Newspaper of Evening Star, 14 Ağustos 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 14 Ağustos 1861 Page 3
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local news. " a ** * * - ? , I Irr Thevnt Ths it At It printed on Ike fartwl llnm !? W tooth nf Haiti a; ore, its edition ) sc laic ** to require H tobe put to pmi at ?p sarl<r boir, Advertisements', therefor*, shou'd he sot < bffcte !*! oVsloek m.; otherwise tbey mvf iot sppeer oatll the next day. JfPTTeaDistrict of Colombia Advertisements te be Inserted in the Uaxtixoei Son are received at and forwarded from T*a Sti.* Offlee. Thb Aimt Hospitals?We continue onr article* on tbe Army Hospitals bv s notice of the one Iocs ted In the Washington Inflrmarr bu'ldli'g on E street. In tbe rear of the City Hill Tbe building (forrrcrlythecounty JM1) and tbe square on wblcb it stands belong to the Government After the present jail was boilt and the prisoners Temoved to it, tbe faculty (of tbe m?dical department) of Columbia College were allowed to use tbe vacated building as an Infirmary for clt1r?ns and strangers Additions were built and improvements made, not the least be' ng the tasteful * arrangement of the court yard In front, In which ebmbbery and flowers were planted. When the Capital was threatened and troops amassed bere for tta defence, It became necessary to provide hospitals for tbe sick and wounded, and this was tbe flrst building used for tbat purpose in the District. Arrangements were made for the transfer and tbe Government resumed possession about tbe Mth of May Since tbat date the other hospitals noticed in tbe Star of Saturday bave been opened, but this one stands preeminent, whether we consider Its Insulated position, allowing tbe admission of light snd air on every side, or the admirable ground plan, which is most favorable for ventilation. ana of which due advantage has been taken In the arrangement of wards and corridors The building is three stories high, snd Is of sn [ shape with a large rectangular addition built at right angles to the center of the main building in tbe rear. There Is ample room In the wards for 20q patients. and they seldom have so many within tbe walls; but dl recti v after the battle at Stone Bridge there were 250 sick and wounded soldiers in the building, many of course, bsvlng to be laid on mr<Ureases in the corridors This wss unavoidable. hut lasted only s dsy or two. the convalescents being immediately removed to other quarters, to make room for tbe serlounly sick and wounded The hospital is now reserved for acute cases, and at present rontalns only 140 patients. There are Ave wall tenta In the rear of the building In which tbe patients suffering with erysipelas have been removed, thai disease being readily communicated to wounded persons Tbey are bere more comfortable probably than they would be in the w*.rds during su?b oppressive weather as we bave hsd tbe last week or two. Tbe wards in wblcb they were formerly, bave been tborrughly cleansed and purified, ar d are now rcadv for the reception of other patients. We notice that the rubkjlsb is being removed from tbe lot on which tbe building stands, snd understand that a fence Is to be built along F treet, thus enclosing tbe square on every side, preparatory to lta being plsnted and beautified This hospital is In cbsrgeof Dr WLIfe. asaistsd bv Drs Gooley and Boteler, all of the U S army There is a male attendant to each ward, beside* freneral officers The Sisters of Mercy, of whom here are alx or eight in tbe institution, administer the medicines and attend to the comfort of the patients snd the general police arrangementa Tbe tendrrneia of feeling, uarmth of heart, and deep sympathy with suffering, which cbaracterlies women under all circumstances. Is com bined In them, with the stern teachings of religion and morality; and many a poor, heart sore, bornea'ck, wounded or dying soldier has called down blessings on the bead of the Sister hovering over his couch, scotblng bis sufferings, and polling bim to a better world, where there is no m?re sickness or sorrow God bless the noble-hearted women, wherever and whoever they are, engaged la such works of mercy We were shown into every part of the establishment, yesterday, bv the courUsvof tbe gentlemen In charge, and came to the conclusion that in no private bouse in Wa?blngton could a patient breathe purer air or be more kindly cared for. Tbe srreigemenis for ventilation are perfect, the floors, bed-clotbing. mess tables, and everything >* saw scrupulously clean; and the order characteristic of military men, In court, camp, or hospital. reigned throughout, somewhat softened by fer Inlne taste Tb?re are bere cheerful, airy bath rooms, on each floor?for the use of patients supplied with warm or cold water. There are also water clcsets on each floor Tbe culinary srranrements?an important in hospitals snd else, where?are admirable, and tbe kitchen snd its appur'ensnces were, to usa a not uncommon phrase, "dreadful nice " t A werd or two before we cloee, in regard to the patients. Nearly one-half of those here sre wounded men, snd of these a large proportion?too large? are men wounded accidentally in tbe camp* in this vicinity. Many such cases we saw. One man bad Lis foot amputated at the ankle Joint, tbe bones of that useful member having been sbsttered by a bullet The heel bad united with tbe ?-cut" on which it waa turned, and the ' stump" had a healthy appearapce. of which the patient seemed quite proud. It was what surgeon* would probably term "a beautiful case " Of the wounded In the late battles, there are a great many vet in the hospitals, most cf them doing well Colonel (when wounded, now Brigadier General) *iocum is doing well, and it Ts hoped will soon be about again Hewai wourded in the thigh, it will be remembered Colonel Farnbam. of Ellsworth's Zouaves?gallant fel low?Is in a critical condition, and there is but little hope of his ultimate recovery Many otL< r otficers are here, but the most of them are doing well. * Of the sick, a Isrge proportion of tbe case? are typhoid fever Tb's seems to be a prevalent disease amora tbe sold ers. Cac?ed pr"bably by their babl's, and much aggravated by the depresalon of spirits csused bv home-alcknesi, the late reverse, Ac But few of the patients, however, manifest the stoildn'ss and apathy which characterize the moat aevere cases of this f*ver. Our visit wrs probably the means under Providence, of saviiig a patient's life. We had visited a ward on the third floor. In company with Dr. Boteler. who polnt-d out a man wounded in the Stone Bridge sffkir by a bullet, which entered his cheek and shattered the lower jaw The bullet could not be extracted The wounded man waa sitting in a drooping position on tbe side of bis bed, looking miserable enough to be sure; but there waa nothing at all alarming in bta appearance We turned to leave the door, and b?d proceeded but r few steps when an attendant called to Dr Boteler, and said a man was bleeding to dea'h Tbe Dr Lurried back, we followed and found the attendant supporting tbe wounded man we had J ist left a moment before. Tbe blood waa pouring In a continuous and full stream from his mouth, and had already nearly filled a basin In tbe hand of an attendant, which would hold more than s quart Tbe doctor sprang to tbe patient's side, and promptly placed his band on bis throat, compressing tbe carotid artery from whence the bemorbage proceeded, and it soon ceased. The poor fellow fainted In tbe doctor's arma from loss of blood, an omlnoua rattle sounded In his throat, and we tboogbtall waa over; but be rallied again. Drs White ard Gooly paid prompt attention to tbe ease, and when we left the patient was comparatively comfortable, and the hemorhaje had entirely ceaaed One minute's delsy and he must bave bted to death, and that minute would have been lost If Dr. Boteler had not thro igb courtesy accompanied us to tbe third floor, thus being on tbe spot Sucbare some of the "bor-ors of war," heretofore only familiar to most of us by deecriptlon, now become stern realities in o ir midst. Msav Avn Braxa (colored) keeps an establishmeut on south 6 street, between Ninth and Tenth, that the Seventh Warders think demands some attention at the hands of the police Her shanty has been known for some time as a resort for abandoned white women and auch of tbe t'other sex as sre not over fastidious ss to tbelr supply of ? tbe necessary evil " Lately and alncethe Influx of soldiers this nuisance has grown to he an intolerable one to the neighborhood On Sunday last, a respectable lady Tn passing this rookery wss accosted In tbe most tnsultiag terms by a white scoundrel who was lounging at the open door of the concern, and aimilar instances ais of dally occurrence Mary, who stands on ner muscle, as the "bo^-catchers" can testify, ssys she defies the police or anybody else to put a stop to ber operations. But perhaps she Is mistaken. From tbe frequency and protracted nature of the visits of members of tbe police force to Mary's quarters, it Is evident that they are patiently on -the lookout for evidence." and when sufficiently posted they will doubtless bring ber to terms If tbey sre not able to abtt? tLe nuisance, we dare say that Capt Goddard can delegate some officer* who will. Is?4Cb?t ?Coroner Woodward held an inquest yesterday afternoon, li. view of the body ot tbe wbite man found in the canal, between Seven teenth and Eighteenth streets. as stated in the Star vf yesterday; . id from the testimony jrfore the Jury It appeara that deceased was a brush maker, named Page, lately employed by Mr Joseph L Ravage; that be waa aeen on the bank of the canal the previous evening; that tbe body was naked whea found; that the clothes were placed under a sr ed. at tbe lime kiln near tbat locality; and that ttere were two cuts above tbe right eye The clothing found conalsted of a black cat and panta. black silk vest, csaton flannel undershirt, and white cotton oserabirt. Nothing waa found in the pockets, etcept two keys. The lory were unable to dete mine whether deceased died bv violence or w s accidentally drowoM while bet hi g. He Is ssld to have ?en aa Englishman, and to Mve nloechl'dren married and ivlng lnClnclna*u, Ohla. He was about 06 ysa?* <d ?f?. T?a *>oaruie Sanson - Preparations are be ?ng nade by our sp^rtomen friends for marsh ?>*uy, the season for the flocking of the orto'^ it'haad mmbeeof the Potomac. I CBIKtrjlL CoF*T-nU Boyd Murder Cat*J estordsyevenln# the twelve talesmen summoned , bv the Marshal aide tbeir appearance, and from those one juryman (Mr 9 McKnigbt) was chosen and sworn Counsel for defense then withdrew their objection to Mr Butler Baker, previously cha'lenj-ed. but be wa? not then aworn. Tu-day.?The twelfth jurymen, Butler Baker, waa aworn thla morning The following la a Hat of the lurr aworn: Joseph Trueman, Daniel Ligbtfoot, John Murphy, Wm P. Shedd, Robert Morrla, E E O'Brien. Patrick Crowley. Joseph W Harry, laaac Marshall, Samuel McKnigbt, and Butler Baker. Tbe Indictn rnt waa then read, and the witnesses railed The District Attorney, Mr. Carrlngton, then JiroceedM to deliver bla opening address to the ury, calling their attention to the number of counta In the Indictment, and reminding them that they could, in their dlacretlon, after hearing the law and evidence, acquit any or all of the parties, or convict any or allofthem ontheeharge of murder, or t bey might convict of manslaughter only. He appealed to the jury to agree upon some verdlcsnd reminded them of tbeir responsibility saying, " I hope the day will never dawn when an American jurv will be Influenced by personal or party feeling " He then read the lawa defining murder and manslaughter, and contended that where a homicide had been c mmltted, no matter how sudden, It must be considered aa malicious unless clear evidence u^nlttgatory circumstances is presented. He cc^ftidea there was no justification of this nomlcide It Is either murder or manslaughter Eloquently, snd at great length, he stated the facts he expected ts present in evidence, and made a powerful closing appeal to the jurv. Mr Bradley, for defense, spoke of the extraordinary address of the Diatrict Attorney, and of his Impassioned appeal to the prejudices and feelings of the Jury; and said be would endeavor to show tha' these men were neither murderers nor cowards, nor fiends, as stated by the Diatrict At- I torney He alluded to the extraordinary state of, affair* that prevailed at the time of the homicide, and thrilled th^ court by bla vivid picture of the state of the Capital, threatened by enemies without and traitors within, who were In the Navy Yard, Arsenal, and Government Dapartments. He was stating what he expected to prove for defense when our report closed Ami Movfmbstv?A Regimental Surgeon and a frisky " Matron."?A few days Since, with one of the arriving regiments there came a tall brunette (moderately good looking),who occupied the position of "matron" (whatever that may be) to the regiment, and who.Bnder the attentive care of the surgeon of the same, made application for board at a house not far from the Capitol On entering the house they evinced some surprise at seeing their major and another regimental officer there, and without examining the rooms they precipitately left, and took up their quarters a few doors distant, engaging adjoining rooms From , the style In which matters progressed, the host thought be smelt amice, and heasked our surgeon l if bis wife was unwell." " Ob: " ssid the doctor. ' she is not my wife, but, never having left home befors, she is very much frightened at what she sees here, and it is necessary that 1 should attend to her case very closely at present ." The proprietor of the house thought that if such waa the condition of the lady's nerves she had better have company; and accordingly, on the night after the matron's arrival, a young lady of the house was delegated to sleep In the same apartment with her; the latter, however, expressing In various ways her dissatisfaction at the arrangement The surgeon also seemed lit high dudgeon that his timid ir;end should be compelled to share i her room with a stranger, and marcned off to bis | own virtuous pillow In a high state of efiervea! cence The matron's nervous flutter seemed to have grown with the hours in such sort that she was afterwards discovered en dtskabtlle In the suryeon's room, supported by the manly Esculapian arm, in a manner tfatUrring to the ^allautry of the m*n, and soothing to the fears of the lady, no doubt, but a nositlon hardly befitting the dignity of his profession, and certainly not that of the matron of one thousand and forty-five men. So the host thought, and the delinquents were warmly advised to seak other quarters without delay, which they did The Whits Hons*?This title has been applied to the large building recently erected at ; the depot for tne accommodation of arriving troops, and has already become an "institution"' in that vicinity This building was constructed of the Inauguration ball-room material, and is , well adapted to its intended use. The entrances are large and almost innumerable, the floor is of planed pine well jointed, and the gravel roof construr-Vd In the best manner The building Is n?arly 300 feet In length, and about 40 eet wide, ai d well lighted with g?s In one end three i baths, twelve feet wide snd four feet deep, have been constructed, Into which Potomac water ts Introduced, and the manner in which the dusty volunteers splash about thcrvln, after a lo?? rid* over the rosd, is peculiarly refreshing, even to a spectator. In the Mt Vernon Cane Factory, lmi mediately adjoining, long rows of tables have been put up, and everything arranged so as to mbke it a complete dining-room, large enough to i seat a whole regiment. A guard of regulars protect the buildings, (and take care of those who get unruly,) the whole being under the supervision of Mr. Deceit Carpenter. Fou CocaT?This morning, the case of Thos Connor was taken up for further hearing l>?fore Justice Clark, upon the charge of assault and . battery with a shovel upon a soldier, who was I wounded in the affray. Connor was beid to bail for court. The prisoner was arrested by the Provost Guard and raken to the station. The morn ing after the case wis reported to the Justice before the military ex mlnation bed been held, an-* the Justice ordered the man to be brought : before him The officer examlnt lg the cava j broasM in by the Provost Guard casing for Con' at , found >ilm in tb<>. hands of the civil authorities Tha Matter wis explained this morning, j and resulted In the understanding uat hereafter j ail arrests by tLe Provost Guarl must first have t the military examination, and If the matter belongs to the civil authorities It w!l! be imrnej diateiy referred to the proper civil tribunal. I The Military Gdahu at thi Canal?It seems that In some cases thcr soldiers placed ulong the i line of the canai to protect trade thereon, are actuj ally obstructing the ordinary traffic, particularly In the vicinity of this District. Mr Augustus \V bite (a well-known Union nian of Montgomery county, .Md )and other parties have been arrested and detained, and tbeir boats delayed?causing them some loss?only because the guards were not well posted as to what passes were really legitimate The careful inspection of boats for contraband articles at the Chain Bridge, and a little wholesome restraluton passengers traveling along that route are Imperatively demanded; but at the same t me guards of sufficient Intelligence to understand their business should be placed there, In order that no unnecessary hindrance be placed upon boat traffic Vioilahci.?The residents of the District and the counties of Maryland upon the Potomic find it requisite now to obtain passes to visit this city snd return to their farraa The l >yal men of these are not sorry to see such vigilance exercised, and think it should have been practised long ago. Several came to the city this morniag and voi mtarily took the oath of allegiance, preliminary to a call upon the military authority for passes TMs Is not,' however, the surest token of loyalty, as many of the secessionists have shown that they look upon the oath as a "mere matter of form " That Pvstr ?The attention of ths authorities Is calbd to the condition of the pump on North Cspitol street, between B a d C, It having been out of order several days, thereby compelling ths residents of the neighborhood to go several squares to get inferior water. The pump is continually racked by soldiers from the depot In their efforfs to^get water, and Is consequently being rapidly Dkka.vokd Solditas ?There Is now at the county jail a deranged soldier, and at the Government Hospital on E street there is another. At neither place ire proper arrangements made for tl s reception and care of such persons, and they ought to be immediately removed to the Government Asylum for the lusane, where they can be properly sttended to. A !?sw and Ingenious military field glass has just been Invented, adapted to measure the distances of an h.TStlie line of soldiers That telescope is patented by the French Government, and M.I. Franklin, the optician, '244 Pennsylvania avenue, has the agency for It. Every officer of our army should posse.s such a valuable Instrument. f Accidiht.?A young man named Stoddard was sertously injured in tbe First Ward on Monday, by the breaking of tbe fastenings of a hammock in which some companions were swinging him. He was thrown violently aga<nsta bed, snd his spine fractured .t 1s feared. He was taken to the hospital. Thi Cabal ?W e are at length able to announce tbe arrival of five coal boats at Ray's dock. In Georgetown, and more on the way From present Indications we judge that a heavy coal trade will be yet done this season. By tbe close of this week the coal wharves In Georgetown will probably present their old appearance of activity and bustle. Cihtral GramDHorsi Casks?Thos Gormsn, fugitive from the workhouss; sent hack to serve his term Bridget Cory, vagrancy; dismissed George Williams, colored, out after boors; do George P Henry, colored,-sfe-keeplng. Several lodgers were accommodated. An Out*a?? ? Ws hssr of an assault on ths Bmsillsn Minister, Bj ron Lishoa, near his residence o# M strost. near Fourteenth by soma per ?s unknown, rn Sunday evening last. The offenders should be dealt with promptly if discovered Good rot ths Tiojams ?The oosl dealers of Troy have reduced tbeir prices fifty cents per ton. Hop* the coal dealers this side of Troy will follow so good aa example "! Tin Was A DP*Lv' Not*from Rtr Dr Hall. To tki Editor of The Star:?Tbe correspondent who bu addressed me kindly and respectfully In your paper, has called upon me to express a public opinion upon the division of responsibility belonging to the two rartles in what the praver wb1<*h be refera to terms -the miserable atrlfe which now detracts our land," and impllea that the use of the words "great duel," In my sermon on Sunday, la allusion to it, seems to require tbls exprwwion of me. To enter on such a themev would exactly transgress the principle of my public teaching, and defeat any good which I may possibly have done. In keeping such matters In abeyance, as belonging entirely to those who have the couduct or the war. In answer to tbe question, "Did he mean that*" I answer frankly that 1 bad no such meaning, and Imagine that no sncti meaning was suggested to any number of those who heard me. Mjurnlng over the troubles of my beloved land, as one whose lif#hasbeen almost equally divided between the two sections, and who is grateful for friendships snd affections now sadly distracted between them; maintaining under peculiar difficulties entire loyalty of mind and ?ct to the Constitution and Government, of which I ain beyond all quratlon the subject and citlten, 1 would express freely my grief that such inference* "em to be so readily adopted Ky occasional hearer*. St. Jame* has taught us that all Wara and fightings come from our "lusts " In reprehending certain evil passions and faults common to all sections, which have manifested such unhappy results just now, my sole purpose and obligation In tbe discourse referred to was to condemn them, not to turn aside to the diacosslon of a question which h?s entirely taken me by surprise "Is this w.ira duel ?" For such a discussion I have no taste, and can aee no good to result from It. This Is now the third time that I have been brought before the public, as either not speaking what others wished me to speak, or sa "obviously Inferring" what only the Imagination of the particular writer fancied. If In such unhappy times ras these, the silence upon all political phases of vents?to which 1 was urged not only by my own judgment, but by the advice of the officer! of the army and navy, as high in public reputation for loyalty aa they are In rank?lays me open to suspicion of covert thrusts at the "powers that be," let me now say, once for all, that 1 hold my?elf conscientiously bound to render hearty and entire obedience to those authorities and to ao all In my power to set a good example of unobtrusive loyalty, "not only for wrath, but for conscience sake.' that, avoiding party strife, I may set forward godliness and peace among all men It gives me pleasure to know that thus far It baa not been anything that I have said, but only what I might have meant, which has been the subject of comment To tbe officers and soldiers referred to by my bearer, I can only answer In the words of the did Earl of Douglas: "I have three sons in yonder field, And if they meet thee und?r shield, Upen them bravely?do thy worst. And foul fall him who blenches first " n ? , C H.Hall De Menou Buildings, August 12,1861. Postponed ?Yesterday afternoon G M Miller, who keeps a restaurant, was arrested by the Provost Guard and sent for trial to Justice Donn upon a charge of sell'ng liquor to soldiers: and also for assault and battery on a soldier, and on Captain Dressu. The case was put for trial to-day at U 0 clock, but tbe witnesses not being present it was I again postponed until the witnesses can be sum- I moned j The Campbells are coming, coming, coming to town ' See advertisement elsewhere. They I are the original, genuine, simon-pure Campbells be it remembered, and not the bogus article that I baa palmed itself off on various communities as I the real affair, ; Letters for the Afmt ?The number of let ters recel ved at the Washington post office aver-I age aboat: 30,000daily, and '"his number it Is es- I timated that at least two-tbirus are for the Army. | Sevestt-wtru Dollars Reward ? 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CUMMER CLOTHING C At Reddsed Pricm. We offer our larre assortment of thin SUMMVI CLOTHI NG at redueed prices. Our stoek ein- I braces ail stiles and ^aalittas of GcnUensn Youths, and Boys' W earing Apparel, of the most I daeirabfe and fashionable stjlei mo"

Als . SHI RT&and FURNISHING GOODS in Clothing made to order at the shortest notice. WAL? i?1 KPHENi A So., 332 Pennsylvaniaavenuo. Jy K (lnt?l. A Re? ) M. ftti, and loth rta N^r oj^S J AMUSEMENTS. rT,MR ORIGINAL And world r?nowii?d CAMP* HELL MINSTREL8 will in^ke tl?rra?^'aVtf?MMlHUR.?DaVr^',GHT Aug?sti?? ?/. t If- ThJ* association Of minstrels , Ant m - rJ,n.d*d b* ths pra?s throu rhaiii2?ITr??BnlTi Theprtoonf admi-sion t. t^eir to aM ?^ien'*rlfI?mInU hM h* '11 V^9d at 35 ct?. p^rtiont of the house au t j jt 1 WANTS WANTED?K GIRL to cook and ?vh. R?if I Dia re* u red A good g.rl wil find a ro >d F'ofv,? T.'P.W'1 hom? iDMnire at Columbian loii^ga. out uth st. [(. J tfOARDOR Fl RNIfHEH HOl'SF. WANT I^w..?". Vh"^',"!frf a "uff officer. Hi a hc^'tlM ocauty For particulars address Box 630. Wash I ingtoa Post Qifije. <^u 14 2t I VV ANTED-Au experienced WOMAN, to cook #-./? ft?" d? *<"?eral uousework, * short dista-iee it^!aKfi,T ApplT at 498 Seventh (up stairs.) between tne hours of 12 and 4 o'clook. I U 14 2t* WANTF.D-A WOMAN, to 000k. wa>b, and , r,JD 'or a small family. she must be omnipotent to do all kinds of cooking, and bring recom,?Ar?ly at No- 119 Qr^a -tret, ueorgetown. D. C. au l4-2t I YYANTED?A iteadv, respectable WH.MA.N to I Twelfth'.??nKS.TerT;,uly- App ? at 397 1 weitth st. between I and K. an 15-1 w* W^TrL^P/JS respectable young worran, a J*. SITUATION as chambermaid or nurse. I o???.rejTi',n0#0*n 1,9 K'ven. Address K. F.. Box Jt *tar Office. au 13-2t? I WANTED?A HTOR E. with oeiiar, on Penn- I /,j "Tlvania avenue between <?th and 13th sts. I re,a?with rent and looation?MA B," ao, Post [ umo<^_ au 13-gt WANTEfr-Two good PIE BAKFRS. In- I 104 iVI6 0 wS" "'"ENOIJR, Confectioner, I 304 Pa. avenue, between Qth ami loth sts au'2-St WANTED-A WOMAN to oook and wash I *7.r?0?d references required. Apply to A. J. JO^ OB. F atreet, between 14th and 15tli sts. I au 12-3t WANTED, FOR THE CASH-Ail kinds of SECOND-HAND Fl'RNlTl RE A N D I HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLE**. Persons leav- I ing the oity or having a surplus wil! do wei) to call I immediately r R. BUCHI.Y, Je 3 48^ Merenth. between G and H sts. VVW* "r? now I'nymr SECOND^ I Ttxr\NDF.LI?N,rURE,STOv??*and BFD iiLh .VjS!" WLtoh ,we i11"? p*?'n? the highest eash prices. families declining housekeeping, or I having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give us a "all. ki ,"?NTZ A GRIFFITH, Je 13-tf No. 369 7th at., betw. 1 and K sts. J LOST AND FOUNPi f?7^ RE WARD.?Stolen from Room No. 133. V National Hot^l. ^stordiT. Aueupt 10th 1. one GOLD WATC<1, double ^.eTcoor r, T?TArJT^nh.iL.,I^ln an'? l?cket attached : 2. a DI- I ri r<-rl a 1 '2c 1 e to,n#; la DIAMOND I UrtBir r\ 5iv-r- rr%l In ^ecenter; 4. an wi KPi J' D??nG' ,et. In *nd a CAR 2 j in. I*"^?? "'"Si* '*one. 'Irha above re- I ward will be paid by me, on df liverv, and no quea- I t:on* asked. EM ILK DUPRE, &iL'4 2J Iron Building, 320 Pa. avenne. .'i R?,?^^JiaT?>d pr atolen on Saturday, I from th? 1 at toll rate^t?^a on the Washington and Ba timore Turn WQF pike, a iarge brownish black COW, withCL large orooked horns and large bar. The anove reward will be paid for her return, or for any infor- I mati^n leading to her recovery ^ JOHN CONNOR, au 13-2t* On N atreet. between 4th and 5th. ^TRA YED OR STOLEN FROM THE 8UB?orih?r, on ?ih inatant, a wiiite and bay a otted MARK, white face, black mane and jirW tail. A liberal rewarl will be given, if re-' turned to me, or for information so that I can got hfcrarain N KUHLAND. aq 18 3t No. 210. corner L and '9th ats. I D,ai,urdJ;f ^8t- a nr>?" diaino^i I I-^ BOSOM PIN. 1 lie finder will b? rewarded I Ror? 85 V^.Af8iNVKR?riwi?V*lN?ir? 5rriw,n.?bou^one,y,;aro|,,'and ha" ^ev-3^,2: I eral letters branded on his back. Th-^^^J | \v??.?W2rd w,l' b9 g'^eii,for hi8 return to 103 I ?% est at., Georgetown. D. C. au 12 3teo I ST,R-LV1 Eatray Cow. b^ D iJ ML J"11' a"^ lhe CUlr.^T^ I II ridge, milk and cHer, cider color spotted, with a broken horn ar.d bob tail ; whioh^ZL. ROW*?foiftheCa",CK *tAMMi*R,THI': /WCR,BKK^ on Fridav*. I "J? 2*^ * on? dark brown Ht |R$K, ?TV I Zwh ^fh mane andttaiJL aSout ,5? handa ! . c? ma'k. The owner is re- I guested to come forward, pro^e prop'rt* crv I charges, and Uke him away. Pa> I a., ljust* WILLIAM A WROE, _ au 1?"3t 13th street. No. 37a. ; $5 ~t'/jVfK OOLLARB Kt-VVAHI) Will U I paid for the recovery (or for sueh rv t information as will 'ead to th? recover*)ofTzm I a small bruht bay M ARE. The mar- wai-^OS takenfrom thefron-of ??ohneirs Hotel, on E st between 15th and 14th sts , on Sunday eveninc. 11th' I August, and had on aa-ldle, brirt'*, a id stable hal- I ter ; abecan be known by the fojlowinz marks viz I is Mind of right ryo; a l,tt!e sprtng ia /ront kneM- I Win'lAM rHAltTFU**lC]0*.* ,0 Addresi Holn,^.MBrt^a^' N,net<K!nlh ^ EDUCATIONAL. I yROOKEVILLE^ACADEM\. The next session will oommenoe September iii I Boys are prepared for college or for bu?ine?<t. I or I cata ogue please address,at Brookevilio Md . I E. B. PREITYMAN A M., au a-|m <Intel.) Pnnoipa'. ^EOKGETOWN INSTITUTE. Th-'<utie8 Of this So hoot Tvil. resumed on the I ,fii^?%i:TV< f >ePtPn,^r ! 0*' It< a"vi,?iIoCI *J .th 10 |oo?""r ar,(1 > - ilities for ifiprov<-,ii?n? I ni-d trofie.ate tc'ms rCooir..i(e id it to tSe uatron age of ali. TH'?M ,S N CON?< a|> M ? ,i JOh;>, 8- CONRAD. ' " au 6 tSeptl Prmcipa s. I CIE<?RGETOWNI OLA?StCAI. A \ D MATHEMATICAL ACADEMY. This institution will beoppi.eo Mouday. Sertem ber 2d, 1851, by THEODORE Mo(iI?WA.V M?A The eoiirae of instruction wnl include, in addi- I tio-i to thai elements, all the hrancheK neces-ary for I a thorough classical and mathematical education. I Mr Mot rowan h?s b#en actively engaged as a I V^?,h?r.lP1r,'1I:; 1t,h"'ait TuUir of BelieLettrea in the College of New Jersry at Prince- I &hftCarolina"n?1P l''e Aoa,,HI"T &t 8umter' COLLKGI Of Nlw JfcRPKY, Prino?toQ. N. J. The undersigned take p ?%?ure in expressing the I f-ivorable opinion thry entertain of Mr. Theodore McGowan, a graduate of thia Col ege. as a scholar I and a teacher-Mr MoGo*an was S,e first Mholar in his olasa ; was tutor m itelics lettres, ai,d, in the judgment of the undersigned, is well qualified to I give instruction in any branoli, a knowledge of I which is requisite for Admission 'iito ooilere I john Maclean. M. B. 1,rof'JJI ' ?"res and Pol. Eo. o r STKPHEN ALEXANDER, Prof, of Phil.?nd, Aatronomy. d r ,JWA,' ER, phiu JOHN T. DUFFIELD Gre k* G. M. G1GER, ProffofLatm." ? ^ Reference may a!ao be bad to Hon. Geo. Chambers, ) BSS iTVcKi. 1 c??b?h??.p'Eowaku McHhikson. M. C., Ge'tyaburg. Pa JO.kph HkNBY, Seo Smithsonian Ins.. Washing- I Gio. vV. Beall, Georgetown, D. C. H. M. Swsknt, do, do. Bin; Darby. do do. _ 1U Term*. ruitio?, Enjliah, per quarter of in weeks ...f 8.00 I .? a"1 holier math. 10 oo I Fuel. 1 at and Jd quarters. Clasaioa.... 12^; au 3 Si VVlm jIntel M*Thliii)"~ (GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY. (Miss Hakrovir's,) i Boarding and Day School, No. 131 West atreet between Congreia and Higk I sta , Georgetown, D C. ihPfir^pS" ?a thl* will b* reaumed oC inf. KanKvi J?y.uL fc*?tember next Circulars l06^^ prinoip%i bookstores, or b? I aHdresaiDc the Frino.pal, I au 1-eotf Miss M. J. HAKROVER. - MHWKRIX'S &^?Bm38SK Aunihllatlnf Powder la the only known and I beet artiole u r ? Mterminate - Roaci.e*. i!t-o Uuga, I Ante, Moths, Plies, I y <?^'ten Worm* I it contain* no poiion. 8CHWFR IN'S PILLS are aure death to Rau ana Mioe. M. Sohwerin has reoeived certificate* from the President of Girard College, Directors of Houee of Refnge, Pennsylvania Hospital, ai.d other.Promiren: Inatitutiona of Piiiladelehia ; U. 8-J^Jj Washington, D C.iand Charity Hoapital. N*w Orleans, La The original certificates can be aeen at the yholeaaleand Retail Depot 184 North Second treet, Philjulelphia, and for sale in thia olty by D B. ciiARK, corner Pa. avenue and 4^ au., and by ? I/ru?fisu and Grooerp, PEWARB OP SPURIOUS IMITATIONS. . uj Remember to ask for Sohweriu'a Anuihi 'ating rowd?r. g7~ None genuine unlees signed M. Scbwixim. roa lo Oipso NEW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVELS.-Th? A [chemist, or the House of Claes ; from tlw * ? 97" P??l .a l.?nt GEORGETOWN ADVERTMT8 tSil (KHk 'N VIRGINIA, BANK NOTKS v?f?aJv?VI and Oaorieiovii Corporation pa , ah e ,n wanted, at a !a,r rate of d i opunt. for Dl'tnet Bank Notes or Gold, or in ex change for G: eerie* at my regular retail prioea. 4?fiT southeast corner bridge and High street* G-oraetpwa, ,UHof the U. S. Flas. _ " ' 'T W/H. TF.NN^Y. Mas3ey, collins a CO.*S PW/J '.DELPHI A DRAUGHT. expected thtr steamer J. J noic*>2MAHAUGHT ALE, ' d# X XX X do. do. SCO hlf-bbls. Jo. do. do. Which on arrival will be for sale Terms *a#ii on 'le.ivury. AHNV ft #H1.\N, ta ' Union ppyot. Georgetown. Just received? l,< Hids. prime I t'<? R " ?o t?U6AR* W" 'bis. Of1 Rye W H l>iv V, Wi.b:B.-HKPft!NC and ALKWIVEfL * > bbis. Crosiic' and Ref,:,e.l *1>GAR!<. ?' bags Rio and Java COFI- HE, 10 hhfls.ilow prioed* MOLASSES. For tVohf jitftN j. BQ6UE. ?e W FOR SALE AND RENT. K?R RENT-HOl? E(N?.~a*1 E~^M7om * square south of Willards'-handsome dwe : ing, low rent. Appl} n?oor.d door went, si '4 jt* AT A BAKGAInTtwo acres of GROUND, suitable for a oonntrv restdenor. or would make a good market par-tej. ritu?i< .1 ot east side feven'h street roaj. near 1st foil gajvl Improvements consist of two story dwelling, t?n room"; stabling for two horses, carriage house and other out buildings; good weli of water in yard, and apple ore1 ard on place. Within thirty minutes' walk of I'a avenue. Inquire on premises, second nouse below toll sate, a'ter 4 p. m. A gocd Cook, W asher and Ironer wanted. Inquire as above. aa 14 2t* IfVJ* a ALE?'The Outfit ard Go d Will, with the Stock on hand of an old established Wood and Coal > ard. A ra-e opportunity is offered to any one wishing to engage in the business. For further information address, (with real name.) au o^2 l*#"1 0?ce,"Union,'' Washington, D. C. A FARM, of about290 acres, with timber and ceared lands orchards. dwelling ard barn, in Maryland, for sa.e or exchange for otlier real or personal estate; United States, State, and railroad, or other stocks, notes, bonds, or other securities. Inquire at No. 490 Massachusetts av. jy 26-tf HOU8E8FOR RENT?No. Hi and No.ST.oa the south side of I nil iana avonee, both of them very large and convenient houses, with good stabling and carriage-houses. Also, the commodious and large Houns, No. 3*S. on the north side of C street Apply to THOMAS BLAGDEN, No 499 Ser?^!h_ atreet. jy 17 2awtf FOR RENT?The north HOUSE of the row of new lour story houses on Fourth st.f between U and E sta., No. 3S?, fronting the City Hall square. Possession given immediate'r. Aeelv to VV1LLIAM H. PHILLIP, Attorney It-Law.Vo. 4Q Louisiana avenue. mall eotl Handsomely furnished iuomsFour nandsomely Furnished Rooms, supplied with gas and water, and convenient to the r?.teiit ?ffi?o Departments,for rent. Appyat 490* Massachusetts avenue, north side, between 4th and 5?h sts. ma23 jron-clad steam vessels. The navy Department will receive offers fro-n parties wno are ab o t< e^ccuta wurk of this kind, and who are eueazed in i', of which they will fur nieh evidei ce with th^ir offer, for the construction of one or more Ironclad Steam Vessels of war, either of iron or ot wottd an<i tron combined, f ' sea or river service, to be of not ess than ten nor over six'e-n feet draur11 of water; to carry an armament of from eighty to one liuunred sud twenty tons wfight. with provision" and stores f >r from one hui dr. d and sixtv-five to three hundred persons, according to armament, for sixty dats Wifh coal for eight dars. The smaller draught <>f of water, compatible with o'her requisites, will be preferred The vessel to bt ri^g^d with two masts, with wire rope standing ru?ing, to navigate at sea. A general descrip'ion and drawings of the vessel, armor, and machinery, such aa the work can be executed from, will be required. The off-r must state the cost and time for oom p'eting the whole, exclusive of armament and tores of all kinds, tiie rate of rpeed proposed, and must be accompanied by a guarantee for the proper execution of the contract, if awardt d Persons whoigtend to offer are requested to inform the DeparWirnt < f t eir int- nti .n tiefore ttie 15th August instant, ana to have thei prop.isrions pr^s- n ed within iwei.ty-five days from this date. au 7-tls Office ofsecrltarv a l kka*i.rer, Soldier'* He*s, Star tA? ( i:i of Washington. Sealed Proposals w ii be rrc iveo at this . flije until Tuesday, (noon,) the 2nth of August, 1m>i, fo' the construction of two Buildings at the tk'iiliers' Home a m^what aunilar to the two now th-re known asoffioers' quarters. The plans and rpecifi jations may be examined at thisomae, were a I information re ative to the lo;at!on and c!;aracter of the buildings will tie given Every offer for the oonstruotion of these buildbo Accompanied by e% leavouklDiP Written guarantee that, iftue bid should be accepted, the party or parties will within ten days enter into an obligatioo, with pood and sufficient security, to erect theproposed bui dings according to the plane and Fpecifioation* whioh flave been or may nerealter befcrnuiied and adopted. The proposa s wil state the difference between facing the wa le w4th white stone or marbie,atmilar to the build'iigs already ereoted.or facings wi'h the best pressed brick: or bidders may. in addition, make suoh proposals as to other materials as tbeir experience ma* suggest. Indeoidiiifc on the bids right will be observed by the Hoard of Commissioners of the foldiers' Home to acoept suoh offc rs onl? a? may t>e deemrd most advantageous for tne institution; and also to reject the whole should nose of them be deemed aocepu able. All bids to be seaitJ and endorsed "Proposals for Building," and addressed to BENJAMIN KING, &u 3 iv Ass'tSurgiMii-, ^ecri ta t aiiJ freamer. rj V N BOATS. (juafteTtnafter UtHeraFi O0rt. I Waihi*Kt'm City. July 18. 1?61 s PVANS AMI SfBClIlCtVioN' i'.r hulifc Ol Si'n Ho.xttf for the Western rivei s are on exhibition at ims uiiioe, e'il at of Qiisrtern astere at ^ittst>urg. Ciocint ati, St. Louis and Alton. Boats to be delivered at Cairo. Btds should, be ?nt to Quartermaster General of the Un ted Sta'.es Army, at Wajhin^Uin, by 1st Au cust ^t nooi.. m c meigs, jr 19 Brig. Gen'l e.nd Cjuartern:aster Gep'l. SPECIAL NOTI' e. ____ SUNDAY TKA1X. JSmmmmamamm On and after SUN DA Y, i8th July, there will be but oue Sunday daily trainLeave WASHINGTON a*2Slip. m. for NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA. From New Yori and Pnwadelphia, arriving in Washington at 6 10 a. m. J A SCOTT. l> 27 General Manager. j^ew optical establishment. 444 1*1. I. FRANKLIN, S44 scientific and practical optician (From Philadelphia,) having established a branch ofhis business here, he offers to the citizens and strangers his celebrated IMPROVED SPECTACLES, with the finest Pensoopic-Elhptio Lenses, suited for every age and oondition of the visual organs. Also, for sale his world renowned Microfcopti. TeUrcopis, MUttary Spy Giasrtt. Stereoscope> ana St'.Tioftopit Pictures, and Mathematical Instrumtnts, at the lowest Eastern prices M. 1. FRANKLIN, Optician, 344 Pennsylvania a v.. bet. 12th and isth sts., (formerly the stand of Dr. Woolfson,) je 24-ly Washington, D. C. GBIBBS' HAIR STORE, ' No. ii4? Pa. av.. bit. 12th and 13th sts. PERFUMEHY. tc- BRAIDS.CURLS WIGS. HALF WIGS, FRIZETTES, Ao. A full stool always on hand, or made to order at the shortest notioe. Hair Work repaired or exchanged. N. B.?Ladies' Hair Dyed in the most natural manner. ma 28-Sni JOHN HJNSLEV'S livery and sale stables, Eighth Street, bet. D and E, Washington. D. C. Ok. CARRIAGES BUGGIEH, PHAETONS, and SADDLE HORSES. ~ every description, always on hand, at rea^onaMe charge*. it 17-eolm* Dupo mT'S gunpowder, For sale at manufacturers pnoes, r y JOH-N J. BOGUE, Grorbrtown, D. C? SoU Atencv for th* District of Colwwioia. A. large supp.y, embraoing every vanetj, a.way* en hand, and delivered free to all parte of the Dietnot. Orders can also be left at theoAoeof Adair,a' Kxsress r.oinsarT. vVs?Kin? tfin. DC. fe I l??l? 77v7^ provisions. 4l)if HHDS HAMS and MIDDLINGS. K? kegs BUTTER. 2,060 bus. OATS, averaging 36 lbs jter bushel. KING St BLRCHELL, je 21 Comer Fifts- nth ?t a' <? Vermont PlpaT ^ * MVikTLABKV B 1 glasses, w 1 o'.d at th? lowest Eastern M. I. FRANKLIN, Ofticiam, 444 Pa avenee. Jy lHw between i?th aad 13th sta. A. , ? SPECIAL NOTICE. LL Persons indebted to tne undersigned will be pleased to oall and settle their aoooRnta, aa theu bills are now made off ready for settlement. WM. R. RI LEY * BRO, No 36 Central Stores, , Between 7th and 8th sU., JsMOtjf Opposite Center Market. 500,000 oL^Atr&%TALDL.?r2; .va the highest pnoe will be paid. Also. 150^)00 lbs of bOAP and CANDLES for sale cheap for cash at the National Roes aad Candle orks, Ctreen eueet aad ue Canal, Georgetown, D C. aa 1 li C. B. JEWELL, Proprietor. Stick* and Snares, Brass aod Copper Bsglea, Fifea* TELEGRAPHIC NEWS FROM NEW YORK Niw Yon, Avrmt H -Tk# bank* of Nfw York, Bo*ton, and Philadelphia take flftv mil'v?a of the Government loan. They air to be ?be ante recipient* of T reaaury do tea. '" flu Biaki' Calaai. ??SBT Hoot, An; ?On Saturday right Sergeant Tompklne. of company A. eeond Cavalry, wa* arot out In charge of a pick**. *nd it wae obwted that U? U-ok with blm hla ewtfe cqnlpmen.i After etatlonlng tu firat pick*, be dusppMrfd and haa not r n e Wru Ltrd frna It l*?t>?ted here that T. a ; k'na' father I. a colore!, ?.je brother . aptaln a d another a Brat l.entenant In the Confederal- armv. end there la but little doubt expreaaed but be a.?> baacaat blalotamoag the rebela Jamea Giddlnga. a wealthy farmer of Fetereviile district, t ied? i k rountv. la agate under arreat la the camp of iue Fifth Connecticut K?*lment. Hewu heretofore arrested for pfoW'.ng around tbe camp* Vijr C<?1 fi??i ry. but eubeeinently released It la new atated that he haa tw?aoft, one a lieutenant. In tbe ConfederM, 8- , ?nd that proof ex!*t* tbat be hue been comir unicattcn with the Confederate* Hia*r>n the lie?W?nant, t? sa'.d t4> h? ve ? #?- ? !n the Confederal* cavalry ?*t the f>cot;*vllle tilTa'r of Isat 'v?>-k Four refugee* from Mart: naburg were t hla reining brought Into camp bv Col t?e?'v'? . ket. They report that the notorious M U r ?\r, with eighteen rebel cavalry, were la Martina burg yeaterday preeelng men into the eervlce of the aeoaa lonlsta Several I'alonlata refuatng were Inpriaoned. Tbeae men left there at 2 o'clock th!a morning. Tbe Federal flagon tbe conrt-bouar had been hauled down by .McDonalds men, and they were about to aelre upon aome three or four beevea left there by our army The rafugeaa left to avoid being preaaed Into the rebel army The term of eervlce of the Philadelphia City Troop having expired, tt*y departed thla moraIng for Hageratown, eacorted on tbolr way out of cainp by Col Gear) ' whole regiment, a well, deaerved tribute to their gallantry Tbetr aervlcea have been fully appreciated by Col Thornm. of the regular cavalry, who parVd from thom with deep regret On returning to camp Col Gearv, wbo waa formerly a realdent of thla actfloa, ad dreaaed a few remarka to hla regiment.thanking them for their attention to bla Instruction*, com mending their dlaciplloe, but warning then not to uae any alcoholic drlnka. atatlng tbat be bad never known in thla region of the country an Inebriate who wu attacked with Intermittent fever recover. It la but juat to eay that the 38th Pennsylvania Regiment are noted for their aobrlety and orderly conduct The weather la warm but rainy Diarrhea and dyaenterv are the prevailing allmenta In camp, attributed, perhapa, to ,an abundance of green fruita and vegetable Tbe relugeea from Martlnaburg have ne knowledge of any large bodice of rebel regular* In that ae^tion Thoae they have heard of are generally email, and coir poaed of Irregular cavalry Sandy Rook, Aug. 13?Six of tbe Point of Rocks prisoner* were sent hence to-day under guard It la auppoaed they bava gone to Port M< Henry Various report* are circulating la the campe that tbe Confederate militia are collecting at virloua pointa in upp-r Virginia; tbat a rtvlraent waa at Sbepherdatown on Sunday, and tbat an encampment waa vlalble from tbe Maryland height* There la great activity at headquarter*. Maryland aecaa Ion lata continue to be brought In for prowling along tbe Unea. Some important arreata have tw*-n made No attack la anticipated at preeent from tbe enemy Tbe work upon the bridge at Harper'a Ferry la progreaalng.and It will ahortly be paaaable Patriotic Baatea Bank*?The Oeveruaeat Lean te be Takes. Boston, Aug 13?William Gray, Frank Haven and J Ainory Davla, have been cboaen a committee by tbe Boaton Bank Directora to confer with the commltteea of the New York and Philadelphia Banka in regard to the Government loan Toe meeting adopted the following Inatrurtiona to the committee : "That the committee be authorixedto aay to the gentlemen of tbe commltteea from the New York and Philadelphia Banka tbat in tbe judgment of the gentlemen here aaaembled the Banka and Banker* of Boaton and of the State of Maeaacbn. *etta and It* people are prepared, readv, and willing and determined to do all in tbetr power la view of their duty to tbemaelvea. tbelr truata, and tbetr country, to aid It tn euppreeelng the preaent rebellion by furnishing men and money to tbe utmoat exUnt of their ability, now, henceforth, and forever " Seathera Newe. Locirvilli, Aug 12 ?A paaaangera arrived from Richmond, paaaing Knoxville cn Friday, reports tbat Gen Zollicoffrr, at tbe bead of tbe Tenneaaee troopa, had auppreaaed Paraon Brownlow'a Knoxville W'blg Tbe Norfolk Herald of tbe ?th aava tbat tbe 9. P. Whitney and another Beaton ctamer came to Newport Newa on Sunday and Monday, and proceeded to *ea wltb tbelr deck* fliled with troopa. Tbe Cleveland i feno ) Banner of tbe 9:b. ai>ye that Kdwarda, who declared tbat he wo J.d not awenr to aupport tbe Confederate co- ?i'Au ton, w*a elected from Bradley county to tbe H ?iae by five hundred and nlnety-elgbt majority, and of the nine members In lower Kant Tenneaaee three are t'nlou men Jadge ( atron, ef the (J. k. Keprem* Coin, Onvra fiwni SaahviUe toy a Ytgiaace tem in it tee NasBviLi.p, Aug 12 ? Judre Cation of tbe U. S Supreme Court, ha* >>een expels fr?"?i Niabvllle a vigilance committee for biareiu?al to resign bis cilice under tae U 8. gove-nment whs obliged to leave hi* wife at Nashville on account of her aicknee* The Private er &te?uier samter New ^ omt, Ang. tf?The brl* "Foam," from Curacoa, rt*f-crta that the prlvsieer Sun.tcr arrived ttit-re on the 17 b ult , m.d waa allowed by the Governor to coal at.d reflt agnlHkt the prot**t of the U. S. consul She left on tue The crtw of the Samter had lll.erty aahore during tbe tline, and behaved in a moat riotous manner F rom Alexandria Alexandria. Auguat 13?The nam* nf the soldier killed laat night by acntry w\? Corporal Thompaon, of comjany B. eighteenth New Vwk regiment, instead of Daniel I nderhond Lieut JoteDh C. Hyatt, of the 32d New Yerb regiment, had wen appointed provoat marshal for Alexandria. In place of Captain Vickera, resigned. De*tractive Fire talaaada Weat. PrrxasBoao1, C W., Ang. 12?A Are laat night destroyed the poatofllce. cuatom ho uae and a large number of otner bnlldlnga on Hunter and George street. Loaa estimated at from S75.UUU to tioo.otw ptNSION OFFICK, J WW 6th, 1S61. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. Application having been made onder tae not of -23d June. I860, for the reiseue of the Latit Warrants deeeribed herein, which are a!'?ged to have been lost or deatroved, notice is ha-eb; ki ven. ttiat at the date foliowinx the deaonption ofe?ch War rant, a new Certificate, of like tenor, wtli be insued if no valid objection shall then appear No. 3H.6B5, (or 16" acre*, issued nntfrr tut aet of March. 1856, in the name of Sn^ Hubbard, widow of John Hnh^ard,deo**aad, end (ranted on tbe 16th day of June. 1K5B.?Anrnat 31, 1S61, N >. 3.116, for 1W> ao'ea, laaued ander ac* of 1?CT, to Auguttua In* rani, private of Captain Morrav'a oonipany, Second Recnaent of Tenneaaee Infan try ?Sep ember 6th, tfcl No.46.745, for ecrea, iaaned ander the not of March, 185&, in the name of Jaoob Gniiok, a d c ranted on the Mth day of Jaauary, 1856.?Septem her 21, 861. No 56 608, for 80 aorea. leaned ander the not of September. 185?, in the name of KUaabeth Welle, widow o' Daniel Welle, and rrented on the 2'th day of sopte#nber.U5i ? ^eptembe*? I?1 No. 45 J90, for 160 nor- a, laaueJ ander toe not of March, 1*56, in tbe name of Alexander Orme. and & ranted on the 13th day of October, 1856 ? Sep lea r 28.1861 , No 71 626, for 160 aorea. taaaed ander fie aet of March, 1856. in tha name of A mo* Arthar. and ?tar ted on the 17th day of Aug aet, 1857?October 12.1861. No. 89J2n, for 100 aorea. ander aet of 18J7, aad bean a date May 6th, 18?, in favor of Miahaal K pp fbther of ??*muel Kopa, deo?aeed. Th r < ladiana Vo unteer". Mexicac war.?October 13.1881 No.M 5? for 130 aeree, iaaned aider the aet of March, 1356. tn Ua name of Jamea Lojm, and framed on the Slat day of March, 18*.?Ootober it. lan , _ . No 24 657. for ISP aorea. leaned ander the aetof March. ISM. la the name of Thonma laaay.aad rr%&Ud on the Si dty cf Miy. obsr IK JOSEPH H. BAERETT, a lb-law Comniaaioaar. THE 8UBSCRIBKE8 RE8PBCTFUL.LY invite the attaatioa of the Army and STNAvTi ? anoh aa ladigo Bine Cloth* aori Poeakia*. WW Caps, Kpaaieta. Lace*. Shoalder ftrapa, Be te. Sworda. Sword Knoto, OaeaHaUaadall PAfNaval and Military Merchant Tai era,. jf II 3M Pa av.. nnder Brown'* HataL I have oae of the beat aatabliehmeaU, aad farni*hed with aoompiete aet o; t?o.s for reyata ing every deaortal.ob of ftaa Watches, a^dJMd paruof ar attention give to the^HK W APve7pla*nand Ornamental, mane'ao^-ei* "J m mr awn aupMmatua. vhieL my onat air* w Ii lad far k tper^i in ?nali*t * ? fie.U. i -xt ?8 ?aaa

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