Newspaper of Evening Star, August 17, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 17, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASIIINOTON CITY: VATCRD4T \??u?t 17, 1*61. Oom FbiiM'* at the vartoua military ramp* and positions will confer a favor by keeping u* pouted ?? to movements and "ttuirs Id thtlr vicinities. Vplnt el-the n?rsiB( PreM TU# InttU'gtHrtr diacuwes at length the question, " W'h? are the friend* of peace?" The Hepubli a*ta)% : t?en. Fremnnt'a suppression, ond*>r martial law, cf two secession newspapers In 8t Loots, natnrally excites the wish that similar treatment was dealt out to the Incendiary yrrm 01 oammore THE NKWrt HEHE. Th* Wbikiwitiiil Obtai*xd.? Secretary Chase baa aueceedrd in negotiating a loan to the Government of one hundred and fifty millions of dollara on the terms offered by Cong rem. It Is to bear lntarest of 7 3-10 per cent, per annum. Tha taken are the bankers of New York, Philadelphia, and Boaton. Fifty millions are to be advanced bow, and an equal amount on the 1st of October, and again on the 1st of December, at the takera option. The aucceas of hi* negotiations cannot fall to operate beneficially upon the value of all the aecurltlea of the Government in the market 3o far the public have sustained tbe Government nanotalln ?11 . v i 1 ' ' " "" -?man pvniuiy oe aesirea. ?> e hire no doabt of the continuance of the manifestation of this commendable spirit of liberality .id sou F*d patriotism on the part of the capitalists of the country, if due energy joined with sagaclous economy shall mark the management of the war on the part of the authorities here. There must be no favoritism displayed, however, In the expenditures of any kind on account of the war? such as led to most of the early disasters to th?? British In the Crimea, in the way of sickness, suffering, and Inefficiency on the part of England's army there. In the opening of such a war as this Government now bas on its hands, It must expect to be fleeced right and left, as it certainly has been. Such has been the fa'e of every- Government long at peace on the sudden opening of a great war for wLlrh it h*d rot previously prepared The first few months of Its rrospnitinn xhlblta the kski and cl.ik holes through which the money slide* away Improperly?like water pasalag through the itsmi of an illy ra>ilk"d boat. Already the War Department haa stopped any amber of such leak*, and la continuing to atop ttiem as their existence becomes manifest Exas??*atid ? We are authorised to state that tbe report of an assault on a Purclga Minister published In the paper*. Is grossly exaggerated At three o'clock in the afternoon of last Saturday, 8 civilian who hid drank freely, (tumbled against the foot icrapers of the hous? of the Braaillan Minister, took his revenge by breaking d the obnoxious articles, and vented his wrath In abuse and threats against the lnmaUs of the bouse. The next morning, however, being la his senses again, he spontaneously to tender an apology for his cllease, and hastened to ivpair tb? a&m&^e <1oue. TUawasali Militant Istobmatio* ? Is the correspondent ?f the Republican, " Tennis," (who is so much discomposed by our recent bru f announcement of ?'* fUnk mey?a?it" upon Tex ts and Arkansas.) are that he is not4- barking up the wrong tree V AproiHTJiBNT. ? Eugene Story, of Kentu< ky. l>ds been appoints a Ursi-clisa clerk in the Mxth Auditor's office, view A. It. Norris, of Pennsylvania, removed ? Appoistic ?Samuel Ferguson Beach. Esq , has been appointed and coi.Crmtd as Surveyor of ?h? port of Alexandria IPT? A V ? a a a v # mm muiuvci ??* iuo uruvicBi Duiineu nrniH or Philadelphia have published a card declaring that baring seen In tb? daily papers a latnuent of tbe amber of regiments In Gen Banks' command, whioh Information is of great importance to tbe enemy, they will withdraw their subscriptions ad advertisements from any uewspsper continuing to furnish information cf military movements [CT On the K*b instant tbe Western Virginia State Convention, in session at Wheeling, adopted series of resdutlons exprnwiug tbe hearty approval of the arts pasvd by Congress for the suppression of the rebellion, ajid pledging its aid to tbe administration In sustaining the Government in every emergency. lC7"The B^rnt for the Lnited 5'atcs Goverument In New York, Geo D Morgan, ?sij , l as purchased within a few weeks *.25 vessels for blockading purposes Tfcev Include steamships (side-wheel and propeller), ships, barks, and tugboats I Last Thursday evening Gen. Wool arrived In New York, and was complimented with a serenade. In response to which he delivered a stirring speech. XTT" Yesterday two relatives of the late General Lyon left New York 'it route for Missouri to proenrs the remains i f the General, which are to be taken to that c"y. CIT Last Thursday Mrs. LlnBoln paid a vlslt to the Princess Clot! Me, in her private apartments ?t th? New York Hotel. The reception was a jn^st cordial and friendly one. (JTOf She half d< ien gun-boats that are being constructed at New-York. several are nearly completed, and tbe others are not far behind. jJT Sine* the 4th of March laat, there have been sixty-nine changes In the office of the Auditor of the Treasury for the Post Office Department. Position o?tbe Fedkhal Tboops is WmtSkh ViaciaiA?The Cincinnati Enquirer, of Wednesday, savs that considerable apprehension la felt for the safety of the Federal Irocps under ?en. Roaenerar.z In Western Virginia The Kn<julrer remarks: Thera seems to be no doubt that Gen. Lee, with a large, well-organized aad well-prcvlded ermr/sou his way from .-taunton to H untersville. Tha defeat of tie Federal troojs at M^riassa* enabled tbe Confederates to withdraw a lar^e force fiom Richmond f< r < perations In Western Virginia General Lee is a very different offl er from the deceased Garnett, wtio whs simply a professor or teacber, while Lee Is a pr.-.cticai, experienced tield-otfl< er A dispatch from Roeencnnx' secretary to tha Reserve <>uard at thla city shows 4hat he is apprehensive he needs more force thin be baa got tbe meet the Confederate force now In uracuoa lor ? esxern v lrglnla. IlirOmTANT to th1 Two Ybaks' VOLB!tt?irs A rumor having reached Albany that tbe I'r.lled fMates Attorney General bad decided that there were two claaaee of volunteers called for?those enlisting for three inonlha. and those for three wears?and that all regiments designing to serve Tor a less period than the latter term were to be eolisted aa tbre* montha' men, and discharged st the expiration of that time. Gov Morgan telearaphrd to Waahlngton to have the matter offl1ali? settled, and received the following emphatic response: WASHIS0TO3, Aog. 14, l?6l. Jli G onrnvr Morgan . The Attorney General has given no such opinion The whole Government holda the troops feound lot two yenrs, and will discharge none of 4bem Willi*m H mwaid. Mattkkb at Niw Oblbaks ?A copy of the "New Orleans Prir# Current of August 8 baa been twatrtd, from wbtcb la gathered additional proof of tbe utter stagnation of bu? i.eaa la that city Tbe total number of veaaels In tbe port was of which 12 were ships, 4 barks. 4 brigs, and 10 schooners Ten "f the ships, one bark and one chooser were under selture. Number of bales ?f eoUoa In port, {*>1 By tbe 1st of August new ettoa Is usually received at New Orleans, but up o the Id none bad come to band The Price Current reports that the co'tnn and corn crops are heavy, and the grain promoting Also, that tbe Confederate loan waa "unusually popular " CTAmosw the passengers wbo came home In I he Persia notice tbe following: Tbe Rev. 9'shep Janes, wbo baa been to visit the Missions f the Methodist Episcopal Church In Germany, fwltaerlaad, Denmsrk, Norway, Ac., and bis brother tbe Rev. E. L. Janes. |^It Is sUted by tbe relativea of tbe late Col. Cameron that bU remalna were Interred In tbe Mrtbod1** grave-yard, near Boll Run, with the fconors uf wsr, by the Conftderatea ITT* Richard A. Jacob, son-in law of the late *1 Lt i?*a B. Benton, and brother-in-law of bene, fil Fremont, la one of tbe Union candidates for I IM Prealdeacy ot the Kentucky Senate. | N ? . orn MILITARY BFDGET. NAM TAHD. Y-aterday, the propeller Decatur. Capt Minor of New York, wbicb brought a cargo of govern ment ston a to Georgetown, came around to tb? yard and left an unfinished sixty-four-pound can tton to be rifled. I be propeller Tempest, of Georgetown, als< came up, Laving taken down several vessels it balla*t, ai d when arriving at Aqula Creek beer stopped bv onr fleet and seftt back, In eonse quence of some fault with her pass. This, how ever, was soon righted, and she left about foui o'clock. The Mount Vernon came up from the Potomac flotilla last night, and contradicts the tnry of tb< c?piure 01 me i?e<>rge l'aye, whlcb rumor bad obt uicl credence from the heavy cannonading beard down tbe river. This cannonading, bow ever, proved to be of trilling Importance Th< batteries at Aqula Creek opened on the fleet, ap parently to teat their range, doing no other dam' age than (lightly cutting the rigging of the Pooa hontaa. The fleet hauled off from ahore and th< firing ceased Previouato doing so. however, th< Ioe Boat, now under the command of Lieut. Par ker, let fly a couple of sixty-four pound shot froir her big rifled cannon, one of which struck in th< vicinity of the batteries. The ether, It was though by an officer, 14 went on to Fredericksburg " After the affair of the Resolute at Matihla* Point the Freeborn went down and shelled the plact effectually, making great havoc with the treei and treacherous chapparel. The Mount Vernoc furnished her with another supply of shell, See after the cannonading. This morning the Mt. Vernon left again and went down the river. Considerable uneasiness U felt for the safety oi the Baltimohe, which went to Old Point a weel auo Snd nnl J ? *- J ? ? * ?_ _ uu0 Hi'* JVC Itiimiru. (lil'U^U llllf iai Wednesday morning. She may have been de tained at Fortress Monroe, but serious apprchen sions exist that she has met with ill fortune The I'owhatan is still occupied by the mutineer! of the Second Maine Reglmeut. Any sign of re volt among them now would bring upon them t terrible retribution, as their guard is not onlj well armed, but a thirty-two pound cannon charged with grape, bears directly upon them whose discharge would annihilate the wholt party. This morning the smoke stack of the Pensacoh was taken from the shop and hauled down to the sloop, one sect Ion having already been pla<cd in Its position. The stack is of itself a curiosity, being tight feet f?>ur Inches in diameter. and arranged like a telescope, so as to shd>; In and out al pleasure. An increased activity is noticeable In the carpenter *hop?. In which a large force are employed turning out rammers for cannon, blocks and fcoxe! for frhell, ammunition chesta, Ac., in Immense quantities In order to hurry the work still more, a line of shafting is being put up in the second story, to w hich the various machinery will b#? ?t. - - J - ~ tached by belts For a day or two past the marine* have been chaalpg otf Itie grass from the sidewalks and gutters around tb* garrison, adding not a little to tfc? general appearance of neatness and comfr-rt Since the war visitors have been excluded from witnessing tb? morning drill of the marines, which, with the fine music of the Marine R.isd, attrarted many of our citizens as well ai strancers sojournin* with us Everybody was on the qui tit* at tb? Nary Yard tiiis morning, in anticipation of a visit from M^jor General .McClellan, and preparation! were on foot for receiving him with the customary salute, applicable to his rank, of fifteen guns THt I1VISTI NISTH NEW TOEK RRG1MKST. The following soldiers are to be tried for mutinous conduct: Robert Armour, Geo Clark, John Monroe, Robert Drummond, Matthew Kelly. Geo.Seger, I Jas Fltxsimmons. R Strom?. Jnn Mollson Jno j Callahan, Prank Cocker, Geo. Trumbull, Win Mitchell, Hugh Mclntyre, Thomas Mc Comtek, G. B. Showt'U, David 8cott, John Bacon, John McManagel, Barnard Dalley, Patrick McGovern, Ale*. Irving, Robert Wllaon, J. Sklllln, Samuel Bolton. Andrew Robertson, John Pardee, Henry Bard, (or Barns,) Owen Kane, George Mackay (ieorge Jenkins, Patrick Harmon, Corneliui Peters, James Foster, \V. Brown, W. Tate, and John Walker. The court-martial Is made up as follows: Gen George A McCall, Gen. R ufus Ring, Gen N. D Cough, Col. R T. Taylor, 231 New York Col H. W rltlng.'id Vermont; Col I) . K Sil kies 1st Regiment Kxcelslor Brigade; Col S G.Mni mum, 5th Pennsylvania; Col. Frank \V heaton, Rhode Island Regiment; Col Cbas. Devens, 15tl .MassachuKetU; Lieut. Col Win l>wight, Is Regiment Kxcelsior Brigade; Lieut t'ol B N Hyde. :iJ Vermont. Captain Henry J. Biddle Assistant Adjutant General of United States Vol unteers, Is Judge Advocate. ... ... II is probable that the same court Will try th< mutineers of the -2d Maine Regiment, sixty six o whom are now in confinement. AFFAIRS IN ACCOMAC COCSTT, VIRGINIA?TH1 FIGHT AT POCOMOKK KIVKR. We make the following extracts from a lette of August 6, from a secession captain in Accomai to his brother In this city, who served In th District volunteers for the defense of the city : " NVe had ci little battle the oth-'r day, and rui like sheep There were three steamers up th Pocomoke river, or on the Poeornoke mud, an? landed at the mo.ith of Holden's creek, in tw< barges, numbering some two or three hundred men. Tbey seemed to be very much excited We run in double quick time, until they got u| to Sewel A. Gaskin's gate, where tbey statlone< a man upon the gate to reconnoiter. Thei then went up to Crosswell's store, and after taking what tbey wanted, went to bis house and brok< open di? Dureau ana trunk, taking two hundrec and forty or llfty dollars In rash. They also tool a quantity of bam and middlings, which the) carried on board the barges. There have beer several men arrested here In the last month, bui nothing was done with them " From other letters to the same party we learr that tbere are many strong Union men there, o] whom several are very large slaveholders, but a.1] expression of Union sentiments Is suppressed. HIS VIKW UP THK CASK Khtnr Star: In yesterday*' Issue of your pape' ap|?eared a statement concerning a of habeas corpus, Issued by Judge Wayne, of the United States Supreme Court, commanding Col. Wlllli A Gorman, of the First Minnesota Regiment, U produce the body of a soldier named Stevens You say: " The question, It is alleged, is, Has the Government a right to hold a soldier who origin ally enlisted for three months, but afterwardi tobk the oath to serve for the war " In this you err; thequ-stion being, Has the Government a right to hold aoldlers for three years, who have not been enlisted in accordance with the method prescribed in the Army Regulations * No oath has Dren taken, and In no one particular have the Armv Regulations been respected. 1 am the soldier who applied for the writ; I did so as the agent aud at tb? instance of nearly all the members of the regiment. Jiy publishing this correc[ tlon, you will oblige Edward a. Ptbvbms. tub rbet last military dbvicb. Daily, since the opening of the war, the Government have been overwhelmed with letters and applications offering new and valuable inventions, each sure, in the estimation of the inventor, to bring the war to a speedy close By way of show ing the public the character of the great mass ol them, we publish the following extract of a letter received headquarter* to-day. Viz : ? Dear feir : I have a method which I am confident, If adopted, will work up to your expectations it consists of snuff and cayenne n?nn? , a?r r~" mixed together and thrown at the rtbtls, with powder; which will cause tht m to sneeze, and their eyes to smart and run water, so that (hey will not be able to see, which will retard their progress, and give us a chance to take more prisoners." HOB. *XBXA.HDB? B BUTSLIB. The Mr Boteler, of Va , wounded at the battle of Boll Run, In the foot, and since dead of his wound, Is th? Hon A R. Boteler's son?not Mr. B.,sen , himself. Though two citizens of his telnlty now here Insist that he has recently been made a prisoner to General Hanks' command, we douU the fact, the Government having up to this time received no Intimation of It from General I Banks or any one else. t IMPOST AIT IIZCKBAbout *5,000 worth of contraband goods? quinine, chloroform, military equipment*. &c , all labelled "^lass"?were seized yesterday by the pickets there of the companies of the First ' : Pennsylvania Regiment, which are stationed at ! Annapolis Junction. They were taken at Phelps'! Cross Road, at the intersection of the Annapolis > Railroad and a county road, about Ave miles from i theJunetlon. i The goods were loaded In two wagons?one - driven by Albert Brummell, ?>f Baltimore, the . other by a negro, both of whom are at the Juncr tlon. A third mau, named Goll, who was in the rear of tVe wngons, escaped, brummell made a full confession. The goods were bought for par5 ties In Richmond by parties In Baltimore; Brummell having purchased some articles himself. A ; Richmond draft of 94,975 was sent to cover ex penses. He wai to receive HSU for the safe de. 5 livery of tbe Roods at Pope'* Creek, where trans portation to Virginia was to be (applied by tbe Virginia parties The boxes, fifteen or twenty In number, were i marked to a firm in tbe neighborhood. Theselz" ; ure wai made at I o'clock a m ,they exacting to be able to pais the pickets In day time. The ? horses and wagons are worth several hundred ; dollars. t Brummell's confession Is circumstantial, men* tionlng dates, names, and localities, and is quite , interesting and Important, In view of the illicit ? trade carried on between Baltimore and Richi mond. He bad on his person *bundl? of sixty or i seventy letters directed to cfiicers and soldiers of , the Confederate army. MR. FACLIMR'S CASK. i We apprehend that the lntilligenctr is in error in stating that the only ground for the arrest of f Mr. C. J . Faulkner, ex-U . S. Minister to France, is the fact that the oligarchy hold in custody the Messrs. Harris of this city, and McGraw of Fa. We are satisfied that there are distinct charges against htm of complicity with the conspiracy against the Integrity of the Union, and that the authorities are in possession of what they deemed sufficient proofs of their truth to warrant bis arrest and present detention. TH8 ORJIKEAL COEKT MARTIAL Is In seeslon at Aylmer'a building, on the corner of Fa Avenue )fnd Seventeenth st The only case tried before it to-day was that of Michael McCarthy, a private of Co. I, second infantry, charged with sleeping on his post As we go to press, they are about to take up the esse of the rioters and mutineers of the New Yotk Seventy-ninth t TO TH?SS DISIRINO PA6?KS. <Scr For the Information of all concerned, we are requested to state that the office hours of the Provost Marshal are between 9 a. m. and 1pm Persons having business to transact with him relating to phases, , will b<* guided accordingly. The headquarters of the Provost Marshal are at 1 307 I atrtet, between Fifteenth and Sixteenth 1 stteets GEKERAL ROSKHCRASS. As the secessionists hereabout still Insist that 1 General Rosencrans has been killed by the ariny ' of General Lee, we stat#the fact that a letter wes 1 received from him this forenoon at the War Department, In due course of mail, asking that ' General Benham maybe assigned to his division Dead men m<ike r.o such requests THE CAPTAINS OF THB SIXTT-RINTH T-ieut Colonel Nugent, Captain Kelly, and L.ieui MeHMHW, all of the Sixty-ninth Regt- I mtnt. hive received their official appointments { as Captains in the United States Army The ' gallant Captains are attached to the Thirteenth Infantry, and proceed to 8t Louis to join their regiment next week NAVAL OPERATIONS. Within one month from this date the effectiveness of the Navy for the purpose of closing all the ' entrances of the southern coast will be Increased ' one-half. That Is to say, beyond its present effec. tlveness. which amounts to as effectivs a blockade as was ever instituted by any Navy upon so ex' tensive a line of sea coast. i \r (1 11 Tln isr??-l. The general order recently promulgated, aiithor lilng men to be received into the service singly, is already greatly Increasing the daily average of | enlistments. Information received from all quar[ ters of the country render It certain that the number is thus being doubled already*. the siavt pkpaktmkmt having already Issued IS papers for vessel* to run ; from the Maryland side of the Potomac,with fruit, > wood, grain, Ac , declines Issuing any more till - Mrnday next. I ILL. 1 General Gibson, Commissary General U. S. A.? t is lying dangerously ill, at his residence In this city. ___ Later from Missouri. Ht. Louis, Aug 15.?A fleet of ten steamers, which have been laid up for some time past, were e brought up to the city to-day, by order of Gen. f L' ? ? ? *? " * iciuuut,?? I'trYciiv me poasiouiiy 01 meir oeing taken bv the rebels. lien Pope ban about completed the appointment % of committee* of safety In the countie* of hi* department, according to the special orders already * telegraphed Since the adoption of this plan for c the preservation of property, acts of violence have e materially diminished, and It is bellev?d that, In a short time, they will entirely cease The provost marshal has laaued stringent orders 0 against the wearing of concealed weapons by cite lzens. and interdicting the sale or giving away of j any description of firearm* by gunsmith* or other dealers, except by special permit. B St Loris, Aug 16?A messenger from Gen. 1 Sigel arrived here early this morning who report* Rm ?> ,.i ?.? ? ?i- * ? ' u* u |aiiui uiK-ru nines lull IIae OI 0 Lebanon, expecting to reach Rolla to-day He , had not been molested on the route Gen Lyon was bnrifcd on Col Phelpt farm, near Spriugf Held ; It Is reported that tbe rebel* had entered Spring? field and were encamped In and around tt. The . messenger also state* tbat the whole number of killed, wounded and missing on the Federal side 1 don't exceed UiO. and that Gen Ben McCullough r and a number of rebel officers were killed. i t Saathern War News. Locisvillr, Aug. 16 ?A dispatch from Rlch, mond (via New Orleans) states that "Gen Evuns, f with the ITth and IStb .Mississippi regiments 1 and the Hth Virginia and Richmond Howitzers, [ passed Letiburs< on Tuesday morning, in pursuit of one thousand seven hundred Federal troops of , ' ? it m_?_ j ' - - onicrsi Bans a aivigmn, woo hnd been depredating this side of the Potomac "1 he enemy were probably captured, as the river wag go much swollen as to prevent their escape to the other i side "?[This Is probably the Southern version of the visit of the one hundred men sent to Serets1 ville a few days since.?Keporier ] > ANOTHER DISPATCH. > Richmond, (via New Orleans and Louisville,) , Aug 15.?"The reported battle near Leesburg gradually assumes an air of plausibility It appears that 1,700 Federal troops forded the Potomac 1 near or opposite Leeiburg. but during the night i the river rose, and the Confederate forces surrounded them. The Federals lost, In killed and wounded, about 300, and 1.400 taken prisoners. Tbe Confederate loss was small Several passengers ' from Manassas this afternoon report this news as i current there, and generally credited. Some say that a large number of wagons were sent up to convey down the property captured." Stithrra News Louisville, Aug. 15 ?Passengers from Nashville report that the military authorities of Tennessee are about to prohibit tbe entrance of any kind of goods Into that State over the Louisville and Naskville Railroad, and this Is wnu.-io corroborated by the Memphis advices to their agents to purchase no more goods In Louisville at present. For two or three nights past wagons, supposed to contain munitions of war, including powd<r, have tone from here la the direction of Tennessee. ror two nights the surveyor's pease were overpowered. Last night the posse was Incressed, but the wagons were attended by cavalry, and got away. Measures are taken to prevent similar occurrences In future Mkmfhis, Aug, 14 ?A telegram from Hirkman says that a batt> has occurred at Charleston, Mo., bet weeen: Jeff Thompson'a forces and the Fremonters The latter were driven back with severe loas. Two gun-boats are now chasing the s'earner Equality, captured to-day by Captain James Erwin, from Cairo. JET Every soldier who loses hlagun, whether m uiwiittir mrowing ii iwit on ibe field of bottle, or through neglect, it to have twelve dollar*, the price of the gun, deducted from hit pay. Tbla will abow the men that guns are ao toys, to be , ' thrown away whenever It la Inconvenient to cany them. lT7"The Treasury Department a re about to reImhune the Stitu of rennaylvanta and New York for the aid they advanced In preparing for the prosecution of the war. The paymeata to the tttatca will probably be made la gold. I / 0 Affairs in the Suih socthek.n accockt or tub lebsbcro rieHT The Leesburg (Vi.) Mirror of the 9th Inst bu tbe following account of the late skirmish in that vicinity: On Monday morning a party of Captain Meed's London revelry (21 in number) who hud been on duty at Potomac Furnace, opposite the Point of Rock*, for some days, were surprised by a body of Federal Infantry, and completely routed. It was very early in the morning, and our men had just returned from a night scouring of the mountain?some had lain down and fallen asleep, others were feeding their horses, and others were arranging for breakfast While thus employed, the enemy presented himself on their right and left In numbers of about 60, with bayonets charged, not more than twenty yards from them. Finding that, thus hemmed in. their onlv safety w*? in in. tant flight, our boy* took to th? mountain*, leaving behind their hones, arms. etc., which, of courae, fell into the banda of the enemy Fourteen of the party succeeded In making their escape and reaching Leesburg, though they report that the bullets of the two flanking columns whittled around them In a manner anything but agreeable One of them, Mr. Boyd Barrett, had hi> pistol In his band at the time of the aurpriae, which was struck by an enemy'a ball, breaking the ramrod and very slightly Injuring his hand? perhaps it saved hla life. Six of the party were captu-ed and taken over the river, as follows : Robert Drane, Geo Davidson, Arthur Dawson, Jonah Orrlson. Jame* W. Daniel, and Mahlon M?fn George Ormon wu killed; shot through the head and arm His body wai recovered by his friends. Samuel Houser, postmaster at Potomac Furnace, and his step-son Wade, the ferryman at that point, wrre llkswis? taken prisoners and carried to Sandy Hook. Towards evening Mr. Houser was released and sent home, with Instructions, however, to evacuate hts house at once, as it was tbeir purpose to destroy it on Tuesday. Norfolk, Aug. 10.?John E. Purdey, a resident of this citv. was yesterday arrested and taken before the Mayor, charged with uttering treasonable

and incendiary sentiments The charge was proved to the satisfaction of the Mayor, and Pordey was sent to jail to await the action of the State authorities. Hon Mr. Nelson, of Tenn , lately arrested on a charge of treason, was brought to Richmond on )he 10th inst., in charge of sixty Confederate soldiers, and committed to jail. Circulars have been distributed through the Soutb by the Macon (Ga JChimberof Commerce, invltinu the merchants, bankers, and otbeis Interested, to meet lo mass convention at Macon, on uie ntn or October, to devise and agree upon plans "to emancipate Southern commerce and Southern monetary aflalrs from Northern control and Influence, so that when the porta are opened we may have direct trade wilh Europe, ana that the profits of transactions may inure to the people of the South exclusively " Fromtien Banks1 Column. Sandt Hook, Aug. 16?A gentleman from Martlnsburg yesterday reports small parties of Irregular secession cavalry scouring that section of tte country, and daily tiring upon our pickets and Union fugitives, as well as paying frequent visits to the town Yesterday a party approached within two miles of Harper s Ferry, flr-d upon otir pickets and retreated Last Is reported, a party of 130rebel cavalry capturrd three men of our second cavalry picket stationed just outside of Harper's Ferry. The news was brought this forenoon ny a Unionist from the Ferry. Our camp remains very quiet All appear to have a perfect confidence In General Banks and stall', as well as the brigade oftloers Parties from Winchester report only four thousand mlllt.a rendezvoused th?>re for the purpose of being drilled and disciplined The same author iiv mawsmtre are two regiments of regulars ?t Lovfttsv lie, only about ei*>ht mlb s from tbli point, In the re-tr of Loudoun Heights. IH7" The full force of cartridge make's at VVnterUiwn Arsenal is now occupied upon the Knfleld cartridge The dally production Is now about 20,000. f>^g?THK REV. MR. STAPLES, of Mi'wanJ^5 ki?. th? present Chaplain to the S"ixth Wistonsin Regiment will pte*rh in the L'd'^'im < huroh.o' rner of Sixth ard D streets. TO-MORROW. Services to oommenoa at It o'olook a. m. an lT-lt* yg?COMPANY ,'A." U. P. ENGINKKR8.i. ?c Fiftv intelligent a?>d aMe bodied mechanics will be ecusted to (til this Company to the max imum fixeu by law?lit) men. Inquire at No. ^luHst'eet Psv of privates of 1st olan 519 per month 2d clars 9i5 per month, besides food and cloth n g. an 17 tf rk*6a?THE REGULAR MONTHLY MKETI|Jf ing of the Young Men's Christian Assooia tc n will be held at tiuir Room", MO N UAY liVK NIN6, August 19, at 8 oMoclr. Representatives of the New York Kva> gel oai Alliance an-J ot the New Yoik Voun? Men's Chri Man A?sooiatiou will addrers the meeting A n infeiestinc ocoa- ion i? antieipa ed. All the nierfiberu are particularly invite;) to be present au 17 at 8A V''L MoELWEK,_Jr .Ree.Pec. (Ygr?PUTNAM RIFLFS.?Your a'tenfinn is 11 J? eail<*d to the noaterg in regard to furmin* a Company for the war. I have iieen request a to organize the Putts for the United States eervice, aud to be mustered in immediately. The officers will l>e elected by the Company. Rendezvoua, Island Hall, froi.t room, first floor. an 14 st* aKO. THISTLKTON^ fVW?THK UNION l'ravfk mfft1no u k will beholden fvfr v day in the f street Bfpiiat Church, ooinmsrcinn at * o'clock p. in. and to t.?* cont:cc-*i an hour. Stranger* aa weil as citizen* of ft:l denomination* are invited to ?ttend an<l tako ?art in these social meetings. in 21 rrg=?77sa v. strangfrTwhfrf arf IL5 you soils ^ ou seem to l>e in a ;reat hurry. f "S.. lain. 1 am to SMITH'S. No. 4b0 Se\ en'ii street, to buy a su*t of Clothing. The people say h" has a very nice assortment, and tiiey say lie ?!e!la thein so cheap." Afwi.-The last we saw of the stranger, he wiu running up Seventh street facing out "SMITH, No. 460." m2l 3m ?|?bb union fk.nule acadfmy. The Twrlfth Annual Session will commence September 2. For part'cu'are uio'iire of the Pnnoipa!? M's '/. RICHARDS, au 17 lm Corner of Fourteenth and K ata. N Th F WFSTFR N acaheM Y, O '277 I, comer of Seventeenth atreet, recently under the care of l>r. Loomis, will he reopened Monday, th^ id of September. App ication ma* be marie at Dr. Sccls's, 4 60 Fourth street, Judiciary Square. au 17-3w* JOSHUA O. COLBURN. HLADENSBl'RG ACADEMY, Fbihc* Gboboe'S ropsxv, Mn, This Institution will he reopened Monday, September 2d, with a full corps of instructor*, and every on?enience for Bearding and Day Pupil*. A mple grounds are attached for crmnat os. Frof. j. HLL, Principal. Wawtbd?An USH?;R, capable of Greek ard Latin?a sitgle gentleman preferred. Apply >> letter au 17 6teo* JJN1TKD STATES MILITARY ROUTE. CHANG E~OF HOURS. On and after Monday, 1 9th 1861, FABSKNtiKB TBA1KS WILL BON AS FOLLOWS : LEAVE WASHINGTON at 6 and 7 3' a. m. i 3" and & 4-S p in., arriving at Baltimore at 7.4$ and 9.'ii a. m. an>! 4.?3 and 7.30 p. in. LEAVE BALTIMORE a* van and 8 40 a. m. and m jc ? * * ? - * - - - - nu t o p m , arriving at v\ aemuctou at 6 and 10.^5 ft. m. and at S 3 and 6 45 p m. Hatnei ger Trains leaviuc Washington at 7 SO a. m. and 2.9' p. m .and Baltimore at 8 ?" a. in and S.45 p. m , make direct connexions for AnLapolis at the junotion. Trains leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Wash initon at 6.56 a. m. and 3 p. m Passenger Trains leaving Washington at 6 and 7 ?> a. m and 3 90 p. m. make direot ooncexions at Baltimore for Philadelphia and New YorkAll artioles of freight (not contraband of war) will be transported over the line. Tonnage Trains will leave Baltimore at 4 30 a. m. Leave Washington at 7 p. m. By order of the Secretary of War: THOMAS A. SCOTT, General Manager. THOMAS H. CANFIELD, Assistant Manager. an 17-tf EpOR SALE?A BAKERY, doing a first rate 17 business, together with a Horse and Wagon, and Stands in the Center and Northern Markets. A pply at this offioe. au 16-3t* THE ALEXANDRIA CHEAP STORE! CARPETING FROM ALEXANDRIA! UK CAT BARGAINS! Our stock of C? RPK.TiNfl. nn.ri.nTU RUGS, and STRAW MATTlNtf haa beenY*"-' movod he e from Alexandria to be aoldoat to?ether With our atoek of l>r? Good*. Our atook of Oarretinc oonaist of Bruasela, Three pijr, AII-wo<>1, rartin, Wonl-fillinc R?f. and Hemp Carpeta. W? ar.> off >rine treat bart&ina. a* we have deter mined to eel at and le?a than coat, to close buaire*a S A W. MKVKNBERG, aul4-lw 4ft Market Sraoe. nnder Avenue Houae. ?K)<\ KM ILK OUPRE 0?U PbNTISVI.VANIA AVKNUK, ikCg BriLDlSfl, Importer and Wkolumlt De*i?r in FINK WINKS, BKANDIKS. SBGARft, SARDINES, PICK I. KS PR K*KRVKD FRUITS, CONDENSED MILK, ASSORT KD SYRUPS, and CAMP SUPPLIES. JUST RKCKIVKD100 CASKS OLD BOURBON (1845) at EMILK DUPKFTS Ikon Buildups. 340 Pa. Avihce. I? O R FREDERIC TUBTUS* HAMBURG CELEBRATED SMOKING TOBACCO. Tb* Bett Artioie Ev?r lnpoii*d, Go to BMILk DUPRE, I bos Bvildim. >90 Pa. Avihu*. IUBT RECEIVED* 90 Cass* Impost!!) BELTERS WATER, la Origin*! t^tos* Bottles, At MU In t MILE DUPRE'8. < \ > j AMUSEMENTS. 'qDD FELLOWS' HALL j THE CAMPBELLS ARE GOING LAST NIGHT OF~THE RENOWNFD TROUPE OF MINSTRELS ' An ERTIKI NEW BUI. OrriRvs wok TH*CLO?!><; STERTAlSWEtT. On THIS (^aturdivy) KVKNING, Au;u?t 17. Door* opfr *17 i?'clock, oommenoini S o'oiock P'MIM'T Admmion-TWENTY FIVE CENTS. j Dr g FORD, I It 0u?in?M Acent._ TThE PIC NIC oflil/Hiii.V HILL KAVn ! having be*n postponed {on aooount of the 0%, weatder) from Monday, the litli, will take IS fhtce at Joseph Khrman'rant'a Green Hpri'icIS avi ion,on MONDAY NEXT, the 19th in-uyBk rant. an Ifitt WANTS WANTED-Able-bodied MKN to ro'ai'Mr for " the war. Renri?srona Thorn's Bni.dinc, on Seventh at., next Odd Fellow*' HaJ!. au 17 3 ? B. 9 Al.LF.N, CaptWANTKD-A GIRL to do the rental hoo-e work for a small pnvit* family. Good reference required. Apply at 339 Pa. avenue, orer Hr?od'? Jewelry Store. 't* ' 'O OR UGGI^Tfv?A youi % maudeeiiMa >? aitinn to lea-n t' e Dm* Buainea*. Rrrnuneration of aecondarj lmportanoe. Addreaa through Post Office. "C ."W't hu ?ton. 1> C. If WANTKD?A COLORED BOV. abut iftr?n Tara of ace, end of icood moral c t.araoter, to <7r?<> in w? coBir xna anr? t oarriif*. App? at this < ffioe, or at 132 Washington street, t-rorcetown. an 17 St* \JlfANTFD?A young man desires to obtain ioiiw kind of honorable Emplovment; ia willing to make him'elf generally usefui Good reference tiven from laat employers. Addreaa "C. K. B-," 9tar Office. lt_ WAN I KD TO HIKE? A respectable whit* MAN. steady and industrious habits, t > take charge of and do the work on the premises of a country house. He must understand something of garden work and the care aad driving f h?r?es. Certificate of gool character, oonduet, an 1 ability required Apply to *1 r. C. J I'HLM\N N, at the coiD?of Boundary and North Catito! streets. au 16 tf WANTED?To exchange a an-seat Family Carriage *nd Harness for a good Bagrage Wagon and Horse. Apply at "Tudor Plaoe," C ngreas at., Georgetown Heights. aa 15-St* WANTKD?A WOMAN to eo k in a sir-all fami'y. None but a goot one need apply, la* quire at J W. PL'M PH KEY'S, C atreet, Ketwean and fith ate.. Washington. an IVSt n / A WTt'n A -J ? ? -? * Iu -i - i ii' n iuw at.a pit isn H 1 U1 n U " H?R*K, in exehange for a Hone and Roekawa? ; or will ?e!l low the Horse and Rock* way. Applv at '254 C street, between 12th aid IStn. au Is 3t* PERSONAL. . i I. ????? M NOTICE. V Wife, Marraret, having le?t my bed and b~* d la*t night, without anr just oanse, 1 hereby caution all persons from trus'tng her on wiy aoeonnt, a? i w 11 par no debts ?.f her contracting. GOT TLOB STOl.P. Wa?hmgton Ci'y. A ugnst 14, '961. an 15 St" LOST AND FOUND. LOST?This ni^' ing, in the Ce?ter Market, a buckskin PURSE, eontam'nc ttt in m d ani two f I note*, A liberal reward wi i he pud to tl># finder, on returnlng the rame to Mr*. TAYLOR, on Eighth et., between F and G. I land. It* fi>1A RE WAR D?Stolen fro in iry ihop. on O 111 s'reet. between ?nd 7'h, on ? ln-?d%? a t a three-spring WAOON.wiUi toe Theabore reward will be paid to any one :etnrn<ng the same to the above-named place. If C. A. BAI'IR. ASTRAY MA RF.?Found t'esra?smg on my premises, on the 21th of JmIt. IR61, bay in Mare, wi'h h'aok man- and *a<I. Tliecwi. ^ " or o- wi mtr? it :<>q ue?t. <1 to oome for I Mi, prove propety. p*v ^harcss, and take h*r I a*?v. KOMUND CLARK Inquire st J'lin M.eney'e, c irner of 22d fci.d H st?. an 17 SI* FF WARD-Lost or stolen. on Thursday 0?-? nitht. the 15th instant, ?? fr??t of the Na ] tiona' MotM, a aheepakin PUR HE, oontairief about 92 SO in ailver. and the fo lowing Certificate# of the Corporation for paving and oupbing ; C >rtifioate No 1,342. for *129 iS in the nai e ot W. Dunnavin, endorsed by John Fletcher. 8q *1J; i 'e tifioate No. l.<34. for ?19 26 in the name of J. E. Thompson, Pq .VS. endorsed by Jas A. Fletoh- ; er ; Certificate No ijkb. for #3 38. name of H. C. ' Cimmi. Hq 465 eudoraed P. Maguire. Theahove oe'tifi iatea ?re of no \ane excpt to the under- ' aimed, aa the Register has been notified of their J loaa, And application w ll ' e ?-ad- for durlioatea. PATRICK 0'' ALli?flBAN, I au 17 3t Corner of 3ith and E sir -eta. I STRAYED ?'R 8TOLFN?From t e subaortic her. on or about the lat instant, a brindie COW. amall size, long rougn horn?. wUP with a hell on her n ek?"No *i" on theAaJHs be" Whoever will return eaid oow, or give information where *he o.ay b? found, at the U. 8. Penitentiary snail be liberally rewarded au 6 3t* A. T. LANOLEY, Dep'y Warden. LOST?On Tl.uracay. the 15th ioatant, in v> mi'-f the omnihua between the Cap tol and the Navy Yard, a Porteiaoni aie. containing 9^5 in gold and some amall pieces in atlver 'I he tinier will be suitably rews'oed and receiv - the thank< rf the owner (to wh '.in it i* a very great loa?; ? ? leaving it at the Omnitius Offioe, near the Navv Yard gate. au Is St* <j>C RKWAKD.-l,Mt, S amall PAS? BOOK of OJ a<" ouuts with the butcher.-. between Georgel' wu and :ht> T'easurv. The accounts are wr?U?n with penoil. The above reward w>l: he pMd for ita r?**urn to injr ^?>ap ar.d Cardie Factory, near the Treasury Department, on Fifteenth at au .5 3t* O. T. RAUB. SICK A*? WOUNDED SOLDIERS Id Haapital, Augnat 10, 1M1. Published in conformity with the retolulan if the Senatt of July 19, 1861. At General Hmpttal on E ftrett. betivein Fourth and Fifth street*, Washington. lit N. Y Zonavea ....11 3d Vermont Vol 1 3d do Volunteers.. 1 lat Mlnneaota Vol .... 2 7th do do 1 3d Pennsylvania Vol.. 1 13th do do ..... 1 5th do do.. 1 I tltU -? ? -I? ii'u iiu aoal.?., <10 do.. 6 l?th do do 1j27th do do.. 3 isth do do 2 2d New Jersey Vol.... 2 do do ..... 1 3d do do.... 1 2Kb do do 3 24 Maine Volunteers.. 2 27th do do 2 3d do do 3 2-th do do 1 4th do do...... 5 31st do do 2 5th do do 2 33d do do 2|2d New Hampshire .. 5 35th do do 2 2d Michigan 3 rtti'h do do 1 4th do 2 37'h do do 1 2d Wisconsin 1 3sth do do 1 Tammany regiment.. 1 69th do do 1 Starves Illinois Rifles. 1 79'h do do 1 1st California Vol 3 1st Sickles Brigade .. 1 3d T* 9 Infantry 1 1st Mass. Volunteers .. 1 2d U S Cavalry I 9th do do Ii21st N. Y. Volunteers. 1 2d Vt. d? l| Total SH At Union Hospital, toriur of Bridgt and Washington ttrrttty Georgetown. 3d N. J Volunteers.. 3 fith Maine Volunteers. 2 2d N. Y. Volunteers.. 4 1st N. H. Volunteers.. 1 13th do do 9 2d do do 3 11th do do 1 1st Ohio do I 17th do d? . . mi * ?. ? ??? l*l lUili OWt ?? *i Itfth do do ijlatMaa* do I 22d do do 11 tat Conn. do 1 24th do do 2,2d Wti. do 8 25th do do 1 8th Penaylranla Vol.. 1 26th do do 1 9th do do... 1 33d do do 4 11th do do... 1 69th do do 1 26th do do... 1 79th do do 11127th do do... 9 Tammany NY. Vol.. 3,2d Vermont Volunteer* 1 Mozart do do... 1 3d do do....13 2d Michigan Vol 3 2d U. 8. Cavalry 3 3d do do 5 8th U S Infantry 1 4th do do 7 Sturgl*RlfleCo., Chi2d Maine do 1 cago 1 4th do do 3 Total 109 At Hospital at Mitt English's Seminary, Georgeto ten. lit Artillery 1119th N.Y. Volunteer*.. 1 2d do 1 25th do do I Teamiter, (4. M D .. 1 33d do do 2 2d Mnlne Volunteer*.. 6 7Vth do do 4 3d do do 3 Tammany N. Y. Vol.. I 6th do do 1 De Kalb do do.. 4 lit Maaa. Volunteer*.. 1 Kxcelalor Brigade 9 7th do do 2 l?t Michigan Vol 1 3d Vermont Volonteera 1 2d do do IS 2d New York do.... 14th do de SI 11th do do.... 4 1st Minnesota do 10 16th do do.... 1 ? Total 8a At Genital Hospital, Alexandria, Amgmit 9 38th N Y. Volunteer*. 8 2d N H Volunteer... 9 2d Michigan do.... 1 71?t N Y. do 1 Mozart do.... 1 12th do do 3 32d New York do 2 1st Cavalry 1 5th Maine do.... 4 18th N Y Volunteers. S 1st Minnesota -do ... 14 4th Malae de 8 2d Maine d0.... 9 1? 8. Marts* ? 79th New York ifc.n 3 3d Mtchl?a? Vol * 37th do do.... * IKMm. VoloalMn.. 1 3d WlaeoMla do.... 4 11th do do 1 3d Maine do.... 5 ?9th N. Y- do t 9d Vermont do.... 8 lit Mich leu do 1 ItfNtw Jeroty do.... 9 ?7th N. Y. do 1 FtreZoamvM 10 let ArilUory 1 2.1 Cavalry 3 ? Teomoter 1 Total ?6 in*" Wuhlagton popen pleooe oopt ud and biOa to tU War Deportment sag 16-4?w % AUCTION 8 A LBS. ' BTSREKN * WILLIAMS. Aao'ic #*? Household and kiichen ki ..nittab at Anm.>B.?On MONDAV. tao :> a imtant, we iht ?eli ?t lae imkIm - : * r?r * ? man dae'.iBicg Immx at No Ml Icnn.fiV1LIA ?vtco*. ea?' Of the CapitO1. iriVMIi 2d Ml ad *troeta *a?t, 1* o'o ook * a., a govd aaoortSettof Furniture, via : nreau , Cottage Chamber ?e t. Iron and otkw Mratit, Pair and shuck Mattreiaea. Tablet sad Chaira. Sofa, Carpet. Bookca e. Waahatanda, Refricera tor. Cooking and other Store*. a ad a goo4 lot of Kitafc n heauiaitea With many other artialea. vhieh W* deeoi aaaeoeeaary toeoaaaerate. I Term* caah in aoeeie aiW? fcREEN * WILLIAMS. Aaota. | By J. C. MeOUIRR A CO.. Anetloawe. SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD CASE SEVENortava P i a wo Foara, and Frinirru. a kb SOOEBQLD ?>rr*CTB *i Avctwh -Oi TlESAY MORN I NO. Aaraat ?th. at lOo^olo^.at reaidenea of A Bielaakl, Ea*.. corner ofvir[ i a-a -* I Kiaiv Toiniv MN 1 VRUI PI rtp?v? pw HI MIIUMOni*n ?n?tunt?. we halt Mil hla Faraitara ul Hooaehoid Kffeo'a. oompnainf? . _ Superior Ro??vood Cut, Roiad Coroar, Iron Frame, Seven o?Ur* Piano Foti?, Makogary Hair Sprint Seat Sofa, lk> Kocker and Parlor Chair*. Marbla-tqn Cantor and bnfh Tablaa. Wa oat whatnot Fa*?y Tahlaa, Cane and Wood, Loant*. Several aupeior French C oek?, Vaaaa, Window Shade* and VeniUar Bliada. Ca'pata. Ui oteth . ami Straw Matting. Mahogany Hat Trae. F.oor Oilcloth, Dining Table and Chair*. Croaker* and Giaaa W?r?. Superior Silver p a'-ed |>a Set. Caatora, Waiiare. *)poona and I -r*?. Table Cutlery, Waiter* Plated Ioa Pitohera, Hed*t>ada, Bu-eaua, Wa?:i??an<la, Mattreatea, Bfiatera,ana I* iowa, C" kmc and oth-sr Si v-?. K.tohen Uteacna. Ao Terma oaah incurred fund*. P. S?The Houae ia f<?r ie*t. Inquire of tka Auction era. au U-d J. C Mc*?HHKA CO.. Aacta. By WALL A BARNARD. Aaetionaera I2KKT IOKU AND SPRING W??ON AT Awctiov-OU SATURDAY MoRNIN?. July 3, we will aell, in front of our aoo ion rooma? 1 Grey Horae, warrant*-*! k .nd, and rent e, and work* wall in ham oa, 1 8p-ir.j Wagon, nearly new, auitable for a grooer _or exprrgj wa;on Sala positive. Terms omH. an M WAll. ft BARNARD, Anota. B? J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.. Auetionaars. Furniture and Et pects of a re?TtCIiMT AT Arcrio*.?On M ?? N II A Y MORN t \M. Aa(u*t 19 eommecaing at 10 o'elnok, l?y virtu* of Ac order for distrain, 1 sha salt. ai the Re-taurant of Charlae Warner on the sooth side of Pernnyl rams avnne, near ?h* corner <.f ? 'th street, all his Household t ffeeu, Far and ar Room l-i*tnr?sl < oi kmi Utensils, Wines, l iaoor*. Ac , con?i?t.r.|, is part, of Walnnt Frame Piano t-orte, H*ir Cloth S Is ami pivans. Mahogany Bureau*. Side and Center, W Innt Freno-' t ed-te*^?. Feather Bed. Bolster and Pillow* Mattr?as^n, ll anke'?, Quilt*. and other Beddiru. Cane-?rat <"hair?. Roekert, L^un^e*, Brj*aes*n<l 1 n*raia Carpets. Oileloth, 9*atti"R, Aa , Oookint J*tov? an^ Cookiai rtenMls suitat 'a |br rastaaiant kitchen. Ateo. 1 Ma'orany Bajrat?'!e TsMe, a ar?e ron ?d Oard Tab!< s. Jd"*jn Wood tea'Ami' hsi?a. T sether with a 1 the Wines. Liquor*, and Bar Fixture*. Paintings. Lithosrapbs. Ac.. A o. Terms oash. I WILLIAM MARTIN, fiatlif. an 13 U J. C. Mctil IRK ft CO., Aaota. ~~ ttOK SALE AND KENT. I^ow RENT-Two FURNISHED ROOM?, r with or without B<ard, on Sixteenth str*?t. between M *n 1 MlHMkitAttiav. an 17 21* HorfE~ON CAPITOL HILL FOR RKNT. The throe atny Briet Dwelling-how* m th* sou h side of Pa. avenue, at the comer pf Third . i ?>a*t. a short flia anoe from th* Capitol tquare at rfMDt occupied by G. 8. M nor, E*. Aprliie| li >p o av b? ii %de on t*e ??, o? ?o TH-'S. BLAGDEN. No 499 8a.enthat *Mt aul7 P'R RENT-A very ^Mtfab'c STAND for"a b a dn r house, Oi Pennsylvania avenue atd i Eighth ?t.. now occupied bv the Messrs. Joy, ai d has alwats had a fail share of the patronage of the j city Possesion givtn on the lat of September next. Said house la in good order. For further particulars apply to JAMES TOW1 Rf A sent, *90 H street north ; or Mrs. JULIA KEliP 37? E street. as 17 tf A LADY, whose husband has beea ordared away, and shereai. ing in the chantry, la desirous to take a gentleman aod bis wife in Iter familv far protection. Th- diatance from her reMdeooe to the city is only ten ruinates'ride or walk. A convevai.ce will be furnished them. F?r reference 1 r ea-e apflv at M>. REDFER V8 Grocer*. Wast Knit The place adjoins Kalorama, fo merly owned , hv Mr- Vivan ? ** i ? ?u id A PARM, of about SO urM, with timber ul X\ cleared lands orobar^e, dwel ing and harn.ia Maryland, for a*!e or exrhauge for otkar real or peraunal estate; United ?tatea. State, and railroad, or other at'>eka-notea, bonda, or other aecnritiea. J Inquire at No. 490 M asaaobaa etla ar. jy K-if UANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS.i II Fonr handaomety F orniahed Ronma. aaaplied with taa and water, and convenient to the Patert I and Poat Office Dnpa'tmenU,for rent. Apply at i 490H Maurxhaaetta avecne, north aid*, between i <th ?.B'i fcth ata. ma31 EDUCATIONAL. Rock hill acadkmy, Kllicott'? Millb. Ms, I -tudiea will tie reaumed io thi? Inati utiou on [ Monday. 38th maiant. Person* deruu.c further 1 Hif >rrration otn have a rro*pectua mailed to their addrtsa by writing U? Lie Director of the Academy. aa 16 lw' LtFAYKTTK INSTITUTE. I A SCHOO. FOR Y')VNV LADIES. 1 367 1 atrert, between 13'h ard l?'h. I S.??i nwil1 commrno* on MONDAY, Septem ? ber 9t". Circular* at Boofcat res Reference la mad* to retiden* Clergymen, fenatora Foot, Foe I tar, Harna, Wade, Trumbull. Hi- ?n. and othara. 1 l. C. LOOMltf, A. M? an ift-S, TAT, 1m i ,'cipe T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parents who ?uk rt...r^.ht? ? ? eire a thorough tad systematic edaoaion. wbM their phje?ca. training will reoeivedailv attention, under the moit approved stem of Cahatheaios and G;moMi4or, are respectfully invited U risit the Union Female Aoadentr, oorner FoarIm th at. and New York a*. ME. * Mrs. Z. RICHARD*. Pnneipale. gROUKEV|LLE_4CADEMV. ] The next eeaaion will commence September Sd. Boya are prepared for oollege or for busiaaaa. For catalogue p.ease address, at Brookevilla, Md . E. B. PkETTYMAN A aut-lm (Intel.) I'r.r o;p<v CGEORGETOWN INSTITUTE. ? Th* <*nties of thia School will he reaamed orthe first Mondav of September next. Its advantage* (both aa to looation and faowiuee for improvement) ! and moderate t.*rni? reooir.mend it to the patronaxe of all. THOMAS N. CONRAD, M. A., JOHN S. CONRAD. I *" 6 Principal a. IOKORQETOWN AI)VERT'MTS yy MASONIC ?A stated meeting of Potrm?o >tjV Lo^c*. No 5, Georgetown. wi 1 b? held it Hafl on MONDAY EVENING n>xt. a'7* o'elk Brethren in good atandtng are fraternal'? i"riled to attend. <lf > M AOLKft Hoc fY"^" MAYOR'S OFF1CF, Jv_3 (rtrftltrWU, D 0 , llMVII 17. 1W. Whereas it u provided by a itU aetof Coagrees? ' That it ?haU aot be lawfal for any peraan la the I Diatriet of Co ambia to eell, five, or administer to any ro'dier ar rolnntaer In theeemoeoi the United 1 feia'rs. or aar person wearing the uniform of aaeh soldier or volfnteer any apiMtsoai lienor or iatoxioatias a rick; and ar* pereoa eo r>f?L<3 against the pro*laiona of thia Aot ahall bedema'd cut ty of a mtademeaLOr, and a poo e^aviotion a faaraof before a magistrate or eoart haviBf onaai I aal janadiotioa aha, I be pantahed by a i?e of * twenty dollars, or imprieoomeat ia the jail of Wa?hia?ton ooaaty, m the Diatriet of Columbia. I for the period rf thirty <Jaya"? 4 bf it Utim to all pereoaa oonoeraed, witi m the limita of thia Corporatioa. that the Pol>oe Officer., a it* saili'aiy aid. a a re b*ea, and are hereby, direct to enforce, moot rigidly, the prorietone of tha aforesaid lav, without aay re- . apeot to pereoaa whatsoever f an 17-tawaw HENRY ADDISON. Mayor. C f|fkn IN VIRGINIA BANK NOTES FVJ aad Georgetown Corporation payable ib Virginia notes, wanted, at alairrateor dieooaat. for District Bank Notaa or Gold, or ia exchange for Orooenaa at my regalar retail prioas. Apply eoatheaal oorner Mridce aad Aifh streets, BSTy"?"""" " TENNKV | wiaoofil, vULUnD * tU.TS "J , PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT Which on mtitaI will be for ?1? Trni o.d.liw,. AKNV* IKR*,?* T Vmom D*toL ii^ortwktwn. VST RECEIVED? J m EEV <t7^fVif^vBU84M t sat teffi'i&vaH'srafc to h?|( fio ud j^kco f 500,000 i?fS^WNV^ An?? I|^feS?? i M i ta C. B. JEWELL, rr?^iw?w. 1ihiary OF CONfllKII, * "witjik:. N?ti?e u her*b j iitmUAt the' Lihmrt 01 y'Mm l(Ni" will be o ue*d on TvMtej.tae I3tn > ? W Au?uit, krid yilleetbe reopened utl! T?*<U),

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