Newspaper of Evening Star, August 28, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 28, 1861 Page 3
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l.'M'AI. NEWS. ftrTtwrk Tn 9rt* u printed oo the fastest team pr<-w ? nw *o>ith of Baltimore, Ik edition U so lftjo u to require it to be pot to prv*s at u arly boor; Advertisements, therefore, ahould be est la before M o'clock m.; ?tberwlae they may sot appear until tbe nwt laT. Not!ci.?Dldrict of Colombia AdTtrtlMMBti la be lmerted In tbe Baltimoki Sun are received at aad forwarded from Tu Stai Office. A V hit to Til "BLTTB Jco," so**timks isows *? the Cobstv Jail.?Some particulars of the Prison and Inmates?Dr. Fleming?Soldier Hoberte?the Rev John Ore en?The tnsane prismntr Stewart?The Brothers True?Richard Evans ? Tl? attempt of Jokn H Mwrvhf to break Jail? Tho Bangor gal, Mxis JMy Knight?tk* Washington gal, Mary+d* Mark?Jbbw liiijii in tk* tent of her " Uncle* of the Sixtk Maine Regiment? How the got the Countersign and ho* the tame to giro it?Cnrtons Developments of Puritan morals?How the Dirigo Boys and Gals cut rep wken away from ' hum"?Horror of the Chivalry at fellowship with Sambo, ft , fe.?We cboae 8:nd?? to visit that "house of care," tbe county Jill, because tbat la the only day on wblcb general ?id tor* and Wends of tbe prisoner* are not admitted, and the guarda. In consequence. are at 1 lanre to attend to tbe leas argent calls of member* of the fourth estate and other Bohemians. The Cbateao de Cblllon had Ita "snow-white battlements" snd picturesque surroundings to redeem Its character aa an "emblem of bell," but oar local "nursery of rice" la not relieved byany such adornment It stands forth an architectural aborUen?Its repulsive appearance outside fitly at ado wins? forth tbe lack of comfort and convenience wlthla. Our readers are no donbt familiar with tbe dull blue wall* of the bnlldlng and ltt barred wlndowa, jealously fenced In by low, sullen Inc.loaures. which hardly leave room for the barren, plnched-up yarda The prison Is known among those familiar with "alang" aa "tbe blue Jug." It uaed to be the caae that dwellera In the neighborhood were aertonaly annoyed by the prisoner* on the second and tbird floora, who would hall acquaintances, or even strangers passing along the street, and of course they were not choice in their selection of epithets. They would offend the eye as well as the ear. by their vtolatlona of the lawa of decency, until it became necessary to provide a remedy, and the wlndowa were boxed up. A frame with slats Is fixed outside of each window, about two feet frrm it, so that "Insiders" cannot conveniently look over It nor under It. The alata slant upward, like a reversed window blind, ao ihat the prisoners, if they take the trouble to look through thsm st all, can see the sky, but not the ground. Whether this arrangement has a tendency to elevate their thoughts and lead their aspirations skyward, we have not yet settled to our satisfaction. Eaterlng by tbe g??e In the fence on Fourth st , you perceive the main entrance to the jail to be In the center of the building, on tbe south side. Once through this portal,which Is generally open In summer, you stand In the guard room, which Is a square vaulted chamber. Right before you, aeroM the corridor ?which runs through the building from end to end?Is a strong lron-grskd door, and through that you aee on one side tbe nsrrow stone steps lesdlng to tbe cells above, and on the other side your vision extends out into the gloomy prison yard To this grated door prisoner* descend to see their friend* from the outside world, and many aad meeting* of father and children. buaband and wife, brother and sister, guilt and innocence, have here been witnessed bv the stoical guards On this sldeof the door Is placed a large curved bar, ao placed aa to keep "inside" aad "outside" at arm's length. Adjoining the guard room, on the west, ia the office, and in It the armory, with musketa, sabers and pistols, all of the old style. The guards, however, have lately been fornlahed by the Government with an improved "Colt" each, and tb*-se are always taken Into the cells when a guard has occasion to visit them, *' for fear of accidents " In the office ?ty? taa casefor medicine*?a drug store In miniature Adjoining the office Is a bed room, at vrt*ent occupied by Dr. Fleming, a surgeon or tbe Confederate army,who was captured in June last. He has the run of the outside yard on parole, and sometime* goes to cbarch with Justice Donn. He does not look at all like a prisoner, and seems to be always In good health and aplrlts. Next tbe office on the east is the store room, with a good supply of bacon, corn meal, Ac , and adjoining that tbe kitchen They were cooking dinner when we entered, aad the heat from the large open fire-place waa overpowering. Severtl oldfeshloued Dutch ovens, with a mammoth corn "pone" in each, were ranged before this fire, while two large boilers of meat were simmering over a ranee at one side. After examination of these arrangements one of tbe jailors said be waa reedy to accompany us to the cells Tbe guard on duty then unlocked the door, we entered, and It closed behind us; and bearing the key grate In the lock we had a queer seamtfon of being locked In " Tbe cells on tbe first floor are on the north side of the corridor? the rooms we have described being on the south side Tbe cells are small, dark, damp and disagreeable In one of them, crouching over his bed with his back to the wall, and with lrona on his ankles, was Roberts, the soldier who killed the teamster Wolfe. He looked up with a pleasant mile on being accosted, and ai d he was quite coaifertable. The guards sav he Is a quiet, manageable fellow, snd from hlssppearance we judge the demon drink la at tbe bottom of hia troubles. In the same range is a poor, deranged soldier, named Stewar'; and we now say plainly to those in authority that unless be Is removed from tbat miserable place somebody will be answerable for bis death. At the insane Asylum he could receive tbe attention his case demands. In this range we noticed a bright, Intelligent youth, with a pleasant face, and asked him what be was doing there. He said he didn't know, he believed It was for breaking somebody's window on the Avenue The intelligent guard who accompanied us, (Mr. Duval,) was amused at onr verdancy In supposing anybody In the jail had "done anything " All are vlctlma of human prejudice and the tyranny of law?according to the prisoner's idea. The stereotyped answer to all Inquiries Is similar to tbat of the boy "Jo" In Bleak Houae, "I never done nothlnk." Moat of the cells have grated doors, bat one called "the dungeon," (a distinction It Is not more entitled to than the rest ) hsa a solid iron door. Tbe stone flags ot tbls floor have been torn up by tbe fingera of a violent prisoner, and a hole beaten la the door by the same man. He must have been a Hercules Having seen enough on this floor, we ascended to the range of celia on tbe second floor. Immediately above those we had just visited Here, near tbe grated door of tbe passage, on tbe right, stood a gentlemanly looking person, dressed In blaek cloth, with a olue cord down the seams of his paataloon*. He advanced to the door, and we aooo found he was the Rev. John Green, Chaplain of tbe Tenth Pennsylvania regiment, whoae arrest has been noticed In the Star A clergyman In prison on the Sabbath day, charged with a criminal offence, was a sad sight Hegave us his hand through the grating, while in a trembling vote* he spoke of tbe charge against him, and aald he hoped bis name would not be mentioned in tbe papera We told blm It bad been already re pored He spoke In feeling terms of his wife and children In Pennsylvania, and of tbe hardship of not being allowed to see any friends on tbls day (Sunday) who would Interfere for his release we left him pleading his Innocence and lamenting his bard fete. In the aame range were two very reapectable looking men, who the Jailor informed us, were tbe brothers True, New York business men, la on a charge ot defraudlag Lewi* Job' soa of this city Id the opposite range Richard Evans was confined, who, It will be remembered , shot tbe young soldier, John Howard, In boat of the National Hotel some months since, ffha call la tbls same rang* next the door was tbat la which Sargt. John H Murphy (of tbe jprj caae) was con fined After sentence waa pass si oa blm be made an e?>rt to eecape. He n>? bare been famished with a mw knife or sometfclag ot the kind, by some of his friends. It waa noticed by tbe guards taat be alwaya laid 4own with bla bead next tbe door aad clasped tbe gratlag with bis bands. On last Thursday alabt It w?a discovered, la locking him la, that the Iron which holds the bolt of tbe lock bad bean separated, snd aa effort mads to bide It by tying It aa He was subsequently Ironed until his removal to tbe pealtenUary oo Saturday. We examined the ' cateh" made of Iron nearly aa Inch moare, and It bad been neatly cut aearly all the way through, and waa than broken off The rooms oa tbls floor?cor respond 1 ng with those below?are occupied by women Black and white are la separate rooms, but all have tbe corridor ia common Oaly two white women were confined at the time of onr visit? Abby I Knight snd Mary de Mark-wboee committal for "iammoue conduct" was noticed In the Star a short time ago Mary la a Urge-eyed, peasivelookiag branette of slender form, about 17 years aid At thetlmeofour vlaltahebsdaahawlspresd oa the floor oo which she was seated, and appeared to be so Intently occupied on needle work ^something elss. that ahe did aot look up at oar aDOroaeh Abby, the Bangor lam. Is s rather SSnSoklng blonde, "well put together " cenSdcnt la manner aaA free ol tongue She mid t Wm pi pen kid done ber Injustice, ind stated 01 the ?75 tbe" tbat she did not w^nIJo eomeon with the regiment-the fitb Malae?bat that the of that regiment was "her uncle, aad be Induced her to oeme; lhat she had never loot la anybody1* tent but hta; taa*she waa In Georgetown the day ahe was arrented, and herself aad Mary took a carriage to go to the camp, that aa acquaintance la the countersign, "Kentucky," aad that sna had aeoar | dlvnlged the c^atereiga ouWda tbe ? eha/grd, but triad It In camp If It waa tae right aa* Moreover, another officer of yet aigher rank of tut regiment, asked her to accept his ccspttallty for tbe eveaing, aad tbe refusal of herwOf aad Mary to atop ia camp all eight was why mid officer had them arretted She Allowed us to the door aad had a last word, In feet several last weeds to my. white ?be be.d on to tbe gntt?> shoot bar bardso \B. ? . , Os the third floor la !* ? *mmMB* h tho?e oa the tower floors la mm of them are ?ec<"*ron prisoners, and In some others runaway slaves and negroes In for petty offences In the i room at the southwest corner were ten or twelve i men confined for disloyalty. Ac ,?aome lying on < the bed, aome s'andlng, and others walking the 1 floor Impatiently, all looking with aome cariosity ] at their Sunday visitors in the rooms adjoining this one negroes are con- ( flned, and in one we noticed about 18 or 20 run- 1 away slaves, all looking aa cheerful and contented | aa lr they were In a palace They greeted our t entrance with a broad grin all round, and when j oar escort playfully remarked, "These boys, you l see, look comfortable enough; thev have just j finished their breakfast?warm cakes, and bam < and eggs," a load guffaw bore witness to the i truth of the first part of the assertion, while the \ piece of "corn pone" in the fist and between the i ivory teeth of a small darkey sitting in the win- | dow, seemed to throw a ray of doubt over the i ' ham and eggs," a joke which they all seemed to relish amazingly. The room in the southeast i corner is the hospital. We entered and found \ two white men In bed and a half doxen walking about?ail here on the charge of aeceestonlsm, and i all genteel in appearance. The Ktrbya and others, whose amet in Prince George county. Maryland, ' was noticed In this paper, are here. Being asked i how they were, oae of them replied, "Comfortable enough; bat the d?d niggers make such a noi?e ] In the passage nobody can rest." The guard re- i proved the darkles instanter It was naturally 1 trying to the nerves of folks with secession pro- i clivlties to have the despised nigger, '-the cause 1 ef all our woe," In all its phases, free and slave, J la the adjoining rooms and ranging through the t passages The passages, be It known, sre In < common to white and black, though the rooms t are separate. One of these prisoners In the room ] we were speaking of was urgent for a book to read, but the eatabllshment it seems could not < aff <rd one. The evils of these "secesh" prisoners ( roust be aggravated too by the sight of an Immense American eagle drawn on the wall of the room by some Illustrious artist prisoner, who ( executed his work with such spirit thst it Is sag- j gestive of Yankee Doodle and Hall Columbia all ' over We noticed in several of the rooms very 1 creditable drawings, some colored and some 1 plain, s great many life sise, and the majority ' religions subjects, such as "The Crucifixion." < "Angels at the Cross." Ac. i Having fully gratified aur curiosity inside, we 1 came down and passed into the jail yard, which is on the north side. We were glad to get In the t open air again, even though It was In a prison yard. This Is the only yard the prisoners are ? allowed to use, and is where they procure their * water, a pump being In the center of the yard. * Beyond the pump Is s guardhouse, where there is ' a watchman night and day. In the southeast corner of the yard is the place where the gallows ' is erected, when It Is necessary to use one. We < entered the prison again, called for the guard on duty, passed through the grated door Into the I corridor, were locked out as we bad been locked in, and visited the eastern (kitchen) yard, and the 1 western, similar to it, both Inclosed with low ' walls Bill Woodward escaped by finding the 1 ?grated door unlocked, passing ; long the corridor | nto this west yard and scaling tae Tow wall with a piece of scantling. In climbing this wall, or I the fence beyond, he received the woand which < caused his death t We are Indebted to the courtesy of the jail ofll- ' cera for affording ua every facility to visit all parts ( of the prison It is badly arranged, dark, damp, and unsafe, and entirely too small to accommodate half the number of prisoners generally confined J there It would be inhuman to confine convicted criminals 'here, end what shall we say of innocent * persons Incarcerated in these gloomv cclls await- J ing examination ? The prison was probably about ' as clean as could be expected The jailor, Mr. John H Wise, and his assist- ' ants, no doubt do all in their power to keep it so, J but they would need the eyes of an Argus and ' the hundred hands of Brlareus to accomplish it. f The prisoners nave to wash their own clothes Inside the prison. It is whitewashed every week or #vo throughout, and the floora regularly cleaned, which would be enough and more than enough T in a proper building; but here It only tends to keep the 111th from being offensive The pipes J for Potomac water are now laid through the building, and that no doubt will tend greatly to purify the atmosphere '-within these walls stifled . by damp and stench " But what Is wanted Is a g new jail, built with some regard for the health of r the prisoners whether they be guilty or Innocent, r Liqcor Casks ? J. Reynolds and C. F. McCar- t thy were arrested yesterday afternoon, for selling 1 liquor to soldiers Reynolds was flned $2.5 by I Justice Donu, and McCarthy, who was only In the bouse at the time, was dismissed The law i makes no provision for costs, as in other cases; ? consequently the bulk of these arrests sre made ' by the soldiers themselves, and not by the civil 1 officers This accounts tor the fact that the liquor ' law is so openly violated, dally. Congress, in j passing the law, was not aware, probably, that | our county ofllcers who desl with United States i cases make It a rule "to do nothing for nothing." t Chas Haburn was arrested this morning and 1 tiken before Justice Dodo, for selling or giving 1 quor to members of the Storges Rifle Corps, for , which he was ordered to pay a fine of AKKXSTOr CotJSTT CoNSTABLB A E. L. K KISK By request of the officers of the Provost Guard j we yesterday refrained from mention of the arrest of County Constable Keese As the fact, however, haa been made public by a city paper, we suppose that nothing will be gained by further retl- ' cence in the matter. Some surprise was occasioned by bis arrest by the Provost Guard from tbe fact of his having been of the three month volume* rs, (District,) and from his many elab- I orate displays of loyalty. Further Inquiry seems, c however, to have satisfied the Inquirers that tbe ^ arrest was based on Information that could not pass unheeded by the authorities Row inGiokgbtown.?Yesterday evening two soldiers entered the premises of Mr. Jos Nlcbol- ' son, on Bridge street, Georgetown, near tbe canal, and drove his wife from the bouse. Mr. Nlchol- q son. who was near at the time, Immediately came <1 to the rescue, when he was sailed by the two sol- c dlers, but being an athletic man be caught up a pick handle and so belabored the men that it ' will probably be a life lesson for them When ' our Informant passed there, one of tbe men was standing on ths pavement bleeding freely about \ the head, and the other apparently "used up," was being brought up the steps of an area by three msn. Dkvxkin Txamstxx ?Yesterday afternoon, a Government wagon drawn by a fine t-am passed down Seventh street about half-past five o'clock, and by their motions ths horses seemed Inclined , to run away. The attention of pedestrians was attracted to tbe driver, who was jerking and pulling the line, and yelling to the leading horses. He swayed from sde to side in tbe saddle, and it , was evident that he was drunk Fortunately, the animals were clearer headed than the driver, and kept to the middle of the carriage ways and avoided collision with vehicles. Fatal Accidbnt ?Yesterday afternoon, while some soldiers of the Thirty seventh New York Regiment were performing picket duty a mile or two beyond Arlington, they entered a hous*, and while (naide beard tiring, which they supposed was by secessioa pickets. They ran out, when tbe gun of one or them was accidentally discharged, fatally wounding a member of company B, named Thomas Rosney. Tbe ball entered bis spine and passed entirely through his body. He died In a short time after being brought to the E street hospital. Assault a an Battxkt .?L. Straus was arrested yesterday by ofilcer Turner for an assaultsnd battery on a small boy named Robert Reese. Tbe sssault was fully proved, and the accused attempted to justify his conduct by inslnnalions against the boy's honesty. The boy produced evidence, however, of an excellent character; and Justice Johnson, who tried the case, rejected the plea, lectured tbe accused on tbe Impropriety of taking tbe lsw In his own bands, and required him to give ball for court. Is it T?It Is stated on tbe street this morn- j lag, upon what Is regarded aa rellsble authority, that some of the boys employed In the Arsenal have beea putting back shot la blhnk cartridges, 1 aad at tbe same time, Instead of the geaulne, Inserting harmless imitations ef bullets tu the nail cartridges The matter will doubtless be Lnvsstlgated. A imuit, to-night, for the Inimitable Nelse ' Seymour, and our slde-sputting entertainments at Odd Fellows' Hall close Not a few will regret tbe departure of tbe Campbells from among us, especially should the oppertusity of seeing them not be Improved To-nigbt, the richest bill of ; tbe season, Nelse In all his comic personifications, '1 songs and Jokea. Resignations or the Auxiliary Guard ? Mondsy night after tbe result of tbe election in the City Council for Mayor was known, Charles E Mann. Samael Spalding and R. W. Dove resigned; tbe first because or the reduction of the ' pay from fifty to forty dollars per month, and the two last were udwilling to serve under the new munlclpsl authorities. ComaKcTton?Yesterday, in oar account of the homicide of the colored boy by a long boatman on the canal, the name of the boatman Is gtven ss 1 Thomas Wettill. Itsbosldheve been Pettit The mistake was made at the jail, where tbe writing of tbe committing justice waa mistaken when the name was transferred to the slate in the guard room. ' Ckatkal GtJA*DHors* Cash ?Patrick Rttay. druak and disorderly; taraed ever to the Proves t Marshal Alexander McCloud, breaking the stalls In the Market; also turned over te the Marshal. Charles Walter Meyer, boose-breaking, jail Too Hopkins, disorderly; dismissed BUsa Boyle, keeping a disorderly boose; workhouse 30 day*. ; j A Ncisascb?Whoee business Is It to attend te -the removal of that dead dog la the Street near < the northwest comer of Judiciary Square' it Is a di-austlag object, aAd pollutes t* aJr In that ! C ** ji I ' ' wmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmammmm Pnocnmsos ov thi Policy Comkissiohsbs At tb meeting of tbe Board of Police Commti ileners, yesterday, majority and minority report were presented from the committee of tbre? which was appointed to take into ronslderatloi the division of the District of Colombia into po Lice districts, and to define tbe boundaries thereof The majority report/aigned by Mr S J Bowel >t the county, and Mr Win H Tenney of George town.) recommends for District No 1, that por Hon of the count* east of the Eastern Branch?on< crgeent and 10 policemen; District No 2. tha portion of ibe county between the Eastern Brapel ?nd Rock Creek?one sergeant and 10 policemen District No 3. all of the District of Columbli weet of Rock Creek, Including Georgetown?on? ergeant and 25 policemen. It leaves the dlTisioi ?f tbe city Into districts to tbe Washington Commissioners, and further recommenda that tbe ser eeants and policemen outside of the city b< uounted. The minority report (signed by Mr. J F. Brown recommends toe following division, and one ser reant for each district named: First District, the Sixth Ward of Washington ind the county east of tbe Eastern Branch?1". Mllcemen, (five monnted ) Second District. Fiftt ward?12 policemen. Third District, Seventt Ward?16 policemen. Fourth District. Fourtl Ward south of center of K street?20 policemen Fifth District, Third Ward south of center of H itreet ?15 policemen. Sixth District, Second Ward south of center of K street?15 policemen Seventh District, Second, Third and Fourtl Wards north of K street?17 policemen. Elghtt District, First Ward?15 policemen. Ninth Die rlct, Georgetown, and the county west of Roofc 3reek?17 policemen, (five mounted ) Tenth Dis rlct, county between Rock Greek and Eastern Branch?six mounted patrolmen. After considerable debate, further consideratlor >f the subject was postponed until Frldsyat4 j'clock p. m. [The population of the District Is a little oyei 000, divided as follows: Washington, 61,000 ieorgetown, 9,000; tbe county, 5,000. The law provides for 150 policemen, or two for each l.tKM nbabltants The division of Mr Brown gtvei \o Washington 122 policemen,or two to thel,000 lo Georgetown 12 policemen, or 1% to the I.wki ; o the county 16 policeman, or 3 1 5 to the 1.000 Df course. In any system of distribution wblcto nay be adopted, the extent of ground to be pa irolled has to be considered ] In relation to the appointment of policemen, ;he following rules were adopted : They must b* > feet 8 Inches high; (not a particularly sensible equlrement, apparently, aa experience has proved bat the biggest men are by no means the most 'tttclent;) not under 25 nor ovsr 45 years of sge: ,wo years a resident of the District; able to read ?nd write; a citizen of the United Slates; of good noral character; healthy; and never have been sonvlcted of crime. Messrs. Bowen, Tenny and Brown were apjointed a committee on rules and regulations. A resolution that all persons who may at any time >e appointed bv tbe Board as sergeants and patrol, nen, shall, before they enter on their duties, be lubject to the inquiry and Inspection of the Su jerlutendent, and that if, In hie judgment, any inch persons are Incompetent or untit for service le shall report to the Board. In writing, the namei >f such persons, with his reasons in each case why hey should not be received into the service, was idopted, and the Board adjourned until to-day, Wednesday,) at 4 o'clock p. m. Editor Evksiko Star :?At the present time, ivben Innumerable complaints reach you of the rregular conduct of the troops stationed within he District of Columbia, it Is my duty, as alsc ny pleasure, to state that one regiment at least li 'ree from those frequent charges I allnde to thi riassacbusetts Seventh, who are at present, staioned near my residence at Newberne, and t? vhoae conduct 1 feel bound to refer in terms of the tindest acknowledgment for their respect of my >roperty, and to their general good conduct. Yours truly, ,B. Jost. HouoiBaiAKiJio ?Charles Waltermyer was arested by police officer Klopfer, charged with ireaklng into tbe house of Samuel Foult lasl light, pretending to be an ofllrer. Justice Waler, after examination, committed him to jail. 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On Sunday, the 25'h inetant, LEVIN MIN *0 WELL, infant eon of Charles W. aid Martha tohuermann of this city On the 11th inatant, WILLEY, the aon of Johr 1. aad Sarah A Rennoe, aged 10 months and If lays, of Waah>ngt^n cityWill, little brother Wiliey> How glad 1 an. to know That tbou art happy in the skies, Heyond the reaoh ot woe. Then wait a little longer. And I will some to thee. And there we'll be together Through all etera ty. NOTICE. " ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY " This Company offers to the publio " Une^ualle* Kdvantagea" for the Safe and Quick IMspateh o 4ea?y F eighta Paokaaee, Valuable*, Money, fco kc., to all parts of the United Htates. Expreaaea to and from the North and Weatde >art from and arrive m Washington twioe daily. All Expresses are in oharee of exrrruncui ant eltabl* Measongers. All Paokagea f >r The Soldiers oarnea at "oxi iait" onr u?ual rates. All Go- da for tlie ao-oalled "Confederste Statea' md a'l Artiolea * Contial>an(J of War" witl b< lllOSlD. Ou- Expreases leave New York at 1.5, and 6 P d? arriving in Washington at (A. M and 5 9 Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8.K A. M. anc 1 P. M , arriving in Washington at 530 P.< | ^ JVIa Expreaaea leave Baltimore at 4 20 A M. and P d., arriving in WaaLingtoa at 6 A. M. and 5* > La Expresses for all points North and West leav< Washington at 7 3?i A. M. and 2 30 P M.dailv. Special Contracts for large quantiU?a of Frsigh >an be made on application to this oftoe. AH Goods sailed for and delivered /raa of Extn ibargee. g MoLAUOULlN, Agent Adams' Express Company. Washington. Augusta, It61. au 28 tf HOn EMILE DUPRE j^U pbhnstlvama Aviaux, lxow Bvildimo Importer mud WkoUtul* Dealer m c Welti I^IoO^ASE^'oLb BOURBON (1S?8) AT EMILE DO PUB'S Imow BeiLniHe. 320 Pa. Av?m F ?F^EDER1C TUSTU8' HAMBURG CELEBRATED SMOKING TOB1COO The Best Artiole Ever Imported, Go to EMILE DUPRE, Ikon BniLnine, 320 Pa. Avvura. JUST RECEIVED- . 90 Casts Impoxtid ' SELTER8 WATER, In Ortginal Stone Bottles, At aa 13 lm EMILE DUPME'S BILLIARDS! nTTI The lovers l_=3 * of the GAME OF BILLIARDS will find la EMRICH'S FINE HALL. Corner Pennsylvania avenue aad Uth street, (aoath side,)

two ol the most admirable TABLES tm the taited States, with every eenJort aad AM 3 tf tor the player*. JkaT Of WAR-MAP OF Y1ROIN1A, show S 1 eg the boendary of ths new State ef K ana whs tieo.a Map of Kentacky.Teaayssss,aad Missou 'J' I ? AMUSEMENTS. QDD FELLOWS' HALL! LAST NI6HT?LAST * IGHT . LAST NIGHT-LAST NIGHT I Of the Origin*' l CUtPPKT.L MI^STKBLS, . I CAMPBELL MINSTRELS . I As E.itiii Changs or Piosuxmi! THIS (Wednesday) BVENI*?, August 28th k| COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT ; I i NELSE SEYMOUR. ! I The Great Comedian. . I Doors open at 7 o'clock, performance ecmmec I in* a! * o'clock ! Admission-TWRNTY FIVE CENTS. U D? O FORD. Afnt ! WANTS WANTED-A COLORED WOMAN to w? rl vv and iron : a slave preferred Apply forthn i davc at Dr. BROTHERS'. 1T? south B st, orp j I site Smithsonian Institution ft* 1 WANTEP-An exsericoed NURSE for aa ii . I faiit A to, & Wet Non? ; one who hat lo ; I her child preferred. Aptly at the oomer of Nial i I and M streets. No, 3?0, tvo squares above Nortl I em Ltbertie? Market. aa 28 3f i U7ANTED-A DWELLING HOU-Eof?fo i I v? roome, for a small family. Location mmt 1 . I between Pa avenue ad G street and 8th and lit I etreet . Address?stating location and rent? > ' A.. Po<t Offioe Boy St4. an 28 gt* i I A VOIJNG MAN Speaking and writinc tl I xi Enrlish, French ara German laniuares, ci . I pable of keeping single and doable entry b< ok . I wishes a Situation m his line. He haa had chaj ' of a hotel for the laat two years. Addreaa '^hiflr X Y.." Star Offioe. an28-rt? WANTKD~A U?V. Alio wanted, lota ' Books. Old Documerts, New Document Rare Old Papers. Autof-aphs. Coins?any tt it > ourious, unique, wor-derfnl. odd. New Treasui i I Notes wanted, at ? per oetit premium. ; ALFRED HUNTER, ; I _a*28-3t* Willarda' Hotel Square. I \J|/ANTED?A white or oolored GIRL. f'om >1 to 14 years of age, to *o general h^uaework 1 a small fatn'ly Apply at 494 D at., between 1 and 2d ata. au 27 st* > 1M7ANTED-A RESTAURANT COOK, oi I "? that nnderatanda the business thoioughl ! Apply to J. T. HOLBROOK, First st. and Pi I I avenue, foot of the Capitol. au 27 3t* 'I VVANTK1)-A single MAN who has been accu i| " tomed to milk and attend to oows. Apply i I [ the Grooe'T Sto e of APPLEBY Ac. KELLER I | corner of Market and 1 hird ata., Georgetown, i I au 27-3t I17ANTED-A SITUATION as waiter in I " board ing-hons?, by one who oan make hit I self generally useful. The best of reference giv? > I as to honesty and sobriety. Please address"! . I C.." Box 3. S'ar Offioe, for two days, an 57 2t* 1 I WANTED. FOR THE CASH-Alt kinds I " SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AN - HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persons lea^ I ing the oity or having a surplus will do well to oa I immediately. R. BUtTHLY, ' J je 3 499 Seventh, between G and H sts. i I WANTED^-We are now buying SF.CONI W HAND FURNITUR E,STOVF.Sacd |JEl 1 I DING, for whioh we are pajlnr the highe I cash prices. Families declining housekeeping, < I having a surplus of furniture, will find it to the > I advantage to give us a "all. > I RONTZ A GRIFFITH, i I je 13-tf No. 369 7th st., betw. I ana K sts. ; LOST AND FOUND. I REWARD.?Ran away from theeabscr , I |>er, living near Be' ning's Hrdge, on ' | Monday afternoon, \ufust2nh. a likely NK Q I GRO BOY. named John Stewart. He is 19 Jt I years of age, about 5 feat "> inohes in height, I aid had on when he left a suit of dark elothea-Ut I and a new pair of shoes ; ia aupposed to h? in son . I of the onraps aronnd Washington. 1 willgisetl I above reward for his d all very to me. [ j as ?-2t^ S. B. SCAGGS. I I7STRAV.?Taken up, on the 24ih inst , a sorr I M?J HORSE. 1SK *anos high The owner gy I cm have aa d hcrae by proving property I and payinc ail costs. Can be seen at karle'e^*2r I Stai.le. H st., between 20th and 21st sts. > I au 36-3t* A COUSINS. ' CENT REWARD AND NO THANK ' I U FOR HIS RKTUHN -I will pa? the aboi , I reward for the return to me of Augustus Eck? . I an apprentice, who ran away f om me on the IT I of August, 1861. All persons are wsreed from ha 1 | boring him, as the law will be striotlv enforced. an 26 3t* J. A1GLER. 1 I I OST?On Saturday evening, between the Nai I Lj Yard and the N orthern Libe'ties. a burd e I PROMISSORY NOTES,together with a deed I trust, drawn in favor of HUMPHREY* ft SU!N I M ERS ; not bsing endorsad. they are of an use ! 1 I any one else. The finder will be suitably iswari'i ' I <?n leaving th?m at their Shop, No. 31 Louisiai [ I av., between 6rh and 7th sts. au 26 3.* I I CJTOLEN?On the nitht of Saturday, the 17 i I instant, from Fasby's wharf, a GUNNIN I HKIFF, painted lea>l-oolor, tinned sidea, botto I hooped with hoop iron. A reward of five dol'a I will be paid for its return to Easby's Ship Yard. i au 22 1 w I DOY LOST ?A son of Patriok Kelly, private I I) Company G.2d Cavalry, U. S. A., was ost < I I the evening f July 4th, 1A6-. His mnther was th< I at Mrs. Su livan's on C street, near th?- Depot I I is eight tears o d, black eyes, sallow ??mp>x'<> I and wore a gray jaoket and pants. His name t I Jjhn. Any information oono^rning hni' wi l I dTect?d to Mr. Sullivan, or the Commanding Of ;l cer of Company G, 2d Cana ry, sttheStmina I near Alexandria, be thankfully received by h I father?PATRICK KELLY. au22-lw* ! BOARDING. I COUNTRY BOARD.?Good Board may be o I Vy tain?d in the country at Mrs UARNAKD' I one mile from the 'tnninu* Stand in Georgftow - I Rfferenoes required. Aprly at R S. T ClSSEl. I D'ug Store. Georgetown, or to FRANKLI I PHI LP. Esq , Washington. Alsu f r rent. aCi . I tage, with Uoard. au 26 Iweo* ' FOR SALE AND RP:NT~ A L'OR RENT-A fine new HOUSE (brick). wi I r 11 rooms and bath-room, and with wat r ai , I gas, situated in a n ost desirable locality, in tl j I viomity of Judic a y Square, is f r rent, ready fu I nishe<i, on favorable terms. Apply at this olloe, I au 28-lw I CTORE TO LET-STOCK AND FIXTLRt F'?K SALE.?Inquire at 974 Pa. avenue. [ au 26 4" I [BURNISHED ROOM FOR RENT, at N r 4ftO Taelf.h etreet, between G and H sts. Tl I Room is very oomfortab e and the neighborhm I one of the most desirable in Washington, hati ' I factory attention cuarantied. Terms moderat I No ohildien in the house. au 23-lw I |/OR RENT, OR FOR SALE?The HoUS I r r.ow occupied by Presley Simpson, No. 4? I Twelfth st. au 21-tl . I 1/1RNI8HED ROOMS.?Very desirable Fu LI V cished Room*, with or without Board,(houi 1 I formerly occupied by Ex-Governor Seward,) ' I street, between 13th and 14th sts. Warm and oo I bath and every convenience tuitaMe for comfoi i N. B ?A Furnished Offioe, suitablelfor phvsioit . I or gentlemen requiring a private office. I t I COR RENT?A very desirable STAND for I F boarding house, on Pesnaylvania avenue ai ' | Eighth st., now occupied by the Mesarg. Joy, ai > I haa always had a fail share of the patronage of tl I oity. Possession given on the 1st of Septemb I next. Said house Is in good order. For furth M particulars apply to JAMES TOWLE*. Agen I 490 H street north; or Mrs. JULIA KEEP 37 1 | E ftreet. au 17 tf ' I HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS. , I 11 Four handsomely Furnished Rooms, supplu ) I with gas and water, and oonvenieilt to the Pate I and Post Office Departments, for rent. Apply i i I 490K Massachusetts avenue, north aida, batwei I tth aud 6th sU. ma 23 A A NOTICE. I /\LL Parsons indebted to R. Briee Ha'l are r I quested to oom-> forward at an aarly day and sett I their aooonuta with the underaignM. Trustee I the said Hall, for the benefit of his creditor) . I otherwise they wiU be putin a proper train for oc I leouon to law. THEO. 8HECKEY.S. I au 16 6teo Trustee for R. Bnoe Hall, " H AVONDALE FLOUR I alAVING Made arrancementa with Messi I Baebocr & Simmm for the sale of my Floar, th> | will always be prepared to aupply my old friew I and customers, and the trade generally, at m I prioes. (jy20-lm"O) GEO. WHEELER. I f]UMK~MA1,K BOOTS AND SHOES, | kiNis'. Miseas' and CsiLaaan's At Eicttdimgly i.ew PrvyJ. ] ma ^a. ?? . hat ??> 4th ?*?. I /f\AT THB Ufe^>A)tT'N OFK4Cfc' ? B*ck of tk? Matronal Hotel. V < I Most liberal advauees oa Hold and . ilv I Watc.iaa, Diamon's, Jewe rv. Silver wa ?,Clot I ing, Pistols, aad all kin^a of Merchandise. But 1 nesa strictly oonfideutial. I ISAAC HBRZBKRG, Jit C at eef. au 1 9m Between 4H and 6th eta I \%7 TRAVELING TRUNkS. I if E Offer for sale the iargeet aasortnant I TRAVELING TRUNKS to t>e found icM| saavrrrR-ffl I Uaas, Carpet Rags, Ac., which we are now m'Iu ? W lo. ,n^..4LU ,TSHaENS * ^ I as tt Hni", avenue pROPOSALS F1XJR WOOD. l| inataat* fee farniaAiag for tAe use of thii Depai I cords Oak Wood beat qua lty, 18 cordi beet BateT-s Pine Wood. I The wood to be owrvdrad at such times and . | oak qaaatituaae sasy & wantod; u4 satinet ' I T ammacemaaU iwist be Mde Jot its asm ? I "Sw'STpameeat i ? * i I'm tba right to osdsi I EDUCATIONAL. I llfRS. GOODRICH'S SEMINARY Will be raI i'l opened on Moadav, H?plem!>er id. Terrra | very moderate and tm mJrmmsr. Appiv 4.0 Fifth ct., I bMweei D and E. aa 37-3" 11 THK MISSES KO"NES ww ILL Rmu?"? ih* dntee of their Seminar* I Monger, September fd?450 D street. Instruct on I will te riven in English, French and Mono. ?.7 3t* W MiSS ADDIE C. KINSKY " ILL R??B!!ie the duties of her Sohool. at 461 I D street, Mwmh 3d and 31 ste.. ?u Monday. 3J I September. 386 . Thankful for former rttrontfr, | ehe reapectfully eolicita toontiuuuoe of toe same. ( ?27-3t* I CCHOOL FOR ' ? _ YOUNG LADIES. Mm M. P. DUNCAN will, on Mo^ay, the M of I September next, reiume her School at her reei_ deuce. No 41 Indiana avenae She has made ar? I raageirenta to reoeive a hauled number ot pupiie I ** boardere. an ffgtf ? UT. VINCENTS ACADEMY, h CJ COENEE lOTN AMD O STEETT8, M I )Ta.t4?MlM, D. C. o- I The exeroiaes of tnia lnatitatioa vill he reeamed | on the brat Monda? of September. Ita a-?vat ta??a ? I for improvement recommend lttoth* patronage of B: I ail. I-or paiticn.ara apply at the Inatitauoa. *h I ? n-eo4t k- I OITTENHOUSE ACADEMY. I II Indiana At., nbaX Tnibd St. ~ I The next aoa4?mie year wiil comroenoe on Moa' 8 I day. September 3. *j au a?-&t O. C. WIGHT, Prinoipal. 1. IUCHOOL FOR SMALL BOYS. W No 377 I St.. Coenee I7tm i Tina Soh ol will reopen on Monday. September i*IXl. Circular* at Hooxauirea. l or further infork* | mation tail from 8 to 12. ? I Ht/ertncit? Dr. S. L. Loo mi a, Profeaaor L. C. I* I Lo mia au ?-ao3w " HI EVERETT INSTITUTE, ? l'lASSACHUSETTS AV.. Bitwhs ?th and r,? I 10th Piihti, I A Select School for Fp vt '* I The Sixth Annual Seaaion of thia Inst tute wi'l rT I commence on Monda?. September 3. Term* modI erate For iurtherparticuWa see ciroulare at the I Dookstoree. or E. W FARLEY, the Principal, at _ I hta reaidence, 493 Tenth at. au?2w* in IT* EM ALE SEMINARY, GEORGETOWN, it r L S. ENGLISH, Prinoipal, j Miaa Engiiah purposes, on MoLday, September ? I 2d, to take otaarge of a limned number of puptla, to i? I whose instruction and improvement her beat efr. I forta vill tie directed. Fiom her many rears' exa. I penenoe in thia buaineaa. ahe hopea to be able to I rive aatiafaotion to thoae parent* and gua diana I who inar place pupils under tier oare. Terma made . I I known on application at No. 33 Gay at. f _?U 26 ?W U* M ERSON INSTITUTE. I Cm H Steeet, < j Between 12th and 13th ata., * I Solect Classical mud Motktmattcal StAool/or Bn> >Q I The exerciaea of thia School will be resumed the -> I first Monday in September. Adireaa I an 19 tf CHAS B VOnNG, Principal. of yHE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. I The Twelfth Annnal Seaaion will eommesoa n I September 3. For partieu are inquire of the Prin111 mpai- Mra Z. RICHARDS, an 17 lm Corner of Fourteenth and K at*. r M THE WESTERN ACADEMY, ) I I i O 97 7 I, oorner of Seventeenth atreet, reeentat 1 ly under the care of Dr. Looirta, will he reopenrd Dr I Monday, th? 3d of 5*eptemher. App loation mav ir I be marie at Dr. Towu'i, 400 Fonrtn atreet, JndrI oiary Sauare. au 17-sw* JOSHUA O. COLBURN. ? |^ROOKEVILLE ACADEML The next eenaion will commence September 8d. I Bf?ya arc prepared for college or for buainexe. For ? I oataloguopleaae Brookevilie, Md , i- E. B. PRETTYMAN.A- M.. R I au Mm (Intel.) Prinoipal. \ I ^EOKGETOWN INSTITUTE. ? I Th? 'ntiea of thia School will be reaumed on the 1fl I 6r?t Monda* of September next. It? advanta?ea ,e I (both aa to looation and faoilitiea for improvement) I and modorate tortn* recommend it to the patropaceof all. THOM *SN. CONKAD, M. A? -I JOHN S. CONRAD. el I au 6 tSeptl Principala. % / ^ CARD. C 1 Georgetown classical and mathematical ACADEMY. I Thia institution will b?opened Monday. Septem ? I ber *d, 1861, by t HEODOHE MoG?? W aN, M. A. SI The ooura? ol inatrnstion will include, in addira I tioo to tlieelementa. all the branehea necea>ary (or lr> I a thorouch classical and mathematical edooati<>u. th I Mr MoGowan h?s been actively enxaced aa a f- I teaoher daring the laatsix yeera?as Tutor of Be lea I Lettres in the College of New Jersey at Prince_ I ton. and as Principal of tiie Academy at Sumter, n I South Carolina. of I "Collkgb of Niw Jekfkt, Princeton, N. J. of I The undersigned take p eu>ure in expreeaing the f. I f*voralde opinion they entertain of Mr. Theodore to I MoGowan. a graduate of tins Colloae, as a aot">lar Ml I and a teacher?Mr MoGowan was the hrat scholar ia I in hia class; was tntor in beilea lettrea, and, in the I judgment ot the underaigced, ia well quantified to ~ I give instruction in any branoh, a knowledge of (h I which ia reeuiaite for admiasioa into eoliege. g I john Maclean, m I President of the College, re I M. B. HOPE, I Prof, of Bailee 1 eitres and Pol. Ec. | STEPHEN ALEXANDER, ~ I Prof, of Mech. Phil.a'd Aetronomy. >" I L R.ATWATER. *n I Prof of Mental and Moral Phil. 1? I JAMES C MOFFAT. 16 I Prof, of Greek. ? I JOHN T. DUFFIELD. "f I Praf. m Math. I G. M. G1GER, Prof, of LfcUn." Reference may aiao be had to * I Hon. H*o. Chambxhs, ) I Hon. J amis Nili., > Chamberaburg, Pa. ? I Hon. A. K MCLcxe \ I Edward McPhebson. M. C., Genyaburg. Pa I Joiiph Hbnkt, t^ec. Smithsonian ma.. Waahing ? I ton, DC b I Geo. w. Hkall, Georgetown, D. C. S. I H. M. Swkbnt, do. do. a, I Benj Da*bt. do. do. '? T?, it- I Tnitiot, Engliah, per quarter of 10 weeka f 8^.00 " * anl higher math..10 00 . I " .. r. " Claaaica.... 12.5? ~ I Fuel, latand 3d quartera. 60 I auSStWlm (Intel MAThlm) 1 rp FEMALE EDUCATION. I * HOSE Parents who wiah their dkurhtera to r?i,A I oeive a thorough and ayatematic ednoauon, where r I their phyeioai training will receive daily and apeoial I attention, under the moat approved aratem of CalisI thenioa and G jmnaaUoa, are reapectftiily invited to ? I viait the Union Female Academy, oorner Fonr8 "* ",lfeftSi. Z. RICHARD#. jntf Principala. ? GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS V OFFICE, _ _L5 GaoaaxTOWN. D. C-. August St, 1861. ? I Notioe ia hereb* given to ail persons E I envelopes of the o d lasue ifcat they will be reoeived >b I ln exchange for t hoae of the new aty e. if preeeoted ' I to thia office within ai? daya ol una date; after 7 I whioh time they will not be reoeivaa in payment of ' HENRY ADDISON. P. M. 5 [y|A63EV. COhLW?ACO? I Expected thia day, pei steamer J. Jerome5^barrels X< DRAUGHT ALE. 1 40 do. XXXX do. do. 6<tt hlf.-bbla. do. do. do. j "u " iiwf-s JawNr4 m 7 Union Depot. Goorgetowa. br I fUST RECEIVED- .. _ cr I J io hhda. prime Porto Rico SUGARS It, 1? bbla. Old Rye WHISKY, .? Sto bbla HEUR N? MdALEWIVMS. K bbla. Crushed and K?hned SUGARS* ~ I 80 baga Rio and JavaC/OFFEE, ^1 10 hhua.(low-?riood) MOLASSER. ^ For aale by JOtN J. ROGUE. ?M ' at { ,n I pROPOSALS FOR COAL AND WOOD. I Ditaitmbit ei the Iwteeioe. ( Auguat lo, lMl t Sealed FEopoakLa will be rooeived at thia Def* I partment until 12 o'cloak m. oa SMarday, the 3let , I m tant, for furmehiog for the aae of thia Depart ?* 1 ment and the different braaokee tkeroof? VI 400 tona beat White Aah Coal, >l* I 80 tons beet Red Aak Coal, 100 cords Oak Woo4. _ 13 oords beet Baker's Pine Wood. _ | The wood to be delivered at saek Umee aad in I euoti quanti ieaae may be wanted. Bida lor tne ooal and wood will be ooneidored * I separately ; and eatiefaotory arrangements muat J7 I he made for the oorreet meaearemenf of each. The Department reeervee the right to order a 111 I greater orleaa may be jeqaired. _ I The proposals to be addreaeed to the Suporm I lendent or the Department of the Interior, and ea I doreed, "Prupoaaia for Coal aad W ood " I aa il-wtAaXl I WOLD1ERS I SISn* DRAFTS^ thk ?OETH _ I bought and eold in an ma to suit Army Officers and Soldier*. \ SWEENY, RITTENHOI SE, FANT A OO^ Q Bankeis Ka avenee, "J Jy 23-lm (Snnd.Chron ) near Brewn's Hotel. Hi IBRARY OF CONGRESS. . I La Aneoet*,}*!. Notioe ie hereby fiTen that the * Library of Coa I greas" will be cloaed on 1 ueeday. the tatooaf ef ? I Auguat, and will not be reopened anul Taaetay, I the 17th day of September, . * I ant JUHN G 8TE^?EWSON, U>?r>rian ! RESUMED BUSINESS. ^ ifk I IW1 The Undersigned would iafonr kisRWS ?? I W frtepda and the publie that he hae# 9 I MkenhoaeToa Ninth eL, between D and E, whore _ ^RoiiF*t"tF?b;ars r. jj^JKSS: I iouoikft. | letl ?m* EN OCR WARD. It! I preaSy im^vtidTJ^tljjjSj^r e*?njflB I greater iadeeaaieoU for Uf patroqace or oinxeae ? I jar pirwiiett or twBMlktfjw ?gggrttl wt I abla Thebaraftd reetoaraat arsaaKea^atE m la* I {fy Jii?y- *57 * I MNtm proenetor fUdgee aare^ff^Na TELEGRAPHIC NEWS LATEST FROM FORTRESS nVNROB. Fotriui Mosboi, Aug rr anotber fiag of trace came from Norfolk thia morning, to laqnlve after that which HB? yesterdsv, Md which ww detained until 4 o'clock p m today The S3 released prisoners a-wl 9 lad>es wer? arm to Norfolk. Oar MTtl expedition havtaf J-nM reached Ita destination, no further deteaUaa *m granary. The flag of truce brought dova Captain H qaavr and the crew of the afc'p A R Thompson of Brunawlck, Me , which waa raptured en the IS* of M a?, ten aa I lea of Sinnaah bar, ud tnkej lata Beaufort. 9. C , by the privateer Lady Da via Two ladles from Norfolk say that the Coaledera tea have lately aaaeoabled a large foree aaar Sewell'a Pol tit, anticipating an attack tfom OM Point. ErEortreaa Moaroe ?T.?**** August M ?The ataamer Philadelphia haa arrived from Washington with 150 mutlneera belonging to the ret Insula thrro and sontsaced to two year.' lmprlaoameat at Uxi 1^1 Th*T bsve beea aent temporarily to the Rip Rapa ' * A flag of trace arrived from Norfolk thia moraine. with three ladlea aad a number at prisoners captured by the Confederate prleateers Aa tbe object of acadlng the Sag of trace at thia time waa deemed to be ratber Inqulsltlvs. General Weal decided to detain the flag until late to-morrow It la high time that an end ahould be pat to thia conatant lntruaioa of tbe enemy to obtala Infer matloa. Whenever tbey think aay km noma t movement la on foot here, tbey are sure to he aa hand with a flag of trace. The atearoer Ben Deford or 8 . R Spsuldlag, loaded with troops, came tome distance up tat Roada. and then proceeded to Wmhinctoa . The steamer Connecticut baa arrived with <90 sailors, of whom 100 are intended for tbe Potomac fleet, and the remainder for oar coast aad liulf squadrons She also baa a oarge of ioa nod provisions She will carry the 13C mutlneera. loot from Waahlngton to the Tortngaa Capt. Davis baa been made provoet marahal of tbe entire department of Virginia He yestsrdsy arreated the crew of tbe schooner Chlrgarera, from New York Gen Wool baa aeat them to the Rip Raps. Seven aplea have recently been discovered here and placed In confinement Tbe much talked of expedition from Old Point haa aalled under command of General Butler. It conalated of the frtgateo Mlaaeaota and W a bosh the ship of war Pawnee, gaa boata MoatlceUo and Harriet Lane, steamers Adelaide aad George Pea bod r. nr ope Hera Fanny aad Adriatic, wlta a large number of acbooaara, bar gaa. 4e. The (Quaker City will follow la a few hoora The veaaela carried over one band red guaa aad a boat 4,000 men Several powerful gun boata remain at OM Polat and Newport Newa Cola Max Weber aad Hawkins take part la tka expedition. Asnthern Newa. Lobibvillb, Aug. 26 ?The A dam a Expraaa Company having discontinued the sending of lettera to the South, thoae now received an4nr<riving from the North will be returned to the aendera A flag was presented to-day at Camp " Joe Holt" to Gen. Rousseau's brigade, entitled the "Louisville Legion," by tbe citlteas of Louisville There waa an Immense concourse In attendance. The Knoxvitle Reg later aaya ''Congressman Nelson la ao scared that he wont answer, and he will have to vlalt Richmond again before getting all right ? -an* The Atlanta Confederacy inalsts that landlorda muat reduce their rents, aa bus!nem is stagnant, and property largely depreciated. The Richmond Dispatch a?va that Kanawha Valley la worth a military expedition on account of ita aalt alone Tbe Mobile Register, of the '3d, strongly urges that tbe South ahould not let the bonda of the new Confederacy alnk below par In any part of the Southern Confederacy, and aska tbe Mobile merchants to take them at par aa a duty The Richmond correspondent or the Memphis Appeal aaya that French agenta were In that cttr buying tobacco, and that this feet Is significant of tbe future purposes of tbe French government Rosseau's Brigade, whlcb had bean ordered te repair to St Louts, hss received a counter crdor, and will remain st Camp Joe Holt for the present Affairs In Missouri. Kassas City, Mo , Aug ??.?On Friday tho 23d lnat , the aum of S143,000 In gold, belonging to the Mechanic and Union banks of this piece, was selxed by order of Major R. T Van Hern, command Ing the reserve corps of home guards Some excitement was created here en Saturday by s akirmlah which took place between twootv mounted rebels on the north bend of the river and tbe ferry guard on the south bank, aided by n six-pounder. Several ahMs were exchanged, oak nobody was hurt. St Locts, Aug 27.?Gen. Pope has Information from Northeast Missouri that Martin Graea. instead of threatening to attack Ktrkavtllc and other points, as heretofore reported. Is fiat making towarda the Missouri river. Gen Hurlbart la pursuing tbe enemy from Klrksvllle and Coloaal Moore from Athens Gen Green's force Is estimated at 1,200 It Is supposed te be now la tba lower part of Monroe county, moving southward, and will probably attempt to cross the river In Clilinary or Boone county. This will rid Northeast Missouri of bis presence, and restore quiet to thet portion of the State St. Louis, Aug SS ?Tbe body of Gen Lyon arrived on the train from Rolla to-night, aad waa escorted from tbe depot by two com pantes of soldiers. It is understood thst suitable honors win be paid to the remain* to-morrow Rebels Mnrckisg on Athens, Mo. Ksoaca, Iowa. August26 ?A private of Colonel Moore's regiment arrived here from Athens, Mo , last night He states that Colonel Green waa approaching that place with a force varlcoaly estimate d st from fifteen hundred to three thousand. Tbe Union pickets, which were sixteen miles out, are driven in. Colonel Moore has WO men and four cannon. Three hundred men loft born to reinforce him. General Hurlbut is repressntsd to be behind Green with (SOU Union man. Explosion of Percussion Printers. PiTTaaoao, Aug. <7 ?A box at percasalon primers for cannon, addressed to Goo. Fremont, st St Louis, arrived here to-day on Adams' Express car, snd from some unascertained csuss exploded . and seriously injured an employee mt tba railroad company, and another maa. No one was killed as st first reported. The explosion caused some eaoitement, and gave rise to a rumor of an infernal machine. Warders by lndlnns. Milwacksb. Aug 30?Exaggerated reports were received to-dav from Horlcon, la this State, to tbe effect that a large bjd> of aramd Indians were msrchlng on that plaice, killing all tbe whites on the wsy. Tbe report origlanted In tbe fact that a family, living ten miles north of Horlcon, were murdered by some Indians of tbe vicinity This act was in retaliation for shooting a pony belonging to the Indians. Harder of Inien ties in Kaafehy. Ciac HNaTi, Augustas?A Union man, named Moore, was killed, and another, named Neil, waa mortally wounded on Saaday after a eon, ny n gang of five secessionists, at Bhotwall toll^atr, seven miles from Covington Both men wore stabbed la the bock A party of Union men have gone in pursuit of the murderers, who have fled towards tbe Toaaessee line. A Prl vnteer Off the Const of Moaoorhneetts. Boston, Aug *7 aflf mhoensr Sgrtaals, Of Ellsworth, Ma., ?rrlv?4 nere to-day, snd reports that,*) miles northeast of Cape Ann, she was overhauled by the privateer schooner Freely, of Charleeton, but her cargo not salting the plrstes, they releaaed bar, wishing, however, to oe reported la Bostoa Notice to 4hs?t. Bcitnot, Pa , Auj R-Wn Rslsey, hot! Ing from ithnoa, was compelled to tmes the town to-day, or accept the alternative of being rods an a rail He baa endeavored to Indue* parties to take tba New York Dey Book, and attorad the rankest treaaon. Secretary Sewnrd. AnoaHT, Aug. Sfi ?Secretary Seward, who left Waahlngton early this aaoralag. Is expected here on a special train by the Hudson River Railroad some time la the night A apeclsl train will ho ready on the Central rend for him as aeon as ho arrives here. , Arrests at Raw Vara Nrw Toaa. Aug #7?J A. Muchnsa,n wotlknown slave dealer, has been arreated to-dny aad held to ball. Samuel J. Anderson, a native of Vlrglnin, and ssympathlxer with the rebels, has aiae boss arThe ittnroera on tna ? xartna. Bostob, Aug * ?Tbe ax a ml aad oa otBtmj Blauvale and Char lea Pe cival, nhstMll with murderlag Patrick Creates, male mt the hook Cxarlaa, before the Ualted Ststm ossMkdastr lo-day, resulted in their d lac barge. Tka Frigate Coageaa. Hoaron, August M.?Orders bave bosn reoel ved from Washington ?s refit the Congress for Meet sdlag purposes Moork'8 west end soda foi mt m to salt his a?lror.s maddifaoL to a fins esnea mt N?iia ???. ne ha? a ja i ilig i V? ^ "nhSK* Ms 4 ^ ^ ?i ^ 4 . ^4 , . a at > W 4

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