Newspaper of Evening Star, August 14, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 14, 1861 Page 2
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THE KVKMNG ST Alt. WASHINGTON CITY: WED5lESf>AY Aapat 14, 1961. Or* Fsik5c? at the various mllltcrv cam pa and positions will Mnft a favor by keeping ua posted a to movements and affairs in their vicinities. Spirit ?f th? .>l*rnlBg Press. The In'tlhfmrtr notice* the analogy between a naval surveillance and a blockade, aa in the case of New Granada. The RtpubHemn atlll lnat?ts that the Confederate ? D ..11 D A a. ... m% ouu nuu ww noi superior u> ourv in amber., THK NEWS HERE. Foironii Di?cr*koid ?The Boston Tr*n rrlpt Mvt that trior* than fifty foreigners were last week discharged from the nivy yard at Cbarlestown, bv order of the Navy Department, and their places filled with natives Several of the men bad taken out tbelr Art: naturalization paper* There la no truth whatever in the allegation embraced In the above paragraph, now " going the rounds of the press." On the accession of the present administration, the master workmen of the different navy yards were changed, according to the prevailing custom. and they doubtless employed their political intends as workmen under them, just as the Democratic master workmen whom they displaced, did Their predecessors bad turned out tbslr political opponents under tbem, to give employment to those whose friends are now endeavoring to create tbe fklse Impression that they lose their places ud account of their nativity We have steadily opposed tbe custom of making a question of the politics of workmen in the'Oovvernment'a navy yards, snd know well that the very men who are now falaely alleging that their friends are being turned out on account of their nativity, have always been loudest in demanding toi proscription of others for their benefit. It happens that the anti-democratic bull is goring, thla time, the democratic ox?that's all there la In iha case, evidently. unnocncme MILITARY M07IH81TI. ? Tbf Washington papers a?e willing In good faith to batata from any publication concerning military movements that the authorities may think prejudicial to the aervlce, but the whole thing ia likely to raanlt in a farce If the Baltimore papera contShue to note minutely the movements through that city to and from Waahington of troops, guns, inanitions of war, 4c , Ac The Philadelphia papers too, (the telegraphic correspondence of the Prttt of yesterday for instance,) and the New York papers, all of which are circulated in Washington on the day of their issue, continue to chronicle such movements P. 8.?The Washington correspondent of the NY. Pat I has a letter in that pai?r of last eveBlng giving full particulars of all reccut movements of troops here, and aays: Ther? fi*.ta In reference to the arrival of troops would not be stated iu this correspondence, did 1 not lesrn that General Scott his no objection to anything of the sort being irrrtrn from here." There must be some mistake here, surely. ArroISTMBNT* AST) REMOVALS ?H C Lawrencs, of 111., has been appointed to a second clsas clerkship in the office of the Auditor of Treasury tor the Post Office Department, r??? A. A McRea, of La., removed. A D Harmon,of Maine, has been promoted to third class clerkship in the same office, tice L. Welch, of Penn , removed. Fome* ArroinT.Kk.irs ?The following foreign appointments have been made by the President J Lothrop Motley, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Austria; Jas K Partriflaa <?1 ?A w. i? **- ? ... ? ? g- t wit ut w cu3iiFuac i Ji| >% . .HSniiBIl. eonsul to Loeds ; Andrew J. 8tevens, consul to Leghorn; F. Crosby, consul to Genera; F. J. Klaraer, consul to Batavla. An Ac TIS'j P?iviiitlt<MiA>T ?mf.wm.o. I Stoddard, of Illinois, the President'* Becrerary to nlgn Land Patents, Is, In the absence of Messrs. Nicolay and Hay, Acting Private Secretary of the President. Th* sbw Mixisxbb. to Acstkia?Mr. J. Motley of Boston, (the historian,) just appointed U 8 Minister to Austria is b?re, engaged at the State Department in receiving his instructions. Hon Honac b May5aki>, of Tennessee, arrived in this city Ust nl^ht In good health and spirits He was not molested In any way ou his route from home. . Mrs LtsroLS, accompanied by Mrs Grimsley and Mr. Hays, Assistant Secretary to the President. left Wasblngtcu to-day for Long Branch. RKAproiMTBD ? Mr. Wood, of New York, has been re appointed by the President as Commissioner of Public Buildings. E^The steamers George Peabody and Ade lalde of Baltimore, have been chartered by the Government for the purpbse of assisting In the blockade of the Southern ports The Adelaide Is a slauBch side-wheel steamer, capable of making sixteen miles per hour, and a tlrst-rate aea boat The Peabody Is about one thousand tons burthen, and It in ?Tr?n?ni u?.?k ete*m?r? are being fitted with mutt, ao that In eaae their machinery ahuuld become d< ranged while at aea aalla can be LoUted and the boata managed Independent of th??lr ateam power Each la to be aupplled with four 32-poundera, located four and aft, and will leave tae port with ?n armed guard. \Y~rThe Hon. Salmon P Chw, Secretary of tfea Treaaury, and the Hon Caleb B Smith, Secretary of the I uteri or, were on Monday welcomed to the room* of the Chamber of Commerce f New York by a large number of Influential nerehaats Mr De Peyater Ogden preatded, and appropriately greeted the dlatlngolabed gueats, who reaponded In brief addreaaea. 11 la believed, ays the Time* that the financial object of Secretary Chaae'a vlalt, the negotiation of a Govern. I ment loan, will b? effected with advantage to tbe Govetnment and aatlafactlon to our moneyed latere. II/" From Meaara Taylor & Maury, the agenta for Waahlogton, we have the July numbera of fiboaa aterllnr mumiiiM *h? ?- ?" _ m >?v uuiuuur|(a ana eetmlnater Review* Mesars Leonard Scott & Co do th? reading public of this country an Invaluable service by their handaome and cheap reprints of standard Brltlah magaalnes ffTTht return# of the Kentucky Legislative IcetlfD, u fir aa beard from, foot up aa follows Union. Secession Senate 22 2 Houae 39 14 Total 81 16 U7" The visit of the Secretary of the Interior to New York la for the purpose of attending the meeting of United States Marahala, to take place to-morrow, for the purpeae of taking measures with % view to more effectually suppress the slave pT The Secretary of the Interior baa decided tbat the aastguaents of land warrants In blank are not valid. The names of the aaalgnces, to be valid, must be written therein \t the time of the transfer. CTOn Monday the 11 rat five companies of the New York Seventh Regiment, National Guard, were paid off at their armory Of these five companies 190 are new commlaeloned officers In other 1 vi|?uiauoQI. ICTThe Knoxvllls Whig, Pareon Brownlow's paper, has been aoppreeeed by order of Gen ZolUkoffer, commander of Confederate Woo pa In last Tenneaaee. \fTTbe Wheeling Intelligencer of the 12th last aaya that tbe Fifteenth Ohio Regiment ?1U laanaedlately rsorgaclze and engage In the service let the war. IfTHos Thoe. A. Nelson. who was recently sr.xsd toy the Confederates la Tennessee, has been seat to Richmond, and Is now lmprlsoaed In that plMt ^ f *t M #. * f* - f T OUR MILITARY BUDGET. IMPORTANT FROM MISSOURI. Farther particular, of the tattle there The Federal Forces Victorious. THE ENEMY REPULSED WITH TERRIBLE LOSS ^ PARTICULARS OF THE DEATH OF GENERAL LYONS. Ul'R FORCES iy SAFE POSITION. SSt. Loci*, Aug. 14 ?The following St a ??rbatxm report of that brought by special messenger to General Fremont: , Karly Saturday morning Gen. Lyon marched out from HDrlnvlfld and mm* tin with th* n?mu , B ?J on Davl* Creek, on Green's prairie, four miles southwest of Springfield, where they had taken a strong position. Gen. Lyon fired the first gun at twenty mtnutes past six o'clock, when the battle Immediately commenced. A severe cannonading was kept up for two or three hours, when the fire of Totten's artillery proving too severe for the enemy, Uiey gradually fell back towards their encampment on Wilson's Creek. Lyons' cavalry on the left tlank, and Siegel'a artillery on the right, then began a terrific attack, which spread slaughter and dismay in the ranks of the rebels, pursuing them to their camp. Shells from Totten's artllery set fire to their tents and baggage wagons, which were all destroyed. A Louisiana and a Mississippi Regiment seemed to suffer most, and where almost annihilated. Sometime in the afternoon, while Gen. Lyon was leading his column, his horse was shot under him. He immediately mounted another, and a* he turned around to hi* men, waving hla*hat and cheering his men on to victory, he was struck In the amall of the back and fell dead to the ground. The command then devolved on Gen. Siegel The pursuit was continued until nightfall, when our little army rested for the night in the enemy's encampment. | Sunday morning General Slegel, fearing the enemy might recover and attempt to cut his command off from Springfield, fell back en that city, where the Home Guards were stationed. Then fearing the great numbers of the enemy might induce them to get between him and Kella, Siegel concluded to fall back on Kolla with his prisoners, train*, and meet reinforcements At the time of the departure of the messenger the enemy had not been neen, and it is probable Selgel has not been disturbed on his march. Ninety rebels were captured, including a Colonel of dl>tinction, the messenger not remembering his name The sword and horse of McCullrtTh imAnn I ?? "VIV Kiuvilg IUC iivpuul Reinforcement! were on the way to Kolla, and (ien. Selgel and hit army may be considered safe. LATEST FROM MISSOURI. The Rtpirltbat Mcln>UD?h bit been killed Denied. [Special telegraphic dispatch to The Star J St. Louis, Mo , Aug It ?The impression prevails this morning among Ht Loula secessionists that Ben McCullough was not killed In the Springfield engagement, aa reported here yesterday. Secessionists here claim to have Information that he advanced as far as Springfield on the 12th, I (Monday,) and with bis staff rested there that night. 1 do not, however, comprehend how information of the fact could have got here by this time. General Fremont's Official Repsrt ?f the Kltlla The following official report wai received here last night by Lieut. Gen. Scott: HKAUyCARTKttii W g?T?KS Dkpaktmkmt. > St Locia, August 13. $ Col E. D Tmensend: Gen Lyon In tbree columns, und> r himse f, Siegel and Sturgeas, attacked the enemy at halfpast 6 o'clock on the morning of the 10'h Instsnt, nine miltJ southeast of Sprliigfi Id Theengagement was severe Our losa ia about eight hundred killed and wouuded. Gen Lyon was kiiitd in a charge at the head of his column. Our force w<is 8.000, including 000 Home Guards The muster roll reported to have been taken from the enemy gives their force at 23,000, including regiments from Louisiana, Tennessee, and Mississippi, with Texan Rangers and Che/okee half-breeds. This statement is corroborated by prisoners The enemy's losa is reported to have been heavy, including Generals McCulloghand 1'rlce. Their ten s and wagons were all destroyed In the action. Gen. Sigel left one gun on the field and retreated to Springfield, whence, at 3 o'clock on the morning of the Utb, be continued his retreat upon Rolls, bringing ?J' hi* baggage trains and $'250,000 In specie from '.he Springfield liank rHiirne<n ' P" , D ' Major lieneral Commanding. NAVY UkU To a caaual observer, everything about tlie Yard this morning wa? as quiet as usual, there being no arrivals save those vesseis belonging here. Borne of the c tflcers of the Yard are uow temporarily absent, but will soon be back. Several schooners are unloading pine piles of 30 and 40 feet in length, to be used in the construct tion of a new wall on the northwest corner. Small board shanties have been put up in the Yard, to accommodate the workmen engaged in tbe same business carried on in the building re cently blown up. Workmen on rafts are caulking the sides of the Pensacola, and finishing up tbe light work attending tbe completion of a new vessel. TUB COLD SHOCLDKI. The Northern papers seem to be unanimous In drflarlnv th?? ?" B - ?v I'vpmoi m cjinon or eitner officer* or men returning home by getting off from tbelr military engagements upon tbla or thnt excuse, la anything aave cordial. It abould therefore be known to all disposed to aneak out of the aervlce, that on reaching their homea they are aure to be marked men. CHCRCH OCCUPIED. Yesterday the new Methodist chuch at Good Hope, just across the Kattern Branc i, was taken possession of and la now occupied by U. 8. troops. The Providence Journal announces the death of Walter R Dauforth, ex-Mnyor of that clly, on Hundav morning, after a brief lllneas. jfT J H. BaU-a, recommended by the Ohio delegation In Congress for a brigadier generalship, baa declined the honor Ribil Pkisoneks ?The Seventeenth Ohio Regiment, which arrived at Zaneavllle on Tuesday last, Lad in charge eleven prisoners?secesbers fiona Virginia. Among them was a lawyer, a doctor, a school teacher, a postmaater, and a squire Several of them were savage-looking men, who looked as though tbey would carry their ends let the consequences be what tbey >m.> uri.? - .? naKii?( i?iiuife*c(r, Utt. Mims Ball Wound# ?a correspondent, at Manassas, writing to a Memphis paper, says : "I alao learn from one of our surgeon* that the wounded prisoner* taken by our army are not by far ao dangeroualy hurt a* tbe majority of our own men. Moat of our wounda are from Minle baila. which have made great ghaaily openinga and frequently gone entirely through tbe bodywhile tboae upon tbe enemy are with round bail*, whose electa have been 1pm fatal " Canada Aaxiae ?'They are forming rifle comBlts in Canada, and the Toronto Leader call* HU.OUU more Britlah regular* before winter aeta in. The fear of a Yankee In ration *eem* aa good an epidemic in the colonle* as the fear of a French , invasion In tbe mother country. , {[7* The twelve im pounder brass cannon said to have been spiked at Fort Kearney by Lieut. Col. C. H. Tyler, who Is now a prisoner In Newport Barrarka, have been redrilled and taken to Fort < Leavenworth, Kansas, la good order, Affairs at Old Point Old Poiht ConFomT, August 9. ls<6l. Editor Star: The beautiful village of Hampton, v of two thousand Inhabitant*, is in ruins' I saun- tl tered up this morning t? view what 1 had often read of, bat never seen before?a desolated city. * And desolation It is! No other word can convey n the Idea. The '-oldest Inhabitant'' can scarcely l tell where his family mansion once stood. It Is a a field of ruins. 1 could count but five buildings a standing. It is supposed that the low by the j, burning of the city will reach at least one mllllen 0 of dollars, and manv very poor people (it Is said) k are burnt out of "house and home " It is already v said that the burning of the city was the wicked T work of the federal forccs under General Butler and by his order; but the black vandalism rests d in no such quarter. It was the act of General Magrudsr. either on his own responsibility or by order from headquarters at Richmond Gentle- p men now here who fled hither from the scene of c conflagration declare, publicly, that they were t waked up from their sleeping beds and Informed t that only ten minutes would be allowed them to ? escape the ordered destruction. i hear many doleful accounts of the scenes that have transpired, but I have no heart to attempt ft descrl ptlon. But of this be assured, Gen. Butler and the Federal forces had nothing to do with this infamous deed of iniquitous barbarism. When Hampton was evacuated some weeks since by order of Gen. Butler, and In consequence of the withdrawal of a large portion of his command, be had the best opportunity for burning the town, but no drder to that effect was given. On the contrary, the day after the evacuation, when a few disorderly men of the Naval Brigade, without order*, flred a few houses In the city, Gen. Bntler ordered up the Are engines from Old Point to Hampton to assist In the extinguishment of the tlsmes; and but for this timely Intervention of Federal au* thority, th? town might have then been burnt down Justl ce?simple justice?requires this statement, whlr-h 1 derive from actual residents and eye-witnesses In Hampton. . tStl A ' ? * * ? naiever miquuy mere may be In the burning of tbia old Virginia town, it belongs to the Confederate authorities only. There have been, I learn from authority not to be questioned, many Individual outrages by the Federal troops on private property; but the responsibility and high crime of this wanton destruction of a whole town, b long to the Confederate Government, and to it only- To It belongs the duty of disclosing the principle of morals or military ethics on which the vandal act is to be approved. Among those who fled to this post for protection is a Mrs. Laws, a poor widow, who bas a son employed in the Star office, and who has sent down to his mother the sum of sixty-five dollars? a liberal contribution from his hard earnings well worthy a dutiful son. Yourstruly, I. B. Sketch of the Life of General Lyo*? ? Gen. ' athanie.1 Lyon, who his fallen In battle, was edcated at the U 8 Military Academy at West Point, where he graduated with distinction in ISII, and Anally rose to the rank of captain In the S< cond Infantri/. ;ind h? lh? mmn* cknl'o II J V??.V? .Ut J Missouri volunteers became their Brigadier General. He was In the prime of life as a military t commander, being 42 years of age His service ^ has been principally upon the frontiers?In tbe Florida, Texas, California. Oregon, Kansas, and ' other Indian ?nd border wars He entered the Military Academy as cadet in June, 1J-37, and . graduated in 1841. On graduating from the Military Academy he received his commission as lieutenant In the army, and was at once ordered to join the army In Florida, then ojieratlng against " tbe Indians. After uncomplainingly passing through that most disagreeable campaign among ' the everglades of Florida, was stationed for some ? years at various points on our western trontler. Soon after the commencement of hostilities between the United States and Mexico, he was ordered to join the northern line of operations under Genr. Taylor, and after reaching Monterey was soon ordered to join the expedition against Vera Cruz lu the bombardment and capture of Vera ' Cruz, and tbe severely contested battle of Contre- t> ras, Cherubusco and others which wxurred be- * tween that place and the city of Mexico, his activity and millta-y skill found full p'ay. He d took an active part in each and all of them, and I while lighting In the str??tsln thecity of Mexico, * near the Belcn gate, on Sept. 18th, 1847, received 1 a wouud from a musket ball. After the conclusion > of peace with Mexico he was ordered to Jtflerson 1 D-uutki. miMuuri, preparatory to a contemplated a march overland to California By a change of or- H ders from the War Department 1 'n regiment was * d 14n*t/?V*l?A litf iKIn u 1 * * * , ?, .uip ?iu vopc nuru, anu reacnpa v California toon after ltsacqulsition by the United r States. c Hit ?tay In California wu prolonged beyond r thai of moat of hisfellow-ottlcers, and his time un- t ceuiingly employed in operating among the In- d diana, subjected to long and tedious marches t constant alarms and frequent skirmishes, living a la'ge portion of the time in tents, and subject to J the fatigues and privations incident to a campaign t in that new and hitherto unknown country, so far c removed from the comforts of civilization Afur t being relieved from his long service in California, > he was ajjain stationed on our Western frontier, t serving most of the time in Ksnsas and Nebraska, c During the troubles in Kansas he threw up his c commission. S i Affairs Iji asd About Manassas ?The Bal- t tlmore American in noth ing the arrival of the ' release d t-ederal prisoners in that city from Rich- c ntondsays: The released soldiers were not upon a parole ( and speak freely of all they saw in and about ? Manassas Their views differ In accordance with the observation nnd ability to jud^e of what (hey saw. Some of them state positively that there are t no entrenchments at the Junction, whilst others <j sry that the works are of an extensive and form Id- ? able character All agree la stating that there f were no entrenchment* at Bull Run, the Confede- J rate* moving tU*>ir artillery from point to point as | their perfect knowledge of the ground enabled them to do with great advantage c Within three days ftfter the battle the Con- c federates moved a large portion of their forces f forwird toward Centreville, Fatrfax Court House, c and Vienna, and must have sent oth?r port ons to f different camping grouds, as whilst the prisoners n staid at Manassas Junction there was a com para- tj iveiy small force at that point. The discipline and ad minstration of affairs in * the Confederate army appeared to our informants v to be more la* and Irregular thau ever In the Fed- c eral army. The men are ill-fed, Ill-clothed, and C ate grumbling and discontented. They have, d however, a supreme faith in Gen Beauregard, and the most perfect conviction that they are destined to conquer At Richmond there was a good deal of com- r< plaint because an advance was not made at once n upon Washington, and the city seized forthwith, b The extavagant expectations were entertained In n regard to a rite in Maryland, which was to L threaten the rear of the Federal army witti thirty it or forty thousand armed men It was evident, tl however, to the most Intelligent and observant of it our Informants, that the Confederates were not In a position to take advantage of their victory before Manassas Their regimen's appeared si much fatigued and disorganized after the battle, ai and there was no evidence that they possessed the tj stort s or means of transportation necessary for an 01 army In motion. ci * a! A Candid Acknowledgment.?Col. G. B. b [Jiiriar of UenriH? tn lotto* A-t..A U'-' -? ? . ? , nioaiuuuu, " July 43, >aya: The enemy thought, up to 4 o'clock, they had fi the victory?and so they had; but the opportune \? arrival of ttco freth regtmtntt turned the battle, and gave us a glorious victory C On our retreat previously, our wounded fell Into their hands Tuey treated them kindly, lifting h them into th* shade, and leaving them with canteens full of water. ? P 1X7" An agent of the Government on Monday purchased In Baltimore from Messrs John Henderson. A Co their steamtugs Herrules.Tiger snd P Rellancc, for the sum of W?,UUO The tugs will be used for towing U 8 v#<ssels Into auch rivers P In Maryland and Virginia us may be dealrable. The two first were fitted up, during the week sue- tt ceedtng the 10th of April, with a platform, ao as It to mount guns, with a view of aslng them for harbor and river defense; but In conaequence of the failure of the plana to carry the State out of b the Union they were subsequently laid by. r< tt Coa*t Guns.?In response to the numerous r* inquiries addressed to us In referent ??- * defences, which we have refrained from publah- ai line, we are bappv to have II In our power to cl tate the work la progressing with all possible tt rapidity, and on i srale that will meet every re* tt quirrment Lieut Col Montgomery dimming, ai aid to General Lawton, baa just returned from m Richmond, and tnforma ua that an ample supply of heavy guns, Ac., are now on the way to our batteries.?Savannah News, 'id. " _ . It Arothxe Pbicklbss Gim ?Many persons are p puzzled to know how ex-Governor Jackson manages to keep such a lurge numbers of follow tr* 1X1 around him without money or credit, but It ** should be remembered that with Major Oen. Price at tbe bead, an army rannot be very cost-ive. StUl Another ?Geo. Pillow In his proclama- ?' tlon, says he will show no quarter. Geo Price c at Boonvllle showed two quarters Prtntict. ' N| JET" The talk among newspaper people la that to the N'W York Tlmee and Tribune will sboitly discontinue their Sunday edltioos. the excesses of to which are said to greatly azceed their receipts. tta ? t AFFAIRS Iff MISSOURI. From tbe Missouri Democrat of tbe 10th Instant re make up the following summary of affaire In lat section : The David Tatum arrived from Alton yesterday rlth a company of cavalry, tbe Montgomery ounty (111 ) Chargers. ?f Col. Marshall's regl. i^nt. Tbey number 07 men, with 97 horse* 'he men of this comj>anv are large, hardy, and thlctlc, uniformed hi red jackets, heavy boots, nd brass spurs. The Die Vernon and the Hnnnlbal City?tbe >rmer arriving yesterday afternoon, and the aecnd probably coming In lsst nigh*?from Keouk. bad both a number of troopa on board, rblch tbey got at Keokuk, CJ ulncy, and Clarksille. Tbe Louisiana, with two Immense cannon, a at of wheelbarrows, a pile of boies, 4c . started lown the river A freight train of the Terra Haute and Alton allroad arrived at about barff-paai four o'clock st evening, heavily laden with Ml alxtv-four tound Dahlgren guns, and the massive carriages, alssons. tool wagons, Ac , connected with tbem In addition to tbe four huge cannon previously ransported to the Arsenal of thoae brought hitber >y express train at Gen. Fremont's order, four ithers were yesterday removed thither frnm the )hlo and Mississippi Railroad depot One of hem waa a pounder, and the others tfj-poundira. Two of the former were aent to I ronton on be Iron Mountain Railroad train Home one tundred additloual employees will be set at vork to-day. In removing the remaining cannon o the Arsenal Onr verbal advices from the Southwest reveal a earful state of things in that region. With the leatructlve march of the rebel Invaders, a system it horse stealing, robbing, and general outlawry jivvalls Numberless atrocities and excesses are tally committed by the rebel forces, and those In eague and sympathy with them. It is estimated hat four fifths of the horses In possession of the ebel troops, who are generally mounted, were tolen from the counties of Jasper, Barton, Law ence and Newton, the section overrun bv the lnradera. Marauding parties are furnished with a commission to "bunt," a mild term used to cover lp these predatory attacks Horses, mules and wagons are captured wherever found. One of

bese commissions, or ''furloughs to hunt," wak 'ound on the person of a Lieutenant, from Hick>ry counnty. Tb? document was signed by i)e WlttC. Hunter, Colonel. A man named Smith, lately moved in from Kansas, was known to have captured tfi horses, ind marched with them to his home in Jasper county, for bis private use. The community Is iemoralized by tnls system of "horse privateering," the lowest wretches In the community taking advantage of the anarchy which prevails to prey on the property of their neighbors A man aamea Linn, of Sarcoxle, has made a successful 'hunt," having captured, It Is reported nearly a Hundred horses Foraging parties levy their con riDuuonn on iriena ana roe alike. Krequent robberies of stores have been committed Large iiiantitics of grain have been taken, afid all the louring mills have been pressed to perform a share n the "grinding" exactions. This system of plunder is but a small part of the iggravations which atilict the inhabitants in the eglon indicated. Their fears are excited by ovlng bands of Indians, who, it .? confidently jelieved. accompany th? rebel horde The Julians belong to the Cherokee and Creek tribes, ind are mostly half-b'eeds. with fares of htdeous ispect It is averred on good authority that a Cherokee named Fry has a commission In bis leer skin pouch ensuring him a reward of 960 or the scalp usually worn by Dr Stetnmer, of lasper county The names of other loyal c'tiz^ns ire mentioned, whose scalps are in good demand, it a paying figure. The morals o? the women eem also tosufl-r from the inhumanity of the imes A benevolent lady, whose name for the lonor of her vx we suppress, ojfert a liberal tremium for human stai/n tuflicimt to make a ed t/Uilt H< r aevotiou to the rebel cause exeeds in a degree the more mercenary motive of he Cherokee, Fry. We might add numberless instances to the bove, but we forbear for the present The people re tieeing from these terrible evils tbat afilict hem at home, and are seeking an asylum among itter strangers. The road between Springfield nd Mount Vwrnon has been flhed with fugitives or several weeks. Till ATMKX4 FIOHT IN MISSOURI f rwv i a t rAfrOBI-iAn/Jan^a A# k' '- ? * 4 * cvv..v.rwuv?vwvc iu luistuuri i/cmocrm j Camp Carnfgy, > Ca>td??, Lewis Cocsty Mo , Au^ 6 { A messenger dispatched from Omp Carne^y to ;he battle field, has just return*d. ^ives tbe allowing information concerning tbe great fl^ht, vblcb was so gallantly fought by cur troops : About P o'clo k Sunday n't ht, a i.KBsengpr was lispatched from Croton, In a band car, to Keokuk, owa, and reported that a larjje bodv of rebels vere seen moving, on Sunday, towards Athens, n Clark rountv, Mo. At the camp a part of Col. iloore's regiment U. S R C were stationed ['be Keokuk Rifles sad Rjokmi w<t? imm?di. tely summoned, and after 9 o'clck p m . thirtyIve men of each company, armed and equlppea, vere ready and started on a special train to Croon Soon after daylight, the Keokuk men being iver In Athens, the attack was begun by tiring if email cannon from the rebels Tbe L'nion j nen immediately sprang for their arms, and to heir surprise found tbe rebels coming up in tbree livisions, evidently intending to surround the own or camp. During the time, say an hour and a half, Col kloore c.ime with .Mm m??> k*. ..... ?- ? _ v uuu ?/r?; en un II ii upon hem. completely routing them, and driving them tut of Athens, killing 40 of the rebels, and woundng 75. In their flight they left fti horses, which vere captured by our forces. The rebels at that Ight numbered 1,800 men, four pieces of artillery, ommaaded by tUegreat Martin K Greeny brother ?f ex-Liiltfd States Senator J aines S Green )Ralph Smith and others The Union forces wt-re cf>mnnnded by Col Moore, numbering 5o0 It seems hat our guns have more strength than theirs; g e eason, our cause is just The rebels retreated in louble quick time. Our loss is two killed and ix wounded It was a part of their programme o attack Athens and take it, and next Canton. >ol H. M Woodyard was ready to meet them, ind would have given them a warm reception Thb Pbivatikr Scmtrr Hkard From ? Capain Uoreham, of the brig Sea Foam, arrived tolay, info ms us that th? Sumter arrived off Cura:oa on the night of the l?th July, and fired a gun or the fort, but the people of the fort not know ng her national flag would not allow her to come n until the governor had been consulted The Sumter then sent an officer with en armed rew ashore to converse with that otflrlal as to omlng into port, to coal up and refit, which Inally the Governor allowed against the protest f the United States consul She lay at Curacoa or eil/ht d?v? during Iho ? -? ? ,.K ..UIC tuccicw UTU laeir Iberty ashore, und at Captain B. says 'raised the lev! I ge nerally " The Captain of the Pumter ?a!d be wai verv orry he had not arrived three days sooner, n< he iranted ice badly, which article Captain B bad a argo of, and bad only arrived thj day previous, aptain B wai detained four days waiting the eparture of the Sumter which took place on the Uh.?N. Y Commtreial, 13tA Capt. Ttlkr ?The Capt Tyler who waa ar ated In Cincinnati on Wednesday, waathe comlandant at Fort Kearney, when the civil war roke out. He deserted the fort, spiking the canon and stealing everything be could The roulsvllle Journal of th? 10th says: The followlg extract from a Utter written in the fort at that me, la furnished by a friend who vouches for a reliability: Fo?t Kkakxkt, May 23, '81. The Commanding Otllcer, Capt Tyler, spiked xteen pieces of cannon (all we bad) laat week nd deserted the post, taking with him about alxr government mule*, Ac , Ac. He had iaaued rdera to blow up the magazine and burn tbe gun irriages. but the Dragoona mutinied and were bout to kill him after tbe guns were spiked?so p l?ft in m fV? _ aalij . a uc urajjuuai U( lli Union ien. Foreign Itkms ?The siesmship Etna sailed um Liverpool for New York on the 31st alt., rith about JE2U.WKI In specie. The bankruptcy bill has pasted the House of ominuns The reduction of the bank rate to 3 percent, as bad as yet no perceptible effect The Duke of Buckingham U dead It is reported thnt the Kings of Sweden and russla will visit Paria. The national loan is proving successful. It is reported tbat Napoleon has assured the ope tbut he will defend Rome at any cost Reinforcements have been sent to some of the ortuguese provinces to quell disturbances A letter from China give* favorable accounts of te commercial advantages arising from the openig of Yang-tee Bawti&'s Ruled Cannon.?Tbe reports made y the late successful expedition to put down >belllon Id Eastern Virginia, of the success of te Sswyer projectile, sre most encouraging Tb? ipldttv witb which the shells were fired, the Ireetness of their aim, the distance of their rang* nd the certainty of their explosion, were sll conlu lively proved on that occasion. It Is shown mi witn tb? Union gun, new at Fortress Monroe, le lawyer abella can be thrown with precision id hit the mark at a distance of sue uatute lilts. [HT'The nteamahlp Champion, at New York ?m Aaplnwall, brings Panama papers to the 3d utant. The U. 8. flag-ship Lancaster wm at anama The oath of allegiance was taken by 1 the crew with great enthusiasm, except one an, who refused The sloop of wu Cyrane has sen ordered on the coast of Mexico. (17 All the actors are going abroad, despairing ' an? chance at home during tbe war. Miss uihman, Joseph Jeffrrson, Clarke the Comedian it Florences, Sam Cowell, Miss Sarah Stereos' Ir. Sothern are announced ;< having already left c Europe, or as being on the point of departure. lETTba Sunday papers say that Adellna Patti married to Mr. ftothschlld, nephew of one of great haakers. 'P " < ? *., -*V ,yx, . C0Lb WlUIll OH TBI WlITI MoVSTATITt. We lrarn from the Boston Tranorrlpt of fetnrday that the weather was very cold at the Whits Mountains daring most of last week. A wren rain storm on Monday cleared the air and wai ncceeded bjr a oold night, during which lo? formed at many points on the mountains. The thermometer stood at fifty decrees at snnrlse on Wednesday and Thursday at Bethlebom and Jefferson, and at 10 o'clock a. m. bad not rlaen tc sixty decrees la the school houses on the west' ern side of the mountains Arts have been mads three days this week. Tn^or* Covins ?Tbe Richmond Dispatch o| tbe Mh publishes a letter from Abingdon, wblek says : Our trains from the West are dsllycrowd< cd with troops; to dsv, two large companies frrrr New Orleans snd Georgia, well armed. pe'?ed over the road, ea^er for a bead on tbe Yankees There are '2.(NX) more at Br'.stol to get on to-mor row, reporting large numbers all along tbe road west of that point, deatlned for the aaat of war. nr*?PUTNAM RIFLES.?Your a tsntion u called tojhe poatsra m reja-d to forming I wwuiyiauj ivi iuo ??r. r?ve i??wu rr^uv ifQ U oria-ne the Putta for the U'ited StaUs service a d to l>e mustered in immediate /. The oftoeri wiil he elected by the Company. Rendexvoae le'and HftU, front room, firat floor. m 14 M* 6EO. THISTLETON^ rrg^EXTRA NOTICE !-Vol?nteer? wante< I x for Capuin Powell's Company, Ut Kegi me t D. C. Volunteer*, under Us!. Tait, by author ity of the War Department fflothmg and 'QBip menrs furn'shod, and rooruits at oeoe put in ser vioe Par 311 per month, and extra ration* by lati ao of Coneresn. and a Nmmy of $Jn to el! thru month* men upon going into this egimont. and i muptenn* out bounty ol $ ion, whether the wa laeta six mr<nth? or three ytarn.and other induce ments that will be freely elated i p >n inquiry. Cai at onoe at the Ken<1eivous, corner 4)f street am Pa. avenue, ard also at the Old I'nton tfuildinge on E, between i3tn and 1? h eta Capt. J TYLER POWELL. let Lient M P. l-i?HgK au 18 3t* ,H THE UNION PRAYER MEET1NC \]J| will beholden EVERY DAY in U?e E etree Baptist Churoli. c >mmencing at 5 o'clock p. iu. an< to be oonticued an hour, Strangers as well a oitisena of 4 1 denonr.W >n? are invited to atten* and la?e part in theae social meetings. m tl nr*5*" 1 SAY. STRANGER. WHERE ARE |L7 you going * Yon seem to be in a greet hur rjT" "So 1 am. i am going to SMITH'S, No. 461 Severn h street, to buy a su t of Clothing. The peo pie say he has a very nioe assortment, and they aa< he sells them so oheap." yot .~The last we saw of the stranger, he was running up Seventh atree einsinr oot "HMITH. No 4fin ? ?, <n I notice. SHALT. Commenoe from the 15th of Aafast 1861, 'o ?ell all Clooks, Watches, and Jewelry lef at m? store fjr repairs. Persons interacted, taki notice. ? J. ROBINSON. Jeweller, 349 Pa arenae, anM-St* Opposite Hrowa's Hotel. J ICE?ICE?'CE! U8T Received, p?r schooner Charter Oak. on hundred and eichtr toi.a Boston lo* ; al?o, on Ch< way and ex?eoted to a-rive thia weak brig Dela ware, sehoone'" J. Crockforfl, John Lenthall Henry Cardsioff and A. E Douclas?in all, twelv< hundred lone. L.J MII>?LK?ON. It* Offioe oorner Twe'fth and F ata. I^he alexandria cheap store! CARPETING FROM U.KXINDRIA! UK) AT HARGAINS ! Our Stock Of C* RPETI NO, OILCLOTH RUGS, and STRAW MATTiN*? has baen re inovod he e f om Alexandria to be acid out torethe with oar atook of Dry Goods. Our stock of Car retime consUt of Brussels, Three ply. All-woo] r erun. Wool fi!lin? Hat. and Hemp Carpeta \\ r are off?rins *r-?at bargains. a? we have <t?t?r mined to sel at and less than cost, to rloae bosi Less 8 & W.MKVKNBERG, aul4~lw 4* Market 8 pace, under Avenue House. <K>f| KMILE Dl'PKK. 0<6.u pnxstiviiiii Avtsrx, laojt Btvldijo md. W'koltsi * Dialer in FINE WINKS, BRANDIES. KKGAR4.9AR preserved fruits, r. n V M f V H L' l\ \T 1 I U A Qdl kDTL ft v - - - ''mi ? ? Li l/ i>t i ii ni rt^^vn i SYRUPS. aud CAMP SUPPLIES. JUST RECEIVED100 CASES OLD BOURBON (ISM) AT E MILE D0PR1T? IRON BribDiw*. 3'J0 PA. Avkpus. I7? O R r FRKDKRIC TUSTUS* HAMBURG CELEBRATED SMOK1NQ TOBACCO The Bo?t Article Ever I imported, Go to EMILE rUPRE, I Run Buildisq, 320 PA. Avihcr. JUST RECEIVED'JO Cask* Imported , BELTERS WATER, in Original Sroce fccttlee, At an IS Im FMI1.E DITPWK'8 AVKI'.v NICE IRON PLATK PIANC FORTE for sale for ?5oat MbT/K-^h RO I T'8 M u*ic -tore HI Tu ii; z and repairing of Piano* fai*hrml-W * ly executed. an 10 FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 7I7...98?0,<KH>. QA<* tc^tr C strut L>*n*im*a ??., Of Wa kimgto*. INSURE HOUSES AND~OTHF.R PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Directors. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfero, Samuel Cropley, William Wilcon, Richard Jonas, John D- Barclay, Jacob Gideon, An.lrew Rotnwell, Thoa. Parfcfr, Riahard Barry, B. B. French, Dr. C. W. Davis. No charge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President AgnO. Daviw. Secrotary. an 9-eotm FRKSH buttf.r. kggs,, n a v\ BEANf, and B^CON.on -conaicutnent anc for tale t<y CLARK A BLOOkLR. C< mimtaion Merohanta. No. 437 Seventh at., between U and H. N B ?Butter at 12H Ofnta and upwards jy 3D ?w* Jh. PKAUODY, M. D., Scroical aRD Mr chtmral Di.ntibt. having tafcen^r^ rooms at No iTh Pa. av?r.u<*, l>etw<^n%Maai 1 th and 12th sta.. two do^rs east of the^4''|P Kirkwo >d Houtd, respectfully aolieita a share o the pubiic patronage, in Uie varioua tranches o hie proframon. jy 15 lm* piCKLING VINEGAR. a. a I 1 000 gallon Purs Cider % ioatar lor Ml* by WM. IIRVAN. No. 44, opposite C?nt#r MMkst, au P. 3t?o bgt .~ren 7th &i,d 8 h st? Fresh and genu in f, CUCUMBER.CABBAGE, A^U TURNIP SEEDS. Ai?o, BUCKWHEAT. TIMOTHY. l*?Fur -ale by J. P. BARTHOl.OW, _jy J& aolw aflS Seventh ?tr?t. n?r Canal. Horse buckets. WAGON HAMES. trace chain", . CURRY COMBS, &O..A.O. Foraalebr J P IIARTH iLOW, Agrionrurai Warehouse, jy 36-2veo 33* Severth ?treet, pear Canal. SOLDIERS 9 SIGHT DRAFTS ON THE NORTH bought and sold in mmi to anit Army Officers and So'.diera, SWEENY, RITTEN HOUSE, FANT k. CO., " n w.* ? DUKII. rt ITHM, Jy a lm (flund Chron ) near Bn>wn'* Ho'*U Hmm AVQNDALE FLOUR AVING Made a-ranaeoienU with Mnvi. Baaaora A 8nv? forth* hIi of my F!"?r,they wilt ?iwa;i be prepared to aaeply my old frietd* and cuatomera, and the trade jeoerallr, at null ynwi. (jy ?-lm?o) GRP. WHEELER. HUR RbMAIMNO STOCK OF FANCY " " and DRY GOOD?. reoently brought herefrom Alexandria, will be sold at a atwl greater reduction la prioea, to enable u* to oto*aour Miwni ae i-on as po**ib a. We Mil good Straw Matting 4 4. JO oenta, 5-4,26 oent*: a few pteoe* Hemp Carpet left, 15 oenta per yard; 12-4 Linen ?he?tin?, 75 oenta ; Mil inery Good* and Notion* of erery aaaenption, at wholraaif and retail ; Lad iea' Drea* Gooda. Bnbroideriec, Phaw *, Manilla*. Bad Blanket*. Winter Good a, and a thousand different artioi**, wi 1 be sold to plaaae every one Call at 8. A w. MEY EN BERG'S, (or, rwntly oailed \j it* reputation) the Ai*zaadna Cheap Store, 48 Market Spaoe, aaooad door w**t of ?* enth at. an I lw SELLING OFF AT HALF PRICE OUR entire atooV of hand*ome Floanoa<i Barege Roh?a. in blaek and color*: all Lawn and Organdy M u*)in Robe*. We deeire to olo** out thi* portion of atook at o no*, for oaah, and a hall offer great bargain* to puioha*cr* J. W. COLLEY A CO? Jo 34 lOteo S'i3 Seventh street. abore Pa %t. W| TRAVELING TRUNKS. E Offer lor sale the largeat &*?ortaynt o TRAVELING TRUNKS to he found limn Ui* oity, ooinpnaing best Sole LeatherBMfll Ladle*' l5rna* and Packing TranKs. Va-^M lioo*. Carpet Ba?*, Ao., whioh we are now a*' ling at very low prioea. \VALL. STEPHENS A COaet* ?<? ? ? - - - i run. CBAPTI8TK PERDRIAT, HI ROPODI8T. of Pint, baa tbe bonor Coffer bit aervicea to tba Iwui and cut (meu t f th?? city He perfc me all operaUooa utomiri fjr the EXTRACTION AND CURB OF CORN*, BUNIONS, Jte . Ac ,aa ?r*otioed by the French eedicnre*. Ofioe. No 1A 4S atraet, near the C ?y Hah. ?riw* smgar8 and LEAF tob \cco for SAi,E L AT AND BELOW COST. To aloaa oat. 1 offer bt eat ire alook, oomariaiac aome auo.?uu weil-mada ClttARB, of all aia ? m* aradee, aleo about 10 oaaaa CONNEC ICliT Iked leaf tobacco, Vara ill, ate.,#*.. for oaah at aoi b-iow coat P. WEILBACHFR, of Baltimore, Store No. 84 j Fa. areoae. an 8 lit* Batwa*a Uth aod mb eta. 1 AUCTION 8ALB& ' By J. C. MoSUlRR * CO? ' MATTINGS. PCPKRIOR ?ULSfCA-lCP. ?'? Cfinon. Bo>r, Ciir Stool*, rtunrrn tV H"Vara?L? Frracra at Arc-now ?fa BaT ROAY MORNING. Allan ITU. ?<l?0'eock. i J IB front of tha A lotion Room*. ? Mil a of Seoond-baad Fnrajtara u4 Hoi* . bold tt at*. Au?. IJN nr<( n^ior Wkit? u4 Cl?Hk?>l Miilmit. I yo J arpat Br d Cutm 8?I Cuir Sto- a. 10 box** > allow #W bott'BB I/OMion Dnok Btsi^J. . MCarlad H*ir U?ihi C<?*rad Caafcioaa. sail i able fur Paw Cvkiona, i S ra?*rior M??r ittad JmiW'i CBaaa. with KronaB Pi?? Q **a. t WO yard* Pn? adr phia Wove C Br pat i Tarwa ?uk in owrrant fo <?a 1 Ba 14 d J.O. MeOCIRE A CO , A?WBr J. C. MoGL'IRE * CO.. AMttewri. i SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD CASE 8SVCNO OCTAVB Pi A BO FoBTB, ABO K'B'.Ttli, AMD UAKa?A. ? fc. . A-?- ? <D*U I ? w * W~ W T (V i 1 % V XIHW " VB I V Bp^^1 DAY MORNING. A*f*et ?U. at IIo'iImTM l the r*aiden*i of A Hi* aaki. Ea* . corner of Vir i ginia arenae and Tenth etr**c u*arUe MwUm I ui*o*. v? a hall Mil hia Firnun u< , Household fcffeo?a. oonpnaiog? . I i Superior Roeewood Ci.?, Roand Cora**, Iron 1 , fru?,0?nii otttrt Piano Forte. Mahogany Hur tfprm* ?eat ttofb. l>o Rucktr and Parlor Chair*. Marb e-tnp Cnter tod bofa T*bl**. 1 W* oat Whatnot Fa-cj labia*. a>n* acd Wood eeatChaira. t.oaBge, erai aape-ior Frert'h C ock*. V*?aa, Window >h*dea aod V??uU??> R inda, OatMta. Onolotii. and Straw Matuag. Mahogany Bat Tr**. Floor OiUloth. 1 Dining Tab!* and Chmra. * Crocker* and Glaaa Ware. 1 Superior Stiver a aud Tea 8*t. Caatora, Wa lara. Baoona and Fraa. ' Tab.e Cuuery, Waiter* Plated lo* Plt?h*ra, 1 Hedauada, Boreaia, Wa*h?taixla. ? MatUeeaaa. BolaUra, an* Pillowa, Co< king acd o.her Smw. KiUkM L'teaaia, Ac ?erma oaab in earrei.t fanda. . 8-Th* Hoaa* ia for reat. Icsaire of the i A notion* +ri t aa U-d ' J. C McGL'lRE A CO.. Aueta. By WALL * BARNARD, Aaotione*ra J I^REY HORSE AND SPRING WAGON AT 1 VI A?cTi0M-On fATl'RDAY MORNING, - July S, we will aHI. in front of oar aaoticn roomi? 1 Gr*r Horae, warranted *o*ad. kind, and g*otl*. and wnrka wall in harn*e*. ) 1 8f t| Wagon, nearly new, suitable for a grooer or eipreas wacon r Ra'e poa.tive. Teriaa oaah. au U WAtL A BARNARD. AaaU. ' By GR KEN A WIL 1AM>*. Auotion*ara C>INE PIANO PORTE. HOUSEHOLD AND r HtTCRSN ( C1MICII AT Auctios ?On FRIDAY, the 16th ia*t\rt, we* nail a*!!. ?t lh? :aeii d*Boe ol a gentleman declining hou*ekt.a?in<. it 10 o'flook ? m.,No 369 T^nth, between L nod M * etreeta excellent aaeortm<-ntol Farnitn-e. i?: One exoellent Piano Porta, carved rottwood, hap Md I1*, madn hy Gil >er, of fine toa*- and touch. Wa.not Whatnot, Marble-tog C> iter Table. eight , day Clook. Wiilnnt y x'ecloB Pining and other Teh lee. Mahogany Sideboard. W ardrobee, Bedttea*;*, and Stand*, i Mattreeeee, Case and other Chair*. Child'* Oar ria?aa China. Gla?*. and Orooke-r Ware. am^rg which ia one fine Gold ?- and T^a ar i Coffee 8*t. AW, a*oon lot of Ki'ctiec Requititea. Terma oaan in *pecia. GRF.K.N ft WILLIAMS, Anote. _au IS St (Intel. A Raynb > _ r By WALL & BARNARD. A otioiwre. , - DUBI.IC *41 F.-Wti; b*aoHat publia an 'tlon, , S oa SATURDAY, the I?th laatant. at Oo'ai'vk i. a. no , ib Tront of the Auo*ion Kixima, u> the h gb'it bidder, for cach, to a* ti*f? I,iil for l v. >} rna Bar M?-?. about 16 handa high. ahorttaii,a little arrant In the k'.ieea. and ahcuf 6 or 7 *?ar* o d. Tne above Bay Mare tai fear d aatray tn the a?re?te ofWaahiaato- oa the n:tht of the0d o< ?uly br the Night Police, or Auxiliary Guard.with ind bridle, and apparency much j\ded from heir; I ard ridden. a~d turned !ooe? in the *tra?-t, eeppo*ed to have oom - from Vtrsmia. 1 ho prooeeue " of aa4* alter paying exp? as*, will be h'ld bf ord?r of the Mayor, In the na d* of the Chief of foho? aobteot to the call of the proper owner. Terma oaeh. aalS WALLA BARNABD, Aioto. Bt J. C. MoGUIRK A CO.. Aaotaoaoare. PURNITURE AND EFFECTS OF A, RE*; ? ? ? rnr - * riiTio?.-v? W l> * 1 MORNI ? ?. Au(u>tl9 oomnraro>D| ?r l* o cloak, l>y virtu? of an order for diatrain, 1 aha) the Re-?auraiit of CharIm Werner- on theeoa'h aid* ' t Pei B?ylvanta aT?nue, near the oorneT of tjj < th trtoi, all hia Heua-hold MTeo'e. Far and I Bar Room Fixtures Co king Utenaila, Winea. L.iquorr, Ac , con>i?ting. I* part, of walnut Frame Piaoo Forte, Hair Cloth 8-ifa asd P rani. Mahoganr Boraaa*. 8tde and Center TaUaa. Walnut Prano" Meditev<?, Feather Bad, Bolatar ar.d pillow* M attmaoa, B aikeu, y uiif. and other Beddinj, Can?-?eat Chaira. R oekeri. * L< unrea, Rrjuae ?ad Ingrain Carpet*. Oilnioth. Matti c< A.p . .. _, . , Cook n? ?tov? and Cooking Ltcowi* *aitat>i* for te.-tauract kiteheuATM. II Ma'oiranr Bacat??"e iaole. S arf a r >"?d Card Tablec. t do* -n Wood teat Arm ' hair*, T-.'ce'her with a I the Winee. Li*aora,Md Ba? I Flxtnree, Painting*, Lithocrapka, Jto^ A e. Terma oaah. WILLIAM MARTIN. Bailiff. aaUU i. C. MoQUIRL A OO^AaoU fcy BONTZ A GRIFFITH. Auctioneer*. TRUSTEE'S BALE OF HOl't?E AN p LOT m thk nokth^an I iut *.? By virtue of a deed ii. truat b*ann? dat? cr. the 4th cay of Ortober, 1851. ard rcoorded in Lrtur J. A. 8 , No. k 185, folloa 208.904 an<i **. the tub erib*r will eel]. at pub'io aale on THl RHOAY, the iHh day o| . Aufunt 1861. at 6 o'olock a. m., the premitee. i p > rt of Lot N o. 19 in eubdiTiaion of meare No. 4J5, fronting 17 feet tlK inch?e on ?th e'-ee' vest, vi h a depth 9" ffc?t to an alley. with the i**porcmenta oonaiatinc of a two atory and attio Fraa-e Dwelling Houm. with oe.lar. I ne ?dore property ia ai iuate<1 at the corner of *th etreet VMt and M strap? nor'h, in a rapidly improvinj part of the citv. Ad offer* a f%roraUe opportunity to pemena deatrou* of procanoc iniae oe or makui M HTMtmML Terms eaeh. . If the terma of eiUe arc not oofplied with in kn daja af-er the aale tne property wi!i be reeold. ; upon one weeka' notioe, at the riak and ezpenee of tne purchaser. VIi ooBveyaaomg at the expeoaa 1 of the purohaaer. _ f K CnARD A. FHMON8TON, Traatee. : a??3awada bONTZ ft GRIFFITH, AaaU. are respectfaily invited to call at the Store of v< ff Wt/n AKV) Na 318 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, bttwrti 10th uU 11th lu.f WASHINGTON, a C., and aartha moat oomplata articla of OAMP MESS CHESTS, WITS TABLE AND WRITING DESK COMBINED, EVER INVENTED. An artielt Ofcort who appreciate tk? comforts of Camp lift tkould net b* w%tkout. , ALWAYS ON HAND. f COOKING STOVES, A? , he. wttt dESb _ BILLIARDS! TTTm Tba lovara 1 ^ L of tha GAME OP BILLIAEDS will had in EMEICH'S FINE HALL. Corner of Paonay lraaia ava.aa and UU ilriil, 4 aoath aid*,) two ol tha moat adatirabl > TABLES in tha UnitaJ States, with avarr aonfort uJ oonTMUt-nM I nu I tf tor the ?iay?re. i I U R a k V OP congress, li aptit V 1M1. Nctioe ia hereby (irn that the' Litirar * *f Comtra??" will be o.mM on I neeriay.the lttfc 0%y of Al|l(t,uxl will not b* reopened am til Tteoday, "w'l^y>HN^tS%>KP?IKNPON, Librarian 11" .t?fea"i?me. "11 aer Pennsylvania avenue mt camp equipments of every variety. ?yl? and fcaiefa, eoeetaaU* on haad, mmi for eel* at ^noM^aompi'ini with My retail homae eoath oi ttn^HKFT-IEON, or COPPEE WOEE made to order at the itarteet nobee ^AU |oo4i lurtitHd^bo aa 1yrr?te< eo James seievinuh sr|y?-er?er Corror of Biwwath Strwet J

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