Newspaper of Evening Star, August 28, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 28, 1861 Page 4
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ipn 11 I THE EVENING STAR. LAI K A WON'T SECEDE. Kditor Star :?You have given as the appeal of Laura1* lover to Induce her not to aeceoe ; will you publish her reply ? Yd, I'll klsa you, ere you go. Could I, could I answer. No! When I know tbla very day , Will aee you marching far away ? Go, wh*f your conntrv calla, adieu ! My heart will ever burn for you ; Where'er you inarch, there i? no need To think that Laura will aecede. When on the tented Held, no doubt. You'll wheel, present, advance, without One thought or poor me, left behind ; But I will ever keep In mind Your Image, ye?. although I be besieged by some fine beau ; Th*r*farv dnrril dn nnthml The foolish thought that I'll aeceda Do not for a moment fear That you will be forgotten, dear; No matter >? hat bright visions riao To dazzle or aeduce my evei? No matter what fine worda I hear? 1'U wait forever for you, dear ; Piay, reat content, for in my creed You will not And the word ''eeceda." Good-bye, dear* naught whatever M y k>v? from you can aever ; Tin may forge*; perhaps mar fall In tbe wild battle's din ; and all Our hope* of happtnea* may fade, And gloom and grief my heart invade? Yet, apite of all, my heart will be True to my vowa?true, love, to thee. When you return, I quick will apeed Yp mrms, and from my Ma secede! lack a. Motixmti i* Wzstbbx ViRemiA.?The Richmond Examiner of tbe lttth instant saya: Information received laat night from the Weat renwvea all doubt that a forward movement for tbe entire command had been ordered for yeaterday morning Gen Loring was ordered to move with his forceafrom the Bis? Spring in the direction of Huttonaville, around tbe Cheat Mountain, while Gen. Jackson was to advance toward the Cheat Mountair^ where the enemy ia posted in force and block the progreaa of Roaencrans eastward. He will now either capitulate or if apprised of our movements In time will back on Pblllippa, which ia ibe only poaition which he would b? apt to aelect in his retreat to make a stand at. tttlrrlag news may now be momentarily expected from tbe West Th?a R ir hmniid nf tK? ?iv? 'Private account* r?pr?-aent Gen Floyd's command * ten m; U* west of Lewisburg. The enemy are reported to be posted (three thousand strong) atSummeraville, fifty miles distant, with a large number at Gauley river, which thev are fortifying. Gen. Floyd's Brigade has been lately reiaforeed and supplied with iaiprovt-d arms, ana Is In a high state of efficiency. He will advance on Ute enemy la a very few daya " Oi 'EA jY S TEA MERS' SAILING DAYS IfftOH (CI UllITBB StAXBS ci?<mnsrr. /.?*?s- For. Dent Persia..... New York._Liverpool? Au< as A rate New York- Havre Sept. 14 From Ecbopb Bavaria.. Soath'pton.. .New York -Aug 14 Ana? .. Liverpool... .New York. Aug. 11 The California mail ateamera leave on the 1st, Ita, actl 31st of every month. THE 91'BSCRIBKRS RESPECTFULLY invite the attention of the Army aad ?Nary to their fail ?uppl? of MILITARY^?! ana NAVAL, FLRNfcHING G'?<iUS, kK saoh &s Indigo Blue Clotns au<i Doe*kin?, _Wjf Cap*. Epaulets. La^ew, tnoulder Straps, Belts, Swords. Sword Knots, Caps, Hats, and all respective emoroidery A so, tb-* oelebrated PATENT FILTERING CANTEEN. Orders la that une respectfully solicited. H. F. LOUDON & CO.. Naval and Military Merchant Tailors, Jy 18-eo3ra Pa. av.. under Brown's Hot?l. Q C N BOATS Quartermaster (tentraPs Qtlee, ( Wafkimton Chty, July 18. 1861 { Plan* aid Steciticatioss for huhs of tiun Boats for the Western rivers are on exhibition at tua offioe, and at offices of Quartermasters at Pittsburg, Cincinnati. St. Lotus and Alton. Boata to be delivered at Cairo. Bids snould be sect to Quartermaster General of the United States Army, at Washington, oy 1st August, at-noon. M. C. MEIGS, Jy 19 Brig. Gen'l and Quartermaster Gen'l, Machinery for screw steam sloops. Navy DinmrtT, { Bureau nf Construction. Angust 8,1961.\ ? i f W. P?/^nsxakV? - ?-'J k? *kJ akvz-wAbo ? ? i i/o icuoi foa uJ (ilia Burma until 4 o'cloor. the 5 h of September, 1861, for t"? omstreotion of the Mftohiner* of the U n i t-d rotates eorew steaai sloops "OssiPM,"at the Kittory N?vy Yard," Hoo?atohjc." at the Chare*t?vsN?Tr V?nl,"AMio!t!)Aci,"?t the New York ^javy^Yard, acd "Juhi^i." at the Philadelphia Theee proposals must be endorsed '"Proposals tor Machinery of Sorew Steam Sloops," that they nay be distinguished from other business letteis. So proposals will lie oon?id*red except from proprietor* of manae engine establishment*, and the reputation of tnose which haw constructed eaocesslul machinery of this character will have the we ght to whioh it is entitled. Establishment! not too wn to the Maw Department as builders oi sarin* will, lfthey propose, be required t?_ fsrni?n sauffaoto. y evidence of tceir experience sad ability Portiee desiring to make boni Jlrie proposition! will receive, on application to the Bureau, a copy of the Specifications of the work to be done, and of the Con'ract under the provisions ot wmoh the] will ks re*nirea to exeoute it Drawings can tx een at the offioe of the bugmeer-in-Ghief convenient, ptutographio eopiee of the same wii be seat with the specifications Tke proco?a's niust be for the machinery of eaoh TMsel s??*'ate r, with a statement 1st. Of the number of vesseis for whioh the bid ders deeire to construct maohin?ry, leaving to thi Department the r ght of selection. This is pre ferred, though a bid (or a specific vessel, excuaivi of the others, will be considered. *. Of the sum for eaoh vessel by name for whici the entire work will be completed a*r eabiy to thi apewfioatiuns, d awmgs, and oootracL S. Of >he number of oon?jcotive days from d%te of notification of aoceptauce ol oontract within whioh the bidder wilt ooiitract to complete the ma eniDTT on board and reed ? for sea service, pro ided the vees4 be plaoed at his eotnmaod within I o*rtai:> number of conseoativedays from the dat< of said n >tifwauoa, whioh number he will state 11 the preoo?a. 4 The bidder will state, in the event of the vesse not beinff plaoed in his comtiand within the stipu fated tine fVom date of notification of aooeotana of emtraet, Ut" number of oonsecutive day* with to whieh h* ?ill contract to complete the maomne it on board ready f-*r sta ssrvioe from the date hi ahall he notified that the vessel la at his com mad. _The *40??iria" and the ' Hops atomic" are tc hare fixed screw*. The "Adirondack" and th< "Jdriata" are to hare hoist-up screws. Tbe pa* meats will be made a; four different in torvals as tho wo k progresses?one fil'h of th' twtai amount at each pay ment, the la?t fifth being reserve 1 for four months aft?r the trial trip, u order to make good any defects that may be die ewered dannc tna. time. An ample gaarautes win be inserted in tbe contract lor the aocsifai 'uifiro^nt ot all its conditions, end a forfeiture will be required for delay it onipleti^n. No proposal oan be considered sn'ssa acoompa Bled by a written guarantee, sinned by two respon aib e persons. to tne rtf*ctthat t ey ui.deitake tht * bidder shail, if his ? ffer he accepted, enter ink oor.trsot wuc good aud su&oioat sureties lor it) c cipletion. Two or more sureties in a sum eeual to th< amort nt of the oontrsct will he required to sign it aad their responsiDi itv must be oerufied by a United Ptat?e d strict judge, district attorney, ool lector, or navy a?ent. iiiCd?r? whose sroposa's shall he accepted, and Bone others, wi:l oe no ified, anj as earlv as prao tloaMe a contract will be transmitted to them dated two days after the notification. The Department reserves the right to accept th< propesitioas made in eonferraitt wits tfca nnnAt Uona prescribed wiiioh shall be oonsitiered moat to the icters*t i f the Government and combine the greatest number of adTaatices, atd to reject any or *11 o! them, at tu opt.on. Farm 9/ Oftr. I <ar we) of .State of .hereby egrr? to oonstruct the machinery for (name th-t numner] Doited p>tat?a acrear ?team sloops in oonformity with the provisions and term a of the advertisemeat of the Auaaitl AM, fresa the Navy Depart?at Bad bar ae ate appei.Jeo, aid for pnoea and wilkiathe tim?a aa fol on: Per tue maanm^ry of the name the wall) the yriae to be (same tiie ?um> dol.ara. The total tnae of eoaap etmn to be (name the aa a oar of aaaacaauve days) ftwn two daya after the botihoation of aooeptacoe haa barn made by the Unroau, p'oTided t^e ve?ae:a be placed at Oiy tor oar > disposal wiUun(n%me the numt>er of oon eoutire daya) pom the aame date. If the veaeet tbooid aot be piaoed at oar diaposal Within tb? time atipalated, then the time o' ooapletioi to lie 1 nam o the nsint>er of dayai from tne data of tha notifictUoa that tha vessel is placed at (Aa last (Araa paragrapkt /or tAa alAar ihrt result. Shoald my (or oar) proposal be aeoepted, I (or we) reqaeet to be laforaied at ?s and that the aaatiaat may be forwarded to , for signatarea a^uioata. (Signed) A. B. <Oata> _ PWw tf Saafial|. We. the aoderaiguee, teeideuu of ??. fa the State of .hereoy jointly and severalhr oovenant wtia the Halted *t*t?s aod guaranty that in case th# .foregoing proposal be aooepted. will. Wftfia ten days alter the receipt of the eon tract at ??-?exsfate the same, wi h good aad saAoinat mitiw. for theeoaetraction of tne ma hm<*rr pmeeeed ib ewmpUauoe with the terms of toe ad aarueement ot A ox est tth, 1881, hereto appended aad under wnich it was made; and in case the aaid ahali tail to enter ipto tha contract aforesaid, we tyrant? to mate gooa the drtfcrenoe between jlL Z.'lS^SiSSSa^rii j ??. ftr*gQ*d?o<l mESESSJl (SUmc*I*> . 0. H. ?aa tsss M&jZusMXZ'-'aa Asm*, hiu*4*4 i ? fFOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPER AND ENVELOPES ' VO MATCH. | ktUl METROPOLITAN UOOXSTORE. PHI LP * SOLOMONS, JUmtl ft Lmtmm'i Lmm Fap?r? "M*trtro!ii*m Mills," tl-, t*. wW lj l>et. !?tb and 10th eta. WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. DR. ?HUMAN ha*, after an experience of tea years, established the abore refute from tnaokery, self-labelled Indian or German dootora, and pretenders of witonoraft and impostors in central This is the only plaoe where a sure and speedy onre can be oOtamed in the world for all improper and evil habits, gonorrha, gleet, seminal weakness, syphillis, primary secondary, and tertiary, org&mo weakness, pains in the loins, strictures, general debility, prostration, nervoimness, restless nights, palpitation of the heart, ringing in the ears, loss of memory, eonfn.uon, lneisnoholr, afleotions or the head, throat, nose, an 1 skin, and all those peculiar disorders arising L* m the indiscretion of yonth, rendering them unfit for either business, study, aooiety, or marriage. Dr. ?. has tbe greatest remedies in the known world for dieeases of the blood. *onorrh?. fleet, strigtures, syphilli", set.-.sna! weakneee, self abuse, 4.0. There it no case in which the? faii to oure in from 3 to 6 daya. Victims of these horrible oomplaints, who would wish to be ralnable men and ornaments to society, should embrace the earliest opportunity for relief. Dr. Shuman hu made the most oomp ete arrangements for the comfort of bis patients who oome from & distance. Tney will bo furnished with the most pleasant and agreeable quarter*, necessary diet, and made aa comfortable ar. they would bo at a first class hotel at less than half the cost. Do not forget the namo and number. Dr. Shti man's office is on the corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue. Clarendon Hotel, opposite the National Hotel, Washington, D. C. Persons at a distance should enciose stamp for return postage. Office hours, 3 A. M. to 10 P. M. Various parties have been enticd from my institution by oertain swindlers on back streets in this city, who will rua it till the day of their death. A word to the wise is wnffioiont. ?p 9 It CuriConrk, Cold, Hoarstntss, InJRWif Jnk. A**ma, any irritation or Soriof Throat, Rilitv* tkt nJgBRtVTd Hachxnt Cnutfi in Coni^tmpIklTilMHllf-il tion. Bronchitis, Arhma, t Catarrh, Cltar and tiv$ wtrWff/ strength to tit roict of PUBLIC SPEAKERS and SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of checking a Coogh or "Common Cold'' in its first stage; that which in the begining would yield to a milu remedy, if neglected, soon attacks the Lungs. "Brown's Bronchial T>o'.h*s" oontaini-ng demulcent ingredients, allay Puimocary and Bionchial Irritation. "That trouble in my Throat, (for BROWN S which the "Trock*s" area speoifie) having made me often a mere whisVROCHES perer.* N.P.WILLIS. BROWN'S " ' recommend their use to PfBLie Bruuu." i TROCHES RKV. E. H. CHAPIN. I ? . "Brest service in enMuin j Hoar?b BROWN'S n*?s." REV. DANIEL WISE. TROCHES " Almost instant relief in the dir r tresBin* labor of breathing peouliai ? BROWN'S to Asthma." BKUWIN ? KEV. A. C. E6SLESTON. ' TROCHES " Contain no Opium or anythinc lnJ"ri0?" DR. A. A H A v E8, BROWN b Chemist, Boston, TRncnirs . "A simple and ?lea?aat oombicaTROCHES tion for Corehs, ic." KRnwM'H DR. 6. F. B16ELOW, BROWN S Boston. TROCHES " Beneficial in B*onchiti?." DK. J. F. W. LANE, BRT>WN'S hot ton " 1 have proved them excellent for TROCHES W?oorrn? Cowsh." REV. H. W. WARREN. . BROWN'S Botttm. va nfu ea "Beneficial when compelled M TROCHES speak, suffennf from Cold." iiBMWM.a REV. S. J.P.ANDERSON, BROWN 8 51, Lwuit. troth li " Ef?*ct*al in removing Hoarse nese and Irritation of the Throat, so BROWN'S 00 rB0!1 w,tb Srmias and Sm?1 TROCHES ftvL M. 8TACY JOHNSON^ Lb 'irssfii (yft. BROWN'S Teacher of Musio. Southern Female Co!lete. TROCHES "0re*t benefit when taken before and after preaching, as they prevent BROWN'S Hoarseness. From their past effeot, i think thev will be of permanent aaTROCHES vaaUc" to me, REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athens Collate, Tenn. TROCHES R"?fVrcUl!Si'i,S?72SNto 1-ly PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AVS BLOOD REJJOVATER Is precisetv what us name indicates, for, while rileaaamtto the taste, it is revivifying, exhilarating, nvigorating and strenither.iag to the vita, povers, ' and at the same timo revivifies, reinstates, and re news the Blood in all its original purity, and thus > a\oi\o? restores end renders the system invulnerable > to attacks of disease. It is tin only preparation ever ofierM to the world. b? chemically and skill1 fuly combined aa to be tne rcost powerful tonic, and at the e&me time so perfect]? adapted to, aa to I I act in perfect aooordance with the lawa of nature, ' | aud henoe will soothe the weakest stomach, and > tone np the digestive organ*, ana thaa allay all nervous and other irritation. It la perfect!/ exhilara 1 tint and at the same time it la composed entirely of vegetv>lcs. yet so oombined aa to produce the moat i thorough tontc effect, without producing any in iurious oonsequences, hnoh a remedy haa lout D?en felt to bo a desideratum in the medioal world, ? 1 for it needs no mod teal to see that debility ' follows all attacks of disease, and proceed.- and in > deed lays the syatem open to the insidious attack* I o! many of the most fatal, auoh, for example, as the i following: Consumption, Indigestion, Dyspessia, ? Loss of Appetite, Faintnesa, Nervous Irritability, Neura:gia, Palpitation of the hsart, Melancholy, I Nicht Sweats. Lar.gor. Giddiness, Retention of. aa well as Painful o&struoted, too profuse, or too ac*nt Menstruation, and rail in;; of the Womb. These ail depend upon general debility. Thii pure, nealthy tonio Cordial ard U ood Renovator ii aa are to enre as tae sun ist o nee and set. There ia no mietJkk* a<M>ut it. llatthis is not all- If the syatem ia waaXensd we are c?on to bilioua attacks, the liver becomes torpio. or worse diseased, the Kidneys refuse to perform their funotioas, and we aratroubloa with ^caiamgand mooritinenoe o I urine, or involuntary discharge of the aame, pain ' in the back, side and between toe shoulders, exceedingly liable to alight coiaa, oourna. and u an i oheokod. soon emaciation follows,and the patient goea down to a premature crare. But aoaoe will not allow na to enumerate the manv ilia to which we are liable in a weakened condition ot the it stem. | But we will aay in thia Cordial and Blood Renovator yon have a perfect safe pi easant and effectual remedy for loss of Appetite. Biliousness. Flatu lence, weak and sic* Stomach, l.anaoor. Liver ' Complaint, Chilis and Fsvor.oranr Bilious attack Coi tiveness, Aciuity ofthe Stomach, Nervousness, Neuralgia, Palpitation of the Heart, Depression ofSpirits.Sores, Pimples on the Face, or any disease arising from impure blood, snch as Scrofula, Erysipelas, Bronchitis, Couch, difficulty of Breathing, and ail that olaaa of dieeaaea oal ed female weaknees.and enumerated above. We will also 1 aay the traveler exposed to ep'demios, change of climate and water, will hnd it a pleasant, safe and ; aure remedy, and no one ?ii*>uid ever travel without. Keade*. try it, for assure you yon will i find in It a friend indeed, as weilaa a friend in need. ! All peramis of sedentary habit* will find it a per' feet preventive of, as well as a care for those ailments which they are particularly exposed. Hecce ministers, students, attorneys, llterarr gentlemen, and ladieewhoare cot anoustomad to much cat I door exerelce, will ' it to their advantage to aoep a Doiun ooasiaauy on; ana aooye ?i I motnera. or tftoee becoming auoh.will^o through i thai most dangerous jrrioo notoiJt with all their ? 1 aocuaionioo strength. bat aaie and free from the thousand ailmenta ao prevalent am on* the female , I portKBWot' the world, in ahort, ia indeed a mother'a , ! ofadiaL^ Try it oid and young; no lor gar ran the rittk it will relieve a&dprove itself emphatic^..? a H Zior*ti^4 CoriitU tMd Blood R tnormtor. O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Kroadwaj. New York, and 114 Market Street. 8L Louie, Mo., and i ail good Druggists. Prioe One Dollar per PRO* WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AND BLOOD RENOVATOR. Sold la tfcia oity by C. BTOTT, 37# Pa. avMie, i *' l&-foly.*iw ^unboats roa th* WESTERN SiVKKS. QtnirnxieTii Sa.iaaAL'a Orrica, 1 Washington, June 17.1861. { P*ofo*als are invited for oonatruoticg Gun boats upon tue Western river a speoinoationa will be immediately prepared and may be examined at the Qa*rterma*terJa O Aoe at Cicolcaati. Pit eburgh. and at this otfioe. Propoaala from boat bail'era and engine-baild er? alone will be oonaidered. Plana submitted by biddera will be taken into onnderation. M C. MKI6S, te H Quartermaeter General United Statea. IJOOT1I AMD ?0 801V III _Waye now anafarrtonr.f a:, kinds of BOOT8 ?" douhi uo ooMianur rood Tin* MmIt of aaatani made work of wary de- HH Bih fSaa^^d&WL tier Mo for* ekargad in uua oit; for auh inferior Per so cm In nnl of Baoto and Shoe* of waters *t attr mad* work, will alwaya and ajood aaaorimea laetoreabd a* tke loweal yrioe*. 4ito n*a oall. R1FFIN * BRO., mfM-r, HI P?nn*?l?>nt? *. 'Mtkti. Bed Buji, Moore'* Rat an? ' RaaH Exterminator never tale. Moore'* Bansui* will remoTe pnint, yarn ak. or inaw of any ki*d from.tae rsoit deiioata f*bno, *ilk or woolen, with* oafTcjury to aolor or otherwise; will cleaa Kid iS^sisiSfcEfe-. Ts\tJ. BSE . ?I Frnao* feUfci-fflNR "They go right to tho Spot" INSTANT RELIEF 8TOP I OtJR COUGH PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE! SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, ass GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. 6 KMT I-EM KIM CAIKY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDINO'8 THROAT C0NFECTI0N8. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'8 THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Cough instantly. They clear the Throat. They give strength and volume to the voioe. They impart a delioious aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taata. They are made of simple herba and oannot harm any one. I advise every one who has a Cough or a Husky Voioe,or a Bad Breath,or any diffioulty of the | Throat, to get a paokage of my Threat Confeo- 1 tions. They will relieve you instantly, aa<i you will agree with me that "they go richt to the spot.' You will find them very useful and pleasant while traveling or attending publio meetings, for stilling your Cough or allaying your thirst. If you try one paokage I am wvfe in saying that you will ever af | terwards oonaider them indispensible. You will find them at the Druggists and Dealers iu Medicines PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature is on each paokage. All others are counterfeit. A Package will be sent by mail, prepaid, on re i oeipt of Thirty Cants. Address, HKNRY C. SPALDING, No. 48 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. ! NervousHeadacha ! -At* CURE J? i Minnas ^ Headache. - * By tha im of these Pills the pariodio attack a o Norrout or Sick Hfdatk* mar be prevented; and i taken at the commencement oi an attack imme alate relief from pain and sieknoss will be obtained. They seldom fail iiv removing the Nan*m and Htadackt to which females are so subject. They act gently upon the bowels,?removing Cot For Littrnry Mtn, Studmts, Delicate Females, and all persons of ttdtnlary knbitt, they are va! able aa a L&xativ, improving the mpptHtt. giving ton* and rigor to the digestive organs, and re atortnj the natural elasticity and strength of the whole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the remit of long investigation and oarefully oondneted expertmenta, having been in nee many yeara, daring whioh time they hare prevented and relieved a vaat amount of pain and anflering ram Headache, whether originating in the??rcoMj ayatem or from a deranged state of the itommek. They are entirely vegetable in their composition. I aad may be taken at all tiraea with perfect safety without making any change of diet, mnd tkt ?t>**nei of any ditagrttubl* tattt rtndirt it aajy la mdmtnitltr tArm to tktldrtn, BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genmne have five signatures of Henry C. Spalding on eaoh Box. Sold by Druggists and all other Dealers is Medicines. A Box will be sent by mall prepaid on reoaipt the PRICE, 9* CENTS. All ardera should be addressed to HENRV C. tfPAr.niMS 48 Cbdae 8nm. N*w Yoke. From Ik* Scmmit, Norfolk, Tm. Cephalio Pilla aooomahah the objeot for which Ue; were made, ?: Car* of httdMhl ia all 111 forma. From tho Mmmmimw, Norfolk, Tm. They hare been taatad la aiere than a tkaaaaed oasee, with ectirs aoooeea. From tk* Dm?rt(, St. Clomd, fifimn. If you are, or have been troubled w ith the haad&r>he. aend for a box,(Cepha.ic Pilla ,) ao that yoi | taar have them Id oaae of aiCattaok. Ami tk$ Wutom R. R. (fonrtu, Ckio*to, JU, We kearhly endorae Mr. iipaldini, aa4 kit aanValled Cephalio Pilla. From tk* Stmtkom Pmtk Findor, Norn Orlotmi. La, Try them ! tod that are afflicted, and we are gar* that jour tcmtimonr oan be added to the already numerona liat that haa received beneftta tkat no j other medicine oan prodaoe. From tk* (f*n*ttt, Do import, lowa. Mr. Spalding would not eonneet hla name wltk aa artiole he old not hmvto to poaaeaa real merit From tko Admortuor, JVaaUwn, JL J. The Cephalie Pilla are aaid to be a remarkably 1 effective ranted? for ?h? J _ uvnuMwalD) MJU ODO VI MIC j T?ry beat for that rery fre? sent oomplaint which 1 1 hu ever been diaoovered. #> ? >i4 Si. Lawii Jwiirrt. a\e immense demand for Ike VUtli (Oepkalle ) u rapidly inoreaeinc. from tkt Kmmtmkm Valley Btmr, Kmmmkm, Fa. We are sure that persona Buffering with the headache, vho try them, will atiok to them. i>e?t lJu Admtrtitor, Prttidmin, B. I. The teebmoTT in their ffcTor ia at rone, from tk? moat reepeotab'e quarter a. From tk* Daily Nowt, NtWfort, J|, /, Cephalic Pilie are taking the plaoe of all kinde. From tkt Commercial Bullttin, Boston, Mail. Said to be rery efficaoiona for the headaohe. From tk* Commtreial, Cxncmnati, Ohio, Buffering humanity can now be relieved. KT A eingle bottle of 8paldlag,i Prepared Glue will eare tea timee iu eoat annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUEI SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING18 PREPARED QLUB! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH H7*WA Stitch iw Tim Satu NtwB."-n| I Aa accident* will hapf?n. In well recnlatec ffcjmliea, it ia very deairable to k&ve aome oheap idlc uTMiMtwiffor repairing Fnrnitare.Toya Crockery, Jfco. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE meeU all noh emergencies, and no household aa * afford to b? withoat it. It t? aHrays ready. tad > to the stiokini point. M USEFUL IN EVEET HOUSE" 1 N. B.?A fresh aooomyaniM mA Bottle. TtU ?oeaU. Ad HENEY 0. BPAL1HN9, Ha. ? Cedar ntr?lJUw York. ' CAUTION. j ilpsssisf; ijjgassaagsqa.. THE OVLT FRXPAftATIO* TOIT1T or UHIVRR8AL OOHJ1DRNCIA PATRON AG! FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN, LADIES, a*d GENTLEMEN in All parts of the world testify to the efficaoy ol PROF. O.J WeOD'8 HAIR RESTORATIVE and gentleman of the Press are iivunou in iU praise. A lew testimonials only oaJ be here riven see circular for more.acd it will be impossible foi you to doubt. t Wau Stxxxt, Niw YoKi.Dee. ? 18*. Gmultmtn: Your note of the llth instant hu been received, saying that yon had heard that I had been benefited t>y the uss of Wooa'a Hair Re^orat^s, an* requesting my oertifioate of the fact I had no objeotion to five it. I award it to jo* oheerfnlly, because I think it die. My age about 60 yearn ; the oolor of my hair aabarn. and inclined to euri. Some five or six tears since it began to tarn jray, and the scalp on the crown of my Read to loee its sensibility and iandruff to form upon it. Each of these disagreeabilities inoreased with time, and aboat 4 month* ainoe a fonrth was added In them, by hair failing off the top of mr head aad tureatenant to make me bald. In this unpleaeant predicament I was lndaoed to B Wood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest the line off of tot hair, for I had really no expectation that rray hair oou>(i ever be restored to its oriental oolor sxcept from dree. 1 was, however, Greatly surprised to find, after the use of two bot es only, that not only was the off arrested, bat the oolor was restored to the gray haira and sensibility to the soalp, and dandruff ceased to form / tvi j uiuvu h/ uip 11 AwumkuuQ ui my wife, at w.ioso solicitation I ?w indued to try it For this, among the many obligations 1 owe to her eez, 1 strongly reoom mend all nuatianda who value the admiration of their wives to profit by mr example, and use it if growing gray orgetting Sakf. _Verj re*/ectfn'()y, Bxw. A. Lavmsu. To O. J. Wood A Co..444 Broadway, ri. Y. My family are absent from the oity, and 1 am no

oncer at No. 11 Carro* Plaoe. Si a. msrojt, A! a., J ul y *>, 1MB. To Pxov. O- J. Woo?: Dt?r Sir?Yonr "Hair Reatora'-ive" has dor e my nair ao mnoh good ainoe 1 oommenoed the aae of it, that 1 wiah to make known to the public of ita efl eots onthe hair, whioa are great. A n?an or woman mat bcuearly deprived of hair, and by a roaort to your ' Hair Restorative" the hair will retarn more beaatiful than evor; at least this ia my experienoe. Believe it all! Yours truly, W*. H. Kbnxsy. P. S,?You oau publish the above if you lik?. By publishing m oar Southern papera yon will get more patronage South. 1 see aereral of your certificates in the Mobile Mercury, a strong Southern paper, W. n.Kinm. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATITE. Pxo*. O J. Wood: Dtar Sir: Having had the miafortnne to loae the beet portion of myliair, from the efTeots of the yellow fever, in New Orleaua id 1861. i was induced to make a trial ol yonr preparation. and found it to answer as the very thing needed. My hair is now thiok and giosay, and no wotda oan oxpreas my obligations to you in giving to the afflioted such a treasure Fixlsy Johnson. The Restorative ia pnt np in bottlea of three aisee, vis : large, medium and small; the amall hold hall a pint, and retaila for one dollar per bottle; the medium holda at least 2" per cent, more in proportion than tho amall, retails for two dollars per Dottle; the largo hold* a quart, 4A per cent, more in propor tion, and retaj'a for MS. O. J. WOOD * CO., Proprietor*,444 Broad way. New York, and 114 Market street. Rt. i^iim Mo. gold in thu oty by C. 8TOTT, 3Tf Pa. avenue. an 27 er?1y,alw JOY FOR THE WCk AND SUFFEKItf# i LET ALL WHO ARE APFLICTKO READ! Atf-LY THIS REMM HI REJOICE AIN HEALTH. Frlaid, 4a yoa differ? Are yoa the viatim t( aay at thoae namerota ailroenta which anae fram im rarity of the b!ooU? What are thev, do yea a?kr Rather ask. what are they not? Th? blood la tna 10 roa of lite asd health, and it la the &rn element of oar t emc to reapocd to aiiy oaa*e which afeota the system, aa the f hlae infal.ihlj ?tv?u- The ever I retailing >ie?ra]cii, the imtfcUuc Erysipelas, t^ie initio Scrofula, the aeoniains Rheumatism, Nervomn l>ebiiity, <>/3>8ysia, Lirsr Com*.aiut with ita r>rpcr and Rejection, ana the cainberiess lila that eah ia heir to, derive their hideous or ir in from the blood, Deal kincny then and cent.y with the blood. Uaa the vitaliaict resources of natare for ita aid. and a afar aa to commend to yoar confidence ana aaa that traij valuable medicament known aa MRS. M. curs INDIAN TESRTABLE DECOCTION. With rem* to thia almoat infallible caeeifia aofalar aentiment haa eyoken in decided terms ana the evidence* of thia treat efloaey are aaatained by oonatant avowa.a of okrative effects and thn haryieat reaulta from ita vae are after all other reinediea and the beat medioal skill have failed. Let na aay, in eorrolvaion, that certificates Airiu ar? nnt mnvKl frnm > . tww ? ~ Hwd m|| u Iiviu MIO I|U?V1?W7 *UU VOPVC fioial, bat they are volunteerod from the muif reapeotable pouroea and justify the highest torma ic which it ia aoaaible to oommend bo valuable a specific to public approval. We may add alto that the ou rati re properties of the medioine are equalled only by iu restorative effects, the system reoover1 dc from disease with reuewed constitutional vigor. For sate by all respectable nmgeists in this aity, and by toe proprietor, MRS. m. COX, Nona genuine unices her name ia blown ou the bottle ana her seal on the oork irr Pnoe 91 per bottle, six bottles for ft. WloUstlt Aftnt. R. 8. T. C1SSEL, Druggist eorgetowa, D- C., Wholesale Agent for the Dtatriot, and will aupply the trade at my pnoea. au ta-tr rptlU ALL-SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIESEM AR, 1. J and ??Protected by Rora. Letters Patent of England, and secured by the Beats of the Ecole de Phariaacie de Paris, and the Imperial College of Medioine, Vienna. No. l is invaluable for er haustion and catarrhal, and all phvsioal disabilities. No. 2 completely eradicates all traoea of thoss diseases tuat have been hitherto treated by the nauseous and pernicious use of ncaaiva and oubeba. No. 3 has entirely supplanted the injurious sse ol merourv, thereby insuring to the snfferar speed; re!ief, dispersing all impuritiaa, and rooting oa Lhe venom of disease. TR1KSEMAR, Nos. l.Iand 3,are prepared la the form of a loaeuge, devoid of taste and smell, and can be oarried in the waistooat pocket. Hold in tm oasas. and divided into separate doses, as ad numatered by Valpeaa, Lai emand. Rous. Rmnrd ato. Frio# 93 each, or four omm for #9, whiob mtsi S3; and in 9*7 oum, whereoy there ia a i&ting of 99. To beliad^ wholesale and retail, of Dr BARROW, of 194 Bleecker street. New York. Immediately on receiving a remittance, Dr. Barrov will forward the Trieaem&r to any part of the world, securely packed, and addressee aecordinc to the inatrnotiona of the writer, TiieBook.of ail othera, that ahonld be read by men with damaged and broken down oonstitutionj ia "Roman Frailty, or Physiological Reeearohea." It ia t>eantifally illnatrated, and treata minutely of all the symptoms that invoriablv develop themselves, aooner or later, reauiting from the frmiltie* and vitiating habiuor earli votith, lnoapaoitatim the victim trom snanng the fruition of the matn monial state, ard. if notoheoked in time, dec euer ating ail the far.otiona of manhood, and bringing him. atepby step, toalineenai and nntimrty d&th. Sola by l)r. HARROW, 194 Bleeoker street, Tout doora below Maodongal, New York. Pnoe ? oenta. Sent free every where. Sold alao by 8. C. Fora, Jr., Dri( Store, Wash iaiUin, P. C. da ?-?m P HEADER, E RUSE The following statement and thee judge of its facts for yonrselr: ABRAM COLE, of Brooklyn, N. Y.. a well known oitisen there, had Buffered from Dyspepsia for some years, without permanent relief, antu he tried AYKK'S PILLS, which taken acoording to the directions for thia oomp-Mnt, restored aim to health in a fow weeks. After an interva of some month a he has had no return of hia oomp.aint. GEO. W. CROSS, of Harmony, Texas, had an eruption on hia wok, ahou.dera, baoc and leg, whion covered atout one third of hia body. It kept the parts affeoted oovered with a aoab, and being often a raw acre, waa of oourae very troublesome and distressing. It so much impaired hia health aa to unht hunt or bnaineas and kept him in oonatant differing. All medioal aid failed him until he took AVER'S COMPOUND EXTRACT SARSAPAR1LLA, whioh oared him. His akin atillsbowa some soars Trom the uloeration, bat it ia otherwia* u clear as an infanta. RJOHN H. SHOOK, Ea? , an eminent lawyer ot iohmond, Va? took a oold wkioh settled on hia nca. A aevere oatn set in on th? !?n ?ia* ? , ? -m? <w*? ??*?i | w *?u m bad oough, which wu soon followed trj the unmistakable symptoms of oonium>>tion. Whinreduced very low he commenoeatekiug AVER'S CHERRY PECTORAL, whioh eoon stopped the oough tad completely oared him. Prepared by DR. J. C. ATER ft CO., Lowell. Mae*. maH eota Hist ory of Se*$nited Netherlands, by John Lothr^p Motley ; 3 vole ; free h* mail, At. The Rue of the Dutoh Republic, a history, by John Loturop Motley; 3 to a oioth; free by mall, 6. Silas Marner, the Weaver nf Ravelol, by the author of "Adam Bede cloth ?goents; paper 10 and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop Sergeant; flXJ. After loebergs with a Painter,a Summer Voyage to Labrador ao4 Newfoundland; by Rer LomaL Nob e; 91.60 The Manufacture of Photogenie or Hydro Car boa Oile. by Thomas Antiseli, M. D.; #1.76. Any of the above free by mail FRENCH ft RICH8TE1N, ap ? aTS Penna. avenue. TNION PAPER AND EN V ELOPES.?Tven U ty different styles of Note and Letter Paper, with Envelopes to matoh. Viewa of Washington in the form of a Rose, and in Rook form , also, separate All the Daily atd Weekly Papera oonetantly on hand. Herald, Tiiuee, and Tribune reoeived every night at 6 o'olook. Papera from all parts of the oooatry. Be&dle's J>une Novels aad Son* Book*. A fresh anpply of Books for summer reading, aheap A large assortment of Juvenilae? Mayne Reid'a Books, Rollo Books, Abbatt'e Histories, fto. A discount of 10 to CO per oent,onall bound books french ft RKJHSTEIN, reaa National Bookstore. 9TE Pa. av. 1VE OFFER TO MII.ITABV UBN - ? 'T a?aortmeato? GREY.and BLUEFLANNi?L SVER-8HIKTS, WHlfE SHIRTS, DRAW*8. CAMP BLANKETS, H ALF-H08E, Ao? bicn we }avita all euh parti?nip to examine fe'itrSi'k'pHENS t CO., S99 Pa av., bttvtto 9th and 10th au. tn n (latatl^aaoar aad R?m tuioan.) rarj mot Romv*?1 Ok?o**rin??' or f 100; one Ro*owcod Ntwwan A Bro.'gM i ?' ? ?**? for |?, at ? ?>{ 8tora otW.Q. MKTZEROTT. mm aint ?/ Btaiawaj A Roaf ud P W?rfw? * <V> ' Pi^nnt M ft ?FBCf AL TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. JJNITKD STATE)* MILITARY ROUTE. CHirtOE~OF HOURS. On and afltr Monday, August 19rA, 1801, PAMBN0KK TB-A12t* WILL *VH At FOLLOWS ? LKAVK WASHINGTON it t tad 7? a. m. 3 30 and 5 45 p. m., arriving at BaJUmore at 7A6 lod 9.10 a. o>. and 4.(V5 and 7 JO y. m. LEAVE BALTIMORE at ?Jftand I ?a.m.and SIS and 6 p m , arriving at Waahiniton att and 1MB a m.and at i?>and fUp. m. i'uieniw Trams leaving Washington at 7.J9 a. ra. and 2-5' p. m And Baltimore at 14o a and S4t P m .make direotoo&nexioca tor Acnapoiia at Dm Junction. Train* learc Annapolia for Baltimore and Waal ins ton at 6J6 a m. and X p. m Passenger Trains ieavinr Washington at f and 7 30 a. m and **> p. m. stake direst oonanxiona at Baltimore for Philadelphia and New Vork. All arUolea of freight (cot oontraband of war) be transported over the Una Tonnage Trains will leave Baltimore at 4 90 a m. Leave Waaruncton at 7 p. m. ' By order of the Secretary of War: THOMAS A. SCOTT. THOMAS H. CANFIELD.6ee*SllUeBe*' Ascutant Manager. au lT-tl SPECIAL NOTirE. * SUNDAY TRAIN. On wd after SU.N DAY. Mth Jiir, Utr? Till b* but one Sunday daily tramLeave WASHINGTON at2 30 p. m. for NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA. Prom New Yor* and Philadelphia, arriving in Wan hi niton at 6 10a. m. J A.SCOTT. jy 27 General Manacer. ffja STEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN G*WFEs Nfc.W YOKK ANDLIVERPOOL, I .audio* and embarking paseecgers at Queenstown, Ireland The Liverpool, New York and Phi'adelphia Steamship Company int?nd di?patohiat their full powered C!yd?-built iron Steamship* aa follows: GlASGOW Saturday, August 3d. CITY OF BALTIMORE, - * nth. KANGAROO. M " Utk. And ewery Saturday, at noon, from Pier44, North river. *ATBS OP PASSAOS. Firat Cabin f 75 Do. t? Loudon.^ 80 K. to Pans k5 to Hamburg 86 Steeraje ? $30 Do. to l^ondun .. .. 34 l'o. to *a is.._ 3' Do. to Humburc. *6 Passengers forwarded to Havre. Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ao , at reduoed throng* tares. Person* wishing to bring out their friends oao buy tisket* at low rates or furt-her information apply at the Captains Offioa. JOHN 17Bat* . If tfnwdny, N Y . Or to Q. A. HERRING, Aoams Exirtti Btlbmore. w INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE EASTER*LAxfc WESTERN SHORE STEAMERS. "KENT," Capt J H. Kirwao "PIONEER," Capt. W. Norman, Will run theft nutes as follows, lsavi Light street, Baltimore, foot ol Camden, at 7 o'clook A. M: KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landing* on Chqptank river, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, returning ?very Ihirsday and Monday. For Annajolisand West River,every TUBS DAY and FRIDAV and returning sa days. PION EER?For St. Michael's an-1 Easton, via Mile's Hiver, every WEDNESDAY, a-d return tbe same day. For Annapolis, West River, Cambridge, O*ford aod Hasten Point, every THURSDAY. returning by bame route on Friday For Annapolis. Wrest River, St. Michael's and, Ea?ton, via Mile's River Ferry, every SATURDAY, returning every Monday Dy same rout*. Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Fastoa Point ...... a? Fare to st Michael's and Milea'Rivar^ round trip.fl,)_ 1? r are to w eat River, (round trip, $1)...?,... IN Fare to Annapoii* (round trio?5oenu>-..~. 75 MHALS EXTRA. Freight muit be prepaid. Whurf and Oftoe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden. Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,I Calvmt Statiow, Batimore. Mayi8, JML i On and after Sunday. May 19th. 1W1, Traiae on the NORTHERN CENTRAL KAIL.WA Y arrive and depart a* follow*, until fnrthar aotioa. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 8 15 A. M. SXPRES8 atsaoP, M. ARR18BURG ACCOMMODATION At P. MThe 8 15 A. M. train oonneota at Relay Hobm with train* on the Western Maryland Ran road, at Hanover Junction with Hanover and Gettsbary Railroad*; at York with York and Wrifhtirl.l* Railroad;at Hamburg with Pennsylvania Railroad for ail part* of the West, a!*o with Lebaonon Valley Kailroad to N*w York dxr?ft; at Nortnum ( eiland with L and B. Kailroad for Kiccitonaod all parts of Wyoomtng Valley,and at Sunhury with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all parts Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3 an P, M train make* all the above connection* except Hanover Railr< ad, Wrightsviils Railroad and the Lebannon Va!l?y Railroad. Ti-e 8 P. M train make* connection* with Penn sylvanm Railroad for all parts of the West, and direct conneots for New York. TRAINS ARRIVE. Mail at 8 10 P M ; Expre?s at 7 45 A. M.; Harrisbnrr Accommodation ai 2 43 P. M. For Tiotets and information lcqaire at the Tioket Office, Calvert Station, Baltimore. J. Ci CLARKt fispt* LEAVE PHILADELPHIA ? ? FOR NEW YORK. The Camden and A111 bo7 and Philadelphia and Trenioii Railroad Companies' Line iron PHI LADKl.PIilA TO NEW YOKE AND WAY PLACJ- S, from WALNUT STREET WBAfiF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leave as fol lows: At 6 A M , via Camden and Amboy,(C. and A. Aooommodation.) At 6 A. M , via Camden and Jersey City,(N.J. Aooommodation.) At 8 A. M.t via Camdea and Jersey City, (Morn ir f Mail.) At 1IK A. M , via Keusincton and Jersey Oity, (Western Express.) At UK P. M., via Camdea and Amboy.t AooowboAt 3 via Camdea aad Amboy,(C. and A. Ezpre*s ) At ?K P M , via Kensington and Jersey Oity, (Evening Express.) _ At M P M , via Ktnsinfton and Jersey City, (Second Class Ticket.) At6 P. M., via Camden and Jersey City,(Eveaiag Mail.) At 11M P. M., via Camden and J ersey City,(Booth ern Mail.) At c D u ?n a J ? - * rtio t . iu ? via vsiuuon anu m rxry, i Aooowrooda- I tion. freight and puwiiw, First Claaa Tieket.) Se?.>nd Claaa Ticket. The 6 f. M Mail Trwn rnu duly. The lUf P. M. MmI, Saturdays excspted Pur Belvidere, fcanton, La-nbertTille, Flemington. Ao,at7.10 A.M.;acd4S P- M., from Ken i niton. For Water 6ap, fttroudsbarr.Boranton.Wilkeebarre. Montrose, Great Band, Ae.. at 7.10 A.M., from Kensington, via Delaware, Laokawanna aod W?st*rn Railroad. For Mauoh Chun*, AUentown and Bethlehem,at 7.10 A. M. and 5S P. M.. from Kenamgton depot; the 7.10 A. M li eoonneots with the train tearing Km ton at 3 35 - M. For Monnt Holly at 6 and 8 A. M. and 3 and 4* P M For Freehold at 6 A. M. and 2 P. M. For Bristol, Trenton, *o.. at 7.10 A. M..W and (MP. M. from Kensington, and 2H P. M from Vvalnut street wharf. For Palmyra Ri?erton, Delanoo, Berwly. Bar.initon, Fioreaneoo, Bordentown, ?o., at ISfc, 1, a, 4* and 5 P MV Steamer Trenton for Borden to wc.and mterme diate places, at P. M. from Walnut street wbart JCr Por New York and Way Liasa. leaving Kensington Depot, take the oara oa FtlU street, above Walnut, half an hoar before denature The oara run into the depot, and on arrival oftrain ran fr V"ft y1 pound's of battue only allowed to each pa*aeng?r Paeaengera are prohibited from taking aaalVina - ? ? - ? * ^ * ? - All btHMt ovtr fifty poanda to^Si paid tar utn. The oobnbj limit their reeponcifeiUty lor btiiHt to one eol ar per pound.and will not be UalileTjr u; amount mjou one hundred dollara, exoept ky ?p*o.v ood tract. WM. H. 8ATZMKR. Aft. * Ssmm RAILROAD. On and after Met 16ta, IM1, the waiaa will raa as follow*, TiB.-?Leare Camdea Stattoa. Baltimore.? Mail, > exoept Sunuay.j at i.. ? A. M j Kxpreia da*1* at S. 45 P.M. Both Traiaa ?o direoL; through t-'OR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST, SOUTHWEST AND NORTHWEST: FOR WAY PASSENOKRS. t _ Between Baltimore and Piedmont take tke A. M. Train; between Piedmont and Wb? Uke Ao oommodation Train, leafing Piedmont at 5.40 A. M ;and between Grafton and Parker?burf, take tb? ft 9> A M Tram from Baltimore. The FREDERICK TRAIN Imtm Baltimore at 4 so P. M. and Frederick at t jo a. M. The fc.LLlCOTT'8 MILLS 1 RAIN leave Baltimore at 6 JO and 9J5 A. M. and 146 aad 4.40 P. M , and Ellioott'a Mille at 7.40 and 11 JO A. M . and 145 tea 1M r. M.. ? _ For farther mformat on, Ticketa of ererr kip** Ae, apply to J. T ENG LAN D AiMtalCtwTn Station, or at the Ticket oflee. MR Kj?rJSSff"* 'Em^MgSFfSf'mk liS "?&" ,M"' " PoiiUnm^ irtane, a ,?*. m.,*n4 I^I^b s^r&ciri TJIOTICR TO TKf VKUMta. H nitnMtw tioooral kmnng ortmd tfco ul aarrioo bohrm WaabiBrto*. frfe?y*. Bl^r 1'o!' JJobh) to m rtmiMd, 01 tad r? "fir^sns day)fr .m thoir wharf, foot of Cr.iot t>oolt, at (k 'oiook p. *., or ignilMtly alto Ui kmvu ? ttao Waat?iL*ton Tnii, vkiok mth WukiiiWi UIH o o ork p. m. ?-tf M. N FALL*. Pwt r HIL A n K L P HIA, W1L H?V^E M1N0TON AND BALTIKORB RAII.U' AD. "oV?S tSUfffiS?5 Tmu lor rhuada ?hia will !*w ProaidMt atreot Dopot daily(otooot $iultniu roliowa, tie. l ipr?HTr*iii?tf li A M Way Mail Train %? M6 A. M.: Etoli r.f Wail at 4 41 r?*o!ook Or N DAY? at 4 U P. M. OBIT. All Mill M>?Mo( ?ltk Now York tmu osoept 44ft f. M. oa Kalir A*F rot It tat Tr?ia witli p*im?r Mr ?ttuk?d ImvmMi P. M , ttoffiat at all BUUiona botwooo Ba Urcoreaod Havra de-Gr?o?. PiaaaoiiKora for Dolav?ro ard tfca Kwto-r Mmto at Mainland will find Ltae moat axpodiUoat ro?u by rat r ! \AT lloai "ihrAlt Colored "pereooa mmt fir# boad befor* iiwiu Uitokri. WM. CRA WPOUJPj Ag?1. va^kissrm I ?H RAlLHOAO mmd JtJSW fOAff CMNTtLAL RAjlKOAp. FxyreeaTraiMieare New York o'ty depot* of Badaon River Railroad Wily.Bar-areexoeptud, eioliowa: _ rromCb&mb#ri itxMl trr>mSlit it itttmii, At TOO in At7?a? 1100 M 600pm I Ji - 5*?? ??. , m IMpa Montreal and flnffalo Train with sleep.o? oara, i'i | m I ?B p ConaectiLg it A bany With the New York C??trm.1 Railroad for Reheneolady. Rookeate', I'tiea, Batana. Rom*, and etationa on Rom# ud WmmtoTc Raiira*. Hnffcio. t*Traonoe. Niaga-a Faha, S??p*raw n Bridge Aabnro. Gao< ra.Ca- andaiguaTrama in oonitectioa leave Buffalo ud Hu> p ? aion via Lake Shore, Buffalo and i ake Baron m4 Great Weatern Railroad. for Hamilton. Tormtn, Detroit, Chicago, Toledo, kf ilwankie. Poo Da Lae. La Crow, Madia n Prairie Du Culen, Ga eaa. [ Dunleith. Dubuque, Peoria, R' ok Ulaod. Muaoatine, Iowa Cuv. Burlington, Qamer. Sprinafietd, [ Alton, St. Louis,Cairo,Terra UiuU. lndianapolie, Louiaville,Citcirnat'. 1 ajton. Coluibbaa, CVvelaori^and al'. points West, Northweet and Soatb NORTHKRN ROUTE. ConneoMnc v tb Trains at Iroy, with Trey A Boa ton and Rens. A Saratoga Road a fur AaraUf a. Whitehall. Rutland, Partington. M.A I bar a. R> a?e Point, Piattabargh, Ogdouabaigh, Montreal, Ao., Anr Freight Arrangements by thia rout" a* above, without chance of Ca a, from the ttepota le t hambers and canal atreeu. are at all timea aa favorable aa mftdabyoth-r Railroad C<iupa-i-e. The iaotlitiea of Uus great N*w Vork K' lt?, ?o the Weet cotnmead it to the oocfcdenoe of meiohaota aa 1 ah'ppera lor promptneea and diapatoh Paaaecger trama, with Botoking aad Bleeping t Cara^ran m oonneotion oa the New York Caairaj | For partioalars aa to local trims and freight ar rEflffftmRntl l lid n 1 rm At iKa <tAv? AA i? - ? s 1 ?^ ? ? ?- *i WW ?nnj n? A. F. SMITH. ^sperintendent. | 0 S GOVRRNMKNT LINK FORT MONROE AHD OLD POINT COMPOAT. 1 UtTti the lower end of LMuN DOCK. Balti more, weet aide, OA1LY, iSundays inoladed.)at 4X o'oi??k r.M tak iDf pUMiiim and fei?bt M with tk? Railroad> ar d torn Washington, D. C., Philadelphia. New Yora. Boston, York, Harnaburg, Piitebari. P* , acfl the W eat, ii?mediat?> af er th?arriT&, of the Express | Train from New Yoik and Philadelphia. I The following la the Schedn.e : Prom New York to Port Monroe and bask. 914 Prom Philadeiph a and neck.... ? ale Prom Baltimore and beok #6. rCTPROCCRK VOI R TICRETa^TI In New the New Jersey Rtllroao Olos foot of Courtland street. In Phi ade!phia, at the Company's rlfcoe. N. W. oomar of Sixth aod Chestnut street*, or at the Depot, Broad and Prime streets. In B?ltimore, oa b>ard the Steamers, foot of iUnion Dock. Hl'OB Q'CONNER, Passenger Ag*n? r^MaNtW YOKK. HARLEM AND mH9m| ai.bany railroad. =*^ 1 LEAViWB NEW YORK POR ALBANY, TROY , NORTH AND WKtT, SUMMER ARRANGEMENT Commenoinc Monde*. Mar 27th. I Ml. For Abany?11:00 a. m. fast express tram from *th street. For Dover Plaits?4.-w p. m stepping at White P!?ina and stations north to Dover plains?from 2?tt street station (This train will ran to Mtllertoa every Saturday "p5i?ritan f.i1- ht. _ - . v. v> . < V. >W ? Ml - nuffl U? turn* north of Kordham from 36 h atreet ataUon. For v\ Lite Plain*?;:3r\ 4:10 at.d 5?oo 9. m. atop piD* at ?!1 ctationa from 38th atreet station. For White Plain*? : 5 p. m. iU>frim tt ?'l it* bona fro* W bit* rtreet lUtios. For Williama Bndte-7 Jfl, 11:1* a. m_ and K? p. . (topping at all ataUon* ffora /Tib Mimi etaUon. Returning will leavo? Albany?a. m. taat expreaa train. Dover P ain*? a m. (Thia train leave* Mil lerton every Mot. day morning at 6 a. m.) Crotop Fall*?* p. m. White Plain*?fclo.7? a ra. 4ii0 A im p. m. William Bridie fc?, PjOO >. m.A 1:0* p. m. ?usdar train* will leav* 4th Avene* o?Mer ttri treeiTfor Central Park, Yorknfe. Harlem and High Bridge everyf?w misotea, from ?^?a. n> to 7:0ffp m. JOHN BURCH1LI.. Aet Eopt. YORK AND ERIK RAIL ROAD Paaeonger Train* lea re via Paronia Ferry and Lobi Dock, from foot of Chamber* atrett, Now York.aa foliowa, ti? : 7.00 a. m . EXHRE8>ikfoT Due kirk, and Baffaio, and prineipei irtmn?aa Station*. 8 no a. m, MAIL, for Dunkirk. and intermediate Station*?Thia Train r'maina over night at Klnura, and prooeeda ttie next 9.(*>a m.. MILK dail;, for OtWvtlle, and intermediate Station*. 11 00 a. ra , ACCOMMODATION. daily, for Port 1 Arwia awW a in<*ioal 4 00 p. m., WAV, for tfiddlotown, Nrwburjh. and mt?rm?diaW? Station*. ^00 p. m.. NIGHT EXPRESS. daily. for Dankirk,Buffalo, Canand?wrDa.and principal Station Ttia Tram of Satarday ?top? at all Mail Traia StaJicna, and rant oolj to Klmira. 6 0U p.m.. ACCOMMODATION Jor Boraoani a, and prinoipa. Stationa CH A S. MINOT. Gaol Sap't. NATHANIEL MARSH. ?wir?t. _ jp?kFOR BOSTON VIA NKW ??ORT AND FALL RIVER. By um rtlftj.c.d and aaaortot sarafJiKypiS traactk aad t?d. bet pa>LenlarIy to tha narration of Loc/ la and Sonnd, roamac la ao?nootion witfc CM Fall Rivor a-?d O.d Cotoay Railroad, d,?tano? of S aiiioa omy to Boatnn Lfara Plot No. No'U Kl*or near Lb* Batto*y. MiBSTtofSKiriT SfcSS WSSt P. Mtoueiiin? at Nowaort eacii waj. _ The Staanw METROFO'.IO, Capt Brova. on Taoodaya. Thartd&ya acd Satarday a, at I o'atook P.M., at Nawport mod way. Thaae Swainora a>a fcttad with aaaiaaudiova atata jooma. and ovary arra&foaaaat for If* aaopri u mu wis un <n fkimitsn wno u? urortM t>y tr..? route a nifhte' rert on board, a-d on arrival at Pall River proceed per ftieamtaat Train.reaab tag Bonoi early the follow;.* m^rciac: or may rtma n on board on til atarbac of tba Aooowniaabon at I A. M., by whiob taey mar reach Boatoa about?.? A. M toacca?e matter u attached to east t learner, i reoeirea and tioketa tba baagace. and aoooiapaoiea tba tame to lu deabcatioa. A ataamer ra^a in oonaeotioa with tbia Lane ba graaa Fall River and Provideaae daily, exoept Freight to Boaton ta forwajded throath with great di? patch by an Kx?rea? Train, which iea*e? Fall Rirer ever? iTK>lnii.ft?undaya eroepted, a* o'olook for Botton and New Bradford, arriving at ita dwi nation at aboat II A M For freight or pat aa?c. agfiyva board, ar at tba oftoeoa Pier No. a North River. For atata room* aad berth* app.y on board, or if daairec to eeoara them isad^noe, to WM BORDEN, Ax't WaixlTI Wwt ?trr?l, ?? Y. TON?Inland Route?The ahortaet and aoataraot?Carry tba feaetern Mad. _ The ateamtr PUN MUl'TH ROCK, Ca*. J.Q. Seer, and COMMONWEAljlfiT CaaT J. W. Wil'iama, is collection vita the gu.nia?toa ajd drotoD itsX o'oToec P.'jtf.,or aa tka'amvaTof 6" ?n Trail which 1?tm at ?? P. M. Tko PLYMOUTM BOCK, from Now Y<wfc-. Motdjf, WMswdftf, wd FriteT. Pro* GraPuinfWi fmTorotoi ot?J for nltroai U Prondenoe tod Boetoa, ia Um kiyr*? Mu< Trail. reaoiuM p.*oe in Uium yf tho?e by wiii*r roeto>, and in mb?I<Jim lor ail the earlj Mure.- | 1?IM 00a00tlB( JVortfc U4 RlH rafMiiftfi tSat prefer it, ni?l? fa board fit e?oi?r, aryor ? uliU'ml CBduturbod break nitl?diiirid,ud)MT?9rotn ia iiil.UA. M f M'-irrr" i^T ?* Fare fro* ? rovwJe oo U> Newport, Fifty OMU A bat {Me aastar uoon^tuM the 8Uuwr aad TrsiLwel way. I or PiMfi, Berths, Stut Room, or Proifktj ynoi board the uamtr, or at the Tjmgm Oftee, Pior 1? North Bitot, or ii Um OSmo# a^as"' * m rni.'KS-.Yav'SrFBENCH "VliVJ large aad oomplet?> aeeorunoat of Military Buafca of all k.Ldi. vkioh they offer Iron too to Ift* per Mat. below Um ra<iiar retail pnoM. la_ i i; oiiamc : A mw ?dition of BtrdM'a IsCMtry Mi Mil, oon>)*to, 91J6 JorW VoriatMn' t> of tUtdM Tumi, M 4?!i';*'> - - ? ? PUfi, HtAt? ud M?4m at mn jmrarattftMi Wiga NflPRMM^MRP

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