Newspaper of Evening Star, August 27, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 27, 1861 Page 2
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III THE KVK.MjNC; STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: Tt tlDAV trim ST, 1M1. Or* F*ixmd? at the ?arioua ml 11 tar* cimpi and portions will confer a favor by keeping us posted M to movements sod afffclrs In their vicinities. Spirit sf the m*rstB| Press. The InttlligmcfT compares the outrageous proceedings of the Confederates sgainst the Interest of their people with the captivating speeches of their public men In their denunciations of the *' usurpations of the Federal Government.'* The RepubUtam argues that Europe need not fael alarmed about cotton, ss we shall have Mem pbis open berore December, and Mobile before March ; ao that tbe supply will flow on again, a* before tbe blockade. THE NEWS HERE. Th* Baltimoki F.xchasq* la horrlfled and lachrymose, by turns, orer the err eat of females, and tbe auppreaaton of the publication of naked treason, resorted to by tbe Government aa means of defending tbe Union as at present assailed. Though the Ezckmngt could see nothing whatever reprehensible In any of the outrages upon legal rights of person and property reaortedto in behalf of the cauae of the destruction of the Union, It waa of course expected to cry aloud agalnat any resort to extraordinary measures to defeat the treason of tbe oligarchy, as it has been constantly protesting against any and every thing done up to thla time by any authority, military or civil, to that end. We state the case agalnat which it complalna, as foliowa. Viz: From the moment Secretary of War Walker proclaimed a crusade for the capture of Washington, and tbe Richmond organa of the oligarchy proclaimed tbat when captured it was designed to raze It to the ground, women have been the most active agents of tbe Jeff Da via rebellion in ?ur midst. Tbev have not only received and concealed spies, and been the bearers of traltoroui correspondence, conccaled tinder their clothes, to and from Washington, but thevhave been them wives the writer* oi most of such correspondence that bu gone from hence to Richmond and Matiuw. In fact, the rebel commanders have been constantly "ploughing with heifers" at this point The uatural indisposition of gentlemen tc adopt harsh measures towards any of the othei ex secured them an Immunity until very recently, that rendered all the efforts of the military and civil authorities to keep their war plans from the enemy, entirely futile. It at length became apparent that women actively engaged in aiding and abetting the military operations of the oligarchy, must be dealt with precisely as men so engaged should be, under the penalty of the failure of thf war for the restoration of the Union. The authorities are now, therefore, taking due care that women, as well as men, shall be restrained from active treachery against the Union. So. too, lc the case of traitor newspapers. Under the mask of the liberty of the prrss under out laws, many newipapm have been flagrantly laboring to strengthen the cause of the treason ol the times, by the publication of information ol military movements the promulgation of which was calculated to defeat their success; by the publication of false statements concerning the purposes and measures of the Government on the one band and of the oligarchy on the other; by striving to organ! xe treason out of the (so-called) ? * * ? wraeu amies, ana, in oae, by a resort to every possible expedient to embarrass tbe due prosecution of the war, &c. It has become plain that the traitorous lsborsof inch Journals mutt be stopped, or the Government may not reasonably hope to succeed In tbe war, except at enormous additional cost of treasure and Ills above and beyond that which will be necessary if Ibe traitor-newspaper embarrassments be promptly obviated. So tbe Government is now vigorously obviating them. The liberty of the press for which the Baltimore Exckangt and Republican, and the New York Atari and D?v Book contend, is simply neither mors nor less than a license to inculcate ana defend treason, to defeat the military measures of the Government, and to compass the permanent destruction cf the Union?unquestioned?by the authorities. The country at large, so deeply interested in a speedy termination of the war and In the preservation everywhere intact of all the rights snd liberties of the American citizen ss existing under the constitution and laws, knowing well that the greatest present drawback to such a consummatlon la the Immunity with which the treaaon has been aided and abetted by Inimical papers in non-seceded States, hail with joy the Government's determination to treat hereafter that most dangerous class of traitors, aa public enemies. Their publication should not only be auppresaed, but the persons of those responsible for their treacherous teachings should be held with a Arm hand, until they may otherwise be no longer able to aid In compassing the defeat of the arms of the United States. Thomas F. Mxaghix and Ma. Rcsskll.?The officers of the Sixty-ninth New York Regiment ai? oat in a csrd in the New York Herald, den? ing all of Mr. Russell's statements relating U Capt Meagher at the battle of Ball Run, and bearing witness to the bravery .and courage o] the gallant captain. ICT" Messrs Jonathan Brock and Frederick C Crowley, of Baltimore, have effected an engagement with the General Government to furnish on? thousand horses JET The safety of the overdue steemer Ktna it announced J*be broke her crank shaft on the 7th Instant, and pat about to return to England under nil IP" The artesian well at Fortreaa Monroe hai attained a depth of 310 feet, of which the last 33 was bored through aim oat Impenetrable clay. Water la expected beneath thia layer. Thb ArraoraiATiojisor Cotieaass ? Mlscellaneoua document No 24 af the House of RepresaaUtlvesbss juat been printed It state* in detail the appropriations made during the first aession of the Thirty-seventh Congress, the offices created and the aalarlea thereof and the ottres the aalarlea of which have been Increased within the aame period, and the amount of aucb Increase It la an official statement prepared under the direction of the Secretary of the Senate and Clerk of the House of Representatives A recapitulation of the totals ahow that there was appropriated for civil and mlscellaneoua purposes, f 1 371,873 90, for the army, arms and fortifications, ?207,401,397 80; for the naval aemoe, *36.3M.0h? *9 Fao* tbb Bbat or Was m Vibsihia ?The NashviUe Union of the 20th Instant aaya:?"We have before ua a private letter from a gentleman residing at W'arrenton, Virginia, from which we take the following extract. 'Our troops are advancing as faat as they can be moved. They are now la four miles fifty thousand of them, sad pressing a You may look oat by the last of thia or first of next week for a big fight or another foot race My Impression is, snd i think you will find tne correct, that our general will throw a large body of troops across the Potomac st Leesburg and then march up to Wasbiagtoa In the roar,bringing on aa attack both la front and rear at the aame time.' Thia letter la dated the 13th instant." *' ' A Lihcplb Ginxaal Orraas to Sciurdu is Comma an ?It may be comfortable* for Mr. Llacola to know that a letter has been addiuasiA >. . kl.k -m ... ? - r> ? _ _ V??I im tun voxincrait MTT1CC, Dy I high oflcer In the United State* army, who bold* Ttry Important post, offering to Join the cause of the South himself and surrender bla command Into tbe bands of our troops. The letter Itself will vouch for this statement.?Mobil* Rtguttr. ;p? Oeorgis Is about to secede from tbe Southern Confederacy. Gov Brown has recalled all tbe troops of that State from Virginia, and in a prooamatioo says he fears that at the end of tbe present war the batMe of State sovereignty would to be fought over sgaln. JIT" Prince Napoleon's reception In Detroit was a cordial one A crowd of three or four hundred followed him in tbe streets and gave him three tlosee three hearty cheers at the hotel. Afterwards there was a cheer for hts countryman, Lafayette CjT The school committee of Fall River have reduced tbe salaries of tbe teacher* tea per cent , by which operation Sl,4fu per annum will be saved to tbe city (ETOb Moadsv eleven brick carriers oa tbe Nausikrag Mfll, pelem, struck for SI 23, having previously received SI. la a few hours the brio? wen take* op by steam * r ?| * ors Military budget. TO THB D*T TO?TT?AS. The following Is a list of the membera of tb? Seventy-ninth New York Regiment sent yesterday under guard to the Dry Tortugaa, (rut Fortress Monroe,) is mutineers? viz: Jamea Dunham, Flrat Company; George 8howell, George Twlble, George Bland, Bernard Dally, Alex'r Irvine, Patrick Lynch, Patrick McGovern, John McMonahan, Second Company; Robert Hamilton, Robert Drummond, George Howleaon, Third Company; Edward H. Barnes, Owen Kane, Fourth Company; Wm. Walker, ar., Jamea Fltzaimmons, Sixth Company; Jamea K. McDonald, Jamei Connery, Matbew Kelly, Robert Wilson, Seventh Company; George McCauley, John Mclntlre. George Taggart, Hugh Mclntlre, Eighth Cornpany. OlIfXBAL ASDIKSOU'S STAFF. The following offlcera have been ordered tc duty as the staff of General Robert Anderson VI*: Capt O. D. Greene, Aaalatant Adjutant General; Capt. W. 9. Hancock, Aaaiatant Quartermaater; Capt. H L Symonds, Commlaaary of Subsist ence; Capt. F. E Prime, Corps of Engineers; Flrat Lieut. N. Mlcbaer, Topographical Englneera; Surgeon J. M. Cuyler, Medical Staff. Mra. Berret, wife of tbe ex-Mayor of Waahlngton, waa In tbe Mayor's office, at tbe City Hall yesterday evening about tbe tline tbs Counclli met, and stated to aome acquaintances that tb< search at ber husband's bouse for pspers hsd beer got through with, and she was now expecting them to seareh tbe cfflcc, and she wished to r* claim from the officers any of her huaband'a private papers which mlgbt be found. THI OATH OP ALLKGIAM'B and to aupport the Constitution and tbe Government of tbe United States, was administered U tbe Attorney (Jeneral of the United States, and tc tbe clerks and messengers In his office, on Frldaj last, by Mr. Justice Callan. DKTACI1KD AND ORDERED Capt J. B. Fry, Aaslstant Adjutant General has been relieved from dntv on th? staff of O*n McDowell and ordered to duty on that of Majoi General Hunter In llllnol*. Second Lieut. T , W Stockton, aecond cavalry, has also been or dered to duty on Gen. Hunter'a staft AW ENGLISH BAROSII til THE O. SERVICE i Sir John Murray, of England, baa been ap > pointed an Assistant Adjutant General of volun teers in tbe Army of the United States He la i 1 yo'inu gentleman of great military zperienci 1 for bia age, and of great wealth, we bear. ' HESIQNSD. Tbe resignatlona of tbe following officer* bav< been accepted by the President. Viz: ' Capt. Frank C. Armatrong, Second Cavalry Capt. John G Walker, Tblrd Cavalry; Firs 1 Lieut. M M. Klmmel, Fifth Cavalry I ACQUITTAL or COL M'CCSN. Col M^Cunn baa been honorably acquitted o tbe charges preferred against him at tbe recen court martial In Alexandria. The scene in hli regiment on tbe announcement of this fact waa o the most enthusiastic description, f APPOINTED. Captain Wm. D. Wllkins, of Detroit, Mich. KM KOAn innnintiul n A A - l -* ^ uua wvu ail aBatswm AUjUiaili UCIICni i of Volunteers, and ordered to duty on the staff o: i General Williams, at present at Detroit. NAVT YARD. Arrival of StameH?Der^ture of tke Yanku. This morning, the steamer Ben Deford, Captalr Hallet, arrived at the Navy Yard from Boston with 340 seamen. The steamer Immediately dls , charged her load, aad expected to leave for Baltl more this evening. She reports all quiet along the river and at Old Point. Two or three of th< large 1'nlted States Steamers left Fortress Monroe going in a southerly direction, aa the Ben Deford passed. The Live Yankee Is about ready for service, and will Join the flotilla this evening, when she wil again become flagship of the Potomac fleet. Sh< carries two 32-pounders, one 34-pound boa howitzer, and one rifled cannon. She was taking on her coal and water this morning, having beei discharged from the ways. Her cblef engineer Mr. Sanderson, has been removed, but it is alleged that hla removal was the result of mlsrepresenta tion, and that he will be soon reinstated. Severs master's mates have been ordered to the Yankee and ao down With her to-dav Plank ihMttiino filled with sand, are to be put around the pilo bouae for the protection of the pilot, whose poal tlon la very exposed, especially to musket shots from the river ahorea. The acbooner A. Mlddleton, of Providence, R ' I , Capt. Hippie, arrived last night with 251 ton of Ice for the Second Rhode Ialand regiment ant the hospltala She alao brought a number o packages for the regiment. Quite a number of changes have been made li 1 the varloua departmenta of the yard In the lai f?w daya. John F. Tucker, master workman li 1 the anchor ahop; H. N. Ober and Jaa Boaaeau 1 foremen ahlp smiths; John Smith, foreman ahl| ' carpenter; John Pie and Joaeph Van Reswlck quartermen In the engineer and machinlsts's d? partment; Thoa. Harrison, quarterman in brai t foundry, and Richard Barry, clerk of the yard have been removed. Several of the workmen li ( the anchor and other ahopa were also removed o L Saturday. f The following have been appointed: 8amu? Cross, clerk of the yard, in place of Mr Barry removed; George F. Cunningham, Frank Col? and Charles Wilson, quartermen In the envinA* ' - ?- ?O and machinist's department; James Wilson, for< > man, anchor shop; Jamea A Gordon, and Wil Ham F. Downing, quartermen, ship smith*; Wll 11am Talbot, ahlp carpenter; Michael Carroll ha i been tranaferred from the plumbers' departmen i to the foremanablp of the braaa foundry; Ge?rg Scott, quarterman, promoted to be foreman Inth plumbing department. In place of Carroll, trans ferred; Edward McKenny, promoted to quarter 1 man, In place of Scott, promoted; C. S Haugh ' ton, Samuel Miller, and Henry Kelly,quartermen in the ordnance ahop. The huge eleven-Inch Dahlgren (pivot) gui brought from New York was being hoisted oi board the Pensacola this morning. MOVBUKNTS or TBI BNBMY. [Special correspondence of the Star ] Lbwb5svillk, Va , Aug. '27 ? Editor Star : The enemy has occupied Bailey's Cross Roadi In conalderable force and are entrenching. Far mera are net allowed to come through to Wash Ington new, and the boarders at Mr. Bailey's hav< been scattered In conseqaence of this occnpatlor by the secession force Col. ?hermsn li in command of the enemy a Btlley'i Cron Roada Secession lata hereabouta profeea to expect lively time* aoon in this neighborhood. H Special correapondence of the Star.J CHAfN Biimi, Aug. 37.?Ed tor Star: Five ol oar men, while oat acouting about three ml let above here, yesterday, were In < mmfleld, and tc their dlamay dlacovered that about 30"secesh' cavalry were " circulating aroaud the edges" ol aid field Thinking the case waa deaperate, the> fired Into the largest group, and killed one, whc waa aeen to foil, and aeem to bare wounded twc others. They did uot atop to lnveatlgata, however; bat acampered off In one direction, while the cavalry, Ju?t aa much frightened, dashed oil In the other. arrataa ova* thk aivta. [Special correspondence of the Star.] Fost Alsasy, August 97, 1901 ?Editor Star: wm hMT tKit our mnat a/4*an/?Ai4 I * a? - . ? VW lUMQUVUlUCUi in the direction of Bailey's Croat Roads was taken possession of by "Seoeeh" night before last. The work was Intended for a two gun battery, and was anfnlabed. Tbe Federal regiment stationed there was drawn In a day or two ago; for some reason the work was left, and the secessionists, aware of the fact, no doubt, drove In oar pickets and took possession. U7" A New Orleans paper publishes a statement that Ben McCulloeb, disguised, sold chickens la our oamps la Missouri juat before the battle tbere. There u no doubt but what he Is a fimous spy IP" A new, cheap telegraph, by which a roeeia?e can be sent sad printed for siipeace, Is be) ng laid down in England. It is a thousand pities we cannot have such an one here Thb South*** Press o!? G*i?. M'Dowell'i Ripo?t ? The Auguata (Ga.) Chronicle and Sentinel of tbe 18th of Aoguat baa a leader on McDowell^ report, from which we quote: McDowell makea no diaplay in hia report. It bnt laa plain detail of hla movement*, and K i ahowa that he arranged and fought the battle at well aa any of Lincoln1* gtnerala, with their troopa, could have done, not excepting Gen. Scott. He managed it admirably tn every respect, and imj cerjr nearly successful # * The columna of Hunter and Helntz lman paaaed . up the rnn, croaaed at Sudley'a Ford and attempted to turn our left, which w&a the feature of the plan. Hunter did crota. did attack aa ordered, and did force our men down tbe run, where they had to receive tbe croaa flre of Tyler'a column; ana , nothing but protection of Hravcn, the genius of Beauregard, (who detected Hunter'a movement ' by the cloud* of duat.) and the unequal heroic i courage and grtat endurance of our men prevenltd our left being turned, and perbapa tbe aelzure by Hunter of the Manaaaaa railroad at Gainesville. Must Maii up thii* Muim to Fioht ?The i controveray between the aeeeaaioniata and tbe Union men in Kentucky la waxing warm The Louisville Journal uaea the following emphatic language: 1 Now, gentlemen of the aeceaaion party, you ; muat stop ere tbe Rubicon be paaaed. Be assured that while we, the Union men of Kentucky, have no thought of Invading Tenneaaee, and while we sincerely and earneatly wlab peace with yoa-be assured, we aay, that If you attempt to carry out thla vlllalnoua scheme, you must make up yonr nilnda to fight. The Union men of Kentucky are not entirely unprepared to meet auch an emergen cy. They hare struggled for peace from the commencement of tbla conflict They deal re It now. ' Hut, If you have made up your minds to give them war, they will meet the issue as become* ! brave, true and loyal Kentuckiana. God forbid i that you sball present such an issue. r |p* Medori, who it engaged at tb? N. Y. Academy of Mualc for next season, Is large, fine looking, and about 35 years old. Char'on baa a light soprano voice, and Is compared by Home with Sonlng Brlgnoli Is in the country, while Maretzek will shortly return from Mexico with a troupe, and who ever beard of a troupe of sing ers thatwas unwilling to charge? Tne operatic > season will begin early Yockg Amkkica ?A little fellow, aavs the Manchester (Mass ) American, just past his first decade, stepped into his father's otflce a few days ago and said to one of tbe clerks, "1 sball get my ' company full nrettv soon: I have iwnm In thrp? to-day.'* "Sworn in," said the clerk; "how did r you do It?" "I made them bold up their band* >. and say Glory to Godaaid theinclplent captain. ID" 1* I* a hard time for thieves In St Louis A pickpocket was recently arretted In that city, who said that bis hand had found Its way into fifty pockets during the day without coming across a single dime. fry The South Carolina women are giving a dollar each towards a fund to be invested In Con1 federate bonds, and presented to Gen Beauregard. ? He would dou' tless prefer half a dollar apiece in specie. in- A movement is on foot In New Jersey to organize a Rocket Brigade, to consist of 4.500 5 men, assurances having been received that tbe brigade will be accepted by the Government. ; Each man will carry a dozen rocketa t CD- Accounts from Fortress Monroe state that five pilots who had been taken down for tbe purpose of navigating tbe coast of North Carolina, refused to tike the eatU of allegiance Thev were f aent to Baltimore. t fj~7* Yellow fever has made aerloua havoc In the Weat India fleet of Great Britain. On board 1 the Firebrand 38 deatha occurred between the Cth f and lOtb of June. in- It la rumored that the system of grand jurlea will ahortly be abollahed In Great Britain, and ao the antiquarians are at work to know when > the ayatem was originated I JET" A letter from Richmond aaya that Toombs, f Cobb and Wlgfall are each at the bead of a regiment. Cobb'a aon la alao In command in the rebel army. H7"" Hon. Joahua R Glddlnga has been very ill, of the heart disease. At last account* he waa i recovering |p* American farmers have already received about f30,000,000 from England for Dreadatuffs thia year. XET The acenery of the Italian opera house at ? Parla haa been destroyed by tire?133 seta of i acenery, valued at 750.000 franca, were lost. , HIT"The cod fishery Is repreaentcd as being poor I this season by the American, British and French fishermen. . 1X7" Brlgham Young haa declared Ut%h Independent E7" Mra Livingstone haa departed from Lon don to join her husband in Africa ' d^Several boat bulldera have resumed operar tlons at Cumberland, Md. i U7~General Sigel waa in St. Louia on Monday night, and waa honored with a aerenade. I <1 r Ei-Gov. Porter la lying dangeroualy ill at Harrlsburg, Pa 1 PUTNAM R ANGER S?You will meet at LL3 the Is and Hall on TUESDAY EVENING, , the 27th. in order to arrange for being mustered in on Wednesday, 28th. All (hose desirous of entering this Company of Scoutt are invited to attend. linvflrnmflnt fnmiaK*- 1 - ' - - . >uo iiviidi buu an me equip merit* ' au 26 2t* 6EO. THIST1.ETMN. Capt. [V-^?ATTENTION, PUTNAM HANGERS! k_5 have been authorised by the War liepa t meat (through the United States Marshal of Marya Und) to organize an Independent Company ol Cav airy, to foe mustered in the U.S. cervioe immedif ately, and will meet a I desiring to enter this service. at the It and Hall, from tnis date. Ho'in and all the equipment* furnished by l?OT"rnmenf. n This company will be a company of soouts, and it none but *uod and worthy men will fo? accep.ed. an 24,81* G. TH1STL.ETON, Cayt. n yy COMPANY "A," U. 8. ENGINEERS.? ' 1^4 Fifty intelligent and aSle bodied meohanios p will be enlisted to fill this Company to the max irnum fix?vi by law?ISO men. Inquire at No. ' '24* G street Pay from 913 to 9S4 per mon'h, !- betides food and olothing. an 17 tf ,? ! THE UN ION PRAYER MEETING 1, UJT^ will b?holden EVERY DAY in the E street Baptist Churoh.commencing at 6 o'clock p. m. and n to be continued au hour. Strangers as well as n oitiiens of all denominations are invited to attend and take part in these sooial meetings. m U 1 inn POTATOES! IUU BARRELS BEST POT * TOES, just ar. rived, for saie low at D JONES 4 CO.'J. '' an S7 2t* Corner Eighth and D streets. [ \f RS. GOODRICH'S SEMINARY Will beraivl opened on Mondav. Sestemher art Ir very moderate and in advance. Aff i 4 >fi Fifth at., between P and E. an 27-3 * a \JU the misses koones ? ILL Reaume the dutiea of their Seminar* 1 Mon.ay, September 2d? 4 30 i) atreet. Inatruot om e' will be given in Engliah, French and Musio. au ?7-3t* OXEN FOR SALE.?One peir of superior Working Cattle lor sale. Apply to * subscriber, on Thirteenth atreet No. 450, sup between <" and Maryland av., Irland Aak an ?7 3t* i . M. PAYXE. ' \MT M1SSADDIEC. kin*EY f? ill Resume he dutiea of her Sohool. at 4M ) D atreet, I'M ween 2d and 31 ste.. on Monday, tt , September. 586'. Thankful for fo>mer tatronaf*, he reapeotfuliy solicits a oontinuaaoe of the same. au Z7-3t? Butter, cheeses, AND EGOS. 4.00ft pounds Fresh Butter, New York Goshen, best quality. Fresh Egta arriving r'aily, for sale . at the lowest rata. Cooking Butter for ?ale oheap. At No. 450 Eithth street, between a. a avenue and D st; (au 27-3t*) D. E. DUTROW. ?CHOOL FOR" j ?^7 YOUNG LADIES. Misa M. P. DUNCAN willTon Monday, the 21 of 1 September next, i?ium? her School at her reiidenoe. No 81 Indiana avenue She ha* made ai, langairenta to reoeive a limited number 01 pupi'a aa boardera. an 77et>3* ^T. VINCENT'S ACADEMY. r <o Cob nib 10th and G Stkiits, Waskimtto*, D. C. The exeroiaea of t?is luautu'ion will I ereaumed on the trat Monday of Sep tern' er. Its a>ivactages for improvement reoommend it to tha paironige of all >-or paiticn ara apply at the lnstitauon. f au ?7-ao4t Notice to ship and railroad AGENTS. Ship and Railroad Agents in Washington will please forward all goods direoted to the "Sanitary r Commiaaion" to tae Commiaaion Store-room, No 'ill F street, and present bills for freight. Orrics ot Sanitabt CoMMiaaion, ) Treaaury Building. aiil7lw > riANIEL ROWLAND JUSTICE OF THE U PEACE, oRoe No. 43'i K street norui, near Gereral Poat Offioa?reaidenoe 60-J)f Maryland ' avenue, Ialand?will be pleased to serve hia friends r and the pnblio. All inatrumentaol writing prepared with oare and dupatoh. Ofios houra from 8 o'oleok a. m. to 7_ p. *. au 27 2t* fT,HE BALTIMORE AMERICAN, a atrong JL Union Paper, aupporung Constitutional Govbbnmsnt, and ably oppoaing the ta-r??y of "JSaeojum," a large aud leadi. g ioarnal for tiie 1 ate it Ntwt, ana in tfnetnasa and Comnierom. Circles? now in its 69d year of r blication?will i t>e served at 60 oenta a month to Sahacri era who i leave their adJreas at Mr Waita's Bookatore, H*. avenue, near Seventeenth at.; at Mr. Shepherd's, oorner Seventh and D its.; or with JonN C. PARKER, General Aseni lor the n rt w- aoo , Seventh at ~ an*!h ?"* ORKOOR Y'S , STOVE HO USE. SMI PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 3?1 mr&ix iooladinc Camp tUoole. Cam* Table?. OamiBI htOTM, Prenoh Dritiking CnMiOommon TnWt Capa, Tin Plata*. fco ; and a p?-iera, a<aoi tin- at of Tiii, Enamrltd. japauned and Pianauked Ware. All kukm of Tta, Copper a?? s*naat In a Wo k made to order ia a workmanlike manner and at "'cr'nememfcar, 391 Pa. avenue, eaeoad door from *e?entk it, aoath aide. __ . ao 17 eo3w H.I.GREGORY. w i The New* (r*a Eerepe. t Kakthxk Point, Aug. The steamer Canadian, from Liverpool on tbe 17tb, bat patted here on ber way to Quebec Tbe weather In England baa again been unsettled, and there was conaiderable rain In some parts of tbe country. Tbe marriage contract between tbe Princess Alice and tbe Prince Leopold of Hesse waa signed at Osborne on tbe 14th The London Times'city articles again expatiates on tbe financial difficulties accumulating against tbe American government, and says the most earnest wish of tbe friends of America must be that the difficulties thus on sight may accumulate with sufficient rapidity to orlng North and South to reason. ruMi. From France there are vague reports of a growing coolness between France and Austria, bearing an ominous resemblance to that which preceded the war. Prince Metternlcb had taken leave of tbe Em per or Napoleon, and the latter bad gone to Chalons camp. Gen Fantl had also left Paris and was en route to Chalona camp The Moniteur offlclallv confirms the appointment of M. Benedetti as Minister to Italy. r avast* The Independence Beige says the flrstact of the new Prussian ministry will be the recognition of the Kingdom of Italy. AUSTftlA. The Emperor received the address of the Hungarian Diet on the 14th, and replied to it by a

speech in general terms. The dissolution of the Diet was regarded as almost certain. POLAND Important popular demonstrations occurred at Sulln on the 12th. The military commander, however, by his energetic action, suppressed a conflict without any more serious consequences than that a certain number of persons were wounded. BNQLAND. The following is a copy of the news sent oat by the steamer City of Washington, which sailed on the 14th, whose arrival is anticipated by the Canadian: The English papers are daily engaged with the American question. The London Globe denies, by authority, the statement that Admiral Milne haa reported that the blockade of the Southern porta is Ineffective, and says no general report on the subject baa been officially received. The London Tlmen, in an editorial, shows the financial difficulties which the Washlngtan government will have to encounter Th? publishes another letter from Mr. Russell, which gives a discouraging view of affairs for the North The King of Sweden has arrived In England on a visit to the Queen. Catharine Hayes is dead The special agents of the Cotton Supply Association had reached Egypt, and were to have an Interview with the Viceroy on the subject of cotton cultivation. S WIT Z It LAND Another controversy has sprung up between Franee and Switzerland relative to the arrest of a French subject on disputed territory ! ta.ltPrince Chege has been appointed Papal Minister The Neapolitan reactionary movements are diminishing. The position of Austria toward Hungary is becoming dally more alarming The upper House of the Hungarian Diet have adopted, by acclama> tlon, Deak's address. commercial Liverpool, Aug 16 ?The sales of cotton for the week amount to 4t?,(XK) bales, at a decline of V to yd Flour has declined fls : Wheat I a ad ; Corn Is flat Provisions generally cloecd dull. Beef quiet. Pork steady Consols closed at 9u^s90^ Rett tbs Blockade ? It Is reported that the Confederate steamer Patrick Henry run the blockade last night, during the fog, and has gone to |ga ?? \Torfnllt Tin** R?A1- 1 n -.-v --- iff. The Patrick Henry was formerly called the Jamestown She ran between Jamea Elver and New York, and la a fine and very faat ateamer. Pkzntick on Prick.?Nature abhors a vacuum, and so does Gen Price. It la announced that Gen. Price will continue in the Confederate army, though we thought he waa dlacharged at Boonvllle. SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS. In Hiipllalt Angnst 33, 1861. Published in conformity with the resolut ow of the Senate of July 16, 1901. At General Hospital on E street, between Fourth and Fifth streets, Washington. letReg.NY F. Zouave* ljlat Pennaylvanla Vol . 2 1st do Excelsior.. 3 3d do do.. 8 2d do do..(a)14 5th do do.. 1 3d do do 3 6tb do do.. 4 14th N.Y .Volunteers.. 1 12th do do.. * 1 18th do do...... 1 23d do do.. 1 21st do do...... 2;27th do do.. 3 22d do do ..... 1 2d New Jersey Vol ... 2 24th do do...... 4 2d Maine Volunteers.. 1 26th do do 2 3d do do H o-riu j ? -? - *f?u uv uo C,4th do do ...(?) 4 VHth do do l|5th do do 1 31it do do ...(6) 3 2d New Hampahlre .. 4 33d do do 3 2d Michigan 2 35th do do 2 4th do (/) 2 36th do do 7 2d Wlaconaln 2 37 h do do 3 18th Indiana 3 69th do do 1 lat California Vol 2 79th do do., (e) 4 lat Kentucky Cavalry. 1 Tammany Reg....(d) I S^ragues' R1 fl?? 1 9th Maaa. Volunteera.. 1 D. C. Volunteera 1 luth Maaa Volunteera. 1 2d Vermont Volunteera 1 Total 124 lat Minnesota Vol 2 (a) Including an officer (6) Ona officer, (e) One officer, (d) One officer, (e) Two officera. (/) Two officers. At Seminar f Hospital, Georgetown lat Artillery 1 Excelalor Brigade.... 1 2d do 1 Garibaldi Guard* .... 1 2d Inf&ntrv 1 Mlnneaota lat 14 2d Maine Volunteera . 7 Pennsylvania 8th 3 3d do do 7 Do 3d...... 2 6th do do 4 Do 11th.... 2 4th do do...(a) 1 Do 12th.... i lat Man. Volunteera.. 1 19th Indiana <6)15 7th do do 1 21at do 2 3d Vermont Volunteera 6 2d Wlaconaln 3 25thN Y.Volunteer*.. 1 Penn lat Artillery ... 2 33d do do 13 Teamater 1 3d do do 1 lat Michigan Vol 1 79th do do 4 2d do do 14 13th do do 2 3d do do 15 14th do do ( ith *" *-" ..... ? ? ??w UU /4U Mozart, New York. ..10 Tammany, do. 1 Total... 174 De Kalb, do 4 (a) One o Ulcer. (A>) One officer (e) Two offlcera. At Union Hospital, comer of Bridgt and Washington streets, Georgetown. 2d N. Y. Volunteers.. 4 2d Maine Volunteers . 3 13th do do 6 3d do do 10 14th do do 0 4th do do 2 17th do do 2 6th do do 1 19th do do 1 lit N Hampshire Vol. 1 24th do do 2 lit Connecticut do.. I 25th do do 1 '2d New Jeriey do.. 1 20th do do 1 3d do do.. 1 33d do do 12 lit Ohio do.. 1 69th do do 1 2d Michigan do.. 5 70th do do 8 3d do do.. 19 Mozart N Y do 4 4th do do..lfl Tammany do do 3 19th Indiana do.. 3 De Kalb dodo 1 2lit do do.. I lit Pennsylvania Vol. 2 2dWlicooiln do. .11 8th dh do.. 6 lit Minnesota do.. S 10th do do.. 4 2d U. IS Infantry. .... i 11th do do.. 2 5th U. 8. Artillery.... 1 96th do do.. 1 2d U. 8. Cavalry 3 27th do do.. 2 Hturges Rifles 1 2d Vermont 1 Teamsters 2 3d do 14 1st Massachusetts 1 Total 170 9th do 2 ^11 General Hosvunl v? ?wui r* ? --? ???I *?? ww v ?*" | If ington. 1st U. S. Infantry 1 5th U. 8. Artillery.... 4 2d do 3 lit do Cinlnr 4 3d do .....II 3d do do IS 8th do 4 3d do Dragoona. .. 3 lat do Artillery ... 7 Recruit 1 'id do 5 ? 3d do 1 Total 55 siaiiTio Corporal Lawrence Dwyer, Company 0, Sth Artillery At Hospital at Columbia Colltgt, Walking ton 3d Maine Reg Vol.... 4 34th N Y. Volunteers. 3 3d do do V 35th do do 1 Sth do do 10 38th do do 6 7th Mua. Volunteers. 1 37th do do 8 10th do do 17 79th do do 3 14th do do 8 Sickles Brig NY Vol 4 15th do do 1 Tammany N. Y. Vol.. 6 3d Vermont Volunteers 8 Garibaldi do do... 3 3d Conn do 1 De Kalb do da.. 4 latReg N Y Cavalry 8 'id New Jersey do... 1 3d N Y. Volonteera. .17 3d do ~ do... 3 8th do do a 3 95th Pen*. Volonteera. 3 o?w -a?. A_ ? - - VM> w ao 3 m Mtnneaota do 4 11th do do 1 3dWlacooaindo 1 12th do do* 3 id Michigan do.*???. 3 14th do do 4 3d do do 8 18th do do 3 4th do do 6 2l*t do do 8 19th Indiana do 90 sad do do 8 t? Callf?nla Vol .... 1 24th do do 9 lit Rrg U 8 Cavalry. 4 85th do do lid do Dragoona 1 ?7th do do 3 33d do do 1 Total 211 33d do do 12 IDT Waahlagton paper* plan oopy and Mad WIS*o the W?D*ptrtMif aug I7-d,t? AMUSEMENTS. qdd fellows' hall! coninckdIbuccbm ! EXTRA A TT a AC T I O If! Uniqcalxd and Incompakaklr. LaatTkrw Nifkli of tb? CAMPBELL MIXSTAKLS, MONDAY, TI'ESDAY.ukI WEDNESDAY. j N*l?? Sxthovb iii Niw Act*. WodnoadaT ETeniof R?n?fSt of Mr. Nsua Prrmo b,(the crrat Comodiu,) acd noit poaitivw? the iaat night. J>oon op*n 7 o'olook. parfonnaaoa oommMO ine at S o'olook Admi taion?TWENTY FIVE CE^TS.^ uX2t Contracting *g?ct. WANTS. 1*7 ANTED- Br a rwp^tahle girl, a sitl'a" TION m hoia?kM?er or_ cook. b??t of r*f vruDfl [it?b. Aip.y u no. 4V u?t urMi, orwr of C. It* Ill/ANTED? A white or oolored 6IRL. from It to 1?;Hri ofa**, to 'Bimrtl hoaaework t? mail faorly App y at 494 1> at, b?twMB lit and 8d ata. aa 37 St* WANTED-* KESTAURANT COOK, oae " that nnrierattodi the builneaa thoioofhly. Apply to J. T. HoLBROOK, First it and Pa. avenue. foot of the Capitol. au 71 St* 1*7ANTED? A a nil* MAN who has bMB ao:a?" tomed to milk and attend to oova Apply at the Gro^.r S*to of APPLEBY * KEL1.EY, oomer of Market and 1 bird eta., Gaorcetown. au 27-3t V17ANTED?A SITUATION aa waiter in a " boarding-booa?, by one who can make feimaelf generallv uaeful. The beet of referenoe given aa to hon^aty and aobnety. Pkaae addreaa "O. C.." Bo? 3 Star for t^o daya. '.7 2t* WANTED?\ YOUTH of intelligence and re apeotability to 'e*rn the Droit Bnaineaa. ina ire it US Pa. tnsu ? M-? %*7ANTF.D ? A yr.ung WOMAN for general vv homework la wanted at No al 3 Pa ?wnn?, orpo?ite Willaida'. Call between I and 4 o'olook. au 26 ? YAT ANTKD? By a you a* ?n\rri?d man. a SITU" ATION aa jatl'ner, or a plac* to attend to hornea or oa't e. Best of r*feretioea given. Inquire at 337 Seventh atreet, Waahicgton. D. C. aa 26 2t* WANTED ?A lady of Baltimore wiahea to par ohaae ladies and gentlemen'a CAST ?'FY APPARKL. All peraona harm* auoh good a to d>apo*e of wi 1 he called npon at thetr reeideno* ana reo?ive cash for the aame. Addreei "A. O.," Star Office. f.?r ten dar?. au 21-lw* W ANTKD. FOR THE CASH?Al' kinde of SECONDHAND FL'RNITI'RE AND HOl'SKKEKPINH ARTICLE*. Peraona leaving the city or having a earplua will do well to oall immediate y. R. BUCH i.Y, je 3 48* Seventh, between G_ar>d H ata._ WANTED.?We are now buying SF.C??NDHAND FFRNITURE,BTgvft."a. d BED DING, for whioh we are paying the highest oaxh prioea. Familiea declining hona?keeptng. or having a ?urplua of furniture, will find it to tneir advantage to give ua a "all. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No. 369 Tth at., betw. 1 ana K ?U. LOST AND FOUND. IOST OR MISLAIP-A MEM BOOR of J I.and* in States of Indiana, low*.and Texas, canted to P Bi?g?r and other*. ?i?* a*??iit; 10 by 15 inches. tied with a red tap*. Any person having any knowledge of n**d book will be well rewadad by oalling on the rubsorib^r. or by letter* in Post Office to No. 400. corner of I *rd Twelfth nor'h CtM CHAPMAN LEE. ESTR AY.?Taken up. on the 2i'h inat.. a Barrel HOKBE,15Vk and* high The "wne^ <ry can h*ve n d horse by proving p-operty and pay in* ail oosU. Can beaeenat ^ arle's^*-2-^t*tai ]e H *t., betwven i>th and 21st at* au X-sr A COUSINS. ONE CENT REWARD AND NO THANKS FOK HIS RKTU"N -I will pa* the above reward for the return to me of Ancnitu* K 0 k e -, an apprentice, who ran awar me on 'be 17th of August. 1?61. All per*o> s are w?r: ad from har- 1 boring him. a< the law will ba atriotlv enforoed. au ? 3t? J. A1QLER. LOST?On Saturday evening between tb* Navy Yard and the Northern i.ibe>tiea. a bard a of PROMISSORY NOTES, together with a dead of rust, drawn in fa?or of HUMPHREY A SUMM KRS ; not b?ing endorsed. tl?a* are or ao ase to any oae el*e. Th? finder will ba sait?h!y rewarded on leaving th?m at their Shop, No. 51 Loaiaiaoa av.. between flth and 7th ?t?. an 26 3.' WAS STOLEN FROM THE SUBSCRIBER a Pooket Book con'aining hi*, note* and hills, one of them drawn Hy Henry t*auter. for #20, August 2, 1861, ar.d daa 60 da** after that data. I hereby notify all person* not to pay any bill* unless to myself au 34-ar- CHARLES UTOCIK, fc> 30 REWARD.?fctraved >?>t.about ? w?k ? ego. from Johnaon'a Row, aeaacnutetu avenue. near North Cap- 'mJtr itol at'eet.a SOW and five P10**. Th?4UW f.bove reward will be paid to the finder oi return nc them to Mrs. HURLEY, at the above-nMn^d plane. an 24 ? * REWARD.?Strayed away from my oooper shop lot, on aonth aide of Water it., rx. Georgetown, on Wednead** ni'ht. 21 ?tT^T? .? ntuet, 1W1. a light brown .VlARE. about^EZX 14% baudi high : the haa white under her hind fetlock, and her hind left a little wolien ; her left fo"> u>ot haa be*n hnr at edre of hoof, and ahe la a little l%me The above reward will be paid by the *ub?criber, if brought home au 24-3t* JOSfcrH REYNOLDS. STOLEN?On the night of Sa*urdar. the 17th inatant, from Kaahy'a wharf, a hIINNINQ >*K1FK. painted lead-oolor, tinned a<dea, bottom hooped with hoop iron. A reward of five dollara will be paid for ita return to Eaaby'a ?hip Yard. au 22 lw BOY LOST ?A eon of Patriok Kelly, private id Company 0.2d ravalry, I!, s. A., waa oat on the evening f Jay 4th, 186,. Hia mother waa then at Mra. Sn livai'a. on C atraet, near the Depot He i* eight yeara o d, b'ack eyea. eal'ow ?^rnpienon. and wore a gray Jacket and panta. Hia name ia John. Any information o?ijO'ra>ng him will if d reot'xl to Mr. Sullivan, or the n?- I cer of Company O, 2d Ca*a!ry, st'the Seminary near ^lexsndriu. b* t^ank'nlly reoelred by hit fathv?PATKH'K KELLY. m?-1W |Q> Ift RKWARD Will ba pod for the uppreheng-on and delivery to me, or securing m in iail ol NEGRO WOMAN LOUISE; M oalls herself Louise Hanson She is a tall, likely necro, quite black, veil dressed, with ^*9 full sui' of hair. She is no donht lurking inX3L<? Upper Marlboro'or neishborhood She has a hssband in Washington oity.and mar make her way to that place. \VM. Vv'ORTHINGTON. Near Woodnl'e. an l5-8tawtf Pnnoe George's eoanty, Md. FOR SALE AND BENT. STORE TO LET-STOOK AND FIXTURES F"K SALE.?Inquire at *i74 fa. avenue. an X V I BURNISHED ROOM FOR RENT. 4t No. 4SO T we't.h street, between G ai.d H sts. The Room is very oomfortab e and the neighborhood one of the moU desirable in Washington Satisfactory attention guarantied. Terms moderate. No children in the house. au 35-lw fj*OR RENT-A three-story BRICK HOUSE, r containing 8 rooms.s tnaied on Teoth street, b'tween N and O sts. Apply to D. HAUPTM AN, 418 Eleventh st, near Pa avnue. auSM* FOR RENT, OR FOR SALE?The HOUSE row occupied by Presley Simpson, No. 4*6 Tweifth st. au gl-tf FURNISHED ROOMS.-Very desirable Furnished Room*, with or without Board.(bouse formerly oooupied by Kx-GoTernor Seward,) F street, between 13th and 14th sta. Warm and oold bath and every oonvemetioe saitaMe for oom'ort. N B ?A Furnithed Offio". suitable) for phvsieian or gentlemen requiring a private oftoe. _ au^l-lw* HOUSE ON CAPITOL HILL FOR B.KNT. JLJL t n? inree story Briok Dwelling-hou*? on the south side of Pa. avenue, at the corner of Third s'. east, a short distanoe from th* Capitol Square. at present oooupied by O. 8. Minor. Em. A??U nation iraj b? made on tbe prenieee. or to TH??8. BLAGDEN. No 499 Seventh st weet an!7teo HI OUSE? FOR RENT-No. i?# and No. ST.oa the sooth side of Indian* avenue. both of then very large and convenient houses, with good stabu nf and oarriage-houees. Also, the oonmodious and large House, No J88, on the north side nf 0 street Apply to THOMAS BLAGDEN, No 499 Seventh street. Jy 17 lawtf F| MR RENT?The north HOUSE of the row of new foar-story houses on Fourth st,. between D md E sU., No. SSS, fronting the City Hall ?it;ti*l>i?r??AL'n,pSsss?'fc-A?!W 40 Louisiana avenue. ma 11 eotf COR RENT?A substantial three story BRICK r HOt'^E, with large tot adjoining, situated nn Third street fist, two doors from E street north, on Capitol Hill?a very healthy location, and pnoe of rent to suit the preeent times. Poeeession tlven immediateiv. Inquire ol Mr. BACON, next door; or of Miss M. C. LINCOLN, 3?1 Pa avenue, between 9th and 10th ets. an 16 In o* 17?<?R RE NT-A very desirab'e 8TAND for a boarding house, on Peansylvania avenue and I Eighth st., now oooupied by the Meesrs. Joy, and has always had a full share of the patronage of the oity. Poeeeeeion given on the 1st of September next. Said house is in good order. For farther particulars apply to JAMES TOWLE*. Afeai 490 H street north; or Mrs. JULIA KElir*?f< E rtreet, au 17 tf A, FARM, of about 390 aoree, with tinber aad . cleared lands orchards, dwelling aad barn. ta Maryland, for sale or exohange for other rasJ ?r r?i>uiwi wMie; uum ?tMm, Stata, and railroad, or olh*r atocka. not**, bonda,or otliar afouriuoa. Inquire at No.490 Maaaaohaaatta av. jjli-tf UANDBOMKLY FURNISHED ROOMBII Foir nar daomeiy Formatted Roona, aaapltai with cae aod jrater, and oocraainit to t&a Patent 4?0? Ma?Va?fc afeV^Z^pnrt/ttta.te&Ul ?th and 6U ata. ma* I lVfOORE'8 AGUE CUBE AND ANTIDOTE. 1 1T1 an in alhble, aafa acd effectual remedy aud , reveatative of Ac ue id ita vanoaa lorma karia* irn AUCTION SALES. Bf J. C. MoGl'IRE k CO.. ?n f^OOD HOICFBOLD FT*WITt'BK AT " Arcno* ?<?" <S*TL'*DAT Mornino A oo?t Si at. oamMiu at ! 'a*** w* oka'I nll.attlif rMlra<??of M CuatWD. N?. H ^aot, bitTMii mk Md Utk. ktSMiir* Hooaohotd nrnltar* u4 Kfa*>ta,oonataUac. la fart, ofM?hor?ey Haircloth Wnfe. Lovac*. Do do. Rook art and ^a?-ior Chaira, W* nut Whkinot, Mabocaoy Parlor Tabiaa. W Blnut and V vhof?r B?r*aaa and Wukmada, Waliat Jauy Llnd Baialtad ud < tkar |?4iM4I< B?ir. Huak and Cotton, and Haak Mattraaaaa. Mahorao? ?idahoard and Din<ng TaS'a. Crooka t, Gi*?a Wa.ra.aod Catlory. Pr ..aaola Parlor C?'M>t and Matuni Thrao-fly. latraia.attd Van^ian Cara^ta. Cook Stora aid Fixtuoa, Md Kitckaa R*?uii**a. Tarma oaah mtt J. C McGt'IR E A CO . AaMa Fj J. C. MoGUkRE A CO , Aeotmnaar*. Excellent pciniti'ke. b?tsk.kbbpino Krrsrra.^MALL P*M:AI r*lBl>ar. AcA c . at Pr?uc Avctioh -On RVRBua > MORNING, Attccat at tan u'aloca. *t t.o roaidono' of Pr*al?* Mm^aoB. Kit. Tw^lfiii at. hatwwn G and H ata . wa ahai; aali ka atiur* Fi rBitara and Kffaota. eorppriaiBf? F.seollont toa^ood Piano Porto. Mayor. minourt an* w?ib?t >jriai a?a? 8o<a*, ft (-ok are and Parlor Chair*. Rom wood and Waliat Marbla lor TaMaa. fcjajrant Marbla Caaa Franab Tim*-r>*ca, witto rSia. China and Alahaatar Vaaaa, Ornam'n'a, C" n* and W tKK'-arat Ckura, Uowntea. Window 9ha1?a, Cartaina and Cornioa. b^t^nor Braaaala and Thraa p.y Ca petr, Oi oiofh and Kum. Mahogany Card and Fane; Tahlaa, bolid Walnut Badateada, Wardrohea and Waataaaadr, ^Baicr and Plaia Bu^ao*. Wardrobaa, nor F<*ath?r B?Ja Hair and Ruak Mattra****. Bolatar* and Pillov* B arketa Comfort* ard Panada. Mahofacy ^aor?ia -y Van. Blind*. Do 8id?So%rd. D aire T*Ma*. China. Gla-a and Crookary War*. TaMa CaMary, Cook;i.* and othar Btova*. Ki tehee (Jtanaila A lao. a' t?n o'clock, in troat of th? houaa? Ona a?o*l ant o?a hor*e Faaiiy Cirrme for fvur paraor *. with Harna** Term* oa*h in aarra-t fund*. auK a J. C MoGL'IREA CO.. Auota. By J. C. MoGUIRK A CO.. Aaetionaara. VERY PUPEHIOR Ca BINKT Ft'RNITl'RK ?ic Hoisehold Effect* at rrtnc irrri a. On FHiDW MORM>u. Aa?a?t* at Wo o k. at No. 166 P*nn*viT*niaa*anae. batwaan 17tb and Uth atrM'a, wa ahall aa i tn? Karmtura and Kfacta of a family deelinicc bou*ak*apinc- oomf i*ln? : Superior Roaewood ftnfa* and Arm Chair*. fen akad a*, ?a - k gwiiT7M in wm% a i" * Ri?h and Oknr-H?t Arm ? d Fancy fhmre Elegant Bo'id Rosewood Glass fioet Book Cn?, oo?t #190 Pupenor Rrnvood Work Stand and | Table Boli* miu Glass V wH.Ctrufi and Tsmblers and Boutset Holder* Wmdov Hhadea, Oil Paintings Handsome Hressels ?rd Ireain Carpets, Oil Cle'h a"d Rugs Pro** and Gilt Chandelier* and Shades inferior Huh r it BrdiUad. witu heary eorcioe Fine Carted hair and Serine Mattresses *v,*?| b ack'U wpre*d? and Sh?etn ( Ml be t"p Drensinc Bueaus, WuUtaadi Bolsters and Pillows. ToiM t?eO? Elegant hprirg sat Loerge. with Pi Iowa Polid Mahogany Carvd Kxtension Table Suit of beautiful Erameled C< ttM? Fori.itare. ALSO, Rag of P?'? Old Government Jar* Coffee Barrel of White ^ugar. t arre! of Ficur Ke'rigera'or. rooking C'ensils. Ac . Ac PS?The above Fnrr ltars Is of mperior make ard finish bv R,n*ncfc Baltimore Terms oun, In canent fuL 1s au 86 d J. ? McWI IRE* CO.. Asott. Br J. C. MoGUIRfc A CO.. Auctioneers. Handsome and nearly new ffr iutce* ard HorssaoLD Err*rT? at Prsuc Arc now -Or. WEDNESDAY M'lRM.V;. Au gust a. at 10 o'clock, at the resilero-of Com. Riofit.?(d, |T. B. N , ?ew Yor* avrnae. between 1?'h aod 15th sts . we shall e?ll his Fs>nitnre and Effects nompnsing? Handsome Green ?iIk Covered French Loungea^d Ann Chairs, Kwwwrvi '?! VI V fnMJT I DHBW| maak Wi> daw CurtaiLt. Gilt Shadee, Cornice ud Firtnret. Superior Walnut Cm* and Ruth-Mat Ann and ? arey rburt. Exo?Tleni Three pir and V*m<iu Carpeta, Oilcloth. Matting rugg^t and Ruga. Oak Hat Trw. Hall t'haira. Fine Eactnnii, Vm?? add Ornamenta. walnut Marble to# Stdeb ?ard, with ahelrae. Exteneion Dlninc Table. fid* and RomI TaMee, ! China, Olaae. and Crockery Ware. ! Superior Walnut E :sahethan Bedntea!, Walnut Marhia Dreeong Bureau and Vt aahetacd. Do v\ ardr< bf. Toilet Ret. Fine Curled Bair Mattreeeea. Boia are and P1I Iowa, B anket*. Sp'eade. Cyir.'orta, C ttage Beda'eada, Bureau*. WaahaUnda, go pen or Refrigerator, Cooking tHAee, Together with uuttai aaaortmetit of Kitchaa Raqaiaitee. P. 'The above Furniture. Ac., la ul ?he beet quality and neaMr new. Houae for rant, in^air* of the Auotioneera. Terma oaah. au W d j. C MoGUIRE 4 CO? Aaeia. Br WALL * BARNARD. AneUoD?eri. BY VIRTUE of A DEED of TRI*T,?ntr r coord ed, April 7.1 MO .among the la*dreoorde af Waahington oounty. D. < the ucderatgaed, Truateea of the' Third Bailding Aaa oiatlou" of Georgetown. D. C., will, on Auguat l?th next, at e# IB., rxpoa* at eablto aaetion tn* following tal Eitate, aituatea Id Waehingtor Ci?y, D. C . at the oorner of N atre?t north and Vermont avenue. known aa the weat half of Lot Na. S, in Square 2*3. and the inroranenU, oonaiati ng of % two uto-y hnek dwelling houea. Terma made known at eaie Ail "*>nveranotng at ooet of eureka eer. WAI TPJI H. COX. t Tr..l?. CHARLES M MATTHEWS. {Traateee. Jy 1? SawAda WALL A BARNARD. Aucta. IL/- If CONSEQUENCE OF RAIN. THE IKtve ?tl? ii Poit^onad until THURSDAY AFTRNOON.Cd inat_, nine hoar acdplaoe an *> St WALL * BARNARD. Aeete. ictthe above sale is FURTHER postponed BLt.l WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, 4th September. at 4 o'e.ock. u^hwt<H WAi L4BARXA?D,AnU, By WALL k. BARNARD. Aac'ioneera. BY VIRTUE OF A DEED OF TRUST. de!f reoorded. April 7, 1MB, an?bt the .and reoorde of Wmhincton onunty, U. C? the and?rii(n ed, Traateea or the "Third BuiiJi r Aiioclw i?f' ?.f Oeo'*etown. D. C.. will, oe loth rfa? r-eyfniber. at KK o*ol<?ok p. m., expo** at pub.ic auction me ollowing Rwl Estate, eitaated in Wutimitot Cut. ob Maaaacheaetta ?Tenie, between 4th ud 5th atreeta known aa the weat half of Lot No. tt, in Square 517. with imprnvemei.u, ootaieUtj of a two-atory frame dwclli g hoaat. Term* made know a at eale. 11 ooDrey?Dcinf ?? eoat of purohaeer WALTB* S. COX. {Tr,,t?CHARLES M. MATTHEWS, < Trmrtaw. jy 17 SawAda WALL 4 BARNARO. Aucta. By WALL fc BARNARD, AaetioaMrs. I^REY HORSE AND SPRING WAGON AT tj Apction.?On ?ATT'RDAY MORNINS, July S, we tu! eel., in front of ?er anotton rooira1 Grey Horae, warranted eoend. una, and teat.e, and wi>rka well in harn*ae, 1 Sp' n( Wax on, nearly aew, suitable for a grooer or expreea wax on. Sale poeitire. Terma oaefc. au U WALL A BARNARD. AeoU. BILLIARDS! nTTI The lovers ' *??of the GAME OP BILLIARDS will find in KM RICH'S FINE HALL, Cor Mr o Pennsylvania avenue Mid 11th street, (south side,i two ol the most adnrabli TABLES in the ImiteJ States, with every oomfort and oonvenjeaoe aa ? tf tor the players. A PULL ASSORTMENT OP BRASS AND I A WOODEN DRUMS, Warn Heads. Dnua Stiok? and Snaree. Braes and Cppfer Bailee,Fifee, ZEaOTT, MnirofBI?Mlh*Mlial Nm, avaae. n f^REKN CORN. IN CANS: PBTITE POIS; I VI Charapif nons, Fresh Toraatnee, ia taart euc Preeerved Prait, of many varieties ;Xoaserved B:r.(e-,(Cantom) AageTieae, Fresi. Mackerel and QELLINS OFF AT HALF PRICK OUR O entire etook of haccaoese Flounce* Barece Robes, in black and oolors. all Lawa and Orgaady , MssIid Robea. we dsstn to nl ?a?- ? of atoofc at odoa, for auk, tad ?ki]~of?f"groat barc&iM to >?rehuiri J. W. COLLEY ft CO, i>> Woo >9>B*?nitl itrm.tbow Fa w. chi ?op{sfcwfsw5.m?iilu.r bia MrrioM to Lh? md inUumi of tkii oit*. He rffe m? til oporatoont boom** for th? fXtrA.^ION ANDCt'ft FA*'". BUNIONS, ftt.Ao.u pfofaaod by Um F rmk gKhcurf*. Oftoe. No li 4H rtrooi, BOtr^tha City %k/ BOYtT CLOTHINe. SWA5SKSW?W t?i1??*'cEo*?ir t.omlmoinc ail at?loaof low priood. BMita, fcna ?a*tiua?, wkiak w ?ro oolUn* t toc y low rhtm for ??^^ll * (jo , SMS Pa. ??., botWOOB *th MM lttk ?M> in g <lni?l)i?T>??r KI*J nUPQNTS eUNPOWDKft, AiV|?NMT.?it)rMiB(*w? ?"-> "?"J ? CASH NOTICE. An Com?|i*mi Of w h?nK to ptf aak tor van artie* * c<xxl? v? MroteM. w? in for Mi toradMtugrbuuqtM IB . ??' > * (ituTl^rab.) I

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