Newspaper of Evening Star, August 26, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 26, 1861 Page 3
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L. - - -1" LOCAL NEWS. IETThough Tbi Stab It prlated on the fastest team press la see south *t Baltimore, its edition H m large aa to r-qulr* it to be pot to presa at u early hour Advertisements, therefore, should be seat la avian It o'clock m ; otherwise they may act appmt uatll the next day. Hon eg.?District of Columbia Advertlseaaeati to be Inserted la the Baltthou Bbh are reoslved at and forwarded from Tn ftru Office. Pbockbdikos or thi Citt Cocscils Imt*rtstinc M*?tmg?We mentioned In oar paper of Saturday, that VVm T Dore, Eaq , bad received notefrntn Mr Carllale, the Corporation Attorney, In relation to the arrest of the Mayor The communication will be aeen below. Mr. Dore at once took atepe to convene the members of both branches of the City Councils in special aesalon, to discharge the dnty which the city charter devolves upon them In cases of the disability of the Mayor to perform the duties of hla office. The prevision of the charter on the subject la In the folio wing words: " la ease of the refusal of any person to accept the office of Mayor upon his election thereto, or of his death, resignation. Inability, or removal from the city, the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council shall assemble la Joint meetlng and elect another In hla place, to serve for the remainder of the term, or during such disability " He accordingly addressed a note to each member of the Councila. requesting them to meet in the afternoon; and they met. pursuant to the call, Id their reapectlve Chambers, at 7 o'clock p. m. on Saturday. Board of Aldermen ?Present, Messrs l)ove, Itlrhards. Brown, Sargent. Bohrer, Clark, Fisher, Bayly, Moore, *emmes and Lloyd. The board having been called to order, the President (Mr. Dove) stated that he bad thla morning received a communication from tbe At* tornev of the Corporation informing htm ef tbe arrest to day of tbe Mayor of the city by the military autboritlea of the Government, and requestlog him to call the boarda of tbe City Councila together In joint meeting to elect " another in his place to serve for the remainder of tbe term, or during his disability," etc The communication Is aa follows: Office of ike Corporation Attorney, > August '24." 1881. $ Wm T Dor*,E*q , Piesident Board of Atdermtn Sir : It Is my duty to call your attentton to the fact that In tbe absence of tbe Mayor (who was arrested and removed from theclty this morning) It Is necessary that by a joint meeting of tbe two boarda there be elected ' another in his place to aerve for the remainder of tbe term, or during hla disability." Aa you are commonly tbe presiding officer of tbe two boards in joint meeting, I respectfully suggest that you call them together st as early an hour as may be practicable; and that In tbe meantime you should give your attendance et tbe Mayor's office, in order that it may be understood that there will be no Interruption of the city government beyond the time necessary for the uaembllng of the two boards. Vary respectfully yours, etc., J M Carlisle, Attorney of the Corporation. The following communication from the President of the Board was also laid before the Board : Mayor's Obftcb, Aug. 24, 1561. To the Board of Aldrrmen and Board of Common Council: Gkiitlbxb*: 1 have assumed the responsibility of convening the two Boards of the City Councils for the purpose of selecting some person, in compliance with tbe sixth section of tbe charter of 194?, to serve as Mayor during tbe term or disability of the Mayor, who has been arrested and removed from the city by order of tbe Government of tbe United States Very respectfully, your obedient servant, Wm T Dov*. President of tbe Board of Aldermen. Mr. Brodbead offered the following preamble aud resolution: W bereas. by the removal of the Mayor from the city, bia office baa become vacant: Therefore Resoirtd, That tbe Board of Common Council be req'issted to m*et the Board of Aldermen In joint meeting to elect a Mayor pro tempore, in compliance with tbe provisions of the sixth section of tbe act of Congress to continue, alter, and amend the charter of the city of Washington, approved May 17th, 1849 Mr Brown moved to amend the resolution by inserting after the words "joint meeting" the werds - on Monday next, at 5 o'clock p no ;" which was agreed to, and the resolution, as amended, was adopted The two communlcationa were ordered to be placed <'D the recorda of the Board. Tbe Chair laid before the Board a concurrent resolution, passed by the Bosrd of Common Council, proposing the sppointment of a joint committee to wait on the President and ascertain the csuaes of tbe arrest of the Mayor and the probable length of time of his detention. It having been suggested, In reference to this proposition, that tbe arrest was made by tbe mill, tery authorities, and that tbe President knew nothing of it; and also that tbe information proposed to be obtained by the resolution was not necessarv to enable tbe Councila to dlschsrge their duty, which was merely to elect a Mayor to aerve during the disability of Mr. BerreU, whether such disability should continue for a short or a lone periodMr Lloyd moved that tbe further consideration of tbe resolution be postponed. Mr. Sargent moved that It be laid on tbe table; and It was so ordered by tbe following vote: Yeas?Messrs Bohrer, Brodbead,Clark, Lloyd, Moore, Semites. Sargent, and Dove?8. Nays?Messrs Brown, Bayly, Fisher, and Richarda?4 Adjourned. Common Council ?All tbe members present except Messrs Turton, Morgan, and Given Tbe President laid before tbe Board tbe communication of Mr Dove, (Inserted above:) which was laid on the table. Mr Hitx moved that a committee of three members from each board be appointed, who shall confer and report to their respective bodies such measures for their consideration as the present exigency demands Mr. Shepherd Introduced a resolution to appoint a joint committee, consisting of one member of the Board of Aldermen and two members of the Board of Common Council, to wait upon the United States authorities for tbe purpose of ascertalnlag each facts as may be pertinent in connection with the arrest of James G Berrett. esq , Mayor of this city; which resolution was adopted. The board then took a recess, and upon reassembling? Tbe President laid before the board the communication of the Attorney of the Corporation, (inserted In tbe Aldermen's proceedings.) which wss read and laid on tbe table. Adjourned. [Asia ?It will be aeen by the above proceedings that Mr Broadbead's resolution, which passed in the Board of Aldermen, inviting tbe Board of Common Council to meet them in joint convention this afternoon for tbs purpose of electing a Mayor pro tempore, waa not acted upon la tbe jower board ] Assisted.?Yesterday, Major H C. Cooper, of tbe cavalry regiment commanded by Colonel Young, waa arrested by officer Westerlleid on a warrant charging tbe Major with opening tbe letters of Capt Hall, E. Colby and others of that regiment, and appeared at 3 o'clock before Justice Dona Tbe prosecuting witness, with his counsel, Mr 8 8 Williams, had previously appeared, but the witness was absent when the accused came Col Young appeared as counsel for Msjor Cooper. The latter declared his readiness for trial then; he agreed to set It for to-day at 3 o'clock p. m , and gave secarity for bis appearance. Cabblbss Plata*.?Saturday afternoon, a prlvale of one of the newly-arrived regiments indulged la the amusement of discharging his revolver 'promiscuously," without much regard as to the course taken by tbe balla One passed through s fence, and after driving a splinter into a child's arm, passed through tbe bat of a gentleman. Another passed in unpleaaaot proximity to tbe beads of several gentlemen sitting in the open air, some of whom would have inevitably been injured bad they been ia a standing poet tl on Tbe lively Teuton waa promptly banded over to tbe Provost Gaard, who escorted him to tbs guardhouse. imcbilzhabt ATTKMrTS IN GboBSBTOWM ? Nearly every Sunday afternoon there is an alarm of f re la Georgetown, caused by attempts to burn pertain cooper shops and lumber yards. There was tbe usual alarm yesterdsy afternoon, and It was d scovered that the cooper shop of Messrs Rldgway k Reynolds was again on Are. Tbe tlamea were soon extinguished. This shop has twea Sred several times, although a close watch la kept all the time, and It seems to be snother "union Hotel" mystery Oar readers probably remember tbe re pes ted attempts to destroy that building a few months since. Abebstbo ?Tws negroes, attached to one of the regiments over the river, came to town oa Saturday, riding two Government horses, and duhed by the War Department at full speed, as if tbey were on the retreat from a second Bull Run They were balled by a white gentleman, (an employe of the Quartermaster's Department,) and did not alack tbelr speed, but repi'rd with curses and sbuse Mounted men were soon in pursuit, sod the sooty Jebus were soon captured and confined la tbe guard house Oibd ta Jail ? Wm Woodward, the colored man who killed a member of the Seventy-ninth New York (H'ghland) regiment In Georgetown sometime since, and whs escaped from prison, *sd was subsequently recaptured/died In jail on whu f rvT?000 The wound he received while scaling the wall of the prison la making bis escape was probably the cause of his death. Sosriciosa Cmabactsbs -Persons have bees night "tables at wlU do *<">* W dealt *'? *wy summary manner. | Atnisr o? a Chaplain ?Re*. J do M Green, eb,Pla,n ?' the T<*tb Pennsylvania regiment, J Col McCalvert,) was a rr rated on Saturday by [elective* Alien and Buaber at tbe Inatanee of Mr Clepbane, tbe city postmaster. The reverend f en'leman acted It seems aa postmaster of tbe regiment, and la charged wltn opening letter* and abstracting money belonging to member* of tbe regiment and otber peraona He had tbe confidence and reapert of tbe entire rovlment, and thev were aatounded at hla arrest. He la a minuter of seven yeara (tending, and baa a wife and two children at hla home in Pennsylvania. He waa, after examination before Jnstlre Donn, committed to jail for a further examination The officer. It aeema, in following tbe clue to obtain evidence sufficient to justify Mr. Green'* arrest, permitted him to get his mall Saturday at the Wssbington office, Iben followed and arreted him on the Tennallytown road from Georgetown. Ha waa placed In custody of officer Bus her, while Postmaster Clepbane and officer Allen proceeded to tbe camp of the regiment near Tennallytown, and made a search or tbe trunka of tbe prisoner. The prisoner denied having any lettera on bia person, bnt upon being searched ime were found directed to otber reglmenta than the 10th Some alao directed toother regimenta were found In hla mall bag; and othera opened were found ta hla trunka at tbe camp He waa brought to Waab'.ngton and carried to tbe County Jail, be waving an examination until be could obtain counsel; bnt Justice Donn, the examining magistrate requiring evidence sufficient to commit. Postmaster Clepbane testified that tbe malls of tbe 10th Pennsylvania Regiment were regularly given to the prisoner; tbe mall being mlsaed Mr. Green was watched, and some envel' pea of lettera were found In a privy in Georgetown, where the prlaoner had been on his way to the camp of hla regiment. Some of them were directed to other regimenta There ia an amount of money aliasing, how much Is not ascertained. Rxenws of Txoops.?On Saturday afternoon, Gen Richardson's brigade and the batteries stationed in tbe vicinity of the encampment, were reviewed by Prealdent Lincoln and Gen Mansfield The brigade was formed in the following order, and after the party had passed down the entire line, they marched past the party paying the compliment of a marching salute: Massachuaetta fourteenth, Col B.Green; Michigan second. Col. learned; Michigan third. Col McC?nnel; New \ orkthlrty aeventh,Col. McCunn; and New ?ork twenty-flrat, Col. Roger* The various regiments presented a good appearance, and were complimented warmly by Gen. Mansfield The following batteries were then reviewed, all being In the most creditable condition : Tldball's batpiryA??#D,l,tll,.K ten Bnd 'welve pound guns; Piatt ' formerly Hunt's battery, with Napoleon guns; bdward s battery, two 20-pound rifled guns, and two :M-pound howitzers; Buckhead's batterv. with four ? pounder*, which were left at Centrevllle, and afterwards retaken by Blcnker'a brigade. Ws erday morning, about 10 o'clock, the Provost Guard, comprising nine companies of iufantry, two companlea of cavalry, an artillery company and the band and drum corps of the s-cond regiment?all regulars?proceeded to the open apace south of Columbia College, and were i??ec?r?i <^V,d rev!ew?1 by G^n. McClellan 5^i^. ,.wThey. aiade a *plendld appearance, drilled with exactness, and complimented by the rheDK But'ew of our citizens were present, as the hour lor the review was not generally known. . A"5"T? ?Xe*t*rd*y tbe Government officer* p o i D JV'ann!ng? of Maryland, and i? ? newspaper reporter, and confined them in the Central Guardhouse until a bearing can be had The particular of the lhtr? havP not m<*de P?bllc as jet Dr Manning yesterday expreaaed a r articular aversion for tne oath of allegiance SerMcDonald, of the prison guard at the Old on P* ?WJ* a,re,t"d last week, and released on Saturday by order of Gen. Mansfield, was rev\ H ,Vr* . y by order of the Secretary of \N ar, and la aiao at the Central station. On ?aturday, Mr W T Walker, formerly a L" <he Gen"al Po*1 Office, was arrnted by the Provost Guard and is confined in the new military prison, corner of Thirteenth street and Pennsylvania avenue The charge in his c?ae la and to be corresponding with aeceaaion newspapers. vu W mt orF*T Halt Cocx ?A cotemporary has a notice of a fatal accident at tbe camp of Col kllhifi iii?rk re*1,nent. reaultlng In the killing of a soldier named Howard, and the woundlog of four of his comrades, by the accldischarge of his musket How his touching the trigger wi th his foot could have discharged f?" half-cocked, and bow the charge from a c un so d,.charged should enter the Wt shoulder !nd pass through the body of the man discharging It 'f(*u)re explanation D0 ^0f, hlWOUDdllL?of th* other four men Doubtless it was a crooked gun, loaded with a scattering charge of buck shot, and with some en| tirely new cocking arrangement. SaiziNo the Small CmarT -Yesterday dew'th barges, 'el the Navy ^ ihe d>y t?0* posseaslen of aft tba small craft and boats at the wharves and along shore capable of being used in rommunirating in I 58? way with the Virginia aide of the river J V* 00 doubt th"1 much mischief baa been 0t th? akl<r'' batteaux, and small I boats on the river The seizure will cause some Inconvenience to the owners at this season; as it will suspend marsh shooting; but they will gutter " tbHr P'OW win be* restored ? I paid for at tbe proper time. MaYOK BxKHKTON BIS WAT TO FoKT LATATy?roB"rr'J Baltimore by the thl lr u 9aturday' and WM breakfasted at the Eutaw House, and then sent forward to New | ^ ork, where he arrived Saturday evening He I was taken all tbe way through in the custody of I Detectives KIder and Wilson, of New York On reaching New York. Mr Ber'ret was conveyed ? I ?ne.?i 5 heading hotel*, where he remained in I ni"h^V a thu *bo*e-named officers through the I * *,?/ e .! next mornlng was conveyed to T j conversation with the officers j he declared himself a strong Union man. Moax Pa boons?Sam'l Biewitt, a youth who r*HC0H^w tLe? u>rm "r of the I ui . dl*H,ct court for the weatern district of ^nr5neii0^r.0K K.the Un,t*d State? mall, and teno Vy ?f ,h,a Di,l"ct for I 1^' . Cbarle* Price, convicted at the I September term, 1859, of the same court for counterfeiting United States coin, sentenced to dnn-STw \?J flve ve?ri' Were both pard the P"*?dent last week Biewitt had I served three, and Price two years in prison ?A?E to ?" Viboihia's 8no*l _ several Alexandrians are in town who have not me' for tto" rpaaon ,h?l tbey y ??eJ? TOUch ,or tbem' and '?> '"on* . nnable to obtain passes Some of ? w* r0UDd,y a d,v or two since that they would not take any oath, they would stay here till orv,1!?,,r,7.,s u notW.ufflclentbe0ath ^'y' bUt thM' tt?? > I a *7 A Mad Do? ??n Saturday, a small | dog belonging to Mr. Dubant at the restaurant I corner of Sixth street and the avenue exhibited k ^'oPbobla.and tbe owner secured L iT I1 u ii. h,m frona farming any tnwm JfLi" BuW'ne, Incredulous aa to the naI - - y'nptoms, approached the dog ln,nJ* animal snapped at him, WW b,in ,n tbe band. The wound was lmtnediateFy cauterlxed, but Mr. B. is naturally In I great anxiety aa to the result. ClWTXAi Ooakdhodsb Casxs?Sunday ? J as ?.?yd> colored, out after hours; fine and costa I ^ Robert Parkhlll, drunk and disorderly' ^ W'bltty, unlawful assembly; do,t'firfl4k jn?ndl^leriyi 5 J Wm Little^ 7 .' John Boas, do ; workhouse 60 dava I floe and costs, |im I flJ?tSd*lo^lw,wDric*,drunk and dlwdetlr, ^ building indicates thst bUuminom -l> NNI burned there pretty extensively by SSfr-Si " a.rewlt th<! beautiful new marble of tbe new wings will soon be blscken?d and utterly diaflgured As to the painted oenter I and dome It dees nol so much matter as thev can be re-painted, If discolored '" " . F?? -?s?nrdajr afternoon7 between one and two o clock, the stable,carriage-bouse, and barn, belonging to Mr. Amos Kendall, at Kendall Green, were destroyed by lire The losa Is estimated at five or aix thousand dollars It is supposed that the Ire waa an Incendiary one The SS *, d n,eu of tbe Twenty-third Pennsylvania Regiment rendered good service In saving the I contents of the buildings John H Mcbpht, who wsa convicted of manslaughter at tbe laat term of the Crimlnsl CourL by canalng tbe death of Boyd, and sentenced to eight years' Imprisonment In the U. 8 penltentiarv waa removed from the county jail to the BSSSLjS Sat ii rday; tbe efforU made for I bis pardon being unsuccessful. New Mu.ita?t Pntsoa.?Tbe large house on My southeast corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Thirteenth street, has been taken by tbe Government as a military prison, and there are low eight prisoners confined In the building on the charge of disloyalty. NuiWimmdaj sight closes the rich entertainments at Odd Kellows' Hall, when tbe Campbells leave us to the tender mercies of hard times and tbe blues To-night the Intensely rich burlesque, 44 United States Mall," and a huge hill of otber side-splitting songs and Johns. Bias* in Momtuomkkt County Mr Bell, of Montgomery county, Md , recently trapped a bear In his ooraield, weighing seme HQ pounds, the largest em seen la that vicinity. J I Contagious Diseases ? Mr. Editor: la tbe I local columns of recent number* of tbe Star I read I Interesting notices of several of tbe army hospitals I In Alexandria, Georgetown, and Washington, I and an allusion to one. for diseases. I (small poz and measles ) located on Capitol I Bill. Owing to tbe enrsory mention of tbe last-named institution, it is probable tbat the thought of the I great danger to tne health of our cltlxens from its presence In that thickly-settled portion of tbe city did not occur to me while rending tbose notices; or If it did, It was very likely followed Instantly by tbe selfish, but (at tbat time- consol- I atory one that It was at tbe other end of tbe city, I and would not endanger the lives of me and mint. I Yesterday, however, 1 was startled by a report that there were two cases of small pox In my immediate neighborhood, In tbe Second Ward;! which, on making inquiry this morning, I have ascertained to be true. One of tbe persons afflicted with this loathsome and generally ffctal disease, Is a boy of sixteen years, and the other is a middle-aged man, two I of whose children are in the incipient stage of the disease. [ Aside from tbe chances of this terrible disease I being spread through the city and sweeping off thousands of our people, would it not be better I I every way, Mr. Editor, for tbe unfortunste patients I In tbe hospital on Capitol Hill If they were In tbe I country, where they would have the benefit of | pure, invigorating air, and when convalescent could walk where they listed, and take other exer| else in the open air, without endangering the I lives of hundreds whom they now daily come in contact with on our crowded streets? But tbe I " powers tbst be" know best, possibly; at all I events, upon them rests tbe responsibility. Washington, D. C., August 23,1S61. Thb Hkqiba donk up in Verse ?Since the de- I nurture of Mayor Berret to Fort Lafayette one of his ex-policemen, who was "drapped" when tbe act to reduce the police force was executed, has besn seized with the poetic phrenzv, resulting In I the production of tbe following "lines," which I be proposes to place at the southern Inlet to Washington : | | Cob and Floyd wons lived hear, | j And Berrlt kep the dor, j I But Cob Is ded and Floyd fled, I And Berrlt alnt no mor. i I Sere.?Ben says please pronounce Floyd with two syllables so as not to spile tbe metre. Removed and Appointed.?The following appointments and removals were made in tbe Wash- I lngtoa Navy Yard to-day. Viz : Wm l albot, quarterman carpenter, in place of I John Smith; Rlcn'd Carter, vice John K. Clokey; Wilson N. Fuller and John Simonds, watchmen, I in place of James Fltzpatrlck. Antonio Flgarro, I I Wm. Tenant and Samuel Smith, removed j Samuel Cross, clerk of tbe Yard, vice Richard Barry, removed. j I Parade ?The Seventy-ninth New York (Highland) Regiment passed up the avenue this morn- I I ing, 575 strong, and mads a soldierly appearance. I I We learn that since Col Stevens has taken com- I I mand he has acted with promptness and decision, I I and a great Improvement is perceptible in tbe I regiment. They begin to perceive the necessity | I for subordination and strict discipline, and have I I a right respect for their Colonel, although he is I a rigid disciplinarian. Serious Accident.?As Mr. Moses Sweetser I I was driving his team, heavily loaded, down a I I steep slope near Fort Corcoran, In Virginia, yes- I I terday, the pole broke, and the wagon was upset. I I Mr. Sweetser had bis right leg broken below the I I knee, by some goods falling on him. and his I I little son was slightly Injured. The surgeon of a I | Maine regiment set the bone, and Mr. S. was I j brought to bis borne In this city, where be is un- I der the care of Dr. Miller. Sick in Nxw York?Mr Enos Robbtns,of the I Board of Police Commissioners, is ill with tbe I dysentery, in New York city. Released ?We hear that Alexander Flowers, I I whose arrest as a secessionist was noticed a week I I or two since in this paper, has now been released. I See call elsewhere in relation to the Putnam I I Rangers. I Hollowat's Pills and Ointment.?Palp'tation I I of the heart is frequently caused by indignation or I I re axed elate of the nervous system. A oourse of I I a fow weeks of these invaluah e medicines will I I dimiMsh the irregular throb icg and, by removing I I the source, restore its natnral pulsation. To assist I I the functions, not to force tnem, is the true ce I I oret of suocess. Ho loway's mediaines and treat-I I ment are based on the simple laws of nature-by I I annihilating the oiuse, the effect disappears. Sold I I by all Druggists at 2So ,Uc., and 91 per box or pot. I I au 20 lw Coe?Hs.?The sudden changes of onr climate are I I so'iroesof Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic I I Aj/criionExperience having proved that simple I I remedies often aot speedily and certainly when I I taken in the early stages or the disease.recourse I I should at onoe be had to '* Braini'.i Bronchial I I Troches," or Lozenges, let the Cold, Cough, or Ir- I I ritation of the Throat be ever so slight, as by this I I precaution a more serious attack may he effectually I I warded off. rnblic Speakers and Stagers will find I I tbem effectual for clearing and strengthening the I I voice. See advertisement. dei-iy I Header, have you seea Prof. Wood's advertise* I I ment in our paper. Real' it; it will interest yoa. I an 20-eoly To the Attlicted !?Be sure to read the adver- I I unseat of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and I I Mluod Purifier, in another oolumn. If Pramn. I Persons desiring pennies will always find them I I for exchange at tne Star Offioe oounter. tf MARRIED. On the?3d instant, by the Rev Dr. Pinckel. Mr. I C. I. ''ULBERTSON to M ss SARAH A BEN- I N ETT, all of this city. * DIED, On the 36th instant, CORNELIUS WEN- I I DELL, son of James ard Elizabeth Bly. aged I I I year, 8 months, and 9 dare. I he friends of the family are requested toatterd I I the funeral, to morrow (Tuesday) afternoon at SS I I o'ol'ok from the residenoe of his father, No. Audi | 11th St., between B and C. * After a *rief illness, on the ?4th instant, in the I I tfith year of his age, ANDREW NOFRR, Sr, a| I native of Wirtemhurg Germany, bat for the last I I 4 ? years a resident of this city. WnrUN LAND"* IN EXCHANGE FOR LANDS NEAR THE FEDERAL CAPI- I I TAL?The subscriber will exchange fine Farming I Lands in Ohio and Miohigsn for lands within 2> I I mi es of this oitr. WM. THOS CAKKOLU : Wa hington City, August 23. 1861. au 23-eo2w I PROPOSALS FOR WOOD. Department or State, ( I i A"gust21, If61. { Sealed proposals will be reoeived at this De- I I partinent until 12 o'oloek m on Saturday, the 31st I I ins'ant, for furniahiag for the us* of this Depart- I I mention oo'ds <?ak Wood bestquaity, 12 oordi b'<st Baker's Pine Wocd. The wood to be delivered at suoh times and in I I Msfc quantities as may be wanted ; and satisfaoto- I I ry arrang-menta must be made for its o rrect I I measurement. 1 he Department reserves the right to order a | I greater or less quantity, as may be required. The proposal to be addressed tn the Superintend- I ent of the Depa tment of State, and endorsed, I I "Proposals lor Wood." au22 td \1 NOTICE. I I'lR. M. WILLI AN respectfully informs his I I friends and the pubic general .y that he has opened. I I in association with Mr. OTTO SCHLOEMER, I of New York, at 301 Pknnstlvania Avenue, j Between 9th and loth street*, sou:h tide, i I a Sto'e for the sale ot the ohoio<st WINES, I BRANDIES, eto ; also, HAVANA CIGARS, BOLOGNA SAUSAGES, WKSTPHALIA HAMS,?all of their own importation. m. will'an, OTTO SCHLOEMER. j Washington, Angust 20,186'. (Tnt.) au2l 9w I A NOTICE. I ALL Persons indebted to R. Brioe HaU are re- I quested to ooma forward at an early day and settle I their aooounta with the undersigned. Trustee of I the said Mail, for the benefit of his oreditors; I otherwise ther will be pnt in a proper train forool- I leotion acoora jig to law. I THEO. SH ECKELS. an 16 6teo Trustee for R. Brioe Hall. ; PROPOSALS FOR COAL AND WOOD. Department or the Interior, / 1 August 10,1861 < Sealed proposals will be reoeived at this l>e- I partinent uutil 12 o'oloek m. on Saturday. ths 31st I in'tant, for furnishing for the nse of this Depart ment and ths different branohss thsreol? tons beet White Ash Coal, 80 tons best Red Ash Coal, 1 loo cords Oak Wnoi, I2 oords best Baker's Pine Wood j The wood to be delivered at snob times and in I suoh quantifies as mas be wanted. Bids for the ooal and wood will be considered separate y ; and satisfkotory arrangement i must i?e made for the oorreot measurement of eaob. I The Department reserves ths right to ordsr a I greater or lees quantity,as may be required. The proposals to be addressed to the guperin tendent of the Department of ths Interlor/And endorsed, "Proposals for Coal and Wood " an 21-wtAaSl LM)R SAoE?One fine six-year-old HORSE, I r BUGGY and HARNESS (nearly new. )cs. 'I i he horse racks, paoes, and trots veryXSfk fast Sell ing for m fault: the owner istCzl going out or the city. Apply at SHR EVE'S StaI Me,Seventh St., between H and 1. an 82 ft* MEW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVELS.-The Alohemist, or the House of Class; from the I I Frenoh of Honore de Baliae. Free by mail, (1. ! Sitae Marner. the Weaver of R~areloe; by Geo, I I as ?> Nms. awsine

C'SASS^JWlPilLO^SgS/0" 523 I To elese oat, I offer my sntirs stock, comprising I es?Ut* Between 12th and 13th sU. I AMUSEMENTS. I QDD FELLOWS' HALL! I CONINUED-SUCCESS ! j EXTRA ATTRACTION. ; UR*QUAL*D A5D IXCOMFABABLK. j Last Three Nigl t? of tie CAMPBELL MINSTRELS, MONDAY, TUESDAY, and WEDNESDAY. N*L?1 SlTMoCa IN N?w Art". Wednesday F.venmg Benefit of Mr NihiCit- i no a (the great Comedian.) ami most positively I the last night. j l).>or? open at 7 o'olock. performance oommenc I ltig a' 8 o'clock . I Adrnission-TWKNTY FIVE CENTS. Dr. O. FORD. au 2f 2t Contracting Agent. WANTS. \E7ANTED? A YOUTH of intelligence and re I " apectabihty to learn the Drag Buainess. In- I quire at 113 Pa avenne. au ? 2t I WANTED.-A young WOMAN for general *' housework ii wanted at No WIS Pa. avenge, I opposite Willards*. Call between 2 and 4 o'olook. I au26 ?t? I \M7 ANTED? By a young married man, a SITU- I "" ATION ae (a~dener or a plaoe to attend to I horses or oatt e. Best of references siren. In- I quire at 337 Seventh street, Washington, D- C. I an86 it* I W^ANTED?By a reapectable yonng woman, ! ? ? who understands dressmaking, a S1TUA- I TION to eew or do ohaml>erwork ; no objection to I travel m nurae. Beat "f referenoe riven, if re I iaired. Apply At No. 4S3. oorner Thirteenth and I I sts , or address Box 4. Star Office. it* j A gentleman wants board for J his wif? and servant in an agreeable family ; i location must he in a pleasant part of the oity : pleasant, well furni'bed roomi, and the parties of i unquestioned respectability. If mutually su't^d.a i desirau? ar.d permanent amn?m?ni may be ?e- i cured. Please address "Capt. h. f. R." at tMs i office. au <4-8t* i Wanted immediately?SeveraJ good VEST hands. e. owf.n ft co., , au 23 3t. Merchant Tailors, 266 Pa. avenue, j Furnished house wanted, with an or eight roonia. Address Box S50, City Post I Offic, statins terms and location. au *3 St* I WANTED?A MAN to work cn a farm-one I that is accustomed to the care of horses, oows, I a~d all kinds of farm work. Honest capable per- I sons only need apply. A married man without chil- I dr*n preferred. Addresa "X Y Z," at thia office. au 23 St* i Wanted.?a lady of Ba'timore wislies to pur i chaae ladies' and gentlemen's cast ?>ff i apparel. All persona having such goods to i dispose of wi 1 be called upon at their residence i and receive oash for the same. Address "a. g.," i Star Offioe. for ten days. au 21-lw* i WANTED. FOR THE CASH-AM kinda of SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persona leav- I ing the oity or having a aurplua will do well to call I immediately. R. BUCHl.Y, je 3 49* Seventh, between G and H sta. WANTED.?We are now buying SECONDHAND FI RNITUR E, STOVE* and bed DING, for whioh we are paying the higheat I cash prices. Familiea declining housekeeping, or having a ?urplus of ftirniture, will find it to their I advantage to jive us a "all. BONT7 ft GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No. 369 nh sr.. betw. 1 ana k sts. LTOST AND FOUND. I^stray.?Taken up, on the2lih met., a sorrel a horse, 15k randa high The owner f-y can have sa>d horse by proving property and paying all coata. Can be seen at > arle's^^^ a StaMe. H st., between 20th and 2lst ats. au 26-31* a cousins. i One cent reward and no thanks for his rf.tuk N ?I will pa* the abive reward for the return to me of Augustus Ecke*, i an apprentice, who ran awar f-om me on the 17th i of August, IW1. All person are win ed from har- I boring him, ai the law will be atrictlv enforced. au 26 3t? j. a1gler. Iost?On Saturday evening, between the Navy i j Yard and the Northern Liheities. a burd e o' i promissory notes, together with a deed of i trust, drawn in favor of humphrey * sum- i mkrs ; not b?ing endorsed, the* are of bo use to i any one else The finder will be sait'b'y rewarded i nu leaving them at their Shop, No. 31 Louisiana i av., between 6th and 7th ats. an s6 3 * Iost?On Friday afternoon, the 23d instant, on i -j Pa avenue be'ween the Trea*ury Department i and 17th St., a'"olt's revolver, without look i The finder will receive a suitable reward on re-i taming the same to the British Legat on,on h at., i between 17th and 18th. au 24-2t* Was stolen from the subscriber a Pookrt Book con'aining hif disctiarre, i note* and bills, one of them drawn by Henry fan- i ter. for ?20, August 2, 1m1, ar.d due 60 da?? af'er i that date. i hereby notify all persons not to pay i an* bills unless to myself au 24-St* charles stockk. i Lost?On the evening of the 2?u metaut, be- i tween the Camp of the 15th Mass. Regiment i and h at., down 14th at.. ele?en .$20 pieces, (tiree i 41 pieoea, and aome silver ohange. The finder will i be duly rewarded by returning it to Mr. KNOX. I Sutler of 15th Massachusetts, back of Columbian i Coll-ge, or K. c. stevens, 336 Pa. av. aa 24-2t P. J. STEVENS I &q.f9 reward.?Stravadawar,about?week i td mt ago, from Johnson's Row, onj^^kk MaHsachusetts avenue, near North cap-7tb?j^^ itolst eet.a sow ana five pig4. theau^mm above reward will l?e paid to the finder o i returning tt,em to Mrs. hurley, at the above-named i plaoe. au 24 3-* i CfcC REWARD.?Strayed away from my cooper I 'j'3 shop lot, on sooth side of Wa'er st.. rv Georgetown, on Wednesdav ni-ht, 21st \l-*v* 1 a neust, 1861. a light brown mare, about^^-2-*- i us hands high ; she has white under her hind fet- i lock, and her hind legs a little swollen ; he' left I fo-" foot hai been hur1 at edge of hoof, and she is i a little lame The above reward will be paid by i the sub?criber, if brought home aa 24-3t* joshph hey\ lost.?Wm dropp.'d in or near I the War Department, on thnr?da? m -?afternoon, a pair of hoi.d specta-^t I cle*. If left at this offioe. or at no 31m 1 street, I the finder will le suitably rewarded au 23 3:* Stolen?On the night ol Saturday, the 17th i instant, from Easby's wharf, a gunning i *kiff. painted lead-color, tinned s des. bottom I hooped with hoop iron. a reward of five dollars i will be paid for its return to Eaaby'a Ship Yard. > 28 lw I Boy lost ?a ?on of Patriok Kelly, private in i Company g. 2d Cavalry, u. w. a., waa oat on the evening f Ju'y 4th, ik'. Hia mother was then at Mrs. sn'livan'a. on c street, near the Depot He i lj eight tears o d, b'aok ejes. sal ow ncmplexion. i and wore a gray jacket and pants. His name is i Jahn. Any information cino'rning hin? will if i d.rect*d to Mr. Sallivan. or the Commanding Offi- i cer of c??mpsny g, 2d cavalry, at the Seminary i near a lezandria, be thankfully reoeived by hia i father?patrick kelly. an 8-1w BOARDING. country board.?Good Board may be ob v tain?d in the country at Mra barnard's,! one mile from the mmdua Stand in Georgetown. i r<ferenoea required. Apply at r s. t cissei.'s i d'ug Store. Georgstown, or to franklin i philp. Esq.. Waahington. Alao f r rent, a Cot-i tage, with Koard. au 26 lweo*. Boarding.?a gentleman and bis wife and i two single gentlemen oan be acoomm<>dat-d i with ple?aant Rooms and good b- ard. in a private i family, in a pleasant and healthy location, by ap-i p ving at No. 33 Prospect St.. Georgetown. Rooms i will b? rented either furnished or unfnrniahed.with i or without Board. au 24-3t* FOR SALE AND BENT ilTOKR TO LET-STOCK AND FIXTURES O F 'K SALE.?Inquire at 274 Pa. avenue. an 26 4'" I TO RENT?A handaomely tarnished ROOM, I on the aecond story, front. large sise, suitable i for one or two gentlemen, without 'oard. private! family. Apply on the premises, 33S E street, be- I twen 14th and 15th ata. an 23-3t* I BURNISHED ROOM FOR RENT, at No. 430 Twe'f.h street, between G and H ata. The I Room ia very oomfortab'e and the neighborhood ! one of the mo<t desirable in Washington Satis- I factory attention aoarantied. Terras moderate. No children in the house. au 23-1 w |?<OR RENT-A three-story BRICK HOUSE, r containing 8 rooma.Bitnated on Tenth street, b tween N and O ata. Apply to D. HAUPTMAN, I 314 Eleventh at , near Pa avenue. aa 8 5t* t~pOR RENT> OR FOR SALE-The HOUSE cow oocaeied by Prealey Simpson, No. 4A6 Twelfth st. au 21-tf FURNISHED ROOMS.?Very desirable Furriahed Kooras, with or without Board,(house formerly occupied by Ex-Gov< rnor Seward.) F I at net, between 13th and 14th nts. Warm and oold I bath and e?ery corvenie'joe m'ta^le for ??onifort. I N B ?A Furnirhed Offioe, auitable) for phvsioian or gentlemen requiring a private offioe. aufl-lw i LMIK RENT-A very deairable STAND for a r boarding house, on Pennsylvania avenue aid I Eighth st,, now oooupied by the Messrs. Joy, and I has always had a fall share of the patronage of the I city Poaaeaaion given oa the 1st of September I next. Said house la in g?od order. For farther I psrticulara apply to JAMES TOWLES, Agent, I 490 H atreet north ; or Mrs. JULIA KEEP si6 E street. an 17 tf A FARM, of about 290 acres, with timber and I 0 eared lands oroharia. dwelling and tarn, in I Maryland, for aa e or exohauge for other real or I personal estate; United States, State, and railroad, I or other atopka, notea, boada, or other aecuritiea. I inquire at No. 490 Massaohasetta av. jy 26-tf j |i ANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM8.- I IT Foar handionieiy f urnishe<J Rooma, supplied I witk gas and water, and convenient to tne Parent I and Post Offioe Departments, for rent. Apply at I 490K Maaaacnvaetta a venae, aorth side, between I 4th and >th rta. mag i TttBATH-DKATH-MATi! ? O Roaokaa, Bedbags, Fleaa, Aata, fto. Uaa I Moore's Insect Destroyer; aever fails; vnee *, I t&sari&ks&uiJsaat EDUCATIONAL. 1WK MI88BS F'SHKR WILL REOPEN foL Boy* *** ?,r1*' . Mnssaahuse.ts arena*, near Tenth st Attention will he given to til the ordinary l>na*h?i of an English Ed ucition. no 8-3t BO R R O M K O COLLEGE, ? tIEAR PIKKSriLLE, BaLTIMOSR CoPNtT, MilTLiXt, Rmuitm the atsriiee of it. next aeanon on Monday,*! of S<p-emf er. E. Q. S. WALURON, _ ? ?:!!! rre?ident. Em KR80N institbte, ? H Snttr, _ , ^ Between 12th and ISth ate., S*UrI natural and Mathematical Sehcol ftr Boy The exercises af this School will be returned the first Monday in Sept?mbsr. Address aai9 tf CHAS B. YOUNii, Principal. ^HE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. The Twelfth Annual Session will commence September J. For particulars ineaire of the Pria? Mrs. Z RICHARDS, . M lT-lm Corner of Fourteenth and K it*. N_ a THE WESTERN ACADEMY. 0 8TT I. oorner of Seventeenth street, recently under the eare of Dr. Looms, will be reopened Mondfty, tin M of September. App ication ma* be ma?? at Dr. Town's, 4?0 Fourth street. Jadioiary Sa nare. aul7-Jw* JOSHUA O. COLBURN. g ROOR EV1 LLE_ACADEM The next session will oommenoe September M. Boys ire preparM for oolite or for btiisen. For ottaiof ue pleaa* addrepp, at BrookerilJ#, Md. E. B. PRETTYMAN. A M., *u (Intel.) Principal. GEORGETOWN INSTITUTE. Th" duties of this Sohool will be resumed on the J"1 Monday of September next. Its advantages (both as to looation and facilities for improvement) and moderate term* recommend it to the patronage of all. THOM?#N. CONHAD, M. A., . ^ JOBN S. CONRAD. au 6 tSeptl Prinoipala. /GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, VF (Mks Hakrovbk's.) A Boarding and Day School. No. 191 West street between Concreis and High sts , Georgetown, D C. The duties of this Institution will be resumed oc the first Monday in September next Circulars may be obtained at the prinoipal bookstore*, or by addressing the Principal, au 1-eoti Miss M. J. HARROVER. / < EORGETOWN COLLEGE. D. C. w, . ac?vkt, 1h1. The exercises of th.s Institution will be resumed on the first Monday ol September. Terms for Board and Tnition per annum payable halfyearly. in advance For farther particulars apply to the President? au 13 Imeo JOHN EAHLY, 8. J. T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE PareuU who wish their daughters to raoeire a ti.oroag n and systematic education, where their physical training will reoeive daily and speoiai attention, under the most approved system of Calisthenics and Gymnastic*, are respectnlly invited to Tisit the Union Female Aoademy. oorner Fonrtee* th st- and New York av. MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARDS. **-tf Principals. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MT^ AW A rc H ES-W A TC H ES ! 1 L Kinds of Watches, CI"oks. and Jewelry carefully repaired and warranted,at the sho't JfcN e it notice, at?tie o lies peat prices AUo on on hani a nice assortment of C!o:ks .lewei-Qg?[ ry and Watche?, at Wataon's old established piace, 50 Bridge st, Georgetown. D C. V. L- RUBEN?, au 24 3t* Pra^riol Watchmaker, from Pans C|| BOXES Oil PRIME CHEESE, 5 boxes French LEMONS, 10 hhds. P. R. MOLASSES, part suitable for bakers' use, 2nbbl? Refined SUG ARS, 2" bags Kio COFFEE. 5 tierces extra Sugar cured HAMS, For sale by au 3Q 6t W. H. TEN'NEY. rrs=*MAYOR'S OFFICE. Lk_3 (itort'toten, D C, Atttu t 17.1881 Whereas it is provided by a lite act of Congress? ' That it rha'l not be lawful for any person in the District of Co ambia to sell. give, or tduiinister to any soldier or volunteer in the service of rtie United ?ia'es. or any perron weanrg the uniform of such aoldier or volunteer, any spirituous liquor or in toxioating drink ; and any person so offending againtt the provisions of this Act shall bedvemM Rui ty of a misdemeanor, and upon oonviction lereof t?ef re a magistrate or court having criminal jurisdiction shall be punished by a fine of twenty doiiars, or imprisonment in the jail of Washington oounty, in the District of Columbia, for the period r f thirty <iajV? Tkftjet, bt it known to all persons concerned, witt in the limits of this Corporation, that the Police Officer?, witn mili'ary aid. nave b*en, and are hereby, direoted to enf >roe. rigidly. the provisions of the afoiesaid law, without any respect to parsons whatsoever. au 17 2aw3w HENRY ADDISON. Mayor. \1 ASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S 1*1 PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. Expected this day, per steamer J. Jerome? **> barrels XX DRAUGHT ALE, 40 do. XXXX do. do. 5(io htf.-bbls. do. do. do. Whioh on arrival will be for sale Terms sash on delivery. ARNY A SHINN, m 7 Union Depot. Georgetown. Just received? 10 hhds. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS lio bbls. Oid Rye WHISK Y, UO bbls. HERRING and ALEW1VE8, to bbla. Crushed and Refined SUGARS, to bags Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhds.t low-priced) MOLASSES. For sale ( T JOHN J. BOOUE. se 10 OOA EMILE DUPRE P?j?5(?ylvania Avxmck, Iron Bvildixo, Imporur and Wkoltsalt Dealer in FINE WINES, BKANDIES. SF.GARS. SARDINES. PICKLES PRESERVED FRCITS, CONDENSED MIL K. ASSORTED SYRUPS, and CAMP SUPPLIES. JUST RECEIVED? 100 CASES OLD BOLRBON at EMILE DOPRETS laoN Bpildino, 330 Pa. Avsnvb. Ff O R 1 FREDERIC TUSTUS' HAMBURG CELEBRATED SMOKING TOBACCO, The Best Article Ever Imported, Go to EMILE DUPRE, Iron Buildino, 3'20 Pa. Avkrvr. Just received? 30 Casrs Importrd selters water. In Original Stone Bottles, At au U lm EMILE DUPRE'S Havondale flour aving Made arrangements with Messrs. Barbocr A Skmmes for the sale of my I-lour, they will always be prepared to supply my old friends and customers, and the trade generally, at mill prioes. (jy 29-lmeo) geo. wheeler. Home-made boots and shoes. For Ladir*', Missrs' and Cbildrrn's Wrar, At Exctodimrly Pruts. At J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. loMarket Space, ma -ea P* *? . bet S?h and 4?h ?ts, Soldiers SIGHT DRAFTS on the north bought and sold in sums to suit Army Officers and Soldiers. SWEENY, R1TTENHOUSE, FANT A CO., Bankers. Pa. avenue, Jy a-lm (Snnd Chron) near Brown's Hotel. CI CIAL I*OTICE TO VOLUNTEERS.?5. i arrived at SMITH'S. No. 460 Seventh stre? (.opposite the Post Office, a iarse lot of SPRING and SUMMER CLOTHING, TRUNKS VAL1CES. CARPET BAGS, SHIRT COL LARS, TIES, HATS and CAPS. N- B.-All of the abovenamed goods for sale at Northern prioea ma Sm J. H. SMITH. CloQiier. W traveling trunks. E Offer for sale the largest assortment o TRAVELING TRUNKS to be found iDMsa this city, comprising best Sole LeaiherHRB Ladies* dress and Pacing Trunks, Va ?143 noes. Carpet Bags, Ao? ^hich we are now se' ling at very low prioea. WALL. STEPHENS A COM as 1? P?nr. avenue /*v RESUMED BUSINESS. . A A. X. The Undersigned would inform hi?X A 9 friends and 'he public that be ha*9 V taken house on Ninth st., between D and E, where he will again do business as a licensed pawnBROKER. Fair dealing in all business transactions. i je? 3m* ENOCH ward. HPHK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY T, \ 1 EMR1CH. at the oorner of Penn A. . A avenue and Eleventh street, has bseoinPf air oat. y improved receutiy and now offers greater inducement for the patronage of MUiena and strangers than any other public house in the city, his prioea being leaa t&an tnos* of aay other i (total on Penn. avenue, aad aia aoooKmodaboaa or permanent or transient boardera anexeeptionabln. The bar and reetaarant arrangen.ei.ts of tM 1 udiaoa. The proprietor Pledgee mnremlttec attention and continued liberal aapesd:t jreeto glyeaatlafkotioti to all,and thaa renews his . nv tatioa he all to give the Rimsaaa Hotel a eall. dea-tt FmTci.AHm, \ ttimtanv FIELD M n glaose^ W IT 1S-lw betwawHtth aad afc ravev??AofajaUaWe in?*a25mTat a taw'pnaTar^^^^, r&VJBStF*1- UAMOm TELEGRAPHIC NEWS , INTERKSriMQ rROM ANNAPOLIS. ARUifoU*) Attn 90 ?It vm lonoaMtd a cr.e day* ago thai tbe vraeei Zm Zealand had arrlTrd off uli port. 91m la comoaadrd by Copt Fabtd> front tbe Netherlands Oo Saturday, at It o'clock. Captain Fablaa, accon(ui?d by hia officers. made his official visit to Col R Biddio Roberta, tbe commandant of thla poot?tbe Naval Academy He waa received with appropriate ealotre aod aa eerort, and waa handsomely enter Uloed at tbe headquarters by tbe colonel commanding In reply to a toast to his Government, Captala Fabena stated that be had been la tbe Lulled Statee la 1*33, and apoa bla return here waa struck with the improvement of tbeoenatry. particularly la the city of Washington; the architectural spier dor of tbe public buildings having attracted hte eepecial wonder and admiration He spoke la flf.lng terine of hla regret at our prseeat tronblm. and added that hla Govern moot held no affinity with rebels The Captain apeaka English fluently, and ai preaaod himself vary bandaoaaely. After having been oacorted through the ground* he retired, much pleaaed with hia visit Co onel Roberta, by iavitatioa of Captain Fabln* vlsttn! tbe latter'a veaael the next day, the cert moniea taking place at noon. another arrest. Philadelphia, Aug 20?Wm 8 Johnson, a nephew of the rebel General Johnson, waa arrest ed at the depot to-day, after purchasing a ticket for Louiavllle. Hla trunk contained a namber of letter* for tbe South, one of which apoke of the priaoner aa being aa office* la the Confederate army. From California OcTia Statioh Tkliobapr, alnety-flve miles west of Fort Kearney. Aug ST?Tbe peny ex preaa pissed here thla morning, bringing San Franciaco datoa to tbe 10th InaUnt, the running time to thla point being onlv aeven dava Saw Fbawcsco, Aug 10?The flrat official advices were received from Washington veaterday }n relation to who la to command the 1,300 troopa called for from California to aerve on the plalna, and how they are to be organ lied Agreesblv to the request of tbe ternary of War the Governor baa commlaaiooed Col Carlton, of the United State* Army, to be chief la command, and Major G R West, of Saa Francisco, aecond In command, taking charge of the cavalry. There la no doubt that tbe whole fifteen companies will rapidly be raised for tbe duty Five companies, mostly of infaatry, were ac cepted to-day in thia city. Our military men however, are ambitious to aoa active asrvtce against a civilized enemy rather than to roam over the plains A guard of twenty-flve United State* Infantry, in command of a lieutenant, went down on tbe laat Panama steamer to eacort tbe treasure aa far aa Aaplnwall There la no State news of importance George Hudaon. the justice ef the peace of this cltv, who In 1S59 fined the proprietora of the Bulletin newapaper f 100 for publishing Mrs Sickle*' confession. on the ground that It waa an obscene publication, baa obtained a verdict In Judge Hager's court of Bl.'iO damages against the Bulletin proprietora becauae they called htm a Dogberry Staiksra News. locisvilli. Aug 25 ?A apeclal dlapatch te the Courier, from Naahville. says Davia haa approved of the act appointing two othsr com mis mlaalonera to Europe Alao. tbe act far tbe aid of Mlaaourl in repelling her lnvadera.and authorizing her admiaalon Into the Confederacy. Ben McCulioch waa complimented ? for the splendid victory of hia brave army" In the bsttls at Oak Hill. It waa reported that the rebel Congrean had received a dlapatch by telegraph, statinjr that tbe Engliah government haa sent order* to Admiral Mtine. of the Gulf Squadron, to aee that tbe British merchant veaaela are properly protected In their Ingress and egreaa to and from the porta of the South High officials in Richmond are reported to believe aucb to be the fact. Tbe French Conaul at Richmond baa reeefved a dlapatch announcing that aeveral French war frigatea were at Norfolk Southern paaaengera who have juat arrived report that martial law waa to be proclaimed In Naahville to-day. Two Mere Papera Suppressed. V?., Awg.M.?A, ntwijupw, csiisd The J.a. rsonlsn, which has been violently op* poaed to the Government, and la under the control of th?M who are In sympathy wirh tbe traltora waa suppressed by tbe people, tbe office abolished, and tbe priuting materlaia destroyed Txhxtok. N. J., Aug. 24 .?1The True American of thia city.which haa been offanaively antagonistic to tbe Union, was suspended th's morning. In an article in its last issue, it statea that It waa Interdicted by the Government, which baa virtually forbidden tbe publication of all papera except thoae supporting the adminlatration Thla alaaderoua misrepresentation of the motives of tbe Government la only In keeping with the whole tone of this sheet. Oatragea tn Maryland and Westers Virginia. Grapto*, Vs., Aug 24 ?Governor Brown addressed tbe people st Cumberland, Maryland, last night. There waa an Immense crowd In attendance, and an honest Union feeling exhibited Tbe aeceaaloniata attempted to create a disturbance, but the Union men rallied, quieted their diaorder. and drove tbem from tbe ground. When the train in which Governor Brown was leaving paaaed from the Cumberland depot. It waa tired into by some of the secession aasaasiaa Ns one was lnjursd. Resigaatiea sf Navy Officers Bostoh, Aug. 24 ?Tbe following officer* of tbe United States frigate Congreaa. which arrived here thia morning, have resigned Captala of marine*. Robert ranatll, of Virginia; aecond lieutenant, Thomaa S Wtlaoa, of Mlaaourl: midshipmen. Henry B. Claiborne and Hillary B. Caas, of New Orleans The Sixth Maaaachuaetta regiment, Colonel Jonea, will re-form In a few daya and proceed to tbe seat of war. l>lstS' hnnce la Daskary, Csaa. Dahscbt, Conn., Aug 24 ?At tbe raising of s peace flag at New Fairhx to day, about 4O0 persons were present. The attempt to ma up the atara and atrl pes were successfully restated and resulted ins fight. Two peace men named Wild* man and Gorbam were aerloualy wounded, and one, it la thought fatally. Pick-axsa. cluba and atonea were freely uaed, but do firearms. Only about 70 Unionists were present The peace flag la atill flying and much excitement prevails Arrest sf a *eee**iea Spy la Okie. s Cleveland, Ohio, Aug.24 ?Daniel T Lowber, of New Orleans, waa arrested at Creatllne last ulght He admitted, after being taken custody, that he was a bearer of d spatches from psrtiea in England to Jefferson Davis The diapatcbss were aeized a few daya alnce in Mr Cowber'a trunk, which was taken at New York Tbe officer* have left with their priaoner for Washington. Arrest al a Confederate Ageat Philadelphia. Aug 5ss?Samuel Cakes was arrested here yesterday as a Southern agent Be la connected with Mr Sloat. now eagaged in Richmond in altering arma for the rebela His papera aeixed ahow hia participation with the rebel cauae A coll of wire for fleid telepraph was found among hla baggage; also over a thousand dollars In gold Excitement at * llastagtea, Delswnre Wilmimtor, Del., Aug 24 ?Greetexcitement waa occasioned here thia evening The Gasette, a accession paper, having mad- unjust strictures on tbe First Delaware regiment, waa threatened with violence The mayor and polioe came upoa the ground and endeavored to qatet the disturbance. The mayor adreaaed the pee pie, hat with little effect seemingly. Laanch af the Sleep-ef-War Taaearara. Philadelphia, August 26 ? Thesteam eteep efwar T uerarora was launched yesterday evsalng from the navy yard, In the presence of an tmmeeee throng She waa named by the daughter of Capt Lardner. Her engines are la rapid progrms of construction at the fouadery of Meases Merrick A Uaiea Meeting at laadea, Mat as. Camdi*, Maine, Aug -1 ?An enthnMnsttc meeting was held yesterday by tie people la favor eta vigorous prosncatioa of the war. Strong ipeeehsa were made, both by prominent democrats aad republicans, to ever 3.u*> people Ex-Preetdeat Pierce. Alsaht.'N Y , Aug 24 ? Ex President Praaklia Pierce st Pi?*i in this elty ysetorday aa raato to Niagara Kali* He paid a vialt to the Hsfi En'iw Pornlag, and to the editor* of the Atlas aad Argus 9U Disloyal Pape s U he Carried lathe Mall. Niw Yohk. A igust M ?Tbe Pool master 0saeral has direct-d that eons of tLt New York papers presented by tbe grsad jary for dtotoyaltf ahall be en- ried ia the mails MOORE'S WEST END SODA POLNT IB lu fall operation, dtspeaainc ears Carhuate Acil Water, with nioe straps of din rest flavors.

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