Newspaper of Evening Star, August 21, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 21, 1861 Page 3
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MAI. NEWS. CT^Thoof b Tki Is printed on the testa* i^n. prrw la me south oi Baltimore, tta edition It so tort* a? to rrqalr- It to be pat to press at an tarty b<"ir; Adwt!?rmrnls, therefore, should be atnt In before W o'clock m ; otherwise tbey may not aaati the next day. * Nones ?District of Columbia Advertisements e be inserted In tbeBaLTiMons 9vn are received at and forwarded from Tn Stai Office. Msstihgot THtTiritin or PraLicSchools. Tbe Board of Public School Trustees met In the Aldermen's room st the City Hall lsst evening, not at tbe stated hour, 4){ o'clock, to which tbey sdjonrned two weeks si ore, but at 5 minutes pas 8?thus setting a bsd example to teachers sod pop!Is In the way of punctuality. The President being absent, Mr. Miller wss called to tbe Chair. Tbe Chair snnounced the o*ject of tbe meeting to be the election of teachers, and called attention to tbe rule adopted st tbe lsst meeting, which declared that teachers who neglected to band In their reports ahould not be candidates fcr reflection Dr Ironsides said he bsd announced at the last meeting the outrages committed by Government teamsters on the public scbooi-bouae In tbe First Ward, near the Observatory, and the fact that be had wr'tten twice to the Quartermaster General without receiving a reply He now held In his hand a letter from Quartermaster General Meigs, dated the 7th Instant, which he bad not received until yesterdsy in consequence of a mistake tn tbe superscription. Tbe officer named Informs him tbat Major Rucker, Quartermaster, has been directed to repair tbe damage done. Or Ironaldes presented the application of Dr. Chas E. Dailey for a position sa teacher of vocal music In tbe public schools, and Mr. Caas*?l presented tbe application of Miss Alice E Adams for s teachershlp and both applications were appropriately referred. Dr Ironsides then moved tbat the Board take up tbe business for which thev were called together, and suggested tbat'tbe election of teachers be proceeded with by districts in their numerical order. He then nominated the following teachers, who were all elected : for tkt Fir?t District?District school, (male department.) S. John Thomson; assistant, (female department.) Mary P Middletoa. Male primary, M K. Rodler ; aaaistant, Emily Robinson. Primaries?No 1, MaryS. Ritchie; No '2, Adeline K Lowe; asstatant. Arte meal a Hall: No. 3. Henrietta Slater; No 4, Mary J Mills; No. 5, Frances E. Hoover, sub-assistant, Sarah V. Triplets For 'he See end District?Mr Fort nominated ; D strict school, (male department.) Thomas M Wilson; assistant. Emily Myers; assistant, (female department.) E H. Boggs. Male primary, Rebecca M. Bigelow. Primaries?No. 1, Isabella F Acton; No 2, Martha V. Fletcher; asaiatant, Marie L. Henry; No. 3, Catharine McCarthy; assistant, Margaret E. Flenner; No. 4, Emilv V Billing; aaaiatant. Amanda Balrd, No 5, Eliza T Ward; No 6, Laura A. Reed; sub-assistant, Marls Y. Davis, and all were elected Forth* Tkird District?Dr Walsh nominated : District school, (male department ) William M. McCathran; assistant, Elizabeth Parsons; assistant, (female departments Emily Remaey Male primary. Jane E. Moss. Primaries?No 1, Frances Elvans; lit assistant. Emily E Tucker; 'id assistant, Marv Ann Hill; No. 2, Lucy E Moore; ass'sfaat, Catharine Murphy; No. 3, Eliza W. Clarke; No 4, Lydia E. Cboate; No 5, Mary K> Symonds; assistant, Josephine S. Bird; No 6, Catherine Sanderson; No. 7, Ellen L. Jensen; No. , Lucy B. Davis; sub-assistant, Mary Aukward, and all were elected For tkt Fomrth District? Dr. Willet made tbe following nominations; District school, (Male department.) John E Thompson; assistant, (female department,) Margaret A Mtlbu n Mule primary, Emma L. Reed; 1st assistant, Sarah E EcklcfT, id assistant. Geneva Reed Primaries? No 1, Annie M. Adsms; aaaistant, Mary Ann Bowen. No. i, Mary A. Lee; No. 3, Mary E. Martin; No 4, M Agnes ."kidmore; No 5, Anna E. Dawes; sub- assists at, Msrla Norrls, and they were all elected {It may be proper to state that in the above list there Isbutonenew name?Mrs. Mary Ann Bowen. I Mr. Kdaon, teacher of ths male primary school, having resigned, there were several promotions, } leaving one vscancy to be tilled, and to this va cancy Mrs Bowen was elected J Dr Ironside moved to postpone tbe election cf a teacher of vocsl music until tbe next regular monthly meeting, which was agreed to A resolution was Introduced by Dr. Ironsides prescribing tbe rules of admission as follows : 1st. Pupils wbo were such at the close of tbe last term, id Transfers from other schools. 3d. New applicants in order 01 tbe dates of their tickets of admission. Adopted Dr Ironsides also offered a resolution to punish with suspension or removal such teachers as evade or neglect to conform strictly to the rules for the government of tbe schools; which was adopted. Dr Fort offered a resolution to pay Mr J. II. Daniel his salary in full as teacher of vocal music for the month of October. INJl), and explained that Mr. Daniel discharged the dutlea tbe whole month, and was only paid for one week. Resolution adopted. The qurstinn of paying Mr Edscn ills full salary for the month of July?be having resigned his tcachership to accept s position under the iovernment roroe time during the month?was discussed *.t length by various members, and on motion of Dr Willet laid over till the next meeting ; snd the board adjourned to tbe first Tuesday In September Msstisg or Polici CoMMissioitaas ? Tbe Bosrd of Polrce Commissioners met in their room (at the City Hall yesterday evening, at 5 o'clock, but tbe session was held with closed doors We learn that no business wss transacted of general Interest, except the appointment of a committee to take under consideration tbe apportionment of tbe proposed police force; the limits of districts; uurnI Vrs to esch district, Ac.* Messrs Brown of this city, Tenney of Georgetown, and Bowen of the county, are on the committee. Of courxe, the recommendations of tbe committee must receive the approval of ths board before tbey are valid Tke board adjourned to Thursday evening next, at 5 o'clock The committee will meet to-morrow No appointments can be made until after Monday next, as It will be seen by the advertisement in another column tbat applications for office (In writing) will be received by tbe board until tbat day It is understood that the following are amonir the candidates for the poat of Superintendent of Police under the recent act of Congress Capt .1 H Birch, formerly Csptain of Auxiliary Guard , J F Wollard, of the old police; E G Handy, do do ; J. Dowltng, Government clerk; J H Goddard, present Chief of Police; A R Allen detective officer, John N Davis, formerly Chief of Day Police. William B Webb, lawyer of this city; Patrick C Crowley, formerly a contractor upon the Water Works, and ex Superintendent Carpenter of New York We bear that for tbe Clerkship there were some thirty applicants, amongst them the following B Mllbnrn. Thus E Llovd. J C Clayton. Bell. J ii McCutcben, T C. Donn, John H. Johnson, W A Kennedy. F J McNerbany and Ttos A.L^senby. The latter got it, for reasors already slated In this paper. N?t Yet Srorran ?Mr Editor: i took a walk Sunday evening, out New York avenue. On tha corner of Fourth street i found a congregation ct Christiana, worshipping God. On the second square, east. i beard a noise, as of the rolling of a ball and tbe foil of pins, accompanlrd by loud talk. i stopped and looked Into a gat*, snd saw crowd of men and boys, st what 1 supposed was a bar. apparently drinking liquor. i also saw two men In uniform, one drunk, and tbe other taking him sway from the place. I observed to them th*| somebody wss violating tbe law of God. as well as the late lsw of Congress i saw other men 1 in uniform in tbia place, who appeared to be effl(cars I aaw other soldiers as well ss citizens ?o:ng in snd oat of this place i wondered where tha police were, that such glaring violations of law should be permitted oa tbe Sebbath day. Returning. I met two men?ons la uniform, who wsa Inquiring for Loffler's Gsrden. i tald the girl of whom be inquired not to tell him He told me to "cilnd my own basiaesa ?? i answered, tbst was ny business, ss s citizen i perceive tbe Msyor of Georgetown baa Lsaed a proclamation on tbe Uquor law recently passed by Congress, commanding its doe enforcement la Georgetown I Lavs seen nothing of tee kind from the Mayor of Washington, unless tbat about mad dogs has a reference to tbe subject; for, indeed, there u not much difference between hydrophobia and mania potu, though there are nine'..-nine cases of the a'ter to one of tbe former. Why this apathy on psrt of our city authorities oa the enforcement of tne law* Per baps It Is because their time is abort i have great hopes that tbe new Chief of 'he Metropolitan Police will be a man who will art these things right Law ahd Oaota Coitssbaud ?Night before last the authorities st >he depot received s dispatch from Baltimore nirotting Um> seizure of a oartain box then on Its ??y via Adams Express When tbe cars arrived the propet officer took possession of the alleged oootrsband, and placed It under a guard of reg. tK*?Pot Tb? box Is oae of those uaed of b7 "d *? oW stsmp on It ?f R(^o,Cbaao A Co , Baltimore, its weLhl la A Maffett, Wash > ?'i J C. The contents have not yet bees coatiir^LiTLt* bT ?hs otUcials to 2? JA? ?ld c??f<?rt for the enemy ? It la dd tbat large quanUUea of freight baa of late eemljg r^d directJd s. this packk y&arjgfg U>-0Ptl CUM ^m those 1 Baltimore wbo knew wbat its contents were ' ? r .~11.U foported that the court I * i oof 1 iceir aempUeltyia the revolt Yocws Men's Chrhtia* Association.?Not withstanding the rain?tbe heavy and almost Incessant rain?a very interesting meeting of M C. A wu held on Monday evening, at their room* opposite Brown* Hotel After the usual opening services. the President (Mr Mlller) presented the report of the operations of the Association daring the past month. This consisted of a reference to the ususl Held* of labor, the meetings at the rooms, the mission Sabbath schools. the arrangement made at the last meeting to commence open-air aervlces on the afternoon of the Sabbath under the supervision of tne superio- . tendenU of divisions. and the followl ng statement I of facte relative to the work of supplying U. 8. I aoldlera with religious reoding. Distribution up to the present time: j 1.701 copies of the New Testament in English. | 1 063 " " In German. [ i ?? ? aud Bosk of Psalms. I ' 41 ?? " In French, Italian, J and Spanish. 30 copies oi the entire Bible. 4,610 volumes. . i About 30 (<00 tracts from the American Tract Society. New York, and about ?!.**> worth of little books and tracts donated by the Boston Tract I Society h?d alao been distributed. This large distribution has been effected In part directly and partly in cooperation with the Chaplains of theseveral reelmenta. Much eagernesato I obtain aud much gratitude for that supplied had I been manifested by both olBcers and men. Facts were alluded to which warranted the belief that j great good bad already resulted. | Regret was expressed that the pecuniary embar- I rassments of the times, by cutting off all the ex- j traordlnarv resources and curtailing the ordinary 1 revenue of the Association for several months past, I had necessarily very much abridged its means of I usefulness. After the dispatch ?f some matters of business, I Rev Mr. Ooss. Secretary of the New York Evan- I gellcal Alliance, was introduced, who addressed the meeting on the duty of following closely the great examplar of our fhlth, "In going about do- I in? good " He also gave an Interesting account I of the objects, plans and operations of tbe society I he represented. In tbecollectlon and the dlstrlbu- I tion of papers, periodicals and bvmn ?*>oke among the soldiers?a large edition of tbe "Union Hymn I Book*' having been prepared and published by I the Alliance for this purpose. Rev Mr. Rising and Mr. Vincent Colyer, of the New York Young Men s Christian Association, were then Introduced, wbo each favored j tbe Association with very Interesting statements | of their observations and experiences during I recent and very numerous visits to encampments I and hospitals in this vicinity; expressed a hearty I desire both for themselves and the association they represent to cooperate with this Association I in every means of doing good, especially In the I extraordinary Held which Providence has opened I before us; referred to the sense of oppressive mag- I nltude of the work, and the deslrabtenesa of the I hearty cooperation of all Christians In eflorts to | improve the opportunities presented both In en- I campments and hospitals Superintendents of Divisions were subsequently I called upon for statements of tbe progress of the I work in their respective districts during the past I month, when interesting and encouraging state- I menu were made by Messrs Vanzantvoord, Nor I ton, French and Ballantyne The following resolution, offered by Mr. Van- I zantvoord, was unanimously adopted : R'solrtd, That we welcome the committee of I the Yt ung Men's Christian Association, of New I York, and the Secretary of the Evangelical Alii- I ance to our city; and we offer to them our hearty I co-operation and assistance iu their plans and I labors for promoting tbe spiritual and temporal I comforts of tbe soldiers of our army. After which all separated, feeling that it had J been good for every member If he had been I present. Shall this Association, which, by Its works I throughout the length and brendth of this city, I has Illustrated the true spirit of Christianity, l>e I suffered to languish for want of the means which I brs heretofore been furnished annually by a La- I dies' Festival, but which It was not this year I deemed prudent or proper to hold; while hun- I dreds of citizens have not only abundance, but I to spare MiLASraoiT SriciD* ?Yesterday the proprie- I tors of the National Hotel discovered that Mr F I G. West, x boarder in their house, had committed I suicide Mr. West took a room at the National I on tbe lftth Instant, and upto the time of h i death I there bad been nothing in his appearance or con- I duct to excite suspicion of his purpose Mon- I day night he visited the theater. After nls return 1 he called for ink and paper, and retired to his I room He was b?ad moving about his cbsmber I as late as two o'clock, and m late as eight o'clock I yesterday morning nothing wrong was discovered I | or suspected. At a late hour he was discovered | llfe'.tas upon his bed He had spread a towel I upon his pillow, and adjusted himself nicely 1 upon tbe bed, with his wife's miniature clasped I tirmly In his band. Four ounce pblais, which had I contained laudanum.were found in the room,and I ese be had purchased at different places He j had written several letters before he committed I the ect, to his wife; his father, Capt S W West, 1 of New Rochelle.NY ; Prof Bache. U.S. Coast j Survey; Capt Phelps, of the steamer Vixen; F . I W Miller, Detroit. Mich.; and Mr John Crow-I ley, card writer, at the National, with whom be | was iutimate Tbe deceased was attached to the I Coast Survey, and was highly esteemed by all I connected with him. and the suicide greatly dis- I tresses bis friends. It has been rumored that the I cause was domestic difficulties, and that Mr.l | Crowley was the authority for the assertion Mr. I C. assures us that no one bad any authority for I ! such a statement from him. and that intimate as I he was with the deceased, bs knew of no such I cause existing. No inquest being deemed neces I sary, arrangements have been mad - for the im- I media'e transmission of the body to the family I He was about thirty years of age. Thb River?There are now at Carter's wharf I tbe schooners Tariff and John R. Griffith, dis- I charging cargoes of coal for Mr C M Keyes I The schooner L Pbleger, with lt?5 tons of coal I for Mr T Drurv. Is at the same wharf At Riley's wharf. tb?> schooner Congress has I arrived from Baltimore with a deck load of baled I hay, the hold being tilled with ice. 1 At Bradley's wharf, tbe propeller Jerome Is I taking in 50.000 lbs of fallow and 900 hides, tbe I tallow being consigned to New York and the I bides to Baltimore They are shipped byJon-sj i Co, who dispose of the "fifth quarter" of the I cattle slaughtered by Government There Is some alarm among the coasters now at I tbe wharves in consequence of a rumor th it their I vessels will not be allowed to p->ss down tbe river I bv the Government flotilla at Aquia Creek This I alarm originated in consequence of tbe return of I some wood vessels to the wbsvees here after at- I tempting to pass down It appear* that they were I overhauled by the Goverrtuent steamers and re- I quired to give bond that tnev would not touch I tbe Virginia shore They were unable or un- I willing to give such bond, alleging that they I mtpht be blown on to tbe Virginia shore and thus I forfeit their vessels to the Government, and the I consequence of such refusal was tuat they were I ordered back to tbiscity. Great vigilance Is now I very properly exercised In regard to trade on the I river and bay. i Pbelmi.nart Hearing Po?.rroN*n?Yester- I day Justice Donn proceeded to the county jail to I open tbe investigation of tbe evidence against J P. ??s<itt of Va , who has been coutlued there I several days The principal wltn*-?es not having I arrived, tbe case was continued The charge I against him is giving aid and comfort to tbe I rebels The case of W. T. Walker and W. I McC. Mills, was to have been entered upon, but I tbe absence of impor'ant witnesses caused its I coutinuance also They are charged with shoot. I log Into the csrs on the Orange and Alexandria I Railroad in May last. Moai Misdeeds or Teamsters ?Mr Editor: I ! know of no means but through your valuable I paper to call the attention of the authorities to the I manner in which the teamsters are robbing tbe I market gardens around about tbe neighborhood of I Connecticut avenue and Twentieth street. Can it I not be stopped The poor are fairly having bread I taken from their mouths One told me to-day I that bis whole corn fleTd has beeu stripped, ana I his cabbage and potatoes are being carried away I the bag full. Please use your Influence to I have it stopped. 1 A SUBSCRIBER AMD SrrrRRBR. Washington, Aug. 80. j Campbells' L'sbivalrd Minstrels bad an I overflowing house last night, and tbe attendance I of ladles was unusually large To-night tbe I Campbells pile up a bill of amplitudinous rich- I ness. with fun. song, and sentiment in dus pro-I jx rtions Among <he special good things is the I "Auy Other Man" by Sevmour. and tbe "Damon I aud Lucullns" by Dupont and Gaylord Go I early: * John H. Mbrpht.?This young man, who was I convicted of manslaughter in the Boyd case, and I sentenced to eight years Imprisonment in the pen- I iteutlary, is still In the county jail, where he will I probably remain until Saturday before being re I moved His sister, a child eight or nine years I Id, to whom he was much sttached, died In this I city yesterday F:br ?The residence of Mr Wm Shipley, on 1 Eleventh street, between H and I, caught Are this I inoruiay. from tbe chimney, and but for tbe exer-1 tioas of himself and uetghbors would have been I destroyed As it is, the asmage Is slight and csn I be easily repaired The house belongs to Mr 1 Graham , Urimi CL' Sed ?Tbe temporary footway con- I Meeting the Meigs bridge acroaa Rock Creek with I terra Jlrmn on tbe Georgetown aide, has been re- I moved, and that cut-offls no longer available for I pedestrians Tbe recommencement of the ma- I sonry work It the reason for this temporary Inter- I ruption of travel. I A a rivet. at Carter's wharf (foot of Thirteen- I anda-bslf street) schooners Tariff, Harding, with I coal, for O. M KefB; Phleger, Sbellborn, Phlla-1 deiphia. with lostousofcostf, for T. Drury. | Committed ?Yealerday afternoon the parties mentioned to the Star, as having been arrested In Maryland and aent to thta city, were committed to tbe county jail by Jnatlce Donn. The charge agalnat them la giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Thev are all from Prince George's coonty and the vicinity of the White Horae Tavern and Fort Washington. and are well known In thia city. They were aent op by Major Palmar, *.'d U. 8. Cavalry Bert for THE Soldier* ?The fr?quent arrival* of fat cattle for the Government are absolutely neceaaary to keep up the supply, as about eighty cattle are now killed each day at toe Goveminent slaughter housva. There are now acveral hundred beeves in fine condition In the Monument 1st. Released.?This morning Justice Donn, by direction of the District Attorney, released John Keely, Francis Guest, John M Fraas, and F. D. J Kerr from tbe county Jail. They are a portion of the prisoners taken In the small cralt on the river by the flotilla, and aent to thlacltytobe disposed of according to law.' Sklliso Liquor to Soldires.?John MrCabe was arrested to-day by the Provoat Guard for aclllng liquor to soldiers. He was fined by Justice Donn J P. Alston was arrested by the troops encamped north of tbe city upon a similar charge. He was detained for trial at 4 o'clock p. m. S*E5T to Ric hmond?It Is stated by a gentleman from Fairfax county, Va .that the two sons of Mr John H. Gargus, who has been a fugitive from the rebels for some time. Lave been taken by the rebels and sent to Richmond. Central Guardhouse Cases.?George Kendall, (col'd,) a fugitive from the workhous??, wss captured and sent back to serve his term. Matilda Wade, drunk and disorderly; workhouse 6<l days. Several lodgers were accommodated. Holloway's Pill* and Ointment.-Palp tation of the heart is f'Cquently caused by indigestion or re axed s'ate of thu nervous system. A course of a few weeks of these mvaluab e medicines will dimmish the irregu'ar throb'irg and, by removing the source, restore its natural pulsation To assist tie functions, not to foroe toem, is the true ?e cret of suocess. Ho loway's medicine* anfl treatment are based on the simple laws of nature-l>y annihilating the cmae, the effect disappears. Sola by ft l Druggists at 2So , 62a., and 91 per box or pot au 20 lw _ Cowoh*.?The sudden changes of our elimate are suuroea of Pulmonary, Bronckial and Asthmatic Areeiteajj^kxporience having proved that simple remedies^^A act speedily and oertainly when taken in tlH&rly states of the disease, reoourse should at once be had to * Brown's Bron'hial ZVoeAe* " or Loienges, let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be ever so slight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may be effectually warded oil. Public Speakers and Sinters will End them effectual for clearing and strengthening the voice. See advertisement. de 1-ly Reader. have yon seep Prof. Wood's advertise* ment in our paper. Reat' it; it will interest you. an 20-eoly To THE At/licted !?Be ?nre to read the a<1ver..samsnt of MoLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another column. tf _ , Prnnirs. Persons desiring peonies will always ftnd them for exohangeat the Star Office counter. tf Dr. SCIIEXCH'T fle.vt ViHlt to Wanhlugton WILL RE ON WKDRESDAY, Angast 2t?t. schewk'g jiasdr.ike pills, A t ertaln Care fer Diseased Liver and the Mnny Dangerous Maladies which isre Caused by a Marbid C'andltien ef that Organ. To give the public a clear understanding of 'he V"", Jn *'l!oh SCHK.NCK'3 MANDRAKK K t5P?tho96 Wi?nd*rlu! effects which afe attested bt thousands ol reliable wunebsej, wo pres.-nta brief DESCRIPTION OF THI HUMAN LIVER aril its fil iations, w :icu will mue trio operation of till" pooiiiar inodioiiid perceptible to ever? man's understanding. t he liver is supplied with bloodvessels, nerves, an<) absorbents. One of its of vh us u?e* is to prepare and secrete the bile. It I k fi ters the blood and sepa ates that fluid fiom a!i its inipuri ties. How indispensably necssary to health is ?he prrper performance of this function! 11 the liver is diseased it cannot purify tiie nlood,an<! if tnat is sent back through the lungs, b aia, and otlur Darts in a morLi<l ion, it must o&us jauudico, biliousness, obstruction of the kidneys, giavei, and many other complaints, more or less painful and dangerous, but trie l<a-t o. them quite t nougli to make a man sick an.l uncomfortable, and unfit lor the performance of any of th- duties ol life. This uiihea11riy grate of the system very often enJs in pulmonary eonsuinption. 1 h > circulH.i'in of tno blood is oon>!ucted in this manner1 he heart sen<'? the vi'a< current down through the arteries?it pass's through the tl sh, taiing up a I im?U'iti*? in its progress?th n the str ams of nloo 1 n.iwa backward thr??u?h the vt u,s and passes to ths liver to be punfi?d. It is impossible to cure consuinp.ion, scrofula, or tearo-ly any other kind of ulceration wtii.o that important " <arJ the Liver, is diseased. It is for that reason that regu ar physicians'' ra*ely oureconsumption ?'i -y u ua ly begin their trea*in?nt with the me of some cough inedioine, the t asis of which is moiphia or opium in soiii* shape, which locks up the liver, instead of relaxing la * secretions, kivp * a ton*i t.i the stomach. ai-d producing a heaithy How or bi'e Dr. Scnenck'e PULMONIC SYRi P, (lAWBI Ii TONIC. AND MtXUR K K PILLS, will strengthen the system, purily the blood, and ripon and heal u cers on thj 'uukd. Intuborcuioiis consumption, where the stomach and liver i* geuerslij in a tolerable healthy oondi tion, the Pulinoi ic Syrup alone wi I root out all .mpuriussof the biooa. and restore the pitient to h- alth.u th* cavities in the lungK are not too deep, llutwheie consumption originates, as two thirds ?>I the cases do in this section of the country, sympathising from a torpid liver or d.soriler. a ttniu a ;h, it requires tbo S.aweed Tonic and Manrfrake Puis, in connection, to bring them in aotii.n?t.len the ru m nic S*> up seems m go or dissolve into Mint I, a. il thus throw out a I impurities; tht n consLinpt.i ii and ecr</'u ous disea es must yirjd to :nos' in-dioines, if properly taken. They have cured thousands, and other thousand - ars im* beI..K cure<l by then S< HfcXCK'S MANDRAKK j i1- &re lltMnK more to r. gulate tho sti.m?c' wnd liver tian any otner medicine ever invenud. i housand are using them now, in this city and elsewhere, and every oii? is astonish d at th?ir good etfects \\ hen th* diseased sta e of any part of tho body require* purg?tiv?i,ihe.e Pi:lsalways each tne seat of th^ disease. They are as harm ies? as bread, but far moro powerful tnan caiomel or any oth r mineral poison, in th?ir curative efjcots. Almost every day, some person, who has been cured by them, o< mes ro Dr Scm?nok'? offioe ai'd relates the wonders t:iey have perftriniJ. r rum ronio persons they have expelled large wo'ms: f.i m others, morbid matter; a.-4d fromotners again, o:ear bile. WOND2RPOT. CORRS. In certain cas.-s, persons who nsd been il! for a ong tune uitn diseased lwer?skin s\liow. tongue coated bowels costive, br ath orten-i ve, 4c., w re restored t-j bea th and the p-'rloctenjoymont of life, by tne use of this medicine. S nn? who v ere thug If-'"i ???l become so dull, drowsy, or lethargic or foot ' 804r0e', nad e"er?) enough to move hand In suohi cases, the ailment is often caused or worms By using S;;Hf;.\cK'S M *.NDKAKt, " 4ie ",le ai,<^ corrupt matter which constitute wliat are cai 1 d the * worms' beds" are worged ofl, and the worms themselves pass ft wit. then. Some weeks ago a la?iy told or. Sohenck that she hau taken the Pil s for liver oomplaint, t>nt, to her great mrorue, the m-dicine brought *rav several worms, each about teu inohes iu on % t hi An old gentleman, of Baltimore, who had been in a wretcntrt condition f r a ioni tiui^. took tnA SKA WKKDI lONlCand WANLkaKK P i.LS alter whioh he ca sed thousands o! amail worms (ascarides), and he is n?w pe feotly we 1. A lady came to Dr Sch-nckattlm Marlboroush Hotel, Boston; she was supposed by her physicians to be afflicted with tase worm. She had ?e vere pains ai.d sensation of soin Hiiing moving and tvlsting ms'de of her. These t^eluigs, at 'imes, ainlftst threw her int> convulsions, ft wouldcreeo up into her throat and appear to bite ; the on y way to quiet it was to d ink inilk, when it would sett e down and go to sleep. She would hav<? to take a quart to bad wi h her every night for that purpose. She was very costive, skin yellow, and uried up to n'? ArSth^MW; uUr' ?ohenok gave her fou- M A.Nsk* wVJn^.vfp night for a wees, and t? e Ik , i sONlC acoording to the direct ions, whioh only, moved the bowais s.ight y on .e a day, and whioh luordma-y persons, would have phr? iced wvorely s hut it si kened the a i:nal, and sne n ,-t o avt?n' mor' ?nilk At the end week. Dr e. her a dou-le *loae, s\y eicii* or ten Mandrake Pills, and ??on after she passed * Quaatay of muons a d slime, in whicn as iinbtKjded a large lixard. From that tune she began to recover, and la now perfeotly well. 1 his arooer ^?U# Wl h 'r?"?r medicine and fhtfnt Any person that luagines that 7?or any other kind of aJ . 1 W"' Uk? ,u?oieni Mandrake Pilia ?v''' 'or ? weeic or ten days to ro ax the ?T* il not to then Uke a large dose eno igb tophyaio aev?rely,it will can y ofl all uiorbid matter in the system, and if nothing of the kind should be there it will oleanse thr> system and leave the patient in a healthy condition. f71f-wouid we ^uired to t'v* * brief ac??-hVn. if-J? u*r,k*ble oor"" P??rformed by Or. KSrp hRi M^oines, VIE : p U 1. MO.MIC P III D tonic, mandrake PlLl.?? all of whioh areaooompanied by tall di reotfn* for the use r,f them. Dr. SCHbNv-K has "j ?f the large cities where he hae an eatenstve praotioe. All person* w,,o wta^^?trl?rmlithhw,w'1i,n,et w,,h klnd and aitentire treatment. Ht miles nocktrgt for mii 8. B. WAITK, oorner of Saven'h street and Louisianaavsnne is Agent for Dr SOHbNCK S Medicines in VVa-hington. Pnoe 25 neuts per box bS* o?Wr,. Nin* 9?'U * 'Um?t wUl" ..|i^ Rememhar, Dr. 9CH KNCK'8 rest viait to W ashing ton la Wednesday, August it*t. a?t can ? at t,l# Pru? ?tore of SAMl'KL H.

WAITK. oorner of Seventh at. and Lo-Maianaav He wisnes e?ery one bow using his a>edicir.? to ooiaeand eee him. No ohargelor advice. He only charges when it la neoeasary or the patient wishes sayfjar"-4 " agro cloee out, I offer my entire stook, omaneinc eotueMsi.tSio weii-made ClttAKS, of all aiE?e and fr*dee, also about to cases CONNKCriOUT fcl> LEaF TOBACCO, VARA III; etc .etc for oa*h at and below ooat. ' P. WK1LBACHKR, of Baltimore, _ Sto eNo. 943 Pa.aveiHie, M 6 Between 12th and lstU sii. AMUSEMENTS. Q D D FELLOWS' HALL ! UNABATEtTfTTCCESS: OVERfLOWiyO HOUSES Sixth Night of the CAMPRFLL MI+STtiBLS. ISKLSK^B^mock as "Ajiy OTHBX MAS." Firat Night ?f _ _ DAMON AMD LUCtJLLUS. Damn*.. C. Da pent. Locu lur L Ga*lord. Concluding with a new Walk ar< und. entitled ON DE ROAD TO GEORGIA. Doors open at 7 o'clock, oommenoinr at a o'clock. Adminion?TWENTY FiVK CENTS. DR G. FORD. u Business Ag?r.t. LOST AND FOUND. TOST?A black'?ce VEIL, either on Ninth or _i M street The finder wi'I foe suitably rewrHed ftyjea ving It at 374 Ninth at. it" IQST?On Snndav, the 18th m?tant, a pair of 4d?llblejoM bowed SPECTACI.t- S ~ it?ark?d '& M." The finder will be^*^ ^ suita >ly rewarded by returning thein to 349 F St., between 9th and in.h sts. 2" 3t? Mia .SARAH MOORE. 7VOTICE.? Were taken from Henjamin Went, i <??]2Lr?<'>,snd supposed to be atolen. five HOGS Theowier or ownera arenbJj^ relocated to oome forward, prove prop-^^^^g^ arty, pay ohargea, and take them awar. ? ... 11 T- WATSON, Constable, _ au20 5t K at., between la and 7th sts. REWARD Will he paid for theapprehena'on and delivery to me, or securing m in jail of NEGRO WOMAN LOUISE; (g calls herself Louise Hanson She is a tall, J&m. likely negro, quite black, well dressed, with full suit of hair. Sheia no doubt lurking inJSL? ' Upper Marlboro' or neighborhood Shclias a tinshand in Washington oity.and mar n?ak? her wav to that place. WM. WORTHINGTON, Near Woodvil^e, i -3tawtf Prince George's oounty, Md. WANTS. , ANTED?A SITUATION, by a young man, ?v asass'sta t bookkeeper or ?rivate aeoretary. Speaks and writes the German language perfect. I Address A. R.." Evening Star Olfioe. it* WANTED-A MaN to take charge of a sinal' ! in the conn'ry. He mnst understand ' gardening and the oare of horses. A married man < pref.rred. Apply to Mrs. K ALL, corner of Boundary and 21st ?u. It* YVANTEH ?A lady of Batinnre withes to pi:r ! /*f^age gentlemen's CAST OFF At i ARbL, All persona having suoh goods t> dispose of wi 1 l>e called upon at their n-sidenee I and receive cash for the same. Address "A. G.," 1 ytar (iffioe. for ten days. au21-lw* i \\I ANTED? By a gentlerrau, who has recently ! " been appointed1 to a clerkship in one of the Depar ments, BoAR D for himself and wife in a ' private family ; would prefer to furnish his own room or rooms. R'feences given Address im mediate'? Box 433. Washington D. C. auiil A NTED? BOA RD in a private family with v ? no ohitdren, for an elderly lady,?First Ward preferred. Also wanted, a capable Woman, to superintend a small house asac mpanion for a lady. nfF trnmg ndenirable homfl. KHorpncog civen Ar.d required. Address Box 451. Post Olfioe, lor one Wfei. ||* W ANTED- BOARD, in a genteel p ivatefarn** ily, for a gentleman and wife, not moro than ten miuutes' walk from Willaid,' Hote\ wh??re injunction on the piano forte or teaching chi dren their English rudiments would be taken as part pn* ; I-mods a'?o given mi embroideiy. Tor mi must b?* moderate. A ppl r l>etwe>n lit a m and 3 L "V; ">r Uuea davs, to Mrs. C. GAITANO CORR AO. 491 west Fonrt?entti st an ?>-St* JjVARM IIANIJ- WANTED. None need app v i exoept those acquainted with the work A pd'V t?>W. H. CLAGEIT, Adm'rat W. M xhustcrA: Co.'s ^ o. 39 Pa av., between 7th and 8th s'a. au 19 3t WAN TED?Information of A. H. SMITH, of * Frederick county >ld., who pri:ni!?. d to meet his wife at the Railroad D^pot on fa urday morn i')K? ^ ut in led to <io m>. A ny informn ion eor o*rr?in* him will he thankfully received by hi diatreased wife, CHRISTINA E. SMITH, at the D >ot an 19-3t* I VyANTED-A DINI>G ROOM SERVANT, yv who understands his business we I ; other need apply. Alw.a COI^ORED BOY about 15 years old. Apply at FMRICH'* European House, oorner of Eleventh street and the Avtnue au 19 lw VVA?TI':D-Tw0 first-rate (oolored) HO<T i none but competent hands needapply. ^ P/h>a Mulor's HaJe, Livery and IIin g For sale, a Rood Mule, War on a> I Harness, cheap for ca?h. WM C. MILKER. ? ?! * ? romor of Sixth and ^au. W A\i'*rv'U. '''J' HIRK?A respeoteble white T .MAN, steady and industrious habits, t ? t?ke cnarge ol and do the work on the premises of a country house. He must nnde-sta> d .om dhina of garden work and the care and d. ivitig f horses. ertihcateof g?K>.1 character, conduct, an I ubilit* required Apply to Mr C.J UHLM aN N, U the corner of Boundary and North Capitol BtreeS. au lfi tf WANTED, FOR THE CASH?All kiuds ol SECOND-HANI) FURNITURE A N U HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLE"*. Persons leaving the city or having a surplus will do weil to call unmedlatoly. R. BUCHi-V, _ >e 3 4U* Seventh, between G atid H gta. WANTED.?We are now buying SECONDHAN U FUR N ITU R E, STO VEf ai.d U KU uiNG, for which we are paying ttia Ihr. est cash prices. I-ami'ies declining housekeeping, or l aving a surplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to jive u* a "all. ?BONTZ A GRIFFITH, je lS-tf No. 369 tth st., hetw. I anil K sta. FOR SALE ANi) RENT~ IT OR RFNT, OR FOR.SALE?The HOUSE 1 IL now occupied by Presley Simpson, No. 4S6 Twelfth st. augl-tf C"URNISHKD ROOMS.?Very desirable Fur* r ished Rooms, with or withcut Board, (houss formerly occupied by Kx-Governnr Seward I H st eet, between 13th and 14"h fts. Wn-m and c >'d l*th and every ce > uita'd? lor r-orn'ort. N B ?A Furnifhsd t)ffic?. anitah'efor physicians o-- aentl.^min requiring a private olfioe. au 21-1 w* h^OR RENT?That hanlsome brown trout DWELLING-HOUSE now in t'^ occuraroy I of E. A. Whipple, Esq.. on Twelfth stre t. Maud, near the Smithsonian oontaimng ten rooms ar.d stablings Possession giv?n on the 1st of September. Inquire next door. No 365 ,n ..... . JOHN L. SMITH, au 19-3t- Attorney at law, 8th at., near Pa av. nOUSE~ON CAPITOL HILiTFOR RENT. The fliree stori Brick Dwelling hou<? oi the south aide of Pa. avenue, at lie c< rner . f Third ? , aft, a short <iiaunce from th Capitol t-quare. at preaent oooupied by G. 8. Minor. Eiq. Appiioaon *' ? premia?s. or io ft! ?. BLAG DEN, No 499 Seventh st west aul7 6 ?o l^oit RENT-A verv desirab'e STAND for a * boarding house, on Pennsylvania avenue ard Eighth st., now occupied by the Messrs. Joy. and has always had a fall share of ti e patronage of the city Possession given on the 1st of September ii? xt. Said house is in ? tod order. For further to JAMES TOWLES, Agent, 490H street north; or Mrs. JULIA KElip 376 L an 17 tf HOUSE'S FOR RENT?No. as and No. U7.on the aoutn side of Indiana avenue, loth of th*m very large and convenieut houses, with good stabling and carriage-houses. ? Also, the commodious and Ur*e House, No 3*** on the north side r.f V street Apply to THOMAS BLAG DEN, No 499 Seveuth street. j, 17 2a* tf_ t^OR RENT?The north HOUSE of the row of ? a?w four gtory houses on Fourth st., between D and E sts.. So. 3hm, fronting tha ? lty Hail square. F<iBae*aion given immediately. A ddIv to VVILLIAM H. PHILLIP, Attorney at-Law, No. 4Q Louisiana avenue. ' mcll eotf fTDR RE^T?Handsome'y fnrnishpd spits of ' K,R<L<i.{?f\""P|,1i*d gas au4 water. Appiy at N >. 500 Lkventh st, bstwceu Pa. avenue and *' Bt? an 15-e<i3t* l< autiatautial three story BMlcK ,1. . Mil*, sfc, with la-ge lot adjoiaing. situated ? u rhird st;eet east two doors from E street north, on Capito. Hill?a very healthy location, and puce 1 of rent to suit the p/esent Poasesaiongtv-n ' linmediate'v. Inquire of Mr. BACON, next door; I or of Miss M. C. i.lNCOi.N, 3?1 Pa avenue 1 between 9th and iofh su. au 15 lm o* AFARM.ofaboutSn acrea, with tim'>er and o eared lands orchans, duelling and ! arn, in Maryland, for sa e or exchange for other real or peiaonal estate; tinite*i btat?e, State, and railroad, or other stooks, notes, bonds, or other securities. Inquire at No. 490 Massachusetts av. jy 26-tf I 14 ANDSOMELY FUKNISHKLt R? ?0MS?* Four naiidaornely Furnished Rooma, aupphed with tas and water, ana convenient to the Patei.t , U?P? Dopartoientc.ior rent. App y at ? 3OH Maacachuset.a avenue, north side, between 4th and tth its. ma23 FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY op WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital. 777... tWO,000 r C it rut ttn/i Lcmnian* ., hmnk 41 Wui)\tnttv* INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. DixacToaa. Geo. Stiownaiar, Samuel Redfern, Samuel Croplay, William Wilaon, Riohard Jonaa, John L). Barclay, Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Roth well, Ttjoa. Pai ker, r shard Bsurrr, B. tf. rietcft. Dr. C. W. Davia. No oharga for Policiaa. 0 tv JAMES ADAMS. Preaidant. Am 6. Da via, Secretary, au 9-aofln W"0"** WA" I have one of tha beat establishments, and furnished with a oomplete apt of tools for repair- *v ing every deeonpuon of fina Watches, aolM saruouLar attenfion give to the same, by iAI {bo ?ca oumpeteut woi kman Aiid a.. work r-s^antn ftK "ila?,avary decorip ion of standard SffeTBR Wi AE. plain and o.-camfntai, manutoekuraoandei my own auperviaion, which my oitstomara will ind ss? miUfltKlar, H. O. H (K) [), W MS Pa, avenua. naar Mfe _ . A EDUCATIONAL. ^JI88 A. \'OUNG*S SEMINARY. Thedutieeof Mist Young's Sahoot^wfl?^*^ samed on Monday, 2d of September, m a mor* ojmmwlioii nod plM'Mt tio?i?-No. W4*.oorner "f 1 *r.?l Eighteenth sts au >n st* BO R R O * K O C O L L K G fc\ _ NEAR PIKBSV1LLE, _ BaLTIMO** CoCNTT, MARYLAND, Resumes the otndiM of it* next muiob on Monday, 3d o f Sep em Mr. E. q. S. WALDRON, _?? > ?* PrMidj>Ut. Emerson institute, h strut, ? , ^ Between 12th and 1 Jth iU.. Select Classical an* Mathemmtrcal School f:t F"t> * of *?h<>o1 "ill lie resumed the first Monday in Septsmbsr. Addre?s auliMf CHAS B. YOUNG, Principal. ^HE. UNION FEMALE ACADEM Y. The Twelfth Anneal Session will commence Septeinl>er 8. For particu'ars mqeire of the Prinoipnl Mn Z.RICIUHD8, ao 17 I in Corner of Fourteenth and K tt?. I\? THB WESTERN ACAOEMV, l ^o. 277 I, of Seventeenth street, recent under the care of Dr. Loomis, will he reopenrd Monday, th^ Jd of September. Appication ma? I* mut at Dr. Towlr's, 490 Fonrtn etreet, Jadioi*ry Square. aul7-3w* JOSHUA O. COLBURN. Rock hill academy, . .. ? . Ellicott's Mills. Mt>. ?>tudie? will be resumad in thia Inatnution on Monday^ aith inst&nt. Persona desiring further uT'rmation oan have a prospectus mailed to their address by wilting to the Director of the Academy au IS lw* f GEORGETOWN COLLEGE, P. C. ** , AC?P?T, 1861. 1 ne exercises of this Institution wilJ he resumed ?n the first Monday ol September. Terms for Board and Tuition per annum, f <??, parable halffearly, in advanoe For further particulars apply to the President? au 13 1meo JOHN EARLY. B. J. f' CARD. GEORGETOWN C LASSIC AI. AND MATHEMATICAL ACADEMY. This institution will b*oi>en??d Monday. Sept em ber 2d, 1861, by THEODORE MoGOWaN.M. A. The course of instruction wnj inolude, in addition to the element*, all the branches necessary for kthorough classical and mathematical education. Mr MoGowan h?s been actively engaged as a tuacher during the astsix years?a? Tutor of Bailee Lettres in the College of .New Jersey at Princeton, and a* Principal of the Academy at Suinter, South Carolina. "Collrgr or New Jfrsrt, Princeton, N. J. The undersigned take pleasure in expressing tbe favorable opinion tn*y entertain of Mr. Theodore MoGowan. a graduate of this College, aa a scholar ind a teacher?Mr MoGowan was the first ec holer In his class ; was tutor in lielles lettres, and, in the ludgmentot the undersigned, is well qualified to ?ive instruction in any branoh, a knowledge of which is requisite for admission into college. JOHN MACLEAN, Preaident of toe College M. B. HOPE, Prof, of Belles i.ettres and Pol. Ec. STEPHEN ALEXANDER, Prof, of Mecti. Phil, a^d Astronomy. L R.ATWATER. Prof of Mental and Moral Phil. james c. moffat. Prr f. of Greek. JOHN T. PUFFIFLD. Prof, of Math. G. M. G1GER. Prof, of Latin." Reference mar also be had to Hon. Gro. cuavmhs ) Hot*. J ami* Nill. J Cham>>erahnrg, Pa. Hon. A. K. Mrl.rsi \ Eowaru McHhfrson, M. C.. Ge'tysburg. Pa Jo-fth IKnrv, Sec. Smithsonian lu? . washington. D U. Geo. W. Bkali., Georgetown, D. C. H. M. Swbkny, do. do. Brnj Dabby. do. do. Terms. Tuitios, English, per quarler of l'i weeks f B t*n an I nuh*r math. . In no " " Clataios ... 12.?fl Fuel 1st and 2d quarters. ftn au 3 SxWlm (Intel M&Thlml GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY. "i ?Mtss harrovkr's.) A Boarding and Day School, No. ldl West street between Congress and High sts .Georgetown, D C. The duties of this Institution will be resumed on the first MondA) in September text Circulars may l?e obtained at the principal b >ok?tores, or by addressing the Principal, an 1-eotf Miss M. J. HAR ROVER. T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parents who wish their d&ngtitera to rtoeive a thorough aad ayatoma 10 eduoation. Where their physical training will receive daily and apecial Attention, under the most approved a*at*m of Caliathemcs and GymcaeUce, are respectluiiy invited to visit the lluioii Fomafe Acadmny, corner Fourtee th sLaad Nrw York av. MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARD*, m tf Pr>Poi?*ts. BLADENSBURG Ar.VHE.MY, PRINCR OSORr.R's ?'OC5TV, Mil. This Institution will l?e reopened Monday, September 2d, with a full corps of instructors, and every convenience for B? arding and Da? Pupils. Ample grouiids are attached for g*tnna>t cs. Prof J. ! I LI., Principal. Waxtkd?An USHKR, car&l'le of te<vch;ne Gre?k and Latin?a sitgle gentleman preferred. Apply 'J letter au 17 <>teo* IJRO OKEVILLE ACADEML The next session will commence September 8d. Boys are prepared for college or for business. For nata.ogne pieaee address, at Brookevilie, Md , E. B. PRETTYMAN. A M., au "-lm (Intel.) Principal. GEORGETOWN INSTITUTE. Th" 'uties of this School will be resumed on the first Monda* of September rext. Its advantage# (both as to location and facilities for improvement) and moderate t?rm? recommend it to the pa;ronage of all. THO.MssN. CONRAD, M. A., JOHN S. CONRAD. an 6 tSeptl Principals. GEORGETOWN ADVEKT'MTh PA BOXES OU PRIME CHEESE, 5 box*a French L LM<iNS, 10 hhda. P. R. MOLASSES, part auitable for 1?kera' use, 2" bb:s Refined SPG A RS, 2" ba*s Rio COFFEE, 5 lifcce* oxtra Sugar cured HAMS. ^*or sale by ?? fit W. H. TENNKY. \1 ASSEY, COLLINS Sc. CO.'S i* PHIL A DELPHI A. DRA OUHT. Expected thia da?. aer steamer J. Jerome? barrels Xt DRAUGHT ALE. 40 do. XX XX do. do. &*> hlf.-bbla. do. do. do. Whioh on arrival will be for sale Terms aaab on delivery. ARNY A SHINN, ml Union Depot. Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED? in hhds. prime Porto Rico SUGARS 1*" bbls. Oid R?e WHISKY, ?*> bbls. HERltlNG and ALEWIVES. to bbla. Crushed and Refined SUGARS, baga Rio and JavaCOFFEE, iO hhda.(tow-priced) MOL?AS??ES. For sale br JOHN J. BOG UK. me 16 P BAPTISTE PERDRIAT~ VniROPODIB T. of Paris, has the honor t"?offer his servioes to the !adi<a and geut einen of thia oity. He perfo.ins ai! operations neoessarv for the extraction and cure of Corns, BUNIONS, Ac , Ac ,as practiced by the Frenoh pedicures. Office, No IA IS street, r.ear the City H ai 1. au j-lm* AC A R D. Washington, July 16th, ISB1. Th^ nndersigned, ste of the Girard House, PhUadolpina, have leased lor a term of years Willards' Hotel, in Washington. They take thia ocoasiou to return to their old friends and customers many thanks for past favors, and beg to assure them that they will be most happy to see thc.n in their new quarters. iy 16-1 m SYKF.S. CHADWICK A CO. 1^, , CASH NOTICE. N Consequence of our having to pay cash for Bvery artiole of goods we purohase. we are forced to reuuoe our businesa to Caah exclnaively, for the present. We hive in atore a very large asaortmeat of READY-MADE CLOTHING for men and boys' wear, which are ae.ling at a muoh lower rate than nsually. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. 339 Pa. avenue, between 9th and lHh ata. lev (Intel.* Repuh.i /i\ _ R ESU M ED ?USIN ESS. X*1 Thn Unrterngi ed would inform hiaJL A V fnenda and de publio that he ha?9 V Laken house on Ninth at., between D aud E, where lie will again do business as a licenaed PAWNBROKER. Fair dealing in all business tranelo tions. jetl 3n? ENOrH WARD. HOME-M ADik BOOTS AND SHOES, For Lahu'. Missis' and Ohildrrn's Wrar, At Exc4td\m$ly Lot* pruts. AI J. ROSENTHAL*?, No. 16 Market Space. ma -* ?t . > ? ! s?n itr?t ?h sta. SUMMER CLOTHING At Rrddcsd Pricbr. We offer oar large asaorunent of thin SUMMER CLOTHING at reduced pri'ea. Our stock embraces all atylea ami qualities of Gentlemen, Youths, and Boy a' VN eanui Apparel, of tne moat desirable and fashionable stvlee Also, SHIRTS and FURNISHING GOODS in great variety. Clothing made to order at the shortest notioa. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., / Y*T THK v'"nct-/o\ v Brekof th* asiimmJ Hotel. o 9 Most liberal advanoea made on Void and niver neaa stnot y oonfideatial. ISAAC HKRZBRRO, S41 C street. Between 4* and th ata HALF WIGS, FRIZKTrE^, Ao. A fui st>o? always on hand, or made to ortler at tne shonaet ^.-HiSiS^infKa wavsfagI jTELEGRAPHIC INKWS MO* ALEXANDRIA? ALiii?nu, August *| ?Om ef the men sup posed to haw been tskea prisoner rm Snaday, t? Pohick Cbnrr h, when the l.incol a Cavalry, under command of Capt Boyd. charged on the (.onN erates, returned to his camp oe yeeterds) mornlrj He slept la the woods during tbe day, and true eled by night John V .Williams, bl. compeulor . has undoubtedly been taken prisoner. No restriction has yet tieea placed by Prevent Marshal I'orter upon the travel between this place and Waahlngton, although moch good wenld probably come from such a restriction Sarreader af V. S Traep* ta a layertar Force ef reiaat. iM'Sr*?MB< *. Mo , Aug 19 ?The Ssata Fe mull and Cannou City express arrived last ere nlng, with dab-* from Santa Fe to the i:b aad from Cannon City to the 9tb Inst A report had reached Santa Fe two dan beftii r the mall left tbat Major Lynch, of lb* 7th Into*? V 9 arm*-, In command of about Au> Federal troops, aurrendered to a force of Teaas troops, some 3.Wai atrong. without trlng a shot Major Lraeh abandoned Fort Fltlmora m the tWth uIt , and marched towarda Fort Staunton eighteen miles from Fort Fillmore Ha Barrend< red bla whole command to the Texas troops It Is believed la Santa Fe tbat tbe Texans have a'so taken theatock and coecbea belonging to the Santa Fe and El Paao Mall Company, as their coach hsd failed to arrive In Saata Fe On the .Id instant an engagement took place at at Mesclila between a body of Federal troops sad seven hundred Confederates under command of Capt Bnvlor Capt McNeely and Heat Brooks of their army, were wounded In the engagement and twelve of the Confederates killed. Night comlngan put an end te the engagement The Texan* were remaining la Mesclila aad the Federal fort es were going to Fort Fillmore, about 100 miles distant Considerable fears were entertained for the safety of Fort L'nlon. and the commanding officer at tbat point waa having it fortified and entrenched Col taring, formerly of the II ? army, Is said te be In command of a body of Texan Rangers Seathera Hews, Lodisvillb. Aug 19 ?The Sbreveport oaxette says letters from Texas state tbat Ben McCalloch can have ten thousand mounted men ta ten days If he wants them Great havoc among the cotton crop by the boll worm la reported In the vicinity <>f Brenbam The Indtanola Courier says aalt enough can he gathered on the Texas coaat and marshes to supply tbe whole Confederacy, a The Houston Telegraph aavs Texas has madr wheat and corn enough this year for two years, enough wool to clothe half tbe Confederacy, aad will make half a million bales of cottoa Tbe Attakspas Regiater aaya the sugsr crop is be'ter than ever before Tbe Charleston Courier says tbe t-oafoderate commissariat reengdlxe officially and practically rice and corn for making broad It alao urges tbe establishment of a locomotive factory. Tbe same paper aavs the Confederate Coagreas in secret session appropriated a million dollars for supplying clothing, subsistence, arms and ammo nttlon to 'be Missouri troops,subject to to the discretion of Prestdeut Davis Tbe Hardsboro (Miss ) Democrat says tha? * Horn Island, in Pascagoula Bay la being fortlted. and batteries are In prrgreas on Cat laland A blockading vesael was reported off Ship laland Veleateera ia .llchlgma. Drtioit, August SO ?Five regiments of lnfkn try, under the State authority, and two Independ eut regiments, which have been accepted by the War Department, are partially filled up. The officers and men are In camp In different parts ef tbe State None of tbcee regiments hsve been uniformed as yet, but It is understood that all the available men In camp will be moved forward during tbe week The Repertrd Arrests ia Philadelphia Philapklphia, August 30-*-lt appears that Pierce Butler *as the only one arrested here yes t-rday by the Government autborltiea There are various rumors of the, arreat of other prominent citizens. Including Hon W B Reed. George ? W barton and otber?, but It la believed that Mr. Butler ia the only one who really haa been arrested. Westera Virginia < ea veal lea ?Adeptlsa af aa Ordinance Creatlaga New Stats WiEtLim, August JUi ?Tbe Western Virginia Convention adopted to-day an ordinance creating a new State to be called "Kanawha " The ordinance provides that the matter be referred to tbe people at an election to be held on tbe21th of October for approval or rejection. The adjoining counties are to be admitted, If a majority of the voters therein dealre It. Aa I-dltsr Tarred aad Feathered. Bostoh, Aug ju.? Ambrose L Kimball, edlto* of the F.saex County Democrat, a secession sheet, waa tarred and feathered laat night and then ridden on a rail through tbe town Subsequently, under the threats of violence. Mr. K. prom aed to give no further aid to the rebellion, and be waa liberated Tbe town authorities and many good citizens unsuccessfully attempted ro quiet tbe mob and protect Mr. K from their violence. Death af a H hiaaceres. Lacrosse, Iowa. Aug. 19?Laat night th? st'amer Kentucky City collided with Dan. Rice's steamer forty miles below here. A cnge which contained a trained rhinoceros was knocked overboard. The cage sunk immediately, drowning the rhinoceros, which was valued at f*>.npn Neither of tbe boats were Injured Rlst at Eastern, Pa Kastos. Aug. 19 ?Tbe office of tbe Sentinel, a paper advocatlong peace and compromise, la new ' ring gutted by a mob Col Phillip Johnson, member of Congress elect from this district, has been burned In effigy, and made to ahow bis colors There is much excitement, and tbe riot 1s still progressing. Geld Kb Rsste frsta Califsrala* Fokt Kkabxet. Aug -ill?TheCalifornia pony express, of tbe loth Instant has arrived The atearner Sonorn had sailed from San Francesco with S?5? IJUO In treasure for Ntw York General newa unimportant. Fire at Haffaie, N Y. BtrraLo.N V.Aug 19?The grain elevator, owned by Richard Stornbury, wes burned tonight, with 100 MO buahels of grain, moat I v wheat The building Is a total losa The grain was fully insured U^Tbere are i.ow over aeventeen hundred me< tinnier and laborers on the roll at the Phils delphia tin vy-yard. and at tbe laat pay day OAS <M' was req"ircd to pay ort tbe workmen. All were paid In specie. The steam sloop Tuacarora will be launched during the present week Neither the San Jacinto nor the Macedonian, ordered there for repairs, have arrived IT^Tbe New York Evening Post says that Mr. Shepherd Knapp. Pros dent of the Mechanlca' Bank of that city, ta reported to have said. In reply to aome objections to United Stales Treasury notes: "I am In fSvor of taking these notes freely and without stint; If tbe Government stock (s worth nothing, tbeu tbe Mechanlca' Bank Is worth nothing " |?7"A lsrge number of Democrats la Montgomery county, Ohio, tbe home of Vallandlgham, have Issued sn address repudiating Vallaadig bam aud bis doctrinea Tbe cauae of tbe addrraa was tbe action of tbe County Democratic Couvea tion, which being packed by Vollandigham's friends placed the Democracy of the country In a false position 117-The Maine Democratic State CoeveaUoa met at Augusta on Wedoeeday. and apllt on the queation ofeustalnlng the Government lathe sup preaslou of the rebellion. Tbe Unloe-levlng portion of tbe party nominated Col. Charles O Jameson, of Bangor, aa Its candidate for Governor, while the other portion put In nomlaattoa ex-Oeveraor Jobn W Dana HAVE VOL SUBSCRIBED FOR TUB WERE LY STAR. TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVR ? IT 18THE BEST DOLLAR WEEKLY IN TUB WORLD! IT* WASHINGTON NEW* IB UN SQUALLED ' ITS GENERAL NEWS IS UNSURPASSED BY THAT OF ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUNDRED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL SAVB TEN TIMES ITS COST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. Tks NumUr for tJUt TFasl, te ho esa est Prtdan Morning?jrrtct Tkres Ctmtt wt 11 It a rewuiriaUf inttrtttxng out. Every Por ton at m distant* wke mould 4*p Po*t?d set (A re/eraiser Se swUi u rss/ijr going est Jure ta (Asm sitfeeasrttwui should rttoim it vMr* t ALL AT ONCE AT THE STAR OPFICR AND SUBSCRIBE FOR IT.

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