Newspaper of Evening Star, August 29, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 29, 1861 Page 1
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w I I I I I ??? I I (jftaiitg $>hx, r V"K XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. AUGUST 29. 1861. N?. 2.660. ^^^?? THE EVENING STAR ? PUBLISHED EVBRT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, CuriMi of ???hm amd BUvmtk if. rr W. D. WALLAOH. Papers served In packages by carriers at S4 t year, or 17 centi gpr month To mall iubecrlbers tbm price la S3 50 a year, im dwmct; S3 for six moDtti; 81 for three months; and for leea than three months at the rata of li cents a week. Single ooplee, o5i c*ht; In wrappers, two etirrs. U~T ADvaaTia?jts5Ts should be sent to the ofcce before IS o'clock m.; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. GENERAL M.tGRlDKR A correspondent of tha Boston Journal, aridantly an offloar of tha army, furnishes aoma amusing personal itema in ralation to General Magrudar, now of tha Confadarata army: This is a lattar about J. B. Magrudar, Brig. Gen. Confederate States of America, commanding at Yorktown and tba country round about. In tha Dictionary of the Army of tha * United Btates, edition of 1853, he is defined a* follows: " Magrudar, John Bankhead, (Virginia,) Cadet 'lfi; bvt sec Lt 7 infv 1 July, '3d; in 1 arty Aug. 'SI; ast. oom. subiis. Dec. '36; 1st Lt. March '30; Capt. June '4.6; bvt Major for f al. and mer. cona. in battle of Cerro Gordo,' 8 Apl. '47; (July '48;) Comd. Int. battery with Pillow's Dir.; brt. Lt. Col. 'for gal. and mer. oond. in battle of Chapultapec' 13 Sept.,'47 (July '48,) in wh. wound." This is pretty wall, but to make the picture complete few words mav be added. Mr. Magruder is not iuuch less than sixty years of age, is a tolerably good looking man, though aomething the worse for wear, and in some respects is an excellent officer. He has some eccentricities which, had he flourished in any other age or oountry, would have made him as famous as Beau Brummel. Mr. Magruuer, I must say, is the moat accomplished humbug in a > n 1. vii?!! it!. i % America tor an ??uiue? in ion rupee ne i? known in the army?for these he ought to be famous He hat the reputation of m rather herd man of the world. When he entered the army he had about $40,000. ThU lasted him something lees than five Tears. He ia especially gorgeous in mess furniture, and extravagant in his oaisine, by which means he has ruined very many young officers. He is also somewhat fantastic in respect to personal adornments. When he was in Mexico he came oat magnificently in blue trowsers with red stripes or enormous width? the stripes being in their tarn striped with Sid. The officers had a debating society in e camp, and this one of the questions over which they vexed their minds and exercised their oratorical powers : Whether John B. Magruder*$ trow.iertare blue unth red stripes, or red tnth blue stripes ? Tradition does not give the decision, but I understand that the members of the society were taken " to view the preaaises." In one of the battles he was directed to send a section of his battery to a designated point on the field. So he detached a young second lieutenant. Having given the youns subaltern bis orders, he added : " You want a brevet, don't you ?" " Of course, sir." " Well, then, let me give you a little advi|h. When tou iret there don't vou mind whether there's any Mecthicanth or not?you fire like thedeauth. Then they'll all think you're a devil of a fellow?take my advith, and you'll get your brevet-'' The young officer deeoried no " Mecthicanth,'' but he followed his superior's advice, got his brevet, and is now in a responsible position In Washington. Oen. Magruder was wounded at Chapultapec, the record says. So be was; struck by a spent ball. A cut across the baok with a riding whip would have inflicted a greater injury. But the oocasion furnished an opportunity for a sensation, and was not to be lost. Drawing forth his handkerchief, he treated the wound gently, and of ooune elegantly?put on a look of heroism, and was evidently about to oall for brandy and water?he had taken the precaution to fill one of his limber boxes with wines, brandy, cold MKieWan An/I tKa like Kafnr* rrn i ?/in tKa AaI/I VHWKVH at * Wl WtVi V gV4Ug vu ?uv uvivt ?when a corporal stepped forward and offered him water from a canteen. The Captain sipped a little, and handed the appendage back, with? " Thank yon. Corporal; I make you a thargeant on the thpot for jour consideration." Magruder once got np a meu, more gorgeous and extravagant than any which had preceded it. He invented a mess jacket, unlike any garment ever before created since the days of the father of all ships. It had a golden arrangement, in form not nnlike a breakfact rail, in the place nsually occupied by shoulder straps. It was otherwise of a moat extraordinary character in respect of ormentation; and without it could no man enter the mesa room. Everything about the mew was magnificently grand?it was all that John Baakhead Magruder oould desire. Very many young offioers, after exhausting all their own means and the purses of their friends, in supporting the dignity of the army, were compelled to resign, and are now among the list of civilian graduates of West Peint, to which the Sectary Commission call public attention. After awhile the regiment was ordered to Plattsburg. All the plates, all the mess jackam4 All A?.?. ? ? ? - ? ? 1 ? 1 ? ?w, ?u?4 ait vuv i? b ui iu? brapi wore uuij packed and transported. Arrived at Plattseurg, * number of officer* frem the Coldstream Guarda, then aUtioned near Montreal, made a ?all upon Magruder and his commander. Departing, thev invited their American oouaina to viait their qaarteri and dine with them. "We moat return their call," said the Amerioana in diecuaaing the matter?" but we most not dine with them, for we have nothing to show that will oompare with the magnificence of the young noblemen. We will return the call?excuse ourselves from dining?invite (hem to dine with ua?of course they will refuae, and that will be the end of it. Of course we can't xpeot to seta table fit for noblemen to ait at." And this sort of talk was about to carry the day, when J. B M. brought his brilliant genius to bear upon the aubjecU ' Don't you be frightened," aaid he, "we'll dine with 'em? can't loeth that?and I'll ficth it all right? mutht cultivate thefeliows, you know." And following hia "advith" the whole party aceepted the invitation, and upon an appointed day proceeded to the a Barters of the Colastream Ouarda. and were duiT dined and wined. The affair DUHd off very pleasantly. At thecloee Mr. Magruderfcordially?and to the horror, I may say, of hia aseooiatea?invited the Englishmen to " dine with hia meth?come ar,j timo?whenever yon pleathe?haven't got our math furniture?get here about two weekth henth?but never mind, drop in and dine with nth?we'll do the betht we can with what we got." The Englishmen assured him that they ahould be moet nappy to aooept the invitation. John B. and hia frienda returned. John B. proceeded to "fleth it all right" by aending to Kew York at wsafor a eaterer and all aorta of legaaeee in the way of ediblee." "H.L. H." waa the direotioa he gave the messenger, and the telegraph operators among your readers well know what that means Ihe response was prompt. Immediately a number of sentries were stationed on the heights north from Plattaborg, and they were Instructed to oommonieate by signals whenever any red ooats were seen to approach. In a day or two the aignal was gf??. Two hours afterwards ths red ooats arrived. They were oondneted about the eampe. They were entertained as soldiers who visit eampe erpeet to be. An honr or two later they wera uahered into tho mess-room, where a dinner in the best style of the beet eaterer of New Ynrk laiii nnon a table alerantlv ornamente.1 with silver and gold, met their somewhat u toniihed ey**. ''If," laid they among themselves, "thee* fallow* can gat ap suoh a spread before their baggage arrirac, what moat their be when they'ra at homo?" And the English nobleman went homa that night fullj convinced that for elaganca and loaury the Coldstream Guards war* not to be oompar*d to this Amerioan Artillery Regiment. The Mqaalntaaoa between the Coldstreams aad the First Artillery became quite Intimate, aad consequently the littl* piece of hambag which J. B M. had played upon tha former wss soon discorered. Bat in their rank* the Coldstream Guard* had a fallow who had tk>* *ama trick upon the Americans; and It earn* to b* understood, in both oamp*, that the two professors of bumbng were always b? pitied against each other. Magru-ier w** gsnetfUy aoekonad (fee winner, though. X& Wd sutUlevy America wk* thus fcr in advance of England. One day when the Eng< liihmen were visiting at Plattsburgh, thej expressed themselves as much pleased with Ma grader's light battery, but expressed theopin ion that it ooald be of little value in that coun try, where the groand was covered with i heavy ooat of snow more than four months o: the year. "Oh," exclaimed Magruder, "w< never mind that, we have winter batteritb we'd rather have the thnow." The English men desired to be instructed. "Orderly, brinf me a sheet of drawing paper and a penthil,' said Magruder. Being supplied, he made at onoe a very pret ty picture of something like a sled;wlth a field Eiece mounted thereon. "We've got 'em oui ere," said be. "and after dinner you thai thee 'em." The brandy and the wine weres< good that long before they left the table th< English gentleman had forgotten the " wintei batterith," as Magruder Knew they would When the Prince of Wales came to this ooun try, Magruder was stationed somewhere wes of St. Louis?I must be pardoned for not know ing where?I don't know much of what then is between St. Louis county and the Rockj Mountains?but that's neither here nor there Magruder was there somewhere. Making sun that his Royal Highness could not, his tim< being limited, accept the invitation, J. B. M obtained twenty days' leave of absence,went t< Chioago, and invited the Prince to come to hit county and hunt?bears, was it??some anima not t<> be found within a thousand miles of hii locality H. K 11., the P. of W.. of course wai reluotantly compelled to decline ; bat he waj so far fascinated by J. B. M.'s wit that hi solicited his company to Washington. J. B M., just to oblige the young man, acceded t< his request, and when they got to Washingtoi his Highness returned the kindness by procu ring for the artillerist a year's leave of absence apon the strength of which he took oommanc of Jeff. Davis's forces in this part of the Olc Dominion. General Magruder is sometimes i dashing officer, but not always trusty. Proba bly his descent upon Hampton furnishes aj correct an index to bis character as anything he is likely to do in the course of the war. So much for Brigadier General John Bank head Magruder, C. S A. Phrssology.?Some time ago we mentioned that we had received a photograph of acoupli of curious potatoes, raised in Oregon. Thej were shaped like a man and a boy. Th< same person, it seems, sent to the Tritium office a photograph of a turnip which lookec aa much as possible like an Indian's head This photograph was t&ken by some wag in th< office, unbeknown to the editors, and sent U Fowler and Wells, the famous phrenologists ir Broadway, having first Deen labelled as follows 'Photo<?ranh of tha >iAa/l ?f M innoorttii ar ? 0-?? ? ? wwwvt Miuuvn uL Oregon chief, who was killed on the Uppei Colombia, July 8th, 1859, and his head pre' served by Dr. W. B. Pettis." A few dayi afterwards as Mr, Greeley was going dowt Broadway, he saw the photograph in the phrenologists' window, witn the above label or it, and the following added, "Phrenologio&l features?firmness, secretiveness, destructive ness and combativeness large?showing the true Indian character," Ac. Horace laughed oat load. He went in. "Wells" said he 'where did yoa get that photograph ?" "Ii was sent from your offioe?1 feel much obliged to you for it, as it is an excellent aboriginal head." uOriginsl, you mean," said Horaee "Why, that's a photograph of an Oregon turnip sent to me by a friend of mine as a curiosity I left it in my sanctum a few days since, and some of our boys have been fooling you, Wells!'' It was now Well's turn to laugh, but be sorewed up his month in a way that showed he did not ll-U iL- J * - * * - roiisu too joae exactly, it is unnecessary tc add that the ''bead of Minnewaugo" was taken oat of tbe show window at once. Loss or a Fi!?? Tootu Comb.?An English Methodist preacher, who spoke in a meeting out west, told the following story: "It is but a littie while since I was a travelling along one of our great rivers surrounded by the deep forest; i stopped at a rude shanty by tbe low river-aide, and there I found a poor family in gr^knat afflction-ah. They were all sick; their ohildren were shivering and starving; their heads frowsy and dirty; and I was informed bv the mother, that tbey had lost their Jint tooth comb-ah! They was ignorant of the go-ospel, and did'nt seem to ear* about it 'ither; for when I reasoned with 'em. the woman wai all the time lamenting the loss of her fine tooth eomb-ah! "Have you a Bible in your cabin7" said I to her; says she " Yes theer it is up theei on the catch-all," p'inting to a narrow shell over the smoky fire-place, "but we don't read into it; ha'nt read any on't but onc't, when our littie Bill died with the ager, for as muoh as tew months!" I got on a dye tub. mi friends, that stood in tlie corner, and reached up and toek down the bleated Book, all covered with dast?and what do 70a think it was ] opened to-ah? What do 70a think it was J found there to aatisfv the longins of that pool woman-ah? It waa the long lost, the long wanted fine-tooth comb! Oh! 017 hearers, s-a-r-c-h the tkrtpters! If ahe had onl7 sarohed th? skripters, bow her mind would a been eased for ahe would have found her fine-tooth oomb com'd the frow?7 head of her children, and made her peace with her Maker-ah. Errors or the Press.?We do not meat the blunders of compositors, auch as calling t certain potentate the "Dog of Venice," 01 speaking of Oeneral Andrew Jackson aa th? "Nero of New Orleans." er sayiag of an apo pleotio alderman that he ''died of Aruffocation,' or turning a "friend" into fiend., or a "Damon' into a cemon, of advertising quack medioim aa an "ever failing remedy, or reporting 1 burglar7 committed "b7 wa7 of a widow, 01 speaking of an assaulted M. C as having "re< ceived confusion in his head." No; tuob blunders aa theae are not verv imnnrtant ?n,i some of them, indeed, tell more truth than th< manuscript intended. The "error* of th< prees" that can't be eerreoted in a table oi errata,?those are the errors that do mor< damage in week than all the careless com positors have done sinoe the daji of Faost1 A good man j of these errors have been oom mitted sinoe the inauguration of the present war, and in all sections of oar distracted eoun try. Some of them bare been rery gross ones indeed; but of the entire list there can be n< dispute that the most egregious and damagin| "error of the press" was printed in the words 'Forward to Richmond. UffPLBASABT ADTUTTIkl IN A HuCKLKBKRKI Pa8tc*b.?While a partj of boys and girli were out "huckleberrying" in Dudley, oni day last week, a lad, on pulling aside a bush observed an enormous rattletail ooiled up with head ereot, ready for a spring. H< called a companion, who seiied a piece o rail lying near, and just as the reptile?wh< was then singing his song of warning?made i jump, brought it down foroibly upon his bask Rlftw <Vvlln-?/4 W_? iV- 1~ JU -- ?? .ravnoa ?vw, mil tug ruUB U1U DO Ioom hia bold; and on examination it waj found that ha waa dead, bat the fangs hac Eenetrated tbe lad's pantaloons, and stuok in is boot leg. Tba skin bad not b??n touched. The partv, especially the girls, did not re main to fill their pails and baskets.?Wtistei (Matt.) Timet. Sbcbisiow Joi'Rmals.?The Cleveland Her aid says that in default of a paving subsorip tion tba New York News ana Day Book an distributed gratuitously through tba country Tba follewing oiroular is thrown broadoasi through Ohio and othar States : cosriDixriit Mr. : Sir: I understand you to ba ai Influential eitisen of oounty, I take th< liberty of aaoding y?u our paper, tba Dallj News, for one month. Tha ooat is defrayal by a soeiaty, whoae object is ta enlist tbe talenl of the State in Urorolptae* mtaturt Should you think proper to beeome a subacrlbar aftai that 4**, plaaaa ApUj tba MDa. SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS, la Htipilali Aa|iit 33, 1951. Published in conformity with tkt fsolutian of the Small of July 18, 1861. At Ottural Hospital on S strut, bttteun Fourth and Fifth struts, Washington. IstReg.NYF.Zouaves 1 1st Pennsylvania Vol.. 8 lit do Excelsior.. 3 3d do do.. 8 2d do do..(a)14 5th do do.. 1 I 3d do do 2 6th do do.. 4 14th N.Y.Volunteers.. 1 12th do do.. 2 18th do do 1 23d do do.. 1 2lit do d? 2 27th do . do.. 3 [ 22d do do 1 2d New Jersey Vol.... 2 24th do do 4 2d Maine Volunteer#.. 1 . 25th do do 2 3d do do 8 27th do do 8 4th' do do...(e) 4 28th do do 1 5th do do 1 5 3lst do do ...(6) 3 2d New Hampshire... 4 r 33d do do 3 2d Michigan 2 . 35th do do 2 4th do (/) 2 30th do do...... 7 2d Wlaronsl n 2 t 37th do do 3 19th Indiana 3 69th do do 1 1st California Vol 2 79th do do., (e) 4 1st Kentucky Cavalry. 1 Tammany Reg....(d) 1 S,iragues' Rifles 1 r 9th Mass. Volunteers.. 1 D. C. Volunteers 1 1 10th Mass. Volunteers. 1 ) 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 Total 124 > 1st Minnesota Vol 2 (a) Including an officer. (6) One officer, (e) One ) officer (d) One officer. (e) Two officers. (/) Two ? Queen. At Seminary Hospital, Gtorgeloten. ' lat Artillery 1 Excelsior Brigade.... 1 s 2d do 1 Garibaldi Guard* 1 ) 2d Infantry 1 Minnesota 1st 14 2d Maine Volunteer* . 7 Pennsylvania nth 3 ' 3d do do 7 Do 34 2 6th do do 4 Do 11th.... 2 4th do do...(a) 1 Do 12th.... 1 ' 1st Mas*. Volunteer*.. 1 19th Indiana (6)15 ? 7th do do 1 2lit do 2 I 3d Vermont Volunteer! 5 2d Wisconsin 3 [ 25th N.Y.Volunteers.. 1 Penn. lit Artillery? 2 i 33d do do 13 Teamiter 1 . 3d do do 1 1st Michigan Vol 1 79th do do 4!2d do do 14 13th do do 2.3d do do 15 5 11th do do 6 4th do do...(e)26 Mozart, New York... .10 - Tammany, do 1 Total 174 De Kalb, do 4 (a) One officer. (6) One officer (e) Twoofflcers. 5 At Union Hospital, corner of Bridge and Washr tngton streets, Georgetoxen. ' 2d N. Y. Volunteers.. 4|2d Maine Volunteers . 2 i 13th do d# 8 3d do do 10 [ 14th do do 9 4th do do 2 17th do do 2 6th do do 1 , 19th do do 1 lit N. Hampshire Vol. 1 , 24th do do 2 1st Connecticut do.. 1 25th do do 1 2d New Jersey do.. 1 26th do do 1 3d do do.. 1 : .lid do do 12 1st Ohio do.. 1 > 69th do do...... 1 2d Michigan do.. 5 r 79th do do 8 3d do do..19 4 4th do do..16 I Tammany do do 3 19th Indiana d?.. 3 . ue tvaiD aoao 1 2lst do do.. 1 1st Pennsylvania Vol. '2 2d Wisconsin do. .11 8th do do.. 6 1st Minnesota do.. 5 1 10th do do.. 4 2d U. 8. Infantry I 1 11th do do.. 2 5th U. 8. Artillery.... 1 26th do do.. 1 2d U. 8. Cavalry *2 I 27th do do.. 2 8turges Rifles 1 1 2d Vermont 1 Teamsters 2 3d do 14 [ 1st Massachusetts 1 Total 179 ' 9th do 2 ' At General Hospital, No. 360 C street, Washington. ' 1st U. 8. Infantry 115th U. 8. Artillery.... 4 ; 2d do 311st do Cavalry 4 [ 3d Mo 11 2d do do 12 8th do 4!'2d do Dragoons. .. 2 1st do Artillery ? 7 Recruit 1 t 2d do 5 ? > 3d do 1 Total 55 I DKSKRTXD. Corporal Lawrence Dwyer, Company D, 5th Artillery. 1 At Hospital at Columbia College, Washington. ) 1 2d Maine Reg. Vol.... 4j34th N.Y. Volunteers. 2 l 3d do do 9 35th do do 1 t 5th do do 10 36th do do 5 - 7th Mass. Volunteers. 1 37th do do 2 10th do do 17 79th do do 2 14th do do 8 Sickles Brig N Y Vol. 4 15th do do 1 Tammany N. Y. Vol.. 6 3d Vermont Volunteers 2 Garibaldi do do... 2 2d Conn do 1 De Kalb do do .. 4 IstRe? N Y.Cavalry 8 2d New Jersey do... 1 , iU M -XT lf-1 A ~ <u n> v uiu nitrri. i / ja an do... 3 8th do do 3 26th Penn Volunteers. 2 I 9th do do 3 lit .Minnesota do 4 11th do do 1 2d Wisconsin do 1 i 12th do do 3 2d Michigan do 3 14th do do 4 3d do do 8 ' 18th do do 2 4th do do 6 21st da do 2 19th Indiana do 20 I 22d do do 8 1st California Vol .... 1 i 24th do do 9 IstReg U.S Cavalry.. 4 i 25th do do 1 2d do Dragoons 1 r 27th do da 3 . 32d do do 1 Total 211 I 33d do do 12 t Wy* Washington papers please copy and send [ bills to the War Department. aug 27?d,tr r ' Thk subscribers respectfully invito the attention of tha Army and t? , Navy to their full ?uppl<r of MILITARY^?? 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Washington. D C., or Alexandria, Va. m SI HEFLKBOWER A CO . Prop're. DENTISTRY. I H. PEABODY. M. D.. SiT*aiPAt AWH Mb *? chantcal Dbntist. h&vlll* takeb/A rooms at No. 'J76 Pa. avenue, betweei.JadtBBl llth and Itth Bt?., two dors east of the^*'1' Klrkwood Home, respectfully solicits a share of the publio patronage, in the various branohe* of his profession. jy 15 2m* M TEETH. LOOM 13, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofths MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at tends personally at his office .n this oity.mflBfaif Many persons oan wear these teeth who^*11'w oannot wear others, and no person can wear others who oannot wear these. f'ersons calling at my office oan be accommodated th any styleand prioe of Teeth they may desire; bat to those wio are particular and wish the purest, oleanest, strongest, and most perfeot denture that art can prod use, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this oitv?No. 33!? Pa.avenue, between 9th and 10th stt. Also, 907 Arch street, Phi adel phia. oc U-tf i rgas FITTINGT&c. AWM I. DOVE * CO. RE Now prepared to execute any orders Witt Whioh they rear be favored in the PLUMBING, OAS OK PTE AM FITTINS UU81NESS. ICT Store on Ith street, a few' doors north of Pa. avenue, where may be found a oomslete assortment of CHANDELIERS and other GAS, STEAM ac? WATKR FIXTURF.S. ia*7 W I SNYDER, s PLUMBER ASD OAS FITTER. Has removed to the corner of Twelfth and F sts. He is prepared to introduce Water and Gas upon the most fsvorable terms, and guaranties entire satisfaction. We has on hand a lot of COOKING and otheT STOVES, whioh he will sell less than cost, as he wishes to get rid of them. no ? W? ? GAS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai.y receiving, &AS FIjiTUKBSofontirely New Patternrfand Denma ana niustii superior id ?tvie tomnything heretofoie oflw "d in tnis market. We invite oitixens general It to tall aad examine our (took of 6&s ana Water Fix' ires, feeling oontident that we have the beet selected (took in Washington. All Wore in the above Iiue intrusted to ear ear* Will be promptly attended to. MVERS h MoOHAN. mar >-tf 3TB M ttrwl OF ICE OF IN8PBCTOR AND SEALER OF CAS METERS. Washisston. Jmly ll.iato. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That, agreeably to the provisions of the ordinance of the Corporation approved May 12. lajp, the undersigned is now pr??pan#d."whenever relVired in writing, aae on pre-payment of the fee of fifty cents, to inspeot. examine, test, trove, and ascertain the accuraoy of regiatration ouuj gaa meter in nse in thia city." Every meter,iffooid incorrect, will be condemned and another, sealed and marked as true, will be setiniM plaoe. If proved to be accu-ai? in its measuiement of gas, it will be eealea aocodiagly, and again pat in position for use. CHRce No. ?10 Seventh street,(aear Odd F?l.owa'Hall.)' OpenfromSa. m? to 4 p.m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM. Jt II-tf Inspector and Sealer of 8as Meters. J^EW OPTICAL ESTABLISHMENT. 844 M. I. FRANKLIN, 844 SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, (Prom Pktladtlvhia,) having established a liranoh of hia basinets here, he offers to the citizens and strangers hi* oelebrated IMPROVED SPECTACLES, At r * " wim me nuuii reriaoopio-tvliiptic Lenses, suited for every a.Rf aad condition of the visual organs. Alto, for sale hie world renowned Microscopes. Telescopes, Military Spy Glasses. Stereoscope and Stereoscopic Pictures. and Mathematical Instruments, at the lowest Eastern prioes . M. I. FRANKLIN, Optioian, 344 Pennsylvania av., bet. 12th an<l 13th sta., (lormerly the stand of Dr. Woolfson,* jo 24-ly Washington, D. C. aty TOPHAM'S &OT9 wn PREMIUM TRUNK MANUFACTORY, 499 8*v**th 8t*mt, Washikstok, D. C. Silver Me<lal awarded by Maryland Institite o Baltimore, November 7, 1800. Alao, Medal by Metropolitan Mechanics'Institate, Washington, D. C? 185J. 1 am constantly making, and always have on hand, of the best material, every description of Fine Sole Leather, lroDL^S?bre?. Wod Box, and , Packing Trnnks, Psllisier, Carpet, and Canvas T rave lint Baca, School Satchels, Ac., At L?m Prices. Members of Congress and travelera will please examine my stook before parohasing elsewhere Trunks that are made in other oities. Superior feoather and Drees Trunks made to ?rTrnnka oovered and repaired at abort notioe. Goods delivered free of charge to anytpart of the oitv. Georgetown, and Alexandria. iag-lyeg JAMES g.TOPHAM. MHWBRIN'I Annlhllatlnar ^ Powder itajgW la the only known ud BgaSMS&E^HH&BI beet article te tTUnninUo / Ro&ohes. Bad Ban, Ants, Moths, Fliea, r?mi? ~ i^^?~ ?- n?.A? Worm* VinaBsgs,*e, * ??? It cm fins no poisea. BCH WERIN'S PILLS are aura d?<ath to Rats and Mice. M. Sohwerin hAs recetYed oertifio&taa from the President of 6irard College, Directors of House of Refuge, Pennsylvania Hospital, and other Prominent Institution of Philadelphia: U. 3. Jul. Washington, D. C.; and Charity Hoapital, New Orleans, La The original certificates can be aeen at the Wholeaale and Retail Depot 1U4 North Seoocd street, Philadelphia, and for aale in thia city by D. 13. *'LARK, corner Pa. arenne and ih ats., and by all Druggists and Grocers. BF, WARE OF 8PURIOUS IMITATIONS. 1C Remember to ask for Schwerm's Annihilate i Powder. (C None genuine unless signed M.Schwirir. ma lMwo HP HE Subscriber hari^g^ade additions to his ffcetory, making it now one of the larreat,. mmsa.?a in the District, where hia facilities for manufacturing CARRIAGES and * - WJ. LIGHT WAGONS of all kinds cannot be ear passed, and from his long experience in the businets, he hopes to give general satisfaction. All kinds of Carr taxoa and Light Wagons kept on hand. All REPAIR8 neatly done, ftnd all orders prompt!j attended to. Seoond hand Carriages taken in exoh%nce for new ones. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d II tf corner of Fourteenth and E sts. W ALL, ?v Mitt oi their aeooud anyply SPRING CLOTHING and material for theii cuatom traJe, ooraiatmc or New dolus, Caaaimeraand Veetiaca, of the laleet atylea, whioh they will make to oraer la aapeeior atyle at very low prioea. 8 en tie men wiihing aa immediate oatflt will find in our Ready-made Department every article of Wearing Apparel aDtt&ble to their wanta. WALL. STEPHENS k. CO., aa M avenne. Y?.. HZ WOOD AND COAL. pu Will anrely jret yonr moaey'a worth by ailing at the PIONEER MILLS, aeauAaeajf rer ur V Sgfmtk strut and Canml, (GEO. PAGE, Aeer.tJyThey ?e;l oheaper ana ^i^b#tteraieaeere BDR JOHNSTON, ALTIMORK LOCK HOiriTAL, Hm AtcNini til most Ctrt*w?, Svttdf amd Miiy Efutual h$m*df is tk* World, FOR ALL DISEASES OP IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE BELICACY PREVENT. APTLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TW9k,QAYS. WiikniHOI V.i B?:l, Stnctaraa, Afactioaa aI tk* * dliyi md Bladdar i)iK>ir(n, lapotiDCf, G?o rml Dfbility, Nar.?oaau??a, ?>yac?p*y, Unnor, Confuaiaa f ld?*?, Low Spir.:;r ? ;y ...on of tha Hurt, Timidr.y, Trtmblinft, Oimntu o' Stfni or Gtddiooaa, Ddiiii of tha Hiad, Throat, Noaa or 8km, ADactuxn of tha Loan, Btotaact> or Bowala?thaaa Tamil* PiaorJara aruiiif frnin Solitary Habita of Youth?tha** Draadfal ajid Dutracti'i Fracticaa which rrodar Marriaf * impoaaibla, and d*airoy both Body and Mind. YOUNO MEN Kapaeially who h??i becnma tha ficumi of Solitary Tie*, that draadfol and dctiroctiva habit which aunaally iwupa to an aatimaly frna* thoaaaada of Yonrf Mtn of tha muat asauad talanta and bntltaat latalMct, wk. Bifbt ?h?rw<? ha?a antraaead Uataaang Sattataa with tha tfcaadara at al?oaaoc* or wakai to *c*tacy tha liainj lyr*, may call with fail cotfidtoc*. MARRIAGE. Mark tin PKfttoni.or Yoin( Mas coalampUunr Mar riare, being >*iri of phytical weakneea, organic dtbuiy, deformities. 4c., epaedi'? cured. H? who placet himeelf under the care of Dr. J. may religi uly confide in hit honor as a gsotieman and coni ieuuy rely upon hit (kill aa a physician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. lafl hand eide going from Baltimore street- a faw doora from tha corner, rail not to obeerae nan* and number. Letters maat ba paid and eoutaic a elamp. DR JOHNSTON, Member af tha Royal Collars of Surgrone, London, ffradaata from one of tha moat eminent Collegee in tha United Statu, and the (tetter pan of whoee life baa been eper.t m the hoepitale of London, Pane, Philadelphia and alee where, has elected some of the laoet astonishing aarti that ware a?er known; many troubled with noting is tha hatd and aara when teleep; great nervouaneet, Pain* alarmed at aaddea eocnde, btehfulneee with fraqoant blaahing, attended eomttimet with derangement of miod, were cued naediately. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Young Men and othera who have injured therueel?ee by a certain practice indulged in when alone?a habit frequently learned from evil ceiupanione, or at echool, tha electa of whicn are nightly felt *?en when aaleap, and if not cared, rendert marrnre iropoeeible, and deetroye both mind ana body, should apply immediately. Tnete are some of the ead and melancholy effects produced by early fflbita of youth, m : Weakneee of the Back and Limbs, Psins in the Hetd, Dimneee of Bight, Lott of Matta>u Power, Palpitation of tne Heart, Dytpepey, Nervosa irritability, Derangement of tha Digeatiae Kuncuont, General Debility, Symptoms of Consumption, Ac. MS>Tti.LV.?Tbt fearful effect* on tha mind are much ta ba dreaded?Loee of Memory, Confoaion of Ideaa, Denreaaioo f Spirits, E?il Korebodingt. Aversion of Society, nelf-Diitrutt, Loae of Solitude, Timidity, ate., are eome of tha evile produced. Nruvon DIBILITY.?ThoBaan'le can now )adjre vhit te the cium of their dectliuof he?Ilh, loainf rteir rigor, becoming we\k, pale, ner*oce and emaciated, having a eingolar appearance about the eyea, cocfh or eymptorae of consaRiptioo. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE Whan th? misguided and imprudent votary of pi eaenre (i. da he h&a in;> U<ed the aeede of thie painful diaeaee, it too of'.ea heppene that an ill-timed sense of shimeor dread of discovery datara him from apply wg to thnaa who, from education and respectability, tio alone befriend him. He (alia into the of ifuorant aud designing pretender*, who, incapable ot curing, filch bis pecuniary eubetar.ce, keep him trifling month after month, or na loo* aa the am all eel fee caa be obtair.ed, and in deepair leave r>im with rained health to eigh over hie railing disappointment; or by the aaa of that deadly poiaon?Meronry?hasten the Couetituuonal ayrrrxome of thie terrible diaeaae, each ae Affecuocie of the Heart. Throat, Head, Bkw, ftc., progressing with frigfctfal rapidity, till death pu*a a period to hie dreadfaf eufferinge by a/hdmg himt o U.?; andiecevered coantrr from wLoee boarue ao traveler ratarns. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY. By this rrtat ud important raraody *iikciu?f ih? >rrua in apaadUy carad and fall ?i jor ratiorad. Ttieaaacda or to nMt nanroaa rjid dabihtatod, wbo had iMt all hop*, tt't kaao immediately raiiarad. All impadiraocu to Marriafa. Pbyaloa! or Mania! Huoaallicationa, Looa of Procraiti?a Power, Narroaa IrmaMlitr. Trtmbliiif and Waikctas of Blhaaetioo of the moot faarfai kind apeadily cared. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. TUB MiKT THOl'liXOl carad at tbia Ineutauoa within Ike laat aeventeen yeare, and tha eunirou importatit Icrriaal oporatiooa performed by Dr. Johnatoo, wiuieeeed by tha reporter* of tha popart and man; other penone, noticaa of whieh have appeared again and again before tha pafclie, beaidaa hia atanaing u a (aotlanu of character ana reeponelbllity, it a atltiiat faarantaa to tha aflictod. mar 15-1 y Db. J. H. McLJfAN'8 8TSE5GTHE5IN0 CORDIAL A.1D BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY ?? lie WORLD, Air MR TAKEir.^LM^mj^ MH \f oaUla aad tipun'f.lL kle ('eapea&d, protared by taa dletillac** *' "fi ? ***, * aad karka. Tallow fry h 'Bk IlTtk' ?TV IP Before taiis*,l^'^{tT taking* dlailltlaf, praiaai* f * dailalau, aiailatadaf aptrK, u< ika mi lufallikla taatdy fat ttLarauof Ua Jiiuid ijnim, lad raaiarlaf Ua alak, a?f arlaj, ai dakulialad latalld I* ktaitk aad awaafU. MtLEAJTS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL win afaatuUy ki?*i Cmpuiii, Djiptpiu, Jindlaa, Cktaaia at Narvaaa Daklllty, Dlaauaa af laa Kidaaya, tad all diaataaa arlalaf Im a diaardatad kfii ai Iwaiik, aartkara, luvaxd Piiaa, Aaidity mi liiktw ( Ik* luauk, Fallaaaa af Head la Ua Maad, Dail Paia ai viaaaiaf U Ua laid, ralpiuuaa af Ua Baart, Pallaaaa at Walrfcl la Ika Miafaaak, Saw Inuauaca, Ckakia* at' Btfaaiuaf Paallaf wktm larlnf dava, DrjLaaa at TallaW. aaaa a( tk* Ikla aad l;aa, (fiffct Bvaau. Unrd faran, Pal a la Ua Small af Ua Baak, Ckaai, ar lida, laddaa Plaakaa af Baal, Dayraaalan af flnia, frif kiTa! Draaw, kta(aai, Daaaaadaaay at any canaai dlaataa, lata* at a.ikaa aa U? Ikti, ui ftfai ud ina (a? ChlUa aad 9YER A MILLION BOTTLER kata ktaa aald danar U* laat alt maoUa, aad la a a laataaaa ka* llfailad U fitlof autira aailafaauaa. Waa. Uaa, will altar fraaa Waikaaaa at DaklUty vkaa McklAI'l mzvara knib* oui.DiA.fc win tna ym i Ma laafatfa aaa aaa*ay aa ada^aata ldaa af Ua laaadla la aad alaaal mitaaaaka akacft pradaaad ky utla| Ula Cardial la Ua dlaaaaad, dakUllalad, aad akauarad aartaaa milk, vkalkar krakaa data k? ataaaa, wad ky ulira, N iaapaltad ky alakaaaa, tka ralaiad aad uairaaf atfiaiitilaa la raaiartd la tta >itnlaa kaalU aad T\gn p HARRIED PERSONS? at Mkart, aaaaaiaaa af laaWiitt fram vkaiavar taaaa, vtll tad HcUill t***H?TM**l|i? COKOULb a Uaraifk rtftaatatataf Ua ayataa; aad all vka mat kara ta la/ad uaaaai-aa ky lapniat it da.(taaaa vlil ted U Ula hUailal Aaaiatia a a?( aaaa/la vaaaa^a "TO THE LADIES. MlUin VTKKX?TBKM<M? UCTfcDUfcU a HMh tlra tad if&y tara l? laalpianl Caoaaaptiaa, ICfctut, tnniul > UBaail HintniUMJatKiliiMi af arte* M UrtlMUiT Duutrrt tktrtaf, Fa! Hag af U? Wank, Iddtaaaa, Talattag, iM ell dlaaaaaa laaldaat la rtatiu. THESE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Ml) a* iMfii Talc it attardiog u dlrtttlaca. It vlll tlailtti, HitafUn, aad larlfnau ya? aad mm Ua klaaa af ktaua ta aaaat 7?ai aaatk a gala. Irirj kattit la nnuud M giat uuafaattaa. FOR CHILDREN. Itjami thldrta UI tltkly, fmnj ai aSiatad, MckURt CORDIAL will aakl tkta ktaJlfcr.fai, and rakan. Dtlay aat a aamat; to tl, aad yaa-wlfl Vt aaarlaaad. It la daUt taaa la tafca. 9 A WTION. It van af dnfftiu a> aailiri *ka May try it palm im jaa taut Muar ar aaraapanlla uuk, vkiak Ik ay aaa kar akaaa, kj aaring tl lajaat aa f aad. A raid tack aia. Aik far MckfcA.*<lITErtllTlimH? COIDlAk, aad taka aaUiog alta. It la tht aoly ranady that will panfy Ua laad ibaraaghly tad at lha aaat uraa auaaglhan tit aym n. Oat uupotnl takaa I'liy marning fining it a cartala ftivtatlTt fat Chalara, Chill* aad Tatar, T tllaw Pavar, a* ?i araaaltat diitiit It it p?t la largt kaultt rntt ae'y ?1 pt> kault, at kauita far fl F . M cLKAH, alt artprittat af thia Cardial} alaa, Mtbaaa'a Taltasit Ot kiataaal. Pnaalpal l>ap?i aa tkt tatatt af Third aad Plat tUttta, St. Walt, Ma XoLeftn'i Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TIE HIT kl?tf?I*T lH TBK WO&kD.) Ill VM1J sua u? itrwm i.irv IW VMM?*n, rilH, HI, wa'.liaftiad IranebUa at Caiirt, Pttalraia, MaaN.l(ik, W**koaa?af Ua HikIu, Ckracit at Inlr mainrj Khaamallaro, ItlflMi af the Jatnla, Caotractad Miiclti >r kifamaou, lutittnTHtliiehi, Iriiui, anina, rraah Oiu, Waaoda, B'.nn, N'tr Icrii, Cakad lriui, Imi .?laa, Saraa,, Iwi Tbnu, at u>j iriiaww at mia, difaranca k?w hiiii at l?( t>a diaaiaa out Lm Iiutid MckBAMI CUUIATD UHMOT ta a aartain ramadt. Tkniudi af Man katsfa lift ktia hm4 a Ufa af 4U Utftuli ud alter? by tkt ui af (Ate lavalaaMa naiij. Mc LEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LIN I MM NT Will raUata pal* almaai lartinui*?ily, aad it will ilMt, p*rify ui baal Ua faalaat aaraa !m u lawaMli than tea. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLKA.N1 CKkKBBATSD UB1MBBT la*?ari(Hk ud ralUkla naidi far Ua ??r? af Kiimml WUdfalla, l)>lli.ti,1uttml kaapa, Badaa at vallten. It M*ai f> Had la aw* Big lud, NlaiH, ClaaUiOU ?alaf Sana, at vaaat. U pntMrli Hltid. Pa* pmt , Braiaaa, Itnulu, Ctaakad laala, Ckafat, SaAAia at Oilai Sal la, Cau, Carat, atWauda, HMu UfcUHia wi<y. Apply It u dliaaiad ud a >pi t* a ma la la **?ry Tk*a trtla aa iaa#n vUk Ua auiMklaa MMPUM , ? ? J flkdZu a .aa.l. -A M W nt ? A WM 1 ttilL uuvn kuniu5r hWi _ i. >- Mcliii, fcU fiwliw, Aff ^ ??a?i? THE WEEKLY STAR. TUi excellent Family u4 Nrwi Jwml containing a fTt*W variety of laterwUat ranging than caa to found la aay other?la published ob Friday morning Tanas?C*ik, mrmrimklf, ? i?nn. Nn(lr copy, per annum .....fl w Five coplea........................ 4 ?? Tea coplea W Twenty ire roplea >0 ?U It la variably eontalaa tto " Waahlagioa News' that baa made n? Omilf Imiaf Star circulate ao generally throughout tb? country Single coplea (1b wrappers) caa to peacured at the counter, immediately after tto laaao of the paper Price?THREE CENTS. J^AVY BK> F AND_PORK FOR IMS Natt dbpaetmbitt, j Bmriau <J ProtutMi mmd (<oi4>?f .> Aiiut m. mi. \ 9S4LCD Pmoroen.*, endoraed "Pr?? for Beel," Mm " Propolis for Pork,"aa theeaee ma* be, viii be reoeived at tin* < ffioe But.. 9 o'oluek a. m. oo Wedneeday, theIHh to; ot Beatoraber mi'. lor famishing ai-d delivering, free of *11 ooet ka4 risk to the t ailed Btatee, at the following Nmt Yard*: Barrel BeeC. Barrel* Pork. At ChaTleetown, Miu~. 3Jao 4JM At Brooklyn, N. I. 4,5 0 | 0M At f niiadelfftia. Peoa 1,?? \JM 1,000 '!.? One ba'fof eaid Beef acd fork raaat be de i ver?d at each ot tfl* above-named Tarda. reeaeoUvely. by trie let day of April, 1K2: ana the remaining haif by the let day of Jane, IMS. naleaa earlier deliveries hould be required by the Chief of thia Bureau. | Pay meat to be made within thirty day a alter deliv| ery. Bidder* mnit apecify their ancea ataarately aad diatinct t ia aeparate oBera lor the Baal and for th fork, and twr aaoh of the plaoee of delivery, ~fc*sa '*rrr. ririfrs^ a aaghterrd bttwwn the Itl ay of Ocrt- hor. teal, and the lat day ol January, 1062. aad weiguiag not lese tnan ?ix hatdrcd pounda, nett weight, eaoh. The lege and leg rand a of the hind quartara.aad I iHf Biun j ?i,q man aer oioaa, u? shoulder* of matton and ends ot atickiag Pi'ce*, and at leaat twoivo Kundi from the neck end of each fire-quarter or e part* marked Noa. 1,2, 3, 4, and 5, oa the drawing or delineation of iha tore and hind quarters of aa ox which will ba attached to and foria a part of the oontract, muat be whoIIt excluded fivm each ta-re,; a i the other pieoea are to be packed. and. im tad of bt\n cat irnk a cltarrr, mutt b* tut tkrcvtk *itk a Jate and kmif, re gtv* tk* men! m tqware, n*nr, and 5moot4 eppMTMe*, tn fttrx tf net Itti thin exfkt mmdi, nor mere tAmm twetoc pounds tack. ii.0 F-t* maat be packed from oorafed, well fattened hoge, slanghterrd between tbe let da? of Dooember, 1861, and the let day of January, 1MB, and weighing not loea than two handled poanda eaob. excluding the head*, jolee, neck*, ahouidera* hama. lege, foet, butu, rump*, lard, and ail refueo pieoee, and muit be cat with *av and kntf* ta piece* weighing not leaa than aix poanda. aor aero than twelve poanda each. Both the B?ef * d Fork m at ho aa'tod with at ieactone etatute barholof Turk'* la aai, lake o f May, Key VVo*t ao'ar. Onoudaga aolar, or St I'be'aaa't; ar, 1 the Beef niuat have five oanoea of line pulverised aa tpetre to each barrel, exclaaive of a p ckle. to be made from freah water aa xtroag aa ta t sill make it, and maat bo perfectly bright and (tear. Kach barrel mu*t contain fall 9W poanda nett weight of beef or pork, and bo exooaa of weight ta either article will be paid for. The barrel* muat be entirely new, and be made pi me n- fi nmmicea neartoi wnite OU II4TM end headirge; the ?t*v??lo be not mi than fare eighth* of an inch thi< k.and the headirgs nut tee* than tar-?.-fiurth? ..f an inch thick; they in net be three fou-tha nooped over, mo udiag tue iron hoops, with t>eat white oak or hickory hoop a, and each barrel must have on it four iron hO'tpa, ti? one of on* and a half inch in width on eash bilge, a:.d one of one and an eighth inoh in width on each oriime, fed each to he of one sixteenth of an inoh triok. Each barrel muat be of the interna: capacity of thirty-two ganona am the iron hoops most t> > well painted with red lead. t ach barrel muat be branded by burning on '.'m head " Navy B-ef," or " Navy Pork," aa the oaea may be, with the contractor's name and the yea# when packed, and weight; and shall alao be branded on the buug atave a ith the lettar B.or P., aa the case via* be. The he?f and pork will, nnleea otherwise directed by the Chipfofthia Rureaa, t>e inapected by the inspecting ofljoera at the respective Mary ^ eras aforesaid,ad h? lome "sworn inspector of salted pruviaiona," who will be selected by the respeotive oommat.ding office's; rnt their obarges for aaeh inspections innat be paid by the reepeoti ve oontrac tore, who muat likewise have the btrreie pat in good shipping order, to the aaUafaotion of tbe commandant* of the respective Nav* * arda aforesaid, alter inapeotion, ana at their own expense. Two or more approved sureties inaauna equal to one La f the eet.niate^ amount of the extract wi be required, and twenty peroentnm in addition will be withheld irom the amount of each payment to be made, aa ool atera seounty ior the due and faith ul perlormaooe of the respective contracts, urKiak ar 1! aii ?ia Ka id ?**! traau are aomyutd with in kil tttftete ; wd la to be forfeited to the Umte3 states in the event of fai ure to complete the flelivenea within the *reaciibed period. In cue of failure on the part of the contractor to deliver el! or any of the beer or poik above mentioned, ot the quaity end a* the time atd places above provided, the oontraotor a ... forfeit aud per to the l!i ited States, aa liquidated damages, a aum of money eaual to twioe the amount of the oontract p'ice to be paid in care of the ao.ual delivery thereof; which liquidated damages may )>e recovered from time to time 4) Uaer accue Parment will be made by the uaited ?tatea at the period* at>ove specified. i excepting the twen'y per centum to be withheld until the oompletion of the eoctiaot, m before itated J a/t >r the said beef and pork Baal! have been inspected and received, and bil.a for the aaine shell have beea p-fcented to the navy agenta, respectively, duly approved by the commandant* of the respective n?v yarda, according to the terma of the ooaraet lh? parts Of bttf to b? errluded trill bs particn lariy ti jttnaud ?<t tkt eartrtM to bt attacktd to tke contract. rtrton* interests* can obtnui tksm on application at tkt* ojUct. Bidders whoae proposals shall be aocepted (and none others* will be forthwith notified, and ae early a* practicable a contract will be transmitted to them for execution, whioh oontract raaat be retarned to the Bureau within ten daya, exo.utive of the time required for the regular tranamiaaiou of the mail. Amoord. or duplicate of the letter icforr .ma bidder of the aooeptanoe of his proposal, will bs deemed a cotih. anon thereof within the meaning of tne act of 1M6, and hsa bid will be made and aeocpted in conformity with this uaderaiaoding. Every offer made mitt be aoeon panied (aa directed in the 6th aeotion of the aet of Coigrraa making a pr ropriat.ona for the naval fervics for 1S46 '47, approved 10th of Anguat, U?.) by a written guarantee, aigned by one or more responsible persons, to the eflect that he or they undertake that the bidder or b ddera will, if hia or their bid be ac oepted, enter into an obligation within ten daya, with good and auftcient eurebee, 10 furmeh the ariiole proposed. This guarantee mutt be aooompani?d by the oer tificate of the United states district judge. United Mate* diatriet attorney, or navy ngect that the guarantor! are ab e to make good thei r gua autee. No propose w.U be considered unices aooomp* mtd b? such guarantee. The bidder'* name aud render c?, and the name of each member of the firm, where a oompaer offers, vith the Christian nainee written in fall, must be distinctly stated. L'nder the joint reeointionof Concreas. approved S7Ui March, 1S64, "ail bids for suppliea of provisions, olothing, and small storee for the use of the navy, may be rejected at the option of the Depart meet, if made hy one not known as ^ luacufso rarer of or regular dealer in th# artioie proposed to be furnished which faot, or the reverse, most be distinctly stated in the bida offered. au 34 lawtw FKMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL ALEXANDRIA. TA. Mrs. ft. 1. McCORMICK, PnuwiraL. The thirteenth annual aeaaion of uua Institution will commence on Tueeday, September ISth, in the house reoentiy occupied by Sylveeter BeoU, Ee*., No. 190 King street. . ... . ? oation. and Music. French, Let L aii- Drawing, if YnVrtdltion to ?lay scholars. Mrs. MoCormiok in prepared to receive a ! n..ted camber of pupils ae boarders, who. a part of her own batty, will be under her iirir.euiate care end super*. ion. Sne will far as poeaib e. to eurround them with tne eomibrte aad Badly inftaaee? -R? 6m. H. Norton, Err. Dr. Biiaa R?rri?gn< ^jL^ianf'BdjM F VV tZZ' Eutml te. J r, Em.,Coi. Jokn W.MJpf, Laadoma, Mwwju^Bl?okiook 4 1mmH> Mom Carta Boar*. vttfc TuBwTS^I EncUftb BrtMkM, ? forU?Miulmno m>bl? wi Mil/. M ubio and LufMfM at Profnmar*' priMi. try No wta ?k*r??. an ? C M^&vnwffSiSniSSr* Aiao, Pbakat Mapi of all kit on. So .cieiv C??Pri?itt Cum fro* ft JO tof ". Blank Book* n?<i Stationert if ail kinit, Pi?i 'feaEsSr-iw, * wui,n, ton. American and Poratga Mtfanaaa, Da. ? and W*^T?a#*VRENCH k RICBSTEI* 3 Nation* Mook?tora, 1 flatai. * Rtftilo 8te Pa IWIW, Q U N BO A_T^B Ommrfr4uliter Gm*r*TB QAc*. I W ****** urn Cu*. Jul* It, |H1 | Pun u#Jr?o?ieiTioM tor talti of ?n BoftU tor tto WNMrtnvKi m* m exhibition lU this olftoe, Mid ?t oBom w Uuit*miMi?ri *4 Pittabirc. CiDoiMMi, M. Loau Altoa. rtcfcU to be aaCrwitd it Cairo Bl?* hould to Mt to O urtMHUK G*o?r% oftto United StatM Armj.* Wa?hl*?toa, by l? |y ? Bru. fi?*1 ?d UmiWMiUf dttn. SCREEN CORN. IN CANS. PETITE PO!*i BVI Cliuirijnoiii, FrMhTonuo?,aimi1?aK n ltd Fruit, of mft&y wirtm; Con??rr?q ^.(Canton;! Angelica*. Freak ibut, m uu; Frenli LoS*t?r? and rlin, ai oMkft. Hwdinet. 6raa<1i? Frviui ? ? v;?.aavS?' ml OorWVw* wr. ii* *

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