Newspaper of Evening Star, August 24, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 24, 1861 Page 2
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** ' TttK-KVENWfi STAR. W A SHIN (VrON CITT: t. liTCRDAV A?|?H ?4, 1991. t| Or* Faiaxi* at the ?mr1ou? nalUtarr campa and B r?Itt? will confer a ftoror by keeping " poated a* to movpntenta *nd in their ieln1tl?>a. . r r f Sytrlt H tH Mtralai Preaa f The Imt't igtncer, la notfriTig a latter from the , Fa0ern Teancaare eelHn;; npon Hon. Andrew j JoBnann for help Hi aupportlng their loyalty, c i rjrra (tie immediate fitenaion of aaataUnce by , tt? Fadiral eovernment. ( The Rtpuklttmm dtacredita the rtatementa that , the retool army are Buffering to aoch a great c degree from waat of provlalona, money, clothing, t and tiekneea* aad bellevee It la to be gotten rid a of la no o'her way tLan by battle, or the display t 0\t Bfk I liaila^KU w. ? ? V?I ??i VIB IVl VC OUR MILITARY BUDGET. HlliT or MATOB BBBBXT FOE ALLIGSD TBEA OHABLB PBACtlCBS. la the conn* of Isst Bight, by orders from the *Var Department, a detachment of Brigadier ( eneral (Provost Marahal) Porter's guard proceeded to the residence of Mr. Jamee G. Berret, Mayer of this city, and duly arrested him The arrest was made for alleged treasonable practices, sufficient evidences of wBlch were in the handa of the Oorernment to render such action on lta part necessary in the discharge of its duty in the matter of the preservation of thla Capital. Elsewhere the reader will find a full accounf of the circumstances attending Mayor Berret a refusal to take the oath of fealty to the Union prescribed by the late law of Congresa; required from him, according to the decision of the Attorney General of the United States, ere he can lawfully act aa a member of the Board of United Stales Police Commissioners for this District; together with the decision of the Attorney General upon the law questions Involved in the caae, submitted to him by the bead of the Interior lUMtifMea* HI* refusal of the oath doubtless in some degree influenced the action of the War Department, under the surveillsace of whose detective agents Mayor Berret has rested for soma time past; clr. cnmstanccs of his conduct and associations having rendered it necessary thus to take due care teat the public interest come to no mishap through his opportunities as the municipal head of the affairs of the Federal ?>etropoMs. MOEK STATE illllTS. Mrs GrtenAow, Captain Tansil,U. S. M C . and Lieut. TKo*. S Wilson, U S M rearrested. We hear from various quarters that, yesterday evening or this morning, Mrs. Greenbow, a widow lady well known in this city was arrested bv the Provost Guard of Brigadier Gen. Porter. Her secession proclivities have long been the subject of popular conversation Doubtless, the charge sgainst her is of being in treasonable correspondence with the country's enemies now In Arms ?f 1 ? * * ... ? ? ?? e icuii, iunaer. mat captain Robert Tansill and Lieut Thomas 8 Wilton, both of the U- 8. marine corps, yeaterdaytendered tbeir resigns tiona to the Secretary of the Navy, who, Instead of receiving them, instantly dismissed them from the service. They were arrested by the Provost Marshal's Guard in the course of lsat night, and this morning were seat by rail to Fort Lafayette, In New York harbor, which is In charge of Col. Burke. P. 8 ?Just as we go to press we hear that two of the daughters of Phillip Phillips, Esq attorney-at-law, formerly a member of Congress from Alabama, have slso been tsken Into custody by the Provost Marshal's guard, nnder the allegation of treasonable correspondence with the enemies of the I' clou In arms Latest.?The member of the family of Philip PulUips, Em) , arrested is his wife?aothlsdaughters, or either of them. TBS BIBST *IH!?ESOTA EBSIMBHT AHD THE CASB of BABB4S COBFCS. The case of E. A . Stevens, a soldier in Company B, First Minnesota Regiment, Col. Gorman, waa argaed yesterday before Judge Wayne In the cuprcm? wouri room. Mr. Stevens petitioned for bit discharge on the ground that having engaged to serve only three months, which ^ave already expired, b? ia entitled to an honorable discharge; while the Government, on the other bud, allege that he had enlisted for the period of three years. The argument for the prisoner waa made yesterday, by R. S. Coxe, Esq , and was replied to by Mr E. M.Stanton, solicitor for the Government. All the papers necessary in tbe case not being at hand, the Judge required their production. The case waa looked to with much Interest by the members of tbe regim?fct, as some three hundred members, by Its decision, will be affected. The counael finished their argumenta this morning, sod at noon Judge Wayne decided tbe case by dismissing the writ. He has not yet written out his opialon in the case a aooaiAca sxplo/>id. It will be recollected that while Gen . Me Dow- < ell's army were between Fairfax Court House and Dnll D - r-.? a? - - ?? , uca. owu i cvriigr ari ver, who waa enf from headquarters to the army with some unimportant message, disappeared, and It was Immediate published far and wide that Tie had de~ aerted to the disualoniata, carrying with him the rommander-in-Ch!er< plans of campaign, and other very Important papers, the possession of which by the enemy bade fair greatly to damage the Union cause. The man has been heard from la Richmond, through the two escaped prisoners whose adventures are narrated elsewhere In today's Star It appears that be was made a prisoner by tbe disunlonists. and has been held by them In Richmond ever since. He was no deserter, and bore nothing whatever upon his person that could poaslblf, If divulged, be likely to damage tbe Union cause. KXrLA.IATOKT OBDSK MLAT1VI TO FASSrOftTe. Dkpabisibt OW PTATB, ( Washington,. August ?, IMt J The regulation of this Department of the 19th lMh.1 M tW HtlUot ?/ , ? - ? pMB^ui ? , wai pnnclpollp Intended to check the communication of dialoyal persons la Europe. Consequently pusporta will not be required by ordinary tr?Tel?rion lines at .-ailroads from the United States which atar the Brltlah pcaaeasions. If, however, In uy apodal eaee, the transit of a peraoo should be objected to by the agent of thla Government on the border, the agent will cauae such person to be detained an til communication can be had with thla Department In regard to the caae. William H Sbwakd. , rnoM sotfolk. There reeently occurred at Norfolk, Vn., collision between an Alabama regiment and a Virginia regiment, growing oat of teanta of the former impugning the courage of the latter, flome Ire or Hz were killed before the general mem waa stopped for the time being. Hourly I | the V irglnla tree pa are becoming more a?d more tncenard againat moat of their alllea la arms agalnat the Union, who vary generally aasume an attitnde of superiority to the Vlrglalaoa, whom they stem to regard an being, la the current conteat, werth little aaore than free negroes v. a limn Mtnai irrouraiiTa. The following cana. *ee having pem^d the praacrlhed eiaattention, have been appelated of1'ors Id the revenue cutter service: John MeGewan, of N J , Captala Infaarsa " - * Heury II Welah,of Mm* , Second Lleute-ant Merte? PMlllpe, of N. Y., Third Lleuteaut. B?*fr O Halt, of Third Lieutenant. Fiank B*xr, of Dei*w?r?, Third Lieutenant s iwnoaii ratma?tcat tot m amy. k Aaaoag the appctatmeato are the following from | the Dtttfet ef Colombia: Arthur W. Fletcher. g Edward lafw, J#bn H MeBMr, Charle* 8 n J?M. Hrnr? O. Brlgham, Joha Ledyaxd Bodge, ? Robert P. Hedge, aad 8. . WllHaeaa 9 rum raiifTtm asmaAi. cob ax ataatui., L reeeatly is aeealon )b thla city, baa adjtraraed oxer m n*UX**iitftfX?bm + VtllVJ* fa Q v> aM 1 ^r, A A Wiwm J * ' ae I a* m om> an>? o? m at van. The President. accompanied by the Secretary f ?tate, pund the forenoon to-day visiting (liferent encampments, and wltneesing various iapectlona of portion* of the troop* made bv Major teneral McClellan In peraon. caps or rai?onaBt rao* nctnoat -imwIIT1NO rAB.TH rL4U Captain De Golyer, of Co. F, Fourth Michigan tegiment, and Aaalstant Quartermaster Henry C. enckea, of the Second Rhode lalaad Regiment, ached thia city yesterday, having escaped from tie military prison at Richmond n Tuaaday, the 3th ln?t They were captured at Stone Bridge, n the eventful Sunday, and taken to Richmond rlth the other prlaonera. Aa they paaaed through 7uipeper, Gordonsville and other towns, thay rere hooted and Jeered at, by men, women and hildren. At the last-named place a great number of ladles ware oat to look at the " Yankee*," nd were not aparlng of abuae and Inault. One of hem, apparently a lady by birth and education, raa very violent, and exclaimed, loudly : " What lid you come here for ? We will have you to tnow that if you kill off all the men, the women rill make more soldiera " She evidently meant bat the women would take up arms when the nen were all killed ; but the byatandera seemed o misinterpret ber equivocal remark, and com nenced (Dickering; when the Amazon, perceiv- ; ng ihe had " pat her foot In it," precipitately etlred. At Richmond moat of the prisoners were conined In a large tobacco warehouse, which haa ron ban to the windows. In this prison the Hon. ir Ely and all the captured officers were conined In a room 60 feet long by 24 feet wide. 'here were sixty in all In this one room, giving 4 square feet, or a space 6 feet in length and 4 i set in breadth to each man. From the escaped officers we give many lnterstlng particulars of their fellow prisoners In this i oorn. They say the Hon. Mr. Ely besrs his coninement with equanimity, and that Col. Corcoran i well, and wn not wounded at all In the encement. Cap*. John Downey, of the Fire Zouve??reported killed?Is there uninjured and in ,ood health. Col. Wilcox Is slightly wounded, tut doing well. Mr. Alvin Huson, of Rochester, i. Y., (In the same room,) Is In good health. [The Confederate papers claim that they have as prismers two members of Congress. They probably fit. ? - ?um mi. nuwo as one. j x be prisoners are fed >n freah beef (generally boiled) and wheat bread, nth an allowance of rice every other day. Every Ine afternoon there la a crowd of vial ton?male nd female?" to ace the Yankees." Tbla exhl> tlon the prisoners playfully allude to as " stlring up the animals" Many of these visitors vould no doubt treat the prisoners with kindness f they darsd to do so. Amongst others who rlsited the prisoners was ex-Senator Wlgfall He aid if their government chosed they (the prisonirs) might all be exchanged 44 If," said be. ' they want to fight ns as Christians, we will fight hem as Christians, but if as Camanches, we will Igbt thena u Camanches " The officers of the prison and the surgeons actnowledge their loss at Bull Run in killed and nounded to have been greater than ours. Tbey laim to have 1,300 Federal prisoners at Richmond, >f whom '?50 are wounded. We have already slated hat among these prisoners are about 00 officers Japt Todd, said to be a brother-in-law of Presli??? r t ?i - - ? 1 ...... uuuviu, 111 cuarge ui me prisoners and bey allege that he is very harsh and anaccomoLating, but thev speak in the warmest terms of hs kindness of Maj Winder and other Confederate officers Of the romantic escape of Captain De Oolyer ind Quartermaster Jen^kes we are not at liberty o speak fully?let it suffice to say that they escaped 'rom the rear of the prison about nine o'clock on he evening of Tuesday, the 13th instant, and by [ood luck and good management were able to ivold the sentries But of their perilous journey torn Richmond to this city, through the h^art of ecesala, abounding as it does In incidents of per. tonal daring snd danger, we propose to give a >rlef account, as it will compromise nobody. They left Richmond Immediately, but before emvin^ they provided themselves with a losf of >reed and ten cents' worth of crackers They raveled in a northeasterly direction, snd about wo miles from Richmond they passed the lnrenchments for the defense of that place. About hree miles from the city they came to a stream ipanncd by bridge the flooring of which had teen removed. They crossed thla bridge on tbe itrlngera, and traveled all that night?it was raining heavily?and when morning dawned t'uev were astonished and terrified to discover that they had doubled during the night, and were going lowarda the bridge they had crowed several hours before. They took to tbe wood* and concealed ihtmaelves all that day, resuming their journey a1 light During the ensuing week five days were itormy, and onward they tolled, wandering at random through tbe woods at night without a itar to guide them, and standing or lying on the wet ground in some thicket In tbe daytime, trenched to the skin by tbe pouring rain. Many times they retraced tbe same ground they bad gone over previously, and while lying perdu they jften caught sight of secession cavalry dashing by. Only once they aaw a white man except tbeae, ind that was at Bowling Green, where the dogs ran out, and the railroad agent made his appearince and halloed "Who goes there " They made no answer, but kept in tbe woods Arrived at the bankaof tbe Rappahannock on Tuesday night, |ust one week from starting, they were fairly nonpluased. Here, however, fortune favored them. Hearing whistling they kept a sharp lookout, and ? w ' loon saw that tbe melody proceeded from six or ?lgbt jovial looking darkle* Hailing these sons it Ham, they found they were going down tbe r'vsr to another one of "maasa'a plantations " Sapt. Golyer told them that he was going to ae? bis brother-in-law who lived on tbe other side of [he river, but didn't believe be could get across without going to Fredericksburg. "Golly, masfcs," said one of them, "vou go down bea to Uncle Jim's and he'll put you across in his skiff ture,for ten cents " They went down and found 'Uncle J im," who did put them across, and they cached the Potomac on W ednesday night, with heir clothes nearly torn off and themselves almost xhaasted for want of food. On Saturday mornng they had a biscuit apiece?the last of their canty stock That day and tbe next they eat lothlng more except some esrs of green corn, irbich bsd to be eaten raw, as their matches which hey bad were wet and would not ignite. Tbe lextday they filled tbeir pockets with wheat from orae shocks In a field, and this served them until hey/eccbed civilization. On coming to tbe Potomac tbey gathered some Irlft wood and made a raft by tying It together rilh their shirts, taken off for the purpose. On his tbey paddled across, being In the wster seven loors?for on their raft thev rater than out of it. They balled a vessel,which >roved to be a Baltimore acbooner, and the capaln Informed then* that they were ten miles bo- [ ow Aquia Creek. The achooner brought them ip to Aquia, where the cheering Bight of the Po- i omic Mot ilia greeted tbelr eyes. They were here aken on board the Union, Capt Goldaborough. rhere they were treated with the greatest kind* I teaa aad attention until their arrival here. They aay that the entrencbmenta this aide of ! tichmond are about two ml lea from the city, and ippaar to b? very strong. Of the entrenchmenta it Manaaaaa they are able to apeak more positively, laving had an opportunity to tee them They is very strong in ths direction of Bull Run, exending for a great distance Captain Gslyer looks quite hearty, being only a | ittle lame and aore; but Quartermaster Jsnckes, rhn Is a alighter man, aeemato be completely ised op. Their lower limbs are aulte aor? I he bites of weed ticks and other Insects which 1 ibonnd la the thicket* In that aeclloa of country. WATT TABB?ABBITALS ARB t>Bf ABTCBK8 { Lest Bight the United States storeshi p AneoeeUn, .lent. Colline commending, arrived nt the yard , 9t repairs, her hollers having become enservlee- i hie. She has been at Old Point some time, and * a# had Hana np ever since the llth of April. I [er honors are completed, ready to be put In, and he will aeon be able to reeume. her duties She iparti ali qut* at Portress Monroe. The United ' tstes Teasels Wabash, Minamata, Cumberland, araaoah and gunboat Montlcello were there, j mt Monday n German steam frigate arrived, I i rid ea Taseday salutes wave interchanged be" -vo* .0* I? -S .1 - ? l/.w siU ce-? ? * B) rw tO ttm* I I 1 IIII I The Acacottla brought up a? fas a? the mouth of the Potomac nine private**, but there ih? was overhauled by an tiprea from Com String ham, wdertn* the ptlaaaara to be taken beck to the Mlnfteaota Four were of the privateer Petrel, Mink by the 9t. Lawrence off Charleeton. and the rraaainlng Ave were the prize crew of the Dixie, overhauled by the Wabaeh off Georgetown, iouth Caroltaa. The Anacostta brings up with ber lour Invalid aeameo, of tbe frigate Savannah, te the hospital. She apoke the Pawnee as ahe cam up, Douna on a crulae down fcolow Aqula Creek. No prfaa* have been taken at OlA Point recently, bit leveral captured some time alnce are still detained u tenders. The Mount Vernon went around to Port Runron to-day, wltb Company B of the New York 21st, who bave been guarding the mutineers of their regiment, confined at the Yard. Thia doty la now performed by marine* Yesterday the steamer Philadelphia woat down on a short excursion,with Commandant Dablgren and several ladle*. She also made a trip on business to Alexandria. The steam tug Pusey went to Georgetown yesterday, bnt it la not known whether abe baa yet been chartered or not. The Tigreaa expected to go down to-day at 1 o'clock. This morning twenty seamen from the receiving ihlp Alleghany at Annapolis, Md., arrived at the yard and went into quarters with the others The steam tug Cere*, of New York, purchssed for a gunboat, i* expected to arrive to-day. AVVAIBS ovxx Tin aivn. ' [Special correspondence of the Star ] Lxwixivilli, Fairfax Cocstt, Aug. 83 ?Editor Star; To-day a detachment of U. 9 troop* (cavalry and Infantry) paased up through this lection, going upon the Leesburg turnpike aa far is Joshua Gibson's, about ten miles from George, town, where they came In atght of the Confederate camp. They also arrested and took to the city a man named McNerhnney, of Langley.and Basil Gantt, who lived about a mile and a half above the Chain Bridge. Seizures are being made almost dally by the Confederate*, who pick up young and old and aend them off to Manaaaaa. Last Friday night Mr William Woodworth,of this place, who lnd been staying in Washington, came up to see if his family were well, and was taken the next morning and carried off The other day two parties of rebel cavalry had a brash, earh mistaking the othet for the "Yankees," and after both were whipped they made tracks towards Manaaaaa. The crops are entirely destroyed, and their Dories tea upon the grain and corn without any regard for economy, more being waited than la eaten. Corn la trampled and broken down, shock* of grain scattered about tbe flelda, hega rooting and upturning potatoe lelda, and everything going to destruction. Heaven only knows what tbey will live on next winter If auch disposition of tbe crops Is made elsewhere through* oat tbe State affairs over tbe rivbr. [Special correspondence of The Star.] Fairfax Cocsit, Va., Aug. 21?Lasi ni?bt, from some unknown rause, five shots from piece* of ordnance were fired by the Confederates from behind a barricade or battery tbey have erected very recently on tbe hill at Taylor's tavern, where Gen. Tyler had bis headquarters before the march of McDowell's army to Boll Run. No one here dreams of tbe cause why they fired tbe shots. Affairs is Frederick, Md ?From the Frederick Union of Thursday : On Saturday last one of Doubleday's32-pounder rifle siege pieces was brought to tbia place, and on Tuesday last four more of bis pieces arrived here for tbe purpose of being sent with the former one to \V aabington to be exchanged for lighter guns W e learn that the number of sick and wounded iu we army noapiiai ai tuts place 1* reduced to a mall figure, and tbat tbe number la daily lewnlng under the skillful treatment of tbe medical gentlemen bavins; tbat department in charge Tbe old Court-house, built mora than one hundred yeara ago, in which th? Buchanans and their highly-esteemed aaaoclatea aat. during tbe progress of many a closely contested cause by auch slant intellect aa graced the bar in their day, haa been torn down to the ground, and tbe rubbish la apeedlly being removed preparatory to the erection of another atrncture on a larger acale, and including all the modern Improvements, comforts, and conveniences. Tbe but id log a formerly occupied by tbe County Clerk and Ragle* ter will alao be levelled to tbe ground In tbe courae of a few daya. For tbe past week our olty has presented an unusually lively and buatllng appearance, occasioned by tbe aoldlera along our footwaya, and the Government teama in our atreeta Look out almost when you will, you can aee from twenty to one hundred four-mule teama paaslng by, manv loaded with hay, othera with something elae, and some of them empty. Tbe continual din and clatter which they make ever our paved streets almoat dlatracta the quiet people of this place, who have never been accustomed to to much nolae and ronfmlon hut a. - v '--J ?? u.Krn uuuurrU WJldlers, five or tlx hundred teamatera and aa many wagons. besides twelve hundred mule* and four hundred hors*s, are enough to maks any city of the size of Frederick quite lively. Dubl at New Oblkass ? An aflfelr of honor came off back of the Metarle Course In New Orleans on Monday, the 13th Inst , between Messrs Adolphe Venette and Jesse Little The arrangement was that the gentlemen were to commence tbe Affair with pistols, and in the event "no one was hurt" they were to resort to small swords and continue the fight. The balls, sure enough, missed their mark, and the swords were brought Into requisition. Tbe fencing Is said to have been beautiful, and the seconds Interfered after both tbe principals were wounded, Mr. Venuette In the right arm, and Mr. Little In the right leg. About ISO barrels of sweet apples are dally sent from Hartford to Boston. In former years shippers have bought these apples at their owa price, bat this year they hold firm at S3 a barrel. |> mi REV. MR 8CANDLIN, Chaplain of the IkJj 16th Massachusetts Regiment, will preach in the Unitarian Church, oorner of D and Sth sts , To-morrow. Service to oummenoe at llo'olook, a itk It* ryv-BASE BALL NOTICE-The regular U.M meetings of the National Cinb for JUld exercise will be neld on the grounds of the club < the mall south of Treasury Department,) on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY EVENINGS aMo'c'oek. Members of other Base Ball Clubs a?e respactlully requealad tu attend. It* A wrf???a?rs?tr*M ? |,T-Aiic.nnun, rUTNAM RANGERS! UsJJ 1 have been authorized by the War Depa tipoat to organiae an Independent Company ot Cavalry, to b? ma iter < d in the U. 8. service immediately, and will meet a I desiring to enter this i*r ice. at the Is and Hall, from thi* date. Uo'hi and all the equifmentsfurmahed by Government, Ti'i* company will be a company of io?oti, aud none but ?uoa and worthy men will be aooep.ed. an 24 3t* 6. THlflTLETON, Capt. |ALL PARTIES HAVING CLAIMS Lk_3 againat the S*eo<>nd Regiment N. V 8. M , are hereby requested to have their billq made out, tating the nature of the oiatm, how it acorued, and for what officer furnished, and present .the same to tha Regimental Uuaiter master, at hi* office 485 Sixth street. Washington, with as little delay as possible. By order of G. W B. TOMPKINS, Colonel. Hnit R. Poors, Captaia R. Q. M. Washington, D. C-. Aug. 83.1>61. tt* <Y?-OFFICE METROPOLITAN POLICE Lk3 ? - BOARD, Washisstok. August 19, 1881, Nottct ? All applications for aproitttments la the "Metrop< litan Polioe of the Diatnot of Columbia" must b? addressed to the "Polio* Com issioners," fat writing, and lied with the Clerk of the Board, at their offioe in the City Hall, Waehington. between the hoars of 0 o'clock a. m. and 4 oroioolc p. m , uatil Monday, the 26th instant; after wnioh, to application wi 1 be received. Ill nr^M nftk. D J. ? ? J ?t ??< VI ??!? UVWL a J 1" 0RUWN1 aa 80-<t AoliPir Secretary. ryCOMPANY "A." U. 8. ENGINEERS.? IL j< Fifty intelligent and akle bodiod meonanioa will b? *n hated lo fill thia Company to the max imum fixao by law?ISO man. Inquire at No. 34m G atreet Pay from Git to per month, b?aidea food and olothing. aa 17 tf Bap'.iat Church, commencing at 6 o'clock p. m. and to m oontipued an hoar. Strangera aa well aa DitisMa of all denominationa are invited to attend Hid take part in tfaeae aoeial meetinga. m?l |Y*?" 1 SAY. STRANGER. WHERE ARE UJZ you going I Yoa aeem to be in a great harrr "wo I am. I am *oinf to SMITH'S. No. 460 Seventh street, to bay a aait of Clothing. The peot1'f. MATTHKW* i l? ? nn " ? ? ' co?. * * Th? txtraiiM of tali I nitituUoi wit] be nwil Music, Prawii'* *n<1 PuaUa*. form xufahar^M'. For Mrtioulara *#P'' tk* iutitvtion. MM ?WO pmMmb *k??256 ion ? vniTinrm4 oomplftt unrta??t Wm I i.* I ' / m Birnaerric Actioh ?The action of the Govern ment In arresting and holdleg as enemies of the > Bute all person* who they have reason to believe | are actively and dangerously engaged in aiding | and abetting the treaaon of th< se now In arms \ against the Union, will sorely satisfy the loyal everywhere (feat the dleablUUm to the eotntry'n, eause that notoriously resulted from the lax policy In that respect heretefrrc pursued, are at onee to be obviated. '< . No longer Will men In sathortty be permitted to remain la posltioos wherein tbetr presence. If ] not loyal above suspicion, may be dsngereus to tb* safety of the State. No longer will motivee of delicacy prevent the | Government from treating female iplss and female channels of commanlcntlon between the Jef-D*vls-authorltles and spies, here and elsewhere, as enemies of the State, to be prevented from doing mischief No losses wtil U. ft. army end navy ofloers be permitted to resign and go over to the country's enemies in arms, with ? u?n?ufc ?r ? take service again* (he Union. The country will Indeed take heart on thus 1 coming to comprehend that the greatest drawbacks to the succeas of the arms of the United States are no longer to exist whese the Government haa the power tb put a atop to them. H7" We are aasured that the statement quoted by na yesterday, from a Liverpool paper, to the

effect that the special series of " Letters from the South." now being published In the Loadon Times, are written by Mr. N. A. Woods, la Incorrect. That gentleman has never been In the South, we are Informed. fJZT Next week '.he United Statee steamer Powhatan Is to be temporarily detached from the blockading fleet for the purpose of having her bollera repaired. She la expected to receive a few new officers. , rrr The United Statee frigate Congreaa, from the Brazil station, baa arrived at Boston, where ahe will be immediately refitted for service In the South. v IH^The Newburyport Herald aaya: "All men 1 can auataln the war ?o long an It Is a war to main- 1 tatnja legitimate Government; but a war to abollah alaverv la a rebellion agstnat the lawa and the Conatitutlon aa much aa that in which Jeff Davit la engaged; and when it comes to be auch a war ! the niovera have no right to complain If It breeda rebellion in the North, and they are foola if tbey think it will reault in aught elae than chaos and ruin. We have a tingle object?to maintain a free Constitutional Government, and for that object we can be Onlt*d, and we ibnuld b?* united on that, forgetting all political differences, and reaalng all political proscription, In every loyal State of the Union." Death Cacrbd by Gkiev ?An axed man named Jobn Percll, died auddenlv on Friday, In Albany, N V. Hla death was cauaed by grief, brought on by tbe enlistment of hla son, hiaonly aupp< rt. He Hf?a mi J * ? ? * 4 * woa on uuutai nuu iiiuuiinoui CllUCn At every pott in tbe North, all serviceable ordnance Is being rifled. J^AVY BEEP AND PORK FOR 1P62. Navt Dipartmknt, i Bitreau of Provtfiont ami Clothing,) August ?4, lfcfil. S ?i*lkd Proposals, cndorted " Propo*?ls |.?r Be?f," and " Propo?als for Fork," aa the oase m?v ha, will be received at this rffice until 9 o'clock a. m. on Wednesday, the 25th day of September next. |')i furnishing nod delivering, frae or all ooat and rlak to the united State*, at the following Navy Yards: Barrels Beef. Barrels Pork. At Charlestown, Mass ijoo 4.fioo At Brooklyn, S. V ......4.50 6 000 At t'uiiauelphia, Penn i,o>tf i.a?o 9,000 '2.000 One half of eaid Beef and fork mast be de iver *d at each oi the above-named yards, resp^cuveirby the 1st d\j of April, 1862; and the remaining half by the lat day of Jane, 1862, unlets earner deliveries should be required by 'he Chief of thia Bureau. Pay ment to be made within thirty days alter deliver*. Bidders mast specify their prices s*?aratelv and a hi mot 17 tn separate oilers ior the Beef and for tta- "ork.and for each of the placea of delirery, covering a i expeneos ami a.l ohargea The Beef must bs we 1 fattened cattle, aaughterrd between the l?t? a* of October, IM1, and tne Ut day ol January, 1883, and weighing not leas six hundred pounds, Lett weixht. each. The Ws and leg rands of the hind auaiters,and i the shin* acd thou der clods, the shoulders of mat- i ton and ends ol stiokiag pi'eea, ani at leaat tve.vt pounda from the neck end of a*oh for" quarter or the parte narked ><<a. I.S. S, ?, luJ&.oii Uitd aving or delineation of the fore ar.d hind quarter a of an ox whioh will be attaoh?d to and-ftvra a part of the contract, muat be wholly excuded fiom eaoh 1 barre ; a i the other piece* are t > be packed, and. instead of bt-tnt cmt mtK a cleaver, must be tut tk'OMtk trilh a jo to and knife to give th< meat a square, neat, and smooth ipftatanct, tn rut** of mot less tkm osfht pound*, nor more than itctlve 1 pounds tack. I A he foil muat be paokail from oorn-fed, well fattened hoga, slanghter'd between the 1st day of December, 1861, and the lat day of January, 1M2, aiid weixhicg not le?a than two bund ed ,iounda each, excluding the head*. jo'ea. neoka, ahou cers, ; hams, legs, feet, butta, rumps, lard, and a:l refuae pieoea, as,d mu.t be cut with a saw and knife in pieoea weighing not leaa than aix pounds, nor more than twelve pou ids each. Both the B<W and Furkm at be sated with at leaat one statute bu'helof Turk's laaa'.laieof May, Key We*t solar Cno..daga solar, or 8t Ubo'asalt; an i the Beef muat lave five ounoes of fine pulverized saltpetre to each oarrel, exo.uuve nf. 1 -Ul- I -J- ' *- L - * hi u? uiau* iruiu irosn wai'T SB If- i.f j ae t& t .ill make it,ud rant b? perfeotiy bight aud clear. , Kach barrel mutt contain fu'l 900 po unde nett i weight oi be for pork,aid no exoesa of weight la either article will ne paid for. i The barrel* mutt be entirely u?v,and be mad* of the b-tt te&noned heart of wnite oak > tavea and headings; the ataveato be n t ??sthan five eigHh* of an moh thick, aiid the headings not teas than tnret-f urths of au inoh thick; they must be three 1 fourth* hooped over, including tue iron h >ope, best white oak or hiok -r? hoops, and earh barril mast hare oa it fojr iron ho >pe, v.a oar of one and a half inch m width on rajb bi ge, and one of one and ai eighth inch in * idth on each ohime, and eaoh to M of one sixteenth of an inoh tniok. fca ;h barrel must be of the interuai capacity of thirty two gallon* an i the iron hoops must be well painted with red letd. i aoh barrel must be branded by burning od ita head ** Navr Beef," or '* Navy Fork," a* tne oa e may be, with the sontraotor'a name and th- yeai waen packed, and weight; and shail also be bianded on the bang stave with the letter B. or P.. as the oa?e ma* be. The beef and pork will, nnleea other wue di eoted by the Chief of this Bureau, be inapeoted by tha inspecting officers at the respective Navy Yards aforesaid, ard b? some "aworn inapect jr of aaited proviaioiiS " who will be aelected t-y the reapective oommai.diiig office a; nt their chartea for auon mapeouona muai w paiu dv tne respective contractors, who mini likewise have the barrels put in good shipping order, to the satisfaction of tho commandants of the respective N&vt * ?id? a/ureaaid, after inspection, ana at their own expanse. Two or more arp.oved kuretlcs niaium equal to one oa f the eetimated amount of (he contiact wilt be required, and twenty per oentum iu addition will he withheld Irom the amount of each taj me .t to !?e made, aa collateral security lor the due and aith ul perlormac.oe of the respective contract*, which w 11 on no aooouut be pud until theooa tracts arc complied with in all reapeoU ; and la 10 , K forfeited to the United States in ?he event of ilure to oomplete the <elireriea witoin the era- j aoiibtd period. In caae of failure on t&e part of the oon>rafli.or to delirer all or any of the beef or poi k above mentioced, ot the qua itj and at the time and plaoea above providod, tne contractor wil forfeit and pay to the Ui ited States, aa liquidated damages. a sum of moner equal to twioe the ainoantoftheoontraotprioetibepaid inoaaeof the ao.aal delivery thereof; whioh liquidated dam ' ages may be reooverea from time to time as they aoorue Payment will be made by the United ' states at in* periods above kpeoifced. (exoepttng < the twen'y per .oentum to ba withheld do tit the ' completion of the contact, aa bet"re stated) after the aaid beef aad jpork shall have been inspected and received, and bule for the saine shall have been pre?enie<j 10 um wkTj tftoU, rwiMDTtlfi duly | approved bj Um oommandants of the rMpaotm i tin yards. according to the tormi of tiie oon i traot Tkt ftrli of fcetf to k4 ixcludtd will tepmrticu \ lariy A tignaud in th* to t>t attackti to tin contract, tenoni tn teresim can obtain tkimt on application at this q/Ue. Biaden whose propotals shall be aooop tod (U4 none oiktrn will bo forthwith notifed, and m early as practicable a oontraot will bo transmitted to them for ex*cati?.n, whion oontraot mut bo returned to tho Bur ecu wttain too days, oxo u?ivs o 1 tho timt repaired for the regular transmission of tho maw. j A r -oord. or duplicate of tho letter mforming a bidder ml tho aooeptanoo of his proposal, ?iu b? ' doomed a notiioation thereof within tho meaning of tho aot of 1MB. and hi* bid will bo made and ao ' oepted in <?oaf^rmitr with this auderstandinf. Every offer mads ma t bo accompanied (as di- ' tootod ia tho 6th section of tho am of Co' gross ?i?ki"g spproprtations for the naval ?ervioa for 1 I84i$ *47, approved loth of Aagast, INS,) by a writ ten guarantee, susod b? une or mOre responsible , persons, to the efleot that he or they aadeniakeihat 1 wi? n un or o uaira win. u aie er Utu bid be ac - < eepted, rater into an ob nation within tan days, irtth good acd auffioietit iur?CM, 10 fhrmeh the 1 aruole propoeed. , Thie guarantee neat be aeooapani?d br theoer- 1 tifioate of ltha unit-d States diatriet ;uo?a, United ' Ik* tea district aito naj, or navy afent that the . guaraatora are abe to aahe good thei r gaa antee. { No proponftl v 11 he oonaidered aaieea aoooropa- ' hied br tuoh guarantee. ^ , The bidder "a mom aad re idenee, and tha mw ff each membe r of tie trra, where a fompaiiy of- . iera, with the Christian aaaeewrulaa laMuTMat ' be dutinotlr a tale d. . Uader the jolat reaolatioa of CoarreM.aaprorrd ' fTth Maroh, 1?N. -allbida for aupplieaoTaroei ion, oiothing.and tmali atorea for the aee of the ?aT*, maj berri-oled at theept.oa of the Depart- , aat, if omm fty one But known aa a manafootarer of or regaiar dealer Id the vae e proposed ^ajjsuarHs?iwr~C'Oa BALK?A nataUUI tew aa-top BUOGY. ! I | . " ?# 4 .WV*^ ' * ^ 1 I i v .eeon* swdn /fi *e iMArJ # 1 1, ssssaesammi AMUSEMENTS. QDD FELLOWS' I ALL ! OOWIN t'KD~BL CC EW ! J X T A A ATT A ACT ton ' UllQIUJi AMD l?CO*PAftAU.1. Nl?tk Ni(M of tb? CAMPBELL MI*fiT*EL8, THIS (Saturday) F.VEfflNO. AqmtMti Tha eoi tmoad mum af thig Troin fcaa ia duofd V*9 M?n?r?r? *0 RMtOBI U*ir M(I(NMD tatbiaaity. Tlet vill Mirtr in i mv Mi WW profiatfmue arary uicbt taU waak. Nmt >wtr? iji New Act*. Door* op?n at 7 o'olook. parfomaaaa aomiaaaa i n ic at o'oiook AdniMiOD?TW B.NTY WANTS. ' A ?ENtLEMAff WAHT8 BOARD FOI I\ bia w:li ud irrtut 1a aa a?rarftbia ftuaily location muat ha fa ft plaaaaat part of tb* city pleasant, w*ll fgrni?had room*. aa<l th# pftrtiaa o nnqaaatioaad raapaatabillty. If aastaaliy aaitW, i o?o?. laiW-tf WANTED TO RENT?/n a pl^araot part o the city, a HOUSE foutaimnc trior m rooma. with amall yard ia fvort Poraoaa ha*tni Mb a bo?M to rant row c by thaSntb of Sapton t*r. will piaaaa apply to T. T SCOTT, at tb< Senata Folding Room, front an to J p *.;a't*> that time at 4?1 Maaaftobaaetu a* , baftwaea 4-1 and 5th ata. U^_ WANTED IMMEDIATELY ?J*erer* I tod Tf VEST HANDS. K. OWBN 6 CO., *u a 3t Merchant Tailor a, <66 Pa. avaoae. WANTED TO RENT?A modarfttft-ataadliir mahad DWELLING HOUSE. Addre.a' M MV'w95 o atreat. tt* Furnished house wanted, with auto aijbt rooma. Addrena Box 8#0, City Poa Quiff**, XMitu t?rma ftntl 1 >c%tion. aa W St* WANTED?A MAN to ornrk on abra-OM that i? ao<-u*?om?d to t! acar? of jHsr^ra.ouwa ard aJkindn uf I arm work Hoaaat aa**hl* p#' eona oo<* need apply. A maenad mu wi^oatchil dr.n preferred. Address "X Y Z," at this ol?e. an 25 St* \%7 ANTKH.-A lady of Baltimore wi?f?o? ?o par '* ohaao lad if? and geutlen.en'a CA9T ?>FF AFPARKL. All p?r?ona having vuoh good* U dtap'<?? of vi 1 ba called a poo at their r???-iene< and receive oaali for the aaine. Addrea* "A. G.,' Ptar for ten daT>. au 21-lw* WANTED-A DINING ROOM SERVANT who uhoprita? da hi* buain?aa we I: noo< other need apply. Al?o,a('f>|,OKRD BO^ aboa* IS teara o'.d. Apply at EMRICH'f* Ea repeal lions*. corner of Eleventh atreet and the At*sue au 19 1 w WANTED. FOR THECA^H?AH klada o SECOND-WAN I) FURNITURE A N I HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLE?. Per?f?n? leading the city or having a aerplna will do we I to oa; immediately. R. BUCHI-Y, JeS 4il* Seventh, between 0 and H ata. WANTED.?We are now buyingSECOND HAND FURNlTURE,8TOVF>*and BKD DING, for which we are paying the higher cash prirea. Families declining housekeeping, oi having a ?nrplns of furnitnra, wilt find it to thaii ad?an'e.*o to give na a ?all. _ _ RONT7 * CRIPFITB je 15-tf No. 369 Ttk'ii, betw. f'ana K ata. LQST~AND^OUNP. LO*?T?On Frida? afternoon. the 2M in?t*nt. 01 Fa avenue he'ween the Treasury Dep&rtm*n and 17?h at., a <*olt'a R KVOLVf.R, without look The finder will receive a table r*ward on re tarninn th? lame to the Britiah Legal on. on B at. t.?twe?c 17th and I8'h. an 34-2t* WAS STOLEN FROM THK SUBSCRIBED A Pne Irot D/vr.k o<v?ia k . J --ka -- ? a < w?? uwb vvn ainiui sii* uiiouaitr note* and bills, or* of them drawn by Henry au ter. for ?3<\ Ancuat 3,1861, and dnefin da*? afls that date. I hereby notifr all pereont not to pa] any billa db!?m to myaeif au 24-Sr CHARLES STOCKK. IOHT?On the erenin* of ths 33d inatant, bo j tween the Camp of the 15th Mass. Regimen and H at, down Uth at., eleven fan pieoea, thre< <|l pieoea, and aome ailrer ohange. The finder wi' be duly rewarced br returning it to Mr. KNOX Sutler of 15th M*eraohuretu. back of Colanbiai College, or R. C. STEVENS, 3S6 Pa. av. an 34-3t P. j. BTKVBNg LOST DRAFT? Dankera and others ate r? <iu?aU*d to refuae payment of Treaaory DraT No. 2.6B on Warrant No. 3342. p\yab'e to order ol (fohii A. [.aihctn. for aizty foor dollars and eighty our cent*, it having l?*u l??t bv me If JOHN S. 6ALLAHKR. CQ 39 RH WAR p.?6tra?ed a?ay. abop' ? w^el 0 tm ago. from Jokason'a Row, oijMKk Maeeaobtitetta avetue near North Cap-TaJr itol et'eet, a S<? W t?nd five PIG-*. TheAJtoMMi f.bove reward will be paid to tha finder oa return ng them to Mrs. HURLEY, at the above n?ra*< P t3?. aa 34 3 * ftC REWARD.?Strayed a war from aay ooop? ahop lot, on south of Watar at.. g\ Georgetown, on Wednesd** ni?ht. 21 atT-TB Aucu?t.lMl,a light brown MARE, aboat^*^-^ UK handa high ; abe has white under her hied fat. look, and her hied !ega a iittie ?woli*a; heNcf fo-o foot haa b*?n h?r at edre of hoof, and ahs u 1 littli Idmfl Th* rKai a mwatA will ka J W. the ?nb"cHb?r, if brought home an 24-3t* JOShfH REYNOLDS. OPROTACI.W LOST.?Waa droppsd in or ntti the War Depa'tment, on Thnraday^:^^^^, ifltrnror, a pair of <*<"?T.D SPKCTA-^^^J CLF.?. If lett at thia'"ttoe. or at No 318 I "tre?t the finder will he auuably rewarded an 23 St* STOLEN?On the nirht of Saturday, the 17tt inotant, from Eaehy'a wharf a OlTNNIN'fl HKIFF, painted lev'-ooior, tinn?*t dee, botton hooped with hoop iron. A reward of five do!'an will be paid for it* return to Eaehy'a Ship Yard, an22 le BOY LOST ?A *00 of Patrick Kelly, private 11 Company O, 2d Cavalry, 1'. t*. A., waa oe' oi the evening' f July 4th, 1S6-. H a m<Hherwaa th?i at M tp. Su liva.Va on C street, near Depot H< la eight veara o d, b'*ck eyee. ?al ow *<mp'enon and wor> a gray Jacket and panta t Hia name ii J.ihn. Any information oorcnrng hi? wi I I d reot*d to Mr. Sullivan, or the Commanding OScer of Cf'inp'.ny O, 2d Canary, at the Seminarj n?ar * leiamtna. b* t^ received bv hit father-PATRlOK KELLY. anO-lw* I7STRAYS.?Found treapa^aing on tHo aut*ea 1 El ber'a premiaee, on Monday. th? l?th ^kd| in tai.t, a arge old blaok and white CO W.K^ with 'ong horna. ani a piee* eat ont ofSiJL ea >.h ear; al?o, a red <nd wr.ite Cow, wi'h her calf about one year old. haviag a whitiah faoe ; and I email sorrel MARE, auppoeea to be blmg <T th< right eve. The three latter were pnbliahed m th< Star of the Rthaid ISth matant The owiara art r'^neated to oome forward, pay eharfee and takt mvm' awaji UAillLL J URAH AiW? Ri^ge Rom. KB 33-9t* aext Cart Matidox'a farm Q.'A RF.WARO Will be pud for theapprebea ? ot and delivery to me, or aeeuring in iail of NEtiRO WOMAN LOl'ls?E; M eaiia herself Loui*e Han ton She ia a tall, Silely negro, quite Maok, veil d*ea*ed. with ull ani? of hair. She ia no doubt larking '? " Upper Marlboro' or neighborhood She hat a haa band in WaahiUften city,and inav mak* her aai lo plaoe. WM. WORTHINGTON, Near Wo.Vvrt'e, an 15-3tawtf Prince George'* county, Md. BOARDING. BHARDING.?A gentleman and hi* wife aat two aincl* irntiemen can be eecommodat <1 nth ple?*ant Rooms and cond B ard in a prir?U family, in a pl*a**nt and healthy looation, by ap Wine at No. 32 Proepeot at.. Georgetown. Roomi II be rented either furnished or aafarniahed.witi or without Board. aaH-tt* FOR SALE-A ?ne Kentucky HORSE. Ic^nin at the Cavalry Stable*. Treaaury Build tag. au ? 2t* THE MISSES FISHER WILL REOPK* their School for Boys and Girls, September M it No 400 Maaaaohaae U arena?, aear Teeth at Attention will tie given to all the ordiaary br?n*he< af Rn R.neliaK VA n-a?i/v- * H| OR9E. WAGON, AND HARNESS FOl 8ALt!.-Wil be mM at a the owner ha*inc bo farther im for th?D,i >31 i good Work Mare, Second-hand W ipd Hudm. The mare le warranted. laqeireai T. DRURY'S Wood and Coal YuiraamM between 17th and 18th iti aa B it* NOTICE. " AOAMS* EXPRESS COMPART.** Thie Company offers to the ?*Mm " Uae*aaUM Advantage*'' for the Safe anti Quick IHafitoh o Heavy F eighta Peokaeea, Valaitblee, Money, Ao ko , to all parte of * he United xtatee. Exereeeee to and fro* the North and Weet de pert from and arrive id Waektnfton twioe daily. AU Expre^eee are ia charge of txptrttncid am 'dtablt Mees*ncera. All Paoka?ee for The Soldi era oarrieo at "am AUCTION &AL&S. i I Br J. C. MaOUIRK ft OU. AmUt -mmn DANMOKI AtiV HKAMLY *?W riJI??c ?;o7^A"wK;w^f'iHiiV.!<r,v:e 5* ?, U ? 'clock, U tk? iwU??0* .?T Co?. [fwu MBfnilMBu4iorr Om?r. Fiik Co*?r*4 Fmifc L*Wf* Md ;. i^iwew??sxs'as???i~ i . Md ripm?. *-^oas.r"f - *?? fiM EWB*lBff*. Vmm m4 Orn?m??t?. FiUroro D.I iu* TtMfcWrin1 RM( Twhm, uj rT'*J-T- *** ^ n. ^ rNPiwnfVMir inniwif) pvvpwv mhi fii f a. i p,"^Th? abov* Fa ra iter*. 4?^ Mo(<b? M <m|ttrudM?rlrMV. room for t?li ta^un f ofjh# iMkoMm r i. C. MbBUIBL 4 CO, A?**. By WALL * B&KNARD, HKnwui. BY VIRTUB or A DBBD OT TtlfT. ?a]y _reeorded, Ayrtl7, IM.UNM lk* la"d raoorAa ' ???W3r.*Kifi ?Jd&?;s,,1s*3 I 0W|?(OTC,D C..Vllt M A B(tl?t i9Ul Bell, kt M V- axyoaa at ?u<-tM>B u? Mioviji Em I F.ftau. utaaiw in WaaAiMtoa Ci?y. i?. C . ?( Um eornar of N ?tr*M imrtfc u4 f*raoit BB?. kaeva a? Uh> *Mt kalr of LM ft*. t, in B^ttr*M.ud lb# imtror*?MrU, oonatrtiM m? two atotybnak dwa:i?nc kovit. . 1>rm? mad* knovn at ?\> All -<onTfT anoint at aoit of parsh-flpr. 1 WAI TKR t*. COX. {Tr.rt?? I CHARLES M MATTnifWP. ( Traat**a. , Jyl7 8awAd? WALL* BARNARD. AmU. ' OT" IN CON9EQI K.NCE OF RA1N.TBB . abova 9al* ia Poatyonod antirTRUR^UAY AfT* BNOON.adin at., aama hoar and plao* aasnst WALL 4 HARNARD. Aa?U. C7THR ABOVF BALK IRFTJITHRR p ^oltpoBwl Bctil WKDNKfDAV AFTERNOON. 4th wit?mh#r. at ? o'clock. 1 QC 0._k^- "?' ? - " w>w VTA'.L > PAH riAHI/| AiHlt By MARSHALL * PAGE, Aaetiooeara. Sale l?n account of thk united ?ratm -oi mundat.atimt?. at is | v? thall Mil at nib 10 taotioi, at the nan Vri, fa tMa oi'y, oi aooownt of tlM I titad Sialaa, tU 1 following da-enb-d m< frtj t OnebamUf Beef, ?Ot. u : (mn hw1* J Reorder: ?T> BIOWN, N?tt Arwt ' *e?UM? MARSHALL <t PAGE, AMU. br bontz * griffith. Auctioaaera. Trustee** sale or hoi se and lot i> rut MoiTRtiH Limr n - B>. rtrtaa of a d?ed in treat kvrni tfau 01 im Itk d?r ?f O*. tober, iMl. ard reaorded ) Liber J- A. S , Na. 4 t in, folio. W.W??i?, the aabfortber will ae.l. r at pabta aale oa THURSDAY, the 3K* day of Au(o*t Ml. at 6 e'oiocB f m-, ?n tha prewieea, asrtofLot No. 19. in avbdirtaioe of rqaara Ne. 42S 'rontinf It feet UK ia^h-a on Kth atreet watt, wi'h a deatn fa?t o an al-'e*, wtth ta? imrova. manta oeoaiatinc of a tw* itory tad aUia Fraaae Dwelling Hoeae. a itt oe.'lefc The above property 1a ailaatad at tha aoraar of ?th atreet weat aod m atraM nor?b. la a rapidif im f proving part of tha aitr. at.d offer* a faaerahle aai portanity to paraan* deairont of roowini a rami i de m or mkim u IbtmubmL 'j' ^ ^ If thr term* of aale are not eowplied with ia ito <l?j? after ih* eale the proa?rt? wilt be ttcoM, npoc one week ' rotioe, at the riak and 11 p?i?? of ; th? pnrohaeer. Alt oonTeyar.otnf at the ri^Mt k of the f*roh*??r. RiCHaKD A. RnMONBTON.Trwti* a??-?-awada ripSTZ k CK1KHTH. Aaote. r By WALL A BARNARD. AeoUoaeer*. BY VIRTUK OF A DEED OF TRUST, dily recorded. Afrit T, 1MB. among the iu4 FMOHI of Waahincton c<>uuty. D. C? the anderaty n ?d. t Trlateen of the "Tnir* Bmldiaf ANOOUUIO" of i Georgetown. D. C-, will, OB lock dar Heytembor. at I k)i o'clock p. >., expoee at ajib ie auction the lowing Real Eat&tr. aiteateC m Waahincton Cry, i on Maaaaehuaetta arena*. between 4th and Mk itrMU. know# m the wnt half of L<* No. M. M S?uare 517. with iniirovwMiUfc o&fiitinc of a r two-atory frame rtw?ili?.f hoaae. Terma made known at aale. 1 Ail oonraronoinf *? oo?t of ftrahiaar WALTER J*. COX I t--.. CHARLES M. MATTHEWS, { Traataoa. ly n aawAda WALL k. BARNARD, AnoU. I Vj WALL A BARNARD, AaoMooeera 1 r^REY HORSE AND SPRING WAG?N AT i 1* ArcTios.?On SATURDAY JfORMNA, July 3. we will aelJ. in fVoat of oar Motion rooma 1 Grey Horae, w?nMt*d aoaad. kind, and gee tie, . and worka wall in harn aa, 1 1 Sync Wagon, nearly new, aattabia lot a grooer or eiyr*aa watoa. r eStf mum - m ? wall * BilNAKDt AieU. EVEBY LADY THAT INTENDB TO LKAVk WASHINGTON (thoa'doftll f tt No. 3?B P?rn?yir* III ITIlll la4 ?rof nr* | THAYKLINO SUIT. oontictmg of a Manulla, Coat, or DuUt, lid n^unt1 enom L for i D mi t? nttok. >* ; TBAVKLlNG nrr gostMl-oeij fS?. TRAVELING BUI TS??uf?c?only ? S*. TRAVELING SlIITt?uVl mm?from ftiOto A Sof TRAVELING BABMENTB. 1Mb M P?o?oea, ColU, Duiio i lod Man: 1 m. wuboat the r>r?N, from Mi to #1 AO. of u?f;or lulit; Alto. BLACK BlJt C6ATS MANTILLAS. Alto. Droop. Ruib. and Joofcor BAT*. atu Trave id| l*?U of COLLARS ?nd BL&EVKB, jait reorivod at MAX.W KLl J' Mu'illiH Fv?) (w* xi au auo aaB PwnnrfTama a*. lifEDlCAL DFPABTM?NT OF GEOEGFIfl TOWN COLLEGE. IfuAMftM Pw?. Cmmt nf Fmmd IWfU Strut. Busior or IMI-'M. FACULTY OF MKDICIIfM. NOBLK YOUNG. M D.. 1 Pnhtiof of PnooiylH and Praotioo ? MiiUin. JOHNBON ELIOT. 14. D.. Profaooor of PriimpiM aad PriobM c f lv(?|. J. M. BNYDEB, M D . . ProfMaor of Ob*Utn?^ia| Dimun of W?M TBOMAB ANTI8ELL. M. D . Prof?Mor of MohioaJ Ckowiatry, To&iooWf. Phy?oiory J E. WILL BIT. M D. DoaoMtrater of Aaatomy. ir? tv? .w....1 ?- ? ihhoi will WIMMI ? Ute ted of Orto b*r and end in March foi.owmi For farther yi- ' formation %C?cm? JOHNSON EI.I<?r, M. 0, Dnu. of the Faoultf, 4*8 P tr*rt. t?tv~n?U j and 7th lU a*. 6 )awt\<.- 1* . BILLI4KD8! r TCiM Th? loT*ra I??" *- of U* GAME OF BILLLAED8 will find ia KM RICH'S FINE HALL. Oornor ? PtuarlTUit men and IIU ttwH. L (aoBtn aide,) I two of Ut? nMt adauraMa I TABLES ' in tba Waited State*, witt orory oomfortui OODTNiMM I 4M? tf tor th> Mrtri. . | OUI8VILLE AETEaiAN-VVELL WATEE, Li 'In* Lick water.awdeSiiier Medicica Watera, ? aiviratrMh. Aim, irMk yy.iM of Par* Meat- , ciar i reootvad voaklv. Ajiri, Bctkaaofc'a, u< i w-,ijy ft nau 1 y*Tc' S?yttA?S?I* ! ! v.?... ^ > 1X7 BOYr CLOTH1N6 ? X HtnrtMTWT%}U? .Mterw trct ' KSiSJC1^ ,Uk ** [ ' . sF^h.S52IS6i,V,2'*. ' /#V AT THE OLD PlWN OFKiCK. A Mo7lib*rfatdruMM(t?MhoM M4 1 K* Siftg'ju. 1 : IltS~^33 / I SA.LF" r>Or IMl nlM. Alt Go< da for Uio ?o-oalled "Confederate State*' rid all AruolM " Contraband of War" a ill b< VVIHk Urn' Eiwmmi Imti Nor York at 1.5,sad IP arriving la Waehington at 6 . M and ft* ^E?rN?M leave Philadelphia at Mft A.M. aac , arriving la Waging ton at ft SO P. M.aat ' Expreeeaa l?w Baltimore at 4 M A M. and 3 P ML, arriving is WaaLtagton at c A. M. and 5 a rtrJi? Bpeciti ContraoU for targe qaaatiti^e of Praxghl tan be mad? o? aaplieation to thia ? 'fliee. AH Good* aaUad far and <dahvarad Am of iltn ? i P, Mol-AUGHMN, . Agent Adam.' Expraaa Company. Waekiagton, Aagaet B, t?J. a?M UB. MAIL. 8TAOK LINE Wuk lagion *n I RookrilU iHWiiik^K . HMtin'i Hot*). oor ?th u4 D ?U MFT^< tVKRY MO*NINe(9?ndByiF*-^HBe5gC repi?dj?t7o'o ook ?nJ I C. OoimxJw k. oor. But IAd BmII ?U , eMriclofLttto'dou; tnnwf "m-SS10 uswiw,aiT. I % I I

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