Newspaper of Evening Star, August 19, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 19, 1861 Page 1
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i ] ___ ^ - A ' 1 """ ^^ dteittg ?kr. m ' V?>. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. MONDAY. AUGUST 19. 1861. N?. 2.651. THE EVENING STAR li PUBLISHED BVEKk AFTERNOON, SUNDAY EXCKPTBD.) AT THE STAR BUILDllQS, Ctu* if PmuufltxtmU wmw ami hUmnlk tt. BT W. D. WALLAOH. ? Paper* wred In paokag-? by carrier* at t4 I yew, of 37 ee*ta gpr month. Tt null aubeertben the price U tt 30 a yea/, m e<?c?; t* for all Boatha; tl tor three month*; and for leaa Uai three montha at the rate of li cent* a week 81 a gle oepkea, om c?st; in wrapper*, two cum. [TT ABviarruMiafa ah on Id be aeat to Uu oAoe before ii o'clock m ; otherwlae they m*j ?o? appear untll the next day. THE FATE OP THE STEAMER PACIFIC A n?ii|( I rum the 9rt. From a long article in the London Shippinj Ou?t!c, merely referred to in oar last foreigi despatches, ? condense the following M i possible explanation of the fate of (he unfortu hate steamer Paeiflo: 'Our reader* may hare observed recent! among oar maritime *xtrao's th* copy of th content* of a slip of paper fouod in a bottl cm* week* ego on tLe western ooast of Uia! in the Hebrides, acd forwarded to us by on gent at Stornowav. The paper in quaitior apparently the leaf of a pooaet-book. osed i the hnrry of the moment, wm cov.<re-i on botl ride* viih pencil marks from which the fo lowiiij was with difficult? deciphered: "'On boa d PaciJtc,froni L'pool to IS York?Ship going down, (Great) oonfusio on board. Icsbargs around us on every aid? I know I cannot escape. I write the canse a ear W?s that friends may not lire in eu?rens? The finder of this will please get it p- ^.i*he<j " 'Wm.GB4H.U.' ' If we are right in onr sorjecture the shi here named la ?bc P*. ifie, one of the Co'.lir line of steamers, wMch vessel lef. Liverpc. ?o January 33, 185c three days before th P?r*ia, and baa not - en heard of; and thi alip of paper, three in.nes by two, is probajl the only record of the fat# of that missing ship "We have not oome to this oonclusion haa.ilj On receiviag the frail r*oord from fitornows we at one* pubHsbed i: as the beat and m? expeditions mode of plaoing it before ?ho? whe migbt poeeibly be interred in tb* fat of the vessel named. The Pacific ia V>J c means an Qnmnmnn appellation, more espe eially >ng the shipping of the United states ard ^e did not despair that some light wonl< b?- brown apon the 'message fr<*rn the which had so singularly been pr-^erved am placed ia oar hands After waitirg fo roe time we received a communication fror Messrs Zerega, of New York, stating tba tl??ir ship P cifle being i? r>ort at the time ' ooarse the record bad no rcf irenc thereto, bo thej u.oeh feared it might, ao: -rithstandin, the difference in tne names, apply t-> tbei bin Baltic, which had left Liverpool in Janua ry last, and has -ot since been heard c>f. and * were reaoested a* the same time to eotarrun' ?ate witn M ?srs. Zerega's agents in Liverpool This we have been oarefal to de, and the sam* ttme we directed a search to be made amon| the list of paaeenfers and crews, both of thi Bal''* tD(i 0f the Pacific of the Collins line. 41 We have ascertained that no person name< Graham was on board the TWtie when tha veM?l 'ef^ Liverpool last on her passage te Nei York, bat it appears a man of that name di< snip as neimeman in the Paoifio in January 18M. It ia true be ahipped by the nameo Rebert Graham, wbereaa the alip of paper i aigned ' Wm. Graham.' Thia, however, is i discrepancy whiob will not oouitfor ma :h wit] thoee who are acqci'nted with the carelea manner in whioh aeataxing people frequen tlj give their name*, and the facility for su^h * mistake rroeented by the ordinary mode o eote. iag 'na namea of - ship's oompany. From the faeta elicited ao far, we oome t< the ooneloston that ihe vessel lost, and t< vhieh the frail memorandum before oa refer* wai a abip fffcmcd the Paoifle. Tae writer wt evidently some person ao. nstomed to the peril of the aea, for it ia difficult to understand 1*0* any person whoa* nerves had not been har dened by the presence of fre^aent and appal ling danger* c old have written with anol manifest ooolneas in the Immediate preaenoi of death. Thia self-possession at once nez* tires the idea that the person who oould exhibi ft in a moment of each supreme peril eor'< possibly have mistaken the name ot the rearwhose 1 >sa he h*a reoorded. Then, again, v And from the records of the loat Paoifio that j Ssreon named Qraham sailed in her frot iverpool on her ill-fated voyage, and, in al human probability, waa on board at the tim <>oe waa loat with all bauds. Thia ia th -A. A t _ ? .1 ? a ? vtrungeet point id mo enure caun oi evidence for it oonoecta the writer of the metrorandut directly with the loft ?hip, and the ship wit the writer. Lastly, eiooe the metporaadw bu been gi*en to the world (now son s weeki we have h*d no intimation that any rbip name th-> Pacifl;, sailing from Liverpool reoentij has been loet or is even missing. Maxvvastuks or Riflid Ca*?o* at Pitts Mm ?The f<r. dries at P.ttsburg are turning 01 rifled cannon wl'b great rapidity A correapoi deot of tte O. nc':. rati G'tette gives an lntereatln tu iount of ?h: rr? /reaa of the work, from whlc we copy lae following: 'Piles of shell and r?>uad shot, from the hu? tt-lnch to the tiny grape and eanteter, lay aroun the room in one of three factories, being peek' rr*4v for shipment almost before they ar? coo In the machine op adjoining a huge 10-Inch ct la Tabled la revolving on a lathe while some twenl a-lge howltxera and the short kettle aluped mo tars are being bc*ed and turned Here the grei HMaaaa gnn waa cast, end another monster i 18 Inch is soot to be construc'ed Command* Dahlgren baa mt on aa order for a large numhi *t his heavy 0 and ll-lnch ship's guos, and w'.tl la the neat two waeka. thev are bmrialni/ to rlt tbe eolnmMada on hand Daring -the preeei weak otm twenty heavy guca have b*-i ? r? 1 ?t Louie. bee* dee largr'qoentltlea of ahot an a?d ?Ma morning, ?* I am writing, u llllnl 9tat^a ordnance offi :?ra hare cnn* out the proving groonda with t?n large S Inch howl i?ra, that are to be test immediately to Oener Fremont at At Louie. ' Meeert Ka.p, Radd&Co., employ a larj somber of handa night and day la order to c<.j plrto the Government contract* They art* no auralag ont at the rate nf nine rlfl-d cannon pe diem Tber manufacture. bea'.dea the 0 aod 1 Inch Dahlpren 9 and 10-Inch bowits?ra Saudi Inch eolomblada and mertara, a v?ry nice battel of tron 8 and 10-p- n^-r (ana flrat tried for a: perl id*.: t, but which have become practicable Ctmi i* E??ui?d ? England aeema to be Chamber of Herrora." The London Tlmeaw? remarka, "orlmee of the wont dye lie in profutW before ua " Wtthta a few daya the papera ba' yoooaated tbo dotal la of a father Infllctln* mu dcrooa blow* oa h!? only eon; two gentleax 8 looting, hacking and amaahlng one another death la a back draw lag-room in a by-atroet ] the Ptraad, aaargeon aharged with a profeaaion; tnarder opoo aa unhappy patient; aeveral hu baadi mnrderlag tbolr wlvea; a lady attaeklf r bar aged another with a bludgeon; a bo? attbbit bla itWMlew: a poor girl Impaled by a ru awry borae oa the raliinga of Eaton Square; mllior murdering bla wife beeauee of a wrang I a boat a trite ef moner aa tber drove home fro market; om man killing another with a pitch hecauee ha arotiaeg him from bed U nak a bualn< qoeation, and rar'.oua minor erlmea nnSTTca ;* t?? Aim ?Ht* royalblgbrx ttt? coaun *&<*w-1a-eblef having derided that t whole of ibe troopa aball be regularly Instruct* la gymaaatlc exerrlaaa aa a part of tfcelr millta edueatloo, an erdar bat bean lamed from t H?rae Ooarda, celling upon general aad oth ot&eera, to cooa'.der whether tb?re are an v e*li lag building* at Important ttatlona whl'b n read! ly be m? de available for that pu rpoae L'nd the now arrangement gymnaata are to be fort with established at Chatham, Porta mouth, Wo< wich, SboerneM. and one or two other Imports military atatloaa, at each of which place* ore eooouragement baa been for 'xr* time past kIt the troooa to ex-re'ae lhoma?lvcs la athlei apoela ?L?mdf Iftwt Moai RtrLoCanMON ?81 x more Jamee *s r1 fl aa?noa arrived at Indiana pot 1a on Tuesday, ha lag been par-baaed by the Governor. The e< rlagea and aal **?*? *r111 arrlv In a da* or tw It It expected, the Sentinelsen, that the Govern will purobaae battery of smooth bored ran no ud If b? abould purchase a battery of howl'iei ladtaaa would bave the moat complete batter aafaraa It joee. la the world Three ran* would b? bad. vlx: tb* - tied carrying v Mtl*a. the amoo'h bare* rarryiaf wo, aad ' howltxera from foar b udni to e.ght hun<V< yard* inTTbe LoalarUle J< arnal of Tburaday aay The (aa boats a O TyUr. Cooeatoga. aad Le 1 rton left New Albany for Cairo yeatarday mot li.|. foUy manaed and eqalppad. The tbr boata have oa toard thaalltaen Kara,tan of whk ee thirty-two pouadera The boata will ma oa durtna the day and It will be towards the Lstt C"1"?ib-" thay reach their daattn Experiment* with Manure* on Corn. Dissolved Bents?American Guano?Pou~ drttte?Coarse Bon? Dwt?MurJc satu~ g rated in the Bar. -yard Liquid?Yard * i Manure?Value of Manure Wzthings. Ihe relative value of the rarioua fertilisers j off red in the market, is d question of no little j interest to thoae who can not manufacture in t e the barn-yard all the maauie they need. The j e trial detailed below, may be taken aa one of 7 t, the many experiments required to Mttle the ] r queation f >r differ at aoila. The lu.i sonaists i i, of between three and four acres; the first l u planting of May 18, with the improved King 1 b Philip Corn, was on aod land breken up two * I- Reeks previously, and probably had never ^ been manured The seoord planting, of M?t ^ r. 23d, was on a f >rtiou cf ti.? ?ame field, which n n has been in potatoes tor y*ars past. To a i avoid as much aa possible the difference! 3 if ar"*,Ti? from variation in foil, luoccosive itripi 3 >. of three row! were taken for each fertiliser, 3 [. the aame kind oomine in more than one?s Tf e 5 ground was furrowe-T out with a small plow, 7 p the fertlliaera scattered uniformly alon?- the J ik furrows, and ti c corn dropped upon them, in i >| drills, and oov reo. We give the appearanoe ( f of the corn from aareful observttiom cade 1 is July 12. The resu.ts when the corn is hur-* I j may vary from the present appearance. li ?. ~ i. w? will report, at d the interesUd reader will I'kkw fi nvi iv iu c. nui?, 10 nrg toe ueou nity of vur repeaiit g the particulars. We n?ed ., ^ a larjrr airouut uf the several fertilisers tt.-a j ? ia usually recommended, because we could c t j e afford to lose the crop in haeardous eiperi- 1 o mautfl. We now wish the poorer portions wer<i 1 . smaller, and that more of the field had been 2 i, treated to yard manure; it would have been a } j good many dol'ars saved 2 TM dissolved bones i? the article sold by 3 a Tester Brothers, as superphosphate of lime, ^ r and is really a superphosphate made simply 7 D by dissolving unbur"?d Vines in sulphuric 1 acid. The term superphosphate is utually ap- J f nlied to a preparation cf burned bones, which ' t ii a very different article, for we consider the ^ c ,0-gar.ic m?*ter burned out. as *he really valu- 2 r tbTe portion of the materiel It costs about 4 k $3 50 p?r barrel. ? The American Ouano was forwarded to us ~ . by Mr. Sardy, and was, of oourse. as good an J article of the kind ac there is : 1 mutket. ? Price about $3.50 pe** bbl. The poudrette ' j was purchased of tbe Lodi Company at SI.50 * 0 per bbl., (the price in quantities of seveu bar- J reli or more.) 1 Toe Bone-dust was the fine crushed, but ? t coarser than the bone sawdust, which would 1 f have been far preferable, if it cor d have been 7 TA - ? IJ -L ?' - " I vuwimu. Ab VI uiu nvcrage am Hi IU? 1116 01 > t peas. Co?t about $2 50 per barrel. f The Maok used w?i dug oat last rammer; J carted in taring February, and mixed with lime; and raturated with thin manure water in April, bv pumping the lipoid from the maure cellar, aud sprinkling it orer the hcsp j by means of a hydropalt, with long ludia a, rubber 'action pipe attached. It should be l* s*?t?l that the VquM used was not . u?ual 3! strong drainage ' a. heap. The bam cellar 5 was about half full of horse and oow manure, '' litter and mack from the stalls, and the sink * lops from the house. The breaking of an ad- 3 joining cistern filled up the cellar with water, g, and this * iar after soaking th* manure for a 3 few days, was pamped out upon the maok. It oould hard'y be called colored water, as at the >< bottom a pail was visible In it at the depth of ? even inches. We stale these particulars to j indicate the value of even dilute rain wash- ings from the manure heap, as shown on plot 13 balow. ? The yard manure was a compost of horse " and oow manure, litter, muok, and cotton n; j ao 4 * ? - ? >i hotnk jwf ?sipptaranc* July iz. { Plot 1?Superphosphate (unbume-i bonea dis\ solved) applied nt the rata of 6i bbli. to acre, e Corn 4 j fee: nigh and vigorous. [ e Ploi 2?American Guano applied at tha rata of s ,t 6i bbli. to aero. Corn 3 feat high, moder- * n ately vigorous. ? b Pi<>f3 Pcadretta applied at the rate of 6i d n bb*s. to aoro. Corn 3 feet high, not quite so < n vigorous as No. 2, bat nearly so. f d Pic'. 4?Superphosphate, sam^ quantity u No. , 1, and similar results. Plot 5?Poudr?tte. 10i bbls. to acra. Corn 3J feet high, in fair v>A^r. t . Plot6?Amerioaa Guano. 6 j bbls. to aore. Corn t jt 3i feet high, ir^erAtely rigorous i- Plot 7-Coarse Bone-dust, 10 Ibid. to aara. * Corn 3 feet high, moderately vigorous. 4 b Plot 8? P~udrette, TO} bbls. to acra. Corn 3i 1 feet high, looking *ell. 1 Plot 9?Poudrette, 7 bbU. to acra. Corn 8i ; ,4 feet high, moderately vigorotu. ' I'lfintMdl XT an ^ A+ + Tut*. __ -- ?r<fr4?vr A M J 1 ?- Plot 10?Pvodrette, 8 bbls. to aore. Coru ^ y sc~.cely 3i feet high, only in modern:* r* Tiger. Plot 11? 8up?rphoapl ate, 4 bbl?. to ura. Corn ,T 4i fee' high, vigerou* growth. >r Plot 12?Ameriouo liuino, 4 bbls to aore. ?. Corn 3} feet high, .u fair vigor. ] 1* Plot 13?iluok - >akt-u in manure liquid; a < it mediom sbovelfull lo 3 feat of drill. Corn * r? full 5J feet high, and very vigorous. , Plot 14?Stable eompost, shovelfull to 3 feet of \ drill. Corn 5 faet nigh, and nearly aa vigort. ous as No. 18. il The results ipeak for the rv-?l^e<i; the d'ffer enoe in the appearance of me e , oeasive plots 1 re ean be seen fifty rods distant But there is a 1 > drtwbaok to these experiments. The fertil- i w ism were put on by measure, and "ost of '.r an equal -ulk was v >tj different for the sav- ' eral kinds. It was a aerious miatake that an equal coat of eaeh kind waa not us?d on eeoh equal plot, as * o intended. Siill, the exper" iuenie are ins< aotive. Thus, comparing No. 1, No. 8, and No. 9, we find there is a marker 4 > Jl#...... ' J " " ? u<u"t wuuv WvncOH iiu. 1 BDQ JO ID IITOT U of the diaaolred booM; while in No. 8, the in>n creaae of the amount of poudrette, inoreaeed ,(s the growth little. In No. 2 and No. 3, nearsn 1* equal quantitiea of Amerioan Quano and to Poudrette, produced about the una reaulta, j la wbioh ia of ooaree in favor of the cheaper al article In No. 7, the Urge application of j *- ooarae bone doat waa of comparatively little i ( utility?it waa not fine enough to be immadi'K atelv uaed by the roots. 1 0j In No. 19, No 11, and No. IS, the reault ia X, in favor of the American Guano, aa compared is with the poudreUe, bat very decidedly in m favor of the diaeolved bonea (auperphoaphate) i a aa compared with both of the otnera. The <*oaU ot the f?rtiliaere an No. 11 and No. 12 waa about the aame; that of No. 10 a trifl* i ?e leu. No. 13, and No. 14 ahow the decided auperiority of the atable manure; while No. 13 1l llcatea the great value ef liquid manure or I* u'mure waahmg. Here w*? "uplied rim ply ?r muck aaturated with weak waahiLjt, and yet it. the eorn at thia date (July 12) aunda up 10 no our eyec, ao vigoroua that we are tblaning it ier oat to give room for the atalka to grow, and K. 1..L: - a* ... ? luvBing oowd upon taa oom para lively weak **' growth of sulk* furnished bj 'a* foreign for" tilisers, tod n crowing over iU neighbor on the solid yard Dtoart. If this plot ooold tic be seen by ererv farmer in the land, we think o more menur- helps wonld be left to leaoh iwar their r oiona life blood by rains, in the liquid atr'Huia flowing from to Liany barnT* yard a.?An Agriculturist. or Th? "Bmicia Bot" ii? a* Illinois Coobt. . It appears tLnt the doaaee'le dlOenltles of the Bei'cla Boy a/? not yet settled to the satisfaction ' of ail parti ee re <**rned W? fnd ar. ofllclal noli tlee In the Woodatock Sentinel, of the 7th Inst , directing bla wife. Adah Isaacs Menkes Heenaa, r _ to arpeer at the Oetoh? r Urm of the cooit of Molt j Her r jr county, III . w c ow why the Boy Is not | entitled to a decree of dlv-wee. I: Q7*C?l. JaBMSon, of tbe fid Main* re*lm?nt *- which, undrr his lead, behaved so Landsotm ly at n- the bettl* of Bnll Bon, hae reetgned his ooumbIsM slon. The Maine delecatloo ha-* reoomnend-d :h his promotion to a Br'?f*d!<tr-'ifcutr*>Lshlp, bat It the Governor of Maine, Mr. Washburne, Interat f*rrd In behalf ef Major Prlnee, who Is to have (be appointment Hsaee Col. Jsnssi'hrart|p?a. Mm. SICK AMU WOUNDED SOLDIERS. Ia HNflMli Aif?t 10, 1S61. 0ublttktd mi conformity vitk the resolut'tm f/ the Somali of July 19, 1S61. It OentrU HofpUcl ** E ttro'' between Fourth a?i Fiftk ttT'ets, XVa .ington. at N. Y;3d Vermont Vol d do Volu"te?rB.. 1 lit Minnesota Vol .... th do da...... 1 3d PennaylTr ..a Vol . 3?tj do do 1 5th do do.. Uh do do 1 6tb do do.. 7'h do do 1 5?*h do do.. 3tb do do 2 id New Jersey V >!.... rid do do 1 3d do no.... 4th do do...... 3 2d Maine Volunteera.. 7th d? do 2 id do do fcr.h do do 1 4th do do...... I1?t do do...... 2 5th do do 3d do do ? 2d New Han^ihlre .. St'u <1? do...... V 2d Michlpf 16th do do I 4th do 17 h do do I 2d W1bc<t>f 1. hth do do 1 Tammaii, .-efrtment.. KHb d > do 1 Sturgea Il'linola Rifles. Vtb do do 1 let California Vcl at glcklea Brigade .. 1 3d U 9 Infr.ntry it Maaa. Volunteer! .. 1 2d U S Cavalry th do do 1 21at N. Y. Volunteera. id vt. do it ? Total 8t if Union Hospital, eomtr of Bridge and Wa.ik in^ton limit, Georgetown. id N. J VolunWrt.. 3|8th Maine Volu.iteera. > d N. Y YaJuntMfi.. 4 lit N. H. Volunteer*.. 1 3th do do 9 ad do do 2 4th do do I lit Ohio do.... 1 7th do do 2 l?tM!nn. do 4 9th io do 1!let .Maw do., . ] 2?1 ?1o do...... l|l?tConn. il.> 1 :l?h do do 21'2d \V1*. do t " h do do 1 ??'h Penaylvaila Vol.. 1 t h do do 1 do do... 1 Rd do do 4,11th do do... 1 Wb do do lISMth do do... 1 9 *i do do 11127th do do... 5 rar'manyN Y Vol.. 3 21 Vermont Volunteers 1 caar* do do... 1j34 do ?lo. ...13 d Michigan Vol 3 2i U 3 Cavalry 2 id do do 5 8th U. 8 Infantry 1 th do do 7 Sfurgls RIfleCo. ChlMaine do 1 eago 1 it do do 3 Total ltrt (t JTosptiQl at Mitt EnghtKSeminary, Georgetown *t Artillery 1119th'..".Volunteers.. 1 J J. - '? * * u uo 11*/.*>id ao ao...... i >amster, li M D... 133d do do 2 <i Maine Volunteer*.. 6 79th do do 4 d d* do 3 Tammany N. Y. Vol.. 1 th do do 1 Iv Knlh do do.. 1 t Mass. Volunteers.. 1! Excelsior Brigade.... 2 *?? do do 2 I ft Michigan Vol 1 1 Vermont Volunu-rs 1 'id do do 12 rt New York do.... 1 4th do do 21 1th do do.... 4 1st Minnesota do 10 8th do do.... 1 ? Total. 82 At General Hospital, A *randria, Auguf 9. 9th N Y. Volunteer!. 8|2d N H. Volunteers.. 2 d Michigan do l(?litN Y. do 1 lozart do.... lilith do do 3 2d New York do.... 2 1st Cavalry 1 th M*in? do.... 4; h.N Y V?hu 3 it Minnesota do....14,4th Maine do b i Maine do ... 2 U 9. Marine 1 9th New York do.... 3 Id Michlpnn Vol 2 7th do do.... 2 1st Maas. Volunteers.. 1 d Wisconsin do 4 libido do 1 d Maine do.... 5 80-1 N Y. dc. 2 d Vermont Cu ... 5 Is" Michigan ,;o 1 itNew Jersey do.... 2 27th N Y. do 1 Ire Zouaves 10 1st Artillery 1 1 Cavalry 3 ? 'toiixtw 1 Total 95 1T7* Washington papers please copy and send ills to the War Department. aug 10?d?w SUMMER RETREATS. JKA HATH I Nil AND SAFE KKTKEAT, At ron? Look-Oct, Maatlahd. This oe ebratd B&thin* P aoe. situated at th? a net the Potomac River with the A ? M A !beu^ ?te 'lay. will he opened hj theWfrfc# indersigned on the loth of June, in theJLfilBLL ery best rtyle, lor all persona who may wish a afe and quiet retreat, where they oan hare the >em?fit of the best salt water l athing and enjoy the eaiaacies of the watsr, suoh a? Fish of *11 kinds. Jjsters, <>abe, Ao Kve'* A .tril lion oi fisui-ig tackle will t>? kept or the aor ?;n Uation of gut-ats. A fine iivwj stab e kept on the farm Also, ten-pin alleys ari billiard ^aloucs : with J! other amusement* nsurlly fonnd M ??(" rlaoes. The table w'll be snppned daily with ire?h veje,rom tfcf garden on the premise* and from A* Baltimore and Washington markets. The beet Liquers and r .> will always he found >t '.he Uar, Boar 1, Si p?r day; one w?ek. flS; second week, |l<s four weeks for 996, hitdren and colored serrm half-prie^. 'lit. steamer St. Nioholas leaves Washington Tuesday at 6 a m. and Baltimorron Friday at 4 p. n. The half past 2 o'olookf. m. train from Wa?fingtoo will oooneot at Galti more with the boats, eaohing Point Look >ut daily ; a so, a tri weekly e from \%'a?hingt >n, by w*? of Leonardtown Add oe.; tu= proprietors, at P< ,nt lookout, A asuinxtoit O C., or Alexandria, Va. m tt HKFLKBOWKR A OO . Prop'rs. nts irrni fimn tr JL/2iilii01AI. 11 teetii. >1. LOOMI8, M. D., the inrentor and patentee iftne MINERAL PLAT#* TEETH, at ends ^rwui'lr at hie office . j thi* oitj.Mai Many persons nan WoAr these teeth who^4*- 1-s> uuinot wear others, and no per too can wear ot -en rho cannot veer theae. Persons oallinc at R)y ottoe oan be aooomraoc Mi rith any style rvfid prioe of Teeth th?y mar desire: >rt to those who are particular and wisli the purest (iee-.r?trr :.-.-?et, and most perfect d*-' fere thai krtsa . -'-. .o, itie MINERA.L PLA E will b? norefu'.j oirranted. Rooms ir mis oitr-No.335ra.arenn%. betweet ith and lOia sts. Als? 40T Area r?rs?, i?hi_a?!*' >kia. o? 15 u uAS FITTING, ta. A WM T. DOVE * CO. A.RE Nov prep ed to exeonte any erden wltl raich they may be uvored in the V?L?BftlKW. *A^R BTBA* FITTLN# TC7* Mora on Hh street, a few dU.ors north of Fa it Mine, where mar be found a oomalete asjorunonl if VflANMLlSks and ether AH, STEAM ani w VTRK KiTTTJRK* ta? it IBNYDER, . rl UMBFR AND OAS FITTER, Has removed to (he oorner of Twelfth a do F sts Be is prepared to introduee Water and Gas up<~ mp~\ nkxoriwe lerai, ma gntrtnUM ertii MUB&'>wlO|U .ipfaTvasv:^ Messststsx mlm to t*( rid of thin. no 11 We A 8 PIITUKK8. K Han in store, ana are nu.j rec*iTiivM, BJLl FIXTURES o{ entirely New Patternr &n Deeicni uioFir'th, inferior m atr ie to piyth}af Leretofon ffereJ i this market. w e innte oibaena frneral It to caJI and examine our atook of Qaa ana Wata P<ttLr?e, reeliw oonJident that we have the baa elected aUxjk in Waafclacton. All Work >a the above line intra* ted to ear ear mar $-tt aT8 DitreH, oi <gb ?ums?6ar,D b"le* WAjKOMTpai, J aly It, IN*. tfOTWB 18 HBREfYiiTrtiN. e? ably to the prorieioaa of the ordinanoeofthe cor aoraiion approved May U, MB, the cndereiined ii now prepared, "whauerer refWed la in pre- payment of the fee of fifty cats, to lumped ?xamlne, test, prove, and aeoerUis the aoovraoyo cutraoon ofany caa materia aaa la this oity.' a very aaetar, lfr??nnd inoorrsot, will be oondemned tad another, aaa'ed and ma.ted a* trae. will b at in ft* plaoa. if proved to be aoaaraft la It sK&siaa&rf-'ar-" 1 No ? ?? < ? CW4 F?i 4ESb _ BILLIARDS! TCTm Thl lown ' " ? of thi GAME OP BU LIARD9 Ul ?n4 in BMRICH'S FINE HALL, Cora*. .f itIjW Md UtL itrMC, ( oath aid*) two of tho mott vtairfthi* TABLES in the umtod Stato*. with trtrr comfort and ultf lor the ?l*r~rs. aisiii?*"!?? ARMY SUPPLIES p PROPOSAL? FOR ARMY WAOON AND r Ml AMttULANCE HARNEM!. 0?ric? or Akmt Ciothivq asb Fqcipaok, j Conur oj Howard and X*rc*r t.rtris, > PilW \ obx. Auitrst S, 1861. S FiorcsiLs wi" *? reoejveo ai this clfioe for fur runin by contra Armi \Va*on Harness: l TKm proposals siiunid eta'e th? enceatwhicn they^^n hn furnishel *t thepl&oes of nianiifao'ur?. *od the prioe at wfir'oh they oen he dMivereo at 1 thu ^epof, the ruruUer whioh ">*0 b? made by the I bidder within one month after .eoeipt of tke order; | ai?" Uienuuiber wtiich h?oan deliver wit io oce [ week. The ha-n"?e miit ei -?ly oouform to th? fouowin* 'peoificatlo*s, aiK*. > tr.e eslab .""fU p&ttefL? : Four-mu.e haraes* at follows, to wit : ! WHEEL. . TV? Quilert. Hreeoh straps 5 feetb inches Ion# t i?oi*i w ds, m?ml n o 14 iuii rings of *C I 11 ctl irL.p straps 8 fv>? 11 li. h< onr 2 , I inches wltir: ttay pieoeeS feet loi<(, irrhe* > Hide, with IS inoh buckle*; o" 4. straps to buok e I in Co ktay pieoes.S f?et loo*. ir.eii widf; sidj

1 straps 4 feet 1 n<, Ifc inch *m?; tie st ?ps L6 inches lone. X it,0.1 w de, tapering to a point. Two BfI1 v Bands. Lone ?ide2 feet * nohes Ion*, I 2iuoii< : wide, with a two inoh boo : sbortsidd | foot oil < lo;ig ar.d 2 twites wi <. 100 Hatr Loil'i**. Ik t?10 iui .; ? I"rr with "I'-c .o ?irapa and ui* .o&Uiora and \ inoc wide Tyco Pair of Strong Hamet to auit. made of *hite oik root, ironid wi'h li< oka, brer .4 ribga IK mofi kt*(> > a'jd line riuga. ?'< * r>uir of Hamt Straps. Lower one 5 feet 6 iUuM !o g. H moh wide, *pper one 4 feet 6 i oii*aion*,K noh wide. Two Bridlr* t'rowj pieoe 2 feet lo?(t, ?r wide; c heok pieoea each H> long. 1\? w de; front pi?oe 11# uchea l-iug, in . wi .e; at&v p *o*a. from blinds "o o-n wa pi:oes, H ii.c.?e? luc H i-ich wide; n-"> ?? pieo 11 ii,oh*s o-ic. 1 inc .de: bin d > 6 n cu < IouA 5*% icr<he widp; rein.-, one t-ide 4 f?et l< ng. 1 inoh wjd?>; ' t fide i leet long, I moh w:d?, wit. 1 inch l> e?ie; butt?, tinnt-d nm l?n, to ?-*ich t i>?e. ?o umd. zen TVs Pair Ck+-n Pip'f. i feet long, 2* inches ww j. T"t ? Pair Trace Chum. 7 feet loug, 16 links io the l i?t, of No a iron, with T o*i one end, weirht 7>* tn 8 ihs. per pair. Twiaved o atraifht One Pnir of B tast C\a *?, 22 laohe* long, 4lirk? totnefior. >f-.. Siror. I wist d. Two ISietk str *.s, 3 ieet 1 inch long, 2\i inches wids. with fii inon bnik e. Tw> A" -k Cknns.i fe ?y6 l ohea long, 14 links to the fo t,.-o. 4 ;*on, Tand 1 op to be riveted on to the neok atrnp. ffwu'ed. Chu Sa/t'le, made on A takapaa tree, h"~ad gullet nod c < ? e, iron oovere*' in the nina w?t wi'h haif lacued homehide; fl\pa inoh a long. 6 luhee wi le; aoroinr'e 7 fe-'t 3 inohea long, 1% inohe* i ide with a2J< inch 1 okle on one eu>> to be - 'ned tti.> ?a1dle o. beirg riveted to two ou ed kl.\t>a 13% inch wide; thexe str'p are plao d one on eacb side oi tbe ^adule tre?<. o ? end la tied toths'front pa t o heb'vr, the ecd t > the ex>eus<iu of the tA behind the oantle, Spanish sadd'e fashion; stump leathers 4 teet 7 inones fang, litf i?ch wide, with 1 \ m';h buokle; stirrups, mall^abie iron, tinned, bolt eye pattern, to weigh 1SH lb?. to a dozen pair. LEAD. Two Collars, 17W to IK inches long, made the same a \n- wh'el Harness. IwoPatrof Hamet, U) suit, of same nn?urial as lor wn*el harness. ir?ned, wi r hooks, breast rin<s. and line rings, *itii straps its in wheel harnesa Two Bridle*. same as tor wheel harness. T?o Mttk L-traps and Chains, same as for wheel harness. Ti. <t~Btl y Bands, " ** Two fair Chain Pipes. * " Two Pair Trace Ckatne. *' '* Two Crupprrs and Hip Straps. Back strap 5 feet long, tapernc from 3H inohes to uH inohes wide. !' t ape e?voh 8 feet * lOu?. !; < 'noh u ,vi 'tou with a bo a. obi' c..U Two bjuk Bands, S feet ? inohes long, 3>< inohes wide. Two Martingales, 4 feet long, lh? mob wide, to buckle int t. e mt. One Coupling Strap. & feet ? inohes long, \ inoh wide One Cheek Rein, 4 set long, 1 lf.oh wi e, to bnckle into tti? bit at eaeh and, with a ring s?wed io the oentre to rnoeive the lead line. One Lend Lim^' ? M. ?'<! . hhJ> ' \toneand,au<1 a 9 inoh loop a as o her. One W*ip. hears elatted librae hide, a I?.l8 h.qna? One^iortt fir*tA. oval, of bristles, ? by ? inohe*. (Mi Ourrg Comb, No ZZ2?8 bar. Th? whole to be pa. ked in a box about 18 inohe* wid-?. 17 in?he* <1e?p, 3t inohe* 1 jr)f, n ad* of 1-inoh tuff ooopere*, * <**1 hoop* or iron, aa may be required. Four-Horse Harness a* follow*, to wit: WHEEL. Two Quilors, Brooch strap 8 feet 8 inohe* lone, 3H iuch wide, sewed ls'.o 4-inoh rints of S mob i.on; hip kt spa 4 L'f long, 3 inohe* wiu?; *rar r ieo?** feet 8 inohea long, 3 mchee wide, with S inoh bookie*; oro*a *trap* to buokie into stay pieces, 6 feet long, IS Inon wide; aide straps, 5 f?*t6 luches long, IS inoh wide; hip a trap* 15 inohe* lone, IS mob wide, taptrinj to a point. Tto B'lly Fa.' ' . kMjat s,<Je2 f?et 4 inohe* 'org, 2 inohe* ? idb. with a J inch buo?'t,;si : f.?ot 6 intfi'* long and 3 inohe* wide. Tvo Hair lullors, 22 to 21 inohe* l^ng. with don Lie atrapa ai-J sal* leaner* a^J buckles X inch wide. Two pair of St'tmt Hanus to suit, made of white oak root, iro ,ed with hook*, breact riags IS inoh square, s'arlss and line ring*. Two pair cj Haul'- Straps. Lower on* 5 feet 6 inohe* long, S "?ob wide; upp*r on- 4 feet 8 it.cies Ionic, S i?oh wu'e < canned leather. Two Bridles. Crown pieoo leer 2 inohea long, IS inoh wide; oheek pieoe* each 10 inohea long, >S inoh wide; front piece 12S iQ.he* long, l^inc . wide; ataj pieo-a, from bund a to orown pivot-g. 16 inohe* loug, IS inoh wide; nnao piece *21noh< s long, 1 inch * i i">; blind} 6 inohe* long, 8 inoh * wici'S rrtuD i tig hup ?ioei2 inones icnK. 1 1Q01 vi'Jp: abort aide 2 feet Iocs 1 inch vide, witlil i on buckte; bitta, tinned mullec, to wtlgh fi Iba. the doien. Two pair CKaitt Pipt*, 2 feet 6 :aohea Ion*, 5>? lucnea wide. Tipo ,<if Tia't C>u-- ?s. 7 foot loin: !4 iinka to the loot, jf No. i irou, wut#d or a:raight, with T on one end, weight 9 lbs. p^r pair. On* pair of iwaif ("hams, inch> long, 14 link* to the foot, of No 2 iron. wufe-r'. 1 Tiro Nttk Straps, 5 feat h iuohfa long, 2>- tnohea v. ide, with 2)4 men buokle. 1 T>to N*ck Chains, 4 feet o inoh~a long. 14 lirlr* to the 'oot, tw'fted No. 4 iron, T and loop l>a 1 riveted on to th* neok airsip swivei ia the oha:n. , Cne Saddlt, ina4e on Attaka; aa tree, bead, gullet 1 auu oantle iroued, oorertd i the u< i:al way with > half tanned Lome hide; ti&pa <M inohe* long, 16 | luobea wim; ?orciu le, 7 f >et 5inohea long, 2Si in>heawid , vitna2K innM .cklecnono 1 be .'aatone' to tiie tadu.e br ?.;ng riv? .J two curved atrapa, 1A? inch wide; theso atrapa are 1 piaoed one on eaob aide r ( the aadcTc-tree, one end ia tied to the ironi part of t< e uar, the oth--r end to the exteLaiou of the bar behind the can tie, 1 Bpaiuah aaddle faahion; atirrop leathera 4 fee' 7 iuohea loig, \\ inoh wide, wiui l.y inch buokle; ar<rrupa, m* leable iron, tinned, bolt-eye pattern, !i weigh LXSi Iba. to a dog- n pair, LEAD. Twn Bridltt, aame aa for w eel harneaa. T?nrt //If t 9n tn 99 inakaa '/?? ? ? U ? - > I . v? vw?' ?? ?' wvuwa ivuf I lu^au Wio "?IUC ! as for whe-1 harn?ee. I 7">t>' i*-" ir ?/ Harriet to anit, of iame materia! a* for woosl harness, ironed, with books, breast unci ftutl Una nut*. wiUi straps a in wheel h%rne Tv o fftck Straw feud Chains, uo>i & f.>r wheel harness. So Belly Bandt, Mm* ae for wheel harneaa. < pair Gimin Pip*t, same an for wheel harneci. u pair Tract Cham - , same as for wheel harness l Tw* CnffT! and far ijtrnp . Haok Strap h f-et t lone,' . ritu from aX inches to 3H inohea wide. Hip Simps with oueklee each S feat 8 inohea lour, r IX inoh #ide, with wrou?ut nooks t Two Back Band*, a feet 7 inohea ions, 3X inohea wide ' Turn MartmiaUt, 4 feet lone, 1H inoh, to buokle into tl.e bit. > On* i oupling Strap, ft feet 8 inohea long, \ inoh wide. > One Check Rtiv, 4 feet 1 inoh Ion*, I iroh wu!e to bookie into tin t?it a e-oh eart, with a ring sewed in the center t- receive tue ea i line. 1 On* l "d Lint, SI f->et long. X inoh wide, with a bcokle ai oo? end, and an * inoh loop at the other. On* Whip, heavy platted home hide, 6 <eet 8 m-shea long. On* Hors. Br??A, oval, of briatlee, ? by ? inohea , One Curry Cur/it, No 2^2?8 bar. 1 'I he who^e to be paoked ? a oox about tl inohea wide,)! toahea de<p..*M inohea long, made otl-i.oh stuff, eoopered, wood h >opa or irou, as may be re paired. i he whole to be mad* of the bsst materia asw | ... to be mad > with good waxed thread, and subject to maeeooon durinc thd mmmmm at uunfui ) lure ard aiao ?h?n finished. 5 >Vhsn 6-h >r*e* i? retired, th*> load ?olar*. bridles, htmM, neck ra,>?, bell' ba d?, thtig pipes, iraoe chain, orupper and hip urtpi, back baud* aud ooupl nj airap* are double one a baring chain 3 fiat ion#, 14 lick* to .he f< ot, ot" No. 4 iron, with a T on eaoh and added, and laad line to be so feet long. Thw whole to ha mada of the b??t materia? eew ng lo ba mada Wilh go d waxed th- <a>l an<i itb Ject to inspection dor in* the poo?es ?.f maaufao_ tare and aiso when finished. When t-mi e harnet-a la required, th* lead e^l iarc?, bridiaa, ham**, neek trap*.belly bands, chain pip?i,traoa ehain*. e o-per and hip ""traps, ba nan a, aad ooupltr.g straff are douf led; one be .ring ohaiD,Jr>etlvj?g. 14uaKs to the foot, of No 4 iron, with a T on eaoh end idded; and lead line to ba 38 feet long Propo?ais will a so be rtoeired for making and '* : .viing ambalarea hi raas for two a roar >nnl? k ftalter ferwsEadl w^eh will '--a Forma of P opo?ala and guarantee will oe fern MM onapplio* ion at this < Sue, and note will be ooneidared that do ant conf >m t'.erelo The prieliaca is referred br *nd for the Un<ted States of rejeotig any proposal that mar be i1a 'hik! extrava*& t Prop sa.s wlM tu* ladoread on the eovatope m" Si.' Ia? ***** "fr.posais tui lurntaluac Ar<uj I Waioa aud Ambrnianoeiiarnese," aad atdreeead ' 8SAJUPBK&,. BOH JUH!<kTON, nTIHIORK LOCK HOSPITAL, H*t AlWirH (4? most CtrUt* Sp??4y Mlf R?tt*tU Ktmtdf ui (M FOR ALL DISKAShd OF IMPRL'DILN'CK. L*r tfO FALSE DELICACY PREVEHT. AI'Pt.Y IMMEDIATE! Y. A CUKE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, >KOJtf ONE TO TWO DAYS. Vuhiu of ?? Eirk. Suicturaa, A faction* of tha HMmj* tad lltdli: JiKurfti, Impatanct, bana? 'ability, Sai.?r>a?n*t?, 3?arapay, Lupjr, Coufaaioo l !* * , Lev S~ir.j. 5 *?.'*. ? Hear., T.iuiditj, Trarobliufa, ihiu'ua! St# i.r Qfai.rH, Diw-*tu( iLa Haad, Throat, Kjaa or Skit., Adicuona of tha Lai.ri, Soviet. or B-vria?that* Tarnblf [>aor J?r? aniiif from 80I1Uij MaUu of Yoatb?ihtaa DraaUfal and DtMracti'a Prma(k? which rndat Mtman nz.p^aatMa, a?d daatrav bath Sod* and Mind. ro cite mfx Kipati-Jlj alxha'i (itoai lha ItlHiry THl, Ihn draadfal and daairocUTa habit ?l<ich auniall; aaaapa la an mnu.-oaly fr * thoaaaoda nt Tn?i(Miiiif lha rwat aialttd taltnia ani brilliant Intel.act, wbo inipht otharviaa tia?a autranead liilauuif Sanataa vita lha thandara of alooaanca or wakad l? aoatacj the li*u.f iyra, may call vilb fall co&fidaoca. M'HRIAVB. MtmilD v?an| Malt cantanptaunf Marnajra, bainj avara of pt.yaica! waaknau, orfa .tc dabilujr, daforr <it<ca, Ac , apaadil* cartd. H# who pUcat himaalf atdar tha caxa of Or. J. raav raltfi?U?T coo i 1f in ma hobor aa i gaoUaauo aod cabfidanuy I raly upoa hta aki I aa a phyaictau. OFFICE JVj 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. I mi ?iio tin p firmi Banu ar* *'.[* !, a l*w uoor* Iron I t> c#r. f mi not (o obMrT* r.arn* aad uvaber. Lauara I sit k* paid and fHi'Aic a *Wn>j' DH JOHSSTOV Meu.b?raf the Royal Ooller* af rM-feoue, London, ft 'l l* from ?Hi? ' the njo? ?-un*nt Cut legea iu lb* Cniied 8ut??, and ih? iicittr par. ai wnn*e life hii Inn i^im tin 1.. L cdon, Pa.?, Philadelphia and el*ewh?r?, ba? >ificic4 tMi( *f lilt mMiuiHiih n| acre* tl>a( w*re $rmc ko?wu; many 'ri?tlh!?d wuh * ngir * ta tb* heed and *sr> wi.*r t*!?*p: gr'*' oeraaui-.eaa, rem* alirmed at uddeo aauaa., t?a fill.fat with fietjaeui blne?ir j, atterdcd I-rn'tlmo with derangement af frind, war* eared M&naTAKE PARTlCtiL*? SOTh E. four.;, Man ana other* who h*?* u irtd the eel?e? by 1 cen .0 fr??ue? indulged 10 wh?? aloe, ?a habt; f't ,oai.' ? leaii.< 1 frr.m evil companion*, ?f at tci-oal, tttt tf'. i of whien at* nipMly felt e?en when aa! tp, and if not cr.rel, rendera nin.ije lmpoaaiblt, and deetray* bath rud^ anc bodr. ahoul I apply immediately. Theee are aome of-'-e tad tod melauctvr t effect* prodaeed by *?'lj habit* of - tb. rln Weaknrj; ?>f the BiC? and Lin>be. Pain* in th? Head, Ditnnce* of Sight. L?j? af Mn?c Power. Palpitation of tni Heart, Dyepepey. N-r??oi irritabilny, Der\nfemeo: of the Digeetiae FuiiC.'one, G*n*ra' Del i ity, Symptom* of Coneamption, 4c MUTiLLT -The feartol effect* on the mind ar* tuoch ta b* dreaded?f.oee of Memory, C'jnfoeioo of Idcae, Depre**ien of Spirit*. K?il Korebodmra. Aeeraioo of Society, Srlf-Dtatraat, Lo?* af Solitode, Timidity, ete., ar* tool af th* aaila proJ need. Smoi'i DkbiLITT.?Tbooa.nd* can a*rw )adg* mr at t* tb* cao*e af their declining healm, loan.* thair ?igor. becoming wt&b, p?l*, ri*r?OQ* and emaciated, hatir.g a atagalar appaaraac* abont tb* eyee, caugfi or eyisptotu of Co?aiapHon. i)if!faxfx nF rMPRvnKvrn Whir th# r- tigmded ?'irt ten pro J. "Otary of pleaeare tnde ho hae imbibed Uie eeeda of thie pamtu? d.?eae?, it toe often h?pptn? that en ill-timed tenee of ehame or dread of diecovery dettre hi' from apply irif to thoee who, frofv education end respectability. t*n ?loi.e brfrteod him. He Telle into the hende of ignorant eu<" deoirnmg pretenders, vho, incapable of cormr, fllch hie pecuniary eabetanee, keep bin trifling month after mooih, or ne luog'ae the emelleet fee .an be obtainrd, end in detpair leave him with rained health to e.f-h ever hie raHuif disappointment; or by the see of that deedly poieon ? Mercery?haeten the co.etitnuooal eyrrptoma of thie terrible dieeaee, sach ae Affacuoi.s .f the Heen. Throe:, Heed, Skin, 4c., prorreeenif with frif bifni rapidity, rill deetL pau t period to hie dreadful sufferings by erbdinf himt o <J~; aodiecoeered cotnirr from wteee batrne ao traveler rsiarna dr. johnsons remedy for organic weakness and ' '1 potency by this freet and important j veatcsee ef the ere ax,* ere speedily eared er a full rigor restersd Tkees-nde ef the eet r.srrous end debilitated, ?be had leet ell hepe, here keen luncediataly relieved. Ail impedimenta to Merrtef*. Physical er Mental DisqaalUcatlene, Loet of "rocreau*e rover, Nsrveee Irritability. TrerLtlinr and * - ktm er JCifcr et'lec ef the moet ftarfe, kwii spsedi!y cared. endorsement of the press. TBI Mist TnoriiKDi cared et thie inetitauec vithin ?fc? i?i ysare, ana uie cimenu important eerrieal eperauooe performed be Dr. Jofcutes, viu.eeesd by die eponere oi the pepere and many other pereune, noucee ef vhich b*?e eppiered again end again before the pabllc, besides hie atandinf aa e gentle^** of character end reerooeikUity, ie a eaflcsent gaar&ntee te the evicted. mar li-ly Db. J. H. McLEAN 8 ^T&KVGTHEJT IS0 CORDIAL AND BLOOD PCRIFIER th:: greatest remedy ? tk* world, tfcnd the moat Oxliciovs 4TB W^p inx It U tuiatly Ml- ^ETB HUll Ut ttftUk>? cmp?UI, ? - rBT aaitd by th? dlatlllaum ?.' tvati, krrkia S -jj ut bull. T ?1I?V 49 ?Hk, Start UM, I'Mi iMI.Iiruft' fm xl Ula, Wilt C4?rrj KT luk, tid Dultun ^BR laWIJlW It* IM- H| natdiaJ ptiaalpU f ?atb lajtadlao w? L?MMCklT*nns ?ailter tlklflg. by ?T ? 9?UM ?I V dut'llu*, f.aditl- f a utlU'.aa*. iuikrti? (pit*. > < u< mMita?lUM? ri??d? f?i r?o*Ttticf i?t *Ttaatad ul rtiiartaf ikt i.U, of atlkf, u4 iikUUUl taraUd M b??"^ ?>d itrti/U MtLMAITS STREXOTHENIIfV CORDIAL Will f**taa:.7 mi Ui??f Caaplalat, ?>ripapaU, J?a?dill, (AimIi ? Ba??aa? DiMlll;, Dniuii af taa tlliiri, u4 a." 4U*t ? arlo'^t * <S r??rt3 Urti ?r lamiaa, *r*ttp u, lavard r>.aa, Aaidttv ?' lickaui aI tat luval, raiiLM* ?f Bi?v. '-a ih? ???, Pa.I Pui ? wlaaiaf la ikt Btid, Palfiu'Jaa af U* art, FaltatM at WtlfCi la i*? itruaak, l?<f Iruuum. Cbafciax at tfa??Uaf r?tli>| wfcta lartn* dava, Dryatu at Y?lTaW> aaa ( Uii Ikia ud Itii. Mini Ivtiu lawttd ? ? >? hit '? tk* Snail af ika luk, (Jkaai, If Sid*. Bad aa rtc-.r? t a?ti. o?pr?Mi*a %: sptrita, rugh?.r?i o>*? -*?, upx, Btifw aty ?? my ? "??. brti * Ukuh M ta* Bkia, ua r?T?? aid Aaaa .? Cki.i u4 FAX A Million BOTTLES Uti kaaa aaid dariar tka laat tlx bkim, aad ti aa l? >44 tu II fall*d la I'.r'lff *nura Mlt.oUw. 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It vttt atlaitata, auaafikaa, aad lovlfama raa aad aaaaa tka ilNa af kaaita ta aant yaar akaak afala. Brary Waul* to varraaitd ta ft** ailufaaUaa rjh CHILDREN, U yau tklldjaa ar* alakly, paay ar aBlttad, MckBill CoLDlAk artll aaata tkaa fcailtky. fat, aad rakaat. Dalay aat a aaaaati uj H, aad yaa-rli, ka aaavtatad. It la daBat*?* tatata. 9AWTI0Na B. '/ua af dn|(lMi ar daalara tka nay try ta paia im yaa aar a aitiar ? aaraapanlla iraak. * rk Uay aat. a. ? IkHI, Iruilxjll U|utu(w4. AMi lllk BM. All ( > MckEAlll COKOiAb, uD taka aatkinj tin. It ' lh? aaly ramad j liil w:U ??nfy iha Blaad uaraajh:* andal tha aaiaa Cat atranfttaaa l*a ayalam. Oaa uupMsnl ukio ???rj maralnf fuurj u a canala ^N'tUKl fat Chalara, '>'IU u4 r*tar, ? '.*? Ka?*r, ar ui ptttalaal di*aaaa. It U p?i tr la lata aau'at Pnc* Mir ti ft k*tUa, at I kntlM far |i r* McLEAH, ala irtrnnu ( thti Cat^iai; aiaa. Mckiui'i leant* 01 t.fal??at. rrtnalpai D=pat aa Ua Mriai a' TuH ui rial atfaata, ll. Mil. Ma. oLe&s't Volcanio Oil Linimsnt, ITU IOT URiMUT IB TIK WORkB.) n? aaly aafa aad aariair. can (at Cancan, PUaa, Ta art, ?*lliu(a ul Iran eta III at Cawi, FuiUrala, Haaralfka, Waaka**a af Ui Maaeiaa, Ctaraoic ar Inia malary ftkiaiaauare, Bufaaaa af tba Junta, Cautraatad Maaclaa at kfaalau, Kanaka it Taatkaika, iHUli, Bfialai, fwa> Cat*, Waaiida, Vlaan, f??ar Baraa, Cakad Sraaaw, Bar* iapiaa, Bam, BaaMa, Bat* Tfcratt, at any laBaiaaaUao m Mia, aa difaraoaa ktv ittara ar bar Um dtaian aa; at* aiiatad, MckJCAN* JlkUUlU UOUMKVT i a tartala ranad*. a Ttaaaajida af kaata k*i*f? hate taaaa >**4 a UN af Bto rapitadi aad auarj ky itaa aaa af uu kataiaaki* raaadj. +M- r a a 0 v/ir mm ?%vr ? rt?w i M u r i/M 4irii, i/ii< Vtll ? !! ? ptia ?Irani iBimmiiiwIy, u4 H will tlMft, parity u< kMl ik? fnlwt mtm it m ImnMU aktn u?i FOR HO&MBS AND OTHER ANIMALS. *cLEAW*acn.rUUTCD LUtlMBMT to tk? mkj mh ud iiliuM nniif Iw ik? *ut* ?r IptTU, klMtat, WiadffclW, pllati, ?oa*tr:?J L?n,?, H*Jm at Uitf*. U ii'U UM*d U tin Btf l?U, P?;i?tU, fMMk, Ol4 hMiif Inn, a* * *. U prMtri? tNkii r? fuV' '"*"? kniuti, CtMkad U, tiuw, Mlk M emu ? !!*, Cut, Iwn, m #?? < . H to m MhlMM* HMi;. tifl; U u ? writoiiwti i?ifiiy tmifiM' TkH Ulla M Mftt tM Mlf ?MHM fcl4>WM AlVv'Caniuiaiv* BcBuilAM 1 THE WEEKLY STAK. ThJe ezoelicat Family u4 News jo?r?al? i-ootaln'ng greater wMy ef latereM >g t?U<u^.ojai caa b? foaai la uy ettae 1? pakttaM ob Friday morning Tiut-Oui, wuriilly, im <^nml Plngl* c^pr, per ana am............t ? Five copies........ Ten copies.................. ....... ? Twenty-iv* copies................. K ItUnrlibly contain*the "Waklaftoa Nm* that has made 7\? ihtiy MvmUng tar ilrrslH so generally throoghoet the ixmy. Single coplee (la wrapper*) ess he pre* AtitaX aft ? ' ? ? " " ' "" ? iummh; altar t*? 1m ofttf pipff Price?THREE CE?fTS fPOK PT AMPIN# PACK E7 OF PA^C* AMD EM TBI < >k *JB WO MA9CU. kl Ua MBVROPOLiVAM MODVOIX, PULP * SOLOMON*. Ajt+tt fm L um< mti'i tt^ratU Lmm "Vri " N<INP<<IIM MtUt." ft, h. mMU l*tt *_ WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL DiR. BBUMA.N h*?, a*?r an '*-?? ' rwrt, Ntobliihsd the mow rrf.,? fr ?uv3kery, if-laN-Lfxl Indian or G?vnia^ do?'~ -v and pr?taod*r? of witenaralt and laaoatoT* us ? Thia ia tha only riM whara t ail ' *w on re oan b? oBtainad ia tha world fcr ai,. u..r. ctmi aod an I hab u. ionorrh?, (iawt, aam.aa ?*t u.-aa, ay?hii.ia, primary aaooadMT; *? uarr. arrant ? " fcL"* ~ ? ???v ww uv?a. fbius til M? 1VIIW, BIT wI\A, jenerai debility, proatraUon, MTfoi*&N> rwJ?n nifhu. p&.p.taUoc of the heart, rlj.17-. t *? * loss o memory, oonfgiit n?.u *?*-V 41 of the uead, throat, J ?kit, a... tit (Lom peouliar disorder* art sir ? from the indisc^u >l m youth, readeruic tneir ucfit for Mtfct. bMiuw study, society, or Bir-lut. Or. 8. hu the 1 r**re?t r?m?a)e? inthek~ *? world for c ?r*?ea the blood. fODOr*hm. >?? * stricture#, erphiUie, a-auna' weakueMa, eelf W , Jto. There is no aaee :c whict t*w mi U -are a front | to 6 daya. Victirae of theee horrl e ooroplaiata, ??i VPVld with to be ral'iabie men 3d orMtii(i >c so?- ery, anonld eml raoe the jar.1 t o;portaalty f r re>.J?C Dr.8bun-*t haarrsdeth.- naoetoo*-fi?t* *rr%af?menta for _e 00mfort of r?s patiopLs from a netanoe. I her wiil nirolabad ? th the most pleasant am a* oeahle quarter , ae *aa*7 diet,atdmadeas ecmfortaMeas ta< ' to - heat ? first oiasa Hotei at .ess tkas kali tqr ooat i?.? jet r< tat the name and jmnbfr. r Ste* uan'e it on the ooraer of Blxti. st.- \ aj<l PeD*tT-..auia avprn*. C> V ^te , o\ : ?tft? th* National Pot*', Wai .!;.irtcn f- f! Parana* atadtatapeo auou.i aaaione e'aa) fere tern postage, Office hears,9 A. M to P.M. Various parties nave been ett,e?si pom oty la stitution by oertait awindiora on baok at re this city, who will rne r M'l the day of thatr . at. a i, t>-? T-I>? in swie?t#?t at t .? (Vi Cmi*. 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BROWN'S Koyaaaai. yrorn their putifwl, I tcick the; Vlll be of M"o??w~ TSsSitewswA. wEocHgs to 1-Iy PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL as BLOOD EMOVATX* la precisely what y* UBf mdioatae, for, wi*e p.oaaact to the taate, Tt ta re*mf"ryi,aaLiWattaf, fnviforaunj and atrec?tf?',at lo ui? nca mtvv and at the Mini v me rtrivitM, rainatal.?. > ?a rwc?ti the BiouU in a.l ?U oncm&i t* at one* ruurti uU rnul# < (Ju ty$um tmv*iaeratZ# tc Attacks af ditvu*. It 1a tk? only ^r?Mr?t^M ever.>?-?a to the world, eo oil?nwlh NN akiCfully ?"mbtaed m to b tbs iroat powerfai ion.% and at the tame time to perfeotr aoapt??i to, a? to act is perfect aaoordanoe with tea law* of nmt ?ra. and her.c<> will tootkt tk* immui *ievu?*?, kU tone np the ugwttT* cjana. ana thaeailaial. *?usarid irritation. ltie?er!*cU? am.juv ttox and at tiie aame time it ia oompoart , o< vecetablea, jet ao ton 01 cduto prodai" the -auat thorough tome effect, witnoat produce i act ia 1 uncut oon?e?nenoee. bnee a remedy yu luttf lean Talt to be a deaidoratom la the metiieaT ?"n., or it needs do mediefj t.ll to aee that ollowa a.. attack of Qjaeaae. and pmoeo. . a.d i*Ha*<l U.. ?ka m-w ataen AMB Lr tKa 1 Qflld]UUJ ftttlQftl of >naqy oftie mo?t fa&. *eeh. for zaix.mTo. '? ti*? fo.lowirjc Ooc?ucption. lcd;ie?tion, Lom oi A??t|U, Faiatafea, Nerrou IrniaKiuP NeuraJfia, Taleitatjoc of the haart, Nij&t 8??U. Lai* or, fiio4jn????. Retention ->? id weTi a* Paiafui owtrtcxi. too prufuea, ur w c*nt Menstruation, and (i .ct of u.* W uak. ThMt ail depend upon gei.era. deMlto. Thi* f*"v, eealthy tome Cordial and Blood K w+nin J *e are to eare u tee eun let o n?* a&d i < ?Lure ^ oo auat^ke about it . But Uue u sot a.) If tae retOBi > weakened we are oeen to Hku at tacit*, the liver beootnM U>rpM. or wpree dieeaeac. Ue kidney? rufaee to perform ueir raaettoM. a? we are troc c ec witt caiainf a&a uwobldw)* a enae, or luroIuLtary dieeaarg* ofttoa e&me /* <. in t^e tws|, side and t^tweea the ekoeBe - a* o**-..n?ly liable to elicht ooioa, oou( tte, at . J m cr ocked. eoonemaoiatK tht Mtieat coae qowb to a premature rrare. b? Mao* will Dot aiJow ur to eiiUin *ratc the p \a? Ulele w ue* we K&hffl .'rJfi'3 SLSr^SS; tor you h^ve a |K>rfect eafe pi eaaact and e Jeeted remwjy tor iun ui Affovw, .?Do?, *<?i a&4 ? ck tMomaok. Labs oar. . itw Qorrpc^jui. Chi. a had Ferw.or ibt b, >< *#i-tftai C'-HtlWieap. Actcit? c !lb? 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