Newspaper of Evening Star, August 20, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 20, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: Tl'KSUAY Ai|iit 20, ISfll. Ouy Fkibmd* at tbe various military camps and positions will confer a favor by keeping us ported at tomoTptnentj and affairs l^thetr vicinities. Spirit sf the ntralai Press. The I*t*lligene*r conaldera It a ''great mlrtake to aoppoae that the politicians who were so long unhappy under the Constitution and Government of the United States are In tbe enjoyment of undisturbed felicity beneath the mild and benignant rale of the military which now controls the Confederate States." The Republican this morning has a war-cry not entirely new,?"Forward to Richmond Om MILITARY BUDGET. TH? MAT OK AMD TBI OATH. yolte a MnnUon waa created around the City Hall yesterday wben it leaked out that in adminUteri ng the oath of allegiance to tbe new U. 9. Police Board, the Mayor of Washington, Mr. James G. Berret, declined to take the obligation, allegiag that being tx officio a member of tbe Hoard, It could not lawfully be exacted of him. Henry Addison, Kaq , Mayor of Georgetown, also tx officio a member of tbe Board, being a very emphatic Union man, proffered no such plea, but waa glad to be able to aet tbe example of fealty to the cause of the integrity of tbe Union involved in tbe prompt subscription of one In bis position, to the. In these times, so necessary obligation. Were Mayor Berret's associations as clear of tbe Impeachment of secession ism aa those of Mayor Addison, his refusal might have been set down by tbe public as a mere evidence that bia mind is filled with ailly ideaa of bis own dignity or that of his otfic?. But It is well known that from Enoch Louis Lowe down to Noble Thomas, among bia especial cronies, (most of them present or former Corporation offlciala under htm,) more or less are to be fou nd who are not loyal men, while enough of them to form perhapa a full company are already in arma against the Uuited Slates, leaving perhapa as many mors In the city police and hanging around tbe City Hall now, in whose disposition to be faithful to the Stars and Stripes the public have aa little faith as in that of C ? ??V * a_ ? - - - xvi. ciuwu iioun lowc, L.ieui .xoDie 'momai, Quartermaster William H. Thomas, Capt hum Cooper. Lieut John F Carter, Sergeant F. Zimmerman, Sergeant H C Harrover, Privates John Thomas Christopher Columbus Clark, George Kirk, '? of tbe "Confederate'' army. The truth is, these are no times in which a suspicion of a lack of fealty to tbe Union on tbe part of Washington Corporation officials should be permitted to exist. We need not argue that point We are glad that Mayor Berret bas brought that suspicion to a focus by directing pablic attention to it as he did yesterday, with lutentness that must compel tbe military authorities of this department to take due care that the republic receive* no detriment through tbe opportunities to disloyal men involved in their holding municipal office here. Tbe question of Mayor Berret' refusal to take tbe oath as tz 10 a member of the U.S. Police Board, has be?n referred (as will be perceived by our jocai columns) to the Attorney General. Oar policy would have been, Instead, to refer the case to Provost Marshal General Porter, in tbeae times of Insurrection and civil war aided and abetted by secret treason on tbe part of thousands in loyal leealltles. HSEB SHB OOIS, AMD THIBI SHI GOES We place no faith whatever In tbe current ewspaper senaatlon rumors alleging tbe oligarchy's purpose of croaaing the Potomac with their army, first above, then below, and again just In ftont of us " They would if they could," doubtleaa But they really lack everything, beginning with men and ending with shoes?wagons, boats, pewdar, clothes, provlalona, Ac., Ac.?necessary to make their army an effective one ten miles from the railroad to which It necesaarily clings. Tbe rain of the laat week renders it positive that they can not ford the river for a week or more to eome anywhere above, even If unopposed; ? s _ ai * ? * wnue toe idea 01 ineir attempting to cross such a river as the Potomac ia, below Alexandria, with their means of crossing, la preposterous when it is known that In five or six hours after beginning to make the experiment, guns enough to blow their crossing boats and contents to the bottom woold surely be vomiting shot upon them. Though it may be death to their hopes not to attack Washington or to venture into Maryland, to do so with the present Union force in their front, would prove certain destruction to them. A* disadvantageous as remaining wholly on the defensive will be to the moral of their position, It will be encountered In preference to the risk of crowing to give Gen. McClellan'aarmy battle, or to that of attacking the Union fortifications on the Virginia bank of the Potomac. A MIST A K 5 . The newspaper story slleging that Commander Wm. D Porter, U. S. N., Is on his way home (from the Pacific aide) In Irons, by order of the Navy Department, is untrue. On the publication of his late letter, encouraging his son to fight In the oligarchy'a army, orders were sent to the Commander of the Pad fir annaJr?? - ?->? * iu Mtc iruui him the command of the sloop-of war of which b? was la charge, and to hand blm hit dismissal from the service, sent to the Commodore's care at the same time. When those papers were received, Commander Porter was at San Francisco, and was telegraphed for to return to his ship. But getting wind (It Is presumed) of the contents of the dispatches requiring bis immediate return to blssbip, be failed to obey the order by telegraph, and has not been beard of by the Commodore, up to the latest advices received from blm at the Department. Of course anotber officer has been put In charge of tbe sloop-of-war. ItAVT 1ABD. Shell Prartitt?Gun Boats?Saft Reiurn of Ikt Baltimort?Affairj at Old Point?Run of tk* Emmy This morning General Robert Anderson, accompanied by Hon. Horace Maynard. of Tenn , and others, visited tbe Navy Yard and witnessed tbe artillery practice of the gunners under tbe supervision of Commandant Dahlgren. Tbe firing, with a 1*2-pound boat howitzer, was performed with great rapidity, making four shots In thirteen seconds 80 rapid, In feet, were the shots made that before the report of the exploded shell had died sway, tbe piece would be run up to its position, sponged, leaded, and anotber shell sent creaming over the river, dashing the spray far and near by the shower of falling missiles Last night, two fne aide-wheel steamers?the Underwriter and Jacob Bell of NewYork?arrived t tbe Yard, where they are rapidly being transformed Into gun boats for the Potomac The Jacob Bell expected to take on her armament and go down lo-nlgbt, the Underwriter following tomorrow evening Two other steamers (the Satellite and Putnam) of the same Una have also been pa/chased, and will arrive here In a few days Thass vessels can carry a very effective Iknament, but tbe exposed condition of their machinery renders them qalta liable to be crippled In an engagement The steamer Baltimore came up from Old Point last night, where ahe has been detained by bad weather, bringing in tow eleven ftne ship's ladncbes; four of which were at once fitted oat, each with a twelve-noun* v? _ a? ??.? wai BOW* I ti^r and marl dm, and towad down to the fleet bribe Baltimore. To day workmen are rapidly fitting op the remaining aeven In the same atyle, ad these will doubtleaa go down to-night. The Baltimore report* all quiet down the river, and told Point ^ . Laet Friday morning the U. 8 ahlp Cumberland arrived In Hampton Road* from Beaton, where he had boen undergoing repair# Immediately npoa her arrival a flag of trace came down from the Confederate*, bringing one or two prteoaera, bat their evident parpoee waa to learn the name, da, of tha new comer. Commodore String bam, fcawever, ha* upeet the plana of "aeceah" In their affort* to apy about la our llnea under a flag of flraese, and bow whea one appeara a Federal tug jaaeta It at Sewall'a Point, (half *my) where our Aeera can exam la* the work of Ute Confederate* well. Th? Cumberland wjli tarry bat a abort time, It It belteved, at Old Point, but will toon leave on a southern crulae and join the blockading fleet of the aeacoaat, The Penguin has left Old Point and joined the Potomac flotilla now lying off Aqula Creek The Mt Vernon blockade* the mouth of the Rappahannock, and the Louliiana guards the Eastern shore, near Cape Charles. All on board these vessel* are well and In good spirits. Some time since the "infernal mar bine" captured by the Resolute was examined, and about two barrels of powder taken from the iron bomb, but no other explosive material was found. It Is rumored that other "masheens"' have been found, but this needs confirmation. The seaman, Earnest Walton,who was wounded In the affair of the Resolute at Matthias Point, is lying quite 111 at the hospital, and It la thought will not recover. 8ID114L MAXSrilLD We hear that this distinguished offlctr has asked a brief leave of absence after his arduous service here fer the past four months, to enable him to pay a short visit to his home, in Connecticut. Ranking as a Captain, be was chief engineer of the army of General Taylor, and planned all the fortifications on T.'s lln? in Pm hli A tinguished services In hi* gallant defence of Fort Brown, on the Rio Grande, May 9th, 1646, he was promoted to the rank of Brevet Major. For gallant conduct and able strategy in the various conflicts with the enemy, he was promoted to a Brevet Lieut. Colonelcy, and for distinguished services aud bravery in the battle of Buena Vista on the 23d February, 1847, he was made a Brevet Colonel. He was appointed Inspector General of the army with the full rank of Colonel, May 29, 1-53. which high position he filled ably up to the breaking out of the current war, when President Lincoln, by the advice of Lieut General Scott, summoned him to his recent Important command In this city His age is 56 years, and he Is evidently capable of great endurance. THE TWO YKABs' MKN. We apprehend that since the decision by the proper authority that the two years men are not three months men, there will be leu trouble in discipline the army than has been experienced. Nevertheless, as sundry Incompetent officers, regimental and company, are seeking to cover their desire to shirk longer duty, by inciting the men to claim that they cannot lawfully be held for the time thev entered tbe army, It may not be ex pected that all trouble from that source will cease at one*. We hear that portions of the l'ith and 21st New York regiments have been incited by some unknown parties to set up that plea. It can omy ena in uips lo the Dry Tortugas, we apprehend, on the part of such of them as may decline to do duty on any such foolish excuse. inspectors or scbsistenck htork*, etc Tne following circular order is of general and public interest here: Headquartere Division of the Potomac, > Wask'Hgtou, Ang. 19, 1861 } Circular.?No inspections of subsistence stores or property of any kind pertaining to this command will be allowed, unless directed from thfse headquarters or from the headquarters of brigades and regiments. The Inspector, In every case, shall be a commissioned officer of the army. By command of Major General McClellan. (Signed ) 9. Williams, Asst. Adjt. General k good order not obeyed Editor Star: Some days ago General McClellan, among other excellent orders, issued one forbfdding fast riding and driving through the streets of our city. I was gratified to see this, and thought surely we should see no more cavalry and officers ef the ariny gallaplng at full speed over our hard pavements, to the lmminentdanger of people on foot, and to the great injury of Uncle Mam's horses. But the practice continues unabated Horses ridden ind ?? ? ? ? *?f ?vu iuc aiuiy horses are, be they ever ?o good, young, and tough, cannot last more than six month* Ob* kk v t b . military appointments. Guitivui Boscom, Henry Theall, John Macomb Wetherill, John H Knight and Wm H. Morris, have been appointed Assistant Adjutant Generals of volunteers, with the rank of Captains; and H Jones Brooks hma b?o o ?... Ui.?y ?f Subsistence of volunteers, with the rank of Captain. James W. Scott, Assistant Quartermaster of Volunteers, with the rank of Captain. Ricb'd W. Thompson, jr.. Commissary of Subsistence, with thr rank of Captain. AND STILL THEY COMI. Among the sights of the times Is the rush of people at the headquarters of the Provost Marshal for passes U^jross the Potomac. Young and old, white and black, they form a crowd and string extending out beyond the door for a hundred feet, from 7 a. m. until 1 p. m , dally. wbll donb, Indiana! Governor Morton, of Indiana, is now here, and announces mai in tbree weeks Indiana will have eighteen more three years regiment* In the Held, making thirty-seven In all. LATBST FROM UP THK RIVKS. We have Intelligence by a messenger juat down from the Point of Rocks, that all was quiet up the river; thus setting at rest the rumor afloat to-day of a fight at Edwards Ferry. A RIW CAMP or 1HST1UCTION. The Secretary of War has erdered a camp of Instruction to be formed at Indianapolis, Indiana, immediately. tw'office metropolitan police jj1 board. Wakhimston. August 19, 1M1. Notxt*.?All applications Tor appointments in the "Metropolitan Police of tne District of Columbia" most 1>a addressed to the'' Polioe t'om "issn-ners," m vritMt, and filed with the Clerk of 'he Hoard, at their <>ffioo in the City Hal', Washington, between the honrs of 9 o'clock a. m. and 4 o olock p. in , until Monday, the 26th instant; alter which, i.o application wi 1 be r*oeived. toy order of the Board : J. F. BROWN, au 20 Aoting Secretary. nr^COMPANY ' a." u. 8. ENGINKKR9.R Fifty intelligent and able boditd mechanics will be enlisted to fill this Company to the max 1 mil in ! ??,6A ?? ' u/ .?w?"?*? iiiou< inquire lit Wo. U4* 6 (treat Par from 413 to 834 per month, besides food and clothing. au 17 tf 1 r Si THE UNJON PRAYKR MEETING U.5 will be holden EVERY DAY in the E street Baptist Cnuroh.oomraenoing at 5 o'clock p. m. ard to w? continued an hour. Strangers as well as oitisena of ail denominations are invited to attend and tafco part in these social meetings. m 21 (y^T'TsAY, STRANGER. WHERE ARE LLj? you coins You sewn to be in a treat hurr"So 1 am. I am going to SMITH'S, No. 460 Seven'h street, to buy a of Clothing. The people aav he lias a very nice assortment, and they say ne sells them so oh*ap." Not*.?The last we saw of the stranger, he was running up Seventh street singing out 'sSfiTH, No. 460." m 21 3m SUPERIOR SUGAR CUR ED HAMS, 12S ots.. Choice G""*n and Black Teas, FineoM Port Wine and Br?ndy, Cheap White and HrownSugars And Grocer es of the bist qualities generally at the lowest prices. JOS. W. D*V1S, It* Corner Ninth and E sts. MISS A. YOUNG'S SEMINARY. R E MO VAL. The duties of Mise Young's School will be resumed on Monday, 2d of September, in a more commodious and pleaiant house?No. 24*. oorner of 1 and Eighteenth sts au ? St* BORROMP. O COLLEGE, NEAR PIKBSVILLB, Baltimokx County, Mabtlans, Requires the studies of its next session on Monday, Sd of September. E. ?. S. WALDRON, au 2Q-7t* Presi dent. R uriM VP n CjTOLDEN SYR L P N. O.'MOLASSES. grown. Yellow, and Coffee SUGARS, ruined and Powdered SUGARS, RAISINS, CURRANTS. PIGS. PRUNES. BARLEY. SPLIT PEAS. CHEESE and MACKKREL, Pue CIDER VINEOAK, Coltman's FLOUR and other ohoica quality Flours, in barrel* and Bags With a good aeaoriment of Pamil* Groceries, for sale for oaeh, at L. A. DKLLWlO'S, an ao 3t* Serenth street, Navy Yard 17?VERY LADY THAT INTENDS Cj TO LEAVE WASHINGTON Should o?U immediately at No. 328 Penusylva ciaavenue acd procure a TRAVELING SUIT, oonaistinf of a Manti..a, Sacquo, Coat,or Duster, and materia! encash for ft Dree* to matoh, : TRAVELING SUITS? very genteel?only #3.50, ?ftvvltias to aIBT-t RAVELING GARMENTS, such a* I Saoeaes, Coau, Dusters and Mantillaa, without the Dreee, from ? to ?1 SO, of auperior a uality Also. BLACK SILK c6aTrt and MANTIL LAS. , . Alto. Droop, Baam, and Jookey HAT"*, and Trave?in* Beta of COLLAR* and SLEEVES, jiat received at ? , MAjfwELL.8' Mantilla and Fanor Store, an ? suo |#? Pennsylvania ar, Additisaal Fsrelga Newt. Quebec, Aug 19?The following additional news la furnished by the Bohemia: , The newa of the Bull Run battle waa received In England on tbe 4tb Instant, and cauaed a profound senaatlon Tbe Northern Americana were much depressed, and the Southerner* correspondingly elated, causing almoat a colllaion In tbe Liverpool newa room. Mr Russell's letter to the Tlmea waa confined to graphic detaila of the rout of the Northern army, which he call* a cowardly rout, mlaerable, rauaeleaa panic, and diagraceful to men In unlforma, and not aoldlera. The Tlmea says, editorially, that the victory waa a complete one The Union army loat all. even their military honor, and wiebea It could find something In It to congratulate either tbe victora or the vanqulabed, but sees nothing but what muat atlniulate the evil paaalona of both combatants. The Dally Newa denounce* the Tlmea' crltlcisma, but aaya that nothing happened which waa not anticipated at possible All the journala think that the event haa closed tbe door to compromlae, and muit embitter and prolong tbe contest. A Parla letter aaya that tbe aucceaa of tbe Southerners haa powerfully operated on the opinlona of tbe Pariaiana in favor of tbe secessionists. [ ,nrH PfllmPMtAn m*\A IKa nnwa?nm??* I . oxm tuv KWIVI IIIUCIII IB IIUI aware of the American government having resolved to station vessels at porta to levy duet The London Shipping Gazette complains of the blockading force, and points to the risk of a collision with maritime powers Other journals speak of the same danger. Parliament was prorogued on the fith Instant pnd the Queen's speech was read bv a commission It states that the foreign relations are friendly and satisfactory, and trusts that there is no danger of disturbance to the peace of Knrope. It notices the consummation of the Kingdom of Italy, and hopes for the happiest results In relation to American afi'airs, It says: "The dissensions which arose some months ago is the United States have, unfortunately, assumed the character of an open war Her Majesty, deeply lamenting this result, has determined in coir.mon w th the other powers of Burope, to observe a strict neutrality between thecontendlng parties." The Queen also refers to a settlement of aflHIrs In Syria. She hopes the arrangements will henceforth secure internal tranquility. She rojolces at the progew in India. The speech tnen returns thanks for the supplies voted, enumerate* the important measures of the session, and concludes by invoking (tod's blessing. me yarbt ra<c between the English yacht Alarm and the American yacht CamUla.was won by the former. The London Times, in a leader on the Galway line, shows distrust in its being commercialUr profitable. >f The Danish Government has granted an important modification in Mr. ShafFner's North Atlantic Tflej>raph conccsslon, extending the time until 1874. and returning the caution money. It is rumored thit a conspiracy has been discovered in St Petersburg, to put aside the Emperor and family, and to give a constitution to Russia }D" From our neighbors, Blanchard 4 Motaun, we have the following apropos publications, Issued in handsome style by James G. Gregory, New York Pictures of Southern Life, Social, Political, and Military, written for the London Times by William Howard Russell, L. L. D.( Special t'orrespondent; Fourth of July Address, (l??l,) by John Jay, Esq ; and "The American Flag," by Joseph Rodman Drake, Illustrated by Darby. Dr. SCHEIVCK'8 Next t lNlt to Washington WILL BE OS WEDNESDAY, Au?u?l tflst. SCHEICK'S .VAMDRtRE PILLS, A C ertain Care far Diseased Liver and the Many Dangerous Maladies which are Caused by a Merbid Cendltion of that Organ. To give the public a clear ur.derstandins of'he mod* in which SCHENCK'S MANDRAKK PILLS produce those wonderful effects whioh are attested bj thousandsol rel.ablo witnesses, we present a brief DESCRIPTION OF THI HUMAN LITER and its lancuons. whioii will m.\ke the operation of this popular medicine perceptible to every man's understanding. ihe iiver is supplied with bloodvessels, nerves, ami absorbents. One of its obvious u*es is to prepare and secrete the bile. It Ik ft ters the blood and separates that fluid from all its imparl ties. How indispensably noc-ssary to health is the proper performance of this funotion! 11 the liver isdi?eased it cannot purify the Dlood, and if that is sent back through the lungs, b am, and othir paits ina morbid condition, it must oaus < jaundioe, biUousness, obstruction of the kidneys, gravel, and many other oomplaints, more or less painful and dangerous, but the l*a*t ot them quite enough to make a man sick and unoomforiable, and unlit for lk? ?f , .< Mr>4?M?v/ HI*. TklS unhealthy state of the system very olten en>ls in pulmonary consumption. The circulation of W>e blood isoonduoted in this manner:?The heart sends the vi?a current down through the arteries?it passes through thefl'sh. i.iimt u(i a i unguium* in lis progress?th -u the str -ams of Ulool flowj backward through the vjius and passes to the 1<ver to l>e purifi-d. It is impossible to cure consumption, scrofula, or scarcely any other kind of ulosration. wltue that important o-gan the Liver, is diseased. It is for that reason tha*."regular physicians" rarely onracoh.-umption Tnay u sua ly begin <heir treatment with the use of some cough medioine, the basis of which is morrihia or opium in some shape, which locks up the iver, instead of relaxing th* secretions, givu g a 1 1011* to the stomach, aiid produoing a healthy flow of bile Dr. Schenck's PCLMOJVIC 9 V R . T, UKAWIXi TO!*IC, AND M4MDR K K PILLS, wilt strengthen the system, purify the blood, and ripau and n*?al ulcers on the luugs. lntuberculoud consumption, where the stomach a*;d liver is generally in a tolerable healthy oondi tion, the Pulmonic Syrup aioce wi 1 root out all impurities <>f the biooa. and restore the pitientto h alth. if th^ cavities in the lungs are not toj deep. Hut where consumption < ruinate*, as two thirds of the case* do in thit section of the oouniry, sympathising from a torpid liver or disordered stom auh, it requires the Seaweed Tome and Mandrake Pills, in connection, to bring them in action?then the Pu m nio &y> up seems lo go or dissolve into blood, and thus throw out a 1 impurities; then consumption and scro'ulous disea es must yield to thou m<Oioiae4, if proserly tak >n They have cured thourands, and other thousand are now being cured by thein. S ;HENCK'h MANDRAKK PILLS arc doing more to rrgulate the stomach find livAr tna.n ?>. : " ...... ....... onj t'vutri iiicKiium^ evpr invenwa l h'>u?and are ui&ingc litem now, in this city and eltewher?. and every one is astonish *d at th' ir good effects VV hen the diseased sta'e of an? part of th* body require* purgatives, thete Ptllaalwaja leaoh tne seat ?f the diaeaae. They are aa harm les? aa bread, but far more powerful tnan calomel or any oth r mineral poiaon, in their ourattve effect*. Alinoat every day, some p-raon, who has beeuoured by them,o>'mea to Dr. Sehenok'* ortioe i a d relate* the wondera tiiey have performvi From tome persona they have expelled laige worun: fit'in others, morbid matter; and fromotnera again, o ear bite. won dxrful cubes. In certain caaea, persons who imd been ill for a 'ong time with diseased liver?akin sallow, tongue ooaied boweia costive, br ath offensive, Ao , w<-re restored to hea th and the p:rfeutenjoyinent of life, by tne uae of tliia medicine. Some wiio were thus relieved nad become so dull, drowsy, or lethargic tnat 'hey acarooly had energy enough to move hand or foot In suoh cases, the ailment ia often caused i<y worma. By using schknck's MaNDKAKE riLLS. the atale bile and oorrnpt matter whioli constitute what are oail .d the ' worms' beds" are worked off, and the worms themselves pass < If witu them Some weeks ago a>a-ly told 11 r. Sciienek that she bad taken the I'll a for liver oomplamt, bat, to her greu surprise, the in. dicine brought away several worma, each about leu inches in length. An old gentleman, of Baltimore, who had been in a wretchid condition Ira long time, took tne uL * aar - ? ? Cr,A luixiuanl MAN UK .\KK 1' ,.LH. after vhioh he pa-ited thousands o( una:! worm* (ascarules). and he is n?w pe feotly weil. A lady osm? to Dr Suhenok at the Marlborough Hotel, Boston; she was Mupposed by her physicians to he atfl iote.1 with tape worm. She liad se veie pau.s aud sensation of something moving and twisting maid# of her. These feelings, at tunes, almost threw her int? convulsions. It would orcep up into ber throat and appear to bite ; the onjr way to quiet it ?as tod ink milk, when it wonld sett down and go to sleep She would have to take a quart to bed wi h her every nuht for tba*.j>urpoa?. ?ne was very costive, akin yellow, and dried up to a mere shadow. Dr. bohenck gave her four MANDRAKE FILLS evert night for a week, and tbe SEA WEED TONIC aooordin; to the directions, which only moved the bowels s lghtly onie a day, and whioh in ordinary persons, would have pliya ioed severely ; but it si kened the a^imai, and sue found she did not cave any more milk At the end of a week, Dr S. gave her a double doae, s\y ?igu or ten Mandrake Fills, and ai ou afier sue psaaad a large quantity of mucus a d alime. in whiou was itnbeudeu a large lizard. Prom that time she began to recover, and is now perfeotly well. This ahowa what can be done wi' h proper medicine and proper treatment. Any person tuat imagine* that they have got tape wtim or any other kind of 1 wo rn*, if they will take sufhoieut Mandrake Pills every daj lor a wee* or ten _ ?? 10 sa mt) tieere. ion, hut not to purge, then take a ;arce do*#1 enough to phyaio severely, it will carry off all morbid matter >n the ayatem, and if nothing of the kind thould hi there it wilt oleanae the ayaiem and leave the patient in a healthy oondition. 1 A volume would be required to five a brief ao count > f the remarkable ourea performed by Ur. BCbKNuK'S Medioinea, vn: PULMONIC SVRUP. SEA WEED TONIC, MANDRAKE PILLS?all of whioh are aooompanied by lull di reotiona tor the uae of them. Ur. M'HbNcK haa 1 a auite of roonia in eaoh of the large cities where he haa an extenaive praotioe. All pertona wno wiah to oonauit with him will maet with kind an<l attentive treatment. Ht maktt ho charge fur ad Dt'ia 8. B. WAITE, oorner of Seven'h atreet and I<ouiaiana avenue, la Agent for Dr SCHfcNCK'S Medicinea in Washington Prioe 25 oeuta per box. 1 Can be sent br mail. Nina poatago atampa will gat a box of Pilla. II~r Remember, Dr. BCHENCK'B next viait to Washington la Wedneedar, Aaguattl-t and oau be aeen at tha Drug Store ol SAMUEL B. i W A1TE. oorner of fravanth at. and Louiaiana av. He wiahea e? ery ona now uaing his medioine to oome and aee him. No oka'gator ad vioa. Heonly i ohargea when it ia neoeaaary or tha patiant wiahea their lunca examined with tM raapiromatar, whioh ia three dollar*. aa 19-st | X \ # I i I AMUSEMENTS. QDD FELLOWS' HULL i Fifth Night of the CAMPBELL MIvSTKKLS, , TUESDAY EVKNiNG, An*n?t20th. An E.iTiai Charge or PRooaAJt**! I SEYMOUR, DM FONT, and GAYLORD j In l*rie Jets. To conelnd* with an arnu'ing Rurlenque oa , HAND-A LONE BROTHER. Characters by the Compicy. Doors open at 7 o'clock, oommeooinc atl o'clock. Admission?TWENTY FiVE CENTS. DB G FOHD. It* Business Agent. LOST AND FOUND. IOST?On Sunday, the 18th instant, a pair of J double gold bowed aPtTTtn.M ? marked "S. M " The finder will be?" uitaMy rewarded b? returning them to 349 F St.. Doiwren ?;n ana lo.n si*. au 20 2?* M'S?g/lRAH MOORE, NOTICE?Were taken from Henjanr n*^?nt, (colored,)and supposed to be stolen,#VV five HOGS Theowcer or owners arerfcJ^^

re^ues ed to eoma forward. prove prop-aaJMMUM erty. pay charge*, and take them aw a*. B T. WATSON, Constable, an 2^ 3f K st between ?th and 7?h s?s. ASTRAV MAKK.?Fonnd trespassing on my premises, on th? 23th of July. 18*51, bay f7\ Mare, wi*h b:ack mane and 'ail. Theown-TLi^jJi er of said mare is request*d to oome for ward, prove property. p\y charges, and take her away. K!)Ml NP CLARK Inquire at John Meney's, c >rner^of 22?i and H sts. au l7-3t* ?(T REWARD?Lost or stolen, on Thursday J nitht, the 15th instant, in fro~t of the !*a tional Hot*-1, a sheepskin PUR8K. containing at>out 92 50 in rilver. anl the following Certificates of the Corporation for paving and curbing : C?rtificate No. 1,342, for 1J945. in the nat.e ol W. Dunuavin, endorsed by John Fletcher. 212; 'eUificate No. l.?3*. for If I'9 2S. in the name of J. E. Thompson, ?q. 513. endorsed by Jas A. Fletoher ; Certificate No. l,n"5. for 32 38. name of H. C. 8imms. 5*q 4?5. endorsed P. Maguire. The above certificates * re of no va ue %xoept to the undersigned, as the Register has been notified of their loss, and application wll he made for duslioatea. PATRICK O'l-ALL.*GHAN. au 17 3t Corner of 2<Hh and K streets. WANTS. WANTED-By a lad*, a SITUATION tn a dressmaking establishment, as cutter and fitter, in any part of Ohio. Address "A B C," City P_gtoaice It* WANTED-By a lady, a SITUATION a* oompanion, or cov?rues s for small children, in a family going to California. Address "Amy," City Post OtBoe. It* WANTED?BOAR D, in a genteel p'lvate family, for a ?enti?man and wife, not more than tan minutes'walk from Willatds' Hotel, where instruction on the piano forte or teaching chi dren their English rudiments would lie taken as part pay; lessons also gtven in embroidery. Term* must he moderate. ApplT between 10 a m and 3 p. m., fo'three days, to Mrs. C. G A1TANO CORRAO, 494 west Fourteenth st an 3?-3t* WANTKD-A SITUATION, by a young man, asassista t kkeepor or "rivate secretary. Spe?ks and writes the German language perfect Address 'lA. R Kv?nin? Si?r i?* WANTKD-A SITUATION, by aioune w.vrnan, to do chamber ?m k or take care of children. Wood reference, if required. Address Be* 3. at this offioe. rt* _ Fj*ARM HAND* WANTKI). None need apply except those acquainted with the work Appv to W. H. CI.AGEI 1. Adtn'rat W.M Shunter 4 Co.'s No. 39 Pa av., between 7th and 8lh s's. &u 19 3t WA NTED?Information of A. II SMITH, of Frederick con in v, Md.. who promised to meet his wife at the Rai'road Depot on >a*nrday inorn inc. but failed to d?> hi. Any informs'ion ?ni o*ri in? hiin will be thankfully received by l is distressed wife.CHRiSHNA E. SMITH,at the I)*put. an 19-3t* WANTKD-A DINING ROOM SERVANT*, who understands his business we I ; none other need appty. Also, a COLORED BOY ab ut 15 jears old. Apply at KMKICH'S European House, corner of Eleventh street and the Avrnue. au 19 Iw WANTED?Two first-rate (colored) HOSTL.ER ' *; ir n? but competent hands need apply. Apri? at Wm. C. Miller's Saie, Livery and Hirii g Stsb'e. For sale, a jjood Mule, Waton and Harness, cheap for ca?h. WM C. MILLER, au 19 3t* Corner of Sixth end C sts. WANTED-Able bodied M EN to volunteer for th? war. Rendezvous Thorn's Bui.ding, on Seventh st., next Odd Fellows' llall. an 17 3'* K. 8 ALLF.N.Caot WANTKD?A COLOR ED BOY.ftb ut fifVen years of axe, and of good moial character, to serve in the house and drive a carriage. Apply at this office, or at 122 Washington etieet. i.eorgetown. aa 17 3t* WANTED TO HIRE?A respectable whit* MAN, steady and industrious habits, t tske obarge of and do the work on the premise* of a country house. He must undeisUmd something of garden work and the care and driving "f horses, fertificate of good character, porduct. an 1 ability | u>r*j A f r'r ? M r O J L M ?j ifl ? *Vt Cue corner of Boundary and North Capitoi streets. an 16 tf WANTKD. FOR THE CASH?All kinds of SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persons leaving the oity or having a surplus will do well to call immediately. R. HUUHi.Y, je 3 42* Seventh, between G and H sts. V|/AN'TED.-W> are now buying SECOND^ ? HAND FUR NIT UK E, STOVES aud BED DING, for which we are paying the highest cash prices. Families declining housekeeping, or having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give us a "all. BONTZ A GRIFFITH. je 13-tf No. 369 7th St., betw. I ana K sts. FOR SALE AND RENT. For rent-a three story brick house, containing nine roo'n', with passage, ana a pump of exc iieut water in the vnrd situated on M street north, between 5th ai.d 6th sts. Possession Riven on the 1st of September ? nature of h. SEIFKERT, au 19 2?* _ No. 227 6th st., above M I^OR RENT?That handsome brown lront DWELLINS-HOUSE now in tk> oocupancr of E. A. Whipple, Esq.. on Twelfth street. Island, near >hn Smithsonian, oontainioe ten rooms and stablings Possession giv?n on the 1st of September. inquire next door, No 36.1 JOHN L. SMITH, an 19 3t" Attorney at law, 8th at., near Pa av. House on capitol hill for rent\ The three story Brick Dwelling hon?<- on the south side of Pa. avenue, at the o?>rner r.f Third ?*. ea*t. a short distance from th* Capitol j-qtiare. at riesent occupird by (J. 8. Minor, Esq. Appluai ?n n ay b* trade on t'>e premises, or to Th 8. BLAtiDEN, No 499 Seventh st west au)7 6'eo P^OR PENT?A very desirable STAND for a Ward)i n house, on Pennsylvania avenuo at d Eighth Ft., now occupied by the Messrs. Joy, ai.d liflo alvc.s h.-.d a fail share of the patronage'of the oi'y Possession given on the 1st of 8ept?mf/er next. Srmi house is in good order. Eor further pT'iouIars r.j:<ly to JAMES TOWl.E*. Agent, 490 H Nt eet north; or Mrs. JULIA KEEP 376 E street. au 17 tf A FARM, of about 29n ????. witi. --J ITl cleared lauds orchards, d welling and t>arn, in Mary land, for sa'e or exchange for other real or personal esta'e; United Elates, State, aiid railroad, or other stooks. notes, bonds, or other aecuritiea. Inquire at No. 490 Massachusetts av. jy^6-tf_ Handsomely furnished rooms.Fmir handsomely Furnished Rooms, supplied with can and water, and convenient to the Patent and P?st Office Department*, for rent. Apply at 490H MasnaohirseUs avenue, north aide, between 4th am! 6th eta. ina23 GEORGETOWN ADVBRT'MTO BOXESOil PRIME CHEESE. 6 box*a French LEMONS, lOhhda. P. R. MOLASSES, part auitable for bakers' use, 30 bbls Refined SUGARS. 2'ba*s Rio COFFEE, 6 tierces extra Sugar en red HAMS. For sale by au SO 6t W H. TENNEY. MASSEY. COLLINS A CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. Expected this day, per steamer J, Jerome? 5"0 barrels XX DRAUGHT ALE, ?0 do. XXXX do. do. 600 hlf.-bbls. do. do, do. Which on arrival will be for aale. Terms eaah i on delivery, ARNY A SHFNN, ro 7 Union Depot, Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhds. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS lJo bbls. Old Rye WHISKY, SM bbls. HERRING and ALE WIVES. Ifi bbls. Crashed and Refined HUGAKS. i to bags Rio and Java COFFEE, i 10 hhds.( low-erioed) MOLASSES. 1 For sale by JOHN J. BOG UK. # 1? ?1????^? 4 1 ST U7?oniairt?**M ?? . . ... tiAfiunuiu^ SI". If II STOVE HOUSE. II ii?T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 967 CAMP EQUIPMENTS of every variety, style and hmati, oonatautly on li\nd, and for aale at Rnoea comparing with any retail hooae aouth of l?w York.~ TIN, SHEET IRON, or COPPER WORR made to order at the ahorteat notice 1 All gooda cuaratit"?d to be aa represented on 1 aale. Call at JAME4 SKIRVING'S IfatkiatlM Siove, Orate, Rant*, Hot-air Amu??, Tin, Skiet Iron, and Copper ware Manufactory, No. 907 Pennsylvania Arenas, Jy?-sc?w Cornsr of Eleventh Street. ^UN BOATS. Quarttrmaiter OtntraTt QAct, t J Wmhtngton <\f?, July 18,1M1.\ Plans and Specifications Tor hulla of Son i Boata (or the Weatern rivera are on exhibition at ' thia oAoe, and at ofloee of Qaa/termaatsrs at i Pittaburc. Cincinnati, St. Lonia and Attoa. \ Boats to bs delivered at Cairo. Bide ahon'd be sent to Quartermaster General of the United Statos Army, at Washington, by 1st Aaguat. at noon. M. C. MEIGS, < P)y 19 Brig, Gen'l and Quarter master Gen'l. i AUCTION SALES. Br WALL A BARNARD. AiotlooMri. BV VIRTUE <?F A DEKD OF TRU9T,4aly recorded, April 7. 18W .tmoni the land records of Washington ooont?. D. the und?rsifne?1. J Trustees of the* Tbird BaiMinc Association" o| Reorgetown, D. C., will, on August 19th n-xt. at I M P no., expose at pabiio auction the foilowii g Real Estate, sitaaten In Washington Ci'y, D. C . , : K the oorner of N street north and Vermont ar??nue, known as the west half of Lot No. 2. n ?qaare 243. and the improvement*, oooaiatiu of a two atory brisk dwelling house. Terms made known at tale ' All "onveTancinc at oost of pnroh?ser. WA TKW V. COX. ( CHARLES M MATTHEWS. < Trustees. jy 17 Zaw&ds WALL A BARNARD. Aucta. fw IN CONSEQUENCE OF RAIN. THE j fcbore Sale ia Postponed until THURSDAY AF TV RNOON,22d inst., same hour and place. an 2" 8t WALLA BARN A R P. Auots. Br GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers HOISEHOLD AND KITCHEN FURNIti'Rs at Aectiox.?On MONDAV. the I3.h | icstant, we shall sell, at the residence or a gent e- , man declinirg housekeeping, at No. 631 Pennsylvania aver.ue, ?ast of the Capitol, between M anl 3d streets ea?t, at in o'olook a m., a good assortment uf Furniture, vis : I Bureau-, Cottage Chamber Set, Iron aod other Bedsteads, Hair and :*huok Mattresses, Tablea and Chairs. Carpet. BOOkettA. B -frisara tor, Cooking and other Store". and a g<-od lot of Kitchen he<uisites. ? j Wjth many other article*, which we deem an- i necessary to enumerate. I Term* cash in specie au lt> it oRKhN A \V 11,1.! A MS, Auct?. IETTHF, ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until WEDNESDAY, the Slat inat , name hoar. ' Tn? F'irmtu e ia of a good an lit?, among which is one fifte < ak marble top Cottage 8 ?t au 19 21 UK KEN A WlT.LiAMS, Aucta. By WALLA BARNARD. Aaotioneera. Horses, carts, wagons, and other VVomiji* Stock, at Acction ?On thl'RSDa V, lust., at 10 o'clock, we will aell in front of the Am i?n R<oms? 4 Borses, Carts, Wtmm Harness, 1 I argeTriick aeon and Harness, Buggy. Plows. Pi?ks, Shovls, Hay Knife. Sidles, Brid os. Gea'ing, Tools, Lumber, StAb.e Furnrure. Ac , An , Ac. Terms cash. WALL A. BARNARD, an 19 A act? Uy WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers C"?REY HORSE AND SPRING W AGON AT * Acrnns.-lln SATURDAY MORNING, J11I4 3, we will sell, in front of our anotion rooms1 Grey Horse, warranted sound. k;nd, and gectie, and works well in harn'as, 1 Sprang Wagon, nearly new, suitable for a grooer or express waton. Sale positive. Terms oaah. au 14 WA 1 I, A BARNARl>, Ancta. By WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers. BY VIRTUE OF A DEED OF TRUST, daly recoided. A Br 11 1. lMn unnn> U? l?n#l r??Ar<li o: \Va?liin*ton county, D. ??., the nnderairn ed. Trustees of the "Third BuiNln* Association" of Georgetown, I? C.. will, on l?Kh da* September. at ' H o'clock p. m, expose at pub ic suction the ollowiujc Real Estate, situMed in Washington Ci'T. on Massnchueetts aveuu*, between 4th and 5th streets known as the weft half of Lot No. 36, in Square 517. with rnprovement*, consisting of a two-story frame ^willing bout:. Terms 'made known at sale. All convey-noing a? oost of purohaser. *\ ALTER f5. COX / TriatM* HARLKS M. MATTHEWS. { TiMtaaa. if 17 2awA'1? WALL A BARNARD. A nets. IJNITC1) STATES MILITARY ROUTE. CHAMJEITF HOIKS. On and after Monday, Jnptist 19fA, 1881, PlISVMOVC TD 4 ! VO ??rl * W ""fc. ?? ?? ? - LEA v"i:"wASH INGTOn" at 6 and m t. m. 2 3" and Hip til. arriving at Baltimore at 7.45 and SU't a. in. arH t.i?5 and p. m. LEAVE BALTIMORE at 4JO and ft 40 a. m.aDd S.45 and 5 p m . arrivmr at Washington at and 10.15 a. m. and at 5 3 < aud 6 45 p. m. P&sseiger Train* leavinc Washington at 7-30 a. m. and 2.9' p. m .and Baltimore at 8 40 a. m and 9.45 5. m , make direct connexions for Annapolis at the unction. Train* leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Wash inctnn at 6.55 a. m. and 2 p m Passenger Trains leaving Washington at 6 and 7 an a. m and 2 3" p. m. make direct connexions at Baltimore for Philadelphia and New York. All articles of freight (not contraband of war) will he transported over the iine. Tonnage Trains will leave Baltimore at 4 20 a. m. Leave Washington at 7 p. in. By order of tLe Secretary of War: THOMAS A. SCOTT, General Manager. THOMAS II. CANFIELD, Assistant Mauaier. au 17-tf SPECIAL NOTICE. TRAIN. Jnl* there will he Leave WASHINGTON at23n p. m. for NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA. From New Yor* and Philadelphia, arriving; in Washington at 6 in a. m. J A SCOTT. j* & Oeperal Manager. T?hk Alexandria cheap store A. CARPETING FROM ALEXANDRIA! GKLAT HAK'iAINS! Our stock of CARPETING, OILCLOTH, RUG*. and STRAW MATTING has been r moved herefrom A oisrviria to b* sold out to ether with our stock of Dry G<-ods. Our stock of Carretinir consist of Brussels, Three ply. All-wool, 'train, Wool-ft!lini Rat, and Hemp Carpets. U i ar> oflVrinu great bargains. an we have determined to sel at and lees than cost, to close business S 4 W. MKVKNBER6, aul4-l-r 4* Market Spaoe. under A venue House. QOA K.MTLK I)U P K E~~ O-W Pinn? ylvaji: a Avisn, I hot Bdildi*?, Importtr and Wkolt**l* Dealer in FINK WINKS, BKANDIES, SUGARS, SARDINES. PICKLES PRUSERVKD FRUITS, C O N 0 E N S E D MILK, ASSORTED SYRUPS, and CAMP SUPPLIES. JUST RECEIV ED? 100 CASES OLD BOURBON <1?#4> at EMILE DOPRE'S Iron Building, 330 Pa. Avknue. F ?FREDERIC TUSTUS' HAMBURG CELEBRATED SMOKING TOBACCO, The Best Artiote Ever Import .d, Go to EMILE DUPRE, lio<? Btildino. 330 Pa. Avihue. JUST KECEIVED20 C*?i? Impoktio SKLTKK8 WATKR. lu Original Stone Uottlea, t an 13 1m EM1LE DUPKE'8 J^KW OPTICAL ESTABLISHMENT. Ml M. I. FRANKLIN, Ml j SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, , (From F kilads Ipkxa,) having eatahliahed a branch ofhis hnainaas here, he offera to the oitnena and atrangera his oelehrated < IMPROVED SPECTACLES, with the fineat Penaoooio- Elliptic Lenses, suited for every age and condition of the visual organs. Aleo, for sale hia world renowned MUrofcopes. Telescopes, Mmttary Spy (Haste*. Stereoscopes and Stereoscopic Pictures, and MaikcmaticcU Instruments, at the loweat Eastern prioea M. 1. FRANKLIN, Optician, I 44 4 Pennsylvania av.. bet. 18th an<l 13th ata., I (tormerlT the stand of Dr. Woolfson,) I Je34-lr Washington, I). C. J | fr fv/\ rv/\/v f Du o j ??!/*? m * * * . i _ | 11| || | ljiio* iv*'v "n l A tjIjO W A W If OlWjUUU grkask wanted, for whioTi the lnghe*t prion will be paid. Also, lao/too !b? of &OAP and CANDLES for J n'e cheap for oMh At the National Boa* Candle Work*, 6reea atreet and the Canal, Georgetovu, D C. au 1 lm C. B. JEWELL, Proprietor, I| IBRARY OF CONGRESS, j AreciT 6, 1861. Notioe ta hereby given th&t the' Library of Cob 1 gress" will be olosed on Tueeday. the 13th da? of August, and will not be reopened antil Tuesday, 1 the 17th day of September. an6 JOHN g.stkphenson, Librarian^ The subscribers respectfully invite the attention of the Army and, Navy to their full ?upel* of MIL1TAK Y^flR ana NAVAL. FURNISHING G?K>DS, Kh such as Indigo Bine Cloth* and Doeskins, Pi Caps, Epaulet*. I>anea, Shoulder Straps, Helta, Swords. Sword Knots, Caps, Hats, and all respective embroidery a so, th? oeiebrated patent filtering canteen. u">? ",b" i,?*rientouwri,oiwgb.. 1 Naval and Military Merohant Tailors, 1 jy 18 e<>3m 3?'J Pa. av.. nnder lirown's Hotel. ( H , AVONPALE FLOUR 1 AVINQTSade arrangements with Messrs. Babbour lammbs for the aale of ray Kiour,Uey wilt always m prepared to supply my old frieods ' and customers, and the tr*d? generally, at mill pnoes. (it s-lmral flrn .wnrffri L o _ -? ??jjri?iCtn? SELLING OFF AT HALF PRICK OLE 1 entire (took of kudioma Flounoei Barrce ( Sibee. in blaok and ooiors; all Lawn and Orgacfly i uelin Robae. W? desire tu oIom out tku portion took at onoa, for oaah, and a hall offer treat """" - T W. COLLKY * CO. ; je 9t Wt?o 083 Saventh street. aboro Pa. %r. 1 81 C1AL l*OTlCE TO VOLUNTEERS.- . ?i arrived at SMITH'S, No. 460 SevaaUt J it ret i.oepoeite the Pott OfEoe. a large lot of \ iPRiNffandSUMMEJI CLOTHING. TKUNRS 1 VALiCES. CARPET BAG", SHIRT COl, ? LARS, Tlfcs, HATS and CAPS, ft B.-Al) of ? the abovenamed gnoda for aale at Nortaeri: arioM. J maan-Sm J. H SMITH. CtotW J IUST RECEIVER a larce lot of SUMMER T'7vr ' * EDUCATIONAL. EM K R Ml N INSTITUTE. H StBKBT, BMwtr *2th and ISth ?U., S*l*rt Clanten! amd ytntKrmanr%. SrAeW t ? ?<- t Th? exerciae* of thia School will be reaawed the brat Monday in Addre?? an i?_tf CriA? B VQilNU, f naeif*!. yHK IN ION FKMaLJE ACADKMY. The Twelfth Anneal tf'Minn will commence September i. For part cc art in??ire of the Pnn sipai- M'? 7. RICHARDS. ailTJin Corner of Fourteenth and K at*. NTHK WRRTKRN ACAORMV, O 977 I, corner of Serantewath atreat, recently ardor the cara of Lr. LooMia, Will le r?oyri(d Monday, th-? *d of Heptemler Afpicatioc mat Ita oivJa at i>r. T< wLi'a, 4?0 Foarth atraet. JadiBi*ry J'auare. au !7 Sw Jt >HHU A O. COLBt'R N. B* l.ADKNSBURQ ACADKMY, Paiwcs Uioioi'a CorwTT, Mn. Thia Iratitntion will be reopened Monday, 8e*temiier 2><, with a fall corpa of metr ,otO'?. a?<l PTery convenience for R card in* and Day Pupil*. a ?^*3* fWCnfeS? I WANTtP?An USHKR, capable of (Melting Gre?k and Latin-a swgle (intKmu ffTTtrrM Apply >j letter aa 17 ftoo* Ruck hill academy. i Kairorr'i MILLS. MB. ' studies will be resumed m this lustration on Monday, 36th instant. Persons desiring further n.formation can hare a pro-septus mailed to their address by writing to the Director of the Acade ny. anl?lw*_ fOLl/MBlAN COLLEGEv Washtw?TOII, D. C. The Preparatory Department opens its sessien on Wedneedar, Septemtxr llti. I ke Ci*as?e in t^e Philosophical aid Clasaioal Department hare their first fie'cuM We 'nee.U\. * pteml-er 35th. For catalogue? or far1 he- information apply to G. W. SAMSON, D p.. au 13-2awiw < Republican. > P re^dent. LAFAYETTE IN8TITIITK. A SCHOOL FOR YOUflO I A DIES. 36? I street, between >8'h and 14th. S.ssl< n will commenoa or MONDAY, Septem her M*. Circular* at Bookstores Reference la made to residen' Clergymen, Senators Foot, Foster, llama, Wade, Trumbull, Harlan, and others. L.C. LOOM If, A M? au lft-S, TAT, Im Piir c pa?. T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who wish their dauc htora to ra oeive a thorough and systematic education, where their phyMcal training will receiredaily and special attention, under the most approved system of Calisthenics and Gymnastics, are respectfojy invited to riait the Union Female Academy, sorter Four tee Ui eLaod New York a>. MR. A MRS. 7.. RICHARDS, tf Prinnipale. R OOKEVI L L E A c A D E M * . The next session will oommence Heptemher id. Boys are prepa-ed for collage or for basine* f-or oatatogiie please address, at Brookeville, M l , E. B. PR ETTYMAN- A M? au **-1m j Intel.> Prinoipil. 7 GEORGETOWN INSTITUTE. *JL M_ .... _ .? i n? "uuca 01 mia JV3h'?ol will be r?ianw< on the firat Mondav of September next. It* advantage* (both M to looatton an'i facilities for improvement) A ar.d moderate t?rin? recommend it to the patron axe of ail. THOM ?s? N. CON HAD. M. A., 1 JOHN 8. CONRAD. " au6 tSeptl Priccipala. CBAPT18TK PFR OR I AT. HIROPODIST, of Pari*, has the honor t? offer bis aervioea to the ladira and ?ent emen of thia oitj. Heper(o-ma* operatmna neoeaaarv for the EXTRACTION AND CIRK Of CORN*. BUNIONS, Ao . Ac .a* practiced b? the French pedicure*. Office. No. U street, r.e*' the City Hall. au 3 1m* ( "IliAKS AND LKAF TOBACCO FOR SALK J AT AND BKLOW COST. |1 To clone out, I oiler mj entire etock, oompr?ein? aonjeSOO.un" well-made CIGARS, of a'l aii?? aoH Srade*. al?o about 1* case# CONNKCilCl'T kED LEftF T??BACCO, VARA III, etc.,eta., for oash at ami below oust P. WE1LBACHKR, of Baltimore, Store No. 343 t'a. avenae, au 6 lit* Be*we?n 12th and 13th at*. AC A ft D. WAaHinaroit, July 16th, 1K1. The underanned, At* of the Girard Hoaae, Phtladelpiiia, have le%#ed lor a terra of yeara Willarda'Hotel, tn \VMhin*ton. The? take thia oocaaion to return to their old frienda ao?i ouatom era man; thanka for paat fevora, and bee to aaaure them that the? will l-e moat ha.?e? *o UA ike? ? their new quarter*. if Ifr-lin SYKK*. CHADWin ? CO nTOPUAM'8 WBM PREMIUM T R V H K QUG MJLKVFACTQRr, 499 8bv?th Bteeft, Washtnotoii, D. C. Sliver Medal awarded by Mary land Institute of Baltimore, November 7, IMA. Also, Medal by Metropolitan Meokacioa' institute, Waahia<ton, D. C., 1897. 1 am oonetantly making, and always hare on hand, of the best materia., every description of Pine Sole Leather, nissv-. Wuwl Bui, and Packma Trunk*, Pel' iaier, Carpet, and At Lew Prteu. Member* of Ccnjtrea* and traveler* will piaaee examine my Block before purohaainc e.eewhere Tnink* that are made in other oitie*. Superior Leather and Dreaa Truki made to order. Trunk* oorered and retired at abort notice. Goorii delivered free of cbarce toar.rlpart of tlM oity, Georgetown, and Alexandria. ja aire*' JAMKS S.TOPHAM. .U'HWKRIN'S AnDlbllatlav ' ?niT knovr and bast art.oka u AlMlDlQ&to Bed Bi(i, *777? AnU, Motha, Fliee, r- m ii * ''*** '-* ^-- Wnrmi VimBui,**. It traitMi a* pnjM, BCHWERIN'8 PILLS are aure death to fUU and Mice, M. Schwenn ha* received eertifioatee 4 from the Pr*aident of Girard Colin*. Director* of Hocce of Refuge, Fenuayiram* Hoapital, and I Sther Prominent Inetitnbons of Philadeipnia ; U. .Jail, Waahincton, D. C.; ud Charity Hospital, New Orleans. La | The original oertifratee oan be seen at Cite Whole*a!e and Ketai l>ep?t 1*4 Noith Second street, Philadelphia, and for sale in this olty by U. B. CLARK, oorner Pa. arenaeand OksU., and by all Drnrgista and 6mcors. BEWARE OP SPURIOUS IMITATIONS. I[T Rerr-mber to ack for Sohwerin's Annihilating Powder. ICr None genaine inleta signed M.Sc?wnii. ma I.S-ftitieo __ T CARRIAGES. HESshecnber having made additions to kia factory, making it now one ot thtl^riMi^^ma in the District, where k<s faeililietU^C^Br eir manufacturing CARRIAGES aiidJ?S^K? I6HT Wagons of all kinds oannot be ear paaaed, and from hia long experience ia the baainea?, he hopes to give reueral aaUefaotionS All kinda of Carria<ee and Light Wagons kept on handAll REPAIRS neatly done, and all orders kromtUf ittundivt to fteoond bawd Carriages taken in exohuure for MVODN, anokkw j. juyck. d 18 tf corner of Fourteenth aud E ata. I CASH NOTICE. N Consequence of oar having to HT OMb for ever; article of goods we MrohtM. ve are foroed to rednoe our business to Cash exclusively, for the present We have in store a very large assortment of REAIIV MADK CLOTHING for men and boys' wear, which are seiliar at a much lower rate than u*ua I?. W ALL. STKPH ENS A CO.. 3tf'J Pa avenge, between Mb and 10th eta. je 7 (Intel. A Repab.) RESUMED BUSINESS. A XWX The tnceriULOd wonjd inform bis A A 9 friends ar.d ihe puMie that be ha?9 i*ken house on Ninth sL, betweeu L) and E, where he will again do business as a licensed PAWNBROKER. Fair dealing .a all bnsineas transition* leg 3m? ENOCH WARD. ^OMb-MAUK 1IUUTK AND SHOES, LAMM', MIMXH' AND CHILDRBN'S Wui, At Erttsdimtit i ov P'i*-*' " Vo'irM\wi&.. mtm -oe P? aw . I?A sth sjwT>ti>et% J CUMMER CLOTHING k? At Riorrso Pucxs We offer oar large assortment of thin SUMMER CLOTHING at reduoed prices. Our stook enbraoes all styles ar.d qualities of Gentlemen, I V'ouths. and Boys' Weartnc Apparel, of tbe noei lesirable jHfvshionatile styles Also, SH0tTband FURNISHING GOODS in treat variety. Clothing made to order at the shortest noboa. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. 348 Pennstlra: a arenas, jyM (Intel. A Rep) bet. #th a?d 1Mb eta. iftAT THE OLD PAWN OFFICE, /Ov WW B?ck ( Hotrl. 6^ [tMost liberal a<l vasoes mad9 or. bold and silver ?rBvg>ira, i/inmon jeww 'J?,r,ITfr "arf,IJJOtlln?, Pistols, and all kinds of Merchandise, Bin **** *Ul?8AACfeHERZBtiRG, SM C at'**, aal Sm Batwaou )* and ?U ala. TKAVEUN6 TRUNKS. E Offer for Hit the largeai M?orta*it o S^VKLINS TRUNKS to be (band mnn city, oomariaina beat Bote l.'tUi'wM iaa' Dreaa and Paokim Tur.u, loea. C*rp*t U?c?, Ac., wtueb *? are aov aillui kl rery low >r,0^ALU STEPHENS k. CO? M H Hwn.awaHWY* I hare one of the baat aataMiatunanU. aad ' arliahad arith a oomalata aat oftoala Jbr repair- ->v Of mrj description of 1m WatckN. aat fll tartioaiar attention five to the aan>?, bj^flHl ha <ub oonpatent vorkinaajurtj a vorfmSET led Aleo, twry deeoriy ma at akaaitard SfWclL N. RE, plain aad oraa?ctai, aantoalai >^Mai bt j?? ivytnnuon, wktcn mj aaaf aaara vul iad "f*1*

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