Newspaper of Evening Star, August 16, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 16, 1861 Page 2
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THE KVRMMJ STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY A?|iit IS 1*61. . Fbik^db at the various military camp? and Tuitions will confer a favor by keeping us posted as to movementa and affairs In their vicinities. \U~ The new Dollar Weekly i?tar, fnller than *ver of Metropolitan news and gossip, and choice literary reading, is now on our connter ready for ri?!1v?ry to the public. Embraced in ita entertaining content* are the following articles: .Letters of >lr. Russell. of the London Times, from Vlcksbtug, Cairo, and Washington; Further t*outoeni accounts of the Bull Run battle; 1 < 'tBelal report* of the late battle; Highly inter- i Mitnrr m(l ) ?? K??.l ? . A ? ? ? * Hiiimi y | rv nil y IHUTCl'ICniB i throughout the country. Proclamation of tbe President; Important Exec- 1 ntlve and Departmental Intelligence; Appoint- < menta and removals, civil and military; Opera- | tiona of tbe Patent Offlre , .Latest telegraphic dlspitches; Agricultural, horticultural, and gardening' miscellany;. Household I Recipes. Ac.. Ac., together with several column* ' of choice reading matter, poetry, wit, local 1 news, and general Information. , Tbls is juat the paper above all others for per- . ons sojourning In the National Metropolis to send to tbelr friends at a distance Price only thre? cents per copy, or f 1.00 per annum; postage ( prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Spirit af tha Mtralai Press. , Tbe Imtelligenter expresses its pleasure that the | reporta of cruelty to our wounded men by tbe anemy after the battle of Bull Run have proved Unfounded, and that the American name Is thus , rescued from the disgrace of thesefoul calumnies The R?pmhli:a* argues that Europe need have Ho fears with regard to her supply of cotton, a? there is now enough In the trs-ketto last until ] tbe suppression of tbe rebellion. THK N^WS 11KHK. ??-?, ?y tkt Pre*id?nt of the I'mittd States oj America A PROCLAMATION Whereas, on the 15th day of April, 19#|, the 1 President of the United states, in view of an In- 1 urrection against the Laws, Constitution and ' Government of the I"tilted States, which had ' broken out within the Sta^s of South Carolina. ' Georgia, Alabama, Florida, MlMlsstppl, Louisiana and Texas. and In pursuance of the provisions 1 of the act entitled "Act to provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the imoa, suppress insurrections and repel Invasions, and to repeal the act now ia force for that 1 purpose." approved February -2&, 1795, did call forth the militia to suppress said insurrection and to caus" the laws of the Uuion to be duly exe- 1 cuted, and the Insurgents have failed to disperse ,, by the time directed by tbe President; and whereas such Insurrection has since broken out, and yet exists, within the Statea of VirginiaNorth Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas, and < whereas the insurgents in ail the said States claim to act under the autnorlty thereof, and such claim < is not disclaimed or repudiated by the person exer- ' vising the functions of government in such State I or States, or In the part or parts thereof in which such combinations exist, nor has such lusurrectlon been suppressed by sa d States : Now, therefore, I, Abraham Lincoln, Presiden* of tbe United State*, in pursuance of an act ofCon* great approved July 13, do hereby declare that the inhabitants of the sa*4 States of Georgia, Pouth Carolina, Virginia. North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama. Louisiana. Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and Florida, (except the inhabitants of that part of the State of Virginia lying* west of the Alleghany mountains and ?f such other ^>ar!s of that State and the other States hereinbefore named as may maintain a loyal adhesion to tbe Union and tbe Constitution, or may be, from time to time, occupied and controlled by forces of tbe United States angaged In tbe dispersion of said insurgents) are In a state of insurrection against the United States; tod that all commercial intercourse between the sine and the inhabitants thereof, with the exceptlui t/oieuld, and the citizens of other States and other parta of the United States ia unlawful, and will remain unlawful until aiie.h l?n? ?< hall ceue or bu been suppressed; that all goods I and chattel*, ware#, and merchandise, coming I from any of said State*, with the exception! afore- I aid. Into ether parts of the United States, with-1 out tbe special license and permission of the | President, through the Secretary of the Treasury, I ?r proceeding to anr of said states, withthe ex'ep- I tlons aforesaid, by land or water, together with the I "Vessel or vehicle conveying the same, or conveying I persons to or from said states, with said excep. I tlons, will be forfeited to he United State*; and I that from and after fifteen days from ?be issuing I of this proclamation, all ships and vessels belong- I Ing In whole or In part to any citizen or lnhabl- I tant of any of said States, with said exceptions. I found at sea, or In any port of the United States. I will be forfeited to the United States; and I here- I by enjoin upon all District Attorneys, Marshals. I and officers of tbe revenue and of the military and I naval forces of the United State* to be vtgiiaut I In tbe execution of said act, and in tbe enforce- I xaent of the penalties and forfeitures imposed or | declared by It; leaving any party who may think | himself aggrieved thereby to his application to I the Secretary of the Treasury for the remission of I any penalty or forfeiture, which tbe said Secre- I tary is authorized by law to grant If, In his judg-1 xnent, tbe special circumstances of any case shall I require such remission. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my I hand, and caused the *eal of the United I States to be af&ied j Dona at the City of Washington, this 10th dayof I August, in the year of our Lord, 1641, and I fx..* J of tbe independence of tbe United States I of America tbe elshtv-slith I abraham lincoln By tbe President: William H Si was d, Secretary of State ? TtmauoniAL ArroiHXMEWTi ?Wra H Wallace, of Washington Territory, baa been appointed Governor of that Territory. Also. Leander J S Turney, of llllnola, to be Secretary of W asblngton Territory- _ Also, A S Paddock, of Nebraaka Territory, to be Secretary thereof Rimovid ? Messrs Thoa. J MeCamant per annum). Johu B Carna(9l6uj per Annum), Btjwn Norrla (fl.t<J?> per aanum), and Fry tsger <tl.4W>), editor of tbe True U*moctat, Lewlston, Pa , hare been removed from their clerkships in the office of the Sixth Auditor of the Treasury. Co*-! LAB AFroiHTMiMTs.?The Presidenthas appointed Win. Walton Murphy, of Michigan, Consul for the Landgraviate of Hrsse Hamburg, the Ducby of Naasau, Grand Duchy of Hesse Darmstadt. Ac , Ac , and Samuel Whitlnk, cf New Jersey, Consul at Naasau, N P. Takiss thb Oath.?All the employee* in the State Department took the oath prescribed by Con grass, to-day, administered by Jastlce Callan. HT" Through an accident, we are compelled to defer tbe pabllcation of tbe City Letter List until to-Borrow CTThe Baltimore Kxtkmgf (aeceab) decline* j - a- a? as -" *' nmrMwow iwo\>ieiian s request, that the ji??i|Nptri shall publish nothing concerning military movements, sari : "We were not In v-ited to the famous "Convsntlon of Editors" at Washington, and should not have attended it If w* had been favored with a call?for we think the truth caa be readily told without an editorial conspiracy," Ac., Ac. 117" To-day Prince Napoleon sets out out on fels northwestern tour, but the Princess is to reanstn in New York. Last night the Prince was entertained by member* of the Union Club. The Princess baa spent some time in New York shopping, and has purchased quite an amount of jewels of Ball k Black. ITT Yesterday morning four thousand fcngeld rifles, a part of the twenty thousand purchased by the State of New York, arrived at New York city and were deposited In the State Armory Yesterday In New Jork the flsgs on the City Hall, Taamany Hall, and the various engine booses, were at .Salf-maat, as a token of respect to 1 , liory Of tkt 141* Pol. Fambain. . I 1 Ot R MILITARY BUDGET. Another EnfifcntDt at flathiu Point* , An Officer aid Tw? .Urn Killed?Another Fatally Wonndrd ? Yesterday, about I o'clock p. m , the propeller Resolute, Capt Btidd, In passing Matthias Point, discovered a row-boat, with a couple of barrels in it, lying on the beach. The master's mate, John Fuller, with five men, were dispatched to seize It, when, upon approaching the shore, a heavy volley of musketry broke out upon them from the dense chapparel, completely riddling the boat, and most of 1 ts men. Mr. Fuller and two men were hot dead, and another mortally wounded in the temple. Mr. Fuller received ten balls, the gunner (George Seymore) seven, and the seaman [Thomas Tully) two. Fourteen balls struck the row-boa!, piercing the sides and splintering the oars The oth^r two men pulled immediately for the Resolute, from which a larger boat had been lent to their rescue, and which met their and took i part of th^m on board. The wounded man, upon being lifted into the larger boat, although unable lo alt alone, at once seized an oar and engaged again in bis duty, but after a few pulls he was > prevailed upon to desist, and the gallant fellow I was placed in the bottom of the boat. The Resolute and Reliance, which camc up at once, opened with shell and cannlster, and it la i believed with good effect. One man was seen dr-t>ged off apparently dead, but the bushes were to thick that it was Impossible to estimate the loss of the enemy. It Is not slight doubtless, from the fact that the first (Ire of cannister riddled the cbapparel from which the enemy fired upon the boat, and the shell made great havoc with the trees and undergrowth. Mr Fuller was an efficient officer, and had performed very arduous service upon the river, landigg with boat's crews and destroying contraband property. He was from Brooklyn, N. Y., and leaves a f.tmlly to mourn bis untimely loss The otbers also have families, the wounded man, hrnest Walters, havingawife in Liverpool, lingland He was at once removed to the hospital, but it la not (bought he will survive. This ? ? _# x _ i _? * >?v?ujhk uut' ui uia messmates raiica upon Dim lo learn if he desired lo leave any message for htiwife. )>nt ILe poor fellow in his paiu could not remember hrr address This morning the dead lay in neat black walnut cottlin on the after part of the propeller, covered *ith the U. S flag, ar.d surrounded by the sad hearted crew They were to be deposited In the vault In the Congressional Burying Ground this ifternoou, to await the disposition of their friends Two of (he men in the boat were recruited last Sunday, one of whom wag killed The missile* tired by the enemy were Kentucky rlfl* and musket balls, square slugs and buck shot Last Tuesday, the George Page, at Aquia Creek, went into commission and hoisted her pennant and Confederate flag. She Is understood to be :ased with railroad iron, and to carry six guns; Out her structure is so light that they would speedily rack her to pieces. The only danger anticipated from her is teries she may com* out, and with a large body of men, which she can easily carry, overpower some of cur gun boats. A BRUSH DOWN THE KIVEK. Th* Resolute Loses Three Men Killed and One Wounded. At II a m. Capt. Craven, Commander of the KlotllU of the Potomac, dispatched the steamers Resolute mid Relisn<e to make a reconnoisance if Matthias Point, from which the Resolute returned (to the anchorage off Aquia Creek) at S p. in., when her commander made the following report of a brush with the enemy that he had had In the course of the day : U. S Steamier Rkholutx, Aug. 1G, 1^-CI. Sir: In obedience to your orders 1 proceeded town the river to make an examination of Mat;bias Point and the immediate vicinity. Nothing Indicating a hostile movement could be discovered at or about the Point. Hearing that a schooner aru asnore at lower Cedar Point, I thought It advisable to go down to her, and get her off if po? ilble. A boat was aeen on the Virginia shore a ihort distance this side of Persimmon Point; and I dispatched an officer and live men in a boat, for the purpose of capturing her. They had just reached her. and were in the act of making fast to her. when a volley of musketry was llred from the adjoining bushes, not more than live or six yards distant; Instantly killing three of the boat's crew and wounding another. I immediately opened Are, throwing shell into the cover that sheltered the enemy. After four or Ave rounds they were driven out. running in parties of three and four in different directions, some of them running out into some dwelling houses on the right. The survivors of the boat's crew succeeded in getting her off from the shore while 1 was firing The Reliance csming up at this moment, commenced throwing shell at the Hying enemy, and also sent a boM to assist In getting my boat off Nothing was left behind My boa1 Is completely riddled, particularly In the after part. The attacking party numbered about thirty. Lieut. Mygatt remained with his vesiel In the vicinity until I could report to you. The following persons were killed and wounded : Killed. John Fuller, master's mate; Geo. Seymour and Thomas Tulley, seamen. Woundtd. Ernest Walton, seaman The men that cacaped *tate that tbe boat on the bore had two cask* In her We were unable to secure her. Very respectfully, Wm Hedd, Commanding Resolute To Capt. Ceavbs, Comd'g Potomac Flotilla ? Anather Prsba ble F.pgBgrment on the Patamac. Early this morning i annonading wu heard on the Potomac, apparently taking place at or near the Aquia Creek batteries of the disunloniata We have rumors from Fort Washington and Alexandria, alleging the capture of tbe George Page by the Pawnee. The Page lies np a creek, four miles from a bar impassible for tbe Pawnee, is very heavily armed and has long been surrounded by a force of some 2 ,?00 disunion land troops Ere either of the smaller steamers of the flotilla could reach her with their guns, tbe Aquia creek batteries must be demolished, and the enemy driven from them It may be that this was done this morning. If so tbe large number of scows and floats collected by tbe disunlonista about Aquia Creek have oro nably be*n destroyed of Yaptured?with, It may be the batteries, hardly the George Page, situated u the la. AFFAIR* IN SOUTHWESTERN MISSOtRI It seems to b? understood at the War Department that the attack of the lamented Gen. Lyon on McCullogh's forces, near Springfield, accomplished everything that was designed te be achieved by General L. In undertaking the enter prize. He bad McCullougb and Price Immediately In front of him, with a force numerically much more than double bis own, though for the most part Composed of Ineffective and badly armedand-provided troops?the Texans and baif-breed Indiana and a portion of the artillery only, being equal to the average of his (Lyon's) troopa He knew that Hardee was marching with a considerable body of troopa to reinforce McCullougb, and that If the junction took place In bis front, with the large body of horse at the enemy'a command be ran a great risk of being outflanked and cut off from bla line of retreat. He therefore attacked McCullougb, In order to so cripple his army as that It could not attempt to follow him in ?k? retreet be contemplated. la thta object be wu aucceaaful; causing the enemy a loaa double bla own,and subaequently effecting bla retreat unmoleated, and carrying ofl In good order everything be could poaalbly bare transported with bla means at command bad there been no euemv near him. Already newt baa been received here, giving assurance that be baa reached the point he aimed for, w'uere his own reinforcements can aurely come op with him In due time, and where the nature of tbe country will enable him to worst the enemy In any force in wbicb tbe latter may again preaent himself paovosT MitiHiL roaraa Is hereafter to have es perl si charge of tbe bridge, over tbe Potomac. Pa sacs to cross Ibf river m?at be obtained from him In future. ? AH IMPOBT&HT GKHKKAL OftDK*. Htadtfuarttrt Division of tkt Potomac, ) Washington, Aug. 16,18S1. \ General Order.', So. 4. All passes, safe conducts, snd permits heretofore given, to enter or go beyond the line* of the U. S. Army on the Virginia side of the Potomac, ire to be deemed revoked, and all such pusses will emanate only from the War Department, the Headquarters of the U. 8. Army, or of this division, or from the Provost Marshal at Washington. Similar powers will be required to cross the river, by brdge or boat, into Virginia. Strict military surveillance will be exercised within the lines of the army on the northern side of the Potomac. and upon all the 'avenues of every kind, by land and water, leading to and from the city of Washington, as well over persons holding passes, as all others. Passes will not be required at or within the lines of the army north of the Potomac, but disloyal or suspected persons will be liable to arrest an/) ? "? * % .. ? ucicutiun unm aiscnargea 07 competent authority, and contraband articles will be seized Officer* and soldier* of the army will obtain passes as heretofore ordered. All complaints of Improper arrests, seizures or scorches, made or purporting to be made under military authority, will be received by the proper Brigade Commanders or Provost Marshal, who will at once investigate the same, and in each Instance make report to headquarters. By command of Maj. Gen. McClellan. 8. Williams, Assistant Adj't (Jen. [A'oi* ?We understand that this general order does not contemplate requiring pass?*for ordinary railroad travel to and from Washington, or to enter the line* of the army on this *lde of the river, from Maryland ?Ed. ?tak] the ob per head to the seventy-ninth. The following ia the order read to the ?9th Regiment 011 Wednesday : " The General Commanding has heard with the deepest pain of the acts of insubordination on the part of the 70th Regiment. Without at'emptlng to ent^r into a discussion of the eaus< s, it is sufficient to say'hat they are frivolous and groundless. "That these arts have thrown disgrace upon the regiment and the service, and taking place at this time thev give rise to the strongest suspicions of the most abject cowardice. The regiment has forced upon the Commanding-General an Issue which he Is prepared to meet. i nc men are orderei to lay down their arms and return to duty. All those refusing to do so will be llred upon immediately If they comply with the order the ringleaders only will be punished. <:The colors of the regiment are taken from them, and will be returned only when their conduct in campshill have proven that they understand the first duty of a soldier?obedience; and when, on the Held of battle, they shall have proved their bravery The names of the leaders in this revolt will be sent to the Governor of New York, to be paced in the archives of the State. A court martial will be held forthwith ** medical eath5 for sick sold er* hkatquartkrs drf't op wasiun&ton. > Washington, L> C., August 13, 1861. \ General Orders, No. 35 Medical baths, such *s vapor, sulphur. Ac., will be furnished to the officers and soldiers of this department, at the bath house No. 207 "F" street, opposite, the Navy Department. Also (when requisite) at their camps or quarters' provided that they have a certlilcate setting forth the necessity of such baths, signed by the surgeon of their regiment, independent battalion, or company. The baths will be administered by Doctor A lean. By command of Brigadier General Mans&eld : Taos. C. Sullivan, A. A. A General. i na ?mvr iuni HI ITIIKTH. Yesterday, some of the New York Sixteenth, tired of camp life already, undertook to refuse to answer to their namts at roll call Colonel Davis brought them to a proper aenae of thalr duty, by giving due notlcc that li- would Sboot down the first two who, being present la line, refused to obey the rule requiring them to answer. They knew their man ; and accordingly not one failed to acknowledge bis presence In line, orally. If ail the volunteer officers possessed the decision of character for which Colonel Davis Is marked, the work of thoroughly disciplining the Army of the Potomac would be speedily accomplished. CAMPS or KKNDZZVOCB AND INSTRUCTION. An order has been lasued from the War Department establishing camps of rendezvous and Instruction at New York, Harrisburg, Pittsburg, and Cincinnati. Every volunteer is to be mustered In as soon as enrolled, and sent to the camp ot rendezvous as soon as mustered In, the expense of transportation to be borne by the Government. The War Department reserves the right to attach soldiers or companies to other regiments, In ease that for which they were enrolled be not ready al the time fixed. SWORN IW. Three more companies of Col. Young's lsl Cavalry Regiment were sworn Into the servict this forenoon, making seven in all, so far. The balance, three companies, will probab.y be ready to be sworn In to-morrow or on Monday next One of the companies, from Cumberland county, fa., has been organized ever since 1818. Twenty j companies in ail have applied to be admittsd Into til* popular regiment. PRESIDRNT LINCOLN AT TUB WAVY YARO. Yesterday, President Lincoln visited tb Navy Yard on business, and left immediately, without giving them time to tiro the customary salute He also vlsHed the Yard lc tbe same manner the day previous This is the third time be bas visited tbe Yard unnannounced, and left before a sa lute could be fired, apparently eschewing all un necessary waste of gunpowder. SWINDLING TUB GOVKRNMBNT. A volunteer named Foley enlisted aod was dls cbsrged on account of the heart disease, receiving pay and the usual Government allowances. He went borne, reenllsted, and again endeavored tc get a discharge on a plea of sickness, but was detected An example Is to be made of bim,ol course His object was to get allowance foi transportation, 4c AITOINTKD. Gen Kdwln C. Wilson, of Erie, Pa., (late Adjutant General of State of Pennsylvania,) baa been appointed a Brigade Quartermaster of Vol. unteersU.S A., with the rank of Captain Alto, CP Hinsdill, of Grand Rapids, Mich., to be a Commissary of Subsistence of Volunteers, with the rank nf I"*nt?In cleaning op. The 3d Infantry, who are to camp (as a portion of Gen Porter's Provost Guard.) In the popular camping ground known aa Franklin Square, have been buay for some days past In getting 1* In order They have removed the dirt left there by the volunteers and already have It lu applepie order. not so. We are able to contradict positively the silly story of the New York newspapers alleging that Mr. W. W. Corcoran of this city has loaaed money to the Southern Confederacy. He has dona nothing of the ?ort; por has be had any transaction with them, pecuniary or otherwise, of any description whatever. aiSIONATIONS. The Department has accepted the resignations of three Captains and twelve Lieutenants of the N Y. 'i6th (Oneida^ ~?*-* ? - , a ?t - ? ?wu blfwim and aeven Lieutenant* of the N. Y. 38th (Scott Life Guard), alao of Captain Jamea 8 Waugh, N Y 5th, and Assistant Surgeon Mitchell, of the Fire Zouarea. diskettes cacoht. Thla morning half a dozen of the New York 79th were taken In the act of attempting to deaert in dUgulae. It seema to be uaderatood that severe punishment wlllaurely be meted out to aome of the recusant of that regiment by way of the so much needed exmmple. ron tub pbovost orabd. General McCleltaa ha* added a fine light artillery battery to the Waahtagton Proroat Guard under General Andrew Porter, U. 8 and It Is now on doty In the Immediate vicinity of Gen. P's headquarters. 0T Martial law waa proclaimed in St Loula by Gen. Fremont on Wednesday last ? / 1 ' ? Famine*. Md.?The Frederick Union aaya (bat a portion of the Fourth Connecticut Regiment arrived there on Saturday. The (/titan alao note* tbe arrival of aeventy-two Union volunteera from Morgan county, Va. Four hundred wagon*, loaded with army atbrea. have arrived there, and aome fifteen hundred Government mulct are being broken into aervlce there The Cole Rangera,a new cavalry company, numbering 86 rank and file, and commanded bv Capt. Henry A. Cole, of that city, were muatered Into tbe aervlce of the United State# by Major Smith, on Saturday laat. UJT The Fire Zouavea, the New York Exprea* aaya, do not intend to reorganize, in tbe atrict acnae of that term, but they will recruit. Such of the omcers as have shown tbemaelTea incompetent will be compelled to resign by public opinion. Lieut. Colonel Creager haa resigned in consequence of severe illness, which as yet is of a dangerous character. The command of the regiment, therefore, devolvrg on Major Lozier. ID" From twenty to thirty tons of shot and shell are now sent from New York to Washington daily. A Handsome Present ?Lieut Frank E Brownell. the avsnger of Ellsworth's death, haa been made the recipient, bv some friends in Boston, of an elegant dagger, the handle of which was carved out of Ivory by Mr Win. l^utz, the sculptor. At the top of the handle Is represented the American eagle in the act of killing a rattle snake, the svmbol of the so-called Southern Confederacy. On one side of the handle is executed in bas-relief a likeness of Gov. Andrew, on the other the bead of the Goddess of Liberty. Between these are Introduced, on one side, the Coat nf VT..?. K???- ? > "? ' < v. n.on VI nianiuuKIW, Oil IUC UHIT IDDl OI ID( United States The lower part of the handle la tastefully ornamented In Rococo style, and the dagger a* well at the th?atb, I* mounted with solid silver, making a most appropriate present for no brave a soldier This elegant and e'abmate piece of German workmanship is valued at $80. Withdrawal or a Lccacy to a SkcKssiojusT. Henry King, a wealthy resident of Allentown, Pa , died J" few weeks since, leaving an estate valued at S-JiumKIO He died cbiiAleri. He wasa brother of T Butler King, one of the Confederate Commisalonrrs now in Kurope. Mr Kingh?d made a will, leaving half of his property to bis

wife and the other half to his brother; but a few weeks before his death, exasperated at the secession sentiment of his brother, be made a new will, leaving most of bis property to bis wife, and the remainder to charitable purpose* ?PkUadrlphia paper. Bad ?om Jackso* ? Some wretch In human form threw a rock Into one of the cars, the evenlng Gov Jackson, of Missouri, passed this place, from a secreted position, on tbe lot adjoining Major Carnnham's, at the east end of tbe town, which hit the Governor on the jaw, knocking out three teeth The person who threw the rock could not have known that Governor Jackson was on the traiD, as the point where the rock was thrown Is near a mile from the' depot The hitting of Governor Jackson was accidental -^6tngden Virginian. Confkdiratk OrficERs.?Lieut. George B. Crittenden, of Kentucky, having resigned bis commission In tbe Federal army, Is uow In Richmond. and has tendered his services to tbe Confederate Government Col Crittenden was Lleu| tenant Colonel of the Mounted Rifles In the I'nitert States service Col Loring, late Colonel of the tame regiment. Is now Brigadier General in the Confederate service Thb Goodwood Cur ?The Goodwood cup. as has been already stated, was won this year by "Starke," an American horse, owned by Sir Ten Broek ThU is the first time that this splendid prize has ever graced the side-board of an American The Goodwood 'stakes,'' run for in a difi'erent race, were worn bv Klcho, Starke coming In second, the winner having the advantage of twenty-four pounds in the weight Two years ago, Starke won the "stakes" himself. Grorok N Sacndkrs a Defaulter.?George N. Saunders, late Navy Agent, under Buchanan's Administration, has been discovered to be a defaulter to the amount of ?'.21,000 by the Department. The District Attorney at Washington has commenced suit upon the official bonds of Mr S The bond* are for $75,000 Zenor Secor and the Hon. Robert J. Walker are his sureties ?N. Y. Tribune. Arrekt op Ho* Alkx R. Botilir ?The Boonsboro', Md . Odd Fellow has the following paragraph. We have not beard of tbe arrest from any other source: We learn from private sources that the Hon. Alex. R. Boteler, of Virginia, was captured by tbe Federal troops, at his residence near Shepherdtown, and taken on Tuesday to Sandy Hook to General Banks. 1JT The Union State Convention, which assembled In this city yesterday, was attended by delegates from all sections of the State. Great I unanimity of sentiment and much enthus1??m was manifested. Augustus W. Bradford, Esq., of Baltimore county, w?.Cnominated for Governor, and S 8. Matfitt, Esq., for the Comptroller- j hip ?Bait Amtriean. ? j Nkgroks Burst ?Five negroes, it the Instigation of two white men, murdered Mr. Glhson, an overseer in Monroe county, Ala . on the 24th ult. They were burnt at the stake for the crime. t PUTNAM RIFJ.KS,?This compan* will '19 me^t at Island Hall on FRIDAY EVENING, Augu-t 17th. t<? ?ieot officers pr*Ti->u? to being mustered in the aervioe of the United State*. . All person? <<estrir>g to go in the above Co ps will 1 meet at 3 o'clock p. m. . au 15-21* G THISTLETO.N. ! !Y*=?PUTNAM RIFLES?Your a tention is , JJf called to the po?tors In regard to forming a Companj for the war. I have been request d to organize the Putts for the Unted States servioe, ar.d to lie mustered in immediate'jr. Th? officers ' will t?e elected by the Company. Rendezvous, r Island HaM, front room, first floor. I GK(>. THISTLETON. Jjr-NOTICE TO TAX-PAYERS. Collector** Officii / r Washington August 8, '861 \ i The taxes for 1861 have been fixed ?t fifty cents on tli* one hundred dollars. A discount of twmty per cent, is allowed under the law for prompt par. ment. "Coin and due bills, or certificates of indebtedness of this Corporation of the c ? ^"..V HIIIIWIIUU u V O dollars," arc alon? reoeivable in th?? p**mrnt of taxes. WU.LIAM DIXON, au 8-6^eo Collector. .? TUB UNION PRAYER MEETING \L5 will be holden EVERY DAY in the E street Baptist Church, commenping at S o'olook p. in. and - to be continued an hour. Grangers as well as , oltiaens of all denominations are invited to attend ' take part in these social meetings. m 21 ; rrg? ' l HAY, STRANGER. WHERE ARE ' 11. ? you going? Yon seem to be in a treat hurij. "?o I am. I am go'nt to SMITH'S, No. 460 . Seventh street, to buy a suit of Clothing. The peo 1 pie say he has a very moe assortment, and tliey say he sells them so cheap." Nott.?The last we saw of the stranger, he was running up Seventh street singing out ''SMITH. No. 460." m 21 Sm L^UR SALE?A BAKERY, doing a first rate r husinebs, together with a Horse and Wagon, 1 and Stands in Hi" Center and Northern Markets. Apply at this office. a i i?-3t? NOTTCK. LL Persons indebted Vi R. Brioe HaU are requested to ooine forward at an early day and settle their aooounts with the unde-sicned. Trustee of the said Ball, for the henrfit of his creditors; otherwise they will be pijt in a proper train for oollection according to law. THEO. SHECKEI.S. au 16 6>eo Trustee for R. Brioe Hall. jfL^HTVS AdENTS p?"yil yM w TiE D I Ik'/ approved military book 1 nt/i ft I <n the Ckmii. the I k'Tl?j H / **le of wtiich li I R\ *1 MI guarantied / v_// ^rnwdire Z^1 !,'? I |f j DOLLARS V^Zz Apptr at\i51 Pa. avenue It* ATTENTION, FARM KR8! ?FOR S*LS/V About on? li and red fWINR. and email, moatlt of the pure Suffolk and7kJ^ Cheater breed*. Aroonc thiin are a 8ni-gUL* folk Boar and three Sowa. roual to ant in me United State*. The hof* mar he a en at the plaoe of Mr John Dnuglaa. near the Eaetern Branch B'idee, eaot of the Capitol. Inquire of RUS8EL PRIBLEY, in whoee cere the hog? are, or to the abaoriber. an 15-3t<io* N. SARGENT. 1 SHALI. Commenoe7rom*the IVb of August. 1861, to sell all Clocks, Watohee, and Jewelry left at my store for repaira. Pereons interested. take notioe. J. ROBINSON, Jeweller, 349 Pa aveaae, aa 14-<t? Qppoeite Hrown'e Hotel. THB ALEXANDRIA CHEAP STORE! CARFSTtNQ FROM ALEXANDRIA! moved here from Alexandria to be aold oat to 'ether Wth our a took of Dry Oooda. O*' atook of ?hkr etinr oonntt or Bruaaela, Three ply, All-wool, Ircrsin, Wool-tiling Rag. and Hemp Carprtt. We ar?offering great bargain*. a? we have Jewmmed to eel I aland I cm than ooet. to close buaiw. meVenberb, alf-lw |8 MffcOlm>, wider A venae Mom?. SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS la Hsspltal, Ai|ul 10, 1M1. Pubhshtd in conform*:} trith thi NMlaliM / i i At Senati of July 19, 1981. J At Gtntral Hospital on E 'fesff, betietin Fourth i and Fifth ttrieti, Washington. J 1st N. Y Zona^e*.... 11 >3d Vermont Vol 1 ' 3d do Volunteers.. 1 lit Minnesota Vol .... 3 7th do do 13d Pennsylvania Vol . 1 i 13th do do 1 5th do do.. 1 j 14th do do 1 fitb do do.. 6 17th do do 1127th do do.. 3 < l*th do do > -id New Jeraey Vol ... 9 *2A do do 13d do do.... 1 24th do do...... 3 2d Maine Volnnteera.. 2 27th do do 2)3d do do 3 29th do do 1 4th do do 5 31 at do do 2|5th do do 2 33d do do 2|2d New Hampshire .. 5 35th do do 2 2d Michigan 3 36th do do 1 4th do 2 37-h do do I id Wisconsin 1 | Ifcth do do 1 Tammany regiment.. 1 i 69th do do 1 9turges Illinois Rifles. 1 I 79th do do 1 lat California Vol .... 3 1st Sickles Brigade... 1 Id U 9 Infantry 1 1st Mass. Volunteers .. 1 2d U 8 Cavalry 1 <>th do do 1 2lat N. Y. Volunteers. 1 2d Vt. do 1 Total 88 At Union Hospital, corner of Bridge and Wash tngi?n struts, itforgttmm. ;M N. J Volunteer* .. 3 6th Maine Volunteers. 9 2d N. Y. Volunteers.. 4 1st N. H. Volunteer!.. 1 13th do do 9 2d do do 3 14th do do 1 1st Ohio do...... 1 17th do do 2 1st Mlniu do 4 19th do do 1 IstMasd) do t 22d do do 1 lit Conn. do 1 24th do do 2 id Wis. do 8 25th do do 18th PenivlranU Vol.. 1 26th do do 1 9th do do... 1 33d do do 4 tilth do do... 1 69th do do 1 26th do do... 1 79th do do 11 27th do do... S Tammany N Y. Vol.. 3 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 Mozart do do .. 1 3d do do.... 13 2d Michigan Vel 3 2d II Cavalry 2 3d do do 5 Hth U. S Infantry .... 1 4th do do 7 Sturgls Rifle Co., Chi2d Maine do...... 1 cago 1 4th do do 3 Total 109 At Hospital at Migs English's Sttninary, Gtorgttown. 1st Artillery I HrthN.Y.Volunteer?.. 1 2d do 1 25th do do 1 Teamster, H M D... 1 33d do do...... a 2d Maine Volunteers.. 6 79th do do 4 3d do do 3 Tammany N. Y. Vol . 1 6th do do 1 De Kalb do do.. 4 1st Mass. Volunteers.. I Excelsior Brigade.... 2 7th do do 2 Ut Michigan Vol I 3d Vermont Volunteers 1 2d do do 12 2d New York do.... I 1th do do 21 llth do do.... 4 1st Minnesota do 10 16th do do.... l| ? Total 82 At General Hospital, Alexandria, 9 3eth N Y. Volunteers 8 2d N H Volunteers.. 8 2d Michigan do ... 1 71st N*Y. do I Mozart do.... 1 12th do do...... 3 32d New York do.... 2:lstCavalry 1 5th Maine do.... 4'lgttaN V Volunteers. 3 1st Minnesota do....14 4th Maine do 6 2d Maine do ... 2IIJ 8. Marine 1 79?hNewYork do.... 3 3d Michigan Vol .... 2 37th do do 2 lit Mats Volunteers. 1 '2d Wisconsin do 4 11th do do i 3d Maine do.... 5 69th N. V do 2 2d Vermont d?.... 5 1st Michigan do 1 1st New Jersey do 2 27tb N V. do 1 Fire Zouaves 10 1st Artillery 1 2d Cavalry 3 ? Teamster ,1 Total #5 ID" Washington papers please oopv and send bills to the War Department. aug Ifi? d'2w INGERSOLL'S PATENT PORTABLE HAY PKE86E8, For sale J. P. UARTHOluW, a tent, jy 26-2w?o 33* Seventh at. near Canal. OOft EMILE DUPRE OiU Pkknxtlvania AvKSn, Ieoh Bvildixq. Importer and Wkolesa 'e Denier in FINK WINKS. BRANDIES. SEGAR4. SARDINES. PICK!.ES TK KrtERVED FRUITS. CONDENSED MILK, ASSORTED SYRUPS, and CAMP SUPPLIES. JUST RECEIVED? 100 CASES OLD BOURBON (188ft) AT EMILE DOME'S IKON Bcildiw?, 390 PA. Avshvs. F <VREDERIC TUSTUS' HAMBURG CELEBRATED SMOK1NQ TOBACCO, The Beit Artiole Ever Iirpoit.-d, Oo to EMILK DUPRE, Ikon Buildiwo, 390 Pa. Avxjiue. JUST RECEIVED90 Case* Impoktsd SELTERS WATER, In Original Stote Bottles, t an 13 1m EM1LF. PUPBE'8 NEW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVELS.-The Alohemist, or the House of Claea; from the French of Honore do Ba sac Free by mail, Rl. Silas Marcer, the Weaver of Raveloe ; by G eo. Elliott, the author of "Adam Be<le " Fr?e dt mail, 75 oeDta. FKKNCH * RICHSTBIN. 29 lIT* P?n"? ?v?nr| CARRIAGES. HE Subscriber having made additions to hit factory, making it now one of the lergest^^nmu in the I)istriot, where hia facilitietS<BBMgfor manufacturing CARRIAGES andw~" M LIGHT W*GON8 of all kinda cannot be anr passed, and from hia long experience in the business, he hopce to give general satisfaction. All kinds of Carriages and Light Wagons kept on hand. All REPAIRS neatly done, and all orders promptly attended to. Second hand Carriages taken in exohange for new ones. ANDREW J. JOY CE, d 18 tf comer of Fourteenth and E sis. f IBRARY OF CONGRESS, I A ? ? _ niuim D, IWi. Notice ia hereby given that the' Library of Con *re??" will be olo?ed on 'I ueeday, the 13th day of Autuat, and wU I not be reopened until Taeeday, the >7th day of September. au 6 Jul!N G STKPBENSON, LibrarianFirst ^1 * a" military if^^vtu t h FIELD [( L ?rA glass ed, w 1 old at th* l"weet Eaatera m. I. franklin, OrTiciAii, 344 Pa armoe. Jy l> 1"? between '3th and 13th eta. C r[) RFWARD Will ba p*id for the apprehena^n and delivery to me. or necuunf m in iail of NEGRO WOMAN LOUISE; m oalla herself Louiae Hanaon She ia a tall, likely negro, quite black, well d'eaaed, wi'h fall aui? of hair. She ia no donbt larking in J3l> Upper Marlboro* or neichbnrh'xtd She haa a huaband in Washington oity.and m%v mak* her way to tl at plaoe WM. WORTH1NGTON, Near Woodvil'e. Oa l&-3tawtf Prinoe George'a oounty, Md. Fresh and genuine cucumber. cabrage. and turnip seeds. also, buckwheat, timothy, fcoac. For nale by J. P. BARTHOLOW, jy 3B eolw a*S Seventh atreet. near Canal. Horse buckets, wagon hames. trace chain*. CURRY COMBS, Ao.. *0. For aale by J P BARTHOLOW, Agrio?i?nral WarahonM, j_y 36-2weo ftftS Seventh atreet, near Cana1. Large stock ?<f housefurnishing GOODS AT COST. IN ALEX&N-wifS DRIA ?I offer at coat, for aaeoie or ita ? quivClect, my who e atook? being exclu-m^P aiveli artiolea uarful in houaakeeping?am- V bracing Houaefurniahing Hardware t?ki? c-? KVT Of & 1 grades. Plated lee Pitobera, Wai'era, Cartera, Spoona, l-orka, Cake Buk'U, 4o. Britannia Sew. Coffee Urn*. Chafing D ahee. Plan niahtd and Painted Tin Ware, Toilet Seta, wood W are, Brnahee of all kinda, Door Mate, Refngeratora, water C<>oiera, fto. Merohanta wiahinc to replenjah, hotel-keeeers ana honae-kr epera, will ftnd theee good a of the beet ?oo?. Oapoaite the Marahall Hoaae. Alexandria _JJ21 Send for my catalogue. aa lS->t?o* I PICKLING VINEGAR. < warranted.) 1 OOP gallons Pare Cider V meter for aala by wm. bryan. No. 4 4,opp ?ai te Canter Market, a?8 Steo between Ttt and ?lh ate Havondaleflour 1 aving Made a'rangetnenta with Meeera. BAftaoca A Ifuiia for the aale of my Flour, tbey will aiwaya be prepared to anaply my old fnenda and customer*. and tbe trade generally, at mill pnoee. (jy S-lm?o) geo. wheeler. | JELLING OFP AT HALF PRICE OUR < io entire atook of handaoae Flounoei Bar<ge I Robes, in black and eolora; all Lawn and Or.?. a. i tnusiin kodm. wtdMir* to does out this portion of stook ftt onoe, for ouh, ud thill offer great bargains to purchaser* - i /. W. COLLKY k, CO., je 34 10t?o t%3 fteventh iUe?t. above Pa I DURTABLE OVENS, ' .SMflfeSK'-T"-; J. P*BARTHOLOW, t jy **? Werenth street, near Carnal. I !always on haarf, ?r sis to order at the *b>>i ie?l I i %rjjjes srkansa varaa J, AUCTION SALEri. By GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aaetioneera HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN FIRM I* rr?? at Arrrio!*.?Qa MONDAV. U? lib icitant, we thai: aril, at the residence of a (ant eman declining boaaekeepinc, at No. 641 PannayJrania ar^ue. ea?t of tha Caaitol. batwaan 3d aa1 kl atreet* ?*?t, at la o'o.ock a m., a (ood aaeortmentof 1 ornitira, ?i? : Bureau , Cottage Set, Iroa and other Beriiteada, Hair and s*huck M*t'rea???, Tat> ea and Chaira. Sofa, Carpet, liookca.e. Waabatanda, Rpfriterator. CookID| and other Store*, and a food lot of Kitafcen beqntaitee w ith many other artiolea, which wa deem ?nneoeanary to enumerate. Terms cash in aeeeie au 16 ;t H RE EN A WILLIAMS. AaoU. By J. C. MoOUIRE A CO.. Auotionaera. I Mattings, superior glas? ca*es. Cckhiox*, So?r, Camp Stool*. Fvbkitvbi ind HoraaiMLD Fffrrta at Arcrio* ?On 8aT L'RDAV MORNING, Auk oat lTtk, atu?o*oiock. in front of the Auotiuo Rooim, ?? ahall aall a ?uantit? of Seoond-baod Farmtara and Bona* hold Efffota. tuo, _ * it* and Checked MatUara, S?> Carpet ai.d Canraa Seat Camp Stool i, 10 boxea Yellow Soap. #*> London Dock Brandy. llOOnrlAd llAir Ha t mmmA OnakiAM ? * able for Pew Cu"iiioott a iDMrior Salver niated J?w?ttar*a Cim, with French Piate G'ass. yards Phi ade phi* WonClfffl Term* OMh in current fo<ls an 14 d J.C. MoOUIRE A CO . AaoU By J. C. M06UIRE ft CO.. Ancttoneara. SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD CASE SBVEN*3 Octatb Puwo Forts, sbd fra^itrna. a?r> Hovukhqld Krrirn at Acctiow.?On TUESDAY MORNING, Aufiit StU. at 10 o'eiook . at the residenoeof A HieTaski, Em t corner of Virginia avenue and Tentn street, near the SmlU>*>iu*n institute, we snail sell his Furniture and Household Effects, aon. prisms? Superior Rosewood Ca#e, Hound Corner, Iron Frame, Seven ootave Piano Fort?, Mabogao; Hair Sprinc Seat Sofa, Do Rooker anil Parlor Cbairs, Marble-to* Center and Sofa TaNea, Wa not Whatnot Fa?cy Tables, Cane and Wood sett Chairs. Lounge, Severn, superior French C ocks. Vaees, Window Shades ar.d Vemtiar Blinds, Carpets, Oilcloth, and Straw Matting. Rahogan? Hat Tree. F our Olieloth, ning Table and rhair?, Croaker? and Glass Ware. Superior Silver p ated Tea Set. CasUns. Waiteis, Spoons and h vrss. Table Cutlery, Waiters. Plated loe Pitehers. ? a ?? ? ? *? a<lS, WUreawS. \Va?!|vtan<la, ifitt Bolsters, and Pillows. Oot king aud other ?{<> * . Kitchen Utensils, Ao Term* cash la ourrei t funds. P. 8 ?The House is for teat. Inquire of the Auctioneer#. au U-d J. C Mr^lTIRKA CO.. A??t. Ut WAI.I. ft BARNARD. AnoiinnMri (i|EY HORSK AND SPRING WAGON AT 1 AtcTiow.-On SATURDAY MORNING. July 3, we wiil sell, 'n front of oer auction rooms ? 1 Grey Horse. warraut< d sound. kind. and tentle, and w>rk? well in harness, 1 Bp'rg Wm"?. nearly new. suitable for a groocr ??r express waon Sa'e poeitive. T^rms cash. au '? WAl.L A BARNARD, Aucto. By WALLA BARnaRD Auctioneers. PUB' IC HALF.-WiP h*sol I at pub ic auetu a, on SATURDAY, the 17th instant. a? 'Oo'olocS a. m , in front ofth* Auction Rooms, to the h?*n"?t bidder, for cf?sh, to satisfy bill for 1 very, "lie Bav Mare, about If hands high, shod tan, a little sprint in the knees, and aiicut 6 or 7 ??-at? oitl. Tne above Bav Msre was foard a*tray in the streets of Wasiiincton on the miht of the Od ot July by the Nigt>t Police, or Anxiliary Guard.with b ind bridle, and apparently muot. jad'd fr-tm bail ? I ard ridden, a d turfed loos? m the stra*t. seeposed to have ooin* from Virgini*. The prooeede Oi Sil> ait-r paying exp* ses, will he h Id. by or?W of the Mayor, in tne ha'.ds of the Chief of pohoi subieet to tne call of the proper owner. r rail oam. an 13 W ALl^/t BARNARD. Auota. Hr J. C. MoGL'IKK A CO.. Auctioneer*. GHJRNITURE AND EFFECTS OF A RE*P t* t at A rr no*.?On M?'NI?A\ MOK N I ^G. Aunu't 19 0'Himei c Q| a' o'olook, by virtue of an order for dtatrain. I aha- sell.ei tue Ke-taurait ofChmles Werner 01. the eoul It of I'enuejlv&M* ev-?nne, near ?h? eocaer of buth street, all hie H?>ua hold l-ffeo'fc, Fa' and Bar Korin to king Utenaila, Winea, Liquor*. Ac , oonM-tmg. in part, of Wain at Frau.e Pian<> > r.e, eair Cloth 9 'fa and Divan*. ahoganv Bureaux, Side and Center Tallea. Walnut Freoe* ?!ed*t?.v1?. Fea'her Bed, Bolster af.d Pillow*. Vattr-ss?e, B ankets, Quilts. and other Bedding, Cane-eeat Cha>rs. Roskeri, Lounies, Prjsse a and Ingrain Carpete, Oiloioth, Matti g. Ao , Cookinc Stov* ami Cooking Uteneia auttab-a for restaurant kitoben. 1 Ma> ogany Bagatelle ^able. S large ro?iad Card TablM. Sdra-n Wood seat Arm rhaira. Together with a 1 the Winea, Ligaora.aad Bar Flx tares, Patnunga, Lithograph, Ao., Ao. Terma oaah. WILLIAM MARTIN. Bailiff, an IS ta J. C. MoGL'IRL A CO., AuoU. By WALL A BARNARD. Anotioneero. By VIRTUE OF A DEED OP TftUST.tfaly recorded. April 7, I860, among the land reoorda of Washington ounty.D. O., the anderfigaed, Trnateea or the "Third Buil'ing Aaeooiauon" of Georgetown, D. C.. will, oa loth ("?r Veptember. at o'olook p. m., expose at anotion the -ollowing Real Eatate, situated in Washington CI'V. on Maaaachuaetts avenne, between 4th ard Hh streets known as the west half of Lot No. 96, In Acurpa Ml w>tk ? ? -- .... wxh HitM'*, OODIllUDf OI A two ktory frame ^w lli'g honas. Term* mtde known at sale. All oonveyneirg a? cost of purohaaer WALTER M. COX ( Trnl'Mai CHARLES M. MATTHEWS, \ 1 iy172?wftrta WAl.L A HARNARD. AuoU. By WALL A BARNARD, Aootioneera. BY V1RTCK OF A DKKD OF TRUST, dnly reoorde i, A pri! 7, IWO .among the la?-d record* of Washington oountv. D. the undersigned. Trustees of the* Third Building Association" of tieorgetowu, D. C.. will, on August 19U? n?xt, at * 5X p Ri-, expose at public auction the following i Real F. state. situated In Washington Ci?y, 1>. C . at the oorner of N street north and Vermont avenue, known aa the went half of Lot No. 2, in Square 243. and the lmprorementa, oonaiating of a two atory briek dwollmg honae. Terica made known at aale All conveyancing at coat of pnrchiaer. WAI TK? t>. COX. I TrnalMi CHARLES M "lAnHFWg. |lrMWMjy 17 2awAda WALL A BARNARD. AaeU. By BONTZ A GRIFFITH, Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT ik the NoKTHemft Libibt ?s.?By virtae of a deed in traat bearing date on the ?th day "f <> tober, 1851. ar-d recorded in Liher J- A. 8 , No. 18), folio* 203,304 and an*, the s?b*oriber will e? l. at public sale on THURSDAY, the 2th day of Aagust 1861. at 6 o'clock p. m.. on the presnises, p\rtofLotNo. 19. in subdivision of square No. 425, 'renting 17 feet MX inch-a on 8th ?tre*t wwt. wi'h a depth 9? feet io an alley, with the laipove menu oonaiating of a two story and attic Frame Dwelling Houee. with oe'lar. The above property ib situated itih? ?nn??n>f nil rtraet vMt ami Nfatre?t north, in a raaid* m? proving part of the oitr. and offer* a fcw?M? opportunity to peraona deeiroaa of proeiuiBf a reaideroe or marine an inreetment. Termaoaeh. _ . _ Iftheterma of aaleare not complied with in fiva daya after the aale tha property will be reeold. apon one veeka' notice, at the riak and expenae of tae anrohaaer. All oonveyancmj at the expanae of the pnrofcaaer. RC'HaRD A. KOMON8TON. Traatea. aa ? 3 awada hONTZ A OK 1FMTH. Aaota. TOPHAM-8 MBM PREMIUM TRUNK WlS MANUFACTORY. Bbtxktb WaaBiiMTMl, D. O. 1 -ffssrsA Fine Bole Leather, W . : I 4l2^ssajei&. Memhera of Conrreea and travelers will ptaaee SKftkSfw made peri or Leather and Dreea Tranka aMe le istfyKsa *5532?.J!?s? u. "SJSg,u>wm-",'A'n,ffafaTor.AM. Katnnn 1* the only kaova and heat artiele te firm? It fnniai at pmmm. I BCHWKBIN'S PILLS * aur* d?Ot> to B*U had Mio*, M. tic h we r in hu r*o"ivc4 oortiftoMoa from th? Proafctaot of Girwd Dirootora of Bo*m of R?ac?. Pen;i?ylv? n? Hoaait*., tad !>lher Prominent Initiation* of Pht'tdelfhi* ~U. ?. J*iU V^a*hin?toa, D C.; ud Charity Boofital. The original oortt&oatM ?an t* mob at tbo Wholesale and ReU; !>*? * 1X4 North Booogi itreet, Philadelphia, ead k>r aale m thia oity by D. B. CLARK, ?orper Pv ttwe ud tH *U? and by l pyqbrvn) uusi* itationb. Kr Rmmmt to Mk for Mviru'i Aaalhi jj^^Noc* gmiiM ?&Ua(*km*M.tcawMia. 500.000 mwr; AM Ik* hinbeet eriee wi V? paid. Alao. tMJHjnlbe of?OAP aed CANDLE? for laiechea#hrouk iCuNiiioutlNiMiOii)l? Wcrka, Sroet: elreot ud Um Canal, tieorf* IOVB, II C. II1 if* C. b. JIE W &LL, ProfnMCK, mMxtiifvjgst i i__

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