Newspaper of Evening Star, August 24, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 24, 1861 Page 1
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- _ / I ?.^ . * i (Blrtuiug Star. ? 1 ? V!*. XVIII. WASHINGTON. I). C.. SATURDAY. AUGUST 24. 1861. N?. 2.656. ? ^^^^mmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmm^mmammmmmmmmihh mm^^^^???c ??tmmmm li I THE EVENING STAR la PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (PUN HAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BHUNNGI, Oornm / Pwufl?i* ?mw mmd EUvtntk it. Ml W. D. WALLACH. papera ?md la p*ckagaa by carWen at S4 I year, or 37 cetrta gpr lAoath To mall aubacrtbeva the pcica la 9M a year, ? advmc*; *1 far alz montba; tl for threa month*; and for leas tban thr?a montba at tbe rata of 11 centa a week Stagle copiaa, on aawr; la wrappwa, two eairra. U7 imirn*MTi should be aeot to the oScc before li a*daok m ; otherwise tbey may not appear until tbe next dav. # ? PARIS FAlHIOflS fOt AIOUST. The town hat now lost all iU attraotions; we begin to sigh for to* seaside and too country. Thus the toilette* suitable for these place* bare the greatest interest at this seasoo of the year. Poila de oherre, alpacas aad quiltings are ased in simple toilettes; bat they are not wanting in elegance. For those who wish for Momethiag more dressy than aij-aaa, foulard may be substituted, er what is still prettier, white qailting, trimmed with eolored bands or rnohes. With these dresses the Zoaave jacket is worn, trimmed to match, with a full chemisette of cambric. There is nothing very novel in the make of dresses this month. The robe Beatrix is perhaps the favorite, and eertainly deserves to be so, as it giro* height to the figure and smallne*s to the waist. It has only one fioance at ths bottom of the skirt, but this fioance is pat on according to fancy, often raised at the side, and forming a train behind. In tarlatane and Cambray gauze this dress is oharming for evening dress. Seaside dress should be more remarkable for elegance than richness; therefore tulle illusion and crape are generally considered out of place. We mnat, however, make exceptions to this ruie, as, at some of our fashionable watering-places, dress is carried to a complete rivalry. Linen dresses, with paletots to match, embroidered in black or red wool, are much worn; as well as blouses of white muslin, or colored jaeonet. We And that flounces are still in favor oa thin dresses. The bodies of these light dresses are generally made low, and fichu* or pelerines wora with them The sleeves are alnrays wide, and ornamented to match the skirt. The under sleeves very large, and trimmed with butterfly oows With this style of drees, a small mantelet of the same is often worn out of door?. That which meets with the greatest saoeess is the scarf, with broad, and very short square ends; simply trimmed with a flounce and beading, and bows of ribbon. This year barege is admitted for demi-toilette, and, certainly,* corn-flower blue barege over a taffetas skirt of the same shade is very prettj. This dress should be trimmed with three narrow flounces with headings. The body plain and high, with a long scarf-sash of taffetas with fringed ends. The sleeves just easy, and opened to the elbow; trimmed with a frill. The summer paletot, made of a material with a silk face, is very suitable for this seaeon, more especially ft-r the*country or for traveling. It is both light and warm, ajid is made so that it may be either crossed over the chest or turned back in reverse. The shawls, trimmed roand with lace, are made of violet, brows, or deep blue; but, still oftener, of white or b^aok grenadine or cashmere The burnous, or summer cape (in shape very much the s<tme as the cardinal cape, worn some J rears since.) is sometimes preferred to the paetot. especially with a fresh, light dress, as being less liable to crush. They are generally made of drab, colored, or black material, though often of the same material at the dress. For the evening a white cashmere barnou, with satin stripes, is fashionable. There ia a very stylish redingote made for traveliag dress, or Indian foulanl, or raw silk. The plaits in front are piped with black taffetas, and down the froot a row of large black buttons is placed. All the seams of the skirt ad body nave thick pipings of black taffetas, and round the bottom of the skirt is a flounce, lKr>nt. tvantv.fiva {fuiKaa tn ?* >? Jr. hollow plaits, with a heading bordered with black. and ornamented by a button placed on each plait. Tba toillette is oomplated bj a half-tight oasaque, like the dress, and piped to match. This casaque is opened a little in front, and haa a turned hack collar and narrow reverse of black taffetas. The sleeved are h?lf large, with black trimming The dresssleeve is. of course, made tight. The Amason hat is now worn in Paris, as well as in the oountry; but care should be taken with the rest of the dreaa. and the cmaqae or paletot looks alwaja the best with this style of hat. The Finland hat is very fashionable juat now. The brim of this hat falls a little to ahade the eyes, with a bouquet of flowers quite at the edge, so that it gives one the impreaaion of falling, bat it must be left bo, ap that is really one charm in this graceful headdreaa. The Tudor hat, edged with velvet, and trimmed with a long ourled feather at the side, and pompon In front, is also very fashionable,, and exceedingly becoming to most faces. Bat oar modestea have not been unmindful nf ikoaa n afrt11 ! own vtvi ?s\suuw?) #uu j^rcai UtU is displayed with regard to them, for example: a rioe-straw bonnet with toft crown of tulle. Blonde curtain orer mauve silk. The front lined with mauve, and at the side a rosette of blonde, from which falls a bunch of mauve flower* Another smaller bnnoh of the same flowers inside the bonnet on the opposite id*. Black crinoline is also worn. An elegant one wu trimmed with black ribbon, embroid- j red in maise, and trimmed with a bouquet of garaniums and exotic fruits. Orange blossoms, for bridal wreaths, seem likely to be superseded by white lilac, which is a far more elegant and beooming flower, and can be arranged with more grace?Le Pallet. Release or Ma Botklib.?The Boonsboro' (Maryland) Odd Fellow says: We stated last ?eek that the Hon. Alexander R Boteler, of Virginia, had been captured on Monday night of last week, by Federal troops, and taken to 6andy Howk and placed in the bands of Gen. Banks. It appears that on the night in question, about 12 o'clock, fifty soldiers guided by I - ? * ' - iwo Bra irom me Maryland side. crossed the Potomac and marched, by a circuitous route, fur Mr. Boteler's residence, which is about one mile beyond Shepherdatown. On their way they came across two men, whom they made fall into line. They arrived at the house about 3 a. m., and caught Mr. Boteler napping," and soon apprised him of the objeet of their visit ? That gentleman immediately gave himself up and was brought under strong guard to the Maryland side and taken to the Thirteenth Massachusetts Regiment, under the command of Col. Leonard, stationed at Grove's warehouse, about four miles above Sbepherdstown, and not to Sandy Hook, as we were before informed. . Here he remained until four o'eloek next day. His case was investigated but nothing actionable found against htm. and nnder the enre of several officers be was taken out of eamp, released and sent home The men thought he was to be sect to Gen. Banks, and when they understood what disposition had been made of him, we understand their indignation knew no bounds, and almost resulted in a rebellion. It also oreated m snn?? tian Sar\A w UaaW DVUO?t?VH UvvA . UVWQTQI, Mr. Boteler *u set free, and will, no doubt, hereafter remember that prudenoe ia aometimes the better pert of valor. KrPBCTiTBUMt or Catalbt?The Charleetoo Mercury, noticing til* attention the government ia now paying to the raising of cm/be meaning of this if clear. The enemy hare discovered their weakness in a vast of cavalry. They bar* lea rat tha' cannon aJone are sot sufieient for the emergencies of a bat* tie-ft eld Had they pamma a fttreng force of cavalry the battle would bar* been won by the?, and oar forcca would bare been eat to pieee*. Bad we, oa the contrary, brought upon tb* ft eld a, OM horeee, Washington would sow hare beea our*. Tba battle on both aides was la that postare whan a heavy foree of oavalry oa either sida weald bare been almost annihilation to the other. Rtclunond or Washi ington would have beea leet or wea. Apart iroa tba lnexeaseble brevity af ear n us bars, the grant defeat at tba battle of Bali Ran was tba want of cavalry. The Treaaeaable Despatches (*ud ?|n Matr% Mr. Rob?rt Mair, who ?u arrested as ?uipec ted bearer fo rebel despatches on board the Persia, and who is now at Fort Lafayette, left in the hands of the police detective* a considerable quantity of baggage, Which has been examined, and some interesting matter has been brought to light. A letter written by Jaa. S. M. Carter, at Charleston. July 31, and addressed to Charles Cavendish Clifford, M.P., London, sajs that the writer attended the convention of backs at Richmond, and discloses the following brilliant finanoial scheme: " It was agreed that all the banks should receive on deposit, and in payment of debts, tbe treasury notes which the government are atwut to issue, say to the amount of $100,000,000, and to pay out those notes to their customers. This will rive universal currency throughout the Confederates Statos, and as our ports are blockaded, and wo ^nust in consequence do without foreign importations, we can use this government credit among ourselves so long as the war lasts; and when the war is over, these notes will have to be funded into a permanent debts i _ mi i * _ ? _ ? ids pianiers are everywnere subscribing the half of their eatire crops to the government loan, and it is proposed, though not jet determined upon, that the government aid the Elanters to the extent of the whole crop, either y its bonds or by treasury notes, the larger denominations of which are to bear an interest of over seven per cent, which would induce many persons to hold them- as an investment. To an English financier such a plan might eeem very ruinous; but we have made up our minds ' that the government must be supported in the war at all hasards and at any eost, sod should these treasury notes depreciate or become worthleM,we had better suffer than return to such a government m now rules at Washington." Another letter from Charleston places the character of W. H. Russell, LL D. in a pleasing light: " Mr. B. showed me confidentially Mr. Russell's letter about the battle. His letter heats all I have yet seen in print about the Yankees running. He said we could have had Washington by merely asking. He says Lord Lyons had an inclination to ask Mr. Seward 4 if the wvnieo vi auicil^a uau UUL UOl 11gerent rights, according to bis notion, ho would certainly admit that they had the belligerent /??? ? .' On oath of eecresy he communicated to we also that the first step of recognition was taken. He and Mr. Bulligcy sent Mr. Trescott to Richmond yesterday to ask Jeff. Davis, President, to accept the treaty of commerce, to accept the neutral flag carrying neutral good. This is the* first step of direct treating with our government." Other Charleston letters admit that the blockade of the harbor is effective, and that Commodore Stringham's fleet is an "eyesore." A latter from Camden and Sullivan's Island alludes to "the courtesy of the British Consul" in sending rebel letters to Europe..^ Plaits or Bkacrkgard,?The following curiously-written letter of a Richmond corresrondent of the Columbus Times, dated August , affords some indications of the plans of Gen. Beauregard: Last evening I spent an hour at the private lodgings of an officer of Oen. Beauregard's staff l&OW on A tumnorirv viiit tr% kiAKmnnH H? b*?n at th? General'* right band sinoe tha lirat i preparations wera made for the bambardment of Fort Saucer. I learned much during this interview with regard to the movements ef the army of the Potomao,which I am not at liberty , to disolose. There are some movements, however, contemplated, which, as they may be folly executed before this is in print, there is < no impropriety in stating. And first, I was : gratified to learn that, had Gen. Beauregard sufficient means of transportation, he would ; have been in Washington on the Wednesday after the battle, at farthest. He is now ade- ; quately supplied in this important branch of military operations, but is only awaiting the completion of other arrangements neceasary to his advance upon Arlington Heights from three different points I have been informed upon what I consider pretty good authority, that it was General Beauregard's design to < crow the Potomao at some point between Harper's Ferry and Georgetown, enter Washing- ' ton in that direction, and thus get in the rear < of Arlington fortifications, and cut off the retreat of the Federalists on the Virginia side of the Potomac. But my friend's information is reliable. He is in hourly expectation of a dispatch from General Beauregard summoning mm to tb6 field Camp* or Isstructioi*.?Inuring the Men to Marching ?The New York Post, in urging the necessity for camps of instruction for our ; soldiers, t*jt, very sensibly : Bat instruction eamps will afford other important advantages. Hitherto men have been tmioM in r< mpany, j and, perhaps, regimental drills; bat with larger pace and creator bodies ?f troops the brigade drill may be taught, and men may also have practice in target-shooting and marching, two important itema of instruction, the last of which has been entirely neglected Our troops are recruited in great part from men who h*ve hitherto pursued sedentary occupations. The Americans, as a nation, are poor walkers. Witb proper praotioe men come to walk easily twenty five miles a day. The "day's march" of an army is given in militaiy dictionaries at seventeen miles, and troops have made by forced march sixty-two miles in twenty-aiz ' hoars. Yet Qeneral MoDowell states in his offioial report that a march of six miles made bis army so footsore and wearied that it was foroed to oamp; and it is dear that what he says, that if the men eould have marched three miles further that nisht, and alept near the battle field, they would have gone fresh into action the next day, and it is possible that the fate of Stone Bridge might have been different. Tbi PaiUTltl SmTM HfinniB ?a*w Vubzcklam PoaTs ?It let-ma to b? certain that th? privateer Sumter la still at liberty, for we bare this nowa of bar from Captain Jamea F. Willisana, la a letter dated at Caracoa, August 7 : " The Sumter haa taken two vessel* off Lagaayra?the schooner Abby Bradford and bark Joaeph Maxwell It appeara that the Venezuelan Government acta differently from the authorities here la Caracoa. Tk*jr kav? refuted tke Sumter admittome*, and have dlapatched a schooner to the Loa Roccaa. 70 mi lee north of Lagoayra, to retake the Joseph Maxwell, which la at anchor among tboae k?y? * . 14 The name of the boy who escaped frt^n the 8 a niter, when here, la John Ord, of Demarara. He was pressed la the service in New Orleans." N Y. Post. UJ" Since the Emperor Napoleon's stay at Vichy the grenadlera stationed there have given a ball, at which be waa present and dancod with the wife of the Colonel of the regiment, aeveral English ladies, ladles from Vichy, and Countesses of the Empire participating Id the quadrille. [I~r Two children having lately died la London. the police, la trying to find oat the caaae of of their death, dlacovered that their parenta bolonged to a sect called "The New Lights," who think It a crime to uae any medicine God alone' i <hv mHim v* uuuinu,iuc iuu UOMU |JT Several people have lately bee* drowned In London, tn their attempt to care the tallow which had been waebed down the aewert during the Are In Tooley street. CT Lord bteas as! they have got a C rot on Ice pua>p In the Central Park, N Y The pipe* for a) not* feet are teed ! and guide fluid of tbe most frigid kind. [?7* A Paris Arm have constructed piece ot furniture which unites tbe functions of a Millard table aad a pianoforte, for tbe Viceroy of Bgypt. irr Vanity Pair balls Fletcher Webster as aaetber Boa of * Sen?tbe Son of tbe ConstlUittan* greet X-pounder ITT Tbe Aster library In Mew Yerk city was ) Bin send by a beet 6,WO volumes daring the year I i860, at an ex pease of S13,32B. I 1 ILTYMrty bale* of oottoo (seen Nicaragua baa arrWatjSplnwan SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS, la HnplUli A agist 16, 1861. PmbHshod Mt conformity iettk the resolution of the Senate of Jutf 18, 1801. At General Hospital on K street, between Fourth and Fifth street#, Washington. m - , 1st Reg. dickies Hrig.. 2} Tammany Reg.... id) 1 3d do do.(a) 0 9th Mm Volunteers.. 1 1st N. Y. Zouave#.... 2 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 3d do Volunteers.. 1 3d do do.... I 7th do do 1 1st Minnesota Vol .... 2 14th do do 1 1st Penhsyivanta Vol . 1 15th do do ..... 1 3d do do.. 2 17th do do 1,5th do do.. 1 lath do do 2 6th do do.. 5 21st do do 1,12th do do.. 2 22d do do ..... 1127th do do.. 2 21th do do 3|2d New Jersey Vol.... 2 25th do do 1 2d Maine Volun'eers.. 2 27th do do 12 3d do do...... 6 28th do do 1 4th do do...(?) 5 31st do do.. (6) 3 5th do do...... 2 33d do do 2 2d New Hampshire... 6 35th do do 1 2d Michigan 2 36th do do 2,4th do (/) 2 37'h do do 3 2d Wisconsin 2 38th do do 1 19th Indiana 5 69th do do 1 1st California Vol 2 79th do do..(e)2 ? Mozart Regiment .... 1 Total 99 (a) Including an officer f6) Oneofflcer. (e) One officer, (d) One officer. (?) Two officers. (/) Tws officers. At Seminar* Monrital. (ifnmtntn* lit Artillery 1 79th N Y.Volunteer*.. 4 2d do 1 Do Tammany.. 6 2d Maine Volunteer* . * Do DeKalb 4 3d do do 2 I at Michigan Vol..'... 1 6th do do 1 2d do do 12 lat Maaa. Volunteera.. I 3d do do 4 7th do do 2 4th do do 23 3d Vermont Volunteera 2 tat Minnesota do 12 lithN.Y. Volunteera. 2 Exeelaior Brigade.... 2 2d do do 1 8th Pennavlv&nla 1 3d do do 2 10th do 3 16th do do 1 19th Indiana 3 l?th do do 1 13th New York 2 2->th do do 1 Teamater 1 33d do do 1 , Total 103 At Union Hospital, corner of Bridge and Wask~ tntton streets, Georgetown. 2d N. Y. Volunteera.. 6j9th Maaaachuaetta 2 13th do do 10; 2d Vermont 1 Mth do do 9 3d do lb 17th do do 2|bth Pennavlvarna Vol. 3 19th do do 1 9th do do.. 1 22d do do 1110th do do.. 4 21th do do 21 llth do do.. 3 25th do do 1 26th do do.. 1 26th do do 1 27th do do.. 2 i 33d do do 9 3d New Jeraey 3 69th do do 1 lat Minnesota 6 79th do do 11 lat Connecticut 1 Mozart iv V. do 6 lit Ohio 1 I Tammany do do 4 1st New Hampshire .. 1 1 2d Michigan Vol 3 2d do 1 , 3d do do 6 2d U.S. Cavalry 2 , 4th do do 17 8th U. 8. Infantry .... 1 2d Wisconsin do II 19th Indiana 6 2d Maine do 2 Stur^ls Rifle Co., Chi- ' 4th do do 3 cago 1 j 6th do do 2 < 1st Massachusetts 1 Total At Hospital at Columbia Colltgtt Washington. I 2d Maine Reg Vol. .. 3 79th N Y. Volunteers. 2 1 3d do do 9 Tammany N Y. do ... 6 5th do do 15 Garibaldi do do ... 2 2d N. H. Volunteers.. 2 Sickles Brig N Y.Vol. 0 j 3d Vermont d? 2 IstReg.* V.Cavalry 8 2d Conn do 1 IOth Mas* olunteers 11 2d N Y. Volunteers.. 15 l&th do do 5 8th do do 3 2d N J. do 1 11th do do 2 3d do do 3 12th do do 2 27th Penn. Volunteers. 1 14th do do 6 29th Indians do 19 18th do do 2i 1st Minnesota do 4 22d do do 8 2d Wisconsin do 1 24th do do 7| 1st Michigan do 1 ?>in ao i|2d do do 1 i tftth do do tl 3d do do to I 27th do da 0,4th do do 6 T2d do do 1 jlit California Vol .... 5 33d do do 14|latr 8 Cavalry 4 34th do do 3 2d do Dragoons ... 1 35th do do 1 3d do Infantry 1 ' 36th do do...... 5 ?? 37th do do 3 Total 207 At UtHfral Hospital, No. 360 C street, Washington. 1st Reg U B.Cavalry.. 4;5th Reg U.8 Artillery. 9 id do do.... 141 1st do Infantry.. 1 2d do Dragoons. I 2d do do ... 2 1st do Artillery..12 3d do do.... 14 E M do do.... 4 8th do do.... 6 id do do.... 3| ? * ToUl TO ? At General Hospital, Alexandria, August 9. 1st Cavalry l|2d Maine 1 ; 2<1 Cavalry 23d do.... 5 t 1st Artillery 1 Id Michigan 2 i 12th New \ork 3 2d do 1 Ifilfti An 1' !-? VI 1 ... a w>u u| i?? mu*a^uu?c?ui t 31 at do 111th do 1 27th do 11 Moiart 1 3Sth do 7j 1st Minnesota H i 32d do 41'2d Wisconsin 3 I 79'h do 2'2d Vermont 6 37th do 1 Ut New Jersey 9 59th do 3i I'lr* Zouave* 8 71st do 1 -id New Hampab re... 2 1 tth Maine 7 Teamster, U. S. A.... 1 5th do 3 ? ^ Total 78 Sick retnaimtng in the Hospital for Eruptive ' Disease* ] 14th N Y. Volunteer*. 1 5th Wisconsin Vol.... 4 31st do do 1 1st Minnesota do.... I 51th do do '2'2d Cavalry 1 Bth Pennsylvania Vol . 5 18th Artillery 1 9tb do do., ft 3d Infantry 1 Uth do do., ft 8th do t 12th do do.. 1 Regiment from Gov'2d Vermont do.. 1 ernor's Island 1 10th Mass do.. 1 ? 1 Total 37 t try* Washington papers pleaae copy and send blUa to the War Department. aug '21? d,tr ^ C1 KM ALE BOARD I N?_ ANDOiY SCHOOL ' jl ALEXANDRIA, TA. Mrs. 8. J. MoCOKMICK, Pamciru* Whe thirteenth luul mmoo of tnia Inatitution l will ooiumenoe on Tuesday. 8epteml>er ltth, in the \ house reoently occupied by Sylvester Soott, Em., { No. 180Kin( i mC . The ooum of etady gunned wHl eomprieeall I the branches re^aiaite to a thoroufh Emliah Edu- ' gatioo^and hluaio, French, Latin and Drawing, 0 | in addition to (Jar eetaolara. Mre. MeCormiok ia prepared tormina limited number of pupila aa bpau-Uera, who. oonatituting a ?art of her own fam flf, will oe under her immediate oare and aupervi- < aioa. She will endeavor, aa far a* poeaible. to surround them with the oomlbrta ana kindly influences f Borne. fUfmrtnt?.?Rpt Geo.H. Norton, Re*, Dr, Kliaa H arnaou, In. 1>. F. Bffifli Wilaam B. Fowie, Cm., hd&ar Snowden, baa., Edmund F. Witmer is-, Ba; Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Water a, Ea?.,Jaa ' Entwiale, Jr., Eas.,Col. John W. Minor, Loudoun, ? i&eaara. Blaoklook k Marahall, Meaara. Corae Brothers. Tbim? I Board, with Tuition m a. 1 the En*lieh Branches, t *k> lor the annual sessiou-ja**t>le semi-annually, in adranoe. ) Muaio and I ?BMBat Profaeeora* prioes. C7* No extra ohartea. au tt-tt f \| APS OF TUB SEAT OF WAR.-A aalendirf I in mu or u? 8wt of War for only * mti. j Also, Poeket Map* of all kind*. , Soldi* ' Camp Drawtuc Caaee from f3 50 to ?. , Blank Book* aad Stationery of all kinaa, Flag Flag*, Banner* And Badgee, View* of Waahing- * tonTAmenoan^and Foreign Macau nee, Daily and ( W y P**^.RBNCH * RiGHBTEIN'8 , National Bookatora, 1 (Intel A Beanb.) Pa. atrwwfc < 500,000 CANDLES to, ale okeap for oaek at the National Boa* ana Can. Jle Worka, Green atreat and the Canal, Ueorge*Z?i ?mC' C. B. JB WBLL, Proprietor. I M. b?. OA A. ^WkVtM^L Xll Q*w? Pift?-wtti ?t an* Yer?mnt a? j J t^OLDI^ESAND F^bOWgiyjBM*B.? j WW( BATS aad CAPS, at Nortkar* prtoae. Jy it lm SUMMER RETREATS. I SEA BATHING AND SAFE RETREAT, At Point Look-Out, Maryland. This 6* ebrated Bathing Place. situated at tin {unction of the Potomac River with the# . ? A Chesapeake Bay, will be opened by theVCTMkV undersigned on the l"th of Jane, in " * 1 l"M ' very best style, for all person* who u.a* v?)*li \ ?*.!e and sniet retreat, where the) c?n i.tvu t'. e L-i iL' t'. of The best **!t water batving and enjov the d*neaci4s of the water, saoh as Fish of all kinds. ! Orsiers, Crabs, Ao Ever* de?oripti'in of fishing tackle will be kept for tee aco>>rotn< Nation of guests. A fine livery stab e kept ou the farm Also, ten pin alleys and billiard saloons; with all other amusements usually found at sucn plaoes. The table will be supplied daily with fresh vegetables from the garden on the premises and from the Baltimore and Washington markets. Tt>e best Lie uors and Cigars will always be found at the Bar. Boaid, $2 p?r day; one woek, #12; eecon i week, #1*; four weoksfor #35; children and ct/lored servant* half-price. TV- steamer St. Nioholas leaves Washington Tuesday a: aa m. and Ualtimore on Friday at 4 p. m. The half r?t 2 o'olook p. ni. tram from Washington will oonnect at Baltimore with the ItoaU, reaohmg Point Lookout dai y ; a so, a tn-weekly stage from Washington, by way of l.eonardt >wn

Add-ess the proprietors, at Po.nt Lookout, Washington, I) C., or Alexandria, Va. m 31 IIKFLEBOWER A CO . Prop'rs. DENTISTRY. JH. PEABODY, M. D.. Scrqical and M? chanical Djntist, having taken^gep^ rooms at No. -iTti Pa. avenue, betweenNMBBM litli and I2ih s?s? two doors east of the **11 TJ Kirkwood Hou?e, reBpectfally Holioits a share of the publio patronage, in the rarioas branches of his profession. _ jy Id im* M TEETH. LOO'<! IP, M. D , the n/er.^jr ami patentee oftti? MINERAL PLATE TEEI'H, tends personally at his office .n this city miBsv Many persons cm wear these toeth who^?25? oannot w?r others, and do parse n can wir others who oannot wear these. Persons calling at iny office oar. be aocommnaated with any style and price of Tee'h they may desire; but to those who are particular *ud wsh the purest, cleanest, stroucest, and mos'. psrfeot denture that art can produce, the MINERAL PLATE will t>e more fuay warranted. Rooms in this oity?No. SSf Pa. avenue,'betwaea 9th and 10th sts. Also, MOV Arch street. Phi ad el phia. oc 1? tf OAS FITTING, kc. AWM T. DOVE A CO. HE Now presa'ed to execute any orders with wnich they mat be favored in the PLUMBlfc?, CAS OR STEAM FITTLN# BUSINESS. Store on #*h street, a few doors north of Pa. ?venue, where mar be frand a ooms ete assortment of CH \NDELIEks and other SAS, STEAM and WATER VIXTORKS. iaTT It I SNYDER. s PLUMBER AND GAS FITTER, Has removed to the corner of Twelfth ana F sts. He is prepared to introduoe Water and 6as upon the most fkvoraola terms, and guaranties entire HHMUWUOD. Hehae on hand a lot of COOKING and otber STOVES, which he will fell leas than cost, aa fce nahes to f et rid of them. no 17 WG AS FIX TU RES. E Hare in store, and are dai.y receiving, 0.45 FIXTURESofenliTtiy New Patterns and Designs md Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore >flei d in this market. We invitecitizens reneral fto tali and examine onr stock of Gas and Water ix ires, feelinc oontident that we have the beet (elected stock in Washington. All Work in the above line intrusted to ?ar care rill be promptly attended to, MYERS A Mo6BAN. mtrMf 37* D street. Qf ICE Wuaiaston', Jmly It, 1W?. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That.agreakaiy to the provision* of the ordinance of the Corporation approved May 12.1W, the nnderaigned is low prepared, "whenever refnired in writing, and >n pre-psyrr.cnt of the fee of fifty cents, f> inspect, ixamme, test, sroTe, and ascertain the accnraoy of egistration or?ny t*s meter ic use in this city." Every meter, if round incorrect, will be condemned ind another, sealed and marked as true, will be ietmf'4 piaoe. If proved to be accs^aCe in its neasniomnt of gas, it will besea.ea acco-cisgiy, md again pet in position for use. Ofice No. flO Seventn street,(near Odd Fal ws' Hall.) Osen from is. m., to t ?. m. W. CUNNING HAM, )y U-tf Inspector and Rea'er of Gas Meters. ^EW OPTICAL ESTABLISHMENT. 044 M. 1. FKANKLIN, 444 1C N, (From Philadelphia,) laving established a branch onus business here, Le iffere to the citizens and strangers hit oelsbrated IMPROVED SPECTACLES, rlth the finest Perieoopio-Elliptio Lenses, salted ur ever? age and condition ol the visual organs. Alto, Tor sale his world renowned MUreteoptt. reltitppttyMllitary Spy Glasses. Stereoscopes ana 9t*rusco*tc Pittvret. nnd Mirkemattcai ImHtunents, at the lowest Eastern p loes M. I. FRANKLIN, Optioian, 944 Pennsylvania a v.. bet. i2tli an* iSth sU., (toimerW tho stand of Dr. Woolfson,) jeX-ly Washington, D. C. BTOPHAM'S Ulym PREMIUM T R V n K WIS MAyVFACTOP-y] ' i 30 SlVKNTH l^TBKBT, WaSHIH? roit, D. C. Silver Medal a war.I?xl l>y Maryland Institate o ftatur.ore, November 7,1#'. klw>, Modal oyopoilton Meohaaioa* Institute, : am oonstantlr making. at.i always hnv* on ImuA of the bent material, every description of^ Fine Sole Leather. Iron Frame, Ladief' Drees, Wood Box, and Paokinc Trunks, Pellisier, Carpet, ao4 Member* of Conirees aod travelers will pleaee Lxamine my stool before purchasing alsewheie Prunes that are made in other cities. Superior Leather and Dress Trunks made to rrter. Trnnks oovered and repaired at short notioe. 6 < *! deliverod free of oharge to anyfoart of the iity, Georgetown, and Alexandria. . ja 23-lyeo J AMES 8.TOPHAM. HHWKRIN'S Annihilating jSKaKl ^ Powder 185MlBL' ^mB5 la tke onlr known and sf^jeSiiaSHH^KS bMt article u olSCe;^L. mut:1 rat' :Roache*, B*d Baca, Anta, MiHI.b, Plica, -/- n ? 'J1- - ? Worma W7par222E7Za^^. Vmi B?t?? ** **- j| contains no j^ouih? 8CHWER IN'S PI L 1.8 are an re death to Rata ,nd Mioe. M. Sokworin haa received oertifioataa rom the Preeldaat of Oirard Collet*. Uirrctoia o( lonae of Refuge, Pennsylvania Hospital, and ?thar Prominent Inatitationa of Philadelphia ; U. ?. Jail, W aahington, D C.; and Charity Hospital, ?ew Orleans, l.a The original oertiboatea can be seen at the Wholesale and Retail Depot 194 North Second itreet, Philadelphia, and fT-r aa!e in titia Pity hr D. J. CLARK, oorner Pa. avenue and 4J4 ate., and by til Drucgiata and Grooers. BrWARK OP 8PURIOU8 IMITATIONS. IT * Remerii er to aak for Sohwerin'a Annihialg [Powder. (L None genaine anleaa aic ned M.ScHwnuii. ma I5-6meo r?? Q L CARRIAGES. HE Subscriber having made additiona to hia aotory, making it nov one of the largest. JMHtaa n tke District, where hia (aeiiitieaSpRSSgr "or manufacturing CARRIAGES and ? BL1 L.I6BT WAGONS of all kinda oauuot be sar anted, and from hia long experienoe in tke bneiisss.he hopes to give general aatufaotioa. All kinds of Carnages a?d Light Wagons kept ' Ai4p^KPA I RS t^a*?*'* doaa, and all ordara uwuu iua cam***# ui? i? uomntt tor tew mm. ANDRKW J/JUYOK, d I* tf eorner of K? rtwth *rxi K *tm. mvi NO tgd materia. tor Sew oastoa trade, ooD?i<itif fieatiemea wiThint an tamedtate oatfit will tad Wiu WOIU^OJ MW Bdk johmston, ILTinOKK LOCK HOSPITAL, : H?i ditto*?r*d tk? most CirliM. Sptuiw mmd o*Jf I J/nin'U homudg m |4? World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMi'KUDENCK. LET no false delicacy PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. a cuke warranted. or no charge, * in fron one to two days. ii %i WaakD*** of Stricture*, Affacuoniof th* *?d- tl aaya ?u'l 0>*ehar(ee, iuipoteocr, tier h nl Oetoluy. Nf 'xoKiiti, i>??. 'pay, Lufwr, Confusion 4 f Id?aa, Low Spr. l. r p'-i iO.. V tn? Ht ft, Timidity, ? Trembling*, DiranlN o? Sign 1 or liiddwoae, I Iimui of t)i? Heed, Throat, No*e or Skin, Atfecii-n* of th* Lungs, 8-.oa?- t! tea or B >? ! ?theee Trrrtble Disorders anaaof from Solitary H*bits of Yoo-h?tb?ss Dreadful and Deatructie* Praetica* which reniltr itrpoaait la, and d**troy balk Bod? and Mind. T youno men bptcull} who haee bacomo tha ncuni of P-lunry Tice, th?t dreadful and deetrwctiee habit which uwaaU; sweep* to an timely greet thoaaande of Yowrg Me? of tha moat talttd talent* and brilliant intellect, who might otherwiee h??e an'f '.nc?d Utiawu* Senates with tha thandtr* of tlo. aatnes or waktd to tcstacy tha living Irrt, fcay call with rail cooldeuce. t MARRIAGE. 1 MtltilD FUIO^I, ?r Youf Mia contemplating Marnara, being awara of physical weakcett, organic debility, r deformities, Ac., speedily cored. Ha who places himself andtr th? ear* of Dr. J. may rthgiautly conldt in hia honor aa a gtutltaaan and MaUaall; . rely upon hia akili a* a physician. * OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. Itft hand aid* roinr frowi E- l'imore *tr**t. a f*w doors hoa T the corner. Fail sot to obeerre name and cumber. Lilian out be paid and contain a etainp. I)R JOHNSTON, T Mimbirif the Royal Collegj of 8urgeone, London, grade ete from on* of the rooat eminent Coilagee in tha United Bum, and tha gieater part of vhaaa Ufa haa been epent in the boepitale of London, Parie, Philadelphia and alaaarhtra, baa effected eome of tha moat aetoniehing earaa that vara var known; many troubled vith nifinr in tha baad and aara when aalerp; great nerrowaneaa, briar alarmed at audden aonnda, baahfuineae with frequent blaaEing, attended eometimea with derangement o4 mind, vara cored unae- j diaiely, * TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. T Young- Men and othere who hare injured themeelree by a certain practice indulged in vhan alone?a habit freqaanUy q learnad from aril companion*, or at acbouj, tha electa of vhiea are nightly fait even when aaiaep, and if not cured. m rendera marriage impoeeible, and deeiroye both Bind ana bode, nbouid apply immediately. T Three are eon* ,f the ead and melancholy electaproduced ' by aarly habit* of youth, ?u : Weaknaaa sf tha Baca and Limba, Paine in tha Head, Dimneaa of flight, Leae of Mvciiar P^ver, Palpitation of tne Heart, Dyapepay, Nerroui irntability. Derangement of tha Digeetire Funcuona, OanaraJ Debility, Symptom of Coneumption, Ac. Mejitallt.?T*ie fearful efrcu or> tha mind era mneh ta be dreaded?Loea of Meni'try, Confucian of Idem, Depreeaion af Spirit*, Eri! Foreboding*. Arereion of Society, Self D?trnat, l.ore of Solitude, Timidity, ate., ara aoma of tha aeila prodaced. Nwroi'i Dehilmt.?Thooeande can uow Judge what la the caoae of their declining health, luaing vtieir rigor, becoming weak, pale, nerroua and emaciated, baring a aingular appearance about (ha eyei, cough or lynipioroe of cooeunip- , lion. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. When the mieguided and lmpmdent rotary of ple&eara And* he haa imbibed tne eeede of thia ptiufal dueaae, it too often happene that au ill-tune d eenae of aliaute or dread of diacoeery yt detere him from auolrinr to thoae w'io. from education and rttp'Ctabi! ty, can alon* befriend hitn. R( fallt into tha M hands of ignorant an<* declining prttendtra, who. incaptbla . ol enrinc. filch hit pecuniary tobtt\nca, kaar* bim trifling month afitr month, or at Inn* at tht amallttt ft* cao bt obtauitd, and in lti?t miu with reined health to tigh o?tr hit railing ditappointmtnl; or by tht cat of that dt?*,? iJ poiaon?Mercury?hatttn tht conatitouoral tymptomt of (hit * 1 ttrnblt dittaa*, tnrh at Afftctioot of th? Htart,Throat, Htad, Skin, Ac., progressing with frigbt/ol rapidity, till dttth pott a ' 1 Stnod to bit drtadfuf tofi trinft by tending himt o diat ?- TI itco'trtd coantry from whoo* boarnt ao traraltr rttamt Tl DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC r! WEAKNESS AND IMPOTSNCY By this grtat and important rtmody waaknta* of tht arrant , art tptadily enrtd and fall vigor restored. Thoatmdt of tbt ? laoti i.tni ui and debilitated, who had loot all bop*, bare , bttn immtdiutiy rtlitrtd. ?. All impediments to Marriage .Pbyaieal or Mental rheqaaJ- ' ] licatier.a, Lott of Proereatiee Powtr, Mtrreat Irritability. -J Trtteblinr and Wtaknoaa or Bsbaaauea of tfct Boot fearfal f-" kind speedily cared. ' ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESQ. ?\ T*? Mart TltorsAltDt cartd at this inatitation within , lit last attentate veara, and the r.smtrout important Ssrri- n. aal operation! performed br Or. Johnston, wtu-ttttd by tht , rtpontrt at tht pap?ra and many other Dtrtm.t, notices of ,-J wbich ha?t appaartd again and again before the pablic, b*- , tides hit tiandw f tt a gaotleman of charaetar ana ratpouti- ' hility, it a tife tGi guarantee la tbt afliettd. rear 15-1 y J' C/f Db. J. H McLEAN 6 W1 8TRE16THENINQ CORDIAL JJ AND BLOOD PURIFIER. 1 THE GREATEST REMEDY lit WORLD and the moil T\ W&& DlUClOll ARB W*W JP DELIGHTFUL Jt Mtpi li b luiiCr > ni- r I y *?iila tad taftuMa f??- V^^nr Bnu aarad >7 .* diiulla- g/- * r?W Hm *f mu< w?rk?, 9 3H * V.HLr-J*i?i aad bukl. Taliaw JS) JS A I'aad a*n. VINH _ FaR liiii Kxt, n VjjfcA rill*. Wild Ckujj uHT KSEg 0*ik, *id Dt?dt'.iM VSH /5m] Jg ?un lata It* H>* T \JI If Tut iiUit nilft gg' | 3g nndU.1 prtaalpl*TV !"**! ? tliu* tafradiaBiia/T^ Btfore LV^"lfltr <?'?? dlitlliiaf, >r*dttr f a dtllalau, *x*'..iraUat ipim, a?d Ul Mi tafallikl* iiaidi far raeaTaUaf Ut dT*ta*ad irnaa, aad laataHaf Ua alak, ?af?rlaf, ul dtkllltatad lavalM la kaalU aad atraaf U K'LEAfPS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will afaataill; un ki'ii Cauplaiat. D?rp*p*la, Jindlat, Chraaia ar Barraaa Dakllit;, Oliauti aTua Ulmta, T aad all dlaaaaat arlatnf frara a diaatdtrtd kivar ar IimiM, Braaayata, aitaara. Icvard Pilaa, Aaiditr ar Btakaaaa ! T Ua Btaaaak, Pvilaaui at I aad la Ua Baal, Da.I Nia a' vtaoieg laUdiid, Palpitatiaa af Ua Start, Fallaaa* , at Wtlffet la Ua ttaaiaak, taw Braeottaoa, Ckaku r ar Om Bafaaatlaf r*allaf vkaa Itrln* dav*,Drynaaa at TtliaW- ^ aaaa af Ut run ?d Bt??. * ?>? kwaau, Uvatd f t?tra, <r-, Pala U Ut 8?all af Ut Back, Ukaai, ar Cida, Baddaa _ rtaakat af flaat, Dtpraaalaa af pint*, rrifktf t! Drtiai, kuptr, DuMtiair ar aaj r.trrau diaaaaa. Barti at i! Blatakaa at. Ua EkU, aad Fatar aad ipi (at CUUa aad U|^B f 9TME A MILLION BOTTLES ?\ kaaa kata aald tfarlaa ua laai an macUa, aad U aa la- ! ttaaaa ka> It failad ta rificf aallrt *U*fa*Uaa. Waa, Uaa, will taffar tnm Waatnaaa ar Da Mil it vkta MckKAJPI VTBBJFBTBUnilB COBBlAfc vUl tart jn 1 a U.|ttfa iu aaaay aa adrqaaia Idaa af Ut lmtaadl- I at* aad alaaat ?lraaalaa* akaura aradaaad ky takta# Ut* c Ctidial la Ut dittutd, dtklliteltd, tad iktutrti nirni P ifiwa, vkiikii iitkti l?n ky iiihi, wan *j utui, a r lapt'Md ky ilikawi, tki Mini! u4mtra| nful- * nun la lattatad la Ut ?r1nfc? kttJU ud *igi ? MARRIED fSRSONS, rn Mktrt, tMMltu tf laakllltT frtro TktU'K IUN, will ' 1*4 MfklAHl VTCKMSTHKNl** COUUk i U? t i>i|t iifuinw tf Ut aytum: ud all *ki mt bin la tmrtd IkiaulTti ky la^nin .cdal{tattt will la< la ttto __ batdiil a ttrula lad i>ud; raatdy. 7* TO THE LADIE8. ^ HtUAII ITUItTIIlIlM OOLOlAh to a wrw- -rC. On aad ayaauy mi fat lattyltci Gtotiafta, Vt.ui, ' tatratiad at VlSaall MtatuaauaaJ otMllaaau W litM at latalBBUTT Duttarrt tktrtaf, PtlUaf at Ut Wtak, -J Iddtaatt, Ftlattaf, awf all dtoaataa laaidtat It PtMaltt THERE IS !fO MISTAKE ABOVT IT Tu Mai at tMfti Tata It taaardiof la tfirtaliatia. It will Tu itlaalaia, tutafUkta, aad latigatau rta aad aaatt ika Tu kltaaa af kaaiu it attat Tttr akttk afala. Br try Vault to Tu ?aniau< aa fltt itUthittti. ii FOE CHILDREN, If r??l akltdrta aft altkly, pvut at illlUt, Mckiin ' QOUlik vlU aikt tkia ktUtlf.fU, ud itkati Dtlay Tv att a amtati Uflt,ia4 yat -win kt aaamttd. it to dt- * toitaiuula IV AWTION, S Itwui af drm* rttu at dtaltrt wkt at? In aa aaia aaat On pn Unn ar MfMfantU inak, vkiak Uay ?u bay * akup, ?y ' yt?11? '? ) ?' *? fxl. Avaid nek >. Atk On fat McUtAMvYrUMTaKMlM GOEPIAk, aad tak? b aaUlnf ! ?. It ta ifea aaly ramady that will panfy Ua U Blaad tharaafkly and at U* (ana tiu* nraofUao taa irttia. On Ou taaapaaaral lakes i??iy matainf Uilimg m a ttmla b f****aU*? for Ckalara, Chill* aad fi?u, TatUv rnti, at a ay araTalant diaaaaa. UUyataa la larga kauiaa. Prie# On aaly fl P*r kauia, a* kaaiaa for pL J7?. M CLEAN. j, alt araariatat rf Uu Cardial; aiaa. Mckata'i Tatcaaic 01 rtUalaaaL rn.alpal D?pat aa Ua aaaaar af Tkird aad J" Plat (Vaata, ?k. Mia, Ma. T| MoLean'i Volcanic Oil Liaimeei, * (tik scar kunxurr n tee woeuu *" Tka aaly aafo aad aartato aara for Caaaaaa, PI laa, Ta. IB| an, tvalUaf* aad Efaacbtl* at Catua, Paralvaia, Baa- jec lalfta, Waakaaaa af Ua Maaalaa, Cfcraalt ar hliaaiWJ rn, Ehaaaauin, atifaaa af U? Jaicu, Cactractad Maaclai af t kifa?aau, Banahr atTaatkaaka, Ewhaa, ?? . Praak ?5a. Waaoda? Blcan, P??ar bna, CakadBraaat, Im ffylaa, fcna, Saalda, Mara Thraat, ar aay laiiaaillia a* ?*' a>ta, aa diCaraaaa kav aavara m foci Ua diaaaaa mm rr Ut# astaud, MckEAEI CELEW *TEP WIXJMEETU iT aaamta ra?ad?. t wayiiadt aad auary ky u/a>( af Ui? iaralukl* raiatdy" 1 KtLIAITS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT 12 POM MORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. ' MUEAM CEUtBEATEP UHlHENT fo Ua aaly aafo an ?-H". >y * ?4??. U m Qritoifclh,C?w,fcm, www?, *>i ?. tofclMMi ??*/: AfT'Tum <1ihu4ul.nwtimmte t?or "'""' yZaiw1 ^JKMSunSf toJ oT.'rf?r^S?,*ffsa*. 2 JKZ9S?82)SSX:'" -ItSaC S paias^: THE WEEKLY STAR. i i Tfcto loalUT Family iM New* |??U BMtelalBg tIM?w 1?Mf ?f l>l(MKl| MlIf ttoa cu to InH la aay rttoa la potttato* ?n Friday mnlo|. Tuu?r??4, w?n?n?, to toiM 81b*1? oopy, par u? ttSB *?a ? a ^ Five ?*f*f i., i ,,, ,11 4 ? Twenty-Ire ooptaa. ? ? ^ '*' '-Vy nimtilfn tin 'TTMhffirn WW* tot to* Bade Tkt Dmitf tor alwtaO a generally Um>o*bo?t tfca cavalry. fCT" Waffle roptea (la wrappara) caa to fmurad at t*e fwiater. lmmedlataly after tbe law t U?e pa par Price?THRF.B CENTS ARMY SUPPLIES r>ROPO?Al^ FOR ARMY WAGON AND L AMBULANCE Orriri or An wt Clatrim in Bofifmi,/ Ctrxr rnj hownrd ?ai Mrrttr ilrtati. S N*w Yoke. Amnt 1, NO. \ P*ofct?At? will be rrceiTW at 0r? for fter mbing, by oontraet. Army Wtcuo liiri?t: Thf proposal* ?hf? <1 ata'e th* iiiNltvkirti >? an h? furuith* I at th? plaowa of iMunlMan c<t th? arice at which they mb ba de.ivoraa at ua oepot, the uunbcr wtuoh can b? <Mtf? by th? td?i?. wW<>i ? ??" month a/tor reoaipl of ihe orda'. is- tu?. ..amber which hi* eaa dativar wit. u om M. ? The ham*?? mutt eraetW oor.fona to tk? follow ai-u to tae oatab uhotf ptttarM Foar-u.ula itarneaa aa iollowa. to wtt s WHLBU Wo QwWar*. Breeoh atrapa S fact a inohea lowt. 3S i?cnt'? wid*. aewed ibvo 14 inoh rin*? of \ um)1 iron; hip itraaa I f??* II inoaaa Ton*. JH Tnchea wid?: atay pieoesS foot loof. 2H u>ok?? wide, with 1* inoh teeek'ae; emaaatrvpa tabwafc a into ktay PKoea.&fcet Ion*. mah w?ae, aid* atrapa 4 f?x-t i >nc, lk inch WMC tie atrapa i& iichea iota, H inoh wide, tapannc to a point. 'wo Utll* Band'. Uolr Mde S feet t lochM loa*. 2 iDobea wide, with a two-inch baekla; anort ai4? I loot * inoh*a louc and a inohea wida pp Hair cotlarf. 18 to 19larhealong, withdoable traps and aaie leather* and bueaiee \ ineh TO* W? Pa if Qf Strong Hamet to rait. Bad* of vkM* oak rout, :roncd wi'h hooka, breaat riaga 1* iMk mn^rf, atap'ea and line ring a. trn Pair of H?me Strap*. Lowar on* S fdi inofcee long. )* inch wide, npper on* 4 feat t ioeh?e iong, >* inoh wide. 'too Bridle* Crown piaoa J faat long, UK mob wide; check pieoee each 1? mchee long. ljg laoa w:de; front piece U>* ltchee long, 1>% ineh wiue, tar pieowe.rro* bhnda 'o orown pi?w?, )<> mobee long, l>4 inch wide; coae piece 11 loofera long. 1 inch wide; bhrda6 inches long, SH inetioa wide, raiaa, one bide 4 feat long. 1 iooh wide; short aide 2 feet long, I inch wide, with 1 inoh baokla; bntta, tinned molten, to weigh ? Ibe. to tbed< aaa. Wo Pair Cka:n Ptpat, 1 faat long, SH lac he* wide, 'tee Pair Trmre 7 f-et long, 16 linka to tba loot, of No s iron, with T on cm mo, weight 7H to 8 iba. ?er rair. Twiatad or strair at Pair ?/ Bre*ut Ckamt, a inehaa iong, 14liaka to tlie f'H>U of No. 9 iror. Twiat?-<il. We Neck &t'*rs, S faat 1 Inoh long, Slf laebaa wide, with inch bnckle. teo NuJi Ckntn*. 4 6 icehea long, 14 linka to the fool, >>o 4 ron, T and loop to ba riveted on to the neck etrap. Twiated. ' Stutilf, on Attakapaa tree, head ga!>ct ana oant.e, iron, oororad m the asaa. war with half tanned horaehida; flaps *t inohra lone* * mhea wide; anrotngle 7 feet S inchea long, 2fc inchea wide, with a inch buckle on one atd. to be fastened to the aaddie by being riveted to two niirvdH IW *U.?? ? - are pisoed one on Men aid* of tbe raddle trae. one end is tied to the front ?art of the bar. the other end t? the ex?e..?i<>D or the bar betind the clUitie, tfpaniah aaddle fashion, stirrup leathera t leet 7 moliee <otig, 1 ^ , .eh wide, witn *m-h buckle; atirrcps. mt . able iron. Unn?d, bolt t|4 pattern, to weigh I3X lb*, to a dozen pair LEAD. vo Collars, \i% to U inches Ions, nade the eame U lor wh'el aarnees. 100 Patr of Ham's, to emit, of aame material aa lor wheel barneee, ironed, with hcoka, breaet ring*, and line ringa.with etrapeaa in wheel barI ?* * ico Bridles, same as lor wheel harneea. wo A4ck straps and Chains, same as for wheal harness. ?o B'l v Bands, u " re f air Cham wpM. *' ** iro Pa tr Trace Cham*. *' "* m Cruppers and Hip Straps, Baok strap I feet oag, taper ng from 3fc inobas to 8M inches wide. Hip straps each 3 feet 4 inches iong, 1H laoh vide, caon with a book at one end. leo Back Bands, 3 feat ? inobee long, 9H laches a ida ?o Martingales, 4 feat long. IK laoh wide, to suckle into tie tut. *e Coupling Strap, $ feet I laohee loag, M inah ride. u Check Rein, 4 feet long, 1 u.oh wida, to twekla nto uae on vi won ena, with a nag imi la tt* teutre to receive the lead line. w Lrad Lint, a feet locg. X inoh vide, with a >ae* * at one end .and aa 8 meh toot at tae < ber. if Whip, heavy p atted horae hide, feet ?inerta* one. m Horit j?nnAtoval, of bt, ? bf ? laohea. M Curry Comb, No. 222?i bar. rha whole to be packed in a box a boat is inchee ide, 17 inohee deep, M laohea loag, n ade of 1 u.oh aff, ooo pored, wood hoopa or iron, aa nap be r? 11 red. Four-Horae Haraeea aa follow*, to wit: WHEEL. ro Quxlort, Breooh strap* feet inehoa ion#, IK inch wide, eewed into 4-inch nnga of % looti iron; hip ataapa 4 feet lone, S inches wiae; stay >i?0'? S feet 2 inchee long, a inchee wide, with X inch buckloa; oroea atrapa to baok?e into atay iiecea. 6 feet lone, inch wide; aide atrapa. 5 eet 6 inehea lone, IX inch wide; hip atrapa 1* nohea lone, IX look wide tap* ring to a pmat. ro belly Binds, t?ac aide 2 feet 4 inchee Ion*, 2 nohea aide, with a J inch baoile; short aioa 1 bot 6 toon** long aad 2 laohea wide. ro Hair Collars, 22 to 23 i no bee Ion*. With doa >le atrapa and aafe leathera aad baoilaa X ? ? ride. oo pair (Strong Ham*s to aait, made of white >ak root, iroaod with hooka, c roast nnga IX nch#quare, atapioa and iiaanaca. po pair of Ham* Strap*. Lower one I fact ne.-ea Ions, X * feet nohea long, X moh wide.oj alum *an?d leather. 90 BrUits. Crown pieoe 2 loot 2 inchee long, l\ nch wide; ohoek pieoaa each 10 in a bee lost, % dch wide; front piece 12X iacb?e loaf, IX neb ride; atay pieoea, from binds to orowa piroes. 6inchee louf, IX inoh wide; noae aiaoe 12 laohaa ong, 1 inch eUr; blinds tta?heelonf, ? noto?e ari.iM v^ina 1<wi? eida A faat J naKea 1 ? ?L e IUtT| I^IU?> I VHf aiuv ? I WW* uwu?* IVM^? BOH ride: abort side 3 feet long. I msh wide, wi'k 1 "cti buoke, bitu, tinned mnUen, to weigh S ilia, he down. p<> rnir Ckmtm Ptptt, 1 feet C inohea long, TH uohcft vtUtf. ?<> pttr T*a*t Ckntns, T feet lone. M Lake to the oot, nfNo. S iroii, or a;rni*ht, with T <*i ne end, veiitht 9 lb*. |>cr pair. M ratr Qf / ?#( Cuiu,at lauhee iubg, 14 hake o the loot, of No S iron. ,n ut?-d. w? TVacA Straw*, ? feet 6 inohea iong, th mehea ride, with * ? mob bucke. M ytk Chains. 4 (oet 6 inch-a loo*. 14 Uoka to he oot, twi?ted No. 4 iron, T mo loop to be lveied on to ift? neok a. iap. a wire, ia the autin \4 Saddlt. made oi. Atlakapaa tree. bead, *olle? od oantle ironed, covered in the steal r*j with AB-tanued horae hide; flya ? iaehe? tone, N> nobea vide; carom e, T ret ft taobea loac, TH nc hea wid-, w:th a 2K inch buckle on one end, to ? laalened to the aadd e by being rivets to two >nrved at rape, 1\ u.cli ?id* thee* etrapa a'? naoed one ou etc a aide <f the aaddle-trwe, one ?d ia tied to the trout part of ti e bar. the ether nd to the e&t*(.at?B of the bar behind the oantie, tpa&iah aadd'e feahiaa; stirrup loathera 4 fee* T ucbea lot e. IM inch wide, wiu? 1M laeh Wnekie-, rirmps, roa leable iron, t.nneJ, bolt -eje pattert, o weigh 13* Iba. to a aoaen pair. LEAD. f Br villi, aame aa for wheel haraeea. 99 Collars, ID u> 0 inohee long, made the eaaw a for whe*-l narneea. ?pair *r Hornet to rait, of aaax; aaatorial aa frw rheel harneea, irosea, with hooka, breaet rb*a nfl line ring a. viu au-apa m in tana 9armm a. . < Urck Straps aad Chaina, aaM M br vkaai yiulfri Bmmdt, mm? ae fcf rh?? beraeae. ?>?otr Cie*a aam m for vbee' fcurneae. i?ra*' TVeea tVaM. laaat aa for vheal ham*ee w Oappan tad J)if Smpa. Baek8trtalN( >n(, t?p*rinf frooi a* i no he* to SfcApoeea wide, lip tftrapa vitk bueklea tach S MM I inohee Ivu, fc inch vide, vtth wrought aooka. JBaaka, S feet 7 laokea .out, Ut laafcw m MmrtmtmUt, 4 feat lomg, 1H iaak viia, to uckie into the bitA Courhut strap, 5 feat iaehea loaf, M jack 'JCksck JMa, 4 feat 1 taeh tone. 1 trek vide to aekie iuU> the tut ai eaeh eaxl, vitk a nag saved a tka pea tar to reoatre tke lead Una. ? t-md lmm, SI feet Job*- fc utok vide, vitk a cckle at Me end, and aa l-iaak loop at tke 4 Wkip, keafy p'attad borea ktda, feat ta *bee a Harm Bnuk,ov^, of^briadae.-by-taekea aCurrv Comb, Me.ta-4 bar. rbe vku e to be packed t? a box abuat a iaakae fle, U aekea darp, M taebaa long, Bade rrf ii-ok parad. voaa beopa of uea, ae aw be re I ke whole to be Made of tke beet aatanal. eav [ U? be aaede with goad vasad tkread. aad eabit to luapectton dariac tke proaaae of ataaafac a aid afeo vbaa Saiabed. vin Diaaa. iraeeakala. arwmmat aad Mft A^HC ok tkuifeaart AOupunc w*?'? Jkr? ?to?ulod; ?m rwaS srta iM3Nan3 rht *to)?rtruTmmU* af ti? b#el wUrt^L eew[ 10 b* Md? vilk food ?U'< lkrH4. mm! Mb ?to immMm 4f rtni tk* p oc m of mmmmmre and ?< >. wii'c fiuanM. ^k1etn5u*& buNU^ofc^a ? %?*?*?iU **o U nmii i for kioi ft* fcaSE TASKffltt ?mrtfv Vj^^/^nrpuii *? ^s&zs&tKgmpSi MTHT TSfcl - ?* ??'

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