Newspaper of Evening Star, August 19, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 19, 1861 Page 2
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TiiE KvstAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MO^IIAV Ai*:D?I 19, 1*61. Or? r.-t ?.e varion* military campa and Tuitions will confer a fnvor by keeping u? posted ?' to movminti mid ariain In their vicinities. Spirit ( tta# Tl?ri?ti?f Preaa The l-t'llintnrtr pretrtnei that the " reapeet bV journal* of the South which were most for- I W!<rrt to drno'irre the burning of Hampton when It w*? ur.?ier?tr.< d to be the work of the "Northern idals.' will now find In that act a beautlful m*tance of praiseworthy devotion and aelfner'fl -e." a? tbev learn that it waa done at the ?rd?*r of Gen Majruder. The ublimn advtiea oor newly appointed V r * ~ 1, - * P iiiriir, la^lAna Ia ?t?lt V?? *? * ? ?? w Tiau iicw I ori 8QQ take a few lesson* of Superintendent Kennedy. UI R MILITARY BCDGET. A RUMOR. Tt-.'s city la full, to-dav, of a nn>or sll'lflfg that Johnsons army crossed the Potomac yesterd?T, in the vicinity of SVilliamsport There la no truth whatever In It. WHO MAT PIOCCII PASSK*. H KADQTARTKR* ClTT GcaID, August 17,1861. To whom passes will be granted to cross the Potomac: lit Otllren and soldiers on duty,?and they n?"st show tbeir ordtrs. *2.1 Sutlers, who must exhibit their authority. Id. Citizens?to tmnsact important business, who must hive their *ppl!cationa indorsed by <>rr.e well-known, loyal and reaponaible person. N B. No passes will be granted to citizena whos?* only purpose Is to gratify their curiosity or to make a pleasure excursion. No pas?-a will be granted to colored persons tinless accompanied by a responsible citizen to vou<*h for their character and business. liy command of Urigadler General Porter. W*. W. Avkrell, A. A. A. G. ATPOISTBD. The President has appointed Major General Henry \V. H*lleck. Esq . of San Francisco, California, to be h Major General In the regular army ftf th#> T 'nl __ v nl?? w ? ura. A'so. CM Geor??e H Tboma.?, V. S A., to be a Brtivd *t General of Volunteer*. A!*'*. Kgbert L Vielle. Esq., civil engineer, of X*w York cltv, to be be a Brigadier General of V?lnn(r#ri He U a graduate of West point, and the author of a w<^rk on camp instruction. We Lear. Incidentally, that he it to be assigned to the command ofsneb a camp. Vfjor Ger.eral Henrv W Halleck graduated at Po!n? in the c?*rpsef Engineers, July f\ '39. He was ass'stsnt professor of engineering at West Point, and whi> there was the author of nunn.ercu* n li'.tarv and scient;lie works Unserved In California during tfce Mexican war, with great d stinrtion, ss first lieutenant of engineers aud Secretary of Stat' under the Military Provisional Government of California while a L' 8 Territory Subsequently he w s aid to Commodore Shubrick during the military operations on the Pacific of Mexico*, in 1947, *49. He was brevetied c i^tain In May, 1847,M for gallant conduct in various actions in California." He continued in ?c:iv? military service there throughout the war. At the er.d of the war ^Mexican) he was a member of the Convention (and the committee thereof) to d-^ft ihe state's constitution, which be himself draf??d Aftcrwprds be was detailed for duty as a tnrrob-r i t tiie I". 8 board of engineers for fortification* on tLe Pacific coast, and served in that capacity aid ;ta Government ligUt-bouseengiBe^r arH ?-r4n u 1 ? - - mini in; resigned ms military eoMUi?*ioa, on tiie lit of August, 1851. Sabi?q'iently he has been a distinguished law Y?r at Am Francisco and President of San Franc'sco aud 3m Jose Railroad. In 1860 he was mad :>ijjjr Oenerai ?f t&e milltfa of California II- the ^utbor > { the " Elements of Military Art a:.d S ieace," w hlch Is one of the most valuable military works Iu the English language. It Is a standard work here, and has a high reputation in Europe He 1? certainly one of the tyst Informed military men the West Point Academy has so far produced Col. 1 kornas is now in service, (second in command to Genera! Banks,) and is therefore well known to the public as a military man. STILL ANOTHER BKIOADIXR G&5XKAL APrOlSTED. m Gen. Jsmes Miields, now of California, late a disthigu'shed General cf the Mexican war and exPenator from Illinois, has been again called to the field. The President has appointed him a Biigadier of Volunteers. A capital selection} the whole coamry will ?y. a uaorsuLiss attack. There ex'sU no ground* whatever for the carrent aspersion* of some of the Northern papera upon Captain Urckwitb, the commissary of General Mainnield's command. The allegations are thai he has furnished unwind jKovislons In some cases to the troops, and Is not attentive to his business. Hh is really noted for remarkable industry, energy and attention to his duties at all hours of tLe dsy and night, being among the most mdefit i gable officers of the arm v. As to the first allegation : We have to say that b? parch is- s no provisions, but gives out those purchased In New ork and elsewhere. It may pos.- blv bave happened that a barrel of pork or beef, after beinn delivered to a company or regimental qcrterraaster, and opened 6y him. has turned out to have been spoiled, perhaps by getting wet. but it is kn jwn to ail in the service that wL?a such a thing occurs, it is the duty ?f the receiver to return it instantly and receive another barrel in its stead. When spoiled food is fed to the men, tne fault is therefore wholly that of the regimental officer receiving and neglecting to return it. As a general thing, the provisions sent here for the troops are of the very first quality, having all keen in?pe;ted. barrel by barrti, by the proper Tegular army o!tt>en, where purchased. In a IhO'i&aud. five thousand, or ten thousand barrels, the COilte 11*5 of lin> or ?n * * ? ? -j pwiuiy gei injured | In transmission hither. The fact, however, can I eiily be i^tiUiud ift r it Lai pas?-d out of Capt. I Bechwith's hands into those of the regimental I <fcuart"ru.asttr or Commissary, whose business it I 1m la ?< h case, to return it immediately and re- I ceive other In its stead. I , . !f AVY YABD. Yesterday, the steamer Mount Vernon went J down the river and returned about nijiht. re. I parting alfquiet along the shore and with the I fleet Last Friday, thirty-one of the New York Thir- I teenth reglmeut who bad refused to do duty, I were placed on board the* Powhatan with the I iity s- * of the Second Maine, thereby swelling I the nun.ber to ninety-seven, which, for the amall I saloon, i* rather too many for comfort or health I Some are already suffering from dlarrhae, and I I contagion ia probable from the crowded condi- I tion of the steamer Some of the men will be re- I moved u> more commodious quarters, doubtless, ] before long, as the present rendition of the weather I Is highly prejudicial to the health of men in their 1 circumstances. At present every precaution is 1 token against sickness, and those who are 111 are I well taken care of by Dr. Matthews, of the yard I The 1.1th regiment has one corporal and one I sergeant in the list of mutineers The companies I are represented as follows: Co A. bob?' r 1 UVUC, C,n..D?; D,<; E, 5, F, 8; G, none; H, 13; 1,2; X.l. The follows? are the offlcers of the Pensacola: 1 Captain, H \V Morrison; Lieutenants, J. W. A. Kl( bol?on. Francis A Roe, Clarke Merchant; ' J'symssrer, George L Davis; burgeon, J Win- ' throp Taylor; Chief Engineer, Stephen D Hibbert; Assistant burgeon, W H Dicks Many rilcers are ret to be ordered, all of whom i Will do'.ot^rss report In a day or two The Tea- i el wi 1 hiv*>uam up In a short time, and her 1 ir.' f. :nery wli? t e rr rd at the wharves for several 1 d*ys prior to '.eavtajj this station. Some entertain fairs that she may be sank by the Confederate lotteries a Ion? the river, bat thts would prove not only a dupe/at** but unsuccessful game, as i be will bave heavy /uos to protect her, and ^ **lth the other vessels w, old be able to very soon i destroy the batteries on sitore The Baltimore has no%ft returned from Old Point, and it Is believed she hes btfn detained mt Fortrr?? Monroe Her capture is hardly probable, as with her Ti-pounder she could sink, with ease, any vessel or boat which tb? Confederates could conr.mard !n the Potomac. Besides this, her crew are well armed with rifles, pi?tols, boarding pikea, cutlasses, etc., and a boarding party would find hot work In taking possession of her deck*. MILITARY OKPKR. War Dspartuktit, > Washlngon, August 19. IHtl. $ All Commanders of Regiments of Volunteer! accepted by thia Department in the States of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, and Michigan, will take notice tf and conform promptly to the general orders of this day. directed to the Governors of the States above named, which is aa follows : To tke Governor of the State of : By direction of the President of the United States you are urgently requested to forward. or caua* to be forwarded, immediately to the city of Washington al! volunteer regiments, or parts of regiments, at the expense of the United States Government, that may be now enrolled within your State, .vhotbsr under your immediate control or by acceptances issued direct from the War uepariment, whether such volunteers are armed, equipped, or uniformed or not The officers of each regimental organization that may not be full shall leave recruiting officers at their several rendezous, and adopt such other meaaures as nmy be necessary to fill up their ranks at the earliest date possible All officers of volunteer regiments on arrival will report to the Commanding General, who will provide equipments and other supplies necessary for their comfort. To insure the movement of troops more rapidly than ml^ht otherwise be done, you will please con'er with and aid all officers of Independent regiments In such manner as may be necessary to effect the object in view. All clothing or supplies belonging to or contracted for the several regiments shall be forwarded to Washington for their u?e, detailed reports of which shall be made to the Commanding General. Simon Cameron, Secretary of War. THK REARRANGEMENT OF THK MILITARY DRPARTMKNTS. A general order from tho Headquarters of the Armv discontinues the departments of Washington . ( (1 f n MansflplH *? r nmm-j r?/* \ nf 7V_ - vv... u??ut; Vi lUtonvcril Virginia, (Gen. McDowell's;) of Maryland and Delaware, (Gen Dlx's;) and of the Shenandoah, (Gen 15anVs\) as **>pir <te and independent comminds, ard consolidates the whole under command of Maj Geii. MJC'ellan This change, whi'-h evidently leaves tht everai divisions commanded and officered as they have been for months past, will doubtless serve greatly to methodiz<* aiid thoroughly organize the great army thus massed under Gen. McClellan's command Gen. AIcCMlan is constautly in the saddle, and has alreadv succeeded in reducing what was chaos in this quarter immediately after the battle of Bull Run, to better order than ever before ex lsted in an army of volunteer*. THOROUGHLY UNDERSTOODWe apprehend that those New Vork journals so constautly berating the Navy Department for persistently declining to purchase the Vanderbllt steamships, will not accomplish their evident ob j-ct Timeand ngain have tb*jse vessels been in spec ted to that end by competent officers under the application of parties int?*r?^t?d in getting tLem on to the Government's hands at high price* Their reports hnye always condemned them as ships unsulred to the Government's purposes In truth, the schemes resorted to to for??* th? v?rv? - ? ? ? .MV 1/rpuil" ment to buy them, will or nlll, are having the fffe t of making all comprehend that solicitude relative to the completeness of the blockade hag little or nothing to do with their complaint*?hit. rather, the end of clutching a few millions improperly from the Treasury of the United States CAPTURE or CONFSDKRATK CAVALRY Last Friday, Lieut. Tompkins, with a party of cavalry, " lit" on six Confederate dragoon*, and at once convinced them of the propriety of visiting Washington The Confederates have been cuu' ! 'i ? ibv uuunli j I'uloMr nuvl In IL< imn>? vll ate vicinity of onr lines, and on Friday Llentenant Tompkins laid in wait for a " galllent" company who hnve done great service In seizing Union men about Lewinsville and Falls Church, e.nd after (he Confederates had passed In this direction, rode out after them and plck?*d up the whole party, bringing them Into the city the same evening. STEAMER PURCHASED. The steamer Pocahontas, formerly of the Baltimore and Richmond line, which has been emDlovpd fnr inmo !n ~4 , ...u? m h?u?)>v(ii!ik army liom between Baltimore and Washington. has bten purchasel by Government She has a strong hull of live oak timber, with capariou* holds and covered deck?. and fine state-rooms for officers The New York steam-tug Jacob B*ll has been purchased by tb-* U. S Government, and is on her way to ?he Washington Navy-Yard, where she will be fitted out as :t gunboat. an'oth br wanderer. Yesterday a private of the New York fittth regiment arrived at the depot and made application for sustenance and a pass to New York, having Just arrived from Virginia, where be b-.d been wandering about in the woods since the battle of Bull Run. He wns shockingly emaciated, and so weak that he could hardly get along, having been nearly starved in his pilgrimage through the Confederate lines towards home. He was at once sent to headquarters, where be doubtless received food, clothing, and the necessary pass to enable him to reach his home. another general court martial. A general court martial mee's In this city to-day, composed of the following officers of tue rpgular service. Viz: Lieut Col. H. Oav 2H lnf ? , , ? ?..... J Major J N. Palmer, 2d Cavalrv; Capt. D Davidson, 'Jd Infantry; Cap? Lloyd Ceall, '2d Infantry; Capt J. E. Ilirrison. .id Cavalry; lit Lieut. R F Hunter, 2d Infantry; 1st Lieut T II. MrCormlck, 1st Cavalrv; 2d Lieut W S Worth, 8th infantry; 2d Lieut, Sheldon Sturgeon, lit Infantry; 2d Lt. J K Dlmmlrk. 6th Infantry; litLt J. .McMillan, 2d Infaa^ry, Judge Advocate. TO* BODY OF COL. CAMKRO*. We hear that an effort li being made by gentlemen connected with the Masonic frnternlty in Virginia to obtain the body of Col. Cameron, of the New Vork ?9?b Regiment, for hii widow For thi? purpoie four gentlemen of Alexandria went to the Confederate line? and made their request to be allowed to bave the body, and returned encouraged to believe that they will be successful. With tbii effort the Government Lai nothing to do. CASDIEATSS FOR BKRVICK OS THE DRY ToRTCGAS We hear tLat a number of Colonel Maker's California regiment are doinjj their beat to get tent to the "Pry Tortugas," where there ! a demand for military labor, tome very officious mischiefmakers? lt may be lawyeri?are said to be trying to induce thein to iniubordinatlon. We trust their names may beccme known to the Provost Marshal, General Porter,who probably has use for uch patriots just now. ANOTHER AID FOR GX3 MYLSLLAK. We are gl*d to be able to say that Col. Thomas M Keyes. of Ct , who commanded the Connecticut Brigade In the battle of Bull Run, has been appointed au aid to Gen Mc'Clellaa His term of service as a Colonel of Connecticut militia was for but three months, it will be remembered. BRUSHKS V P THH RIVER. Veaterday mornlug, and on the morning before^ there were brushes between the pickets of the First Minnesota Regiment, on the Union side, about 100 strong, and ss many, apparently, of the dlsunionists, at Edward's Ferry. On each occailon the latter retired in an hour or so, In the direction of Leesburg. Nobody hurt. HOT DIAD, BUT A PRISONER Captain Julius De Lagnel. of the disunion army, [late of the 3d artillery, U. 8 A.,) reported to be mtasing since the battle of Rich Mountain, or killed In " ?4 * " ! a pnaoner to General Raaencrana' force* In Western Virginia, and la recovering of Ma wounda AfPOIHTZD Capt. Samuel A. Walnwrlght, wboae appointment aa a captain of the 13th Infantry, U 8. A., iraa accidentally laid over by the Senate, baa been eappolnted by the Prealdent. I mac M Pumphrey, of Va., haa bean appointed m additional Paymaater In the army. fraT rfadJs-l . OKTYSftAL WiMWOITH. Brigadier General Wads worth, of U. S Volun. teera, baa returned to tfala city from his hone la New York He baa not yet accepted the com mis- A ioorecently tendered to him by the Preaident b Ii THI AQCKDCCT A.KD FIItT. Gen. Porter, Provost Marahal, granta no paaat, n to citizena to croaa the Potomac by the Georgetown aqueduct or ferry; the use of each being re. ^ quired for army transportation alone affatbs ACRoaa th? *ivi?. Ii [Special Correspondence of the Star ) o; Lewissvillk. Fairfax county, Va . Aug 18.? tl Editor Star: From aome cauae upknown to ua, tl the Confederates who have been encamped a ahort ?' diatance above thla place, have left and pitched their tenta farther back from the Federal 11 net Every two or three daya the campa are r?moved ? and the troops posted still nearer tbelr headquar- ' ters; but whether thla la a ruse to draw our troopa O lntoambnsb, or the result of fear, Is not known. Yesterday, we heard from the loyal men who P have been aelzed by the Confederates and confined at Manassas Among them la a Mr. Crocker, 11 oi new \orK, wbo bad always stood up for the * South, until the heresy of secession was lnaugu- cl r^ted, whtn" he unhesitatingly declared himself for the Union and enforcement of the laws. Hfa son, who was a first lieutenant In Capt. Ball's *' cavalry company, captured in Alexandria,Ad refused to serve the Confederates, and for safety fled to Philadelphia, secession emissaries having fol- 8 lowed him to Washington. The old gentleman remained at his farm, and was finally seized and carried off to Manassds, leaving only his daughter a(i at home, the other members of bis family being V In Washington. Yesterday he was permitted to " send for a few clothes, but no communication V was allowed to be dispatched to his family The messenger states that be, with others, are at liberty on parole of honor, but nothing more can r be learned. A From rumors In this vicinity among the seces- t sionlsU, It Is believed that considerable sickness and suffering prevails at Manassns from want of proper clothing, food and protection from the A weather. TIipv havp no waio? ? inn/.?un ? j - ? ?*?V( u< ?UV #MM'p and cars are Kept running, conveying lnlmmenie r< tanks tbla indispensable article for the dally use of the troops Should Bull Run be wrested from them, Manassas would at once become untenable. 0 Several prominent secessionists about here are 81 endeavoring to procure the release of their loy2l ^ neighbors, hoping thereby to alleviate their own punishment should thev fall into our hand* Union people are constantly being seized by the secefsionis s, and loyal residents sutler more from ^ their own neighbors than from the troops themselves. 81 affairs cp river. ? Sandy Hook, Aug. 17?Editor Star: Three of the Second Cavalry have been taken prisoners while on picket duty at the Ferry This a Is the company that Sergeant Tompkins deserted from, asid no doubt be hid a hand in the capture ' of hi* companions. What a contempt they must have for bim ' The bridge require* now but two pans for completion, and the cars will resume t( their old p'.ace at the Ferry. There is a good tl chance now f >r the Vandals to undertike its de- 1! struction again. We hope they will attempt it. The New York Ninth Regiment moves this gl morning This regiment has seen active service, c it left Washington on the 15th of June, and it is a admitted that it isone of the beat regiments tn the * service. ^ FROM DOWN THE KIVLR. J [Special Correspondence of The Star.J Potomac 1-lotili?a? Off Aquia Creek?Friday, ? August lti.?At daylight this morning tbe enemy j ^ opened on the fleet from a rifled gun ?marked) | I | just below the batteries which are In fight at tbe | v 1 ureetc. AOout a dozen shots were Bred, one of i cl which pd8?fd over the Pocahontas and near tbe ' q Reliance. The squadron got under way and t' stood out of range, except tbe Ice Boat, (Release.) M Lieut. Commanding F A Parker She returned tbe fire witb her rifl*d gun and 9 inch shell gun, the former reaching the battery, but the latter 11 falling suort The Commodoreordered tbe firing e, to cease, and the Ice Boat joined the flotilla. tt I THr UTt*XK??? ^ n Tbe following la Gen. McDowell's order rela- tl tlve to the d p osition of the mutineer* of the ? j Maine Second : Htadquarttr* yortk'astem Department, I j| Arlington, August 15, 1861. } a Crtntrnl V/* ?.... ? - V > Mvr 1?W 'J*- I' Sixty non-comnii&iioned otficers and privates of the Second Maine Regiment of Volunteers, ^ hiving formally and positively, In the pretence r< of the regiment, refurd to do any further duty e whatever, falsely alleging that they were not legally In the service of the United States, tbey y are, with the approval of the General-in-Chief, hereby transferred, in arrest, from the regiment as no longer worthy to serve with it, and will be si sent to tt e Dry Tortugas In the Gulf of Mexico, J) *- ? * - " iunr iu jw-riorin sucn iatlgue service as the otli- j, cers commanding may assign them, until they fshall, by their future conduct, ahow themselvsa c worthy to bear arina. They will be sent to the ? Navy Yard to-night. Brigadier General 8herman will see to the execution of this order. By J ord?<r of Brigadier General McDowell. n Javk? B. Fry, A?slsUnt Adjutant Geueral. The following are the names of the men re. u ferrrd to above: b Company C?Corporal C. W. Merrill. Company E ? Corporals Henry M. Cushman and R<i?-1 rt. Clark; Privates Edward C. Betta, F. M Bev ni. Cy^us F Barrett, Harrison L. Barrett, v Alexander Chase, Stephen W. Dawson, John P. it Driimmond, Albert G Furbush, Philip Harback, '2 Sabin Jordan, Aionzo B Luce, Koeaell S. Poor, n Moses Wyman, G Worcester, Joaeph Willett, ?] John Reeves, and George W. Carlisle. r? Company F?A J. B.tnki, John Billings. John !J Benjamin, C. B Carter, (jco Kdgerly, Michael ti Gallagher, H. H. Hurd, Janiea M. Kenny, Wm Seavey, H. C. Van Buskirk, B. F. York, and J. ^ A Turner. Company G?A. Hannon. i? Company H?B Wetter and G. C Mills. in Company I?Peter Mogan, Peter Welch, Thos. McDonough, Edw.trd Conway, John Carroll, T. ~ W Kelley, Thomas Bulger, John Burkett, John r O'Brien, VVm McCleKan, C F Dougherty, E W J Kelleber, Thomas Kelley, Peter Haggerty, L. 01 Crawford, Wm Towmy, Larkey Hharkey, John at Fitzpatrick, John Sample, Cornelius Cronan, P. vr J Farrell, James Driscoil, Martin McLaughlin, D John Higglns, Henry Granville, Patrick Berry _ and Richard Berry. (Y Pnmnar... L' ??_ -1 *+ - ~ ? v?w|/hij ix ? i ar *cr parson, win. Terling and I li. Joseph Woodward. The following are the uames of the thirty-two members of the 13th Regiment N.Y.V., who 01 refuted to do duty on the 15th of August, and were dinrmed and marched off. They are to be detailed for duty in the Gulf of Mexico: ?? Company D?John Marks, sergeant, Rochester, t* N Y ; McMahon, corporal, Rochester, N Y. J Company E?Richard Ambrose, private. Char- <y lotte, NY; Wilber D Cook, private, Rochester, y, N.Y ; John Cowell, private, Rochester, N Y.; rr James Harvey, private, Charlotte, N. Y ; Henry ?? Tracy, private, Charlotte, N Y. F ^ Company F?Robt Donaldson, private, BcotUvlile, NY; Augustus Griflln, private, Victor, ^ N.Y.; Warren L. Peck, private, Rochester, N. ? Y.; sfenaca Ralph, private, Falrport, NY.; Wm. ^ Williams, private, Rochester, N.Y; James F. Van Etten, corporal, Hanford's Landing. N. Y.J Fred Raymond, private, Rochester, N Y. Se Company H?Robert Cosgrove, private, West W alworth, N Y ; W m. Cosgrove, private, West fir Walworth, NY; Lyman May, private, White- i haven. Pa ; Columbia Paue. nrtv*i* o?" n rr Y; Daniel Me^<?aee, aertjeant, Rochester, N Y; 1 John Vardu, private, Rochester, N Y.j Loula \ Vahne, private, Gates, NY; Henry Hanson, pri- B1 vate, Rochester, N Y ; John Smith, private, oh Rochester, N Y ; Jacob Scbloar, private, Rochester, N.Y.; Joseph Zeigier, private, Rochester, N _ Y.; Wm. McRae, private, Rochester, N Y., HI* D ram Flllls, private, Hillsdale, Mich.; Franklin, Drover, private, Rochester, N. v. * Gompanv I?John M. Fackney,private, Roches- rf ter, N Y ; Henry t?nape, private, Rochester, N Y. Jj Company K?Charies Morgan, private, Brook- D port, V. Y. ? The court martial, now in session, will dispose L of the mutineers of the New York Seventy-nlntb yj' in a few days, when those found guilty will be IOC disposed of as directed. Some of them may be ^ shot. Lieutenant Colonel Elliott is seriously complained of as one of the principal prisoners who Incited disobedience In tbe men. _a (IT" The Patterson (N J.) Gmtdian asserts be that, during the last fortnight, agents of tbe Con- ?u federate Statei have been visiting various sections /hi of New Jersev. inaugurating ? M i?r ?y?- ;ui Umattc peace-meetlnga throughout the State, and f ^ that 96 000 haa been received In Newark from the at> Montgomery Secret Service Fund to be applied to the furtherance of thia plot. u a ' -V* \t ' . ' - * A' v . * V) * * * " 4 THK NEWS HERE. Blank Assignments or Land Waeeants ? considerable sensation bu been caused by a rief mention of a decision of the Secretary of the iterlor on this subject, which would seem novel i its purport, it may be well to state tbat the tore Immediate bearing of tbls decision is upon isee where the name of an assignee has been audul'ntlf filled up Though the general qu?>?on of blank assignments Is incidentally brought i, it Is not presumed that bona Jide transactions f that sort will be affected An early publlcaon of the derlsl?n In full, with precise explanaon as to Its bearings and application, seems howirer very desirable. Promoted and Appointed in tbi Post Office itriiiaiiit.-The following clerical promotion [id appolntmenta have been made In the Post ifilce Department?vis : Thomas Roach, of Del., promoted to aSl,4U0 er annum clerkship, vice J.J. Chase removed. joan iveiiey, of Iowa, appointed to a Sl .*2u0 per 1 nnum clerkship; and George W. Alexander, of llatourl, to bo a temporary #1,200 per annum lerk. As Important Appointmint ?Mr I?aic Newm, of Pa., (Delaware county,) haabeen appointed uperlntendent of the Agricultural Division of je Patent Office; vice Dr. I.ocke, of Ind , regned, (having been appointed a Paymaster In le Army ) Tni Wat it Works ?The Baltimore papers reaching Richmond with much more facility than Washington papers) continue to note all mov^lents of troops and munitions of wsr to and from Washington. Appointments bt thx Prk?id*nt?The Presdent has appointed James K Dalliha, of Coloado, Dlatrict Attorney of Colorado Territory, ilso, Robert O. Herlck, Justice of the Peace for his District. ? Rktcrned ?Mr. John Hay, the President's .ssistnnt Private Secretary, who recently accom.

anied Mrs. Lincoln and family to the North, has ^turned to his post, at the Executive Mansion. Rktcrsbd.?The Hon. C. B. Smith, Secretary f the Interior, has returned to this city and reiined the discharge of his official duties. His ealth Is improved. JUT" The steamers Geo. Weems, Mary Weih. igton, and Planter, have suspended their trips etwe^n Baltimore and the Patuxent river, under le d!r?-ctlen of the Federal authorities, it being icerta'.ned that contraband article* were sent oa oard them towards Virginia. C7" The Philadelphia L'dger notices a favorble turn in business in that city, especially In le dry goods trade. Business, at it revives there, i moreover done on a healthy cash basis. The VTar in >lt-ssnrl. St. Louis, Aug 17.?Dispatches reached here i day stating that a train conveying troops on ie H nnibai and St Joseph railroad was llred ito by secessionists near Palmyra, and one solier killed and several wounded Gen Pope nmediately sent orders to Gen. Hurlburt to take ich force i>s he df-emed necessary to Marlon ounty and quarter them on the people, and levy contribution of horses, mules, and provisions, nd such other things as may be useful to the oldiers, to the amount of fit) 000, on the inhablints of the county, and 0 on the citizens of almyra, as a penalty for this outrage A detachment of United States troops from Cape irardeau seized R5S.000 belonging to the bank t St Genevieve, yesterday, by order of General remont. which was brought to this citv to day. I la understood that ibe money was being or rouid be used for the benefit of the secession suse in that section It appears now that the money seized at St. enevieve, Mo , yesterday, was at the request of .e directors of the parent bank here, to whom It as transferred to-day by Gen. Fremont. Afvairs ik VVkxtkkm Viroitiia ?The Wbeellg Intelligencer of August 13 says: Information was received in this city yesterday ironing, conveying the announcement of an atfk upon a b?dv of Union men In Roane county, y secession troops. The report says the Union in. to ibr number of six'v were drilling, when lev Were lUaltlilly anpro?chc?l by a lorec body f secession troops ana fired upon Some forty of ae Union men were killed The report, of course, eeds confirmation; though the statement Is only n keeping with the spirit which has all along nlmated the marauding rascals of the secession tripe In that section of country Stirring times are anticipated soon In Wavne ounty, Va , on the Ohio river. The Union men ave a camp about 800 strong at Ceredo, and the fbeli have a camp at the Court House It was xpectedthat a fight must soon ensue between the wo forres The Union men proposed to attack Lie oilier* r.a aoon aa their guna Arrived from Vaahtngton. PcechASK or the Stkamrr Wbitniv ?The de-wheel ateamer Joseph VVbltuey, of the Bslmore and Boaton line, baa been Bold to the United tatea G vernment for a mm not varying much om S70 (100, and although ahe haa been running >r nearly aeven veara. ahe la now in the meat eiellent order, and really baa the appearance of a ew boat. For the past two or three week* ahe aa been carrying on her forward deck two braaa eld piecee, atx-poundera, which belong to Fort Ic.Henry. and were placed on board of her aa a leana of defenae Theae have been landed on le wharf, and will be returned to the Fort. The teanaer expec<? to go to New York, where abe Mil he lilted out aa a gunboat for the aouthern lockading squadron. r*5j^ COMPANY "A." V S. KNGINKKR9L ?c Fifty m'elligent and aMe bo'ti-vi meohanioa 'ill be enlisted to fill thi* Company t?' the max num fixeo by law?ISO men. Inquire at No iiiHeVeet Ply of priva ea of 1st ola<5* . 19 per iinth 2d olaaa $15 per month, b?Mdes io<?l and loihing. au 17 tf REGULAR MONTHLY MKKT, < ine of the Young Men'* Chriatian Aaaoo a <>n will be held at tnu' Room*, MOM DAY KV t. IING. August 19, at 8 o'clock. Representative* [ the New Vork Kvv t;plic?.i Allianje and of the ew York Young Meu'a Christian Aacooiation ill address the meating An interesting oco& i. n anticipated. AH the member* are o&rtinui>.ri> ivitea to be present. aut7-2t SAM'L MoELWEE, Jt.,Reo.8eo. ^Pl'TNAM RIFLES.?Your attention is J( called to the p?*t*ra in regard to forming a ompan? for the war. I hav? been request-d to 'ganize the Putts for the United State* bervice, nd to be mimterbd in immediate jr. The ffficer* ill tie elected by tb? Company. Rendezvous, 'and Hall, front room, first floor. au U St* (JEO. THISTLETON. ^-NOTICE TO TAX-PAYERS. ~ CoLLFCTOR'S OFFIC* ( H'a?Atn<Ir>n Au*v<t 8, 185M The taxes for 1861 have l>een fix?d at City cents i th- on* hundred dollars. A discount of twenty r c#nt. is allowed under tha law for prompt paytaf. "Coin anil due bills, or certificates of indebtedss ot this Corporation of the denomination five illars," are alone receivable in the mvmrnt of xes. WILLIAM DIXON, hi 8-6'eo Collector. 'I SAY, 8TRAN8ER. WHERE ARE j< yon going ? Yon seem to be in a great hury "So I am. I am going to SMITH'S. No. 460 iventh street, to buy a suit of Clothing. The peos say he has a very nioa assortment, and tbey say i sells them so aheap." Note.?The last we saw the stranger, he wm ranning up Soventh street aging out "SMITH, No. 460." m 21 3m IMERSON INSTITUTE, 4 H Between 12th and 13th staM Uct Classical and Mathematical School ft Boy*, The ei6roises of this Sohool will be resumed the st Monday in Sept^nibsr. Audreys m 19 tf CHAS B. YOi NQ, Principal. MJ SUTLERS AND PEDDLERSIVe ha"-* just rewired on o<>nsunment 100 dozen JCK POKTEMONNAI ''? which we will sell tao forc?.?h. MifflNB a. dRHHI1 wtT a u u> ui%ir ri a n? Auction and Commission Merohante. m 19 8t 369 7:h ?t, between I and K sts. UTTER, CHEE8K, AND ^ 1,000 pounds Fresh Butter, New York Goshen, st quality Fresh Egg? arriving daiiy, for sale the lowest rate. Cooking Butter for sale cheap. No. 490 Eighth str*M, between Pa avenue end street (aai9-6t?) PE. DUTROW. ARGE INVOICE OF TIN WARE JUbT i reoeived and will be sold at a great saonfioe the eash ooinprising? doges 3,4. 10 12 and 16 q uart Tia Pang, i do Tip Pint Cops, gross Tin Plates, so, Tin i*aooeDans, Water Buoke:*, Batter Kettles, Dippers, Coffee Pots, Wash Brains, Ro. BONTZ A .GRIFFITH, Aiotton and Ccminisaion Merohants. vn 1?-.v. 369 7th st., batwetn I aad K sts. TO r ICE.?By order of the Board of Trustees of I the t?ubuo Hohooi* of Una elty, proposals will reeeiTed by the undersigned until M alar, Au st ttth, for the snpply of euoh Stationery so l xt-Books for the Ueohert aad Indigent pupils of ? Public Schools as may bereaalrtd forth sen ing icfcolastio year, en nag July Slet, IM, to b* xjsh?d in sooh quantities as may be aeoossary tn umo to time. Parsons desiring to bid fc tht ave will be famished with a list of th? books L^gy?u* - OFFICIAL. to all wrox it mat coltcblk. Dkfaktmekt or Stats. ) Washington. August 19, 1961. j Until furth?r notice no person shall b? alio wrd to go abroad from a port of the United Stitea without a paaaport e;tfcer from tbls Department or countersigned by the Secretary of Stab, nor will any person be allowed to land In the United Statea without a passport from a Minister or Consul of the United States, or, If a foreigner, from his own OoTernment, countersigned by such Minister or Consul This regulation, however, Is not to take eflnct In regard to persons coming from abroad until a reasonable time shall hsve elapsed for it to become known in the country from which they may proceed. No fee will be charged for a passport or for countersigning a passport. WIL1.1AM H SEWARD. Dr. M!IIKvrK'? Heit Visit to WathlnftM WILT BK 0* WBD5IES JAY, Ai|iil ?is?. SCHEffCfc'S umiic PILLS, A Certain l'?r? f?r Ulimrd L1*t tvd the Many ORU|cr?n Malidlrt which ?re ( by a Msrbid dttisn ( that Orgaa. To give th? public a o Mr unrieia %>.ding of the mo<tt in wh.oh SCHENCK'9 MAMDRaKK PILLS produce those woudertu! ftl >ot? vhtoh are attest*! b; thousands 01 rei.abJe witu'ssej, we present a brief Descairnox of iri iicm?n livkk aui its functions, w::iou wi,l ui&lte the operation of thi* popular medicine peroeptioie to every man a understanding '1'he liver i<< ivpplied with Woodveseela, nervea, an absor.wnta. one of ita ohvn ui use* is to prepare and secrete the bite. It i k w>se fi ters the blood and separates that fluid lioni an its imparl ties. How indispensably ueo s?ary to healtn is the proper performance of this lunctior! It the liver ia diseased it caunot purify the blood, aud if that 1 a sect hack through the lungs, b am. a'd oth r Carts in a morfid condition, it must osus - janr.d or. iliousness, obstruction of the kidneys, (ravel, and man) other complaint*, mjre or less painful aud dangerous, buttne I a-t or them quite enough to make a n:ac sick an 1 n^oomfortable, and unht for the performance ol any ol th? duties ol ,ife. This unhealthy state of the sv*tem vjry blteu ends in pulmoiiary consumption.' The ciroula inn of the blood is oon iuoted in thia mannerJfhe heart sen"s the vita current down through the arteries?it pass** through the fl sh, tasiug up al HriDu Ui^s in 1U progress?th u Wis str- ams ol !>loo t t! > w baofeward throu. hthe v n.s and passes to tin l.ver to be punfi'd. It is impotM111! h to nnra ???? ?? vw<? v ' ' - u ii ft j"m ' v'lnii, tuaiwrij auy other kiud of u'.o-ir*tion whut rhat important o'tan the t.iver, is diseased. It is for that ifMon th^f "regular physioians" taroly core oon^ uriiption Th^T 11 ma !y beg :n heir tree m?nt with the uie of some couth meii lue, the tasu of which i? morphia or opium in so,*,.-sh? pe, which lockiup'h* liver, ins'evl of rclixinii th1 seoretions, givr g a ?on? to tr.* stomach, ai.d producing a hsaithy flow of hi e L)r. Schenck't ri'LMonic stk.p, n toxic. a\d masdk ie PILLS, wil: tfrengthen the system, purify the blood, and iip-?n and h'-ai u cers oo the luuts. lnuiS >rcuiou? consumption. where the stomach a u liver u gem r-l!? in a tolerable healthy ocndt tion, ?hr> Fu moi ic ?yrup a.o-ie wi 1 root out all impurities of th& b ood. and restore the p%tient to h a Lit, if th" oavitie* in the lungs are not too deep. But where coi.sumpMon ricir.a os. as two thirds of tne oases do in this taction of tue country, sj mpa hising from a torpid liver or disordered stom a n. it requires the svaweed Tonic e i.d Mandrake Fills, in oof.uectinD. to bring them in anion?then the l'u m nio ty up seems .o go or di*?olve into blooJ, a id tnus turoW out a I impurities; tneu consumptirn and scro u ous disea es most yield t > those m'<dioiri9s. if properly taken. They havt cured thousands, and otner rliouiand'' are now being oured ty them. ?i Hh\CK'.?' MANDRAKK l'IL.L.5 are doing more 10 r enlace the stomaon and liver than any otcer medioiiie ever inveuttd. Thousand are uong them now, in this city and eitewiidre, and every oro it astonish*d at th'ir good edeots W lien the diseased ?ta e o; any part I of the body requires purgittvei, heto Fi.isalwa>t | reach the teat of tha disease. Tuey are as harm! lesr as bread, but tar more powerful man calomel or auy oth >r mineral poison, in their curative effeots. Almost every day, s .me p-ibon.who hat beenoiared by thein.o- met to Di Sohenok'* < (Roe m.u leia-.ea me wonders tney hive performed. ; Frjm tome p*rionfc thf-y have expel ed iatge worms: fiom o?h?re, morbid matter; and trom otnem again, c ear bile. woRDnm cr*es. In certain ca?c*. j?e; on# who nad been ill for a long time with diseased liver?sxin s\iiOW, tongue coaled Luwe;i ooittive, br-ath odenMve, Ac , w<*re restored t . lica tti and the p: rfecteujoyment of life, b? tne use of this medicine. 8* ms wiio ? ere thus reneved tad b?oome so dull, drowsy or lethargio ! tnatihey soarcely nad energy enough to move hand or foot In stioh oasfs, the ailment is often caused by worms. By using 3<;tiKNcK'S MaNUKAKK P1L.I.S, Uie sLA.e bile and oon upt matter whioh (constitute what are oailrd tn? ' woriM' beds" are worked off, and the worms themselves pass <>ff m iti. tnem Heme weeks ago al&dy toid Dr. Sohaock that sue han taken the pil s 1-n liver complaint, bat, to her greit ?.ur?ri~e, t e m diem j orought away several worms, each aoout ten isoues in length. An old gentleman, of Baltimore, who had been in a wretched condition f i a long time, took the 5"KA Wr KD 1 O.N 1Cand .4 AM)K AKfc P i.LS. alter which he p& sed thousands of amail worms (aacandesj. and he is now perfectly we.I. A iady came to I)r Schtnck at the Marlborough Hotel, Boston; she was supposed by her physicians to be atliioted with tape worm. She had se vere paius a d sensation of something moving and tw sting lcsue of her. These leelings, at lines, almost threw her let ooavuisioi s. It would creep up int, her throat and appear to bite ; the on j way to quiet it was lod ink milk, witeu it would sett do ? ii and go to sleep Sue would hav* to take a quart to bed wi>h hor every nuht, for tt>a: purpose. Mie was very costive, skin je !ow, and dried up to a merewtiadow. Or. Schenok cave her four MaNUHAKk PlL.I.Sever? night lor a wees, atd tie liCA a L' L* ?> - I. .... .. ucu i \j > iv, aooorai rig to the directiona, whioli orly moved the bowe a s ight y on >e a day, aud whioh in ordica'y peracna. would fcav? phy* iced severely ; but it si kened the a ima.. and aue found htio did n >t o avs any more milk At the end of a week, Dr S. iavf her a double dose ivj lgiu or ten ftiau<l-akt> filla, and at on afirr *ne ft d a large quasti ty cf mucus a J mmf, n *hi a was iinbeodeu a lari;*4 lizard. From inat tun* ?tie b^ari to recover la ro-1 perfectly *e;i. 'ihia allow ? what can be dove ? i h pro, er meaicine and proper treatment. At y peraon tNat in agmea that til-) hav- got tape w rm or auy othei kind of wo m*. if tney will take tuflicieui .Mandrake Pil a e\er? day io' a wee* or ten days to re ax the a?crenon, t<ut uot to purge, th'ntakea argedoae enough to phyatn aev?rely, it will carry off all morbid matter n the ayatein, ai.d if nothing of tne kind ?h<>uld h? tl.ere it wil oieanae the system and leave the patient lu a h?*l'hy onudttion. A volume wou<d be reqined to give a brief aoooint f the rrm*rk*ble cure* performed by l)r. SCHKNCK'S Medio.nea, vi? : PULMONIC 8 I HUP, SKA WKbU TOM IC, MANDKAKK Pll.LS?a! of which are acooinp.inied by tuH di recti na lor the u?e of ttiem. lir. r>CH b.NoK has a auite <>I rooma in eaoh of the large oiuea wh~re he baa an extensive practice. All per?on? w: o wish to,t with bun will meet with kind Lnd attentive treatment. He m*kt? no charge far ad S. B. WAITE, corner of Seven'h atreet and I.ouiaiana avenue, la Ag<nt for Dr SOHfe.NCK 6 MeUioinen in Wa hington Price 25 oenta per box. Can bs a?nt b? mail. Nine poatage atampa will get a box of Pilla. JCT Kernember, Dr. SCHRNCK'9 next riait to >\ anhiugtoo la \\ edneaday, Auguat21?t and oan be keen at the Drug Store o 1 SAMUEL d. WAITE, corner of reventh-t a .d l^airi?a? ? Me wisiien e?e.-y one i o* uaing hia medioi*.e to o nne and see him. iV> otia no lor advice. Htoulr charges when it is neoeatarv or the patient wishes their iunga examined with tue reapirometer, winch u turee dollars. au 19-St LARGK STOCK ''F HOUSEFURNISHING GOODS AT COST. IN ALEX\N-MT\ DRIA ? I offer at oost, for epeMe or itafi^y Kjuivalent, my whole stock?being exolu-m^P ai*elj artio ea useful in housekeepiug?em- V braoiug Housefurnishing Hardware, Table (Tot lery of all grades, Plated loe 1'itoiiers, Waltera, Caeters. Spoons. Porks, Cake Baskets, 4.0. Britautiia Seta, Coffee Urns, Chafing Dshes. Plasma hed and Painted Tin ware, Toilet Seta, Wo.^d V\ are, Brushes of all kinds, Door Mala, Refrigeratora. Water C?o era, Jto. Merchants wishing to repleniah, hote'-keeeers an'l houae-keepers, will find theae goods of Uiebest quality and positively at oost. JOHN OGDEN, Opposite the Marshall Mouse, Alexandria d7" bend for my oatalogue. au 13 St o* NOTICE. LL Persons indebted to R. Briee Ha'l ar?> requested to oom* forward at an early day and settle their accounts with the undersi/neti. Trustee of the said Mall, for the benefit of his creditors; otherwise they will be put in a proper train for eolleotion to law. THEO. SHECKEF-ttau 16 6teo Trustee for R. Bnoe Hall. Attention, farmkrsi-awr 9*lkAbont on* hundred r-WINE. large and small. moctW of the pure Suffolk audTTfcJ^^ Chester breeda. Among them are a Suf aKWaLe* n - J *? ? ui* oi?[ ana tnree rs>ws. teail to Mr ia United State*. The hot* may be seen at the ptaoe o< Mr John Douglas, near the Eastern Branch Fidge, eaat of the Capitol. Inquire of RUSSEL RlSl.KY, in whoee care the hoga are, or to tke '"a^.VSt^o' N. SARGENT. cummer clothing C? At Rkdccbd Pticn. We offer our largeaeeertmentofthia SUMMER CLOTHING atredueed ?n~ea. Uu stock embraces all styles and qualities of Gentlemen, 1'ouths, and Boys' Wsarin* Apparel, of the moat eeirabl* and fuhionaltle at*lee. Also. SHIRTSand FURNISHING GOOD* i? great variety., . < Clothing made to order at the shorteet actio*. I WALL. STEPHENS 4 CO., 339 Pennsy Irania avenue, jy 16 (Intel, k. Res I bet ?th and l>tti eta. Fresh and genuine \ CUCUMBER.CABBAGE, n?^BAS!4S4^Sk JJOM B-MABK Boon AND SHOES, j * Vii I AUCTION SALES. By GREEN A WILLIAMS. Awtwmi 'fTOUSKHOLD AND KITCHEN PURNIn nun at Acmoii -Oi MON OA V. Uf Dk itk'ant, v* *ha: eel I. at the midtaM of a |*M I?aE dN'.lUll at No. *11 PMwrl aaia "tew, Mat of tha Caeitoi. >>HWI Nu1 W M> o'oioob i.k,i MMrV ment ?l Furniture, via: Bnr^M . Cottage Chamber Bol, Iron atktr adrfaaia. Bur a?d *huok MattreaeM. TaMm tad CltfUr*. Pofa, Carpet, Bookea-e. Wui fUnc?. Refnjera tor, Cooking and other Store?. and a |rod tot W Kitehen HMaiaitae. I With mary other, whtofc we ?mm asneeeaaary to enuroeja'e. Terma aaah m eeeoie au 1* St tfBEKN A WILLIAMS. Aaet*. ET-THr. ABOVE BALK 19 POSTPONED am.l WEDNESDAY. tee flat met . eaaae War. Tne Firmtu e ? ?'f a nxxl lit' . whieh ia on? fine <~ak marh e top Cottace 8 t au 19 at t.RhK> A WIT.LiaMP, Aeeia. By WALLA BARMAID. Aae'ioaeare. fforsk^.cak l >. wabon^and 2J*** _ _ .. .r ki vrv *? A i rticnnii I III RBD v V, 2id mat, at l'? o'clock, w wilt Mh m front 0 th? mc i o oorn*? 4 Horae*. Cart*. W?;? o? 1 I a<-ge Truck * ac"B *> d Harneaa, Hugo, Flowe. Pi?k? Sh' TfU. Haj Kn?fe. SviiiiM, Knd ea, Gea ing. Tovia, LibIw, St^b ? Ku'nrnr#, Ae , , *0. Tfrm. cuh. WALL t BARNARD, an 18 A wet a*#". Ur J. C. MoGL'IRE A CO.. AntUoi.?a SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD CASE *EVENOctavi Piano Four*. aj*? ftrmtra*. i*? Hoc*ehqli> tpracra at ArcrtoR ? 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By WALL A BARNARD, Aaeti?n*?rs Grey horsf. an d spking w*qon at Arcrios-On -ATrRDAY MORNINg, July 3, we will eWI n front of our mc.iou rootre1 lire* Hor.e, warranted *o nd. kind, and (rati*. and worka wel in harn ??, 1 Sp- r.g WAgon, nearly new, suitable for n grocer or ti^rcii waton S? f positive. Terma oaah. >n U \VA 1, A BARNARD, Aocta. 1 y BONTZ A GRIFFITH. Anetionenm. TRUSTEE > SALE OF HOl*E AND LOT m THE NniTHKR* LiBiitT *?.?fly virtue qf a d?ed in tr?iet bear e date or the ?th Hay ?/f Or? tober, l?i, ard rer 'ded in Liber J. A. S , No. 185. folios 208,204 at : if is. the ?ubforib*r will sell, at pubio sale on THLR8DAY, the *Hh day of Au^iat lRfil, at 6 o'olook p. -n., the preniieee, ptrt of Lot No. 19. in subdivision of s*a?re Nn. 4?S, 'rontioj 11 feet 11H inch"* on 8th etrant wnst, wi h a depth 90 fe*t >o an aiie>, wt:h the imrowI m#nti oonsnting of a two atory and ait.c Frame I Dwelling Houae. with e? Iar. | The above property la ai'aated ?t the corner ef Sth atieet west and M atre*t north, in a rapid1 iw 1 proving part ofth*oitv. at d olfeya a favorable opport unity to perannc deeiroua of proonrinc * rwlde oe or making an investment. Tern:* cash. If the terma of sale are not cowp led with m ftu daya after ths tale the property will t>e reeold. upon one weeka' notice, at the ri?k *t?<i th?? purchaser. All oonTeyaDoing at Mr of the purch\?er. RiCHaRD A. HtMnMJTON.Trmw. au?-3iawa<l* oOMZ A OR1PHTH, AncU. NITED STATES MILITARY ROUTE. chanoeHf hours. On and after Monday, August lS)t4, 1841, 1 PA 88 *???** TBAIW* W ILL KTH A* FOLLOW* : > UAVt WASHINGTON at C ud 7 ?< a. *. i t y and 5 45 p. m.. arrivir.i at Baltimore at IAS tod 9.'0 % ti. an<i 4 <rt ar<i "? jn p m. , LEAVK BALTIMORK a' 4.?1 and e 40 a. m.ard S4fi and ftp m . aritvinc at W aabiBf ton at aad I lu.% a. m and a' 5 3 and 6 *St m. i P&*?e- eer Tram* Imvini VVaabtnrton at * ?> a. m. and 3.9' p. n.^oii Ba::narreatt40a ni kid Ui 5. m , make direot oonneiicna for AcLapolia at tM a notion. Train* 'ware Aanapolia for Baltworeand Wad in*ton at 6.65 a. m. and 2pm PMsecrer Piaina leavin* Waehiocton at and TJS' a. m and 2 9> p. m. make direct oonnmmu m*. Baltimore for Philadelphia and New York. All artiolea of freight icotPoiitr?>*nd o[ v?r) will be transported over the line. Tonnage Trains will leave Baltimore at 4 an*, m. Leave W?ehin?ton at 7 p. m. By order of the Secretary of War: THOMAS A. scott, 6*D*rk Mwpr. THOMAS H. CANFIELD, AmmM Miiai?r. as lvtf SPECIAL NOTl' E. SUNDAY TRAIN. On aud after SI' NDAY. Jflth Jnly, there Will be bat one Sunday dally train? Leare WASHIN&TON atlSOp. m. for new YOKK and PHILADELPHIA. From New Yor* ai.d Philadelphia, arriving la Washington at 6 lo a. m J. A SCOTT. ji 77 general Man?r. Mice cream, a?. ARSH \LL ADAMS Re.peo fully oalls the attention of hie friends, and the vublio m general, to hie large snpply of FRUIT. MINERAL WATKR. Ac., at tusl?eCream, Confectionery, and Ealing Saloon, No. 311 Eighth street, t-etweer. L and M sta. loe Cream delivered to all parte of Uie citT free of oharge at the ahorteet notloe. It IS lmeo* piremen8 insurance company washington and georgetown. CapltoL |MC,ON. QfUs comer C strut imI Lotiuum ?., ever Bmk of Wmkmtto*. insure HOUSES andother property against loss by fire. Dib.bc to u. Geo. Shoemaker, Sameel Redler*, S^tauel Crop.ey, Wtuiaa Wi.mi, Richard Jorm. John D. b? 0% Jaonb Gideon, ArwRotnwen, t hoe. Parker, r k'.irc Rfcrrf, B. U. Frecoh, Dr. C. W. Dane. No oharge for Polio'ee. JAMES ADAMS. PmHMt. AlllG. DiVIi.Steretvr. M I !!< CftA HAH ? b?- Ri'UGH tallow and ?>UU,UUU GREASE WANTED, tot whiels the highent pno? will be paid. Also 14ujkw 11m of fOAP and CANDLES lor rale cheap f >r caah at the National Ajiiaad Can die WCrki, tireec street aod the Caua.. Georgetown, D C. ail In C. B. JEWELL, Proprietor. Library of congress. A ceoiT S. ML Notioe ie hereby [irec that the * Library ol CoairMi" will be o'oeed on Tneeriay. the ISth of Aiiiuet, and will not be reopened nntil Tacaifty, the mh day of Seftember^^ ?? juaii u, I.rilKH!W]M| LillUflU THE SUBSCRIBERS R ESPECTFULLY 1 invito tii* attention of tiit Army oh u ludico ti:ue Cloths nnd Doeekme, Wlf S& fRXt&fe??? Kfl \ rMMetin Mnhro d*ry Al*o^h? o? *t>mt*d PATENT FILTERING CANTEEN. Order* in thatiin* rM?^tftl<i*oii?jto*. 1 NBTnlnnH MilW^EwSwAnikife, j jy U-?o?m ?*3 Pa * -. naoT Irm'i llntol. D UPON "TP 6UNPOWDKR. j O^nT'BO JTK1 4 UlT.l J. DUD L b| VIMktlrOWP. 11. Uh S0I4 Attnct fm itu DtJtnet %J OpIiIm, L'liL Ordtn ow wn b? !tft at tUotw* A4lf^ Klirwi f-wniMt. Wiiritmrtnt. D C..I> Htyfr DICK LING VINEGAR. 1 MO gnlloD* P c* fflRUm i for m1? t>? WM BRYAN. .. ?.. Havondale floor.. AVING Mnd* i;nMin*iit? with Mmm. I ? ? ? c BinaH ior ui? MlMlBT will ? w*r? *? *o wnlj m? ?W fno?4a CKLUNa OFF AT HALF FRICk OUR i? ntir* ttoek of handeoew FltMiiTBvtit Robot. in blftok m4 ooiora: *11 L*vm mU Oi|i. 3? Matlib Robot. Wo daairc to low o*t tk>? pmtioo of atook u onoo, for iMk, aad aWQ offer [iml bikrcaina to nnMMri. . J. W.OOtASY * OP. > ? totoo ??? Btr?t. ?biuH.w, pURTABLK OVKNB, ""'SHiffltetC"" .iift*x- ' H?"K ?UC"~- w?OH H4MBS, | TRACE CHAIN4. I tVMvw WTiVwH ?w>,Wfliai I

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