Newspaper of Evening Star, August 22, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 22, 1861 Page 1
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. ? ? Qtoittg Star. " .... V^. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. AUGUST 22. 1861. N?. 2.654. THE EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED BVB&Y AFTERNOON, (PUNDAY EXCEPTED.) at the star bcildings, Conmt ?/ rmuuj/lvmi* rtnu* and EUvtutk II. rr W. D. WALLAOH. rapos wmd In package* by carrier* at 94 a year, or 37 cents qpr month. To mall aabecrlber* th? price la S3.50 a year, im dvmmct; ?2 for alx moatha; SI for three mentha; and for laaa than Dree montha at the rate at u centa a weak. 81a(leoopiea, on a cbst; la wrappers, two canra. ABTaariaaiiBHTe ahouid be aeat to the ?doe before It o'clock a.; otherwise they may not appear until the aext day. the battle of bi ll run. Mr. Raeaell1* Acceaat of the Reat. COKSBQCB.ICBS or THE DEFEAT. [From the Lond n Time*, Augusta ] Jt i.t 22.?I ait down to give an aeoonnt? not of the action yesterday, but of what I saw with my own eyes, hitherto not often deoeired, and of what I heard with my own ears, whioh in thia ooantry are not so much to be trusted. Let mo, however, express an opinion aa to the affair of yesterday. In the first place, the repulse of the federaliata, decided as it was, might have had no serioaa effects whatever beyond the mere failure?which politically was of greater consequence than it was in a military aense?but tor the disgraceful conduct of the troopa. The retreat on their lines at Centreville seems to have ended in a cowardly rout ? a miserable, causelos* panic, Such scandalous behavior on the part of soldiers I should have oonsidered impossible, as with some experience of camps and araiies, I have never, even in alarms among camp followers, seen the like of it. How far the disorfanisation of the troopa extended I know not; ut it waa complete in the instance of more thaa one regiment. Washington this morning is crowded with soldiers without officers, who have fled from Centreville, and with " three months' men," who are going home from the face of the enemy on the expiration of their tetm of enlistment. The streets, in spite of the rain, are crowded by people with anxious faces, and groups of wavering politicians are assembled at tee corners, in the hotel passagea and the bars. If in the present state of the troops the Confederates were to make a march acroaa the Potomac above Washington, turning the works at Arlington, the capital eight fall into their hands Delay may plaee that event oat of the range of probability. The North will, no doubt, recover the shock. Hitherto she has only said, -Go and fight for the Union." The South has exclaimed, "Let us fight for our rights." The North must put Its best men into the battle, or she will in vitaVy fii! before the energy, the personal hatied, and the superior fightirg powers of h-r antagouist. In my letters, us in my conversation, I have endeavored to show that the task which the Unionists have set themselves Is one of no ordinary difficulty, but in the state cf arrogance and supercilious confidence, either real or affected to oou^eal a ?ense of weakness, one might as well have preached to tfce Pyramid of Cheeps. Indeed, one may form some notion of the condition of the public mind by observing that journals conducted by men of disgraceful neraonal character?the bewhippedand be-kicked and unrecognized pariahs of society in New York?are, nevertheless, in the very midst of repulse and defeat, permitted to indulge in ridiculous rhodomontade towards the nations of Europe, and to more our laughter ^ impotently malignant attacks on '-our rotten old monarchy," while the stones of their bran new republic are tumbling about their ears. It will be amusing to observe the change of tone, for we can aflord to observe and to be amused at the same time. On turning into en* of the roads which leads to Fairfax Court House and to Centerville beyond it, the distant souiyi of cannon reached us. That must have been about 9:30 a. in. It never ceased all day; at least, whenever the rattle of the gig ceased the booming of guns rolled through the woods on our ears One man said it began at 2o'olock, bat the pickets told as it had really become continuous about 7) or 8 o clock. In a few minutes afterward a body of men appeared on the road, with their backs toward Centerville and their faces toward Alexandria. Their march ao disorderly that I could not have believed they were soldiers in au enemy's country? for Virginia I hereabouts is certainly so?but for their arms and uniform. It soon appeared that there was no leas than an entire regiment marching away, singly or in small knots of two or three? extending for some three or four miles along the road. A Babel of tongues rose from them, and they were all in good spirts, but with an air about them I could not understand. Dismounting at a stream, where a group of thirsty men were drinking and halting in the shade. I aaked an officer, " Where are your men going sir?" ''Well, we're going home, sir, I reckon, to Pennsylvania." It was the Fourth Pennsylvania Regiment, which was on its march, as I learned from the men. " I suppose there is severe work going on behind you judging from the firing?'7 "Well, I reckoul sir, there is." We're going home," he addad, after a pause, during which it ooourred to him, perhaps, that the movement required explanation?" because the men's time ia up. We have had three montha of thia work." I proceeded on my way, ruminating on the feelings of a General who sees half a brigade walk qaietly away on the very morning of an action, and on the frame of msnd of the men, who would have shoated till they were hoarse about their beloved Unien?poaaibly have hunted down any poor creature who expreaaed a belief that it was not the verr quietesaenoe of everything great and good in government and glorious and omnipotent in arms?eoolty turning their backs on it when in its utmost peril because the letter of their engagement bound them no further. Perbaps the Fourth Pennsylvania were right, bat let us hear no mere of the excellence of three months' service volunteer* 4 On our left frent a gap in the lowest chain of the hiila showed the gap of Manassas, and to the left and nearer to us lay the 'Junotion" of the same name, where the Alexandria railway unites with the rail from the west of Virginia, and eontinues the route by raila of various denominations to Richmond. The scene waa ao peaceful a man might well doubt the evidence of one aense that a great contest was being played out below in bioodahed, or imagine, as Mr Seward sometimes does, that it waa a delusion when he wakea in the morning and finda there ia eiril war upon him. But the eaanon spoke out loudly from the green bushes, and the plaina below war* mottled, ao to speak, by puffs of smoke and by white rings from banting * bells and caprioiooa howitsera. It waa no review that waa going on beneath us The shells gave proof enough of that, though the rush of the snot oould not be heard at that diatanoe. Cloada of duat oaine op in regular line* through the tree-tops where infantry were acting, and now and then their wavering miata of h^ut blue amoke ourled up. and the splutter of musketry broke through th* booming of the guns. With the glaaa I oould detect now and then the flaah of the arma through the duat olouda in the open, bat ae one could tell to whieh aide the troopa wh were moving belonged, and I oould only judge from the amok* whether the guns were Bred towarda or away from the hill. It was evident that the dust in the distance on cur right extended beyond that whioh roae from the federalists The view toward the left, aa I have said, waa interrupted. b jt the firing was rather more heavy th*re than on the front or rignt flank, and ? glade was pointed oat ia the torest aa the beginning of Bull's or Pool's Ran, on the other side O; whieh the Confederates ware hid in force, though they bad not made any speetfio reply to the shells thrown into their cover early In the morning. There ssemed to be a oontmuous line, which waa held by the enemy, from whioh eame steady solid firing against what might he supposed to be heads of columns stationed at various points or advancing against them. It was neeeaaary to feed the boaaee and give the* aome rest after hot drive of aome 28 or 27 miles, or I woald have proceeded at one! to the front. As I was watching the faces of the Senators and Cougreeamen, I thought I had heard or read of Bach a scene as thia?but thara wis much more to oome. Th* soldiers who followed each shot With remarks in English or German were not 2! in watehing a Igkt Ooee, as a aleud of thick smoke aseen?ed from the trees, a man ahoatod : " That's g'Od; we're taken another batterr; there roes the magaai**." Bat it looked Si, ZT/bT explosion of a oaissen In the midst of our little reconnoissance Mr. Viietel ly, who has been living, and indeed marching with on* of the regiments as artist of the Illustrated London News, came up and told us the action had been commenced in splendid style by the Federalist*,who had advanced steadily, driving the Confederates before them?a part of the plan, as I firmly believe, to bring them under the range of their guns, lie believed the advantages on the Federal side were decided, though won with hard fighting, and he had just come up to Centerville to look after something to eat and drink, and to procure little necessaries, in case of need, for his comrades His walk very probably saved his life. Having seen all that could be discerned through our glasses, my friend and myself had made a feast on our sandwiches in the shade of the buggy; my horse was eating and resting, and I was forced to give him half an hour or more before I mounted, and meantime tried to make out the plan of battle, but all wns obscure and dark. Suddenly up rode an officer, with a crowd of soldiers after him frem the vil]age "We've whipped them on all points"' he shouted. "We've taken their batteries, and they are all retreating!" Such an uproar as followed. The spectators and the men cheered again and again, amid ories of "Bravo "Bully for us"" "Didn't I tell you so?" and guttural "hochs" from the Deutschland folk and loud "hurroos" from the Irish. Soon afterward my horse was brought up to the hill, and my friend and the gentleman ,?"e already mentioned set out to walk toward the front ?the latter to rejoin his regiment if possible, the former to get a closer view of the proceedings. As I turned down into the narrow road, or lano, already mentioned, there was a forward movement among the large four-wheeled tilt wagons, which raised a good deal of dust. My attention was particularly called to this by the occurrence of a few minutes afterwards I had met my friends on the road, and after a few wonls rode forward at a long trot as well as I could pa^t the wagons and through the dust wben suddenly there arose a tumult in front of me at a small bridge across the road, and then I perceived the drivers of a set of wagons with the horses turned towards me, who were ento force their way against the stream of vehicles setting in the other direction. By I r th? 9et ?f there was a number of commissariat men and soldier* whom at first sight I took to be the baggaKe guard. They looked excited and alarme^and were Tuur,x0g by the the side of horscs-in ront the dust quite obscured the view. At the bridge the currents met in wild disorder. "Turn back! Betreat"' shouted the men from ttie front. " We're whipped we re whipped "' Tbey cursed and tugged at tho horses heads, and struggled with frenzy to get f'st . Running by me on foot was a man with the shoulder straps of an officer. " Pray what V kQ1!ilter'JUr?M 4<It mean8 we're >retty badly whipped, and that's a fact," he blurted out in puffs, and continued his career I observed that he carried no swoW The teamsters of the advancing wagons now caught th ?T .n bHck?turn your horses," was the shout up the whole line, and backing which hf'! ZATiDgt 1Df- ki0kiD?' thB ho " which had been procoeding down the road reThof J".! WeDt ?ff l0W,lrd8 Centreville. These behind them went madly rushing on. the drivers being quite indifferent whether ia ?r^'."fcrace led the way, provided they oould find it. In tho midst of this extraordi* nary spectacle an officer, esoorted by some dragoon, rode through the ruck with a light cart in charge. Another officer on foot, with his sword under his arm. ran up against " What is all this about ?" "Why Jf're nreUv badly whipped. We're all in retreat. There s!ral Trferthere b4d,J " And on . V .?am? yct n^'her. who said, W ere beaten on all points. The whole army is ,n retreat." Still there was no flight of troops, no retreat of an army, no reason tor all this preoipitation. True, there were many men in uniform flying towards the rear, but it did not appear as if they were be; ond the proportions of a large baggage escort. I got my horse up into the field out of the road and r.Mi.r. toward the front. Soon I met soldiers who were coming through the corn mostly without arms; and presently I saw fireloak^cooking uLi knapsacks, and great-coats on <ft? ground, and observed that the confusion and speed of the baggage oarts became greater, and that many of tnem wore crowded with men, or were followed by others who clung to them The ambulances were crowded with soldiers, but it did not look as if there were many wounded Negro servants on led horses dashed frantically past; men in uniform, whom it were a disgrace to the profession of arms to oall "soldiers," swarmed by WCh~^rVDd e?n draught horses, which had been cut out of carts or wagons and went on with harness clinging to their heels, as frightened as their riders Men literacy screamed with rage and fright when in-w^f'.'.r5^ ujT ?n 1 -kin: thl'i. ."out?" and now and then, bu*rarely receiving the answer. "We're whipped, or, "We're repulsed." Faeesblack and dusty, tongues ont in the heat, eyes starSKuk."1 ' "ot,d"fu' "TTh ? h,v,nS turned round goes on. And turns no more his head For he knoweth tnat a fearful kend Doth cloae behind him tread " But where was the flend? I looked in vain, i here was indeed, some cannonading in front of me and m their rear, cut still the firing was comparatively distant. and the runaway! were far out of range. As I advanced the number of carta diminished, but the mounted men increased, and the column of fugitives became denser. A few baggie, and lilht wagons filled with men, wh?fe face,VK ihl* made UP. t Leporello" in the ghost scene, tried to pierce the rear of the ^n?f 0Y?w' were now solidified and f ?Ik j?'iowr- 1 orossed a small ditoh by the roadside, and got ont on the road to escape some snake fences, and, looking before me, saw there was still a erowd of men in uniforms coming along. The road was strewn clothing?firelocks, waist-belu, cartouch-boxes, eaps, great-coats, mess-tins ih?,?l!i in'Jru enU.c*rtridges, bayonets and abeatha, swords and pistols?even biscuits water-bottles and pieces of meat. ' [TO SB COHTINOBD.J A Simclab Wopwd ?It is sUted that the surgeon of the hospital at Alexandria reports a singular case of suffering under his charge A private, engaged in the battle at Bull Bun had a cannon'ball paas his faoe without touching bim He felt a strong concussion of the air n his face as it whistled past, but, regaining bis equilibrium, he continued in his place until after the aogagement, suffering severely, however, with pain. His cheek soon presented a swollen appearanoe. with increase of pain He was conveyed to the hospital and under i proper treatment, bat the surgeons have had great difficulty in preventing mortifloatiou of b? Experieneed army officers j ?y that deaths frequently ocour from balls passing without striking the victim. | lie . P"?8*cr*i Union lodge* art multl plying rapidr.L . T5*?v#Bd Xof^ Carolina, la the lat&r Stale if is said the members amount to one half the ???"* * the jMate. and It Is expected _ ..I nd * delegation of Union men to the present tMfrns, ._bu dn>?*-U?ed over fifty par cent ai nee the war commenced Vounir 8fnnMb' 0* *>' **> and MSO. who have brought from 1.600 to W 000 a ymt ago. 5"?^*"Srs* 1?if"**" bS**Al? iSSSp [rj-iTh? almon fishing has now fairly cutaOienred In the Cauadlaa atreama N?r Utiobee SUMMER RETREATS. I ?ea bathing and safe retreat, i ?5 At Point Look-Out, Mabtland. This oe ebrated Bathing Place. situated at the ! junction of the Potomac River with the*. . a i Chesapeake liar, will be opened br the?c>a# i undersigned on tho loth of June, in thell-'sb i very beet style, for a'l persons who may wish a i sale and suiet retreat, where they o?n ha\e the i benefit or the beet salt water bathing and enjoy the i delicacies of the water, such as Fish of all kinds. i Oysters, Crab*, ftc i Every description of fishing taqkls wilt be kept for the accommodation of guests. , a fine livery stat> e kept on the farm 1 al??>, ten pin alleys acl billiard saloons; with i all other amusements usually found at such places. i ? t,lle supplied daily with fresh ve*?- i tables from the garden on the premises and fr<>m i tho Baltimore and Washington markets. j The b<?st ln uors and Cigars will al ways be found i at the Bar. i Board, 92 prr day; one week, f 12; second week, i 10; four weeks for $35; children and oulored se>-- i vant? half-price. ! 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Water and Gas upon i satisfaotioif v? tarm"? *nd guaranties entirs i 8tovf??whw>.^ lo^ of coollng and other 2. ^"'ohhe wnl sell less than cost, as he i wishes to get nd of them. do 17 i vv l' .. gas fixtures. i jryr'frwi'vf?10/6',ansf are?ai-y reoemnjg, OAS j kfsof entirely new Patterns and Designs i oif>i h in tf fnp'?utr?ln vj:e to*ntt!iin? berotolors i ^ S! in .a i We inTiteo^xeni r?nertl I ' !* and examine our stock of Gas and Water I i ir?*?Jee[inlt confident that we have the t?eet I "to*"! ?f>ck in Washington. 1 I Ail Work in theat/ove Tine intrusted to tur oiri I Will be promptly attended to. * ??"-a "awml. of ick ?uwBBhx,> skalm NOTICE IS fiK H ?nYKtffviiv, i KTrrasL examine te?t, .rove, and wceruin the moiri'j o/ registration olany gas noter in nee in this city"' i '"correct, will be condemned i f ^ *8?wi?r? sealed and marked as true will be i f fl*oo. If proved to be aoca~ace in its i ineasBicment of gas. it will bessalea acco-q;nzir i and again put in Bosition for use. et*t' i w?chJm' <1? fvotouih e*reet,(near Odd Fa!- | . ws Hall.) Open fronrSa. m., tof ?. m. i i. is ./ i w. cunningham, ' jy ll-tf Inspector and Seaier of ft as Meters. j\ew optical establishment. i 844 * m. i. franklin, s44 ! i scientific and practical optician, i . . _ . ... (From Phtl*tir!jphia,) \ having established a branch oHiis business here, he i With the finest Perisoopio-Elliptic Lenses, suited i ? f ? *8? oondition of the vivuai organs i Also, for sa,? bis world renowned Mirrofcopu, i Tthscopety Military Spy (flat'ts. Stereoscopes anJ I and MatkemaitcM l%Uruments, at tne loweHt Kasteru prices ! u.. d i. franklin, Optician, i *44 Pennsylvania av.. bet. 12th au<i 13th sts.. i . qjl , (formerly the stana of Dr. Woolfson,) i Washjwgton. >). c. i atopham's PREMIUM TRUNK ^tgrl MAN UFACTOR Y, 499 bbvbstu stebkt, washington, d. o. 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" 4 is tf oorner of Fourteeoth and e sia. 1 Gentienea wishing an immediate ontit will find i in oar Rsady-made Department every artio.e of i -JT'-feMBSSte, 1 ai5 caps) as It is the 'Cheapest store i^t^ti to 11 [ buy Clothing aimt Farnishin* gouts. > ? f 1 1 ARMY SUPPLIES I] Proposals for army wagon and AMUCLANCE HARNESS. | ' Orrrcx or Armt Clothuio and FquipagxJ of H<nrani anrl Mercer *(??(.?, > I Nxw ^ ork, Auetst 3, 1961. > Proposals will he received at this < nice for fur- I niching, by contract. Army Waeon Harness: The proposals should state the prioe at which ] 4 they oan l>? furnished at the piaces of manufacture ana the prioe at which the* oan be delivered at I this depot, the number which oan b* made by the 1 luduer one montii alter receipt of tiie order; e the number which he oan deliver witnin one , week. , ? I The ha-n?ss must exactly conform to the k-llow- I i ing specifications, and to the estab ished patterns: I t Four-mule harness as follows, to wit: . j > WHEEL \ Two (Jailor*. Breech straps Sfeetfe inches long. i 8X luches wide, sewed into 14 inch rings of X | uiei iron; hip straps 8 feet 11 inohee long. 2X I | inchj wide; stay piroes2 feet long. 2X itches 1 t wide, with lX luon buoklee; oroas straps to buck e t into *tay pieces,5 fee' lone. 1X iu?Jh wide; aide I straps 4 feat i n?, IX inch wide; tie strkp* 1? I I ir.ches long, X inch w de, tapering to a point. I j Two Belly Bands. Long side 2 feet 8 inches tone, I 2-inches wide, with a two inoh buokle; short sido I l foot S inches long and 2 inches wide. Two Hair Collar*. 18 to i9 iachos long, with double I i straps and sale leathers and buoales ;? inch I d w,<le . : TVs Pair of Strong Hames to suit, made of white I oak root, ironed wi'h hooks, breast rii-gs IX inch I ? sqnsre, staples and line rings. I Two Patr of Hame Straps. Lower one 5 feet 6 I i incites long. X inch wide, upper one 4 feet 6 I t ii ch-s !ons, X >uoh wide. |i Two Bridles thrown pieoe 2 feet long, IX tneh I wide; check pieces eaoa 1<> inches long,. I * >non I j w de; front piece 11X itches long, IX inch wi le; I , atar pieces, from bliuds to cown pi-ces, lhinc'.e* I s Ion*, IX iuch wide; nose piece 11 luohea long. l|t

inch wide; blixd4 6 niches long, 5X inches wide; I t reins, one side 4 feiet long. 1 mc^ wide; rhort I ? side 2 feet long, 1 inoh wide, with I inch buckle; I < butt's, tinned mu'len, to weigh < lb*, to the d sen fa Two Pair Cham Pipes. 2 feet lorg, 2X inches wide. I Two Pair Trac Chnini, 7 f?et long, 16 links to rhe I < loot, of No 3 iron, with T on one end, weight 7X to 3 ibt. per pair. Twis'ed or strauht One Pair of Breast Chans, 22 itches long, 14 links I e to tne foot, of No. 3 tror. i wistid. |1 Two Neck Straps, 3 feet I inch long, 2X inches i wide, with 2X inoh buck's. Two Keek Chains. 4 fe?? inches long, 14 link' ti | ' the foot, \o- 4 i'on,'T and loop to be riveted on I to the n<ok stiap. Twisted. , , I , One Saddle., made on Attai.apas tiee, htad gullet I j ex.d cautie, iron, c ivered in the u>uai wst with I t half tanned horsehido; flaps 20 inch a lone. IB 1 > mhes wide; surcinsi* 7 feet 3 inches lorg, 2X I inches wide with a 2X lush buckle on one eua | t to be fastened to the ?a idle b? being riveted to I ? two curved straps IX inch wide; these strap* I t are placed one on eaca siue of tiie saddle tree. I . oi e end iB tied to the frout part ot the b*T. the other end to the extension of the bar behind ti;e I t oa/itle, Spanish saddle fasoion; stirrnp leathers I i 4 leet 7 mohes long, i?ch wide, witn 1*< in th |< bunkle; stirrups. ni*ii-al?io iron, tinned, bolt eye I t paneru. to weigh 13>* ll??. to a dozc-n pair. LEAD. I Ttco Collars, 17X to is inches long, made the same I t a? lor ?h< el harness. I < Two Pair of Hames, to snit.of same material as I i lor wneei harness, ironed, wi h hooks, breast I h rints, and line rings, with sl>aps as m wneol nar- I c ness Two Bridles, same as for wheel harness. T'po Nerk tstrars and Chains, same as for wheel I harne-s. Two Bel y Bands, * " I i Two rair Ckmtn Pipet. " " Treo Patr Trace Chains, *' '* I ! Two Cruppers and. Hip Straps, Back strap 5 feet 1 lone, taper ng from cj>4 inches to 8H inches wide. I i Hip *-traps each 2 foet ? inches long, IX inoh I wide, each with a hook at one end. Two Back Bands, 3 feet 4 inohos :ong, 3X inohes I wide. I ? Two Martingales, 4 feet long, IX inoh wide, to I * buoKie int. tie bit. One Coupling Strap, 5 feet 6 inohes long, X inoh I Jj wide I One Check Rein, 4 feet long, 1 lr.oh wide, to buckle I 1 into the bit at each end, with a ring st wed in the | centra to receive the lead line. One Lead Lm??, 81 ff?t ioat,H inch wide, with a I < buc* e at >>ne en i,aud an 8 inoh loop at the other. I s One Whip, heavy platted horse hide, 6 feet 6 inohoa I ' long, 1 ' One Horse Brush, oval, of bristles, ? by ? inches. I On* Curry Comb, No. 122-8 bar. I k Th * whole to be packed in a box about 18 inohee I " wid ?. 17 inches deep, 34 inohes long, n ade of Hi oh I stntT coopered, wood lioops or iron, as may be re- I 4 >u:ed. Four-Horse Haiuess as follows, to wit: WHEEL. I , Two (jmilMS, Breech straps 8 feet 8 in?lie? long, I 3X inch wide, s?wed into 4 inoh rings of X inch ! irou; hip st aps 4 f.'et long 3 inohes wioe; stay I r'eo sit feet 2 inches long,3 i >chj8 wide, with I X inoh buokles; cross straps to buos.e into rtay I pieces. 6 feet lone, IX inch wide; side straps, 5 1 feet 6 inohes long, IX moh wide; hip straps lb I inohe< long, IX moh wide, tap; ring to a point Two Belly Bands, Lone side 2 feet 4 inohee long, 2 I inches wide, with a 2-inch buo>le; short side 1 I . foot fiinshrs long and 2 inohes wide. Two Hair Collars, 22 to 23 inohes long, withdou I I ble straps and safe leathers and buokles X inoh I 1 wide. Two pair of Strong Hames to suit, made of white I oak root, ironed with books, breast rings IX I inoh square, s'aples and line rings. Two purr of Hame Straff. Lower one 5 feet 6 I inohes long, X i?nh wide; upper on-* 4 feet 6 I inohes Ions, X lc?h wide.o, alum canned leather. | 4 Two Bridles, Crown piece 2 feet 2 inohes long, IX j | inoh wide; oheek pieoes each 10 inches long, iX j 1 inoh wide; front pieoe 12X inches long, IX inoh | | wide; stay pieors, from hands to oiown puces, I s 16 inohes long, IX inch wide; nofe oiece 12 inohes I ? long, 1 inoh *idr; blinds 6 inohes long, 6 inch's I a wide; ins, long side 4 f?et 2 inohes h-ng. 1 inoh I * wide; short side 2 feet long. 1 inuh wide, with 1 I k i oli buckle; bittn, tinned mullen, to weigh 5 1'js. I the dosen. | , Two pair Chain Pt><*, 2 feet 6 inohes long, 2X I 4 niches wide. I ^ Twopair Tra ? Chains. 7 foet long, 14 I.nks to the | g f?.ot,of No. 2 irta. iwisted or straight, with Ton d one end, weight 9 lbs. per pair. I g On* pair of l.rfast t'hatns, inches long, 14 links | to the 'not, of No 2 iron wuted, I g T>co Neck Strops, .5 feet 6 niches long, 2X inches I s wide, Kitn 2X inch buckle. Two Neck Chains. 4 feet 6 inch-s long, 14 links to I ' the toot, twisted No. 4 iron, T and loop to be I fc riveted on to the neck strap, swivel in the chain. I * One Saddle. male on Attakapas tree, read, juller I i and o&ntld ironed, oovered in the ntual wiy with I half tanned horse hide; tlaps * iucliei long, 16 I h Inches wide; suroiu e, 7 1-et 5 inohes long, 2X I *' inches wide, witn a 2X inchhackleon une I be fastened to the saddle by being riveted to two 1 curved straps, IX luch wido; these straps are I p aced one on eaoh side < f the saddle-tree, one I *, end is tied to the front part of tl e bar, the other I , end to the extension of the bar behind the cantle, I . Spanish saddle, fashion; stirrup leathers 4 foet 7 I . inches lo> g, IX inch wide, witn IX inch buckle; I stirrups, ma leable iron, tinned, bolt-eye pattern, I to weigh 13X lbs. to a doz'n pair. LEAD. ' I r 7>co Bridles, same as for wheel harness. I C Two Collars, Si to 22 inohes long, made the same I L as for wheel ham >ss Ttcn pair of Hames to suit, of same material as for I wheel harness, ironed, with hooks, buast rings I s and line rings, wift straps as in wheel hame s. | Two Ntck Strips and Chains, same as for wheel I harness. | Two Belly Bands, same as for whrel harness. Twopair C*ain Pipes, same as for wheel harness. ] a Twopair Traee Chains, same as for wheel harness I " Tie>o Cruppers and Hip Strop'. Back Strap 6 f -et I k long, t?permg from 3S inohes to 2X inohes wide, I , Hip. Sttaps with buokles tach 3 feet8 inohes long, | IX inoh wide, with wrought nooks. Two Back Bands, 3 feet 7 inches long, 3X inohes I . wide I c Two Martingales, 4 feet long, IX inch wide, to j J buokie luto the bit. 1 " One Coupling Strap, 5 feet 6 inohes long, X inoh I wide. I One Check Rein, 4 feet 1 inoh long, 1 icoh wide, to I buokie into the hit a each end, with a ring sewed I , in the oenter t" receive tue ea 1 line. I , Ont l ead Line, 21 feet long. X inoh wide, with a I | b.;ckle at om end, aad an 8 inch loop at the I other.. I , One Whip, heavy platted horse hide, 6 leet 6 inches I ? loBg. I One Horse Mru*h, ovjil, of bristles, ? by ? inchra I Unt Curry Comb, No. 2i2?8 bar. 1 he whole to be packed 1 a box aWout si inohes I wide, >8 nohea deep, 34 inches 'on:, made of 1-iuch I stud, oooperod, wood liiMips or 110a, as may bu re I quired. 1 he whole to be made of th) best material, sew- | ing to be mvle with rimhI waxed thread, and suh- I jeot to mipeoUoB du in< the prooess ol ni4uuf?o I lure ai d alto when finished. I '' When .6 horse har^e-kS is required, the lead ont- I lars, bridles, haines, neck ?ira>s. bell* (a d?, I ch?in pipes, trace chain, urapper auU hip s raps, I j b^ok bands aud ooopiing strap i art> doubled; one I bearing chain 3 feet long, 14 links to the ft ot, of I T No. 4 iron, with a T on eaeh end aided, and lead ] . line to be 30 feet long. The whole to be made of the beat material, sew- I M ng to be made with go d waxed th eaJ. and sab I jeot to inspection durinx the proo sa cf uiamifae- | ture and also when fimsh'd. Wi>en 6-mu e harness is required, the 'sad ool I p lars, bridles, hainee. Leek straps.belly bands, ohain I pipes, trace chains, 0 n-jper and hip straps- back I bauds, and oonpling straps are doableo; one bei.r- m ing chain, 3feet lung. 14 links to the f?w.t, of No. 4 I 1 iron, with a T on eaoh end added; and lead lute U> I ? be 21 feet long 2 Proposals will go be r?ocived for making and I "i delivering aaibvlanee harness for two o foar male I " or horee kwi i speoifiaation of whioh will be | hereafter furuithed. , I Foruis of 1' opo.als auti gaaraatee will oe fnrn I ^ ishsti ouapplica u>n at this rj&cetaed noae wki | a be oensidert d that do not oooi <roi thereto. Th-p'lsiieee ia reserved by anaX>r the Cm ted j States of rejeeti.'g any profn-al taat nay be I de*me<l extravagant. j M Prop faie wnl be indorsed oa th? in- I *?? M?S!tt?r?Mt?U.8.A . IS Bim joumstoh, ALTItlUKE LOCI HOSPITAL, Hat ditto**rti tkt most Ctrtmm, Sytdy mmd only Efftetuoi R*m?dy m th$ World, FOR ALL D1SKA8K8 OF IMl'R L'DENCK. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PR EYE NT. AffLV IMMEDIATELY. I CURE IYARRAyTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. W*akn*Mof ? ?s:k, Strictar**, /fecuooe of thi Bidleya and Bladder -i-v ?a:ar? Impoiinc?, Oeo iral Debility, Nu.t?iaiiut, .*> ?? pat, Laura.>r, C?aifa*ioo if Ideas, Low Spr.:? r :pn..u^u of th* ff*.irt, Timidity, "rembiinfa, Dimneea of 8ig at or Giddincn, IV aa a of th* i*a<l, Throat, K.ue or Skin, Aflectiona of the Lunga, Stained or Bowel*?these Terrible Disorder* ?n?mf frmt Solisry Ha!>;ts of Youth?these Dreadful end D**troctiv? Prac cea which render Marriage impuaait 1*, and destroy both lody and Mind. YOUNO MEN E.paciilly who have become the victims of Solitary Tiea, hit dreadfnl and destructive hahit which anr.nalty sweep* 0 aa aa'.iraely grave thousands of Yotx j Men of 'tne most Halted talent* and brilliant intellect, who might otherwise iH?e entranced ketemng Senate* with the thundere of el?|uence or wck*U to *cetaey th* living lyre, may call with nil confluence. MARRIAGE. MiKlian PBRfONR, or Yoong Men contemplating Marisre, being aware of phyetcal weakueee, organic debility, leforimtiee, Ac., epeedily cored. He who placee hinitell under the care of Dr. J. may reliri>osly 10 hit honor at a gentleinan and canfldeut.y eIy upon hie ekill a* a phveician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICE ST. ft ! .nd aid* jrotnf froai Baltimore etreet, a fe w doors froan he corner. Fail not to ot serve nam* and oambar. Letter* nuet b* paid and contain a (tamp. DR JOHNSTON, Himbir af th* Royal Colicky of Surgaone, London, rnidaite from one of the most eminent Collegea 1:1 the United lute*, and the ri*ater part of whose life fca* b**n epent id he ntapiula of Loudon, Paris, Philadelphia *nd (leewhere, lae effected soma of the most astonishing oaree that were iver known; many troubled with ringing iu th* head and iare when aeleep; great nervoueneea, ceing alarmed at edden sounds, bashfulneet with frequent blaenmg, attended wi'ji derangement of mmd, were cur*d hhid*liattly. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Young Men ao<1 others who has* injured ther-selvee by a iertitn pricuce indulged in when alone?a habit frequently earned from evil coinpuuians, or at seltooi, the *ffecu of rhicn are nightly felt even when asleep, and if not cored, e-ders marriage impossible, and deetroye both mind and k-d v, should apply iminertistely. These are some ->f the tad and melancholy effect*jprodueed ly early liabtt* of youth, via: Weakn'M of th* Kick and ,imb*, Puns in the Head, Dimnes* of 8ight, Lo?* of '"wer, Palpitation of toe Heart, Dyspepsy, Nervoue irritaIility, Dermg?ment of the Direetive Fut.cuooe, G?n?ral Jahiuty, Symptoms of Consuiiiptiou, Ac MEST4LLY.?Tfcr fearful effect* on the mind ar? mach t* le dreaded?Loss ot Memory, Confusion of Ideas, Depression if fcpirits, Eni Foreboding*, Aversion of Society, Self-Dierntt, Lo?* of Solitude,Ttiridity, *tC., ar* imii of th* *vil* trodcecd. N**vot'S DIKILITT.?Thooea.nde ean now Judge what i* he cause of their declining health, toeing their vigor, becomng weak, pale, nervous and emaciated, having a aingnlar ipp*aranc* about th* eyee, cough or symptoms of coniampion. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whin th* miagu.dtU and ;inpiudeni votary of pleasure 61 J* I* ha* imbibed the seeds of thi* paiafal disease, it too often lappena that sii ill-timed (tuie of *hau.? or dic.ul of discovery liter* him from apply ing to tnjse who, from sducatiou and espectabil.ty, can alcne befriend him. He fall* into th* lauds of ignorant au(! designing preteuders, who, incapable if cunr.ff, filch his pecuniary eutatance, keep him trifling nocith after month, 01 aa long aa the amalleat fee can b* chained, and in despair leave hun with rained health to iirb iver his galling disappointment; or by the use of that deadly kinoo?Mercery?haiten th* constitutional *ymptom* of thi* rrible dueaae, such a* Affection* of the Heau, Throat, Head, Ikiu, Ac., pr*gr*aamr with frightfta! rarid'.'y, till d*^th puu a ( rod to hia dreadful sufferinys by ainding himt ? it.?; anliscovsreJ coantry from whos* besme a? traveler returns. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By this gr*at and important r*m*dy wtaki *ssof't s argan* ir* speedily carsd ana 'bM vigor restared. TLoasandt of th* o*t nsrvcts and dsi ilr.aied, wh* had ia*t all bop*, nav* iter. imu.*diat*ly r*li*vsd. All imp*dim*cu to Marriag*. Physical ar M*ntal DiaqaalIcationa, Los* of Procrsativ* Powsr, Nervosa Irritability. FrfmMing and W*akn**a *r Kibauuao af lb* m?*t fsarfal ind sp**^i!y cartd. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. TNI Mant THOOItKPl car*d at thia inatuation snlhia be last eev*nt**n vsara, aud th* aaueriia* important larri *1 operations pirformed by Dr. Joht.f.on, witnessed by Ois pcrtsrs of the p ipere and many other rersens, r oucea *f rhi ;h has* apptsiad again and again t efur* th* pculic, t*ide* hi* standing a* a gaptlaman *f CharaC'tr and rtsp?r.*l>iltty, is a *a8c:*tit gaarant** t* th* alicttd. mar 15 1* Dr. J. H MoLKAN'S BTXEJTQTHEHDfQ CORDIAL AM) BLOOD Pl'R IFIKR rHE GREATEST REMEDY tn Ikt WORLD. tljSTXR TAKEN. 11 1* ttricil* a ?)- Wm '* W Jiff ? ;' * ani Tegttahi* C*m^*?'.d, ^rotlsa ?f r?*u, <*r**, - / asi harks. Tcllew -.vj l ull K**^ hmtfeB> 1*. aad DaadtllM rsmtdtal ^ *f*a*h iagr*di*n v^:;^"*uu.?v,Aflrr utiif* UUlltug, r*aaai g a dalle.?*a, sxaiiaiauug ipira, cad la* i*?t ltf*!l!kl* remtdyfar rtnavatlng ike ? t*as*a lyttta, ad r**t*r1ug th* cUk, *af ariag, a.4 dtktliUUd lavaliA l* ll^t aa 1 *usi-U. r&LEArs STRENGTHENING CORDIAL rtu ifNUiUy lit* kiver Csrr.y'.airL, Dyey*p*!a, JavaU*, Cbraaia *> Meivca* Dekllily, D:s*aaca ( 1*? K<dosy*, ai al! Slaaates eeiaag frsm a (Itaerdeitd Wiv*r *r ( math, yayaaa:i, Btutbini, luwarl Pil*?. A*lditT *r ?i*kn?>* *f 1* ( ma**, railntti af Bl**u t* U* H*a<2, Da.. Pain *r winning lata*B?ad, Pelpitatiaa *f tea art, ralln*** 1 W?igki lu U* at*ma?k, Bear Irmumu, Choking *> l.tatLag r**i!ag arcm lanrg datra,Drynes* ?r T*UaW aa *5 th* Skla aad Byte, ITigV*. Iwtati, Inward r*v*r*. a:a ill th* Small af th* B*tk, Chttt, *r Bid*, fits 'iaahct *: B*:t, Dayraasl** af Cpiriti, frighUe'Dreams, ,aagee>, D*aa?ai'.totv > any n*rv*ae dlaaaee leraa *> Uetah** aa th* Bkla, aad B*v*f sad Ago* (at CfelU* aad ' 9YMM. A MI1110N BOTTLES * * h**a sold dtrlag Ut la*t tix maatha, aa<i ia a* lalaa*e he <t failed ia giving *utir* aattifaciiak VTha.thaa, rill eaCar frsm W*aiua*a er Dakillty whta UcklAII f B-BtdTRBBlB# CORDIAL will ?u* yaa ? R* lavgasg* aan asavay aa adeqaate Idaa *f the lmm*dlU aad alia mi alruilauiiup gradated by taktag this :*rdlal k th* dl**a**df d*stlltat*d, and ahatt*r*d aarvsae yst*m, wbethtr br*k<? d*va by **?*<a, waft by aatar*, r lmya'rad by alaka***, th* r*laa*d aed iiiiuag aagaalatlaa 1* r**t?r*u la tu yristla* health aed Tigw MARRIED PERSONS, > *th*r?, laai-. aaa of iaahllltr from whatever aamaa, wt<l ad KcfcBAR t CTRRRBTRRH1RR CURDUL a U?*agh r*g*aarit?v af th* *y*t?m: and all wh* may hav* ia u*d ik*a;i.vii by lmpi?**i ladalgaaa** vtll tad la Uta iardial a air'.aln aad aytidy rtmtdj. to THE I.ADIXS. Mchllll aTA WVTRRMIHa (KiRC?Ab I* a e-rey lga *>d *p**dj sar* far lufifMnt C*o*amp(i*ai, Rs..*a, Ibettatua m BtRaalt Maaeiraatian J n*?ciia*n*e af lrtsi r la?*.saury Butharg* ta*r*?f, Tailiag af th* Wnab, nidlsi a, Rslatiag, (Tall dla?a**a inaidaat ta fiaalw. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT ilti ** iMfti. Vat* It aaaardiag ta direction*. It will tlmalatt, *u*?rtk*a. aad lavigsrat* ya? aad aaaa* ib* la*m af haaita to nr.eaai year cheek agaia, Bvary battl* la rarraaud ia glv* asuafatuaa. FOR CHILDREN. If voat ahlldfta at* *i*lrly, pany at aSiawd, MckRARt iORDIAk will msk* them healthy, fat, *ad pabaat. Delay at a a. auij try it, a?d y?a wll b* aaaviB*?d. it ta 4a?i*i* ta ut*. 0AWTION, war* ar drm^gUts or uaa'ara wha may try la palm aaaa aa aame bluer ar earaaparilla traah, whieb th*y cea bay heap, by earing it is Jwtt as ga?d. Avoid each man. Aek ir McLEAN'M BTRRRaTIEMllia CORDIAL, aad tab* thing tie*. It i* U< *uly rep edy that will parify the H?ad tbaraaghi* end at th* aani* u.n* *tr*ngth*a the *y*t*m. Un* uaspoabfal ukan e?*ry mareing faauag ia a cartaia rerantive far Cha!*ra, Chiila uil F*v*r, Tallaw Fever, ar uy prevalent Aiseaaa. It i* pat aa In large b?ttl*e Price nly (! per haul*, or I b*u'.*B for #A jT McLEAR, #;a f-eariaiar ef tbi* Cardial; el**, Mabaau*e Talaaoic 01 kuimeat. fnaeipsi Da pat aa tha af Third aad Flae eveiu, St. kaais. Me. XcLe&n'a Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TRR KIT klRIMRRT IR TR R WORLD J Th* aaiy safe aad aertaln ?ar* lae Caacars, PBaa, Vm. I era, BweUing* cud Rranctul* ar Cot ue, Paraiyaaa, Ma ailgla, Weak.ieeaef U* Muac.aa, Chraoic ar 'nrimm*tarr .haajaauam, Rufaaa* af tha Jaiou, Uaa>uacta? Maaelaa ar igcmacw. Rarviba ar Taathacjia, Brmiaas, luaaa, Fraah au, Wean da, Ulcers, revet Saraa, Caked RriaaL Rare libplM, Rarne, Baa Ids, Bar* Throat, ar aay iW?ammaUac aa lit, aa dtffaraaca haw eevere ar laM iA? fa-iie Mv iv*? eiletad. MrkKARR CJCkRBRATfcD klRIMKRT la aaitsia remedy. Tbaasacda af hamaa beinge bare baaa aavad a Ufa af <|* repitad* aad ial**ry by th* ae? af thi* tavalaabl* r*m*dy. MoLEAITS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT rul relieve pan. ainsaat inaleenaeabalj. sad h will alaaa. Hfy aad heal th? faalaat sera* la aa laaraAlhl* ahaat uat FOR HORMES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MskRAirBCkR.RBR.ATKD LINIMENT 1* th* aaly ath id reliable remedy far ike aare af Rpavte, Rtubma. riadgall*, Bpliata, Baaa tarsi Larrj* Radae ar Bwalhagv never SaOad U tare Rig Read, BailavU, Plnala, (fid > Cailar Railla. Cata, Baraa, aeWaiede, it ia aa La fallible imedy. Apply it ca itraciad aad a a are ke aonahs la evary to!, _ iJB- McLRAllT&als B j in Camsr Third aad Ftea M, R. WlMi. Ml, U^e^r^a55SrWeewsLS2i'*"** ***el >a W^aaAlag THE WEEKLY STAR. Thle norlMt FbaUiy u4 Newa containing e greater nrWty of lain anting road lag than cu be fount la aay otber?It y~V>ehrl on Friday morning Tim?-r?i*, MNrtttJf, to ifcin Single copy, per aaa on Flw copies... 4 W Tea copies _... nu Twenty fl*f copies ......... K ?0 It la variably oontalaa tbo ? WmHmMi Novo* that hat made TV AiiJy M*m%ng Stm circulate ac generally throughout lb? country CTSingle coptee (la wrapper*) ran bo poo. cared at tbo counter. Immediately afw tbo tseoe of tbe paper Price?THRF.E CENTS, fKOE BTAMPIN* A PACKET OP PAPES AND ENVELOPES lO NATOl. at tbe METROPOLITA* BOOKSTORE, PBILP A SOLOMONS, Jjmti for Lmmtmtt'i eaiaSraiad lAmm fapr< "Mtircrc'wm Mult." It., h. M tr bet. Xk and ltk WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. |\R. SHU MAN has, after ao ei|?n?BM oftn IP ?eare. octal nt.ed tbo abevo MKO boes t naokery. eeif-labeled Indian or 6ermaa dootoea. arid pretendera of trite uoraft and impoetora in (Mitral nna it tie only piaoe whore a o?ro an.' epeedy cure oau t>e obtained in the world for a*i improper and evil halite, gonorrhae, gieet, ?emmat weak ceea, ayphiiiia, primary, seconder v. aad tertiary, organio weaknees. pains m the lolm, atncMiree, central debi'it*, prostration. nervousneee. reel, oee nights, palliation of the heart, rmciag in the eara, lose of memory, oonfnaion,nielaucn?ry, etWtiona of tho head, throat, noee, and akin, aad all tnoee peculiar diaordera arising tram the indieeretioa ot youth, rendering tiiem ulLi for either baeneee, study, aociety. or n.arrlage. Dr. 9. hae the greateet remed^ee In tke known World for diaeaeee of tke blood, gonnrrhw. tret, strictures, stphillis. aeminai wer.ksea*, aelf abuee, Aa. There ia no oase in whiek thej fail to enre la from S to 6 day a. Victim* of theae horrible comply eta, who woe id wiah to be valuable men and ornamenta to eoetety, ahonld embrace the eanioat opportunity for relief. Dr. Shu man haa mace toe moat oomp.etearrangemenfa for the comfort of hit patienta who oomo from a distance. I hey will bo fumiehed with the moat pleasant ant agreeable *uartore, neoeeaary diet, and ir.ade aa comfortable aa they woald be at a first class hotel at lete than hetftke ooat. Do not forget the name a-d puirber. DrShninan'aofCcr is ot the cumcr of Suth etreet and Pennsylvania avenue. Clarendon Uotai. opposite tLe Nations' h tol, Washington. D. C. Persons at a distance ahould enclose stairp for return postage. Office fours, 9 A. M to ia P.M. Various parties have been cr.t.o*l from my In titution by certain swindlers on back street* ia this city, who wul rue it f'll the day of their death A word to the wis* ia sufficient ap 9-1* ?(Vr< Corns*. Cold, Wwimikh . ia/wsu. lay JrrU?*i?n e* S?rr **.?* of tk* Tkroat, K?1n?( tke Hatkxat Couth MS Camtwmrlion. bronck-.tis, Atkwia, t Catarrh, Clear an<i ttm >trenrtk to tk* eoscs af F?? a-e aware of the importance of ehecg- - g a Cocyh or "Coinmoc Cold'* in its firet sfAee; that wr.'ch in the he* wuold yieid to a mud reroe J?, if nee.e ted.aoonattackathe Luuaa. " Brawn't Bronchial Tfomti," oo^ta ni?f demuloantinjradtenta. ailay Pnifiionary and Bicnchtal Irritation. I "That trouble in my Throat, (for BROWN'S which the "Trother" area apeoiiel having made me < ^?c a mere wkia TROCHES peroi. nTp. WILLIS. BROWN*? Mi rooommocd their boo to Pvslio onv r* ii e Sf*A.iaas.' TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAP1N. " ! Greataervioeinaubdttlrig Hpaa?* BROWN'! KIM." REV. DANIEL WISE. *RnrRK? "Aimoat instant relief in the die ^ treaaina abor of breathiac peculiar BROWN'S 10 A* K'KV'. A. C. E6GLESTON. TROCHES "Cor-tain no Opiam or anything injorioua." DR. A. A HA v K8. BROWN'S Chemist, aaocaiu JAXV??f.tZr* ? BROWN'S "R 4 Ftroche? - ^gnrTrciV BROWN'S ., Mr# ^ TROCHES Wsoonm Cowoh." REV. H. W. WARREN, BROWN'S Sb'tm. " beneficial when ootraellod t* TROCHES apeak.sufierincf oil Co'.#. ftEV. e.1. P. ANDERSON, CROWN'S St. Lauit. ,Rnnnn? "Kr^nrroALtn rerv?vfn| H-^araa fKUtim.^ neas a:;d Irntauon of tbe Truoat. a* BROW TS oc on "* Prot M. STACY JOHNSON. TROCHES LaVrmmtt.Ua. DpnnrM'Q Teacher of Mbkc 5< uthom BROWN P Female Collage. TROCHKS "6reat benefit when taken before and after preacMEj. te the* prevent BROWN'S Hxarseneae. Frcm t>?ir past eff?ot, I think they will uo of peimanent adTROCHES ROWLEV, A. M. BROWN'S Preaidoot of Athena College, Teen. *roohes fr : NrrBxi s"" do 1-lT PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AK> # BLOOD KEKOVATEB la areoiaely what tjs name indicates, for. wklle rrteaaa^t to theta^te, it is r?vivifn:.i. e*iiU*..fcUnt. cviKcrstmi; and rtrw themcc to the vita povera, ara at the name time rovivifiea. reinstate*, and renews the Blood in a I its oneinal pnrity.a id that at onoe rulam iaJ mJtts the gyttrm iavulMorablt te attack* of distant. It is th? only preparation ever ofiered to the world, eo cherr.icali? act aktlifuily o< mbined aa tube the n ost p<w?.rfn tonic, and at the aaane time ao perfectly adapted to, aa to act in perfect ancordar.oe with the laws of natara, and heuce m ill sot tht tk* xe-ak- >i \..mi(h, and tore ap the digestive orjar.a. en^ thus a' laj a. n*rvouc and other irr'tat.on. It ia perfect.* eanuara ting and at the aame tin;? it ia compoaed entirely of v*fetabiea, jet ao oombined aa to produce tke moat thoroafeh tonic effect, without producmc an* injurious oonaegnences. Snch a remedy hae tocg b<?en felt to be a dr-aideratnia in the medioal world, for it neods no medical to aee mat aridity follows all attacks of disease, and prooe??ds ami ia deed Tars the system open to tke >naidioua attack* ot many of the mo8t fa?:,auch, for example, aa the following: Consumption, Indirection, l'yt>peps>a. l.oaa of Appetite, Faintneaa, Nervona I-ritabi.ity. Neora Ria, ralaitation of the heart, Melaaoboly, Niclit Sweats. Langor, Giddineaa, Retention of, as well as PamroToFstrncted, tot> protuae, or loo ao-nt M?nstma.tion, and Pallinc of the omb, Tueae a l depend upon general debilitr. Thia pure, oaa'.thy tonic Cordial and B ooti Renovator la aa aare to cure aa toe son iat o riae and aeC Tkero ia no mistake about it . Bnt this is not aU If tke s rate in ?a weakened we are o?en Vo biliona at tarks, the livar becomes torpid, or wyrea> diaeaaod. tke kidneys rwiae to perform their fi;, aad wearetroahlaa with aoa.air.feao moontiuMOee arise, or involuntar7 diaokarfe af the aatne. pain in tke baok, aide and batwaen tke ehemdera. ?aoeod.nsly uab.e to alight ooiaa. ooujua, aad it oa cheoked. aoon eruaoiation fouowa.auti tke patiaat goes down to a premr tnre grave. Bnt aeaee wt 1 not allow na to enn morale the man?ilia to waioh wo are liable maweakoced condition ol the avatem. But we will aay in tkxa Cordial aad Btood Renovator yom have a porfect- aafe p! eaaant and effecti?al remedy for loss ol'Appetlu. bi.ioiaM. Platalenoo. w*at and aloe Stoaaok. Laagoir, I Jvar Complaiut. Clu.iaaud Fever.or any Hi&eaaaktaak Co?ti veueaa, Aoiait* of tke Ston aoh.Nervqaanoea, Nenra fcia. Pa. yitatioa of the Hart, DcfraaaioB ofSp:rlta. Soros, or. the or any die weakness,and enumerated above. We wiUalso aiytLe traveler oxpoeed to epidemioa, okange of imate a.,c. water, wulind It a plaabaant. aafe aad areremedy, and no oca ever travel withAll pereona of aedentary haMts wnl tad It a par foot pro* ontlve ot, as well aa a cure fo* those ail imenta which they are partiealariy eapoaed Heiee miaiatara. atBcrata,attorneyejikerw* gaatlesaea. and ladiee who are not aoeaateiaed to mash oatJoor exercise, will Lad it to their aJ*aatn#e to keep a bottle eea?tart?y ox hand; and a&?ve n*J aotaera,ortnore oecomiag ok.willgo tkrwik tkat moat dar serous period not only with ill their accustom", strenttkjbat aafe and free frees tbe tkouaand ai.mecta ao prevalent amoaa thefeOMMO ,B portion of the world, lnahort, la indeed a mother e cordial, Tryitold aad yoang;ao lor?er rwn tbo risk of Ggiar; 't will relieve aad pHre^eiycifosaphatywB^SpS@SBl. * P&Of. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL an BLOOD RBNOTATOR. ~ Md ta tkie ?ty by C. BTOTT.mPb.bWM. aa?-eoiy.kiw gOOTB AMD MOM TO MIT THJB

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