Newspaper of Evening Star, August 24, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 24, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL news. ARBBIT W TBS ? Willi*?TOV II CI1K?K #F BIfLBYALTT! HE IS IERT TO romT L&riTETTE, NEW YORK HARBOR. full and interesting particulars op the arrest. The DelRffi of the Peltee CmrIi>I*i> era rb4 the plRlea of itteroey fieieral B*tes. alNOCUK COURSE of THE mayor! ? 1 HIS tKLLOW COMMISSIONERS DECIDE THAT HE MUST 00 OVT! Ctrymltoa Attorney Ctrllil# tacks ap tti 9tofu with en Oylalta! j*ator man bblitbb? a tai.bpict??t ! . It wm knows about town yesterdsy W?t the Attorney General had given an opinion against the position takes by Mayor Berret In tbe matter oT refusion subscribe to the osth of allegiance taken by hia fellow Police Commissioners, snd thla morning It wit whispered that the bonrd bud, is accordance with that decision, voted that Mayor Berret could not act with them. To all the talk crested by thla position of things s new Impetus was given this morning, by the announcement of the arreat of Mayor Berret on charge of disloyalty. It was at first supposed that the arrest wss sn Immediate result of hia refusal to take the oath of allegiance, but subsequent developments showed that Government bsd causes for his srrent quite independent of his action in connection with the Bosrd of Polity Commissioners. Mayor Berret left the Bitting of the Police Board about7 o'clock p. m. He was arrested at hia bouse on H street in the course of the night, but so quietly was the ar. rest effected that probably not a single resident of the neighborhood wms aware of the movement until long after the Mayor had been placed upon the teals, and was far on bis way to Fort Lafayette, New York harbor. a m esi as i iist to *b /ob* bbbbvt. About S o'clock thla morning a colored man was seen In the vicinity of the Tressury Building, Inquiring anxiously for ths residence of Mr John Berret. On being questioned aa to his pertinacious search for this party at so esrly sn hour, he said thst he was entrusted with an urgent message from the wife of Mayor Berret to his brother John, informing him that Mayor B "had been arrested at hia house at 4 a. m , and would be sent away by the 8 a m. train to Fort McHenry." ms. bbbbbt at thi cabs. , The person to whom the colored man communicated this Information hastened to the cars and met officer Yeatman to whom he said, '-They've got vour Mayor is quod, and are bringing him to toe cars " Officer Yeatman replied, "He Is not my Mayor," but took position by the station railings, snd on the arrival of the Mayor paid his parting adleux to his chief. Mayor Berrst reached the depot 10 minutes before 0 o'clock, and spent tbe time until the departure of the train in conversation with hia guards, (who were In citizens dress) snd with such of his friends ss had got scent of his arrsst In season to meet him at the depot. Mayor B. pat the best face possible on hia position, but it was quite evident to those who saw him that his cheerfulnes# was forced, and that he appesred "to have something on his mind " There were but few persons at the depot when Maytr Berret, accompanied by two gentlemen (strangers to those around) and an officer of the army, took their places In the csra. Shortly before the departure of the train, Mr. John Bsrret (a brother of the Mayor) arrived, vary mnch agitated apparently; snd s few momenta were devoted to conversation by the two, the substance of which Is snly ksown to ths officers In whose custody the Mayor sppesred to be. Upon the departure of the train, Mr. Jobs Berret turned away very much affected ; and to a suggestion thst the destination of the Mayor was probsbly Fort Hamilton, replied, " No, Fort Lafayette " paocaxsiBGS or ths coaMissiopsas or rout s. We are enabled to lay before our readers to-dsy ths fallowing very Interesting rsport of the important proceedings of the Bosrd of Police Comm s?loners during the week : Mondny?The board met in the City Hall at 10 o'clock a m , pursuant to the order of the President of the United Slates; present Mavor Berret of Washington, Mayor Addison of Georgetown, and Commissioners Waliacb, Tenney, Bowen, and Brows. Ob motion of Mr. Wsllsch, Mayor Berret was called to the chslr, and Mr. Brown appointed acting secretary. Mews. Addison, Tenney, Wallach, Bowen* and Brown submitted their oaths of office. Mayor Berret declined to do so, upon the ground that tbe osth which he hsd taken as Mayor of \\ aahlngton rendered the aubacrlblng to any new osth unnecessary, being s member of the board only by virtue of his office as Msyor of Washington. Mr. Tenney (of Georgetown) opposed thla view of the esse, st some length, and on motion of that gentleman the question was referred to tbe Attorney General of ths United States for his decision Ths Bosrd then proceeded to effect s permanent organization, when Richard Wsllsch was elected President, Jos. F. Brown Tressurer, snd ThCB. A. Lszenby Clerk. Oa motion, the salary of ths Clerk was fixed st SI,000 per sn num. Ob motion of Msyor Berret, the Csptaln of the "Anxlltsry Guard," and the members thereof, were continued In office nattl the 1st of September, 1861. A notice to sppllcsnta wss ordered to be inserted in tbe dslly papers. [This notice may be seen In another column ] Twtdaf.? After some unimportant proceedings, Messrc Brown, Bowen snd Teaney were sppolnted a committee to divide tbe District of Co'umbla Into ten districts. Tknrtdijr. ?The President laid before the Bosrd the following written opinion ef the Attorney General: opinion or tbb attobhbt sbikbal . Attobbbt Gbbbbal's Ornca,) ?i August, 1861 S Sir : Your letter ef the 81st last presents for my opision the question whether the members of tbe Bosrd of Police for the District of Columbls. crested by tbe set of 8th August, 1881, entitled ' An act to create a Metropolitan Police District of tbe District of Columbia." Ac., are required to take tbe osth of allegiance prescribed by tbe first section ef th* set of the ssme dste, entitled ' Aa set reqslrtsg sn osth of sllsgtsnce snd to support tbe Constitution of the United-States." The Metropolitan Pollee Act above referred to, Bee 4, provide* that Immediately upon Its passage, ths President ahali appoint oy and with ths sdvlce and conasnt of the senate, five Commissioners of Pollee, who shall be the chief officers of tbe said Metropolitan Pollcs Districts, snd who shall severally possess and perform therein tbe powers snd duties enjoined by this act. The said Commissioners, together with the Mayors of the cities of Washington and Georgetown, sx-srilets, shall form tbe Bosrd of Pollcs for the ssld districts, snd a matorlty of tbem shall conatitute a quorum of such board for the traaaactlon of business The Police Board referred to in your letter, constats then, of seven members, five sppolnted by the President snd ths Mayors of Wsshlngton snd Georgetown. Tbe Mth section of tbe asms act provides that the Board of Police aha 11 snsoslly, en or before the first Mondsy in November, report in writing the condition of the police within ssld districts to the Secretary of tbe Iaterlor. Ths set of August, 1681, requiring the osth of slteglssee, (see 1,) declares thst ltsball be ths duty of the beads of the several Departmsnts to casssto be admlatstered to each snd every offices, clerk, or emplo) a bow in their respective Departments. or Is sny wsy connected therewith, or who shall hereafter In say wsy become connected therewith, ths osth therein proscribed; aad f in her that essh sad every sach civil officer sad employs la ths Departments aforoaald, or la sny way connected therewith, 1b the across or eariptoymsat of ths United States, whs shall refnas to taks ths osth or laffirosstlea ths rain provided, ahall bs Immediately diamlanad aad discharged from sach asrvtea or employment The quaation, then, is, are tbe members of ths Boart of Police officers in tbe service or atnpioy st of the United Stales, is say wsy connected **? pf Oepsransr u referred to ? ara efitosrs In the service or employWa< the Usited taaan cannot well bs ques ** 4. Ths sffioa thsy held Is created and Ita | dutiee e<e dfined by act of Congress; ive of them ars appointed by the President, and tbe other two are declared members of the board because they bold certain office* which were created by acta of Congrees; their compensation and all the expense* which aaay be Incurred In tbe discharge of their official dntlee are to be paid out ef the Treaaary of tbe Ualted States; and, finally, they'are to make periodical re porta to the bead of one of tbe Departments of the Government. Tbe membera of tbe Board of Police are, tbea. officer* In tbe service or employment of tbe United Statea ( Are they, aa such officer*. In any way connected with any one of the Department* * The 24th section of the organic act, as we have seen, make* tt their dnty to report annually In writing tbe conditlon of tbe police within tbe dlatrlcts, to the Secretary of tbe Interior. By tbla provision they are certainly "connected" with tbe Detriment of the Interior, and I cannot avoid the concluaion that they are therefore directly within tbe letter of tbe statute which mafcea ft tbe dnty of the head ef that Department to cause the oeth in question to be administered to every officer or employ* in any way connected with his Department. The act doea not attempt to define what kind of connection with tbe Department shall bring the officer within its terms, out It is careful to extend tbe duty of causing the oath to be administered beyona officers who are * tbe Departments to theiarger circle of officers who are in any woy conntctid with the Departments, and it la too plsln for argument that the dutv of making an annual repOrt In writing of the condition or the police to tbe Secretary of tbe Interior, directly connects tbe-Board of Police with the Department of which be is chief, and imposes upon him the obligation of causing to be administered, and upon them the obligation of taking, tbe oath prescribed by the act. Thst tbe Board of Police are within the spirit of this set Is, I think, equslly clear. Tbe purpose of tbe act, as la well known, la to apply a stern and much-needed test to the fidelity of public officers entrusted with the administration of the Government in a time of great public peril;?a peril fearfully increased by repeated and shameful instances of official treachery and misconduct. And certainly it doe* not demand the liberal spirit of construction to which the wise nnd benifleent objects of the act entitle it, to bold that It applies to a class of officers who are specially entrusted by It with the conservation of the pesce and order of the National Capital, and upon whose integrity, fidelity and xeal the Government relies ss one of its means of support. Other reasons occur to me why the Board of Police sre of tbe class of public officers to whom tbe oath In question should be administered, but 1 do not suggest them because I think the proposition i* too plain to need further illuatratlon, and because the time within which this opinion Is required will not allow. Of course tbe duty of taking tbe oath attaches to every member of the Board of Police, whether he be appointed by the President or be a member tz officio as Mayor of Washington or Georgetown, since tbe act makes no exception of any class of public officer*. 1 do not here express an opinion on the point whether any of the members of the Board are exempted from taking the oath prescribed in the 3d section of the Metropolitan Police Act, becsuse that oath Is Included In tbe terms of tbe more stringent oath pre,cribed by the other Act of the same date, which we have seen that It la the duty of every member of the Board to take. I am, Sir, very respectfully, your ob't servant, [Signed] Edward Bates, Attorney General. Hen. Calib B Smith, Secretary of the Interior. Considerable debate ensued on the reading of this opinion, during the course of which Mayor Berret expressed a willlnj;n?s? to take the oath prescribed by act of Congress, but not the form sent from the Interior Department, which was taken by his fellow members and published in this paper. lie urged members to hesitate before they assumed the responsibility of depriving the representative of 60,000 people of tLs District of a seat in the Board. The Board not being willing to act in the matter without giving it due consideration, adjourned until next day at 5 o'clock p.m. Y?tt?rday?Mr. Berret submitted a lengthy written opinion of J. M. Carlisle, Esq , Corporation Attorney. This legal opinion, we understand, la to the effect that the Mayora being ex officio membera of the Board, were not obliged to take any eath of office to qualify them to take part in the proceedings of the Board. After read, lng this opinion, Mayor Berret declared his purpose not to take any new oath of office. Mr. Bowen then offered the following resolution : Whereas, the Attorney General of the United State*, in compliance with a request from the Board of Commissioners of "The Metropolitan Police District of the District of Columbia," has through tbe Secretary of the Interior given an opinion in writing that under the act of Congrees entitled ' An act requiring an oath of allegiance and to support the Constitution of the United states to be administered to certain persons in the civil service of the United States," all persons claiming memberahip in said Board are required to take and subscribe to an oath according to the form prescribed in said act; and, Whereas, James G. Berret, Mayor of Washington, declines for reasons fuliy aet forth in the official opinion of James M. Carlisle, Attorney for the Corporation of Washington, dated August *23, 18fil, to take said oath, aa well kb the oath prescribed lu the act creating the Police Board, and the members of said Board deeming themselves bound in their action in this matter by the opinion and ruling of the Attorney General of the United States, (tbe highest law officer of the Government;) therefore, Rtsolvtd. That the said Mayor, in the opinion of this board, is not qualified to act as a member tx-officio thereof. After considerable debate, tbs resolution was passed by the unanimous vote of Messrs. Addison, Bowen, Brown, Tenney, snd President?Mayor Berret declining to vote. The Mayor then delivered a speech in his best style, (of the nature of a valedictory,) and took bis departure. The written opinion of the Corporation Attorney was taken away by Mayor Berret, who promised that it should be hsnded to the clerk of the board to be entered on the journal We understand that It bad not been received by that gentleman at 10 o'clock this morning. The President laid before the board the following letter from the Secretary of the Interior, enclosing the opinion of the Attorney General: Dipaitmist o? thi Intkrior , > _ August 23, 1881. ? To Richard Wallotk, Etq , President of the Board of Police: Si* : Upon the request of the Board of Police, as made known to me on the 19th Inst , through * f Brown, Etq .acting secretary, although entertaining no doubt myself upon the subject, I submitted to the Attorney General the question whether or not the Mayors of Georgetown and Washington were required by law, as tx-officio members of that board, to take the oath of aliegiance specially prescribed by the act of the 6th lust, for all officers in the service of the United Statea? A copy of bis reply, dated the 32d Inst , is herewith enclosed, from which you will observe he is of the opinion that each member of the board is alike required to take that oath. Very respectfully, your ob't servant, (Signed) Calkb B. Smith, Secretary. The Opinion having already been received and acted upon, the communication w*s-fald on the table. Tbe President and Mr Bowen was appointed a committee to wait upon the Secretary of the Interior in regard to tne equipment of tbe police, and the Beard adjourned. Tbe Mayor, at his office In the City Hall yes- 1 fc^ay. seemed to be nervous, fidgety and dispirited, and his mental excitement was lncreaaed by every publication concerning him. One of ] his employes remarked at tbe City Hall this morning, in presence of s?veral gentlemen, that if Mr. j Berret had not beeii arrested, he would have been < awsy from here la less than two day*. Rumor say*, wekflow not how truly, that in the "contraband" correspondence taken from tbe Leonardtown stage a day or two since, were letters Implicating Mayor Berret and others . the occasion ob his albbst The course of Mayor Berret In connection with ' the Boerd of Police Commissioners, (Including his final refusal yesterday to take the oath,) , could not have been tbe particular cauae of hla i arrest, because the meetings were secret, and no 1 publication of tbe proceedings, even to Govern- i meat officers, was made until this morning. cam! too latb. A telegraphic dispatch, addressed to Mayor Berret, charged wttn a toll of fit 30, was received : in this city this morning, and was sent by Justice i Dona to tbe Provost Marshal to be opened. 1 who is mayoh o* washih0toh ! It is probable that Mr Wm T Dove, President < of tbe Board of Aldermen, will act as Msyor of i tbe city. It baa been usnal for tbe Mayor to deputise some one to aet In hla absence No such setectloa havlag beea made, Mr. Dove is rather doubtful of bis right to act; but Mr. Carliaie, the Corporation Attorney, we hear has notified Mr. Dove of the sbseace of the Mayor, and la of opinio* that be Is the proper one to aet I* bis stead. Mr. Dove bases his doubt as to belli ^ legally authorized to set, on th? ground that the charter provides that in case of the death, disability, or reslgnstion of the Mayor, the Councils must proceed to elect It is held by many that this Is a case of''disability." Sir iocs A ft* at ?Last night, sbont half put ten o'clock, an affray occurred at Hath-r's res tnnrnnt, Fourteenth street, near the amae, which came near proving fatal to the proprietor. While Mr Butler and two or three friends were standing at the door, Henry Turner, very much intox'cated, was talking noiaily and abusively Inside. Mr. Butler went to him and told him to stop It; be would have no such language there. Turner put his band in hia pocket, and Butler told him not to take out his pistol. He tpok his hand out, but the witness (Mr. Nugent) did not see any knife or pistol in his hand at the time. Turner lmmedlatelv ralaed his arm and struck Butler, and then the witness saw a knife in his hands. Butler ran to the door, and Mr. Nugent followed after Turner and knocked blm down. County ofllcer J. R. Williamson, who was on the pavement, rushed In and seized Turner, and after a hard struggle got the knife from his band. It was a pocket knife of an old pattern, with cork screw and other useful attachment. Nugent bad hla est cut entirely across one side in the severe scuffle. Butler was cut In the^ace and breast, and was at once put under surgical treatment. Turner was taken to the guardhouse, and this morning exhibited the usual Indications of a debauch He listened penlten#v to the evidence; offered no excuse, and appeared to be very much troubled. Justice Walter committed him to fall; but he remains in the custody of county officer Williamson until the condition of Mr Butler Is known, and If the wounds are not dangerous he will be admitted to ball. Summoning "Ppkrits" from thk vastt dkkp ?An old lady of plumptltudlnous proportions crossed the Alexandria Aqueduct at Georgetown yesterday, the guards finding her papers all right So far so good But after she had passed an unaccountable clinking was beard In or about her ample dimensions. The guards thinking something was wrong with her Internal combinations?like the boy In the Pickwick Papers who swallowed the buttons, and rattled when shook ? horrified the matron by proposing a search. This she strenuously objected to, Dut " mlfcht makes right" these times; the search was proceeded with, and resulted In the discovery of twenty-six pop bottles " all around her waist," tied by the neck to?what shall we sav? to the upper limb or rim of her crinoline. She claimed that this was mineral water for the soldiers. but on the removal of a cork, the aroma of whisky "warranted to kill at forty rods" was very perceptible. Taste confirmed smell; the bottles were conflsca'ed, and then and there broken and the old lady departed a sadder and' a slimmer woman. " Mineral water" la now held in strong suspicion over the riyer, and yesterday several sutlers were sent off with their stock. Thi Liquor Law Casks.?Yesterday afternoon the following cases, under the recent act of Congress to prevent the selling of liquor to soldiers', were brought before Justlce Donn within an hour: James Redmond, Patrick l^eonard.snd Patrick O'Bryan. Each was fined S25, according to the requirement of the law The two first very quietly submitted to the law, but O'Bryan's language in reference to the law and the law makers, and the government generally, was of a most offensive character, and called for the Interference of the justice, who stopped his month by the promise of a night's lodging In the county jail for contempt. The pleas that the liquor Is "not sold," "not sold by the proprietor," or is "given as a medicine," are all worthless Those selling, giving, administering, or permitting the same on their premises, are equally liable to the penalty. Affairs at the Arsenal.?Some of the employees at the Arsenal having slighted their work somewhat In the musket cleaning department, and complaints having been mad? that many of the arms would not go off, yesterday Major Ramsay visited the armory and made quite a speech to the men. expressing his belief that the Condition of the muskets was the result of negligence rather than of design, and declaring that If more complaints were made he should discharge the whole party. He was not willing to believe that there were secession emissaries employed there, but If such was found to be the case their punishment would prove severe. Thk Putnam Rasgkrs ?See call of Captain Thistletou In another column His cavalry company is for th* war, and will hold themselves doubtless in readiness to do duty in any direction, but it seems to be supposed that its services will be rbalnlv required in Maryland, in this neighborhood * Capt. T. is a good officer, and his company is rapidly filling up with valuable and respensible men. Adams' Exprkss Compact, as will be seen elsewhere, offers unsurpassed facilities for the safe and speedy transportation of heavy freight, money, Ac., to all parts of the United States. All parcels are not only perfectly safe In their care, but soldier's packages are carried at half price; Confederate artlces not at all Those who nave valuables to forward should by all means entrust them to Adams A Co. for security and dispatch. Ckjitral Guardhousk Casks ?H Turner, assault and battery with a knife; committed to await a decision with reference to ball in the case John Kelly, drunk and disorderly; workhouse 90 days. Samuel Wbalen, do ; turned over to a recruiting officer and dlsmiised. Several lodgers Thk Campbrlls ?From the manner In which visitois crowd Into Odd Fellows' Hall nightly, it Is quite evident that the Campbells are, as ever, fi'si favorites of the public. To-night, a wonderfully rich bill, with all the favorite performers of the company. Firk in thk Cocntrt ?This morning, about seven o'clock, a large fire was seen burning in the direction of the farm of Mr. John Little, at the northern termination of Nineteenth street, it was supposed to be the slaughter bouses belonging to Mr. L.; but this is uncertain. Whitkhurst, 431 Pennsylvania avenue, furnishes superior Card Photographs, suitable for sending In letters See his likenesses of distinguished men, views of campe, etc. Photographs in oil and water colors and pastel, from miniature to life size. aul7 eolm Fitk ?The alarm of fire about noon waa caused by the burning of a row of small frame houses in the Northern Liberties, on Sixth street, north of K. The fire was accidental, and the houses ware destroyed before the arrival of the engines. Hollowat's Pills and Ointment.?Palpitation of the heart i? frequently oaused hy indigestion or re axed state of the nervous system. A course of a few weeks of these mvaluab e medicines will dircinith the irregular throb >iDg and, Or removing the souroe, restore its natural pulsation To assist the functions, not to force them, is the true se oret of snooess. Ho loway's tnedioinee and treatment are based on the simple laws of nature?bv annihilating the o*use, the effect disappear*. Sold by ail Druggists at 2?o ,62c., and 91 per box or pot. au 20 lw Cowbus,?'The sudden changes of our climate are sources of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic AFectyons. Experience having proved that simple remedies often act speedily and certainly wnen taken in the early stages of the disease, reoouree should at once he had to ? Brovn's Bronchial Troches," or Lozenges, let the Cold, Cough, or irritation of the Throat be ever so slight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may be effectually warded off. PtU>lit Speaktrx and Stnutrt will find them effeotual for clearing and strengthening the voioe. See advertisement. del-ly To tu Afflictbd .'-Be sure to read the adver. Mute nt of MoLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, m another column. tf , , , Pknniks. Persons desiring pennies will always find them for exchange at the Star Office eonnter. tf OIKO, On the B1 instant, ARCHIBALD WILSON, aged 32 years. Mis funeral will take plaoe from his residenoe, on Capitol Hill, oorner of Third a dAsts, tomorrow I Sunday (afternoon. On Thursday. the?d instant, in theS9th rear of his age.D AVID DODSON, a resident of this oitr. His friends and the acquaintances of the family are invited to attend his funeral, to morrow (Sun1*'-' V * Colook, from his late reeilenoe, No. K it., near Vermont av. PROPOSALS FOR WOOD. Dkpaktmknt of Statk, # SiALKD proposals will be received at'this' itopartment.until 12 o'olook m on Saturday, the 31st instant, for furnishing for the us* of this DepartR61lt? 100 cords Oak Wood best qua'ity, 12 oords best Baker's Pine Wood. The wood to be delivered at snoh times and In inch quantities as may be wanted ; and satisfactory arrangements must be made for its correot EDttiurement. The Department reserves the right to order a irjater or less quantity, as may be Feeuired. .,T ?fP,r?/0n^4. .h?to theSuperintend I'ro^s^wg ?f *"d lnud^d' M NOTICE. M WILLIAN respectfully informs his Iriends and the pnblio generaTr that he has oeened, of New Yor?kn Jt SCHLOKMKr! _ 301 Pkn.istlvania Avirus, &e"ch'oh^st ' WINES. B WftMi EHHAV^ICP'^ HAMS,?all o7their own importation, W4.hi.itoa. ? MEW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVKLS.-ThS H Alchemist, or the Hmu* of Claaa; from the Frenoh of Hoaore de Balsa*. Free by mail. fcl. ???? FOB 3ALBAWD BKNT. TO RENT?A haniaomely furnished ROOM, the aeoond atory. front, targe nn, am table lor one or two gentlemen. without hoard. private family. Apply on the preaisea, 8*9 E atreet. hc?* *i l?th 15th ata. an 23 3t* Punished room for rent, No. I 45# Twelfth atreet, h'tw*n 6 and H ata. Tli* Boont ia vary oomfortab and the neighborhood one of the mo?t deeirable in Wachingtoa- >atialaoto'y attention guarantied. Term* moderate. No children in the hoc aa. aqf3-lw P)R RENT-A three-atory BRICK HOUSE, containing 8 rooms . artnated on Tenth atreet, 5;^f?^r N and ? ,u- Apply to D. HAUPTMA N* <18 Eleventh at., near Pa avnae. aig 5t* P?OR RKNT, OR FOR SALE?Tha HOUSE JL ';2F *>ocnpied by Prealey Si mas on, No. 446 Twelfth at. * aiai-tf pURNlSHKD ROOMS.?Very deaimble FnrE niahed Rooms, wita or without Board, (house formerly ooonpied by Kx-Govrrnor Sewarl,) F at-eet, between ISth and 14th ata. Warm acd odd bath and every convenience ruitabl* for comfort. N. b ? A Furnished Office aaitabiel for phvaician or gentlemen requiring a private office. au?l-lw* tiS-ENT-A very deairahie STAND for a nnardmg houae, on Peanaylvania avenue and Eighth at., now ooeapied by the Messrs. Jot, an<l

haa always had a full ahare of tha patronage of the O'ty. Possession given on tha lat of September next. Said houaa la in good order. For further aart'oniara apply to JAMES TOWLRS, Agent, 490 H atreet north; or Mra. JULIA KEflp 6 E street. au 17 tf HOJJSE ON CAPITOL HILL FOR REFT* The three atory Brick Dwelling-house on the oath aide of Pa. avenue, at the of Third a\ eaet, a khort diatanoe from ths Capitol square, at present occupied by G. S. Minor, Esq. Application n;av be made on the premiaee, or to TH'S. BLAGDEN, No 499 Seventh at weat au17 6:eo Houses for rent-no.a*and No.afTon tna south aide of Indianaaveaaa. both of them i very large and convenient houses, with good stabling and oarri&ge-housea. Also, the commodious and large Houae, No. 388. on the north aide of O atreet. Apply to THOMAS BLAGOEN, No 499 Seventb atreet. jy 17 2awtf |?OR RENT-'l'he aorth HOUSE of the row oI JL now lour atory houaea on Fourth at., between D and E ata., No. 388, fronting the City Hall aquare. Possession given immediately. Apply to WILLIAM H. PHILLIP, Attorney at-l<aw. No. 40 Louisiana avenue. ma U-eotl c*or rent-a aubatantial three atory BRICK 1 HOUSE, with large lot adjoining, situated on Third atreet eaat. two doora from E atreet north, on Capitol Hill?a very healthy location, and price of rent to auit the present times. Poasesaion given immediately. Inquire of Mr. BACON, nextdoor; or of Alias M. C. LINCOLN, 301 Pa avenae, between 9th and loth ata. an 15 lmeo* A FARM, of about 290 acres, with timber and cleared lands orohards, dwelling and barn, in Maryland, for sale or exohaage for other real or peraonal eatate; United Statea, State, and railroad, or other atooka. notes, bond a, or other aecuritiea. Inquire at No. 490 Maaaaohnaetta av. Jy26-tf Handsomely furnished rooms~ Four nandaomely Furniahed Rooms, supplied with jtaa and water, and convenient to the Patent and Poat Offioe Departmenta, for rent. Apply at 490X Maaaaohnaetta avenae, north aide, between 4th and 5th ata. man EDUCATIONAL. Bo r r o m e o c o i, |,eg e, NEAR flKESVILLK, Baltimore County., Re*nipea the ntudiea of ita next aeaaion on Monday, 2il of September. E. Q. S. WALDRON, __au 20-7t* President. Emerson institu t e, H Strkkt, Between 12th and 13th ata., Select Classical and Mathematical School f:r Boys The exeroises of this School will be resumed the first Monday in September. Address _an 19 tf CHAM B. YOUNG. Principal. 'J1 HE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. The Twelfth Annhal Seasion will commence September 2. For particulars inquire of the principal Mra. Z. RICHARDS, an 17-lm Corner of Fourteenth and K ata. N THE WESTERN ACADEMY', O .277 I, corner of Seventeenth atreet, recent l? *"? car? of Dr. Loomis, will he reopened Monday, th^ 2d of September. App ication mai be made at Dr. Towlx'b, 400 Fonrta atreet, Judiciary Square. au 17-3w* JOSHUA O. COLBURN. BLADENSBURG ACADEMY, _,. , Pm?c* Gnoxoa'a popntt, Md. Thia Institution will be reopened Monday, September 2d, with a full corpa of inatrsotora. and every oonvcn'ence for Boarding and Day Pupila Ample grounda are attached for gymna<t oa. ... _Pro? ULL, Prinoipal. wantid?An USHER, capable of teaching Greek and i.atm-a airgle gentleman pref-rred Apply -?y letter. au 17 bteo* Rock hill academy, ? ,. w Ellicott's MiLLa. Md. studiea will be reanmed in thia lr<ati ration on Monday, 36th inatant. Peraona desiring furthei information can have a proopectua mailed to th^n addreaa by writing to the Director of the Academy. au 15 lw* COLUMBIAN COLLEGE. ?L ? ? WAiHISflTOJI, D. C. The Preoaratory Department opens ita aessior on Wednesday, September 11th. The Ciaxsea n the Philoaophieal and Classical Department have their first exerciaea Wc Inesday, September 25th. For catalogues or further information apply to G. W. SAMSON. IV "D.. au 13-2aw4w (Republican.) President. ?J.EORGE TOWN COLLEGE, D. C. , Ai-qdst, 1861. The exerciaes of th'a Inatitution will be resumed on the firat Monday of September I'erma foi Board and Tuition per ant.a u. 9.01), payable halfyearly. in advance For further particulars apply to the President? au 13 lmeo JOHN EARLY, S. J. LAFAYBTTE INSTITUTE, A SCHOOL FOR YOUHO LADIES 367 I street, between 13th and 14th. Sisair n will oommenoa on MONDAY. September 9tn. Circulars at Bookstores. Reference 11 made to resident Clergymen, Senators Foot, Foater, Harria, Wade, Trumbull, Harlan, and othera, Q . L. C. LOOMIS, A. M., an 10-8, TAT, lm Pnnoipa'. jjrookevil l?_a c a d E m \ . The next aeaaion will commence September 8d. Boya are prepared for oollege or for busine?a. Foi catalogue pleaae addresa^iat Brookeville, Md , E. B. PRETTYMAN. A M., au 9-1 m (Intel.) Prinoipal. i CARD. GEORGETOWN CLASSICAL AND MATHEMATICAL ACADEMY. Thia inatitution will be opened Monday, Septem berid, 1861, by theodore MoGOWaN.M. a, Thecouraeof inatruotion will include, in addition to theelementa. all the branohea neceacary (or a thorough classical and mathematical education, Mr McGowan h?a been actively engaged as a teacher during the <aa\aix yeara?aa Tutor of Belles Lettres in the College of New Jersey at Princetoa, and a? Principal of the Academy at Sumter. South Carolina. "Collkoi ot Nnw Jkrskt, Prinoeton, N. J. The undersigned take pleasure in expreaaing the favorable opinion they entertain of Mr. Theodore MoGowan, a graduate of thia Collere, aa a scholar and a teacher?Mr MoGowan was the brat acholar in hia class ; was tutor in belles lettrea, and, in the judgment 01 the underaigned, ia well qualified to give instruction in any branch, a knowledge of wiuoh ia requiaite for admiasion into ooliege. JOHN MACLEAN, ? ? President of the College. M. B. HOPE, Prof, of Belles l.ettresand Pol. Ec. u STEPHEN[ALEXANDER, Prof, of Meoh. Phil, a* d Astronomy. L R. ATWATER. Prof of Mental and Moral Phil. JAMF18 C. MOFFAT. Prof, of Greek. JOHN T. DUFFIELD. ? ? Proror Math. G. M. OIGER, Prof, of Latin." Referenoe mar alao be had to Hon. 6x0. Chambk&s, ) Ho*. James Nill, > Chamberaburg, Pa. hon. a. k. McLcri \ Edwakp Mcphkkson, m. C., Gettyaburg, Pa. Josiph HaNEY, Heo Smithaoman Ins., Washincton, D C. Gxo. W. B*all, Georgetown, D. C. H. M. SwxaNY, do. do. Bin; Darby do. do. Tuitioi, English, per quarter of 10 weeka... ,f8 on an 1 higher math 10 no d it, jV. '* " Claaaioa? ltso Fuel, lat and 7d quartera 511 au 3 8<aWlm Ontel M 4ThlBi| GEORGETOWN INSTITUTE. The dutiea of thia School will be reanmed on the njst Monday of September uext. Its advantages (both aa to location and facilitiea for improvement) and moderate t?rma recommend it to the patronage of all. thom^sn. CONKaD.M.T., john 8. conrad. _*u 6 tSeptl Prinoipala. georgetown female seminary, (miaa harrovan's ) ' A Boarding and Day School. No. 131 West atreet between Congre?a and High ata , Georgetown, D C. The datiea of thia Inatitution will be reanmed on the firat Monday in September next. Ciroulara may be obtained at the prinoipal bookatorea, or by addreaainx the Prinoipal, 1-ootf fa lea M. J. HARROVER. FEMALE EDUCATION, HOSE Parent* who wiah their Q&ughtera to re aive a thorough and ayqtemaUo education, where their any ai o&. training will recei ve daily aadapeciai attention, under theinoat approved avatem of 0a,: mi * *** * ,jcmsrsii C.OAB^ANp^|EJg^ggOTF?R SALK * telegraphic news Baltimore oouhty court-house destroyed by fir e Baltimore, Aug. 21.?Baltimore county Court dots*, at Towsostown, was fired this moral ng by an lacendiary ud was destroyed with all the records. The fire at the Court House ws? confined to the Record Office; the rest of tbe building escaped destruction. THE WAR I2<l MISSOURI. Rolla, Mo.. Aug s3.?Accounts from Springfield rtste that from six to ten tbouaand of McCullough'a army have left for tbe northern section of tbe State. A Confederate force bad reached Lebanon. on the Rolla rood, and were committing depredatlons. About seven exile* from Springfield have joined Col. Bovd'a regiment About a tbouaand Union men have been obliged to abandon their homea in tbe aoutbweat aection of the State, and leave their property at the mercy of tbe Confederate* There la much distress among these people, large numbera having neither money nor provisions. A train of Federal ansa, which waa brought In aafety from Springfield by Major Sturgea. la aald to be worth a million and a half of dollars. St. Louis, Aug. ? ?Two memberaof tbe Flret Kansas regiment have arrived here from Springfield, having been rfleased by Gen Price. They report that on the Thursday following tbe retreat from Springfield, McCuIlmigh sterbd In purauit of General Sigel, with 8.000 cavalry and nine pieces of artillery; but after one day'a march, learning that General Sigel bad been reinforced, he gave up tbe purauit and marched toward* Jefferaon City Quite a number of tbe wounded on both sides have died alnce our forces left Springafield. ^ Colonel Coffee, who waa n prisoner In the Federal camp, and related on parole by Can Lyon a short time aince, was wounled on the rebel side, and baa aince loat a leu The official report foots up tbe Federal lorn In tbe battle of W ilson's Creek, as follows: Killed, 223; wounded, 721; missing, 291 A Urge number of the mt*sing were taken prUoners by the rebels, and have since been released. It la rumored that tbe farm of Hon J 9 Phelps Was visited by tbe rebels, and all hia cattle, bores and mules Were driven away, and everything valuable on his premises destroyed. proclamation ot 0*5 m'citlloceh. Spkisofibld. Mo , Augnst 15 ?Tbe following proclamation has been issued by Ben. McCuL lough: To tkt Ptople of MisfoHtiHaving been called upon by tbe Governor of your State to assist in driving tbe Federal forces out of the State, and In restoring the people their just rights, I have come among you simply with tbe view of making war upon our northern foes, and driving them hack. I give the oppressed of your State sn opportunity of standing up aa freemen, and uttering their true sentiments You have been overrun and trampled upon by tbe mercenary hordes oi the North Your beautiful State has been nearly subjugated But those troe son! of M lssonrl wbo have continued In arms, together with my force, came back upon tb" enemy and gained over them a great and signal victory. Their general-in-chlef is slain and many of their other general officers wounded Their army is In full flight. One and all of the true men of Missouri will rise up and rnlly around their standard The^tate will be redeemed I do not come among you to make war upon any of your people, whether Union or otherwise The Union people will be protected In their rights and property, and It Is earnestly recommended to them to return to their homes The prisoners of the Union party, who have been arrested by the irmv, will be released and allowed to return to their friends Missouri must be allowed to choose ber own destiny No oaths binding upoa your conscience will be administered I have driven the enemy from among you. The time has now arrived for the people of the State to act. You cannot longer procrastinate Missouri must now take her pusition by tbe North or the South. Hem. McCcLLoreH. Brigadier General Commanding. The following " general order" has also been promulgated: H'adqvarter* of the IVentem Army. ) Camp *'ar Sprmp fiilii, Mo., Aug 12 J The General Commanding takes great pleasure in announcing to the army under bis command the signal victory It has just gained Soldiers of Louisiana, of Arkansas, of Missouri and of Texas, nobly have you sustained yourselves Shoulder to shoulder you have met the enemy and driven him before you Your first battle has been glorious and your General is proud of you. Tbe opposing force, composed nearly of the old regular army of the North, have thrown themselves upon you, confident of victory; but by great gallantry and determined courage you have utterly routed It with grsat slaughter Several fileces of artillery and many prisoners are now n your hands The commander-in-chief of the enemy is slain, and many of tbe general officers wounded. The flag of the Confederacy now floats over Springfield?the stronghold of the enemy. The friends of our cause wbo have been imprisoned there are released While announcing to the army this great victory, the General hopes that the laurels you have gained will not be tarnished by a single outrage The private property of citizens of either party must be respected. Soldiers who fought as you did yesterday cannot rob or plunder I By order of BKM.McCrn.oc6H. From California, Ac N?w Yoke. August 23?The steamer North Star has arrived from Aspinwaii in safety, with 81,176 OUO In treasure from California On her outward passage the North Star discovered the British war steamer Driver ashore on Mlragoane reef, and offered to tow her off, but found her bilged, and that nearly everything bad i been taken out of her. Her crew occupied t-nts on shore. The North Star passed the steamer Northern on the 16th and the Champion on the 22d A boat from the "Driver" boarded the North Star on her return trip, and reported that tbe U. S corvette Richmond passed there on the 16th. Advices from New Grenada state that General Moaquera had tsken Bogota, and routed the government forces and proclaimed himself provisional President of New Grenada. Generals Espins, Pisada, Paris and various officials were taken prisoners. The President and Cabinet had fled. Capture *f a Steansbsat?Aa Excitement. Locisvillx, Aug 22 ?A special dispatch to the Courier, dated Paducah, says that tbe gunboat Conestoga came here this morning with two hundred and fifty men, captured the steamboat W B. Terry, and took her to Cairo Yesterday one thousand Lincoln troops came to Blandsvllle. Kentucky, and captured two citizens of that place, and took them Cairo as prisoners. Tbe Courier also says that the excitement at Lexington yesterday was very great, on the arrival of the guns sent from the Federal government, which was Increased by the turning out of Home and State Guards, and the arrival of cavalry. The Courier says a difficulty would have inaugurated but for tbe persuasion of J . C Brecklnridge, who addressed the crowd, urging no violence, but to permit the troops to take and convey the guns to their destination The Courier says that the excitement is so great that further shipments will not be made for the present. Hsrrible Dsed of Blssd at Sea. Boston, Aug. 23.?The bark Czarina arrived here to-day, the crew of which makes the following report. July 20th, a m, the mate, Cutter, killed Capt. Dwyer with a hatchet while the latter was asleep In bis berth Cutter then killed tbe second mate, Hammett, of Boston, on deck, with the same Instrument, and threw the body overboard. Next day, Cutter shot the carpenter from the end of jib-boom. Next he shot a seaman dead on the deck, and also shot Alexis Trotpopsy, a passenger In the shoulder. He then rigged out a boat with a mast and aall, placing provisions on board and attempted to fire tbe bark and leave on the boat, but he was set upon by tbe crew and killed. No cause can be assigned of these horrible acts by Cutter. Tbe crew say he waa not crazy. Fire?The lacendiary Cnnght. CHAMisasBCEO, Fa , Aug 22 ?The warehouse of Oaks A Austin waa bnrnt last night, witb its contents The Are was the work of sn incendiary who was arrested at Mercersburg, snd brought to this place in irons. It Is generally supposed that tbe man arrested Is one of those who robbod tbe warehouse of Mr. Henderson in Carlisle, last week. He wss a member of the Scott l<egton. The evidence against him is strong, and it is generally believed that he had accomplices, who are still at lsrge The warehouse of Mr. Shafflint was also visited tb? same night, and a note left In tbe same saying tbat be coula find nothing worth taking, but that they would attend to him personally. Arrest sf Senthern Collection Agents. Nsw Voax, Aug 23 ?George Miles, of Patersburg,and John Garnett Guthrie, of Richmond, agents of various tobacco bouses, on s collecting tour to Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York, with SITU.000 In their possession, have been arrested here and confined In Fort Lafayette. Tbe money in tbetr possession is principally in bonds, acceptances and sight drafts, snd Virginia pap~r money. A lsrge number of letters were found on the prisoners addressed to persons living South. Launch ml n Now Sleep al War. Philadelphia, Aug 23 ?Tbe aew steam sloop of war Tnscarora will be ianached at tbe Navy Vard to-morrow afternoon Her keel was laid an the Mth of Jane Bbe will be the firat of this class launched. British War Stan as er Driven A shots. I Bos tow. Aug n -The rhomn T bom as Waedwaid at ihta port from Miragosoe. repnrts toatlfca British war steamer askant** is the Pnfiir ? I* RillrM4>. LorroriLL* Aog tt ?Tbe trestle work oe the Lealrnile and Kaabrlile road at 8? nora, wm ?ra?bed iwav laat night Tbe pMmrm and mails were detained It* hours Tbe daesece Will be rrpilrrd to-morrow Another tieefis bridge on, Ihf LehMM braiwh. two mites frsm Lfbanoa, waa alao washed a? ay. Tbe Missing Slnarr Liaa. Ntw Yong, Ang 23 ?A p-ratrepb (a tka Tribune k> tbe eflrct ttiat a ateaiuer bad bara spoken by tb* steemcr FMIibm, snnpoeed to b* the Etas, la distrres. Is aa error Tb?f?a?l la question waa ttr steemer K?i?i;aroo, a ad tbe signals exchanged between the two v-sea Is wetc Ifc relation to tbe missing ship Aotici rated Attack oa Ikaataaa City. KiN?? Gitt, Aug 7t ?Information hai brca received of tbo org an: ration of large force* of rebels Frcm 1.500 to I.TOP will leers Jackara county tbla week, and aa many mare from I j\f? yette county, all In route for tbe aerra?i? u headquarters Rumors of an attack oa this tUy aia currrrnt. From St. Leais St Lorta, Aue 2v! ? John W. Brown lee waa released from custody to day, upon condition tbat be aball reaign bia position m president of the board of police commimioners. leave tbe city and remain in some free State, and not retarn bero without tbe couaent of tbe military authorities Arrest af a t hires af West Chester Wtst ChbstEft. Pa., Aug 22 ? Jobo II Bria ton, a prominent citizen of tbla place, late Breeh" inrtd^e condidate for Congress in tbla district* waa arrested to dav and held to ball for bla appearance at court fJr an assault rommt tied on tbe editor of tbe Cheater County Tunes GEORGETOWN APVERT'MTS A WATCHES-WATCHES' LL Kintr of W?toH?, CI oka. and Jewelry carefully repaired and war anted .at the abort Tx. eu notice, at the cheapest prices. Alto on e7U on haul a nice eaeortuierf of Clocka Jewel-fUgfC rr and Watche*. at Watson'sold e*tabli?h*d ?,_(?. 59 Bridge at, Georgetown. D C. V. L. RUREN*. au 24 3" Prac>io?l Watohrnaker. from Pan a yifMAYOR'S OFFICE. Jof Gtorretvttn. D C, Aurwt 17. 1861. Whereas tt ta provided by a late aot of Coagreaa? ' That it ahall cot bo lawful for any person ta tbo District of Co urebia to aeil. give, or admisistwr to any aoldlor or volunteer in the servioe of tbe L" sited 9ta*pa? or anr per.on wearing the uniform of sueb soldier or volunteer, any spirituous liquor or iatoxicaticc drink ; and aay person ao offending aeainat the prnnaioua of this Act shall l?e deemed gui ty of a misdemeanor, and upon cmnetioe thereof before a magistrate or ooart having criminal jurisdiction shall be punished by a fi*e of twenty doiiars, or imprisonment in the jail of Wa*h<Bgton county, in the District of Colombia, for the period of thirty dare"? Thft/mt, bt ?l knoien to all persons ooncerned, within the limits <-f this Corporation, tbat tbe Pol'oe Officer*, with military aid. nave been, and are hereby, directed to enforoe, moat rigidly, the proviaioca of the aforesaid law, without aay respect to persons whatsoever. i au 17-2aw3w HENRY ADDISON. Mayor. .'A BOXES Oil PRIME CHEESB, 5 boxes French LEMONS, lohhds. P. R. MOLASSES, part suitable for ba kera' uae, 20 bbls Refined SUG A RS, *>baga Kio COFFEE, 5 tieroea extra Sugar-oured HAMS. For sale b* _ au ai fit W. H. TENNEV. \1 ASSEY, COLLINS A CO 'S l'l PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. Expected ttna day, per steamer J. Jerome? 5"0 barrels X\ DRAUGHT ALE, 40 ao XX XX do. do. 500 hlf.-bblc. do. do. do. Which on arrival will be for sale Terms each ondelivery. ARN\ * SH1NN, m 7 Union l>?pot. Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhda. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS ir bbls. Old Rye WHISKY, Ho bbls. HERRIN6 and ALEWIVKB, n bbls. Cnnhed ar<d Refined SUGARS. t" bara Rio and Java COFFEE. 10 hhda.(low-priced) MOLASSES. For sale br JOHN i. BOGI E. se 1* 0,)n EMILE DUPRE U?W PaxnsTLvasiA Avium, lnos BviLtnao. Importer and WkoUs*l4 D?Uf ta FINE WINKS, BKANDIES- SKG A RS, SARDINkS,PICKLES PRESERVED FRUITS, CONDENSED MILK, ASSORTKD SYRUPS, and CAMP SUPPLIES. JUST RECFIVED100 CASES OLD BOURBON (19461 AT EMILE DUPRrS I*o?i Bcildino, 820 Pa. Ararat. FO R FREDERIC TUSTUJa' HAMBURG CELEBRATED SMOKING TOBACCO, The Beat Article Evor Imported. Go to EMILE DUPRE, Ikok BviLDina. M)0 Pa. Ararat. JUST RECEIVEDJO Caaxa Im>oRTtP SELTERS WATER, In Original Stone Bottles, At au 13 lm EMILE DL'PRE S THL SI BSCRI BtR? RESPECTFULLY invite the attention of the Army aod a. Navy to their full >upplv of MII.ITAKY^H ana NAVAI. FURNISHING G??oDS, fQ suoh as Indigo B.ue Clotbs and Doeakina, WW Capa, Kpau.ets. I^aoes, Mioulder Straps. Be,ta. Swords, SworJ Knots, Caps, Hata, aad ail respective e:nt>roiderT Aiso, th- celebrated PATENT FILTERING CANTEEN. Orders in tiiat iiue respontfnlly solioited. H. r. LOUDON A CO., ' Naval and Military Merchant Tailors, jy 18-e< 3ni Pa. av.. under Brown's Hotel. HAVONDALE FLOUR AVING Made arrangement with Meeara. Harbour A Srmmks for the sale of my Floar,they wilt a ways he prepared to supply my old faonds ana customers, and the trad* generally, at mill prices. (jyZMmeo) GEO. WHEELER. ?JOMK-MADK BOOTS AND SHOES, Laxkis'. M lasts' akd Ceildhs's Wtah* Ai Ercmdimtly L ow Prica*. At J. ROSEN! HAL'S, No. 16 Market Space, ma -eo Pa av.. Iwt Wh ami <tti ata, ttOLDlEBS O SIGHT DRAFTS ON TBE NOBTH bought and sold in auma to suit Arm? Officers and Soldiera, SWEENY. RITTENHOUSE, FANT A CO.. Bankers. Pa avenue. jy 23 lm tSucd Chron ) near Brown's Hotel. BIBBS' HAIR STORE, IT No. X4'J Pa. av.. bxt. 1?th airs 13th sts. PERFUMERY- tt BRAIDS.CURLS WIGS. HALF WIGS, FR1ZETTES, Ao. A fall atooc always on hand, or ruade to order at the ahortoet notice. Hair Work repaired or exchanged. N. B.?Ladies' Hair Dyad in the most na'aral manner, mat (at SI CIAL HOTICE TO VOLUNTEEBS.. (i arrived at SMITH'S. No. 460 Seventh atre? (.opposite the Po?t Offioe. a large lot of SPR1NG and SUMMER CLOTH1NG, TK UNKS VAL1CES, CARPET BAGS SHIRT COLLARS, Tlfes, HATS and CAPS. N- B.-All of the abovenamed goods for sals at Nortaera prioea. ma ao Sm J. H SMITH. Clothier. W TRAVELING TRUNKS. E Offer for sale the largest aseortmaat o TRAVELING TRUNKS to be foaao ummm this oity, oompktsinc best Sole lifatkerBKl Ladies' Dresa and Packing Trunks. V?r^^* hoea. Carpet Bags, Ac., which we are now ea.Unc at very low prioea. WALL. STEPBENS A CO., aa l? . ?*'!< Pwi?. a venae A RESUMED BUSINESS. AwA The Uacoraiguod woaid inform hisAwA 9 Sfrirnds aLd the pnidio that he tia taken houae on Ninth at., between D aod E, where he will again do buainoes as a lioensed PAWNBROKER. Fair dealing in ail business trauelOtlOBfl. jen 3in* ENOCH W\RD rHE EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY T, EM RICH, at the aornor of Pear A avenue and Eleventh street, has beerVnBV greatly improved raoei t y and now oferslMBX greater inducements for the patroaaae of eitiseaa and strangers thasi aay other public hosm it the oity, his prioes being lees than Uioae of aay otner aotei on Penn.?venae, aod his aoc mn odauoas (or permanent or transient boarders anexeeptioaable. Tbe bar ai,d reetaaraat arrangemenU of the Eu;ope*n Hotel have already beoome very popa lar.being all that can be desired by the mom laeujious. The proprietor pledges aaiemittefi attea tior and oodtinned liberal expenditures to gi vs satisfaction to au, end thus renews his invilattea *m all to cive the Kerooean Hotoi a eall. dea-U (i^IIST OLASSta^KpM^^, r MILITARY FIELD LLBSt i? GLASSES, sold at Ui* loweet Eastern pnaee,by M. I. FR? NKL1N, Opficili, H44 Pa avnse. Jy It 1"< berweon if h and lah ala. QUN B O A T B. ww asu sn p ?wm v^Sfi * p IVOia ^ Plum akd SracincxTiots for halls of Boau lor the Western rivers are oa exhlbttiea at this offiee, aad at effiem of Qaerteramsten H Pittsburg. Cincinnati, <?i. Louis aad Altoa. BoeUto be delive(ml at Caaro Bids ahoald be sent to WeartermasMr Genera!of tbe UniUd ?Mas Army, at Wasiui^ton, by 1st Aa gast s| wooe. _ IT C. KIGS, Jv 10 Bng. Gea'l and Quartermaete* Beat. KT8! H2fAT AJWW >wp u.o ? sabee jast '-eea rsemvad.-Pe>eoas ta eearei-MpBBk ofarelsahtoteeWussent eta lewprieear>BIH' Vv^G M^-f^EROTT ^ ***** " Otl'ers reeeiTe<1 for fcr MABCVB RBRINK Piaeu Petto Team. ae V #T * %

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