Newspaper of Evening Star, August 16, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 16, 1861 Page 3
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I.OCAI. NEWS. jj^Tm 9*** publishes the List of Letter* remaining in the Washington City Poet Office under the provisions of the Uw directing them to be printed In the newspaper having the largest circulation within the delivery of the office. Its tot* dally circulation Is more than double that of any other Dally printed la the District of Co'umbla. l^r Though Tux Staji Is printed on the festasl sKcra press In itse south of Baltimore, Its edition Is so large as to require It to be put to press at as early hour; Advertisements, therefore, should be sent In before 14 o'clock m.; otherwise they may o? appear until the next day. m m m Nones?District of Columbia Advertisements le be Inserted in the Baltimobb Sr* are received at and forwarded from The Stab Office. Tm* Abmt Hospitals ?The Institution known as theC-s*reet Hospital Is located in two brick buildings (No 360 and the next house on the east), both formerly occupied as dwellings. They are between the Exchange Hotel and Four-and-a-half street These houses sre, in our Judgment, entirely unsuitable for hospital purposes, for various reasons. They are separated from each other by a vacant lot; they are in a crowded locality; the Internal arrangements are bad; the rooms arc small, dark, and badly ventilated, those of the lower floor of the house on the east, especially. The hospital Is for regulars exclusively, and is in cbsrge of Dr 8 H Holden. who seems to have made the moot of the buildings and tbelr surroundings, and by judicious management to have compensated In ? degree for some of the disadvantage we have enumerated The rules for the conduct of the establishment are framed with due regard for the well being of the patients, and are rigidly enforced. At the time of our visit yesterday there were seventy patients in the hospital, mostly cases of sickness. We saw no cases of typhoid fev^r. but many were suffering from acute rheumatism After the battle of Stone Bridge a great many wouuded soldiers were brought In, and the hospital at one time contained over WO patients. Most of the wounded belonged to Griffin's and Rlckett's batteries, which It Is well known did terrible execution, but suffered severely. Most of tbe wounded men have recovered, ana a fvw days since many convalescents were sent to Annapolis. We saw here two men belonging to Rlckett's battery?one of whom bad been shot In the right side, the bullet passing through the chest and out at the left breast; and the other who bad been shot in the neck, the ball passing through the body and out under the shoulder blade, and both were clear of fever and doing well. They complained of a little soreness about the chest, but with that exception s?tmed to be In excellent health. These cases, snd In fact our whole experience In the Hospitals, demonstrates tbe fallacy of tbe popular Idea that gun shot wounds about tbe bead and chest are generally fatal, while wounds In the lower part of the person are not so dangerous We had falleu into the same error, but have now come to a different conclusion Many hopeful cast* of soldiers wounded in tbe bead, neck, and cheat, we saw, but of those wouuded in tbe abdomen and small of the back?and these were many sach In tbe battle?we saw none. The pstlents here, as a geneial thing, seem to be very cheerful aud communicative The floors are clesn, the bed clothing unexceptionable, and the attendants prompt and faithful. We w- re less pleased with the kitcher thau at the other b'spltals It ii small, and tbe s ove. although of mammoth proportions, Is hardly sufficient to accommodate the wants of a hundred men If the hospital here is to be a permanent one. there ought to be a range constructed of capacity enough to furnish meals punctually to the Inmates We lutend no reflection on the officers in charge Our visits to the hospitals were made without prejudice f< r or against the management of either or any of tbein, ard we have been fully convlnccd of one thing, and that is that the officers bereand at tbe other hospitals are doing all in their power for tbe welfare of the patients with the means at their commaud. That Is evident to the most | casual observer, and is proved by the mortality list here and elsewhere Tbe hospital was opened on the 14th day of February last, and out of % patients admitted In February and March, 31 in April, 68 in May, 85 > In June, 95 In July, and 70 In August to this date, making 3f7 altogether, only 4 have died. That Mess House, again?We tman the Government mess house, corner of H andTweuty-second streets, la tbe First Ward, where a man was stabbed, as stated in yesterday's Star, It is aptly named, for there seems to be a "mess" or "muss'' there all the time We are Informed that there was a continuous row there yesterday, from 41 ruddy dawn" till " dewy eve ;" but a close observer, who marked tbe Intervals, says that Is not so; but there were ?tg4x distinct lights In tbe course of the day, "only a little over the average number," he added Tbe usual style of salutation to residents in tbe neighborhood, from those who pass once or twice a day, is: "Well, how many musses slnc? I went by lsst?" in a skirmish yesterday morning, Thos Riley struck Pat McCaullff on the head, iuat above the ear, with a stone, Inflicting an ugly wound, and for a little while Pat was a ' know nothing;" but be soon recovered. As the sun declined, and captain whisky got fairly to work, tbe engagement became general, snd It became necessary to send for tbe military Contrary to custom, a squad of regulars appeared without a commissioned officer at their head, and are said to have behaved worse 'ban] the rioters,who had quieted down when tbe squad came. Tbe soldiers,we are informed, all seemed j to be more or lee* Intoxicated, and the sergeant acted In a violent manner, and Anally ordered his men to charge on tbe crowd at tbe corner; which they did, clearing the pavement in a short timel They then went into tbe mess bouse, dragged a Baltimore ambulance driver from the table, beating him over the head with a musket, arrested six others?Innocent and guilty?and marched to tbe guardhouse with the prisoners, pretty well satisfled with tbelr evening's entertainment If, as the men sllege, the trouble Is because some of them want to draw their rations, let thsm draw them, snd rid tbe neighborhood of a nuisance. The experiment Is worth trying, anyhow, on tbe good old principle of "Anything for a quiet life." l{UALiricATio!<s voB Officbbs ?'The Board recently appointed for tbe examination of volunteer and army officers have resolved upon a standard of qualifications as follows: " Field officers must understand all that Is required of company officers, and also be sble to answer questions regarding evolutions of line, proper conjuncture, the elements of military engineering. tbe circumstances under which the use of field artillery Is proper, and other such collateral Interrogations as the Board of Examiners think proper to propose. " Company officers must answer orally and cor- I rectiy all questions on the manner of Instructing recruits; the use of the manual of arms, the school of the soldiers, tbe position of commissioned and non-commissioned officers In line and battalion movements " It has been suggested to us that whatever examination Is made under this regulation should be entered upon st once In the case of the District regiment now forming, ss when the officers hsve once successfully passed tbe ordeal men will enlist under them with confidtnce. Something Wboks.?TbeschoonerS G. King, which arrived here on Tuesday last, was, as is usual, boarded by Collector J. P. Hilton, who demanded to see her papers Two manifests were produced?one from Baltimore to Richmond, and one from Richmond to Baltimore, both dated April id. but neither properly signed. Tbe officers gave a very unsatisfactory explanation of the movements of tbe vessel, and the matter was referred to tbe Treasury Department. Since Mr Hilton's action in this esse his office on F street bss been broken Into, and his papers looked over, evidently not for plunder, as nothing was taken If the burglars were looking for the papers to relation to the G. S. King they were on the wrong track, as said paper* were not to be found there. A Dmciri Ofbbation, spccbsstvl ?Tbe I generous friends and acqualtances of Mr. J. Fleming, an aged and respectable cltlten, have been rejoiced to see him upon tbe street Mr. Fleming has for a long time been sffltcted with the loss of sight, by cataract Recently, Dr tftone performed the delicate surgical operation of removing tbe cataract from one of his eyes, which enables tbe old gentleman to move about The sight is vet weak, but Improving, snd It ls^ioped that an operation upon the other eye will perfectly restore bis vision Tb eatbb ?Undoubtedly, tbe best piece of acting lately seen In this city was that last night by Bland hd of tbe operatic comedy of "A Roland for an O ;?er ' Bland's 'Sir Msrk Chase" was delight U,,l good, as wss tbe "Fixture" of JHr P?'ker, end tbe "Alfred Blgblyer" of P-Williams, wh e delicious Mrs Henri, aa "Marls Dsrllngb?n," was tbe life of her side of tbe houie ben "A R .tend far an Oliver" Is performed again eder Manager Bland, "may we be there to s^g , Kir im sv a Wei,s ?Joseph Hartt,awatchman st the Government stables In tbe First Ward, wb'le sMempttn* to secures refectory mule yesterday, reoetved a kick on tbe head from tbe mruly brute wM<-t, knocked blm senseless His bead was badly rat over the ear . and when br was taken beano It was supposed ha was fatally la* Jnred, bet be Is quite comfortable this morning (BP Wbi?l? I>n vers of Government teams era u be seen every day, with tbelr horses at a rapid ?< through tbe streets down bill si** up bill-even p the rocky slopes of Georgetown streets? with their wagon wheels locked Tt<'s I* ant nnly dee<rwrtl?e to tbe wagona, but Injurious to the bors?s. sad If persisted In, <be nrrr'rmliY ** r*lu*U"> *' tb* tllB* u,jr Criminal Coir*T ?The Boyd Murder Case ?[In our report of Thomas Cook's evidence, yesterday, " hot" waa unfortunately printed for "roat," thus changing the sentence materially. Itahoald have read: " Wltnea ?aw Murphy'a coat afire from a ptatol ahot "] The examination of wltne?es on the part of the proeecutton and defense closed yesterday. The jury in the afternoon vialted the acene of the homicide. To-day.?The Court after examination of the lnatructlons prayed for by the District Attorney and counsel for toe defence, gave to this Jury substantially the aame instructions as were given to the jury at the former trial. When our report cloaed, Mr Carrlngton waa summing up the case on the part of the prosecution, ana waa alluding to Mr. Bradley's comments on his opening speech. The Jail Casks.?The ease* of Thomas Hitchcock and J. h. Gant, prisoners arrested by the troops in Virginia, were to come up before Justlce Donn to-day. Hitchcock la charged with shooting Federal picket*, hunting down Union men, and other offences. Lieut McLean, of 2d cavalry, waa present and made a statement of the charges: but by some mishap the witnesses did not arrive, ana the case Is continued for a full hearing. Gant was arrested bv Lieut. Waite, of the 6th Maine regiment, near Lewlnsvllle. Gant positively refused the oath of allegiance, and was sent to this city for trial. Ilia bouse Is said to be the resort of the rebels. This case is alao continued for other evidence, which could not be obtained to-day. Commissions!s or Police?The President has appointed the following gentlemen Commissioners of Police for the District of Columbia, onder the act of August 6, 1861: Richard Wallach, Joseph F. Brown, and Zenaa Bobbins, of Washington city; William H. Tenney, of Georgetown ; and Savles J. Bowen, of Washington county, D C They are requeated to meet at the Aldermen'a Chamber on Monday next, to orf anise and proceed to business The Mayors of Vasblngton and Georgetown are tx officio members of the Board. What Their Comrades Sat.?We hear from different camps that the utmost Indignation Is expressed by our soldiers generally at the conduct of the mutinous men of the Highland and Second Maine Regiments, who, by their disgraceful and unsoldlerly course, have shown their want of patriotism at a time when every true man is desirous of serving his country at every personal sacrifice. As one of the soldiers expressed It, with rough energy :?"These d?d sneaks should go down in history on the same page with Benedict Arnold and the Fourth Pennsylvania Regiment." Appeared ?Yesterday, Col. Willis A. Gorman, of the First Minnesota Regiment, against whom the writ of habeas corpus was Issued, as mentioned in yesterday's Star, appeared before Judge Catron, in chambers, and purged himself o? the contempt supposed by his failure to appear at 12 o'clock Wednesday, whirh was followed by the Issue of an attachment. The final bearing was set for Monday next, the 19'h Instant, In IT. S Supreme Court room, upon which occasion L. M. Stanton, Esq., will appear for Col. Gorman. Fire ?Yesterday afternoon about five o'clock, an alarm of fire was caused by the discovery of smoke Issuing froin a frame structure attached to the dwelling of Mr. Whiting, of the Pension Bureau, at the corner of F and Ninth streets The fire was extinguished by the prompt use of the fire plugs, by persons near at the time. The building is the property of Mr C Wood, and was but slightly damaged It is thought the place waa fired by some person. The Provost Guard ?At the station house last niybt the cells were again filled with prisoners brought in by the provost guard, under the established rules for the preservation of order In the city. A large number of soldiers, who had overstaid their time or were absent from quarters without permission, were brought In, to be retured to their regimental officers" Sent to Jail ?George Miller was arrested on Wednesday, byord?*r of Lieut.Colonel I Wistar, fur selling liquor to soldiers. The ofi'ense was committed In the vicinity of the camp of the California Regiment Justice Donn committed Miller to jail for thirty davs, the prisoner not having the wherewithal to pay a tine Improvement Commenced.?Laborers are engaged in excavating the lot on C street, near Sixth, where the fire occurred some time since. Mr. John M. \ oung. the owner of the ground, ia about to erect a coach factory at that place. Central Guardhouse Casks ?Redmond Barret, drunk and disorderly 1m the street; fine and coat 81 94. Martha Jonea, do ; workhouse 60 days. Jno Dewey, drunk in the street; do. 60 days. Three lodgers were accommodated. Thi Campbells had a crowded house at Odd Fellows' Hall laat night On Saturday afternoon a matinee. See advertisement. Hollowat'l Pills.?Indigestion, Stomach and Liver complaints. These medicines will oure the most oounrtred oases of dyspepsia and disorders of the stomaoh and liver Ther nave reatored more Buffering dyspeptics to actual and permanent health than ail the other ephermeral "speoifios" united. They have stood the test ol fifty years' experienoo. They ino ease the appetite, invig orate the stomach and purify the liver. In bowel complaints 'hey are esual.y emoacmns and for siok and nervous headaahes they stand unrivaled. Sold by all Druggists. at25o.,(Uo., and 91 per box. au6 1w Cow?Hs.?Jhe sudden ohances of oar o'.imateare souroos of Pulmonary, Broncnial and Asthmatic Affections. Experience ha vine proved that simple remedies often act speedily and certainly when taken in the early stages of the disease, recourse should at once be had to " Brown's Bronchial Troches,"or Lozenges, let the Coid, Cough, or Irritation of the Tnroat oe ever ao slight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may be ejectnally warded off. Public Speakers and Sinters will find them effectual lor dearm; and strengthening the voioe. See advertisement. del-!y Rkadkr, have you seen Prof. Wood's advertisement in our paper. Reat' it; it will interest yon. an ai-eoly To the Afflict ^j>!?Be sure to read the adverisement of MeLdan's Streng'lrening Cordial and Blood Punfier. in another column. tf _ , , . Pinnies. Persona desiring pennies will always find them for exchange at tne Star Offioe counter. tf MARRIED On the 15th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Bittinger, CHARI.ES W. HANCOCK and FRANCELIA MILLER, both of this city. * DIED. In Georgetown, on the 14th instant, ROBERT FULTON, infant eon of Francis and Lavenia Ellis, aged 16 months and 27 days. God has oalled thee to his bosom. From thia world of oare and pain ; Th"n wilt taste theioys of heaven, Where then wilt forever reign. On the 15th instant, FRANCIS P. FLANAGAN, a$?d 10 months. The friends of the family are invit*d to attend the funeral, from the residenoe, No. 203 F street, on thta evening at 5 o'elock. /m\ AT THE OLD PAWN OFFICE, XK iwl ? C Street, /wa 9 W B*rk of the. National Hotel. Q Q Most liberal advanoes mads on ?old and . ilv?r Waton??, Dianion s, Jewe rv, SiIvm ware,Clothing, Pistols, and all kinda of Merchandise. Business Strictly confidential. ISAAC HERZBKRG, 391 C street, au 1 8m Between and 6th sts. Ut'MMER CLOTHING ^ At Reducbd Prices. , We offer our large assortment of thin SUMMER CLOTHING at reduced prices. Our stock embraces all styles and qualities of Gentlemen, ) ouths. and Boys' Wearing Apparel, of the most desirable and fashionable styles. Also. SHIRTS and FURNISHING GOODS in great variety. Clothing made to order at the shortest notioe. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., , ? ... 32* Pennsylvania avenue, jy16 (Intel. A B?? ) bet, ftth and 10th sts. UST. WASHINGTON ST. 1 1 STOVE HOUSE. 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W1LLETT, M D . Demonstrator of Anatoruy. ILr The ohair of anatomy to be filled. To* session will commence on the 22d of Ooto her and end in Mar. ft fallowing for farther information address JOHNSON ELIOT. M. O, Dean of tli* Faculty, 40* F street, between 9th and 7th sts. an 6 lawtNovI* JOHN an0SALE STABLES, Kitlth 8i>reel. het. pand B, Washington. f>. U. IIIA<H<<*. BUOfljK-, PHAfc- WW TONS, and SADDLE HokafcS. ul ,\\ 7l .y?rr description, Always on hand, at reasonable ill vim- J/ Vb+olm* AMUSEMENTS. i Q DD FELLOWS' ft A L L ! Last Nibht bvt Ok* o? th* i CAMPBELLS! < CHANGE OP PROHRAMMS.' Concluding with a New Afteipiece. i UK AN D MATINEE Fo* I.ADIB* AND CHILDRF* On SATURDAY AFTrKHOON Commencing at 2 o'olook. Door* open at 7 o'clock, commencing;?' 8 o'clook. Admiaaion?TWENTY FIVE CEIXTS. DR O. FORD. It* Business Ag?nt. Tl NOTICE! 1 HE PIC NIC of the HOLY HILL HAND, having l>een postponed (on account of the gfc weather) from Monday, the 12th, will take in i place at Joaepli Ehnnan'raiit'a 'ireen Spring Paviiion.on MONDAY NEXT, the 19th in-tiiiflfc taut. au 16 2t """"" WANTB. WANTED?An honest BOY, about 15 rears old. 276 Penn?ylvania avenue It* ( WANTED TO HIRE-A reapeotable white J MAN. steady and indnstrious habits, t > take j charge of and do the work on the premises of a country houss. He must understand something of garden work and the care and driving ??f horses. ! Certificate of good character oonduot, and ability , required. Apply to Mr. C J UH LM A N N, at the | corner of Boundary and North Capitol streets, au 16 tf WANTED?To exchange a six-seat Family , Carriage and Harness for a good Bagrage Wagon and Horse. Apply at "Tudor Plaoe," Congress st., Georgetown Heights, an 15-3t* WANTED?A WOMAN to cork in a small family. None but a good one need apply. In quire at J W. PUMPHREY'S, C street, between , and 6th sts.. V\ aslungton. an !5-3t WANTED-A good and stylish RISING H WRCK, in exchange for a Horse and Rook- I awar ; or will sell low the Horse and Rockaway. Apply at 234 C street, between 12th aid 13th. au IS 3t* Board or furnished house wantod. by the family of a staff officer, in a healthy locality. For particulars address Box ?JO. Wash- 1 ingtoa Post Office, au 14 2t WANTED, FOR THE CASH?AH kinde~of ^SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND 1 HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persons leaving the city or having a surplus will do well to call i immediately. R. BUCHI.Y, _J?_3 4 8* Seventh, between G and II sta. WANTED.-We are now buying SECOND- ! HAND FURNITURE, STOVES and OKI) I UING, for which wo aro paying the highest < oash prices. Families declining housekeeping, or having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give us a call. . M BONTZ * GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No. 369 7th st., betw. I and K sts. PERSONAL. I M*r la, r NOTICE. J \ . }'Bf Margaret, having loft my bed a-id Uoa'd last night, without any just cause, 1 hereby \ caution all persons from trusting her on my account, ai 1 will pay no debts of her contracting. ? 60TTL0B 8TOLP. Washington City. August 14, au 15 3t" LOST AND FOUND. 4JTRAYED OR STOLEN?From the aubscri- j 2TA-.?/1 or ?b<>ul t'"' instant, a brin g|?rJ? die L.O , small sue, long roueh horn.,wa^^ with a l>ell on her neck?"No. 82" on tlieJ^J^ bell. Whoever will return naid cow, or give infor i mat inn wh?re she may be found, at the U. S. Pcnitentiary shall be liberallr rewarded. au ti 3t* A. T. LANliLKV, Dep y War. 1 en. I.OST? On Thursday, the 15th instant, in Hie omnibus bet ween the Capitol and the | Navy \ard, a Portemonnaie. containing 9-b in < gold and some small pieces in ailver The finder will he suitably rewarded and reooi v-the tl anks i f I theownc(to whom it i? a very grea* lo**)i,f leaving it at the Omnibus Office, near tho Navv Yard g?te- an 16 3t* REWAKD.?Lost or st 'leu. a brown and ' white POINTER DOG, wet|-<?, j 1 grown, ahout one year old, and has eral letter* branded on his hack. The^S^ZSl above reward will b9 given for hie return to 103 ! West st., Georgetown. D. C. au 12-3teo Q C RE WAR U.? Lost, a small PASS- B( >OK of accountsi with the butchers, between George- 1 town and the Treasury. The aocounts are written with pencil. The above reward will be ptid for ita ' trtuin to iny Soap and Candle Faotory, near the 1 Treasury Department, on Fifteenth st ' ?uiS3t* G. T. RAUB. , FOR SALE AND RENT. ! A LADY, whose husband has been ordered away, and she residing in the oiuntry, is desir- I oua to take a gentleman and his wile in her family for protec'ion. Th? distance from her re?idonoe i to the city ia only ten minutes'ride or walk. A conveyance will be furnished them. For reference 1 P'ease app!y at Mr. K KDFKRN's Grocery, WeU 1 w P'*00 adjoin? Kalorama, formerly owned by Mr. Vivan. au 16 3t* | furnished suits of x-R Wlf.h and water. Apply i at No. 800 Eleventh at, bstween Pa. avenue and gt- an 15-e?3t* FOR RENT-A small FARM, with good dwelling and ont-buiidiocs, 1)^ mile from G^orcelown, (property of an officer m the Federal terT:ce,) TMW?rX1ia2d^n.!;' APP'y to Messrs. I.IN1 HIOOMB A CO., Georgetown. D. C. aol5 2t* F?iwwK??T~A fuh?tantial three story UhTcK 'jOUsK, with large lot adjoining, situated on Third s'reet east, two doors from E street north, on Capito! Hill?-a very healthy location, and price of rent to suit the present times. Possession given immediate!*. Inquire ol Mr. BACON, nextdoor; orof .Miss M. C. LINCOLN, 301 pa avenue! between 9th and 10th sts. au 15 lrn:o* | FaOR RENT-IIOl'SK No. E TtreetT one square south of Wiliards'?handsome dwe 1- ' ing, l.iw rent. Apply second door west, au U-2t* 1 AFARM,ofat>out290 acres, with timber and o'eared lands orchanta, dwelling and barn, in I Maryland, for sa:e or exchange for other real or personal estate; United States, State, and railroad, or other stocks, notes, bonds, or other securities. Inquire at No. 490 Massachusetts av. jy 26-ti HOUSES FOR RENT-No. a? and No. JIT.on tne south side of Indiana avenue, hoth of them very large and convenient houaes, with good subline and carriage-housea. Also, the cominouious and large House, No 38S. on the north side of C street. Apply to THOMAS BLAGDEN, No 499 Seventh street. jy 17 2awtf Ij'OR RENT-The north HOUSE of the row of 1L new four story houses on Fourth st.. between D and E sta.. No. 398, fronting the City Hall Snare. Possession given immediately. Apply to WILLIAM H. PHILLIP, Attorney at-Law, No. 40 Louisiana avenue. mall-eotf UANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM8^ X.A. Four handsomely Furnished R6oma, supplied with gas and water, and convenient to the Patent o,R0? DepartmenU, for rent. Apply at 490* Massachusetts avenue, north aide, between 4th and 6th sta. ma23 EDUCATIONAL. OCK HILL ACADEMY, Ellicott'. Mills. Md. *tudiea will be resumed in this Institution on Monday, 36th instant. Persons desiring further inf irmatjon oah have a prospectus mailed to their address by writing to the Director of the Aoadeny* au 16 lw* CGEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINAKY, A (MIRS Hakrovbr'S.) A Boarding and Day School. No. 151 West street between Concresa and High ata , Georgetown, D C. The dutiea of thia Institution will b? resumed on the first Monday in Septeml>er next Circulars I may be obtained at the principal bookstores, or by addreaaing the Principal, i au 1-eotf Miss M. J. HARROYER. /GEORGETOWN COLLEGE, D. C. . Augpst, 1861. The exeroises of thia Institution will be resumed on the firat Monday ol September, 'lenns for 1 Board and Tuition per annum, fffl-i, payable half- I yearly, in advanoe For further particulars apply to the President? an 13 lmeo JOHN EARLY. 8. J. I BOAROINV^AMgM.N.RV FOR 1 r"T | The dutiea of thia Inatitution will be resumed on 1 the first Monday in September. A share of the public patronage ia respeotfully aohoited. 1 au 13 3teo* i Lafayette institute. aschool for young ladies. 36T tr??L between ?3th and 14th. Sisal-n wtll oommence on MONDAY, Septem- I bar 9tt>. Ciroulars at Bookat >rea Reference ia I made to real dent Clergymen, Senatora Foot, Foa- I t?r, Harris, Wade, Trnmboll, Harlan, and othera. I MlnaT.T , L. C. LOOM IS, A- M., _*u 10 8, TAT.lm Principal. I {COLUMBIAN COLLEGE. J TL, ~ - - .. _ ^ Washington, D. C. ? ' *1" 1 reparatory Department opens ita seaaion ??>^mber 11th. The Cia.aea in 1 the Philoaophloal and Claaaioal Department have J their firat exerciaea Wednesday, September 25th. r or oatAiogue? or farrher information apply to 1, , o G- 3?' SAMSON. iT ail 13-2aw4w (Eepublioan.) President. gROOKEVILLE_ACADEM\. < The next seuinn will commence Septeml>er 2?1. . Boya are prepared for oollege or for busmen*, tor ' cataloguepleaaea^ldreaa, at Brookeville, Md . E. B. PkETTYMAN. M., *-<tw (InteL) Principal. (jJEOKGETOWN INSTITUTE. . or tkia School will be reannied on the MIL Its advantages (both aa to looation and faciiitiea for improvement) and nio.Jeratet.rms recommend it to the paironage of all. THOM *?N. CONRAD, M A., , _ JOHN 8. CONRAD. au 6 tSeptl Prieetpala. A rY.uVv rN,C^ ,IRON I'?.A^ K PI VNO f i, "wm'01 j GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS I' 55,000 J?rVIR01Nl^ B*NK NOTES " 7n and Georgetown Corporation pajabie I

? wanted, at a fair rate or dis- I 'hin^/fnr i?trlot Bank N't ,or <i,,ld'or ,n *Arr VIoBti.?-oer,M at. "'7 r'*u ?rr"tail Price.. | 5 ctvsj. H"h an 1 tf w. h. tknnkv. i ( \| ASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S J PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. ' hxpeoted this daj. per steamer J. Jerome? I I barrels XX DRAUGHT ALK, ?Sh^?KK.X*iXX i?lc.7"'Jou.-bbls. do. do. do. J iii on *rrnral will be for sale Term* cash I 8 M delivery. AKNVft SH1NN, ??? t moo depot, (ieorjcotown. | i j 'in m ?kck,v kd- ~~ 3 ica i Si Prune Porto Rico Sl'G \R:s " 2'.(l RI* WHIM V, t HJ W; HKRR1NG and ALEWIVES, t ? k1ll8. Crushed and Rebntd SUGAR:}. I i mft*.* ?!? 40,1 Java COFFEE, av? ?MOLASSES. For ?ale by JOHN J. BOGUE. sole ! J. M- D-, SwaicaL andM?- J Dihtist. haviuc takon^^^^. I* [?th InH io.?k i ' *venu*? "*tweeu43C3 |l !r.iV?J^1 8,B- two d?or* east ofthe*^^^^ I* the o^hhi Mi'6' respectfully aoiioits a share of r fc..2prSf<I?l0P?trOnage' ,Dtl,e v?r,o?? ^no?,? of SOLDIERS ' " ! ? SIGHT DRAFT? I t bought and .old in sums to Vflt " NOR ' SWEENY, RlfrEI^OUSt^FAN^rcO. ' i,? /a . Banker#. Pa avenue, 'I* jya im (Snnd.Chron ) near Brown's Hotel. J WF r)fr-TftAVt!LI^G TRUNKS. ? rp u ? for s&lo th? l&rrest asaortimqt o i Sf^??L!?? TRUNK? to WfoJTd inSiiC I I julifi'ri oomynsing best Sole LeatherBSM > !a.,w,d Trunks, Va-^HD I t ilT.'rJk.i'Jn.""' ,"oh * '">? 1 wall.8tepbepn?aao,v ? i 8er,v,0?? to the ladies and gentlemen of this li H*ii: au2-1m* h CICARS^LEAPTO^gOH'.m SALE J 1 KeB-iSKr"t<:U"cc,SnARANiNiiK<ii,lcJK;r ' for cash at and below cost. ?o.,etc., P. WEILBACHER, of Baltimore, 11 an fi wf? Store No. a# 3 Pa. avenue, I, ?10 6 14^ Betwe?n 12th and 13th wts. I ' A C A RD. The nn,l?r...n^Wf8?HI!*GrT0?' jD|y ,6th' ,861- I f hi xd ??3h i * i?E??'Iirt01?f the Girard House, I , {*? M i p, .? ",?ve leased for a term of rears I ' Willards Hotel, in Washington. They take this I 1 ? VhieirUr? t0 their old friends and custom- I 1 ,h ft1,**81 favors, and beg to assuro I their newlu^rters. m?Bt h&P" Me the,n 10 jy l6-lm SYKEs?. ('HADWICK * CO. |m ? CASH NOTICE. I am Oonsoauence of oar having to pay oash for I i ?y?L?artl0,eo., *oods we purchase, we are forced I I ^e^nV*wJ"h n***.fo Cash exclusively, for the ' present. U e have in K^.reia very large assortment ? S<>?? woJ! i Vi THING for men and |r ^>ys wear, which are soiling at a much lower rate I t than usually. WALL. HTKPHENS A Ci?. , 3tta Pa. avonue. between 9th and lf>th su. _ |w 7 (intal. ^ kepuh.l ( IFt-'ICE OF SECRLTARVtTK EAJ?rK ER, I ^ Sol.DIER"<? HrtMH, V,., _n n? Near the City of lVa*ht ttnton, I ^ ?n??i' V P,R,,,'0*Al'~ w II l>e rfo ive?l at tins < I f , ( noon,) the 2??th of August, lw.l, 1 m""" n u'f ,wo at the I ?hi?i knnw^^t V"Aw.hxf to the two Bow ^ known as officers' quarters. I t 1 lie plans and rproifi '-atioiig inav be ejamine'l at ! I Uirati y"0/*1 *!l '^"/^atltin re'ative to the I 1 liven * character of the buildings will be I , theonn??[ncti"n "f fiose build I 1 r ,?ri ; il .'?iVJC"r,!1pa,V<J * re?ponsibii. Wrmen ? ?*??. r I ' bl!? "honld be accepted, the I r .sh J.t. P!lrr'<,? Wil within ten days enter into a>i I ,V?"' th fVod J10'1 ?Wffioient secunt*, to I . ,,u,1 (''nf8 aocordine t<. tne plans . raeint?h?P-?ailHWIM t1"' d'ffwenoo betw^n ? L^V??"-iT4118 'th white stone or marhle.siuiilar I r Lt ??. I'i'T erected,or facingp wuh the i inake ?unh ?p i* or nay, in addition, I , tl,e'1Hoarrf,?15/"D tho "l'tl8 right w,II be observed b, I lie Board of Lominissionors of the Soldiers' Home I ' id^ ,uol7'ffy* Pily as may be deemed moat ? IV ,e institution, and also to reject ] hould none of them be deemed aeoept- I , r li to he ft*led and endorsed "Proposals ! ' For Buildtnc," and addressed to rroposais i ah 9 3w a..., a BENJAMIN KING. |J in 3 2w Abb tsurgoop, ^ecreurt and traanr^r, i | CFKCIAL NOTIt'E. ~ I ^ SUNDAY TRAIN. |l BBHinSK ^ i'i^^^AY.JBth July, there will be 1 but one Sunday daily train? I ,TL??ve WASHINGTON at2 3np. m. for NFW I YORK and PHILADELPHIA. F'ojn New Vor* and Philadelphia, arriving in I Washington at 6 lu a. m. J. a. ^COTT, I' -J1?L General Manager. J^EW OPTICAL ESTABLISHMENT. j 1*1. I. FRANKLIN, 944 SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL < 'l'TICIAN ? ... (#>o*n Philadelphia.) . d a branoh of his busin?ss here, he I I Also. lor sale his world rfnowne<l iW<fre?fope?, I ' TtUftove*. Mriitary Spy Glastes. SUTroscopn atui I m?JiVC*nhn^'-?rC'L- an.J Mathematical Ustru I menis, at tho lowest Eastern prices 444 I>? Ni- 1 FRANKLIN. Optician, a4 4 PennsTlvama av.. t^t. 12th aiH 131 h sts . I . . (?orm?rly the stand of Dr. Woolfsou.) I >*2* Washinstou. 1). C. 1 Q U N BOATS, |j Quartermasur General's OJHre, I I ' pT ? Mr. tra'hiHfton Ctty. July 18. 1861.i I' u ^ S??*cificatio!I9 for hulls of Gun I < Ihim Western nvers are on exhibition at I 1 wll.k?. 'o o(hoes of Quartermasters at I J f' Kini5,Pnal1' ?t- Louis and Alton. I be delivered at Cairo. B>ds should I ? entto Quartermaster Geueral of the United States I 1 Army, at Waahington, by 1st August, at noon. I 1 . o ? ? M.C. MEIGS, I I Jy ra Bng. Gen 1 and Quartermaster Gen'l. I 1 JpENSION OFFICK, Jcjii 6Tn, 1S61. I ! TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. I ! 23d Snn^VafiJ? boen ,nad? nnU',r tee act of I i ' f?/ the reissue of the Land War- I rants described herein, which are allegod'to have I ?A*t*Tr i?"'tr9*?<Lnotioe is,hereby given, that I at the date following the description of each War I rant, a new Certificate, of like tenor, will bo is- I J te*Vfl,d ?L?j??t.?.n shall then appear 1 ?r acr08? ?"ued under the act of I 1 iiH iw'. Mni'n the name of Susanna Hubbard, I t n? th<Ti??i 1 Hubnard, deceased, and granted I r Mo Vn? r^r i^f ' l8S6-~August 31, 1861. I * ?r i-r* m?r^.'i46'Tt?S:for l5? *nre?. issued under the aot of I > e)int^o^?h-,SiihH?,1&mre.l'f Jacob Gullok&r2l, ML y ?f January? ?856.-Soptem I e iVo. 56 WO, for 80 aores, issued under the act o( I * ? eptenil)er, i860, in the name of Elisabeth Weils I TL ? S"el Wells, and granted uu the 2uh I \ <2 r'?Soptember 28,1861. I ? miml iw .1?" aor'8' under tne aot of I Maroh, 1855, in the name of Alexander Orme and I the 13th day of October, iSe-^tem 1 **'J0T t?'.*01-?8. iMue<l under the aot of I J March, 1855, in the name of Amos Arthur, ard I ^"iwT^ ?D ,7lh (,aj ?f Augu,t' law.?October I <j Nio. ^,520, for 16n acres, under act of 1847 and I ^ Ra?r?'U,ate ?Lay 6t"- ??" in favor of MiehaLl R'pp father of Samuei Kopp. deceased. Thir l In- I t \oawO'afintf^rlW?l0xicaD u?*,?Ootober 13.1861 n Vlareh iSa ? Tl aore?. iM?ed urder the aot of I n rrJ^rA 1855;. ?n?the name of James Long, and I v 9 1861 0n 7 ?f Maroh' 1356,-Ootober I u^? 24,657, for 160 aores, issued nnder the act of I ^ ^Iar?b. 1856, in the name of Thomas launer.mi ? [Ml" 0n y of May* 18^>-Oo'ober 19, I ia-i.. JOSEPH H. BARRETT, 1 ? '*"'aw Commissioner. I !Y1 ADO., . . .1CK <\KKAM, Ao. I,. lT?-AR8HALL ADAMS Respeo fully calls tlie I ^ ittention of his friends, and the jtublio in general, I t. PKI?. V5aSIP 'i? ?Ru'T. MINERAL WA- I i PiSfr. ??i,at ,li?ioJ.(irS?m.' Confectionery, and I t! knrf^M' No. 311 Eighth s -eet, I etween L I r Jl r 8la*, '?? ^-rearn delivered to all parts of the I ** fl*? ?h?r?e at the shortest notioe. I ? _jy la lmeo* I a piREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY b WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. I J ?OTM*r c ?trnt *nsi Lautfum* stir Bank I ?/ IflMMWlOS. I f NSURE HOUSF.S ANDOTHER PROPERTY I AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. I t, _ . Diaacroaa. I u Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfera, Ic li0!?'1?7' Wilhara Wilson, | 8 Riohard Jones, John D. Barolay, I <J te d w* Andrew Rothwefl, I 1 Xh9?* Parker, Riohard Barry, I 0 NS^rA,S' U-W D""' . A..L 6. D.??. A DiWv,^8?OR ENI.O*' BRASS AND tl ** JfOODEN DRUMS, Dram Heads. Brum I c [Uof a^ Snares. Brass and Copper Hs/lei. FifeSi ,c JmtT Baf??,iGaitars,and Violins.atfovprioes.l r rhYJW1 at Musio more of to. G. MET-1 9mnm oI ?to^t tad Peant I * IWHW, 17 f TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Latest from Misssarl. St Lopis, Aug. 14 ?The correspondent of the it. Lonla Democrat. writing from Rolls, furnishes be following items: General Sigel's command was passed at the Jascon de river, fifty mile* weat of tbla place, resterday (Tuesday) evening, where he bad enurnpfd for the night The stage route to Sprlngleld baa been abandoned, and the stock brought icre The Postmaster at Springfield baa arrived with til the mail matter of thatotflre. About twenty-five large wagona with fugitive# rem Springfield have reached here, and other* ire on their way Judge McBrlde la reported to lw> at Big Tunnel, wenty-five mile* from here, with t,5i?0 malconenta. but very little attention la paid to him or bia novementa. ftr til er particular*. St Locts. Mo .Aug. 15.?UnderdateofSprlngleld, Auguat 12th. the correspondent of the St. ,ouis Democrat furnishes n detailed account of he battle of Witaou'a creek. The main facta are he aame aa thoae already telegraphed The nemy's camp extended along the creek for three nlles, encloaed by high groundaon each aide, ipon which a greater part of the engagement was ought It doea not appear that the Confederates were driven back any conalderable dlatance, but heir chargea were all repulsed, and they burned i large amount of tbelr camp equipage and bag rage to prevent its capture The enemy had wenty-one plecea of artillery and a large body of cavalry Gen Slgel attacked the rebela from the aouth>aat aa aoon aa be beard from Gen. Lyon'a comnand, and drove them back half a mile, taking possession of tbelr camp, which extended westward to the Fayettevllle road. Here a terrible Ire waa poured into hla rank* by a regiment be iad permitted to advance within a few pace*, upposing It was the Iowa first regiment. Hla nen,thua taken by surprise, were scattered rooilderably, and Col. Solomon's men could not be allied immediately in cona?quence. Gen Sigel'lost five of hla guns, the other being nought away by Capt Fiagg, who compelled lis prisonera to drag it oil the Held. Pur troops ;aptured about 400 horses Our loss is about 21*) killed and from GOO to TOO vounded. That of the enemy cannot be less than ] louble ours, their force having moved in large jodies and our artillery playing on them with .errihle ellect. Lieut. Col Brand, who commanded the rebel force at Booneville. and since icted aa aid to Gen. I'rice, waa taken prlaoner The body of Gen Lyon haa been embalmed for :onveyance to hla friend* in Connecticut. The following additional uamea of officer* killed have been ascertained Capt. Maron, of ;he 1st Iowa regiment; Capt Brown, aame regiment; MajorShaifer, reported, but not confirmed. Wounded?Capt Gottschalk, lat Iowa; Capt. *wift and Capt Halten. 1st Kansas; Capt Gilbert, 1st infantry; Capt. Cole and Lieut. Brown, at Missouri. From Gen Banks1 lilsmi. Sasdt Hook, Aug. II.?Since regimental ofh:ers stationed below Harper's Ferry have been estricted from Issuing pass?-sto cross the Potomac nto Virginia, General Banks' headquarters have >ecn beselged by crowds of persons anxious to ;o on various pretexts; but n? passes are issued low. except to those who t ome well endorsed as borough going Union men. This of course auses "reat disappointment In accession clrclcs. >ut will doubtless aid the Union cause. A party of civilians wno visited Maryland heights on Sunday, d!acov?red, by the aid of (lasses, an -encampment near Sheppardstuwn I'lie number of tents indicated the presein e <>f a 'cgiment, supposed to be sececslonists, but It is possible they were some of our own force. Two young imn, sons of a well known aecesilonist who resides on the Virginia Hide of the 'otornac, a few miles above Hsrp r's Ferry, were irougbt into camp to-day, by the picket of Col jiddie's regiment The father, whose arrest was ntendol, managed to escape. After a lengthy >xamination, General Banks ordered them to be etaiued under guard The new aii*h>ilances. of which a large number vere lately received, have been distributed among be 8?veral regiments Some, however, were forwarded to Hagers'own to-day. to traus|?ort the be aick there to the general boapltal at Frederick They are all of the lateat and most improved conduction. There is considerable complaint here that pastengera hence are, by the present schedule, compelled to lie over night in Baltimore, being geneally too late to connect by the Northern and Kast:rii 11 nea For aeveral daya the heada of varioua departnents have been actively engaged in importaut abors without regard to hours. With Intermissions rain has been falling since Sunday, and to-day the temperature presents a itrong contrast to that of the past two weeks One of the shells projected from Doubleday's mattery last week over the Loudoun lloitbti exploded in the valley beyond In the vicinity of a itrong secessionists house, causing panic among ;he Inmates as an Indication of a sudden invasion by our forces Affairs Sooth of tbe Pctimac, Alexandria, Aug. 15^?Last night, between II tud 12 o'clock, the enemy's signal lights were plainly seen from here, in the direction of Fairfax Court House. Tbey were visible nearly an hour. Gen. Heintzelman paid a vlait to Alexandria to-day, for the tirat time alnce the battle of Bull Run. He is recovering slowly from the wound be received at that t me. but hopes soon to assume tbe command of his brigade Twenty rel>el cavalry scouts were seen yesterday lix miles from here in the directien of Mount Vernon. Information, thought to be reliable, has been received here that rebel batteries are being erecb-d >t White House Point, also at Qu&ntlco, 10 miles thi* side of Aqula Creek The steamer Pawnee luddeuly steamed up last night, and wont down the river to make a thorough recoilnoisancc The report that the small pox is raging to a fearful extent at Manassas Junction is credited b?-re by secessionists, also by those In military inthorlty Thecal by court martial of Col Miles, charged with unotfieer-llke conduct on Centreville Htgiita. [in the day of the battle of Bull Run. is still progressing, tbe court being held in the City Council jhamber. The witnesses on the part of tbe prosecution are not more than half through Tbe counsel for Col Richardson, tbe complainant, if Lieut Col Lardner, of Detroit, and for Col. Miles. Keverdy Johnson, of Baltimore Alexander M Flowers, who was arrested on the 3tb of August, while making his way outside of ?ur lines, on the charge of being a spy, bad a bearing to-day before the provost marshal, after which lie was sent to Washington He was formerly a clerk In the Census Bureau, but was dig:harged on the Gth instant. On the Tth be wrote i letter to Mr Russell, to whom he owed board, itating that he was going to Richmond?on the lext day he was arrested Ssathera Items. Louisville, Aug 14 aecessionlst who has ust arrived from Nash vine says that yesterday the iillitary authorities on the Northern Tennessee Ines searched the passengers coming northward, ind took money from them amounting In the aggregate to $0,000 'iTie Little Rock (Ark.) Gazette suggests the ippointment of Gen. Johnston to the command in he Mississippi valley. P. A Hoagman, a St Louis editor, baa been irrested at New Orleans The Confederate Congress haa accepted, by resilutlon, the second, third and fourtn clauses of be Paris declaration Gen. Wise, on the Tth Instant, reported that be vas at White Sulphur Springs, and Gen Floyd t Sweet Springs, 10 miles distant, ready for a inion with Wise The Wilmington (N. C ) Journal says that novements are on foot to render the Fayetteville Iraenal one of construction. Gen. Twiggs has undertaken tbe works for tbe tefense of New Orleans. The Delta nays the City Councils have placed 9100,(100 at his disposal The Memphis Appeal, of tbe 13th Instant, says bat 00 Missourians routed 'JU0 Federalists, sixteen nlles back of New Madrid, killing and capturing aany. Another skirmish In tbe same vicinity, k'lth Gen. Pillow's scouts, resulted similarly. George B. Crittenden, of Kentucky, formerly of he Federal army, has been appointed a brigadier ;eneral in tbe Confederate army. The Habeas Corpus Case of the Baltimore Police Commissioners. New York, Aug. 15 ?It Is said that Judge iarrison having, as before atatcd, Issued an atachment againat Col Burke In the caaeof the Baltimore police commissioners, to-day went hrough tbe formality of making an application to ieneral Duryea to ascertain what force could be btalned In King's county to execute the writ of abtas corpus In the case of tbe Baltimore police ommlssioners General Duryea replied that he ad about 1,400 men, but tbe connty was In poaesslon of no artillery sufficiently powerful to nske an Impression ou the wslls of Fort Lalfcette, and that It would require between five and en thousand men to take toe place Judge Garrison has Issued a writ of kab?a* emus on the application of Col Jack on behalf of houtone hundred and fifty U. S troops at Fort lamllton wno were surrendeied by Gen Twiggs u tbe rebels at Matagorda bay, anil were released ipon parole not to serve agslnst tbe South Tbelr ounsel has written to tbe Secretory of Wor sug:estlng that tba government allow the execution f the writ, salt will save It tbe oecesslty of ever ndlrectiy of recognizing tbe legality of tbe bllgatjon Imposed upon tne men by tbe rebels Ieported Advance of Pillow Towards Haw Madrid. Cairo, 111 , Aug 14 -Scouts from Charleston his morning report that rebels, Including avalry, infanuy and srtilkrv. are encamped here. It is rumored that u<-i.eral Pillow, with 17,000 roops, has advanced within fifty miles north of <ew Madrid. The report lacks conjugation. " Affdn *| ?i Ltali St Lone, Aug 14 ?I'rov.iet Mar.bai Mr Kin. try bss issued a proclamatiou, calluig upon all ' good citizen* to obey tbe rules It hs? been dr*me<I ( iiffwr o estaUl?h In erder lo ensure and : preserve public peace. Tbe civil law will remain in force. and military authority only be used when tbe civil law proves Inadequate to maintain tbe p.ibllc safety Any violation of thia order will be followed by prompt punishment, regardless of persons or positions The Evening Mlssourlan and Bulletin, two secession paper*, bare been suppressed The rrports tbat Gen Hardee la marchl*? on Pilot Knob and of the destruction of tbe bridges on the Iron Mountain Railroad, prove to befalae. The bouses of two prominent secessionists w em searched to-day, by order of the provost msrshsl, but nothing of a rebellious character waa found 1ft ( en. I r* nrjoat baa ordered tbe organization of the II S Reaerve Corps In St Ix>ula. to r.?.mpri?? live regiments of Infantry, with a reserve of two companies to each, two squadrons of cavalry and two batteries of light artillery. Tbe troops will be required to enliat for the war, subject to tbe same regulations and to receive tbe mine pay aa the volunti*er reglnu-nta Escb regiment la designed to have one company of ahar (?booiers and one of plonrera, Enlistment < smpetlttsa. Bostow, Aug 14?W M.Walsh and Cbss. M Hewitt have tieen arretted, charged with Inciting volunteers to desert from Msssscbusetts reKhuenta-now In camp, to jotn tbe New York Iriah brigade. Walah waa required to five belt In the sum of fiA.OOO and Hewitt la #1,000 to anawer before the United !*taU? Com ml ml oner A large number of aoldlera have boon lnduood to deaert by offers of >5 to S25 bounty, and a fre? passage to New York ?sb. Pillow Pal I lag Back oa Memphis. Naw Yon a, Aug. 15 ?The Commercial baa In formation that General Pillow broke np bis camp* at New Madrid on Friday precipitately an>t insved back to Memphis oa aeven steamers which were seized at that city on Thursday. Thia movement is supposed to be on account of tbe active preparation* of Gen. Fremont at Cairo. Odd Cois ?A new kind of bogus cola has been put in circulation In Newark, N.J. A piece of lead pipe, the size of a new penny, cut to lengths corresponding to twenty-five cent rolla, la wrapped 1n a piece of paper, and In that condition la offered to the dealer, who In many caaea unsuspectingly takes It aa a roll of pennies Coik ?The Adams Express brought In yesterdav morning one hundred and fifty thousand dollara In gold for the qua rtermaster's dcitartment of thia city Thia will go far towarda relieving the pressing wanta of that department, and at tbe aame time materially aaalat the financial market. ? Savnnnak Republican, V2tk. ITT" The bualneaa at the State Department at Trenton. N. J., has been ao much Inrrnaard that the Governor baa removed his office for tbe present to tbe Supreme Court room. Tbe Attorney General devotes pretty much all bla time Uf bualneaa arising out of tbe executive and military departmenu Ths Heel or Achilles?It ia reported tbat Mr. Boteler, ex-member of Congress from Jefferson county, Va., baa died from a wound received at the battle of Bull Run Tbe wound waa in tbe foot, and after much Buffering he is aald to have died of lockjaw. fl~r" The blackberry crop ia of so much Importance on tbe Ohio river tbat tbe mail boata recently changed their time of atartlng from Louisville one hour arller. to accommodate the ahlppera of blackberries along the line of tte river from Madison to Cincinnati IE/" <>n tbe Island of Rhode laland. whole acres of grain have been swept away by the army w?rm One gentleman says tbat on Monday be had afield ?.f ten acres of oats. In fine condition On Thursday following It waa entirely destroyed. ID* Some of the curious have taken pains to collect samples of tbe various kinds of emblematic envelopes, devised since tbe great rebellion, and erveral have already collected twtle* kumdrtd. diU'orent kinds. r'.ljjyiir BILLIARDS! f Ll E-f The lovers of the GAME OP BILLIARDS will find in EM RICH'S PINE HALL. Comer of Pennsylvania avecue and lltk street, (south aide,) two of the moat admirable TABLES in the United States, with every oomfortand oonvenienoe 3 tf for the players. PROPOSAL* For 8IDE WHEEL STEAMERS. Navv Dipabtmsrt, J ... I'Miitractiis, S ,m r. _ Washing tow, Aucuat (, ?*>1,\ Co<t?..EMiTf with tne aot of r;onr?n approved the31 August, 1961, the Wavy Department *i l. receive proposals for the eonstrueuon and equipment of Twelve Side Wheel Stealers. iho load draft of water not to exceed six feet PT6 ?!?ohes; te be armed with two rifled cans, of 7lbs. each, one at each end of the vessel; also, with two 12-pound howitzers; the Gump's mert to be one hundred persons with provisions for sixty days, to have two thousand gallons of water in tanks, a-d to be provided with a oondenser lor distilling potable water. To be sohooner rifted, ana postT* ru each end, properly protected by a The Department desires to have ths highest attainable speed, whioh must be stated in (he offer, together with the length of time it can be maintained, and the quantity of ooal that oan bo earned in the bunkers for that speed, which should not bo iess than far eighty cats. The proposal must be for the hull, spars, rigging, sails, and canvas* work, boats, anohors, and cibles. tanks, casks, fur nit-ire. oooginr apparatus and utensils, steam machinery and spare w.>rk, with ail the equipments for a vessel of war compete a"3d ready in all respects for sea servios. and ready to receive her officers, men. armament, st ^rvs. provisions, and fuel for steam machinery. The armament, stores, provisions, and fael will befurnished by the Government. Trie sp"c fications must fully describe the materials to be used,the method ana size of fastening, the detail ol the size, material, finish, kind, and arrangement of mac hi aery, and of the various e<Miipmftnti inaluded in the proposal. The plans must be working drawincsjrom whieh the vessel and machinery can be built, showing the allotment of space for accommodations, store rooms, magazine, and shell-rooms, disposition of the ctal, Jto. The boilers and engines to be below the deck? the main shaft may be above; the boiler pressure not to be less than thirty pounds per square inch, and a surface condenser to be used ; the paddiewhee to be overhung. Up >n application to theCommandaot of any navy yard the bidder oan see the list of equipments required for the propeller gan-boats, to wnch, as far as practicable, these are to oonform. and for w* ich convenient stowage it to be provided. The lulders will state the least time wit* in whioh thev will agree to complete the veaael for aea and deliver her at arch navy yard aa they ma* name, w tliout extra est to tbe Government. It must likewise be s'ated in the offer the total amount f r which they will engage to do all that is required above ana embraced in their specifications and plans; and the bi^ must be aooompamed by names of guarantors that if awarded they will execute the contract. The usual conditions of Government contracts wll be oi>served. Payments to be mads at f >nr different intervals, as the work progresses, ret an ing one-fifth of the whole amount for ninety davs after the delivery of the vessel, to repair any d* facts that may be disoovered within that tim? in trial at sea. It is understood that in the o>ntraat a guarantee will be inserted of t' e fulfilment o| tie condition of speed, fuel, satisfactory workn c the maohinety, Ac., with a forle ture in oa e of failure The reputation of bidders aa suooeesful steam ship builders will have due weight, and the preeo sal must state the name of the marine steam et.t ne building establi shment at wkioh they u.tend the ste^m machinery to be made The Depa tment reserves the rig^t to aooest t'<e propositions made in conformity with the ct. IitloiiS sre?cribe<l which shall be considered ni si 'o the interest of the Government and oom'>i e t'ie greatost numoer of advantages, and to rejeot auy or all of th?m. at it' option. The specifieatio ns and pians of parties net obtaining theoontract cau be withdrawn by them. Ths Department will notoon>ider itself nnder obliga ions to reoeivs proposals after tks Mh of September, 1861. as t law?w HE SUBSCRIBERS RESPECTFULLY invite ths attention of the Army aud s? Navy to their full supply of MILITARY and NAVAL Fl RNfSUlNB 8'K>DS, WK such as Indigo Bias Cloths and Doeskin*, if Caps, Epaule's. Laces, M.ouide' Straps."^ Belts, Swords. Sword Knots, Caps. Hats, and e l respeotivs embroidery Aiso^th* celebrated PATENT filtering cant^b^T Orders ia that line respectfully solicited. H. F/LQUDON 4 CO^ Naval and Military Merehant Tailors, jy 18-enSm Pa av.. ueder Brown's Hotel. WATCH ??" I have oae of ths best iskablishfaMta. a <6 f Brushed with aoompiete set oftoola for repairmg every desoriptioc of fine Walebee, ate particular attention give to the^ same, thoruughoompelentworkman auda. won SLffpl*t;nd, JlIsO, every deecr.p MM of stHMtraSiR WARE, plain and ornamental, mansCsetaraJ^ t/er my own supervision, which my oustomers will find Ikr superior in saality and finish to northern ware sold by dealers m genera, and represented as their ewn manufacture. B. O. MOOD, M s q^a Pa. avowee, near ttfc UPO vrs WUNPOWDER, t For sale at manufacturers pneea, by JOVN i. BOGUE, GmasiTowH. 0 GL, .Sofa i'taef fm Iht District 4/ CWssuta A large sspp.y, saabrac r.g tfky variety, a ways en hand, ana <le ivere. t^^Bl parts of the Dist tot. Orders oan a so be .eft at the oftos of Adaas^ Hiswi tVwsssf. Wmlilnrlns. IV. P. fsS-laWW NAVY FLANNEL ?Beits at all prioes. at SMI fa's. No. Seventh ihr?. opposite Post Oflfoe. ? W " SUMMER CLOTHING at ~ml%r iw-'o^amk No. 460 Seventh atrset, oppoeiterest Oisa v IT 1m 4 0' > hHDS aeSSS'l'^DLINGS. tegs ItUTrER, ^ ' ?* j<it CWMT F.rtWGU * wi 7 W- t e

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