Newspaper of Evening Star, August 22, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 22, 1861 Page 3
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f.OCAL NEWS. CjT Tfeoo* h Tei 9tl% la printed on the ftutert rrllr prvas in om* tenth of Baltimore, lta edition U tr> \ATV u require It to V put to prfw at en #*rly k^ar; Ad wMaeoaenta, therefore, honld be a^*t In before li o'clock m.; ?tberw!ae they nay not nppe*r antll toe next dny. ? _____ Notion.?Dtrtrld of Columbia AdvertlaenentB l? be Inserted In the Biltihoh San are received at and forwarded from Tua Stan O-flUce. * - - Tnn Tnaasvav Extission ?Shortly after mr. Lincoln * Inauguration, at that darkest and moat ((loony boor In the hiatory of the federal city, when our safety wai aertou?ly threatened by ene mi*s without and traitor* within, and loyal citliena were in constant dread oft midnight attack. It was remarked by a southern journalist that Washington was protected by a central line of fortifications along tta whole extent, separated from each other bv distances not exceeding a mil*. Tbe writer allud*d to the public buildings, but such a statement would lead distant readers to form rather an exaggerated Idea of the strength of thott structnrea If any of them is calculated to withstand the shock of war. certainly the Treasury building is that one, and the cannona with "their bowels fbll of wrath" might "spit out thefr iron Indignation 'gainst its walls" with but little effect We speak of the southern extension. The immense granite pilasters weighing from 50 to 60 tons each?four feet through of solid tone?bound together by.other gigantic blocks and slabs worthy to figure at Karnak or Kdfou, are fitted together so cloaelv that tbe building could not be more substantial if cut out of a solid rock. Our readers are already familiar with tbe massive proportiona and beautiful yet simple style of the extension. The interior accords well with the exterior, and does equal credit to tbe skill and taste of the architect, who has combined convenience with elegance In a manner seldom so successfully attempted Tbe other departmental buildings are " cut up"' Into rooms each only large enough for three or four clerks, with their necessary desks, books and papers. Here each room occupies tbe space of several such as we hive described, thus enabling the chief clerk of a bureau to have his subordinates with him, and directly "under bis eye " The walls and ceilings are painted in en# caustic, and are relieved by being formed into panels with haavy but plain moulding*; the only ornament* being chastely designed rosettes where the gst pipes enter The portions designed for the Attorney Genemi's office and for the Light House are already occupied. The rooms designed for the use of the Secretary of the Treasury, his assistant, and his clerks, being the entire second story of the building. on the same level as the rooms at present occupied by the Secretary tn the old building, with which they communicate, are nearly completed. The walls end ceilings of the Secretary's room are beautifully frescoed.- Each panel Is relieved bv an apparent moulding of heavy scroll work, which forms medallions for the devices of the seala of each of the thirty-four States and of the seivl of the Treasury Department. The tops of these scrolls are festooned with grapes of the different varieties grown in this country, and the lower portions of the panels are painted with accural* imitations of the various staples and other products of the State whose devices are copied In nentftl tint upon the medallions. Only the products of our own country are used for ornamentation. On th? nan els devoted to the Seceding States a symbol of their present attitude Is introduced In the shape of a venomous snake peculiar to the State The splendid mirror for this room was manufactured in Baltimore. The plate, of more than usual thickness, is of the best French glass, and glvs a most brilliant reflection of every object placed before it; but the frame is tbe most attractive, on account of its proj>ortlons. lta peculiar design, and tb* elaborately curved trilded work. It measures feet hi width and 9 In helghth, and tbe top ia slightly arched Upon the lower corners are carved representations of cannon, pointing inward with ball*, ammunition, and otljcr appendages, whilst neu the ceuter are large United states shields, Illuminated with stars. In tbe center of the lower part ia a large key, surrounded with other emblems, indicative of tbe Important branch of the service for which the mirror la designed The sides of the frame are circular, and around tbein are entwined gold bands of tbe richest pattern, tbe enclosed spares, diamond form, being filled with carved work, finished In pure white. Tbe frame issurmounted j by a large eagle with extended wings, whilst its talons grasp a shield, across which is a bundle of arrows Extending from each side of the main figure ar>- clusters of fruit, all of American growth, including the orange, pomegranate, pear, grapes. the apple; also, bunches of the cotton plant ard other agricultural products, all of which are richly glided. The northern extension will be similar In style to 'be ( Ollth.ffO ^Ytpniinn Anlu ? , .uv v?l??gt? will* those immdc ncer? gty l)J ilic ){tealri elevation of the ground Workinen are now employed upon the tnas?lve foundation! of the western extension. i which will conform lit style to the other new portions of the building Tbe pavement at the south ! front U now being laid, in tbe most substantial manner. First, ther* is an excavation for the recaption of a muss of concrete, about one foot in thickness, spread ov.-r the whole surface On this solid concrete foundation brick piers are built lo the proper height, and on these piers the heavy stone flags which form tbe payment are firmly beddtd Fn cemsnt mortar. This combination makes a pavrment which cannot be affected bv tbe action of frost,which is so destructive to ordinary streit constructions in this country. Tub Tkam->ters a Chamjmo* ?Tbe R?publican of tbis morning has some "remarks'' defunding such lazy and ignorant teamsters as drive overloaded Government horses along up grades with locked wb-els Tbe Htpttblican says tbis is done to "break" the horses! Tbe scoundrels' heads deserve to be broken who play this ?ame of horse-training'' in August, or any other month, in ftct Our sympathies are decidedly with the ' bosses " The Htjfublicnn can side with the other brutes if It chooses; but in the name of mercy let It not Insinuate that the "(Quartermaster's Department" is at fault in the matter. Tb!? is certainly a mistake. Now about the training part of the business: Tbe ground for breaking horses, it is well known, Is In the First Ward, on tbe dirt streets, and we believe no'horses are sent out to n*rfnwm ? > uar v services at army wagon horses until they are broken, or at least aappoaed to be To load a wagon neavlly with camp pqu'.page or atorea, and send it aeveral miles over ah aorta of ground with locked wheels, la very well calculated to ruin good boraes, to aay nothing of wagona Captain Putnam knowa biabualnesa thoroughly, no doubt, but he la only one man, and can be In but one place at a tins; while the teams w? speak of are met with In all directions?not at the brtaklng ground W? bear that tie teamsters practice this wheel-locked training of their anlmala up tbe steep, atony streets of Georgetown, even This will, in very little time, ensure the thorough ^ breakfhg" of both vehicles aud animals, we bould imagine Fknio's Akmt Stove ?At Boteler A Sons. "Iron Hall," may be seen a curiosity in the way of mechanical ingenuity, In the shape of an army stove, which will do the cooking?baking, boiling, frying, Ac., Ac ,?In first rate atyle, of a camp of 50 men, and yet weighs with its case but DOUlldl- and r*n Kn J ' fore**, and told tiiem If tbey preferred to be with tb? Yankees to leave when they p'eaaed. After deep cogitation and consultation thed-rklca decided to ''try a change,0 and came within our lines Um of them had traveled 45 mllea beaald Tfcey have been set to work on the tefeucea Da cm , he ?Hammack is ia receipt of very ftne dram lab?a luxury not often obtained here. His larder ia jnat now capitally supplied, aa well as his famous bar There ia nothing dealraMa In the way of good eetiag at this season not to be fooad (a his establishment. Cajrraat. Gcabdhoc?? Casks.?Wni ?hatf.r, ! vagrant; workhouse JO days John Kelly, dlsor- j detly; dlamiaaod John f*orby, picked up by the ; meaamd patrol vary draak; flae tad cadi, 9H 9P. J , wv uu^*> aru oiIU UHfU for um is tkrtt minute $ The fixtures and pip* can all be packed Inside the stove, and the Move then secured Id a case, which Is as great a curiosity in Its way as the stove itself This case consists of a pair of atrong white oak tuba fitted with hasps to bold them firmly together for transportation, and when the two are coupled over the atove. wonderful to tell, the wbola appears aa a compact caak or barrel, which may be rolled or trundled In any direction without the slightest Injury to the contents Tbese tubs are just the thing In camp, the one for slops and the other for water, and tbe Move Itarlf affords matter of Interest to repay a long Inspection In its varloua Ingenious devices for cooking food In the most appatlzlng manner, and with the leaat outlay of fuel Thla stove (designated Ennla'a Army ftove) baa already been na*d by tbe Mozart, DsKalb, Garibaldi and California regiments, and has given tbe most entire satisfaction, as we can well believe after seeing It. Messrs Boteler & Son, 31? Pennsylvania avenoe, "Iron Hall," are tbe sole agents for Maryland, tbe District of Columbia, and Virginia , b Smaii Ur ?Yesterday, as Mr George Bitting and Mr Sanderson were driving to a buggy down the avenue, east of the Capitol, the horae, which waa quite yonng, tn(j Lad never been driven before, suddenly commenced kicking, staving in tbe dashboard and otherwise smashing things, until it wss entirely freed from the vehicle. Both shafts were broken, aod tbe sharp point of one Inflicted a severe wound In the thigh of the horae, which bled very profusely. Tbe only Injury to the gentlemen was a slight kl'k on tbe ankle of Mr Bitting Their escape ?e?.ii}? aim cut ailraculoot, as the horae reared and plaaged for some time, its heels reaching sa high aa their beads at newly every kick. Coklimd to tbt a Cumi ?*even darkies came to Arlington yesterday, repre**uting that their masters i*ft honi# in !?*? ? il>? ' I ? , Fisata* Faottc Spoilm ?Yeaterday, a party ofthreeof our citizens, who started on what they termed "alshlng frolic'' down river, went to Georgetown to take passage on a wood boat bonnd to the Eastern Shore, of what State, Maryland or Virginia, la not stated by oar Informant. Their arrangements, however, were not very extensive, consisting principally of a large jtig and a tin bucket. To their astonishment, however, they discovered at Georgetown that thongh the boat with her crew could clear oat, there w&a a hitch about their being permitted to go aa paaaengera, even for plscatery purnoaea. Perhaps the authorities suspected they might be fishers of men rather than of flth, the more especially as one of them haa three sons In Dixie; and the others have been suspected of entertaining no particular aversion for the rebels. Daxisl Robikts ? Last night Justice Donn went to the jail and read to this person, now a ,.1. . W... tk. f.lUMUn AU|Aa. pnwun tunc, uic juiiuwiuj; viwn, Headquartm Department of Washington, ) Washington, August 21, 1861. J Spftnl Or rim JVo 284. Private Daniel Roberta, of Company F, 26th Regiment Pennsylvania volunteers, now confined In this city bv the civil authorities under a charge of murder, is hereby dishonorably discharged the service of the United States By command of Brig Gen. Mansfisld. Thomas Wilson, A A A. General. The prisoner liatened complacently, and remarked that he supposed he would be held for murder. A Fo*tdwatb Escafk.?Yesterday, Mr. James Burdloe while gunning In the Eastern Branch marshes having discharged his gun, was about reloading, and pouring the powder charge from the flask Into the barrel, the powder in the flask (about a pound) exploded, fortunately doing him no further injury than burning his hand, blowing a rint; off his Anger, and scorching the bosom o( bis flannel shirt, which latter, bv the way, was changed In color from blue to red by the heat. It Is probable a portion of the w;id remMned burning in the barrel, and exploded the powder which came in contact with It. It Is a very general but txceedlngly careless practise to load from the flask. * Broken Into ?Some half dozen lockers at the Northern Market were broken open last nighr, and n ronnldfrnhlo haul mnHp h? tho thipvpa Amongst the stall* which suffered damage were the bacon stands of Mr. Stinzlng and Mr. Schroth. Large quantities of meat were taken from both these,"but tbe rogues bad a twinge of conscience, perhaps, and left one ham hanging solitary and rlone Another meat stand was broken open, but tbe proprietor, for some reason, "saved his baron." but little being disturbed. Jones'ffed stand and a fancy goods establishment were also broken into, but the lost was not very heavy. Fpsiral or a Drcmmkr Boy ?A detachment of about twenty-fiv* officers and men of the De Kalb regiment, with the regimental band and drum corps, yesterday afternoon attended the funeral of Francis Amlni, a drummer boy. who has been ill for some time, and relieved from service on that account His remains were conveyed from the Richmond House, corner Eighth and D streets, to the burial place near Soldiers' Home, where they were luterred. Child Found ?This morning a fine, chubbvj blue eyed little girl, between two and three ye-in old, (apparently,) was found traveling on hei "own hook," on the Island-tide of the Twelfth strtet bridge, by Mr Augustus Glasgow Tbf child has been humanely cared for bv Mr. O , and 11 can be recovered by Its relatives, on inquiring at tbe grocery store of Mr Tobias Walker, Mary| iand a venue,(Island) between Tenth and Lleventb t?reei*. Arsy Ac Shixn.?This firm, whose bottling establishment It will be remembered is located on Green street, in Georgetown, are doinj; an Immense business this season. The reason of it ii that their malt liquors, cider, and mineral water? are unsurpassed by any in the District. Theit Philadelphia ale, lager beer, and crab apple cldn are purchased extensively by our principal hotels Supposed Runaways?Ben. Mattinjjly and Wm Johnson were yesterday committed to jail by Justice Cull, as runaway slaves, and a negre : who gives his name a* Simon, was committed bj j Justice Murray These are supposed to be runaways from Maryland, who caine at ross the Eastern branch. Tiie Police Scperistbsdency ?We are assured that the Incidental announcement in yes terday's S'ar that William B. Webb. Esq , ol this city, I* an applicant for the new District Police Superintendency is a mistake He hai mad-: no such application, nor does he intend to make any such. Tiikrk FocriDln another column 01 tbe Star, an advertisement of Benj Cooley's II n< running to the camps in Montgomery connty, Md . PoolMvillo vt* Dwnnlown. n-a* ?<> :rcr? 01 tuimonary, bronchial and Asthmatic Aftctums. Experience having proved that simple remedies often not speedily and oertainly when tak*n in Uie ?ar!r stages of the disease.recourse should at once fce had to '* Broken's Bronchial Troth*!," or Lozenges, let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be ever so slight, as hr this precaution a more serious attack may be r ffeotu&lif warded off. Pvhlie Sr*pkers f.nd Sinter< will find them effectual for olearing and strengtheninc the voioe. 8ee advertisement. de 1-ly Rium, have yoc seen Prof. Wood's advertise* n>ent in our paper. Rear it; it will interest too. an 20-eolj To ras Apflictbd !? Ue sum to read the adver.srisent of MoLean's atrergthening Cordial and Blood Pun&er. in another column. tf PllMllS. Persons deeinng pennies will always find thpm for exohancft at the Star Office onnnter. tf 1HKD, Ob the morning of the 3d instant, Mica ELIZABETH ARNOLD, danshter of Aza Arnold He frienda and relative are invito, to attend her funeral, to-morrow, the 33<i mutant, at 4 o'ol'k, from 'he residence of her father, 414 K atreet. between 9th and loth ata treat. On Wedneeday .the 21st instant, in the T2d year of hie ace, MICHAEL KEt.LKK, formerly of Harriaburc, Pa., but for the laat 15 yeara a reaident of this eity Hie frienda and the acquaintances of the family are inTii#d to attend his June al, to-morrow (Friday) morning, at It o'olook, from Ma ate residenoe, Ne. *14 Seventh at, between K anJ L. (Harrisburg and Lancaater, Pa., papers oopy) * On Wednesday, August 2;, DAVID JOHNSON, aged S9 yeara The funeral will take place to-morrow at two o'clock, from the reaidenoe of Mra. Ford, on 21st street, be.weeu E and F. * In thta oity, on Wednesday ereninr. the 21st instant, after * lone and ssreie spell, wnioh he suffeied with christian resigtaiion, GEORGE W. CLEMENTS, in fh" 13th ?ear of his age. His fuuera' will take place on Friday morning at in o*o!ock, from the reaidenoe of his parenta, on Sixteenth atreet. between L and M atreeta. The f ienda and relatives of the ftmily are respectfully in vied to atteud * On theSOth instant, APALONA, wife of John Walter, in the 4ttth y etr of her age. The frienda and relatives of the family are ra4nested ty attend her funeral, to uu?row (Friday) afternoon. at 3 o'olook. from her late residence, No. 4T2 E stiaet, between loth ard Ilth sta. ? nnn ? bs. k?ugh tallow and JiJIMHIU GRKASF. WANTED, for which the highest price wih be raid. Also. i3n,nu? lbs of fOAl' and CANDLES lor ttifl fhf&B 1ikP oask ? > Wm 1 -r ? v?o? iic n> ?? "? v?lldli \V orki, ttrteu ?irt-et and tiie Canal, tieorgetowu, D C. Ml la C. B. JKWELL, Proprietor. I I B R A & Y O F C O N G R E 88. I' ^ , . A l'6C?T 5. 1MI. Notice is hereby giveo that the ' Library of Cob greee" will he olosed on Taeedajr, tae 13th da* of August, and will not be r?opeaed until Tuoeday. fuBrf nKNWON. UIWIII 'JH&StmSliL h?? jnat Men reoeived. -??e?aoM in searel MVP of* i^haMe instrument at a low p'ioear-?t" *? invited tunji and examine at the Nuie Store at ^UWUm r2Sir?|0for Mr. MARCUS REBINK fiaoo Forte Timer. a* 11 Mill*; also Hyatt's Town and Clarksburg, on tb< Frederick road. Parade ? Col#iel Baker's California Re^lmenl appeared on the avenue to-day, and made a fln* appearance They marched to tbe President'! House a:ul back, and coming down the avenu* company front, were rnueb admired for their steady and correct marching. Rklka*xd?Mr John Holiohan,whose exploit! at Bull Run and in tbit vicinity were disclosed by tbe recent examination reported in this paper, was released from jail yesterday, on taking tbt usual oath of allegiance Pardoisd ?We learn that the President pardoned. this week. Arthur O'Rrvan. convicted ol be^stislitv and sentenced, on'.he lid day of August, ls5$. to four years'Imprisonment in the count) jail. __ _ I* Jail ?J. P Alston, who was arrested foi selling liquor to soldiers, wap taken to the county jail yesterday afternoon by Justice Donn. Whit*hcb*t, 434 Pennsylvania avenue, fur uisiirt suprnur L-nru rnoiogriipiiS, RU1U!>IC fOI ending in letter* See his likenesses of distinguished men, views of camp*, etc Photographs In oil and water colors and pastel, from miniature to life size. aul7 eolm Holi.cway's Pill* aisd Ointmknt.?Palp'tation of the heart is frequently cinseil bj indigestion or re *xed state of th? nervous ?y*tem. A course of a few weeks of these invaloab e medicines will dimmish the irregular throb u t ad, by removing the souroe, restore its natural pulsation To asei?t trie functio s, not to force tuem, is the true ae cret of success. Ho lowav's medicine* and treatment are l?a*ed on the simple taws of nature-l>y annihilating the c\nse, the effect disappears. Sold by ill Drtojgists at 35c , &M., and 91 per b*>x or pot au 3" lw Co*6H*;?JThe sudden charges of our ollmate art Have you subscribed for the weekly star, to be mailed to your friend or relative ? it is the best dollar webkly in the world! its washington news is unequalled! its general news is unsurpassed by that of any two dollar weekly! its agricultural matter will be worth to any farmer a hundred times its yearly cost. its household recipes will savb ten times its cost each year to any family. The Number for this With, to be out on Fri' day Morning?price Three Cents?will be a remarkably interesting one. I Every Person at a distance who would ieep Posted with reference to what is really going on herein these interesting times should receive it regularly. CALL AT ONCE AT THE STAR OFFICE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR IT. SICK A*D WOUNDED SOLDIERS. In Hospital, August 16, 1S61. 1 Published im tonformity with the resolution of the Senate of July 16, 1861. At General Hofpital on E street, between Fourth and Fifth streets, Washington. 1st Reg.Sickles Brig.. >2 Tammany Reg id) 1 2d do do (a) 6 9th Mass. Volunteers.. 1 ' 1st N. Y. Zouaves.... 2 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 3d do Volunteers.. 1 3d do do.... 1 7th do do...... 1 1st Minnesota Vol .... *2 i I Ith do do 1 1st Pennsylvania Vol . 1 15th do do l{3d do do.. 2 17th do do 1 5th do do.. 1 Hth do do '2:6th do do.. 5 *2lit do do ] l'2th do do.. *2 2"2d do do 1 *27th do do.. '2 2ith do do .1 r2d N?w Iprs#r Vnl 42 '25th do dp I 2d Maine Volunteer!.. 2 27th d? do 12 3d do do 6 29th do do 1 4th do do ...(e) 5 31st do do...(6)3 5th do do 2 33d do do 2 2d New Hampshire... 6 35th do do 1 2d Michigan 2 36th do do 2,4th do (/) 2 i 37th do do 3;2d Wisconsin 2 i 3*th do do 1 19th Indiana 5 69th do do 1 1st California Vol 2 79th do do .. (r) 2 ? Mozart Regiment .... 1 Total 99 (?) Including an officer (b) Oneofflcer. (r) One officer, (tf) One officer. (?) Two officers. (/) Two officers. i At Seminary Hospital, Georgetown. [ 1st Artillery 1 79thN Y.Volunteers.. 4 , 2d do 1 Do Tammany.. 6 2d Maine Volunteers . 8 Do De K ?lb 4 3d do do 2 1st Michigan Vol 1 6th do do 1 [2d do do 12 j 1st Mass. Volunteers.. 1 3d do do 4 7th do do 2 1th do do 23 3d Vermont Volunteers 2 1st Minnesota do 12 11th NY. Volunteers. 2 Kxcelsior Brigade.... 2 i 2d do do 1 8th Pennsylvania 1 3d do do 2 Kith do 3 , 16th do do 1 l*)th Indiana 3 , 19th do do I 13th New York 2 . 25th do do 1 Teamster 1 -I- J - MU UO U(> 1| ? Total 103 At Union Hospital, corner of Bridge, and Washington streets, (reorgetoien.. ' 2d N. Y. Volunteers.. 619th Massachusetts 2 ' 13th do do lurid Vermont I 14th do do 9|3<1 do Is* l?tb do do 2 ,8th Pennsylvania Vol. 3 intb do do 1 fttii do do.. 1 22d do do...... 1110th do do.. 4 24th do do 2 Ilth do do.. 3 i 25th do do l|2ftth do do.. 1 t 26?h do do 1 27th do do.. 2 33d do do 9 3d New Jersey 3 69th do do 1 j l*t Minnesota 6 79th do do 1111st Connecticut 1 Mozart N V do 6 1st Ohio 1 f Tammany do do 4 1st New Hampshire .. 1 > 2d MIcMgan Vel 3 2d do 1 , 3d do do 6 2d U. S. Cavalry 2 i 4th do do 17 Whl'.S Infantry 1 > 2d Wisconsin do 11 19th Indiana 6 2d Main* do 2 Stnr;?ls RifleCo., Chl/l?V. A ? J. " t * u uu UU<a*?*f > 1 ' ?ith do do 2 j 1st Massachusetts 1 Total 109 ! At Hospital at Columbia College, Washinettm j?l Maine Reg Vol. .. 3 7!)th N. Y. Volunteer!. 2 3d do do 9 Tammany NY. do... 6 1 5th do do 15 Garibaldi do do ..2 1 2d N H Volunteer^.. 2 PicklesBrig N Y.Vol 0 ? 3d Vermont da 2 lit Keg N Y Cavalry 6 2d Conn do 1 loth Mass. Volunteer! II 2d N Y. Volunteers. .15; 15th do do 5 wth do do 3 2d N. J. do 1 ' 11th do do 2 3d do do 3 r lath do do 2 27th Penn Volunteers. I i 14th do do 6.29th Indiana do 19 H'h do do 2 1st Vlinneftotn do 4 22d do do 8 2d Wisconsin do 1 . 2tth do do 7 1st Michigan do 1 r 2.5th do do...... 1 2d do do 4 26th do do 2i3d do do 10 27th do de 3 4th do do 6 32d do do 111st California Vol 5 33d do do 14 1st U 8 Cavalry 4 34th do do 3 2d do Dragoons.... 1 i 35th do do 1 3d do Infantry 1 ( 36th do do 5 37th do do 3 Total. 207 i At General Hospital, Wo. 360 C street, Washr ington i 1st Reg U S.Cavalry.. 4 5th Reg.U 8 Artillery. 9 2d do do. ...14 1st do Infantry.. 1 ' 2d do Dragoons 1 2d do do ... 2 1st do Artillery..12 3d do do....14 2d do do.... 4|feth do do.... 6 I 3d do do.... 3; ? Total 70 At General Hospital, Alexandria, August 9. , 1st Cavalry 1 2d Maine,... 1 2d Cavalry 2 3d do 5 i 1 at Artillery 1 3d Michigan 2 ! 12th New York. 3 2d do 1 18th do ^ 3 1st Massachusetts .... 1 31at do 1 Uth do 1 27th do I Mozart.. 1 38'h do 7 lit Minnesota 8 32d do 4 2d Wisconsin 3 79th do 2 2d Vermont 6 37th do 1 1st New Jersey 2 69th do 2 Fire Zouaves 2 71st do 1 2d New Hampshire... 2 4th Maine 7 Teamster, USA.... 1 5th do 3 ? Total 75 Sick remaining in the Hospital for Eruptive Diseases 14th N Y. Volunteers. 1 5th Wlsconalu Vol.... 4 31st do do 1 1st Minnesota do.... 1 34th do do 2 2d Cavalry 1 8th Pennsylvania Vol.. 5 18th Artillery 1 9th do do.. 6|3d Infantry 1 11th a do do.. 6 bth do I 12th " do do.. 1 Regiment from Gov2d Vermont do.. 1 ernor'aIsland 1 10th Mass. do.. 1 ? Total 37 IJT Washington papers please oopy and send bills to the War Department. . ang 21?d,tr f^IGARS AND LEAF TOBACCO FOR SALE AT AND BELOW COST. To olose out. I offer my entire stock, oomprisinc some 60O.UUO wsll-ma/in Hits * ?? . n v* wii mMmcrm ?U'l irtdM, alao about 10 ouu connecticut sk tu leaf tobacco, vara hi, ?to.,*to.. for ouh at and below ooat. P. WE1LBACHF.R, of Baltimore. Store No. 243 fa. avenue, an 614t* Between 13th and 13th bu. Maps of the skat of WAR.-a iplendid Map of the Beat of War for only & oents. Aieo. Pocket M(U>a of all kind*. . Soldier^ Camp Dreeam* Caeea from f 3 fle to ?. Blank Bonks and Stationer? of all kind*, Flat ^F^Sfe, BJnner??jiifIhdM. Views or Washimton, American and Foreign Magaamea, Daily and W e?kiT Papera. FRENCH * RICHSTEIN'S National Book a tore, ml (Intel. * Repub.) tl 7 S Pa avenue. ^atchkeja'^sands^vbk wm I have one of the beat eatabliahinenU, aaU (ar ished with aooinpiete eet of toola for repair- gv in< every description of fine Watches, and articular attention give to the same, by a^Mi (ho iigh ooinpeUnt work man .and a. work mod tied Also. everv datam ion of wrr nrn W. itE.ftt;n^adorn^enOkl^mMnfMtu'ri^'an^? fkr ?np?rior in aum? aodtajtll to Borthora var* S?j2xKr~ *" ^esta*" m? **? Pft.av?Ba*.BMtrt(r I CASH NOTICE. N Coumku* of oar twin to m ?* & for T*rr irtiol# of cocd? we rnrekiue, wt &r? foroM to rwioi oar biuin*M to CMk xalulvely, for tho sn^yY,.?x*ui^r.rr*fi7Nls'??,rs2,v3 / AMUSEMENTS. QDD FELLOWS' HA. L L ! BTILL THlTv COMK ! Sixth Night of the Original CAMPBELL MlVtT.iELS. Crowded Honre* hareinduoedtbn favonte H*r?l of Mingtrela to iroljog their en(a??in*:il in ti la ci**.

CHANGE OF PROGRAMME NWHTLY! 8tYMOOR.DrpONT.Md GAYLORD In A tw Act*. Door* open at7 o'clock, performance ?omm?noing a' 8 o'clock Admiaaion?TWENTY FIVE CENTS D*. G. FOrtP. It Contracting Agent. T QgT ANDFOUNP. STOLEN?On the night of 8*?ordi?T, the 17th. W** instant, from KmM'i wharf, a OITVN1N8 *KIFF, painted lead-oolor, tinned aidee, bottom hooped with hoop iron. A rewerd of five dnl'vi will (> paid loriu return to Eaaby'a Ship Yard. ?u22jjr nnv f.n?T ? * ... n.i.i.k V.II. ?? D- mw? ?r% ?uu vi aiiicK nciifi pnv?w I(1 I Company G, 2d Cavalry, U. s*. A., wm :ost on the evening T Jaly 4th, 186?. H>s mother wm th?n at Mrs. So hv&n'a. on C street, nmr the D*pot H? ia eight years o d. b'ack ere*. saPow oomp'fXion, anl wore & tray jacket and pan!* His name ia John. Any information concerning hi'" wi.l if directed to Mr. Sullivan, or the Comtnandiag Officer of Company G, 2>1 Ca*a!ry, at 'he Hem'nary near Alexandria, b" thankfully received by his father?PATRICK KF.l.l.V. an 23-lw* 'C'STR AY9.?Foand trespa?sing on the snhscMM-J ber's premises. on Monday, the in^tvit.a large old black and white CO with loi.g horns, am a pieae But out otMmJrnm e* ?ar; al?o, a red and wi ite How, wi h her Calf, about one year old. having a whitish f*c? : and a Fmall s"rr<?l MARE, supposed t > be tiiirg ?'f tte right eve. T1 three latter were published in the Star rf the 12th a* d nth instant The owners are r'quested to oome forward, pav charge# and take them away. DANIEL J. GRAHAM. Ridge Road. *'i 22-3t* next Capt. Maddox's farm. REWARD W til be p*id for the apprehenO*'" a'Oti and delivery to me, or securing m in iail of NKGRO WOMAN LOUISE; M calls herself l<cui*e Hanson She is a ta'l, likely negro, quite black, well dressed, wi< h full suit of hair. She is no doubt lurking " " Upper Marlboro' or neighborhood She lias a husband in Washington city, and may mak? h?r \?ay to that place. WM. WORTH1NGTON, Near Woodvile, au 15-Stawtf Prince George's oonntyjJVId_ NOTICE?Were taken from Benjamin *>?nt. (colored,) and supposed to be stolen. five HOPS Theowi;er or owners are?J^^^^ I' queB'eu to oome lorwtirn, prove erty, pay ohargca. and take them away. B T. WATSON, Countable, an 20 St* K at. between ?th and 7th eta. WANTS. COOK WANTKD.-Wiwtoi'.a Woman to cook, wash and iron. Apply 356, corner of H and Fourteenth ?t?. It* WANTKD-A WKT MTRSK. Apply immediately at No. 3O0, corner Nirth and M st*? nfarthe Northern I.ihertiea Market. it* WANTKD-A WSMAN to do general nonae work. Good reference must be riven App'y | at No. IDS Seventeenth at., between H and I. It* WANTED?* BOY to atrip tobacco. Good reference required. Apply at J. O'1-.EARY'J, No. 3 JS D atreet. It WANTED? By a tingl* woman, who ia atten tive and patient. at-ITUA I'lON to wait on aa aiad la'ly or gentleman, or t<> take charge of a geutleiran's house during the abaence of tha family The advr'uer would expect a reniu-eran.'M for taking cha'ce of either of the a' ove. Can give th moat aatisfactory refe-enc** a* to hor.caty. ft 3. Addresa "Mary Ann," J*tar Office. it* WAIN l'K!? ?A l&djr of Fa timorc W|fh?'? to prr chase ladies and gentlemen's CAST "FF APPAREL. All persons having enoh goods t> dispone of vi 1 be called upon at their r?si<1eiios ard receive cash for the sa ne. Addresi "A. G.," Siar Office. for ten dare. au 21 -1w* WANTED? By a gentleman, who h*s recently been appointed to a clerkship in one of the Deparm^uts. HOARl) fur himself and wile in a private family ; wouM prefe' to futuish liis o* n room or rooms. K'fe-ences Riven Address im mediately Box 4S5, Washington D. C. auil 2t* WANTED?BOA RD, in a genteel private faintly, for a gentleman *nd wife, not more th^n ten minutes'walk from Willa'ds' Hotel, where instruction on the piano forte or teaching chi dren t'ieir English rudiments w<>uld ho tak?u as part pay ; lessons a'so given 1:1 embroidery. Terms m;i?t be moderate. A pp!? between in a in and 3 6 m.. for three davs. to Mrs. O. GAITANO CORAO. 494 west Fourteenth st au 2f>-3t* WANTED-A D1NI*G ROOM i?ER VANlT, who understands his business we I : none other nee?l apply. A bo, a > I,OR E D HO\ ah'Ut IS ?ears old. 4^P,1)> at . EM RICH'B European nuQiK, wrnsr ui r.ievenui sirect and the Avenue. au 19 I w WANTED. FOR THE CASH?AH kinds of SECONDHAND FURNITURE ANU HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persons leaving the city or having a surplus will do well to call immediately. R. BUCiii-Y, je 3 44** Seventh, between (> and H sta. WANTED.?We are rowuTf SKCON D~ HAND FURNITURE,STOVESar,.I BKD DING, for which we ire paying tiie lushest cash prices. Families declini'iT housekeeping, or having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give us a "all. IJONTZ A GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No. 369 ?th st.. betw. I an<i K sts. FOR SALtTANDRENT' FOR RENT-A three-story BRICK HOUSE, contaminn 8 rooms . situar'od on Tenth stree', b-tween N and O sts. Apply to D. HAUPTMA1*, i 19 st.. near Pa avenue. an 22 5t* POR RENT, OR FJ?R. SALE-The II I SK * r.uw occupied Dy I'.ea'.ey Simpscn, N?. 4.">6 Tw?!fill ?t au 31 tf FURNISHKD ROOMS.?Vory desirable Furrished Roomi, with or without Board, < ho ues formerly occupied by Kx-f?overnor Sewart,) F at *?t, between ISth and Hth *ta. Warm and old bnfh and every conveipe oe fu'?aM? for "? ir/ort. N* B ? A Furiit hod Office. suitable! (or phvsician or gen'lfmen requiring a private othoe. au 2I-lw* House on capitol hill for rent. The three story Brio* Dwelling-hou?? on the ou'h aide of Pa. avenue, ai Ihe oorner of Third att, a short itistance from th"> Capitol !?quare. at f reaent occupied by O. S. Minor, E?q. Applicai >n may b < trade on the preiuis*a, or to TH S. BLAG DEN, No 499 Seventh at w?it anl7 6teo LMIR RENT?A very desirab'e STAND for a r boarding liouae, on Pennsylvania avenue atd Eighth at., now oocupied by the Messrs. Joy, abd has always had a fuii share of the patronage of the citv. Poaaesaion given on the lat of September next. Said house la in ioo<t order. For further Particulars apply to JAMES TOWLE*. Agent, 90 H street north ; or Mra. JULIA KEEP 376 E ttreet. au 17 tf HOUSED FOR RENT-No. a* and No. U7.on the aoutti ?ide of Indiana a venue, both of them very large and convenient hnn??? -hi. otlfrll 5'mal bto* biinc ud oarri!iK?-hou*e?. Also, the commodious and larco Hour?, No. 3?*. on the nortli side i f C street Apply to THOMAS BLAGDEN, No 499 Seventh street. jy 17 lAwlf F~ OK RENT-The north HOUSE of the row of now four story houses on Fourth at .between D and E ste.. No. 3SS, fronting the City Hall geuare. Possession given immediately. Apply to WILLIAM H. PHILLIP, Attorney kt-Uw,No. 4 o Louisiana avenue. ma 11 - eotf ITOR RENT?A substantial three story BRICK " HOUSE, with large iot adjoining, situated on Third street east, two doors from E street north, on Capitol Hill?a very healthy location, and price of rent to smt the present times. Possession given immediate ;. Inquire ol Mr. BACON, nextdoor; or of Miss M. C. LINCOLN, 301 Pa avenue, between 9th and 10th sts. au 15 ltmo* A FA KM, of about 29o aares, with timber and o I eared la rids orchards, duelling and barn, in Maryland, for sale or exchange for other real or personal estate; United States, rttate, and railroad, or other stocks notes, bonds, or other securities. Inquire at No. 490 Massachusetts av. jy ib-tf HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMslI Four hai.dsomely Furnished Rooms, supplied with ?as and water, and convenient to the Patent and Post Office Department?, for rent. Apply at 4?0* M&IU^Huif>tti trurna. rnrlK e><4a 1 _ , ? ? mv> ?u wtuwf Mvvwrou 4th and 6th ata. mta BILLIARDS! I l_| Ci The lovera " of the GAME OF BILLIARDS will find in ENRICH* FINK HALL, Cornero Pennsylvania ave.ue and 11th atraat, (aouth aide,) two of the most admirable TABLES* in tha bmtod State*, with every oorafortand convenience *u 3 tf lor the player*. A NOTICE. LL Persona mJebted u> R. Brioe Ha'l are requested to oom? forward at an early day aud settle their account-, with the underaune<l. Traatee of tli-" aaid La:!, for the benrfit of hia creditors; oiher?ieetney will he putin a proper train foraotleouon to law. THKO. SHKCKEI.M au 16 (tao Trustee for R. Brioa Hall. ^'OLDIEKS > SIGHT DRAFTS ON THE NORTH bought aud aold in auma to aait Army Ofteera and SoMiera. S W#EN V, RITTENHOt'SE, PANT k CO.. G'35 /Kttp, ?... *.?. aJfiW^fefe ,W.f "*' SMS ?lw?y? ob hM<1L or made to ortfar atth* ikortsit b jI co. Hair Work raf4ir?d or ?xob?af?d. N. B.?L+awr giirD^w In the noKaatual RUMTi MM EDUCATIONAL. Miss a. youn?*8 seminarv RKMOWAL. The duties of Mis* Voi??'i Schoo will be re amrd on Monday, 2.' of September. in a nor* ^mm^ingp and pl?t ant nou?e? N o. 241. c.< rner of I aed Eifht?v>ntn at* *u J?S' Borrkm ko coll k g e7 yFAK riKKSVlLLF. uiltiuoci Coixtt. Maktlanb. Rfnni'i the xiuo'iee of iU next icu.oii on Mondsy.21! ol Sep f ;nier. E Q. 9. WALDRON. *a President. 1,1 M EES ON IN?TITU T E, J H SltKKT. Hetween 12th and 13th ?U.. Stltel Clutstca! and Matktmaiicvl School f r Bout Thr Mt cuea of ttaa School will be reetmed the firatMono* in J^pt-*n>hi?r. \ddre*a an IV tf CHAS B. Vm \(j. Principal. rpHE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. The Twelfth Annual S^eaion will ootnmenee Bepteinl?er 2. For particu ara inenire of the Pnnoi pa'? Mil. Z.RICH\S OS. aulTJIm Corner of Fourtef nt;< and K at*. [V THE WESTERN AC A DEM V, 1 1 ') 27 7 I. nornsr ilf r?y??n# un'ri sdu Lsiin-s* ccnurmsii prei<"rrea. Apply *>y letter an 17 <5teo* i 1 EuKGK TOWN COLLEGE. D. C. V* Arr.csT, l?6'. The exercise* of this Institution will be resumed on the first Mnndkjr ol September. 1 erius f<>r Board and Tuition per annum. $.?< , payable halfyearly. in advance For further particulars apply to the President? au 13 lmeo JOHN EAKl.Y. 8. J. Tfkmale education. HOSE Parcrt* who wish their daughters to raceivo a thorough and systematic education, where their p. y weal trai ving will receive daily ard special ivrtertior. uttW the moat s-pproved st stein of Calisthenics Mid, a ?"> respectfully invited to riait the Union Female Academy, corner F?urIse* th st. and New York av. MR. * MHS. 7.. RICHARD*, jn-tf Principals. | j R (7(1 K EVI LLE AO AD K M \ . The next version will commence September 3d. Boys are prepared for oo!lege or for liutine-:a. For cata.ogue pleate addres*. at Brookeville, Md , 1-. B. 1 KETTYMAN. A. M.. an '*-lm (Intel.) Principal. GEORGETOWN INSTITUTE. Tfce duties of this School will be resumed on the firnt Mondar of September next. It? advantages (both as to location and fac'ities for improvement) ?ud m?>derate_tfrn'K recommend it to the patron age or ait. THOM AS N. CONRAD, M. A., I JOHN 8. CONRAD. au 6 tSeptl Principals. GEORGETOWN ADVEBT'MTS crn BOXES OU PKIMK CHEESE. 3 boxes French LEMONS. in lilxls. P. K. MOLASSES, part suitable for ! ? k?r*' use. 2i bbls R?hii?d SITOARS. 2"> bag* R:o COFFEE. 5 tierces extra fugarcured HAMS. For i>a!e by au V) 61 W. H. TF.NNKV. nT3? MAYOR'S OFFICE, lL3 (i?orf<ttotrn I) C, Annvt 17. '1R6I whereas it m provided by a ute ao: of Congress? * That it cha'l not be lawful for any person in the District of Co -j>ubia to sell, give, or adminixter to any foMier or volunteer in the service of the United i?ia~es, or an? per on wearirg the uniform of snob eo'dier or volunfe*>- any spirituous liquor or in toxicatinc drink ; &' d ary person so oTendicr ag*.in?t the provjgjoua of this Act sha I be deemed cui ty of a liusdetneai.or, ard upon onviction then*' f bef re a magistrate or court hav;n* criminal jurisdiction siivl be pnnished by a fi-e of twr. t> (lobars, or imprisonu.ent in ttie jail of Wa'hiDeton county, in the District of Columbia, for tne poriod of thirty days"? Tkt'tfrrre, bett k*pfen to all persons concerned, in the lim:U <f thm Corporation, that the Polce Officers, vitu mili<ary aid, nave b eii. and are hereby, directed to enforce, in >st rigidly, ti>e prov'aioiiH of the aforesaid law, without any respect to Mrtoni what?o?ver. au 17 2a?3w HENRY ADDISON. Mayor. JY1ASSEY, COLLINS * CO.'S ITl PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. Expected this day, per steamer J. Jeromes'*) ba-re'.s XX DRAUGHT ALE. ?0 do. XXXX do. do. ft** hlf.-bbis. do. do. do. Which on arrival will be for sals. Terms cash on delivery. ARNY & SHINN, m7 Union Dep< (if t>-u w^. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhds. prime Porto Rico SUGARS 1K> bbls. Old Rye WHISK Y, SObbls. HERRING and ALE WIVES, <0 bbls. Crushed and Refined SUGARS. mo and Java COFFER. !0 hhds.dow pnoed) MOLASSES. For ia!?hT JOHN J. BOtiUE. M 1> CBAPT1STE PERDRIAT, 111 ROPODIST, of Paris, ha* the honor f?offer hia servioes to the ladi?s infl jent emenof this citv. He perform* ail operation* neceasarv for the EXTRACTION AND CUR is. Of CORNS, BUNIONS,&o . Ac ,a* practioed by the Krench pedicure*. Office. No. Id O* street, near the C ty Hall. au 3-lm* / V RESUMED BUSINESS. /?K X X The I n ier*ifii:ed w.>uJd i foria hiaXwA V frienda and the public that he i.a?V V ta*en houae on Ninth *t.. between D and E, where iie will &Ka.u do buaineaa aa a ucenaed PAWNBROKER. Fair dealing in all basmeea traneaotiona. Jetl 3m* ENOCH WARP. j^JOME-MADt BOOTS AND SHOES, Lamas', Missis' and Children's Witt. At V.reI **+m PrV#** "it T ROSENTHAL'S, No. 16 Market Saace, ml ?a# P? ?? . M *th *nH *h iti, SHU CIAL ISOTICK T'? VOLUNTEERS. (arrived at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh trw (.opposite the Fust Offioe. a larce lot of SPRlNGand SUMMER CLOTHING. TRUNKS V A LICKS. CARPET BAG*. SHIRT COL LARS, TIES, HATS and CAPS. N- B.-All of the aforenamed (ooda tor aaie at Northern pnoea. ma 20-3111 J. H. SMITH. Clothier. W TRAVELING TRUNKS. E Offer for aale tbe lara<Mt assortment o TRAVELING TRUNKS to be found maia this oity, eompnaiia heat Sole LeatherMRW Ladies' Dreta and Packing Tranka, Va-^^*? Iiom. Carpet Ha**, Ac., whioii we are now a* ling at verj lov pnoea. WALL. STEPHENS A CO. aa1? taa P?n>. areaae JELLING OFF AT HALF PRICE OUI entire atook of handaome F!ounoe< Bareca Robes. in blaok and colors: all Lawn and Orrandj Muslin Rohea. We deaire to oloae oi.t ibia portion of stock at onoe, for oaah, and ai>ail offer (real bargains to puroi*asera J. W. COLLEY 4 CO., )e 34 lnteo aa.t Seventh street, above P? >v. SUMMER CLOTHING At Rcdvcto Pmic*s. Wa offer our largeiwrtMrt oftbin SUMMER CLOTH1N6 at reduced pri'ee. Our ttock mbraoe* all atylea and qualitiee of GenUeaaea, Youth*, and Boya' Wearirw Apparel, of tfce Boat deairabl* and f*?iuoiml.!e ntjlea _ Ala... SHIRTS and FURNISHING GOODS 1a great variety. Clothing :nade to order at the aborteet aotioe. WALL. STEPHENS 4 CO., 322 Pen. aylvacia avenue, jy 16 (Intel. 4 Rep ) b**.?U aad 10th ate. B V Btk of tht A'artoMf Hold. Q <0 Moat liberal advanoee made on bold aad t liver Watebea. Diamonds. Jvw tj. Silver vare.Cldtbnu. Piatola. aad all fanda ia-j iimi ctnotty oonfideiiUil. ISAAC HBRZBKKG, SSI C Ml Sni Btw? 4h n>dmu. 409 HHDS_HAKM^ iSd?l?&DUN?8. tt. f a ct?i tt 555B %w A w#wV ASeOKT^WT Or BKA88 AND Buck i and i*iWre? jprM* and ^ rFcHrS. wftW? oorww ofUE)Cr^iU rtrMt MS' P*QAL itnm mti ly urdar the care of Dr. Loom s, wit ha reopened Monday, th* M of September. App ication may l>a made at Dr. Tcwli'i, 400 Foartn street, Judiciary ^auara. au 17-3W JOSHr\ O. COLBUWN. Rock hill acadkmy, Kllicott's Mills. Mp. Mudies will be ratumed ii- this In?tr ution on Monday, Itith instant. Person* desiring farther ii f?fniation can have a prospectus tn?i!el to th?ir address by writing t<> the Director of the Acadamy. au 15 lw* COLUMBIAN COLL KG K. WASHISeTON, 0. C. Th? Preparatory Department open* its session on Wednesd-.y, September lit*. The C>a*s*s in t a Philosophical end Classical Department have their fimt exe cisen Wednesday. September 2Hti. 1 or catalogues or furthe information app!jr to G W. 8\MSUN. D. !>.. an 13 2aw4vr ( Republican, i President. tAFAYBTTE JNSTITCTK, 4 SCHOOL FOR YOVSU I A DIES. 367 I sr?ert. betweeu ;3?h a"d Wih. Sissb n wii' ptimmauc* on MOND\Y, September 9tfi. Circulars at Books? -res Refere'.oe is made to residen* Clergymen, Senators Foot, Fostrtr. H*.rrili Wa-1a TrumKall H%rlan *si<4 ,rfK?r "L. C/loomipTA M .T" au 10-3, TtT.lm Pnocipa'. tGEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY. vJ (Him Hakrovik's.) A ?oarrfi*t and Day School. No. 151 Wf?t street l?etween Conere?s and Hi*h ts , Georgetown, D C. The dntie? of this Institution will he retained oe the first .Monday in Jjepteml-er :.ext Circular* may be obtained at the prinoipal bookstore*. or by addrwesin* the Principal, au 1-eotf MihM.J. HARROVER. Bladensbukg academy. Pbinck bmins'i '"'ocnty, Mo. Thi? Institution will be reepei.ed Monday, September ad, with a full corps of instructors, and every convenience f?r "cardinc and Day Pop la. Ample srounde are attached for cimiia>t ri. Prof. j. HI.L, 1'riucipal. Wawtkd?An IJPHKR, capable of te*?hinc TELEGRAPHIC N F.WS Matkrri if?i. LonariLLi. Aiguat M ?A diapaftrh tha Courier Mir* that the ?'??? Hindbtt Cttr. with Federal troopa frwn **t l.??na bound utk vard. wii 'n:o b?r tbrOooWrr??f?Mil?(iBk( t Commrnf. Mo Tbrw bondred Kfdmk wrf? token prlacner* The Frankfort Twman nn tbnt ?i?vtr>ot M?goffln dfpstn W A Pudl-* and G Hunt u CPmm!i?1onrr? to IVr-a-.dent I.liKoin to roa u??t tb? withdrawal of troora from Kentucky. and Oaorr* Johnaton to Prealdent bavla to reque* him to re*pect the neutrality of K? nturkv The New Orleans Bnlletln of the I Jtfc ?n that Capt. Old-n bid notiArd tbrGilTXtonintbarltle* that unleaa two boat*, which b* alleged belong to ritlcena of Maaanchuoetta. ahould be returned, bo would Are 'he city. The Richmond papers of the 16th place no rail ancc upon the reported battle at LovrttavlUo The Nashvil). Manner of the SUb aaya there are indication! that point to a apeedy oarlllatloa of the conflicting elementa In Fast Tennraaea* The Abingdon Virginia ear* that there la trouble in iooiiiso county, Jean roe I mon mrt ir? overawing ami making prlaonera of oremlonlata. 5*eveml aeceaalonlata have mada haaty rrUcat from tbe rountf. The aeceaaloa vote 1b tbe county waa only 100, while tbe I'nloe vote warn 1 now It la reported that tbe Unlonlrti dml#n driving the aerenalonlata oat of tb? county R W. Burn wall. In a letter from Cbarlottoa vllle, Va , dated Aoguat 12. nyi 4 Tbe aipptlee of clothing for tbe armv are not anMcleat Tbe destitution of our amy In clothing and food ta terrible Many applicatlona are made to aa by well men. whowlah to eecape alckneaa by an extra pair of drawera or ao^ka or anrterablrto It will require every nerve to be a?rained by you at bom* and oura?*lvea here to meet tb* t?i?rnn?? of f^U and winter, abould tbe war last ar loon " The Courier baa a letter dated Richmond, Augnat II, aaylng: "There la a greatdeal of alrkn?-aa in our army. It la aaid that at Cbarlottea Vile and Cnlpeper there ace over three thouaand 111. A great m<ny have been brou*b' atck to tbla city, and at Norfolk and Yorktown there la mere dtaraa* than with ua Tit "ear", and art 'tteept?g, tkromgk ?rtrf Hiritten 9j Ik* \ or my Oeaeral Prlre'a Kepart at tar Spriaffleld Bntte. Lotrie riLLi, Aug SI ?General Price "a oAclal report of the battle near ?pringCeld aaya that tbe | Mlaaourl forcea of hla column In that engagement nu.atend of which 15fi were killed and 517 wounded Auiong tbe killed wen < oioeela Wijjhtman, Brown and AUen. Adjutant Bennett, L'eut. C?1 Auatln. Captalna Engnrt. Blarkwell, Karrla, Hallock and Coleman, Ll?uta HaakiU, LI..?V,? J M - i B * ? -?? * m nujf un, 6iiu mnjor nogni Among mr wonnM are Brig Gen Clark*, Colonel* Burrldge. Kelly, Hawthorne, Fotter, Captain* Nichola. Dougherty, Armatrong, Mluga and McCarty Maay of tb*> wounds.' both of o IB cert and men are reported mortal Gen. Price make* no mention of MeCulloa|rb'e force* engaged In the battle The entire Confed erate army bad been ordered to move forward on Gen Lyon In four column*, the ntgbt previous to the battle, ao aa to aurround Springfield aad begin a (Imultaneou* attack, but the order waa counter manded. In ror<*equence of the darknea* of the night and a threatened atorm Retara ef Vlrgiata Veiaatoera?The VI rglala < eaveattea whkelijkj, Va . AuguatSl?The Flret Virginia Regiment of t'uree month* volunteer* returned today. and met with an entbuaiaatlc aad impoaing reception The people torned oat w mat to welcome tbem. and a aumptuoua dinner waa *erved up The stat" Convention adjourned to-da*. aad nnlee* they shall be <all*d'together by tne fir*t Thuteday In January, their adjournment 1* ???* du Frem Miaaearl Kansas City. Mo., Auguat *j0.?There are one thousand organlf-d *eee**ior1*ta In thia county The rumor that Fort S ott had been captured by the Confederate* provea to be untrae. Jirna?o!t Citt Mo , August 21 ? Aa extra train ba* arrived, bringing the *<outlng party which was put oil of the train which wm 11 red into yesterday morning They report baTlajt killed two and wounded aevcral Confederate* and brought five prlaonera A Ship Fire at H?a Nrw Yobh, Aug *20?The brig A B Cook report* that on Augunt 12th, when 190 miles west of Bermuda, sbe saw a ahlp of about 1,400 toua mi fire. Stie atoud toward* her, bat when within four mile* the burning Teasel aunk Sbe ww becalmed ah day in the wrrck?d atutf iron her She aaw no boats. but picked up one of her royal* Mbe had aeen the light of the Are all the night prevlon* Frta Aleitadrla A lex Attn* a, August 21.?Col Klnetpln has be?n arrested by order^f General McDowell, nor. however, on a aerious charge. The court-martial in the case of Col NcCnnn is cl??ed Ail iaauleton the Virginia side of the i'ntnmir Tbr liirgt-at w rulon force between Minmi and our Hues 1? in the vicinity of Fairfax Court Horn* The Reported laptare of the Privateer Samter Fairae New Yokk, Aug <1.?The schooner Pbaiw from Curacna on theftth.savs that the reported capture of the prlvatwr fuinter is untrue Notb lng bad be*n beard of her since abe left there on the ~tth ult It waa rumored tbat the Governor had twn recalled for allowing the 9uinter to enter that port Ship Kfwi. Niw Yom, A'lgnst'il.?The British ochooner Prince Leopold baa arrived from Bermuda with 500 barrel* spirlta turpentine, probably run over from North Carolina The acbooner Fair Wind report* that aa unknown brig, bound here with tnolaM**. waa mink on the 14th The schooner waa unable to lay by her, and could not see whether she got her bosts out. # ntTtBtali of Pnore Niptina Dbtboit, Aug iBi ?Prince Napoleon left for Lake Superior to-day. The Prince waa the gueat of Gen Caaa while here piRKMtVB INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 9*00,00* Ctfka tor-%f C ttrttt and Lomttmmm ? ? jaal 9/ V?lw(foa INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHKR PROPLRTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIKK. Dsirrou. Geo Shoemaker, Samuel Red font. Sat.iuei Crople*. William Wilaoa, Richard Jonae, John D- Lore a?, Jacob Gifleon, Andrew K othVOil, Thoa. Parker, Inlaid Barrr. I). U. Frenoti, DrTUV W. Davia. No (or Polieiea. JAMES ADAMS. Preaideat. Abil G. Da via, Sacrrtarj. an 9-eol? CI CARD. Georgetown classical and mathematical academy. This institution will be opened M' n*1a*. Soptrn bar*, lKl.fty (heodoke MottdWaNTM. a. The course ol instruction will include, in addition to theaJOHlODtS. all til# bruekM U*ON ?r; lor a thorough oiaasioaf aid mathrraa'ioa' adncatioa. Mr b?e feen Mtiv? ? aujated as a teacher daring the act ?ix yaara?aa Tutor of Baiiaa l.ettie: tu the College of Nov Jars*; at Prtaca ton, aid a? Principal of the Aoadeaiv at Bnmtor. f*outh Carolina. "Collwi or Niw Jmn, P-inoMon. ti. J The unUereignad take p*u>uro it. axprcoaiu* th? favorable opinion tuey Mta'tain ol Mr. Theodora MoGowan. a graduate of thia Collage. a* a eofcolar and a toaoher?Mr M oGowan waa Uia brat echo,ain tua claea ; waa tator in beiiea lottree. aad, tn the judgment ot the aaderaicMi, is well aaaiiflad K? jive lustmatioa in any br&ooii. a knowledge at M. B. JSPS" ****?? Prof, of B?iies i .et'tr and Pol. Bo. e _ . BTEPMEN ALEXANDER. r~JLy?rr*^Y:wo~m' JOHN T. DUF?J?i<R0"Ufc' Prof o. M?th P.M. 616EK, Prof, of LIt? ItfimM nt> alao b* had tn Hon. Oao. Ciimni, ) Hoi. JiKii Nill, > ChMBbwabnrc, Pa Hon. A. K NcLvti \ KnruBMePmtoii. M. C., G??*ty?b?r*. Pa. Jo*kpb Hiiit, lltt.imtUimifti lu . WMfciaitoo, D C. Gso. w. Buo, 6?orx?ova, D C. H. M. fwratT, do. 4?. Uuj Dun. do do. Taltioa, Kftfliak, Hr^artw of M wwfcn #Mh ?Mlkl|k?BUil M# * " ?* ? Clseeiee_ "** Fuel. lit End W ?o?rt*ri . m MS ?>win <im?i Mtm?) T\TOTlCK.-Bjr ot4?t oi im Buferd ?f TraaUaa <4 - i tbe puMia uo..l? o; Qua city, ir?V??1? will i be r<w#iv?d bf i?* ewl-/Bigew weUi M< a*T. Ae > S&S&TSSsSSS miiu( n '.c utic jmr. ra -tag Jotj ?? ?, > * to ? lu ' r:.? ?1 -d IB tU3h MMI'liM M M) W Mmwn f om uma to Um. P*r?oai d?tiriu to Wf" t*?L above Will t?! raiihtd with a (tat >' tfc hm.fca '^'aST" MrsjKr?A5Vv 1 mIMWV Tl \V*K> NtCK I H" r ** WAWO FoxrK (utiti ? - M /'

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