Newspaper of Evening Star, August 21, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 21, 1861 Page 4
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THE F.VF.MNU STAR. tbabsplastisg v ecetable.* ahp asstau Seedlings msy be wifely transplanted in hot and dry weather, if shaded for a few days by a eommon flower pot. The hole at the bottom serve* u a ohimney. Towards evening take off the pot, and replace it in the morning. Raise the side by a stone placed nnder, as the "plant become* established, and finally remove Jt altogether. The pot keeps the ground inoiit, and is much better than watering. flowbb sabde5 a*d laws. August is usually the moat trying month for the florist The powerful sun wilts the foliage. dries up the plants, and shortens the period of flowering Many plants set late in the Spring, die from drouth this month. unless artificially watered. In extensive grounds it is a laborious operation to go over the flowers, shrubbery, and lawn with a watering pot. The citj and large village gardens can usually be sprinkled with the hose attached to street or family hydrants. A large garden may receive an occasional artificial sprinkling with a portable liand or force pump like the hydropult. A simple watering pot will suffice for a small plot._ Caution Is needed against the too free use of water. Every showering eools the ground and keeps it cool by evaporation; a free use of the watering pot will keep the ground cool mueh of the time Plants do not neod to be kept oontinually wet. Try the sod by digging into it, if moist within two or three inches of the surface, it is not suffering. Give a liberal watering when needed, rather than frequent light sprinklings; select the afternoon or evening for applying it. In watering evergreen or other trees, remove a little of the surface soil, water plentifully and replace the soil, which will then remain light and porous. *ip*5i50 seed for pofble flowers One great cause of all the ill-success in attempting to grow double flowers is commencing the work too late. It has been thought sufficient to begin with the seed, but a great deal is to be done before that. We know how early the buds for the succeeding years flowers are formed in perenial plants. Double flowers from which the seed is to be saved for the new progeny are about to be formed. The foundation is to be laid then, and the work must be perfected by the culture of the plants raised from the seed thus produced. When the plants rsised from these seeds have acquired about I a third of their si?e, promote their free growth j by all possible means. This is the period at | which the buds of flowers take their final form. , Allow only a few flowers upon each plant to ripen, and do not let the roots be exhausted by | opening more than are intended to be set for seed. In the common wsy, the flowers weaken each other, and part of the seed is always bad. j As the seed which follows the first flowers is the brst, let these alone stand, and take the rest <'ffin the bud.?Midland Florxr.t. THE GRAPE BI.IOHT. We have??ot yet seen any explanation of the blight which has destroyed many of the grapes in this vallev, especially in the vicinity of Hartford. We offer this one. which is known to be the cause of a similar blight in grape j growing districts in Europe. During the recent hot weather, some of the nights were cool and damp, particularly in the valley of the Connecticut. As the sun rose, its piercing rays fell upon the cool, damp fruit, and wilted it. and at the same time a white powder formed upon it, as if it had been sprinkled with flour, j An experienced young horticulturist who was out at sunrise during the recent term of hot weather, says that he noticed the peculiarly burning heat of the sun at a very early hour for several mornings, and that it would unquestionably affect the grape fatally, as such a conjunction of oool, damp nights, and early hot sun, had been known to. This idea seems plausible; and in the lack of other explanations, we offer it to the attention of horticulturists.? Springfield Republican. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS YUCU TUB I'BITRS StATBS. ~'?nMM 'tvt For. Davs. fnropd.. New York?. Liverpool. ?Aug 21 i ersia ? ?.New York.-Liverpool...Au< ?8 i Ara^o ? _A??w York.. Havro Sept. 14 From Ettrop* Canada ? _ Liverpool Boston??Ant. in B?r?ria. ._Sk>uthpton~.New Vork.^Aug. 14 A"i? ?.Liverpool....New York..Aug. 17 1 he California n?aii steamers leave on Uie 1st, 1th. and 21 at of every mouth. Ywood and coal. OU Will niireiT get your moaey's worth by e&niog at the PIO.NLEK MILLS, soutkiout tor n<n t' .itrtet an4 CiHal, (GEO. PASli, Aconl) They cheaper an<l give better meunre than any others >a the oity?out, split, aod de'ivere?l free of charge. If you doc 11 euove , i ve the Pioneer Mills a tria., and be catisiied. V ly.r QUN1IOAT8 FOR THE WESTERN KIVEKS. qcabtbbmastsb oshbral'a Office, I ! WathiHtton, JuHf 17,1961. \ Pep po?als are invited tor constructing Gun- 1 boau upon the Western rivera Specifications will be immediately prepared and may m examined at the Quartermaster's Office at Cincinnati, Pit'sburgh. and at Una office. Proposals from boat-bail'era and engine-build- j et* alone wi)' be con?idered. P.a-a hi Emitted by bidders will betaken into consideration- M. C. MEIGS, ie 18 Quartermaster Genera! United State*. 1/EM ALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL r ALEXANDRIA. YA. Mrs. s. j. McCORMICK, Principal. The thirteenth annual session of tnis Institution w>il comnicnoe on Tuesday, September l?th, in the hoaec recently or.cnsied by Sylvester Scott, Eh., No. ISO King street 'the oourse of ?tudy pn-?ued will comprise a'l the brecch^s re^sisite bo a thorough English Education. and >'cs:e, French, Latin and Drawing. U desire*!. In f'M.tioi: to da? scholars. Mrs. McCormtok is ar*p*red u> receive a limited number of pupil3 as laarv'T*. w':o. const>tutiu* a part of her own fair tiy. wiii be nr.*1* Uer immediate care aud super vision. She wilt "n<!eavor, as iar as possible, to surround th 'm with the oomfcrts and kindb influecoes ef H^me. /Witi W - Rev. Geo. fl. Norton, Rev. Dr. Klias garrison. Rev. D. F. Seng*. William fl. I'owle, Es*., Edgar Snowden. Est., Edmund F. W;tuier Est., H^nry MarUnry. Ess.. Lewis MeKensie Ess.. Robert H. Kantcn. E?v, W. D. Wallach KOitor Eveaiiijr Starj Berjsm'n Waters. Er*..Jss Enfwieie, Jr.. tJ?.,tjol. Joh*i W. Minor, Loudonr, Messrs. Bla-'klock A Maianail. Meears. Corse B ethers. tbbms. Board, with Tuition in a.! the Efgheh Branches, 02** for annual session?payable semi-ai^nuaiiy, la advance. Mvsic and Lanr cages at Professors1 pnoe* TC7- extra charges. au 2*-ti~ pENSION OFFICK, lm 6rB, 1961. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. Application having been made under tee aot of t3d June. ia&i, foi the reissue of the Laud Warrants described herein, which are alleged to hav e b?en lost or de^trovod, notion is hereby given, that at the date following the description of oaoh War rant, a new Certiboate, of like teuor, will be is u-hI if uo va id obj-aution shall then appear Vo. 3h W5, lor lw> acr6s. i??ut?d uadei th" act of March, iWo, in tne can e of Susanna tlubbard, w dow <-.f John Huboard,deceased, and e.rantod oc tfee !?ih day ?f Juno, 1556.?August Jl, iHbl, No. 3..In, for Its* aore?, u<>ued under act of 1847, to Augustus Icgtaia, private of Captain Murray's eompany, Second Regiment of Tenneasee Infantry.? Sep lumber 6th, i?6i. >c. 4c>,746, for UH? acres, i??ued Hader the act of M%roh. 1^S6. in the name of Jaoob Guiick, a d granted oti the 24th day oi January, 18?6.? Septein Mr21, HI. No SSflRf, for 90 acres, isnu'd under the act of hepten<her, 13S?, in the name of Elizabeth Wells, widow oi Daoiel Wells, aud granted on the 2ith day of September, 1354 ?>?eptembe' 28.18*>1. No 46 ?*", for 16u aorfs, issuod under tne aot of March. I866^ia tne name of Alexander Orme, and craatf ion the 12th day of Ootober, 1866 ?geptein- : ber , 1861 No 71 S2B, for UWaores, issued under the aot of Marob. 1S?6, in Um name of Amos Arthur, and t'a'-toj on the 17th day of Aag ust, 1887.?Ootober I. MM. No. mjno, for 160 aores, under aot of 1847, and fewaricg date May 6tn, I860, in favor ofjkliohael K< pp N'-her of Samuel Ropp. deoeased. Third 1 ndiaaa vo unteer*. Mexiean War.?October 19.1861 No 64 528 for 129 acres, issued under the aot of March. 1866, m the name of James Loos, and SraAied on the 21st day of Maroh, ISM.?Ootober >. 1861 No 24 ?7, for 160 aores, issned under the aot of March. isM, in the name of Thomas Tanner, and (ranted on the 9d day of May, 1866?Oe'ober 19, JOSEPH H. BARRETT, ?16-1 aw Commisaioner. CAREEN CORN. IN CANS; PETITE POIS; * i rhampijnons; Frash Tomatoes, laauartoans; {reserved Fruit, of many varieties: Conaervwi inge', < Can tot;) Angelieae; t resh Mackerel apd a s Comer Vermont av. and 16th st 4 JUOD ART1CLES.-MOORE'? INWKCTaod "* VERMIN DESTROYER will rid you ol , Coaches, Bed Hu^s, Ants, ke. Moore's Rat and ou"<* I' TtirHBaWir sever fails. Moore's Benaine ! w..i remove paint, varn sh. or grease of any kind | Iron, toe most deacate fkbne, silk or woolen, without Injury to ooior or otherwise; will olean Kid G.ovas beaatifBlly,irith little labor. For sale at * MOORE'S 0raat Medieiue Depot. 113 Pa. avM U mi Kk<< aeB-tr H" FRENCH * R1CHS7E1N AVE Jast received a fresh supply of Note Parer. Colored Horaers. rated and piain, wrth. Ebe opee to marsh Also, Kiai Paper of all kinds, witMandwithoatMottoes: t-.r.vslspsstemaUh. Fn "?es and Poeket Books of every deecripUon. AN^-V^krtAKrs^e^iV?il laily; Papers from sUp^^ KR'6NCH**icmtbin, | Ml mftu.88^8, Va ^ F F 1 C I A L. D*pof Stat*. { Waikmttmt, JulyX, IWtl inf>>rmation has been received at this Department from Mr. R. N. Shufeidt, the Consul General of the United states at Havana, of the issue, on the 15th oltimo, of a royal dcwee by which all import duties on ooiiimon ship's bread are taken off for the term of fourteen months from the date of the publication of the royal decree in Havana. The same decree also rediioes to one-half, during the same time, the irrport duties upon oorn and oornm?al and potatoes. % The duty by the tariff upon oorn is 3SX peT oentum upon the valuation of 34 per barrel of jno Spanish pounds, when from loreign ports in foreign bottoms; upon oornmeal 36^ per oentum up^.n the valuation of $5 per barret of 200 Spanish pounds, from foreign ports in foreign bottoms; upon potatoes, from foreign ports in foreign vessels, 29.1? per oentum upon the va'uation of J2JO per barrel; upou foreign breafl, in foreign vessels, *er centum upon ?2 for ever/ 25 Spanish pounds. Machinery kok screw steam sloops. NaVT l'bpartmimt, i Bureau of Construction, August 8,1861.\ Sralxd Proposals wiu be reoeived by this Bureau uatil 4 o'clocii. the 5 h of September. 1961, for t e construction of the Mochinerj of the UritfU i .states screw steam stoops "Ossipbk," at the Kittery Navy Yard." HocsATonrr." at the Charie?townNavy Yard,"atirondacii," at the New York Na?y Yard, at.d "Jcsiati," at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. , ,. ? These proposals must be endorsed * Proposals for Machinery of Screw Steam Sloops," that they may be distinguished fom other business letters. No proposals will be eou*id'red except from pro prirtora of manne engine i>uil2ing esta'dishnu-ritK. aud the reputation of tuo?e w'"oh have constructed successful machinery of this charaoter wi'l have th3 we ght to whic'i it is ecf.t ed. Establishments not mown to the fVavr Department as builders of manne engines ?ii , if th -y propose, be lequired to furnish satisfacto. y evidence of ti eir experience and ability , , Pa-ties desiring to make bona.h'fe proposit ons will receive,on application to the Hu'eau, a copy of the Specifications of the work to be done, and of the Con raci under the prov isions of winch they will ba required to execute it Drawings ran be seen at the office of the Kugineer i i-Ohiof. and, if convenient, ph tographio copies of tho same will be sent with the specification*. The propo-ais mn?t be for tne machinery of eaoh vesse separate y. with a stateme nt 1st Of the number of vessels for which the b.d dors desire to construct machin<j*y, leaving to the j Department the right of selection. This is pre ! feripd, though a bid for a specifi vessel, exolu*ive of the others, will be considered. i 2. Of the sum for each vessel by nami for which the entire work wili bj completed eably to the i sp"oificaticns, d <awines, anu contiact3 uf'heruinbor of coin-?cutive days from date ' of notification oi contract with'n ' wii'ch tae bidder will coutraot to complete the nia0!'injry on board ar.d rend ? for si*a service, provided the vessel be placcd at his oommand within a crtain number Of conso-'otivo da?* fr on the date 1 of said notification, whioh nu noer he will state in 1 the propo?a . i 1 rhe bidder will state, in the event of the ve'sel i not i.eicg piaoed 111 hie command within the stipu- ] lated time fioin date of notification of acceptance of contract, the i:umb?r of cons^ou'ive davii in which h* ?iil contraot to complete the machine ry on b- ard ready f >r h a servns from toe date he shall be notified tl at the veesel is at his com ralhe "0??iPKK" and the 'Housatonic" ara to fave fixed screws TJie "Aiiir')?dm k" and the "JcSlATA" are to have hoist up ROiews. '1 ne p??m-?nt8 will be inode a; four d ffsrent interval? a > the wo k progresses?one. fit h of tne t tal amaunt at each payment, the ia-t fifih being i reserve i for lour months after the trial | order to make good any defects that may bodis0'Vured du'iiu tha time. An ample guarantee wi :1 be inserted in the oon1 tract for the hucc h-lul luifilment ol a'l its oondi tions. and a forltituie wni ba required for delay in i completion. No proposal can bo considered unless' nied by a written coara"toe, signed by two responsible ptfeoiis. to the effect that t ey undertake the bidder shall, if ins * lf?r be a^o-pted, enter into i contract with good aud sufficient sureties for its completion. i Two or more sureties rn a sum equal to the amount of tae contract will bo requirod to sign it, and their respousibi ity must be oartified by a United State* d etric* judge, distriot attorney, collector. or navy aicnt. 1 didders whoso proposals shall be acc?pted, a^d none otiiar?, wi 1 no ified, and as early as practicable a contract will be transmitted to them, dared two ds> s ?fler the r."f' fi " ation. t:i' De^irtini'nt rei-ervs tiie 1 ,gbt to aocept the firopcsi'ions ma>v in oonforiiuty with the oondiicn p-e?cribeit which shall lie considered most to the interest f the Govtinmcnt ai.d combine the greatest r umber of advat-tages, and t j rrj?>ct any or all of them, at lu opt.on. Form qf Offtr i (or wo) of . St'teof , hersby agree to c'*n*truot the mao.nnery f.?r (namo th^? iiumw) United Mut a sorew -team sloi p? in conformity with the provieior* and terms of the advertisement o: th* August 8ill 1881. from the Navy Pepartmentand horcuu'o appended, and for prices aiid within tne times as follows : fur tn? ins'ihio'rj of lu-Mname the vessel) the price to be 1 namo the ?uin) dollars. 'the total time of oon?p etion to be (name the numin" <.f coii?cc.i?ive c! ys) from two dars after tb<> notification of acceptai cs h^s bern made by tno Bureau, p-ovided the ve^.e's be p aoed ^t my (or onr) dispose, within (name the num er of contecutivo ?'ayii) from the rains dato. ft the vessel -hou d not be paceil at our disposal within th ? time utipu;ate<j, then the ^m* of com p euon to be < name the tm?n er of days; from the date of t e notitc vtion that the vessel is placed at our disposal Not %the last three rtratrapi* /or the other turee vcfstlf. Should my (or our) proposal be accepted, i f"r we) request to !>< infornie<l at ?, and that the contract it.ay bo forwarded to , for signatures and certificate. ? ? (Place.) (Signed) A. B. (Dale.) Form rif {ivaranty. We, the under?:cue<f, reaidorts of , in the Sta'e of ,horef>y jointly aud several i * oovenint with tlio Uititad states &a 1 gaaranty that in case the foregoing proposal be accept-*!, will, w ithin ton <ja?*' alU r rhe reoe:pi of the contract at , execute the name, w: ti go,u| and sulfisient suretieH. for tho' oustru'tiori <?f tae ma hinery propc'sed in oompl'ance with th<? terois of the ad vertisement ol aukuat^th, 1861, hereto aonended and under whicu it was mode ; and in ca?e the said shall fail to enter into the contract aforesaid, we guaranty to nuke good the diflerenee betweeu the off <r of the said and that whioh may be acoeptei. (Witness) C. D. (Plaoe.) (*i?ne?t) E. F. (Date.) . i eereby certify that to the bo?t of my knowi^f e ?:td b?lief the above named Knarantors, and , are good a>id sullicient (Sunature.) g. h. To he Mtnfd hy thr United States District Judt United Sitslts ih tritt Attorn' v. Collector , or Navy A?*nt. au 8 law4w Proposal* !"r side wheel STEAMERS. Navy Ditartment, ) B*r' u rf 1 onMrtrcfi n, s Wa'hisgt August 8, '961,n !n CnnrniMiTT with the &ot ?.f Congress approved the3t Auiust. i3f5l, 1 h ? t~avy Dep\'tment will rec-ive propir^a's lor ?he cotistruo'ion ana equipment of Twelve Side Wheel 5*tea ne?s. 1 t he load d^afl ol water not to exre??i mx feet nine inches; to be armeu with two rifled gnn?, of 7/fnibs. each. os* a', each end of ihe vess?l, also, with two'2-pound howitzers; th? romp'e ment to b- one hundred persons wit>> piovisions for sixty days, to have two v.nxa.nfi gallons of water in tar k?, a-d to be provided with a condenser tor distilling potable water. To be schooner rigged ar.a have a rudder at each end, pp'perly protected by a post. The Dcpartmeut desires to have the highest attainable sp?-ed. whioh must he stated in the offer, toeeth-r with hie length ? ? time it can be main tanr>d,and the quantity of eoal that, oan l>e oarriel in the bunkers lor tiia> spjod, which should not be less than f.?r e:*htr cat^. The prjposa! must be for the lin 'l.i pars, rigging, sai's, and canvass woik, boats, anchors, and cables,ttnks, c^sk-, fnrnit 're. cooking apparatus and utensils, wtc-am machinery and spa;e work, with al! the equipments for a vessel of war complete and ready in a! respects for sea servio*. and reaiy to receive her otfaers, men, armament, al->rtfs, provisions, aud fuel for steam machinery. The armament, stoies, provisions, and fuel will b? furnished by the Government. The sp>c<ficati<>iis must fu lv describe the ma torials to be used .the method and sue of fastening, the detail of the size, material, fauish. kind, arid arrangement of machia *ry, and of the various equipm^ms included in the proposal. The plans must be working drawiu'8,from whioh t1 e vessel and machinery < an b? built, showing tha 1 allotment of space for accommodations, store | room*, magazine, and shell-rooms, disposition of tlieocal.Ao l'he boilers and engines t* be below the deok? the >nftin shaft may be above ; the boilar pressure not to tie less than thirty pounds per square inch, and a surface condenser to be used ; the poddle[ wheel to be overhung. Up n application to the Commandant of any navy yard the bi-'der can s?e the list of equipments required fer iha prope'ler gun-l>oats,to w?>ioh, as rar as practicable, th ve a e to conform, and for w toh conveni nt stowage it to be provided. 1 ne bi Iders w II state the least t me wit in whioh they will agree to ooinp ete the vetsel for sea and deliver her at srqh nav* yard as they ma? name, without extra c st to tne Government. It must likewise be siated in the ' tfer tae total amount !<>r which they w ll engage to <10 all that is requned i above anl em brae d in their specifications and p ans; and the hi must be accompanied by names of guar**.tors that if awardsd they will execute | the oontraot. ' The uaaal conditions of Government oontraots ; wili be oneerTed. Payments to be made at four different intervals, as the work procresses, retain I ia? one-ifth of the whole amount for ninety days ; after the delivery of the vessel, to repair any de feets that may oe discovered within that time in trial at sea. It is understood that in the oontraot a guarantee will be inserted of t e fulfilment of th* oondiUun of speed, fuel, satisfactory working of the machinery, *0., with a forie ture in oa?e of of bidders as successful steamship builders will have due weight, and the proposal must state the name of the marine steam-engine baildiug eetabli shment at whioh thej intend the a team machinery te be msde The Depa-tmeat reserves the rigt-t to aooept the propoeiQona made in oonformity with the oondi- i tiwts prescribed which shall b' considered tn?st to the interest of the Government and ooinbi-e the greatest number of advantages, ai.d to reject any or all of them, at it* option. The rpecifioatio as and piana of partita not ob taming the oontraot oan be withdraws by them. The Department will notoonsider itaelf under oLliganoas to r#C?** proposals after the stkof beptember, m. M ?-Uw<w M They go right to the Spot." INSTANT RF.LIKF STOP \ OUR COUGH PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE! SPALDING'S * THROAT CONFECTIONS, Aft* GOOD FT)R CLERGYMEN, GOOD Ff)K LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. gentlemen carry spalding's throat confections. ladies are delighted with spalding's throat confections. children cry for spalding's throat confections. They relieve a Cough instantly. They clear the Throat. They give strength and volume to the voioe. They impart a deliaioua kioraa to the breath. They are delightful to the taate. They are made of simple herba and oannot harm any one. I advise every one who haa a Cough or a Husky Voioe,or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get a package of my Threat Confeotiona. 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A Box will be aent by mall prepaid on receipt e the PRICK, Jt cents. All er<?ers ahoald be addressed to HENRY C. bpalding, 4? CiDAft stkbkt, Niw Yoke, frrm tkt Ernmintr, Norfolk, Yn. Cephalic Pilla aooomalish the object for which they were made, vis: Cure of headaohe Inftll iia forma. Ftom tkt Ermmintr. Norfolk, Yn. Tl-ey iiave been teated in more than a titeieiiMl caars, with e&ti.'e aucceaa. From tkt Domoermt, Ft. Cloud, Minn. If yon are, 01 have been troubled w iththe hftftdacbe, send lor a box. Pills ,t ao that yoa may havo them in oaae of at^attaol, Horn tkt Wtntrn K. R. G?%$ttt, Ckumtt, III, ku " From tkt Houtktrn Patk Findtr, Now Orioutu, Lm. Try them ! you that are afflicted, and we are aire that your testimony can be added to the already numerous list that lias received beneftta that no otner medioioaoaa prod no?. From tkt c. mutttt, Dnntnport, /awe. Mr. Spalding _would not connect hla nance with an artiole he did not knoio to pooaeaa real merit. From tkt A^rtrttstr, Vrooidonrt, H. J. The Cephalic Pilla are said to be a remarkably effective ro:a*dy for the hendaehe, and one of the From tkt St. Lotni Dtmotrmt. The immense demand for the article (Ccphaiit i ills) is rapidly increasing. Ftom tkt KmoMwkm YnUty Btmr. K*n*~ko. Tm. We asasuro that. persons aofleiing with tlie head ache, who try them, will atiok to them. From tkt Admortutr, ProoUtntt, ft. J. The teatimorv in their fftvor u atrong, from the moat reapectab e quarter a. #Vom tkt Daily Nnot, Ntwrort, R. /. Cepbalio Pilla are taking the plaoe of all kinda. From tkt Commtreinl Bulitlim, Boston, Mat*. Said to be very effioaoioua ft* the headache. From tkt Commtrtxal, Cincinnati, Okie. Suffering hamamtv ean now be relieved. irr A single bottle of Spalding'a Prepared Glue will save ten times ita cost annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUEI SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! save the~pieces! ECONOMY! DISPATCH e7""a Stitch in Tim Saves niw?."-m Aa aooidenta will happen, even in wail re* u la tec fftmiliea, it la very desirable iq hftvaaome oheftp "Sk?ea? Ao?* W*T re^rl0? fornitare, Teya SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE meeta all anoh emerganoiea, and ao hoaaehold oa !t w ftl wftya r?^y. and ** USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." ftoooEEfftftiea aftoh Bottle. Pria M oenta. Addreaa HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 4S Cedar street, New York. CAUTION. Aaeertaift an principled persona are ftttempting to SPALDING'S PREPARED GLVE^ZQ laoft^tbeaatoiaft ww?Hr, ftlieiftrrg|i^y^ftdlixg 0 THE OJTLY PREPARATION WORTBT Or UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE * PATRONAGE FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN, LADIES, GENTLEMEN in all parts of theworld testify to tbe eflioacy ot PROF. 0. J WOOD'S ilAIR RESTORATIVE and gentlem?n of the Prwi are unanimous in its praise. A few test imonials ouiy oa' he here given see oicutar for more, and it will be impossible for yom to dcubt. ?"? Wall Nrw Yoag, Deo. 2f>. 18? Gmtitwitn: Your note of the lita instant Iim been reoeived, Mfmi that you haa heard that I had been benefited by the use of Wood's Hair Restorative. an i requesting my oertificato of the fret if I had no objection to give it. I award it to you cheerfully, because I think it due. My a<e it about ftn years ; the oolor of my hair auburn, and inolined to curl. Some ive or six yearn since it began to turn gray, and the saals on theorown of my head to lose its sensibility ana landrua to form upon it Each of these disagreeabmties increased with time, and about 4 months since a fourth was added to tliem, by hair failing oa the top of my bead and threatening to make me bald. . In this unpleasant predicament I was induoed to try .Wood s Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest the falling off of m? hair, for I had really no expectation that gray hair could ever be restored to its original color except from dyes. I was, however, gwatiy surprised to find, after the use of two bot ties only, that not only was the ofl arrested, but the oolor was 'estored to the gray hairs and sensibility to the soalp. anddamlrutf o?ased to form on my head, very much to the gratification of my Wife, at whose solicitation I was induoed to try it. For this, among the many obligations 1 owe to her sex, I strongly recommend all nusbands who vaine the admiration of their wives to profit by my example, and use it if growing gray or getting laid. Very respectful, Bxw. A. Lxvxin>xa. To O.J. Wood A. Co.. 444 Broadway, N. V. My family are absent from the city, and 1 am no onger at No, 11 Carroi Plaoe. 1 _ Stamstoh, Ala., July *>,iw.

To P*o?. O J. Wood: JJtar Sir?Your "Hair IRestorative" has done m; hair so much good sinoe commenced the use nt it, that 1 wish to make nown to the public of its en eots onthe hair, whicn are great. A man or woman may benearly deprived of hair, and by a resort to your rtHair Restorative" the hair will return more beautiful than ever; at least this is my expenenoe. Believe it all: _ _ Yours truly, Wa.B.KRinT. P, S.?You can publish the above if you like. By publishing in <tnr Southern papers you wiii get more patronage South, I see several of your certificates m the Mobile Mercury, a strong Southern ?a^t? W. H. Kimdy. WOOD'S DAIR RESTORATIVE. Paov.O J. Wood: D*ar Sir: Having had the misfortune to lose the best portion of gu||ftir, from the effects of the yellow fever, in Nei^^Heens in 1851,1 was mdiicod to make a trial of y^Hreparatisn, and found it to answer as th^wery thing needed. My hair is now thick and giossy, and no words oan express my obligations to you in giving to the afflicted such a treasure Finlxt Joh.ison. The Restorative is put up in bottles of three sues, ? i?: large, medium ar.d s:ua)i; th9 small hold half a pint, aixi retails for one dollar per bottle; the medfura holds at least per cent, more in proportion than the small, rer&iis for two dollars per bottle; the large holds a tuart, 4" per cent, more in propor tion, and retails for 93. O. J. WOOD & CO., Proprietors,444 Broad way, New York, and 114 Market street, St. Loma Mo. Sold in this cMy by C. STOTT, 3T# Pa. avenue. ad 27 eoly.alw IOY FOR THE SICK AND S0FFERIN* J LET ALL WHO AHE AFFLICTED READ! Alf-L T THE &EMSHT EJSJOlCE Uf HEALTH. Friend. 4e yes suffer? Are yo? the vletim sf an} ?f tacke r.*n,*rosa tilr^nu wh.oh arise irem im??. ity of !no blood? What are ther, do yoe ask? f!*t.ner ?sk, what ?re they not? The blood is ths so?r?? of life ai.d health, and it is the fcrst element of our l*ing to respond to any caise which r.ffects the system, as the pulso iufa'.fibiy atv^ts. The ever prevai'iu; No*:a'g:a, the irr:*at'ng Erysipt as,tii? tiii tle Sercfu.i, the igoniainr Rheumatism, Nervosa Debility. Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint wit I its torpor and dejection, xnd the KinhflMi ills tuat fisr u is heir U>. derive their hideons origin from ths blood. De*l kindiy then and gently with the blood. Use the vitaiiaics resources of nstrre for its aid. m' suffer us to commend to yoer confidence ass sse that tra.j valuable medicament xaovn as MRS. M. COX'S INDIAN fKHETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to this almost infallible *??eifi? popn ar sectir-.eut has spoken In deoided tsrms arrt the evidesoss of this great cflcacy are scst^mad by cou?t*:!t avowa.s of citrative effeots and nappies'. resalU from its nse ?re after nil other remedids aad the best medical skill have fsaiod. Let us s?T,tn cotioiusion, that certificates oures are not ooujht from the illiterate tad superfiaiai. but they are vciunieered froui the most reKpeict&Liefourcasaiid justify the h:ghe*t terms in "hinh it is sorsille to commend *o va!a*bie a spooi rio to pur>lia approval. We may add also that ti.r curative s-opertfes of fie medicine are equalled only by it* reit^r-.tive efTeots, the ejetem recorerint from Iis^aua with renewed oonsMtutional vigor. For sale by all respectable Drugtista in this sity, and ty tne proprietor, M RS. M. COX, Aone genuine nniess her name is blown ou ths aad her naal on the cork ITT* Prioe f i pvr bottle, eix botties for 9ft. Whol>*+U Jttm, R. H. T. CIPHEL, Draggist eorgetown, D. C., Wholesale Agont for the District, and will supply the trade at my prioes. aa lt-tr ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. ! TRIEHF.MAR, 1,S and f? Protected by Royai Letters Patent of Enfland, and secured by the reals of tne Eoole di Priarmaoie de Paris, and the imsorial Collesoof Aledicine, Vienna. No i is invaluable for exhaustion and uaicrrhea am! all physical disabilities. N?>. 2 eoHipletoly eradicates all traoee of those diseases thai have been hitherto treated by the naaseoi's and pernicious use of oupai va and cabeba. No. 3 has entirely snyplauved the injurions i-ee ot mercury,Uiereby icsanug to tho sufferer speedy relief, dispersing &I1 impurities, and rooting oi the venom of disease. TF1 KSF.MA R, Nos.l.tand I, are prepared In the form of a lotenge. deroid of taste a-.Tsmell, and can be carried it the waistcoat pocset. Sol? m tin ca?M. and divided into separate do*c*. as ad min:s??red l>y Velpoau, La lomand, Roux, Ricord k.o. Pn<"<? each, o' four ca*>es for #"), which saves 93; acd in cases, whereby tnere is a sav'?? had. wholesale and retail, of Dr MARROW, of 94 Bleecker street. New York. I mined i at ? I y on reiosving a remittai.oe, Dr. Barrow will forward the Triesemar to any part of the world, securely jacked, and a^ldressec aeoording to the in struct!.ins of the writer. The Book, of all othors, that ahonld l>e read by men with <tftmat?d and bmkm down eor.t>titnfion? is "Humaii Frai ity, or PhysiologiosR Reeearclses." It is beautifully luustratej, and treats minutely of all the gyrnpioms that invariably develop them t'ves, sooier or later, resulting from the frailties and vitiating habits of earlt *<?ith. incapacitating the victim from saaring the fruition of the inatri monia1 state, and. if not checked in tune, dezener alms ail the functions of manhood, and bringing K e?,hT.7VTo'jM'rn LnIan(1 "ntimely dmtli. Sol I by I)/-. MA It ROW, 194 Bleecker street, font doors below Maodougal, New York. Prioe M cents. Sent free every where. So!d also by S. C. Fora, Jr., Drug Store. Wash ingf-n, D. C. der? Bm PT | HEADER, ER USE The following stat?mont and then judge . - .. ~0' lactsTor yourself. ABRAM C(?LE, of Brooklvn, N. Y., a well known citixen there, had suffered from Drspepsia tor some jeats, witliont permanent relief."ur.tu he ;L i J ^ PILLS,which taken according to the direotioiis for this oomplaint. restored mm to heaitb ir a few weeks After sn mwrva of some month s he haa had no return of his oomp aint. GEO. H. CROSS, of Harmony, Texas, had an eruption on hi* n-ok. shou.tiers, baes aud leg, whion covered about one third of his b.idy. It kept the parts aflectod covered with a scab, and being o,tena raw core, was of oourse very troublesome and distressing, ft so much impaired his health as to unfit hunt or business aud kept him in oonstant uffeiiug. All medical aid failed him until he took f Ct?MPOUNDu EXTRACT r*ARSAPA Rl LIjA, which cured him. llis skin still shows some scars from the ulcerat;on, but it is otherwise as clear ns an infanta. n^>HN II. SHOOK, Ess , an eminent lawyer of Richmond, Va.. took a cold ?!uoh sett!?d on bis Iiiiiks. A severe pain set ir. on the left hide, with a bad cough, whioh was s^n followo.1 by the unmistakable bj mptoms of oausumption. w hen r*duoed "^'"'"nood taking AYER'S CHER RY PE< ii'RAL, which soon stopped theoough and completely oured him. Prepared by DR. J. C. ATER & CO., Lowell. man eots H.o,? . . NEW BOOKS. ISTORY of the United Netherlands, by John Lothrop Motley ; J vols ; free b? mail, #4. The Rise of the Dutch Repuhlie. a history, by ^ohn Lothrop Motley; S vo s ciotn; free by mail, Silas Marner, the Weaver of Ravelol, by the author of 'Adam Bede ;" oloth 7S?oents; paper SO oents. Life and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop 8ar|eant: l.M). AHer loebergs with a Painter, a Summer Voyage to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Re* Louis L. Nob e; ?1.50 . The Manufacture of Photocenio or Hydro-Car boa Oils, by Thomas Antiself, M. D.; fl.W. Any of the above free by mail. FRENCH A RICHSTEIN, *>g 8TS Penna. avenue. I [NION PAPER AND EN VELOPES.-Twen ,t,ld" of Note and Letter Paper, with Envelopes to niatoh. Views of Washington in the form of a Rose, and in liook form; also,separate All the Daily ai d Weekly Papers constantly on .?: Times, and Tribune received every night at 6 o'oloek. Papers froai all tarts of the oountry. Bridle's Dime Novels and Song Books. chealpSh ,uppIy Uook> for summer reading, ?** National Books tori. 978 Pa. av. whioh we invite all cash perohissrsto examine before making their selections. WALL. STEPHENS 4k CO., M w /. *.9?. ^ S3T" Md lwh sts. m 22 (Intelligenoer and Republioan.) very niee Rosewood Chiokerings' inakeBBVB tor one Ro-ewood Newman i Bro.'sTTTTl H"?? Hssnn a frn 's P1>woe f| SPECIAL BARGAINS " " ????? TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY, I JJN1TED STATE!* MILITARY ROUTE. v eler8. CHANGE~OF HOURS. On and afitr Monday, Augn*t 19fA. 1801, rACSKNtfKIt T*Ain? will *CH a* follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON at ? i. m. 3 an and 5 46 p. m.. arriving at BaJti more at 7.4* and 9.'0 a. m. an>i 4.W5 and 7JP p. m. LEAVE BALTIMORE at 4JB aad ?0a. m.aad S.45 an<i ftp to , arriving at Washington at aad 10. # a. m. and at 5 3? and <T45p m. Pa*senger Train* leaving Wastrngton at 7.30 a. | in. aad 23' p. in. And Baltimore at 8 40 a. m aad 3.46 5. in , make direct connexions for Annapolis at the jUMuoa. Trains leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Wuh ington at fiJtb a. in. and 2 p. m Passenger Trains leaving Washington at 8 and I 7 so a. m and 2 9i p. m. mate direct connexions at Ba timore for Philadelphia and New YorkAll articles of freight (not oontrahand of war) will be transported over the line. Tonnage Tra ns will leave Baltimore at 4 3D a- m. Leave W ashington at 7 p. m. Br order of the Secretary of War: THOMAS A. SCOTT, _ . w GeneralManager. THOMAS H. CANFIELD, Assistant Manager. au 17-lf SPECIAL NOTICE. ^ SUNDAY TRAIN. I On an.l after SI'N DA Y.i8th July, there will he but one Sunday daily trainLeave WASHINGTON at29> p. m. for NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA. From New \ or* and Philadelphia, arriving in I Washington at 6 It) a. m. J A. SCOTT, j? 27 General Manager. STEAM weekly between NEW VOHK AND LIVERPOOL, Landing and emtarking passengers at Queena'own, Ireland The Liverpool. Nrw York and Philadelphia Steamship Company intend dispatohiog their ftill I powered C'jrd--built iron Steamship* as follows : GLASGOW Satnr< a?, August 3d. CITY OF BALTIMORE. " Mk. KANGAROO. " " 13tb. And m/erj Saturday at noon, from Pier 44, North river. ATI* or FiNAGI. Firat Cabin #75 Do. to London 80 Do. to Paris ........ M Do. to Hamburg__ m Steerage #30 Do. to A^ondon.......... ? .. 34 Jio. to an?.- ...... & Do. to Humburg. 35 Passengers forwarded to Ha?re. Bremen. Rot- | terdam, Antwerp, Ac , at rednoed throng* lares. wishing to bring ont their mends oan buy tickets at low rates. I i-or further information apply at the Captains [ Office. JOHN G. DaL .Agent, 1 _ 13 Broadway. N. V., Or to Q. A. HER RING, A<-ams Express Ba t!- | more. I Jt^?j^lNDIVIDUAI. ENTERPRISE *11 f?*" EASTER* AflW WK6TRMX SHORE STEAMhRS. I "KENT," Capt J H. R rwan flONEER," Capt W. Noriran. Will run theif routes a* foilows, leavi g L>ght I street, Ha timore, foot of Camden, at7 o'clook A. I M : KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landings ot; OiioptanK river, every WEDNESDAY aud I {SATURDAY*, returning every ihursdty and | Monday. For Annapolisand West River,e*ery TUES- I DAY aud FRlDA Y and returning *a days. PIONEER?For St M'ohael'san-* Easton, via Mile's Hiver, every WEDNESDAY, at.4 return the same day. For Annapolis, West River, Cambridge, Oxford I and Easton Point, every THURSDAY, returning I by saino route <>n Fnday For Annapolis. West River. St. Michael's and | Ea ton, via Mile's River Ferry, every t?\TUK- I DaY, returning every Monday by same route Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Faston I Point . ?1? Fare to ?t Mioiiae 'sand Miles' River,! round trip.$l.) 1 08 Fare to West River, (round trie, $1). 1 so Fart to Annapoii ( onnd tri?7S oenta) 75 MHALS EXTRA. CT'Freight mast he prepaid. Wharf aud Oflioe, L1GH1 ST., foot of Camden. I Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. NORTHERN HISB^Sb central railway. QUPfffclNTEN DENT*t* OFFICE,* Calvkut ?tatioS, Batimore. May 18, 1951. ( On "n?l after Monday. Ma* 19th, 1851. Trains on I the NORTHERN CENTRAL kailwaY ar- I rivu and depart as follows, antil further notice. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 8 15 A. M , ? EXPRESS at 3 9) P. M HARRISBL'R'i ACCOMMODATION at 8 P. M The 8 15 A.M. train eonneots at Relay House with trains on the Western Maryland Railroad; I at Hanover Junotion with Hanover and GetUtu'g I Ra'!road*;at York with York and Wrightavi 1# I Railroad; at llarr st.urg with Pennsy vania Rat - I road for ail parti of the West, also with Lebannon I Valley Railroad to JVete York dirtrt; at IMortiiuni I beriand with L and B. Kaiiroad tor Kinrator and I all parta erf Wrooming Valley .and ats?nnbnry with I the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all parta I Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3 30 P. M train makes all the above oonneo- I tions except Hanover Railrrad, Wrightsville I Railroad e.nd the Lebannon Valley Railroad TneBP. M traiu mak ea *00 n nations with Penn I sylvan i* rr ad for all parts of the Weat, and I direct eannects for New York. TRAINS ARR1TK. Mail at 6 10 P M.; Expro. s at 7 46 A. M., Harris- I burs Aooorrmodation at 2.43 P. M For Tio*eta and information inquire at the I 1 loket Office, Calvert Station. Baltimore. J. C. CLARK, Sup't. mcm?Mr LEAVE PHILADELPHIA FOK NKW VoRK. J The Camden and Amboy and Philadeiehia and Trenton Railroad Companies' Linelrum PHILADKI-PHlA TO NEW YOUR AND WAV l'LAt't- H. from WALNUT *TR EFT WHARF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT,will leaveaafol lows: At 6 A M .via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. A ooom modation.? At 6 A. M , via Camden and Jersey City, (N.J. A coom mo<iat i on. > At 8 A. M , via Camden and Jersey City,>Morn i g Mail.) At life A M , v<a Kensington and Jersey City, (VVe.tern Express.) At 12H P. M , v.a Camden and Amboy,(Aoeomreodat'on.) At 2 P M .via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. hxpr??s i At 4>i P M , via Kensington and Jersey City, (Evening Ex pi ess At 4>? P M , via Kensington and Jersey City, (Secoi d Class Ticket) At6 P. M-, viaCainden and Jersey Clty,<Evaning Mail.) At UM P M., via Camden and Jersey City, (Sooth ern Mail.) At5 P. M . viaCamder and Amboy, (Aoeommoda Hon, freight and passenger. First Clasa Tioket ) Second Clasa Ticket. The6 P M Mail Train tunadaily. Thelllg PM. Mail, Satnrdaya excepted For Belvidere, Faston, La^ bertvtlle, Fleming ton.&o , at 7.10 A. M.; and 4,'i p. M.. from Kensington For Water Gap, Stroudsborg.Scrant >p,Wi<kesbarre. Moi trose, Great Ber.a. Ac.. at7.lOA. M., from Keasiucton. via Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad. For Mauoh Chunk, Allentown and 7.10 A. M. and 5H P. M. from Kenaington depot; the7.10 A. M li eoonneota with the tiain leaviug Easton at 3 35 p. M. For Mount Holly at 8 and 8 A. M. aad 2 and 4K P M. For Freehold at 6 A. M and 2 P. M. For Bristol, Trenton, Ao. at 7.10 A. M..4K and 5* P- M from Kensington, and 2*6 P. M from Wainnt street wharf. For Pa-myra Rivertou, Delanoo, Revariy Burlington, Fiorenneoo, Bordentown, Ao ,at 12k. I, 3,4)t and 5 P M Steamer Trenton for Bordentown. aad intermediate plaoes, at 2K P. M. frem Walnut street wharf. CT For New York and Way Lipes. leaving KensiLcton Depot, take the oars on Fifth street, above walnut, half an hour before deaa tnre The cars run into the depot, and on arrival oftrain run from the depot. fifty pounds of baggage only allowed to*ach passenger Passengers are prohibited from taking anything as baggage but tlieir weai%ig apsaref All baggage over ?fty pounds to be paji 'or extra The oompany limit their responsibility f >r baggage to one ^oi ar per pourd. and will not be iiableT-.r any amount beyond one hundred doilara, exoept by spec<a contract. WM. H. GATZMER, Ageut. w KSlP A NT?^QL'TH i 1 IK BALTIMORE AND OHIO RMLROAD. On and after May 16tn, IM1, the fains will ran as follows, via;?Leave Camden Station, Baltimore.? Mail,,exoept Sunday.) at A. ? A. M.; Express daily at 346 P. M. Both Trains go direetlr through FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST, SOUTHWEST AND NORTH WEST: FOR WAY PASSENGERS. Between Haiti more and Piedmont take the A. M. Tram; between Piedmont and Wheeling take Aeoommodation Train, leaung Piedmont at 6.40 A. M.;and between Grafton and Parkersharg, take the 5 3(i A M Train (rom BaOimora. Tae FREDERICK TRAIN Waves Baltimore at4 30 P. M.aud Fredenck attJD A.M. The ELL1COTTS MILLS TRAIN leave Baltimore at 8 M and 9.15 A. M. and 1 86 and Mo p. M and Ellioott's Milts atT.4Daad 1140 A. M ,aadS4l j and 7.00 P. M. For further infomaat-on, Ticket* of every km-'. Ao., apply to J. T. ENGLAND Ageat, at Camden Station, or at the Tioket clfice. . u _ Ma*ter of Transp rtioa L. M. COLE, Gen'l Tioket AgeaC sBSS And WEST, Trains leaves Erom ChambersslN.Y. From 3 th street. xpreas. 7 and 11 a. m., 7,?. 11.95 a. m , and 1.53 and3.9) 545 p m Troy aad Albany (with t?.tf p.m . 'Sundays iasleepicg ear) lu.16 p. v cla led.) Poaghkeepsie train 6, a m.,and IJO p. m P<*etsk^t|1train, 4'0p m 4 25 p m. King Si- g traui,?ooa n. 9 IB a. m , aad i.U and T-? NOTICK TO TRAVELER*. BRtlttnon.iwl OM Point iFortrMft^K^^ "nroc> to be resumed, en and ?k?\v .fc, ?-or '" " diatefy after the arrival <W SfrW&SSV'-*- **"* >. N PALI.*. Peoe't ? m?- PHILADELPHIA. WIL SPHIXO AND SCMMkk A A d AgKKM>TT. 5Ob and After TUESDAY May lUii, (WniM rWDi tor Phnade shia will leave President atreet efrot daily ieaeept Snndera ih follow*. visftAV'Sf* k V* WV **'' Train at Mail at 4 45 e'elook. (H?t \ DAY Sat 4 45 P7lB.?alv. All trains oonaeot with New \ orfc true* exoept 4.4$ P. M . train on Satur ton. A Freight Train with ^uinnr oar attached learee at 5 P.M. etoppmg at ell Btationa Mtiyg Baltimore ntri Havre d?-br?o?. Ha*eergere for Delaware a?d the Eaetern * hora * Maryland will fiad the moat expeditions roate ay way "f W 11 mi m ton. C7"AII Colored Pfteons mutt give bond before entering the oara. WM CRAWFORD. A a ant. r-^-GREAT CENTRAL ROl TK FOR 3HETBE VVKjT. He RCn*C\ */r ah KAfLHUAU mmd NEW I'Oft* CKhTHAL HAII KOAD t xpress Train* inv? New Y'ork e'ty depots of Hadaon River Railroad daily. Sundaya excepted,?a loliows From Chambers street Firm Stat at. atation. AtTooan - At7S5am lMift 500 f in I 2ft ' 6?pm 3 30 p m 3 56 p m and Buffalo Train with eara. 9.'5 am 1 46 p m Connecting at Albany with the New York Contra! Railroad f-?r Sonenectody . Reenter Utiea, Batavia, Rome, and atataonaon Rome and Water town Railr av Huffalo. Syracuse, Niagara Fat *, Seaperai'-n Bridge. Auburn, Gon>-va.t^aoadraigua Trans in connection leave BnlTaio and Su?p a aion via Lake Shore, Buffalo and i aire Uaroa and Great Weate-n Rati road. for Hamilton. Tarnntn, Detroit. Chioaco. Toledo, Milwaukie. Fon Du l?ac. La Crowe, Madia n Prairie Du C:.len, Ga ena, Dnnleith. Du!>u?ue. Peoria. R.-o* Island. Mueoabne, Iowa Citv, Hurmrton, t^uinov. Sprm?fie;d, Alton, ?L Lonia.Cairo, Terre naut?. |rvdianat> > is, Louisville. Cir.cmnat' I ayt>n. Co urn baa. Cl-ve land, and all poiLta West, Northweat and South NORTHERN ROUTE Conneetma with Traina at 1 roe, with Troy * Boetoo and Kens. A Saratoga Road* for Saratov, ? hitehaH. Rutland, Burlu,r?t>D. -t. Albans, Rou?e Point, Platteburgh, Ogdenabu gh, Montreal, Ae., Ao IlT Freight A'rangements by this route aa above, without chance of ra a, from the l?epots in Chambers and atreeta.are at all times aa favorable aa made by nth r Railroad Compel**. '1 he laoil'tiea of tlna sreat New York Roat >, ?o the West co--nn>end it to the confidence of meiobaat* an ' ah'ppera tor promptneaa and di*patch Paeaenger traina. with Smoking and Sleeping Tare ran m connection on the New York Central Road. For partioulara aa to local traina and freitbt ar rancemanta, inquire at the depot, *9 Warren at. A. F. SMITH, Snpermtendcat. y J? <?OVKRNMKNT LINK TO FORT MOSfiOB A>1) OLD POINT COM PORT. Leave* the lower end <>f UNION IMtrK.Ra'ti "J''re, weat aide, MAILY, (Suud&va meivdedjat Oao'olrck P. M. takina pa?*ei;aere and feiaht. and eonn"otinc witn tfce Railroad line* to and f ont Wachicaroc, l>. C., Philadelphia. New York. B'? t?n, York, HarrisHp.**, Pittebarc. Pa, avrl the Went, immediat"!? af er th* arrival of rhe Expreaa Train from New \ o k and Philadelphia. 'J he ,'ollowicc ia the Sohedn.e : From New York to Fort Monroe and lack.. ?14 rem Philadeiph a ar>d f*?k. 2 in From Ba timoreacd b\ok J* fl^PROCURK VOl't TlCKF.Ti?^m In New York.a? the New Jeracy Railroad oftee fo.?t of Courtland atreet. In Phi adephia, at the Company'a olf oe N. W. corner of Simh and Oh*atnut atreeu.or at tie Depot, Broa<l and Prime atr* eta. In Biltimore, wa b >ard the 8teamera. foot ol Union Dook. HUGH Q'CONNER. Paaaenger Arc' r^ur.NhW YORK. HAR l.EM AND ALBANY R All.R'iA 0. -*1 LEAV11\? NEW YORK FOR ALBANY. TRO? , NORTH AND WhsT. PCMMERARRANGFME^T Commenoinc M'.nda?. May 27th. I<?1. For Abac;?IH*1 a m. faat expreaa train from 38*h atreet. For Dover Plaita? p. m atop^ini; at White Pl'ina and atAttona no'th to Dovpr p aina?fr< u. 36th etreet fiat ion. (Tbia tram will rnn to Millertoa e^-ary Saturday evening,) ForCroton Fal'a?8:16 a m. atonpmc at a'! rta tiona north rf Ford ham irom h atreet atation. For w hit? Plain*??:3J. 4;lo and (kn<> p. m. atoppina at aii *tatiura from r8th atreet itAtion. For White Piama?6; 6 p. m. atopfinc at a I atatioca from White vtreet atation. For Wil lams Brid?e-7^, 11:?5 a. m. and ?< p. m a topping at a!l a<aUona from 37th atreet atation. Returning will leaveAil* y??:< ? a. m. taet expre?a train. Dover P aini-fao a m. (Thi* tram leavaa Mu lerton ever? morning at 5 a. m.) Croton Falir? 5 p. ri . White Plaine?7.-fl0 a m. ?:'0 A 7^n p m. \V i J am* Mridce?h?i. #. <??. m A I:<*. m. 8und?r traina will leavo 4th Avenue corner etreet. for central fark, Yorkvil e. Harlem and High Bridge every t?w minute*, from 9*? a. m. to 7 ? m. JOHN BURCHILL. 4?at t*up't. r^niNEW YORK AND ERIE RAIL ( H ? ROAD I'aaaenger Train* leave via Pavoma Ferry and Long Duck, from foot of Cham <ra atre-t. N?w York.a* follows, yix : 780 a.m, F.XHRK88.for Dunkirk,and Buffalo, and principal mtermc ia e station*. 8 on a hi MAIL, for Dunkirk, and intermediate t*tatioca?Thia Train r^maina ovei night at Elmira, and arocecoa the next morning 9.on a m . MILK daii., for Otitville, and inter mediate Stationa. ,11 on a m , ACCOM MOOATION. daily, for Port Jorvte.anri p inetpal station* 4 00 p. m. WAV, for Middletown, Newhurgh. and intermediate Station*. 6.(*i p. m.. NIGHT KXPRES9. for Dtinkirk, Buffalo, Canandai-uaAnd principal htat ? <? The Tram of Saturday etop? at aU Mail Train Station*, and runa only to fc. ntira e on p.m.. ACCOMMODATION,for Horneavil e, and prinotpa! 9taUona JSATj._ANI.iL , 5?lTrriiA?INyH.'0" By the ealendtd and auporior A St-ame a METR??P??L]_^, EMPIRE 8TATE. B^Y 8TATK. and STATE OF M AI * E. of great atrength and *peed, but particularly adapt* d to me navigation ot Lone la<and bound, running in c <nneotion with ti.e Fall River a->d Oid Colony Railroad, distance of 98 iri'e* only to Boeton Leave Pier No 8 No'th River near the Bat ft The Stcamar F.MPi RE BTATE.Capt jlraytnu. Monday*. Wedneadaya, and Friday a, at to'olook P. M., touching at Newaort each wa?. "I he 8tem??r M KTROPOt^HS, Capt. Brown. <ui Fuxadaye. Thuredaya and Patn^dava, at t o'clook M.. 'ouohing at Newport each way. Tfiaae Steamers aie fitted with commodiotta state rooms, and ever* arrangement tor the leran tv and c m'ort ot paseenger* who are afforded by this route a nighta' reat on board, and oaarrnai at Fall R iver prooeed par Steamboat Train.rear ing Boston early the fellowina morning: or may rema n on Hoard until starting of the A eo on moo a tion at 8 A. M by whioh tuey may reach Boaton ab?-ut 8.45 A. M A baggage matter ia attached to each eteamor, who reoeivea and ticket* the haggage. and aocon panic* the rauie to ita deetinaiiou. A steamer rs-e in eonn*otion with thia Line be tweeu I-all River and Piovidence daily, except Sunday a. Freight to Boaton ta forwaaded th roach with freat diapatch by aa Expreee Tiain, which ieavea rail River ererr inomir g, Sandaya 7)| o'cl.Kik for Boston ard New Bedford, arrmug at its destination at atw>?t it a M For freight or pa<sag-. app j on board, or at the oRoeon Pier No. 3 North River For atate room* and berths aapiy oe hoard, or if deairad to aeon'a tnem id ad4tie?, to WM BORDEN, Ag't 7?> an t 71 W e*t atreet. N V. GROToN^ 8l<^Nlk?i O^ ^ ^^ "and PKOTIDENCK. POR BOS TON? iLland R? ut??The a*<ortaat and aaoet di- , raot?Carry the Eaatern MaiL _The stewu.r Pl,\ MtiUTH ROCK, Cart. J. C ?eer, and COMMON WEALTH. Caat J. W. Wil'taie, in connection with the fontagton ProTidfnre.aiirt Baa'oaaod Provtaence Rulroadi, O V12f N?wY ork daily. Sender a exoeatco, from Pier No 18 North River, at fi o'clock P. M.,atd 4JL0i2n *L8-8T o'oloc* P. M., or on the arrival of J R> Mail Train whioh leave* Boaton at 5* P. M. The PLYMOUTH ROCK, from New YrrkMowday, Wedaeeda*. and Friday. Prona Qroton?T??eda-. rbu'aday,aad Satnruav. The ^OM mV)N WEA.I TH, (-on New YorkPaaeengera from Groton proofed eer railroad to Prond^noe and Roaton, fn the E*pr*ea Mail Train, reaching sa c i .*? la adeaaoe ofthoae by other route*, aed in amale time tar all Ae early Morning Lines eoaeeiing North and Eaat. Has eengera that prefer it. remain on board tae Areejn'r, enjoy a nighU'reet undiaturbei^ b'aak , fast if deai red .and leave 6iotn? in Ual.UA. M. Tr?it. o<tneoticg at ProTidenoe with the 140 A M. Train for Boaton. Pare from'-ae to Newport, Fifty eeate. A bar gate master aooontpauiee the flteaaasi and Train each way. For Pus&ga. Bertha, State Roome.or Freight, PP'y on board the ate?m?r, or at fee Fretgt t Ofioe, Pier U North jliver, or at tha ORee of the Company, No. 1U Wat et'eet,corner efCortiand atreet. Ne? York. Fea.?. iMi. r MILITARY BOOKS. r RBNCM A RlCHSTlKN have juat received a large and oemplet- assortment of Military Books of all kinds, whioh they offer from tea ta ifty per eanL below the regiv retail prices.? m olading: A new edition of Bardee'a "cfartry and Rife Taotics, ooraaicte, f 1J6 f Manaal.l vole, ft Alton's Compendium ofHa^^s Taeliee, mm | Snr*ery.*e 5 ^hM> Fis d PortiEaatiou and Oat^ at, aaeh 74 , Hardw s Tactiej, ohaap edition. i?o j drill Sol>k f.'r the ?m oi'tieTSSSSmVA t^d U. S. Said 1 jr. baici a | Una ?o * i?*eetry lac- J ?*> I laga.bwgee aad Medala of every Awrtp*. ** ^Mlkffc?. 1 v j ^ W ft* fVM|R?? *RrW % *? !

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