Newspaper of Evening Star, August 27, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 27, 1861 Page 4
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II I ll I I -I? THE EVENING STAR. QiMtity < Lime per acre. [ From tbe Germaatovrn Telegraph ) Is the Telegraph for July 17th, I fiud the fbllowing paragraph -"I only pat on 40 to 50 bushels of unslaoked lime to tbe aere in my arly liming. Latterly I hare put on as much aa 80 to 100 bushels, and I believe that paji beet. Lime on such soils aa mine will improve the cropa for 15 or 20 years, if the land ia not cropped with grain continually." Does it pay beat? Even where only 50 bu*heU ia applied, I do not think this plan pays kc-t. Bngliah farmers pursue a very different coarse in applying lime, and their perseverance in the woe course proves it to bo correct. They apply smaller quantities at shorter intervals. Their argument is something after this manner: Suppose we take two separate pieces, each containing an aere, out of the aame field, and give them both 100 baahela of lime to tiieacre. JTow suppose, as above, the lime runs out and require* renewing in 20 years. Then five bethels are exhausted in one jear or 10 in two. Ruppoae the ground will give 30 bushels of wheat (or its equivalent in oorn, oats or grass.) peraore, the first year. At the end of 20 years it ia fair to suppose that it would bring but 20. Thua 25 bushels will be the average crop for 20 yeara or 500 in all. Now, instead of not liming the other acre, let 10 bushels of lime be applied overy second year, or fiva every year. This would keep the average crop at 30 bushels per acre of 000 in 20 years. That ia, 100 bushels in favor of the latter, which at $1.25 per bushel, makes $125. Deducting $15 for the lime (at 15c. per bushel.) leaves $110 for trouble of applying same to land. Soma would say it will be almost impossible to ssread 10 bushels evenly over an area of land. if you think so (which I don't) then mix it with sand for olayey land or clay for sandy land or washings from the road, dirt from the wood pil* or woods. Tha benefit accruing from the application of the sand, olav or dirt will amply repny you for the trouble of mixing, which should bo dono well. If it don't, then blame your friend, *vho will be found on Iiondequot Farm, Chester county, Pa. Spiks Harrow, Esq. A Wise Nayinj. An English farmer recently remarked that " be fed h is land before it was hungry, rested it before it was weary, and weeded it before it was foul " We have seldom, if ever, seen so much agricultural wisdom oondeused into a ingle sentence. It would be difficult to avow an agricultural practice, each particular of whieb would be more opposite to the practice of the land-killers and dinners of the South. Such persons do not feed their land at all. Thougn land may have nine lives, like a cat, {et it may die at last of starvation. " Weary and!r' How apt an expression. Not utterly exhausted, but tired, wearied. Reader, hare yoa not some land which, this summer, will pant and blow and struggle under the burden of starveling and siokly stalk of corn. ! " Weeded it befnm it w?j fnnl " \Ck? _ _ __ - - ? .. ? ..W aui?< - ? V u J C" ' Ui O of oar planters raise weeds for mannre. Vile peats, of no use to man or beast, are suffered to grow up and cncumber the ground, merely for the sake of the privilege of burying their dead bodies to supply vegetable matter to the soil. On a perfectly conduoted plantetion, no plant would be suffered to mature its seed which was not of some known and positive utility. Peas and clover are better than ' weeds?they feed both the soil and domestic animals, and give no trouble to ?ucceedinz crops. Remember the practice of tbe English ! farmer Do net wait until your land begins to j ? * poor before you manure it. If it U rich, j make it richer. Do not wait until your land j begins to fail before you rest it?give it rest in time to prevent its ever being tired. Do not ? wait until your plantation is stocked with j weeds before you begin to destroy them. Oue < weed destroyed this year will save much hoe- { ing next year. Manure soon and well, give j abundant rest and cultivate clean, lie is a ' good farmer who observes these rules.?Southern Cultivator. inr Liszt, tbe pianist. Is about to marry tbe PrTaceas \\ ltgensteln, and bis appoiutment to su- ' prrlntend Napoleon's music sbows that he is to be wedded soon.! OCEANS TEAMERS' SAILING DA YS Fxoil tbi uxitib St atm. (i<Muri. f.taT* For. ?Mvs Persia_______New York.-Liverpool .Am. 28 * Ara?o ?New York?.Havre. Sept. 14 Fsok Eubofb Ranni v?u ?? " ? ? .? .w.. . 4*?"w i vi k ?auk 1 ** Ana?_? Liverpool New York.~Aug. 17 The California mail (turner* leave on tiie 1st, 3th. and Slat of every month. THE SUBSCRIBERS RK8PECTFULLY invite the attention of the Army and Nary to tbeir fall ?uppl* nt MILITARY**?! ana NAVAL, FURNISHING GOODS. W\ ach a* Indigo Blue Cloths and Doeskin*, WV Cap*. Epaulets, Isaacs, Shoulder Straps, Belts, Swords, Sword Knots, Caps, Hats, and all respective embroidery, th* oeiebrated FATENTFlLTKRING CANTEEN. Orders in that line respectfully solicited. H F. LOUDON A CO., Naval and Military Merchant Tailors, jy l?-eo3m Pa. av.. wndsr Urown's Hotel. Q U N BOATS Quartermasttr OmurmFi Qfiee, ( Washington Cxty. July 18.1861.i Flams amd Specification* for hulls of Gun Boats for the Western rivers are on exhibition at this office, and at offices of Quartermasters at Pittabnrg. Cincinnati, rtt. Louis and Alton. Boats to be delivered at Cairo. Bids should be sent to Quartermaster General of the United States Army, at Washington, by 1st Augi**t. a^ poors. M. 15. MKIRS. Jv 19 Brig. Gen'l and Quartermaster Gen'l. "SOLDIER* AND FELLOW-CITIZENS," 0 Come to SMITH'S, No. 460 Sevemn street, opposite Post Othoe.a^d buy your CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS, TRUNK*. VALI3FS, HAT* A PS. *t Northern pnc?s. |t 17 1m PROPOSAL* FOR SIDE WHttL STEAMERS. Natt Department. ) Burt u nf ( onstrueticm, > WAfHi.-WTuS. August S, I861,\ lit ConrosMirr with the act of Congress approved theSi Aucust, 1361. the l*avy Department wi 1 reoetve proposals for the ooi.atrooiion ani equipment of Twelve Side Wheel Steamers. 1 he load draft of water not to exoeed six feet aire mcnes; to be armed with two riflad guns, of 7,an#iba each.o?eat each end of ;he vessel; also, with t?o 2-pouud howitzers; the oomple meet to be one hundred peraona witn provisions for aixty days, to have two thousand gallons of water in tanks. ard to be provided with a condenser for distilling potable water. To be ache-oner rigged, ana have a redder at each end, properly protected by a poet. T^e Department desires to have the highest attainable speed, which must be stated iu the offer, tog?ta?r with the length of time it can be maintained, and the quantity of coal that can be carried 5the bankers for that speed, which anonld not be s than for eighty cays. fhe propoeal mast be for the ha 1,spars, rigging, i>s, and canvass work, boats, anchors, and esMes. tanks, oasks, furniture, oooking apparatus act ate>.ai's. steam machinery and spare work, with all the equipments for a vessel of war oom pioi? ana raiar ia all rwp?oU for ?ca aervioe. and rMdf to reoeive n<*r officer*, men, armament, tor**, provision*, and fuel for steam machinery. The armament, atorea, proviaions, and fnej will befitnuahed by the Government. Tk* rp?c fieaUona moat fall* deaoribe the w.a teriaia to be aaed.the method anu aits of faatenmit, tie detail of the aiae, material, huiah, kind, and arrangement of maohiaery, and of the varioua e^uipmenta taoladed lit the propoaal. The plana moat be workmc drawinr sjrom which the vassal ami machinery ran be built, showing the al.otunt of apaoe for accommodations, store i monu, ma?aiine, aad ahetl-rooma, diapoaition of ntrus. aad eminea to be be'ow the dr ok? the maia shaft may be above; the boiler preaaure no? to be le?a than thirty pound* per aeuare inoh, aod a sarfaee oondenaer to be naed ; the paddlavMe. to be overhung. Up >n appliaauoa to theT^ommardant of any navy ' yard the bidder oan aee the list of e*aisments re- 1 paired for the prope ier gan-boats, to wnich, as far as practicable, theae are to conform, aid for vetch oonveol'at stowage it to be provided. Tae biddera wili atat? the least time wit ia whiob they wt.l agree to oomp ete the veaaei for aaa and i deliver her atarah iavj yard aa they mar name, w tfcoot extra 0 st to the Government. It must I likewise be a?afsd in the r (Ter the total amoatt for whi*k ikey wilt encage to do all that is required above aad embraced in their apecihoations and; aad tha hi i^ust be aooompanted by namea i of guarantor a that if awarded they will exeoate I ?ne ?<gnoi IThe nanal ootd tiona of Government oontraota ill be o?e; ved. Piymtiti to be mid* at four farent intervale, aa the work prof reeaee, retaining n*-f 1U of the whole amount for ninety day* after the delivery of the veaael, to repair anj de feoto that may be diaoovered within that time in trial at eea. It ia anderatood that ia the oontraot a guarantee will be lr.aerted of t?e fu fi iment of tli? ooaditua of apeed, fuel, aatufaotory working oi |h* machinery, ho., with a forle tare in care of 8!"f repntaHon of biddera ae anooeaaful a team- 1 IP baiidera will have dae weight, and the proeoI ijaat atate ihe naoeoi the marine ateam-engme tiding aetaOlt ah meat at whieh they intend the , team macUner? to be aude t The l>epe tment reaervei the rigH to a*Mpt the aropoaiUose made in conformity with the oondi- ; ti??i a ereronbed Which ahall be ooaaidered moat to the inter eat of the Government and oombie Ue reateat number of ndtantagee, aud to rejeot any or all of them, at it - option. The apeei&oaUo na aaa p.aca of eettira not obttUBiaatha ooatraet oaa be withdraw* by then. ^Jhapeparcmscs will not o^mide' .u?;f uudor oUl^a^iona ^ ya?tea propoeala after ot <? * * III fFOK 81 AMPINS A PACKET OP PAPER AND ENVELOPES TO MAVC1. fttUl METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE, PHI LP A SOLOMONS, 4l?ll fm Lmmmut'i ?Ubrmttd Linm /?wn " KtirfHtm Mills," #?., # ?. ? M-ly hat. 9th and loth sta. WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. W\R. SHUMAN hw, after an experience of tea U mn, established the above refuge from juackery, self-labelled Indian or German doctors, and pretender* of witohoraft and impostors m general This is the only place where a sure and npeedj cure can be o5tained tn the vorld for ali improver and evil habits, sonorrhs, gleet, seminal weakness, syphihis, primary secondary. and tertiary, organic weakness, pains in the loins, strictures, general debility, prostration, nervousness, restless nights, palpitation of the heart, riming in the ears, loss of memory, oonfns>on,melanohoi.T,affections of the bead, throat, nose, and akin, and all tuose peonliar disorders arising from the ininoretion of yonth, rendering them unfit for either bnsiness, stndy. society, or marriage. Dr. 8. has the greatest remedies in the known world for diseases of the blood, gonorrhw, gieet, striotnres, syphiilis, seixunal weakness, self abuse, Ao. There is no oase in which they fail to cure in from S to 6 days. Victims or theae horrible complain?*, who would wish to be valuable men and ornaments to society, should embraoe the earliest opportunity for relief. Dr. Shuman baa made tho moat oomp eta arrangementa for the comfort of hi* patient* who oome from a distance. I hey will be furnished with tiie moat pleasant an ! agreeable quarter*, nooest'.ry diet, and made as oomfortable aa they wonld be at a fir*t olaaa hotel at le*? thaa half the cost. Do not forget the namn and number. Dr. Shu man'a office ia on the ocrner of Sixth atreet and Pennsylvania avenue. Clarendon Hotel, opposite the National Hotel, Wafhincton, 1> C. Person* at a distance shoniu enclose stamp for retarn pottage. Office hours,9 A. 10 P.M. Varions parties have been enticed from my institution by oertaia swindlers on back streets in this city, who will rue it ti!! the da? of their d*atb. A worgto the wise ia <* It Cure Couth, Cold, Hoarttn*ff, InAumza.any irritation or Soreof th* Throat, Heiitre the Hvkint Co*f\ >n ContvmrItl'Jil'lHilMB Item, Bronchitis, Askrria, 4* Catarrh, Clear and five Wjf'W itrentth to the voice of >fov7JMr P U B L 1 C SPEAKERS awn SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of ohectinr a Cough or "Common Cold''in its first sta?e;tbat which in the bscimng would yield to a mild rrti.e dy, if nefleoted. soon attacks iheLunts. "Brcion'i Bronchial Troches." contains* demulcent ingredi ents, allay Pulmonary and Bionohial Irritation. "Thattrouhle m my Throat, (foi BROWN S vhioh the "2V*ei?" area specific) __ having made me often a mere whia TROCHES perer." N, P. WILLIS, BROWN'S " * reoommend their use to Pvbli* dflA?U8. TROCHES REV. ? ? CHAPIN. "Great service in subduing Hoar?i CROWN'S *!?!." REV. DANIEL WISE. TROCHES . Almost instant renor in the dis trussing ,?bor of breathing peculiar BROWN'S Asthm*," KEV. A. C. EGGLESTON. TROCHES "Contain no Opium or anythins injurious." DR. A. A HA VES, BROWN S C?(fiui, Boston, TROCHES tlonVr'Cop^Oombi? BROWN'S o* P. B18?LOWf TROCHES " fl*B??oia! in B?8PCJ?Tto." ? Ut\? J* t*s VV LAIN E, BROWN'S Bottom ** I have proved them exoellent for TROCHES WiooriM CoteH." REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S Bottin. VRorHPH * Beneficial when eompelled to TROCHES speak, suffering from Cold!" krowm'* REV. 8. J. P.ANDERSON, BROWN S SL L<mifi TROCHES u B?f?ctwal In removing Hoarse ness and Irritation of the Throat, so BROWN'S common with Sr*i.KUs and SmeTBOCHES Prot M- STACY JOHNSON. Lm firm,nit, (Jm. BROWN'S Teaoher of Muaio, Southern r emale College. TROCHES "Great benefit when taken before and after preaohing, as ther prevent BROWN'S Hearsenees. From their past effect, I think they will be of permanent adTROCHE8 ncui< to ma. REV. K. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athens College, Tenn. "ociH ?Tff^'c'ise3a,i,S8f3f2SN4* 1-ly PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD REJTOVATEB la preoiaei* what ua name mdioatea, for, while peasant to thetaate, it la revivifying, exhilarating, invigorating and atren?themng to the vita, power*, and at tne aame time revmhee, reinatatea, and renews the Blood in a.'l ita original parity, and thua at onoo rtstorts and rrudtrt the system invnlntrablt to ait atks qf durasi. It ia the only preparation ever offered to the world, ao chemically and skillful.y combined aatobetne moat powsrfal touio, and at the aame time ao perfectly adapted to, aa to act in perfect aooordanoe with the lawa of nature, and henoe will tooth* the %wtaMeft stomach. ana tone ap the digeet:ve organa. and thaa allay ail nerTona and other irritation. It ia perfect!? exlulara ting and at the aame time it ia oompoaed entirely of vegetable*, yet ao combined aa to prodaoe the moat thorough tonic effect, without producing any in iurioue consequences. fenoh a remedy haa long ? *?* Wa m Aai/1 AM n m 4 *i >Vi a ma^i?a ! W/\v1<< U^U iOlk iu w uraiuciahiih 111 iuo iuduiimii wuu) tor it ueede no medioal ek.ll to aee that debility follows all attacks of diaease, and proceeds and indeed far* the system omd to the insidious attacks ol many of the moat fatal,?uoh, for example, aa the following: Consumption, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, 1 oss of Appetite. Faintnesa, Nervous Irritability, Neuralgia, Palpitation of the heart, Melanohoiy, Niiht Sweats. Lang or, Giddiness, Retention of. as well as Painful oustruoted, too profuse, or too sc*nt Menstruation, and Failing of the Womb. These all depend upon general debility. This pure, cealthytonio Cordial ^nd B'ood Renovator is as sare to cure as tae sun 1st o rise and set. TliAre is ho mistake about it . But this is not all- If the system is weakened we are oeen to bilious attacks, the liver becomes torpid, or worse fliseaseo. the kidneys refuse to perform their functions, and we are troubled with soaiaing ana inoontinenoe o urine, or involuntary discharge of the same, pais in the back, side and between the shoulders, exceedingly iiar>ie to slight coias, oougns. and 11 id checked, soon emaciation follows, and the patient goes down to a premature grave. But seaoe will not allow us to enumerate the manv ills to whioh w# are liable in a weakened oondition of the svstem. But we will say in this Cordial and Blood Renovator you have a perfect safe pi easant and effectual remedy for loss of Appetite. Biiiousnees. Flatulence, weak and siok Stomach. Langour, Laver Complaint. Chills and Fever.or anv Bmoasattaok Cottivenees. Aoiaitv of the Stomach, Nervousness, Neuralgia, Pa<pitation of the Heart, Depression of Spirits. Soree, Pimples on the Faoe, or any diseaso arising from impure blood, suoh aa Scrofula, Erysipelas. Brouohins, Couch, difioulty of Breath ing, and all that olass of diseases c&l ed female weakness, and enumerated above. We will also say the traveler exposed to epidemics, cn&nge of olimate and water, will find it a pleasant, sa/epnd sure remedy, and no one "honid ever travel without. Reader, trv it. far we assure von von will find in it a friend veil aa ?friend in need. All persona of sedentary habits will find it a perfect preventive ol, aa well aa aonre for those ailments which they are particularly exposed. Hence miniaters, students, attorneys, literarv gentlemen, and ladies who are not aooustomed to much outdoor exorcise, will r.z<l it to their advantage to keee a bottle ooastai-tly on hand; and above all motners, or those oecsauug suoh, will /to through that moat dangerous jc-rioa not only with all their aooustoracd strength, but safe and free from the thousand ailments so prevalent among thrfemaie port?j\*>f the world. In short, is indeed a mother s coadiaL Try it old and young;no lorger ran the risk at aeiay; it will relieve ana prove it?elf emphatioaliy a Cordial and Blood Rmoraior. O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Broadwav, New York, and 114 Market Street. St. Lonis, Mo., and old by ail good Druggute. Prioe One Dollar per PRO*. WOOD'S RB3 TOR A TIVB CORDIAL un BLOOD &BNOVATOR. Sold In this eity by 0. 8TOTT, 87# Fa. avwae. aa >n-eoiy.aiw QUNBOATS fo* thi WESTERN RIVERS. QgiiTMism eiiimL'i Orricx, I Watkintton, Jtmt IT.lWl.f Psoposals are invited for oonstruoting 6an boats upon the Wectern rivers Specifications will be immediately prepared and may be examined at the Quartermaster's Office at Cinolnnati. Pifsbu'gh, and at this offioe. Hronoi&la frnm hnRfc-hmlr Ara ?nm\na.Kni\A er? alone will be considered. P.aoi submitted by bidders will be token into consideration. M- C. MKIGS, f U Q uirtermastOT general United States. J^OOTB AMD WO BV1V VU We are now manafaotanni nil kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, and corstantly reoeiYir.i NyftT of sastorn made work of every de BHI s'zsh r?:^ri!^)r^rB. heretofore charged in uua eity for meek inferior "persons in want of Boots and Shoos of salern or Olty nads work, will always finda rood assorimea >. ??-IS 4. Em VCVpfe'ViV^:son.* (II M?. r?. ??. ? will remove paint, varnish, or grease of any kind fronj the most delioato fabric, silk or woolen, with mt&ShSmSififffrZ Tuuh aJjr?9?mBc oi Pit ana WtklW-^^" r?w?M. M 10 5*ra .VJOXm J^AYY BEEP AND_POM FOR 1899 PUTT DWAETMlfT, ) Bur ram qf frtvxticmt and Clothing,) SAfpaat 44, 1861. S red Pro?o?ala l .,r rk,"aa th? cue mn tee until o'clock a. M. on Wedneeday, the 25th day of September nex'. f.>r fumiahing at.d delivering. free or til ooat and riak to the United Statoa, at tii? following Navy Yarda: Barrel* Beef. Barrela Pork. At Charleetown, Maaa....3J00 4 sno At Brooklyn, N. V. 4.S0 6)100 At rmlaaelphia, Peon?i,i?? \j* n 9,000 '2,000 One half of aaid Beef and fork mu*t be deiver'd at eaoh of the above-named tarda, respectively, by the lat day of April, 1862: ana the remaining hall by the lat day of June, 18fc2, anleca earlier deliveriea ahould be rt-qured by ?ha Chief of thia Bureau Pajment to be made withi?thirty daya alter delivery. Bidiera maat apeoify their pricea aeaarately and diatinotlr in separate odera lor the Beel and for th^ fork, and for eaoh of the plaoea of delivery, covering ail ezpenaea and ail chartea The Baef injat bi from we 1 fattened oVtle, a aughtertd between the lit?ay of Ootcber, 1861. aad the lat day ot Jannary, 1862, and weighing not leaa tnan lix huidrr-d pounria, nett weight, each. The l*ga and leg randa of the bind auartera,and the ahina ar.d ahon der oloda, the ahouldera of mut ion ?aa enaa 01 euoKmg pieoea, sn-i si least I wove poun'lt f ora the neok eud of Mob fore-quarter or the parta marked Nm. 1,1. S, 4, and 3, on the drawing or delineation of the fore and hind quarter* of an ox whioh win be attached to and fo'm a part or the odd tract, moit be wnolly ezomded from each iarre; a i the other piece* are to be paoked. and. instead of being cut hitk a cleaver, be eml th'tru-h vextK a saw and knife to girt the meat a tquarf, mat, and smooth npptatanct, in pUces of not lest thin #tght pounds, nor more than twelve pounds tack* l he Fork mint be paoked from oorn-fed, well fattened hogs, slaughter d between the 1st day of Deormbe-, 1861, and the let day of January, 1R62, ar,d wei?hug not le^e than two hund.ed pounda each, excluding the heads, jolea, neoka. ahou dera, hama, lega, fe<;t, butta, rumps, lard, and ail refaae pieoea, and mu>t be out with a satr and knife in Cieoea weighing not leaa than six pounda, nor more lan twelve pon.ida each. Both the H-ef and Fork m at be sa'tel with at least one statute bu?hel of Turk's Isau', Isle of May, Key Webt aolar. Onotdaga aolar, or St Ube's salt; an t the Beef n.uat 1 ave five ounces of fine pulverised saltpetre to each barrel, ezolusivs of a p ckle. to be made frotn froah water aa strong ** ca t ?ul make it, and must be perfeotly bright ad' l?ir. Kaon barrel must contain full 300 pounda nett weight ot berf or pork, ard no exoeaa of weight in eithei article will be paid for. The barrels must be entirely new,and bemads of the beat se^oned h^art of white oak - taves and n7auiiigr; me siavehio do n i iess man live eigtittM of an inch thuk. and the headings nut less than tnr-t -f urthi of an inch thick: they must be three fou ths hooped over, including the iron h ops, with best wmte oak or hick >ti hoopr.and each barrel must have on it four iron ho >p?, v.z oj? of one and a half inch inwidttion each bilge, ai.d one of one and aa eighth moh in width on each o'lime, and each to i>e of one sixteenth of an inch t ick. Kajh barrel must be of the internal oapioity of thirty-two gallons am the iron hoops must be well painted with red lead. t-ach barrel must be branded by burning on its head " Navr B ?ef," or " Navy Perk," a? the oa*>e mat be, with the contractor's name and the year when packed, and weight; and .na l alao he branded on tho buug stave with the letter B.or P., as the ca*e ma* be. The bo.l and pork will, unless otherwise direct ed by the Chief of this Bureau, be inspeoted by the inspecting officers at the respective Navy \ ards afore-aid, a- d bv some "sworn inspect jr of salted provisious." who will be selected by tlie respective oommai ding * ffice-s; nt their charges for sucn inspections naust be paid by tin respective contrac tors, wno must likewise have the barrels putin good shipping order, to the satisfaction of the commandant of tho re?peotive Narr i aids aforesaid, alter inspection. and at their own exp* nse. Two or more arp oved <-uretit-s ip* vf>'.^iii?i lu i one ha f the estimated sraoi'c; oi tne contract will be required, at?d tweiS., per oentnm in addition will be wi:J i.-om the amount of each payment to be inade, as collateral security lor the due and faith.ui of the respective oontracts, which w 11 on no account be paid until tho con tracts are compiled with in all respect" ; and is to be forfeited to the L'nuel states in ih ) event <f ftilure to complete the'deliveries within the pre soiibed period. In case of failure on the part of the con'raoior to deliver all or any of tin beef or poi k above mentioned, <1 the 411a lty and at the time acd places above provided, the contractor will forfeit and pay to the United states, as liquidated damages, a sum of mouer eaual to tw.oe the amount of the oontract pnoe t > (>e paid in case ot the ao>ual deliver; thereof; which liquidated dam ages may r>e recovered from time to time as the? acoue Payment will be made by the Umod States at th* periods above tpeoified. (exo?ptm< the twen'y per oeatum to be withheld untii the completion of the cont.aot, as before stated.) aft t the said beef and pork shall have beeu inspected and reoeived.and bil s for the same shall have lueu presented to the navy agents, re?pective?v, duly approved by the commandants of the retp^otiya D" yards, according to the terms of the can (ML i.,e parts of beef to be excluded will be particu lirty d signaled in tke engraving to be attached to the contract, tersons interested tan obtain them on application at this office. Binders whose proposals shall beacoepted (and none others) will be forthwith notified, and as early as practicable a oontract will be transmitted to them for execution, whioti contract must be returned to the Bureau within ten days, exclusive of the time required for the regular transmission of the mail. A record, or duplicate of the letter informing a bidder ol the acceptance of his proposal, am Id deemed a notification thereof within the meaning of the act of 1846, and hi* bid will be made and ao cepted in eonfi.rmity with this undersancing. Every offer made mu<t be accompvjed (as directed in the 6ih section of the act of Congress making appropriations for the naval rervice for 1846 '47, approved 10th of August, 1848,) by a writ ten gua.aiitee, signed b? one or more re>pon?ibie perrons, to the etfect that he or they undertake i hat the h daer or bidders will, if his or tnmr hid h? ?? cepted, enter into an obligation within ten days, with good and sufficient guretie*, to furnish the article proposed. I his gua ant?e must be acompaniwd by the certificate of the United States district judge, L'nit?d Slates dutriot attorney, or navy agent that the gu%rantors are ab a to make good th'ir gua antee. No prop isa w II be considered unless accompanied by ?uch guarantee. The bidder's name and re>idenoe, and the nan.e of each rnemhs r ( f the firm, where a company offers. with the Christian names written infull, niui t be distinctly stated. L' nder the joint resolution of Concress. approved 27th March, 1864, "all bids for supplies ol provisions, o othint, and small stores for the use of the navy, may be r? j cted at the option of the Department, if made hy one not known as a manufacturer of or regular dealer in the aruo'e proposed to be furmshed whioh fact, or t he reverse, must be distinctly stated in the bids offered. au 34 law4w Gi CARD. Georgetown classical and mathematical academy. This institution wiil beop?*ne<i Monday. Septem ber -id, lftil, by I HEODORE MoGOWAN.M. A. The ooursa of instruction will include, in addition to the elements, all the branohes necessary for a thorough olassioal and mathematical education. Mr Mcuowan h?s been aotiveiy engaged as a teacher during the last six years?as Tutor of Beiles Lettres in the College of New Jersey at Princeton, and as Pnnoipal of tke Academy at Sumter, South Carolina, "Collkob o? Naw jutit, Prtno?ton, n. J. The undersigned take pleasure in expressing the favorable opinion th'y entertain of Mr. Theodore McGowau. a graduate of this Collece, as a scholar and a teacher?Mr McGowan was the hrst aoholar in his olass ; was tutor in belles lettres, and, in the judgrnactoi the undersigned, is wrll qualified to give instruction tn any branch, a knowledge of whioh is requisite for admission into ooliego. john Maclean, n : s . e - " ? rresiueill 01 me uouege. M. B. HOPE, Prof, of Belles i.ettres and Pol. Eo. . STEPHEN ALEXANDER, Prof, of Meoh. Phil. a* d Astronomy. L H. AT WATER. Prof of Mental and Moral Phil. JAM ES C. MOFFAT. Prof, or Greek. JOHN T. DUFFIELD. Prof ol M*th. G. M. GIGER, Prof, of Latin." Referenoe may alio be had to Hon. G?o. Chambers, J How. James INill, > Chamberabnrg, Pa. Hon. A. K McLCHK \ Edwabd McPherson. M. C., Gettysburg. Pa Joakpu Hk>RT, Poo. Smithsonian Ins.. Waahing ton, D O. Gko. w. Bball, Georgetown, D. C. H. M. Swesht, do. do. Bikj Dabby. do do. Terms. Tuitioi, English, Mr qaarter of 10 weeks f 8 on M ' and higher math 10 no 14 * " Classics 12J0 Fuel, lstand ad quarters 60 auSSaWlm (Intel MfcThlm) pEMALK BOARDIN^AND^DAY SCHOOL mM t m no M ?nir TV? HIM ui ? uouuniuii/it nmciriL Vhe thirteenth annual aession of tais Institution will oomratnoe on Tuesday . September ltth, in the house recently oocupied by Sylvester Soott, Km., No. 190 King atraet. The course of stqdy yarned will oompnea all the cirai.ohda reaniaite to a thorough English Education. and hlasio, French, Lntin and Drawing, U desired. In addition to day scholars. Mrs. MoCormiok ia prepared to reoeire a limited numborof pupila as boarders, who. constituting a part of her own family, will be under her immediate oare and supemaion. She will endeavor,Hfar aa possible, to sur ronnd them with the oomfbrta and kindly inflaenoea f Home. Rifmrmuu.?Ear. Seo. H. Norton, Ear. Dr. Eliaa Harrison, Rev. D. F. Bprigg, William H. Fowle, Em., Edgar Scowdec, Eaa., Edmund F. Witmer Es?., Henry Mar bury, Em., Lewis MoKenaie EMm Robert H.JInntbn. Eaa., W. D. Wallaoh Editor Evening Star, Benjimin;Waters. Es, Jm Entwiale^r^j^,Col.^ohn^W. Muior, I .oudouo, B rather a '?? Tbem* " ' " ' ? * Hoard, witn Tuition in a.1 the English Branehee, #*?for the annul leanon?payable semi-annually, Muiio and Languages at Profeeeora' prioee. Noeitraohargee. an?-tf WA" I have one of the beet establishments, anfrfaraished with aoomplete aet of tooli for repair- A ing every description or fine watohea nod JD arriouiai attention give to the same, by thu ?gh competent workman .and a., work (ueou: ?y own Hy^nnon. whioh my^ouetome^ra will lad %"?S.?'"f? 1: ^VWli -ail # ' m OUT PBKFASATIOV WOMtT or

UHIYlBflAL COOT IDEKCI4 PATRON AG I FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN, LADIES, mU GENTLEMEN in all parti of tho world testify to t&e effioaoy ot PROF. 0. J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE and gentlemen of the Preaa are ananimous in ita praise. A few testimonials col; oa.T be here liven see ci*on!ar for more.aod it will be impossible for you to donbt. <7 Wall Snnr, Niw Yomx, Deo. SO. IM. GmtUmn: Yoar note of the IMh instant hu been received. wmbi that tod iiad heard that I had been benefited t>ythe guof Wood's Hair Rastorative, an t requesting ray oertifioate of the (act if I had no objootion to fire it I award it to jou cheerfully, beoauae I think it due. Mr ace is about <0 years ; the oolor of my hair auburn, and inclined to curl. Some fire or six rears since it began to turn (ray, and the seals on tnecrown of my head to lose its aeasibi.ity and Jaadraff to form npuu it. Each of theae disagreeabiiities inoreased with time, and about 4 months ainoe a fourth was added to them, by hair falling off the top of m# nead and threatening to make me bald. in thia unpleasant predicament I waa induced to try Wood'a Hair Restorative, mainly to arreat the fall icg off of my hair, for I had really no expeeta- | tion tnat tray hair oould ever be reetorad to ita orifinal ooior except from dyes. 1 waa, however, ftrwN/ wifi iv iiuu f tutor UIO uw UI IWU wn Ilea only, that not only vu the off arrested, but the o"ior iw '#atored to the gray hurt and aeuaibility to th? aoalp, and dandruff o"aaeu to form on :uy head, very much to the gratification of mj wife, at whoae solicitation I was induoed to try it For thia. amonc the many obligationa 1 owe to bar aex, 1 atrongly recommend all finsbanda who value the admiration of their wives to profit by my example, and use it if frowini jray orcetting baxf. Very respectfully, Bin. A. Lavi^eu. To 0. i. Wood A. Co.. 444 Broadway, N.Y. My family are absent from the oity, and 1 am no onter at No. II Carro> Plaoe. 8iA.KBTOR, Ala., July SO, IMS. To PftoT. O J. Wood: iHar Str?Your "Hair Elpatorative" has done my hair ao much good since commenced the use of it, that I wish to make nown to the publio of tta effects onthe hair, whicn are treat. A man or woman may benearly deprived of hair, an-', by a reaort to your ''Hair Restorative" the hair will return mor6 beautiful than ever; at least this ia my experience. Beiieve it all! Youra trulv, Wx. H. Ksnzdy. P. 8.?You can publlah the above if yon lik?. By Bnhliihinr in nur Srtiithum aa??ra inn will mmA more patronage South. I Lee several of jrouroer* tificatea in the Mobile Mercury, % strong southern paper. W. H. Kmm. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. Pro*. O. J. Wood: Dtar Sir: Having had the miafortnr.o to lose the best portion of my nair, Prom the effeoU of the yeliow fevor, in New Or.?aua in 1851,1 wai induoed to make a trial ot your preparation. and found it to answer aa the very' thing needed. My hair ia now thiok and gioaay, and no words can express my obligations to you in giving to the a&icted such a treasure Fiklit Johnson. The Restorative ia put np in bottlea of three site*; vis: large, medium and amall; the ainall hold hall a pint, and retails for one dollar per bottle; the medium holds at leaat 20 per oent. more in proportion than the amall, retails for two dollar* perbottie; the large holds a ?uart, 40 per oent. more in propor tion, and retail* for $3. O. J. WOOD & CO., Proprietors, 444 Broad way, New York, and 114 Marketatreet, St, Louis Ho * Sold in thia e-ty by C. STOTT, 37* Pa. avenue. au 27 eoly.alw SOV FOR THE SICK AND SWFFERIN# J LET ALL WHO ARE AWL1CTED READ! imr THK REMEDY REJOICE kIN HEALTH. Fr!>**. ? yoa saJTer.' Are yo* the victim af * ? f those r.vmaroas ubnenu wkirK. -r.?e irem im i w\z\mre thov, do yoa ask' Rather aak.wnat are they r ot t The blood ia th* in* roe of life and nealth, and it i* the first element af oar being to ret pone to a&y eaase whioh mfleots the system, an the ?*lte inELlfiLlv attests. The erer prevailing Nearaigia, th* imiatirr Lrynpe:?a,tha Sarofui*. U>e ?eontx:ct E twumatiam, Nerve* ? L'ebi.ity, fiyapejala, Livar Complaint with ;ta tor jor and dojaotion, and the namberieia ills thai l4>n 1a L"ir to, derive their Udeoaa origin from tha I bloo<;, ]>o?l kindly then arid genliy with the blo?<t. Wee the vitalising reacorora of naiare for ita aid, and gaffer aa toooramend to yo'ar confidence an# aae that traly valuable medicament known aa MRS. M. cors IX D I Alt rxa STABLE DKCOOTION. With rerard to thia almoat infallible aaeoifta popuiar aentiment haa apoken in deoided term* ana the evidtencoe of thia great eCcacy are ana tametl by constant aruwa a of curative effeota and the happioat reaalta from ita ose are atter all other remedies and tre beat medioai akill have failed. Let ua say, in ootioinaion, that oertlficatea eorea are not Bought from the Uliterato and aurerlc:a!, bat they aTe volunteered from the moat reapectabie sources and justify the highest terma it whicfi it ia poaaible to commend ao valuable a ytvj. aoUi pablio approval. We may add aiao that the ourative propertieaof the medicine areequalied only by ita restorative effects. the ayatem reoover ing fi-omdiaeace with renewed constitutional vigor. For aa'e b* a!! reeeeatahle nrnrrists in this ity, and by the proprietor, MrsTM. COX, None gennine acieta ber name is blown on Uif bott ? and her seal on the oork Ify Price ftl per bottle, six bottles for ft. Wkcl?i*l4 At**?. R. H. T. CISSKL, Drs grist eorceiown, D C.. Wholesale A cent for the l)is trict, and will sappiy the trade at inr prices. as l? tT rpUK ALL BUFFIOIKNW fHEKE. TKIE8EMAR, l,i and I?Protected by Ro;a> Letters Patent of England, and secured by the Seals of the JEcole de Plamiacie de Paris, and the Imperial College of Medicine, Vienna. No. 1 is invaluable for extiaistion and natorrhea, and all physioai disabilities. No. 2 completely eradicates all traces of thoas diseases taat have been hitherto treated by tee nasseous and pernicious of ocpaiva and cobebs. No. 3 has entirely supplanted the injurious use of mercury, thereby lnsnrirg to the luflerer speedy relief, dispersing all imparities, and rooting o? the venom of disease. TK1ESEMAK, Nos. 1,land I, are prepared 1b Ute form of a loienge. devoid of taste and smell, and oan be carried in the waistcoat pocket. 8ol? in tin cmv, and divided into separate dones, as ad ministered by Velpeau, Lailemand, Roux, Rioord 3to Price #3 each, or four oasns for 99, whioh saves S3; and in $fl cases, wherebr there is a saving of 93. To be had. wholesale and retail, of l>r BARROW, of 194 IJleecker street. New York. Immediate! j on receiving a remittance. Dr. Barrow will forward the Triesemar to any part oi the world, securely packed, and addressee according to the in trnationa of tha wrif?r The Book, of ali others, that should be read bj men witii damaged and broken down constitutions is "Roman Frailty, or Physiological Resoarohes." It is beautifully illustrated, and treats minutely of ail tne symp.oms that invariably develop therateives, sooner or later, resulting from the frailties and vitiating habits or early youth, incapacitating the viotim trom snaring the fruition of tue matri monial state, and. if notpheoked in time, degenerating all the functions of manhood, and bruising him, step by step, toalincoring and untimely dAth. Sola by Dr. HAR ROW7l94 Bleeoker street, four doors bolow Maodougal, Nev York. PriM II oenta. Bent free every where. Sold also by 8. C. Fora, Jr., Drag Store, Wash tagton, P. C. de g-tm P HEADER, ER USE The following statement and then judge of its laotsfor yourself. ABRAM COLE, of Brooklyn, N. Y.. a well known oitiien there, had suffered from Dyapepsia for some joars, witho-it permanent ie!ief. until he tried AYER'S FILLS, which taken according u the directions for this oomplwnt, restored mm to health m a few weeks After an interva of some month s he lias had no return of his cmp aint. 6EO. \V , CROSS, of Harmony,Texas, had an eruption on his neck, shou.ders, back and leg. whiori covert*! about one third of his body. It kept the parts affected oovered with a scab, and being often a raw sore, was of oourse very troublesome and distressing, it so much impaired his health as to unfit himt or business and kept him in onnstant nncnnjf. au medical aid Tailed him until he took averts compound extract kar8apar1lla, wh.choured him. Hia akin still ahowa aomn soar a from the ulceration, bat it ia otherwise aa cie&r aa an infanta. JOHN H. SHOOK, Ea? , an eminent lawyer ol Richmond, Va . took a oold which settled on hia lungs. A severe pain aet in on the left aide, with a bad oongh, which waa soon followed by the unmistakable symptoms of consumption. \\ n?ri reduoed very low hecommenced taking AVER'S CHER R\ PEC l'l >RAL, wmch soon stop sod theooufh and completely oared him. Prepared by DR. J. C. ATER & CO., Lowell, Maes. ma 11 eota Hnew books. ISTORY of the United Netherlands, by John Lotnrop Motley ; 2 vola ; free b? mail, $L The Riaeof the Dutch Republie, a history, by John Lothrop Motley; Svo oioth; free by mail, Silas Marner, the Weaver of Ravel ol, by the author of *'Adam Bede oloth 7fi#oenia; paper #0 oenta. Life and Career of Maior An/Ira. k? _ ^ - . ...... ?| / / t? MtNVf Barceant; ?l.w. After loeberi* with a Painter, a Summer Voyacs to Labrador and Newfoundland ; by Ret Louis L. Nob e; ?1.50 The Manufacture of Pbotocenio or Hydro-Carbon Oils. by Thomas Antisell, M. D., 91.76. Any of the above free by mail. FRENCH A RICHSTEIN, ap 83 87 S Penn*. avenue. UNION PAPER AND ENVELOPES.?Twen tydifferent styles or Note and Letter Paper, with Envelope* to match. Views of Washington in the form oi a Rose, and in Book form; aJ?o, separate All the Daily acd Weekly Papers oonrtantly on hand. Herald, Times, andTribune reoeived every night at6 o'clock. Pipers from all parts of the oountry. Bendle's Dime Novels and Song Books. A fresh supply of Hooks for summer reading, ohsae A large assortment of Juvenilfte? Mayne Raid's Books, Rollo Books, Abbott's Histories, Jto. A disoount of H> to ? per oent. on all bound books FRENCH A RICHSTEIN. ma ? National Bookstore. 8TS Pa. av. ntrBD-flUlMTA urui'Bf *-? *?? BRS.'CAMP BLANKKTtt, HALP-HO^B^.", wtnon we jnvite all euh purohaaarato examine before making their selection*. WALL. STEPHENS * CO., 383 Pa. av., between 9th and lotfa ata. m 23 (Intelligencer and Repablican.) f^rkat bargains in pianos.-om ran 'l woe Hall k, Son*' make for 9 '#**. one_?|^^ CT^T^oSsnssfi' bTo'Ww make for #75, at the Stora ofW. 6. METZEROTT. aola arent of Stain way * Son** and R ?? ? NtMin A P.n Pukim ma 11 TRAYELLERS' DIBBCTOBT. IJNITED STATES MILITARY BOUTS. CHANGE~OF HOURS. On and afitr Monday, August 19fA, 1M1, TAI8IN6 T*AlWt WILL BVM At FOLLOW* I LEAVE WASHINGTON Ml tod Tti I. n. 13i> and 6 45 p. m.. arriving at Baltimore at 7.4* and 9.10 a. m. and 4J>5 and 7JO p. m. LEAVE BALTIMORE at 4jn and 140 a. m.and t.4S and 5 p m , arririnr at Waahiactoa at I aM 103} a. m. and at 6 and MAjp m. Paeeeceer Tram* Imtiiii wathinftoa at 7 jo a. m. and 3.9 p. m.,and Ballmer* at 140 a. m and tM 5. m , rani* direct o<>r.nenoci for at the notion. Train* lean- Annapoli* for Baltuaor* and Wash inc ton at 6.56 a. m. and S p. m Pa**en?er Train* iearinc Wasiiinrton at and 7 SOa. m and StJn p. m. mak<* direct ooutzlou at Baltimore for Philadelphia ana New Vork. All artioiM of frei?kt (not ooatrafaaad of. war) w|l{ be tracaeoried over the llna. Tonna?* Train* will leave Baltimore at 4 ? a. m. LeartWart incton at 7 p. m. Rf nrHar ?ka a# t?.. - 'fir^ jjfc y A .^ott, t THOMAS H. CANF1ELD, Assistant MlllK'r. an 17-tf CPECIAL NOTICE. SUNDAY TRAIN. On and after SUN DAY. Nth Jmly, there will be bnt one SuikUt dally train? Leave WASHINGTON at IX p. m. for NEW YOK K and PHILADELPHIA. From New Yor< and Philadelphia,arriving in Washington at 610 a. m. J. A. SCOTTT jy 27 General Manager. STEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN ^?il? NEW YOK K AND LIVER POOL. Laading and embarking paaaeogers at Queenstown, Ireland The Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia Steamihia Company int'nd dispatohinc their fall powered C yd?built iron Steamship* aa foliowa: GLASGOW Pat'ir.-a*, August 3d. CITY OF BALTIMORE. " - 1Kb. KANGAROO. " " 13th. And wery Saturday, at noon, from Pierfi, North river. 1ATU OT FAIIAOB. First Pahm *? V ra Do. to London? so Do. to Pari a ... 85 Do. to Hambarg . . as t>t<erue..M f? Do. to i^ocdun 34 Ho. to Do. to Hurabuir 36 Paeaengera forwarded to Havre. Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ao , at reduoed throneh tare*. Peraona wiahing to bring out i heir friend a ean buy tioketa at low ratea ur farther information apply at tte Captaiaa Office. JOHN 9. DA Lfc, A cent, 15 Broadway, N. Y., Or to Q. A. HERRING, Adama Expreea Baltimore. JT? ^INDIVIDUA'L ENTERPRISE a^lif-r link eastern and western shore steamers, "JTEiVT," Capt J H. K rwan "flONEEK,'' Capt W. Norman. Will run their r >ute? a* follow*, lea vine I.ifht at rest, ba.timore. foot ol Camden, at 7 o'oiock A. M: KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landing* on Choptnuk river, every WEDNESDAY and t'.'Ti XlJAY, returning every Thuraday and - ? i ?> /luuar^'iie buu ?? CBl niTCT, ory 1 u CjO I 1) A V" and Fki DA V and returning et e day*. PIONEER?Fur St. M'ohael'a an* Eaaton, via Mile'* River, every WEDN ESDA V. a-d return the Mine day. For Annapolie, West River, Cambridge, Oxford and Eaaton Point, every THURSDAY, returning by same route on Friday For Annapolia. Weet River,St. Miohaei'aand Ea ten, via >1 lie'* River Ferry, every SATURDAY, returning eve?y Monday Dy same route Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Faaton Point ? ? ? ftl SO Fare to ?t Miohae/s aud Milea' River,* round trip.91 > 10# Fare to West River, (round trie, |l)>...... 1 w Fare to Annapo i* (round trio 75 oenU)__? 75 MHALS EXTRA. fT^Freight must t>e prepaid \v iiarf aiid Office, LIGHT ST.. foot of Camden. Baltimore. C. K. CAN NUM. _ NORTHERN flisMi CENTRAL railway. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,i Calvkkt Station, Batimore. May *8,1861. \ On and after Monday, Mar 19th, 1881, Train a on the NORTHERN CENTRAL KAlLWAY ar rive and depart aa follows, until farther notioe. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 8 ISA. M. SXPRE^S at 3 Si P. M. ARRISBL RG ACCOMMODATION at P. M The 8.15 A. M. train oonneota at Relay Hoaae with train* no the Weatern Maryland Ran road; at Hanover Junction with Hanover and Gectaburg Railroad*; at York with York and Wrightsvlile Railroad; at Harr>sr>arg with Penoaylvania Railroad for all part* of the West, also with Lebannon Valley Railroad to N*w Yorkdtrtrt; at Northom berland with L and B. Railroad for Kingston and ali parts of Wyooming Valley .and atttanbnry witt* tne Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all parts Northern Pennaylvania and Mew York. The 9 So P. M train raak*a all the above oonneotions except Hanover Kailr< ad, Wrightsviile Railroad an<l the Lebannon Valley Railroad Ttie 8 P. M train makes oonncotions with Penn atlvania Railn ad for ai parts of the West, and direct oonnects for New York. TRAINS ARRITg. Mail at610 P M.; Express at 7 45 A. M.; Harriebur< Accommodation at 2 <3 P. M I?AV TUIr??. mm.,4 .-# A.I-- 5 ' - - - ? * ??i iv?vm ouu iui"r ' KIOD ID^QITO IQ6 Ticket Omoe, Calvert Station, Baltimore J. C. CLARE, Bap't. as? LE^g fiWWMf'"* The Camden and Amboy and Philadelphia and Trenton Railroad Companies' Line from PHILADELPHIA TO NKW VOKK AND. WAY PLACl" 8. from WALNUT 81 REET WHARF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, wiu lea re aa lot love: At 6 A M , via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Aooommodation.) At 6 A. M , via Camden and Jereey City, (N.J. Aooommodation ) At 8 A. M., via Camden and Jereey Ctty.iMorairg Mail.) At lift A. M , via Keuunfton and Jereey Ctty, ( W ectern Expreee.) At 13H P. M., via Camden and Amt>oy,( Aeoomnaodat*un.) At2 P M.,via Camden and Amboy, (O. and A. Expren > At ik P M , via KeneiDfton and Jersey City, (Evoning Express.) _ At 4H P M , via Kmeiniton and Jereey City, (Second Claea Tioket.) AtC P. M., via Camden and Jereev CItr.(Krenin* mi.) t Ilk P. M., viaCamdenand Jersey City,(South ern Mail.) AtSP. at., via Camden and Amboy,( Accommodation, freight and pasaenger, Firat Claaa Ticket.) Second Claaa Ticket. The S f M Ma>l Train mm daily. ThelljtfP. M. Mail, Saturdays excepted For Belv.dere, Kaaton, l.?f>t>ertville, Flenungton, Ao., at 7.10 A. M.; and 436 P- M., from KansiDgton. For Water Gap, 9troadsbarg.Soranton,Wilkesharre, Montrose, Great Bend, Ac., at 7.10 A.M., from Keasington, via Delaware, Lackawanna and Weit'rn Railroad. For Mauoh Chun*, Allentown and 7.10 A. M. and 5H P. M. from Kensington depot; the 7.10 A. M .li e concocts with the tiain leaving fe niton at S 35 *. M. For Mount Holly at 6 and ? A. M. and t and IX P M For Freehold at 6 A. M. and S P. M. For Bristol, Trentoa, Ao.. at 7.10 A. M?U and 5X P- M from Kenaington, and 2X P. M from walnut street wharf. For Palmyra Kiverton, Delacoo, Beverly. Burlinrton, FI<>renneoo. Bordentown, Ac., at 12K, I. S, 4* and 5 P M Steamer Trenton for Bordentowu.aad intermediate tlaoes. at 2X P. M. wharf. [H7~ For New York ud W*y LIdm. leaving Kenainaton Depot, take the oara on Fifth street, above Walnnt, half an hoar before depa ture 1 he oara run into the depot, and on arrival of train ran from the depot. Fifty ponnda of baggage only a.lowed tofaeh paaeenger. Paeaengera are prohibited from tafcinf anything aa baggage but their wearn.? apparel. All baccate over 6ft* pounda to be jaid for extra. The oompany limit their reaponaiSility f?r tnciare to one riol ar per pound, and will not be liable fur any amount beyond one haodrad do!Lara, exoept by apeoial contract, WM. H. 8ATZMKK. A rent Bmm RAILROAD. On and after May 16tn, 1*61, the traina will ran aa followa, vi*:?Leave Camden Station, Balti U..1 -----* o 5 - - ? ' . u>vi>.?I?I| auaamj.) |l A. .! KIFOR WAY PA88EN8RRS. ^ M Between Baltimore ana Piedmont take the A. m. Train; between Piedmont and Wbeeun? take Ao oommodation Train, leaving Piedmont>a? *.?? A. M ; and between Grafton and Parkerabarg, take the A M_ Train imm Ba timore. The FREDERICK TRAIN leaTaa Baltimore at 4 30 p. M.and Frederick ai6JC a. m. The KLLlCOfrS MILLS T r A IN leave Baltimore at 6 ? and 9J5 A. M. and 1 46 aod M? P. M-, and Klhoott'e Mill* at 7.40 and IIjM A. M ,and lit aod UN P. M. For further information, Tiokete of arecr kind, Ao.. apply to J. T EN0LAN D Agent, at Caroder Station, or at the Tioket oftoe. _Wf__ . ? I ** SSSs?8twwsS.- * pihjfftWfc-atr. tstv ?*?? *< aaafcjJnc?-1 f "'" .-f" ^ ? "* ' 'if T rPOTICg TO ^ B*. umwJl%ad Ol^Poirt*) U) b* rwe**d, on inTfiwVe W) fton tkatr wharf, foot of C r.. o l Dod, it 4k o c "cfc n,? i?a>4l?Nly Mlar Um arrive ? WklCh^~aa?W^aafcia#toa >-tf M. N FALLS, Pr?t m^mmi 'Mffl&foztf SnHiJl? 4?P SVMMSK j'Aj.?** VT. Or *wl ?Jt?r TTKJ.UAY May Utn, Pumpr Train* tor Pt.i*dm#fci? wi.i t?ar* Pr**i4*Dt *tr?*< Depot dull (ei o??t fmud*r?)M fo i o*?, tie: l iprjjt Tr.ic It? 15 A.lf.. Way Mul TrticM Ml A.M.; BTMUU MmiKttoW U? *INPAY?ai 4 45 PTSTobit. Ai.tnlniMMDMt vitk N?w York train* *xo*pt 445 P. M. trai* oe BMar. APnifkt viOi HMMopr aar UImM Imtm at 5 P. li , atoppinc at all Station* btlfw Baltimore ar<j Harr* d*~6r?o*. PaMorirara for Dtlavan and Um KmUti r kor* of Mary I?a4 will fiadU*?oat*XMdUio** roau b* TEATSKSSW. t five bond before menu*; the oar*. WM ClAWFOID, Agent. mi mmmVr?: CmtiTKAL KAJLROAp. f**' Tr*ln? |^*? New York o tr depote of Hudson Rtw Railroad daily. Bandars exoajted. ? loliows: PromOkMbtrsitrNt KrcmSlst it. itttioi. At 7 00 a n At7Man V 00 - 600? m HJ6 - t>r? 19* f in _ . 3 V p ? Montnal ard Buffalo Train with sleeping ?&ri, 9.'6 9 re 1 *6 P ? Connecting at Albany with the New York Cectrai Railroad for Sc i nntxi r. Roabee tor .V tlae, Batavia. Kc" ?i and stations on Rom? and w?t?ti>*n Railr aH. Haflfelo. Syraonee, Niaga'a Fall*, ^utpeosfn Rridte. A nborn. Gen* ra.i'arandaicna. Trains in oonneotiou leave Huffa'o sort Pn?p?o ion via Lake Shore, BnffaJo and > eke Hnros and Great Western Railroad, for Hamilton Tore cto, Detroit. CUioajo. Toledo. Vilwaukie. Foa Da Lae, La Crosee, Madison. I'rairie D? Ceien, Ga ena. Dunleitb. Dubuque, Peoria ftrek Wlaod, Mu*oa tine, lo*? City. Bu'incton. (Jul net. Sprint Alton, St. Loais, Cairo, Terre Haute. Irifitt ualia, Loaisville, Cincinnati. 1 ay ton. <"*. CI'Teland, and al! points W est. Northwest and Booth WMt" NORTHERN ROl'TK Connecting with Truu at Tro?, with Troy h. Boston and Rci.? \ i**r*toga Road* for Samtoca, WhitehaM, Rutland, Hurli r.gton, *?t. Alhans,Roa?e Point, Plattsbargh, Ogdensha gh, Montreal, A o , *o |L/~ Freight Arrangements by tbi roate a? ihort. without ohtn<e of Cwi, from the l*fyoU in Chambers and l anal ?treeu. are at all times as raToraW* as made by oth'r Rai!roa/ Compan?*. The faoilfeies of this great New Vork Rout*, the Weet oo?*men<i it to the ooi.fidero* of me-cUanis an' sh ppers lor promptness and dispatoh Passenger traics. with Smoking an?i Weepir* Cars ran to oonnection on the New York Central Road. For partiaalara as to local Lrgms and freight ar r*r.laments, inquire at the depot, Warren ?t. A. F. SMITH,Bapertateadaa 1 MWgmmi"o\D POINT COMPORT. L?ree the lower end of UNION DOCK. Ba'tl more, west side, DAILY, (Sundays inoladed.iat 4K o'clock P.M. takins pae?engers and fright.and oonn?oting with the Railroad lines- to and f ore Washing'on, D. C.. Phiadephia. New York. Boston, York, Hamsburg, Pitisbarg. P? . and the West, immediately aPer th? arrival of the Express Train from New Yoik and Philadelphia. The following >* the ?oheda.e: From New York to Port Monro* ud bank, f 14 From Phiiadelph a and hack.. Iio From Baltimore and b%ok .. f 6 JCTPROCURE VOI R TICKKT8-TT1 In New the New Jersey Railroaa Oftee foot of Coartland street. In Phi.^delphia, at the Coirpiay's offlos. N W. oorner or sixth and Ch?etnut afreet*, or at the Depot, Broad and Prim* streets. In B\ltimore, on b ??rd the Hteamera foot of Union Dock. HUGH O'CONNI ft. P?mw Ar?? YOKK, HARLEM AND ALBANY R A1LR* *A D. LEAVI.NS NEW VOIR FOR ALBANY, TRO V , N??RTH AND WKbT. SUMMER ARHANGKMENT Commencing Mondkr, May 0th, 1*1 For Abany?llw a m. fast exprea* train from 36th street. For Dover Plaice?4:0" p. m atoppicg at Whit* PWina and atationa north to Dover piaine?from 3Bth street atation (Thia train will ran to Millertoa every Pal or da* evening.) For Cro'on Falls?8.15a. in. atoppinc at atationa north of Fordham from M h atreet atation. For White Plain*?ia.>, 4:10 acd fcmo p. m. atopping at all atationa from SBtb atreet atation. For Wbite Plaina??: 6 p. n. atoppinc at *11 atationa from White itreet *t*non. For Wiliiama Bridge-7;*', 11:1ft a. m. and M6 p. bq. atopping at ail atationa from nth atreet station. Returning anil leave? Aibacy?a. m. laatexpreaa train. Dover p aina?6:90 a m. (Thia train leaves Mu lerton ever? .Motdaj morning at ft a. m.) Croton Falla?b p. m. White Piaine?&lu,7:00 a m. 4: 0 k 7:00 p m. Wi iiami Bridge?m. A 1:00 p. m 8u nJar traire will leave 4th Avenue oaraer Std atreet, for Central Park, Yorkvtlle. Harlem and High Bridge every caioetne. froo> MM) a. m. to 1*6p m- JOHN BCRCHILL. Aeat Sup't. ^^^N'EW YORkY^'^ERIL RAILTPaaaenger Traina leave via Pavenia Ferry and Lone Dock. from foot of Cham -era street. New York, as follow*. ?n : 9M1 a . L'TUDPflQ f?. u ;_u i . w , m , bAi i% ucc iui i/auiirii WW OUHiiQ, and pnr.c.pal ir.tfrm* la'e Station*. ma. m .MAIL,for Dunkirk, ud inlaweda'* Statioca?This Trftin r*m*in? u?i blfrbt It Elnura, and proofed* tha next morn.DC 9.00 a m. MILK dail,, for Otwvilla. and in tar ntditu f uitioDt. II on m , ACCOMMODATION . duly, for Port Jervit, ftnd p inc i a ?*ta?iQM 4on p. in . WAV, for Middletown, Newbargh. and mtarmadiat* Station*. 5.00 p. in.. MGHT EXPRESS, dft ly. for Did?irk, Buffalo, Cftrftndnt uftAod prinoipftl Stfttioi r? Tram of Saturday ?U>p* at *11 Mail Train Stallone. ftod ruc? onh to Elmira 6 00 p.m.. AC^OM MODATION .for Boraaaril'a, and principal Sta&ona CH ? P. M1NOT. 8en\ Sup't. NATHANIEL MARSH. Rwnwr. ^**?^FOR BOSTON VIA NI WPOIT f | tW ft AND FALL RIVLR. iMMMs By the nleaJid and HMripr !?t?ftme'? METROPMLI?, EMPIRE STATE. BAY STATE, and ^TATb OF MalftE. <(?r?ai strength and unaed.but particularly adapted to the DamaUOB of Long Island Sound, running la aonaaotion with tke Fall Kiv?r a-d Old Colony Railroad, diatftiiO* of ?ilaa oniy to Boston Lear* Pi?r No. I No'th Kl*ar near the Batter. Tt~ 8'.earner EMPIRE STATE,Capt Brayton. Mondtti. W ?w1n?>?d?.?? - *J>? Fnd?? M a F. Mtouching at N ewn<> rt eaoh w??. TktSlamtr M KTROPO iTTS, Capt Bron, oa ruftdays, Thurauaya ud Sstn'ca? , at t o'c.oefc P.M.. Icuoung at .Newport e?cr, way. Theee 8ttMMra iie fitted with commcxlioia stale room*, and every tr'U|?ment for the wvurit* and ootnrort n| passengers who areafforu??i ir tkis root* a aighta' rest on board and on arrival at Fall R.vsr prooeed per Steamboat Train.rsaehWf Boston early the follow.r * m.iriung : or mar remain on board in til starting or the Aoooanoaa bon at I A. M.. by which they mar reach Boston about 8.46 A.M. A baggage master is attacked to wok tVeainer, who reoeives and tickets the baggage, and aooompanies the rams to iu destination. A steamer rms in oono*otion with this Line be twaen Fall River and Providaaoe daily, exospt ?U DO&TI Freight to Boston is forwasdad through with sraat dispatch by an Kx?ree? Trs a, wl ties teaves Fall River ewr morning, Pendays exoeptel, at IU o'olook for Boston acd New Beu.ord, arriving at its destination at aboat 11 A M ^or freight or pa?sag*, agpiy on board, or at the "ihboub i im iiu. 4 r*onn mm r ur bum rooini and b?'th* aap y oa board. or if daairan to Moir* tham ismIAdm, to W M BoRDKN.Ac't 70 >Drt 71 W ?t atraat.N V. JP? ^ THK RtWl'LAK MAIL LINK * GEOTON, BTON1NGTON PROVIDENCE, PoR BOB TON?Inland Ro?u>-Tb? I'ortMt and moatdiragt?Carry tM Eaatern Mail. Tha ataam'r PLV MOJJTH ROCK. Cayt. J. C. ??rt imCOMMONWEALTH, Ca?t 1. Wf illiarr a, lo oonii^ct.uB with the Btoaiactoa Crovidano?,aod B>?'oc ud ProTideoo* RailroaJl, annc New York daily, Bandar* mwiM, from Piar No IS North Rvar, at A o'oloo* P. M.. aad Grouin at ajn o'aiooa t. M? or oa the arnrai of \m5^I$K5SS *?rakfasr Moncay, wada?a<lay, and Friday. Proa Oroton?T??K)??.Thm'?cay ,aod ^atirda;. TtoOOMMbNWKll TV, from flaw TortTc *?day. Tharauay. aad Batarday. From Grotto -Monatf. WadneaAay. aad Pr,.aT. rMMt|tn from Grotoa aroo???*l pmr railroad to Prorjdeao* and Byatot. in U>? Exyr??* Mail Traia, reaching a*td ylaoc ia advanoc of thoaa by othar roata*. aad la anil* timi tor all tka aariy Mornicg ^idm oonaeiitr North aad Pal Paaaeafort that prafar it. ramam oa l*>ard tta aiaam*r, eiyoy a aif hta' raat andiatarbad braaafaat if daarfbd.aad laava Grotoa la tae llii. M. Tr,t<xj^aaoUAt at Proridaooa with tha 1 ?> Para frexu frovtdanoa to Navport, Fifty aaata, A bacgace matter aoo >mpaaiea tha Biaamar aad Train aaoh war Pot Paaaaga, Bertha. Btatc Rooiaa, ar Fraij ht, aaa.yoa board U? ataanw, or at Ua Freight (Jffioa, Piar U North River, or at taa OAaa of !a,c^g?'iu ^ va'.rxw^rFRENCH ^V^8TlEN?)m^B?t raaalred a ?rr? and ooa?M* aMortakwt of AH'itarj Boo*? of all kioda, wbich t*?T ofar irom l*m to kfljr ft mbL bolow Ua rot alar r?Uii jnoaa.?laMUg: Am* oditioa of Hardoa'a Infcatry ud till, o?m? ?t*. 91 .-it forar Vofucu-ara' Manual. J rola, |I AUau'a CobnmIim of Hardto'a Tacuo*. Ma 6roaa'a Mililarr Himn.lh Mafcaa'a Yiaid Foru 6 oatioo and Oatmeal, Mat V Hk'C^iT^ctiOi. ctMi rf, tioa.tte TV liMw'a butuc. a oompi?u maal aad 4riU book for tba aaa ol Ua Volanloor MiliUa aW lie Home Hnard iic ]TIm la&d-looknr tka 0.8. KeMM.kaiii flrat ho k criaaftraeboa to tta U.fe Ic/muj taotioa. 86c cfift.KiSZEr* * * ^ ^??sm " 9T* PaBMtT?a*M ???a?i JS?CS-5?a?--?:: IP . ,pVA?/V- ' A "

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