Newspaper of Evening Star, August 26, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 26, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. PLANTS FOB WI*TH. It U the proper time now to make catting* of such plants as are wanted for the house tn winter. It is much better to have vigorous, jonng plant*, than to depend upon the old one# It is better In most cases to leave the bedding plants in the ground to die, and depend upon those grown from cnttings; but if unsuccessful in striking new plants, then the old ones may he taken up about the time never* frosts are expected, petted, cut weil hack, and put in a cool, dark place, until the beginning of winter, when they may be removed into the room where they are to remain There is very little diffi?ulty in growing cuttings. Simply stuck into sand or sandy i? J ?*?. - _ * t A ?oii, coYoroa wirn a glass ma Kept moisi. and in a shady place, they will grow without trouble. This will apply more particularly to nueh bedding plants aa Geraniums, Argeratuma. Heliotropes, Petaniaa, Ac. Rose" and Fuchsias are also easily grown from cuttings We would not advise any person, not having a green-house, to take in Verbenas for the winter, as it is very difficult to keep them. They are sold so cheaply by the florists in the spring, that it is better to procure them at that time than to attempt to preserve them In making cattings, some portion should be of old or well ripened wood, as the green, tender shoots are liiely to decay before striking root. Do not be in too great a hurry to pot your cuttings, even when they seem to be growing vigorously, for in many eases they will put forth leaves and show every indication of healthy growth when, in fact, no roots have been emitted. In setting cuttings any kind of pot or dish may be used. Cracked tumblers a;e useful for covering them, or if a large vessel is used, a common pane of glnss may be laid over it. The object of this covering is to retain the moisture. In order to secure this they should be kept in a shady place, so that the direct rays of the snn may not strike them. Various other method? of striking cuttings have been adopted. Some recommend laying them in damp sphagnum or moss, such as is used in packing plants for transportation; others recommend putting them in a wide . * * .. ? mourned ootuo, into wbicb a sponge Has been pat, and which is to be kept constantly moist. Cutting? of manj plants will strike root by keeping the lower portion immersed in water for several weeks, although most sorts will rot by this process. Whatever method is adopted, there should be doable the number of cuttings prepared that will be wanted, as many will be lost through carelessness or neglect.?G. B. H. in the 44Country Gentleman." rLASTER, ASHES, ASD ?XPSBUf**TS. A late number of the Boston Cultivator furnishes the following statements and suggestions; and such experiments wonld doubtless be of much value if carried out, remembering that no single experiment is sufficient to form a conclusion, but they must be several times repeated. under all varying circumstances: Mr. E. L. iMetcalf, of Franklin, informs us that a mixture of plaster and unleached bardwood ashes, in about equal parts, made a little moist, and kept in a heap protected from rain, for four to six weeks, and then applied to crops, will generally produce a highly beneficial effect, even where plaster alone would produce no effect at all, and in all cases the benefit is ireatly increased over that of pure plaster. pplications of this compound, and of plaster and ashes by themselves, and of guano superphosphate of lime, Ac., might be made by sowing breadths across fields, leaving spaces between without anything. The result would afford an indication of the comparative value *f the different substances, and mieht show whether any of them could be profitably used for thu purpose J*rr Davis's B*othir-i5-law a Piivatskkr*as ?Among the officers of the Sumter Is Beckett K Howell, son of Col. Howell, of N. Orleans, and a brother of Mrs Jefferson Davis Mr Howell ! Marine Officer of the Sumter He held a similar appointment in the United States service, having been appointed thereto by Mr. Buchanan. OCEAN S TEAMERS' SAILING DA YS /ROM YH Uxitbb Statu*. Leave For. Dans. Per?ia_? New York Liverpool.. An*. S8 A.ago New York ? Havre Sept. 14 Fbom Europa Bavaria South'pton-.New vorr^Ang. u A?ia_ ~.Liverpool....New York..Aug. 17 The California mail steamers leave on tne lit, 3th. and 2lat of every month. TH K SUBSCRIBERS RKSPECTFULLY invite the attention of the Army and a> Navy to their full ?uppl* of MILITARY^hK and NAVAL FURNISHING G??u|)S, ** saoh a4 ludigo Biue Cloths ai.-l DoesWin*. ir Caps. Kpaulets, Laces, Shoulder Straps, Belts. Swords. Sword Knots, Caps, Hats, ar.d all respective embroidery Aisn, th? celebrated PATENT FlLTKKING CAN! KEN. Orders in that iiue respectfully solicited. H f. LOUDON A CO., Naval r.nd Military Merohant Tailors, IT 18 e<?^m 3<?'2 Fa av.. nrnier Brown's Hotel. rj U N BOATS. Quartermaster GeneraVt Oftt, I Waskitm'.o*. City. July 18,1861.\ PLAS"* AND SPRCIFICATION* for hulls of bun Bo*:* for the Western rivers are on exhibition at this "ftoe, and at offices of Quartermasters at Pntsbam. Cincinnati, *t. Louis and Alton. Moats to be delivered at Cairo Hidaehou'd be entto CinarteriR%ster Geueral of the United stated Washington, bj 1st August at noon. M. C. MEIGS, jr 19 Brig. Gen'l and Qnartermapter Gen''. WATCH KLPA1 KING AN U SILVER WAKE MANUFACTORY. 1 have one of the best establishment*, and forushed with a complete set of tools for repair- Jtw U>( every u??rr.p>ion of hue Watches, and |^] articular attention five to tne sam?, by *<|K tho us n competent workman And a work cgtac&n boo Also, every deecrip ion of standard SILVER W. RE. piain and ornamental, mauulactureduniei my jwn supervision, which my customers will find Br anperior m quality and finish to nortnern ware old by deaiors in ganerai and represented as their ewn manufacture. H. O. HOOD, MS IIS P?. stmik* n?? ' * h PROPOSAL* FOR SIDE WHEEL STEAMERS. Navy Dkfartmbst, ) B?rc* pf t omstnution, J Wa>hi?gto.i, August 8. '861,N Iw Co!?to*mitt with tne act of Congress approved the 31 Au?ust,'981. the raw Department will reo?iv? proposals for the construction and equipment of Twelve Side Wheel Steamers. I he load draft of water not to exceed six feet nire inches; to be armed with two rifled inns, ol 7,wo lbs. eaoh. ore a; each end ofthe vessel; also, wi h two 12-pound howitzers; the romp e ment to b* one hundrei person* with provisions for sixty day-, to have two thousand ta lons of water in taiiks, a.' d to be provided with a condenser for dis 'tilling potab!e wat^r. To l.e scheon?r rgged.aufl have a rudder at each end, properly protected bv a pooc. Ttie Department desiree to have the highest attaiuahle *i>ee-J, wcich it,u"t oe stated lutheoffer, to0?thT with the lengtfc o! time it can main tamed, and the suantity of coal that can i>e carriol 10 the hupisM for that speed, which should not be less than fir eighty cajs. The proposal mint be for the hnl, spars, rigging, si ?, anJ oan>a?s work, boats, anchor*, and cible*. '.ink*, furniture, cocking apparatus ai.<l ote-ms, steam machinery and (pare wi rk, with a): the eeuipiueats lor a vewi of war com plete aad ready in all respects for sea service, and read? to receive her officers, men, armament, tores. provisions, and fuel for steam inachiuwry. The armament, stores, provision*, and fael will be furnished t>r the Government. The sp?c Seations must fu It describe thena terials to be used.the method ana size of fastening, the detail ol the size, material, hnish, kind, ana arrangement of machinery, and of the various e?u:praAnis inoladsd in the proposal. The plana mast be working drawinrMrom which the rasse! and machinery ran be built, showing the allotment of spaoe for acoorumodatiana, store rooms, magazine, and ahell-rooma, disposition of rh?tA*ers aad engines to be be'ow the deck? the n>ain shaft may be above; the boiler preeeare ao? to to less than thirty pounds per seaare men, and a snrfaoe oosdenser to be used ; the pvldlawhee. to be overhung. L p n application to theCoremardantof any navy yard the bidder can see the list of equipments re paired for the propeller wnich, as far as praetioable, there are to oonlorm, aad for w. teh o>nveni' lit stowage it to be provided. The bidders will state the least time wit in which they wi I agree to oomp'ete the vessel for sea and deliver h -r at areh navy yard as they ma< came. w woni fi;m o ( to ine liovernment. ft mast Jik?wi ? b? itatfd in the < ffer the total tmuaiit for whi.hih?y w 11 engage to ?lo all thut is repaired above ana fmKrtc d in their specifications and p:%ns; and the hi mast be accompanied by name* of guarantors that U awarded tney will execute the ooctract Th* usual oondtions of Government contractu will be ui WtTed. Paynents to be made at four 4 fftreat intervals, at the voik procreesee, retaining one-fifth of the whole amount for ninety days tter tue deliveiy of the vessel, to repair auy de oU that nwy be diseovered within tkattim?in t'i*l at sea. It is understood that in the oontraot a guarantee will be inserted of ( >? fulfilment of th? ooiwiitun of ?p<vd, fnel. satisfactory working 01 tm maaainary, fee., with a forle tare in oaee of failure. Tbe repauticn of bidders as saocessfnl steam kip builder* will have due weight, and the proposal ij uatsMt* .he name o| the marine steam-engine building estabii shment at which th*y intend the ?U*a m ao rimer; to be made The Oepa tmect reserve* tks rigKt to aooept the propositions made in ooafornuty witfe the conditio s prescribed which shall be ooaatfured most to the interest of tke Government and oombi e the pfaKtt number of advantages, and to reject any or a..of Lh -fn, at it* option. 'J he *reoifijatio ns aao p.ans of partis* not obtaining th? contract can be withdrawn by thuja. Tte D'pariqpeat will notooander ita*u under oiiiganoas to receive propoeaIs after the 5th of September, iWl. auk-lawiw 1 \ w" i 1 ' " fFOR 61 AMPIN* A PACKET OF PAPER AND ENVELOPES VO MAVOB. tttw METROPOLITAN j BOOKSTORE. PHI LI' A SOLOMONS, iinit frr Lawrmut't ui*br?t$d Linm .r?f? ' " M?? wo: ! ? Mill*,'"# ?., #? j? H lr betiHh and loth sU. WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. DR. SUUMAN hu, after an expeneno-* otu>* ears, established the above refuge frw? quackery, self-la be Hod Indian or 6erman doctor*, and pretender* of witohcraft and impostors in ceoer.i This ia the only place vhere a au re and speedy onro oaa be oGtained in the world for all improper and evil habits, fouorrnse, (lap1, seminal weakness, syphiliis. primary. socoixlary. and tertiary, organio weakness, pains id the loins, striotures, generaldebility, prostration, nervousness, restless nights, palpitation of the heart, ring ins in the ears, loss of memory, ce::fnsioo,nieianohoiy, afeotions of the head, throat, nose, and akin, and all those soiiliAr HimrJnra Rri^inr trnin thA iniiiflAMtioD n# youth, rendering them unfit for either business, study, society, or roarriare. Dr. 8. hu the greatest remedies in the known world for diseases of the blood, ronon-hae. fleet, strictures, syphillis, seminal weaka?w, Mlf abuse, Ac. There is wo oftse i& which tuoy fiu. S> sure in from S to 6 due, Victims offheae horrible oomplaintK, who wo*lo wish to be valuable men and ornaments t?> society, should embrace the earnest opportunity tar relief. Dr.Shuman has made the n?>steomp'ete*rrranperaents for thecomlort of his patients who oome from a distance. I hey will bo furnished wit* the most pleaeant an! agreeable quarters, neoesfary diet, and made as comfortable as they wooid boat a first clans hotel at less than half the cost. I>o not fortet the name and number. Dr. Shu man's offioo is on the corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, Clarendon Hotel, opposite the National Hotel, Washington, D. C. Persons at a distance should enclose stamp for return postage. OtSce hours, 9 A. M. to 10 i\ M. Various parties have been enticed lrom my institution by certain swindiers on back streets in this oity, who will rue it tilt the day of their death. A w? rd to the wise ig m:fieioiu so 9 It Cut* Cough, Cold, Hoarsnurt, JnAuinza. any Irritnion or Sortof :li' Tkroat, Rilurt Ik* W?wij rrimcium, iiwnn, 4- datarrk, Cltar and tiv* strength to tk* voiet af PUBLIC SPEAKERS AND SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of cheokmc ? Cocgh or "Common Cold" in it* first state: that which in the beginint would yield to a mila remedy, if neglected. pnon attacks the Lunis. "Brown'I Bronchial Trockts." containi-nc demulcent ingredients. allay Pulmonary and Bronchial Irritation. _ ? "That trouble in my Throat, (for BROWN'S which the "2Yoe4?.*" area speoifio) havine made me often a mere whieTROCHE3 perer* N.P.WILLIS. BROWN'S "1 recommend their maa to PfBLif " 3 grmn, ? TROCHES REV- E. H- CHAPIN. "Great service in pnbduinc Ho&ksb BROWN'S N*sa." REV. DANIEL WISE. wnnrMfu " Almost instant relief in the dis liiULUiiS tressm* labor of breathing peculiar RBnwN'i) to Asthma." tJKUWlN 8 KEV. A. C. E66LESTON. TROCHES " Contain no Opium or anythinj injurious." DR. A. A HAVES, BROWN'S CAtmist, Jfouon, "A simple and ?!ea*aat oombina TROCHES tion for Cobaep, kc." iiRnwN'w ?H. G. F. B1GELOW, BROWN'S Bono*. wcfirHpa * Beaeftcial in Bronchitis." IKUOnKS DR. J. F. W. LANE. BROWN'S Boston ** I hare proved them excellent for TROCHE"-* Waoonse CotsH." REV. H. W. WARRKN, BROWN'S Bourn. 'iiec5fioi?! when compelled to TROCHES spenk. rufferlng from Cold.h A::v- a* J. T. ANDERSON, BROWNE st. Limit. *irnPHF?* " EtfkctiaX in removing Hearse TuuuabP neaaRn.l Irritation of the Throat, ao BROWN'S C0IQ!^?Q wii.l Sr*a&nits and SimI18i' VROCHi S Prof. M. STACY JOHNSON. witucH^fe Lm Urmntt, dm. BROWN'S Teacher of Mono, Southern Female College. TROCHES "Great benefit when taken before and after preaching, aa they prevent BROWN'S H -areeness. From thoir past effeot, 1 think they will be of permanent adTROCHES rsntacetome. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S Proaident of Athens College, Tenn. TROCHES i? H-lj PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AMD BLOOD RE*OVATER ie preeinely what tjs name indicates, for, whil* leasant to thetarte, it is revivifying, exhilarating, n vigoratiu* and ?tron?t'ier;ing to tne vita, powers, and at the same time revivifies, reinstates, and renews the B'ood id all its original parity, and thua at ?nne rtstmt and r*udtrs tie system tnculnerablt to attacks qf di'tast. It is th* only preparation ever offered to the world, so chemically and skill iuliy comoinea asiooeine idoh puwvriui tunic, I ami at the same tuna 00 porfeotly adapted to, as to I aot in perfect a>xior<!ance with the taw* of nature. au?i lier.oe will sootkt th? i*tak?.st xtonmcti. and tone up the digeative orgaua, ami thus alia; all nervous an<i other irritation. It le perfeoti* exhilara tin? ami at too same Uute it ia composed entirely of reg?t-%b!es, yet *0 combined as to prodnoe the moat thorough tonia effect, without producing any in jimou* oonae^neiicee. Ssnch a remedy haa lone t.-er. felt to be a desideratum in the medical world, for .1 nerds 110 me<lical sk II to see that debility fallows all attacks of disease, an<i proceed?and inused lays the system open to the insidious attacka o! nmr.f oftbo inojt fatal, suoh, for example, a* the following: Consumption, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, l oaa of Appetite, fraintness, Nervous Irritability, Neuralgia, l*aJ citation of the heart, Meianoholy, Night Sweats, Lacgor, Giddiness, Keteution of. aa well r*i t'air.fui oiTstiuatel, too profuse, or too ao?nt MciiKtrnation, and Falling of the Womb. These all depend upon general debility. Thia pure, oeaithy tonic Cordial and B'ood Renovator ia aa care to cure aa tne snn int o rise and aet. There ia 10 mistake a>>ou: it . Uuttiua is not all If the a*atem ia weakened we are open to bllioua at' tacks, the liver bMoinea torpid, or worae diseased, tne Sidneys refuse to perform their functions, ana 1 wearetrouKou with ooA.aing and incontineroe o urine, or involuiitA'r discharge of ttie aame, pain in the back, aide and between the shoulders, exceedingly uabie to alight coiaa, oougna, and it un cnecked. aoou emaciation follows,and the patient goea :iown to a premature grave. But asaoe will not allow ua to eauinorate the raanv ills to whioh ws are liable in a weakened oondition ol the system. Hat we will *ay in this Cordial and Blood Renovator you have a perfect- wvte pi easani and effectual remedy for losaof Appetite, biliousness. Flatulence, weak and sics Ptomaoh. Langour. Live; Complaint. Chills and Fever, or any Bilious attack Cottivenesa- Acidity of the Stomach. Nervousness, Neuralgia, Pa'pitacion of the Heart, Depression 1 ..ra a rifa Vlnraii Plmaias nn tKa Ci/ta raw ftnw Hia. 1 vi i kn ? k^vi "u 3 j tiu f'VB vm iuv a wv| vi wuj evsearisir.j from impure blood, such as Sorofuia, Erysipelas, Uronobit'B, Coueh.diffiou'ty of Breath inj, and all 'bat oiass of diseases cal ed female weakness, and ennmerated above. Wa will also Berths tra/e'.er ezpossd to eptdemios, ohange of climate and water, will find it a pleasant, safe and sure remedy, and n<> ox? ?hju.d ever travel without. Realtor, try it, fsr assure you you will find in it a friend !ud*ed,a?! weii as alrienu in need. Ail perMons of sode&tarj habits will find it a perfect preventive of, as well as a core for those ailment.# which tliey are particularly exposed. Hence rnmistera, students, attorneys, literary gentlemen, and who arc not accustom ad to much outdoor exergue, will r.rd it to their advantage to keep a bottle oou?t.?.ii!? on hand; and above all mothers, <>r thoue oeeouiun such, will /to through that most d&ngerocs ;arit>d not onlr with all their accustomed strength- but safe ana free from the thousand ailments so prevalent among the femaie portion of the world. In short, is indeed a mother'! cordial. Try it old and young; no lorger run the risk of delay; it will relieve ana prove itself emphatically a llutormtitt Cardial and Blood Kmoi'SUr, O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Broadway, New York, and 114 Market Street, St. Louis, Mo., and old by all good Druggists. Price One Dollar per Bottle. PBOJ. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AH9 nr.nnn r nr/nvArnri Bold la tMa oity by C. STOTT, STi Pa. imit. aa ID-aoly. aiw QUNBOATS ro* thi WESTERN RIVERS. UviirnxiiTU 6i<inu'i Owes, # ITajAmfJo*, June 17,1H61. \ PmopotALf are invited I or oouatruoum Ganboata upon the Weatern rivera Speoincauona will be immediately prepared and may be examined at the Quarter neater1 a Ofioe at Cincinnati, Pit eburjch, and at this olfioe. Propoaala from boat-buil era and engino-bmlld er? alone vill be oouaidered. P.ana anbmitted by bidden will b? taken into oonaidcrntion. M. C. MEIGS, |e It Q parte rmaater General United State a. gUOIV AMD vo fiVIV IU We are now manafkotonnc all kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, and eo^atantly reoeivin* a^^b* aapp'.y of eaatern made work of vervae-aHl n?retofore~ohiri*4 m fill* c.ij for naoii inionor q *ut of Boota and Skooa of ?Mtara or I city mode work, will alwoyalnd a tood aasorunoa .. u i. I.?. Koaoliaa, H*i Bujt, Abu, fco. Moore'a Fat and Mouae Exterminator n?T?rfai!a. Moore'a Hensino will remova paint, vam>?h. or gr?a*e of may kind from tne moat de,:o&t? fabric, ulk or woolen, without injury to oolor or otharwiao; will olaon Kid SKa^s^watEte' .? w?i A^gU ^ JfflflHBujs ^nn^py3ro><imt ot PlMoa fkithfal-^MTn ? They fo rlvht to the Spot." INSTANT RELIEF STOP I OUR COUGH 1 * PURIPY YODR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE! ' SPALDING'S ! THROAT CONFECTIONS, \ iU GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, I GOOD FOR LECTURERS, J GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, 1 GOOD FOR SINGERS, j GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. ? < GENTl.EMEN CARRY J SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. J LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH ? SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTION8. j CHILDREN CEY FOR J SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. | They relieve a Cough instantly. \ Tbey ?U ar the Throat. I They gnre strength and volume to the voioe. J They inftpart a delioioas aroma to the breath. They anedelightful to the taste. They an? made of simple herbs and cannot harm any one. I I advise every one who has a Cough or a Husky [ Voice, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the a Throat, to get a package of my Tbmat Confec- c fioas. Tliey will relieve you instantly, and you | w. II agre? with me that "they go rirht to the spot.' Yoir will find them very useful and pleasant while tra?elinr or attending public meetings, for stilling I your Conish or allaying your thirst. If you try one J package 1 t.m safe in saying that you will ever af j terwardr oonsider them indispensible. You will find them at the Druggists and Dealers ia Medicines. J PRJCE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. ! My signaiUirs is on each package. All others are t counterfeit. . ? A Package will be sent by mail, prepaid, on re t oeiptof Thirty Cents. Address, HKNRY C. iPii.msfl l No. 48 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. * t I ?o\ic />. I ij>OJRE * CURE *?T . NervousHeadacht3 j ?*1&* I V Headaclie. * By the *ae of these Pills the periodic itttoki o J liervout or Sitk Headache may be prevented; and i 1 taken at the ooramenoement ol an attaok imme v diate relief from ram and aiokneaa will be obtained, r They seldom fail in removing the yantea and 0 Headach* to whioh female* are ao aubject. fi They aot gently upon thebovela,?removing Cos a iwcum. (' For Literary Men, Students, Delicate Females, t and all persons of sedentary habits, they are vai- o nable as a Laxative, improving the arretite, giving 1 ton* and vigor to the digestive organa, r.nd re % aturing the natural elaatioity and atrength of the whole ayatem. b The CEPHALIC PILLS are the renlt of long investigation and oarefnliy oonduoted experiments, , having b*en in dm many years, daring whioh time ( they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering rom Headache, whether ongi- r nating in tha nervous system or from a deranged state of the stomach. They are entirely vegetable in their oomposition, I and may be taken at all times with perfect safety j without making any ohange of diet, and the absence of any disagreeable teute reeeders it easy to dwiixtilir Hum to ckiUirm. ^ BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS ! a The connine have five sicnatoreaof Henry C. n Spaldinf on each Box. r Sold by l^ruftuU and all other Dealers in Medi- II olnea. t A Box will be aent by mall prepaid on reoeipt % the 11 J*R1CE, 9ft CENTS. All erdera a he aid be addreaaed to ^ HENRY C. SPALDINC, 4S Cidai Stkxkt, Nxw Yoxk. I 1 a From ik* gzami*tor, Norfolk, fa, Cephalic Pilla accorapliah the ohfeot for which they were made, tis: Care of headache In ail lta forma. j From tk* Mtemmmor, Norfolk, Fa. J They hare been tested in more than a tiMuaatf a, with entire anoceaa. tl From tk* Dtmotrmt, St. Cloud, Mimm. * If yon are, or have been troubled w 1th the haad- a anhe.aend fora box, (Cephalic Pilla .jaothat yo? J? may have them in oaae of aojattaok. 0 From I As Wtitom R. R. &aMitt*, Ckitmto, Til. ii I We heartily endorse Mr. Spaldiag, and his u- i ' rivalled Cephaiio Pilla. J From tk* SoutKom Pmtk Findor, Nno Orlotmi, Lm. Try them ! yon that are affllotod, and'we are aire k that your testimony oan be added to the already f< numerous Hat that haa reoeived becefSta that no ti other medioine oan prodnoe. tl From tko (fasstt*, Dmomport, Jewa. 11 Mr. Spalding would not eonneet hla name with an article he did not b*<m to poaaeaa real merit * From tk* Advtrtiitr, Prontdimit, R. J. o The Cephalio Pills are said to be a remarkably a effective remedy for the headaohe, and one of the " very beat for that verv fWnunt >. ?? __ wwsufiaius WHIUU . has PT?r Ijmd dlsooTer?>d. p From tkt St, Lwii Ptmttrmt. J The Immense demand for the article (Cephalic Pilla) la rapidly increasing. B Frem Ikt Ktmmwkm Tmllty Star, Kmmmtokm, r?. Wenr??ar? that persons ssfferini with the head - " aohe, who try them, will stick to them. ^ From tkt Admtrtitor, Frtmiimtt, &. I. 5 The testimorT in their fturor is strong, from the N most reepeotab'e quarters. i From Us Dmily Ami, Newport, R. J. l Cepbalio Pills are taking the plaoe of all kinds. From tkt Commercial Built tin. Bottom, Mmtt. Baid to be very effioaoioss for the headache. a 0i From tkt Commercial, Ciscwsatt, Ohio, Buffering hamanity can now be reliered. 8 u R ICT A uncle bottle of b Spalding's Prepared Glue will save ten times its ooet annually. . SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! ! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! u SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! h __ n SAVE THE PIECES! ttnnrt nMV u larATCti 0] fiy "A STITCH m TIMI 8ATM N??."^ai As aocidente will kuMi"* i? well retuiiitec allies, it is very desir?bls to hare tome oheap [convenient way for repairing FsrniUre, Toy a Crockery, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUB \ meets all eneh emer?enoiee, ud no honeehold oa Q aford to be without it. It u alwayn ready, and ? to the sticking point J? ? USEFUL IN EVE*Y HOUSE.1* N. B.-A Brush aooompaaiee each Bottle. Pria * *Hto' A"141"*" BENRY C. SPALDING, 7 No, 48 Cedar street, New York. V CAUTION. fo tfflHMHS I ^" pIEbiiletrssrAaaeaMwxs aaS^ w,n-l-??Waj!r? ,nln9?? ^ ^ *a / I ?a?????? THX 0I1T fUPAKATIOV WORTHT Of [JiriVSBfiAL OOHJiDINCI * PATRONA01 FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN, LADIES, and GENTLEMEN ic ail part* of the world testify to tive efficacy ot PROF. 0. J WOOD'8 HAIR RESTORATIVE mil irentlomen of the Press Are unanimous in its ?raise. A few Uwtimoiuals only oa*be here given eecl culivr for more.and it will be impossible for ron to doubt. <7 Wall Nrw Yo*i, Dec. to, 1M* Gt*tUm*n: Yonr note of the llth instant bas wen rwired, saying that you bad beard that 1 ladbeon benefited by the ussof \Vood'a Utir Kei to rati re, an-i ra^uesting my certificate of theiaot f I had no objeotion to give it I award it to .you oheerfully, because I think it lie. My ace ii abont SO years ; the oolor of my lair auburn, and inclined to oarl. S??mc five or lix years sinoe it began to turn gray, and the scale >n the crown of my head to lose it# sensibility and laudruf: to form ay on it. Each of these disagreeiDilitiea increased with time, and abont 4 months linoe a fourth was added to them, by hair falling >ff the top of my head and threatening to make me >ald. in this unpleasant predicament 1 waa induced to xy Wood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest the ialling off of mr hair, for I had really no expeotaion that gray hair coaid ever be restored to its iiiiiusi wior xtopi xrom utm. l was, nowever, :?eatly surprised to find, after the nae or two bot Jn only, tut not only ni the off arrested. >at tJie color was restored to the gray hair* ana tensibility to the soalp. anc dandruff c^aaed to form >n my head, very tnnoh to the gratification of my rife, at whoso solicitation I was induoed to try it.

For this, among the many obligations 1 owe to ier sex, 1 strongly recommend all husbands who raiae the admiration of their wires to profit b? my ixampie, and useit if growing gray or getting Dan. Very respectfully, Bin. A. La vi.idss. ?o O.J. wood St Co.,444 Broadway, N. V. I [y family are absent from the oity, and I am no onger at No. 11 Carroi Plaoe. tiAMSTOM, Ala., July SO, UW, To PxpT. O J. Wood: Dtnr Sir? Vour "Hair Ifstorative" has done my hair so mnoh good since commenced the use of it, that I wieh to make mown to the public of its oil eets onthe hair, whica ,re great. A man or woman may !>enoarly deprive if hair, and by a resort to your "Hair Restorative" he hair will return more beautiful than ever; at east this is is? expenenoe. Bo'.ieve it all: Yours truly, W x. H. Kbnzdy. P, S.?You oaii publish the abor* if yon likp. By mblishirg in our Southern papers you will get nore patronage* South. I see several of yourcerifioates in the Mobile Mercury, a strong Southern a per. W. H. Ks.udt. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. Pxor. o.J. Wood: Dtar Sir: Having had the niltnrtllTlA tn !oM Kast anrtmn a/ ? ..... r' 1 ? "?* w 111 J limit HUUI he effeots of the yellow fever, in New Orleans in 851,1 was induood to make a trial o( your proparaiou, and found it to answer as the yery thins leaded. My hair is now thiok and giossy, and no rords can express my obligations to you in giving 0 the affiioted suoh a treasure Finlbt Joh.ison. The R estorattve is put u p in bottles of three sisee.1s: large, medium and small; the small hold half 1 jint. and retails for one dollar per bottle; the mefum holds at least 80 per cent, more in proportion han the small, retails for two dollars per bottle; he large holds a quart, 40 per cent, more in propnr ion, and retails for f 3. O. J. WOOD * CO., Proprietors,444 Broad ray, New York, and 114 Market street, St. Louis Sold in this ?'ty by C. 8TOTT, 3Tf Pa. avenue. au Tl eoly.alw IOY FOR THE SICK AND SWFFF-RIN# f LET ALL WHO ARB AFFLICTED READ! AMY THE tiMMIDT MB JO JOB nf HBAiTH, Frlead, 4e yos safer.' Are you the vietln sf an f those ntireron ailments which arise from im sr!ty of the Hood.' V/halare they, do yea askf Lather ask. what are they not? The blood is the osres of life and health, it is the Brat element f oar being to respond to at? etai?e whioli sffnots Lr srrtem, as (lie pals* infallibly sitests. The eve; revaiiitg N^srajjia, taeirniaticg Erysipelas ths nave rxiroru:*, me aeonuinj Kn?uinatiam, \eroaa liability, Urrpepaia, Li?ar Ooinplaint withita orpor and dejection, %cd tne namberjeaa His tt si eah ia heir to, derive tnetr htdrcr.a critic from tha iood. Deal kindly then and jentl j nth ti?e Mood, fan the viU'ia<nc reaourcea of nature foritaaid. nd caffer aa to commend to roar oonfideuoe ana p Uiat traly valuable medicament known aa UKS. M. COX'S INDIAW TEQKTABLK DKCOOTIOl*. With retard to thia aimoat infallible aaeoila opuiar aentimeot haa spoken in decided terma nd the evidenoea of thi* treat eficaor are suaained by constant avowa.* of cuiative effect* and he happieat resulta from its use are after all othei emediea and the heat medical akiii hare failed. Let us car,in conclusion, that certificates area are not aought from the li.iterate and superoial, but they are volunteered from the moat resectable foaroee and jaatify the highest terma is rhich it ia possible to oommend ao valuable a ?ecino to public approval. We may add alao that he curative properlfeaof the medicine are equalled niy by ita restorative effects, the avatem recovernrfrom disease with renewed oonatftutional vigor. For aale by ail roapectable Druggists in thia ity, and by the proprietor, MRb. M. COX, None genuine gnieaa her name ia blown on tha ottle ana her aeal on the oork fTrPnoa Si per bottle, aix bottlea for wXeUml* R. S. T. C183EL, "Drag fist leorgetown, D C., Wholesale A soot for the Dieriot, aud will aapply the trade at my pncee. aa n-tr PHE ALL-SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIF.8EMAR, 1,f and S?Protected by Roya< .otters Patent of England, and secured by the *wns oi me nooic as rurmtoia de Paris, and the mpertal College of Medicine, Vienna. No. 1 is invaluable for exliaustion and natorrhea ud all physical disabilities. No. 2 completely eradicates all traoea of thoM lee&jes tiiat have be4n hitherto treated by tne naaeoue and pernicious use 01 copai va and oubeba. No. 3 ha* entirely supplanted the injurious use ol jeroury,thereby lr*ur:n; to the sufferer epeedy siiof, dirpersmg all impurities, and rooting oi be venom of disease. TH 1KSEMAH, ftoa. l.Saud I, are prepared In ke form of a loienge, devoid of taste ami smell, nd can be earned in the waiatooitt pocket. t*ols a til' oa sm, and divided into separate doves, as ad linistered ny Veipean, Lallemaiid. Koux, Rieord :0. Trios 93 each, or four oases for 9fl. whiob aves 93; and in HTi oasea,whereby there la a sav?g of SO. To be had.who e?ale and retail, of Dr lARROW.of 1?4 Rleeoker street. New York, rrmediatel* on receiving a remittance, Dr. Barrow rill forward the Tnosemar to any part of the world, ecurely packed, and addressee aeoording to the in trootioua oi the writer. The Book, of all othera, that should be read bj len with damaged and broken down constitutions i "Human Frailty, or Physiological Researches." t is beautifully illustrated, and treats minutely of Ji tne gymp.omn that invariably develop themelves, sooner or later, resulting from the frailtiei nd vitiating habits of early youth, incapacitating, he victim irom snaring the fruition of tne matri lonial state, and. if not checked m time, deseuer ting all the funotiuns of manhood, and bringing iin ate^by step. to a lingering and nntime'y death i-jiu uy nr. iiaiikuw, 1W4 Bieeoker street. four oors below Maodougal, New York. Price 31 enU. Sect free every where. Sold also by 8. C. Foru, Jr., Drag Store, Wuk agton, P. C. de g-?m ? HEADER, l ERUSE The following statement and then judge of lta facta Tor yourself. ABRAM COLE, of Brooklyn, N. V.. a well nown oitison there, had suffered from Dyspepsia >r some roars, witho-it permanent relief, antii he ried AVER'S PILLS, whioh taken aooorfling to lie directions for this oomplatnt, restored aim to eaith in & fow weeks. After an interna of tome ion ih a he lias had no return of bis oompJaint. ii EO. VV. CROSS, of Harmony, Texas, had an ruption on his n<*ok. shou.ders, baoa and leg. riucn covered about one third of his body. It kept le parts affected covered witli a scab, and being {ten a raw sore, was of course very troublesome ud distressing. It so rouoh impaired bis health as > unfit hinii or business ard kept him in ocnatant uflenng, All in"*iical aid failed bim until he took lVER/S COMl'OUNU EXTRACT rtARSAARILLA, which cured him. ilia skin still shows om? scare from the ulceration, but it ia otherwise clear as an infante. JOHN H. SHOOK, Ea* , an eminent lawyer of '.iclimond, Va . took a cold whioh settled on his inge. A severe pain set in on the left side, with a ivd oough, whioh wvs aeon followed by the unmisLkat le ay mptoma of consumption. w ben reduoed erj low he commenced taking AYER'S CHER IY PECTORAL, whioh eoon stopped the oough ad completely cured him. Prepared by DR. J. C. ATER * CO., Lowell, Lass. ma 11 eota J NKW ROOKS* 1ISTORY of the United Netherlands, by John .othrop Motley ; 3 vol* ; frne h* mail. ?. The Rue of the Dutoh R<?pubiie, a history, by ohn Lothrop Motley; 3 to ? oioth; free by mail, 16. Silas Marner, the Weaver nf Ravelol, by the uthor of "Adam Bede oloth 75fjenu ; paper ? Mate. Life and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop argeant; fix). After loeherKi with a Painter, a Summer Voyacs > Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Louis L iob e; #1.50 The Manufaotnre of Photoienio or Hydro-Car on Oils. by Thomaa Antisell, M. D.; 91.76. Any of the above free by mail. ' FRENCH A RICH8TE1N, ap ? Penna. s venue. [NION PAPER AND EN VELOP E8.?Twen J fy different styles of Note and Letter Paper, rith Envelope* to matoh. V lews of W ashing ton in the form of a Roee, and l Hook form; alto, separate All the Daily acd Weekly Papera oon?tantly on and. Herald, Times, and Tribans reoeivedevery icht at6o'olook. Papers from all parts of the oountry. i Beadle's Dime Novels and Snog Books, A fresh aupply of Books for summer reading, i leap A larje assortment of Juven ;ie* ? Mayne Reid's i ooks,Hollo Books. Abbott's Histories, Ao. A Aim*..* x.i* *** ? " ' ? ?.?vuiiu> vi i" w o" ?t? oeni, oDiii Do and book! I FRENCH A RFCHSTEIN, i ma 8W N*tinn>l Hnoh tor>. iTS Ft. >t. I YE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a lari# &?8ortm8ntof GREV fctid ULUE FLANNEL t VER-8H1RT8, WHITE SHIRTS, DRAW- 1 RS. CAMP BLANKETS, H ALF-HOSK, Ao? tiioh wo invito ail mh purohaaera to axania* >iore making tbetr Mleations. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., 3U3 Pa. ? ., bt1VM Mh and 10tt Ma. I m C (IntalluBnoT aad Republican.) < 2.REAT BARGAINS IN P1ANOS.-OM rtj , T mo* Hall k, Son** make for $180; ?,MI. Btnon A '? Whmw mm II | TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. JJN1TED 8TATK8 MILITARY BOUTS. CHAir g~OF HOURS, Om and after Monday, Aufr**t 19M. 1841, P*?*KRtilK TRAIN* WILL BON A* FOLLOW*: LKAVK WASHINGTON Ml ud f)i 1 n. 2 9* and 4 45 f. m., arriving at Ctltinor* tt T4t ud m. and 446 and 7 JO . m. LKAVK BAL.TlMORKai4.3nand l?Qa.m.and MB and 6 p m.amriug at Waehington at t and 10 J6 a. in. and at 6 V and 6 45 ?. a. Panenger Train* tearing Washington at 7JO a. m. and i*? p. m..and Baltimore at<#a. m a?d 3.45 5. m , make dirnot oonncxiooi for Anaapoli* atlfce notion. Train* leare Annapolis for Baltimore aad Wait iriton at 6J>6 a. m. and S a. nPuMnftr Train* leaving WaahLnfton at 6 and and 130 g. m. make direct oonnoxion* at Baltimore for Philadelphia and Nnr fork. All artiolee oi freight (not contraband of war) will be transported over the line. Tonnage Train? will leave Baltimore at 4 30 a. m. Leawewaetutfyvn a*4 . ? THOMAS H. CANFIBLD, * Auiatant MiOM*r. M 17-tf SPECIAL NOTICE. S UN DA r TRAIN. On and After PUN DAY. itth July, there will be but one Sunday daily trainLeave WASHlNUTONatUt p. m. for NEW YOKK and PHILADELPHIA. From New Yor? aud;e]pbia,arriving ia Washing ton at 6 10 a. m. J A. 8COTT, jy 27 General Manacer. #r>mm STEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN NfcW YOKK ANDLIVERPOOL. Landing and embarking paaeengera at Qneenstown, Ireland. 1 he Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia v/?nip?i.? -menu oiapatohina their full powered Ciyd?-built iron Steam* hi p? a* follows: GLASGOW ,... >atun.aT , Auguat 3d. CITV OK BALTIMORE, - " 10th. KANGAROO. * " IStk. Aud every Saturday, at noon, from Pier44, North river. First Cabin ? ..#18 Do, to London? ..... to I Do. to fana tit Do. to Ham bore *5 Steer a?e.. fsn Do. to London .... 94 l?o. to fa u ~ Do. to Humbarc.... 36 Paasengera forwarded to Havre. Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ao , at reduoed throuih tare*. Peraon* wiahmg to bring ont their rrienda oan buy tickets at low rata a. t-or further information apsly at ths Casta!na Office. JOHN ?. DAL* . A cert, id Broadway. N. V., Or to Q. A. HERRING, A>iams Exprsss BaJUmore. .jr^S^INDlVlDUAL^ENTERPRISK fifcshlfi eastern and wrstern shore steamers. "kent," Capt. J H. K rwan. "plonher,'' Capt. W. Norman, Will run thefr r ufi a? follows, leaving Light stren, Baltimore, foot ol Camden, at 7 o'olook A. M: KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landings on Choatank river, every WEDNESDAY and SATI'RUAY, returning every Thnrsday and Monday. For Annapoliaand Weat River,every TUESDAY and PR I l)A Y and returning aa < e days. PION KEK?For St. M'ohael'aan* Eaaton, via Mile'a Kiver. every WEDNESDAY*.aud return tbeaameday. _ KOf Annapolis, West Rsver, Cambridge, Oxford and Easton Point, every THURSDAY, returning by same route on Friday For Annapolis. W'eet River, St. Michael's and Ea ton, via Mne'a River Ferry, every SATURDAY, returning every Monday by same route. Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Faston Point. fl 60 FaretoSt Michaei'sacd Milea' Riveruroand trip $1.) ... 100 Fare to West River, (round trip, ?1). 1 eo Fare to Annapoi> (round tne7Soenta)__? 76 M6ALS EXTRA. JD"Freight must be prepaid. Whsrf and Offioe, LIGHT' ST., foot of Camden. Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. , NORTHERN WMPPBB CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,! Calvkxt Station, Batimore. May 1*31. ( On and after Sunday. May lath, 1861, Trains on the NORTHERN CENTRAL KAIlWaY Arrive ana depart aa follows, until farther netioa. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at816 A. M. SXPRES8 at33d P. M. ARR1SBURG ACCOMMODATION at I P. M The 8 15 A.M. train oonneoU at Relay Hoaae with trains on the Western Maryland Rai.road; at Hanover Junotion with Hanover and Gettsburg Railroads; at York with York and Wnghtsvlile Railroad; at Harr>sharg with Pennsylvania Railroad for all parts of the West, also with Lebannon Valley Railroad to New York ritrtrt; at Northum berland with L and B. "ai:road for Kingston and all parts of Wyooming Valley And atVanbary with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad tor all parts Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3.90 P. M train makes ail the above connection* except Hanover Railrrad, Wrightsviila Railroad and the Lebannon Vall?y Railroad. Tne 8 P. M train makes connections with Penn ST.vania Railn ad for all parts of the West, and direct oonneots for New York. TRAINS ARRITg. ^ MaM ?t6_t0_P_iM;;^Exprets at 7_45 A.M.; Harris isu ft aucvminuuaiiOll III Z.Q I". 1*1. For TioWets and information inquire at the Ticket Office, Calvert Station, Baltimore J. C. CLARK, Sap't. LEAVE PHILADELPHIA S3BPOI FUK NEW ?RK' The Camden and Amboy and Philadelphia and Tren'on Railroad Companies'Line lrom PHILADELPHIA TO NKVV YO?X, AND WAV P LAC lift. from WALNUT STREET WHARF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leave aa foi lows: At 6 A M .via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Accommodation.) At 6 A. M . via Camden and Jersey City, (N.J. Accommodation.) At 8 A. M., via Camden and Jersey City.iMornii k Mail.) , , At UK A. M . via Keiainfton and Jersey City. (We*tern Express.) At I2K P. Mvia Camden and Amboy.f Aooommodat'on.) At 3 P M.via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Express ) At (M P M . via Kensington and Jersey City, (Evening Express.) _ At 4K P M . via Kensington and Jersey City, (Secor.d Class Ticket.) At6 P. M., via Camden and Jersey City, (Evening Mail.)_ At UK P M., viaCamden and Jersey City,(Scith em Mail.) At 5 P. M via Camden and Amboy, (Aooommodation. freight and passenger. First Clau Tieket.) Second C;a*? Ticket. The 6 P. M Mail Traia runs daily. ThelllgP M. Mail, Saturdays excepted For Belvdere, baston, Lambertville, Fleming ton. Ao., at 7.10 A. M.; and 4>t P- M., from Kensington. For Water Gap. Stroudsburg. Scrar ton, Wilkes barre, Montrose, Great Bend, Ao.. at 7.10 A.M., from Kensington, via Delaware, Lackawanna and West-rn Railroad. For Manch Chun*, A ilentown and Bethlehem,at 7.10 A. M. and SS P. M.. from Kensington depot; the 7.10 A. M li e oonneots with toe tiain leaving fcastou at 3 35 *?. M. For Mount Holly at 6 and 8 A. M. and 3 and 4K P *l. For Freehold at? A. M. and 2 P. M. For Bristol, Treutoa, *o.. at 7.10 A. M., and 5K P. M from Kensington, and JH P. M from Walnut street wharf. For Pa'rayra Kiverton, Delanoo, Beverly. Bur.inrton, Florenneoo, BorUentown, Ao., at UK, I, 3, 4X and 5 P M Steamer Trenton for Bordentown.and intermediate places, at 8>fc P. M. from Walnut street wharf. U7" For New York and Way Line*, leaving ? mm ?i; uuai rnori OM'liri ! > oars run into the depot, and on arrival of train run from the depot. Fifty pound* of baggage only allowed to each passenger. Passengers are prohibited from taking anything as baggsge bat Cbetr wearing ?fpar?r All baggage over ?ftj puadt to t>e paid for I extra. The company limit their responsibility f?>r baggage to one <tol ar per poand, and will aot be uablelbr any amoant beyond one hundred dollars, except by spec *' pontic ^ B K^A S 810 bmleoad; On and after May 16tn, l?i, the trains will ran as follows, via?Leave Camden Station. Baltimore.?Mail, (exoept Sunday.) at A M A. M.; Express deny at A 46 P. M. Both Trains fp directly sotrf hvv&8TAandP&ORT^>&E8T. 88 ' FOB WAY PA88ENGBB8. Between Baltimore and Piedmont take the A. M. Tram; between Piedmont aad Whealing take Aa oommodation Train, leaving Piedmont at & ?> A. M.;and between Grafton and Porkersbarg, take the 5 9' A M Train from Baltimore. The FBEDEK1CK TRAIN leaves Baltimore st 4 39 P. M. and Frederick at 6 90 A. M. . TbeELUCOfTTS M 1J,L8 1* AIN leave Bal uuum MS JU uo >.1B A. W. UM 1 46 MM) MO P. M bud KlUeou'a Milia at 7.40 and IIjM A- M ,ud S 4k md 7J? P. M. 9UU0.,0,?U.Tia?^ p gMiTH M&?ter of Tranaportioa. L. M. COLE. Got'I Tiofct Aft. nB!HB And WBBTfTmiMl*w: PromChamMraat. N.Y. FromStli atraat. Kxjraaa, 7 and 11 a. m . 7J6. ItJB a. m , Md U) dad &J0and 6 ?. m. &4San "SMI; *PoafhkMMi* train*, a ?,?a. m, and l^if.a P kaVi?l*tra5B,4J?> m tSf. . T ? NOTICF TO TKAVBIR^ ^ Ba t mort^ud O^rpoint iF<Sr^e# Monro*) to ha rwiMi.MlKiaM^^^^ wlfrNiuw vUrTroot of Iiim Dook. U ?S 4**k p. aa^ or imn.adiat?iy after tte ar rjrai ol *"*k >?"** ?<?? m*Ltf M. N PAL1<H. Praat - PHILADELPHIA. WIL *S^B MiiHWKMafc: 8PRIN& AND SVMMth ARRANGEMENT. Olum) altar TUK9UAV Mm lata, PuMti*' Tkbi lor Pkilada.pliia will laara PrMifent atreet Depot a*, j Hf(ti follow#, n* ipreeeTrsln ?I?16 AT*.. Wbj Mm) Train at man.; ktodiuc Mtti at 4 45 o'oloak. On SI N BAY? at 4 49 p. MT.ob1t. Al! tltlH ton??l *itk rw York traina exotpt 4.46 P. M. train oa Mn day*. A Proickt Train with p?magw aar attaofcod iNTNkti P. M , atoppiac at ali Btat*>n? batwaaa Ba.nmorea.Lrt Harra de-Grao?. Paaaan?ara for Daiawar# aad tba Eaatara Chora of May land willing tka moat rxpad i nova roataby warnfw > 1 m i n* ton. IDT All Col or ad Peraoaa moat (tvc bond bafora enrr-.r;t UMOkn. WM CRAWFOUD, A j ?r t EAT CENT* ALJOCTE FO* SHBKxTHE WEST. v?* RVD9QN *1T HEaeijr/t RAILROAD mmd NEW YOfiK CE *T HAL RAILROAD. Fapraaa Train* taara New York o'tv aoaota of laiiaa Ii?ar ftulnai daily. ftaadaya ilhlHwi: From ChaiLbera atreet Kroan Slat at atatton. At ?.oo a m At 7*5 a m poo 5?0? m 1145 ' Ufipm S9* p in S 86 p n Montr, al ard Baffaio Traia with Bleep n* oara, 9.'4 p m | 1 <6 a a Com eotina at Albany with theNaw York Caetral Railroad for ftoheneetady.JtreiwBtarM'tiea. Batavia. Rom*, and atationa oa Roma aad W*t?r town Hailra4- Huffam. 8i men**. Niagara Paha. $Mpe'i*t< n Bridge. Aabarn. Gen* v*.carac<1?>cae Traina in couneotion ihv? Butfa o and 0n*p*a tion via La*e Shore, Buffalo an<J takeHaroaaad gat Weatarn RiulroaU. for Hamil'on. Toronto, roit. Chicago. Tolado,Milvankie. Von I>u !>ao. Crow, Madia?n. Prairie Pa Cnlen, 6a ?na. ileith. Dabaqne. Peoria. Rrot lalaad. Muaaa tine, Iowa Cu*. Barlington, Qui dot. Herin*6e<d. t| Iton, St- Locia,Cairo,Terre taaata, iNfiaaaaoiia. ou.iTille, Cinc.nBat', 1 at ton. Colan.l ua, Cl?re land, and al! poitta \\ eat, Northweet aad Boath NORTHERN ROUTK ^Conneotin^ jrith^Trair? atjroy, with Tr?*y A ?uu nms. m> ROM! TUT MFilOfl. Whitehall. Rat.and, Burlington, >t- A ibasa. Rob*? Point, Plattaturgh, Ogdentha gh, Montreal, ke , k c (17* Freight Arrangement! by thia rout# aa above. without chance of Oate. fioat th? l*pota in Chambera and canal etreeta. ar? at a.l timaa a* fa to ra Me aa madehyoth?r Railroad CoKipe*<i*e. Tba laoil'tiM of Ihia great >?w Vork Roat*, ? the Weat commend it to the eocidtoo* n( ? ekuu an ' ah ppera lor promptneaa and diapatch Paaaenger traina, with Slacking and Sleeping Cari rai m connection on tba New York Central Road. For partiouara aa to loot! trpina and freight ar rangementa, inqaire at th# depot, ? Warrea at. A. f. SMITH, fraperintwdeat. U S (HJVKRNMKNT LINK fcrftgf'" FORT May HOE AND OLD POINT COMFOHT. Learea tba iowar eud of l\M??N DOCK. Ba.ti m-re, waat aide. I?A1LY, (Sundera included,) at 4K o'otf-ek P. M takinr paaaangera aod feight. and oonneotint with the Railroad linea. to and f'oaa Waabing'on. D. C., Philadelphia,New Yort, Boa ton, York, Harriahiiif, Pittabarg. Pa . a ad the W eat, immediate It af er tba arrival of tbe Expreaa Train from New Yoik and Philadelphia. The following 1a the Scheda.e : From New York to Fort Monroe and hack. $14 From Philadeiph a and naek aia From Baltimore and baok # > IETPROCURE VOIR TICRKTf^m In V? V?.k .ok. W._ ? - ? *?? mo i^ow jvrvrj liftiinM UllOi foot of Courtlard street. In Phi.aoeiphia, at the Coinp\ny's o?oe. N. W. ooroer of Sixth and Cheetnut streets, or at the Depot. Broad and Prim* strpete. In Baltimore, on b >ar<l the Steamers. foot of Union Dook. HUGH OTONMKR. Passenger Ar?' VOkK, HARLEM AND ALBANY R A I l.ROA O. 8^^*^ LEAVING NEW YORK FOR ALBANY,TRO> , N"RTH AND WKbT. BUMMER ARHANGF.MK^T Commencing MoixUr, Mar 2Tth, l?6l. For Abany?llw a. m. fast exprts* train from 36th treat. For Dover Plair.s? p. m stopping at Whita PNins and stations north to Dover plain*?from 36th street stativc. (This train will ran to Millerton every Fatureay evening.) | For Croton Fal's?8:16 a. m. stopping at aU sta toons north of Ford ham trom S6 h street station. For White Plains?4:10 ai d 5*? p m. stop pint at all stations from xtb street station. For White Plains?6: S p. m. stopping at all e?e Goes from Wbite street station. I For Witliams Bridge-?:*), 11:15 a. m. and p. B. stopping at all s.ations from 17th street stallos. Returning wil leave? Albany?(M? a. m. last express train. Dover P ains?6:30 a m. (This train leaves M u lerton every Motday morning at 5 a. n.) Croton Fal:s?6 p. in. White Plains??>: If, ?. <? s m. 4:0 tTMpa Williams Bridge?too, ?. m. A 1.U0 p. ml. Bandar trains will leave 4th Avenue o?raer SM street, for Centra. parg, Yavfcnlw, Harlem and Hiih Bridge every f-w micetee. from ?>*? a. m. to 7Ktfp m. JOHN RURCHILL. A est Pep't. qmmNEW YORK AMR ERIE RAIL Passencer Trains leave n? P?w? nia Ferry and Long Dock, from foot ofCkiBKrt atre?t, Now York.aa follows, th : 7 00 a. m , EXHR KSS.for Dunkirk, and Buffalo, acd erinoipal iDtrrme-ia a Station*. 8 ma. m, MAIL, for Dunkirk, and intermediate Statior*?Thia Train r*main* <>T*r night at Elmira, and prooeed* the next morn'.nr 9.(10 h m .. MILK dail , for Otie villa, and intar mediate Stations. 11 no a. m , ACCOM MODATION, daily, for Port Jervi*, and ? inoipal Sta'ioua 4 00 p. m. WA ', for Middlatown, Newbnrgh. and intermediate Station*. p. NIGHT EXPRESS. da'ly. for Dun kirk, Buffalo. Canandait ua.aud principal Mation* The Train of Saturday atop* at all MaM Train Station*, and run* onh to Klmira 6 00 p.m.. ACCOMMODATION ,for Hornervil a, and prinoipal Station* CH * S. Ml NOT. Sen'1 Sap't. NATHANIEL MARSH. Reoeirar. _*?^FOR BOSTON VIA NEWPORT ?*4^^ AND PALL RIVER. By the rplesdid and aaaeufi' Steameia METROPOLIS. EMPIRE STAT*. BAY STATE.and STaTEOF MAloB. of grant atrenitn and apoed, bat partieaiarlv adapted to Ue navigation of Long la.ami Sound, running m, aonneotion with tne Fall Kiver a-d Old Colony Rai road, di*t&Loe of 58 mile* only to Bo?ton | Leave Pier No. t Ncth River near the Batte-y. The S<earner EMPIRE STATE, Capt ffrayton. Monday*. Wednesday*, and Priiaya, at o'aiook P. M., toaeking at Newn^rt each wai. aa fT P AD/H .W * n ? .? ww?<iivi mnmvrv'iic, v?fw P'vwii. ?r Tu*?days, Tt. l-flays ud 8atutdaii,i!i o'oiock P M., loaobing at Newp' rt each w. Tune 8taamers are fitted with comntKlinut t?te room*, and every wuiMint ftn the eeeiri t* and oora'ort ot paaeecgera who are Afforded by uuaroote a nights' reel oa board, ud onarmal at Fall Ri*er proceed per Steamboat Traia.reao* in* Boston early the following *unui|: or ma? reman on board ontil atartinc of the Acoommoda tion at 8 A. Mby whioh they may reach Boston aboat 1.46 A.M. A baggage master is attached to eaafa steamer, who reoeires and tickets the bacgace. and aooom the tame to iu destination. A ateamer rur a in oonaeotion with thie Line be tween Fail Hirer and Prondenoe daily, exoept Sundays. Freight to Boston is forwarded throach with Kktdispatoh b) an Expree* Trim, whi?n eaves 1 Hirer ever? momwc, &und?yt excepted, at 1M o'clock for Boston and New Bed1 ord, arriving ?Qti wsiMitim M >ln>t II > M For freuht or pamac t. asp.y un board, ot at the ofioe on Pier No. 3 North K. ver f or state rooms and berths apply on hoard, nr if deeired tn imbr? them in nd#lnee, to WM BOR DKN. Ag't" 70 *n" 71 Wmi street, N V. PROVIDKNCK, PoR BO?TON?Inland Root*?Tb* s^ortent and Boat direct?Carry toe Kastern Mail. The steamer Pl.V Mt'lTH HOCK. Ctft. J. C 6mt, and COMMONWEALTH. Cast J. W. Wil lair.B, la oonneotion with the Hioninfton &. P-oTidffre.aLd Boatoaaod Provideroe Rai.roaJl, { arint Nov York daily. Snadars wotiW, from Pi or No II North Riror, atioWt P. M., nod Grotoo at jn 0'el"0? p. M .,or on (fee arrival < ? Monday, Wedteeday, and Fvday. Prom Gro t?>^&&,f?xsafiSfsL.fre"inM" < _Paseeegers from Grotea eroe*ed for mi .road to Prorideriow ai.e B^toa. ie uie Lipr?esMai Train, reaohing said plson tn adranoe of tlio*? by other ronte*, and In aa?l? time for all tlte early Monung Lanes nonvoting North aad but Pae enters that prefer it. remain on board tae steasa?r, enjoy a nights' reet nnriistarbed hreafcnatil deetred.and tear* Gro ton in the 11* A.. M. Trim, oonaaatiag at Provtdeaao with the 1 *i Ajf/Train for Bonton. ParefroiM froTidneo* to Newport, Fifty oents A bacgace master aooompanies th* Steamer and For Paeaao,*BorUm. State Rooms, or Proicht. *9"tj ob botr^ the iMmar, or kt U? Freight Offioo, Pier U North River, or At U* Ofioe < f tke OfHU, No. 1U W?.t it'??t,oorttr oiCortl*a<l rtreet. Now York. Fob.?. l?i F? MILITARY BOOKS. RENCH A RlCHSTlKN hare ju?t reoeired a large ud oomplet* a*?orti??nt of Military Books oT*11 k.nd?, whieh they offer iron t?e to fifty per oent. below the reg&lar retail prioee,?1?Ollti.Qf I A new editooa of BkrdN'a Infantry aad ftil* o.?o?, ... ? w2?TWKii ra ^T^ HlSStm.k^or tfco p.e. SoWir. MM first ho-k ?fiaetreetiue to tfce U. 8. Infantry tae*** ~tW Ww*

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