Newspaper of Evening Star, August 21, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 21, 1861 Page 1
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$ / (ifimimg Iter. V?-. XVIII. WASHINGTON. I). C . WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 21. 1861. N?. 2.65*. ^i THE EVENING STAR is PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY KXCKPTKD.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Cor?f ? ? ?? ???w ?*4 Eitt**ik it. IT W. D. WALLAOH. Papers served la package* by carrier* at 94 a yrmr, or 37 cents gp month. To mall subscribers tb? price Is S3 SO a year, m mdvmci; Sa for six months, SI for three months; and for less thsn three months at the rate of IS cents a week. Single eoptes, ohi cb*t; In wrappers, two cejitb. Itr* AoviaTistxn^Ts should be sent to the oRce before 12 o'clock m.; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. i THE CIVIL WAR IS AMERICA. Rmtll'i Lelteri Another letter from Dr. Russell appears in the London Times of August 3d. It has no date, and it entitled "Letters from the South, No. 1." It is a general comment 011 matters and things outside of the scope of an ordinary itineracy and the consecutive events in the writer's experience. In commencing the letter Mr. Russell says: 44 There is no use in prefixing a date or direction to letters written at intervals from time to time, as I find occasion and opportunity in the oourse of my wanderings through the South to halt at various stations and put together the result of my observations and reflections on what I have seen." We subjoin a few extracts: As I write I am in the State <>f Mississippi and on my way to Virginia, and thence to Washington. The time is the middle of June. As to all k nowledge of the world outside the Confederate States, I am in perfect ignorance The posts are stopped, the telegraphs are mythioal, the 4*news'' not truthful nor even novel, for a skirmish is made to do good duty as a battle, a victory, a glorious achievement, a brilliant success?in fact as everything but skirmish, for at least a week or ten days. SOl'TnCRM TROOrS. It is impossible forme to express any opinion as to the condition of the Northern army till I Me it, out, so tar as l bare bad means of examining the state of Southern troops, I incline to think that they are not at present capable of any very great aggressive effort; and I am disposed to tne belief that nothing but the instinct of self-preservation will prove strong enough to hold them together, even in a defensive attitude, for any considerably protracted war. In cavalry and field artillery tbey are miserably deficient, and mere talk about "cold steel" will not win victories or maintain successful campaigning. I doubt if Mr Davis could for his supreme struggle just now put 3,000 horses and r>0 pieces of light artillery in tha field. If General Scott is not much better off, he has, at all events, the nuclei of both arms in the United States cavalry and artillery which remain to him As to the commissariat supplies, so long as the armies are scattered in various provinces or States resting on rivers, rnilroads, and towns, in the mMst of corn-growing, beef aud mutton making communities, there may be no very great difficulties felt by either, but when the armies are massed together or moved away in rapid marches, their deficient orgaaization on vital points, will be speedily apparent and cruelly felt, and, as the.war goes on. the North having the sea open, and supplies of food and other matters accessible, must have the ad vantage in the long run, if there be one Evon at this* moment the Southern troops seise on carts, hones and stores, for which the commissariat officers give receipts that at some time or other will entitle the owners to payment in Confederate States money. THE BLU'KADK. It is evident a? ^et that the South has lost ground, and that the No di hu.j gained it since the fever of excitement which broke into flames at buinter ran through the Union, and devoured it with the consuming eagerness of the fire in stubble. A blockade has been enforced, which, despite all assertions and pretences to the contrary, has produced already, to my certain knowledge, much inconvenience, and will I believe, oause serious mischief in the South At present the Southerners are cheered by the hope, almost as strong as a conviction, that England and France dare not permit the blockade to be enforced as soon as the cotton crop is ready, and thatthej will find means to raise, resist, or force it, even by a war with the United States. They talk, too, of the impossibility of enforcing a blockade of all their coast, and of the thousands of milesef coast which they possess, as a proof that all the navies of the world ceuld not do that which the United States' navy is <vn CSmila* I - ?? I ? Vdiic4 vu iu i'viiviiu. uiuiiioi inu^ubk^ uti been used in England and elsewhere. But it ia not necessary to blockade all these many miles of ooast; nature?the coral reef, the sand bank, shallow watar, dangerous oeas, have done that work most effectually. From Chesapeake Bay, on tha northwest frontier of Virginia, to Galreston, or Indianoln, there is no port which a vessel of large tonnage would care to enter which is not at this moment nearly as efficiently blockaded as is usual in war icnciTr. As soon as the stock of merchandise, provisions, wines, clothing, boots, tea, coffee, and euch artioles, now in tho South is exhausted, a powerful test will be applied to the statement that the South can support itself, andean produce all that it wants. Already, for example, there is an outcry against tho scaroity of salt. When the salting season comes what will beeome of the meat7 And without salt pork what will become of the negroes7 All things are dear, except the raw material of food, at present. For an ordinary black silk hat I was charged at New Orleans XI 6 6d.. a linen slop c?at oost nearly ?1 ; for making flannel shirts I paid 9s. tid. a piece, and the flannel alone was as dear as the beet shirt in London. Common cotton socks asold at X* fld. a pair; other articles are dear in proportion. Butter and wheat flour will be things of the on many city tables As w> the sugar planters, ruin Mem* certain if they can find no market for their produce. THE MISSISSIPPI. If the design attributed to the military authorities of tbe United States to move down the Mississippi be ever carried out, there is no amount of rniaery which may not be inflicted on the Seceding State#; but the attempt would be mo3t difficult of execution, and it could only be made as a part of a grand combined operation for marching victoriously from Virginia to Louisiana. That such an operation may not be oontemplated it is impossible to assert. Its consequences would be terrible on both sides, and in tbe interest* of humanity, of civilisation, of liberty, and of Christianity, it might be well the great Powers of Europe to consider whether they should not offer or even press a mediation to which the moat furious fanatics wonld be obliged to listen after they have satisfied their taste for blood. BRITISH SriJBCTft. The misery tod distress which have come to many British subjects in tne States owing to thia war can scarcely be exaggerated Only those who can hear the appeals or see the letters addreeaed to oar consuls can form an idee of the greet suffering to which they are exposed in eoDseqaenee of the cloeing works, the stoppage of navigation, the paralysis of trade, the insolvenoy of employers, theoperation of "stay laws," and the hundred evils which follow civil war in a country like America, particularly where there is suoh a largely developed system of fictitious erodita and unsound fencing Our consuls are beeteged with applications for help. The applicants generally desire to be sent to Canada; bat there is no means of sending them by sea, and the land voyage is expensive. Coo often the relief comes out of the poekets of the ill-paid consuls themselves; sometimes it is refused with pain and reluotanee. On this Kiot I woald make an appeal to the benevoit and patriotic at home who have the means and the inclination to aid their unfortunate countrymen. If a few gentlemen will only begin the movement, they will do immense g >od. There are hundreds of deserving Britnk CnktM^a JasiMwa nf #a Pana/4 a this moment. X14 BO ISIf the negroes oocesion any trouble, there is bo **ying how far the difficulties of the Slave States B17 not go; hat at present they era possessed with e confidence, which may be blind or far-seeing, that their slaves will remain quiet if not faithful, and the alienee of any white element from too population of whole districts Is very remarkable The spectacle of en uprising of 4.000,006 of degrees in the plantations, burning, plundering and destroying the whites, is nee which I eeufesj I em not humaaluriaa or ebolitionist enough to be prepared to desire er to enjoy, it wool* bean 4 evil as tremendous in its consequence# 40 the North as to the South, and it would lead to an . irrepressible conflict between the Federal < troops and their new allies. There are some K few people who talk about re-settling the < South by negro proprietors, now slaves; these c are blatant lunatics or very wicked idiota. u Others there are who desire, very kindly, to * make an arrangement with England by which b our colonies could be supplied with labor, and ?i who wish to make a bargain with us for the re- ' ceipt of a population of four millions of black f, people. When they are in a oondition to do so perhaps it may be time to characterize the & transaction as it would deserve. No one that I ever heard of purposes to receive the negroes t< into the Northern States; though perhaps they 11 mijght be allowed to go further and faro wor*e a in Canada. Victorious, the North will have to encounter, on the very threshold of the Tem pie of Peaoe, a foe more terrible than war. Is 1 there in all the wise heads of the world one 1 who can solve the knot without the use of the n sword? And when the sword ha.* done its work, what next? There is the eternal negro ? tripping up the foot of Alexander as he returns v his blade to the sheath. Can any one devise a scheme for the deportation of 4.000,000 souls? _ Why such an emigration was never heard of! (tUVTKEK.1 CHARACTER. In no place does greater objection to univer- : sal suffrage?unpopular as it is, in private con- J vcrsation at least, over most of the States? n exist than in the 8onth. The satraps can bear ' no rival near the throne. With all their indi- * vidual charms of manner, easy demeanor, bos- h pitality and good breeding, there is at the n bottom of the whole system, as there is at the L base of secession, a gross materialism It may ? be that the North is equally under the same influence?it may be that all the world is reg- ci ulated by it?that interest is the sole motive m power in politics and in the action of mon. But ? in the South alone, in spite of refinement and b chivalry, is the doctrine preached to the exolu- c sion of any other dogma. Nowhere else have * M. heard so mach of the potency of the dollar expressed in acreage, in bales of cotton, and 31 hogsheads of sug>?r. Every white man who is * among them takes or may take something from them. Their number is minimized to meet the strictest requirements of trading in the towns, and of mechanical arts in the coun- i try through all the extreme South. It i* a ^ delusion to imagine that the possession of slaves ipso facto, makes a gentleman. a wise cft.fCLrsiox. And now I bring this letter to a close, with o| the assurance that, if I have extenuated many y. tKinr?J r V?Ot?? fA* J'- ? ? ? ~ *? 1 * * ? tuiugo, j. u?io on uunu iiBugm in waiioe. in i my next I shall hare a few words to say as to * the question of administration of the laws, and h the morality which prevails in some parts of th the recent United States?the which may have more to do with the questions to arise hereafter ?than we may think, or be ready to perceive at w first blush; and then, before I leave the South, * by the aid of faithful authorities 1 trust to give ' some information respecting a matter of much ^ interest in England?the cotton supply. If 0< Cotton be King, we may as well admit the lj sway at once; but, for one. I woul^sooner live under the worst form of government possible, even the disreputable rule of the American w public, than the sway of such a soulless, senseless, dooculent potentate. ? t Valuable Hints on Horseback Riding. A person riding on horseback is either a most . graceful or a most awkward object. A man ^ may walk without much elegance, and still at- nc tract no particular attention, but n hungiinj; performanceon horsobnek makes the unhappy sufferer the butt for every beholder. K One great secret in correot riding is to make J* HA 9A41 tKa iiantA* rtf Tl ? 4 -V.?? ^uv ui uivi I'll X ntJ IJ ru PU'JI I* m ens up the stirrup strap*, that he may support ai his weight upon them; ne then throws the body 1 forward, and each spring of the horse raises him clear from the saddle, propelling him forward by a not very gentle application of horse ~ pofcerin the rear. His feet are the center of J> motion, and he oscillates forward and hack- * ward like the piston rod of a steam engine, and the reaction upon the hon-e adds greatly to his fuiiguo While in this position, should atop suddenly or stumble badly, the rider goes on independently, and finds himself upon the horse's withers, neck, or over his head, as the case may he. From the first, the rider should learn to hold himself firm in the seat by grnsp |)(| ing the side of the horse with the thighs. Let of them be a vise, from which no plunge of the horse forward, upward or sideway can extricate * him Keep the body erect, or slightly inclining backward, the feet feeling the stirrup beneath. T but not resting there to support the body Let ^ the toes be nearly parallel with the sides of ?be horse, or but slightly inclined outward. The muscles of the body above the hips may be relaxed, to yield to the motion imparted by the animal Keep the elbows by the sides, not con- 0 strained.but resting there naturally and easily ^ Never depend on the bridle to keep in place upon the saddle; let that be done with the miioalaa tk<nka ? ? ?"'' ' IUI|>VI?<> VI mv tmgun- 1 III0 pUltlllUD Will DB w tiresome at first, and tbe beginner should ride bat a short distance at a time, until the mus- A cle* are accustomed to the use required of them. Horsemen differ as to the propriety of | using one or both hands for the briale Ahorse properly trained pan be easily guided with one " band. For this purpose the reins should be drawn tight enough to feel the horse's mouth, then a slight turn of the band to the right or left, will be sufficient An animal soon becomes acquainted with the peculiar manner of one who uses him frequently, and may be taught in a short time to turn at the increased ? pressure of the leg upon either side, and take a 1 different gait at tne mere touch of the bridle. When there is danger from stumbling, it is safest to ride with a rather loose rein ; tbe horse can recov er himself much more readily 0 if he have command of tbe muscle of his head and neck. He will also more easily discern and avoid obstructions, if his head be left in its natural position. To bring a horse's head and ( neck into a painful position by a standing mar- I tingale, is both cruel and dangerous; he will ' fall upon a slight stumble. J f>TD i VCff Tk>V*> ADUBIi*a 1* "Www L us < SWVI MD4?1D If 41 Si W 4 UIM\ ^ Harbor?Attempt to Blow Up Fort Columbus, with several Hundred Tons of Powder in tU? Magazine.?Last Thursday morning, . at an early hour, one of the soldiers at Fort I Columbus was awakened by the tread of per- * sons beneath his window, and on looking out ^ discovered two men dressed in eitiien'i clothes f who were making their way towards the main macasine of the fort. Hastily slipping on his , lothes he descended, and crawling along the t balcony, he kept track of them. They paused a for a moment to see if the coast was dear. Here they ware joined by two others, and I thev soon went up to the door of the magasine and fumbled around for some time. The soldier now became so excited as to be f incautious in hvs movements, so muoh so that f the treading on a grating that lay in his path i made considerable noise. The four men hear- { iog this, and possibly seeing that they were ; discovered, ran away at the top of their speed, i On passing the only sentry who stood in their way to the shore thev were hailed?" Who goee there?" to which they replied " Friends!" | The sentry made no reply, and the men passed on and ran to the shore by the path near the spring house. A boat lay in readiness, and in ' a moment the foar had embarked and pushed oat into the river. Of course the soldier was c 4 -11 - * ? - ? * not anowoa to pass me sentry, nor would me 1 guardian of tbe night allow him to alarm the ( garrison. I It is. generally believed among the officers that these four men had gone to the inland ' with the intention of laying a train to blow up the magaxine, and thus destroy several hundred tons of powder now stored there, thus ' lessening the'supply of powder for our army, I and at the same time destroy one of the United j . States forts and a large number of eoldiers ' wh1"* are quartered therO. Had they suoceeded i in firing the magagiM several hundred Uvm ' wo?U4 Save been lost. I > T 4 SUMMER RETREATS. ?KA BATHING AND 8APF. RUTRLAT, 5 At Point Look-Out. Maryland. This oe ebraf"! Bathing Place. situated at the Linotion of the Potomac River with 'hel^, A Chesapeake Bay. will lie opened by theVcrAy ndersigned on tho 10th of June, in Uio LI "WE 1 ery bes; style, lor a I persons who n>a? wish a afe aiid ^uiet retreat, where they can "have the outfit of the be6t salt water bathing and enjoy the eiicacies of the water, sdoti as Fish of ail kinds, >1 sters, ('rubs, Ao Kvery description of fishing tackle will ho kept jr the acap>m>nc-dation of cuesta. A fine l^ert stab e kapt on the /arm AIm-i, ten pin alleys and billiard saloons; with 11 other amusements usually f >uud at sueh paoes. The table will be supplied daily with fresh vegeables from the garden on the premises and from he Baltimore arid Washington markets. The best Lienors ai>d Cigars will always be found tthe Bar. ?. Bnard, ?r day; one week, ?12; second week, |l't;Tour weeks for $3i; olu.dren aud colored seraut-. ha'f-prico. The steamer ft. Nicholas leaves Washington 'uss.lay a: 6 a m and Ba'timore on Fridry at 4 p. 1. The half past 2 o'clock p. m. train from VN a*hugtnn will oomif of at Baltimore with the boats, saching Point Lookoutdaiiy ; a so, a tri-weekly tatefrom Washington, by way of Leonardtowii Addess the proprietors, at Point Lookout, Vashington. 1) C., or Alexandria, Va m 31 HKFLKBOW'KR 4. CO , Prop'rs. nRWTISTRV I H. UfAUOnY. flit, n., SOBGICAL AMD Ml" < bv|:< D?t t. having t?n /i'^1 fc 0'im* arrVo. 'JTti Pa. avenue, hetweenjMBSap 'th and 12th sts., tiro <!oir* past of the^-u-LJ-' lirltvrti id Home, respectfully solicit* a share of lie public patronage, in the various tranche* of is profession. jy 15 2m* li teeth. ?! LOOM IS, M. !>., the inventor and patentee ftn# M1N Kit A [. PLATE TEETH, at ?cds persoi \ ly at his office .n thist ty N?fSBa? Many persons nan wear those teeth wtio^1 rTJ ar.not wear others, aud no person can wear others 'ho cannot wear theae. Persons calling at my oflloecan hr> aooommoaatea fith any style arid price of Teeth th*y may desire; ut to those who are particular aud wish the purest, leauest, strongest, and most perfect dentnre that rl oan produse, the MINERAL PLATE will be tore fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 3S? Pa. avenue, between :h and 10th sts. Also, 907 Arch street, Plii &del hia. oc U tf GAS FITTING, &c. L WM T. DOVE ?t CO. IRE Now prepared i?> execute any orders wltk 'hich t>ieT may be favoTed in t^e PLVMItlNtt, 6A3 OK STEAM F1TT1NC BUSINESS. !LT Store on 9th etreet, a few door* north of Pa, renue, whore m*y be foand a compete assortment ? CH A NDELIERS ar, l other ?AS, STEAM and fATKR KIXTUHKS fa*7-W SN YDEK, . PLUMhER AND GAS FITTER, If 1 ? ?- *" is' * *" xtaw i vmvfCil IAJ VIIO UUJ ilPT Ul i wemn ana k ?t?, ois prepared to introduce Water and Gas upon ie most favorable terms, and guaranties entire itUfaotion. He has on ha.nd a lot of COOKING and other rOVKS, which ho will cell less than oo*t, at he ishes tc get rid of them. do 17 Y ~G A3 FIXTURES. E liavo in store, and are dai j receiving, OAS IXTVHES of entire!* New Patterns and Designs id Finish, *up*rior in str.e to anything heretolor# j'ei *1 in tins market. We invite citizens general tr tall and examine our atock of Gaa and Water l* ir9s, feeling conUdent that wo hare the best ileuted stook in Washington. A'! Work in the above line minuted to ?nr oar# ill he promptly attended to. MYERS A MoSHAN. mar ?-tf 37ft D street. \t ICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER t OF ?AS METERS. Washington. July II, 1MQ. NOTICE IS HEREBY di VEX. That.agrea?!t to the provisions of the ordinance of the Cor>ration approved Mar IS. l%n, the undersigned is >w prepared, "whenever reJpiired In writing, and , pr< y?rr= .??.< ti.?-t i!\; unuis, iw ;ain:ne. tert, ?rove, and asjei tain the accnracy of gistration of iar ga? meter in use in this oity. vary iiieUr, tl'oai'diDCorTeot, will be condemned id another, sealed and marked as true will be itiniM place, if proved to lie aoou-ais in its eaauiumeut of gas, it wiil besealea acco-amgly, hi again pat in position for use. l)fto? No. *10 Soventh street,(near Odd F?lvt' Hall.) Ojpec from 8 a. m.,_tol f. m. UMAftL.t.S W. UUNNINBHAM, It IS if Inspector and Coaler of 6&s Meter*. ^ E W OPTICAL ESTABLISHMENT, ill Bl. 1. FRANKLIN, 944 : IF. N N, ( Frnrn Diilarl'iphin,) kving eatahlinliod a braudh ol his business here, he lorn fo the oitisens and strancers Ins celebrated IMPROVED SPECfACLE*. i?h the finest PeriBOooio-hlhptic Lenses, suited r every age and oouditinn ol the visual orcann. Also, for u*H his world renowned Mirrcrtopei. ilttcoyex, Mtlitory Spy Gla*se.t. Sterioxcopt* and (?r#o.'roj?i> Picture*. and Mathematicil Instru lent*, at the lovest Eastern raoes M. I. FRANKLIN,Optician, 244 Pennsylvaniaav.. (jet. 12th an 1 !3'h sts , (formerly the stand <-f Dr. Woolfson,) jf 24 1y Washington. I>. C. rpa TOPHAM'S BUS GO PREMIUM TRUNK QUU M AN V FACTORY, 45?9 Bjivkwth Htrkkt, Washimstoh, D. C. ilver Medal awprded hy Maryland instxtate o Baltimore. N"V?-nil>er 7, l.'fin l?o, Me-ial h? ivieti-opotiiwj Mec Vi.,ic?'ln?titate. w asntni">n, u. IS57. am oonstantlj makinr, and *1 *nk have on hand, of ih? boot material, every description of in" Sole Leather, Iron Frame. Ladirr' III ess. Woo J Box,and Facicnj! Trunks, Pelltsier, Carpet. Canvas Travelihi Bats, School SatoHeT?, 4c., At Low Prtcts. Members of Cohere** and travelers will please samme mj stook l*?fore purchasing elsewhere "ranks that are nia*te in othor citifis. Superior Leather aud Dress Trunks made to rder. Trunks oovered and repaired at short notioe. U.xkIh delivered (Voeof charce toanrlpart of the itr, Georgetown, and Alexandria ia23-1 yeo JAMKS 8.TOPH AM. rYTfllm sc'HWimiFpg &i9l Am?!I.H?llnf xajW ^ Powder ? A Is the only known and jRT^AtgQHHHB best artiole to axlarminate Roaches. Bed lines, Ants, Moths, Flies, Fle>^. Garden Worms It coMratKj no potion. SCHWKRIN'S PILLS aro sure death to RaU nd Mice. M Schwerin has reoeived o?itific.v.e<i rom the President of Girard College. Directors of I mi a A nf R ?fn r? P?nni*lvt.iii?. Hnanital ther Prominenf Institutions o? Philadelphia : U. I. Jail, Washington, D. C.;and Chanty Hospital, law Orleans, La The original certificates oan be seen at the Vhole?ale and Retail Depot 184 North Seoond treet, Philadelphia, ana for tale id thu oity by p. I. CLARK, corner Pa. avenue and tu., and by .11 Druggists and Grocers. DFWARK OF SPURIOUS IM1TATION8. If*.'* Remember to ask for Sohwerin'a Annihi aui i Powder. 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STEPHENS * CO., W '* P?mn. a venu . HEADQUARTERS FOE SOLDIERS-Er n er* Soldier in us city aiiou>u call at SMITH'? Vu, 460 Seventh street, oppoiite the Post Offioe, knd buy their CLOTH I NGSH 1 RT8, CO LLA K 8 r RUN KB, VALtCKS, CARPET RAGS, HAW knd CAPS, as it is the Cheapest Store in town tc >uy Clwthicc and FurmsLiaiE Go. a?. i. H. SMITH, Clothier, m >?-#? NO7?60 Seventh st. ARMY SUPPLIES Proposals for army waoon and ambl'laisce harne>s, OrnrE or Armt Clothiio akh FynrAas.J Corntr of Hoieard and /fierier flrtelt, > Nkw \ on, Aucl'Jt 3, 1861. \ Plorouu will be re?eiv?<i at thin < fcce for furnishin*. by contract, Army Wajst?n Harness: The proposals shou'd stare th* price at whirn they can b?? furnished at fjeplaces of manufacture and the pric* at which they onn he deliverer at this depot, the number whicti can b* made by ttie bidder witMn oue month after reoeipt of the orde:; ft.?" the uuinbor which ha can deuver wit;.in one weet. Tne ha'n?ss must exactly conform to th? following specification*, and tu tne eMail i*heUpatterns: Four mule harness an 1'dlows, to wit: WHEEL. T?o (Juitorx. Breech straps Sfeeth incheslonr. laches widi, sewed 'uto 14 inch rings of S it on iron; hip straps 8 feet 11 inches k>iif(.2>t ii.cheawidr; rtay pieces 2 feet lorn. 2K uchos w :de, with ifi inch buckler; cross straps to buck e into . tay pitces.6 ftet long. IK inch wide; side

#t*ap? 4 re t I'lu, IK inch; tie strap* 15 vie lies lone, K inch wde, taperiu* to a point. Two Ht'.ly Bind*. Lopr ?ide 2 f'C. 8 inches long, 2 inones wide, with a two inch buckle; shortsida i foots inches lonw and 2 inclieu wide. i tro nmtr Loaars. 18 to i9 luciies long, with double straps and sale leathers and bucules J-, inch wide Tiro Pair of Strong Harries to auit, made of white oak root, irontd wi- h hooka, bre&jst riLiga 13i incli square, staples and line rings. Tiro Parr of Ham* Straps. Lower one 5 feet 6 ineitea loug. }a inch wide; upper one 4 feet 6 inch's long, >* > no It wide. Two Bridles- <'rowu piece 2 feet lone, I^ inch wide; rheck pieces each 1<> uiche?ior,g. ljtf ir on w de; front piece 11H u.ehea Ion*, l'? inch wi ?; star pieces, from blinds o crown pieces, 16incie? Ion*, inoh wide; nose piece II mohes lone. 1 inch wide; blindi 6 Ir enes long, inchet wide; reins, one side 4 feet long. 1 inch wide; short sida 2 feet Ion?, 1 inch wide, with 1 inch buckle; butt*, tinned inullen, to weuh > lb*, to thed* zeii Two Pair Chnin Pip*s, 2 feet Iorr, 2)% inches wide. Two Paxr Trace Chains, 7 feet long, 16 links to the loot, of No 3 iron, with T on one end, weight 7hi to3 lbs. per rair. '1 wiated or straight One Pair of Breast CTia-ns, 22 inches long, 14 links to the foot, of No. 3 iron. Iwiatcd. Two ycci Straps, 3 feet 1 inch long, 2\ inches wide, with inch buok'e. Two Seek Chains,* fe?t^ inches long, 14 links to the foot, No. 4 li-on, T and loop to be rive led on to the u^ck strap. Twisted. One Saddle, made on Artakapas tree, head gullet and cantie, iron, covered in the usual wav wi'h half-tanned horcehide; flaps 2*? inch' a long, '6 lr.hes wide; auroingle 7 fe^t 3 inches lo:;g. 2U inches wide with a 2\ inch buckle on one euu to be fa* th- s&ldle bt being rivetel to two ourved straps lit inch wide; tnet>e strapare plaoed one on eacn aidj of the saddle tre*. ore end is tied to th? front part ot the b\r, rhe otlm end to the exieosion of the bar behind the cantie, Spanish saddle fashion; stirrup leathers 4 leat 7 inches long, l.V i*oh wide, with I \ in -h buckle;stirrups, malleable iron, tinned, l>oit eye DUMArn ti\ WAi<rh 1514^ 1Kb tr* * rfAwan > <> mm, *V n V1511 IU/I IU ' VU a fOl I t LEAD. , Ttco Collar*, 17X to 11 inches long, made the same t \i lor wii?el harness. i Two Pair of Hames, to suit, of t-ame materia! es r lor wh?el harness, ironed, wi It hcoks, breast ' rin<s, and line rings, with straps as in whtwi iiar- " nest. " Two Bridle*, same as (or wheel harness. 7'too ?r/k jjtraps and Chains. same as for wheel harness. Two Bel v Band*, " ' Two rair Cham Pipes. " " Tico Pair Trace Chain*. *' ' 1 Two Cruppers and Hip Straps, Back strap 5 feet Ion? taperni; from SS inches to 8X inches wile. J Hip "tiaps e&oh 2 feet 4 inches long, 1h inch wide, each with a hook at onn end. * Two Back Rands, 3 feet 4 inohes long, 3X inches ? wida 1 Tico Martingales, 4 feat loag. IX moh wide, to * buckle int > ti e nit. One C/uplint Strap. 5 feet 6 inohes long, \ inoh i wide One Check Rein, 4 feet long. 1 l.-.oh wide, to buckle * into the bit at eaoli end. with a ring sewed in the oentre to receive the lead lii.e. One Lead Line, il feet long,7< inch wide, with a 11 buo?,e at one eud.auJ an 8 inch loop at the ober. One Whip, heavy platted horse hide, 6 feet 6 inches ' n??>iorse ovai, 01 nristies, ? by ? tuche*. * On'- tUrry Comb, No. ?Zi~8 bar. 1 hi wnola to ne pa ked in a box about 18 inch?* widn, 77 inches deep, 34 inches long, 1; ale of 1 tr ch stuff, coopered, wuuJ hoops or iron, as may be required. Four-Horse Harness as follows, to wit: WHEEL. ] Ti*o Qutlors, Breeoh strap* A feet 8 irishe* Ion*, wkI?, sewe<l iu;o 4-iiich riius of % uioh iron; hip sti aps 4 f-et lone 3 inches wue;8tJiT rieo ?i leet 2 motion long, 3 inches wide, witn X inch hackles; crosM straps to buck e into gf at pieces. 6 feet I <ns,l>4 inch wide; side straps 5 teetS inches long, 1^ loch wide; lup fctraps 15 inches lung, IS luoh wide, ta.piring to a point Tiro B llv Bonds, lAint side 2 f >61 4 inches long, 2 it.iihxM wide, vritif a ir' lcoll hiio? 1*; short t!o 1 foot 6 m.-hfH lour, and 2 icohet. wide. Tien Hair Collar?, 22 to 23 inehes long. with don I ble mraps and sale leather* and huokles >* im h 1 wide. Two pair of Stron* Hnrnts to suit, made of white oak root, ironed with hooka, breast nn^g inch square, h a^len and linn rings. 7>po paxr t\f Home Straps, |,ower on? 5 feet 6 innhes long, }$ moh wide; upper on* 4 foet ?> i.o!:es Ion*, X inch vide,o alum canned leather, t T'Cii Bridles, t.rowu piece 2 ieet 2 luehes long, i V ? inch wide; cheek piece* each in inches lot;g, ",i4 5 inuli wide; front piece 12X "n-jVa ! >!'?, 1'4 inch j wide; ttav pieo s, irom blmis to oiuvra piroes, J lh inches long, I S men wide; none piece 12 inches 4 long, 1 inch ? ule; blinds 6 inches lonr, Ain-ih-s a wide; r ins long side 4 feet 2 inches tun*. 1 inch 1 .U?,? ? .1^ O fa..t I .... I .. . 1. . i. I wiu?| riiuiv ??ur a ink iuur, i iii< u w mm , wiiil 1 ft i> oil buckie; bitts, tinned uiulleii, to weigh 5 lus. the doien. ?2"tr? pair Cham Tipts, 2 feet fl inches long, 23* niche* wi'Ij. Tiro pair 'l\a * Chain*. 7 feet lone, 14 links tr? the foot,of >\o. 2 iron, ? wisted or straight. with T on one end, weight 9 ihs. per pair. 0n? pa>T of Krtatt I'katns, *8 inches long, 14 links to tl.e foot, of No 2 iri.ii wutcd. 7Vo iVccic Sirups, f> feet t> inches long, 2J? inches wide, vita iW uioh buokle. Two Neck Chum*, 4(eetoirch ? long, 14 links to the iooi, twifted No. 4 iron, T ana loop to ha riveted on to the neok strap, swivel in the chain One Saddle, mada on Attnkapas tree, ead, gullet and osntle iroiied, oov?rt d in the u ual waj with half tanned horse hide; (laps .211 inche; long. itj inches wide; suroin 'e, 7 fVmt 5 inches Ion;, 2>* inches wid?, w:tii a 2K inch bucideoii one end, U> be fastened to the saddle b? being riveted to two curved straps, 1\ lueli wide; these etraps are p aced one oa eacn side f the saddle-true, one end is tied to the Iront part of ti e t>at, the other end to the exteLSion ol the bar behind thocant'e, Spanish saddle fashion; stirrup leathers 4 lee? 7 inches lo> g, inoti wide, wim 114 inch tuck!e; stirrups, maleable iron, tinned, I .oil eje pattern, to weigh 1j>* lbs. to a Ooz n pair. LEAD. TVeo BridUs, same as for wtieei harness. Tir.i Collars. a? to 22 molies long, made the same ' as for wlie-1 harness. Two pair of Hamts to suit, of same material as for wheel harness, ironed, with hooks, breast tinga < (vuu nun imp,*, w i hi us i o p? cms in wnoci iinrnc b. ' Tim Neck Strays and Chains, sains as fur wheel < harness. < Two Belly Bamds, same as for wh'el harness. Two pair C\ain Pipes, same as for wheel harness. , Tiro pair Truer. Chatna, same aa f<>r wheel harness . Treo Cruppers and Hip Sirnpi. Back Strap 6 f'et , ions, laperm* from 3H inches to 2>i inches wide. , Hip Straps with buokles each 3 fe?t8 inches lung, \% inch wide, with wrought nooks. Two Bach Bands, 3 feet 7 inches long, S>* inches wide Two Martingales, 4 feet long, IX inch wide, to tiaokle loto the bit- ' One Coupling Strap, 5 feet 6 inohea lone, X inch wide. One Check Rein, 4 feet 1 inch long, 1 iroh wide to buokle into the hit a esoh end, with a ring aewed in the oenter to receive the leal line. One Lead Lint, 21 feet long. inoh wide, with a j buckle at on* end, aad an 8-inoh loop at the other. | One Whip, heavy platted horse hide, 6 feetjB inahes < long. One Horse Brush, oval, of bristle*,? by ? inohea i On* Curry Comt), No. 2*2?8 bar. I he whole to oe packed i a box about 21 inches Wide, >8 no he* decn. 34 inches unz. maile of 1-n.oh stud, coup ired, wood h'.'ops or iron, as may be re quired. . ? he whole to be mado of ths beet material, sewing 10 be niad? with ( tod waxed thread, and subjeot to inspection du in? tli* prooesa ol mauufao ture ai d alio when fiuuheti. When 6 horse hnr;,e<s is^-eqnired, the lead oo!- j Jars, btidles, hamcs, netk s.raps. belli hardi, chvn pipes, traoe chain, crnpper and hip s;rap?, back baa J s and oou pi ng strap t are doubled; one bearing chain 3 feet Ion*, 14 licks tothefrot, of >o 4 iron, with a T on each end addod, and loud line to be 30 (eet long. Th? whole to he made of th* b??t material, sew ng :o be made with go d wax?d thread and suo jeot to inspsotion durin? the p oo ts < f manufacture and aiso wh-n finish* d. When 6-mu e harna?s is required,th? >atl oo| tan,, hamet, reek strapi,belly bands, chain Pipes, trace chain*, o upper and kip straps, back baud*, and ooupliog straps are OihidM,' one bo\r, inc oh&in, 3 f-et long. 14 links to ths fo..?, o' No. 4 iron, with a r on en?a and added, and lead line to be 28 feet long Proposals will a so be rsoeivad for making and ntUTeriuc ambuiauoa harnaia tor two o roar main or bora* t*%ai??a apeoifioation of wluek viil ba hrrmflot fum'?had, Kormnuf P< and (v&rantea will oa farn taiiM onappMc* 1011 at thia om< e, ar<t pons will bo ouuaiiierrd Uiai do n< t eoaf-rib tharato. I The p-i viieca ia ra^xvtd by and fi>r Uie Un'tod Statea of rejaoti'.g any proposal taat .*/ ba da->?iei'. PXtr&iifcrant I Prop >f*ia Wil b? tad r?ed on th* aava opc lct oK" in< tbeia, "FropoaaJa for lainiaitmc Aray fc",*~*is?aaMsr Bim JOHNSTON, ALTI9IUKK LOCK HOSPITAL., H*t durovtti'f tti mott Ctrtatm, Spttdf ?U *niy Ejftctunl Htrniif Ml (?? World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRL'UKNCE. LET NO FALSE HE I ICACY PRETEXT. AFPU* IMMEDIATELY. A CUKE WARRjyTEP. OR MO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. We*ki.r?aof :r.l S;:l, Stricturee, Altcaon* ol |ti Kidu?a and Bladder : ' ' acharf ea, Impotence. tien inl Nai.trawtM, jfmnv, C?(*ra ?f Idiu, U* Spr.-i. r p-iuon of the Heart, Timidity, rrrmblinfi, Pimueee o4 Senior Gidditieee, l>iaeaae of e Head, Throat, Nuee or Him. Affecti of the Lu^i, 8' r.icfi or ?theee Terrible Dieorle re armiif from S i*r? H*b?? of Youth?theae Dreadful and Pe?in?eti?? Prack?i which riudit Marruft unpooeible, wad deetroy both Body and Mind. YOCJTO MEN Eapeciilly who haee become the eictime ?f Solitary Tire, hat dre tlful and dfetinctiae habit which a,ii,Bally ur*|i o an ontiinely (rare t'> oa:ind? of Y"ui | Mu. of the mm; Halted talenta and hrilliawt Intellect, who miftu otherwiae i*?e entranced lutNtug SenM.e with the thnndere of elajaence or w*ked to ecetacy the Iieinj lyre, may cwlt with full conSdeuce. MARRIAGE. Markup P?a?0!?J, or Yo?np Mt.i contemplate r Mar >a?e, btiug aware of phytiral weakueea, orfauic debility, lerormmo, kc , epeediy enred ne wno piacc* nimseir unier ins c?rs W nr. J. m?? rsltfflmsly confids in his honor as a fsmlsnun and coutsiao'J j 'sly upon Lis skill as a physician. OFFICE jVo. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. ft b^nd nil* roinjr from Baltimore ttraa:, a few duori fron h* t?rntr. I ail not to cb?er?e nam* and namt*r. L ra r.u*t b* paid and coutaic a stamp. DR JoHXSTON, Mimbif af th? Royal Coll?r# of Sarfeoi,*, London, rradaitt from on* of the moat emment Collerea in th* United Slate*, and tha rteater par; of vKou I.fa ha* t tan apent id ha hoapiuli of London, Pan*. Philadelphia and elaewhtre, laa effected aoma of the moat aetotii*hiu? c?tt that vara i?er known; many trouMed with ringing in tha head and iari whan aaleep; freat ntrvocanea*, rein# alarmad at oddtii aoor.dt. baahfulnaaa with frequent blaaoiiir, atttndad lomttunaa with d*rauf*(naot of mind, wtra cared wnnaliatefy. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Young Man and other* who ha?a injured themaeNe* by a nam practice iiiduTfed in when alone?a babit frequently earned fr<>m evil companion*, or at school, the effect* of vhicn are mpktly felt even when asleep, and if not cared, ender* m.poaiit le, and dcatroye both mind ar.d kx1?, should apply immediately. These are a- .;.,t of the *ad and melancholy effect*jprodacad >f early bat it* of Tooth, *itt Weakness of tha B>ck and .imbi, Piim in the Head, Dimneia of 8i(ht, Loaa of Masraiar ' iwer, Palpitation of tne Heart, Dyapepay, Nrreoea irritaulity, Derangement of the Di|re?u?* Fancuona, Ganara! >ei? ity. Symptom* of Co?*nmption, ftc Mo t4LLV.?Ti t fan rial efiectl on tha n ind fire mach ta >* dre.ided?L.i?* of Memory, Coufrsino of Ida**, Oepreaaioo >f 8pirit*, EtiI Poreb?1ih?>, AtaraKn of Society, Keif l'i*ro?t, Lo?e of Solitoile, Timidity, ate., ara soioa of tha e?i.a irotured. IL' vm'a n n *w _ ? J ? ? ? - - ? * * -? an ?u? or l/?ni I. I I . I (Bli flOW JUUf? Wild he cau.e of their declining health, losing their vigor, b*cue?inp wetk, p.Je.uervou* ind cm iciatea, hiving a sinfaUr rjearance about th* ?_? ?, couch or symptoms of consuinpDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. When the m.sguided mid imprudent votvry of pie .ear* f nde it hu imttbed me eecde of thu painful disease, it too often i*pt>*ns tint itd ill-timed eeoee of ek~inr or 4read of discavtry letere hire from applying to those who, from education and espectabthty, Can alone befriend him. Re falls into tt e lands of igi.or&nt anc* designing pretender*, who, incapable if curing, filch hi* pecuniary substance, keep him trilling nonth after month, or a* long a* the *malle*t fee can be obained, and in deeper leave him with rained health to sigh ver hi* ratling disappointment; or by th* use of that deadly mhsoo?Mercury?hasten th* constitutional symptom* of thi* r rible diseate, *ach m Afier none of th* H art. Throat. H*ad, Skin, 4c . progressing with frtght/ul rapidi.y, till d*ath put* a isriod to b;s diesdful sufivrmps by Mndi.ig himt a J *-, anliscavered eoBntrr frorc who** bnmi no traveler retorn*. DR JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By tbi* 'rtal and important rarnady weakness of th* arg&ns re epssduy cored and full vigor restarsd Thaassnds of th* nervous and d*bilita:*d, wfca had last all hops, tiav* can iiun.*diat*ly r*ll*v*d. All iicpsdiiascls tc Marriage, Physical ar Msntal l)i?oc! cation*, Lot* of Procraativ* Fow*r, N*r*?k* Irritability, 'remllirr and Weakness *r Kxhaasuan *f it* meat fsajYaJ :tnd *t*er. I? cared. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. Tmu MiRT THorsiBDl csrad at thia inatitation witMn Da laat mmuin ?tari, and tha nsmarosa important Surrial aparationa parrorroad h? Dr. Johnatao, wiu rud hy ih? apcrtara of tiia papara ana many othar paraona^nouca* o( :4ai hit atandiif aa'a ftntianAr ot '.ft'.ractar and raannaailli'.y, ii a ciant fvar&ntaa ta tiia r flictad. mar it-lf Db J. H. McLKAK'S BTREIOTREHING CORDIAL AMD KLOOD PL'RIFI KR rHE (i HE ATS ST REMEDY m tk* WORLD, tP*uc:ow? amd pi 'ri^ta' h|| B-rk^aad IHaCa.laa vSH kioit tikipg. JaulUof, ?'?d?ti i a lallcwaa, aiaiumtaf ifirit, ?xJ ua UutauWla r? ??< ? f?? f?t?Taiir>f tk* l.aaaaad aytttaa, art iiiiu'.2( t^e aitk, ia??riaf, tad datlliutad ia>alld ta iti'l4 aad itnafU MtLEAWb STRENGTHENING CORDIAL IF til alacttally a.tta Lim? 'Taupiaini, Dyapapala, Jtaa lUt,Ca*43ia arH?rr*aa DabUily, D'.at'*?* afiac Kidnaya, a tr c, idvi :r?re * anwairi" M*ar ar iubui, Ma^-ift't, RtcrikTu, lijvard P'taa, Ac Jut ar litkom af k? arak, f? lu?n af Ilaail la ih? *t*d. D?i. Ft:* > Iwi -pm.n; In U) >1 tht fallotu f Waifkt 4a U? irtaaaS, taw Er?K?n?i.?, Ihtnr a> F'aliaf Thfs Uyirf dawn, t>r?r,?i? ?t YalTaW m ! lit liu ?<l Et". > InaraH fnui, 'lie Id tk? airil) ( lt? U'i. Ottt, ? aiua, landau Mull! af Stat, Dtfraaaiat. af tptr.ta, T njtitfal Drltni, *?(< >, ar anj i.ihim dlitut, Itiii m llatafaaa aa iki (ar CkiUa aad P?t?4 9TMM. A MJllION BOTTLMO >a ?a >?y dxilki iui >i* iaa<iia?( aad *a ra lata* >> fcaa tt fall ad ic fW'jaf aatira antlrfactiaa. T"ka, -.1 aa, rill aa Jar fr? Wai?j?aa ar llakilltT ?aa> McLStl't mUfRSTBH.!** 'JUl.DlAli -tnl! a?r. yum 1 Ma laafrifi aac Mirij au adtqaata Idaa af tka ! !() na aad alaaaat aimi!iu akanga p'auatad at ukia( tait >rd'al ta Ua rtlaraaad, da'a.iitiiad, and aktiiarad tirtu fiiaa. vkitkti krafeaa dt?t tf aiaaai, wo ky artara, ir !apa:r?d ?j dakvaaa, tka ralaitd aad 'iiiraaj ai|ullattaa la rcc?a;r1 ta iu piiallaa ka?;u aad 'far KARX1ED rSRSON >? atkara, aaait'aaa mt vkatatw aalaa, Vtll lad MrbOM't fcTC?N?TIKaiN? COCDIAk a Uaraaja rrft?t"?t?ra' tka lyataiB; aad ail vka tait kata la araa <k*aia?lTaa a> iaprapar ludil(aaaaa vlll fad la tkla Jardlti a inula aad apaadj rtamj, TO THE LADIE8. MrlftAirS FTREKtTICRIMS UORDlAb la a aatatlira aad i?at<lr tut 'ar '-alp'ant Cauatoptiaa, Wt'iii, iaairattac ar P;S?a!t .*?#*i;ra.-t *n,l rtaaliaaDaa af Vrlaa it lara.'aaUTT Duakarfi ikara*f, Ti'linf af tka Wt<ak, Blddiaaat, ra'auax, aad all diaattaa naloaa: la Faaalaa. THERE IS JVO MISTAKE ABOUT IT r M iH]d. Tata u <iaa?rdinj i* dlrat'.iana. It will tUaalait, atranftkra, ana U'ljarata yaa ui taiaa tka a lac* ( kaaita ia mailt j?ir itut tfala. Bvary katl't U rttnuil {i<t iiliitiltiM. FOR CHILDREN, If Ton ttlk raa irt altki*. fmr.y u McklAII COEDlAk will makl tktn kaaltny. fat, and rtkiai Dalty aat a at; trj it, aad yaiwlll ka aaiTlittd. It It dalltiaia ta lata, 9 a moir. Iltui af infftiu ar '.talari wha u; ivy M pels im yai at rut Muai ar a-.TUfinl't traak, wkiek tkty aaa kai akaap, ky aaytnf It ulaat aa (aad. Amd iicb Bar. An far MckEArt*fl BTRKXtlTHftjIlNe CORDIAL, and uta Mtbtng afaa. It la ina aoly ramady that will panfy iht Blaad lharaifhi? and Uttaaam tint tttaafthia Ik a ayatam. Una taaapaacral laktc a?ary marnir j faaunj la a cariata p?a*antiTa far Chalara, (Jhtlit and finr, Ytllaw Faiar, ar ay vtafalai.t dUaaa*. It la pi- lo Urfa fcaulaa. Pnta aofy 91 par katlla, ar I hattlaa far $? J. H McLEAH, ala prainatar af tbia Cardial; a.aa, Mckaar 'a Taicaaia Ol ktalaaaal. Pnaaipa! Dant a* ita aarcar af Tkird aad Plaa auaata, Si. kaala, Ma. MoLe?n's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TBE tin klUlMEMY IV TIE WOtfcD.) Tka a?iy aa/a aad aariam cart far Ctuetra, Pilaa, Tm. art, Bwtil!Ufa and Branchilt ar Cattra, Panlraia, Haa rlfta, Waituaai af iha Maaclaa, Chraaic ar lniwnatacy Bhaajnatitn, Buf ntaa af tka Jainia, Cairiraaiad Maaclaa at kifemtuti, Earatka arTaathatha, Braiaaa, Bvrtiaa, Traak Jau, Waanda, Uleaia, Fa?ar Barka, Cakad Braati., Mara Mipplta, Barm, ice Ida, Bara Tbraat, ar aay laliwauaa aa pttu, 1.a difirtnct haw aaaara ar laea Lb a diaaaaa may Lava anatad, McklAHf CEfcKB&ATKD kllUMEMY it 1 caru ;n ramady. Tkaauc it af MtatLB katcfi ka?a kaaa land a llfa af dla arapuaua aad auaary hy tka aaa af Uta tn?a)aafcla ramady. MeLMAJfS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will rtUtTi am. alnaat inatmtaataaaly, aad it will elaaa, partfv aad kaal iha fealaat aartt la aa latradrMt akatl y>aa. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McbKAHl CKLKBRAT tD U1M1MEHT i* lb* nil Kh ui rati*Wla Mra?4v for im Mr* af ftp* via, llipwi, W ;n4ft.IU, fllou, ??n?iar*J Lmn. Martai M vsllian. Il a*Ttr folia* u cart Big lut, PalUnl, Flats!*, 014 ftanalaf ? '?, ?r Mwtbjr, It fnnrt; tapUa*. Fa* Bpiuivi, liuu, ItniUM, Created leeta, Gmw, Mftle m Cill? li!K Ciu, Iimi, ? Viiidi, U M u lafoUiklt Apply fete 4We?i*J a?4 a ?cr? te a?mfe to e*e*y TWi. ntle iNfii ?1m tk? ui; wjttklaee Uilanu iliidUfN Ufcun m. af M. MckBAVB CBkBllOKUklllMKIT Iladl*. OMMt vvm cVni' ciauk arorr, m f?. >, mi *** ? i> ??>?i % THE WEEKLY STAR. TtU axorlleat Faint 1? u4 Nrwi jmrMlcoelala'n* variety ( la kiwBng tmAtn* tbu?u ^ fo .ud la any ?(bn-k? publlabed ob Friday aoorn!a|{. Tuna?Ct*A, ? *4rmtrt Single copy, pet a?? ?i * Fttp w>plei i 7? Ten copif? # m Twraty lfr roplea M ? It invariably coota.n* tbe -Waablar" "Mew*' that baa tnndr Tk> itat/y K*mStmt circa lata n> n^ally tLrou*bout tba country IZTSlnglf coptc* (la arrappera) c*? be pewcured at the counter. 1mn.rd lately afVr tbo laa * ol tbe paper Price?THREE CENT* tKOR HTAMPIN# A PACKET OF rAPAft AMD KMTALOPM WO MATC*. mi u? MhTtoroufAia 0OOK8TOU. emii.p a bolomomr. 41 mti /r? Lmmtmn't Ltmm rmmtn It., #?. M N It M. Mk uH inU iU. WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. OR. t* HUM AN hu. kft?r u o( M tear*. r?i?HnbH ihe ahora ra.aca :ron> ^ufcok'rr.f? I ?si Indian or *?or?nai< doctor*, ia>i yrctrcUera of witctoraft and LiupoAtora ia gaa ral Thit it th? only p'ace wher* a nrtuif e^eedr ourf> can I* nr>tunM ? > tt>? ??rW a?? all ??- - and evil habits, funorrh*. gleet, seminal *rU ness, syphi'iM. primary eeoondary. aod tertiary, orcauio VMkueu, pains m the lotas, strictures. general debrity, prostration. nerrouKneas, rui ess cichts, pa.p>tatioc of the heart, rin?ini in the ears, loss of memory, confision, me anoho y, affectiocs of the head, throat, noee, and akin, aud all those peculiar diaordera arising from toe indiscretion of youth, rendering them unfit for either business, ttudy, society, or mamaje. l)r. 9. bas the [reateet remedies in the known world for dmeasos of the biood. jonorrh*. fleet. strictures, syptnlhs, seminal weakness, seif abuee, he. There m no oaae in whieh they tail to cure la from S to 6 flay a. Victims of theee horrible oomplaints, who woald wiah to be valuable men and ornaments to society. should embrace the earliest opportunity for relief. Dr. Whitman has made the most oomp ete arrange menu for the oomfort of tna patients who oome from a distanoe. i hey will be furnished with the moat pleasant anc agreeable a oar t*r% necessary diet, and made as oomfortabie as tbey would be at a first class hotel at tees than na'f the eocl. Do not forget tbe name aud number. I>r. She man's offioi is on the oorner of 8>xth street aw* Pennsylvania avenue. Clareiniou Hotel. opposite the National Hotel, Waat.ii?toa. D C. Persons at a distance should encioee stamp for return postage. Office liocu, A. in P. M. Various parties have been enticed from my in stitution by oertain swindlers on back st eets ta this city, who will rue it till the day of their deata-^^^^^ A wirrl t rt t\? Wl? ill unfficiont ?y 9 It #CV?Ow?4.r*M, /yMrtwui. JmAwnzn rrmt Irritation or Sor?***> of tk* Throat, KiIhm (* Hacking Couth ?* Com/wmt>I turn, Bromckitir, t Cmtmrrk, CUmr and n? >t'>nttk to Iht ?MM of rUBLlC t* P t A K tKI am> SINGERS. Few are tvtr* of the imporUuo* of obeekmt a Coof h or "Corninon Cold1' in ita first state; that which in the b^gming would yield to a mild rente dr. if neglected. soon attacks the Lungs. "Brotea's Broncktal Trotkt>." eoDtainmg rema cent mgredi nU, ailay Pulmonary aud tiionelual Irritation. . , 1 "Thattrouhie m my Throat, (for BROWN'S which the area having made me often a mere whieTROCHES perer. N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'? M I reoommend Uieir uae to Pvblm " SrtlKBkS. TROCHES RKV- ? H- CHAPIN. "6 reat aerrioe in subduing Bo* JBRUWWS 5*se. KtV.DAJVItL WISL. VROCRiri) "Almost miUnt roiief m the dis ' treg?ir.t ;?hor of hretthiEf ?eculi?r RROWN'H to Asthma." mruwpip RKV. A. C. EG6LESTON. TROCHES " CoctsiD bo Opium or AnrlHiOc mjnnois." UK. A. A HA v Eg, BROWN'S Cktmtnt, troches CROWN'S ?? 4 * TRO< Hi-* " Bwteflouy m B*owckitib." BKU " I h?T? prowd tbWB WMltaaA for TROCHES W*oor:n? Coisi." ' REV, H. W. WARP EN. BROWN'S RcfM*. " B*n*fioiRi ?h? eomprlKi u TROCHKS span , mtterinj froio Coin." fcF.V. S. J. V. ANDERSON, BROWN"? St. ? Krrvrwu. \n Hctrw rKiil/Hhv. uess tnd ImiatioB of the rh'??t. ? BROWN'S can"non With *'? "*"* TROCHE? ?.8TACY JOHNSON^ T?oh?r ?f Mbwo.Rowhpw BROWN'S Fem*!?Co!l*?. TROCBKi? "?ieo? l vh?>n r?k?a hefor* and p-an^hiiif. *s ?rrvi?Dl BROWN'S H'j?rnM>?*?s. f-Tom their r?st eff ?, * I tliink U *y will t<e of rsfBisnssit MIROCHES '?***/? T* di>U I.kv. A M. BROWN*? fmiMof Alcere Coiieie.Ters. TROCHE? Draff ?s?aa? TWENTY I IVg CEttTe UOX.^J) O IjT i'ROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL ABO BLOOD REJT07ATER lr preou-p'.* what t>u name lndtoatee. for, tyit pleaoaM to the liuc, it revtvifritjj, exhiK-aty g. invicorat'Lg acc atrer tsei w.j t.i tiie vi'-a pvmirt. and at the KJvra* time revn ifies. rein?tatec, and re oo*? the Blood in a I its orieina) pant;, and thus at once rM?*?.* ?n<* r*win* tk> ryitrm ?<?' /? to (Utfrks if It is th* only preparation ?v?r ofiered to the *rorld, so ehsnucaity and skill fully o< mhinr-d astolietlie nost powtri'sl tome, and at the same time so perfeot!? adapted to. as u> act in per foot &ooorrfanc? with the law* of nature, and benoe vili wotkt tk* u-rak-M ttomnek. and tone up the digestiv* organs. and thae alia? ai. ner son^as-i other irritation. It is perfect ? exiii ara tine and ai lue name tone it ia oomposed entire ? of vegetables, ret so oonil>in<*d m U pmduoe the most thorough tonio efieot, wtnost producing ai r >u ii?rions oonne^ueuoof. tench a remedy has lor* loeii felt to l>e a dee:d iratiuu in the medical w<ri?f, - -- - ?J 1 i ?? ri al *i*Hihtv lor u rooQK uo foliowi ali attack* of diaeaae. ai.<) proceed* and in deed !aya the sysfan) op to th? inaid.oaa attacks of mauv of the moat lata!,such, for example, as the following: <'..i aurnption, Indigeatioi., Pyrpepoia, l.oea of Appetite. Fainuiens, Servoun Irritability. Neura gta, Habitation of the heart, Meiaaoho'v, Niant sweats, Lata or, G?ddio?*?>, Retention of. aa well aa Painful obstructed. too profase, or u?o scant Menstruation. and Falling of the Womb Theee all depend neon general dooiljtv. TL:a pare, wealthy tonic Cordial and li'ood Renovator i? aa aoretoeure aa tue bud tat o nee and aet. Tnere is no mi .iaka about it . Hot this is not a'l If the system is weakened we are o?en to biltoas at tacks, tbe liver tieo<>mes torpid. or worse dieua*?J. the kidiieye refuae to perform their functions, aad wearetroablea ?:tb ecaiaing and laoontneooeo arine, or involentary dieohsrfe ?f the sane, paia in the back, side and betweea the ahoaldere. eaoeedicgly liable to alight ooias, oougna, and :t an obeoked. eo-m emaciation friioara.ana the patieat goee a own to a premature crave. But aeaee will not al low aa to enumerate the man* ills to whioh we are liable iu a weakened e -ndition of the nrasi, Bat we will aa? ia this Cordial aad B o >d Renovator you have a perfect safe pt eaeant and efeciea) remedy for loss of Apeetite. Buionsness. riata leoce, weak and tiok Stomach. Uunar. Liver Complaint. Cfcii.a and Kever.or an? Bifioaaattaek Cot tf vei. e?a o .^1 of th^ Mb. N^VtfMnasa. of gpinuTiio^ee, Pimples oit^e FaoavrMj ^d|e weakneM, ud eouwruM tovn. ** vi.iWK nasi rare r?w>edy, and no om ?>u>ald ?tw tmeal without. K e*dw, try it, far *r? mm re you ynu wi SI t- _cl in It afr fU'. tJ^.M vniiM ufnettfic need. All >wmm of aedeatary habtta wul iad it a perfect arevetti ve ol, aa well m a car* for thoae ailrr.eatiwt. cfc tiiey are particularly expoaod H^rc* mimiteri. ??udente, attorney*. litararv g?<1?n. and iadiee who are not aoeaetnmed to meet* oat Coor exeroue, will za* it <o tWr advaatac* to n?jt a bottle ooajtant'y on hand; and above a 1 moAara, or thoM oeeosuitf each, will ro throe*k that moat danteroaa aeriooi not only wit* a* u?r accu?:ortifJ atreaftfe. bat mm aud frm from the thooaarfl ai menta ao preva PLt anrnoi the feMtfe port.ot of trie Fond fn abort, la indeed a laotaay'e cordial. Try it old and yonnc; ao lo- ger raa Uie nek of de.ay; it Will relieve and yore itMUaaahatloaalya g^aMtaa* C?r<iet earf i>'W Jieiiw gf. O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Broadway. New Yt^, arid 114 Ifarket fltraalSt.TJoaia. Ma., aa4 pia by all foodDrauieta. Prioe Oae Dollar per mimrxm wnMM * I RESTORATIVE CORDIAL *.? BLOOD KBNOTATOR Bo)4 ta thte city br C. BfOTT, tT? ItiniM ? ?-?ly.ajw goon AMD wo RIT VU Wear* wnr eetihetmrias ell tlaieof BOOVI ai SHOES, m4 MUUBUT ratMTiii Mf f o<? f1? vorfew mttii-IW ertyuofi. muli iurw t| to ortir.iMwUlfn W WM U k fMklOVM fri** thMJMibMB* |? hwtolm rtanwl la ux fiTMiaMN arttel?. ^ ___

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