circulation of S144.00J Report says that at tbe bank masting to-day there was a'most co dial feeling manifested towards the governmeut A proposition was made that New York, Philadelphia, and Boston sub scribe for tbe loan *40 000,000. and to have an optional preference for tbe awardofaliko amount in October, the Secretory of tbe Treasury being recommended to withhold tUe Issue of small notes for the present A Privateer la Taagter heaad New Yoee. August 12 ?The schooner ManAdeline. which baa arrived here, reports having been spoken in Tangier Sound by a privateer hailing from Dai's Island Three 'hours after a U S war veaae: paased up tbe Sound and heavy firing was subsequently heard It Is supposed t hat tbe pri vateer was captured She was a pungy of about 30 tons Another Democratic Paper destroyed. Banooe. Me , Aug. 18?The Bangor Demo crat was to dsy completely cleared oat ay S large number of people, and the contents burned la the street Mr Emery, the editor, was aaharmid. A man named Jones, s barber, who made some demonstrations, was badly used, but rearned by tbe authoritlea and taken to jail for protection The Case of the Police tommieslasers. New York, Ang. IS ?la tbe caae af the Baltimore Police Commissioners a writ uf attachment was leaned to-day agalast Colonel Burke for his sppearance to show cause why be should not be held for contempt of court Is refnatfng to deliver the a^l prisoners on a writ of Askse* eirpai. Tampering wttn a f?everoaee?t Telegraph Lisa. Nrw Yore, Ang It -Tbe Poet mvs aastoetrlr telegraph wire baa been discovered connecting Fort Monroe with Fox Hill, where ths rebels are entrenched la strong numbers OUR CLsTOMKRB RAYING BOOK ACoonats with as are respwkfhily notified feat owing to ttae dal-nees of the ttjae- and the naaroty of money, ws am willtag to offsr a discount of ive per oenLof fit aoeoaato Mid in earreetnad saaeia funns. Virginia owner will aleo be taken at the current rote I BTEPH KNS ft CO, ? to rtsto!-> *?a av? net w? aad totk em. W * a asm w%#MW.wa w?. I have one of the best eetab..*: :n?n*s, and faraished with a eoauiete set of tocsitTrepairtag every dsaanpLoa of fine Watches, aad^H particular attontion give to Ito same, by W.ttth, pi'a. *^i?d ornao'-Tiai., amnatesta>adan<iei u? own snerrvisioa. ?h'ok mj eeetoasSrs wul ana lar ssper or in asnlit* ??id Cmsk W r->rthera vara

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