Newspaper of Evening Star, August 22, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 22, 1861 Page 4
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'I HE KVEMiN'C. STAR _,tiJ- * following i. evidently modeled after ^jw Wa?4dl Holrret's- I mntt leave thee, lady weet ; but 1* eapi?allv done, and shows how *0 ' only a few months old can coine to be permanent one* In the Imguair* We bnpe tb* poet ** ? gratified in kis aspirations after an eventw?* "union." and never again bare occasion to xy . Liara. Ltara, f>sn't Secede " K!*a me. Uura. ere I go Arm'd and drill'd to meet the foe; *>on la band, and ou my back A slxteen-pcunder?-haverstck I go i bv country calls?adi.-u ' To both, my dirllug girl, be true; And come awreee. come scathe and need. Laurm, Laura, dou't secede 00 thl? Held, perbapa with ration* short, and shorter napa, ,*> e preaect, advance, retreat, Tbnu 1| have, O heaven* ' at thy feet ^?me one persuidtnply present Himself and an pttihltihment: L^ura, no aurb trlfier heed ; Though he glitter, don't swede. Cling unto thy metier, dear; Let no "Home Guards" come anear, l)anclnp gewgaws >f>r? thv ey>-s. Making light of bo'ieehold ties, Prating of thy worn a * rights GaUantlng thee about o' nights, ?.e*t the roae should pr,??e a weid Baaely crimsoned, dou't secede. Good-b)ie, Laura' No regrets If from balla and bavone From "brr.ila and ba.tlc#(6<m7j, 1 mean; ^deadlier n the soup tareen. Wh<-n badlr seasoned, than the bore Of tie loudest c nnon that can roar) Safe delivered, swiftly I Bark to ease and thee will fly; I'nlted, then. In word and (*-ed, Laura, d'ar, we'll both swede. IW A woolen ot-innf ictu.iag Ann In Enfie'd is R> iking kult uniforms for W.-> Connecticut voltint err u durable iBal?r!i'l a; d proper color, repre*be serv! eible for sumiaer or winter W> at, which can W fa(ni(it<il |er uiiiiorm?jacket, vrst and fur three dollars. 07" Not eery lone ?<?!>, Snuthcm pipers derided 'he figure that wir ** tn?? IrUh-'sotdiers would mik?* in bittle Tue e*?rt fl.-ure ttiev make, v anity Fa r fancies the rebels will not soon f>rgeU it l-c?H9' ITT1 It Is stated on good authority, in East Tennessee, that the most alarming apprehensions ci slave insurrections are Mt in North Carolina. 117" Nearly twenty-five hundred men nr.1 nrw employed at the Brrxiklyn Navy i ard, a:id the number is constantly increasing. ID-TbeSt Pfter (Wlniesota) Statesman says that twenty thousand pound* of butter tv,ll be ?Llpp-d from that place tuis season. tiT~ V* heat does not command more than sixty een's In any part i f Indtai-a In many places it sell* for forty and fifty cents per bushel. C^The citizens of St Lonls are ^sttinz np a [ testimonial fjr Col Seigel, f.r his uallantry at vMilgt. fD"The ?5 ferry boats la the vicinity of New ? ?rk carried more than 44,000,000 passengers last C7" Mor? than one hundred thousind persons were commuted to ^risou in England and Wales curing the year Just couiple'ed. IO"The British Government h&s dispatched over 6R? tuns of war stores from Wooiwich arsenal, to Quebec. 117" ?f the census just ttken ?!. ? population of Or?at Britain .* shown to be -?>9.(idl.lf>| In 1&51 it was 37 ill,flflfl. ' C7~ I*' believed that the population of Amss^uls W ^ *ouu<* ^ *bc census to be o00,0t0 Correspondent* from Minnesota and Wincousin represent a j;reat scarcity of farm laborers. lE^ The direct taxes imposed by Congress do not become due until April next. , ,'^T. 'ar7,ml"v ?' passports has been aoolIsted between Prussia ard Holland. ?*HrT ?enn,vhr"3ia'" contribution to the war wi?ain six month* is shown u> be 71 0-J0 men. OCEANS TEAMER&SA ILI~NGDAY8 Fbom raa laitbb Statm m Ltav4 For. /utoJ P-V??* >rorit~ Liverpool.?Auj. 21 ^"'w York...Liverpool.. Au< is Armgv. Nf* York...fcavre Sept. 14 Vhom Enuoru vBan-J*... ?- Liverpn .i B<?siou..? Aoe. in a.w? -Sostt>ton -.Nee York. 14 KrTIiiV"'1 ^av*flHx*l-...Now York..Aug. 17 9ri ii ?rn/% ,PS stoamers leave un t..e 1st, 3Ut. atid 21st of every inontn. Ynu u. .. WuVD AND COAL. OL will sure.; ret v>ur m:moj'a vortli hv at tte P|U.<L^K Mli.LS, Vouthwuie^ a*I?2? !W*A stTt'1 anl (GEO. PAGK, """ ind f|V? r-et'-er mesauro theoit??est, split, aol Ueiiv L o oti*r%9. If jou duo t 1 etveve .. v3 t&? Pioneer Mum striik.,43fl t>3 ssusiisu. 'lw ^jJl'NDOATd FOB TB? WEdlEKN RIVERS, Qcainxu?n Gixr.nkl's Ornct. { p? .. Wankimto*, Jvns 17,1381. { w,??? invited tor oofcstruouaK bun0?>?U ld..u iao Wetiteia rivers ^pooiBcatiocj'wii! b? iiu"i;-*:iate!y prepared and roar be exaraiLod at the QBar-erm^ter's Office at Cinei! nau. Pit'sbu'gt. audat rn.soffice. PmpoMls ftvia boat-bnii-era and ecime-kaild r? will be considered. P ars suhnu'.tod by biutvjrs will i? taken into oonsiderat;-i. >{ c. Rlfcl! S ie >8 Wua. teraiaeter Oanura; United .-rAt^a. pBMALK BO^AtDIN^yDPAySCHOOL Mra, 8, J. McCORMlCK, PsimciTAL* f he thirteenth a.;iraai aot-s.oa cl tms ltr?_it..tion win ooomeBcecn 1 er idi i ?nthe 1,7 K' wiil coajpriseai. ^ itooromt Entlftb Edadejrr^. *ac ' *a,"iu Dra^viaj, il ?<? ?*7 scholars, Mra. MeOorrnick is frep* ed to iocetv r IvnftM nomher nf sapue a? r ^^fiopsi t iisr.r * part of her osi, H?.WUibe^ ier lnuaeiL^te care and siiptiv,-5 f c^ca.j>,-u?s l'ar as p- uiitlc. to ?.ar TW^me iOrabrta and kiriflr Iniuenoes ni E- Norton, Ilev. Dr. E.'ns t:i:ILrd f'OWle. ti l/ irSawile?, '?> '}., fcimuril f. \V it.tier E-I" P h:r ' 'u:"", " e Kooert li. Haitvt, h >? , W . if. W r.liarh",'i";'llLe stH; '' Wat-rs. Eev.Jei U 'mTri h *". " Vf,* LOUfiOUE, Sreulm. Ma/^.ikiL Mssa.-s Corsi rnn^r Branches, ln^va Te >?iaa payaUe semi-axin-iA^j! "T,M at ^r.oe*. hj >o ea-ra .- :ar?e?. j|-if pKNSlON OFFICE, Jvn 6th. 1M1. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY COyCKKtf, 230 Sen^Vwto ri'iti ? -?e aat of . ' tl,a tan oi ttie 1 aii<i Warbte^ <"1?' W1"-h "* ' ?*<H| ' ? *???" H ue-ciiy civt-n that at ''?? <!- ? fojlow.uc tne ?t?. caption of each vVar 'n ol !,1|# tenor, will be isN?' ^12/ti14 8,'s'1 ,h9!t ??pear ^ / Vf' *cf6,? iesoed m.d-. ue aotol , Ju V? naire ol Su-a na Uuii: ar 1 M 1? Hsbt*riijfieo*a*rd, uud Kianiwf oc the 16 h day of Juue, lS56.-Aufu?t 31, 1861, ?i-5y5sr?i*i5ir ' m THlfor *5 issued aitder the act of Mareh. MK, m the name of Jacob Ouliok a < **of W ??" ' issued under the aot ol i!f^!nw,Tnan'^ ?' fclwaboth Wells, i 7a? Daniel \V eha, and granted on the iith M?k V^.iT aor'"' i??u?d ander tae act of Vr+Ztli naine of Alexander Ornie, and Ktltim ?f UoU,b?r'1M6-S?pt?nM>1 ^if<T?Ia!>i,fcor#*> ?oder the act of ataren. IMS. in the cams of Amos Arthur, and ft UK/ ?B 17Ul *** of Aajaat, 1857 -October So. dw^BO, for 180 aeree. ander act of 1847 and m * ? ?wtUhal* u favor cf Miohael yigg R?PP. J*oeased. Third In"war.?octoW is. iaei M^a SLfu,' Tl acr**' ta^edw aLdar the aoc of JUAfOA. l--?, in th? U&KQ6 of Jimei Loni a.nd 3?*t day of Marok 23?!loow"r So j>4 ?W, for l*i aores, iM?ed under the aot of M&rch. IhM. id tht laido of Tbooi&i 1 AaLor and JtnjuUd on the 3d da, of Ma,, l^-O^ oUr S . ? . _ JOSEPH H. BARRETT, * i*"1**t ''omrn.ssioner. #^?EEN CORN, IN CANS; PETITE Puis; ? ch^mpisnons; V resh 1 omatcies, is snartcSLs: E!"rT*?, I-fntt, of man, varietiee; Conserved <Ceele*;> Augeiiaue, Fresh Maokereiand Irlaibet, in oanstf-resh Lobsters and OlaBs. in ^eU\^ilMrln^Sr*n,,10<1Tf'B,U; croa??kffiiaokwe.. ? | icki?s, baaces, t^aeers, Olives, 4.0. For "1" *' il Na * BIMCHkLU ttro-.iers, __ JC t-oraer Vermont a*, and '^th at. ClSMHi t^j'^i-h^-MOOIlE'S INSECT and BVJhifHif'u^TKOYLft wiif rtd ,ou ol ouSeTsSjL.^%*' AaU?4<: Moore's Rat and r , c>r n*-'?r'Mis. Moore's Benzine rT.'.L . r*r?jSh of (rease of an, kiud IT JIB tfifl VTlOSt QlltOat# f^Drio aiik op vimlmi with. out ti jar, U> ooior or oikervise* will olean Kid te?i^krL,7dL,h ''^ ^r Kor^e iS ? Mediome Depot. Iia p^ av" _ ? s-tr H FkBNCH k R1CIIUK1N ^ AVE iast received a irwsh su>pi, of Not/- Paje,*. COievsd bjrarrt, ru.vj aaa rtasi, wifii l-'nVe 10 mate 11 r.tso, iac c%p*r oi a.! iinds Witii a.?i w tkout Nuitori; mviki^ t.. matcn ' ! ? >-? a .u Pooset Hncxi ?i? ever, dinoiiitio* A .artr .t;,.?otf.f ytaupaer*. ... > . f*SMCH *JICHgTEIN.r - M . ??^I Q F P 1 C 1^ A L. Ditaitxixt OV STATB, ( i Watktntton, July X, 18fl.t Information hu been reoeived at this Depart- I ment from Mr R. N. Shufeidt, the Comal General I of the United States at Havana, of the iiue, oa the 16th ultimo, of a royal decree by which all im- I port duties on onmmon ship'* bread are taken of I for the te^m of fourteen months from the date of I the put lioatien of the royal decree in Havana. The | eatr.edeoree also reduces to one-half, daring the sa ne time, tie import duties upon oorn and oorn- I meal and potatoes. The duty by the ta*iff upon corn is 3?< per J centum upon ti.e valnation of 84 per barrel of JOO Span *! pounds, when from foreign porta in for- I eicn I'ottofns; upon cornmeal 36S per centum upon I the valnation of $5 per barrel of 800 Spanish I ponnJs. from foreign porU in foreign bottoms; I upon potatoes, from foreign ports in foreign ves- I sets.per centum upon the va'uation of 82-5# 1 por barrel; upon foreign bread, in foreign vessels, I S * ver oentum upon 82 for every *6 Bpamsh I pounds. I Machinery for screw steam sloops. Navy Pipabtmbist, J I Bureau qf Constru tiun, Augutt 8,1861.( Sk* Proposal# >?i I be received by this I Rure-.u u^ti' 4 o'clock, tha 5 h of Sept?mber, 1861, I fort p construction of the M aohicery of the Unit^O I rotates aorew nteam sloops "Os?t per," at the Kit- I tery *avy Yaid," Hoesatosjc." at the Charie*- j town Navy YanVAEiROSDAC*," at the New York ] Na'r Yard, and "Jcsiati," at the Philadelphia | NawYard. I These eropoeale must be endorsed ' Proposals I Maohtnery ol Sorew Steam Sioi ps," that they | may !>e distinguished f om other business lettsis. I No proposals will be con*id?rod except from pro- I prietors of marine engine building usutt'liAiiiueuta. | aid the reputation oftno?e whioh ha ve constructed I successful machinery of this character wi'l have I tii:< ve rht to wlnoh it is es?;t od Esiahluhinente not sno #n to the Navy Department as builders of 1 marine engines will, if th?y propose, be required to I fsiri.i-h eaUsficto y evidonoe of tneii experience and ability Pa t-es desiring to m&kc bonajid? propositions I receive, on application to th<? Hu'er.u, a copy J of the Specihcatir-ns of the work to be dote, and of tlio Con rac; under ths provisions ol wmch they will be requi-ed lo execute it Drawiugs can be I e39ii a: the olfioe of tue fcugioeer-ii-Ohief and, if I c ra veiueut, photographic oopi>s of the same will I bs sent with vhe spioifica'ions The proposals must bo for t?e maohinery of eaoh I v?ase sepnrate y, w*tti a sfatpment 1st Of the number if vessels for which the bid I derb desire to construct maohine'y, leaving to J Department tlin risht of selection. This is pre feri"d, though a hid for a sp^c'fia vessel, exoiuaive J o' the others, will be confide rod. 2. Of the sum for each vessel by tiarai for which theentre work will bjoompleted agr eably to the I specifications, d awings, and ooutract3. Oi he i umber of days from date I of notification of acceptance <>t contract with'n I whioh toe bidder will ooi.treotto com plete the ma- I o m-ry on N?ard find read j for sea service, pro- I vided the ves sel be placed at hi- oomiriand within a I c-rtaii number of consec.ntive dajs fr< m the date I of said notih^acion, whioh uu a >er he will state in I the propo*a . ... I 4 I he bidder will state, in ths event of the v?*sel I not l.oiug placed in his coin.^anct within the stipu- I lared tune from data of notification of acceptanoe I of e<>ntract, the number oi consecutive days with in whioh h*" ill contract to ooiaplete tho machine I rv on board ready f>r s*a ssrvioe from t!;e uate he I snali be notified that the vessel is at his com I mar.d. ; 'I'he "Ossipkk" and the "Hocsatomc" are to I have fixed scr. ws The "Adirondack" and the I "Juniata" are to have hots' up screws. I I tie payments will be made at four different in- I tervils as the -ro'k progresses?one-fitih of tha I t tal amount at each payment, tha la?>t hfih being I reservel for four months aftJ- th? trial trip,.in I oi J or to make good any delects that may bedis- I o-verrfd (iu iut tba. time. ; An ample guaian'o^ wi ! be i&sc?rted in the con- I ract for the suoc s.-fu''uiGl:n-*iit ol all its condi I tions.and a forleituro Will be required for d^iay in I Oor.ipl.Hi . h. No piopooal can be aonaidored unless | nied by a jrritttn g'iarar-ter>, signed by two r '?poa I aib e p-Thous. to the rK'-otthat t ey u: dertake t;ie I bidder shall, if las ctfir >>e aooepecd. enter iiito I ooi.tract wit., good and Auificieut sureties for its I oompletion. i Two or more sur.Miea in a sum esual to the I amouut of tue c^Ltract wilt 1>e required to sizn it, I ani tht-ir lespousioi ity must ba o.?rtified by a I U :ited States d ntric? judge, diatriot attorney, col- I lect ?r. or navy agent. j Midd : rs whose proposals ahaM be aco^pte<l. atd I n^nsothers, will be uo-ifi?d, and ar early as prac- I ticable a contract will be trarismittftl to them. I d.s'ed two days after tho r.otifi^ation. Th-s Department rererv^s tiie right to accept the I eropofcitf ns made in conformity with the oon<h-I tton* prescr bed which shall be considered mor.t H> I ttie interest f the Ucvernment and oombina the I greatest t umlter of advattagaa, and to rtject any I or all ol them, at its opttou. Form of Ojftr I (or we) of . 8t*teof , hereby agree I to ovu'itruet the machinery for i name th"* nuin'?er) I Ucitod Atatsa scrovtr steam ?'o<,ps in conformity I wtih the provisions and te.-tna of the advertise- I meatolth^ August 8 h 1861 from the Navy Depart- I m?nt and hareuiito appen ded, a id lor prioos and I within tue tiui-?a as foHows: F or tn? machinery of ?h? (name the vessel) the | pronto oe i name the sum) dollars. 'the tota. t ine of oornp etion to be (came the | number i-f consecutive UAys) from two days after I thH Lotiuoatu n of accoptaroe h?s been made by I tue B J'mu, p ovi' *d t'ie ve?<<?'s be plaosd at uiy I tor Oiir)oispoiuki within(namo tha num er of oon- I secu'ive flay*.) from the seme date. I If the vessel thou 4 not be placed at our disposal I w.thm th'- time stipulated, than the t>m9 o'ooin- I f. etloti to be i name the of daym from the I date of the uoUfccition that the vessel is placed at ] our disposal I Notb ?H'Pftit the last thru paragraphs for tkt I other three veutls. should my (or our) propoeal be accepted, f ("r I wo; req uest to b? informed at , and that the I contract may La forwtrced to ?, for signatures I and oertiUcite. ! (Place.) (Signed) A. U. I i Date.) I Form of Guaranty. | We, the undersigned, residents of , in the I Plate of .hrreoy jointly and severally oovenant I with the Unitei Stat 'a and guaranty that in case I ttie forogt'ing proposal be aooepted, will, 1 within ten da?? alter the receipt of tue oontr&ot at I , execute the same, wuh good and sutfiiifnt I sureties, for tha "onstruotion of tcema-hinerv I prop'or.ea ic ootnplianoe WiUi the terms of the ad ; vertfs^ent of August Pth, 1861, hereto appended I aud under it was in.ado; and in cast' tfie said I shall fail to enter into the contract atoresaid, I we guaranty to maka good the d'flert-nr'e !>etween I the off ?r of the aaid ar.J Utas whioh may be I aooepte 1. _ I (Wimeas) C. D. I (Place.) I Is*!turd) b. F. (Date.) I I hereby certify that to the best of my knowledge l ard b lief thea!>ove name) guarautora, and I . are good an I sufficient. 'Signature.) ti. H. I Tn he ngned by the United State* Dittriet Judge, I Uitit'd Siatei Viitritf Attorney, Collattor , or iVat'v I A**nt. au 8 law4w PROPOSALS F'?K SIDE WHEEL I STEAMERS. Navy Depabimk!1t, ) Bure'U if i"on*tru<ti?M, \ I WatHiSGToM, August 8, '861,\ j ?W CojiroB3iiTy with the act of Consresi, ap- I proved the3; \v ?utt, '861, the "?avy Department I will rec:.v.' propo?ala for the construction aud I equipment of Twelve Side Wheal Stea nera. ) tie I ad draf. of vater not to exceed six feet I nife ncues; to b3 armed with two rifled guns, of I 7,?*>ib* each, ore a' eaeh end of the vetsrl; also, I wuh t?o '2-ponnd howitzers; the comp e ment to I b ui.s hundred p^rro-ia wit* p-ovisioi.a for aixty I da*', to have two thousand gailons of water in I tanks, a d to be provided with r. condenser for dia- I ti'I ng potable water. To be soh"oner rigged, and 1 ha\ e a rudder at each end, properly proteoted by a 1 post. The Department desires to have the highest at- I tamable s^-ed, wtiioh must be stated in tue offer, I to(c ther witi the length o' time it can be mam ] tained.and the quantity of coal that can be carried I in the buokers for that speed, which should not be I less than for eighty u&ys. Tue proposal must be for the hu l,apars, rigging, I aaila, and oanvaaa work, boats, anchors, and I otbiea.tanks, ouks, furnit ire. rooking apparatus I and ute sila, ateain machinery and apare Work, I with all the equipments for a veaael of war oom- I piete aid ready iu all respr-ots for sea service, and I ready to receive her oficera, men, armament, I at. r#s, proviaiona. and fuei for ?te*m mach aery. I The armament, atores. provisions, and fuel will I bo furnished by tbe Government. The sp'o fications must deeoribe the ma I ter .a's to be used,the method and size of fastening. I the detail of the s.ze, material, hmsh. kind, ana I arrangement of maobtaery. and of the various I equipments included iu the proposal. The plans must be working drawinrsjrom whioh I the vessel and machinery 'an be built, showing tha I a lotmeut of spaoe for aocommodations, store I rooms, magazine, and shell-rooms, disposition of I theocal,4tc. . fhr? boners and ennnes to be I o ow the deek? I the naiu shaft may h.e ab ive ; the boiler pressure I not to oe less than thirty pounds per sqaare inoh, I and a surface condenser to be used ; the piddle- I whee to be o erhuiu. j ll^n apelioatiou to the Cora >na da tit of any navy I yard the bidder can see ihe list of equipments to I quired for the propeller gun-boats, to w^ich, aa^ar I as practioabl*, these a-e to conform,tu.d for w. ioh I oonveni'nt stowajte it to be provided. Tue bidders will atate tiie Heaat t me wit in whioh I they wi 1 agree to comp ots the vosael for sea and I deliver her atsreh nsvr yard as they ma* name. I W'ttoat ex.ra e at to tne GovsrumsuL It muat I likewiae be arated in the < If ?r the total amouLt for I whi- h ih?y w II engage to mi all that is requupd I above and embrac d m their sp'oihoations and I p ans; and t^e Ki must be aooompanied by uames I of guarantors that if awarded they will exeoate I the oontraet. The usual oocd<ttona of Government contracts I will be o served. Pajii enta to bo made at four I d ffjreut intervals, as tbe work progresses, reta n I ing one-fifth of the whole amount for ninety days I atler tae delivery of tbe vessel, te repair any de | feots that may be discovered within thattimeia I trial at aaa. It is undersUx^i that in 'he oootraot a I guarantee will be inserted of tna fulfilment of tha I ooncnticn of speed, fael, satisfactory working or I toe machinery, 4ke., with a forte tare in ease oil faiiare. The reputation of bidders aa suooessful steam- I ship builders will have due weight, and the profo- I sal rruststatA the name of the marine steam engine ] nailding eetabit shment at whioh they intend the I Steam macnlnery to be made The Depa tmeut reserves the rtf St to aeoept the I propoaMwaa made in conformity with the eoadi- I tioi areearibed whieh shall be oonsidered most to I the interact of the Government and oombina tha gr*ate?< lumber of ad van tag ee, and to rqfeot any oral: of ?li?rn.atitsosafon. . . ^s ?p?oifi satio ns and p?ans or pArttea not ob- | tajning the oontrael oan be withdrawn by them. T"e P?partnient Will not ooneid* itself under obsjtjuyas to reoeiiw yropoeals a/tar t^pflkof| 44 They fo rlfhl to the Spot." INSTANT RELIEF 8T0P \ OUR COUGH PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE: SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, abb GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FUR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. GENTLEMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT C0IWECTI0N8. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'8 THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Coach instantly. They olear the Throat. They give strength and volume to the voloe. They impart a delioious a'ojni to the breath. They are delightful tb the taste. They are made of simple herbs and oannot harm any one. I advise every one who has a Cough or a Husky Voice,or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get a package of my Tnr^at Confections. They will relievo yon instantly, and you will agree with me that "they go risht to the spot* You will find them very useful and pleasant while traveling or attending meetings, for stilling your Cougli or allatinc your thirst, li you try one p&okage I am *afe is saying that you will ever af terwarde oonsider them indispensible. You will ficd them at the Druggists and Dealers in Medicines. PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature is on each package. All others are counterfeit. A Package will be sent by mail, prepaid, on reoelpt of Thirty Cents. Address, HKNRY C. SPALDING, No. 4S CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. NervousHeadache xf CURE Jf ^ Jdnds dV Ileaclaelie. Br the see of these puii the penodlo attacks o Nervous or Sick HsxdasKt may be pierented, and I taken at the commencement ol an attack immediate reliel from pain and sickness will bo obtained. They seldom fkil in removing the Nautta and Htadaekt to whioh females we so subject. They act genUy upon the bowels,?removing OsiFor Liltrnry Mtn, Stwdtnts, Delicate Females. aiiU all persons of stdentary kabit*, they are va.uable as a Laxative, Improving the appttiti, giving torn and vigor to the digestive brgans, and re storing the natural elasticity and streugtn of the whole system. The CEPHALIC FILL* are t*e r~?n of l0Cf investigation and oarefally conducted experiments, laving been in use many years, during whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering mm Headache, whether originating in the nervous system or from a deranged state of the stomatk. The? are entirely vegetable in their composition, and may be taken at ail times with perfeot safety without making any change of diet, and tkt ub~ ftnet of any disagrttailt lasts rtndtrs it taty is dmmisttr thtm to ekildrtn, BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henry C. Spalding on eaoh Boz. tfoid by Druggists and all other Dealers in Medioiuee. A Do* will be sent by mall prepaid on receipt* Ul6 i'RICE, 2? CENTS, All erders shosld be addressed to HENRY C. SPALDING, 48 Cbsab Stkibt, NIW YOBK< From tkt Emumintr, Norfolk, 7m. Cepbalio Pills accomplish the object for whioh they weromade, via: Cure ol headaolie In ailiu ions. * * ? tk* Etmmimm, Nor/oik, 7m. They have been tested in mora than * tksssanS eases, with entire suocess. From tk* Dtmocrmt, St. Cloud, Mint. If you are, or have i?en troubled w ith the haadiohf. senu for a box, ( Pills ,j so that yoa may nave them in case of aniattaok. From tk* Wuttm R. R. Gmnttti, Ckitmgt, TIL n5i?d " * From tkt Soutktr* Pmtk Findir, Nno Orltmms, Lb. Try them ! yo^ that areafflioted. and wears sir* that your testim^nr can be added the already oumerous list that hu reoeived benefits that ne otner medicine cau produoe. 1+om tkt ftmutitt, Dutnport, Iomm. J From tkt Admortittr, Prmuidtutt, R. I. fAilto be a remarkably hl??rr the headache, and one of the ^wl^nh(fiUov7red.a,UeBt oon,>'*ilit wljleD St. Louit Domotrmt. vh/Lmdemand for the article (Oephalle rills) is rapidly inoreasmg. \-~rmmuw From tkt Kmmmwkm Falls* filar, Emnmwkm, Fa. V snre that persons suffering with the heed aoiie. who try them, will stiak to tfiem. From tkt Aiuntitm, Prouidmtt, R. I. " rtr0n?'*0ta tU< From tkt Daily Ntwt, Nnoport, R. I, Capital ic Pilie are taking the place of ail kinds. From tkt Commtreial BuUitin, Boston, Mutt. Said to be very efficacious for the headaohe. From tkt Commtrcial, Cincinnati, Ohio. Suffering Aawanity oau now be relieved. A single bottle of Spalding's Prepared Clue will save ten times its cost annually. SP ALBINO'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMYt DISPATCH ET"A Stitch in Tim Savas Nma."_t|] Ae accidents will happen, even in wall rem fcmiiiee, it le very dsKraAe to ha"e i!ome oh^ SSke " f?r re^rin< ' urniturs. To?.' SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE to the sticking point. ???*. M USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE.** ?lS^AAffiSi*,,0#-?Mi*- Botti* PrM HENRY C. SPALDING,

Mo. 48 Cedar street, Now YeiR. ,, As ewsln^ ri CA1^^10N ^" PA^piWrePREPARED GLRE^I ftaaKg-1' " % i THE OILY PREPARATION I ' WOtTIT OF I UNIVERSAL CONPLDEHCE t PATRONAGE | FOR STATESMBN, JUDGES, I CLERGYMEN, LADIES, and GENTLEMEN | in all parts of the world testify to tbe eflioaoy ot PROP. 0. J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE I and fn tern en of the Press are mscimoas in its I prai-o. a few tes:;moma<s only ca" bo her# riven I tee circular lor more, and it vill bo Impossibi# tor I you to doubt r r Wm Sthii, Niw Ypm, Dm, jo. l'?. j Gt*tl*m*n: Year cote of the Uih instant hu I been received, saying that roc hu beard thai 1 I taa been benefitedhy the uMof Wood's Hair Re1 su>ratiy?, an-i requesting my oertiaoate of the fact I if 1 had no objection to give it I award it to jou oneerfully, because I think it I due. My ace ta about to years; the oolor of my I hau mlmrL, and inclined to onrl, Pome five or I sixyears ainoe it began to tarn gray,and the soalp I on tne crown of my Bead to lose its sensibility and I Jandruff to form upon It Kach of tfceeedisagreeI abilities inoroased wth time, and about 4 months I stnoe a fourth ws? added to them, by hair falling I off the top at my :??ad and tnreateuing to make me I bald. In this unpleasant predicament I was mdnoed to I try Wood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest the I falling off of rar hair, for 1 had really no expeot*I tion that fay hair could ever be restored to its I orifinal ooior except from dyes. I was, however, I greatly surprised to find, after the use oftwo hot I ties only, that not only was the off arrested. 1 but the oolor was restored to the gray hairs and I sensibility to the scalp, and dandruff cased to form I on my head, very much to the gratification of :ny | wife, at whose solicitation I was indnned to try it I For this, among the many oL'g^tious I owe to I her sex, I strongly recommend all & us band b who I value the admiration of their wives to profit by my I example, and use it if growing grar or getting fcaid. ; Very respectfully, Bin. A. I.AVtxnas. I To O.J. Wood k. Co.. 444 Broadway, N. Y. My family are absest from the oity, and I am uo I onger at No. 11 Carrot Plaoe. SIAMSTOH, Ala., July JO, l?fl. I To P*or. O J.Woo&r Dtar Sir?Your "Hair I Restorative" h*s d^ne my hair so much good since I I commenced the use of it, that 1 wish to make known totbo pablioof its eSects onthehair, whico I are gren*. A man or woman mar bone&rly deprived I of hair, and by a resort to your "Hair Restorative" I the h/ur will return mere beautiful than ever; at I least this is mr experience. Believe it all Yours truly, Wn.U.Knm. P, S.?You oan publish the abevo if you lifc#. By publishing in our Southern papers you will ret I more patronage South. I sec several of youroerI tifionteo in the Mobile Merour/, a strong!Southern I paper. W. II. Kitixst. ! WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. I Pbof. O J. Wood: LUar Sir: Having had the j mi (.fortune to lose tho best portion of my hair, from I the effects of the yellow fever, in Now Orleans in I 1P51,1 was induoed to rrake a trial of your prepara| tion. and found it to answer as the very thing I needed. My hair is now thick raid giossy, and no I words can express my obligations to you in giving I to the adlioted suoh a treasure Finlbt Johnsor. The Restorative is put up in bottles of I vis: large, medium and small; the smirf ircTdhalf I a pint, and retails lor one doiiar per bottle; the meI alum noide at least JP> per oent. more iu proportion I than the small, retai s for ivro dollars per l>ottie; I the large holds a ?uari,4V per cent, more in propor | tion, and retails for 93. O. J. W003 ic. CO., Proprietors,444 Broad I way, New York, and 114 Market street, St Louis I Mo, Sold in this o<ty by C. STOTT, 3T? Pa. avenua. I *a 37 eolr.alw JOY F<'R THE SICK AND SC'/FERIN? I j ALL WHO JLKE AFFLICTED READ! I AFF-L7 THfi tiEMMDY I REJOICE AIN HEALTH. I Friend. 4? yo* sitcr? ai ? yov the victim mt ani I ei tr.oa* riunt'i'os* ailments which frcm imI par :t? of the b!ooI.' WUatsre they, do yci asW I Rather aaki what are they ret ? 'ifhe blocd is tha I aosroe ef !ireai;d hfiaith, arrt it is the first elPMent I of osr being to respond to * .j c?<'8 winch ?fi-nta I .be s^atiirn. *a the p?la.-ih;:i li'it aiu*eta. The ever I srevai'ing Nesrs.gia, tne irritating Erysipelas, ths I *jt tie Scrotals, tue agonisu t Kheunutism. NerI vojs Debt lit,-, Dyspepsia. Li v?i Cioi.-i piaint with its I lory or and aejecucn, and the" usi-iker'eas ilis tnat I 8ero is It"r ?n, d?".vo tus:. ..Kieoos origin f;c:i. tlis I blood. i!*a. ki-diy tnen ard geniiy with th5 blood. I tie" U.fc Vitalising resource* of nature fci its aid. J and ssffer bs to -oiniaend to jour eoi.Sde;:seac4 1 vse thai trs.j vaw table medicurout known as k?s. m. core INDIAN TUG STABLE DECOCTION. I W:?h retard to this almost infallible ??e?i6? I popuiar sentiment has a?oiie:i in decided terms I and tne evidenoos of this great efllcacy are ausI tamed by constant avcwa.a of curative effects and I Mi" hapr est results from its u? are after all otlier j remedies and tho fct?t modical skill have :>.:led. I Let us say, i.i oo'.iclusioB, that Ofcrtifii.-Ates I cures a;e not sought from the lllKerate and super I 3cial, but tiiey are volunteered from the most reI spectabl: eouroes and justify the highest t?'iu (n I vhion it is possible to ocifimond so valuable a I specific to publio spproval. We may add that I tneourativ? properties of the medicine are e% palled I only by its restorative effects, the system reooverI UK from >iisea?e with renewed constitutional vigor. I For sal"* by all reeyeo".a!>i? Drnggists in this I ?lty,and by the proprietor, AIRS. >1. COX, j none genuine umess her cjuxe is blown on tht 1 tottla and ner eeai ou the cork 1 I nr Price 01 per bottle, sx bottles for ft. I U-leJ49?:? trtni. R f. T. C183KL. Dr>cftat I ejrseto^sn. D C., Wholesale Agmt for the DlsI trict, and will supply the tra<5e at my price*. a? It-tr I ?p*"S ALC SUFFICIENT THREE. I TRIESKMAR. 1. J and J?Protected by Roya. I Letters Patent of rlngland, and eecurca by the I S*a;s of tue Foole de P/.srmaoie de Paris, and the I Imperial College of Medicine. Vienna. I No. I is in vat aabla for exhaustion and natorrkea J ana all ph'oica: viiaabilitlex. I No. ? completely oradicates all traces of those I diseases uat have been hitherto treawd I y the naaI seous and psrnicioiis usu of oopaiva siiJ oufcebs. I No. 3 has entirely snppiantod the injurious s"?e of | mcrocrv, thereby insaring to the suifo'er speedy I relief, cispersmg all impimties, and rooting cs I the \e..oui ofois?aee. I TP1ESEMAR, Nos. 1,land S, are prepared in I the form ot a losong?, de/oid of wute ai. i smell. I ar.d can be carried in the waistcoat pooitet. :'ols I in tu. oaeas. and divided into ?e?*r?te doses, tu ?H I ministered by Veipeau, lAi'emaul, Roux. Kic <i I Ao. Price 9S each, or iour casus for #1. which I saves ?3; and in Ml oases, vrheret>y tnero is a savI ing of 93. To be liad, wholesale and retail, of Dr I BAR ROW, of 194 Rleecker street. Now York. I Immediately ou receiving a remittance, Dr. Harrow I will for ware the Tnesemar to an* part "f fbo world, I aeontely eaotcd, ar.d a<idresseo aeooritmg'othe inI stro&iions of the vriier. The Hook, of ai! others, that should be read bj I oion with damaged and brokon down constitutions I is "Human Fralit7, or Physiological Researches." I It is beautifully illustrated, ar.d treat3 tmutely of I all tue symptoms that invariably develop themI ?elves, sooner or later, resulting from the frailties I and vitiating habiuor earl? youth, moapacitatini I the viotinf trom snaring the frnition of the inatri I moiual state, and. if not checked in t<me, de^oner I atingallthe functions of manhood, and bringint I bin:, step byV-i-D. to a Itngeri.ig and untiinelr d^ath 1 sola by Dr. HARROW, 1W4 Hleeoker street, lout I doors beiow Maciougai, New York. Price 2i I oeDts. Sent free every where. Sold also by *?. C. Foro, Jr., Drag Store, Wash I 'ngton. ?). C. aeg>-6i;i IP READER, I ? ERUHE Thefollowii.s statementaad then judge i of its facta lor yourself. | AHRAM CtUiK, of Hrooklyo, N. Y.. a ws'J I known omieu there, had suffered from D??pepsia | for some ycarB, witbo it permanent relief, unti; he I tried AYv^'S PILLS,which taken according to I the directions for thi*, restorea mm to I in a few weeks. After an ititena of sone I month s na has ha^l no returin>f Dis oomp'aint. | GEO. W. CROSS, of Harmony,Texao, tiad an 1 eruption on his necY shou.aers, batok ana leg, I wluoii covered about one tiutd of his body. It kept I tiie pari* affected covered with a scab, and being I often a raw wore, was of oourse very troublesome I and dittrAeeiiiK. It so muoh impaired his health sa I to unfit bunl or business v.d kept him iu constant I suffering. All medical aid failed him nntil he took I AVERTS CoMl'OUNU EXTRACT KAKSAI PARILI.A. whioh cured him. His skin still shows I soir.' scars from the ulceration, bat it is otherwise I as clear as an infants I JOHN 11. SHOOK, Ess , an eminent lawyer of I Richmond, Va . took a oold which settled on his I lungs. A aevere pain set in on the left aide, with a I bad oough, wnioh was soon followed by Lhe unmisI takable symiftoius of consumption. Wk*nr*duoed I very low he oommenced taking AYER'S CHER I Ry PEC I iRAL, which soon stopped the oough I and completely onred him. I Prepared by UR. J. C. AVER * CO., Lowell, I Mass. ma 13 eots I U NEW BOOKS. I tilHTORY of the United Netherlands, by John I Lothr< p Motley ; t vols ; free by mail, ft I The Kueof the Dutoh Rescblis. a history, by I John Lothrop Motley; S vo s oioth; free by mail, I ft. Si as Marner, the Weaver i Ravelol, by the I author of "Adam Bede oioth i^oeuls; paper M { I oeuts. * Life and Career of Maior Andre, by Wintrop I Sarseant; SI M). I After Icebergs with a Painter, a Sumner Voyacs I to Labrador and Nt>wioun<Laiui; by Rev LonisL. | Nob e ; f] SO The Manufacture of Photogemo or Hydro-Car- , I bon oils, by Thomas Antueil, M. D.; #1.15. I Any of the above free bj mail. I FRENCH A RICH8TEIN, I ? Penna. avenue. I I [NION PAPER AND EN VELOPES.?Twen I aJ ty different styles of Note and Letter Paper, J I with Enve.opes to matoh. I Views of washingtoa<<n ths form of a Rose, and I tn fcook form ; also, separate All ths Daily and Week.y Papera ooa?tantly oa I hand. Herald, Tisaea, and Tribune reoeived every I night at 6 o'clock. Papera from all sarta of the oountry. Beadle's Dime Novels and Song Hooks. A freah supply of Books for summer reading, I oheap I A large assortment of Juveniles? Mayne Reid's I Books, Hollo Books. Abbott's Histories, fco. A disoount of In to fio per cent, on all bound books FRENCH k. RIOH8TE1N, I ma 81 National Books tore. 8T8 Pa. av. BKS. CAM'P BLANKETS, HAL^-HljHK^kc., I wbion we invite all oaah pirohasers to examine I before making their selections I WALL. STEPHENS A CO., IS9 Pa av? between tth and loth sta. I (Intelligecoer and Repub.lean.) I r^REAT Bargain* IN PlANoa.-One very I u nioe Hail A Sods' make for ?1*0; one_^^^ i?isr^Tsst?i?is?? esiww | Hs^ns ? fft> 'a Wsrnt SwIT TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. JJNITED STATES JflLITAEY EOL'TE, Sl'bClAL NOTICE TO TEAVBLEES. chan9m~of moves. ^pSLi???J*0ndm9' l?rA, 1881, rUCIMKl TlAiJH WILL 11TN AH FOLLOWi !^5tt.WASH,N6TON *t i* 7* * m. lls^n^s BALTlNOK&tti|)tadiKft,a ^ 5?m*fi?* dlr,,ot for ViM^lliiutb! M ^VAm ^I2V0mBaJti"0r* ^ ! PMBcrger Traim l?avia* vvaahinaton at ? arrf KS~^w5ia?&JlRRrKS'*~ * 2&**" (c*ioJ2t^hiirof war> i i il&S?BS^ov!r ? '*? Tonni??. TYLM toaat7 p!? in * ? 4 ? a. m. UiwWu^ By order of the 8?rM?n of War : THOMAS A. SCOTT, THOMAS H. CANFIELD. *"**' ****" Aa.irtant Msnajer. au 17-tf SPECIALNOTICE. " " * NEW tfssjisjfitjs ' _ _ 6?n*nU ftfaaicf? itttk Queen.iownffreland emt>^ki?i? P"*?l?r. at ^ork an<1 Philadelphia n And every Saturday, at noon, from Pi.r44Txirti> nrrtCabiAT"or,,A',A0.?; P*' io Lonlon-^.. so do. to Par....";;;.-:::;;; $ Do. to Humbnr*::;;; ? Paaaengera forwarded to Haw'bV?im?b?. at reduoVth* D,Tl?*. buy t 'ckot.Mlw'ri^"* ?at 'heir ?;,'rVl" ? A. HERRI NO, iiSSTSSSiTiit. t.AlC>1N D1V1PUAfU JEN TEE PE1SE 1 easj?,?sjiyd western "kent," Capt j k it s' Will run thiTJi^ffi&^rn^t trm, Ma timore, foot ol Camden. 'at 7 o'cfook a! ?iCR5'TZF?r Oambrrt^. Dento,, and Land; nr. Sl-rriPnfv"**' TTJ WEDNESDAY "d JioLaf. ' re'ural,iI eTer' Thursday and I?aV *Vitpw?i'il?A*v<) VVe,t Ri?er, every TCE8| IbdV via SXm^yV^ W".U8DAV.M; ^0.r.Annapolls, Weat River, Camhndre Oxford tyiix'zfrtf'w """"uav.', DA I, returning every Monday br iima route epoiv*mbndKe' Do"toc? Oxford and Faaton FtatoMtteiltfHii'MUm'EiVr^nJ1 * Fare to Weat River, (rouua trip, ?i).."*" i wo Fare to Annapoif < onnd tri?>7foent?i 7? in.? .. mhalu extra. O^Fratflrhtmnat he prepa.d. .Sissy uilff9Z:tk&ctstraw cE.nAt,xk,"lnwav. On %nd afl/sr Suii< % . Mar l^th lfol Trai?. Ar) the NOR1HKRN CKNT&AL* AI^ rive and depart at follows, until farther notice M AIL at 81. I*,! * NORTHEXPRF.S8 nts ji. P. M. mBAKEI8BUE6 ACCOMMODATION at P. The 8 15 A. M. train oonneota at Relav nna? with train, on ti.? at Hanover Juuotion ?ub Hanover &ud '.ettoi u r Railroad.; at York with York and WriVKvi 1. ' Railroad; at Harr-t.nre with Peuuay ra;.ia Rai road forjul part, of the Weat, %:.%with Lebarnon ^ al ey ftailroad lo JV^t# Yorhdiftrt' &t \urihnm her land with L and B. wanroad 'or'Kin*, ton and thefi!?r'mi ?I* .y&lle? Aid at 8nn^nry with Vnrfhr I? F ^'rlA R*il???d lor a.I part. Th? 'pT',1 vao 1 a J *** York. t.In. I? P- M train make, a 1 the above oonnaot-oan csoept Hanover Rai r. ad. Wrirht.wHi. T e?P*M thr LeU"noa Vall?T Railroad. j * im .1 'r*ln make, connection* with Penn ?f , M?I .....p'SVK^UIWS * ' ^Je ^SfOf-modation at J ? P. M ' HarnaI Ti inforrration inenira at the 1 iok4t OIBoe, Calvert StaUo n, Haiti mora J- C. CLARE, Bny't. OMaa LEAVE PHILADELPHIA FOR NEW YORR. The Camden and Amboy and Philadelphia and. m??PH firw W$W i i-Aci s,from walnut street wharf jkND EE^SINGTON DEPotrwiflLvlVRt AAooo *m^&,oCBTd#n a',d Amb?7'<C- and AAt 6 A. M .Via Camden and Jereey City. (N J Aooommodation ) ?iv. j. IAf %^ia t'amden Jereey CHy.,Morn"m * M v,? Kotamcton and Jeraey City. (Western bxpreaa.) ' ditw,^)M f via C*m<ien ?nd Amboy,( AoooniinoA?;2xj?re-.'iVla Camd?? and Amboy. (C. and A. ^Kv^nint ExPrrer..*e,,,iDft0n and J#??yOity. A(S^rdcS.,.Tir0fcS.",inCtM and urtv Cit1' AMMl".?1'* v,aCafBd#n aud J?r??y City, (Evening Ajfffe,"-.v,a Camdwi and Jeraey City,(South At 5 P. M via Camden and Ambny,( A room mod a. Se^nd cia'..11'tek^11'"* Flrtt CUm M^Ma?l,yf.S?iIi^Md*i,y- Tb??* Ptor "I? 7.^*ia?' ^af.UjI'' La^bertvtlle, ain^ton. A.M.; and 4X p. M., from KeSfe,V:idv" 7 r?A AVf Ua,'.dC^np ' and Bethlehem at tit* , in a ' Mi M* *rt"n Kenanuton depot: hwtonli sVi- M0,laeCU W'th tba U4in iea"B? pFor Mount Holly at 6 and < A. M. and ! and ?* For Freehold at 8 A. M and*p. M. ?iTp lr?nto"'4?- at 7 ,0 A- V..M and V?. D,^?/~r?hVrl"?"<>?' " d SH * ? i.^S^?VBoS"K,Vv?id.f,,SS5 ?[[7" For New York and Wav I it*. scswajm/aus aaaas?? ^ Found, of batgac* only allowed toeaeh ant^h?5Lr?.^Paaaeneare are prohibited from takin. anvthinj aa bagtace but their wearlac tnar-: ^1M? over fifty pound, tori raid 'nr h??ra' ? coniPaiy limit their reeponai jiUty for b,llu*#t2 ?ne doi ? 9*t eoand, and wili not be ap^^'oontraoL11 hBadr#d WMTb. GATZMER. Aieot. art*1' Mm 18tn, tjHt, the VaiM will ran i? lol:owa, vie?Leave Camden Statioa, BaluD FOE WAY PA8SENOKES. _Between Haitimore and Piedmont take the A M Piedmont and Wheeiina take Aa lommodation Train, lea?mj Piedmont at 6.40 A v!? wu"or# Dd 1M?M MU1* *1M^ ll* A- *tlEiiii L. M. CoTy&SiTT^K1^^. rom Ckaajbera at. N.Y. F ran. 3 tk etraet i^y^v. t 'fiivv ^344 B^ MmT*!* a *?? a .Md 1#m kakill traia,4r?p m 4 ? w. las, Si j traio,<) ?e a m IRi iLaWea. j S'o^-'o "" ' ^fgf illmmm . m THSSKJMfat Traina lor Pbiiaae.phia wiil >?t< Pree',<Uat at *-ei Depot duliiuMit * a nda va) m/o >* .Trim. ? Ipreee Tr?m Ml 15 A. If., Way Maiv Air?i ill 4. M.; iTtllM Mu1H4 4I o'e oak ()i2t DA YSat 4 4ft P. ST. only. A11 trM*aoo?iMat vitfc da a. UlUM "!' 4^? P- *.Ma ob Hater! i Freight Train with ^Mwnifr oar utuM lssriii &* WAV ofW'lmiantoa. ent^t^ P-r"?M ?.! give boad before WM. C?AWFOipf Agea L iSr YnrM ottr aepota of HudsonKiver Rairoarf ?aily. Sundays exoepted, tol.owa: Prom Chambers street Prom Slat aL statiea. At7 nca m AtTMaa '12** t>*>9 m \ jb ' ?x|m 3-S? p m 3 ?6 p m Montreal and Buffalo Train with ears, 9.'61 n 1 46 a ai ConnaotiDi at Albany withtheNew Vo't Caetr* Railroad for Schenectady. R< c.'.eater I'tiee, Batavia. Roane, and ataUone on K Bud W?u< town Railrva^ Hufftio. t*rraon??. Niagara Pali*. Baapaaaiop Bridge, Aubara. Gen<va.Oa ai <1a.fua Trama in oonoeetion nve Buflalo and Susp-a ion via Lake Shore, BuAM and < aka R a'on and Great Wftjtau Railroad. for HamUtoa. Toronto, Detroit. Chioago. Toledo,Mi!waakie. Fon Da Lao' k* Vr?!T,<k_r*d'*^ pl**r,5 IH? CMea, Ga ena. Dunleith, Dubuque, Peoria, R?ek lUaod, Maaoa a?SJ; ''Z^a^S?* Eor'?n|?on, Uutnev. SerintBeid, Alton,St. Lenis, Cairo,Te^re Haute, Iwfiaiiwniia, L^nieville, Cincinnati,1 ayton. Colambaa. Ol-veweat.* jomta \\ oat. North waat end Boa tb_ NORTHERN ROUTK Conneoti-.g Trains at It or, with Troy * Huston ana R ens. A Saratoga Road a for Saratoga. Whiteha'l, Rutland, Burlington, M. Albaaa.Ron?e ? Point, Plattsburgh, Ogdensbtngh, Montraal, Ae , . IET Praight Arrangements by thia roata as Mora, without ohania of Car a, liom tii* I*moU in t .hambers and I'aaal streets. ara at all Tiia-- as favorable a* rnnde by oth r Railroad Ccropai-s. The faoilitiaa of thia graat Naw Vork Rpats'o ibe WNt coninfad it to the oorfid^De* of n?:ok&oU an > ahippera for promptnees and d.'patch Peasenger traina, with Smoking aad Bleeping Cars ran m oonnaotion on tha Naw York Central Road. For particulars ai to looal traina and fralght ar rangemente. inqstre at the depot, 6? Warren at. A. F. SMITH. Superintendent. - U ? GOY RJINMKNT LINE O FORT MOSROE APD OLD roiST com ron t. Leavaa the lower end of UNION DOCK, Ba'tl more, weat aide, OAlLV, (Sundam inelodM^at 4>*oc.ook P. M. takini paaeargara and vight. and oonneetiag With th.- Ra.lroad Unea to ard fmai Wachir.gron.D. C., Philada'phia, New Yora, B-aton, York, Harnabn'g, Pittaborg. P?^ and the West, immediately afer ih arnraT of the Eiaraea Train from New \o k and Philadelphia. The following in the ^ch-HJB.e: From New York to Kort Monroe aad baok. #14 From Phi adelph a and r?ck^ - . . From Ba ti more and baok fCTPROCLRE YOUR TlCRET?-rf| , In New York, at the New Jeraey Railroad iLce fo jt t i Courtlar<d atreet. In Ph: ade pbia, at the Co>rp\ny'a oAoe.N. W. oomar of Sixth and Cheatnut atreeU, or at lb? Depot. Rroad and Pr'ma a tree la. In Baltimore, oa b >a-"d the Steamera. foot of Uaion Dook. HUGH O'CONNER. J'a.aaen?? - Ar*pt_ r^^?NKW YORK. HARLEM AND . ALBANY RAILR"A!>. LEAVuve NEW YOR*_ FOR ALBANY. TROV, NORTH AND WKBT. 8CMMKR ARRANGEMENT Commeuoing Moedar, May 27th, latl. Ifor Abany?11K? a m. faat expreaa train from 26th atreet. For Dover Plnlr.a?4^v> p. m atopping at While Pl*ina and atatioua north to Dover plaine?freai 28th rtreet atatioc (Thia train will rnn to Miilertoa every Patartay evening.) For Croton Fal'a??:is a. m. atoppi ng at all etations north rf Kordh&ui from 36 h itre^i itiuos. For hite Plains?i.-?\ 4:10 and a m. atop ping at all atationa from SStti atreet atatiea. Por White Plain*??: 6 p. nn atopping ai all ateUona from W bite atreet a!?Uoa. For Wll lain* Bnd*e-7i?', 11:11 k. m. and I JO a. m. atopping at aH a'anora from 87tk atreet atauon. Returning will leave? Albany?a. m. iaet eapreaa train. Dover P aina-&30 a m. (Thia train leave* Mu lerton ever; Morday morning at*a. m.) Croton Kal e?5 p. ut. WKiU Platna?fc lu, I** m m. 4,10 a ' OS m. mi. W nliama Bridge?fcan, 9.-00 .. m. A \M> a. m 8undar traina will leave 4th Avenue o >mer ISd tre^t, for Central Park, Yorknl'e. bar lew and High Bridge every t-w minotee. from 9*0 a. n?. to 7Ktfp.m. JOHN BL'RCHlLL. Aaat Sept. f^^^NEW YORK AND ERIE &A1LROAD -=^m-?Paaaenger Traine leave via Pavonia Ferry and Long Dook, trom foot of Cham'-era atreet. New York, aa foliowa, via : 7 oo a. m , EX ^RESS.lor Dunkirk, and Buffalo, andprineipai intrrma la e htationa. 8 on a m .MAIL, for Uncfcirk. and intermediate StaUore?'rhia Train r- mainaover night at Eloura, and arooeeda the next morning 9.ooa m . MILK danj, for Otiaville. and intermediate Stationa. ll??>a. m .ACCOMMODATION, daily, for Port Jervia, and p inoipal Stationa 4 oo p m? WA v , for Middletown, Newbargh. and intermediate Statione. ^00 a. ra.. NIGHT EXPRESS, da ly. for Dunkirk, Bofalo, Car.aodaif na.aud prino<pal Stationa The TraTn of batarday atopa at all Mail Train Station!, and runa only to E'mira. 6 on p. m.. AC?OM MODATlONJor Boraeenile, and principal Statioaa N'ATHANIFL ? _jn?^FOR BOSTON VIA NEWPORT B*?aa?> _ AND FALL RIVER, j By tlie ac.eiiil.d aud aaperior -t-arau METROPOLIS, EMPIRE STaTB, BaY STATE, and STATliOF MAINE, ofgreat atrength and speed, bnt particularly adapted to the navigation of Long la and Sound, running in oonneetion with tne Fall Kivar a->d O'd Colony Railroad. diatanoe of M milea only to Boet'.n Leave Pier No. 8 No'th River near the Batta-r. The 8rearner EM PIKE STATE, Capt Brayton. Mondays. Wednesdays, and 5 o'olook P. Mtouching at Newe?rt eaoh way. The METKOP 3^'ifey, Capt. Brown, on Tufsdaya. Thnradays and Satnrdaya, at t o'cleek P. Mw 'ouobing at Newp<-rt eaoh way. These Steamer* are ttted with eommodiava state riv>ms. and eveiy ar-angement for the aeearltv and eom ort oi pa?aengers who are afforded by this roote a nights' rest on board, and on arrival at Pall Riv*r proceed per 8 team boat Train, reaching Boston early the following morning i or may reran n on board nnUt starting of tne Aooosnmooa tionat 8 A. M., by whioh tney may reach Boatoa abcut<t45A.M A baggage master ia attached to eaob stearrer, who reeoivee and ticket* the baggage, and aoootn paiuea the tame to its deetioatioa. A steamer rnra in oonn*otion with thia Line be tween Fall River aud Piovidenoe daily, except Snndaya. Freight to Boaton ia forwasded through with f reat dispatch by an Exprea* Train, which teavee Fall River evert momirg, Sunday* 73K o'clock for Boaton arji Nsw Bee oid, arriving at its de? mation at abont 11 A M For freight or pa?aagc, asp yon board, or at the ofcoe on Pier No.I North River Por state rooms and beth* an ply oo board. *r if deaireo to eoeare tbem in adwiaa, to WM BORDEN, Art Ifi and 71 * eat atrrat, N V. ^* ^aad PROVIDENCE, #^OR ?o4TON? inland Route?The s'or teat aan moat direct?Carry the Eastern Mail. Kgi: sawvajwiSAvrissriW: Wu iama, in eonooeUon with the Btonlngtoa ajtd evidence And Boa-on and Provideoee Rauroadl, ving New York daily, Snndaya exoepted.lEoaa Pier No II North Yver, at 6 o'olook P. W., and Qrotoii at >RD e'eloca; P. M^ or on tae arrival o? \ .^P! WJtMtgk i?li"rP Monday, Wedaeacav, and F my. Prom Grr>^Ibe !o^VoS^^i^.^55T5fiw Tort? rl~**y Tharflay.aad^Batarday. Proa G rotoa ? Monday. Wedn- aday, aad Friday. Paaaengera from Groton proofed per rai road U Proridenoe and Hoeton. m the Kxyreea MaR Tra. rT, reaching aa.d plaoe In advance . f those by other rontea, and in ample time lor all the early Morning Liana e< cectiog North aad Knag, paaaengera that prefer it. remain oa board the a i earner, enjoy a nights'reat and lata r bed breakfast if deai red, and leave Groa^n in the7UATM. Ir-in, oornectiM nt Provideaee With the 1# A M. Traln for Boet< a. Fire from 1 rovide-oe to Newport, Fifty eesrtaA baggage master aeeompaaiea tke 1 tea mar aad Train eaTk way For Paaaage, BertUa, Suts Rooms, or Prelgbt. poly on board the at?amer. or at the Pretjgai Odoe, Pier 1< North Rtver, or at tae ORea of the Company, No. 115 weat et^et.oerner of Cort land atreet. New York. Feb.?. Mil. French k li^lcV?t]K^^rfjaet reeeived a large ana ooinplet* aseortmeat of MutUry Booh a o' all kinds, whioh they ofbr irom ten to khr per eent. below the. rag alar retail pnaaa, iac.uding : A tew aditioa of Hardee's infantry aad Rile Taotioa, eomalete. ?i J6 l-or-ee' Volunteeis' Manual, t vole, ft Alien'a Comaenoiam ofiardee'a Tae'toe, * Groea s Military ftarasry. We st-swf. iis-fe'jsMr'- * the Hoase Gnard Be iSGutr arfxsr c^t.'J.lir. ~w' * ". PlagavBadgee aad liadnla of even oeaenptsaa. mam fttt liwiwva' ? ???*i

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