Newspaper of Evening Star, August 15, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 15, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVEMNG .STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: Titumr Mini n, imi. Or* Fiuxm at the nrlou military camps aad positions will confer s fhvor by keeping as posted as to woT'sifnti and afffclr* in the*.r vicinities. Spirit ef tli* Hsralai Press. The Inttlhf*r*r tbis morning treats upon the nggreaatve spirit ?f secession Ths H'pmrrhc*m points out that the sol# object of the Confederates la getting possession of Washington Is to utterly destroy the city. OCR MILITARY BI DGET. ?*!? M'ClUU.l'S FIBM HAXD Ths firmness and emphasis with which Major General McCiellan Is rspldly disciplining the the army of the Potomac, are being manifested day by day In the camps of different regiments embracing men Impatient of necessary military control Thus, yesterday a portion of the Second Maine Regiment, pleading that they could not be bold tn the service for more than three months under the terms of their enlistment, refused for ooms hours to do duty. A strong force waa lnatintly detailed to reduce them to proper subordination . and on Its appearance before their camp the obstreperous at once came to terms; obeying the orders they had previously resisted, with apparent alacrity. Neyertbeless, sixty-two of the most noted disorganirers among them were selected out of their ranks snd marched under a guard to a different point, to be sent to the Tortugas, where they will serve for tVe balance of their term, unarmed Men are required there for Military labor, and aa a matter of cotirae those should be sent there to th*t end who can not be trusted In the face of the enemy, because they lack the subordination necessary to render soldiers effective In the field. The "threemonths" plea Is based upon the idea that all volunteers are militia, and that being militia, they cannot lawfully be compelled to aervo longer than three months at a time. No argument Is needed to show Its futility. In this case the best argument was ce-talnly reaorted to, ia the shape of force, which the previously uncontrolablesaw, at a glance, must be obeyed witheut question. A somewhat similar also took place yesterday, tn the camp of the Mew York Seventy lath, which wan summarily stopped after the eame hahiou?after the way Gen. McClellan has, of doing such things Orders were sent to that regiment to strike tbelr tents and to camp in a different position. By some means s large number of the men had been previously supplied with liquor, and when those orders reached them they Were intoxicated. Perhaps half the regiment r?faaed to obey them and left the line Their offlcers could do nothing whatever with them. When the fact was reported to General McClellan, he ordsred a battalion of some six hundred of the 3d Infantry, two hundred V. 9 cavalry, and two fall batteries of light artillery, to compel the disorderly regiment to do iU duty InstantlyCatll this force (under command of Provost Marshal Porter) reached their encampment, It appeared aa though the lives of the orderly prrtton of the regiment were'ln imminent danger, so wild was the disorder But the appearance of the provost guard instantly changed the aspect of the afffclrs. With a dozen exceptions, perbapa, on ftadlng their camp suddenly thus surrounded, they ooeyed the order of Col Stevens, to fsll Into line. The dozen or so essayed to break and run. but found themselves confronted by the mounted men, turn aa they would. They were, however, driven after the main body of the regiment, to a point on Fourteenth atreet, near by their camping ground, where the whole were separated Into two divisions?The well behaved and the riotous. Col Stevens read to them Gen McOlellsn's orders commanding them to return to duty snd explaining to them the severe pensltles they would otherwise incur, Including the lo?s of their colors snd tbelr plsce as a regiment 'n the line, with the prompt military execution of the ringleaders. This bad the desired effect, Yet to prevent a recurrence of the trouble among them, aeme forty of the most turbulent were placed In charge of the battalion of regular Infantry, while a wagon load were manacled and escorted by a cavalry guard to the guardhouse, doubtless to accompany the mutinous men of the Maine ad to the Tortugas The Regiment then marched through the city, headed by their band, and accorrnanied by the artillery and the main body of the cavalry guard, to the new camping ground to which they had refused to move same hours before. * They professed to have three causes of complaint. First, that they Lad not been permitted to select their own Colonel, the President bavin,, appointed Col. Stevens, of Waihlnirton Territory, to fill the vacancy created by tbe death of the late Col. Cameron ou the battle field As militia men they claimed the right to select sll tbelr cffl;er* notwithstanding lue fact that their voluntary en iistment for three years or the war stripped them of tbe character of a militia regiment, wblch they thus voluntarily relinquished on entering the service of tbe United Stiles for the var. They alleged BO objection whatever to Col. SWvena peraonally, except the firmntsa and strictness with which he was making soldiers In fa?.t, of his command. Their second grievance was the failure of the War Department to grant the regiments month's furlough, tbst they might visit their homes in New \ ork, which they claimed had been promteed fbem by the Secretary of War shortly cfier ths battle of Bull Run. If any such promise was Bade, It wss doubtless to the end of enabling than to recruit: to All up their ranks, thinned in the battle of tbe tlst ulto ; not to tbe end of giving them s holiday jsunt. A change of circuui te?c making It unnecessary to recruit in tbat general way, snd a necessity for their presence in ths Army of tbe Potomac, of course changed tbs Department's purpose with reference to tbem Their third and most general plea was Indisposition to serve under Mr D E tickles of New York, as their Bngsdler; having got It into their heads tbst be hsd been appointed a Brigadier General, which Is untrue. It bacame evident In tbe courae of the affai^ hat tbe dlsorganlxstlon waa in reality the work of a very few men, the rest having caught the Infection through tbe whisky they bad got hold of earlier in tbe day, and, as In tbe case of the Maine 2d, It was Instantly spperent that when the rioters comprehended that Gen. McClellsn meant to be obeyed promptly and without question on their part, all difficulty of controlling them vanished On tbe whole, these occurrences of yesterdsy Will hire a bsppy effect; Insomuch ss they demoneteate so that every man In tbe service already comprehends the fact, tbat orders mmst be obeyed, or the usual military penalties will be promptly visited on tbe disobedient. SOLMIU' SAVIXOS. The foliowlag letter from tbe Chsplala of the Connecticut Fourth, exhibits s plan which orlglanted snd has been successfully carried oot In that feglment, to accomplish a most dealrebls purpees. A similar plan Is strongly recommended for general adoption. C**v Aiucaoai i near Hagerstown, Md ) August It, l?^i i iW Lose Olmttei, Etq , Dear Sir: Your letter of inquiry with regard to the Savings Bank in our regiment Isatband. Ths plan of the eaterprlss is very simple. An agent la appelated to receive deposit* from the " n, and te forward the same to tbe Savlnga Bank la New Haven, where tbe money is put on nU per cent, interest from date of deposit The name snd address of each depositor is given In fall, ss also the name and address of some relative or responsible person, whocaa serve to Identify tbe depoeltor, or In event of bis death, make disposlton of bis money These names and addressm are forwarded to tbe bank In New Haven the amount depoaited by *** peraon being care-' fo ly credited to him. W hen a auflclent sum te collected to make It worth white to forward te tbe bank, tbe agent purehaaesa draft oo New York, which eaa genially be bought* so? o.tghborlng bs.k at par *r geld, and farwards It by matl to ths bank la * New Haven In cms we should be obliged to #ww?r* the specie by express, this would still be J dona without sscrilce to tbe depositor*, u the 1 officer* of th? regiment itud ready to contribute < the trifling amount nrjwiinr for thl* pnrpose < The usual bank book* are made oat at the bank 1 for each depositor, and kept there for him rabject i to hi* order. i Although thl* enterprise ?m not started until < ome week* after the men received their pay, the amount deposited wa* so great aa to demonstrate the enttre success of the undertaking. It* In- , fiuence In correcting the profligate habita of the , camp, In recommending habita of economy, and { In sernrlng the money thu* saved to the families 1 or frl> iid* of the soldiers cannot beover-estim&ted* | 1 wmld earnestly recommend that a similar un- j dertaklng be *et on foot in every regiment If < properly systeinstlzed and carried out, it would i not add murh to the labors of the Chaplain. 1 tun. air, very respectfully your ob't serv't, Edwaid a sulky, Chaplain 4th Regt Ct To Feed Law Olmsted, Eaq , Sec'y Sanitary | C< nmiaalon, Washington, D. C. I* A FT TA1D. The Mutineers of the Seeond Maine Regiment. This morning ths C. C. Alger arrived from Philadelphia with a cargo of oats, whisky and Iron. She has been at the city wharves however, , discharging a pcr'ion of her freight previous to entering the yard, and now ha* but a small amount to discharge. The Philadelphia, Mount Vernon, and Pawnee *t the yard, the Baltimore having gone down ^ to Old Point. She was expected to return to-day The Powhatan atlll lies In the atream, snd until yesterday wa* uaed aa a receiving ahlp. Last ( night the seamen were *ent aahore, and It Is now i a *ort of prison ship, In which are confined, under < a strong guard of marines, the sixty-six mutt- i neer* of the M*lne Second Regiment. The tesmer Is under the charge of Lieut. Prltchett, under whom the prisoner* are also confined The mutineer* are principally from companies h and I. Some companies have none. The ( following 1* the number from each company: , Company A, none; B, none; C, 1 ; D, none; e' ??; p, W; G,l; H.8 ; 1,28; K,3. All are prl- , vates aave two corporal*, and are well provided J for In tbe way of provlelona and Bleeping room, the aeata and floor of the cabin being pretty well monopolized by sleepers.- The men are ali very quiet, some of them aiillen, but all are very anxious to know the result of their mutiny. It i* ' probable that none have any idea a* to what dispoaitfon will be made of them; but thev are now pretty well convinced that mutiny la not very ad- < vantageous to Ita participants. The Pensacola prosresaes finely, and If her engine* are hurried will be ready for a trial trip In 1 two week*. All her outside boats are hung, fitted with Van Wagenew's now plan of detaching I from the davit* In a seawpy or while tbesblp I* I under weigh, and her whole arrangements ?r.d i outfit promise to make her one of the finest steam i sloops of the Navy Her commander, Captain i Morris, visits her daily, and is untiring in his effort* to have her ready for commission. i THE DEPBEDATIO** ACROU* THE RIVKR ' Wa*himgto!?, D. C., August 14, 1*?1 ? To the i Editor of tke Evminn Star: In your paper of 1 la*t Saturday I noticed a letter from T. B Mun on, In which he complain*. ju*tly no doubt, of the depredation* committed upon hia property by , soldiers of the Thlrty-aeventh Iriah Regiment New Vork Volunteer*, which letter ha* *lnce ' been quoted In the Baltimore paper* and may ' find It* wav into the New Vork paper* In justice to the two Cattaraugus companies, H and I, and out of respect to the feelings of the f lend* of t oose com panles at home and el*ewhere, I wish to state, that before the outrages mentioned in Mr Munson's letter were committed, the Cattaraugns companies were detached from the Thirty-seventh, and are now at Fort Washington where they are no longer obliged to prore theU Innocence of charges and complaint* against that regiment. 0 A rrxiR* DOWN RIVER. I [Special correspondence of The Star J ' Alsxaxdbia, Aug. 15 ?The tug Wide Awake who took down, under a pas* from Lieutenant General Scott, aome ladies to the neighborhood of Aqula Creek, and lauded them on the Virginia 1 shore, below Aqula, returned last nl^bl ' The following L". S. veasela were laying off Aqula Reliance, Resolute. Freeborn, Live Van- ' kee, (not sunk or had any fight with any vewel ) Pocahonta* and Ice Boat. The Pawnee wa* also on her way down, having left Alexandria last 1 night. The tug saw oppoaite Maryland Point, at a ' place called Tbe Gums, a considerable number of 1 men at work. Presumed they were arranging to 1 put a battery there. i The achooner Fairfax, from New Vork, waa tula aide Aqula, coming up ^ ERCSH WITH PICKETS \esterday afternoon a acouting party of fifty volunteers, under Capt. Davis, s*nt out from tbe 1 New York 26th regiment bv Col. Christian, en- , countered a squadron of tbe enemy's cavalry near the hamlet of Annandale, about three miles south of Bailey's Cross Koada Our men saw the enemy first, and cautlousiy approached them along tbe edge of a wood, but were discovered by the cavalry, who fired two vollles, which were returned with sharp effect by Capt. Davis'* men ' hreeof the enemy were s*-en to fall from their saddle* None of our men were touched Im mediately upon the firing, the "long-roll"' of alarm wa* beard beat In the camp of the enemy, Indicating that th*y were *tafloned In *ome force at no great distance from Annandale. APTAIB* Iff THB ALI.ROHA.ST EBGION A prlva'e letter received In this city, dated Winston, Md , (Great Savage Mountain,) Auguat 10, sa>a: 6 " We hear the Confederate* think this place an Important key to Western Virginia, and there was a rnn.i r laat night that they were gathering up in Moorfleld (2n miles southwest of here) to come this wsy srd to reinforce Wise. The troops here (Ohio, Indians sad local) are very snxlou that they should come, and say they are ready for them. " The fields here sre covered with fine horses, cattle and sheep taken from Secesh In Hardy county. Though so many soldiers are here, we are almost as quiet as If none were near If all the Union troops sre aa weil behaved as these. theT sre aurely a protection to the people and the country." A BELIC OF BULL ECK. We have seen a gold watch taken from the corpse of one of our men on the battle field at Bull Run, bearing the marks of collision with a fragment of the shell which killed Its owner The watch was carried at the time with the face outwards. as Is shown by it* smashed condition and the manner in which the watch is bent. The crystal is gc .e entirely, the porcclatn face broken in flue pieces, and the caae and machinery completely diaseveret. The hand, point at ten minute* peat one. doubtleas noting the minute at which the unfortunate poasessor went down In the B'ortu of oattle, which is well known was Here eat st that hour. TkANarsBnro Capt Sullivan, U. S A., who for some months put ha* besn attached to the staff of Gen Mansfleld recently ?s his Actiug.Assistant Adjutant General, (In the temporary absence of Major Talbot,) has been transferred to the Commissary's Department, snd ordered to duty at Baltimore. Captain Barriger, of the light artillery, has also been similarly transferred, and proceeds at once to duty as "ommiBBary of Subsistence, at Indianapolis, Ind They are among the best junior officers of the service, and will prove valuable acquisitions to tbe lines to which they have been respectively asaignsd. A PLAO OF TECCE AMD IT* REaCLTS. Capt. Craven, in command of the flotilla of the Potomac, writes to the Navy Department that ery recently, ai ike request of General Die, be went lato a c-sek on tbe Virginia ahore of the lower Potomac, anj sent a flag of truce, with a request to be permitted to bring off the family of e refugee from that quarter. The disunion Colonel or General la command , there replied, mfjaing to permit tbe fkmily to laave, on tbe ground that >b? man was a deserter from ths V irglala militia roEtlAIf OEPtCEE* Amoa* tbe number of distinguished foreign military men who have tendered their services to ' the t'nitod Stoics, It Col RardeUa, a Sicilian by | J Dlrtta. wboM testimonials of entire professional :oea petency are of t be big best and m<?t satisfactory :haractor. He held an important position in the English foreign legion In the Crimea it It prelumed In military circles here that the Governor ?f New York will gladly place b!m at tbe bead if a regiment. a w*w flank movfmknt. It la understood that Gen. Sumner has been orieredio raise without delay a column of five or ten thousand Callfornlans, snd to march them into Texas snd Arksnsas He can get just such troops as he desires In twenty days after the order reaches the Pacific side, It is well known here. 3o in less than two months Texas and Arkansas will have their bauds full with the necessities of their own position. death of col. farnham. This gallant officer, the commander of Ellsworth's Fire Zouaves, whose criticsl condition was noticed In the Ssar of yesterday, died at the hospital last evening sbout ft o'clock. His two brothers from New York were with him The body Is being embalmed, and will be aent to New York for Interment by the evening train. anothfr BRIGADIER GINEEAL. The President has appointed Gen. J. W. Denver, of California, to a Brigadier Generalship. This selection, decidedly one of the best so far made from civil life, is understood to have been made without Gen. D's solicitation or knowledge, on the very proper representation of Senator Latham appointid. M*Jor Wm McMlchael.of Philadelphia, Pa , [the sou of Morton McMlchael, Esq ,) who has served as an aid to (ien. Patterson, and to the Governor of Pennsylvania (In organizing the threemonths' troops) has been appointed an Assistant Adjutant General. TV Jias earned an enviable reputation as a staff officer. a canard of thr first watrr. The story 8float upon the corners this morning, that a telegraphic dispatch had been received at the War Department to the effect that General Rosencraus has been surrounded in Western Virginia by the forces under Lee and Wise, has not one word of truth <? it. ordered. Assistant Adjutant General Chauncey McKeever has been detncbed from the staff of Gen McDowell, and ordered to duty on the stall of Gen. Fremont. The Secretary of State yesterday, on receipt of the intelllgt nee that the privateer Sumter permitted to enter the port of Curacoa, West Indies, ordered the Immediate removal of Mr. Moses Jt-ssuroon, the American Consul at that port, and appointed Richard E Morse, of Iowa, In his place. Jessuroon, it is said, Is a native of the Island. He is not, so far as ik known, a naturalized American citizen His family Is one of the wealthiest in the place,and he Is himself one of the moat prominent merchants of the lsiand. If. as is stated, the Sumter was repaired at Curacoa, it must have been at a ship-yard owned by the Jts-turoon family, because they own all tbe ihlp-yards in the port. The coal depots are also In the hands of the Consul'* relations, if not In his own. Row a*os'i Wise's *1 km.? Morgantown (Vs.) Star of Tuesday, says that shortly after Gen. Wise evacuated Charleiton, Va , a difficulty occurred among the troops, which resulted In a general fight and tbe killing and wounding of quite a number. It appears that some 500 men raised In Kanawha county and vicinity, demanded to know where they were going, and not getting a satisfactory answer, they mutinied, and hence the fight; after which they deserted in n body and surrendered to Gen. Cox, who sent them to Charleston. Wise's army was much demoralized and provisions were scarce, the men being reduced to one-fourth rations. JO" Yesierday permission was ^corded by General Dix to Colonel George P. K*e, Marshal of the Permanent Police, now confined at Fort McHenry, to pay a temporary visit to his fatherin-law, Captain Griffith, who, it Is stated, Is In a dying condition at his dwelling In the western lection of Baltimore Accompanied by a guard undncn I'fflttt, colonel Kane proceeded to the house, snd remained there over an hour and then returned to tbe Fort. The Peruvian Government has commenced operations for opening the nsvlgatlon of tbe Amazon, by sending a commission to Great Britain consisting of eleven persons. These men are to superintend the building of vessels for 'he expedition. Peru has also ordered an Iron-plated veslel for her navy. Fro* Fortress Monroe?Tbe steam?r Louisiana reached Baltimore yesterday morniug about tt o'clock, from Old Point, bringing a small number of passengers, who state that things at Old Point and Its vicinity are quiet, and no movements of any kind anticipated. 1X7" The schooner Graham was seized by tbe U. S Marshal at New York, on Tuesday, under the new confiscation act, for engaging in tbe contraband trade Transfer ?J P. Dresser, Esq., has resigned bis position (#1.400 clerkship) In the General Land Office, to take a po itlon, with the rank of captain, in Brigadier Gen. McClernand's staff appointed ?Israel S. Drehl, of California, has been appointed Consul to Batavla, Java, and F. J. K! user to Amsterdam. appointrd.?Richard E. Moore, of Iowa, has been appointed U. S Consul at Curacao. kentucky ?The legislature of Kentucky will convene In two weeks from Moi day, and among Its first proceedings may be the passage of resolutions affecting Senators Breckinridge and Powell. The Union men have overwhelming majorities in both branches, and will be represented by some of the ablest men of tbe State T P Porter, Speaker of the Senate, and tx-offirio Lieut Governor since the death of Linn Boyd, is defeated by J Kemp Goodloe; and Col. John H Harvey, the editor of the Louisville Democrat, defeats ex-Governor David Meriwether, the Speaker of tbe last House Tbe venerable L. W. Andrews, for many years In Congress, Judge R A Btickner of Fayette, Brutus J Clav of Bourbon. Gen John B. Huston of Clarke, John J Fiske of Kenton. Walter C. V\ hi taker of Shelby. William B. Read of Larue. Curtis T Burtiam ot Madison, William C. Anderson of Boyle, Richard T Jacob of Oldham, Nat. Wolfe of Louisville, Judge Underwood, who ably represented the State Tn tbe I' 8 Senate, are also calltd to Frankfort without reference to former political bearings, and only as devoted friends of the Union and tbe CoustltuUon Sailisu of an Expedition?The steamers Adelaide. Capt. Kirwan. of the Baltimore and Norfolk line, and tbe George Peabody, Capt. Prltchard, of the Baltimore and Richmond line, left here last evening between six and seven o'clock, on an ex|?editton ordered by tbe United 8tate? Government Both steamers are well suppled with coal and wood for at least four days' steaming, whilst the supply of provisions on board each are ample for tbe crews and armed guard. It wns understood that they would run down the Cbesipeake as far ss Old Point, snd there receive their armed guard The schooners which they are to use In the obstruction of a Southern channel hev?? already left here. Both boats have been well fitted ouf In every respect, and there seems no doubt that the expedition will prove successful.?Bait Amenran. Accumulation of Trrascry.?Daring the second qusrter of tbe present yesr the amount of treasure received In this city from the mines was til 510.974 During the same period there has been shipped from this city treasure to theamount of 98,626 216. According to this showing, tbe amount of treasure accumulated here since the 1st of April Is 92,^81,758?enongh nearly to complete all tbe works of public Improvement now projected snd under way in the State.?San Framriieo fnp'T, July 13f*. Tar for Russsll ?The last that was seen of Russell, Barrister, LL D and S NOB , he was in full retreat from Manassas We hope that he managed to preserve his notes, and not "draw on his Imagination for his fdcts," ss he did during his southern tour. If he Utfver caught south of Mason snd Dixon again, we bespesk a warm reception for him; warm tar, covered with feathers, another essentially-American Institution -Vnktburg Sun. Thb Prisonbr* at Richmond ?TheRichmond papers state thst mortality among the United States prisoners snd wounded Is very great The Dispatch attributes this to the want of attention on tbe part of tbe Untied States surgeons it Is stated that Gent E. K Smith, of Florida, who waa severely wounded at Msnaams, ta recovering. aad will In a abort tint be able to resume the dlachargs ot hla duttfs. Wmtm* V Henna.?The Richmond eorree- 1 pondeot of the Charleston Mercury, writing July I 30th, nyi wrltlnff 1 bare alao learned that (Jen. f *^j0n ,,n* ?',h'' K,n"w'ha, has been hard ' pressed by a superior Union force, and was In danger of loalng his conmand. It la reported ,t^"t h* *?" f,Urn hack to near the I w J. aDd hreeking the brldgee behind biro, in tolerable safety The dteaffection In that region la, however, Terr great Under i headway before be started, he haa hardly been able to arrest it He haa not been able to raise more than abont three thousand Are bnndred VaeT,l?7? "1* provisioned for the campaign, and it la doubted whether, without assistance '

from abroad, he will be able to sustain himself. ? ou may remember that when I first came to Virginia I was impreeaed with the Importance of this movement in the Wrst?more impressed by It, ] perhaps, than many persons in the State. The common expression here was that It waa a 'tempest in a teapot;' hut to me tt Imported civil war, and a war from which Virginia waa likely to Buffer as much, or more, than from invasion. To that opinion I adhere, and fear that when the Invader shall be drawn off there will in that region still be men fighting to the death for what they conceive to be their libertlea and bomee." itCoxtmabajid Goods oh the Mississippi ?The United S'aies District Court at Springfield, Illinois, has been engaged for aome days past In the hef ring of caaea growing out of the seizure of contraband goods at Cairo. C almanta appeared for sundry parcels of lime, coal, buggv-spokf* corn, vitriol, and other articles which bad been < sened by order of General Prentias, while In transit to the rebel territory. Judge Treat reserved his decision In relation to articles not con- ! traband of war, but ordered the confiscation of sundry bargee, flat boats, and coal, which were evidently Intended for the use of the enemy. ItOK-rLATKD RivA Wak Stzamibs ?A citizen of Memphis, Capt J. T Shirley, has designed an Iron-plated boat for the river service, 1 which has obtained notice from authoritative quarters The iron-plated vessels hitherto built J were for sea service; this one is adapted for operaJiona on the western rivers. It is so cased with 1 | Iron?which, where possible, Is so placed as to | cause missiles fired at It to glaure?ttat It is con- 3 a'dered as proof against both shot and shell. Capt. Shirley Is of iminlon that with such a boat, manned by the marine guards he can take any. thing that floats on the rivers, and render Cairo untenable ?Af mpkit Paper. At mmiit,** Cannon ?The fourth battalion of ro di artillery, now In Montreal have six Armst-ong rifled -noon. No one is allowed to see I tt.egiins; they are kept constantly under cover, but the me,, My that at t'.x miles a bsrrel can and < has been hit bv every shot, and that a shell can alW'" s be explod d wi.u.n a circle of fifteen feet in dlauiet* r Th ' ' ?NAM RIl-J.KS.?This oompanv will ' NivrT at. Hf*" on FRII^V EVENING, Aij^u tlelh to f leet nfPeem pre*ir>ii* to b-'ini? mustered in the service of the United States. ?J ?-r?"2n^ to go in the above Co ps will meet at 8 o'oiook p. m. au G THISTLETQN. ,Ta ~ *?FLBS.-Vo.r a ten'nn is >^3 oail*d to tno postern in regard to forvninc a Company for the war. I fc%ve been rennet d to orra ize the Pott* for the i>ite.t Stat?* service, and to be mustered in immediate y. The < fhoe's land*}'' th# Kendez.-ous, i?iana Hail, front room, first floor. -?u 14 GEO^THISTLETON. | NOTICE TO TAX-PAYER9. Coi.LerTom's Ovfick # Washtnuton Auru^tn, 1861.< The taxes for 1861 have been fix--d at fiftv cer ta on th-one hundred collars. A disoou it nf'nrr?r? mentf"8 under the .aw prompt pat- i "Coin and due bil's. or certificates of indeb'eddo?a ?,t''? CorDor&t|on of the det. nnnaUon five do.jirs, are receivable m tl>e iMm n' of WILLIAM iflXON," ' -au^-^eo Collector. Jy THE UNION PRAYKH MEETING Ba?risM'i nrr^f0 n ?VERY DAY in the E street Baptist Church, commencing a? SoViock p. m. and lut, nTnrl4VA hour Stranger* a* well as ?l5ji ,?IL* do/ioiriina:;ons are invited to attend and take part ic these social tn 21 , (TIT"" ' 8AV' ?rRANGER~WHERE ARE ^ ou "e<sm to !2? ln * hur&. ?.??Ipnt'HDt tn SMITH'S, N . 1#0 S<nen?h atreet, to buy a su tcf Clothing. Th > pen- I piesa* he r.ia a very nicc assor rrSnt, and they ear he sells them so cheap." Note.-Tat, last we saw oi the MLr&nrer, he waa running up Seventh ?tre?'t singing oot*SMITH. No. 460." !n i\ F<ivA^Wv,'(wV~:85v*r*1 ?bconi> Hand WAGONS. Wanted, 2n or 30 HOGS; makes no diiferenoe how poor Hi?y are, so the? are not diseased R, BER'l'SON, A*e..t u No. 6 Prospect sf . Heorgetown. P. C. ?><>CK HILL ACADEMY, Momn!?" ^.'h r"?,lni"'1I',COThi' rr,?fiLM?,?BDin Monday ^i,h insta it P. rsons desri .< further i ii/ i0" ?*'T have a pro 'reocus inaile l ?<> their address by writing to the Director of ti.e Acade- I mjrL au la iw* j \ TTEN TION, FARMERS.'?FOR SAL E/a. About one hundred - WINE, larte and small. mmtl? of the pure Suffolk audtVJ^ Chestar breeds. Among th?in are a^ul l mted?Stat?a tk",80"' prMl to ahTuTTRe Of Mr i f V1 h,? maT the plaoe n Douglas, near tlm Eastern Branch FR?5?'I?V . k" 'r<?ulr9 ?t K L SSI- L u^oriber. 8Caret ** &rB'or to the ' au 15-uteo' N. SARGENT. : I qua i . ^ NOTICE. *- inmenoe f'om tha 1S*h of Anrn?f a^niwltnii"/1 C'ook"> Watches, and Jewelry jefi ' notTne rep&ira Persons intereft.d, take notlce- , ? i. ROBINSON, , au 14-St? Jeweller, 349 Pa aver ue, | an M-Jt Opposite <rown's Hotel. | The ackxanhpia cheap kior? t i CARPETING FROM' I b X i \DRU ' o . AT BARGAINS! ' Our stock or C*RPET!*? (iiicmitii RUGS, and STR A W MAtV N*f hi hs?n r? mt?v-ed he e f on A exandriato be acid oat to ether With our stock o| by (i?ods. Our stock of Ca l'/ll il1'' Three el,, All-wool, j 'v^ in'nir. nf tKaP- ?t:d Hemp Carpets, mined to ?el 5'"iV ba:KM"8- 'i'ter rmned to se1 at and less than cost, to clo.e busiau!4-lw 4S Market Space, under Av.NnueKHou.e. p emii.e dupre " i PknnsylvaiiiA Avisck, Jnrorttrand Wkoltult Dealer in SIRUPS, and CAMP SUPPLIES. IUST RECEIVED* ioo Cases old bourbon at&S) i AT EWILB DOPRB& Ikoh BniLDiNa. aao Pa. Avium. ' f"F:R1T'DER,C TITUS' HAMBPRG CELEBRATED SMOKING TOBACCO 1 The Best Artic e Ever Imported, , Goto EMILb DUPRE, I*ow Building 320 Pa* Avkncb. IUST RECLi VED~0 Cases Impohtbd ' ?Ei.TE?s Water, i In original Stone Bottles. At I an 13 Im EMtLF. JUPPE'S fpRfc.SH AND GENI 7K < CLCUMBI < CABHAGE. Also BUCrWHEA }..^S8MKEHt I _-= S.V&SMJI UORSE BUCKETS, ~ TRACE CHAIN", WAOON HAME8, , -i u CURRY COMBS, Ac., Ao. For aale by J p BARTHotoW1, 1 iv 2B-2?eo JLr,0UiLBral Warehouse, ( _jy *-^seo aaS Sevei th street, near Canal. IN EA*y VOJtfMS ,BA LZ AC'S NOVELS.?The Alchemist, or the House of Claea ; from thJ V renoh of Honore de Baixao. Free by mail il ^5 Marner.the Weaver of Raveioe; br' Geo Elliott, the author of'Adam Bede " Frae aj mjfi" 1 Weenta. FRENCH A RrcAsW^* ] ** V 'JTM Penna nVenro. { Thkb K- k.cvAERIA8Ki'' 1 in the Distnot, where hia faoiiiliesOJB^ LIGHT wirnl8?CA#Rff LAGJ?8 f>f cannot be sur ESS! . ' l0H, *P?rienoe in the boai- 1 n*w 5?^*UTe general aatiafaction ' on hild Carriagea and LTght Wagons kept 1 promptJy^Uended to^7 d0ne' ^ a11 ord?? ' ?Carriatea taken in ezohaure for 1 d i*^r*' a WK-w j. loveS,for - 'LLL corner of Fourteenth and E sla. ^IBRAKY OF CONGRESS. \ . ssfiyjstrs: JvJHN 6 8TEPaENSOV. Librarian. ?!sr%&3?si - -.- bp iivslj artic-es useful in houMir.tfpir)r~#m. bracin* Hoesefurnishinx Hardware' Taols^^t c2te?r. PIM9d Io? H'loh'-ri. Wai i , ^ 'tera. seoona, orka. Cake Kuk?u VI ni' ^n?'? ??ta- Coffee Urn.. ChuS UikH pfii nis hfd and Painted Tin Ware.Toilet ' W.TpH i an*h^as^k,t7^b.1 ,m??n!5^l",h' J5?u;kwrn Nuaiit, and ^aiSV.Ty it oMt?8*" ' [erto'fctb# Mar,h?u iSS21SSSEL .tEr Send for mj V, have you subscribed por the wisely star, to be mailed to you* FRIEND OR RELATIVE? IT IS THE best dollar webrly in tm world i ITS WASHINGTON NEWS IS UNEQUAL- . led' ITS GENERAL NEWS IS UNSURPASSED BY THAT OP ANY TWO DOLLAR WBEKLY! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUNDRED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL SAVR TEN TIMES ITS COST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. Th* Number for this Weet, to be out on Friday Morning?prico Thro* Cent*?unll be a remarkably interesting one. Every Perron at a distance who would Aeep Posted with reference to what is really going on here in these interesting times should receive it regularly. CALL AT ONCE AT THE STAR OFFICE AND SUBSCRIBE FOft IT. Medical dfp\rtmknt of Georgetown college Wwkintton City. Corner i\J Fand 7V?I/?A StreetsSkssion or lS6I-'69 FACULTY OF MEDICINE. NOBi> YOUNG. M. D.. . Professor of Prinaiples and Praot'ceof Medicine. J'?H\SON ELIOT. M D.. Professor of Principles and Practice 'l Surgery. JAMES E MORGAN M. D . Professor of Materia Medio* mid rherapeutioa J. M. SNYDER, M. D. Professor of Obstetrio? and IiuetHi of Womn and Children. THOMAS ANTISKLL. M. D. Professor of Medical Chemistry, Toxicology, Mid Physiology. J E. W1LLETT, m D . Demonstrator of Anato ny. FT^ The ohair of anatomy to be fi'led The sessioa will oo nmenceon ths? 33n of Oeto l>er end in Mar. Ii foliowmt. *"or further information add-ess JOHNSON ELI'?T, M.d, I), an of the Faculty, 40* F street between ?th tod 7th ?U. au 6 lawtNovl* JH. PEABODY. M. D., Scuoical AMD M?. cmnrcAL l>X!?Ti*T. haviuc tineny^^ rooms at No. >176 Pa. aveii?e, I th and i*th sts., two <Kore eaat of tne^*1-1 * * Ri'kwoKl Hmi?e. rerp??etfu!ly so'icits a share of h? poblio patronage, ifc the various b^aaohee of bis profession; Jy 15 lm* PRICKLING VINEGAR, I WaKRASTED.) 1 r??i gallons pur* Cider \ Inerar (or sals by \\ m. BRYAN. No. 4 4,opp site Center Market, au 8 Steo between 7th and ?'h #ts _ S~ OLD1ERS " sl9hr urakj0n trk north bought and sold in sums to suit Army OR^ersand Soldiers. sweeny, rittenhouse. pant A co., Bankers. Pa avenee. jy 23 lm (SundChron) crar Brown's Ho'tl. HAVONDAIjE flour AVING Made a ramteraents with Messrs. Barboir A Ssmurs for the saleof my Hoar,they wil a ways be prepared to supply my old friends an4 cuht >mers, and the trad" *?t.eraiiT. atmill prices. (jy S Iwo) GEO. wheeler. ^JELLING" OFF AT HALF PRICE OUR J5 entire stook of hatidsome Flounoei Barege RmUpf. in blaok and oo'ors: aii Lawn and Organdy >1 ue in Robee. We desire to oioae out this portion of slock at once, for oash, and shall offer great bargains to purchasers ' J. w. COl LEY a CO.. jw 24 tot wo Seventh street above pa a*. W~~TRAVELING TRUNKS. E Off?r lor sale the largest assort nynt o TKAVELlNC TRINkS to be found iuMi? this oity, comprising best So.e Le*th*rMa|wW Ladies' Dress and Packing Trunks, Var^^^^ (Toes Oarpet Rare, Ao., which we are now se ling at very low prioca. WALL. STEPHENS a co? as i> 13* P>nn. ?t?bi? CBAHI'ISTE PKRDRIAT, HI ROPODlS I. vf Paris, hat the honor t?offer bis services to the laic s and gent.emen of this ' pity. He perfo ma aii oprratiors necesaar* for the ? EXTRA ' TION AND CURE OF COKNsJ BUNIONS, Ao . Ac , as practiced by the French pedicurcs. Oflloe.No 13 street, near ?h? C 'y i HaiK *u ?'JP* CIGARS AND LEAF TOB \fCO FOR SALE j AT AND BELOW COST. j To clow out, I offer nij entire stock, Comprising > ?onie SOO.ciw well-made ClGA KS. of a > sit s at.I Srades, al?o af out 10 oases CONNECilCUT I ' ED LEiF T(?BACCO, YARA III, etc.,eto^ for cash at an^ below oost . I P. WE1LB\CHER, of Baltiiaore, Store No. 243 Pa. avenue, i au 6 14t* Between 12th and 13th sia. I AC A R D. WAeHiN?Tow, Jaly 16th. 1HL I The undersigned, late of t: Girard House, I Phi>ade!piiia, have leased tor a term of years I Wi'lards' Hotel, in Washington. They take this I occasion to"retnrn to their old friends ajd oi stom- | ers many thanks for past favors, and beg to assart I them that tney will be molt happy to see them ia I their new euarters. iv 16 1m SVKF.?. fim DWTCK * CO. I 1CASH NOTICE. t , I N Conae^ueace ol our h?vim to pay oash for I rvery article ol goods we purohase. we are foroed I to reduce our business to Cash exclusively, for the I present. We h vti in store a very large assortxiaat I r>f READY MADE Cr.OTHfNG f-r men and boya' w*r. which are se.hnt at a much lowr rate I thin ussvIt, WALL. STEPHENS a CO.. 383l Pa. averue. between Wh and 10th ata. jg y rlnto' % rteonh.' I PORTABLE OVENS, MILITARY,rAMPS, ll'oTFLS, k FAMILIES. FAIKHANK'S SCALES. FURNACE and CAULDRON8, Ao. Ao. J P. BARTHOLOW, i jy 8R ?veo ASeventh street, near Canal. I |RON-CLAD STEAM VESSELS. j The ^avt Dspaktmkst will reoeive offers from I ?irtie* wiio are ab e i ?x out< wi rk of Uus kind, J luri wno are engaged mi , of which they will far I ni>h evidenoe with th'Jir offe-, for the oon?t uotioa I jf one or more Ikjm clad Stbam Vbssils ol Wil, either of iron or -1 wood au.i iron oombinedr I r.?r eea or rive s^'vioe. to be of not ess than ten | nor over six'e n feet diaught of water; to oa>ry I in armament of from eichty to one hun'irad and I t? euty tons w igiit. with proTisi >n? and ttoree tor I From <>ne hut dr d and sixiy-five to three hundred) persons, according to armament, for sixty daya. I with coal for n<ht days, i h? smallar draught of I of wa'or, compatible with o'hei r- ^uisite*, will be I preferred Ths vessel to be rigged with two masts, I with wire rope standing rigging, to navigata at | lev A general lieeorip'ion and drawings of the vee- I sel, armor, and majt>inrry, such as the work oao I be <>xroi'ted from, will be required. The t-ffer must state the oost and time for oon I p'eting th? whole, exo usive of armament and I sto-es of aM kintis, th * rate of rpeed propoeed, and I munt be accomramed by a gnarai.t ^ for the proper I Bgwut'on of the oon* raot, if award, d j Persons whofeud to off r are requested to ia- I form the D<-parfnient < t ti eir int-nti .n before the I 16th August instant, an i to have thei proposi ions I pr- s n'ed within iweuty-five days from this date. | au 7-tlft I OFFICE OF SECRETARY a TREASURER, Soldixk ? ll?Kt, ! Ntar I As C?lp of Warkingtom Sxalxd PaoposAL< w 11 be rto ived at this office I until Tuesday, (noon,) t&e JOth of Augast, 1S61,1 lor tae oonrtruotion of two Buildings at the I Soldiers' Home >mewhat similar to the two now I th*re known asotfioers' eaarters. j The plans and tpeoifioations may be examined at I this offloe, where all information re'ative to the I location and oharaoter of the buUdia?e will be I given | Evory offer for the oonetruotion of theee build I ings mast be aooornearned by a reeaonsibie written I Iuarantee that, if the l^id should be accepted, the I party or parties will within ten days ester into an I obligation, good and saftoient s^eurity, to I Br eel tiie proposed buildings according to tt>e plans I and speoifioabons whioh lav* beea or nay Mrs | ifter be furnished and adopted. The proposals wil state the differenoe kef sen | hoing the wails with white stouaor marble.stmtlw I U> the bnild'ngsalready erected/>r faemgs wr h the best pressed brick; or bidders may, in additioa, I make suoh proposals as to other aatariala ae their I ixperienoe may suggest. Indeoiding on the bids right will baobaerwad by | the Board of Commiasioners of the Soldiers' Horns | to accept suoh off. rs oulv as may be deemed moat | tdvantagecus for tue institution; and also to rajeat I the whole should none of them be daamad aaespt- I able. All bids to be sealed and andoraad "Proposals I au 3 ?W Ass'tSurgeon. Seoretary and Traearar. ITfMi aha lbs. rough tallow and |>uu,uuu grease wanted, for whiok the highest price will be paid. Also. 150,000 lbs of SOAP aod CANDLES for sale oheap for cash at the National Soaa and CaaJle Works, Green street and the Canal, Georgetown, D C. . _ au 1 lm c. b. jewell, Proprietor. F' VJ,?h\9 * n^Ml i i 6L40SC8 be<wswn*tth and 13u eta. A.. 8PRCIAL NOTICE. ll Persons indebted to the andaraifaed will pe plaaesd ta oall and settle their aeeoaaU,aetkeir AUCTION &ALE& By 1. 0. McSUIRB * CO, IMmnmi. 1LfATTlNGft, M.PK.B IOR SLAB* CA"K1?. Swaieae, i?o?r. C*?p fwii, PramTcaa loWl"j^7 etC^**'1 Ferai tare ud Bona. X2??V?J!!?K* CHashed M attic**. London D<4| B'lodj. Uku / *? Co r*1 CaBbieae nil able for l*?w C?-hiou?, fjn yards Phi a<1?phie War# Carpet Terms oath in current fu ealAd J.C. MeUUIRE A CO.Aaots By J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Awtl<nk?r(. 8UPRRIO* ROSEWOOD CASH HEVKNOCTAVt PiAWO FoBTB, ARB FFB-irSBB, |U?? Mov?bho: rh rrkcT. at ArcTios - Ob Y6 K?DAY MORNING AufBst ?th. at Moaelook,at the residenoaof Alt# 4?ki, h.<, ., ooraer ofVlr iirilvNutuii Tawth HiHt, n?w tha 0 m l the . bi*c iDitraf. we shall aeli hia KiritUr* and Household Kffeo'a. c<tni prist rf? Sapenor Ki'i?wuod Case. Round Cor Mr, Iron ? FriniMJ?r?t oaUw Piano Fort#, Maboga ) Hair Striae Heat SoA. Do Rooitr and Parlor Chaira, Marb top CeBt-r and bo fa TaNes. Wanut Wluiiot Fa^cy (ablae, Cam and Wood ?eat cUm. i.mbi*, Serera: an pe ior Fr?tn<?h C ?cks, Vim*. Window Miadea and VraiUa' H ir>< > Carpet*. Oi oioth.and tttraw Mtbfu; Hat Tree, Floor OuoioU. Dining Tat>,e and i^baira. Oroaktrf and G!? bb W are, Huperior Mw i ated Tea Set, CaMori, Waiters, _ Saoona and K-rke, Waiters. Plated lea PUehera. SB*d?t?adi. Bu-hui, Wbh^Mdi, attreaeee. Rotate ra,aad Pillows. H king and other 8u,v* . K to nan U tensile, Ao ? "?? o%mh i" ourreut funds. P^^-The House ia for raat. Inquire of the aa H-d ^ j. c MoOUIRE k CO.. A?p. 8* WALL k BARNARD, Auctioneers rjREY HORSE AND SPRING WAGON AT VI Auction?On iJATURDAY MORNING, July 3, we wulaeli. in front of oir aittioi rooma1 Urey Hor?e, warranted aouad. kad.aad genua, . a aad works wel in harn?ea, 1 B?-nf VVhob. nearly new, aattable for a froeer or express warnn Ra1# poa.tive. Terms oaah. WAi L k BARNARD. AuoU. Ry OR FEN k WIL' IAMS, Aaet.o^cra. Fink pi^np for i e, household and ^iri' f* ciM-rit at Am.. -On KRI the it. ? .. t, we (ha. a..i\ ih rawdpnoe o| n c#jiti^?t a4i d-^inin* hoa<#k r>Mr . at 1" o clocka m No Tenth, Mwrtn T/a ? M atreeU n >r^h,ao ex eilent aatorUn.iuot Fnru a, Oix> azoallrnt Piaro F?>rt?. oa<-Tod roaawood. ha-? *. made j Oi|k?r, oi (Sua ton- a?d to.i1 Wa^aatWImtnot, Mar Me-top Center Table, eight da* Ciook, Walno' kz-aaaioB DiaiBf and otha? Tabloa, Mahogany Sideb- ard. Ward.-vbaa, Bedftaada, ard Mattresses. Cat,? Bod other Cbairs, ChlH's Ca? nacaa. Chira Glass, and Orookerr War*, amoti whtd% is oaa fine Gold apd T- a and OCae Set, A[ ?, a toart lot of Kl'ohen Requl t?aa. Ternii oaah in *aecie. * WILLIAMR. Acot?. _ au IS 9t (Iutal. A Repab i By WALL 4 BA R n aR D Aaotionaara PVBI.IC MLK.-W11| hM?oMat aoWia ao~ti'-a. on RATURDAV. the l?tb iBataot. at Oo'atock a, m , IB front oftha Ano'ion Rooms to tba hi?h*>t bidder, for oaah, to aaUafy bill for ) vary cna Bar Mara.aboat 16 handa hi|h,abortuit,aIittiaBpraa? 1b tha knees, and aSout6 or7 vara oid Tue above Bay Mare ?a? foard an tray In tha etraets of WaahiBcto- on tha nliht of flia?M of July br the N ght Police, or Aaxiliary Gnara.arttb 0 '"d bndle. and apparently mueh jaded JVobr aainc hard ridden. a*>d tamed i?>^? in tha atrar-t, sbi^ pored to hare oom? from Virginia. Tha prttoeeAs of b*H. aft-r paring e*p?. ses. will ba hrld. br ord?r of the Mayor, in the tiands of the Chief of poiio-* snbiaot to the oall of trie proper owner. Terms oash. _ ?? W A LL A B A RN A RD, AboU. Br J. C. MoGCIRK k CO.. Aaetionaara Furniture and effects op a rb* TAvaa*T at Arrnoi.-Oa MONDAY J*IOK Nl Ancu't 19 o >tnmareii)( a' ia o'elnet. by virtne of an order for dtatrain, I aha. ae'l. a* toe Restaurant ol Cbailea Werner onthaaoBth ida of Penneylraoia ar?n?e, naar ?ba aoraer of Si th street, all hia Hons hold t-ffae's, 1 ar aad Bar Room Mrtur?s to king (Jtensiis, Wiaea, Liauors, Ao , con-Mticg, in part, of Wain at Frame Piano t-oria, Hsj r Cloth S^fa and Divana. M???rany Beraaua. Side and Center TaWee. Walnut Freao* ed?tev<a. Feather Bed, B later and PiJlowa Yattreasee, Barker. Oni'ts,and other Beddiat. Cane-?eat rha'ra. Roekert, lounges, Brjsae s and Ingrain Carpets, OHiio'li, Matti g. Ao . Look ur t?toT? an-i Cookinn Utaaaiis ae?ta>^e far <a lauraut kitohei . ? . _ Also, 1 Ma* ogany Bag at* la Table, S lante ron.d Card TaMae, 2d? b ?n Wood reat Arm' hairs, ARMT OFFIOBRA i are reapeotfnlly Invited to oall at tha Store C. WOODWARD, Ne 318 PEPINSYLYANIA AVINIE, between 10th aad 11th Sta., WASHINGTON, D. C, ahd see the moat comp ete artiele of CAMP MESS CHESTS, WITH TABLE AND WRITING DESK COMBINED, EVER INVENTED An article OJfeer* *cko appreciate the roe*fori* of Camp life should not he mt/tont. ALWAYS ON HAND. COOlfflR STAVES, k?, Ac aa a t ~ fiA BILLIARDS! I LI LI The lovers 1 ^ * of the GAMB OF BILLIARD* will tad ia EMRICH'S FINE HALL, Corner of Pennaylraoia are.?a and 11th Street, (aoath side, 1 two of the moat adairabt? TABLEb la the United States, with ererr oeafortaad aa > tf lor tha piayera. SPECIAL NOTICE. t*ai" - ?- N?w ' ProBi New Tor* and PFUade.phis,arriTti* ia Washingtoa att H a m. ( ^BW OPTICAL KSTABL1BRMENT. ? ? ERANKJLIN, |44 SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL 0PII0IAH, as*abiishe<r?rbriu,oti of^js l>a*tiB*Bs here, he offers to the oiUsens and at ranters hie oelebraLed IMPROVED l*PKCTACLBS, jnth the ftneat PevtaapaM-fcUiMio L*e?aa.eaOed for BYery age aad ooadiUoa ol The ri^a^oFraas^ Alao, for aaOe hia world renowned r*?rirasi tbhisapa^BlMsn Spy Gtoaaas. nririi anJ MrsesaMC ndsrw. mmd MsfhiiM waif, at tha lowest festera s-ioSs^ ?4 2EWTU. wm&m&, jn? Ba?i. G?aaa?<tyts28^B|, | 4 swiaust ^Tum^yg?n5p?sri,^efr?i#aaJ^thft^JPJW I

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