Newspaper of Evening Star, August 24, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 24, 1861 Page 4
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THE KVKMM.' STAR. HE WORE k PAIR Or GOGGLES. Ha w?re a pair of goqg!?a tb* nlgbt when flrat Mil dark grav err wai j(l?wia? beneath a wig of Je?; Hla ton** vrrrr rradly ?4<?qoeal?be teemed to me a trump; ? - ? J ?1 k><4 Waar/4 Katannrni mrw fcnm 9 u? g i auurvi ym *? iw* i ucu u?i ? ?m ^ HVUI a stump; Ha swore be loved the I'mos-eh; methluks I see him now. As be trod the shaky platform, with the sweat j upen his brow. A bandit's garb and trooper's boots when next we met be wore, And be claimed supreme dominion on the "Ole Virginny Shore;" fie said he loved tUe Uxton with patriotta zeal, 5o Ions aa abe had dollars ana he m chance to steal; Bnt then he went Swissio*?methinks I see bitn now, Astraddle ft his war-horse, grim death upon hla brow. No bandit's garb or trooper' boots when next we met be wore, Ne wnr-taorae pawing in the rale made hill and alley rpar fiat gone hie proud dominion, end gone his fair renown, The leader of eeceaelon had -set hla Union down.* tie looked ao sad and seedy, such grief wasonhis brow, That I loaned him half a dollar?I wish I had it now. ahv vuw ?i;a u wr uin-no rewri cuiri v. m* iurr??, But la bit a figure Strang# was dai.cing iu the air! it wore aia wi^ and goggles?-t was great Jeff bimaelf? He had at last sscbdkd, wai 'laid upon the shelf.' 1 gutd but for a moment, yet metuinka I see biro now, Tbe hem pea collar on bia ne k, the black cap on bis brow. Bitox;n? disecstkd with the r Leader*? We see lntlnnt:or,s in wrof i,( cur rotemporartee of alleged schemes f.rcrea'ing parties Tbe allnsions niav be to tfcs proceeding* of Congress 1 n secret session of whtcn we know nothing It Is said that gentlemen from some States south of us, dlssatistttd with some of tbe action* of the Government, cr of rooie of iu members, are disposed to firm in opposition with the view of infmlng more vigor Intotbeexistlng administration a:id to substitute a different one at the next election. We arr not advised of tbe particular causes of dissatisfaction, uor of the extent of it; we only Infer that it grows out of our altered condition, and has no relation whatever to tbe old distinction of Whig ind Democrat For oar part, we h^ve a very great aversion to anvtbin ' like party in sncb a crisis as ttla. We v.n ? .M. %. ?? > ? - - - una oopra ana o-nevea itiai me men in aiunority possess d the requisite hbilitv f>r conducting wtnlv ami roeressfully the aff.tlrs of the Governm-'t and meriting, would receive tee hearty support of an undivided people. Th- existing of party may be an Inevitable Incident tufreo government; ^ut in time like these, we have no resources to watte in party- squabbles. The united energies of the country are nteded for )ta salvation, atd should be devoted to that end. P-uty feeliag being visible, under existing cir. eumstancs. msyioatlfv the position of those who thought the Confederate States committed an error la having any election of President. The patronage attached to that olfica, though curtailed by our Constitution, 1^ still so great as to excite more or less the passions'of men. To obviate this result, It was proposed by some that. Instead of electing a President, the duties of that office should devolve upon the oldest Senator. It may not be too late yet to adopt this suggestion The end of Government is the happiness and well being of the people, and the meias best adapted to secure that end are those which would commend themselves to general favor We are tnt-ring upon a nrtr carter; ire nee ir herein tk? old tyxttrr. hat fo\U4, and ?r? tkovld profit by the failure for our future guidance. The Yankee Executive has IVl I InWpH tin th* liKsrtii>s ft# \*?? U?... _.s(?. ? ?r --v .ivxiow w? ?uc i aiiACT: nanuii We have no fears of a like mult from President Dsvis, but we cannot foresee when a Lincoln may emerge from the womb of sin and corruption. Better guard against th? possibility while there is yet time ?Richmond Whig. 9th The New York Tiroes si vs: "We have distinctly and from the beglning declared our readlneas to favor eny compromise consist with the honor and welfare of the Republic, by which Southern apprehensions might beallayed, and the j ntegrlty or the Union preserved.'' OCEAN STB A MERS' SAILING DA YS Fsom t8s I'aitjb Statbs. ''?tm?r?. !.** t>? For. Dm*i. Per*i*?_ .New York._Liverpooi?,Au<. 28 A a?c York.., Havre.?.Sept. 14 Feov EcbjPB Bwaria..?. ._&outh'pton...New York. Am 14 A?i? .Liverpool....New York. Aug. 17 '1 he California mail steamers leave on the 1st, 2tii. and 21st of every month. Q P P 1 C 1_ A L. DsrARTXiKT or Stats. 1 Washington, July jf,, 1861.\ ? W? ? 1 * " * * uiuiiuau"u uaa iro'u rt'ociveu ai mi* LlOpartraent from Mr. R. N. Shufeidt, the Consul General of the United Mates at Havana, of the issue, oa the iMh ultimo. of a royal decree by vbioh all imp >rt duties on oommon ship'# bread are taken off for th? ttrm of fourteen months from the date of the pmdiaation nf the royal deoree in Havana. The same deoree also reducea to one-half, during the same time, t^e lirpcrt duties upon oorn and cornmeal and potatoes. The d?ty by the tariff upon oorn is s*H per eent~*n opon the valuation of J? per larrel of Spanish pounds, whei from foreign porta In foreign bottoms; upon oorn meal 36* per oentum upon the valuation of J|? per barrel of 20n Spanish pounds. from foreign porta in foreign bottoms; upon potatoea, from foreign porta in foreign veasela, 29*-? per oenUim upon the va'uation of #2.30 per barrel; upon foreign hrev), in foreign veasela, XX rer oentum upon 92 for every 'A Spanish pound* Proposal* for bide whkkl. STEAMERS. Navt Dkpartmekt, ) BvTf iu >>/ Con*tm*ixo?, J Aaruat 8, 1861.S T* Cosroajnrr with the act of Congress appro/cd tiieSI Ausust. '861, the .Navy Depa-tment will receive proposals for the construction and equipment of Twelve Side Wheni Meaner. i ho 1' ad draft of vater n--t to exo?ed six feet rr.rei lcfcts: ?.o be armed ?ith two nflArt ?n n u nf 1/* ,bs. each. nr? at wh end of the veta*!; also, wuht'o 2-pouni h.iWitzor?; the coirp e meet to b- one hurdr*d pfTfw a w'tH p ovisior-a for sixty dara, to have two k>u*a'!d galena of wa'w in t* ka, aid to b? provided wi'.h a om.denaer for distilling potubie water. To be sch< oner rigged, and have a rudder at each sud, properly proteoted by a foec 1 ae Department desires to have i je highest ?pecd,which ino*t r>e stated intheoffV>r, to?-ta?r wiu the Wngt o>' t me it oan be main 'aioed.and the qnant; ty cf coal th^t can be carried ic the bu::k*-? for that speed, which should nut be le?* than for o oe?a. Toe pr pos*i must t>o for the hn'l,apara, rigging, eai , a'i<: cax-taas work. b?>et3, anchors, and oables. wnif*. o**ka. Qirnu re. cooking apparatus ac-i cte ?i f, isAoluiery and spare w<>rk, with ail t;??? e^uipn.?nts for a vessel or war oompU tea.-.d te&iy >1. all respeois for aea service, arid r'ady to receive her <f?o?rs, men, armament, Btrv.i. provinces. aud fu**: fjt steam maoh.a?ry. The ermaineiit atorea. provisions, and fuel will be i~ai-fi>ah<*i Dt the Government. i'r.e .p-o fi at>ons mast fn'lv desonbe theira tartftlf til he Dl<%i.thA mAfh/vl -i -? ?T wuu l?0 Ul I ?* W lit UK t the detail of the an*. materia;, fcnuh, kind, and arrangement of machinery. and of the varioo? eaaipm-n'a intended iu the proposal. The *ata mnat be workirc dravia-a.from whioh the vmkI and machinery ran !>?> bm't. ahowiug the a!lo*a??at of ?pv>e for accommodation*, store room*, maraitce, and Bhetl-rooma, dlipoaition of tk?M|,ta. ln? bviirreand eocinea to be be'ow the drek? the " in ehaft may h* abave; the boiler praaeare po' to be le*a luan thirty pound a per aeuare ino'), and a aarfaoe eondenaer to be Died ; the paddtevbN to be overhang. L' e; n application to the Commandant of any navy yard the Wider oan aee the hat of e^uiameoU reaaired for the prope tar (no- buata. to w?ich, aa far aa practicable, theae a-e to oonform, ai.d for woioh eoaveni?at atowace it to be provided. The bidd-re wiil Mate tbe leaat time w>tk in whiab tHav wt>l agree to oomp'ate the vaeeel for aea and aanyaa a?r at areh navy yard u they ma* name, ?r?tko?t extra e at to tbe Government. It mast likewise b* a'ated ia the rfar tne total tmooit for vfci'h ih*y w !l engac* todo alt th*t ia repaired shore and embrao d in their ?p*c!heauone and tAMt and toe hi unit be accompanied by name a ? < caara< tora that if avarded they vill exeoaie thaacntraet. Th" aeaai eo'd'toona of Government oontraeta will be oiiwrtd. Pavirenta to be made at foar <i W?rent intervals, aa the vork procreaeee, retaiolu one-tflh of the whole anonat for ninety daya V*of.tV ??*1 i? 3P!LW_^. . 7 "W a?wfwm VIIOIH nuuunim IriitltiM. 1l i? uo?lM-?tool that tu the oontraot a tuk'tMN vui be maenad ?f t e fulfilment of the oonJiti. n of *pefd, fuel, wtifftotory worktnj of ta? maolii&*. * *0., with* fori* tare tn ou? of ypn. _ . Tiie -ep-ta'i^n of bidder* u euocoasful steam hip beiMers will have dee weij nt, and the proposal rhii state .be naiueo' themarinesteam uiu eliding estabh shir ent at vhrah they intend the aujjj? mvjul ieri U< be m ldh TWs i>??pa tment r?#?r /ee the right to asoept the p-opo?teo?e m?4? in conformity with theoontiit. H prett 'ibed wfcc-keOaM be e n i<ler?0 most to tie inter eel ol the Goveraiaebt and eonbee the great##* iiaWr of advantagee, and to rejeet any ?>r all at ta-?. at it - option. The ?pAOi6eaiio ns awl ptane of partita not oblaiaiag theoottiaot can be wilfciravn by thai*. T*?? Deeai" ni-nt #ill noteea*sier tteelf o&dw obi sauces to receive proposals after the Mb of t?*ptem bar. lhH. ae ?-law4w T Uf.Aib- 1>KATH-DEATH! 1 OM-aatiea, ilMiniit, t'eae, Ante, Aa. Use MOitee'e tb-^ut l)Mlr?|?r; never fatiat prtoe ?*. St Mil om.i* AIM, Moorae Hat aaf Mlee kx Mpu-aux. Lart* aoJ general steak of Medietase, Jj&i 1 * ?????dl ?roR STAMPING A PACKET OP PAPKft AND ENVELOPES TO MATCm. ttto METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PH1LP * SOLOMONS, ilinii f?r Lanww'l ui#n*ttd Lixm Fftrt Hills," te., t*. nH It ?.. bet. Mb and lHfc ik WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. DR. SHUMAN hH,aft?' sn exrenenoo of tee eara, eat&biUhed the abore refuge from ^uaokery, lalt-labeiled IuOiao or 6$. man dootora, and pretenderi of witaaorail aud unfo?tor? ia gon^This ia the only plaoe where i pre and >yeedy our* can ba oPtalced in the world fnr al' improper and en J habits, (onorrhc. iiyt,?*?ininai weakness, ayphiiiia, pr'ia&rr eeoondafy. and tertiary, orr*nic weakness, o.vns in the iofrrs. atnoturea. gecsrai debility, prostration, nervousness, restiess nights. palpitat ion of the heart, ringinx in the ear#, lose of memory, coafusion.raelanohoiT, affections of the head, throat, novt, ami skia, and all thoee peculiar disorder* arising from me indiscretion of yoath. rendering them unit for either business, study. society, or ir.arriate. Dr. 8. has the greatest remedies in the known world for diseases of tho blood, gonorrh?e, fleet, strictures, syphillis, seminal wer.kness.self abuse, * o. There is no oase in which they fail to cure in from a to 6 days. Victims of these horrible oomplaints, who would wish to be raluableinen and ornaments to society, should embrace the earliest opportunity for relief. Dr. 9humaa Has n"<ieth?> most oompete arrangements for theoomf'rt of his patients who oome from a distanoe. I ney will be furnished with the most pieacant ant agreeable ^carter*, neeessary diet, and made as comfortable as they wenid be at a first oiaes hotel at lass th.\r half the cost, i Do not fn jet the name and r.Btn'>er. Dr. f*hn j man's offloe s on tne cornar of Sixt h street and Ponnsyivania arenas. Clarendon H' wl, opposite ' the National Hotel, VVejsrunjton. D C Persons at a distance should enclose stamp for ; return postage. Offi3? hours, 9A. M . to 10 P.M. Various parties have been enticed trom my institution by certain swindlers on back streets in tnis city, who will ru<> it till the day of their death. , A word to the wig? i? x? 9 t* Curt Couth, Cold, Wca'xmj ', J* ^vVV/7a. A"*nxa. any Irritation or Sorr I *?? / thi Throat, Rtlitrt tht Hocktnt Centt\ tn Con\umrLnirinilull turn, Frcruk'tis, Aikma, t Catarrh, Cl'ar and tiv* strength to the roitt of PUBLIC SPEAKERS and S1N6ERB. I Few are aware of ths importance of sheering a : Conzh or "Common Cold in ita first stone, that j which in the begming would yieM to a mild reme<1t, if neglected.soouattaoksfhe l, "/?' ic*'t ! F*ontki*l 2VfA?i."coutMnin* rtsmiilceijt-'jrMi nts, allay Pu>monary ana Bronohiai Irritauc-n. nnr.n,^.ol "That trouble in my Throat, (foi ! BROWN S which tne "3\otk*?" areaspeciSo' having made tua often amerewMs VROCHES perer* N. P.'WILLIS. HROWN'RI "I recommend their use to P??u* 1 1 " B|Sr *.****." VROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great service in subduing Hoar?i ! BROWN'S **?." RbV. DANIEL WISE. VRornva " A no?t instant relief is the dia ? trossinr labor of breathing peculiar iirown'4 to Asthma." BKUWNt REV. A. C. EtftfLESTON. TROCHES " Coctam no Opium or Miything injurious." DR.A. AHAvES, ' BROWN'S CAtmist, Has ton, TBOCHKS ^SXIjSXSf.tZf BKOWN'S UR' 4' B'StLZU vntipkrcs " Beseficia. in B*owchitis." J t. w LANK, BROWN'S Boston ? "I haveproved tbem excellentfoi TROCHES WaooriN# Cobsh." HEV, H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S Bottom. .ROCHE* C^g*"" " BROWN'S tEV' * J- * Timrui-H " Ernnriu in reojorine Hcarteuese and lrrifatiojiofth* Throat, ao BROWN'S ??,,'w,oa t'uiui and Sin*f Uli TROCHES Pro? M.STACY JOHNSON. /# Urmnti. (im. BROWN'S T~ChY^U,cSllne. #rD TROCHES "Great har.eftt when taken before and af>r a reach lag. as ther prevent BROWN'S Hoar?euea?. From their pait etlect, I think they will be of permanent adTROCHES uutug to me, TIRV. E. ROWLBV, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athena College, Tenn. VROCHKB WmZ'ilSWk,,'B8l'2&NU 1-ly PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL in BLOOD KKJTOVATEB la preoiMlT what t?a name indioatee, for, while rle&a&nt to theti*??, it is revivifying, exhilarating, ? ? 'I ? ??? . ?V? /\ Ilia ui?a aAwava IllTII'IIAVJUR MM DVIVU . inVillUR W ?uw ? lv<*. |fV noiif and at the name time revivijiee, reinstate*, and renews the Blood in all its original purit*, and thai at onoe rtstoru and 'fudtr; thn system inrnintrahlt lo attack* tf distat*. It ia th* only preparation ever offered to the world, ao otieinioally and skillfully combined as to be trie moat powerful tonio, and at the sane time ao perfectly adapted to, as to act in perfect acoordance with tne laws of nature, and henoe will tooth* tK? trtakest stovinch y and tone up the dilative organs, and thus allay all nervouaand otner irritation. It ia perfectly exhilara ti r.f and at the aame time it ia oompoted entirely of ?<otabiea, yet so combined a* to prcduoo tho moat thorough tonio effeot, without produuinf any in Sirrioua oonae^unnoea. 8noh a remedy has lona >?en felt to lie a desideratum in the medioal wirld, or it need* no medioai to see that debility ollova all attacks of diar>aae, and proceeds and indeed fays the system open to the ?UFidious attacks ot many of the most fatal,such, for example, tts the following: Coi.sumotiou, Indigestion, Orapeasia, 1 os* of Appetite. Faintpeaa, Nervous Irritability, Kemn ria, Palpitation of the heart, Melaaoholy, Nit tit sweat*. Laccnr, triddineaa, Retention of. aa well aa Pa:nfuT oBatrnoted, too profuse, ox toe aotpt Menstruation, and falling of the Womb. Tlieee ail depend upou general debility, f hi* pure, eealthy tonio Cordiai ftnd B'ood Renovator ia*a sure to cure aa tne aun ist o rise and set. There is ro mistake about it . Bnt thi* ia not all- If the ayatcra ia weakened we are open to bllioua attack*. the lirer beooinea torpid, or worae dieeaaed. the kidneys refuse to perform their fuaetun*, and we are trochlea with scalding a.^d incontinence o urine, or involuntary discharge of trie aame, pain in the back, side and between the ahonLdera, ex oeouiaciy IISIIIS WJ augm i.'.'iu?, ?uu u uu checked. iuou emaciation follows, ana tbe patient eoea iowu to a premature crave. But apaoe wlil not allow oa to enumerate the toaar ills to whioh vi ars'iable in a weakraed ocnhtionot the ststein. Hut we will say in this Cordis! and Blood Renovator you have a perfect, safe p tmsant and en actual remedy for loaaof Appears. uiuousnees. Flatulence, we*? aiKl slok Stomach. Lancour, Liver Complaint. Chills and Fever.or rut BiUousattack CottiTenese, AoiuitT of the Stomach, PJervousness, Necralgia, Palpitation of the Heart, Depression of Spirits, Sores, Pimples on the Faoe, or any disease arising from impure blood, such as Scrofula, ?rysipe:*e. Bronchitis, Couch, difiaulty of Broath tag, and ali tiat clars of diroa3*a oal'ed female weakness, and ennmeiated above. Wo will also say the tra/oler exposed to eptdemioa, change of climate and water, mil find it a pleasant, safe and sure remedy, and no one i.Jitid ever travel without. Reader, try it,far we a*sure you *ou will find in it a friend indeed, as wml as a frieuu in need. All persons of sedentary habits will find it a perfect preventive ol, as well as a our* for those ailments which they are particularly exposed. Henos minister *, students, attorneys, lito.arT gentlemen, and ladies who are not acoastoinod to much outdoor exercise, will :.r.<3 it to their advantage to keep a bottle ooa?tau?Jy on hand; and above all motnara. or those oecG.uiii( such, will co through that most d arc srour p.-nou not only with all their aocusto'aed strength-but safe ana free from the thousand ai'ments so prevalent among the femaie portion of the world, in short, is indeed a mother's cordial. Try it old and younc;no lor ger run the rise or amtr; it win reuevoana proveiieen en>t nuicaiiy a H*itor*t*t>t Corixtu and Blooi hmcrntor. O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 liroadwa/VNew York, and 114 Market Street, bt. Louu, ftfo., and Mia by all good Druigiata. Price On* tk.lar per PROF WOOD'8 RB8T0RATTVB CORDIAL AJIB BLOOD RBNOVA'IVR. Sold In Una oJty by 0. STOTT, ST# Pa. anui. | aa kfr-ooly.aiw ^jj UN BOATS toa tbb WK8TKHN HlVKRS, 1 <4i ARTrai?A?T*K 6?Mi?*L'? Orric*. ( Wa*kin*'irK, June 17,1861.f , PaoroaaLs are invited for ooustrnoting Ouai boat* upon the Western rivers Specifications will l>e immediately prepared and > may be examined at the Quartermaster's OAoe at I Cinciiid&ti, Pit ?L.u'na, ami at this otfioe. Proposals from boat-bail ere and engine-baiid er? a.uce will be considerod. Plana submitted by bidders will be taken into 1 consideration. M C. MEJ?8. te U Q garter master floneral United States. JJOOIB AMI> 8HO^ *0 HHIT Vll We are now maoafcotunng' all kinds of BOOTS and HHOEH, and eor^tantly receiving a^ I aappiy of eastern made work of ever* de KK > Inretofore charged la tkia city for mack inferior arti-i.ea. Persona la want of Boo?a and Mm of eastern or Iflltf MM ?ork. will klnjl lad ajood Maor:iroi ? ? i. ^ ,{iTf .b. t-9 , 11* t**vtvurvlva*ift tvunvft ! Boaonei, B<^ Bags, Anu, to Mooro'a H&t an i 1 Mmm Ekunnitur unrruli, Moor?*a JBensme ' ytil rwoorapaiat, *araiah.or [r?u? of any kind from ti? moot de.icato f a r. r i e. ?ilk or woolen, wiUi Mtialar; to ootor ?r' oumtwim j will ci?aa Kid 6 ovm QeMtually.witli littl* labor. For Ml* at MOORE'8 9r?t M?riiflui?> I]S Pa. *r~ ?L2! *** ? .??y I AroKJ &'SZ ifi&l WHBJJia" I of PiMO? # % "Thej go rftfffct ti IN Spot." INSTANT RELiKP STOP \ OUR COUGH PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE! SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, ABB OOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, HOOD FOR LECTURERS, OOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINOERS, OOOD FOR C0N3UMPTI7B8. GENTLEMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIK8 ARE DELIGHTED WITH arAljUliNU 9 XUKUAT WWITISUTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR BPALDINO'S THROAT CONFECTION*. They relievo a Couch instantly. They ole&r the Throat. They give atrength and volame to the vnioe. They impart a delioious aroina to the breath. They are delightful to the taste. They are made of impleherbe and cannot harm any one. I advise every one who haa a Cough or a Husky Vnioo.or a Bad Breath, or any diffioalty of the j Throat, tn get a package of my Threat Confeotiona. They will relieve yuu instantly, and jou will agree with me that "they go risht to the apot.' You will find them very useful and plearant while traveling or attendiog public meetinga, for atiUing your Cough or allayinc your thirst. If yoa try ore paokage I &>n safe in aaying that you will ever af , terwarrfa consider them indispensihle. Yoa will find them at the Druggists and Dealers m Medicines PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. Mr eigrature it on eaoh p&ok&ge. All othera are | oonnterfoit. A Package will l>e eeut by mail, prepaid, on re i oeipt of Thirty Cents. Addrean, HENRY C RPALDI NO, No.48 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. , W? CURE NervousHeadachc i rust MniS * \ Headache. By the ate of these Pills the periodic attack* o Ntrvout or Sick Ht*d*cht may be prevented; and i taken at the commencement ol an attaek imme i diate reiiet from pain and siokness will be obtained. They seldom Sail in removing the Nauttm and ( HuuUukt to whioh females are so ssbjeot. I They aot gently upon the bowels,?removing Cm- i twsmi. For Ltiirsry Mtn, Studontt, Delioate Females, and all persons ol kabitt, they are val- < able as a Laxatwt, improving the pytit*, giving lotm and vigor to the digestive organs, and re storing the natural elasticity and strength of the whole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the remit of long investigation and oars fully oondnoted experiments, having been in ase many years, daring whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering rom Headache, whether nnrl nating in the nrrrout srstem or from a deranged state of the ttomack. Thar are entirely vegetable in their oompoaition, and mar be taken at all time* with perftot safety without making anr ohanga of diat, mud tkt *itinei of Mf duatr$4abli MM rmuUri it oatu la 1 dministor tkom to cMiidrtu. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! Tha genuine have five signatures oi Hanrr C. Spaiding on each Box. Sold br Druggists and all othar Dealer* In Madioinaa. A Bos will be aent by mall prepaid on reaeipt a tha PRICE, 9ft CENTS, All orders ahoald be addreaaod to HENRY C. SPALDIN9, 48 Cedar Stxsxt, Nsw You. From Ikt Emaminor, Nor/oik, Vm. Cephallo Pilla aooompliah tha oMaot for wfeish they wars made, rixi Cure of haaaaoha la all lta forma. Prom tko tmmmkMr, Norfolk, Fs. They hare been tested In mora than a tkamaaod oases, witu entire suooess. from tko Domoorsi, St. Clom4, HHmti. If you are, or have been troubled w 1th the headache, send for a box, (Cephaao Pule ,) ao that yoa mar na?a them m oaae of an>ttaok. From lis Wttttm H. R. &ssalts, Cfc tests, fU, We heartily endorse Mr, Spalding, aad hla asnrailed Cepnaiio Pilla. Pram tk* Soutkom Pmtk Find*, Now OrUmu, Lm. Try them! rou that are affile ted. andwe are aara that roar testimony can be added to tha already numerous list that has received benefit* tut do vtuoi Utvuiviuo uqMl frUQBOOi fVm ii? 9u</ii, Jwwnrt, /MMi Mr. Bpftldinc would not conneot hta nan* With in arUmo he aid not know to hhh real merit From tk* Ad+trtifir, PramUmot, F. I. The Cephftlio Pills are aaid to be ft remftrtyhlr effective remedy for the headache, and one of the rery beat for that rety frequent oompialnt which baa erer been discovered. From tk* St. Lomi* Domoorat. The immense demand for the ftrtlele (OeykfJie Pille) u rabidly inoreaetng. From tk* Katumka Tallov Star, Kmamka, To. We ftre sure thftt persona aufferint with the heftdftohe, vho try them, will a tick to them. From tk* Ad+trtxjtr, Promidmn, A. /. The teatimorv in their fhvor is strong, from the moet reepeotftb'e ^uartera. From Oi Daily Noon, JttmjmI, R. I. Oeyhalio Pi Ha ftre taking the plftee of ftU kind a. From tk* Commortiai Bullotm, Bottom, Mail. Hftid to be very efltaftoioua for the headache. From tko Commercial, Cxruinmati, Okio. Buffering hamaniU aftn now be relieved. trr A untla bottla of Spalding's Prepared Glue will mm tan timM 1U ooat annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! ttAVK THK flKCKB! MCVNOMY! DISPATCH tor "A ftriTcd IN Tlum Bat? Niw."_n| A* aoeident? will happen, arm in wall refwlataa fkraiMM, it i? Terr de?ir*bi? to hare orrie eh*ap ftndloi'DTeniont way tot repamnc FnrniUre, Toy? Crockery, A?. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE neeU all M?h em?rK*aoiM, and no fcoaaekold m afford to ba without it. It m alwny? ready, aad to the atiokinf point. - USEFUL IN KVKRY NO UBS.w If. Bw?A Break aaaompaniaa a?ok Bottla. Frfa ? onto. Addreaa aKT(mT a ?pALD1N4v fta. 4SCadM ctraat, Maw York. # / m gg TBI OILY FKEPAKATIOI wo*r*r or DSIVSK8AL OONViDKBOX A PATRONAOI 1 PVR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN, LADIES, mmd GENTLEMEN la all part* of the world testify to tbe cffieaey ot PROF. 0. J. WOOD'8 HAIR RESTORATIVE and cant'emen of the Preaaare nnanimoaa In iu praise. A few testimonials only oat? be here airec see cittnlar for more,and it will be impossible for you to donbt. r Wuigrun, Naw You. Deo. SB, 1MB. GmtUmtn: Your note or the lfth inataat haa tx?en reoeiTed, taring that yoa had h*Ard that ] had been benefited by tiie ue? of Wood*s Hair Restorative, an* revesting my cartifioate of theiaet if I had noohjaotton to (We it. 1 award it to job oheerfally, beoanae I think it dc.e. My ace la aboat so yeara; the eolor of my hair an barn, and inohaed to oarl. Some fire or six years naoe it began to tarn (ray.and the soals on uteorown of my bead to loae ita sensibility and Jandraff to form upon it. Caoh of these diaa?rseabilitioa inonaeed with time, and about i months

sinoe a fourth waa added to them. by h&'r failing off the top of my head and threatening to make ma balu. In this unpleasant predicament I was induced to try Wood'a Hair Rectorstivs. ir.ainl* to a.rr?*t th? I 1 falling off of nu o&Jr, for 1 had roaHy no expectation that gray nair could ever be restored to ita original oolor except from drea. I ra, hoirever, flatly aurpnaed to find, after the uae of two hot t? odjf, that not only was tae off arreated. bnt tne oolor ru restore*! to the (ray hairs and enaibility to the aoa^. and dandruff o?m?I to form ( on my b?4u, very mach to the gratification of mi 1 wife, at whose solicitation 1 wae induced to try it. For thia. amcag the many oMigationa 1 owe to t her aex, I strongly reoommeed all nuabanda who ' value the admiration of their wives to profit bj my utarople. and tueitif growtnc gray or getting DaWf. i Very respectfully, Ban. A. Livnrsw. To O. J. Vvoou &, Co..<44 Broadway, N. Y. 1 My fain:ly are absent from tho oity, and 1 am do onger at No. 11 Carro4 Place. Siamston, Ala., July 80,1??. To Plor. O J. Wood; Sir?Your "Hair " R.-ato-ati ?e" haa done my nair ao much good aiuoa II eommenowi the uae of ' t, that I wiah to m\ke Down to the pnMie of fta c J ecta onthe hair, wnicn 4 &re great. A man or woman ns? beneartydeprived < of hair, and by a reeort to your,lHair Restorative" U:e hair will return more bcactuul than ever; at ! least this is my experience, Believe it. all 1 Years trniT, w*. H. Kr*?any. P, 8.?You can puUilah the above if you Hfcp. By puhliahing in our Southern papers you will gel more patronage South. 1 toe aeveral of vour oertihoatea in the Mobile Mercury La strong southern i paper. W. H. Ysnxdt. WOOD'S HAIR HESTORATIYE. pxov. O. J. Wood: Umr Sir: Having had the misfortune to loae tue- beat portion of my nair. from the effects of the yel.ow fever, ;n New Orioai<a iu LH51.1 was ir.duoe<l t< make a trial of vour ereoara lion, and found it to answer as the very Ibing needed. Mr hair is now thick and t>ossr> and no words can express my obligation* to yon in giving k> the afflicted suoh a treasure Johnson. ( The Restorative Is put op in bott es of three eiies, rls: large, medium and small; the small held he/I ' l pint, ana retails for one dollar perboMe; the mfeifum nol'ls at least 20 p<r cent, more In proportion * than the sma!', retails fr-r two dollars per bottle; me large holds a s u&rt, 40 per orat. more in proper lion, and retails for 43. O. J. WOOD A CO.. Proprietors,444 Dread war,New York, and 114 Market street, St. Louis ^i&old in this city br C. STOTT, 3T? Pa. avenue. < an Z1 eoty.alw JOY FOR TKUblCK AND SUi-*??!/** LtTALl. WHUAR&1*FL1CT*4 ATTLT THEDKMMSDI ' MMJOrOM Hi HEALTH. , Frie*4,4c row ?F?r* Are yoi the Tietire efaay ft rocs tcttierocs ailnrc* vkica ar-se freci 1m 1 Mrity of tbe Moo4/ What Are they, do ro? nk? Rather ask. what are thav i atf TH? hlnml 1 Kieroe of life and hoaith. ar ' it:a the firrt fleraeol ?f oar beinj to reepond to t .y oaa/e which aSeot* I IheB}i}er.,aathe puiaeinfa .iblr tfpeta. Thserer I fre>tilinj Ncarait.a, ths irntzCBj Lrysipelaa.tha mttin dorofuJL, t/.e E-..eai^atiam, Ner- i roaa Debiiitj- Lirer ...nipia.nlwith ita I torpor a&d dejection, arn th,e nar' t mi ilia thai fifun it heir to, del ire their ,n . T^ior-i;. frc-.n tn? ] blood. 2>ea! Mruiiy then an-1 tsnt iy with if1* l^ood J ?'?e tnfl vitaliarcj iMouroea of natare for ita aid, I a;id i<Mot aa U> oommend to ys?*r oocBdenoe aad ih that traiy valuable mod.oaioent kacan aa I k! AS. M cors . ITV 1)1 AH ThUBTABLK DROOCTIOT9. With regard to thia a.moot infa !lt>le apeeifia popular aentinent haa awoken in decided uirma and the eyiaenoea of thia jreat eftcacv are aaataineu by oonaLxut avowa.a of ?urative effeeta and ] the ha?pieat reealta from :ta use are after ali other renr ediee and the beat mer'ica! aki!l have failed. Lit aa ear, in coupluaioa, thM certificates , aaree are not soaght from the illiterate and rnper- j Boial, but they are volunteered from the mr>afr?apeotabla pourcea and justify the highest tt-nr.a it which it la poaaible to commond ao valuable a aa'-cuio to ?fc^ho approval. We may addalao that the curative propertfeaofthemMioine are equalled only t>y ita reatoratlve electa, the STatem reo<> ver- 1 in* fromdiaeaae with renewed oonatitutiona' visor. For Bale by ail reapeotable nrajriBta in thia aity, anc by tee proprietor. Mils'-. M. COX, None Kennino aniOM her name la Mown on tha gou,> mu dor mi on uc oon fL?* Priee t! per bcttie, Ei* bottles for fl. wXcUfU Attn*, ft. R. f, CIHHK1,, Pragcut 3eorgetowo, D. Wholesale A??nt for the Dip- i trict, a~d will iftivit the trade at my pnne? ai lt-tr ! rpHK ALL SLFFIOiKNT TURKK. TRIE8KMAR.I.J and ??Protected by Roya , Letter* Pater.t of England, and secured by the < Sea's of the $oole do Pbarmaoie de Pari*, and the Imperial Coliece of Medioine. Vienna. So. 1 is inva'. aable tq>r exhaustion and naterrbea. < all physical ui?abnitie?. No. 2 completely era<l:oa:ea all traces of thoM diseases that hare been h.tacrjo rmated by us naa- , secas and pernicious ate of ooimvi and oabebs. No. 3 uas entirely supplanted the injurious c*e of mercury, thereby insuring to the ?offerer saeody relief, d:r?ersicg ali impurities. aud rooting oa , the venom of disa***. 1 TR1ESEMAR, Not. I,Sand a,are prepared in the form of a loaense, devoid of taste aud smell, and can be carried in the waistcoat pocket. fco!4 m tic caaea, and diviaod into seps. ate doses, a* ad miniatured by Velpeau, La: errani, Roaz, Rioird *c. Price #3 eaoh, or tour cases tor #3. which J save* %.v. and il *Ti oases, whereiT tnere :a a sa?- ' r.e of ?y. To be Lad. whoiesaie and retail, of Dr BARROW,of 134 B:eooker street. New York. liumediateiT onrooetviDg a remittance, Dr. Barrow will ferwarathe Friesemar toany part ot" the worta, reenrely packed, and audreeaeo aeoording to the ln truotioiis of the writer. The Book, of all others, that should he read bj men with danced and broken down constitution* is "Human Frailty, or Philological ft ee-?rohes." a is beautifully illustrated, aad treats ?r mutely of 1 tne syrcp omh that invariably develop themselves, sooner or jater. resulting from the frailties and vitiatinc habits of earij rout1., incapacitating the notiin trom sn^riac the fruition of the matri momal state, anu. if not ohecked in time, deceuerai.agaiiti.e functions of manhood, aod bringing , * t ^wuiuviiiikBail UUMIUOIJ U*V?lil. Sold by Dr. HA R ROW/I"*4 Bioooker ttre*t, lour door* beiov Maodoucal. New York. Pnoe 7k oenta. Sent free 6Yory whare. Sold aiao by S. C. Foru, Jr., Dm# Store, Waah initon. D. C. da B 6m P HEADER, ERUSE The following statement anil than Judge of it? f/vcU for yourself. ABEAM COLE, of Brooklyn, N. V.. a wall known oitiwn th*re, had smiTorad from DTapep*:a for aorne yoar?, witho it pe^iranent relief, until he tried AYKH S tlLLS.whioh Uk?>n according to the direction a for th'a oomplatnt, restored mm to haaith ig a fo?r w?>ki. Alter an interva or some month s he uv. had no return of his oompiaint. GEO. W. CROfeS. of Harmony,Taxaa. had an amp'.on on hia neck, ahoiudera, baci and lag. wmon oovered about one third of hia body, it kept the part* atfeoted covered witn a acab, and being often a raw aore, waa of ootyrao veri troablaaome and diatreasiiie. It ao mnoh impaired hia health aa to unfit himt or bua;nosB and kepi him in conat&nt nlfonnc, Ail medioa! aui failed him until he look AVER'S COMPOUND EXTRACT *AK*?APAR1LLA, which our?o him. Hia ekjn atill ahowa aoma soara from the uioeratioo, but it la olherwiae aa oiear aa an mfinta. JOHN H. SHOOS. Em t ar: eminent lawyer ol Kf-umouiJ, va., took a oold which aettlKi on hia iunra. A severe pain set in oil the left side, with a tatf cough, whioh wai aoon followed by the uniniatakable symptoms of ounaamption. w b?n r-*c uued very low he commoiiaed takuj AYER'8 CHER B\ PECTORAL, whioh aoon etopeed theoongh and oompletely oared him. Prepared by DK. J. C. ATKK * CO., Lowell. Maee- ina 1? eota HNEW BOOK*. I8TORY of the United NetWiaade. by John Lothrop Motley ; 3 vola ; free b? mail, ?. The Rise of the Dutch Republic, a history, by John Lothrop Motley; 3 vo i oioth; free by mail, Silaa Marner. the Weaver RavaJol, by the author of * Adam Bedecloth 7S|oenu; paper ? oenta Life and Career of Maior Andre, by Wintrop Baraeant; 91 JO. Altar loeberga with a Painter.a Bummer Voyage to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev LouiaL. Nob e; ?1.&> The Manufacture of Photogenic or Hydro-Car bon Oila. by Thomaa Antiaeii, M. D.; #L7S. Any or toe above free by mail. FRENCH A RICHSTEIN, ap aft 'iTH Penna. avenue. UNION J'APER AND EN V ELOPES.?Twen lyiliflerent atylea of Note and Letter Paper, with envelope# to match. Viewa of waahington in the form of a Roee.and in Book form; alao, separate All the Dai!? aid Weekly Papora oon?tantly on hand. Herald. Timee. and Tribune reoetved ?? ? nirht at 6 o'olook. Papers from nil parts of the oountry. Beadle's Dima Nore!? acd Song Books. A fresh supply of Books for summer reading, cheap A large assortment of Juvenilee? Mayne Reid's Books, Rollo Books. Abbott's Histories. Ao. A ma 31 National B^bstore. 8T8 Pa. atr. IVK OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a Ism 'J. assortment of GREY ai J BLL EFLANNEL HR?. CA%/? BLANKET^', HA.LF-H()?KAAO.* wtuoh we invite all eash purchasers to eTSssias before making U.e,r seieoyoos. jk^ssssoumu a (lnt?lh??noer and Repablican.) ! f^RKAT BARGAINS IN PIANQS.-Ose m; ' J aiee HaTl A Boas' make for #!?; one?^m^ TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. IJNITEO STATES ^MILITARY ROVTK. CHANGM~OF HOURS. On attd after Maud ay, August 1UM, 1861, HUtH?n TEA.1H* WILL KVN AS FOLLOW# : LKAVK WASHINGTON at udTDLa tau and A ?5 p. m.. am Tin* at Baltimore at ?.4ft and ^LEA^"^ALTlMC)Sfe" at*4jn and * ?0 a. m.aad MS and 5 p m , arrmnc at Waehiactaa at 6 and lOJft a. m. and at ft and! 45 p. a. PMiM|frTnu*l?TiB| Waetnnito? at 7Ai a. n.aod Iw p. m.,an<i Baltimore at! 4o a. m aad tAt 5. m , make direct connexions for Ancapoiis at the UOUCB. Train* leare Annapolis for Baltimore aad Wash n*t"B at a. na. and t p. m Passenger Train* leannc Waebinrtoc st ? and '*> a. m awl im p. m. make dirwst eonnerioas at 3a.Up?crefor Pkiladeipiua and New York. AH artiolee of rreifkt (not oostrafaaad of war) ril be transported over U?e me. Tomms Trains nil tears Baltimore at 4 30 a. m. Leavewastuiiion at 7 ?. m. Br orter of the Seoretaij of War i THOMAS U. CANPIKLD, AHUttatMto?i<>r. * Mtt-tf cpkcial notice. 5 SUNDAY TRAIN. On and after SUN DAY. Mth July, there will be >ut one Soiuiay daily train? Leave WASHINGTON at 8 30 p. m. for NBW vork ard I'H ILA DFLPH1 A. From New \ or* and Philadelphia, arriving in Washington at 110 a. in. J. A 8COTT, ji 'it General Manager. STEAM WEKILV HKTWKEN ?3B2 NtXw VO?tE ANDL1VKRPOOU La-tdu.g and embarking paaeergeri at ^ueens'owr, Ireland The Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia >teaim>h'.e Omi an* intend riiepatohmc tbeir fail towerrd Cyd*-built iron Steem?hip? aa folio we: oL>sG?jW Satur^ar, AojoU 3d. CITY OF BALTIMORE, - Wh. KANGAROO. " M ISth. And mery Saturday, at noon, from Pier M, North rtver. . BATES OF PASSA0K. First Cabin - #15 Do. to London .. ? SO po. to Carle W Do. to H ami art .. M 8tier&te ? fw Do. toi^ocdLO .... M Ho. to t is .. 3; Do. lo Hun>b?ti,......... . S6 Passenitrrs forwarur't to H i*rs. BrriMn. Rotterdam, Antwerp, 4.0 at r? d throu?* fare#. H?r?t"i? wi?? n? ?t,u? _t ihMr fnenu? can >uy t?cke?* at i^w rau>? -or furW..<r iaforraa:i< % ,.j at the Oapta'ns Office. JOHN ?. D/.L'-. Agent, 1? Broadway, V V . Or to Q. A. HERRI NO, Aoams 1'xpreei BaUnore. ^^-j.INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE FASTER A'D WESTERS SHORE STEAMERS. "REST," C*pt J U. t rwan 'Vr/ONi EH,'' Oapt W. Norman, Will run theft f jufes a? follows, leavi> * Light ( rest, Batwnore. loot ol Camden, at* o'clock A. M : KENT?For Cambridge, Dentin and Landings >n Clioptank river, every WEDNESDAY ard ATI RIIAV. rstliriilBf ??*? Tllin?l?? mm.* Monday. K'-r Annapolis and West River, every TUESDAY and FRIDAY and returning *a > e days. PJO.\c.EK?F?" St M ahse.'s an-i Easton, via Mile's Hiver, every WEDNESDAY. a*d return ;be same day. For Annapolis, West River, Cambridge, On'ord n,J Eiut. n Poiut. every fHL'RSDAY, returninf jy ?Kme route on Friday for Ann&polip. West River, St. Mioknal's and Ea ton. via Mile's River Ferry, every SATLRDAY, returning every Monday by same route Pare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Fnston Point. ? ft 1 fit) pare to r>t Michael's and Miles' Rivera round trip SI.) 100 Para to West River, (rouud trip. $1). ?... 1 m Fare to Annapoii* (-oond trio7Soents)?_ 78 MhAl.S EXTRA. Freight must be prspnid. Wharf and Offioe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden. Baitiirore. C. ft. CANNON. _ n NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,! Calvzkt Ptatioji, BaCmore. May It, 186^. ( On and alter Sue lay. May l?th, lwi, Trvics on U utl iC K TO At /? * ? . ,iic i-w \ >n i nr>i\.i v C?i1 JL iva U liAl li W A Y V rive ana depart m followa, antll further notion. TRAINS NORTH. t U A. M.p ^ HARRia^lt R^*A(ic6MMODATl?N at P. ^The 1.16 A.M. train oonnaoU at R?lw Hoae# wltn trtioi on the Waster* Maryland Rairoad; it Hanover Junction with Hanover and Gettabn'g Railroad*; at York with Y<nk and Wnihtirl.le Railroad; at Harriebnrgwith P*un*?lvacia Railroad for all parte of the \Ve?t with Lebaenon Val'?y Kailroad to New Yorkdirtet; at >ortiiura torland with L and B. Railroad for Kingston and bii part* of Wtoorudk Vallev^and ?t ^uclmry with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad for all parte Northern Pennaylvama and New York. The 3 jn P. M train mak*s all the a bore oocneotior* exoept Hanover Railroad, Wrighun.le Raiiroa<1 and the Leliannon Va!i-y Railroad, Tre 8 P. M tram make* oonn*ctiona with Pana ivlvanifc Railri-ad for all part* of the Weet, and lireot oonnecU for New York. TRAINS AKHIYg. Mail at 610 P M.; Expre-e at 7 43 A. M.; Harnebur* Accommodation at 2 43 P. M. For Tiokeu and information ineuire at the Tioket Office, Calvert Station, Baltimore. /. C. CLARK, Bap't. W LEAVE PHILADELPHIA BI9E?B NKW R*TheCam'len and Am boy and Philadelphia and F i^CKH.'from W ALNUTbY*F AM) KENSINGTON DEPOT, will Imt* m fol ova: At A A M , Tia Camden and A in boy, (C. ftcd A. A ccorrt mod?ti ou.) At 6 A. M, via Camden ftnd Jum; City* (N.J. Aocommodfttion.) At 8 A. M , via Camden ftnd Jersey Ctty.tMornii k Mftil.) AtllH A. M , vift KeLsinfton ftnd Jersey City, (Western Express.) At 12>* P. M., vift Cftmden ftnd Amboy,( Aoeomaaodftt'rm.) At 2 P M . via Cftmdej ftnd Ambny, (C. ftnd A. Ex pre** ) At ?H P M , vift Kenainfton ftnd Jersey City, (Evening Express.) At P M , vis Kmsinfton ftud Jersey City, (Second C & Ticket.) At6 P. M., vift Cftmden ftnd Jersey C1ty,(KTMUBf Mftil.) Atllif P M., vift C&mden ftnd Jersey City,(Sovth orn Mftil.) At 3 P. M . vift Camden ftcd Amhoy, (Aooommodfttinn, freight ftod pftssenger, First Clftss Tioket.) Beoond Clft?? Tioket. The 6 f. M Mail Trftin rnrs daily. The 11X P M M&il, ?ftfnrd?ys excepted For Belv:?iere, Eftston, Lft'nbertvtlls, Flemington. feo .ftt 7.10 A. Mnftnd 4Si P- M., Iron Kensington. For Water Gap. Stroad?b?rj:.8erft?toB,Wilkee LI?I i qi mui' n uiO) nrMl OOQQi ftOn II Ai M?i from Keimncton, ria Delaware, LMktmict and Wett-rn Railroad. For Mauch Chun*, A '.leutown and Bethlehem 3t 7.1<i A. M. and SS? P. M. from Kensington depot; the 7.10 A. M ii e oonneote with the tiain leaving bMton at 3S5 f. M. Por Mount Holly at and S A. *. and 3 and iH 1 For Freehold at? A. M and 2 P. M. For Bristol, Trenton, Ao.. at 7.10 A. M..4X and MP. M from Kensington, and 2*? P. M from V* a.nut street wharf. For Pa'myra Rieerlon,Delaooo, Beverly. Burinr*oa. F rnnneoo, Boraer.towc, Ae., at I, 3,4fca d6P M . bUAuiar Trenton for Bordentown. and inte--w*ediate places, at P. M. from WaLnat sueet wharf. {T7~ For New York and Way Line*, leaving Rensincton 1>* pot, take the o?rs on Fifth street, above Wains'. half an hoar before desa tare Tbe ears ruo iuU t!.e depot, and ua arrival of tram rcn from the depot. Fifty pounds of baggage only allowed totaeh passenger Passengers are prohibited from taking anything as baciage but their w?ni sprar^i All baggage over fifty pounds to be paid <or extra. Tk*company limit their responsibility fr-r baggage to one dol ar per sound, and will not be liable Tor any amount beyond one hundred dolars, 8ATZM1CK. A?.t qjbk we/t aindioutb iW %*9 BALTTMOR? rfxi) OHIO On uii< iD? M?, iu> > ? ? -- -?*? " .... w??, mi. ut? i'Mi win run m follows, ti*:?Lmts Camden 8uuoc, bkiunore.?Mail, i?xo*pt Sunday.) at 4. 30 A. MUereee dai<!j at 3. 46 P. M. botn Tnainii ?o dlraoUr tnrourh KOR ALL PARTS Or, THE WEST. SOUTHWEST AND NORTHWEST: FOR WAY PASSENGKRS. BrtvMD BeiUmor* and Piedmont take tke A. M. Train; h?tweea_Piedaont and WMidi take Aooominndation Train.lea?inf Piedmont at A. 40 A. M.; and betveoa Grafton aad Parker*bar(, take *Th K^>SjU C^?TlUUN^arae BaiUmore *lT h? LLb 1 Cl>TT*8*M^L.Ls'^R*li$ leave Baltimore at 6 ? and ?.15 A. M. and 1 45 P.X ana Ellioott'e Milie at 7M and 11JD A. M ,and tc A*4 WEST, Trnneleave: Troy and AlbJy (trith w.44/? . (ttaatar* l?_ele?piL| oar) lu.l& ?. m 1 2E3 ? rough*??? ' tr?in?, a l,?i. \J* f? * ! f ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ? ... ?fa-tf M, W PAH,*. Pr?n JSKMMi <Jn n.d after 1L KSl?A \ fi*j J4U. PiMkM Tniw tor PkitM* jut wit tmmrrmtmStm'tmI uwttfiww vs'trc, -*vv MS h. !*.; Btvucc Mfii M ? 43 o'aloek <? SFNJ)AVf??? ??S P All traAac vitk N*v York truu ?*r? t4l P. M.tftui m Mm. AT-rr? fht Tram vWi MMMir mj aU*<-*ad IwrNtli P. M . noppimat ill Wabvu M*m< BAltUfcor?Ar,4 fUrre fttmrmfAf f> awara mmJ Um Ifimn ^bor* 9f Mffitod vtll Iwl U? oott rosto by ?* >? WMmtnftoa. (^TiHCotmd ni*Ml * nlxrini IklMN " " "" WM CRAWFOIP, Aft. t*C*is*n HAlZK^AOmmd SgW YOhK CENTRAL KA/tmOAp. Tmtaa leave New York o'tj depota m Hu^wi RjTet Ulr.lniitri exM>ptM, iloliMm Frrm Ofcftabera itrwt Krom Slat at tHUAtmm. At 7 oo ? At 7 Jft a m 1?MM *00 p m Ills'* >Sf? ss* f w s?r? Mwtn ft. ftnd BafTftie Train with siee? m Oftrt, 9.'4 p in 1 45 f Codd?ouc( ftt A bftry with IIm Na* > orfc Caatrfti Kauroai for gohenootftdy K<oh?tr. V'tipa. B* ?ti? Rome, aod atfttiocaoft Itomaftatf luwo Rftnr< ft-1. Huffftio. wirfteaae, Ntftfftrft Pkii, ftameoaica Bride*# Aibern, Gen* m.t'a ftt,da'fuft. Trftina in oonneetiua leeve Bufffci<* ft?d Peep r aion vift Lftfce Shore, Buffalo ?i.c i ft* a Moron ftnd fireftt Weate'Q Rftjireftd for Hftnit'on. Toronto, Detroit, Chicago. Toledo, Mftwaukie. Fnn I>a I at, Lft Croaee, Nftrfiatn. Frftirie Ihi C ft lea, Gftaftft. DacieiUi. Duluaue. Poorift, K' oK Uiftsd. M yaoa Una, Iowa Out. Ranmctoc. Quire?. t*eriocBetd, Alto i,, ?Jt. I x>aia. Cairo, Tarre tea a to. li><liaaft??lia. lyoanTiila, Cmoiwwu . Lftytoo. Co.eahm. 0l?ve* kftod.ftadftl'. poibta MN eat, NorUweet and ftoaU NORTHKRN ROl'Tfc CoDDMtioc with Tmn at Tro?, with Troy k Boston and Reu?. k. Saratoga Rn?d? fbr 5*ar%t<?f a. ? t.>u ..Ru'. i .a, Buriin*un, M. Albab*. K???* Point, PlatUburgh, OjUety u jh, Montreal, Jta , CT Praight ArranrMteatt by tkj* rontm aa above, without chante of Caia, iroai taa l*pota*n ( htubfri and CaiiL Mraata. are at all tlmee a? favor*Me aa iru'lotnoik r Kulna^ Co?M**i"*< The laoil' tiea of ttia great Now \ ork Ro?t-?,'o the w#?|con.m?ct it to the oor Mho* of Bit ohanta ac ah ppera lor yrrnrptwaae and dirp*lob Paaaetger traina, with Pausing an<i 8|ao?irg Sara ran in connection on Um Naw York Central irarl Por parti on era aa tr looai tx&ina and freight*' ractementa. inquire at th* depot. * ^'arrer at A. F. ?MITN7Wariaf?<3aa>. JP?k U J? GOVKRNMKNT LINK ferrwr to fort moszoeahd old pois? com wkt. t be&vea tha lower and ?.f LNI< ?N DOOR, Baiti more, waat aida. t'AILY, (Sw:Ja?? included. ?at So'cl^ek P. M takinc pa*a*..c^ra and feigbt end o>?ni.'ci.r.r with .he Railroad Tinea to erel f om Waahing'on, l). C., Philadelphia. Naw York, B"aton, York, Haruabarg, Pittsbnrc, P* , and the Waat. immediately af ar lliearrival ot the Rxpreee Tram from Naw Yoik and Philadelphia. The following ia tha Seberfn : J From New York to Fort Monro* and hack. ?U From Pftt'adeipli a and naek. - I* From Baltimore and h\ek 1* fET PROCURE YOUR TICKET* .^31 In New the Now Jersey Rairoau to >tof Court.ftrd street. In*lphia, at the Company'* office N. W. oornor of Sixth and Chestnut streets, or at tho D*pot. Broad and Pr ?i? streol*. In B*Uunore, on h ?ard th* Steamers, foot o( Union Dock. HUGH OCONNEE. Pa?engsr tr*< r^^-.NEW YOK K, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILR?>A n LEA YL*6 NEW VORR_POR ALBANY. TRQ-V, NORTH AND WEST. BUMMER ARKAN6KME^T Commenmn* Monda*. Mar nth. 1*61. For Abaty?il?? a. m. fast expr**e train from JPth street. For Dorer Plain*? 4^ p. m stopping at Wbit# PMns and station* north to Dotst plain*?from 3Btc street station (This train will ran to Miiiertoa mrr f atardap *Vpor proton Fails?t:l8a. m. *tup?i*r at a'l eta tinns north of Foraham irom 3t> h street station. Por White Plain*?8j3T, 4:10 ai-d S*?> p m. stop fist at all stations from 2Btb atr*ot station. For Whit* Plains?* 6 p m. atop pin< at all stations from White ?treet st*Mon. For Williaa* Brid?*-7*>, litis *. m. aad p. ) BtABRlB* At mil liahaAA frnsn Wt K straal aialm-. Rstnraing will iNvtAibar*?feAO a. m. rut espro** train. Dorof P ains-Srao a m. (TkU tram loaras MU lorton ?T?ri Mouday Borcutc Mil. n?.) Croton i ?. i?i. Whit# r %.n??*ie. T*tt a m. ?.> & T*> > a. Wiiliains Bndga?#.?? , ?e?> ?. rn. A lam p. iu Pundar trains will leave 4th A ttue ooraer Od rtnrtjHir Centra. part, Yorknle. Harlem mm! High Bridge o*erj f?w ninvtea. from a. m. tr? 1*6p m. JOHN BrRCHILL. A?4t SapX r^M.NBW YOKE AND ERIK BAIL SIHH ROAD "C2 M PuMni?r Tr*. i.? ]?ti na Pm eia Ferry and Long Dock, from foot of Ciui>?i Street. Now Ynrt.M follows, ti* : 7 00 a. m . EXHR ESS.for but.kirk, and Buffaio. and snooipal lr-terroe Ise Stai.on* on a. m. MAIL, for Dunkirk. and intermedial* Station*?Thi? Trau: r<mains otvt night at Einura, and prooeoa* tb? next mortmi B.ooa m MILK daii,, for OtioviUe. and in tor mediate Station*. 11 00 a. m , ACCOMMODATION.daily, for Port Jemi, and p lnoipai Stations 4 00 p. m. W A > . for Middiotown, New burgh, Md intermediate Station*. 6Jn p. m.. NIOBT EXPRESS. da'If. for Dankirk, Buffalo, Oauandai* ua^od pnaoipal Statior* i Tt e Tram of Batardaj stop* at ail Mail Train I Station*, and rant onli to Einura. 6on p.? ACCOMMODATION.for ornovril . tad Driuoiaal Stations. SaJ * MJNOT. 6en'. 8apt. NATHANIEL >UK?B, R??-irw. J?kFOR BOSTON VIA NEWPORT S AND FALL RIVER. atretic th aad inW, bat parties las ty ><y>>4 k> the navigation of Log/ 1? ana Bcaod, ranaiBg in oo?neoton with tne Fall Hirer a -d O'd Colony Rati- ' road, 0 ?tA. oe of SB n.i e# oajy to Bo?ni Leave Pier No. I Noth River sear the BMtrr . ..The Brenner EM PI R E STATE. Capt Braytoa. Mondaye, Werfr-eedey*. ud Friday a, at t o'oiook P. M., touch cf at Mrw?ort eeob wa? The 8tNm?r MKTROPOi.ic, CapC Drm. m Tue?<i&y?. Thnrnd&yi and r*vturde?a, at I o'oioofc P.M.. tonobins at Newport each way. ? Thfae Simiiiti are fitted wit* eoauaodloae atate room*, Bad v*rj an enjreinent for the eerar* tr Bod oom'ort ot paaaocfera who are acbrCed try tiuj route b oifhre' rest on board and on arrival Bt Fall Hirer yrciiid per Steamboat Trala.reaafc tag B utoc early the foilowiac atorainc : or may r?man on board antii atartmc of the Aooomioortation Bt * k, M , by which they My r**eb Boston Bbout 145 A. M. A baccate master ia attached to eaeb (teamer, who reoeivne and tieketa the baccate, and aeoomfuiM the htm ;o it* dealt aaQoa. A leaoicr ru in ooaaeetion with thia Lib* be Ceon Fall River aud Piimdecoe daily, exeept odaya. Freikbt to Beaton ie forwaaded rhronfh with craat ditpatoh by ao Ei?rea< Tram, wfaioa learee Fa.i River mm, Puuuaya e?.ce[>:ed, a* o'c.ook for BoatoL a:.d New Bedford, BTirinc at ita dea-matiun at aooet 11 A M For freuht or pateaa <?, aapiy on board, or at the offioe ob Pier No. J North River For atate rootra and ba? Ut apply aa board, or if deaireo to e*??i re them inadwiw, to WM fl< > K DEN, Ac t r?< IHTI i i TV Oi Birm, ^ 1 PROVIDENCE, Km BOS1 ON?luland Route?The a'ortaat M moetdiWil l&rati, Id oonnaotioc nu the b'or.i r.f tor u>. Prondenoe,nnd Bo*'on lad ProndtM* KailroMl, leaving New York daily, Sudari exoeptad, r'om FforNo u North Rvrmt,at?o'elmak p. M .mk Gruton MtJis'otOM P. M.. or ai wtrnnM ^tt"i?tr^ofrffclrorK^pr A***WkMooday, WefU?e4nf, and F -day. From Bro?Monday, Wadceodny, m rrtdaa. hamiw frna Grotoa ?ro**d war railroad to Pronde&o* a..c l*y?U>n? f? the Expiree Mntl Train, rraotunc aa?d plnee li utun t f tho?? by other roate?, and is im?lt Lima lor a}! tha early Mornirg Linea oonecting North aad K?K. Paa eengera that prefer it, remain on board tha 'earner, enjoy a nig hte' rest endietarbod breakQkatif denirad, and ienve Oroton la the 111 a7*. Train, oor.nooUng at Pmridenoe with ika 14-> AM. Train (or Boatcn. F*re fro?ii 'rowtde-oe to Newport, Fifty eet??a. A t?(iue matter aooompaniee the Steamer end Train eaah way For PaaMM- >Ma Ban iMaa. or Prmckt- I *fl'f on Iwtril tha ?Wn?*r, or iu '& Fr?u?< Omoe, Pier 18 North liwr, or ?: the OSoe t.f s^c. mg.,. NO. ... ] i iyfCMd oomjiot* umrinnit of Mi iiary Boo* o* ftil kind*, whiofc ttoy offer trom U? lo *Ai pot ?ml Mott Um rotmiat roUiJ ?n? f o ndinct iUM aditiom of BardM'a iafcati? K? WVoTenUeri' Wsewi. J rol?, ft t*o'ic?, mr tk? Horn* ?u%rtl, toe

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