Newspaper of Evening Star, August 13, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 13, 1861 Page 4
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THE l,VF,MMi STAR. MAP-MTDS ro* CTRKANT BT'SHIS. I A writer in the Indiana Farmer says : " I hare found the cultivation of currants to be >iry profitable. By oare and attention I greatly increased the site of the bushes and tne quality of the fruit. My bushes are now about six or eight feet in height, and are remarkably thrifty. Tha cause of thi? large Cwtb, I attribute in a great measure to the t that I hare been in the habit of pouring nap-suds and chamber lye around their roots during the summer season. I am satisfied from my own experience, and that of some of my neighbor* tnat this treatment will produce a moat astonishing effect upon the growth and product of the bushes, ana would advise others to eive it a trial." [The writer might have added that soap-sui* is equally valuable for grape vines, raspberries, gooseberries, rose-bushes, ic. Indeed it invigorates almost every plant vine and shftuld never be wasted . I MOWING LAWKS. 1 ia ftf tVi? Ant imnnrtan(*A thftl tha Ar<(t mowing should be done as early as poa?ible in the season. If left to grow long before the first cutting, the leaves get yellow at the base, and at every catling after the yellowness appears, totally destroying the floe green color which gives the lawn its chief attraotion. | Where a first-rate mowing is desired, it is best ( to roll tie grass the day before catting The grass Is then pressed all one way, and cat ' venJy, and any dirt or stones pressed beneath , the surface that.would otherwise take the edze j off the scythe. A good lawn-mower keeps his cythe very sharp. Some grind a little before | ?aoh regular set-to at mowing. Those who are not accustomed to mowing lawns, should take ' but a few inches in width at a time, bo as not ! to''scora." With a little thought and judgment, any field mower can soon become a good lawn hand. A sharp scythe is the chief element of suocear?Gardensr't Chroniclt. the orchard In the orchard, trees whi^ are cankered or shew much gum. should have the decayed part eat out clean to the soand wood, and oovered Kith some preparation to exclude the air and allow it to heal. Treea in danger of breaking dewn with fruit, i should be properly supported with stakes. | Guard against chafiug by using bands of hay. i All fallen should be picked up frequently destroyed. thb wir9ery.* Peaches, Nectarines. Almonds, Apricots and otoer none irniu may be fruttded ttus month. Save stone* of al'i stone fruit, and put them In the ground at once. They should never be allowed to dry, if you would have them come up promptly. Give proper attention to seedling.-?, keeping t h?m free of grans and weeds, and the soil loose. Whenever convenient, prepare your ground *y ploughing and manuring for autumn plantin8 OCEANSTEAMEKS' SAILING DA YS Fbow tbh Uwitm Stat?h. j L*n r?. For. Days tfricft..New York... LiverpoolAs(. 14 Uiton ~ _..N?*Ywk ^outh'ptou Aug. 17 ine&roo., .NenWYork...l.ivfrpr.ol An*. I-* Kuropu.? ..N?w York...Liverpool.?Aug.21 ""it ... \<g VnrV _LlV??rpOOI. Am ^ A'ago. . New York Hv re .Sept. 14 Prcm eorcpb Kangaroo. Liverpool. ...New York...July 24 Fulton ,JV>ut;i'Bton._New York _Julv24 A agio Mxob Liverp?><>i Quebec. Jnijr if> J ?*ot< ma ... 3?>ut.vpi <n....V>w Vork_.Julv 31 Etn* Liverpool. .. .Now York...J Jiy 31 Nov* Sootian....ljv^pool....yueb^o...? Aai. 1 l'etsin,..?.? Liverpool New York.. A tic 3 | ? Liverpool Boston Aur. 10 ' B?v4ri?...__ ...rtouth'pton.. .New Vork..Auk-14 j A?ia Live.poil New York Aug. 17 J The California. m*i! at?<t.ninr> Iaava nn ika I-? I 1 2th, andltut of every th. ^?? ( I^EttALIi DOARDIN8 AND DAY SCHOOL, I4 ALEXANDRIA, tA. Mrs. ?. J. MoCORMICK, I'htwcipal. The ttun??nih asynal session of tnis Institution will oommeuieon Tuesday, September :2th, is the . bonM recertly occupied by Sylreeter Soott. Ee?,, f Nv. l^O Hint etreat. The e**n** ot study par?ue?l will comprise ail I toe i't tnotr-M r^uisitt tc a thorough Ea^liib Kdu- ; cat.on. ?t<1 Music, F'^nafc, Latm an-.: Drawing, il I Mwm, In a<iiit:oa to day sol o la-*. Mra. MeCornuck is i U.reeeive a limited unml.crof pupils u I boarders, "Wbo. ?w.Bt,tuns- a pari or aor o?u Ami- j IJ. wih be under he<- immediate care mi J enpervi- ! loii. She Jf ii' enoeavor, &*la" ai possible, to sur- ! Tuyd tu?m witii ths comiorta and kiadir influences I of Rcitse. lUftmcu ? R*t. *xeo. a. No'ton, Rer. Dr. E'im j Har-taon, Rev. D. F. Sprue, illiani H. Fosrle, Eh? Kdga. Siwir ion, Ksf., Edmund F. Witmer L?v. H*try Mp.rLory, Leq., Levis McKecsio E??.. ft?.' ert H. Hcrton. Ess., VV. D. VVailaoh Kiftor Eveaiug^ta>\ Beatamin Waters, Ea^.,Jas Entw.s'.eJr^ Et?.,Col, Joi n W.Minor, Loudoun, Sin-? Hlaokl-.cV * Mil?'!*: i M??r? Brothers. *" "* 7iU(i. Board, wifh Tuition :i a.. the English Branehea, W) for the annua. ae?siob?payable acmi annually, A i^Tura. Mssjeac/t L?-v*na?es at Profeaaors' prices, fry No ext. a charges. au ?-tf W SPRING CLOTHING. ALL, STfcrHK.NS A CO. are thia day In reoeifft oi their second auppir of SPRING CLOTHINw ao<l material for their ouaroir trade, oonaUtia* of New Cloth*, CaesimeTs and Veatings, of the Latest atylea, w&ieh they will make to orner in ?upeal or atyte at very tow prioes. Geati^rneu wiahin* immediate outfit will find in oar H?vij trade Department every article of Weftrins Apparel agitable to their va..ta. WALL, STEPHENS k CO.. * 1* P?rn.*??'n?. Tnn mobqi'ito net. IUU PIECES Piijk. Blue. Yellow,Green, and VV'aite Moaqnito Net jui>t opened and for rale d* WM K MLKY & BKO.. No. 36 Central Stnrea, Between Tt'.i and Stn at*., an S I't.if Opposite Center Market VI/ UO*S' CLOTHING. ? f K HftTA rMeiV^fi Within thA 1 r>? ?WA Unt assortment"of BOYS' HPRING 'C L< >^H~ | 1NG, HibrMine all srvles of low-prio?d, medium, j ul ace qoalmes, which wo are selling a t very ! low prion frn cua. WALL, STEPHENS * CO.. 3:24 Pa. %v., between 9th and 1< th ?U. m 79 (IniwHit^Kyiir %n.l Republican.) H FRENCH ft RiCHSlEIN AVE Jnat received a fresh soppy of Note Paver, Colored Uorders, ra.ei and plain, with Envelopes to inatoh A *o, Hi* ^aper of at! kinds, with and withont31ottoes; Er.refcjpes to matoh. Parse* and Packet Books of every deeoripuon. A lar?e aeeortuient of Stationery. New York Papers received daily; Papers from mil parts of the ooantrj. FRENCH k RICHSTEIN, w?a* aT?? Pwiii. ansnne rjREKN CORN. IN OANS: PETITE POIB; * s Cnampirn >ns; Fresh l\>m%Ues, in s uart oans; P"??erv?d trait, of maxiy varieusa; Conserved Qiqfv, (Cacto?;) Actelijue; Fresh Mackcreiand Hailbat, in cans: Fresn Lobsters and iJame, in oaoaj ^ar^isee; urandjed Fmite; Crosse hlliiaok wou I tum..rm. rauo?f, UliVM, Ac For aaiat* KING A BLRCHteLL.Grooors, m J P.ornw Vermont av. act 15th at. H~ KADQl.VKfrltS FOR SOLDIERS-E*erj in the city eh?ald c?I! at SMITH'S N o. 4n0 Seventn atret-t, opposite the l'uat Olio*, a/vt bay their CLOTHING SB' KTS, COl.LAwS TRUNKS. VALICES. CARPET BAGS, HAl'S And CAPS, at it 1a the Ckoapeat Store in town to cny Clothing and Farniahinc Good*. J. hTSMITH,Clothier, a?-Vn No. *?Q Seventh at. ^nn DEATH-DEATH-DEATH! ? 0 Icw^ra, Badbuga, Flew. Auta, *?. Uae Hoorri Insect Deatroyer; never faila: pnoe 30,30 Mb 5# e?nti. Aiao, Moore'a Rat ami Mioe Exterminator. Larre a ad gecerai atook of Medioinee, 4o.. awaya^hjjij^^ WMt Knd _ 8tor#^ al^hr II < Peno. a^eono. \AIK OPPER TO MILITARY MEN a large " aaaortaieatof GREY aud B LU EFLANNKL OVER-SUlk IS. WHIlh s*HIRTS, DRAWERSTCAMP BLANKETS. HALF HOdE.fto.. wuoh we (nvile ul ctih pnrctiaaera to examine i-.iUitg tteu aei^ctioua. WALL. STEPHENS k. CO.. 3'4- Pa a between 9th and 10th a la. n? (Ipttinwiwir m-i anab wtp ' ^qoD ARTICLES.?MOORE'S INSECTaud " J VERMIN DESTKOYER will no yoa of Roaohea, Bod Buns, A me. 4o Moore'a Rat aad Mow* Kxtorwynatf.r aerer fails. Moore'a Bensine will remove paint, vara ?ti or greaee w4 any kind froa iw aioft deticavo fabric, auk or w^ii, wittioatlrjary to co?or or othsrwisa ; will wan Kid eiovee beaatualiy. with uttio ai-or. For aalo at MOORE'S Oraii\|adiaine 1m*ou 113 pa. a?? W-> Vr.' ut-n a BUT uBKUAINS I.N PIANUS.-Oc* Tery " * aio* Hb 1 * tkW mU< fur ftSO; j*rj Bio* Ro**wood Cbiokprint* di%k'MaKI i>r Sino; on* R > ??oo4NtwiaMfc Bro.'??l?*?" Mk* fat ?. M U* MMM W4>r* Jf W. G. M KTZKlorr, mm H?t of 3telnw*? ft Pon.T mm! ltww.lUiWTi k IV ? Pi?n? 1* II Loci*vua.fc akte&ia.n well water, Bib* Li"t Wiwr.iiil oliiar M*dioin*l Wilwi, Bi wbji trpf [i. Aitu, ?r?afe tuppiisaof Far* M?iicibm Taeeiveu w&b?1?. Ayer'i. Uoh*Bck'?, and otA*r Mwicin?? ob it t. MOOEK'S ?V?t E;ii Drug Stora, 11 a Fm.s. ?v*piM. stpeolai, 6aa6ai\& * ? _ . . ;N MOURNING GOODtt. Wooii^il the cut ?rad6? of fltMiiJuinc Gooda in otu ?u*i at truu j r?dac*u fr1o*? (or caafc. ?? >* ) w. r.oli.kv a co - \|Afl."?Ol.iA b AiU? : 1*1 MAGNOLIA HAMS!! 1 W* v? bow our firBteiipfty of Mb?boLb U\n lor titib tr\o"h 'i etnaot DB.caria?(fd. MING * 01?CHEl.L. %# 4 tiih at %rn' Vermont av l ? *HU;KKUINr, * !*<)NTflANOS FOK PALB a* r? IH, Nt*? rn BBd luik Ma. 14 They 10 r Iff lit to the Spot." INSTANT RELIEF! 8TOP \ OUR COUttH PURIPY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE! SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, ai GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. 8li.NTI.EMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARK DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CMILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. The; relieve a Cough instantly. They olear the Throat. i They (ito atrength and volume to the voioe. They impart a delioioua arouia to the breath. They aredelightfu' to the taate. They are made of simple herba an<t cannot harm ai.y one. I tdviae every one who haa a Couch or a Husky Voice, or a BaJ Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get * piokage of my Throat Confections. They will relieve you inatantly, aad you will agree with n e that "they go rirht to the apot.' You will find them very useful and pleasant while traveling or attending public meeting*, for atiiling your Congh or allaying your thirst. If you try one package I ain ?afe in saying that you will ever af terwarda oonsider them indispensible. You will fir.dthem at the Druggists and Dealers in Medioi-??. PRICE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. My aigcatureiaon each paokage. All othera are counterfeit. A i'Aokaxs will t>e sent by mail, prepaid, on re oelptof Thirty CenU. Addreaa, HENRY V. SPALDING, No. CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. CUR?^^> CURE 07 NerveusHeadache ?# Si. * Head o el io. By the are of thtme the periodic attacks o htrrr.u* m Sisk r-1?? l>? 1 _ - . , - ? - ? - j w v (TJ V ClikVli , Qlli'l i tisen at tho commencement of an attack iromed!at? re'.ir f from pair, and sickness will be obtained. Ti;?y *5'd.>m ft-1 iu rfinovirg the and to which females are so subject. I'at'T a^t gentiy upon the bowels,?removing CotItrtntss. For Ltttrary Mtn, Stwimts, Delicate Females, and a>r persons of r&itntary kabits, they are valuable as a Laxntivt, improvise the avrttin, living ton* and tt<* to the digestive organs, and re storing the natural elaatlcitv and strength of the wnole system The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long inves'igation and carefully conducted experiments, having been in nse many years, during which time they have prevented and relieved a vast ainouLt of fain and suffering rom Headache, whether originating in the narrows system or from a deranged state of the ttom&ck. They are entirely vegetable in their oo'npoeitiou, and may b? taken at all times with perfect safety without maJriug any oh&nge of diet, mnd tk* smei of any ditm^rtta' It tafit rtndirf it ta:y to dmtnimtr iktm to tkudrm. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henry C. Spalding on each Box. Sold by Druggists and aJl other Dealers In Medicines. A Box will be sent by mall prepaid on reoeipto the PRICK, CENTS. AH sr4ers should be addreesed to HENRY C. SPALDINS, 4* CIDA.K SrXBXT. N*W Vnm*. trim tk* Er*mi**r, Norfolk, Vm. Cephalio fills aooom?!ish the objeot for whioh list wore made, n?: Care ol headache In ail its forms. Prim IU ftMttMr, Ifur/olM, Vm. They have been tested ui more than & thsuast esses, with entire suooess. From tk* Democrat, St. Clomd, Minn. If yon are, or have been troubled w ith the headache, send for a box, (Cephalic Pills ,i so that yoi may have thera id case cl aa>ttaok. From tk* Wuttm K. R. G*%*tt?, Ckitmgo, 11L We bearttly endorse Mr. Spalding, and kis Unralled Cephalio Pills. From tk* Soutkom P*lk hinder, Nt* Orlmmt, Lm, Try them ! you that are afflicted, and we are sars that your v* Anion y oan be added to tbe already numerous list that has reoeived benefits that no ot&er medicine oan produce. From tk* ffaactu, Dmvmpmt, /mm. Mr. Sfaldinc would not oonneot hie name wlU in article he did not know to poasaaa real merit i From tk* Admtrtistr, Prttidmt*, it. J. The Cephalto Pill* are ?aid to be a remarkably effective remedy for the heulaohe, and one of the erj beet for that very frequent oocniiaint which haa ever been diaoovered. >>? ? tk* St. Limit Dimitimt. The iminenM demand for the artiale (Oa?ha!le Pilla) la rapid.y inoreaamg. From tki KmYtaUy Star, Kmnmwk*, Ym, We are acre that peraona auffennc with the head ache, who try them, will atiok to them. From tk* Adirtun. Prttiteu, R. J. The teetimorr tn *>etr ffcror la etrong, from the moat reapectno'e quarter*. | From tk* Daily Nmt, N*wrort. R. /. Cephalio Pills are taking the plaoe of all kinda. From tk* Commireial Bullttin, Boston, Matt. ttaid to be very eiftoaoiona for the headaohe. From tk* Commtreial, ftaetaM^ Ohio, f ufferint humanitr oan now be rl^nr?4. I I) 3C3 1 .1 m irr A tnj:e battle of Spalding's Prepared Glue will aaveten Umn lU ooet annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! I SPALDING S PREPARED GLUE! 8AVB THK PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH fTf*'*A Stitch in Tim Satu N Aa aoeidenta will happen, area in wail ragalatao familiee, it ia very daairable to have aona oheay aa<CooBracient war for reeairinr Fbthikm ? ??? -t Croefcary, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE Metf all nob emertenoiee, an?i no honaeholtf oa aflcrd to b? withont it. It la alvsya ready, and to Ue ati?klns point M USEFUL IN EVEEY HOUSE." N. B.~A Broth aooompaniea each Bottle. Pria % eanta. AdOreea HENRY C. 8PALD1N8, No. 49 Cedar atreet, New York. CAUTION. Aa eertaia anynnoiyled pereonaro attempting to oca ro before pnrobfiaini, and aee Uka the f? i name. BPALDIN?'? PEEPAEEJI OLUE^ai yyaa??? ?m?fngggp | TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORYT^ ^JNITED BTATK8 M1LITAKV HOUTK? fit iii?ih?h?a : SPECIAL NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. On anJ tyfttr Tk*r?d*v, May 16, 1K1. MM8X8II TSAISJ BSTWIIS I WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE \Vil | run an follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON at 4 15and 7 10*. m. ami 2 90 and 5 45 p. m.. arriving at Baltimore at VJo and 8 Jo a m. an ' 4.>5 and 7JO p. m. LEAVE BALTIMORE a- 4JO and 8 20 a. m. and 9.4ft and 5 p m , am Tin* at Washington at 6.lo and 10.10 a. m. and 5 25 and 6 45 p. m. Pasaenrer Trains leavin* Waabincton at 7 lo a. m. and 5 45 p. m., and Baltimore at 8 3m a. m and 5 i d. m . make direot oonnea^ons for Auaapoiia at the Junction. Trains leave Annapolia for Baltimore and Waah , ingtnn ai 6.30 a. m. and 4 15 p. m Paaeenger Train* leaving waahington at 4.15and 7.10 a. m and 2 so j. m. make direct oonnexions at Baltimore for Philadelphia, New Vork, Boston, and All ofKnr Nnrtk All artiolea of freight (not contraband of war) ill ba transported over the line. Tonnage Trama will leave Baltimore at? 30 a. m. Leave Waahington at?(p. in. Br onler of the Secretary of War: THOMAS A. 9COTT, m l<f General Manager. , US. MILITARY ROUTE. . SPECIAL NOTICE. On SUNDAY the Trains will leave tho I)ep4 at 7.10 a. m. and 2 30 p. m for Philadelphia and New York. Trains win arrive at 610 a. ni. and 5 45 p. m. THOMAS A. SCOTT, Gen'l Manager, ma Ui [Chron, Iniel and Repab.] rraii steam weekly between NfcW YOKK and LIVERPOOL, Landirg ana em^arkine paisengers at Quer nstown, Ireland The Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia Steamship Company intsnd dispatching their fn:i powered C'yd*-l>uilt iron Steamships as follow*: GLASGOW Saturc'ar, August 31. CITY OF BALTIMORE. " " K'th. KANGAROO. " " 13th. And every Saturday* at n.'on, from Pier44. North river. bates or passage. First Cabin $Ti D >. t > Loi rton. M ()o. to J'aris t5 )o. to Hamburg . . 86 Steerage $.*> Do. to t.ondun 34 l o. ?o "a i??.? 3< Do. to Jlumhuig. ?5 Passengers forwarded to Havre. Vrernen. Rotterdam, Antwerp, ftp.. at rednned thmni.i !?r? fergon* wishing to bring rat their friend *>eu buy tickets at low rate*. or further information apply at the Captains Offioe. JOHN ?. D* L , Ager.t, 13 Broadway. N. V . Or to Q. A. HERRING, Aoams Express Haitimore. V ? GOVERNMENT LINE FORT MONROE A SD OLD fOlST COMPORT. L?avf? the lower of UNI<?N DOCK.Bati m"re, west ?i<'e, i?AILY, (Sundats included, > at Ojo'c'i ok l* M. ta!;in? pn.,;e. if rs and feitht and ooan-otint with the H-.ilroad and from Wathn g'on, >. c., Philsuapbia. New York, Boston, Voik, Harrishurg, Pittsburg. Pa , and the VV est, iminediat?lj af'er the arrival oi the Express Train from New \otk and Philadelphia. The lollowin? is the Sohedu.e : From \< w York to Pi rt Monroe and back, *U From Pt;iiad 'iplva and tiack J. * 10 From lia'tirr.rre and baek |6. IC7-PROCUKE VOL'II TICKETa??0 In New York.a* the New Jersey Railroaa Office fo >tof Court.aid street. H Phi a<leiphia, at the Co7T)p%ny's office. N. W. oornvi of Sixth and Chestnut atrsets, or at the D^pof. Broad and Prni* strre'.a. li. Il l mi ire, ou b >a'd the Steamers foot ol Union Doak. HUGH O CONNER. Passenger Ag'nt - rr?- w INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE LINE. dFtMfiiA EAST EH V A NO irKSTtf/j.v SHORE STEAMERS. "KEXT:' Capt J H. K rwa i " rlONEEli," Capt \V. Norman. Will run their r >urea a? follows, leavi e L'ent street, Baltimore, foot of Camden at T o'clock A. N: K LNT?For Cambridge, Denton ami Landings on Chop tank rive.', every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, reluming every Thursday and *1 I I iuuuudy. For Annapolis and West Rivt',e??rT TUESDAY ai.d FR 1 DAY and returning *a > e c'ays. PION F.ER?For St. M rhui'i U'l Faston.via j Mile's R ivcr, tvery WEDNhSDAY, a..<l return tin Mme day. For Annapolis, Went H iver, Cambridge, Oxford and Fasten Point, every i'UCR>I>AY. returning 1 hy name ro'iteon Friday For Afcn^po'is. Wmi River, St. Miciia*'.'* and Fa ton, via .Mile's River Ferry, every SATURDAY, returninn every Monday by Mine route. Fare to Cambridge, Dei<ton, Oxford and Fastun Point. ? SI 5? Fare to M MichaoiN *nd Miles' Kiverj round tr p SI,) 100 Fare to West Riv?r, (roui.d trip, $1) 1 I Fare tc Annapo i* ('ound t.rir?75oents)?_ 75 MbALS fXTHA. rv* r?cirht i?o iirn^iit ha. f aiid Oflioe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden, flaltmore. C. K. CANNON. FOR THK WK9T AND SOUTH R*?t BALTIMORE AND OHIO RMLKOAD. On and after May ltStn, l?6l, th? t-uirjn will run at lol,i>w?, vii:?Leave Camden Station. Baltimore.?Mai'.. rseont Siinlay.l at 5. 30 A. M.; Exp.-etis daily at 3. -tS P. M. Itotii Trains to d;rec'!y turoiigh HiR ALL I'AKT* OF 'i'HEWEST, SOI I'HWEM' AND NORTHWEST. FOR WAY PASSENGF RS. Between Baltimore an t l'iedm?ntt*kethe A. M. Train; between Piedmont and Whrolin* take Ao eoniinodation Tram, leaim* Piedmont a: .5, 41 AM ; and between Grafton and Parkortburg, take tie5 'f' \ M Train Iroin Ba fimor?. Th? FREDERICK TRAIN I?t*b Baltimore at 4 #> P. M. a:>d FreJerirk at 6.3> A. M. Th- ELLICOTT'S MILL"* I H MN l?ave Baltimore at 6 2ii and 9.1* A. M and 1 4.5 an',: 5.41 P. M , an l fc.!licoit*a Mills at 7.40 and ll.&iA. M ,and 3 45 aiid 7.oo P. M. For further informafon, Tiekefc of every k'nd, V , a nnl. I T L'\ n I ^ avpi; w 4 a - n.\?i Ij/IA U A ftl U&IT1(16D station, or at the Ticket office. XV. P PM1TH, Master of Traasportion. L. Bt. CO I.E. Gen'l Tickot AsenL i. i.I.?m, NORTHERN CENTRAL. RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,# Calvfet -tation, Eat.more. \lay '8,1861. \ On and alter Sunday. M*? 19th, 18t>l, Train* on t;ie NOH 1HF.KN CENTRAL MAI-.\Va V ar rive ana depart as follows, until further notico. THAINU XOHTN. M n 15 A. M. EXPRESS at S 9> P. M. HARUISBURU ACCOMMODATION at 8 P. M The 8 15 A. M. frsin connects at Rel.\r Houb* with traiiiB ?u the Western Maryland Railroad; at Hanover Junction with Hanoverand (iettshu'K Railroad*; at York with York and Wrightsviile Railroad; at. Harr?hurz <*nh Pennsylvania Railroad for ail part* of the West, aiso with Leoannon Valley Railroad to iYet? York dirtr.t; at Northum berland with L a-id li. Hatiroad for Kingstonaud all part* of Wiooiuing Valioy^and at?unbury with tt.e Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all parts Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3 30 P. M train makes a!l the ahove eonnsotions exoept Hanover llannad, Wri*htsvi!le Railroad and the Lebannon Vall-y Railroad. Trie 8 P. M tram makes oonnro'ions with Penn T.vanit Ratlrc ad for all parts of the West, and direct ooocects for New York. TRAINS AKHIVB. Mail at 6 10 P VI.: Expre- s at 7 45 A. M.; HarrisborR Accommodation at 2.43 P. M For Tickot* and inf>r ation inquire at the Ticket office, Calvert Station, Baltimore J. C. CLARK, Sup't. ? LEAVE PHILADELPHIA ?ftef6p fuk nkw v"kkThe Cam en and Am hoy and Philadelphia and Tren'fH Railroad Cmwpabie*' Linn lr >m PHILADELPHIA TO NEW VO"K AND WAV PLACES, from WALNUT STBEET WHARF AND KKNSlNQTON DEPOT, will leave as fol Ate A M , via Camden and Amboy,<C. and A. Accommodation.) , , . At 6 A. M , via Camden and Jersey City, (N.J. Aoooiinnoda'ion ) At 8 A. M., via Camden and Jersey Ctty. (Mc.rnii g Mail.) AtliH A. M , via Kensington and Jersey City, (Western Express.) At 12'* P. M., via Camden and Amt>oy,( Aooommodat'un.) At 2 P M.via Camdeo and Atnboy, (C. and A. Expre-s ) , At 4* P M , via Kensington and Jertey City, (Evening Express.) * At 4)t P M , via Kensington and Jersey City, (Seooi d Class Ticket.) Ate P. M., via Camden and Jersey City, (Evening Mali.) At 11W P. M., via Camden and Jersey City,(South ern Mail.) . At5 P. M via Camden and Ainbsy, (Aooommodation. freight and passenger. First Class Ticket ) Second Class Tioket. The6 f. M Mail Train run* daily. TheUAf P M. Mail. Saturdays excepted For Belvide^e, Lastor, La--bertville, Fleming ton, &e , at 7.10 A.M.;acd4,'4 P. M., from Keulirgton For Water Gap. *troudjbBr*.8orantonIWilk"sl>arre. Mor.trose, (Jrest Bend, &o.. at7.10A.M-. frorr. Kenrineton. via Delaware, Laok&wanna and Western Rail re ad. For Maueh Cfmjt, Allentown and Bethl*h?m *t I r IT II -j MTT1 ~ WSffMUbMkiK the7.10 A. M - Ii e cnnnecta with the tieiu le&vini Kuton at 3 38 *. M. For Mount Holly at 6 and 8 A. M. and 3 and iX P For Freehold at 6 A. M- aud ? P. M. 1 For Briatol, Tr?ntoa, Ac. at 7.10 A.M..?K and 5K P. M from K enaington, and JK P. M from , Walnut aireet v barf, . For Pa myra Riverton, D*lanoo, Beverly. Burlinrton, Florenneoo, Bordentown, 4o.t at 13K, I. , 3,atd 5 P M , , ' Steamer Trenton for Borden town. %ad lutermediate placea, at 2M P. M. from Walnut street wh?|rf CT For New York and Way Llpee. leaving 5PD?in*ton Depot, take tbe oara on P.fth itreet, *ore Walnnt, halfao hour befor*> deea tare The oara run iuU> the depot, and on arrival of train run J from the depot .... . hilty pounda of baggage only allowed to r*oh paeaenger P&wnr.eri are prohibited from taking anything aa baggage but thenj wearing appar-M. 1 All baggage over ifa >"*nd? to UpaiJ 'or extra/The company limit their reaponaiSility f >t 1 hagrage to one *oi ar per poand, an<l will not be 1 iiableijr any amount beyond one handrad do liar a, 6 ATZMUR. Aiwt I 9 T NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. H-E Postmaster General having ordarad the mail rtrrioe between Washington. JT" k Baltimore, and Old Poiut ?Forirr<!i8^^^raH^Q Monroe) tn be resumed, on and alier^^^^^^^^" Monday, the 30-h instant, the Bar Line of steamers will lea?e Ba fimnre EVERY DAY (except Sunday) from their wharf, foot of Union Dock, at 4K o'clock p. re., or immediately after the arrival of the Washington Train, whioh leasee Washington at 2H o'otock p. m. m ?v-t.' M. N FALL*. Pres't - PHIL^nKLFHlA. WIL MINGTO> ANDBAl.TlMORE RAILHEAD. SPA/AO A\D SUMMfCR AHHANUEXaNT. On and alter 1UKSOAY May Utn, Passenger Trains tor Philadelphia wlil leave President street Depot daily (except Sundaya)as follows, vis: x press Train at615*.M. Way Mail Trainat S.45 . M.; Eveniug Mail at 4 45 o'o'ock. On *UNOAYSat 4 45 P. M. onlv. All trains oonneot with New York trains except 4 45 P. M. train on :*atur. (fays. A Freight Train with passenger car attached leaves at 5 P. M , stepping at alt Stations between Baltimore and Havre d^Grae*. Passengers for Delaware and the KasUrn f hore of Maryland will find the most expeditious ronte by tr t\ W llminatnn All Colored Persons must givs bond before enuring thacars. WM CRAWFORD. Agent. i i i, CENTRA!. ROUTE FOR P^fUKTI I HE WEST, rt/1 HUDSON *1V L** mm* EIi HAILtiOAU i *d XEW YOKK CENTRAL KAILKOAD t xpress Trains leave New Ynrk c ty depots of Hudson River Railroad daily. Sunday* exoepted, *sfol owi: From CliaiiberB street |Fn>n>3lst gt, station. A17 oo a m At 7 25 a m 1? 00 500 pm 1'.56 "* 525 pm 3J> p m 355pm Montr al and Buffalo Train with sleep.nt oars, 9.'5 p m 145 p m Connecting at Albany with the New York Central Railroad f.?r Schenectady. Rroheeter. Utioa, Batavia. Rome, a^d stations on Rom* and Wat?rU'Wii Railf-a**. Huffalo. Syraoase, Niaga-a Falls, Si>Ffie:igi' Ti Bridge. Aobnrn, Geneva.Car andaigua. Trains in connection leave Buffa'o and Su?p-n siou via Lake Shore, Buffalo an<! < ake Hu-oa and Great Wente'n Railroad. for Hamilton. Toronto, Detroit. ChicMo. Toledo, \iiiwaukie.Fon Du, I,a i'ro?se, Madisn Prairio Du Chien, Ga fna, Dunleith. Dubuque, Peoria, R.^cit If land, Muscatine. Iowa cut. Burlington, Qnircy, Springfield. Alt<*n, St. Louis, Csiro.Te-re n&ute, irdiar.apo'is, Louis ville. Cincinnati. 1 at tin, Colnmbus, Cl*voland, and all points West, Northwest and South NORTHERN ROUTE Conneotine with Trains at 1 roy, with Troy k. Boston and Rens. A Saratoga Roads for Saratoga, w nitftivi. Kut:and, Hurimeton, ~t. Mii?r,i, Knn?e Point, Plattiburgh, Ocdourtiu *h, Montreal, 4.0 , Ac (LT Freight Arranecments by this ronto as above. witboi t chauie of Ca?a, from the i??poU 1i i ha'm>?r8 and ? anal street* a at ail times aj favorable as madehyo'h r hailroa'l Cnmf&np?, 'I lie 'aoil'ties of tills icreat Vork Knit*, ?o the West commend it to the confidence of ire ohants an sh ppem for promptreg* and di%pateh I'aasei'icer trails, with i*mckiiift an<i S?leepir.){ ^ara rut. lb (V'liuestion ou the New Vork Central R'>ad. For partiou ars as to local trsins and freight ar

ranicementa, icqaire at ih?iiepot, Warren it. A. F. HM1 I'D- Superintendent. ? i v * w YOHK, HARLEM AND ALBANY R AILR"AD. FMJ.. LKAVIrtG NKw YORK FOR ALBANV.TRO., N'IRTH AND WKsT. SI MMKK ARKAMiKMF ?T Cummenoinj Morda?, May /7th. lo*l For Abany? 1! UJ a. m. fatt upresa tram from 26'h street. For Dover Platm? 4<* p. m Ftopptne at White Pl'ina and statio-is north to Dover plains?fr. m 2fth etreet atation ( ' his tra n will run t > Millerton every fa?urCay evening > For Cro'on Fal's?8:'5a. in. stoppi nr at r.'l atationi; north ?-f Kordhnm <rom S6'h street ataMon. F >r >\ liit-i P:ains??:3>, 4:1<> ai.d 5 <>i p rn.atoppiris at a!! stations from 26tii atreet station. For White Piaina?6: 5 p. m. (topping a', a'' atatiOLS lroin \Vhlte street st(^ion. For William* Orid:;e-7.3 ', H.'A a, m. and ?:T p, m stopping at all e'atior.a from 27th atreet aratiou. Returning wi!' leave? A ibarv?O.w a. in. (nst ej pre** train. Do\ef P ains-6 a<? a rn. (Thi? tram leaves Mil lerton ever? Mot day inorniuj alo a. iu.) Froton I al ??5 p. a>. \vn<t? 7:<"n a m. 4. o ft. 7.-nn p m. \Vi I'&iiis Urid*e?+:3'i, 9.ifl ?. m.A- 1:0# p. in. Sniidar trai- ? wiii leave 4th \venue oornnr 22d Ktre<?t, for Central Park. Yorkvil'e, Harlem arid Hrsh Bridge <nery f?w mi'inte*. frotr 9r?l a. ni. to T^i P m. .lOUN H LRCHI 1.1,. Am t !-up'?. ___^NKW YORK ANI) ERIE RAIL Paer.erper Trains leave via Pavonia Ferry and Long l>o<*k. fr'm foot "fCna?nseri ?t'e-t New Y"rk, ai foilowa, yiz : 7 on a. m . CX 'RKSS.for Dunkirk, and Raff\Io, and prnicip^i lutrrm^ria'e Stations. 6 i" a. in . MAIL, tor l>urkuk. and intermediate Siatiocs? 1'hih Train remain* over night at Elinua, arid proceeds the next 9<*>a ni NI1-K (tail , for Otievilie. and inter mediate Orations. 11 *? a. m , A?'COMMODATION. daily, for Fort Jervis, and p incipal Sta?'ons 4fio p. m . WA? , for Mtddletvwn, Newbur*h, and iitermediat* Station*. 5,<*? P. m.. M'JHT KXPRKS1*. da 1 jr. fo- Dunkj "k. Buffvlo. ?:*.n*r.d?u? ua and prinoi;*! fte.tior? Ti e Train of Saturday rtop- at all Mail Train Station", ai d runs?t;ij to tvmira 6 0" p. in.. ACCOMMODATION,for Hornesville, aiid principal Station* CH * 8. MI NOT. Gen'l Supt. NATHANIEL MARSH, Reoiver. RiVF.R RAILROAD? BgWWJgf K.,r AI.R4NV aNDTROY.CON NECTINO with TRAINS NORTH And V*E*r, Trains leave: Fr<"n Chamber* *t. N.Y.i From 3 th *?rct Express 7 an! 1* a. in., 7.25 M.2S a. in, and 3.55 m. . .. O Of. - C ^ ' t ft* - oi.u o >' auu j y III* o.<p p 111 Tri.y a;.d Ail*i.y i with 10,<5 p. m , (Sundays insleeping car) 10,15 p. in olujed.) Pougl,ke?pisie train 6, a 6 25a. n..,and 1,V? p. m ni, 1.15 p. in !' ?kskiU train, 4 m p m 4 25 p. m. Sick Si r tratn.9 o? a m a 25 a. m., and 4 56 aid mi 4 find 8 im p. in. H 25 p. m. Fishki!) train, 5 3-1 r. m 15 55 p m. A. F SMi t H. yuperintendent j^w.for boston via nkwport .L: ANl' 'Al.l. K IVKIt. ffiHHUd^xiSa jjy th?"? vpleudid an I superior Sfame.s MBTROP?'U?. empire STATE, B*V STATlv and STATE OF M U^K. of strength and *p.ed, but particularly adapted to the navigation of Long le a?d Sound, running in 0;>nueotion with tm h a'l h ivrr a d O'd Colony Railroad, diyianoe <.f 58 only to Boston l.fave Fit-r No. 8 No-th Hiver near th'- Batte-y. The S'eamor EMP1RK ? rATE.Oapt Brayton Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 6 o'clook 1*. M., !"uohine at Newp rt each war. I he Slt&'iier METROPO Capt. Brown, ou Tuf?day?i. Thnrrday* aiid Satu-da>?, at 5 o'olcck P. M., 'oucMng at Newport each way. These Steamers a*ei fitted with commodious state rooms, and every arrangement for the eecuri ty and com ort ot passengers who are afforded bv this rorTte a nigh'*' rest on hoard, and cn arrival at Fa1! Riier projeed per Mieainboat Train toaeh inx Boston eariy the following morning: or may reu.a n on b? a-d until start'ng of the A^oommoda tiona! 8A. M., by which tliey may rtaoh Boston about8.4r> a. m A baggage ii:a?tcr is attached to each steamer, who receives ai^3 tick- ta the baggage, aud anoom pame<; ttie fame to its des.inat An. A steamer ra^a in o>niieotion with thia Line be tween Fali River and Piovidecoe daUy, except Sundays Freight to Boston is forwarded through wi'h g?at iliKpatoh by an Express Train, which eaves all Kivereve>~T nioining, Sundays e>eer:ed. a. oMook for lioktoti ar.d N?w Bedford, arriving at itadesiin?tn>n at about 11 A M For freubt or pa?sag?. app y un t>oard. or at the on Pier No. 3 Nortn River For state rooms and be th? apply on board, or lfdesirea to sacure them iuadvance,to WM. IIORDKN. Ag't 70 and 71 W est Btrret, 1M Y. _IT-?THK KKG(J L A R MAIL LINK -Sr*T 1A UXOToN, 8' ON I NO TON Airfatik pRoVIDhNCK, FOR HOfe TON?Inland Route?The shortest and most direct?Carry the hastorn Mail. The st?ain?r Pl.\ M' I I'll ROCK. Capt. J. C G?-er, and COMMON WEAL. IB. Capt J. W. Wil iams, in oonneotiou with the Htonmgton and Providence,and Bos'onand Providenoe Railroad*, leaving New Yor* daily, tiuintava excepted, from Pier No is North R ver, at 5 o'clock P. M.sbcI Uroton at 83D o'oloot f. M., or on the arrival ot' he Mail Tiam which leaves Boston *t53?P. W. The PLYMOUTH KOcK from New YorkMondav, Wedaesda*, and Fiiday. From Groton?Tu sd%'. Jbnrtday ,and s<aturJay. , The -OMMONWEAI TH, from New YorkTu??day Thursday. and S\t<ird*y. From Groton< ?Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. PatM-ngers fr<<m Groton proceed per railroad to Providence and Boston, in the Express Mail Train. reaohiug *a d pln.ce in advanoe of those by other route*, aud in ample tune lor all the early .Morning l.ines ci-uccting Nor'h and East. Pas angers that prefer it. remain on board the s eain'r, enjoy a nights'rest undisturbed, breakfast if desired, and leave G'of>n in the 7 IS A. >1. Tr in, oonncoting at Provideno* with the 1 ?> A M. Tram for tiaatco. F'refro.n tn N???nrl ? . - - - r "' -i ? ' J ytun A Itaggsge master aoo >ir>paaiea tu? steamer aad Tram *a h way For Passage, Berths, State Kooma, or Freifht, pi yon bt>aid the ?t?&ni*r, or at the Freight Olfioe, Pier U North Ktver, or at tiie Oftoe of thn C m^any, No. 116 'A e?t rt eet,oorner of Tort land street. New York, Feb. 28,186!. L"* MILITARY BOOKS. r RFNCH 3c RICHSTlEN iiavo just reoeived a large a.ud coiap:ot-* aeaortmont of Military Booka o> all kinds, whioh they offer irom ten to liftjr per cent, below the regular retail prioes.?including : A low edition of Hardee's 'nfantry and Rifle Taotlca, oompiete, #1.25 For->e*' Volanteera' .Manual, 2 rola, ?2 Alle .'a Compendium of Hardee'a Taouoa, SOo Gross'* Military Surgery,7So M afcan's Field Fortihoatiou and Outpost, eaoh 75 Vardee's Tactios, oheap edition, iAo he foldier'a Guide, a oompiete manual and driU book for the use ot tiie Volunteer Militia and the Home Guard 25a The Hand Bcok for the U.S. Soldier, being a Erst book of instruction to the U. 8. Infantry taoties.lBo j^so, Military Mays, Map of the Seat of War, k/.?.n?, vwiucB,ao Fiaga. Mcee and Medale of every description, ay of fhe above sent bj mail free. ? FRENCH i KICHSTE1I*. ma 91 'JT* PwmiST.vania arennn. \f APS OF T4K SKAT OF WAR.?A splendid L*1 Map of the Seat of War for only A acuta. Alio, Pocket Ala. of *11 kiotla. Soldiers' Camp DmbBtp* Ca^es frorfi f 3 60 to #3. Blank Books and Stationery of all kinds, F.aj Paper ana E?velop*s. i rlazs, Banners ajid Badges, Views of Washlnjen, Amerioan and Foreign Ma?aiinea, Da ly acJ < 1 FRENCH * R1CH3TELVB 1 National Boon store, I m -lw (Intel, ft Repsib.) 119 Pa. avenue. | Proposals for army bagrark wagons. ? VmtrmTi OjUt, I vr**k*m?m, j aw a.uffl. \ P*oros?X? are invited for tit* furnishing ol Arm? ba*iase Wagons. Proposal* thould elate the price at whioh they oau !-e furnished, delivered at New York. Baltimore, or VN HDimtoD, statin* the price de.ivared at each place. The Lumber which can be made by an* bidder aithin one month a/lor receipt if the wruer,ai?o the numlin which he oan deliver within one week. The \\ agons mint exactly conform to tiis fol uwin< specifications and to the estab ished j>*tterna. fix mule<oovered> Wacom, of the ats? and description as follows towu: Toe front wheeli to be three feet ten inches hifh. buba ten inches in tliainrior and fourt*-eL and a quarter inches iocg; hind wi.eeis four feet ten inchea high, hubs ten and a quarter inohes in diameter ard fourteen and a quarter inches long; fellies two and a half inches wide and two and three quarter inches deep; oast iron pip* boxes tire! vs inohes lonj, two and a ha f inches at tbe Urge enl and onf Mid P#?vf?n fll / >?!l? innll tLt linftil An.i< lira tan and a ha f rr.che* wide b* 6>? eighths of an inch thick, fastened with one screw Dolt aid not in eaoh relli*; hubs made < f gum. tne spokes and fellies or tiie best white oak free from detect'; eaoh wheel to have a rand hand and linchpin hand two and three-quarter incites wide of No. 8 hand iron and two driving l?ar>d one and a quarter inch by oi.e-qua tar inch thick, maide band cue 1 oh by thrse nxwnthi inch thiok; the hind wheels to be made n*,d boxed so they will measure from the innide of th? tire to the large end of the box six ?nJ a ha f inches. and f> nt wheels six and one-eighth mohes in a para lei lfno, a.'id eaoh axie to be thrr>e !eet eleven and three < iznth inches ;r<?m outside of one shoulder wa?her to the outside of the other, ? as to have the wagons aii to trank five feet from the centra to centre of the whocls. Ax etrees to N mndt? of the t>est quality refined American ir n, two and a half incites ?qn?.re at the th'>uider. tapering down to on** and a n\lf inoti in the mid 11* Uh a seven-eighths inch king bolt hole in eaot axletree: wash?rs aud iiiiohpu s for each axletree sia* of iinohpins one inch wide, three eightne o au inch thick, with a hole in each endj a w. oder stock four ana three quarter mc/ieg wide and foul inohes dnep, fastened sub tan la Ij to the axietr<* with clip; un th? erwls and with two bo;is, six in ohea lrom th% midd fa tened to t e houndi and lo iter.(the bolster to be four feet five mohei long. five ii.ohes wi<>>, ard three and a half u ciiei de p,? with four half inoh U> t?. The tongue to oe t?n feet eight inches long. foui in"h?a wi le and three inches thick at front fill o the :iounds,and two and a qua ter inches wide bi two and throe quarter mob-c d<-?-p ar tin* front end and so arrarued at to lilt up, the front ei.d of it U hang vithia two leet of the ground wh.n the W3 io: is standing rest on a level ?urface. The front honuds t j be six f ?t two inohea long three ioohes thick, and four aide ovei aieltree, and to retain that width to thef>aoker<i of the tongue; jaw* o: the hjuida one iooieigh^ moaes <ong a<;d tlree m?he? square atthefioul end, with a plate of iron two And ahalfinchei wide b? ti.ree eighths of an inch thtok, fattened on t >p ol the hou-da over the hack ano ol tut t'>E?uv> with one half inch ecrew W It in each end and a piaiecfiron of 'be aa-n* aize turned up & eacli end one and a > all inohea to c.amp tha frori hounua together, ?nJ tautened oa the under aide and at front end of hounda wit>> ha'fi* oh aorem bolt through each hound, a aeven eighth lach boil through tongo>* and hounda in the center ol jawa, to acc<ir<? the to tae in the houada; a p ate oi iron thr->e mche* wn\\ <>r>9 quarter inch thi<;k and one foot 9 slit inciua l?n<, atcured on the inmd: o| jaws cf hourda. wi ft two rivot* ana a plate ol aam*. diiii'ineuiiia on eac.i aidsof the tongue where the tongue and h unda run together, tcc ired in lik? manner; a b-a^e ol aeven-euntha ol au inch round ,ron to exteuJ Irom under the front axeltre* and <ake two bolt* in front part of the hv.uf'de, rame lirKoe i hree q uarteiaof ar. inoli round to oontuiue to the b?c* pari ? f the hounds, and to be faatoi:?d *ith two In<!u, one near the back ano ol the hounds and one through i he alider and honndi a brace over Iror.t f?olaf et one and a half i:.oh wide < u0 quarter of a:: inch thick, with a bolt id each ATlH ti i fftji?An it ti\ K.-an * Am- th? ... . v >v uv>v >-( ? vu" v|>ruiuK tw.-en the iaws cf th;? houiide to rocf vet eungu? four and turea 4 aarler laol.ea in font,and four an t & half lucnen lit 'tic back part of the jaws. The hind hounds tour feet two inches Ijng, two and three quarter u.cne. thick, ti;<i t<.ree inche< wi"?; i&ws one f.?ot long where they o.isp the coa?iing pole; the hoist? Tour feet tveinr-hes one ana five inches wi-'e by th'ee inches cieep.wuh ht-aJr iron two ? ;d a ha f inches wids by onehiil inch thick turned np t?<> a d a half irchM and fastened on t??tch end witli three rivet?; tn? boater mocks and : .anus to he secured with four ha f inch screw bolt*, aud oue i.a.I-moti screw bolt IhrougStue coupling pole. The coupling pole nine feet eight inches long, three itches nee}., and four aud a ha f inches wide at front end, and two and three quarter inches widi at back end, distance from the center of sng boil boie Ui the center of the back ax etree six feet on? inch, and lrom she ,-?e; of k'nc bolt hole to th< ceatsr <T th" mortico 111 the hiod end of the po!? eight feo*. nine inches; king bolt one and a quartet niche" d:Mnet?r, of beet rebned iron, drawu down toee-en e-eht'-scfan inch where it passes ttircugG the iron aiTetiee: iron p.ate etx inches iong, ihre? inches wids, ana one-eighth of an inoh thick on th? doubletree and togigue, where they rub to; eth er; iror plate one and & calf by cue-quarter of as uioh on ft.* titling bni, fastened at each end by a screw bolt turtvjh tLo hoacis; front bolster to have plater .*.nd below eleven inches long, th.e? aud a b vf '.ric'-e*, ana three eighths ol an iv?mi inioic, o<?ru< r? ''rawr ?v*.t and turned dowi on the ataea of the bolatcr, with a nail in 01 n*r and four oouuteraur.k eai a on top;t wo bacu< on th" uinJ bounda, two am! two tna a half in 'hat Vide, a' Jlu 10 l?*nd iron, tin run plain on th? coupling po.e in be eijch* icchos lor.f, one aod *hie? qu&rtra tuoh?* wide, and oi.e quarter ?<f ar. n.oti tmok Dorbi <ree thre? leH ?e?u ii-oh^a long, am tlatroe two ieet titbt m-jheg i-vt, a<> well mv?e o| hiokorr, with an iron ' t aari cup at e,vh eid.the oetilorcap to t;p w !. f-c; re. ; 1 -in; mr Mil at' t-tcnci to be thg>e fwet two inc: e& ioup, ?wo *nd & aua'tei lcabee Vide, au'l <>.? sad ? r.uart. r iL0h thiok Lead i arp, atrotc . !?,% ?4 i-irs'-tr.-en ' r aix riuU team; the two rinnlmrecs for ta? lww mu'.es to h?v? hocka in the mid. !e to ho-c to the end of the fifth olia- i, tiio vherl am nudd e paira w*th open n isa to At-aoh fnen to th^ ducoletree and lead ;?ar. Tiio ?f h chair to be t?i fret lost to the fork; the fork oue foot ten inohj- long, with the etretoher \ttaohod to >prea<l the f> iko apart.; the iinks of the doubletr-e. s?a/ar.J toncue chaina. three eichtna ol an lrcii la diameter; the forked ae-.enaixtoenth inch it. diameter; the hfth cnaintouc aev. u sixteenth <nch diameter to the for a; the fori to be fi vs six eentii i nc h d Laraeter. the! in/? of the.?c and of the lock chaise to ba u?>t more tbac tvoud a quarter tuohes Iocs. The body U? be straight. three feet a:x iaohea wide, two feet ri.>ep, ten feet long at lae bcttora, and teu feet aix itoLea at tbe top, sloping etnaliy I. .11 .~.L- ?< ' a? uwi. uuu an in WIO Or IQV1Q9{ Hid L>fcvi y iCCOl tu to two and & h&K inotio* wide.aurf tiiree lmcea deep; front pieoee two ic hau de<'p by two tads half molio.i xndej tail p.ooe two aid a k^lf ioct ? wide and K;:m :nolira c?f, and lour inches dt<a in the iniddie to ieet co the ooupimg pole; top rail nan and a bail u.oa thiol by one and even-eighth inch wide; lower rai.a .ce inoh tnick by one and nev?n-uigiitu luch wid?; three atuor. and one rail in mir.t, with *eai ta at.ap 1-ingot to o'oa* it up as 'l'gff^g the t'aee; a Ui three feet fonr lnche? olj: ti>e bottom five incites wide front aide. mn? a ti&lt deep, and eight arid a half iurtiei at tee top m parallel me u? the body all in ttit oloar, to be -'llatantia.r ;a?tenod to the front end of the body, to have a;: iron strap paaaing round each cud ?e?-i.r<>o to tiio head piece and frost rail by a rive! 10 oa-li er>d of it pasc;^ through then>, tue .id to be fae'ecsl to tlje front rait with twe good r.trap hinrea, a t?*r*r cl five eighth inoh iroc ivr jund the box a half inch t*< m tee lop ~<ige, and two sfft^K na'. e giso on the a< near the f'ont edge to prevent the mnlea from mating the boxes; to have a j?int livap fattened to tue middle 01 the lid, vith a good w<.oden clr&ton the ir.Kule, a etrag ol vrvn ol the centre or the box with a a'aplo paaami throng.'i it, to fuien th<*lid to: -ight atuda and two rana on eaon aide; one bo.eter latticed to the bodj nix lacheadecp and foir inches wide at king ho.! hole: iron rod in ft nt and centre, of eleven six teeniha ol an inoh round iron, with a head on the top of rail and nut on lowi>r end: iron rod and braoe behind, with ehouidera ow top or tail pieoe, and tint* on the undir aide, ard a nut on top oj ran; a plate two and a half mohna wide of No. lit U. - VI ? ? a? - I - - - * i4>i<u mill, on uui pioo^'i aorora tue body; two ? optic ?-s id tail yieoa an. hiad U\r two aud a suarier inci.^f wide sod ?ae molt thick, to teooive piocea three foet f'>ur inoues Ion, to be usod m harness bea.era: four riveta tiiruujli cash sida atud and two rivets throngb iws front atnd, to aeoure uie lining boarda, to be of the beat euaa/r iron and riveted on a good bur; one i ivet tnroach ?ach end ol the raila, floor five-eighths of inoh oak bo*rta; aides five-eighths of an inch white pine, board tur-?e ?"darters of an inch '-hiok of white pine, to he well o'eatod with five oak oieaU riveted at ?aoh end through the toil board; an iron plate three feet eight mch*a lonr, two and a suar ter inohee wido, and three eighths of an inoh twck Ob the under aide of the bed pie oe, to extend from the hiad end of the body to eight inohee in front of tne hind bolatera, to be fastened by the rod at the end of the body, by the lateral rod and two three ei|htba of an ineh screw bolta, one at the forward er d of the platej,nd theother abonte^uidiatant between it tuid The lateral rod. A hauiscs fpucc iron rod or bolt to pas*- diagonally tnrough the rails between the two hind atnda to anc t? occn tne bed pieoea d plate under it. with a roo; -.wi on the top and nut and sc. ew at the >bottom, to be at the top one foot six inches from in ide of tail board, and on the bottom ten inohes from the hind rod. An iron damp two inohes wide, oue-quarter of an in?h thiok around the bed p ece, tiie center bvlhto which the iook chain is attached pasting tnrough it, to extend aevea inohes on the uiside of tk* body, the ends top and bottom to be secured by two t&iee eighths inoh screw bo ts. the miudle bar at the ends to be flu-k wita the ed pieoe on the lover side. Two iook ohatn* secured to the centre bolt of the body, one end eleven inohes. the other two feet six inohee long, to be of three-eights of an inoh round iron: lee. ?.V<I|H vu ?e luttr INI SIX I DO DM long from OBt to out, the bottom and rude of oak. ike ai<1e? of rm How fine, to be eight inohee vide at but m. tve ve inoh- ? wide at ti p. and atghl ard a hall incheadecp alt in the cl a*. w*U ironeu, with a bind of hoop iron around the top, ot.e arounl eaon end and tnree between the enua. atroug aid auttabte iron* to Kcten them oa the tougne when leed>ng; goon atrong ekaina to be attached to the toe rail of the body, ee oared by a staple with a no..k to a tach it to the trough. Sixbowaof (ood a?h. two ineliea widf and one-half iuoh thiok, three ttap lee to coufine the ridge pole to ita place: two a'aplea on the bodr, to aeoure eacli end or the bow#; one ridge pole twelve feet long,one and three-quarter a inon wide by five-eightha of an inch th ok; tre ofiver t'^ be of the Aral quality ootton duck, No. ?, fifteen f**t loug and nine feet eight Lnohaa aide, made in the b*?t mamer, with four Kemp oorda on each aide, aud one through each end tn oloae it at both end?; two ringa on eaeh end r f the body, to oloae and aaoare the enda of the nn??. ...... ? ? - '? t avMld iU im lover rail, near the eeoond at ad from noh *nd, 10 fasten tne tide e<rd? The ouuideoi the IkmIj Ed leed trough to have two goou ooet* < i white kd. oolored to a hue tint, the inside of tbea to I ve two ooats oi venlti n red paint; the running sear and wheel* to hare two rood ooate of rei i tir n red darkened to a ehooolate oolor. the huh End tellies to be well pitched, i..stead of painte.1, if required. A tar-pot, and extra kin* bolt, aad two extra liuglet'eae to be fpniiehed w>th eaoh wagon, the kinc holt and aicgletreee similar la all reep^eH to thoee belonging to it. bach aide of the body of the wagon to be marked U. 8., and cambered a* directed: ail other parte to l>f lettered U. H., the oovar, feed box, bolU, hnoh pine, tar-pot aad hiraeas bearer* for eaoh wacon to be pat ? m a ?tro*c box, (aoopered.) aad the ?o#Ktti marked tnerecn It la to b? diKinotiy urderatood that Uf Ubtw oonstrnoted uilt Ui? w*' f* ?( mtpm*moii til. m?? and nwi>T i> uo?? of any other. ao aa to repair* ao aaaboriof or ar ranting for patting tog-ther, aad a.: the materia a*?d for th?r ooii*ructi<*s to ba of th* boat aaaitt?; all the wood thor0a*b)y aaaeoced. fad tba wr>?k ia an ita part* fatlhfCuy exeoutadla the boat'ika manner Tf-a work way ba mayo tad fr?? 'ina t< tiaa aa it progreea_*. by an p*m -r at ant of t'<? UurMfmaster Danartm ci; *cd n? na ot It ?> ! be painted aatil it *baU have boas impacted ar.r approved b? aatd officer or a?eat aotooriaedto la pec tit. whan an*hod,painted,am) a-oaptod by an officer or a*act of tbe Q eerterwiaatar'* D? part mant, and delivered aa herein agreed, they thai I b# M ftd jOC. M C. MK1GP. la 3 >?wtw <JBartermaater Oaaaral T. R THE OILT PREPARATION woiyir or UUIVD18AL CONFIDENCE * PATK05 AQ? FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN, LADIES, mmd GENTLEMEN in a!! pfcrta of th? work! tesufr to tM eAoacy oi PEOF. 0. J. WeOD 8 HAIR RJB6T0EATIV1, and *ent>mer of the Preea ar^ aaairooue in >U praise. A few testimonials ccir oao ba hera given see oi'omar for more.and it will b? impossible for yoc to doubt. <7 Wall Ptxkt, N*w YoUiPw. sc. i?ss GtmUmtn: Your not* of the 1Mb instant baa been revived, saying that yon t:a<1 heard that I had been benefits by the neeof Wood'i Hair Ra siorative, an"1 re^ue? iff oartifieate of thefact tf I had no objection to give it I Lward it to jou cheerfully. heoaose I think it due. My ace la atant W> year* ; the color of my hair aabnrti. and inclined to onrl.^*orae five or a,i rears aince it began to turn gray, and the eoa'p on the crown of my hoe.'! to loee ita rensibility and iandrulf to form up* n it. Fuh of those diaacreeabv.ities increased with time, and about 4 montui emoe a fourth wa* added to them. by hair falling off the top of my head aad threatening to make ine bald. In thie unp!ea?act predicament I wax indeoH to try Wood * Hair Keetoratire. mainly to arrest the failing off of my hair, for I had <-eally no ex??ota U->n that troy hairo^uld ever be re?tor?d to ite oririna! oolor txcfft from d*M I w*a.bowew, 6?>%tly anraneed to hnc, after the nee of two bot ea only, that not or.if was the faiang off arreetod, bat th? C' lor ?u -oetored to the *rae aaira and eceinility to the ecaij &fi<ic*ndrnffo?ae*ii to form on sir hoaa, v?rr iruoh to the gratification of my Wife, lit whiM abhoilation 1 was lndoneu to try it. For this, amocc the nary ohhyauona 1 owe to ha- eez, I atrurily rivorr n.end all Aneha&Ua who ra je the admiration of their wi. ee to yrofit t>T my examele, antf use it if irowicirrny orcrttint rawl; Very re?-eetfuljT, B*w. A. I triwtia. So O. J. Wood ft Co., 4*4 Rtuadway, N. Y. y fami.T are abeevt from the oity, and 1 am no ooger at No. 11 Carroi Plaoe. Ptajhtoh, auu, inly *?, lkfrv To Paer. O. J. Woo* Str?Yor.r ' Hair E.#?*oratrre" hai done my hair mo *inoh food *inoe o<>Tnmero*d the nee of it, that I wieh to make nown to the pnblie of ita efl acta ontb* ban, wh:c?j are trctt. A nan or weir.aa ma? henwly *',epriTe?: cr hair, and by a rerort to your ^Hau Reetoratire7* the hair will return more beatitifn. tn*P ewr; a* lout thse le ir.y experience. lie teve it a. i Youre traly, w*. ii. kfwkt>t. P. P.?Yo i oar, pnbtteh the above if yon like. Hy pnbiiahirs la enr t*oothem >*pe-? yon will |rt m?ro patronage i*oui!i. 1 eee eer*^ of ?ur ecr unoates mine nooue mercury, a etror.zivmiiierT* payer. W. H.Knm WOOD-8 HAIR RESTORATIVE. Flop. O J. Wood: Dta? St? ; Usvitj had the misfortune to ion the be^t portion of my uair, from the fiwti of th?* yellow ?ever, in New Orleans to 113, J was :n?iuoe<i to make a trie! ct yoor pr<-par% tion. ana found it to answer as the very thin* iie?!ed. My hair is cow thick and gtotey, ard no words ran express kit obligations to you in flung to the aiiiiotQti suoh a treasure Fuilbt Johwcos. The Reetorattveispntup in bottle* of three sites, is : large, medium and small; the eraal bold half a pint, and retail* for one do|i&r per bottle; the rne dfam noldn ai iea*t 2* per cent, more is proportion thas the small, retails for two dollars per Itotti*; the 'arge holds a quart, per oent.more in propnt tion. and reta . s for O. J. WOOD ft CO.. r^ priet^rs. 444 B'nM way, New York, ana 114 M&^etstreet. Ht, Lorn* Mo. Said io this e ty by C. STOTT, J7* Pa. aver ne. an tt IOY FOR THE B1CF. AND 8irjKF&KlN* j a ie t ft murn a k k a vpt ffvrn w ??M now WW M+ va W ?' i/? r r/vt a **j* 0 r AM* MB JO JOS Iff HEALTH. Fr'.ead. <e roe e*fer? Are yet thetimib rfu* ef ijom r*n.s-oa? k. ct?U ?kick artae iroir lrv> parity of the biood.' Wbatare Iky, do ?oa aek' FMi.KM(tTu?iir? U?ey not.' T&e blood la l he aotroe of irre and Lealth. atd it u tc? first e'.airon' of oar bemc to roapoud " acj cute viuei m3?cU tbr KTtteir m the pa as Infallibly *ty?ta. 'tr<* e?? ptCTfti:'t Nr*r?U1%, tiie Imtei.::* I -rt: ft w?, lb* aabtle Srro.'uia, ti e **cn:atBS fthotiu atini, N?T ot? D?P:'?ty, i)Tapep?Uk. Li?r Corop ?ith ;ta torarr ax' dejection, anc the Lhuter^M Kla tLat fHsn ia h;ir tn.dcnTr,; h?r hldeota or.rin from t.ia bicod, i<?4. klm'ij tner Kd tently the bioca. Ut? the ?'Uiirxr reeouraoa of oatvre forl'aeiU. ?n<J eafer aa to oucimar.^ to roar conidenoe \zd aaa th&t tra'r e me- i(n::#sl ksovx M mbs. m. cors IN LI A?f rgti&TABUi DKCOTTIOy. Vt ilh reca^d to tr. a almoat inf?'!ibe ca*eilke ijka tpokfa is decided larmr &l3 tiie ennfa?? of ihia great rttaiMj are or tt:r.e<1 by ociibtant irrvvi of euratir* effect* ud t:i? happiest tmb:U fr^m ita use are eftcr at other rcmtvliMlot the baat u.e^ilcal akii have ' Let ?b rs.', in ootid caien, t*'t oortlE'^tea Coare C'lt iK>ttgbt the i'literate and auper } fioial, hut u*f a.e from th? im-sf ra rso;?{?.e eonrcea and ja?*.a? th? iuiheet t^nr.f in viiicb it la ?o?il?a to conroeud eo valuable a ?p-?o;Tic to pcblic uffcf ?!. We r?*y a41al*o that the curative prope. t eer-fthemecljcine areeanalled ) only l?? iia restorative effeoia, the eyateii refc?v*ri tn* from<<;e?aa**-:tb rer-e-r^d constitutional rigor. For eve 4 j a.! leepeciabie Drcfcista in this i aitr.aod bj tie proprietor, MRS. M. COX, None ienuine nn.rti her oame .a bioarc oa t!te | bottle uia her seal on the oork Ifyfnoc tl per boti'e. ill bottle* for ft. Wkolt:*U Attnt. R S. T. CIfJ*EL, Drac|t? i eortetown. D- C.. >> kc'.^aaie Aj. t.t fcr tl.e Jl'e tnot, ar l wii. aa? ,? tae trade at my jncaa. am ia-tr ! rpHK ALL SUFFIOIENT THKL?. '< TR1K8EMAR.1.I aad ?-Protr.-tod by Roja Letvers Paten* oi arl, and wcw! by ihe m BeaiacftUeKooie ce Pk. roaeiede Paria, axU tut m Imperial Cohere of Meoioita. V je.ra. ; No. 1 :a mvaTuab.e for ex.baaatlon and nalnrThea, and all f*rtical ?Uar bu No. 2ov<np'?tely eradicate* all tra<*?w of tiioaa dli*:ae tt?r * have bo~n b<therto tr *vod by ti.e nan , aaoua and p crn'cictr uae of c> y. va and cubeha. , No. 2 liaa ent;rwy ac>p^*te4 tte icjaru?o? ?- o' I fflwcurTiUi^rPDy :nau.?? ? v iBfl lUE^r^r relief, dispersing all imparities, ac.d rooting ct U? raronj of dir??aee. TKifcrsr.MAR.Noe. l,ItE<1 t.ars fr-jared la Us form of a lotf.u*?. devoid of taste and vraei', ! %ad car be earricv" in the watstoeat pocket. void i in t<v oaer.v and liinded i:.:o separate d? *e*, as art aiaai'-wJ rr V p. , lAi'.Mitaod, It tux, K teort i to. Pnc* ?S ea-.-h, or tour oases for #9. whioti , saves ?3- and id a?"7 eacer, wherebe tnere is a sat ii| of 3'<. To te hid,'wholesaleaod racy 1, of Dr i BAR RO W, of 194 p.cvoker street. \-w io'k, ; immediate'y on rweirint a remittance, br. Barrow \ wTilfcnrarfl^heTriwuiartr any rarto? the fond, , securely packc-d, a daad.essec aeo< nting to tue n. atroottons of the writer. 1 tie Bix>k.of al! ut ters, that should be roa^ I-y , nen with damarcd and broken down eonstHuUunj i u "Human Frailtr, or rt.Tsioiofioa! Researches. a is lieastitujiy illustrated, and treat* minnteij of i trie* titat tcrariab ? develos them ! sooner or iatcr. resulting from the rrailtfe* snd vitiating habits of earli ronth. lsoapaettating the victim trom snaring the [run ion of the main momal state, ap a. if not eheofced *o time, deaerer ating all t.'ie funotiocs of macitood, and brimming him. step by step, u? a lingerie* and ur.tirt?e1> rfAth. Boid by l)r. WARKO\V,i#4 B.eeeker street, four doors brtow Maodout&l, New York. Pnoe 81 oenu Sect free every where. Sold aiso br 8. C. Fora, Jr., Drag Store, Washington. D.C. ds 04? P READER, ER USE ThefolioviLC lUUmrat ud th?c Jade* of lU facta tor yourself. AURAM COL.E, of Brooklyn, N. V.. & known or. n-n tfcrre, had ruffrrwl from Diepepeia for aome *eare, witbo'it permanent relief. ui.u be triad AVER'S flLL8,?ki?b taken aooordiDj to the d'.rnotiora for thia eomp.aist, raatoreO oiir to heath in a few weeka After ac in ten a of eone momh a h<> kaa bad co retara of kia oomp.aiat. 6EO. VV . CROSS, of Harmony, Takaa. had aa erupuoe o? bia n*ok. ahou.dera, baoa and > ?. wbion covered about one third of bia body. It kept * the part* affected o-jvered with a aoab, and being often a raw aore, waa of oourae ?erj tro?bl?woBie and diBtreaaing. It ao much impaired hia health aa to unht him! or buainea* and kept htm m oonataot offering. Ail medioal aid fat)eu Jua ibuI be took # AVER7?* COMPOUND EXTRACT SAMfAPARiLLA.whicV oared binx. Hi* akin etii! ahowa aom? aoe.ra from the uioeration, bet it it otaerwiae aa oiMr u an lafaata. JOHN H. SHOOK, Eat . U eminent lawyer of V a., took* oold which or kia Uinta. A aerere pain aot in on the .eft aide, with a baa cough, whiob waa eoou followed by Ue nt imalaka le aymptoma ofoonaumetioa. \\ h?u r*oi.ced jer? lowV oommenoec taking AV ER'S CHER R\ PEC r??RAL, which aoon stopped theeoegii and oompletely eared aim. ^Prepared by DR. J. C. ATER * C1* l^rall. History of U.fl^i5?fte!l?erleDde, by Mi Lothrojp Motley; j re'i; fft? b* mmuI. It. 1MIIMVI meyute* a hiatory. by John Lotlirop Motley; a to a 0.0th; U? by Mi). t- Minn, th* Wdtftr RaToJol. I>y U# author of -'Adam Bodo clotL ttjcenta ; papor U) "TiT* ud Caroor of Major Astro, by Wiatrop 8*'C>*aLi: !> . _ . _ _ AfUr looberge with a Patntor.a Sipaw Voyaca to Labrador aud Ntarlcund aad ; b? in Loan I.. *obe; #1 90 Tie Marufaatanof Plxtowaw or FrdroC-af bou 'nJfe, by Tbon.a* Antsaoll, M. D ; #1.* Any of lb? abor* frw<by mail FRKNCE HBTEIN^ # NION I'A**KR AND KNTKI,ufK^-T*n >i 'ifffr?Dt atyioa <>f Not* MO LottMT Payor, with But* om to nafeh. Viowa of waaliiD<u>a in U.a form of a Roo*.a*d ib Roob fo'm; alaa, errata A.I tbo l>aiiT a> d VVoekty Payor* *^>n*tartly oa * I hand. Herald, Tim**, and THbi-a* r. oaiirad | a>(ht *t I o'clock. Payor? froan all ra ta of tbo ooHtry. 41 iWfdlt'i Diana Novo)* a?d Scot B i A fraah auppiy of liooka f?r ncmmor rate.) at, i ebaa* , | A larg* aaaortmont of JoTTBi!*? M\??a RotJ'a I Baolra, R*>lio Hook* AW'tT* Ciitu i?-? It. I A didoouatol m io t o?r rut. oa a*. I FRENCH k RICRifTEfN. I aaati National Books fawT ?T* Pa. av. I

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