Newspaper of Evening Star, August 26, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 26, 1861 Page 2
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THK EVENING STAR. , WASHINGTON CITY: MO^IOAT Affiit 86, 1?<J1. i ? Os? Fmi*7?i>? at tbe varloui military camps and positions will confer a ffcvor by keeping u? posted ? to movements and afftlra In their vicinities. Spirit / tbe tltralai Preu The JnUlligmttr opp?*es tbe principles of tbe late ordinance p^esed by the Wheeling Convention to establish a new State, to be composed ol thirty-nine couatlea of \\ eatern Virginia. Tbe Republic** argues tkat If Maryland should aeeede. Instead of being benefited In her ad van. tmcss through her line of railway In Virginia. sh< would at ones place beraelf subject to the loyal people of Weatern Virginia, who wonld wrest from her the road and destroy her entire trade with the West. THE NEWS HERE. To Applicants for Commissions is thi Rmilai Akmy ?We are requested to state that tlM only regular Army offices remaining to b? II!l?d. are certain second lieutenancies, which il la designed to confer only on the moat deserving non-commissioned officer* and privates now In the service. We thus make the fact known thai the crowd of applicants for poata In the regulai service who dsliy besiege the door of the ante chamber of the Secretary of War, may know that Ley are wholly wasting their time In their efforti to occupy his, with the consideration of their petitions for places which do not exist. n Boko ?The Baltimore Erckang'. In ex planation of the hitherto unaccountable fact thai the Baltimore papers have continued to publist full detaila of the movements of troops througt that city and here, (the American of thia morn lng, to the extent of more than a column,) assert th.<t nothing has been heard by them from anj Government officer indicating a wish that th? publication of ?uch information should not b< iniia Thus. white the Washington papers are re ligtoQfly refraining from noting arrivals, depart urea and movement* of troops. the Baltimore pa pers, circulated here by tbe thousand and reach ing Richmond with the utmost facility, are al lowed to publish tbls class of information by thi column. The same may be said of Philadelphia and New York papers. The restriction shoulc be general, else what good ? Reduction of Salaries ?On Saturday last owing to tbe great reduction of the Income of th< bureau, the Commissioner of Patents made a gen eral reduction of tbe salaries and pay of all tho? la bia bureau holding oiB:e directly from blm Thus he changed all tbe principal examiners a 93,900 per annum to assistant examiners at 91 e(X per annum, all tbe assistant examinera at Si 301 per annum to second assistant examiners at SI,601 per annum, and all the second assistant examiner at ftl.600 per annum to temporary clerks at $1,40< per annum; and reduced tbe compenaation of al the clerks of the bureau S'JU) each. Actihs Cummksioxkr or Pksstoss.? Om mtsiiooer Barrett being absent from Wasbingtoi on leave, the Chief Clerk of the Bureau, the Hon Wm Helmick, has been appointed bv the Preal mm * ? dent Acting Commissioner of Pensions, to Mr*i until Mr. B.'s return. Afpoi5TKD.?Henry Hartung, of N J., ha been appointed to a flrst class (f I,2?i0 per annum clerkship in the Pension bureau. ^ m & ' Map* or thi Sbat or W a a ?From Mr J Disturnell, of the city of New York, we have tw< valuable mapa of the seat of war, on an unlforn scale, embracing the Stite of Virginia, showing the boundary of the proposed new State 01 Kmewha, part of North Carolina, Ac. Also, i map of Kentucky, Tenneaaee, and Mlaaourl, wltt portions of tVl> ??tlntntn<T ?>??? IH" Mr. John A Brownlee, President of th< Board of Police Commissioners of St. Louis Mo., was released from the custody of the Fed eral authorities on Thursdsy last, upon the con dltiens that he would resign bis position aa Prea Ident of the Board and sign a pledge to leave th city fur the free states, not to return without th consent of the military authorities. C7~ Mr. Russell, of the London Times, write to the New York Tribune : ?? There is no truth ti the statement that Mr. Russell applied to Gen Porter for a pass, and was refused flatly or roundly Mr R uasell holds a pass from Gen Scott, as wei as a pass signed by Gen. Porter." |[7* The artesian well In Fort Mc Henry ba .??. 4 I _ -1 ?I- -? -- * " " * *?t?uoo a acpiD oi one buaarea ana tweuty-ttvi feet, but without water. The well la twelr Inches In diameter, and wai bored eighty fee through very Lard clay, filled with limestone bouldera, and nodules of iron ore. [J~T* A schooner, lately purchased by the tiov eminent, sunk a few days since at Baltimore, It the harbor off Federal Hill. She was intended U be used as an obstruction to some of the Inlets oi the coast of North Carolina. |f7* Our neighbor of the Ckro*icl?t luadver tcntly we doubt not, nses aa orlgiual in that pape large quantity of Star matter, which cost us n< little pains to accumulate. QjTTbe British steamers arriving at Beaton art now met by a revenue cutter and olBcers placet on board to look after any secession passengers ot documents which may be on board H"r On Saturday, the steamship Santiago d< Cuba was purchased la New York by the Gov arament, for ?lftO,OU> She Is to be fitted out foi a gunboat, immediately. IjyGan Diiismuch blamed for allowing i rebel ovation to prisoners in Baltimore, as th< disloyal citizens there show no appreciation ol tneh kindness. ITT F ouftwn ? v w - ^ ?v?* uvitaio ua?C Offll IUO cubed in St. Loali for the purchase of a carriage and horaes for Major Oeneral Fremont \XT From Hndaon Taylor, .04 Pennaylvania venue, we have Blackwood for August. a numbet of average interest fE^The circulation of the Louisville Courier baa been Interdicted by the military authorities St. Lenta, Missouri. JJT We have before na an excellent map of the seat of war. abowing the battles of July 18 and 31; published bv V B Corbett, Waahington, D. C. Arraiia is Kbrtccky.?From the Loulavtlle Journal of the Hat and 22d, we make op the following: The Confederate Congress haa laid a aim liar embargo on the export of tobacco to that on <^otteo. whtcb, It will be recollected, prohibited Its deportation except from the Confederate seaports Frlnce Napoleon and solte have engaged apartxneata at the Oalt Houae, and are expected to reach this city to-day or to-morrow. They will visit the Mammoth Cava while In Kentocky A country wgon waa overhauled and examined la the vicinity of the dtyyesterday by the agents of the U. 8 Collector. The vehicle nad the ao rraooe 01 a "cbicken wagon," bat it wu found contain trunka, which were well tiled with words, army cloth, and other contraband article* In transit to the Southern Confederacy The good a were stored at the custom house. The Lou 1st 1 lie Courier of the ?*d says: The Cincinnati mall boat, Major Anderson, which reached the Louisville wharf some time last night, bad on board the Lincoln (una, muskets and munitions that the patriotic people of Harrtsoa county turned back They were landed oa the wharf and the Lincoln police detailed to watch tbero The abipment consisted of about 3,000 muskets, U0,t00 ball cartridges, 13 boxes of canister shot for twelve-pounders, besides clothing, candles snd provisions. These munitions are, we believe, m mu for Lexington. Dsssarsas is Naw Yoax ? superintendent Kennedy baa directed the arrest of every soldier roaming the s reets.who Is not able to give a good account of himself; and the persona so arrested will be caaveyed to headquarters. No. 413 Broome street, each day at aaaa, for identlfleatioa 1ET Seventy thorough bred horaee have lately bera Shipped to tbe Pasha of Egypt from England for tfi cavalry o* kit umy. " . ?? 1 A i * P ? * * OUR MILITARY BUDGET. MILITARY trrOIKTXHT*. The following appointments were made to-dayVlx: Major Wm F Barry, U. 8. A., to be a Brigadier General of Volunteer*. Lieut. Col. Jobn F. Reynolds, U.S. A., do. do. Tbos T. Gantt, to be an aid of Major General McClellan, with the rank of Colonel. Joseph Kirkland and Arthur McClellan, do., with the rank of Captains. THI QUESTION SIT AT RK8T t The decision of Mr. Justice Wayne, of the U. 8 Supreme Court, "/? tk* matter cf Edward A. Sitvnt, on petition for m writ of kabeas corpus ad tMbjitiendum," settles the question that thoae , who have volunteered for two years are bound to I serve In the army for two years; and not for three t months only, aa was contended by those In the , two years regiments who are already tired of the service. Three-fourths of all the mutlnoua eonduct that has disgraced the army, grew out of the prevalence of the foolish Idea that the two years regiments could be lawfully held but thre? t months, exploded completely by this decision. I Little trouble will now be bad In making such regiments serviceable troops; as they hive not been up to this time. The Government owes It 1 to the cause to make examples promptly of thoie ! regimental officers, who being tired of the seri vice themselves, have spread dissatisfaction with I It, by encouraging their subordlnstes to be ln, subordinate, under the plea that they were but three months?not two years men. If half a dozen of them be promptly court-martialed and 1 broken, the service will be essentially benefited i The following la the decision of Mr. Justice Wayne In the Stevens cats, the substance of which. It will be recollected, was published in the Star on Saturday last: Ordered, that the writ of habeas corpus ad 5*6fuieudum awirded by me on a day prior, to wit, on the lotb instant, upon the application of Ed? ward A Stevens, the petitioner aforesaid, be, i and the same Is hereby, discharged, and that the aforesaid Edward A Stevens be, and he Is hereby, remitted to his military duty In the First Minnesota regiment, commanded by Col. Willis f A Gorman, and that unttl then be remain In the custody of the United States Marshal for this , District. Jambs M Watnk, Associate Justice Supreme Court (J. S True copy. Test?Wm T Carroll, Clerk S - C.U. 8 About 11 o'clock a. m. yesterday, a countryman came into one of the camps on the other side of - the river, and spread a report alleging the ap5 proacb of Beauregard* army in considerable ? fores. The troops there were very generally I turned out and prepared to receive the enemv. and Information was promptly sent to headquarters here; resulting in the instant summoning of all officers to their posts who were at church, or e elsewhere not immediately with tbeir respective commands. The occurrence is worthy of notice, 9 la so fares it demonstrated the great improvement in the condition of the army on this side of 1 the Potomac that has lately been achieved. A 1 month ago, four times the number of officers, iu 1 proportion to tbe force now here, would have ' been found absent from their posts, and it would " have been found impossible to hunt them up ' speedily. Now, however, no officer leaves his 1 post except with written "leave,''and after Uklug due care to leave directions where he is to be found instantly, If required. i a mask's de?t. On Saturday last a train of a hundred and two . wagons loaded with tents (that bad never been s unbaled) reached this city, from the column of Maj. Oen. Banks. Their appearance on Pennsylvaula avenue gave rise to stories representing ' the army of Oen. being in full and hasty retreat on WashingtonSecessionists, of course, started them, and glibly rolled them over their tongues to all who would listen to them. } Tbe truth is, thefo had been forwarded to Gen. j Banks a large aurplus of tents, which had never r been used, and they were accordingly forwarded I by bim to this point. That's all there Is in the k appearance of the large baggage train from the upper Potomac on Pennsylvania avenue on SatnrHitr 1m* ** uftAA i ami w A 8 A detachment of the Sturgls Rifle* (that one ? here a? the body-guard of Gen. McClellan) nam berlng 50, were to-day dispatched (being a por" tlon of Gen Porter's Provost Guard) to Fortreaa - Monroe, in charge of the mutineers of the New ? York 79th, who are to be conlned there for the e present?on the Rip Rape. Their departure from the guardhouse creating B something of a sensation In that vicinity, and the 3 Impression was drawn at once by the wondermongers that General McClellan was about to take the field A company ef regulars relieve the 1 detachment at the guardhouse. BACK AO AIR. Prof. Jo?eph H. Daniel, who left here a * week or two since, has returned. He Is said e to be quite communicative In regard to affairs B "over the line," and reports, among other thln^, * that Capt. P. B. Schaffer (well known here as the > former commander of the National Rifles) gained some distinction by his gallantry at the first Bull Run engagement, and was promised a brevet; 1 but on the-'second round" he left his company, for which be was arrested and taken to Rich, mond. Mr. Daniel also says hi* son made a narrow escape at Stone Bridge, his throat being grazed by a nr. u?kct ball. A MOVEMENT OV THI IITIMT. r It la no longer to be doubted that the gradual > concentration of troops In and about Leeaburg, grow* out of tbe withdrawal of almoat the entire force of Beauregard and Johnson from potnta ' higher up the river. In all, the force at Lee?burg oa Thursday last waa probable In the nelghborr hood of 13.000 strong The movement of the eolumn of ?ien. Banks, down to tbe mouth of the ? Monocacy, seems to have been the nataral result of this change In the poaltlon of tbe oppoatng t forcrfl THI OATH or ALLEGIANCE. We are glad to hear that tbe oath of allegiance 1 will be administered to tbe hired men In the ? Quartermaster's Department to-day It la rumored T thit quite a number will refuse to take it, particularly tbe Baltiiuoreana, amongst whom are aome who it la suspected took pert lu tbe 19th of April riot There Is no question of th; disloyalty of many of tbe employes, and tbe sooner tbe service in all branchea la purged of all aucb the better It i will be r AEEKSIFD We hear that Dr Manning, a realdent of the county of Waahlngton, (on the south side of the P a O 1- % a * * " dran'-n. i naa oven trretiM by order of the War Department. We presume the charge against him la of complicity with those In Washington who have been supplying the oligarchy at Richmond and Manassas with information concerning military matters here KILLED The General Wetghtman reported to have been killed at the battle of Wllson'sCnsek, In Missouri, on the Coufederste side, Is understood here to hare been Richard Hanson eightman, of this city. He Is the son of oar fellow citlien, General Roger C. Welghtman, and son-in-law of Richard 9. Coxe, Esq. He was for some time delegate in Congress from the Territory of New Meilco, and subsequently msde his residence In Kansas. IKTiacirTKO COaiSSFOHDIRCB. We hear that a lady who resides beyond the lines of the Federal troops on the other side, was srrested la Alexandria, vesterdav uui ???? ? ty letters, directed to various persona la the rebel lines, were found upon her. The replies to them were to be directed to Lewis Mllburn, apothecary, Alexandria, Vs. OW THIT ill HOLD. We learn that Mrs. Phillips and Mrs Greenhow, recently arrested here by order of the War Depertsoeat, are permitted to remain at their own residence*, where they and their surroundings are of course nnder the surveillance of military guards. A similar guard la stationed In the house of Mayor Berret assists m eioasrrowy. We hear that J. W. Msnkins, of Georgetown, was arrested on Saturday, for disloyalty; end Mr. J. Grimes, a merchant of that etty, yesterday, on the some charge arronm? Col John Plckell, s West Point graduste, bss been appelated Colonel of the Now York Thlr* ?T Ji t a II AJfOTHK* APPLICATION OF TBI OATH All person* drawing Pensloaa from the United i State* are hereafter to be required to take tbe oath I of allegiance to tbe United States enacted by tbe ] * late law of Congress. Order* to tbat effect were j ] duly forwarded this morning to all tbe United SUtea pension agents. > A CAVALRY REOIM1ST. . Col. Krzyxanowskl, who Is well known here, j baa been commissioned by tbe General Government to raise a cavalry regiment, and he ia now ' recmlting in New York city. A part of the regl- | ment was enrolled and equipped bere last week. ORDKRK0 We learn tbat Capt Foote bas been ordered to tbe command of tbe United States naval forces upon tbe western water*?on tbe Mississippi, 1 Missouri, snd Ohio Tbe selection is a capital uuc, mm v>|ii. r . u war ui uie niw eucieoi Officers la tfce service. A RUMOR. Washington la to-day full of a rumor saying that Mrs. Wm. M. Gwln, the wife of ex-Senator Gwln, of California, was arrested on Saturday, or yesterdsy, at West Point, N. Y., by order of the War Department We have not be?B able to erlfy the fact, however. HA VT TABD. Departure of Mutineers?Arrival of Gun Boats, ft. Last night the steamer Philadelphia went down to Old Point with about 175 mutineers, from the New York Thirteenth. Twenty-first, and Seventyninth, and the Maine Second Regiments. These men are ordered to the Dry Tortugas, and w'lll probably be shipped at Old Point for that place, though many are of the opinion that they will be engaged for a time on the Rip Rapa. Some forty of the New York Peventy-nlnth were taken to the yard, but only fifteen or twenty were sent off. Yesterday, the side-wheel steamer Ceres, Capt. J. B. Parkes, Engineer, lTraffady, purchased In New York, arrived at the yard, where she is to be Immediately fitted up for a gun boat. In coming up she spoke most of the flotilla, and took on board messages from the crews, all of whom are well. Laat Thursday, the gunboats Union, PhlladeW phla and Ice Boat, engaged the Aqula Creek batttflM shoilt half in hnnr On nut ?? ?*a ?. ? ,m m?,.. . vm wui di<iv iiv *nmy hurt." The propellers Tigress, Forrest, and Pusey, are taking on 1'2-pound rifled boat howitzers, and getting ready for service with great dispatch The Forrea*. erpects to go down to-day, together with alx cutters, each armed as the propellers Other cuttera are also fitting out in the same style Saturday evening the propellor E H. Hfrbert, Capt ( harles L Hardy, came up to the yard, having been chartered for the same purpose as tte , other propellors. The steamer Yankee 1e rapidly being fitted up, and will be ready to-morrow night. Besides her new rudder, her machinery has been overhauled, and a neat little house constructed on deck for the convenience of some of the officers Some changes are being made In her list of officers, alio with that in tbe yard It ia understood that alleged complicity with the secessionists has to do with some of these removala. !.? ? ?v.- d.iu ? m ??. k^w'utu?j evening j iuc dduiuinrc, ruiJii* delpbla, Tigress, Leslie. and Forrest, went down to Alexandria, where they made a clean sweep of the wharves, bringing away every shift and sailboat that could be found, and secured them at tbe Navy Yard, whose water* now bear a fleet not insignificant in numbers, however diminutive tbe vessels. Several owners of the craft were besieging tbe officers this morning far their boats, but without success. Beside several sheda recently erected for the convenience of the Increased force In the erdnance department, four fine buildings are being put up as rapidly as possible. Three frame buildings are being erected on and near tbe site of the building blown up not long since. Tbe foundations are already laid, and ready for tbe frame. Another large building of brick Is to be erected adjoining tVe foundry, for casting rifled shot snd shell, the excavation for the foundation being nearly completed. A small building has been put up for the accommodation of workmen engaged In filling shrapnel and manufacturing bullets, caps for shell, *c . while manv of th? men still carry on their respective operations underneath awnings and the willow trees. BALTl MOR E. It seems to be understood that a large camp of Instruction will soon be formed in the Immediate .i.l ? ta.. -s n.i?? I Ticiuity ui DBiiimore. socthf.rn correspondence interdicted. The following order wa? Issued on Saturday last by the Postmaster General: Post Office Department, August '24,1861. Tbe Preaident of the United State* dlrecta that his proclamation of the 16th lnatant, Interdicting commercial lntercourae with tbe so-called Confederate States, aball be applied to correspondence with those States, and haa devolved upon tbla Department tbe enforcement of ao much of tta interdict aa relatea to such correspondence Tbe officers and amenta of tbla Department will therefore, without further Inatrtictlona, loae no time In putting an end to w.ltten lntercourae with those States, by causing the arrest of any express agent or other person who aball, after tbe promulgation of this order, receive lettera to be carried to or from thoae States, and will seize all aucb letters and forward them to this Department M. Blair, Postmaster Genenl. important rOST office order Tbe following order bas been sent to tbe Postmalter at New Y ork: " Post OrncK Department, August '22 Sir: Tbe Postmaster General dlrecta that from and after your receipt of this letter, none of tbe newspapers published In New York city, which were lately presented bv the grand jury asdangeroua, from their disloyalty, shall be forwarded In tbe mails. I am, respectfully your obd't serv't, T. B Teott, Chief Clerk. To the Post matter, Sere York eityV The paper* referred to are TK* Nevt, The Day Book, Freeman'i Journal, Journal of Comment, and Brooklyn Eagli. THE CAF8K or IHK alakm?a shot heed isto col keeeisan's camp [Special Correspondence of The Star } Alexahdxia CocKTT.Va , Aug. 2?, 1861 ?The alarm of yesterday, that caused a very general and instant turnout of nearly all the troops on this side, proves to have arisen from an attack of about ISO of the enemy, with two Held pieces, upon one of the Union picket-guard squads. The enemy probably were net aware of being so close to our lines, as they retired in great hatte back towards Vienna They wounded a Union captain In the leg and took him and two of hla men prisoners. One other man who was with him escaped and gave the alarm On the night before last they (tbe enemy) threw a six-pound shot into the camp of Col. Kerrigan, without, however, doing any damage. Our Impression here Is, that these aeemlng impudent approaches were to cover the real retirement of the forces they have bad recently In this vicinity Moai riCEBT OVAEDS MUKDXKKD. [Special correspondence of the Star I M Niar Bailey's Caoss Roam, Alexandria county, Va , Aug. 96 ?I hear tbat two members of a Maaaachuaetta regiment were killed (ahot) laat night while doing picket duty on the Loudoun and Hampahlre Railroad, about a mile from Bailey'a Croaa Roada, toward* Alexandria. 1 have not yet learned their namea, and have barely time to notify you by thla opportunity, of their murder. LucoMOTivsa CAJtatiD orr. [Special correapondence of the 8tar.j MoNTeoMBXT Cochti,Md , oppoalteEdwards' Ferry, Aug. 85 ?We have information here that , the enemy at Leesburg recently took to pieceethe ! two locomotives of the Loudoun and Hampshire j Railroad Company, lately there, and tranaported ' them, piece by piece, over the mountaina to the Manaaaaaroad. , auuTino AT riCIITI. [Special Correspondence of Mm Star J Budukvu, Md , Aug. 26 ?Fortome algbta i P-* efforts hare been made by concealed ml a-1 j creanta to murder pickets of the Union troops In thla vicinity. Thus, four have been shot at In four nights. Somebody it trying to get banged, j l Stiaki von Mo?qcito*? ?It is said that if you { Cce a piece of beef steak on a plate nflfr yonr J I, over night, the mosquitoes will give prefer- 1 ence te tbe meat and let you alone , CZT" Samuel Meredith, residing near Smyrna, ! Del, died from an attaek of cholera on tbe lat ' laat.^aaperlndttc^d by eating oabbaga and co 0 w i FriaOta Bukt* Mibi. Hyattstows, Aug -24 ? Gentlemen from Har)?' Ferry >Ut? that our troop* under Col Gorlon secured a Urge quantity of flour and nnground wheat, Including 600 buahela, belonging to the secession army, at the mill of Messrs Herr A Welsh Tbeyalao dlaabled tbe mill from grinding for teveral month* to come There were no rebel troopa at tbe Ferry, but pickets frequently come In. Tbere are now supposed to be about five hundred at Cbarlestewn rbe body of our army are now resting where the climate la salubrloos and tbe water excellent. The latest Intelligence from the other aide of tbe Potomac shows that tbe rebels have drawn to Leesburg all their regular forces from Charlestown, Winchester, and other points above, and concentrated them at Leeaburg, where their army numbere eleven to twelve thousand men. Capt Henderson's Home Guard* alone remain in Jefferson county. Tbe rebela have taken to pieces at Martlnsburg five locomotives belonging to the Baltimore ana Ohio Railroad, and were to make the attempt yes terday to transport them to Strauaburg or some other point on tbe Manaasas road. A ... 111 " ? jihaikk i.i n ?i?n Yinmu ?rrom uw Wheeling Intelligencer of August 22d and 23d we extract the following: A gentleman who arrived yesterday from Roane county, bringa Intelligence or another light between the Union men and ?eceaaiontata, at Spencer, the county aeat.? The Union men again took refuge in the Court House, and maintained their poaltion, the rebels again abandoning the idea of capturing or killing them, aa an undertaking of a little too dangerous a character Two of the aeceah were killed The Union men of Elisabeth, another little town in Roane county, are alao beaieged, and are defending themaelvra bravely in the hope of apeedy relief. These little banda of patriots are battling against odda with an energy and bravery which will confer upon them everlasting honor Accounts from Weston, Va., represent that that section has been In a feveriah atate of excitement for several daya. Messengrrs have been arriving at brief periods, reporting the appearance of detachments of rebel .nfantry and cavalry at various points along the wagon roads leading to our forces on the Kanawha, comlnc even within iwentr. three miles of Weston. No trmln goes out without n guard On Wednesday, Capt Sprague, of the Ohio Seventh.wh? on his way home, 011 furlough, with a guard of four dragoons; when some fifteen miles beyond Sutton, they were fired upon by a party of rebel cavalry, and one of the guard, John Debolt, from Kavette county, Ta , was killed Another, Henry Brooks, was wounded. The attacking party was too strong in force to be resisted. ana Capt Sprague with two other* were captured. One man escaped and brought the Intelligence. The body of the wounded man was afterwards discovered entirely stripped and left, like offal, by the wayside Capt Sprague commanded Company E, of the Seventh, and Is well known throughout Northern Ohio The cavalry company who took prisoner ('apt Sprazue are said to belong to ei Gov Wise's command: and the fact that they Lave committed depredations within a

short distance of our forces, and that other parties are marauding through the woods between Weston and Gauley, Indicates that this section of the "State Is to be the theater of an snnovlng and destructive guerrilla warfare, in which no man's life will be safe Release or Ho* T A R Nelson?The following telegram was received atKnoxville, by i)r J . G. M Ramsey, from President Davis Richmond, (Va ) Aug. 13. Lh J. G. ham-iey. Knoxvtlle: X* ? t ? mm *? ? - * " uun receivta mr ^eiion tiuarknowledged ht? obligation, at a cltiien of the State of Tennessee, to submit to ber late decision; and upon bis promise to act hereafter in accordance therewith, I ordered his release Jkffkbsox Davis. Tbe Kicbmond Whig of the 14th Inst , also says: We are gratified to bear that this gentleman (Mr. Nelson,) having given satisfactory pledges to the authorities respecting his future conduct, has been released, and will return home and deport himself as a good citizen. W'ateemkloh Picklbs ? A lady friend, says a Trenton (N. J.) paper, sends us the following: Ten pounds of watermelon rinds boiled in pure water until they are tender; drain the water off, then make a syrup of two pounds of sugar, one quart of vinegar, half an ounce of cloves, one ounce of cinnamon. The syrup to be boiled and poured over tbe melon rin is boiling hot. Drain the syrup off, and let it come to a boll, and pour It over tbe melon three days In succession The rinds prepared in this way far surpass any pickles we ever tasted. It will keep from one year to another. Tg^PUTNAM RANGER 8?Von will meet at Lj? the Is and Hall on Tl'hSlM Y KVENINQ, the 27th, in or<l?r to arrange fur being muste.ed in on Wrdnesd&T, 38th. Al! those desirous <>f entering this Comp*nr of Soouti are invited to attend. Hi vernnient furnishes the hories and ali thee?ul? TbSS 2t? fito- THlgTl ETON. f-?pt. [Y"5=? ATTENTION. PUTNAM RANGERS! 13 1 have been authorised by the War eoa tment (through K?? United States Marahal of Mary1 .mi) to organise an Independent Company ot Cav airy, to bemustered in the U.K. service immediately, end will meet a I riesmnc to enter this str- | ice. at the la and Hall, from tma da'e. Horses and all the equipment*furnished by Uovrnmen', This company will be a company of eoouta, and ' none bui rood and worthy m-?n wi l h* accepted, au 24 St* b. rm STL ETON, Capt. T3? ALL PARTIES HAVING CLAIMS against the Second Regiment N. V S. M , are hereiiy rf quested to have their bills made out, statinfthe nature of the olaiin, how it accrued, and for what officer furnished, and present .tiie nam* to the Retimentnl Quartermaster, at his office 485 sixth stre t. WaatiiQgton, with aa little delay as possible. By order of ?. W B TOMPKINS. Colonel. Hk^rt R-Foots, Captain R. Q. M. \v a.hingloii, D. C.. Aug. 23.1861. 2t* Y^g^OFFICE^METROPOLlTAN POLICE lLS BOARD, WisHIISTOS. August 19, 1861. Notice ? All applications lor appointments in the "Metropi litan Polioe of tne District of Columbia" must be addressed to the"Polioe Com laaionera,'* in ivritmg, and 6led with the Clerk of the Board, at their office in the City Hal1, Washington, between the hours of <? o'clock a. m. and 4 nrn,i>?.V ? I rn , 11 Nil! 'Ylond&T, the 26th mutant; alter which, lo application wi 1 be received. My order of the Boarl s J. F. BROWN, au at> 6t Acting Secretary firs*COMPANY "A," U. 3. ENGINKKR8.i 3 Fifty intelligent and aMe bodi<*1 mechanics will be enlisted to fill this Company to tb<? max immn fixen by law?ISO men. Insuire at No. 24;* G street Pay from $13 to 994 per month, beg idee food and clothing. an 17 tf I'M THE UNION PRAYER MEETING iL9 will be holden E V ER Y DA Yin the E street Baptist Churoh. oommenoing at So'olock p. rn. and to Le continued an hoar. Strangers a* well aa oitisens of ail denomination! are invited to attend and take part id these sooial meetings. m 21 RITTENHOUSE ACAI'EMY, iSK'ASA AV, NlAl THIEDPT. Th? next acalrmio year will ccmmenoe on Mondsv. H'pteniber 2. au 26 ct O. C. WIGHT, Principal. PS. CLEMENT FILL. ROFESSOR OP MUSIC at Rladensburg Aoademy.will resume the rintiei of his profession in Washington, Wednesday, September 4, IS61. a u 86 89 31* MUORE'S AGUE CUBE AND ANTIDOTE, a in allible, safo and effectual reined* and preventative of Ague in its various tonne having been ully tried a'a proven, is now offered to the cablm Pnoe ?l.6?. Sold only at MOOR H 'S Weit V.i'd Drug storo. 113 Fa av au >w SEAT OF WAR-MAP OF VIRGINIA, showing the boundary of the niw State of Kanawha; a>o, a Map of Kentuoky, Tennessee, and Missou rl PriceSS of-nta. Sent by mail free of postage to a'y of ?l>e Free or Border B'ates. Address J. DISTl RNELL. eare of Messrs. Morrison, W-shingt n, P. Q. an 96 3 * SCHOOL FOR SMALL BOYS. No 277 i St.. Cobmsr 17th Thia Soh ol will reopen on Monday. September 2d. Ciroula'i at Bookstores For farther information < all from 8 to 12. Rtftremct*?Dr. S. L Lnomia, Professor L. C. Lo inn an a>-eogw Dr. CHARLES R BOTELER, DENTIST, No. 338 PENNSYLVANIA AVBNUB. Between Ninth and Tenth Streets _a?36-eo2m HOUSEKKEPF.RS.-BT lea vine your or1 dera immed atf ly. to be delivered (mm the vee aela for oa?h in current fund*, we will s;u the beat qualty of COAL. vi? : White a ah, all anee, at f6.on per tonBed do. do. #6 3A do. 2.340 lba. to the ton. J. W. P M VERS * CO. Offioe oor. G and 22d ata , First Ward. au?6 lw Hi EVERETT INSTITUTE, irl ASSACIIUSE TIS AV? Bbtwisn 9th airp 10th ^tiiita, A Select School/or Hoy* Th? Sixth Annnal Peeaion of this Inst tnte Will sommenoe on Monday. September t. Terms moderate For further particulars. ?ee oiroolara at the Bookstores or E. W FARLEY, the Principal, at his nstdenoe, 4 83 Tenth at. au 28 2w* Female seminary. Georgetown, L S. ENGLISH. Principal, Miee English purposes. on MoLday, September Id, to take oharge or a limned number of pupils, to whoia 1 " - , *uu lapumw lit' ner D6II #|? forta will bodirootad. Fiombtnunj /Mrs' ?>8ri?no? in tbia buia?u. ah* boaoa to do ab'a to tiro a&tiafaotion to tboao paranta and (uadiaua vbo may piaca pupil* und?r n*r oar*. Term* made mown on apauoation at No. 3a Gay at. an 28 M' VIADAMK BOVIN'8 PEMALB ALTfcRA L"1 tive Pilla, for the exoluaive uaoof Famalea ab ring auder any of tba following oomplaima t Jtiaiructioi a, Buppreaaion, Green Biakneaa, Heart nob*, P?in in the Pa aitation, Lcatbing of Pood, Otiiu-btd 8Imp, ana ai Imarrnptiona or irregslaritioa of tbe Memtraai Porioaa. N. B ?Tbeoa pilla kbonld never bo taken fa nalea daring pregnancy, aa th?r won id bo aire to jaoa* niaaarriaco Prepared for Madame Bonn it 18 Baa Vangiorel, t-aria, Franee For aele at Mo. 1T9 aooth U atre*t, opposite Smithaonian in UtBUop?tba only plaoa the genuma Pl^? Q P F I C I A L. DiriiTMin or Stati. ( Waahiagton. Au(urt Mth, -MM The following Dntm by the Preaidrnt of Mexioo deolaricg the Port of Tonala. aitaatod on the Pacifio Cowt of the Suts of CkitpM, open to tb? Commeroe of foreign Countries, hu been rooeivod at thia Vepirtment from tha U. 8. CobmI at Taba?eo: Deere* Issued by President Benito Juarez of Mexico. la rirtao of authority 10 ia? retted. 1 hara decreed tha follow i?*L ... . , ? Artiola oca: Tha Port of Tonala, in tha Htata at Cheap**. on tha Pacifeo Coaat. la hereby made a port of entry and ta opened to Foraiga and Coaat wiaa Cormrerce Wherefore i order the same to bo pabliahed, mad* known ard carried into effect. G:ven at the of the Fnd?i*.' Government Mexico. April 34th, 1M1. BKM1U J AlRKZ To Don Joea Mabia Mat*. Secretary of the Trtaaury. Navt Dbpabtmbxt, AaiietSa, 1M1 Information h*a born reoeived a? this l>*Mrt m?nt of the death, by drowning, of John Hail, ord.nary mmka, who Ml overboard from the C f tMBM " Union," while at anchor in the karboi of Batimora, on the ITth ?qv^ELLES. NOT1CK TO MARINERS Letter to the Suretar% of thi Treasury rilmtive to a teorck for supp'fd shorn I tg the toast of Virginia fotit S?v<tit Orric?. Aamit? 1HI. Srm : I h*v<j the honor to report that on the 15th o' Jnse f received, throath the coarteay of Lieut J M.fiiUtea, U S. N , Superintendent of th? Na tional Observatory, a nonoe oon macioatrd by th? first ?ffioer of the Am?ri'M ship * Simoon," relative to the auppo?ed di'oovery of a rook or ah^ai off the coaetot Virnnia The poaition given by the loc of the Simoon, whtoh at uok th ee time* when within anht of Cape Htn>y, la "seventeen tc cinet>en mi e? eouth of Cape Henry, and aeven tc Alfhl ml ]a? nff >K Are " Tk,? 1 M a* follow*: "The shoal or {Imp hai twenty four ronton it?a* she airuok aft t*ie seas i( being nearly huh water, the in moderate. Threw he fM as ioon a* noaiible; no bottom at twrlv* fathom'. It oaDDot t>e more than one hu' dred ard ft?tt feet aeroes, a? we cleared it in thrae eeae. We named it the ?imooc' sh<>a < ur plot Mid that some yeari since a ?hp loaded witit guann truck somewhere i ear the p aoe and tank; bitai no ahoa' oouid be found. concluded it was falea Capt Smith naj* he has ainoe learned that it occurred within tne last six montha.'* Lieutenant Commanding Phelpa, in the Coaat Survey steamer Vixen, was rrqu-sted to examine the g oun.1 in question, and reported the result on the nth of Ju;?. The foll'.w.Ui are extracts Iron hi a report: " I have tho oughly explored the vioin^v of th< supposed S moon th<al on the o<>a?t of Viigmia ar d am perfectly satisfied that no aucb shoal exiati in that iooaitr. * * * * " An area of twelve mile* north acd aoath, bi aix east and west, wan otrefall* exaunicd and the l?a?t water foutd b jond th ae miles fron the shore, was ?tven fathoms If ih* Pim?on wm over three rniie* frrm there when ahestruok.mi belief is 'hat s. e touched on a aur.ken vessel " i would respectfu ly requeat anil ority to pubhat tt.e aubatanoe ot this oomnnunioatn n a* a Notiot to ftlarinera Vert reapectfu ly, A. I). BACHE, &wt U. 8 Coast r-urvey. Hon. 8. P. Ciiii, Secretary of the Tm*iry, penbion offick, Jvnu 6th, 1m1, TO ALL WHOM T? MAY CONCERN. Application having been ina<ie under tne act o, 23d Tuue. 186", for the rei<sue of the Lauf War rl: tJI (!< < rllJWt h ?rm n w h r h ?.r* * i?? -wl 'n h??i been lost or deftrnyed. notion ia hereby given, tiia at the date following the description oieacn War rent, a new Certifioate, of like tenor, wul be is aued, if no valid objection shall then appear Wo. 30 685, tor lft> aorea, laaued uua?-r the act ol Miroh, Io56, in the name of gu?acna Hubbard w dow of Jobu Huh. ard, deo?aeed. and granted on the 16th day of June, 1856.?Auguat 31, 1MI, Nu. 3,116, lor 16<i aorea, lamed under act of IM? to Augutua Ingram, private of Captain Murray'i oompany, second Kegimeut of Tenneaaee Infan try.?September 6th, 1961 No. 46.745, for 120 acrea, laaued ander the aot o March. laSi, in the name of Jaoob Galiok. ax Eranted on the 24th day of January, 1856.?Sepiem er 21, H61. No 56 602. for 80 aorea, laaued under the aot o September, 185", in tne name of Eliaabeth Welle widow ot Daniel Welle, and granted on the 27ti day of September, 1454 ? September 28,1861. So 45 A*i, for 160 aorea, latuol under tne aot o March. 1856. in the name of Alexander Orate. an< granted on the 13th day of Ootober, 1156 ? tteptem ber 28, 1861 No 71 ??>. for 160 acre*, leaned under the ast o Maroh. 18'6. in the name of Ainoa Arthur, am Era-ted on the 17ih day of Auguat, 1157.?Ootobe 1.1861. No. 69 _52>\ for 160 acrea. under aot of 1847, am bearing date May 6tn, i860, la faror of_Miohae H pp nther of Samuel Kopp. deoeaaed. Third In di&na Vo ui.teer". Mexican Vv ar.?Ootober 13.1861 No. 64 526 for 120 acrea, iaaned aider the act o Maroh. 1856, id the name of Jamea Long, an< granted on the Slat day of Maroh, 1S56.?Octobe S o 24 657, for 100 acre*, i**ued nnder the aet o March. 1M6, id ta? name of Thomas 'Aanner, am granted od the 3d day of May, lUt-Ot ober It 1861. No. 46 100, for 180 aoree. issued urder tbs aet o Much 1*56. in the name ?<t fo ly, widow Oi Davn Bradbury, and tranted on the 19th cay e. teptero b?r, 1860 ?.November 16,1M1 No. 4S.J42 for rtO acres is*u'd under th* act o Mareh.1856 in the namaof ('tan*topher Doajheity and ira ted on lie 27th day of September, 1IM November 16 1661 No. 93 814 for 160 acre*,i**urd under the act o Maroh. 1856, iu the name of 6uy 8 Alexander, mi nor ch'li cf John C Alexander, deoeaied, am granted inly 2. 1860 ?November 16,1861 JOSEPH H. BAKKETT, e 18-1 aw Commissioner. tT 9. MAIL 8TAGE LINE Between Waafc ) ington an1 Rockville leave* Martin'. Hotel, cor. 8th and D ?t* AjJp p I LVKKV MUKMNO(ttund?7*ez-^EBeSK: cepted) at 7 o'c ook and 1. C. Conode a. our. .. it. and beail *ta , Ge>rgetown. a' 8 o'c oak; recnrnini daily. On Monday*. Wednesday a and Friday* tr.rouch to Poolesville ; Tuead*ya, Tburad*T* a .c ??Tura?ja 10 r rtutiick; returning next day a. an SB-lm? BENJ. COPLEY. I| CASH NOTICE. N Conae^uenoe of our having to par ouh foi every article of Rood* we pnrchaae. we are foroec to reduoe our buaineaa to Cub exolaaivaiy, far tb< preeent. We hive in store a very large aaaortraea of READY MADE CLOTHING tor nan anC boya* wear, which are aeilinc at a much lower rati titan uaually. WALL, STEPHENS k CO.. 3d? Pa. avauue, between 9tfa aad lotto at*. j? i (1ot*i. A Raaah.< I IBRARY OF CONGRESS. 1 j a cerir 5.1861. N<-tioe is hereby given that the' Library of Con giaaa" will be oioseu on Tuesday, the 13th dav o August, and will not be reopened anut Taeaday the I7th day of September. au? JOHN G STEPHENSON. Librarian AI^B FULL ASSORTMENT OF BRASS AND WOODEN DRUMS, Brum Head.. Dru Stioka and Snaraa. Braaa and Copper Bnciaa,Filea Flutes Banjos. 6 ni tars, and Viol! La, at Tow arioea in at arrived at the Muaio Stora of W. G. _MET ZEROTT, corner of Eleventh ttrratand Pa ana. avnua. W ptREEN CORN. IN CANS: PETITE POIS Champignons; Vresh Tomatoes, la suart oans Preaerved Fruit, of mai;y varieties : Conserve* Singe'-,(Canton;) Angehaue, Freak MackerelaM h?Tk.,? ? t i " . .. uau^rmu oyuaters MXl II oans: Sardines; Brandied Fruita; Crosse AJBLaok well's Pickles, Bauoes.C.apers, QliTee. Ac. Foi sale b? RING & BURCHKLL, 6ro*?re, m S Pnrn?r Vermont *? ?nd tfltti "tEL.LJN6 OFF AT HALT PRICE OUI entire stock of handsome Flounce^ Baref i Robot, in black and color*, ail Lawii ami Organdj Muslin Robe#. We d*sir? to close out 'kit portioi of elook at onoe. for oaah, and shall offer great bargains to purohssers J. W. COLLEY 4k CO., Je 3* IQtoo ftaa Seventh street, above Pa. av. CBAP riSTK PKRDR1AT, HIROPODIBT.of Paris, has the honor t"oflei | bis servioes to the ladies and gentemen of thu ! oitj. lie performs ail operations neoessarj for the ExTRA"/TION AND CURB OF CORNS BI'NIONS, A a . Ac,as practiced by the Frenck pedicures. Offioe. No. Id 4H street, near the Citj Hall. Wilis* f OUIBVILLE ARTESIAN WK^L WATER 1 1 i fTito ? ink _ . vtnoi HNiOUtl TV tlHi aiwi fa frMh. Alao, freah auppli** of Par* Nmioiq< i reoeired *?klj. A;<r'i, Soheook'a. aad other Mediotne* on eaTe. MOORE'S WM Ead Drag Stoci. W 11? PwtlTMl* W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Have rsoeired within the iMt day or two [tree assortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTH ING, embracing all atrlee of low-prtood, Bedlam, a**J fine qualities, vtuoh we ar* selling a t vary low prioes tor oud. WALL, STEPHENS * CO-. 399 Pa. * ., between lUaiUmkia. wig (Intellicenof and BeowMnio.* /*\AT THE OLD PAWN OPFIOP.^ 4 9 B*ck of <4? limtxcnal Hotel- 9 V Moat liberal adraooee nada on *??M and cilver Watone*. Diauton >a, Jew* rr. Siirer war*. Clothing, Piatola.and all kind* of Mf ohapdi?. B**inea* atnotly confidential. ISAAC HERZBGRG, S?l C atr**t. aaltm Between ?H and tth eta. tiSSb BILLIARDS! ^CTTI The lorera ' ^ 1 of the GAME OP BILLIARDS will find is KM RICH'S PINE HALL. Corner o Penneylvania avenue and UUi atraet, (aonth aide,) two of the moat adaurabt* TABLEb in th* Luted Statea, with er*ry oomfort and oonrenlenoe auB tf tor th* player*. rklJFONT'S ?UNPOWDER, Cwifi Of h*M, or awda lo ortir si the ehortwl ^KShtimivMgg-. _. I AUCTION SALES ~ Wy J. C. MaSUIRK * CO . Aaafco-ao-n. Excellent ruRN'TUiE, H'T**kbbpiim Ef*iTT?,Siuii F.iiat r?H ui, . *<"-*c . at PtBLir ArrTJf>?i ?O* ' HUR.8DA MORMNO, Aarrit2Hk, at tea rtlotk, at t Mfrpio? Kia.. T?nM ?t , between G ard H ale . w~ iha!l aei; k>? entire Fvraita-e eoidfriamg ? Exoella t Boee*ood P?ao Fwrla, ttr Marar, Mahocai * an* Walant rprm* teat Sofae, Rockara aad Parlor Chaira. Raeewoorl aadWaaat Mtrbie tea TaMaa. tie* ant Marbla Caaa Frenok Tim* piece, wit* r hbade. ; China aad Aiahaaiar Vaaea. Ornaweiita, C*neaod Wo<x"-??at Ghana, Loaa?ea. Window 8*a1ee. Catrm and C?rmee. 1 Superior Braaaa.a aad Thraa p'j Ca. pat*. Ot'etCh aaoii Ufa. Matiof*ry Card aad Fincv TaMee. bo id Walnut Badateada, Wardrobe* a^ A iak and*. I u rMim ?no ourrtu, Wardrn1*a, Sepenw Pesiker Bad* RftirMRofl BoliUri u4 Pillow* StDkMi Comfort* a- <1 Pp^ad*. ahoca:? Saereta V##. Blind*. Do Bidahoard. D> mof T* blaa. . China, 61% tad Orockary war*, TaMa Ca'larr. Cookit-i And oibar Btovd, KitohM I'Uaaiia A lao, at t?a o'clock, ia 'roat of ?h* k??a*Oaa axoal act ??? hor*a Piti!; Ctmace for luur paraora, vlth Harnaaa Tww oaik ia rra->t fundi. , aa U-4 J. C MoOllIRE * CO.. Ad?U Br J. C. MoGCIRK ft CO.. Aaottoaaara VERVPLPfcRIORCaBINRT FI RMTI RR * id Hocmoir Krricti ay rrauc atcn * l ObFNIDW MORN1.N6. Aain?t>V at ??o'e k. at Nr. 166 P*Bn*r ran ia arena*. botwaao 17th a ad lith atr*at*. wa ah all aa I tha Fam itu ra and fcfarta ' of a family d*oliuiti hoaaakeopiag- oomp'iala* i S?n?arior Roaavood 9<>fa? and Arm Cfcaira, 1blahed ia aat n brocatalla Ruth and Cane-aaat Arir ard Fanny rfcaira ' Elajant Holid RoeawcK*' b aa? f >ti Hook Cat#. CO?t $150 ^ Supanor R. aavood Work Stand atd Rafkoahaiaat I ^Tabia Boh'mian Ola?? Vaaaa, Can ft m4 Tainblera an* ' Bouqnat Hoidara Window Hhadaa, Oil PiiBtmfa Handaoma Hrm?!i atd Ingrain Ck7?U. OH i Cloth and Ra(a I "roTico uili Lh?-a-.i?r? and Pnpeuor Hirh ?ort B*d?tra<1 witi heavy ooraiee FmeC?rled .ia r ard >*p'inr MaUror*** Wool Back U Pprtimii ?rd S*h-eti^ * M?'h'? toy Damui, Wukittiida Bo;*ter? e-a Pillow*. 1 oil*(Pett* E'ecant ffrinf e?a? I.en*je, with P>tlow? Sk>lid Mahoftnv ? ?rv?d t *t*n?ion TaMe P?it of beaaufui Ei.ain?'ed Cottage Furmttre. aimi Hu of Pa-* Old 9nmnn<>nt Java Coff** Barrel of Whit? ^nrar. t*rr#i of Fo?f Re r>gera'or. ?"?okinr C'eeeila Ac . Ac. P 8 -Th? i^ov# Karmtarv ii of (optrior nkki ?od (inleh hv ft rwfck Bn'tiionre Term* aaah. in ear cat fend* an ?6 J.t: Mff^LiRK* CO.. AiMr. B? J. C. MaGI'lIlk k. CO.. Handsome and nrari.y new fvrnirrkv avd Hocp?nolr Kmrr? at Prauc Accrioft-On WE.'NEBDaY MORNING. An net n, at t" o'clock, at fkt rw-iwiof f Com. BincK>!4, U. ft. N . ew York av?n?e. Mtvm U'h aid 15?h ?' . w tin*') sell hi* Fa Bitare and Effects eoiaprialnc ? Hard some Grew iFilk Covered F-ench Lounge atd Arm Chair*, Ro?*wood Marblo-top Center T?' la. Whatnot, Damuk Wirdow Cartajo*. Gilt ?h%do*. Coraioo and Fixture*. Superior WaJ eat Caoe and Rueh ?eat Arm and r Ka' oy Chaire. 1 Excellent Three ply and Veno'ian Carpet*, Olloloth. Mattmg rugft and Rug*. \ Oak Hat Tree, hall Chaire. 1 Fine Ena-aving*. Vim? and Ornament*. Walnnt MarU< top 8ul?l> >*rd, with ! ! ?e*. Extec*lori* Tan e Rr>..? t?ki? , China, Glass, fcDd Oro-kery Ware. 1 J* 11 p*rior XValcut K gabetnan Bedstead, I Wklmt Mart.-? Dras?ing Himi and vVaaha'ard, ' Do ^ snlrrbr, T"i et Set. Fin? Carled Hair Maltreesrs. Bolster* and Pillows, 1 B ank.<U, Psrearis. Cotnfo?t*, C ttage Bads eade. Uurtam, Wasfestands, [Superior Refrigerator, Cooking Bioae, Together with usual aasoitaent of Citcheo Re auisites P. The above Furniture, to., is of the bast . quality and ntaMy new. House for rant; iuquire 1 of the Auolu>neera. i Term* cash. ? au3B d J. C WoGUlRfe. k CO.. Aacu. f By BON TZ * GRIFFITH. Aacboaeera. * T,ru*te?'8 sale ok house and lot 1 m THI Norths** Liiut li.-bt vi-tue of , a deed in trust bearing date on the ?th <*\y of October, i80i, reoorded in Liber J A P , No. 1 185. folios ao9,<04 and ?+, the sabao itwr w. ! aell. r at pnb io saJs oc THI R9UAY. t e SKh day <n . August 1W1. a* 6 o'olock p. m.. on the premises, l p\rtofLotNo. 19. in subdivision of square No. ' *e, fronting n feet 11X inoh-s on ith stree* wast. * wt h a depth tn fart io an alley, wl'h Ij.* i?ro??, ' inents oonsuting of a two story and atUo FrtB* f Dwelling Hoaaa. with oailar. 1 Tha above property is sit salad at ths eoraar of r ?th street west and M stre-t north, la a ragidW twi . proving part of the citv. ai d offs/s a favorable of' gortamty to paraens desiroa* of proouru g a resi Iuv w Wi mai 1Q| M 10TNOS9QL T?rmi oaah. If the Urmi of Hl? are not eon^lfd Vith tB i? dare after Uit aaie the pror?rty WlL he reeold. I a?on on* mki1 POQO*, at th? risk and Up?OM of - tiie nrohia**r. AH ooawyaooiikf at U* u ^dw , < of the furohaaer. f R CHARD a. FOHJON0TQN, Traataa. tal littdi oONTZ k 6IIPK1TH, AioU. B? WALL A BARNARD, Aafl'ionaara ' I^REY HORSE AND SPRING WAGON AT ; V* AtcTioi-On SATURDAY MORNING, " July S, we wul eeil. in froot of oar "Clou room*? 1 (iter Horse, warrant'd touixl. kind, and ?MiUe, and works w*]i in hirn*N, . 1 Sj"n(t VVa?on, nearly new. ar.;taWe for k *rooer or axpreea wacoa. Sa'e poaitire. TfrmicuH. k Ull WALL A BARNARD. AusU. k ? ' UOTEIJ. RESTAURANTS, and BOARD f n I NO HOUSES. that need < LA*? L- WARE. CROCKERY. CHIN A CUTLF. Bfjl 1 RY,and PLATED WaKF.w; i ft mi a, oirgnj Store a v?rj lire* and oomplete auortnMi IlkU i of the a Sore food*. pa'tieaia-ly adapted to their one and at a? Tow arieea aa the smvortirc houaee . North. CHAS. S FOWLER A lO., I Importer* of hi-aand Karthenwa'*. ; auMtt 304 Odd F?:mwi- h\ -tt> ?t. | MORHE. WAGON, AND HARNESS FOR il SALE.?Wil h* aold at a aacnftee. gv k ? iiw ? i ,v.uci u.-ini Buiurin-TiM 'orth?m, T^Sk I a good Work .Mere. Pwood-htwl w?|o "21, kLd H?rc?M. Tli? mr? ii vt'rMUd. InqMireat T. DRL'R Y*9 Wood m4 Coal Yard. Pa. avnae. I between 17'h end 18'h ?t? an g 91' NOTICE. r ? ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY " Th e Cnnmi offer* to the enh'ie "* Uneqnalien , Advantage/' for the Safe en/ Qmrk ' ivpateh of 1 Hee?y F eight* Peckatea. Vaiaataet, Mum;. A a. ' Ac., to ell parts of'be United States. F.x presses to end from the Mo'th end Wmt de arrive > WuHinrtnc twice dely. A!! Exe'e?neeare it charge of tTftrumcd tmd - rtlxMblt Meee?e?eri ; AH Package* f ?r The Bo idier* cameo at "on* I-' o?r mul ratee. All Go< da for Uie ?o-?ailed "Confederate Stale-" an* a'l Article# - Con tr abend of Wat" wi lb* i Rvrraso. Oa fcxereeeea leave New York at 1. $, aad ? P. r M . arriving is Washington at 6 A. M ar. ft T? P. M. Ex presses leevfc Philadelphia at >JT A.M. and - 11 P. M , arriving in Washington at 6 31 P. M. and L M M. Jr - t wwnuvr? ?i I 2" A HI. IDC 9 f r M . arming is Waatington at 6 A. M. aad S 9 > P M. I t xpreeeee for a point* Nor?h atH Wwt Imt( Wa.hin?toaat7? L. M and 8 an P Spaoial Contract# for arga ^nantitir* of Frcigkt oan ba Bade on application to thia <*ftaa. All Goods sailed for and delivered fru of fcxtra ehargaa. 8 P. MoI.AU6HI.IN. Agent Adam' Expraee Corapaay. Waahiagton, Aagaat ai. W. aa M tf ' MM,c^?StofWKS?2T 6EOM*WmiAimgtm CVjr. Cmrmm / F?n4 8tr?u Baaeioa or INI-tt. FACULTY OF MWDiriHE. I NOBLE YOUNG. M. D.. Profaaaor of Priaoiptae and Practise of Mediatae. JOHNSON KLIOT. M D.. Profaaaor of Prtaeiplaa aad Praotioa of Bartary. JAMKBE MORGAN. M. D . Profaaaor of Matana Medioa aad Taerape?tiea Profaaaor of oSteKwf^L^^JLSl of W'omob * ' ? aad C hi i d r ml 0mn THOMAS ANT1BKLL, M D, Profaaaor of M??i^C|iagfy,To?iDil?g>, aad J R. W1LLKTT. M D. / DaMoaatrator of Aaatoar CT Tk? ateir af aaalami to ha feuad. I ^ Taa aaaaioa will ooapaaoa on Uie Md of Oota jm aaflaJTa IUr^\$m?*. For fytAer la I <vanpun fcLI"T M. D . D?m of tht FiNltf, MIF itraM. Mv*mU > <1 Ttk K? ? HawtNovf RUMMER CLOTHING^ g ^ W? offer oar t*ry mortint of Uia BUMMER CLOTH 1 >6 at r*dao?4 Kt'*- Oar ?toek brUM Ml rtvlM M *MJitiM of OmUmbm, Vouia*. Ud burf winif Afftrd. of Uw ml TE?. S ii'ft'isrfV* n ? eoon g*~ Sit f Mu*?lv*al? IVHIMi it W (lat?L?>*?) M.HMilWuHi ? M __i -r 0 ftllOV uirvb uoirifTY 4 r o? WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. INSURE HOUSES AND*OTHER PROPEETY I AGAINST LOSS BY PIKE.

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