Newspaper of Evening Star, August 28, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 28, 1861 Page 1
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w 4 (ftaittg ?>tar. V"". XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDINESDAY. AUGUST 28. 1861. N?. 2.659. I THE EVENING STAR m PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, flPUNUAY EXCEPTED,* AT THE STAR HJIUNFMI, (brwr / mv ?m m4. El**t%tk ?. rr W. E>. WALLACH. Paper* served In paek&?es by carrier* it Hi year, or 37 cents Rpr month. To mail subscriber* the price la S3 JO ? year, im *dvne*, 92 for six months, SI for three months; and for lea than three montha at the rate of IS cento a week. 81 agle copies, on* cist; la wrappers, two cwrra. II7" ADv?aTisa*B.*Ts ahoold be aent to the oftce before 13 o'clock m ; otherwise they may not sppaar aatll the next day. mmm^ SOUTHERN INTELLIGENCE. Freaa Maaaaaaa A letter to the New Orleans Picayune dated at Manaaesi, Aug. 10th, oonteioa aome paragrapha of interest: J0H58T05 AMD BBATR1GARD. I have had the pleasure of seeing Gen. John* (ton He looks like a General. He ia abwut fire feet eight or nine inches in height, good form, very erect, handsome face, thiok mous tache, sod beard somewhat sprinkled with white. His hair io slightly gray His organs of benevolence and veneration are extremely large, and his eye very full and large. He should talk well and apeak fluently, lie has the decided adrtntage over Uen Beauregard as far as appearance goes. Of the two at first sight, I would prefer Johnston. The differences between the two are, I imagine, these: Beauregard is strictly a military man. and looka chiefly at military result*. Johnston looks at political as well as military results. Beauregard has moat cautiousness, and I think most determination, that ia, Beauregard would never give np, would fight even against hope. Johnston, on the contrary, with his large benevolence, would look beyond mere resistance, and would not sacrifice life when there was no hope in fighting. Pelitioal and I other considerations would govern him. But Beauregard would fight on and fight forever. Johnston having less cautiousness, I think would make the most daring move* and the most rash charges, and we all know that in even apparent rashness is often the extreme of prudence. Beauregard would probably be the safest commander in defenee. Johnston would create the greatest enthusiasm, and in a desperate charge would succeed best. Both are able generals, and our rights ?re safe in theix hands Either is more than the equal of any officer in the Federal army, i wit Washington is rot taken. What will be the next move? I do not know. Can we arrive at any conclusion as to the course tnat win o? paraaed ' X give my views. We olaim only oar right*. We have never proposed a war of conquest, or even intended to invade any portion of the Northern territory. Old Abe, to raise an army and procure enthusiasm North, gave forth that Washington was in danger. Deluded by these false cries, volunteers to defend the Capital oame forth. All the prisoners say that they were deceived, and that they only volunteered to defend the capital. There it> not a single act of the Confederate States that could be so oonstrued as to justify any reasonable man in coming to the conclusion that the South intended to take Washington. We have never olaimed more than is embraced in the boundaries of the seceded States. That is the whole extent of our claim. Washington is situated in that part of the District of Columbia transferred bj Maryland, and just as loug as Maryland remains with tha North inut an lna? wn will from any attack. The effects of the last great and decisive victory are not fully known. It has its depressing influence North, and its elevating one South. It discourages enlistments North and encourages them South. It closes North the purse strings and opens them South. It convinces the North that tnej can only succeed by aa immense sacrifice of life, by many hard fought battles, and by an immense expenditure of money, and by a war of long duration. It at the same time convinces the South that it can, will and must successfully defend its position. While all these various influences are operating North and South, would it be wise policy to invade the District of Columbia ? I think not. Would not a march upon Washington tend to awaken anew northern enthusiasm 7 Would it not help Old Abe te recruit his army and to raise funds ? But if we remain strictly upon our defense, fighting only for our legitimate bounds, will it not disarm Old Abe of one of his most powerful appeals to the North ? We could, beyond doubt, between the 22d of July and tne 1st of August, have marehed into Washington. Would that have placed cu in a better position than the one we now occupy ? We can defend ourselves. Do we want more ? The North, if convinced that we ean defend ourselves, will it not yield ' But if we go beyond, and become the aroreasora. and attemnt to take that which does not lie within oar rounds, will it not produce an armed resistance in the North far exceeding the resistance which now can be brought to bear against us ? In looking at our situation I have concluded that it is our best policy to occupy the defensive position, and to leaTe the fate of Washington to the future. If Maryland erer seoedes Washington will of course be abandoned, for no government would have its capital within the territory of another government. Leave Washington, I saj, to the future. HOT WEATHER. DIRT, AMD DISEASE The weather for the past four days has been intensely hot. I fear we may have muck sicknees in September if great attention is not paid to the preservation of health. The atmosphere is impregnated with ail kinds of impurities, arising from the battle field and the oamp The foetid odors proceeding from the decaying bodies of men and beasts, and the offal ana filth of camp, are enough to produce fevers and epidemics. He who has never visited a fresh battle field and a camp on a grand scale can never imagine the immense amount of decaying matter scattered abuut. This putrid mass, exposed to the burning heats of August and September, most have a very deleterious effect apoa the health of the soldier. The filth at Manassas is beyond conception. No one seems to oonsider what will be the result from its accumulation. The soldier talks over his battJea and looks forward to other victories. Death is disregarded?a human corpse !s regarded scarcely more than that of a dumb beast. The General is actively encaged in plan ing other campaigns or preparing for defense, end all seem to forget and overlook the sanitary laws whieh nut be observed to preserve health. I hope Dr. 8toae aad other eminent nodical gentlemen here will take this subject in hand, and eaose every known means to produce and preserve health to be used. If something of the kind is not soon done, we will lose more from siaknaM than in battle. The vigorous, strong, active and healthy can only win victories. XVIDB5CBS OVjMS SATISFACTION. I Portsmouth correspondence Richmond Examine*, 9th inst. ] Yesterday the Portsmouth Transcript, edited by two of the staunchest friends of Mr. Secretary Mailerj. of Ike Navy Department, declared that if the Government "finds its workshops deserted in a short time we shall not be overwhelmed with surprise," and "that not a day passes that the oew Government is not losing popular confidence here." Iam sorry to confirm tho fidelity of this statement; Indeed, the editors have stated the disease in moderate style. Thev could not have been far wrong had it declared thai we are oa the verge of local revolution. As evidence on this soore, the mechanics in the blacksmiths' department threw down their trade implements this morning, because of the arbitrary Government and Insulting exactions of naval officers. They retired in a body to the City Hall, and will unqoeetionebly despatch a committee to Richmond to obtain redress of their insufferable grievances. If your correspondent, with true regard for Mr. Mailory aad an eye single to excellence of governmental arrangement, may e/4 eiae ka wamU SMnaal a * aiwil. Una to their aaperiuteodant poaitioaa, with ladieioaa uf?fniHi araintt the oatmgaoaJ tnfraotioua *f civilian ri* hta which the military aatharitj rarely faiU to aaaay whan there is a ?ia of power** warrant arhitrariooaa. If Vou oould aao thase t/raanie* la operation, then 7?v oolamna would teen with indifOUfc artiataa War Tan socrann* attar nan'* boti fofc> W1BD. A ftp?* """""i 6 " Why don't our tray more forward ? " Tfc editor nya: W e claim to b? the superiors of the Northms in every respect, end we ere; bat we here g< to prove it to their satisfaction before we cs expect peace. * * * It ia the polioy as fixed determination of oar government to a< vanoe, and, if poaaible, to brine the war to a end before the cool weather, the recruiting < the enemy, and hia preparation of auffioiei transportation shall enable him to make en ii vasion of the Carolina and Georgia coasts. It is well known now that Oen. Beauregard forces at Manassas, previous to Johnston's ai rival, were comparatively small, and even afte Johnston came, the oombined army coald nc have exceeded 40,000 effective men. Since th battle, we have good reason to believe thi Beauregard and Johnston have under thei eommand much more than a hundred thousan men, enough for all practical purposes. It i not the want of men that has prevented an a<j vance, but the lack of means of transportatio and the lack of food, ooupled with sicknew Beauregard has been almost wholly withoo means of transportation for his vast army, an proper food in sufficient quantity, as we hav reason to believe. And men who fought th great fight of the 21st, and came out of it with out so much as a scratch, were in no conditio *A li * r J W'* U uv aiuiwrr UHt; lur njaiiv uajs ? HQ 111U food of suitable quality, fatigued, worn dowi they were in no condition to advanoe. In fac very many of them have been sick since th fight, and it is but truth to say that they, a well as the wounded, have not had prope attention from the medical department, which so far as we can learn, was organised in th very worst manner, if indeed it oan be said fc have had any organisation at all. Months ago we called attentiou to the impro priety of favoritism and politics in the organ lsation of the army, ana especially directe* attention to the absolute necessity of havinj the best available ability in the quartermas ter's and commissary department. It require the best administrative talent we can furnisl to fulfill the duties properly. And it is noi seen to be important to do away with old fogy inn, red tape, and all that flummery in thi medioal and surgioal department. The sick nees from wounds and otherwise in our Vir ginia army is absolutely frightful, and the in sufficiency and inefficiency of the medical de partment more frightful still. ? Only think o oar noble boys suffering 21 hours after battl< without being seen, ana then attended perhap by men unfit for their offiee, and four day elapsing before the aepartment at Kicbmonc sent any lint or bandages to M&nassas, whei an abundanoe ought to have been there i month before the battle. These are causes, friends, why our grea lienerais, Beauregard and Johnson, have no now possession of Washington. They hav< done all they could, but they have wantec food, transportation and medicinal supplies and a properly regulated medical staff. It ii a shame that our men have been compelled U suffer so much by the inefficiency and incapa city of others. The killed at Manassas are fai better off than the wounded, and even thai many who were not wounded. How Mneh Seed to the Acre. There is quite a difference in opinion among our farmers, with regard to the quantity ol seed to be sown to the acre, and especially ol seed. We have heard many persons advocatc that timothy should be sown at the rate ol half a bushel or more to the aore, in order to secure the best results. That in seeding at this rate per aore, the crop of grass the first and second years, would be much larger than when half the quantity of the seed was used, and that meadows were more likely to remain longer in grass without depreciation. In erasing districts, when the dairy is the main branch of farming, it is bad policy to turn ovei a fine thick sward where the yield, if left to ^?4?^. 4--- T)-i giooo, wuuiu ?TDiagc vwu buuo per acre, DUI when re-seeding is necessary, it is important to seed in such a way as to secure not onlj Ipod returns in grass, bat so that with propei ear* annually, the grass will not run out in i few years. We hare tried seeding down with different qualifies of seed per acre, from six rrts to sixteen quarts, and of the two, prethe smaller quantity. Eight quarts of timothy and four pounds of clover seed to th< acre, on upland of the Utioa slate, or land in good heart and condition, is about the quantity to be used. A writer in the New England Farmer givei the following as the number of seeds in i bushel:?' Timothy see?l numbers 41,823.36( grain* to the bushel, and if sown on an aore o ground, as recommended by some, would giv< about 6} to the square incn. Clover, of me dium size, what we here call Eastern clover numbers about 17,400,060 to the bushel. an< gives about 2} to the square inch on an acre.' By whioh it will b? seen that a small quantity of seed, if evenly distributed, is ample enougl for the purpose indicated, and would be likel; to produce better results that when a larg quantity is used.?Dairy Farmer. ty* At the Brevoort House. New York, on evening, there was a dispute about the realit # n t I . ? a ? - ' oi opiruuansin, wnen a wag came forward am aid be had do doubt there was something i it, a* he himself was a sort of "medium." "Hoi a medium?" inquired the landlord " Why,1 replied the wag, " I can do a good many myi terious things; for instance, I oan make a bel ring without touching it." The landlord ol fered to bet he could not. The wag persisted tnd said that he would lay $20 that he coul make at least a doien of the bells in that root ring within two minutes, without moving froi where he sat. " Done!" exclaimed the land lord, and the money was put up. The wa turned round In his seat, opened a closet dooi and turned off the gas from the upper part ? the building. In lew than one minute hal the bells in the offiee began to ring violently The ledgers above had lost their lights. Th $20 was fairly won. T*b 44 Lapik Blahc" or Pabib.?Fer th last two or three months the famous tbierei night-house in Paris, called the Lapin Blanc which will be remembered by all readers < Eugeoie Sue's wondrous romance, has bee doing an immense business, owing to th nunor that it ia shortly to be palled dowr Tkowmnds of people whose ouriosity remain? dormant ao long aa the existence of the oabart waa not threatened, hare lately been there t take a glass of bad wine, and many faahioi able supper parties hare been organised in tfa foal den, invested with a halo of poetry by tfa atory of " Fleur de Marie." It appeara, no* ever, that the invasion of the jturisste don did not aoare away the traditional caatomei of the Lapin Blanc, for a Paris paper aunoano< that recently the Commissary of Polioe of tt Qaartier St. Merri made a rassia in the houa< and baggad bo leas than two-and-twenty r< puted thievee, who were duly consigned I prison A CftJfTRB Shot.?A correspondent of tl Terr* Haute Expreas relates the following ii oidant of a skirmish at Rich Mountain :?'< 1 appears that an* 'seceaher,' thinking himae at a safe distance, and holding the marksmai ship of Hooaiers in extreme oontempt, turn* his back, stooped OTer, and offered a glarii insult to oar men. This aet had the effect 1 making a Booaier tearing mad Considerit himself highly inaalted, and having great fait in bis own powenand that of his Eaield rill hnaant his oonual linen ta in the ahape of 1 amm hftll fhafcln* m akai ? *wa lam trvfftax the whole length of 'MOMkerV bo4 uMLeoouDg oat at th* tbroat. C?rie*ky li duced me to *k*i*U? the body, and I 01 Iroaoh for the fact. _ *- ? s v \ ? K7" The Montgomery (Ala ) Confederal!c talpiDd^d So the 15*h tnataet, owl eg t* (I eca-cltf ef paper and tbetoefc eg na*B(?y to hoy 1 tnriThe g?ll?rt Mte^oart Flret !e to fee r *>?? il SICK A*D WOUNDED IOLD1IRI. Ia Hsspital, Aqut 33, 1861. in ? Publuhtd t? conformity toith tht rtsoiut on af ^ Ik* Stnats of July 18, 1861. >d it Qtiurtl Hospital on E strut, btticetn Fourth I and Fifth strsstt, Washington. .jf IstRsg.NY F.Zouaves 1 1st Pennsylvania Vol . 2 4 lit do Excelsior.. 3 3d do do.. 8 2d do do..(a)14 5tu do do.. 1 ** 3d do do 2 6tb do do.. 4 14th N.Y.Volunteers.. 1 l*th do do.. 2 '8 lHth do do 1 23d do do.. 1 r- 21st do do 2 27th do do.. 3 ir 22d do do 1 2d New Jersey Vol.... 2 )t 24th do do 4 2d Maine Volunteers.. 1 . 25th do do...... 2 3d do do 8 7 27th da do 8 4th do do ...(e) 4 . 28th do do I 5th do do 1 '' 31st do do .. (b) 3i2d New Hampshire... 4 d 33d do do 3 2d Michigan 2 is 35th do do 2 4th do (/) 2 1 36th do do 7 2d Wisconsin 9 . 37th Hn Ha 1 i(uk I - 69th do do 1 lat California Vol 2 1 79th do do .. (e) 4 Ut Kentucky Cavalry. 1 j Tammany Reg id) I S,>rague?' Rifles 1 ? 9th Mass. Volunteers.. 1 D. C. Volunteers 1 ? 10th Mas* Volunteers. 1 0 '2d Vermont Volunteera 1 Total 124 i- 1st Minnesota Vol 2 Q (a) Including an officer (b) One officer, (e) One e officer, (d) One officer, (r) Two officers. (/) Two it officers. ^ At Seminary Hospital, Georgetown. * 1st Artillery 1 Excelsior Brigade.... 1 r 2d do 1 (iaribaldl Guards 1 I, 3d Infantry 1 Minnesota 1st 14 e 2d Maine Volunteers . 7 Pennsylvania 8th 3 n 3d do do 7 Do 34 2 6th do do 4 Do lHh.... 2 4th do do...(a) I Do 12th.... I 1st Mass. Volunteers.. 1 19th Indiana (6)15 * 7th do do 1 21st do 2 1 3d Vermont Volunteers 5 2d Wisconsin 3 g 25thN Y.Volunteers.. 1 Peon. 1st Artillery ... 2 i. 33d do do 13 Teamster 1 g 34 do do 1 1st Michigan Vol 1 l 79th do do 4i2d do do 14 13th do do 2 3d do do 15 v 14th do do 6 4th do do...(e)26 * Mozart, New York....10 B Tammany, do 1 Total .....174 - De Kalb, do 4 (a) One officer. (6) One officer, (e) Two officers. At Union Hospital, corner of Bridge and Waskf mgton streets, Georgetown 2d N. Y. Volunteers.. 4 2d Maine Volunteers . 2 13th do de 8 3d do do 10 14th do do 9 4th do do 2 17th do do 2 8th do do 1 19th do do I let N Hampshire Vol. 1 24th do do 2 1st Connecticut do.. 1 25th do do 1 2d New Jersey do.. 1 26th do do 1 3d do do.. 1 33d do do 12 1st Ohio 'do.. 1 69th do do 1 2d Michigan do.. 5 79th do do 8 3d do do.. 19 4 4th do do..16 Tammany do do 3 19th Indiana de.. 3 De Kalb dodo...... 1 2l?t do do.. 1 1st Pennsylvania Vol. 2 2d Wisconsin do..11 8th do do.. 8 1st Minnesota do.. 5 10th do do.. 4 2d U. 8. Infantry. .... 1 Uth do do.. 2 5th U. 8. Artillery 1 28th do do.. 1 2d U. 8. Cavalry 2 27th do do.. 2 gturges Rifles........ 1 2d Vermont 1 Teamsters 2 3d do 14 1st Massachusetts 1 Total 179 ^ 9th do 2 ^ At General Hoipttal, No. 390 C strtet, Waik> tngton. [ 1st 8. Infantry 1 |5th IL 8. Artillery.... 4 ? anal ao i.nvnirv * 3d do II 2d do do .......12 8th do 4 '2d do Dragoons. .. 2 let do Artillery ... 7 Recruit 1 2d do 5 ? 3d do 1 Total 56 D8SKRTKD. Corporal Lawrence Dwyer. Company D, 5th Artillery. At Hospital at Columbia Collegt, Washington. 2d Maine Reg. Vol.... 4,34th N.Y. Volunteera. 2 3d do do 9 35th do do 1 5th do do 10 36th do do 5 7th Mass. Volunteera. 1 37th do do 2 10th do do 17 79th do do 2 14th do do 8 Sickles Brig N Y Vol 4 15th do do 1 Tammany N Y. Vol.. 6 3d Vermont Volunteers 2 Garibaldi do do... 2 2d Conn do 1 De Kalb do do .. 4 1st Reg N Y Cavalry 8 2d New Jeraey do... 1 2d N Y. Volunteers. .17 3d do do... 3 8th do do 3 26th Penn. Volunteers. 2 9tb do do 3 1st Minnesota do 4 11th do do 1 '2d Wisconsin do 1 12th do do 3 2d Michigan do 3 . 14th do do 4 3d do do 8 18th do do 2 4tb do do C [ 21st da do 2 19th Indiana do 20 > 22d do do 8 lat California Vol .... 1 - 24th do do 9 lat Reg U.8 Cavalry. 4 , 25th do do...... 1 2d do Dragoona 1 j 27th do de 3 i 32d do do 1 Total 211 f 33d do do 12 1 1T7* Washington papers please oop? and send IT KIuTAj. ?v. IU.. * - j wiua w ?uc ?? or j^rpai iiUCIll. BUg 1/?U,ir t ' pi?MALE BO AR IMJ AY SCHOOL B Mrs. 8. J. MoCORMlCK, Piuciriii * The thirteenth luail session of tais Institution j Trill commence on Tuesday .September ltth, in the 11 house reoently oooupied by Sylvester Scott, Em., a No. ISO King street r The oourse of study panned will oompn?e all >, the branches requisite to a thorough English Ed a oatlon. and Musio, Frenoh, Latin and Drawing, ii i- desired. || In addition to day sohoty-s. Mrs. MoCormiok is r prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as warders, who. oonstynting a part of her own fainIt iij, will be under he" immediate oare and supenrid sion. She will endeavor. as tar as possible, to sur_ round them with the oomfbrU and kindly mnuenoes D ef Home. a Ktftrtncu.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton. Rev. Dr. Elias 1- Harrison, Rer. D. F.Bpngg, William H. Fowls, _ Em., Edgar Snowden, Em., Edmund F. Witmer 8 Em., Henry Marbary, Em? Lewis MoKenaie f? Em., Robert H.Honton, Ess., W. D. Wallaoh if Editor Erenuig Star, Benjamin Waters, KhvJm If Kntwisle, Jr^Ese.,Col. John W.M.oor, LoudouD, ' Di?l1"i's * Marshall, Messrs. Corse 6 Board, with Tuitioi^n V^*U?e English Branches, for the annual session?payable semi-annually, in advanoe. e Mniio and Language* at Professors' yrioes. l' !l7" No eitra ohargea. au?-tf i WATCH,E&?i?M'ic?^*VrVER WA" n I have one of the best establishments, and fure aished with aoomplete set of topis for repair^ uig every description of tine WUciiei, v*i M ' particular attention give to the same, by d tho, ugh sompetent workman And a. work guiiui >t tie* Also, every deecnp ion of standard SlLvEh Wi RE, piainand ornamental, manufactured under 10 my ova supervision, which my ouatomera will find i- Car aaperior in euaiity nod fcnish to northern ware ,? sola by deal era in general and rMraaesUd aa Uair , awn mannfeotara. H. O. 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RE Now prepared to exeoute any orders wltk wnioh they may be favored in the PLUMUINw, GAS OR STEAM FITTING K1ITOI M L'JU H7" Store on tth utreet, a few doora north of Pa. avenue, where may be found a oomalete assortment of CHANDELIERS and other ?AS, STEAM and WATER FIXTMRKS i*? It I SNYDER. PLUMBER AND &AS FITTER. Haa removed to the corner of Twelfth and F ate. He la prepared to introduoe Water and 6aa upon the moat favorable terma, and guarantiee enure aatiifaotion. He haa on hand a lot of COOKIN9 and other STOVES, which he will aellleaa than ooat, aa ha wiehea to get rid of them. no 17 W6 A S FIXTURES. E Have in atore, and are dai.y receiving, 948 FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns ana Deaigna and Finiah. superior in atvie to anything heretofore otfw d in thia market. We inviteoitiiena general It to tall and examine our atook of tiaa ana Water Fix tree, feaiiiig ooolident that we have the bast aeieuted stock in Waahmgton. All Work in the above Tine mtraated to anr oar* will be promptly attended to. MYER8 * M08HAN. JBMUft-tf 3T6 D street. fV ICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER U OF 8AH METERS. W*irm?Toii, JjUy U, 1W?. NOTICE IB flEREBY GIVES, That, agree ably to the proviaiona of the ordinanoe of the Corporation approved May It. 1S?0, the undersigned 1a now preparad, "whenever rfTuired in writing, and OH pa v-fllj aaeal * the fee ?f fctty aanta , tr? i n examine, teat, prove, and aacertain the aocuraoy of regintration of any gaa meter in uae in thia city." Knn miriiir IffnnnH ? n * s 9 ? a v >UWI I VWk, Will I/O UUUUHlIl IIOU and another, sealed and marked u trae, will b? ut iniM place. If jroT?d to b? aooorai? in its MinitMt of cm, it will besealea acco-aicf ir. and kud put ia position for cm. OAoe Mo. *10 Seventh street, (near Odd Faijwi' Hall.)" Open from8 ft. m., to I p. m. CHARL.E8 W. CUNNINGHAM, Jr lt-tf inspector and Sealer of 0aa Meters. OPTICAL ESTABLISHMENT. Mi M. I. FRANKLIN, 944 S C N, ( From Philadelphia,) having established a branch ol his buaineaa here, he ,.<r~?.? >k. -? - uuoi, iu >ur viuinii aii'i strangers ma ceiettratod IMPROVED SPECTACLES, With the finest Perisoopio-Elliptic Lenses, nutted for every age and condition of the visoa1 organs. Alsb, for sale his world renowned Microstores. TtUtcop'S, MXitary Spy Glasses. Stertostopes and St*r*otcoptc. Pictures, and Mathematical Instruments, at the lowest Eastaru prioea M. I. FRANKLIN, Optioian, 844 Pennsylvania av., bet. 12th an<1 13th sts., (formerly the stand of Dr. Woolfson,) je X-ly Washington. D. C. mwrm tophams nra S3E PREMIUM TRUNK lUfi MANUFACTORY, 499 bstskth btaiit, Waskinatoii, d. o. Silver Modal awarded by Maryland institate Baltimore, November T, 1880. Also. Medal by Metropolitan Mechanios'Institute, 1 Washington, D. C., 1*57. I am constantly making, and always have on hand, of the bent material, every description of I Fine Sole Loather, Iron F"*nie. Ladie*' Drees, Woori Box, and Packing Trunke, Pel.isier, Carpet, a?4 Canvas Traveling Bags, School Satchels, to.. At Lew Prices. Memhere of Congress and travelers will please examine my etook before purchasing elsewhere Trunks that are made in other oitiee. Superior Leather and Dreaa Trunk. ? - order. Trunka oovered ud rejt&ired at short notice. Good* delivered free of charge to anylpart of the eity, Georgetown, and Alexandria. ia28-1 too JAME8 S.TOPHAM. YTHifc ICHVUIIN'S Annihilating Powder la the only known and b*B| ?m>i' i* _ exterminate C Roaches. BnIIuii, sAnti, Moths, Flies, r " ii i mm ! !" ^c''? Wormi ^*Z2Bmujumman^^L VlM B*fl"* ^ ^F| CMtAtlU HA t/HlM SCHWKRLN'S PILLS are sure death to Rati Sid Mice. M Sohwerm haa reoeived certificate* om the Presiaont of Girard College, Director* of ouee of Refuge, Pennaylvacia Hoapital. and other Prominent Inatitntions of Philadelphia ; U. 8. Jail. W aehington, I>. C.; and Charity H capital. New Orleans, La The original eerti&oatea oan be aeen at the Whoioaale and Retai Depot 144 North Second street, Philadelphia, ana for sale in thia city by D. B. CLARK, oorner Pa. avenue and 4X au., and by all prugeiats and Grooera, bT'WARE OF BPURloUS IMITATIONS. IE * Remember to ask for Schwerim'a Annihilate t Powder. ID Nona genuine unless aigned M. Sciwum. ma IMimeo TCAKK1AGKS. HE Subscriber having made addition* to hia ffcotory, making it nov one of the largest^^aja, in the District, where hi* facilitie??&R^Bg^ for manufacturing CARRIAGES ac<lJ?-=JB-l LIGHT WaGONS of ail kinds cannot M aur paused, and from his long experience ta the baaineaa, he hopes to give general satisfaction. All kinds of Carriages and Light Wagons kept on hana. All REPAIRS neatly done, and all ordars promptly attended to. Second hand Carriacos taken in exohange for iv one*. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d IS tf oorner of Fourteenth and K ?ts. W, , , SPRING CLOTHING. ALL, BTfcfttKNb ft (JO era inn daj in reoeipt ol their moo ad supply of SPRING CLOTHING aud martial for their Mutom trade* oonsuiinc of New Ci?u?t Ounueri and VmUui, or the latest t/laa, which they will make to order in potior efyto ?t Terr low priee*. 6e#H?tnn wiihmj an immediate oitf t will find qftttaaAp*! BUK JOHNSTON, ALTimORI LOCK HOSPITAL, ?? tk* ?mh Ctrtmm, Swi?dy mmd tmlf Hfutmml Rimidf tm 144 IWmld, FOR ALL DISEABES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE BELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wsaknsas of ?4 Back, ItricierM, Afccuaataf tbs fcdo, y , tad Bladd?r 3i,charfa,, lrapo*.sncv, G,n> 4r?l Debility, Nar.Tpasosss, Dfsaspsy, Laucsor, Coufwsioa af Idas,, Low Spr.j, Prfiuaiu at ihs Ha?n, Timidity, Tumbling,, Dtmns,, u* (ipitor Giddiness. D?4ii4 of tm 4ti, Throat, N<h4 or Skin, Afscuons ot th, Lun, Stomach or B >?l(?tha>, TtrnbU fhsord,r? triiin| froa SoliI Wry Habit, of Yoath?th,,, Prtadfal and Da?tn?eti?a Practical which rsadsr Marnafa unpoaaiWa, and di4trt>; bath Bod, and Miod. YOVNO MFN Eapaciallj who ha*, b,ram4 th, victims af Solitary Tle4, that draadfml and d,,iracu*, habit which a.maally ,w*,p, l? an aatimaly gr??s thousand, of Yoot g M,n of tha moot aaltsd lalsat* and brilliant mlallacl, who haT, sotfaacsd liaismuf ftrnat,, with th4 Ihaodars af sla. Bine, or wakad 40 aoiacy ih, li?iuf lyra, may call with I CaoldSDCa. MARRIAGE. lARltfin PBmo!*?,or Young Mm caotamplatiog Marnari, b,mg awnr, of physical w,ako,aa, organic dabiluy, dtiormiti,,, 4c., ,p44dj|T cured. H4 who placa, him,?if ood4r th, car, af Dr J. may raltfi44,ly contds in hi, honor a, a g40tl?m*n sad CSo444auy ral* DnAn hi* iktll ?&? ?/ lax OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left hand eida rang froan Baltimore watt, a few dtonfrao the corner. rail not to obaarva mum and uambei. Leuera Baal ba paid and cootaic a etamp. DR JOHNSTON, Member af the Royal Collar of Sargeone, Laedne, rradwata from one of the moat ermuant Collaree to lha United tatee, and tha rieater part of whnee lifa baa been apaat la the hoepitale of London, Paria, Philadelphia and e.aawbare, kaa effected aoma of the moat aatomehing earee that were a?ar knawo; many troubled with ringing la tha haad and aura whan aalaap, (Treat narvonanaaa, cater alarmad at ddaa eonndi, baahfnlneee with fraqaent blaahing, attandad ometiraaa with derangement of taiud, vara car ad uadiatelj. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Yoar.g Mao and otftara who ha?a injured themaelaae by a annui practiea indulged in whan alone?a habit frequently laarnad from e?il coiupaaiona, or at ecboel, tba electa of whicn ara nightly fait aaan whaa aalaap, aad if not cured, randera marriage impoeaibla, and deeiroye both Bund ana kody, ehotkid apply immediately. Theaa ara aoma of tha aad and melancholy af ecu produced by early habita of Touth. via: Waaknaaa of tha B?ck and Lira be, Paine In tha Haad, Dimnaaa of Sight, Loae of Maeca>ar Power, Palpiutian af ua Heart, Dyapepey, Nertoaa irritability, Derangement of tha Digeetira Fuici ooa, Gauaral Dability, Symptoine of Coaeaunptioo, Ac. M EraTally.?The fearful effecu an tha mind ara roach ta ba dreaded?Loae of Memory, Confueion of Ideee, Derreeeine f Bpime, E?il of Society, Belf-Dietroet, Lo*e of Solitude, Tin.idity, ate., ara aoma of tba aeila prnducad. Nnioi'l DBBILITT.?Thaueande can now )udge what ia tba caaea of their declining health, loemg Wiair vigor, tecoaaiing week, pale, nervosa and emaciated, having a eingular about tha ayae, cough, or eymptoana of coa.aaniption. vis k as us cif jmpkudexce. Whin the on?f uiiicd and imprudent votary of pleaeare t hue imhtbed ma eeeda of this painful dieeaae, it too often bappeni that an ill-timed eenee of ebameor dre?d of diecovery i detere him from applying to tboeo who, from education and respectability, c-ui alone befriend him. 0* (alia into the i baiida of ignorant and designing pre'endere, who, incapable of earing, filch hie pecuniary er st nee, keep bin trifling month are r mouth, or aa long a* the emalleet fee caa be obtained, and In deepair leave hira with rained health to eieh , over tue galling dieappoiotioeni; or bj the ue of thai deadly poieoo?Mercury?haeten the cotieumuonal symptoms of thie terrible dieeaee,eaeh ae AfTecuooeof the Heart, 1>root. Head, Skin, Ac . progressing with fnght/ol rapidity, till death puts a ?er?od to hie areadfai suffering* be sending hint o oniscevered country (roes wheee bourne ao traveler reund. dr. johnson's remedy for organic ' weakness and impotency By thie great and important remedy weekneeeof the organe are epeedfly cared and fall vigor reetored Tboaoaade or the meet nervous and debilitated, who had loot all hope, Me* keen immediately relieved. , All impediment* to Warrtage,Pby?io*J or Mosul DieoaalItcauoae, Loos of Proereauve Power, Nervous Irritability. Trembling and Weakneee er Zihiuuec of the meet fearful 1 kiad apeeany cared. endorsement of the press. ' TNI Mart Thousands cared at thie institution wilhla the laet seventeen voire, and the naraeroae important Herri- . Ml eperauooe performed by Dr. Johsetan, wiuieeeed br the reporters of the paper* end many other cereone, uoucee of . which have appeared again and again be/ore the paMie, ' tfla; ,* ?: sfrasr "Lvvfr," . Db J. H. McLKANS , 8TR KJGTH ES1SG CORDIAL J AND BLOOD Pl'RIFIBR. the greatest remedy *m iju world, ud the moat WSfo DBLICIOWS AITB Wf DELIGHTFUL Jt XA jjK ^ CORDIAL meter taken zlm '^7 ' etrletlr a e?lX'sMl w BatUa eod get* KjT% ff vwr *ar*d ky ikt duiilla- UrM U" * mti, waMi ui T >! ? BE 3 ??>. ii*?d Um, vhr rittihlhn^i' jt -mt mHk rtiia, Wild Cknty lijr P&(m ,">> "d ^Jf || 'fli iitln iiiIti - c itjPt-'I ~Tt r*a*dlal prlatlpl* afauk lafr*dl*a i?? Before Itkl-x:,Ukinj. dl?ilia?i, aradatu f a (Ullalaaa, luiutiUu tpuil, u( U? t lafalllkl* iMNf fat rt???tiln ik* dU*a**d iytM>, ud iituruf ik* *iu, If?n>(, u4 dtkllitaud laralM M kMllk ud iuu|U. MtLBAlTS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will *f*?taally > hMi CanpUtai, DtihmIi, ]i? dl*?, Ckraal* ? * * DaMlity, Di*****? af ?a* fctdaayt, ud all dl**a*?* artalaf fvaa a dit*rd?r?d km ? luaiil, Ifiitfiii, liuitin, la ward PUm, Aaidliv > tiikMM at Ik* IWM>, f?ll?Mi af Klaad i* Lki to. Dan faia ar twimm^ug la Ik* Haad, Palpiiauaa af U* Iiut, Fallaau at W*lfkt la U* taai*k, l?v ImutiHi, (jkaklar M , mfaaauag Piallaf vkaa UrWr d?n, Dry**** n T*ll*W Mt ( ik* Ikla aad By**, *i<hi lw* ata, la ward Parara, Pal a la tk* all af tk* Ba*k, Ck**t, ar Bid*. Baddaa Plaaka* aI Kaat, aptaadaa *f lytitu, PrlfM/al Drtaai, i kaaraar, Dnmdia*; ar any acrraaa 4ia*aaa, Imh at Bl*t*k*i aa U* ikta, aad P??*? aad A. ft (?> Cklu* ud r***M mTMR A MIlJLlON BOTTLER ( uti aaaa Mm ainii ua iui m kiiii, tic ia aa niuim kaa ll fall ad 1* fT*iaf mum auataai.aa. wh, u?a. Will ikfar li?a WlUMH ar DakUitr vkaa HcUUVI mumnill COUIU will tin yaa 1 lujuft aaa m?i; aa adaqaau Ida* af tk* lauaadlata aad ajaaat alraafaaa akanfa ar*da?*d ky uklar Uli Cardial la tk* dlaaaaad, dablHtatad, aad akattarad a*r?aaa lyataa, ?kiUn krakaa dm ky aitaaa, walk ky unn, M iapairad ky aiakaati, tk* raltiad aad kaatnaf a*f*al ktiaa I* rcatattd ta lu prlatia* kaa'tk aad ?lrar MARRIED FEKBON&i at at* a a, aaaiiit?< ad laaklttr (ran wkaiarar a* kaa, will bd McvsABf muiriiim COUUk a U? Nlfk r*f aaaralar af tka arataa; aad all wka aa* kara la luad itiBHlfii ky ImpffU ladalfaaaai will lad la tkla Cardial a aartala aad *F**dy rtmtij. TO THE LADIES. Mcbuai OOROlAfc la a arr*r In aai *P**dT ?* ' * lMlpUnt Caoataptlaa, ^Mut*a, katnuud ai Dilnil MiiiiruuM,! ncaatiata** af aria* a* lavadaaiify Dtaaaarf* tkara*?, Palliaf af tk* Wank, < tddlaaa*, TalaUac, aad all dlaaaaaa laaldaat ia fiaaltt TUB RE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT 1 Imlar ih()> Tata It aaaardlof ia dlrattiaea. It wtU atlaatata, auaafikaa. aad larlfMau yaa aad aaaaa tk* ktaaa ad aaaita ta ?at yaar *k**k aftla. Braiy kaula I* wamaut la (1** aailafaatiaa. JOB CHILDREN, u mi aklldraa ara al*k)y, pan; w afllaiad, Hckld M COADlAb will ail* tkaa ktaltky.fat, kad rakaat Da lay aat a aaa ant; xrj It, aad yak-will k* aa*Tla?*d. It ta daHklau tataka. 9AWTIOM, war* af drkf fltu a* d*al*n wha bit try ta pala aaaa yaa aaaa* Man a* aaaatp?ilia iraak, wfcldk tkay aaa bay akata, by aarlac It latial a* faad. A raid aaek aaa. Aik far McLfcAnVri-nrCTIllillllfC CORDIAL, aad tak* aatklnf a I* a. It ta tka aaUy ramady Uaal wtdl Mrtfy tka laad tharaafklr andattk* *aa* una Kraaftkaa tk* ayaiaa. Una taaapaaorml tak a a arary a arm lag faating ta a aartala araraotir* far CkaUra, Ckilla aad f arar, Tallaw Pa ?ar, ar aa* araralant aUaaaa It la pat aa la larrt fcauita. Pro* wifT 91 par fcatiit, ?r ? fcaulaa tor ft J . McLKaM, I* utNiim af Uia Cardial; aJa*. Miton'a Taluut Ot , UmiiaL PrlodifaJ Da pat m Ua unit af TkiH i*4 n>< ilnMi, luMt. Ha. McLean's Yoleanio Oil Linlmut, < (TM* 1UT bWIMKMT IB TBS VOUD4 Th* aalr aafa uo tartaio tan tot CuMn, Mm, T*. j tn, wailmjaaad Brancbilt at Caiirt, hnlnb, W nlftt, Vwkiin W Ua MmIh, CtrniiM toltwa >W| Ebaaiaailain, *tif naaa af tka Jaacla, c?ouuii4 hmcim at fclfaaanu, fcwti wtwrtith, IniaM. hnw, fmt Cat*. Waaoda, Blcara, Parar Baraa, Cabad lnMi, Kara Ippiaa, lirni, Baalda, Sara Tfcraal, aa any lalawatiaa aa pala, aa difftranaa bav aarara a* laaa U>a diaaaaa aat art aiittad, McUUJIV CKUUUUYKD UIUUIT & a a rata adv. Tkaaui da a< kaaua Map UT( aaaa tarad a Itfa af dta artpitada ud aiaaif bj Ua aat af Uia toralaablt raaadp. MtLEA!fS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Wtll ralitra pais aJmaat tnauauaaaoato, aad it will alaaa, partfp aad haal Ua faalaat aaraa to aa lamdlkla Ami uaa FOE HOKSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MckKAlT* CKbCBRATKD LINLMBNT to Ua aalr aaJa aad lalMta rataadr for Ua tart af Sparta, Uapaaa. CitlLI arOTT, DIKlf.MMM to Wmmkxmg 1m t.? > Cwm.?Mi<wi?. ?? ??? ? THE WEEKLY STAR. rental alnf a ptikr rartoty of la Well eg mAimg Uu eu to fouad la uj Kfcw to pvMtafcad mi Friday oaoralag. Turns?T?i4, wnrw*>y, m (4mm. Single eopy, per 91 M Flw oftM 4 W Tea ooplM - w Tveaty-flve coptm M It Invariably oootalaa the " WMhlagtM Ntw' that baa made Tk* Dmtif Ermtmg Btm clrcuiata M generally throughout the country. n^Slagle coptM (In wrapper!) ran ha procured at the counter, Immediately after the iaaaa of the paper Prtah-TIRCB CENTS ARMY SUPPLIES PROPOSALS* FOR ARMY/WAGON AMD i A MOW LA.NCK HARNKfrS. Omci or Asmt Clotmjm E^riraoa,/ fwur a/ H<rtr*rd mU Jfartar alreeta, ) Niw You. Aunt S. 1M. S PkornfiLs will N? rwiTM at this cftoefor formatting. by contract. Army Wuoa Hi nw: The propoee.a aho? <4 atate the prvm at wMofc they ran be farnithed at the plaoee or niannJbatpra. and the prioe at which they hi be dehverwd at thia depot, the number whioh oas be mMie by the bidder within one month aftor reoeipt oft ho uwn; the cum tier which he nan deliver within one The ba'D*?a nut exactly ooafonn to thn following apecifioatlona, and to the eetahnahed pattorna : Foii-buI* harnesa aa lollowa. to wit j WIKKL Two Omilort. Breech atrapa Sfaetk itebaa Ioh. SH luohea wide, eewed into 14 Inoh nua of > 11.04 uon; hip atrapa S feet II mofeea ongtfc incheawide; ate) pieoeaS feet long. SH inohee wide, with 19% inoh book ea, ornna aua*e to booho into iU; i fctt loac. 1H isoh wide; aide *trmp? 4 re*t loac. IK Iftofc wi<*; be Mrtat I**a long, H inch wde, tape not to a point. r?P0 Brll* Bands. I^org ?ide 5 feet iDchM lonf, 2 inchea wide, with a two i nob buokia; abort aide I foot ft inches long and 2 tnohea wide. Tvo Hair I'oiimrs. la to i9 lacheeiong. withOowMe atrapa acU aaie leather* and buollea \ inoh wide Two Patr Of Strong Hamtt to nit, made of white . t nk root. in>n>H wi Kr??.i ???- * k ? ? . .. ? i?i> ui im squire. ataplee and line ringe. Two Pair of Horn* Strap*. Lower on* 5 foot inoaea long, S moli wide, apper om 4 fc?4 i r ch?t long, * inch wide. Tiro BrulUt Crown pieoe t feet loaf, Ltt iMk wide; check pieoea each in inchee lone. 1% idoO wide; front piece 11X ltohea long, 1*4 inoti w ioe; Iil&i pi*o?a. from biiuda to crown pieoea, lt> inohoe on*, O* Inch wide; noeepierell inohea lont. 1 inch wide; bin da 6 inchee long, 5S iitcuoa wide, reina, one aide 4 feet long. 1 mob wide* abort aide 2 feet long, I ineh wide, with 1 inch hoot le. butt*, tinned mullea, to weigh * lb*, to the d "Ben. Tiro Pair CKam Pip+>, J foot long, Hi i do bee wide. Two Pair Tract C\amt} 7 foet ions, 16 linka to the toot, of No 3 iron, with T on on* end. weight lH to Ibe. per pair. 1 wiatod or atroigkt One Patr of Brtast (Vmu, a inohea lone, 14 link* to the foot, of No. S iron. Twietrd Two Neck Straps, 3 feet 1 inch long, Sfc loohaa wide, with ineh baokla. Two Neck Ckatm*. 4 fo*t C ir.obee loog, 14 liota to the foot, i*o. 4 iron. T ud loop to be riveted on to the neck atrap. Twiated. One S add it, mode on Attohopoa tree, beod gollot ulU oanue, iron, oovored in the nana, wot with half tanned boraehide; flap* ? moiieo long. M inbea wide; anroingle 7 feet S inohea loag, tit lnotiea wide, with o2fc inch beetle on one ?4, to be faatcned to th* eortdle b? beiag riveted to two curved atrapa 1)% inch wido; theee etrapa 1*7 uiic uy wwn Mae ui mv wnaiv vtm, oi ? epd 11 tied to the front Mrt of tie bw. the other end to the exteusion or the har betnud the uantle, J*peciah aaodle faahioa; atursp Isathere 4 teet 7 motiea long, 1J% tech vide, with 1 Jk moh buckle; atirrapa. mall?able iron, tinned, boit ere pa lie r u, to weigh IS* lb?. to a dozen pair. LEAD. Tiro Collar*, 17X to II inohes lose, made the sftas ai tor vhtel harness. Two Patr of Ham.cs, to amt.of aame materia) aa for wheel harneea, ironed, wuh hooka, breast nnss, and Una ring#, with a trap a u in wheal har D^Mi Two Bridles, earn* aa tor wheal harneea. Ttoo Neck Strops and Cham*, aame ae for Wfcert harneea. Two Btl y Baud*, " m Two fair Cham Pipes. *" ** Tiro Pair Trace CKatn>. *" " Two Omppers and H>p Straps, Bank stray feat lout, taper ng from 3)t inohea to IK Inches wide. His Mrapa each S feet ? metisa .ong, IX laoh wide, each with a book at one sad. Two Bach Bands, 3 feet 4 inehss long. Mi lacks* wide. Two Mart *n( ales, 4 feet long. IK laoh wide, to buckle into ue oiu One Coupling Strap. 6 feet inohss long. % lack wide. On* Check Kt*n, 4 feet loag, 1 i-eh wide, te baskts into the bit at each end, with a nag sewsd in the oentre to reoeire the lead line. One Lead Lino, 21 feet loag, h taoh wide, with ft tiuo*-? at one endued an a inoh loop at the otkar. yne Wktp, heavy flatted boras kids, I rest inohea to.0-" The wbole to he nuked in m. hni iknai i? imI>m vide. 17 inohea deep, 94 inches long, n.ade of 1 inoh it off, ooo pared, wood hoops or iron, aa Mr be ra I aired. Four-Horse Harneea aa folio vs. to wit: WHEEL. Two Quilors, Breeoh straps 8 feet 8 Inohea long, 3* inch wide, aewed into 4-inch rings of \ iooh iron; hip atrapt 4 feet long,* inohea wide, eca* rieo^a S feet 2 inohea long, 3 inohea wide, with H inch baoklea; oroaa atrapa to baokia into a tar aieeea. 6 feet long, IX ilcl w.ur a.da atrapa * feet 6 inohea long, IX inoh wide; hip atrapa 15 inohea lour, IX inch wide, ttimai to a point Two B*liv Sand*, bone aide 2 feot 4 inohea long. 2 inohea wide, with a 2 inch buotle, abort aioia 1 foot 6 . nohea long and 2 inohea wide. rip? Ha%r CWiara, 22 to a lnobea long, with doa ble atrapa and aafe leathera and buocloa X inch wide. rv<? aatr nf Stroma Ham** to suit. made of white oak root, ironed with hooka, breaat ringa IK inoh aquare, staples and line ringa. IWa patr tf Hawu Strap*. Lower one 5 fee* A inohea long, X in?b wide; upper on- 4 foot 4 inohea long. X inoh wide.oi aiun fanned ieaUxar. JVo Brxdlt*. Crown pieoe2 feet 2 inohea long, iooh Wide; oneek pieoea each 10 inohea loag, ik inch wide; front pieoe I2X inches long, lX-aoi* wide; star piecw, from blinds to orown pi?p*a. 16 .nobea loug, IX inoh wida; noaa aieoe 12 laofcn long, 1 ipoh wide; bliuda C inohea long, t iut?a wide; rrtna, long aide 4 fee12 tLchee lung. 1 tnor, wide: abort a.4'* JfoetJang. 1 inch wi?e. with 1 inoh bookie; bitu, tinned mollen, to weigh 8 Lha. the domen. Ptcc pair Ckau* Pip**, 3 feot laobee loag, SK inohea wide. _ riro ran Trmt* CUwi, 7 foot long, 14 liaka te the foot,of No. 2 iron, twiated or straight, with T oa one end, weight 9 lbs. per pair. 9aa pair of Chamj, 21 mehea long, 14 linka tn tha fnnt nf \n 9 iron .vuM 7>rn Neck Strap*, S feet C inohea locg, i>? utehea wide, with 2% mot bnokle. riro yeck Ckttmi. 4 ieet iaok*e lose, 14 liaka to the loot, twisted No. 4 iron, T and loop u be riveted on to the neck atrap. avivai in the cha;c Ont SnddU, made on Attakapaa iree, bead, fulle? and oantle ironed, oovered m the naval way ?ith half tanned horae hide; flap* an ioohei long, W i.-icnea vide; auroin le, 7 foet 6 inohea tone, IH mccea wid-, w:tn a 2% iftoh bookie on one and, t* be fkatenad to the aaddle by being ri vetao to two curved atrapa, 1M nob these itrape are p.aced one on each aide . f tka aadd t- tree, oae end ia tied to the front part of ti barfthe other end to tbe exter.aioa of the bar behiad thaoaatie. gpaniah aaddle feahiun; a tump leather a 4 fee? f inohea lot *, IK tooh wide, vito ljn moh iuck.r. atirrupa. maleable iron, tinned, boil-eye pattarm, to weigh 1334 tba. to a ao*m pau. LKAD. T>?o Brt/iUt, aame aa for wheel harceea. Ztro l ourrvt, pi w ? luonx ions, mat um wu?i m for wfce?l hnrneea 7W pair *f Hnmtr to eatt, of MM nM^rii. M for wheel htrntM, ironed, with l,,.oki. breeat nage and line riage. with atrapa a* m wheel h&r&e a. Z\ee Pitch Strep* a&d Chaaaa, mm aa for wheal rye Bmmdt, MM aa for wh?el harneea. rwepotr C4ew? Pij* j, Mm* ae (or wImm haraena. 7Y-o pair Tr+tt Chmtmt, iu>( aa for whee haraeaa. IV* Ow>?? ?Mi Aif strep*, ntk Ritf I M gvccrifc ft: ':xrt;?.rs:s?: IK inoh wide, with wrought hooka. nee h?cm Bmmdt, * feet 1 laebee Mac, M taekM riee MorttngnUs, 4 feet loaf, IK inch wide, to buckle ia?? ibe 6*1. Onr Coupitm* Sir?, 6 feet mehee leaf. % lanb wide. . . . . Om Chech Bam, 4 feet 1 iMk leag, l took wWkae buok.e into the tut ai e*cn wiU a rue eewed in the oenter to receive tie lead lie*. Om n foot loo*. X iaek wide, with a tackle at one end, and aa tank loop at the other. Om Wkv. keary piattod horae hide, 0 AM C taohee Chmiimru Bnuh, aval, of briatiea. ? by ? inahaa, Om* (Vr* Cmmtb, No sat-#kar. 'I ke whole to be packed t?a boa ah??i 11\ inet*** widartl notie* derp, St iaokea onf, Made ofl-iwok Kai^eoopered, wood hoope or iron, aa nay be re ''ihe who la to be made of the beet mate-iai eewiag to be made with food waxed thread. aad aabimI In maiuMtiAn rlnrin# tba irnniM <?/ ma11niiA lure tt.d *lao *bn ftnikhM. Wbra *-hor?? i* r^iirk, tb? iMd m?l?r?, bridles, klmn, n?ck >?**? ?*M?. ehv* p'p?-?, trao* ch?m, ermppm Mhf <MH. gftSStiT!sjjECTsS lt?e?? ht?lm iom , . . , Th* wiiuic u> b? <-o?d* ?f tt? b??t imtarUi. mmift( 10 b" made with fo >d wax- 4 th ?mL tM Mb i?ot to imp ot'oo Um f oe m of inifiitur? mm ?iao ?h d sUinta. , . .. . . , wimiW* M ?*l*r?, UK*, kviu?*, uMk ?t-*p?,b?<ij kui*. iku tro* ch*.i??,? f*f Mi ktjt atr%f t, mm Mod* mhiI m "?*?M 4o?blM, ?m W*rl?S okkit, J r*i i?fe|. to tM /out, of N*. 4 iSn w7uU r m (Ml ?.* *dd?d, imHmU Um to b* B foot lone* Prop<H*i? willm m> b? tmmttd krmku?i^ t' raH&E ht>r*?Ue< furintW. ^wmoi fmbmmu aod^tm^lmjin m fbri^ h* ? *M*d?r< 4 (Ml do ?at ow n' Unili. aUjf?/ Tto *% ?-? otS. ? JLwtTV&^

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