Newspaper of Evening Star, August 23, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 23, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. PBlUtrilt II5KI FROM rocunsi. Ia hoi WMthar it ia almost impossible to < Crant rinks becoming foul unleea aome ohempreparatlon ia used. One pound of oopperas dissolved in four gallons of water, poured ver the tick three or four times, will oomTleUly deatroj the offensive odor. As a disinfecting agent to scatter around premises ffeoted with any unpleamnt odor, nothing is bettar than a mixture of four parts of fine hareoal, hj weight. All aorta of glass vessels and other utensils may be effectually cured from offensive smells by rinsing them with ehareoal powder, after the grower impurities have been scoured off with sand and aoap. ax iffbctcal ccbb roa thb bar acrb. Take a amall piece of cotton batting, or AiltlAn WAai mawtno A * wvvi, ucpi CvV I \J u 1U kUC UOUMV with the end of a finger, and fill it with as tauoh ground pepper aa will rest on a fire cent pieee. rather u mto a bail and tie it op, dip the nail into aweet oil and insert it into the ear, eovaring the latter with cotton wool, end w?? ft bandage or eap to retain it in place. Almost instant relief will be experienced, and the applioation is so gentle that an infant will not be injured by it but experienoe relief as well as : lults?Boston JournalpouaDma < orrut. I see in exchanges an article stating that p<unded or rolled coffee has a flavor superior to that whioh is ground. Many years ago I was told that such was the oase by an old oldier of Bonaparte's army, and having both mertar and mill, tried it, and came to the decided belief that pounded coffee was the richest and settled the most clearly. The mill simplv cuts the kernels into fine particles the pounder orushes them, and allows the essential oil to escape more readily?Field Notts. CURAT PCDDISQ. Take S teacups ot t>a:tenm:s, 3 eggs, 3 te*eups of pitted cherries, a email teaepoonfull of ooa, and a pinch of salt. Stir the mixtnre wall, and thicken with wheat flour, until a stiff batter is formed; then put it in a muslin or linen bag, and boil it 2i hours. The water should be boiling when the pudding is introduced. Serve up with Bauce to the taste. Sweet cream and su?ar make a very palatable I a a a ?. . aoeompanunent-?Jim. /lgrteutrurut. corn bread I have seen several reopcd in tbe Rural for making oorn bread, but none I think eqaal to tbe folTowirg ? lleat 3 pint* of sweet milk to boiling; tkeu stir in 1 quart of oorn meal and pat in a warm place fur two hours. It will not need any sugar then, if your milk was boiling hot. Put in a diah. and steam two hour* and bake one, or oover and bake in the brisk oven about three hour*.?Louisa, Il'kron, Po. lAlrsatr jam. Weigh the truu, at.u uda tureequarters of the weight of sugar; put the former into a pre erring pan, boil, and brenkit; atir constantly, and let it boil very quickly; when tbe juice haa boiled an hour, add tbe sugar, and simmer half an hour. In this way, the jam is superior in color and flavor to that which ia made by putting the sugar in at first. wafplm. Noticing an inquiry in a late number of tho Rural, for making waffles, I send you a recipe whieb I have found to be excellent. To one quart of sweet milk take six egg*, a small piece of butter, a little salt; stir in enough flour to make a thick batter, and fry over a quick tre>-A P., Smuhftild, X. 1861. oiilbt. Twelve eggs beaten as for custari; 1 cup of thiek sweat cream, and a little salt; have your plder well buttered, pour in your mixture, Bet it over a slow fire, stir it occasionally until ft thickens, pour immdiately into a deep dish. This makeeavery nice dish for breakfast-? A P., Smith field. N. r., 1561. baxsd tomato. IP. A ?? - - - - * " xomaioea pee led and btked on a hot dish, or ertn baked witbont peeling, sod when done atoned with suit, batter and pepper, ia a lui?lou way of preparing thia excellent fruit. OCEANS TEAMBRS' SAILING DA T8 Kbok thb Uarras Statbs. v f mtrt L* o?? For. Days. Per*ia_? New York.-Liverpool.. An< 38 < A/ago New York...Havre. Sept. 14 Prom Europb Btrwii . ?tk>uU?'pton.. .New York.-Aug 14 A'jt? .Liverpool New York..Aug. 17 The Callforma mail steamers leave on the 1st, Mi, and 31st of every month. Q P P I C A L. D*fA*T!l*!*T oy Statb, I 1 Watkingttm, JuiyX, 1861. \ Information has been received at thia Department from Mr. R. N. Shufeidt, the Consul General of the United States at Havana, of the issue, on j the 15th ultimo, of a royal doaree by whioh all import duties on common ship's bread are taken off for the tenn of fourteen months from the date of the patlieation of the royal deoreein Havana. The same deoree aleo reduces to one-half, daring the aame time, the import dntiea upon oorn and oorn- j meal and potatoes. The duty by the ta-iff upon oorn is 36X per Mntum epon the valuation of ?4 per har'el of 3M> Spanish pounds, when from foreign porta ia for- | tin bottoms; npon oornmeal 36* per oentum upon the valuation of 95 per barrel of 300 Spanish pound*, from foreign ports in foreign bottoms; j apon potatoes, from foreign ports in foreign veseei*, per oentam upon the va nation of 93.50 , per barrel; upon foreign bre*d, in foreign vessels, per oentum aeon Si for mverw 2* St^n.-i, rwi* . i PROPOSALS FOR SIDE WHKKL 8TEAMKR8. Natt DtniTMnr, J Bire * tf C*?ftru4titm. J < Wa?h'5?Tu!>. Ao?iit a, 1861,\ f* Cowroamty witfc the aot of Congress approved th? 32 Arm. 138! the Navy Department -will im it* proposals for tha construction and equipment of SH- Wh??l r?teaite<-a. i te load d'aft of wa?.#r n?t to exo*ad six f?et sir? ino.'ies; to be armed with two rifled inn*, of 7,wo:b? each.fuaa: e? h er.d of ;be veia^l; also, witk t?o 'J-pound howtucrs; th<? romp a ment to b? oaa liaT-dred persona w;tn povmoii for aixfy days, to have two thouaAiw* rallons if water in tark>. a'd to be provided wi?h a oo&denser for die?ll;ag potab e water. To t>? aoh< on?-r r, rged. and iva a radder at eaoh eud, properly protected by a post. T "9 Departm<*ct daeirea to have the hi*heat attainable epeed, wbloh moat M stated in the offer, ( to??th*r with its length o< time it oac b? maintained. and tii* anaatity of ooai that oaa be carried ?a the bankers for that speed, which eboaiJ not be l*ee than for eighty f??s. The proposal mutt be for tha hul, spars, rigging, I i, ana ess-Ma woik, boats, alienors, and **b!es tanks, ovsks, farnit ra. oookioc - pparai'.s aed sta ti r. steam machinery and spare work, with a!; the equipments for a veaaH ofwara^mpi.te atul rea. y in all retp-ou for soa aervica. and ready to receive her o&cera, m?*n, armament, st rvn. provisiuns, and ?ae! for s'earu lr.ach a?ry. The armament stores, provisions, and fuel wi'l be farcisned b? tha Government. The tp o firatuns must fu iy deso'ib* theiratana's to be used,the method acd sis* of fastening, the detail of the sia?, material, kniah, kind.aud arrangement of machiaery, and of tha variona oupra-nia included ? : the propoaai. Ta? s ana mast be workicc drawin-s^rom wbioh , tha vassal and maohiaary ran b* bailt, ahowiLg tha J allotment of spvoe for accommodations, store Vonai^maeasiae, aad shell-rooms, dlsposiuoa of | he Dollars and eniinM i? )i? -,*-k Ik* >t.ain ahaft may ftbove; the boiler pre-mre ' , bo' to be ie?a than thirty aoonda per i^art *non, awl ? knrf?o~oobd*neer to be need; the piddle wbee to be ote'huug. V? v ft?f lofttioa to the Coram*'dant of auy r.ftry y?;a thebidder oan eee the list of equipmcnta repaired for tke prope.ler (en-boat*, to vnioh, ufftr prftetio%t?l*, tfie?e ft-e to aonform, ftiid for wiioh n\en ct it to he provided. Taebiadera wik Btate tke leaat t. rae wit' inwhioh the* wiJ agree to ooui p ete the tjuii for aaa end ! ' dahver h-r ftt aceh u*r ya-d fte they inft* unt, ; I w tt c:t ez.rft o.?t to the Oovnrnmeot. It moat | likt-wiae be atftted in the > for tne total tmooi t for wnik.k-y w II engage to <10 all tkftt is reqaued above anf taibrte d in their cpeeifieatione aad , >.uii; and t'>e b* mweaoeftoeont panted by name a I of gear* torathftt u'awftrded they will ezeeata tke con'root Th- uaaal ooodbooa of Oovernraent oontraota ' ?il! re o> ?rved. Payment* to be made at foar . df rout loterva a, aa the work proyrneeea, retain- * lag ooe-ftJUi of tae who.e ?!iuiBot for ninety daya %ftiar ti e deiiae y of the veeeei, to repair aay de , 1 feota that may M diaoovered within that urn* in . trial ftt aoa. Ku understood tkst in the ooutraet ft 1 gaaraatee will be ine?rtod ?.f t e fulfilment of th? ondui b of aperd, fneW tfttn factory working of i ju? maeMi eiT, fte., with ft fori* tar* in eftae of i i auira. _ . i rb*r?mtt':oa of bU<l^i m saoeeeafsl !? - , kip heiUere vtll ua*e <ioe weight, and th* jr< po- | aa ! u?i atata .he nam* ot'th* marine staau-engina b?:!djtn eetan mment at which they lutend the , Utui maoi.inerj tj be m?de rWeDepa tiMctreaarves the right to aooapttha ? position mud* In oonformity the ooadi- t ? hmi'iM wtaiufc ahail be ooneidercd aost to taurasi of U? Government aad oombin* Uue gr;ate?t nabtr of advaatagee, and to rejeot any , . or a?! of th?m. at it* option" a Tbs ?v?oiftaat1o naaad plane of partite ?ot ob- ' HLn,n* th* eontraot oac be with J raw q by the*. I J T^ha Pemfuat wth nm ooattder iMf nnder i 1 bllga ions to receive proposals after tV 6th of 1 t>#?tambsr, 1M1. an Haw4w 1 g CORN, IN CANS; PKT1TK P<MS; ! V t'hampig none; t'reen Tomatoes, laquart oana; j |?i ?erred Fruit, of au; ransUes: Uonasresd ' Sni(e ,. Ca*u>i.,) AnjM.uje, Fresh Mackerel and ? fia ibat, Ui oan* Fresii Lobstaia and Cjaae, la xah'fs?7^3^$xsr.&itti i a fPOE 8T AMPINS A PACKET OP PAPBB AND KHVKLOPBS * TO MATCH. Iltti MBTBOPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PBILP * SOLOMONS, AttmXt fm LummuJi ultbrmttd Limm Tmpmt uM?tnro'it? Mills," 4"*., m H-\J - bat. Hi Md iHh m. WASHINOTON LOCK HOSPITAL. rkR. SHUMAN has, after an experience of te: IJ fori, established the above rerace rroi *saokery, selMabeRed Indian or German doolori ?nd pretenders of vitohoraft and impostors m f en ral This is the only ylao* where a sura and speed ear* can be oGt&ined in the world for all improve and evil habits, conorrha, slept, seminal weak ness. syphiliis, primary seoondary. and tertian organio weucMi, pains mine loins, iiriciaroa genera> docility, prostration, nerrousnesa, r cities nighta, palpitation orthe heart, ringing in the eara io?a of memory, ocnfusion,melancholy, afl'eotioa of the head, throat, nose, and skin, and all thoa peculiar disorders arising Irom the indiscretion o youth, rendering tiierc unbi for either busmen study, aociety, or marriage. Dr. 8. has the irnt*it remedial in the know world for diseases of the blood, gonorrhn, gleei atrioturea, sy philiis, seminal weakness, aeif al>us< Ac. There la no oaae m whicn tuoy tell to onre i; from a to 6 days. Viotims of these horrible complaints, who woal irish to be valuable men and ornaments to sooietj should embraoe the earliest opportunity for relief Dr. Shaman has maiethe most oomp'ete arrange ments lor the comfort of trie patients who oum from a distanos. l hey will be furnished with th most pleasant and agreeable quarter*, neoesaar diet, and made as oamfortable aa they would be a a firat class hotel at les* than half the oost. Do not forget the name and number. Dr. Sha man's office is on the ourner of Sixth street an' Pennsylvania avenue. Clarendon Hotel, opp.ieit the National Hotel, Washington. D. C. Persons at a distance should enoiose stamp fo rewrq postage. OiSoe hours, 9 A. M. to in P. M Various parties have been enticed Irom my in atitntion by certain swindlers on back streets r this city, who will run it till the uay of their deatt A word to the wiae is ap 9-1t #Ourt Cough, Cold, Hoars*n*ss, In A*tenza. any Irritation or Soreness of the Throat, Relieve the Heir Inng Couth M Consumption, Bronchitis, Ashm*, 4* Catarrh, Clear and giv* strength to the voice of PUBLIC SPEAKER AND SINGERS. ?W wiv aw?io Ui 1UD IlllfUt IOIIUO U1 UUWIIlik Couth or "Common Cold ' in iU firat ataxe; tua which in the begmmx would yield to a mild reir.c dy, if neglected. ?<>on attacks the Lur.xa. " Brown' Broauki*i Trcek?f.'' oontaiuwg nemulcert ingredl ate, allay Pulmonary and Mnnchial Irritation. "That trouble in ray Throat, (f? BROWN'S which the ,47Vo?A?x" area specific having made me often a mere whii TROCHES perei N.P.WILLIS. brown'S "1 reoommend their nee to Pvsli w in i3 9rum| l> TROCHEr RKV. E. H. CHAPIN. "gr ^tgerviceinsubdning Hoaihi BROWN'S Hmst. REV. DANIEL WISE. gnrnn, " A'most inatau relief in the dii 3 tres?ics labor of breathing pecuiii BROWN'S t0 A*TKEV. A. C. EGGLESTON. TROCHES " Contain no Opium or anythin injurious." OR. A. A HA> ES, BROWN'S Ck*mist, JJoiloi " A eimple and pleasant oombici TROCHES tion for Cocgiu, ?o." BROWN'S * " BISELB.?i RUCHG3 " j'k k. BROWN'S Bottm ' I hava proved them excellent f< TROCHES Waoorisa Coin." REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S Bourn RROCBBB <?S* M ' BROWN'S *E&. 8. J. SANDERSON, fDOPHc<j " ErrBCTVAL in removing Hoarec iruvbc,. b?k ?nd Irritation of the Throat, BROWN'S comrnou witii Srniiii and Sijm TROCHES ProL M. STACY^JO^HNSONj BROWN'S TROCHES M Great benefit when taken befor and after preaeklnc, aa they prever BROWN'S Honraonesi. From their paatefleo 1 think they will ba of permanent ad TROCHES KyWLEV, A. M. BROWN'S Preeideot of At^voe College, Teni BROCHE3 4a 1-ly PROF. WOOD>g RESTORATIVE CORDIAL mm BLOOD RKKOVATEE la preeiaely what i;? name indicate*, for, vhil rilaaaautto th?taata, ltia revivifying, exhilaratini nnforat:nf and etren.t/ieuing to the vita, powori *!iti at tiie wun<* lime r?viv;ae.?, reinaiaiea, aca re cnwt the fliood il a l it* original purity, and thu at once rtstort.i and rtudtrt th* si?t*m invnlntrabl tc mtacks of dit?tsi. Itia th only preparatio; ever offersu to the world, ao chemioaHy and akill fatly combined as to b^ttie moat powerful tonic acd at the iMne time so perfectly adapted to, aa t aot in perfect acoordanoe with the la*a of nature and henoe will tootkt tkt utaXtst stomack. an tone up tbe digeative rgana, and thus allay all nei Toua and other irritation. It la perfeotfr exhiiara tin; and at the mm* time it ia eompoaec entirely c vc^et&blea, yet se-oomDiued m to produce the raw thorough U>mc effect, without producing any m Iurioua oor-ioiuenceit. Snch a remedy haa loo sen felt to De a deairieraturu in the rnedioaJ w >rk >r it needa no medical to aee that debilit ollowa all atracka of diaeaae, and prooaeda and in deed lays the ryatem open to the inaidioua attaok or many of tiie moat fval, auoh, for example, aa th following: Conauinptiun, IndigeaUou, Dyapepui 1 obb of Appctifs Faintnesa, Nervoua Irntabflitj N?urvti&, "Pa.aitilioa "ftbe heart. Meanohol} Night 8wf?U, i ALtor, Guidineaa, Retention of, a well aa PaafHl obstructed. too profaae, or to scant Menstruation, ar.d lal!in* of the Womt Tbeee all depend u pon general debility. This pure sevtny tonic Cordial arvi B ood Renovator laa aura to our* aa ;ne aun .at o nae and aet. There 1 do mistake about it . Bet this la not all- If th system ia weakened we are oven to blhona at As,cka, the liver beoom?s torpid, or worae dieeaeec the aidceya refu?<* to perforin their fuuotions, an< wa aretroabjea wuh caiair.f and moontirenoe o enne, or mvolusta. y diaoharge of the aame, faa: in the baok, side and between the ahoulders, ex oaadmgiy liable to alight ooiaa. ooogna. and 11 on c neck ad. soon emaciation follows,and the patios goee aown to a premature grave. Bet ssaoe wll eot allow ua to enumerate the raanv tils to whioh w are liable in a wea* T.ed condition ot the avataro Bat we will say in thia Cordia! and Blood Renova tor yoa have a perfect, a&fe pi eaaant and effectus remedy for loss of AppeMte. Biliousness. Plata lenoe, w*n and aiok Stomach. Langour. Live gomslaint. Ctulls and Favor.or ant BiOom attack o*tlvoo6as. Ao.ait* of the Stomach, Nervonaneai Neuralgia, Palpitation of the Heart, Depreaaioi of Spirits. Bores. Pimples on the Faoe, or any dis ease arising from imaore b'ood, such as Scrotals Krvnpe.a*, Br<>aoh~Js, Coach,diflculty of Broath ing, and all Uiat olais of aiseaaoa oal'ed femal veikuess, and enumerated Bfvrve. We will al* aartae eaposod to optdemica, ohaige o climate aii<1 waUr, will find it a pleasant, safe an aare re^etty, and nc one ?.i^>o.d ever travel with 2ut. Re?.'er. try it, far assure you too wij oU in It a fnend indeed,aa well a* afrieua in neec All parsor h of aeder.tarv habits will find it a per feet preventive of. aa well as a cure fur thoaeaii meats which titer are particularly exposed Heno micatera. atudenta, attorneya, literarv gentlemen and auiee who are not acuaammed to .muoh oat doer exercise, will ;:=d it to their advantage t kwp a bottle oou.?rant!y on band; and Above a mothers or thoae oeccuuQg aueh, wili go throng, that moat dangerous period not only with air thei see uaiomea itrenjtn-Cat sue ana tree irom in thouaami ailments so prevalent amnnc the fem.v portion of the world. la short, is indeed a mothet' cordial. Try it old and youne; no loi cer ran tin ri?k of deiay, it will relieve ana prove ltselfemph&t loaiiya R*ttormt\v* blood KmeMUer. U. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Broadway, Nei York, and 114 Market Street, St. Louis, Mo., an* g>idfby all good Druggists. Frio* One Dollar pe ' ' PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL and BLOOD RENOVATOR. Sold la this oiti by C. STOTT, 3Ti Pa. _aa ao-aol y, aiw QUNBOAT8 fob thx WESTERN RIVERS Quabtxxmastxx Gihkxal's Otfic*. i Wa*hi*iton, Junt 17,1U1.| Pboposalk are invited for oonstruoting ?an tx>?ta aeon the Westers rivurs Speoi&o&tiooa will be immediately prepared an< Say be examined at the Quartermaster's Office a ineiLnati. Pit abu<-f h, and at this ofloe. Proposals from boat bail era and engine-baild ?r? alone will be oonsidered. P ans aubuntted by binders will be taken into aonaideration. _ M. C. MElbS. t* ?> (jii>rtwwM>w L'mfd 8teti?. gooia AMD 8^J^?S *0 SV1V vu Wtinuv meaifcetmriM*all klada of BOO71 had SHOES, aad aorataatty r??iTiM a^^ lerstofota afiargM la Qua uty for niofa loforla WM >14 F?fuw*>*ani? (jT&WTiD^ioV25Ew,ilNr?KCT &n< Hmtw, B*4 Baca, Abu, to. Hulri'i Rat1aw W la,oors'i B?n^in( 1 Tan^jyS*r^|*lrmt *t Piaaa* fclikfol-Wf^ j . : : ? .r*- :- > ' 1) r;? . ^ A "They go rlfht to tk?Spot." INSTANT RELIEF STOP \ OUR COUGH ' PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOU* VOICE: * SPALDING'S ! THROAT CONFECTIONS, ! Ill GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, I GOOD FOR LECTURERS, v GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, i GOOD FOR SINGERS, j n GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. J GENTLEMEN CARRY J r SPALDING'S THROAT C0NFECTI0N8. { j? LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH ( SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. J ; CHILDREN CRY FOR j f SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, i, # _____ j They reliovea Coarh iuaUntly. jj They olear the Throat I They give atrength and volume to the to to*. J ^ Thay impart a delioioua aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taate. e They are made of simple her be aid oaunot harm 1 any one. * j I advice every one who haa a Cough or a Husky & Voioe, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the 6 Throat, to get a package of my Threat Confeor bona. They will relieve yon instantly, and yon will agree with mo that "thev go richt to the spot* You will find them very useful and pleasant while traveling or attending puhho meetings, for atilling u your Cough or allavinc your thirst. U you try one - packagc I am safe in aaying that you will ever af terwarda oonaidar them indiapenaible. You will find them at the Druggists and Dealers is Medicines. PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature ia ou each package. All othera are S counterfeit. A Package will be sent by mail, prepaid, on re * oeipt of Thirty Centa. * Addreaa, HENRY C. ftPALDIKG, I? 1 No. 48 CEDAR STKEET, NEW YORK. r : p, , cure'/X , CURE ?? , r NervousHeadache ! ; <* I i Headache.! 1 ? *. - By the im of these Pllla the penodie ittMka o j 0 Pftrvous or Sick H?4tkt may be preyer-ted; and ( 1 taken at the oommenoement ol an atUok imrae- I dlate relie' Irom pain and sioknees will be obtained. 1 ?. They seldom fail in removing the JVmjm and . n Ht*dcuk* to which female* are eo snbjeot. i They aot gently upon the bowels^-removuig Cot- < t. For Littrmn Mm, Studmtt, Delicate Female*, , I- and all persons of ttUmtmmt habiti, they are Tat- j able as a Laxativt, improving the mpr*Hi$, giving lt ttmt and tor to the digestive organs, and re 4 storing the nataral tlutiutt uh hmbhi, ?# I- whole nitim. I The CEPHALIC PILLS art the remit of long - investigation ud carefully oondnoted exper imenu, , having bora In w many ratri, dnnng whioh tiraa | the? have prevented and relieved a nit amoant of pain and suffering rom Headache, whether origlnating in the ntrvnu ay stem or from a deranged tate of the itomtuk. 9 They are entirely vegetable in their oomposition, ] r, and may be taken at all time* with perfeot eafety |* without making any ohange of diet, mnd tkt abi imui of My tatt? rtmdmt it Miy te '? mdminiitf tktwt to ckildrtm, D BEWARE OP COUNTERFEITS! >. The genuine have five aignatnrea of Henry C. ? Scalding on eaoh Box. Sold by Draggiau and all other Dealers In Medloinee. . A Bos will be ?ent by mail ?r?P*id on reoeipt a it U>e I1 PRICE, a* CENTS. g All ertera ahoald be addreeaed to HENRY C. BPALDINS. ' * 48 Cidab Srun, Niw You. i ??? ; ^ From tkt Ezmmi*w, Norfolk, T*. i Cephalio Pilla aooomfbah the objeot for wklek they were mad*, tic: Cure of headaohe in ail Its 0 formii. . >? From tkt Xammimtr, Norfolk, F?. * They hare boos taatod la mora than a theaaand 1 MM) with entire aooeeas. t f Prom tJu Domoert, St. Cloud* Mtm*. J a Ifyon are, or hare been troubled w 1th the head- ? i mIi. aenc for a box, (Opha.10 Pilla ,i to that yoa d n may bar# them in oaae of ai?attaok. e . From tkt Wutom R. R, (fmstttt, Ckitmto, III I W* heartily endoree Mr. SpaldlCf.and hla aa- i , rivalled Cephalie Pills. ] From tkt 8omtkom Pmtk Fm&or, If no Orltmt. Lm. 1 Try theaa ! yon that are afflioted. and we are ear* 1 that yonr testimony oan be added to the already * r nnmerona list that haa reoelved beneftU that ne t | other medioine oan trodaoe. ! From tkt Gostftt, Daoonpon, loom. " ? Mr. Spalding would not ooaneot hla name with . an artlole he aid not kmow to poeaeae real merit. , e t From tkt Aimortittr, Prtoiimill, Jt I. o 'J The Cephalio Pilla are aaid to b? a remarkably J effeotive remedy for the headache, ana one of the ; n very beet for that very frequent oom plaint which I haa ever been dleoovered. | From tkt St. Louis Domoorat. a The Immenee demand for the arr.ale (Cevkalla t DilUt ? _? Ji ? i ? - * M , 11 IB ' > IBflUIJ UWIWIDf. f ? ii o Jbom tk$ Kmmmwkm TmUn Btm, KmmmU, To.. b J We are an re that jeraona * offer lac with the heed , tohe, who try them, will etiek to then. J e Ftom thi Admortitor, Prtmidmu, R. I. ' The teetmorr in their lhvor u strong. from the ft moat reepooUb'e quarter*. From tJU Doily linot, Ntwport, R. 1. Cejhalie PU1? are taking the ?l*oe of all kind*, r """ J From fie Commortiml BulUtin, Bottom, Mm. ? Bud to be very efioaoioo* for the heauaohe. , o Prom tkt ConawrtM, flmmH, OA to. gafferinx humanity oan now be relieved. & " 1 t * fry A uncle bottle of b Spalding's Prepared Glue ' will ?re ten tiraeeittooet annually. | SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! ! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! u ? SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! I u SAVE THE PIECES! 1 ECONOMY! DISPATCH 0 I fry "A Btitc* in Tuti Bavm N mn. "-THAI aooidwu will l?pr?n,?T?o in woll recnlateo E families, it n very desirable to h?r? him eheap uCsoiTnini mj lor rofatrloc Farnitare, Toy? r Crockery, ?o. , SPALDING'S PREPARED QLUB \ meets all e*oh etnertencise, and no household oa 0 afford to be without it It la always ready, tad to ths sttokin? point. J? - USEFUL IN EVEEY HOUSE." J N. B??A Brmab aooompaniee eaek Bottle Pris i II oMta, Adlrw HEN BY a BFALD1N0, 7 No. 48 Cedar street, New Yorfc. \ j _ rt CAUTION.^^^^ ^ ? \ * * BPALBlNBt FBBPABBD BLBB^B ^ jMyS*5^wv*w^el^irV38iSr* 11 >1* e. 4 T i w n / THS OILY PKEPASATIOX WOBTSY OF JUIVIIISAL CONFIDENCE k PATRON AO! FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, 7LERGYMEN, LADIES, mmi GENTLEMEN in ait parte of the world testify to tae cAc&ot ot PROF. 0. J. WOOD'S WArn RESTORATIVE ind rentlemen of the Pr*ee ar? uuiaois in ita rr&iao. A few teatlmonlala onir oaiT be here Kiven lee oiremlar for more, ud it will be Impoeeible for roa to doabt. 47 Wau Stukt, N rw You. Dee. 9, lift (TtnlItmtn: Your note of the 1Kb ir.'tant hu ?eea reo#ived, ring that yea hM heard that 1 lad been benefited bythe naaof Wood'a Hair Keitoratiye, an* re^neetmg By oertifioate of the (bet 11 had no objection to fire it. I award it to yoa oheerfnlly, beoaaae I think it lne, My a*e fa about to year* ; the oolor of my uur aabnrn, and inolincd to oarl. Some five or rix rears ainoe it be* an to tarn (ray. aad the aoale >n the orowu of my head to loee tta aenaibility and iMidruff to form upon it. Each of theeediaarreehbilitieajnoreaaed with time, and aboat 4 months nnoe a (onrth was added to them, by hair faJ!in? )ff the toy of my head and threatening to make me Mid. in this unpleasant predicament I ni indaoed to trr Wood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arreat the ^llinx off of my hair, for I bad really no expeotanon that cray hair oould ever be restored to iti >rif ical oolor except from dree. I vu, however, ( eatiy surprised to find, after the use of two hot Qes only, that not only was the off arrested, >ut the oolor was restored to the (ray hairs and wnsibility to the soalp, and dandruff o^ased to form ?n my head, very much to the cratifioat;on of my rife, at whose aolieitation 1 was indaoed to try it. For tnis. among tiio macy obiications I owe to i*r sex, I stronxly recommend all nusbands who raine the admiration of their wivee to profit by mv >xample, and use it if jrowins sray or cettinc bald. BVery respectfully, Bxh. A. Lavxiid*. oO.J. Wood & Co.. 444 Broadway, N. Y. y family are abseit from the eity, and 1 are no nfer at No. 11 Carroi Plaoe. Siamston, Ala., July V, IMS. To PB9V. O J. Wood: D*ar Str?Your "Hair Restorative" has done my hair so much rood sinoe [ commenced the use of it, that I wish to make inown to the public of its off ecu onlhe hair, whioa ire crest. A man or woman mar benearly deprived

>1 hair, and by a resort to your "Hair Restorative" .ho hair will return more beautiful than ever; at east this is my experience. Believe it all! I uuro iruiTi W M. U. 5*DT. P. 9.?Yon can publish the above if yoc likp. By publishing id car Southern papers yon vtll jft sore pr.tronage South. I see several of your oerafioates in the Mobile Meronrj, a strong Southern paper. W. H.KIHKII. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. Paor. O.J. Wood: JJtar Sir Having had tha nisfortune to lose the best portion of my hair, from :he effects of the yellow fever, in New Orleans m 1851,1 was induced to make a trial of your preparation. and fonnd it to answer as the rery thing ie?xle<l. My hair is now thiok and giossy, and no rords oan express my obligations to yon in giving 10 the afflicted suoh a treasure Fihlxt Johnson. The Restorative is pnt up in bott'es of three si*c>j rii: large, inodmrr) and small; the small hoifl" uai/ i pint, and rsta: Is lor or.e dollar per bottle; the m?lfum holds at lead 20 per oent. more in proportion .han the small, retails for tw-> dollars per bottle; Jie large holds a quart, 40 per oent.more in propnr [ion, and retails for ?3. O. J. WOOD A. CO., Proprietors,444 Broad ray, Now York, and 114 Marketstroet, St. Loan YlOi Sold in this city by C. STOTT, STf Pa. avenne, an 37 eoiy.alw JOY FOR THE SICE AND *UFFEKIN? LXT ALL WHO AUK AFFLICT*JJ read: AJTM7 THF AMU SOY H J! JO ICS lin health. Fri?K4.4s yea ssffrr1 Arr- yoa uje victim sf aar ?f those n?ir.*.~oar ailrjoats which arse from lm tarllT of the i.loo.1.' Whatara t er r.n .-? lather ask, what are ihey not.' ~the blood tc tht iosro? of life and kralth, and it is the first element >f o<tr bete; to respond to any caa?e wtucb aEeota iie system, m the p^'se fn/ai!:biy strata. The erer ire-jail inc N?jrft!|i?., the tm; tttnc Eryaipeiaa, the nbtle SSorofula,the aroniaim Ricjmaiiam, Nerros* Debility. Dvsrspsia, Live: Oorcplsint with ita wraor and dejsoiion, and the nB-.^er|e? tils that lean is heir to, dartre their hhlecua origin from ths >lood, Deal <indiy then and gert.y with the blood. L'se the vitalising recourcea of nature for iu aid. tnd amfer a a to commend to roar oonldenooan* tee that truli valuable medioair.ent known as MRS. M. COl'S INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to thla almoat infallible aaeoifia osu'.ir sentiment haa spoken in decided term a ina ttie evidence* of this treat eftcaey are susained by oonstant avowa.a of ekrative efoota and i>f> happiest results from its nse are after all other 'smediea and the beat medical skill have failed. Let as sar, in conclusion, that oort.hcat isrea are not sought from the illiterate and superloial, but they are volunteered from the most resectable eourcea and juatify the highest terma in shich it la possible to oommend so vaiuab e a isecttio to publio approval. We may add also that ;Le curative prcperueeofthemedioine aro equalled >nly by its restorative effect*, the syatem recoverng from disease with renew nd constitutional vicor. For sale by all res?oc!abis Druggists in this lit*K? ?h? MMiStu "UU " Jwit , vj *uw ri w|>i ?w?wi i i'xrvot j1 vua| Nona socuine unless her name la fclcwn on Ik* fOttir Ana her twl on the oork [HP Price #1 per bottle, nx bottles for ft. WkoUxtUa R. 8. T. CIS8EI., Crsiilst leorietoir<i. D C., Wholesale Acent for the Die riot, Hid will supply the tra-i* at in* pnoes. as ll-tr pHK AL1,-8WFFI0IBNW THKKK. TRIE3EMAR, 1. J and ??Protected by Rot*. :.etter? Patent of Ensland, and iecared by the ieals of the Koole de Pnarmacie de Paris, and the imperial Collere of Medioire. Vienna. No. 1 is invaluable for exhaustion and catorrhea, ind all physical disabilities. No. 2 completely eradicates all traoM sf those lito&tes tlir.t ha ?? been hitherto treated by tae nasleovs and pernicious use of oopaiva and osbefcs. No. 3 has entirely supplanted the injurious sse ol neroury, thereby Insnrinj to the sufferer speedy chef, dispersing all impurities, ar.d rootlai oa &0-v9nom of disease. TR1ESEMAR, Mo*. 1,land I,are prepared Is ie form of a loisnje, devoid of taste and smell, ind can bo carried in the waistoo&t pooket. t*ol? a tin oas?w, and divided into separate doses, as ad rumstered by Ve'peau, Lallemand, Roux, Rieord fcc. Prios #3 each, or four oases for #9, which laves 83; and in #77 oases, whereby there is a s*rr.s of #9. To be bad, wholesale and retail, of Dr iARROW.of 194 Bleaker street, New York, mmediately on reoaivins a*. Iir n?rm? rill fornrarcUhe Trieaemar to any part of the world, lecurely packed, and addreaaeo aeoordtnf to the InItructiona of the writer. Thr. Boo*, of all others, that shonld be read t>j en with damped and broken down ?onstitution? "Human Kraiity, or Physiological Researches." t is beautifully illustrated, and treats rrmutriy ol JI the irmpiom* that invariably develop themle'ves, sooner or later, resulting from the ftailtiei .nd vitiating habiu or earl?/outii, incapacitating he Tiotim from marine the frnition of the matri noma! state, and. if not checked in time, decener .line all tire functions of manhood, and brinsini im. step by step, toa lingerinc and nntiftiely drath. tola by Dr. makILOW, 194 Bieeoker street, four loors brlow Maodongal, New York. Price 2? lents. Sent free every where. Sold also by S. C. Fora, Jr., Dmj Store, Wash ncton. D. C. de 1Mb P| . READER, CR USE The fol owius ktaiement aad then judge of ita facta tor yoaraalf. ABRAM COLE, of Brooklyn. N. V.. a waU ;nown oitixen there, had auffered from Dyspepsia or aome jnara, without permanent relief, anti: he nedAVKK'tf PILLS,whioh taken aocording to he directions for this oompiaint, restored mm to isaith in a few weeks. After an interna of aome nonih a ne has had no return of his oomp aint. GEO. W . CROSS, of Harmony, Texas, had an rupuon on his n^cK. shou.dera, bacs ana leg. rnioh covered about one third of his body. It kept lie parta affected covered with a. ???.h ami t,? .? (tan & raw turt,?M of oonrae very troublesome nJ distres*m<. It so muoh impv,-&d his health a* o unfit hunt or business and kept him in oonstant ufferinf. All meoioal aid fhileJ ium until ho took iyer*b compound extract karsa'A RILL A, vhioh on rei! him. His skin still shows om* acara from the aloeration, bat it ia other via* ? oietr as an infanta. JOHN H SHOOK, Em i an eminent lavyer ol ticnraond, Va . took a cold vhioh settled on his nogs. A severe pain aet in on the left aide, vith a aooongh, vhioh vita aoon foliove<l by the uninisakai'le symptoms of oonanmption. W h?nr?dnoed er; lov he commenced taking AVER's CHER IV PECT'>raL, vhioh *oon stopped theoougb iia completely oured him. Prepared by DR. J. C. ATER * Co., Lowell. laai. ma II eota 9 new boom*. I9TORY of the United Netherlands. by John jothrop Motley ; S voia ; free b* mail, Si. The Riaoof the Dutch Repnbue, a history, by ohn Lothrop Motley; S vo a oioth; free by mad, SUM Marner, the Weaver <4 Karelol, by the kuthor of "Adam Bede oioth ?S|oents; paper M IQU. Life and Career of Major Andre, by Wmtrop argaant: SIX). After Icebergs vith a Painter, a 8tmm* Voyacc a Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Louis L lob e; #150. The Manufacture of Photoremo or Hydro-Caron Oils. by ThoniM Antiseil, M. D.; #1.16. Any of the above free by mail. < french k. RICH8TEIN, ap?S *">* Puna. avenue. I TNION PAPER AND EN VELOPES.?Tven J tydifferent styles of Note and Letter Paper, nth Envelopes to match. Vievs of Washington in the form ol a Rose, and a book form; also, separate Ail the Daily aid Weekly Papera oonatantly on and. Herald. Times, and Tribune received every icht at 6 o'olook. Papers from all parts of the oountry. Beadle's Dime Novels and Song Books. n ireu auppij 01 noon ior auuMr readint, k?p A large assortment of Ju venilee? Mnrne Reid's i took*, Rollo Book*. Abbott'* Histories, Ao. A disoount of lo to 50 per oent, on All bound books 1 FRENCH A RIOHSTEIN. i ram > National Books tort. gTSPa. av. i immwm1 laok we invito nil onsk riwhmw to ?> !?? sfors mnkiDf their selections. _ _ WALL. STEPHEN# A CO., IM Pa. iv?., bslwsen 9th and lick au. I ? (InteUnenoer and Rspnblman.) ! ^RKAT BARGAINS IN P1ANOS.-OM vsrj , * moe H?,l A Sons' stake for ftlfiO; one? 1 it. for ??, u l?. MoiJoBtor* o7 W 8. UKTZ ROTT, solo agent of Stsimr A Sow nnd W?B. BMOU A F '? Pimo* m 11 1 ! . mmmtmmmm/mmmmmmmmmmmmmm???? TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. |JNITK1> STATES MILITARY ROUTS. CHANSX~Or HOURS. On and afltr Monday, August 19cA, 1861, riMiMn nuit WILL ECU 11 follows : LEAVE WASHINGTON nt and 7S< *. ?. 190 and 5 46 f. m..arrmag at Baltimore at 741 Mi >.io a. m. fcLO am and 7jn . m. LEAVE BALTIMORE at Ol and I 40 a. m.asd *.45 and 5 p m , arnvirr at Wasbiaxton at and 10J6 a. m. aod at s >' and 6 ti p m PMsencarTraina leaving Wachinxton M 7.S0 a. m. and t> p. m. And Baiti more at 140 a. aad Ltf 5. m . make diraot connexions for Annnpo.ia at Ua unct.^D Trains lmvo Annapolis for Baltimois aad Waah initon at SJ6 a. m. and 3 p. m Pa.aaenger Trains leaving Washington at ? nod T SO a. m and ISO p. m. maf a direct ooncsxiona at Baltimore for phi vie pma and New York. All artielM of freight (not contraband of wr) will be trfv^fporVM over tfca tlaa. Tonnage will leave Baltimore at 4 so a. m. LeavaWaahington at 7 p. m. By ordar of Ui? S*cetar? of War? THOMAg A. y?OTT. THOMAS H. CANFIRLD, " Aasiatant Manager. aa lT-tf CJPECIAL NOTICE. ? SUNDAY TRAIN. fiiHHIH On aud after SUNDAY. S8th July, there will ha bot one Sunday dally train? Leave WASHINGTON at J jn p m. for NEW YOK K and PHILADELPHIA. From New Yor* and Philadelphia,arriving la Washington at 610 a. m. J. A SCOTT, jy XT Genera; Manager. MM STEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN N*.\V YOKK AND LIVERPOOL, Laadirg and emL>arking paaamgara at Qoeenatown, Ireiand. The Liverpool. Nev York and Philadelphia Steamshia Company intend dispatohinc their fail powered Cyd^-built iron Steam*htpa aa follow* : GLASGOW Setarcav, Auguat SI. CITY OF BALTIMORE, * s l?th. KANGAROO. " 13th. Aud 9very Ssturdat, at noon, from Pier44, North nrer. KATia of PAaaies. Firat Cabin r? Do. to Loi.don SO Do. to Paria aft Do. to Hamburg . SB Steeraso. . -- . #30 Do. to Londun. 34 J?o. to Ma'ia.._^ Do. to Humburg.. .......... 35 Paaaengera forwarded to Havre. Bieroan, Rotterdam, Antwerp, 4o , at radioed throneh (area. Hereon* wishing to bring out their maada ean buy ticket* at low ratea. hor farther infnrmuiAii ?? ?v Office. ' J OH tTbY da lT. AV.TtT" ? ? _ 16 Broadway. N. V , Or to Q. A. HER RING, Acama Eziraia fi&'rmore. j*1N DIV1DUA ^EfiTERPRISE EASTERV JW? WKSTgRff SHORE STEAMERS. "KEyTCftpt J H. Kirwan. ' A/OJVU UK," Capt. W. Norman. Will run their r^utea as follow*, lean * Light afreet, Baltimore, foot of Camden, at? o'olook A. M: KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Larding* on rhoptank river, every WEDNESDAY and j*ATI RDAY, returning every Thuraday and Monday. Kor Annapolis and Weit River, every TUESDAY and FRIDAY and returning aa^eday*. PIONEER?For St. M-ohael'a an* Eaaton, via Mile's Kiver. every WEDNESDAY, a?d return the earn* day. Kor Annapolia, W*at Rirer, Cambridge, Oxford and Evoton Point, every THURSDAY. returning by aame route on 1- riday For Aanapoha. W*at River, St. Mtohael'a and Ea tun, via i>lile'a River Ferry, every SATURDAY, returning eve?y Monday by aame route Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Km ton Point _ .. ft I 50 Fareto^t Miohae 'aand Milee'River^roana tri 1,) 1 Fare to Weet Rivor, (round trie, 91V....... 1 ?0 Fare to Annapo i*(:onnd tr!p7?oenta>__ If MEALS EXTRA. lE^Freight muat be prepa d. Wharf aud Office, LIGHT "'T., foot of Camden. Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. NORTHERN BW CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,! 8A.LVXXT Station, Batimore. May U, 1861. | n and after Sunday, Mar 19th, 1861, Traina on the NORTHERN CENTRAL KAIlWaY ar rive and depart aa foiiowa. until further notaoe. TRAINS NORTH. ?IT. at 8 15 A. M. PRESS atl?P. M. HARKI8BL KG ACCOMMODATION at P. M The 8.15 A. M. train oonnwU at Relay Hoaee with train* on the Weatern Maryland Railroad; at Hanover Sanction with Hanover and Oetubirg Railroads; at York with York and Wrifhtsviile Railroad; at Hamburg ?ith Pennsylvania Railroad for ail part* of the West, also with Lebacnon Vaiiey Railroad fe New York dtrtet; at Northnm herlaud with L and H. "ai.road for Kincstonand all part* of Wyooming Valley And at Sanoury with the Philadelphia and Krie Railroad lor all parts Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 330 P. M train makos a11 the above oonneotion* exoept Hanover Raiirrad, Wrixhtsville Railroad and the Lebannon Vall?y Railroad Tr e 8 P. M train mane* oonn-ction* with Penn svlvani*. Railr< ad for all parU of the West, and diroot oonnects for New York. TRAINS ARRITS. Mail at6 10 P M.; Express at? 45 A. M.; Harriebnrc Accommodation at J ?S P. M For Tickets and information Inqaire at the Ticket Offioe, Calvert Station. Baltimore J. C. CLARK, Sap't. LEAVE PHILADELPHIA FOR NEW YORK.. The Camden and Am boy and Philadelphia and Tren'os Rai road Companies' Line lrom PHILADELPHIA TO NEW YOB if AND WAV PLACES.from WALNUT STREET WHARF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leave as lol lows: At 8 A M .via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Accommodation. I At fi A. M , vi? Camden and Jereey City, (N.J. Acoommodatinn ) At 8 A. M , via Camden and Jeraoy City,(Mornit eMail, i . _ At 11 Si A. M , via Keuainfton and Jar My City, < W extern Kxpreaa.) At 12K P. M., via Camden and Am boy,(Aoaomaodatvpn.) At 2 P M., via Caradec and Anboy,(C. and A. fcxpren ) At 4* P M . via Kenongton aad Jeraay City, (F.venmg Kxpreea.) At 4)i H M , via Ktnaington and Jareay City, (Second Claaa Tioket. > At? P. M., via Camden and Jereey Clty,( UveL.r.: .Mail.) At 11M P. M? via Camden and Jereey City, (Sooth em Mail.) At A P. M via Camden and Amboy,i Aooommodation, freight and paaaengar, Firat Claaa Ticket.) 8e?ond Claaa Tloket. The6 P. M Mail Train r?na daily. The ILK P M Mail, ?a:urdaya excepted For Belv.dere, Eaaton, 1.albert vilie, Fleming ton, to , at 7.10 A. and 4fc P. M., Iron Kauaington For Water Gap, tftroodaharg.Soranton.Wilkeebarre. M"?troae, Graat Bend, 4o? at7.10A.M-, from Keatiniton. via Delaware, Lackawanna and Weat-rn Railroad. For Mauoh Chun*, Allectown and Bet Menem .at 7.10 A.M. and bh P. M. Irom Kensington depot; the7.10 A. M li ? oonnecta with the bain tearing Kaaton at BflB f M For Mo an t Holly at 6 bad A. M. aad S and ?K ? For Fraahold at6 A. M and 3 P. M. For Bristol, Trenton,*0. at 7.10 A, M., 4H and 6K1'. M from Kensington, aad IhP. M from Walnnt atreet wharf. For Pa:myra Rivarton, Delanoo, Beverly Her mcton, Florennaoo, Borden town, ?0., at 12Ji(. I, 3, 4H and ft P M Steamer Trenton for Borden town, aad intermediate places, at Zfc P. M. from \* ainnt atreat whart ITy For New York aod War Llnee. ieavinc Koualacton l>epot. take the aara oa Fifth atreet, abovewalnut, half an hoar before nepature The oara ran into the depot, aad oa arrival of train ram from the depot. Mfty pounds of baffaca only allowed toe^ek passenger Passengers are prohibited from takiLg any thine as baggage but their waann? appaei All baacaxa over fifty pound* to m paid or extra. Theoompany linut their reaponaihwity f r baccate to one nol ar per pound, and will not be naDieror any amount beyond one hundred dollar a, *X?*>t * SAT2MK1, Agaat. wr?Pai7dM?uuth Hl'ITTO BALTIMORE AND OHIO railroad; On and after May Mta, IM, tha trama will ran aa tollowa, v.a?Leave Camden Station, Baltimore.?Mail, (exo*pt Sunday.) at A 3D A. MKxpreaa daily at A 45 P. M. Both Train* go directly fan wB/frtflhfflr prtn t*y a *? ? * ? run VTA* rA?3fc."\UKR8. Between Baittmor* ud Piedmont take the A. M. Train; between Piedmont aud W beehcg take Aeoomm<>dation Train. leaving Piedmont at ft. ? A. M.;and between Grafton and Parkersbarg,take theft** \ M Train from Ba tamore. The FREDERICK THAIN l<?m Baltimore st490 P. M. aid Frederick at?.?A.M. The ELLlCOTT*8 MILLS I R AIN leave Baltimore at 6 *> and 8.15 A. M. and I 46 andft.40 P M , and b.lliooit'a Mills at 7.S0 and 11J0 A. M .and J.4S i.M.ciigKiTgaK'iat iswasta And WBST, Trains leave: From Chambers sL N.Y. Froot >>th street Express 7 and 11 a. 7*Ml JB a. a., aad and 3JO and ft s m. lilt Troy aad Albany (with tffMi, (Baadays lasleeping oar) 10,18 p. m cTaied.) Po?(hkeetsie train ft, a djfta. m., aad lj?p.B P^eltsklfl'tTala, 4 n p m 4V|. m. Sinx j trun^ooa ? l* ? and 4 IB aad and 4*>aadljM?. m lilf.a. pSUii IIM * w * LM v1 ^ X ^OTICE TO TR^ *UKAS-^^ ^ Son^1,Urn*rf-amara WlUlaare fu timor* EVER ^ 0a V (?*bof? ?a +day >fr<>m tkMr vharf^ fad af I tiot ? ?k gtifca^?,?Ss&s2, O-tf M. N FALL*. Pwrt D*pot duly ) iiMft SmUti u folio va, tu: i xpraaa Traia ate l? A.M.. Way Mul Tift a at MS V M.; Evanmi Mn.Uttl o'aloofc. Oa fUNl>*Y8at 4 45 r. MT.o?It. a!1 tralna aonaaat via Not York traina no*ft am f. M. traia ?? Satar. <HI. A Fraicbt Train wiU >mni?f w iMmM I?tm at s P. M . atopptac at all statu aa mv?n Ba.Umora and Ham if-Grw?. Paaaar?tra for Dolavara *nd tb* Katun fbora cf Maryland wt.liadtba aoat axpa<l:tioaa roaU by ??* < ! \V 'lmnrtoB. t/T" A Colored Paraoaa aiit lira baal M?rt tiarini thaeara. _ WK.CIAWrOID.iML HAiLkoAu mu >/lr tor* CK?THAL h AII.ROAD f-.xpreaa frUwln** n*w York o'tr depota of bmin River Railroad daily. Sundaya exoepted, aataltova: From Chambera street Frrrn 31 it ?L lUUot. At 7 00* IB At 7 St ft ni 1100** S 06 p IB IS** Ml f m 3S> t n tttra Nngtr<?l u4 Btftlo Train with aliening oari.rii m 1 4ft p m CocnectiDt at Albany with the Nov Vork Ceatrai Railroad for Sebeneotady.Roeae?ter,ytiee, Batana. Rome, a?d lUbuni or. Rome aatf w?t?t town Railr'a*. HuffUo. Svraeuee, Niagara Falie, B?y?tiiiri Bridge. Auburn. Goikt*. CanaadeitfaaTrama in eouneetioa itan Buffalo and Sa?p?a aion via Lake Shore, Buffalo e?C eke Kirtta aad Great Weatern Raikpad. f<?r Hamilton. Toroalo, Detroit. Chicago, lHvdo.Milwaukie.Foa Pa Lae. La Croaee, Madia' n. Prairie Da Cnlea, 6a ena. Dunleith. Dubuque, Peoria, R?ek Itlaad. Mueeetn>e, Iowa Citv. Burlington, ^iiuct, Ppriagftetd. Alton. SL Lor.ia.Cure,Te're baito. lnd ana?otia. Louisville. Clneirnet'. l-a?ton. Coliabaa, Cl*re la:.d, and al'. poiuta Weet, Northweat aad Boath NORTHERN ROUTE Connecting with Traioe at Troy, wltk Troy A Bneton and Rena. A Saratoga Itoada for Saratoga. Whitehall. Rutland, Barimgtoa. ft A h?ra. R<>u*e Point, PlatUburgh, Ogdenkbu gh, Montreal, Ae., Ao \U~ Freight Arrangement* by thia root* aa above, without chance of Ca?a, from tb? f ?epota ta t'hambera and Canal atreeta. are at all tiatea aa _ ? ? . -a - a - * " - - nwnioiv M IWQV 17 WifT Kturoio CcupfiM, The )MilitiNoftlui|nu New York Koif.uiU# WnI commend it to tk* oorfdepoe of ate ehanta U1 ah. ppera lor proaiptneae ?nd d>?palah Passenger trains, alth Hmokin* and PlMfini Ctri ran in oonneetion on the Now York Centra Road. For particulars u to loeaJ U*lns tid fraifht ar ruitauto, inquire tt the deftot. *S W'trrtm at. A. F. >MlTH.f?f?Tiiit?dMt P J? 0UVKRNMKNT LINK a^*W^TO FORT MOSKOMAND OLD FO 1ST COMPORT. _ Lmtm tko lower end <>f IN I t?N DOCI.Bkti re,v??taide, DAILY, <8oi>dsT? iM o'a'i'-ok P. M. taViojpasaenrera and feitbt, And oonn*otinr with the Railroad lines, to ard vow Waahirg ton, 0. C., Phi Ad' r: V w York,B?s ton, York, Harrisho'f, tisbori. Ps , aod Mm West. in.ivediatelj if ar ikeirnTal of ths Express Train fron New Yo k and Philadelphia. Tne following is the Heheda.e: From New York to Fort Monro* and baok. A14 From Philadelph a aid r?ack.... #10 From B& timore and took ? |t fTTPIIOCrRF. YOU* TICKETS^3 la New Y' the New Jfreer Railroac Uftoo fo#>t of Courtiard atieet._ _ ii rai aaaipma, at tb? Companr'a oC?t.K. W. oorntr ?f Sixth and Ck?atnnt itrMU, or at tb? IVpot. flroul tod Prime *lr<?U. 1b Baltimore, oa b ?ard tha ftMiMti f>??t ol Union Doek. HUGH Q CONNER. i . pmwiiiw at-c< YOKK. HARLEM AND ALBaN V kaILR?'A O. LEAVING NEW YORK. FOR ALB4N9VS5.iV jaiSmSf* CommeDoiRK Mor,da?. Mar ITtk. 141. For Abacy?11.-00 ?. na. fast zirM trui (roa SBth atrMt. For Dover Plaira-4.i*> p. m ?t?>ppir? ft* Whit* P1md? nod atationa north to Dover >JUM ftoi | 36th ?tre^t at&tiOQ <This trftiL will ran to Millertoa every Patartay evening.) ForCroton Fal'.?-?:'6a. m. atoppiDi at all ata bona north of Foriihnm from ?6 h etret-t iUUo?. For WA.t- P'aina? i&\ 4.10 nod 4r0" p ol atoppiac at ah rtat.ona from asta Mmt >tation. For Whiif Ptmn*?6: i p m. atopplng at all e?atioca from W bit* ?tr?*t at*<ion. For William* Bndce-7:?vl1?'# . m. and 141 p. m. atopaicg at all ration* from nth atreet ataUoa. Hetwmnf wil. leava? Albany?MO a. m. inat espr??* tram. Dovtr P ains-MO a n. <Tki? train leavaa Mil lertoc every Mot day morning at ft a. m.) Proton Faha?6 a. iu. White Plaiae?fcm, nee a m. 4i>? A Tjot p m. 1 Wi liaam Bridge-i:*). *<>,. m.ft l?uo e m ?ui..:a? traine will leave 4th Atnm o .rner S4 JraaLTor Central Park, Yorkvil e. Harlom and High Bridge every (~w miinW. fiorr ?** >. to 7:00 p m. JOHN BURCH1LI,. Aeat Sept. |^|^J|NEW VO*Kro1^ KR'k *A'L ?? ruwD[?r I rains INT( TM n?tDA Ferry u*! Lou* Dock, from foot of Ciiem'era street. New follows, ti? : 700 a. m . EXHR ESS.for Dunkirk, and Buffalo, and annoiaal icterme w e Stations. I 00 a. m , M AIL, for Dunkirk, aad intermediate Statioce?This Train remains orsi Bight at Ktaura. and erooeods tie next morninx 9.00 a m.. MILK dailj, for OUSrille, and inter Mediate Stations. II on a. m . ACCOMMODATION. daily, for Port Jems, and e inoipal Stations 400 a in . WAV, for Mi. d.etowo, Newbargh. and intermediate Station*. k00 e. m.. NIGHT EXPRESS, da'ly. for Den kirk, Bafalo, Car.ecrtait saAod yuaoipal Stations The Tram of Sa-urday ?toy? at ?Ui Mail Train Stations, and rone onlt to Elmtra on p.m.. ACCOMMODATlON.for Borssmt'e, aad pribcipa. St*UoLt. ch * S. MINOT, 8n'i Sept. NATHANIEL MARSH, Repairer. ^^F0,^TMiPv?$r?" By me ealeodvd and eayenor Steams s METROP"Lli EMPIRE STaTK. BAY STATE, aad STAT?oFMA1:\B. of sraat atreticth aad steed, bat part.ce ,arl? acayied to toe navigation of Lor* Is and S< und, raaainf ia aoaaeotion with the Fall p i?er a?d Od Colony Bauroad, c.fUr.ce of M nyiee oaiy to Bos*o? l.eave Pier No. Wq-th Bivar near the Battery. The Steamer EM PI BE STATE, la* Brartoa. Mondays, Wednesdays, aad Fridays, at o*dlook P. M.,toLoiiint at *ew??rtetra wa?. _ Tbe Steamer METRdPOLiB, CapL Browa. oa rnesdays, Thursdays and Sata'd*.a, at I o'oloak .Mm (oaohinf at Newy. rt each way. Tneee Cleansers a e fitted with eommodla^a state rooms, aad every ar'aa* eroeat for tbe aaeari tr and ooa'ort or yaseenxers who are afforded hr this roots a aigbta' reet on board aad oa arrival at Fall R.*er pcoaoed yer Steamboat Traia-reaaatn( Bosic t early the followtac moraiagi or aiay rMni d nn KrarH netil ?tBrtiBa nf ?ha a ? ?? * UonettA. M , by wtucb u?| Mr met B<>aur ebo*t 1.46 A. M. A b?im? merter ia etteehed to ?uk iMaw, who rtoWTN end tiekfta the b?(m*, u4 INMpMiM the I1M to iU dMttMttoa. A ataeinar rmri m onnawrtion with (kit Um bo green FaJl fiver ei-c Pier^Me* iulr, a*.nap< Pm{it to Boatoa 11 forweaded Urouk with greet di? pate ? by en K*?rea? T'?tn. which ieeva? FelKRiver ever* rkhbiuc, Pnncaya o'otock for Boatoe e c N?w Bedford, trrnii? el ita dnnsibuo et eboet 11 A M For freight or pe?ae?e epp y ob boerd. or et the oftica on Pier No. 8 North River PoratUe reeaaa eaii t>a-th? ur ; on buerd. or u deaireu to eeoira them in addfaoe. to W*M feoRDfcN.Arn Wend 71 W?at aU??t. S V. TON?Ulead Ronte? T;.? aiorteet and aoatdireot?Cerry tka Kutwt Mul. g?- s?. Wil'Wmi, Id ooabhUoi; with tut S ooifiiWi |?k| ProricL.^Aii-' &r c Pr r n i r| iUr^plf, p^wJa Si?SKQanr&Sj Grou>n et IJt o'oioe* K. m., or en tka arrival of 1* Mai 'Train wh;eb laevaa Boatoe t??P7ll. Tie PLYMOUTH ?OClt.fro? KavYart. MolCbt, WefiBeaoej. end Friday Frae ftra'tt'rtWMtS tt.TZy.. TorhPeeeengera ftaa Orotoi f oc?ed per relboad u> Prortdeooa end Boatoe. fa the Emini Mul Train, rtaahiag ?'?<* In idnM of tiwe Et oiuer roetop, ud la ain?i? tiM? lor aM Um oarir Moruni Litti m>b?oUb| North m4 Kill t'M c(?rr that prehr it. rcaM vm U il lh? enjuy ftoubU'rMt na^. : t t>oi. breakM if doatrad, and loar* Qrotmi ia UmYUaTR. Tr i r., our i.^ot. r.* at ProTldoae* With lh? 1 ?* AM Train for * F* r? frout to NeTyg^Tiit^ynu. T roUScfVIIy"** *** ",'an "" For Paaaac*, Bertha, StaU Kooma. or F'?iafct, Bij on b<a d the (taaoi*T, or at the Frat? oa, Pior U North Riw, or at U? Oflko* cf Company, No. 1U watf ?t of Cortlaad rtroST^ Nrm York. Foh. ?,!??< L1 MILITARY BOOKS. r R KNCM A fcjCHaTlKN hart> )o?t rmim a >arte aod oomp ?t* ateortaent of Mi'itary Bcok? oT %u Sird?, vhioh thoy offer Iroa Ua to hAj K' cont. below the rag alar ratau pnm.-ui SiSBSte^rr ? rncrf * M ibaa'a Fi?W f^oruffotboa M4 OitMV M*? ? H trdM'lTMtiM, U?V MUtM. tit SSlSi SStK&xa. a Kbf Hvme iua-c 2V TIN nnd-ttMk fur tfe* 0. ?. Roldlfc, Mat 6 r*t book of iMtrMUw to U* 13. H. laMtrr l.c? 2Sc A jo, lgtjjlNry IUn,Ml| *TU? War. F *i , B*4?m and Madala of ararj *?rt?tm? . S?*wasBB?ei.?f?8iSifiP--,2Er

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