Newspaper of Evening Star, August 15, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 15, 1861 Page 3
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| l.ltCAL NEWS. ft T Tbougt Twb P*aa la priated oa the fhstert m*mwm pt*m til BM r>"0> <rf BnltttoOra, 1 tS OdltlOB Is an Unr* as to require It to be put to press at an early kmr; Advertiewento, therefore, should be ?mi la sefoee 1* o'clock m.; otherwise tWy nay so* appear a*ttl tbe next dar. Henci.?District of Columbia Advertisements to be Inserted la the Baltiicobb 9va are received at and forwarded from Taa St*a Office. Tat Ca.ial.?M'lUtry Pastes ft Boatmen ? The tester wh drawn out of the Georgetown level of the canal Wat night for the parpoeeof removing a nod bar near that city, which obstructed navigation, and the work having been done, the level was filled with water again this morning, and 15 or 90 coal boa la are expected In daring the day. Home of theae are conalgned to the Dlatrlct cities and some to Alexandria Apr?ptt of thla subject, we respectfully suggest to the military authoritlea the neceaalty for a strict surveillance of traffic on the Alexandria canal It la desirable per nape for many reasons that boats trading on the Cheeapeake and Ohio Canal should undergo lnapection. not only aa regards srtlclee contraband of war, but persona also, although any oae passing along the line to or from Georgetown could not by obeervation gather any eaeentlal Information uaefal to the enemy, but on the Alexandrla canal the moat rigid surveillance of boats, cargoes and crewa is an imperative neceaalty, that work passing; within fall view of many of our camps and entrencbmenta We underatand that coal boats going over the Aqueduct to Alexandria are provided with passes permitting the boata, captains, and crews to go back and forth without reetrlctlon AU very well, but who and what constitutes a crew ' It would not be a difficult matter for an Alexandria secessionist to take passage on a host aa one of the crew and get out at any point he pleased, sketching or describing whatever he saw Of course he could go back In the same character and use bis Informstlon as he pleastd It is well known that loyal cltisens here nave great difficulty In obtaining passes to cross the Long Bridge, Government ferrv or Alexandria Aqueduct, and yet strangers are tbus allowed to come and go at will. By wav of Illustration we may mention that at a time wben the greatest caution was exercised in regard to granting permits to cross the Potomac. It was remarked tbat the best pass a person could have was a working dress snd ' tin bucket*'?the persons employed on the entrenchments being generally allowed to pass without challenge. Boatmen vh? came In yesterday report that 60 c ?r v?? * w 'L ~i ,(?J or 8.000 tons of coal are at a .Mrar ?v illlauisport. Thsy also report being fl>ed at from the Virginia shore several times, on their way down, but the shots all fell short. "Nobody hurt " Stabbi5* Case?Yesterday afternoon a difficulty occurred at the Government Mesa House, corner of (fand Twenty-second streets, In tbe First Ward w'wffn aa ambulance driver, said to be named Duffy, (some accounts sav he la a Bal:|irorean named Wm Jones,) and a Government teamster named John O'Day Duffy threw O'Day down, and stabbed him In the back, Inflicting a terrible wound several inches la length. O'Ltit was laboring under auch excitement that be did not kaow he was stabbed, but on blowing his nose s babbling sound was beard Robert Johnson, the stable master, asked him to blow his nose again, when the ssound was again heard, eaused t y the escape of air from the lungs througn the wound. He then walked to Dr Smoot's j office, bat was greatly weakened by loss of blood, end from there he was taken to the hospital, and It Is said his injuries are so severe tbat he c-snnot pceslbly recover He bas a wife and child, fhe Mounted Guard are In search ot Duffy, btit we have not heard of his arrest. He Is said to Lave gone In the direction of Georgetown O'Dev's wound waa closed and this morning be Is quite comfortable The knife penetrated the left lung The "mees bouse" where this affair occurred, Is said to be tne scene of constant disorder, hard- | Iv a meal being served without a row. Two or , three bnndred hired men In the Quartermaster's department, sre served with their meals there, and much of the disorder Is said to be owing to 1 their dissatisfaction at being compelled to take , their meais at tbe "mess bouse," tbey desiring to ! draw their rations snd have them prepared where ' they please We understand that arrangements 1 will probably he made by which they caa be i thus accommodated. Last nlgfct the house was stoned by a party supposed to be the ambulance I drivers whose 'strike^' is noticed elsewhere. Ssabch foa a Cojteaband ? Last June, a' man r,?m.d Beers, residing lu Virginia, came to I Washington In pursuit of s runaway slsvs. snd i employed various officers to search for him. he alleging that the negro was bis main reliance in carrying on his business. The first efforts Allied, snd he applied again to detective officer Allen, to whom he made the same representation, and sa'.d be was willing to give any amount to recover his servant, as he could not get along without him H* however made tbe damaging disclosure to Allen, as the latter slleges. thst he himsetr w&j a secessionist, although he had been twice required to take the oath of allegiance: Allen then told htm If tbat was tbe esse it was useless for him to aeerch for the fugitive, for If be waa found in any camp be would not be given up to a Virginia seeeeslonlst. The search ended here Beers subsequently went to Col Porter and complained that his fugitive slave is In one of the camps, and a police offl-er knows where be is. and won't get b!m for leas than three hundred dollars, althou/h be la charged with a rape upon one of hla ( Keers) grandchildren. Col Porter sent this complaint to the Chief ef Police, and the Chief carried It to Justice Donn Upon inveatigation It caine out tbat since the time at which Beers places tbe attempt to commit the rape, he has bad the negro la hia bouse in a confidential position, as chief manager of his business, and made no such charge against him until he ran away The evidence will be sent to Ccl Porter, in justice to si 1 the officers who have been employed by Beera. Bcst Tim is at tbi Diror ?Yesterday, no 1 ?a than five burthen trains arrived here from varioua po'nta North,wi1 h freight for government; among them several cars laden with fine beevea froin the vicinity of tlarrtsbu'g. Pa. Notwithstanding tbe ftreat tnsde to accommodate the Increasng tide of freight, 4c , the platforms and ysrds shoot the depot are pretty much blockaded, and It lswl'h no little difficulty that teamsters are sble to yet their reepecttve loads Beside this, the engines are constantly crowding and pushing around on the various switches, aad tbe bewlT dered teamster is often st a Iocs what to do wuh Ms frightened team, watch dances ar.d wheels In among the trains, to the great consternation of the aervoas Naw Stobb Hocsa ?A v?ry commodious store bouse for tne accommodation of Government is aow being put up on the fist northeast of the depot. The building Is stxtv-four feet wide and one hundred and twenty In length, and Is to have a substantial gravel roof, thick aolld floor, and all tbe appurtensnoes of a first clsss storehouse Two lines of track branch off from the railroad, and paaa down aloogalde the platform, leaving three aides free for losding freight, Ae., to or from wagons Tbe building Is easily approached by tosms, and will prove of great service la protecting the Immense smount of supplies now daily pouring la. ' Rblbassd ? Yesterday, sn order from the District Attorney wss received by Msrshal Lamoa, to dlschsrge from prison John Ragac, Rlch'd Lacy, Geo Follin and Henry Page, col'd, J W Disney Edw d Gant George Blake, John Lawrence and John K Russell,who were taken from tne long boats Richard Lacy and Morning Star and sloop Jane Wright, and brought to thla city and committed tr to await tbe order of the District Lcurt. '1 he Marahal requested Justice Donn to send him s release for them, which was done Tbey were captured on the lower river. Ubspbbatb Assavlt ?Day before yesterday, a nun by the nam* of Henry Goadrtck (formerly a ember of laptola Miller's NavyYard company) entered tbe blacksmith shop of Thoe Andersna at Good Hope, across tbe Eastern Branch, and picking up a hammer, commenced breaking things" generally. Anderson requested him to desist, when Goodrich aimed a blow at ntm with tne hammer, ^blcb struck him on the side of the forehead, fracturing his sknll Anderson Is In a critical condition Goodrich waa arrested by Policeman Joeeph Z Williams, snd committed to Jail by J oat tee Coll. A norma Homr ins ?A private la Col Cass's Eleven!a Massachusetts Regiment wss shot dead, at a drtnklng bouae In Btadenshurg, night before last. It serine that a squad of tbe regiment waa sent out to srreet sr.d bring Into Camp Curtln a number of men belonging to the regiment, and who had been abeent therefrom for several days. Among the number was tbe deceased He restated the guard, and la an attempt to esc ape from the house waa shot dead A Scppossu 8ry Abbbstb? ?While the Provest Gasrd waa In search of the man who stabbed O'Day at tbe general mess house, tbey found a chap snugly packed away In an aml>ulance, who, "scary soul." said be thought the soldiers were looking for him As he was a stranger, the guard very properly came to the conclusion that he thuat have deserved looking after or he would not bsve tried to avoid arrest His case will be Investli*?*d ftvaiBB or Ajssblahcb Dbivbbs?The Govarament has reduced the pay of driven of onenorse ambulances to $13 per mouth and ratioaa. They were formerly paid per month and , rati ens Some fifteen or tweaty "Struck" aad jsrtjaad to worktet the new rates, and seem din r^asd to net la a disorderly manTsr a ?To-night an snQciag Mil iuiro ^ch.. " Manager sad Mrs Blaad, Mrs Henri, Miss Parker, Mr*. Williams. rJee Parker, Mr William, Mr. Baker, aj.d CftlHllUL C0C*T ? Thl Bovd Murdrr Cau .? Mr Bradley. In closing bis pddree* yesterday, aid he would prove, among other hlngs, that.the b erased were soldiers In the employ and service of the United States. who had been aent ont to execute an order by a superior offli-er, the dlsobedlence of which would subject them to death The examination of witnesses for the nrosecntlon was then commenced, and the following were eiaml led: Thomas Woodward, coroner; Mra. Margaret Boyd, Mrs Ml Us, Miss Mills, John M Mitchell, and William Mills: but their tostlmony was In substance as on the former trial (Tne jury were last night qusrtered at the National Hotel ) ? To day?John H K*atlty was sworn His tsstlmony was substantially the same ssat the last trial. Thomas rook testified that he saw the accused parties at Bovd's house, some In front snd some at the corner; Sergt Murphy and Wilkinson nearest the door. witness heard Murphy claim sdmlttance twice In the name of the United States, but received no answer. The house was (lark. W ltness hea? 1 a pistol shot, snd fully believes It came from the uouse, after which muskets were tired. Being ssked to describe the firing to the Jury, witness created some amusement by hesitating a little, and then answering, "Well, It was as Infantry generally shoot." Witness saw Sergeant Murphy's shot?a fire from the pistol shot. All were srmed with musks's except Murphy, who hsd a sword. Mr. WilUtt kworn, thought be saw a pistol In front of Murphy Heard Murphy sayatthe Capitol next day. "We have killed the first secessionist In Washington " Heard him say at the same time that he bad claimed admittance several times in the name of the United States, but received no answer, and kicked the panel out of the door, when a pistol wis fired, setting his coat on fire, when be ordered his men to fire. Mr. Thornton was on the stand when our report I closed. Carrrax or " Bill Woodwhid "?This desperate colored character, who escaped from jail a short time since, where bs wss confined on the charge of murdering a soldier of the Seventyninth New York (Hlgblsnd) Regiment, was captured yesterday by county constable John W. Gross, of Georgetown. That officer got the Impression that Woodward wss concealed In "Louseneck "which we will state, for the information of our readers. Is that part of Washington county lying between the Tenallytown road and Rock Ureek, and yesterday started to look for hlin Afer a considerable search, he found the notorioui "BUI" concealed In the stable of Mrs. Curran, on Rock Creek, north of Georgetown, and secured him and brought him back to Jail, where he (the otllcer) received the reward of #50 off-red for the apprehension of the escaped prisoner It sremi tha. Woodward, since bis escape, has been biding in the woods along Rock Crsek. and onlv concealed himself when he found the officer on bis I track After making bis escape from the jail, he wounded himself in the thigh when he was getting over a fence, and he Is still suffering from that Injury Woodward says be escaped by raising tb- door latch from the Inside, wnicb can be I done by Inserting a knife or spoon Into the latch cover He has tried the same plan upon every I guard fer eight or ten days, but fa I ltd every time, the door being locked until then. Habsas Corpus ?On fueodaya writ was Issued by Judge Wayne, of the U. S Supreme Cou't, and served upon Col Willis A Gorman, of tbe 1st Olnnesota regimen', commanding htm to produce a soldier of his regiment named Stevens. The w#t was returnsble yesterday at 12 o'clock, but the Colonel not being able to ret Into i the city In time, an attachment was issued Col Gorman and the soldier, however, arrived yester| dav afternoon The question, It Is alleged, is, bas the Government a right to bold a soldier who ! originally enlisted for three months, but afterwards took the oath to serve for the war. Set.liwo Liyrroa to Soldier*.? G. B. Nazarenus, arrestni by the Provost's Guard, was turned over to Justice Clark for trial It was clearly | proven that he furnished the liquor, or It was furnished to soldiers in his bouse; fine and costs, ?'26 17 In the case of franklin Sebastlau, arrested In Montgomery county, Md , for selling liquor to soldiers, the fact was proven, and the question of Jurisdiction was started; but, to save time and trouble, theaccunert elected to remain at the station until #"26 ft* (tint and costs) can be obtained from a friend in Georgetown. Counterfeits ?A number of counterfeit half and quarter dollar pieces have found their way Into circulation in the markets of the city. They are easily detected by their light weight snd the appearance of the base metal by slight friction between the fingers The halves are an excellent Imitation of the coin of INK), and will pass readily In a hurry The quarters are of very brittle metal, and fly to pieces undsr a slight tap with a hammer. Rcxorbd Advakck or thi Esemt ?Yesterday, a Mr Cowling, a reald-nt of Virginia near Claremont, about Ave miles from Alexandria, came to thla city with a load of furniture, and returned in the evening for his wife and another load of furniture. He says the Confederates have advanced aa far aa Rush Hill and Claremont, and ordered blm yesterday morning to leave forthwith. Campbell's Misstbels to night at Odd Fellows' Hall These ur the veritable "Campbells," beIt remembered,?^ie '-Original Jacobs," before whom all otuer minstrels are as but rushlights before the orb of day Go early, get a front neat, unloose your stays or vest-buttons, (as the case may be,) and lay back for a good laugh, touched off with a dash of sentiment. Cr*tral Gtardhovsr Cases ? Saml. Whalen, drunk and disorderly; workhouse 60 days. Chas | Fisher, disorderly; dismissed Kllflha Kinder, drunk and disorderly; do. das Barnes, (col'd ) out after hours; workhouse 60 days Thos Sheban, sleeping In the street; dismissed Frank Hall, carrying weapons; fine and costs, 04. 1 Charge or Swindling ?A rather stylish young man, n*m?>d A I'ngar. a German, was arrested by Officer Kimball near the Railroad depot yesterday afternoon, charged with obtaining lager beer of the value of S411 from Mr Paul Bauman. on false pretences. He was committed to jail by Justice Walter, for a further examination. To be Cocrt-mabtialbd ?Two members of the Thirty-second New York Regiment, dressed as Zousves, were arrested In Aiexsndrla on Tuesday, having assumed the disguise to enable them t > des**t snd get back to New York. Tbey will no donbt be court-martialed More Pardons ?John Collins, a youth who was convicted In March last for stealing guano, and sentenced to jail for nine months; ana William Johnson, who was sentenced to the penitentiary in December last for two years, for stealing poultry, have been pardoned by the President. At the fiuaRDHOcsR ? About 40 of the refractory members of the Highland Regiment, from various companies, are confined In the Centrsl Guardhouse , Pctxam Rifles ?See advertisement of Capt. Tbistleton elsewhere. Capt T Is sn excellent officer and the Rifles an excellent company, as It bas shown by Its good service heretofore. The Theatre Is In a full tide of success. Mrs. C. Henri's charming acting and singing, Mr. I Parker's droll and side-splitting song and his dsughter's warbling, delight everybody. * Hollowat'l Pills.?Indigestion, Stomach and Liver complaints. These inedioines will oure the must confirmed cases of djspepsia and disorders of the stomach and liver Ther have restored mors suffering dyspeptios to actual and permanent health thai, a 1 the other ephernisrai "speoifios" united. Tney have stood ths test ol fiftj years' experience. Tney ino ease ths appetite, invigorate the stomaoh and psafv the liver. In bowel oom plaints they are equally efficacious and for siok and nervous headaches they stand unrivaled. Sold by all Drurgists, at25o ,?.o .and fl per box. au6 1w Covshs.?The sudden ohanges of oar ellmate are sojiroes of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Af'ctioms. Experienoe having proved that siirp'e remedies often act speedily and certainly wnen taken mthe earl* stages of the <! .-ease, reooursa sh uld at onoe be had to ** Frown's Bronchial TvoeJUf.** or t.osengee. let the Cold, Cough, or irritation of the Throat he ever so slight, as by this precaution a more serious attack mar be effectually warded off. Public Sp**k*r* and Will find them eoeotuai for oi?a? ing and strengthening the voice. See advertisement. da l-iy Reader, have yoa seen Prof. Wood's advertise n ent in our paper. Rear it; it will interest you. as Su-eoly Parsons desiring pennies will always find the* for exchange at the Star Office counter. tf MAKK1K1) In thi* citv.on Thuraday Tiorninc. 15th instant, h? th? Rev Mr. Hutler. of Trinity Churoh. Mr. CHARLES H. HODGSON, formerly of West C estar, Pa, at.d Miss EMMA b. CONN, of Was Hi ug ton, D. C. PI fell*, Ou the Uth cstant. after a lingering I'jness, Miss DEL. 14 A M. BU rttJH, aged SI years Funeral take piao* this afternoon. at 5 o olock, fioni ihe residence of der mother. Fourteenth st . opposite Willards' Ho *1. wh rs tha friends and acquaintances of the faw y are respeotfnlly requested to attend, without farther notice. *>n Thursday morning. the 'Sth instant, of biNoue fever. JOHN J. MEAl-V, la the mh year of his **His funeral will t ke pl*eeto-EBorrow (Frfday)at half past 3 o'eloek, f'ona tha residsnoa of his aoth#?, on^Maryiand avenue, between 6th aiHl7insts.f NQrt ia *nh of Ja'y, JOHN THOMAS FRRSUsON.Msd S years 1 month aud 20 days. short the rses onr friend haa ran, rut down 10 a 1 his bloom, The eoarse be I st e rday sng an, N?.wiai?bad ia the tomb Medied?yae, oaimly, sweetly diad. As if hut In laeose. And bitf hlir smilsd of joy ? ? ^ X' * AMUSEMENTS. THE CAMPBELLS HATE COME. ODD FELLOWS HALL. ? Dupont & Gaylord1* ORIGINAL CAXrBELL HIHSTRELS WILL Or*5 rot A SHORT SSASON, oomownuiii THURSDAY EVENING, August 15th. Doors open at 7 o'clock, commencing ?' 8 o'clock. Admission?TWENTY FIVE CKXTS. DB G. FORD, U* Business Ag*nt. WANTS. VV ANTED?To exchange a six-seat Family '" Carriage *nd Harnett for a good Baggage Wagon and Horse. Awl' at "Tudor Plaoe." C'ngress st., Georgetown Heights. aa 15-3t* WANTED?A WOMAN to oor k in a sjnall family. None but a cood one need apply. Inquire at J W. PUMPH REY'S, C street,between and 6th sts.. Washington. an l5-3t W/ANTED-A good and stylish RIDING " HGRSE, in exohange for a Horse an^ Rookawe.* ; or will sell low the Horse and H oekaw&y. AppW at 334 C street, between I2th aid I3tn. au 15 3t* WANTED?Two aotive BOYS to carry a daily morning paper in the First Ward and Georgetown. Inquire at the oorner of Eighteenth ard G streets between the hours of 10 and 12 a m It* %VANTFD?BOARD from the 1st of September, by a gentleman and wife. Address Boarder," City i-ost Office. No communica'io"> noticed unless terms (whioh must be moderate) are stated. a* Board or furnished house wante<l, by the familr ?<f a staff officer, in a healthy looaiity. For particulars address Box f>30. Washlngtoo Post Offiae. au 14 2t \AJANTED?An experienced WOMAN, to 000k and do general Housework, * short distance from the oity Apply at 49a Seventh street, (up stairs.) between the hours of 12 and 4 o'olook. au 14 2t* WANTED?A WOMAN, to cook, wash, and iron for a small family. She must be competent to do all kinds of cooking, Mid bring recommendations Apsly at No. 113 Green ltreet, Georgetown. D. C. au 14-2t W^J^.J^R THE CASH-All kindsTf SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLE* Persons leaving the city or having a surplus wiil do well to call immediately. R. BUOHI-Y, 3 48* Seventh, between G and H sts. WANTED.-We are now buying SECMNDH AN D FURNITUR E, STU VES aud B ED V1 ?(i, for which we are pajing the highest cash prices. Families declining housekeeping, or having a snrplus of furniture, will find it to thoir advantage to give us a "all. ? ,0 W xr ?ONTZ A GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No, 369 7th st.. betw. I ana K sts. PERSONAL. 1YK. .. NOTICE. iJ.m\ 1 1 ' ?rr*ret. having left my bsd a^ boa^d last night, without any just cause, 1 hereby caution all persons from trus'irg her on my account, at 1 w.ll pay no debts of her contracting. w 1 in * r. . ? GOTTLOB 8TOI.P. 1 Washington Ci'y. August 14. ?96l. an 15 Sf fS "*0 REWARD Will be paid for the epprehenV*/" S'on and delivery to me. or securing m L? WR(> W?MAN LOUISE; rff cails herself Louije Hanson She is a tall! Jf+m likely negro, quite black, well dresied, with Jkiw full sui' of hair. 8he is no doubt lurking in m Upper Marlboro' or neighborhood. She has a hits band in \\ ashington oity. and mar make her ?Bv to that place. WM. WORTH INGTON, _ Near Woodvil e, au l5-3tawtf Prince George's orunty, Md. LOST AND FOUND. I OTT-O. yesterday evening, at the comer of fill n JPennsylvania avenu?. a i-ii k j? ? jIn & hnJt- A liberal reward w n the "loie at W. G. MRTZKRO r T S Music Store, corner Pa. avenue and Eleventh st. It ?C REWARD.?Lost, a small PASS-BOOK of accounts with the butchers, between George Ti? R The accounts are written witn penoil. Tne above reward w'l' be p.jd for it, return to my Soap and Ce< die Factory, near the Treasury Department, on Fifteenth st .au 15 *! G. T. RAUB. $7 RFWARo.?stolen fr.^m Room No. 13A. r' *Hotel, Haturdsy, August lftth : 1. one GOLD WATCH, double case, (Cooper, Tw ArJ,7oh,r,1!?'a an',' locket attached : i a f)| ?i iVJVi-o1N .u": 211' ; * * DIAM4?ND A 5','ilJaue "ral !n the center; 4. an mivr.J' ?!V120' "**. ,n *t-AR j iK. singl? stone, rhi above reward will h? p-vic! by me. on delivery, and no questions asked. EMII.E UUPRK *u "J? Iron Building. 330 Pa. avenue, CTHtYED OR STOLEN FROM THE SUBl ^ or'h*r. on 7th ?nstant, a white and ba? c\ spotteJ MARE, white lace, black maneand ~T? tail. A liberal reward will bo given, if returned to me, or for information so that I can get k1r N KUHLANO, No. 310. oorner L and '9th sts. EDUCATIONAL^ /'EORGETOWN COLLEGE, D. C. . . , ArncsT, 1861. 1 he exercises of this Institution will be resumed on the first Monday of September. Terms for Moaril end Tuition per annum. $.0 >, payable halfyearly .in advance , For further particulars apply to the President? au 13 1 meo JOHN EARLY, S J. B"ArDINOy^?J,avd,K?,n1?V por The duties ?f this Institution wiP he resumed on the first M >nday in i*epti,rber A shsre of the pubiie patronage is respeotfully soheited. au 13 3 eo* Lafayette institutk, " ~ A SCHOOL FOL Y'tVVV LADIES. 367 I street, between '3?h and 14th. Sessi n will oominenc* on MONDAY, September St-. Circulars at BookJt'>roi Reference is made to resident Clergymen, Senators Foot. Foster, Harris, Wade, Trumbull. Harlan, and others. L.C. LOOM1S, A. M.. au 1ft S, TAT, lm Hiinoipgl. 15 ROOKEVILLE ACADEMY. The next session will commence September 2d. Boys are prepared for oollege or for business. For oataJogiiepleaee address, at Brookeville. Md , E. B. PRETTYMAN. A M., au **-1 m (Intel.) Principal. GEORGETOWN INSTITUTE. The/nties of this Soh?ol will be resumed on the nrst M uidar of September next, its advantages (both as to looation and facilities for improvement) and moderate t*rms recommend it to the patronage of all. THOM ?8N. CON?AJ), M.^? a ? JOHN 8. CONRAD. an 6 tSeptl Principals. Mice cream, Ac. A RSH \ L?L ADAMS Respec'fully oalls the attention of his friends, and the public in general, to hi. !arge supply of FRUIT. MINSRaL WA IKR, Ac., at his Ice Cream, Confectionery, and No. 311 Eighth street, I etween L ana M st*. Ice Cream delivered to all part* of the oity free of oharge at the shortest notioe. Jy 13 lmeo* FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY ow WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital ?200,000. QAct eomtr C 1 trsst and Louisiana mm., over Bank 4f Wasltngton INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. ? t Dibbctoss. BGw>. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, unuel Cropley, William Wilson, iohard Jones, John D Barciay, Jacob Gideon, Andrew Rothwell, Thw. Parker, Rtehard Barry. B. B. Franoh, Dr. 0. W.Davis. No oharge for Polioiea. ? r. - JAMES ADAMS. President. AiaL G. Davis. Secretary. an 9 eo4m II "T st1XWnh0JSnse. 8Ml 367 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE S6T . .EQUIPMENTS of every vsriety, style and finish, constantly on hand, and for sale at prices oomparmg with any retail house south of New \ ork. TiN; ^HKET-IRON, or COPPER WORK made to order at the shortest notioe All goods guaranteed to be as r presented on sale. Call at JAMES SKI K VINO'S IfsMisitM Stm>?. Orate, Range, Hot-axr Fumnre, Tin, Sheet Iron, and Copper Wart. Mann factory. No. 867 Pennsylvania Avenue, jy 30-eoSw Corner of Eleventh Street. AiT " w Brck of the National Hotel. O H Most liberal advances made on ?o!d and ilver Watc ies. Dianipa Jewe rr Silver ware.Olothmg. Pistols, and all kmda of Merchandise. Business striotly confidential. ISAAC HERZBF.RG, 3fl1 C st'eet, au l ll? Between 4^ and 6th sts. CUMMER CLOTHING " " K5 At Ridvcid Pricks. 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Navt Department. / Bureau of Construr.tion, August 0, 1861.\ Sealed Proposals ?i'l be reoeived by this Bureau until 4 o'cloc*. the 5 h of S*ptenil>er, 1861, for t' e construction of the Maohiner? of the lni? d states acrsw (.team sloops "OseipEa," at the Kittery Navy Yard." Hocsatonjc." at the CharieotownN'avy Yard/'ADiP-ONDAcg." at the New York Navy Yard, awl "Jcjiiati," at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. These proposals must he endorse! * Proposals for Machinery of Serow Steam Sioop?," that they may be distinguished f.oin other business lette-s. No proposals will be oon*id*-red except fr >rn proprietors of marine engine building establishments, and the reputation of tno^e which have eon>truc ed uocesstul machinery of thia oharaoter wi I have the we ght to which it is e itit et!. Establishment* not snown to the Navy Department an buiider* of marine engines will, if th?y propose, he required to furnish satisfaoto.y evidence of t' eir experience and ability I'arties desiring to make honajlde proposit ons will reoeive, on application to the Bureau, a copy ot the Specificatmns of tne work to be done, and of the Con ract under the pro*, laions ol winch th^y will be required to exeoute it D-awings can he seen at the office of the Eugineer-ii'-Ohief convenient, photographic copies of tue same will be sent with the ap 'cifica'iona The proposals must ba lor the tnaohinary of eaoh vessel s-parate^, w th a statement 1st Of the number of vesse:a for which the b d ders desire to construct maohin? *, .eivinj to tne Department the r;ght of rltMJtion. Thia is p-e lerr.-d, though a bid lor a specifii vessel, exoiueive or the others, will be considered 2. Of the sum for eaoh vessel by nams for wh loh the entire work will be completed agr eably to the specifications, d.awings, ana oontract3 Of'heuumber of oonsjouttve days from date of notification of aooeptance ol contract within whioh the bidder will oontract to ooinp'ete the ma otnnery on board and ready for sea servioe. provided the vessel be piaoed at his oomrcai.d within a oertam number of consecutive dars from the date of said notification, wnioh niimner he will state in the propo'a . 4 I he bidder will state, in the event of the vessel not being piaced in his command within the stipulated time from date of notification of acceptance of oontract, the number of couaecutiv" days with in which he will contiaot to oomplete the machine ry on board readv f>r st>a service from the date he shall notified that Uie vexseJ ts at his com m^nd. The "Ocbipkk" and the "Housatoxic" are to have fixed screws The "Adirondack " and the "Jo.iiata" are to have hoist-up screws. 'lhepa?inents will bo made at four d (Tsrent intervals as the wo k progresses?one fiMi of the t tal amount at eaoh pay ment, the latt fif'h being reserved for four mont'is after the triai t order to make good any deleots that may bediso ,veieddu'int tha time. An ample guarantee wi'l be inserted in the contract for the suoc 'S .ful fulfilment ol ait its conditions, and a forfeiture will tie required for dalay m o >mpleti?n. No proposal can be considered unless accompanied by a written guarantee, signed by two responsible persona. io tne r-fl -atthat t ey ui dertake the bidder sha l, if his offer lie accepted, enter into oontract witt good and sufficient sureties lor its completion. Two or more sureties in a sum equal *o the amount of the oontract will be required to sign it. and their respousihi'ity must be ortifnd by a United States d strict judge, district atlorcey, collector. or uavy agent. Bidders wnose proposals shall be accepted, and none other?, wi 1 be uo :fied, and as early at! practicable a contract will be transmitted to them, da'ed two days after the ratification. Tha Department reserves the right to accept the propositions made in oonformity with the conditions prescribed which shall be considered mott to the interest f the Government and combine the gi uatest number of advantages, and to reject any or ail ol them, at its option. Farm of Offtr t lor we) of . State of .hereby agree to oonstruct the machinery for (name th* nam >er) United pitat-s acre# steam aio >ps in oonformity with the proviaiona and terms of the advertisement of th*Auguat8ih.l361 from the Navy Department and hereunto appended, a d for pnoes and within the times aa follows : For tne machinery of th"(name the veaseh tne prioe to be (name the sum doliara. he total time of comp etion to be (name the number of oonat cotive d?ys| from two days after tht> notification of aooeptance h?a been made by the Bureau, p ovidrd the ve ?s!s be placso at my (or our) dispotta within (name the num or of consecutive days! iroin the same date. If the vessel should not be plaoed at our disposal with'n the time stipulated, then the t>ma of oooip euo-i to b? (name the nurnt er ol days; from the da'.e of the notification that the vessel is slsoed at our disposal Note? Ktptat the last thru pnrafraphf for the other three vessels. Should my (or our) proposal be aooepted, I (?r we) requeat to be informed at , and that the ooutraot may be forwarded to , for signatures anH comfioate. (8i<t.*id> A. B.. Form of Guaranty. We, the nnddrsigned, residents of . In the State ol???.hereby jointly and several!* covenant wnh the Umted Stat-s and guaranty that in oasj tne foregoing proposal be aooept<?i, will, within ten da*s alter ihe ruoeipi of tiie cor.traot at execute the same, wi h good and suiTioient auMties. for th? <-o:istruction of tne ma hinery proposed in oompliance with the terms of the ad vertisement of August 8th I86t. hereto appended and under whioh it was made; and in oaae tue said shall fail to enter into the contsaot aforesaid, we guaranty to make good the difference between the offer of the said and that whioh may be aooeptof. (Witness) C. D. (Place.) (^icnod) K F (Date ) I ,'?r?by certify that to the be-ttof my knowledge and belief the above named guarantors, ?nd ??. are good and sufficient (Sisnature.) G. H. To be signed by the United States District Judge, United Stmt s District Attorney, ColUtfr. or Aaty Ate*t. au ? Iaw4w CJIBBS' HAIR STORE, No. Pa. av , bet. 18th and I^th *r*. P3&&fniHY tr BKA1DS CLP-I.S WIGS. HALF WIGS, FR1ZETTES, fto. A fuU ^tocE always on hand, or made to order at the ?kortest notice. Hair Work repaired or exohangeo. N. B.?Laaies' Hair Dyad in tha most r.&tnj-^] n *nwar. ma ai <iw? JOHN HINSLKY'S ? , LIVERY AND SALE STABLES, Etgktk Street, bet. Dand E, ^ Washington. D. C. every description, always on hand, at reasonable aharg?. ? 17-wolw r|UPQNT'S GUNPOWDER, U iO^^-^?l/ow^X TELEGRAPHIC NEWS THE BATTLE HI MISSOl'll Aasthrr Amiat ?7 u Er?*Wltm*-e?n MKil|?i|li nad Prkf Net Killed?Partial List ( the Killed aarf Weaaded?The R?. treat, Ac. Roll*, Mo , Au(fi;il 13 ?The following sddltlonal account of the battle at Springfield la furnished by an eye-wltneas. who left Springfield 00 SuDdav morning and came bare on boraeback Our army marc bed out of 8prlngfield on Friday evening only 5 500 strong. the Home Guard remainlng at Springfield Tbe army slept on tbe pra'riea portion of tbe night. About aunriae on Saturday morning we drove In tbe outpoata of the enemy, and aoon after the attack Wrame general. The attack wae made In two columna by Gena Lyon and Sturgea?<Gen. Slegel leading a tin king force of about one thousand men, with four guns, on the north of the enemy's camp The battle raged from aunriae until on* or two o'clock In tbe afternoon The rebels In averwhelming force charged Totten'a battery thre, distinct times, but were each time repulsed with great slaughter. General Lyon fell early In the day. He had been previously wounded In the leg, and his horse shot under him. The Colonel of one of tbe Kaoaaa regiment* having become disabled, tbe bovs cried out to Gen. Lyon, ' General, you come and lead us on " He did so, and at once put himself In the front While tbuacheerlng bis men on to the charge, be received a ball In his left breast, snd fell from his horse. He was asked if be was hurt, and replied, "No, not much," but In a few mlnutea expired without a struggle Gen Sigel had a very aevere struggle, and finally loat three of his four guns Hla artillery horses were shot In the harness and the plecea disabled He endeavored to haul them oil with a number of prisoners he hbd taken, but was finally compelled to abandon them first, however, spiking the guns and disabling tbe carriages About 1 o'clock tbe enemy aeemed to be In great disorder, retreating and setting fire to tbelr train and baggage wagona Our forces were too much fatigued and cut up to puraue, and ao the battle may be considered a drawn one The following la a partial llat of the killed and wounded on our aide: Capt Gratz, lat Missouri regiment, killed Gen Swenev, wounded In the leg Cel. Mitchell, of the Kanaka volunteers, seriously wounded Capt Piummer, of the regulars. wounded Capt. Miller, Missouri 1st regiment, seriously wounded Capt. Cavender, wounded in tbeahoulder. but rode bark on boraeback from the battle field to Springfield Capt. Busk, slightly wounded; Col Ditzler, wounded in the left leg; Capt M< Farl n. of Kansa?i lat regiment, wounded, supposed mortally, having his skull fractured Lieuts A C Agnail,L L Joull, Duerand McGavagcn, of the Kansas lat regiment, were killed. Lieut R A. Barker, of the aamc regiment waa shot in the left hand The Missouri 1st and Iowa lat regiments suffered most severely In the fight Gen. Price was not killed, as first reported There were rumors on tbe field that Ben McCullough bad been killed, but the rebels denied It on Saturday night. Dr. Mencber, and others of our army, went back with ambu.ances to the battle field from Springfield to see about the killed and wounded They found the enemy on the field, and were conaiderably treated Gen Lyon's body bad been treated with gre^t respect, and was brought back with some of the wound?*d to Springfield Major Stur-.-ss took command on the battle field after tbe death of G*n. Lyon. Gen.S;gel took command after tbe battle Our loss is variously estimated at from 150 to 300 killed, and several hundred wounded The enemy's ioss Is placed at two thousand killed and wounded %\ e raptured about tint horses of the enemy. Tbe enemy carried two Hays?a Confederate and tbe Stars and Stripes Gen Slgel mi'eLed back to Springfield in good order, after perfecting his arrangements, gatherIng t!i?- baggage, and blowing up what powder be cculd not carry, and destroying other property v. hicb he did uot Wish should fall into the hands of the enemy Our troops left Springfield on Sunday iilght, and encsmped 30 miles tUJs side of that plsre, the enemy not pursuing Tbe only hostile demonstration observed during the day being the firing of muskfts at the rear guard Gen Selgel is confident that he could have held Springfield against tbe force he had engaged, but was fearful of reinforcements to the enemy from tbe southwest, and that his lint of communication to Rolla would becut r fl" unless be fell back. Gen. Lyon began tbe attack upon the receipt of intelligence that tbe enemy was expecting reinforcements from Gen. Hardee'a column, which was approaching from the southeast. A portion of the srtillery of the enemy waa admirably served, and their Infantry fire was a Lao very aevere. It Is thought that Gen. Selgel fell back no further than Lebanon, where relnfocementa would reach hi in Frem At. Laals, St. Louis, Aug. 13 ?The police office in St Louis w.-ts tak^n possession of this evening bv the L'nited States authorities, and special orders iaaued to place the Home Guards under arms at tbe various armories to be prepared for any emergency. The city, however, la quiet and no apprehensions of disturbances are felt. It Is understood that Gen Fremont will declare martial law to-morrow. A loan of f*i5o 000 waa effected from our banks to-day by Gen Fremont. Heavy siege guns are being mounted to command the various approaches to the city It is stated that Gen Selgel would have loat another gun had he not compelled the prlaoners to drag it iff'the field. martial law proclaimed St. Loins. Ang 14 ?The following proclamation has just been issued : Hkainiartkr* v\ kxtehn Department, > St Louis, Aug 14, l?6l. j I hereby declare and establisn martial law f r the city and county of St Louia. Major J McKinstry, of tbe U S army, is appelated provost marshal All orders and recuiationa Issued by him will be obeyed accordingly j o. fremont, Major General Commanding Major McKinstry, me provost marshal, has arrested John A. Brownlee, the president of the board of police commissioners, and has appointed Bsai Duke In his stead. The laws of the city and Stats will be executed without change. Frem Nsw Mexico? Attempt ta Take U. S Farts. iNDErEHDSNCB, Mo., Aug. 13 ?The Santa Fe mail, which dates to the 29th ult . arrived here today. Lieutenant Smith 6f the Fifth Infantry went to Chibaubau to recover a government train which had been stolen, and was taken prisoner by tbe Texan troopa He la now at El Paao, on parole A large number of Texan troopa are on their way to aeize Fort Stanton and any government property they can find. Preparation are being made to receive them at Fort Stanton, which can be defended if the rebels have no artillery. The Federal pickets are out in every direction It was reported at Santa Fe that the regulara have been 6rdered home If so, the Territory is virtually abandoned to tbe South. Fort Flllirore Is now garrisoned by thirteen companies of regulars, including three of dragoons. They are under marching orders aa aoon as the volunteera can relieve them The Apache Indlsns are troublesome Tbey killed the driver of the overland mail coach, but were finally repulsed. i Two steamboats passed our lauding yesterday, going down the river, loaded with Federal troops, auppoaed to be for Lexington Frem Western Virginia?A lanf derate Camp Attacked and Dispersed Gxaeton. Va., Ang 94 ?A severe skirmish took place a few miles from here yesterday on the Fairmont and Webster road Information having been received that a secretly organized body 1 of secession troops living in the county, were lodged within a few miles of Webster, Ge Kelly dispatched Capt Dayton, Company A, 4th Vir- I glnia re-'lment, with fifty men. from Webster, to disarm tbein. ? After acmitlng nearly twenty-four hours, he 1 came auddenly upon them at noon yesterday, and 1 sfter an hour's severe fighting, succeeded ia killing twenty-one, and putting the balance to flight, 1 without any loas to his command. The seceasioa troops numbered t*j hundred, and ware com- * posed of some of the worst characters In this county, led ou hy Zach Cochrane, late sheriff of 1 the county under the secession rule. Henvy bterm at Bastes. Boston. Aug 13?Tbe heaviest rain storm of I the season has prevailed for tbe la?t tweuty four I hours The schooner Odd Fellow was wrecked thia afternoon on 1'lumb Island The bark Goodspeed, from Africa, la anchored off the cliff af Bcltuata! in a dangerous position Frsaa ( aire. 1 Cairo. Ill Angus 13 ?Three acouta ratnraed j last evening from Charleston, Missouri, bringing three rebel prisoners, well armed and mounted Tbe prisoners state thst Gen. Pillow's Tennessee forces had relandod at New Madrid, a ad Jeff. Thompson contemplated aa Immediate attack aa Cape Girardeau. Arrest af a 1 oafederte Bearer af Dispatches. Maw Yoke, August 14-Robert Mare at Charleston, brother of the British Coaaal at New Orleans, was arrested to-day aa board tbe svaner I Africa, Jus* aa abe was leaving, oa charge of being baafee af dtepatcbes from Jeff Davis lo tU Hitkfn c?>?ilsaisasrs ' mmmmmm_sa_MMM FROM THE lorm Lii4*9IM? oa til# VtHuti RalirMl Tbe Teanesoee E!?r?iM-N? ?? rinn< U il? Federal aad Rrk?i C?Mr?N-K(E?f?|raHl Imwmi IfMrrmai aad Lm. Richmond, Aug It. <vls LoulsvtUe, Aag tS t A land-alide occurred on Sunday otgtt. on th* Manama road 17 mile* from Richmond Licit car* loaded with aoidler* w?m imubrd and altli ered to piecea. Two Louisville comnntM am the priori pal snFerrrs No'hlng publl* wr* done by Coagrns* to-day LoriaviLLi, Aug 13? Returns from the Tea nessee election ibow a majority far tbe rebel coa at tutlon of 52 out. ?nd far Harrlt. fat Governor of about :?0.(i00 . ,'?d,,tr1rt Nelson wss e'eeted ?a both JlTty' * K,,bel C"*"? bf torf? *" . 11' d!2trtrt' received ?,f>? eatoa to o 970 for Brlgrs. tor the K.bel Congrcas aad 3 Ott for tbe Fed-rml (ongrrss , The Richmond Knqulrer of tbe luth says Oea ** ,nd Roeencrana attempted to get tbe advantage of eaCL other la an advanced poeltloa h*"**" ensued. la whlcL 40 PederaMau were killed The loaa of the rebel* la rspreeented aa small Le* had two and Roeeacrans had four raelmenta in the fleld. Lee afterward* commenced fortifying the pa? be had gained at lie Spring In Pocabontaa county, fourteen tut lea froaHoa tenyllle, which command* the turnpike fram Randolph to tbe Lewlsburg and Central rail road The Cbarleaton Courier publlabea aa extrnet from a private letter from Tampa, dated the lat atating that the U. 8 ateamer Crusader been captured by tbe re be la NaanriLLE, Aug 1* -Gov HarrU ordera all arma belonging to tbe State of Teaaeaeee to be e-nt to the military authorltiea at Nashville, Knoxvllle, and Memphis. Locisvillk, Aug 13?It la reported that the two reglmenta at Camp Roone have been ordered to proceed forthwith to Virginia Tbe Savannah Republican pabllabaa a memo rial protesting agalnat Souther a? purchssia^ tores in Northern markets The Macon Telegraph aaya Gov Haarla te Informed that Fremont la preparing, with 23,000 men. to operate agalaat Pillow at New Madrid Harris aald be could put 80.000 men In Ua Aeld In a few days, and would reinforce Pillow. Fran Oea Baa ha' relaaa. Hook. August 14 ?Veaterday eveolag tbe freight train from Baltimore, arriving here at 4 o'clock, brought Intelligence that a fight ?as pro greasing at fierlln. Other rumora were alao circulated that aeveral regiment* of the Confederates were approaching the river opposite Berlin from Lovettaville, for tbe purpose of erecting a battery to atop the tralna This aad other information received at beadquartera, to tbe effect that the Point of Rocka waa threatened by a atrong Confederate force. Induced the General to dla patch Col Gearv a regiment and tbe Rhode lsland Batterv to the Point of Rocka About one o'clock laat night a bine rocket was thrown up bv the rebels in tbe rear of Loudoun height*, about two miles from our camp, which was probably a algnal that our reinforcements were moving down the river. An officer from Berlin thla morning states that the Aghtof last night cons'ated of about twenty-Ave re be la approaching tbe river and Arlng a vollev Into our picket guard on tbe abutment at tbe burnt bridge. and alao into tbe town of Berlin Major Ledlie. of the Nineteenth New York Regiment. at once diapatched a battalion of hie regiment to the aid of the picketa The enemy. however. had disappeared No one on our aide wm killed or aerioualv wounded, nor la It known that tbe enemv suffered any loaa. Tbe same authority aaaer a that tbe picket guard at Berlin have for rmt dnys paet beard a regimental bui <1 of tbe rebela ->pparent*v between tbe shore and Lovettaville. und alao tLut the force at Lovettaville cona au of about 500 cavalry, autv ported probably by a cons derabie Infantry force It la uot Improbable that a large Confederate force la distributed inland along tbe Potomac line from Kdward's Ferry to tbe St.enaRdoefa. for tbe purpoae of preventing nnr scout* from protecting the I'nionlsts therefrom the a?cesslonlsts Reports have reached here that yesterday one or two L'liloiilsts of tbe Loudoun valley are re dragged from alck beda and forced Into tbe rebel rank* They come from bppnreaVly reliable sources. General report concede* that two or wore rebel regiments are near tbe Potomac, opposite the Point of Rocks Sasdt Hook, Aug 14, r u ?Tbe psssengers by tbe up-trslu report all quiet along the route, but an attack waa expected ?t the Point of Rocks Later fraaa Earape. New Yob a. Aug. 14?The steamer Persia, from Liverpool on the 3d instant, arrived he?n this afternoon. She brlnga ?17o,o0o Id specie. Tbe Brltiab Parliament waa rapidly wlndlrvg up tbe bualnesa of the session Lord Paimeraton aald the government would not Interfere In Neapolitan affairs He hoped, oa the contrary, that the Italian Geoerala won d crush out tbe prevailing brigandage. Tbe London Tlmea in Ita city article say* It is not to be supposed that any houses of Influence will be willing to act as agents for tbe Amerlcaa loan in London, fraught aa it would be with every element of danger to aubscrlbera. aa well a* to tbe friendly relations with tbe Union whenever It sball be re-eatabllsbed by a return, either compulsory or voluntary, of the Southern States Tbe London Advertlaer professes to have Information that the Ncrtb la going to iguore all blockades and collect duties by vessels stationed oF tbe blockaded ports. Lord Herbert, late Secretary of War, dlad on the '.id Inst It is geuerally believed that hi* death waa cau*ed by over work. Tbe Archduke and Archduchess Maximilian, of A ustria, are on a visit to IJueen Victoria Tbe Cunard ^teamahip Company have aold tbe ateamer Jura to the Canadian line. It la atated that after the vialt of the King or Pruaaia to France, Napoleon will goto witness tbe Pruaaian military maneuvers It 1* reported that tbe French and Engliab aquadrona will remain at Syria till winter The Paria Bourse remalna Arm at 68f 20c It la averted that tbe French Court la Intriguing to diaplace Baron Rlcaaoll, he not being pliant euough for tbe F. in per or Napoleon. Tbe Italian loan greatly exceed* the amount required A combined and almultaneoos movement by the reactionists wa* being vigorously suppressed by Gen Claldinl at Naplea Fresh disturbances had occured in tbe Jewish quarter of tbe city It is reported that the office of Governor General of Poland Is to be suppressed COMMBaciAL. Live*pool, Aug.3 ? Breaderu9*?Tbe weather has been unfavorable for tbecropa Flour Isqutet and prices steady. W bent is Arm, st sa advance of 2d for lower qualltlea Corn Is flrmer, and prices tending upward Provisions?Beef closed Arm Pork eMier Bacon active, but prices declining. Lard closed flat at 47a6da47s9d. Tallow closed aolet at 47a 64 Produce?A a bea closed Aral, pots 30s , pearls 33s Rosin autet at 7a a7a Id (oreoaaon. Spirits turpentine dull at 47s a47a Ad. Sugar steady Coffee dnll and prices uncbaagsd. Rice steady Linseed oil quiet and prices steady Cotton closed dull aod prices uncbaaged. London Markttt ?Cofl e closed Inactive Sugar Arm Tea heavy and all kinds slightly lower, common Congou 10a 6d a 10a lid Rlee la quiet Spirits turpentine he tvy and slightly lower. I.laaeed cakes advancing. Later freaa taltferala Octkk Starton, (50 miles west of Fart Kearney,) Aug 13 ?Tbe pony express from rtaa Franclaco on the 5th inat , passed here yesterday afternoon. The total amount of treasure shipped during tbe montb of July waa MI.ITTO.UOO Tbe pony express arrived at the Outer Station last evening, with St Loula dates to tbs 2Mb nil , bringing the announcement of tbe Bull Rua defeat. Tbe newa cast s gloom over our loyal poo P'e. . . Appleton'a Hotel, la San Jons, was bnraed oa tbe 31st, snd tbe Waablagton House, aa Davis ?treet, la this city, waa buraed oa the aaaae day The loss by tbs Utter Are amounted to A0O (M) Tbe Germans In Saa Francisco are preparing a gorgeous Aag for Geo Selgel The Union Democratic State Committee have called tbe State Convention to nominate a third ssadldste for Congress, as tbe Stats Is entitled to another Fifteen of the twenty-one Breckinridge pipers rapport the Union democracy The crops in Oregon will probably be deAoieat, swing to tbe unfavorable weath*e. Wallace (republican) la probably arreted to Congress la Waablagton Territory. Gea. Hardee Marchlag aa Pilot last. St. Lovia, August 14?It la reported that Gea. Hardee, w tu 15 MM) Confederates, is msreblag oa Pilot Knob, tb- t rmlnus of tbe St Lenta and Iron Mountain railroad The Union fores tbere is sboutS U00, with eight pieces of einaea. Fire la Ogdeasbarg, N. T. Oensasscao, Aug 13 ?A are brofte out thla moraing. destroying tbe storee and wvehnaa ft J H Morgan. H f Bacon, and J G Averell k Co ; alao an adjoining nnoccupied bulld'ac Lata s* lm .ted at A40,MM to S50.000 lasuraoce FSS,U00. Wreck af a Tachu Tokohto, C W , Angunt 13 ?Tbe yacht Wave nras wrecked outside of tbs harbar list a.ghta id four voueg araoiea drowaed h!t utaKb CLOTHING > Naabr Mg| at N *af Sevoato susst. *i aaaias Past t%t t ll-Un n ^ a * * " aa

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