Newspaper of Evening Star, August 29, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 29, 1861 Page 3
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4 "local NEWS, r ] D7 Though Til 8*a.n to printed on the fastest j Uan presa In ne sooth of Baltimore, lto edition , to ao large aa te require It to be pat to pre* at an 1 arty boar; Advertisements, therefore, should be Mt In b?fbre 13 o'clock m.; etberwlM they My J Ml appear an til tbe next day. ?? t Noma ?District of Columbia Advertisements 1 le be laeerted In tbe BALTmonn Ban are received at and forwarded (Tom Tan 8th O-fflce. BrastaTancn Daro-r.?Pew are aware of tbe Immense amount of provisions dally arriving In t oar city, or of the eitenslve arrangements made < for the protection and storage of supplies. Hon- | dreda have flocked to tbe railway depot to wit- i neaa the arrivals of freight, unconscious of the ex- c lstence of another depot Into which more is pour- < Ing daily than arrives by rail in a week. Tbe I receiving depot for supplies is located at the i Western Wharves, whereabout twenty very large store houaea have been erected and filled, while ? a score of workmen are erecting others aa rapidly < as possible, yet unable to meet tbe pressing de- a mand for atormge room Tbeee buildings are 1 Hied ap at the rate of one and two a day, while a i vest amount of barreled b*ef, pork, Ac., In long a tiers are protected by boards laid over the top. s Notwithstanding the facllltle* for unloading ve* el* here, there are nearly half a dozen constantly waiting their turn, and tug* are pufHng around palling the ves*el* about In a remarkably frlakey manner Thla place la the receiving depot for the ratlona of the troopa here, toeetbe. with oats, bay, and other appurtenance* of military operations. There are here over 3,000,000 ratlona, of which there are 19 (>00 barrels of flour, 9.000 barrela of beef, 3.000 barrels of pork, 500.000 pounds of eoflee, 500 000 pounds of sugar, and 1,500,000 pounds of bread, with hominy, cracker*, vinegar, candle*, soap, etc., In proportion. Immense cargoes of bay and oata are dally arriving, and the yard la thronged with teams loading for the respec tl re camps. Seven large iron boilers are kept buay boiling meat for the troop* arriving at the depot and other place* prior to their permanent location in camp. Several large schooners are discharging Ice Just below the storehouses for the hospitals snd camp*, and three or four coal vessels add to tbe forrest of masts and rigging at the wharve* Notwithstanding the enormous amount of provisions collected here, there Is little or no waste, much le?* than at the railway depot, and visitor 1* struck with the order and system with which everything Is done. There is little f the shouting and confuaion usually among temmsters, and contrary to the custom elsewhere, when a bale of bav or sack of oats is set down It remslns there until removed by the proper authorities. A Dovbl* Rckawat.?The team of horses in a ocvernmeni wsgon ran away near tenaiiyxown yesterday evening after dark, and frightened ! Mother team which they passed Both came ] from Tenallytown at foil speed?It is nearly two , miles, bat ' dowa hill" all the way?and dash>d down High street, in Georgetown, at a fearful < pace, scattering everything in their way The first one turned off at First s*reet, but waa brought to a stand by aome obstruction, before going far , Tbe driver and one horse were missing, and neither horse nor driver had "turned up" last night at a late hour The wagon and remaining horses sustained no damage of any consequence. | The second team continued Itacourae to the corner of High street, the driver keeping his seat and preserving hia presence of mind. Finding their speed Increasing, he pulled his horses towards Tenney's corner, where they just grazed the lamp post, and the wngon struck the drinking hydrant, which brought the team to a stand attlt. The ' damage to the wagon waa alight, but the hydrant J was knocked out of place and considerably dam- ' aged The escape of the driver was miraculous, and his management is deserving of praise Two or three omnlbnaes were on the stand, and but for the sctivlty of Mr. LiKlejohn in hurrying them . off when he saw the runaway approaching, there might have been considerable damage. Thi Lincoln Cavalet ?The Bait. American, In noticing the Lincoln Cavalry, says: Tb* command numbers 1,500 men, of whom only 900 arrived yesterday, one company of the regiment being In Washington. The uniform consists of dark-blue cloth jacketa and pantaloona, both trimmed with yel.ow cord, and a regulation bat. The regiment is composed of Americans. Irish men and German*, who are all hirdv men. i Tbe oSrera of the regiment, so far a? they have been appointed, are Col. Andrew J. MrReynolda, J Lieut. Col Count Afoltkl, Adjutant Jason BattersJy, Chaplain Rev. Dr. Cbaa. Relgbley, Surgeon C. Elliott, Quartermaster E. H. Bailey, Ald-deCamp P. C Adams, and Captains Ogle, Hawkins. Todd. Sternes, Bennet, Stoacb, Haurand i and Bhackleford Look out fok th? Bogus Viddibs.?The public la cautioned to beware of female Impostera, In tbe garb of mourning, going from door to door asking alms, and helping themselves to whatever they can carry with tbem conveniently. They have no doubt by thta time laid In a supply of elotblng, groceries and prraerres for the coming winter, ! anticipation of hard timea They are i rather ladylike In appearance; very talkative, and I exceedingly troublesome to get rid of when once admitted As the elder Weller remarked : " Bewail of the vldders." Sosi Oni to TBI Ekxxt ?The New York Times of yesterday says that " Surgeon Ganaelen, formerly in charge of the Union Hospital at Georgetown, has resigned. He obtained leave of absence, and went directly to Secesh by way of Niagara Falla, at which place he wrote bis resignation, and forwarded It to ths Department. He Is a native of Virginia and asalgna as a reason that he will lose his property in that State if he continues longer in the service of the Government." We have not been able to ascertain the truth of ths statement. Assault.?Last night, about 8 o'clock, a man was seeo to (trite another, at the corner of Seventh street and Louisiana avenue Tbe latter called for the watch.when his assailant started at a race-horse gait up Seventh street, and disappeared so suddenly that tbe county constables (nottbe watch.) who were close after him, could not identify him, as he turned into a street where the light of the stores would not expose him to view. Dmop Litths j?r?r bs Pbb-paid.?It does not seem to be generally understood tbat the law now requires drop letters to be pre-paid by a penny stamp, and consequently letters thus unpaid are coatinnally finding their war to the dead-letter ettce Postmaster Clephanej of this city, has paid tbe drop-letter postage on numerous letters out of his own pocket, rather than inconvenience the senders, but of course he cannot be expected to continue this outlay. Rilbasks?William Fallen, Benitmln Fallen, John Thomas, David King, and John Heyser, (colored,) who were taken from various vessels ??n the river, who were attempting to run th? blockade, were yesterday released from jail, where they have been confined, at tbe Instance of the District Attorney. Cbablbs Wbbmbb, a member of Capt Geary's company of Col. Young's regiment of cavalry, who, It was rumored, bad his leg shot off by a cannon shot In a sktrmlah over the river, was brought to the city yesterday, end taken to tbe Infirmary tie had his leg fractured by tbe kick of a horse. rbttbnid ?Tbe Sturges Rifle corps having returned from their visit to Old Point, where, they went as sn esrort to the mutineers who were i seat down to tbe Rip Raps, have resumed their former duties under the Provost Marahal, as the guard st tbe central station. Rptth RUI in i"?i" & Cuter (from Philadelphia) bare taken stands i la the Center market, and will commence selling en Saturday, Philadelphia print butter, cheeae, J and fresh egg* Read their advertiaement In another column, and give them a trial. Dismissbd ?The aaaault eaae against Major , Cooper, which w*? ruled for trial Tuesday at la o'clock, waa dlamlaaed by Justice Oonn. Major < Cooper appeared at the hour for trial, and waited for tne prosecuting wltneaaea, but no one appcarlag daring the day, the caee waa dlamlaaed. C?*tii M abkit ?This morning many of the dealer* were forced to vacate their atanda at an early hour by the heavy rain which found ita way tfcrough tne roof la atreama making it rather more comfortable Inalde the Market Houae than upon 1 the open strsrt. Dkatb* at the Hospital ?The present wet weather la very unfavorable for the troops. Many of them have been brought in tick. Ita d?pre**lng rfteti on the few patient* la very perceptible and . there have been three death* in the E atreet Hospital alnce last night at 10 o'clock. I AaaiviD at Carter's wharf, foot of Thirteenand-a-half street, schooners Jaines Nelaon, Bent, Philadelphia, with 130 toua of coal for Messra. Moraa k. Hilton ; Hamilton, Ogden, New York, | with IfO tons of Ice for John Petti boue How ran law i* i.iroacBD ?Coming up the 1 aveoue (between Ninth and Tenth ats ) yesterday, our reporter ssw nine men in uniform?officers mostly-standing In frontof s counter .while some one was busily dlspenalng liquids from behind it. % ? - ? ( Tax Pouc* Cohkiuioiiiii met yesterday ?f- i Vrnoon Present only Meaars Addison, Howen, 1 sad Tennsy They adjourned for want of a quorum, to onset this afternoon at 4 o'clock. Ckxtkal Qvaidbovsi Casks.?Patrick Lyach, J dlsarderlr, I Bed S5 91, and la default of payment J was committed to the workhorse for 90 days ] '* 1 Willis?, do ; do 90 day J flaw Ballooh ?Prof. Lowe started scroas the ] Jhls morning with his new silk balloon, ****** lot raaoaaol taring purpoacr Tit Cas* or m R*v. Jo*i? M Guir? Pbe Re*. J. M. Green, Chaplain of the Tenth Pennsylvania Regiment, who waa committed to 11, aa noticed In thla paper, charged with openne letter* which came Into hla possession and obblng than of their contents, waa relented on rueaday last, Meaara. W. R. Woodward and Fohn E. Norrla (lawyera of thla city) becoming ecurlty In the aam of ?500 for hla appearance lefore Jnatlce Donn at o'clock m to-day. At the hoar named, the wltneaaea for the prosscntlon and the defendant's counael appeared, jut the defendant waa not present. After waltng till one o'clock, and the defendant not apaearlng, It was agreed to take the evidence of Mr. Lewla Payne, (of Georgetown,) which waa n aubstance aa follows: On Tuesday,the20th Inst., tall man whom he :ould not now recognise, came Into hla ahoe ahop ?n High atreet, Georgetown, to have hla ahoe reMired. A workman waa aet to do the repairs, ind the man went ont Into the privy. He aoon same back and appeared to be In a great harry to ret off. Hla ahoe did not need much repairing, fie atated he belonged to the Tenth Pennsylvania eglment Mr. Payne went to the privy about ten minutes ifterwarda, and found opened letters there: that Is nvslopes?there was but one letter. Rsvlnjr his insplclons aroused, he aentthe letter to the washngton city poet office. Some of the envelopes vere ahown to the Justice by Postmaster Clephane ind all vu directed to persona la the Tenth Mtsachnsetts Regiment except one, and that was dlected to a person in Company B, Tenth ftegineat, but postmarked Adams, Mass. It wu supposed the defendant and his witnesses irere not able to get a paas and the case was poat>oned until to morrow at 2 o'clock. Thk Putnam Rakqrrs are taking the field In plrited style. See Capt. Thistleton's announcenent elsewhere This company, made up of retable men, will be apt to do excellent service. , Gosi to Dixit.?It is rumored that John E. Horse, who was recently appointed a city policenan by ex-Mayor Berret, haa gone down to Dixie. WHiTKHrasT, 434 Pennsylvania avenue, furilsbes superior Card Photographs, suitable for lending in letters See his likenesses of distinguished men, views of camps, etc Photographs n oil and water colors and pastel, from miniature 0 ltfe size. aul7 eolm Hovlo way's Pills ?Bilious Fever.?This danserous disease is immediately nipped in the bud by 1 timely use of this anti-febrile and oorreotive nedieines ; they purify the seor> tions of the liver, -enovate the stomach, and oleanse the blood, rhousands who would have sunk beneath thevio <*noe of this fever have been restored to health by ;he use of these remedies, after all other means had ailed Sold by all Drug lists, at iSo., 62o., and 91 >er box. auW-lw Cowshs.?The sudden ohanges of oar olimate are lOarOM Ol Pnfill* 11 11 flrnmrkinl <anH A mtkmmntim ifeetums. Experience having proved that simple remedies often act speedi.y and certainly when taken in the earl? stages of the disease, recourse ihoald at once m had to " Brown't Bronckicl TrocKf t," or Loxengee, let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be ever so alight, as by thia reoaution a more serious attack may be effectually warded off. Public Sjxiirrj and Stnttrt will find them effectual for clearing and strengthening the roico, See advertisement del-ly Ruin, have yon seen Prof. Wood'e advertlsa[rent in oar paper. Rear It; it will intereat yon. an tt-eoly PlNlflBSt Persons deairing peonies will alwara find them for exchange at the Star Office oonntsr. tf To tbx Afflictbd !? Be sure to read the advorisement of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another ooiumn. tf OXEN FOR SALE.?One pur of superior Working Cattle lor sale. Apply to 'he^^y^a tuhsoriber. on 'I hirteenth street- No. pXf* hetw<>?n r, and Maryland av? Island JLsk au 77 at* L. M. PA VX K. Butter, cheeses, AND EGOS. 4.000 ponnds Fresh Butter, New York Goshen, hest quality. Fresh Fggs arriving i'aily, for sale at the lowest rate. Cooking Butter for Nile oheap. At No. 430 Eighth >tr*et, between Qua avenue and L> st. (au 27-3t*) D^E. DUTROWl TVTOTir?R Tn SHIP iMn Dill D II ? n V 4/ ? n t U IV V/ XX 1/ i^i AGKNTS. Ship and Railroad Agents in Washington will lease lcrward ail goods directed to the "Sanitary Commission" to Comniimnn Store-room, No. *11 F street, and present bills for freight. Orricg op Sanitabt Comsms?io?, Treasury Banding. su?7 lw THE BALTIMORE AMERICAN, a strong Union Paper, supporting Constitution*l qovkrn*snt, and ably opposing tne h*n-sy of "Sa?J5*o?," a large and lea-Hug tournal for the Latest N*w$, ann in Business and Commeroial Circles?now in its 63d year of Publication?will t>e served at 50 cents a month to Soliscrt ers who leave their adlress at Mr Waite's Bookstore, Pa. avenue, near Seventeenth st.; at Mr. Shepherd's, corner Seventh and D sts.; or with JOHN C. PARKER, Gensral Agent for the D. C , No. 4*49 Seventh st. au tl 3.* GREGORY'S STOVE HOUSE, 381 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 381 Keeps constantly on hand a oompletc assortment of STOVKS. VI ES. and RANttE*; ^ also. CAMP EQUIPMENTS of all kinds, ?B% inolndinc Camp Stools. Camo Tables. OampjHf ftoves, Frenoh Drinking Cups.oommon Tia^^C Cups, Tin Plate*. Ao ; and a ccieral assortment of Tin. Enam*!ed. Japanned ar.d Plannished Ware. All kinds of Tin, Copper anu Kneet Iron Wo k made to order in a workmanlike manner and at short not oe m- Uafnamhar I'll D. ? J li?f I w?a v. BTViiUO, eovvuu uuur from J<**enth it, south aide. m 17 ?o2w H. J. GREGORY. M WORK'S AGUECUHE AND ANTIDOTE, an inrallible, safe and effectual remedy and preventative of Acue in ita varioui form*, having all; trie<< and proven, la now offered to the puMio Price $ljn. Sold only at MOORE'S Waat Kod Drug Etoro, 113 Pa. av. au 26 iv QQH KMILK DUPRE Ufcv Peksstlvasia Avekce, Jkos Buildiso, Importer and WkoUsal* Dtnltr in FINE WINKS, BKANDIKS, SKGi?RS. SARDINES.PICKLKS. PRKrtERVED FRUITS, CONDENSED MIL K, ASSORTKD SYR UPS, and CAMP SUPPL1 KS. JUST RECEIVED? 100 CASES OLD BOURBON (1&36) AT EMILE D OP RE'S Ibon Bcileinq, 320 Pa. avium. FO R FREDERIC TU9TUS' HAMBURG CELEBRATED SMOKING TOBACCO, The Beat Artiole Ever Imported, Go to EMILh DUPRE, Iec* Building, 3'JO Pa. Avksui. JUST RECEIVED? 20 Casta Imported BELTERS WATER, In Orltinai Stone Bottlea, At an 13 lm EM1LE DUPBE'8. NOTICE. 4? ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY." Thi? Company offers to the prblio ' Unequalled Advantage*'* for the Safe an-f Quick Dispatch of Haaiy Freights P*cka*e?, Valuables, Money, Ao. 4 o., to all parts of 'he United States. Kzoreeae* to and from the North and Weat depart from and arrive in Washington twice daily. All Expre?ses are in oharge of experienced and reliable Messengers. All Packages for The Soldiers carried at "onb half" on' usual rates. All Go^ds for the so-called "Confederate State*" and all Artioles "Contraband of War" will b? Rivuskd. Ou' Expresses leave New York at 1,5, and 6 P. M..^arriving in Washiagton at 6 A. M and 6.30 Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8Jt* A. M. and IIP. M , arriving in Washing ton at 6 30 P. M, and 5 A. M. Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 20 A. M. and 3 P. M.. arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and 530 Expresses for til points North and West leave W asm a* ton at 7 JO A. M. and 2 30 p. M. daily. KpaoiaT Contracts for 'arge quantities of Freight oan be made on application to this < ?(Roe. All Goods sailed for and delivered free of Extra ohargee. g p. Mclaughlin, Agent Adams' Expraas Company. Washington, Augusta, 1861. au 23 tf KOLDlER8._ t-j Dittn r uHArTs bought ?nd sold in ima toVu!tTHE NORTH BWEENY, RITjt^OUSK? F Allx**'CO., ' Bankere, Pa. avenue, jy?lm (Sund.Chroa ) near Brown's Hotel. | IBRARY OF CONGRESS. I J AVCDIT 5,1861. Notioe ie hereby given that the' Library of Con(ieeeM will be oioaed on 'I ueeday. the 13th day of Auguat, and will not be reopened until Tueeday, (he 17th day of September. au6 JOI1N 0. STEPHENSON, librarianW TRAVELING TRUNKS. E Offer lor nil the larceet aeaortaant o TRAVELING TRUNKS to be found mwM Ihla City, oompriaing beat Sole LMii.cflRl Ladies' lireai and Packing Trunke, Va-^?? iioee. Carpet Bags, &o., whioh we are now selling U very low pnoee. WALL. STEPHENS * CO? ap U P?i>n. avenge. ^risinwA* * wns' Artu KAVMI^m9 CON'B PI A NOW.?'A l>rreiv*?ortmt.n#^JfT lujmt t?M reoeived.?Peraona in ?e?rcH|MHBI n ? reliftt'le matin ment at ft low pnoe arcIH?Ti - ??*? " Ordera reoMved for Mr. MARCUS RE JUNE Piftno Forte Tnn*r. Mil CASH NOTICE. N Cou*?i*&oe of oar Uftving to ffty oftah for rrorr ftrtiole ol (pod* we eurohftae. we ftre forced oredeoeoer basineaeto Ca?h e*c id lively, for the rreeoot. We have in atore ft verj Urge fteacrt meat < >f READY-MADE CLOTHrNO for son and i tore' wear, whioii ar? ?#i.iuk u ft moch lover rate AaaaMuai/y, WALL. 8TL P HEN8 A^O? | */**** ~ 1 HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED FOR THE WEEK* LY STAR, TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE T 1 IT IS THE BEST DOLLAR WEBKLY IN THE * WORLD! ; ITS WASHINGTON NEWS IS UNEQUAL- , LED! i ITS GENERAL NEWS IS UNSURPASSED BY THAT OF ANY TWO DOLLAR f WEEKLY! m ' ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE WORTH TO ANY FARMER A Hi N DRED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ? ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL SAVB 1 TEN TIMES ITS COST EACH YEAR t TO ANY FAMILY. ) The Number for this Week, to be out on Fri' day Morning?pries Three Cents?tcrill j be a remarkably interesting one. ^ Every Person at a distance who would keep ; Posted with reference to what is really going on here in these interest' j ivg times should receive it 1 regularly. CALL AT ONCE AT THE STAR OFFICE 1 AND SUBSCRIBE FOR IT. i EDUCATIONAL ' fiONZAGA COLLEGE. * VJ (Sxxirr/ibt, F St., BKT.9rn and 10th ) 1 The Sohol&atio Exeroisea of Gonzaga Collage will be resumed next Monday, Septamb-* 2. , B. T. WIGET, S*. J., J au 88 4t* I'remdent. c A LNWICK SEMINARY. 1 A KOR yGVTiO LADIES. The dutiea of thia Inatifution will be reaumed on i Monday. 16th of 8? ptember Add rem M A. TY- { SON A SISTERS, Laurel. Pnnoe George'a coun- J tj. Md. In the city, Circular* ina* be had at Dr. Tyaon'a Drug Store, corner of L and Ninth ica. au jo nwt?QH' ' l\|R!*. 6<M)DR ICH'S SEMINARY Will be re- , 1*1. opened on Monday, September 2d. Term* : err moderate and ?* advana. Appiy 4 <5 Fifth st., ] between D and h. an 27-3'* WTHE MISSES KOONES ILL Resuire the dntiea of their Seminary Monday, September 2d?450 1) street Instruot.on will be given in English, Frenoh and Musio. au 27-31* WM1SSADDIKC. KINSEY ILL Resume the duties of her Sohool, at 461 i D street, between 2d and 31 sts., on Monday, 2d < September, 186'. Thankful for former patronage, t she respeotfally solicits a oontinuanoe of the same, i au 77-3t* i OITTENHOUSE ACAPEMY, Indiana AV., NKA* THI*D ST. ] The next aoa-if mie year will oommenoe on Mon- , day, September 2. j au 26-St O. C. WfGWT, Principal. J M EVERETT INSTITUTE, J ASSACHUSETTS A.V., BBTWKI* 9tn AND J 1wth ttrkxts. A Select School for Boys. The Sixth Annual Session of this In*t tote will ' oommenoe on Monday. September 2. Terms mod- ' erate For further particulars, see oironlars at the ' Bookstores, or E. W. FARLEY, the Principal, at his residence, 433 Tenth st. au 23 2w* FFEMALE SEMINARY. GEORGETOWN, , L S. ENGLISH, Principal, ! Miss English purposes. on Moi.dsy, September , 2d, to take oharge of a limited number of pupils, to whose instruction and improvement her best efforts will bo directed. From her many vears' experience in this business, she hoses to he able to give satisfaction to those parents and Kiia dians who may place pupils under her care. Terms made known on application at No. 39 Gay st. an 26 2W S T. MATTHEW'S ACADEMY, , Cob. ISth *t. and New Yobk Av? Washington, U. C. The exerciser of tuis Institution will be resumed on the fi st Monday in September. Terms per session of five mon'hs from $7 to 916; payable in advance. The German and Frenoh languages, I Musio, Prawiiig and Paintinc, form extra charges. For particulars apply at the Institution. i au 24 2weo i Emerson institute, H Stbkbt, Between 12th and 13th sts.. Select Clatucal and Mathematical School for Boyt The exercises of this School will be resumed the first Monday in Septeirber. Address au 19 tf CHAS B. YOONG, Prinoipa!. fJ,HE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. qThe Tw?lfth^Annua 1 Session will oommenoe c?cpioiuuor i. rur pamcu;ars inquire 01 m? Krmoipal? Mri. Z. RICHARDS, au 17 lm Corner of Fourteenth and K sts. NTHE WESTERN ACADEMY, O- 877 I, corner of Seventeenth street, reoent1t under the care of Dr. Loom is, will be reopened Monday, th? 2d of September. App'ioation mar he m*de at Dr. Towlm'h, 400 Fourth street, Judioiary Square. au 17-3w* JOSHUA O. CQLBURN. BLADEN8BURG ACADEMY, PBireci UlOROX'S CoBWTY, Md. This Institution will he reopened Monday, September 2d, with a fuli corps of instructors, and every convenience for Boarding and Day Pupils. Ample (rounds are attached for gymnast cs. Prof. J. FILL, Pnnoipal. Wajitkd?An USHKR. capable of teaomni Greek and Latin?a single gentleman preferred. Apply iy letter. au 17 fcteo* ? i EURGE TOWN COLLEGE, D. C, VJ AtJODST, 1861. The exercises of this Institution will be resumed on the first Monday ol September. Terms for Koar-.i and Tuition pt?r annum, $.200, payable halfyearly. in advance For further particulars apply to the President? au 13 lmeo JwH!N EAKLY, 8. J. COLUMBIAN COLLEGE. Washington, D. C. The Preparatory Department open* its session on Wednesday, September Uth, The Ciats'H id the Philosophical and Claisioal Department have their first exercises Wednesday, September25th. For catalogues or further information applv to 0. W. SAMSON, D. D.. tl l<l.9ftwi? / UonaKlmen I w *v * ??*? \ ??vjruunvil?ut ? * 1 VBIUOIlti LAFAYBTTE INSTITUTE, A SCHOOL FOR YOU SO LADIES. 367 1 street, between 13th and 14th. Sitaion will oommenoe on MONDAY. September 9th. Ciroulara at Bookat >re? Referenoe la mad* to resident Clergymen, Senatora Foot, Koater, Harris, Wade, Trnmball, Harlan, an-i othera. L.C. LOOM 18, A. M., an 10-9, TAT, lm Principal. I^KOOKEVILLE ACADGMi. The next aeaaion will commenoe September Sd. Boya are prepared for oollec or for bosine?a. For oataloguepleaae Brookeville, Md , E. B. PRETTYMAN.A M.. an *-lm (Intel.) Principal. GEORGETOWN INSTITUTE. The riutiea of thia School will be reanmed on the firat Mondar of September next. Its advantages (both as to location and facilities for improvement) and moderate terms recommend it to the patronage of all. THOM-SN. CONRAD, M. A? JOHN S. CONRAD. au 6-tSeptl Principals. CGEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, (Miss Harrovbk'S.) A Boarding and Day School, No. 131 West street between Cor. cress and High at* , Georgetown, D- C. The duties of this Institution will he resumed <*: the first Monday in September next. Circulars mar be obtained at the principal bookstore*, or by addressing the Principal, au 1 eot? Miss M. J. HARROVKR. T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parents who wish their daughters to raoeiye a thorough and ayatematic eduoation, where their phyaioal training will receive daily and speoial attention, under the moat approved system of Caliathenios and Gymnaatioa, are reapeotfully invited te viait the Union Female Aoadeny, corner Fourleer that, and New York av. i MR. & MRS. Z. RICHARD*, tft-tf Prinoipale. PROPOSALS FOR COAL AND WOOD. | DlPAkTMlHT or TRI INTIKIOB. f August 10,1861 t ( Bmalmv paopoaALa will be reoeived at this De- > partment until Ut o'olook m. on Saturday, tbe Slat instant, for furnishing for the nee of thia Depart ' ment and the ditfereut branohea thereof? ?no tons beat White Aah Coal, 80 tona beat R?d Aah Coal, i 100 oorda Oak Wood. I 12 oorda beet Bakers Pine Wood. The wood to be delivered at saoh timea and in ; auoh quantities as may be w&nt*l. Bida lor the ooal and wood will be oonaidered 1 separate!* ; and aatisfaotory arrangement* must be made for the oorreot measurement of eaoh. The Department reeervea the right to order a greater or less may be required. mi Wi'-jummim ?? w aiuinm H> ins DUferiD teudeut of the Department of the Interior, and en ( dor?e<l, "Proposal* for Coal and Wood " an 21-wtAafa 4SA .BILLIARDS! f U CI The lover* ' ^ of the GAME OF BILLIARDS will find in EM RICH'S FINE HALL. Corner o Pennsylvania avenue and 11th atreet, i ( oath side,) J two of the most admirable TABLEb in the Luted State*, with every oomfortand oonveaienee au8 tf lor the playera. * |T ty. MAIL STAGE LINK Between Waehu. ,..w? ..d wjj, , , EV KK Y MORNIN9l??nd?T. -I-Blgg I repted)et7 o'elook.and LO. Conode'e. oor. nui 1 kod Beail ate., Georgetown. at I o'oloek; returning

daily. Oa Monday*. WAaeeday* ud Fndayi 1 a< a-lm* BEN/TwwQlY. / WANTS. SJ|7 ANTED? By a reepeetable Ctrl a JITI'A TION m hosMkMr?r or oooY Good re far '512 K'*?n. Apply at No. 30 13K street, oo'ter ?f C _ it* WANTED-A FURNISHKD HOUSE Mvwb M street and Pennsylvania avenue, and is the leighrtorhood of Fourteenth ?t. Apply by letter uldrMnfd to "J. H .," Willards* Hotel. aug 31* IVAN'TED TO RENT-A oomfortable FL'R?? NISHEO DWELLING H??USE. in a ilnasant location. Address, for two day*. "M. D ." ttar OiWoe. ai g 2t* LV AMEI)?An experienced NIR9K for an lafant. Alio, ? Wet NurM ; one who ha? lost ler rhild preferred. Apply at the oorner of Ninth ind M etreeU. No. 3?0, tVOHUkrei above Northern Liberties Market. au 28 3t* 117ANTED-A DWELLING HOU?Eof6to? " * roome, for a email family. lx>eation must be etween Pa arenue and G street and tth and 11th 'treat'. Address?stating location and rent? M. k.. Post Offioe Bo* 834. aw a 2t* A VOIJNG MAN Speaking and writing the rl. Enslish. Frenoh and German laninages, oft*ble of keeping single and donble entry books, risbes a Situation mnia line. He has had change if a hotel for the last two yeara. Address "Chiffer I. V.," Star Offioe. as WANTED-A BOY. Aim want-d. lots of Books, Old Dooumants, New Dooainents, Kare Old Papers, Autographs. Coins?any thing lurious, unique, wonderful, odd. New Treasury Hotftl w&ntM ? " .. ?, ? ? arwi wvu r i vaniuuii ALFRED HUNTER. _?B 2H-SI* Willarda' Hotel Square. Bt/ANTED? A whit* or oolored GIRL. from 12 "" to 14 yeara of ue, to do terarti housework in i amall family. Apply at 49 4 1) at., between lat ipti 2d ata. an 27 >t? wanted-a restaurant COOK, on? " that underatanda the baalneaa thoroughly. Ipply to J. t. HOLBROOK, Firat at. and Pa. ivenue. foot of the Capitol. au 27 3t* \AJ antf.d?a single man who haa been acons" tomed to milk and attend to oowa. Apply at he Grooenr sto-e of applbby ft KELlEY, sorner of Market and 1 hird ata., Georgetown. au 27-3t WANTED. FOR THE CASH?All kinda of SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Peraona leaving the oity of having a surplus will do well to oall mmediately. R. BUCHLY, jea 4 a* Seventh. between G and H ata. U|7 ANTED.?We are now buyinjt SECONDW HAND FURNITURE,STOVES?and BED DING, for whioh we are paying the higheat sash prioea. Famihea declining housekeeping, or laving a surplus of furniture, will find it to their id vantage to give ua a nail. BONTZ & GRIFFITH, Jel5-tf No. 369 7th at., betw. 1 and K ata. PERSONAL. C? fTA RE WARD.?Havmg learned th\t a rumor is bnwly circulated in Washington city hat 1 have had shipped to Nottingham, recently, tome eight hogaheadi of bacon whose destination ras supposed to be for the Pouth. I lake thia nethod of pronouncing the charge wholly and maieiously ; for I can solemnly attest that I lave never ordered to Nottingham, or any other ^ort, but one hocahead of b\oon in my life, and iow there oould be any oauae for such a o <arge against my integri'y I cannot oonceiye, unless it >riginated from the taot that, ab >nt the time alluded :o, there were some six or eight hogsheads of coal and one hogshead of baoon that came to Nottingham? the hogshead of bacon and five hogsheads of joal for W. H. Gwynn, Sr , and so marked ; tae ->ther two were min*, and marked W. H. Owjnn, Jr.; eo. If the malioious mischief maker had have noticed a little more partiouiarly, he might have laved himself the trouble of reporting falsehoods, led myself the necessity of publishing this. 1 will give the above reward for any positive information that will lead to the detection and conflation of the person who would make this unwarranted attack upon my character. WM. H. GWYNN of Thos. T. B., August 28th. au 29 4t* LOST AND FOUND. LOST?On ?atur'ay evening. Auguat 24th, be tween loth and 3d streets, a small bead PUR^E uontaininr lrom .?I2 to #15 in gold. The finder will be libera ly rewarded by leaving it at MnOKRMOTT'S Coaoh Factory, Pa. av. au 29 3t* T/ii r w i ??i ?t - ?nuiii * *f * i\i?venin itr^ii i&Rl K? (Wednesday) night, a bl&olt New <?_ ) foundland PUP.7 w<v*k? old, with mai'^y^-iiT' wnite spot b?tw?"?n the fore leg*. A suit " able reward is offered for the recovery of the pup, or the capture of the miserable thief. au 29 21* &QA REWARDRan away from the subsortOartvJ ber, living near Berning's Hrtdge.on Monday afternoon, Aurust 27th, a likely NK Cf ORG BOY, named John Stewart. Ho is 19 yeara of age, about 5 feet 10 inchea in height, and had on when he left a auit of dark slotheaJt*" and a new pair of ahoee ; ia auppoeed to be in aoina of the oampa aronnd Washington. 1 will give the above reward for hi> delivery to me. aa 2P-2f 9. B. 8CAQGS. C; REWARD Will be paid for the apprehenaJon and delivery to me, or securing m in iail of NEGRO WOMAN LOUISE; & oalla heraelf Louiae Hanson- She ia a tall, Jtr%. likely negro, ^uite black, well dressed, with full sai* of hair. She is no donbt lurking iriX3La Upper Marlboro' or neichborhood. She has a husband in Washington oity. and mir make her way to that place. WM. \VoR THING TON. Near Woodville, au 15-3tawtf Prinoe George's county, Md. FOR SALE AND RENT. BOARD AND ROOM-A Furnished Fronl Chamber, on the seoord floor, with Board mar be had at No. 45?i Twelf h street, between G and H streets,-a very desirable room for two persona. au'?9-3t* FOR RENT-A fine new HOUSK (brickl. witi 11 rooms and bath-room, and with wat r and gaa, situated in a most demraMe locality, in the vioinity of Judica'-y Square, ia f>r rent, rea<W furnisned, on favorable terma. Apply at this offioe. au 28-lw brORE TO LET?STOf'K AND FIXTURES P. . ll Oil l? ' * * r -'n. anno.-ia*uir8?i7i ra. avenue. au 26 4t* l^URNISHED ROOM FOR RENT, ?t No r 450 Twe'f.h street, b?tween 9 ai;d H ata. Th? Room i* very comfortab e a.nd the neighborhood one of the most desirable in Washington batis factory attention guarantied. Terms moderate No children in the house. au 23-lw ti>OR RUNT, OR FOR SA LE?The HO USE now occupied by Presley Simpson, No. 45C Twelfth st. au 21-tf House on capitol hill for rent The three story Brioit Dwelling-hou** on the oath side of Pa. avenue, at the ocrner of Third st, east, a short diatanoe from the Capitol Square, al rresent oooupied by G. S. Minor, Esq. Application may be made on the premises, or to TH'"8, BLAGDEN,No 499 Seventh st west aul7 6tec Houses for rent-no.and No. 97.or the south side of Indiana avenue, both of them very large a d oonveniect houses, with good itv blir.t ana oarriage-houaea. Also, the oommodioai and large House, No. 3S8, on the north aide of C street. Apply to THOMAS BLAGDEN, No 499 Sevonth street. jy 17 2awtf P)R RENT-The norUi HOUSE of the row ol new four-atory houaea on Fourth at- Ihiwmh D and ? eta.. No. 3*9, fronting the City Hall square. Possession given immediately. Apply to WILLIAM H. PHILLIP, Attorney at-Law, No, 40 Louisiana avenne. mall-eotf FOR RENT?A substantial three etory BRICK HOU3E, with large lot adjoining, situated on Third atreet cast. two doore from K street north, on Capitol Hi!I?a very healthy location, and price of rent to auit the present times. Possession riven immediately. Inquire of Mr. BACON, nextdoor; or of Mias M. C. LINCOLN, 301 Pa avenue, between 9th and 10th ata. au 15 lmro* FM?R RENT?A very desirable STAND for a boarding houae, on Peansylvama avenue and Eighth ?t., now oooupied by the Meaara. Joy, and has always had a full ahare of the patronage of tne oity Possession given on the lat of Septemlier next. Said house la in good order. For further partioulara apply to JAMES TOWLKf, Agent. 490 B street north; or Mrs. JULIA KEEP. *76 E street. ao 17 tf LJANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS.11 Four natdsomely Furniahed Rooma, supplied with caa and water, and convenient to tho Patent and Post Office Departments, lor rent. Apply at 4U0K Maasachuaetta avenue, north aide, between tin and 5th ata. ma83 GEORGETOWN ADVEHT'MTS y^post office, Gbokoktown, D. C., August 28,1861. Notice ia hereby given to a!l person a having mveiopea of the old ia?uethat they wili be reeeivea n exchange for <hoae ol the new atye, if presented o this ofiot withiu six days of thia date ; after vhioh time they will not be reeeivaa in payment of >ortage on letter*. au 2S-6t HENRY ADDISON, P. M. [YIASSEY, COLLINS * CO.'S 1*1 PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. Expeoted this dajr, aer steamer J. Jerome? 900 barroia xi DRAUGHT ALE, 41) lin v v v v An Mu hlf.-bblaT'dtT/" do! do! Whioh on arrival vill be for sale. Terms tuh >n delivery. ARNYASHINN, on 7 Union Depot. Georgetown. UST RECEIVED? 9 10 hhda. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS ltt bbla. Oid Rye WHISKY, Ito bbls. HER ft IN6 ud AL.EW1VES. to bbls. Cruf and Refined SUGARS. SO bacs Rio and Java COFFEE, in hhas.(low-prioed) MOLASSES. For aaie by JOHN J. BOGUB. ? 10 pROPOSALS FOR WOOD. DirAKTMIHT or Btatb, { Angaet 21,1861. \ Sialbo peoposaxs will be reoeived at tbis Installment until 12 o'olook m. on ^nrday, the Slat nstant, for famishing for the uae of this DepartU0Dt~" 100 oorda Oak Wood beet qu&'ity, 12 oords best Baker'a Pin? Wood. The wood to be aeliveied at auch times and ia mch qaantitiea aa may be wanted ; and satia&tto y arrangements moat be made for its eorreot nea?arem?nt. The Department reserves the right to order a ireater or leea quantity, aa may be reeured. - _ _ _ f _ TELEGRAPHIC NEWS FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Slciatr Arabia. Nkw You, August 29?The steamship Arabia, with Liverpool dates to tbe 19th Instant, baa passed Sandy Hook on her way to this port She states that the Great Eastern and th? Arabia. from. New York, had arrived at Liverpool. The general news was wholly unimportant. tbi mas kits Cotton closing quiet Breadstuff* still declining Provisions doll. Consols 90)f to 9(H< . Tha bank rate has been reduced to 4#. [sbcohd dispatch.] FIKTHEH BY THE STEADIER ASIA. Italy. i Two members of tbe Italian Mlalstry had resigned, and Claldlna demanded the right of the appointment of their succeeaora Naples will undertake to crush oat th? Brigand Chiefs. Eh?lahd. The King of Sweden continue* In London en- j Jk _ - -* ? _ 1 gngro in ugui WtlDg. A letter from the Emissary of the Cotton Supply 1 Association, reporting bla vlait to Egypt, givesaa encouraging proapect of the productive capacity of Egypt for cottqp Fuki. The Emperor's "fete" waa celebrated In Paris J on the 15tb Instant, with macb brilliancy In tb? day. It waa alao observed In Italy, by an llluml- i nation In Naples. I It wai reported that the French Government had instructed General Gayon not to oppose the ! entrance of Claldlna Into the Papal territory, ahould the necessity of war require It. ! ARREST OF (OL. STROTHER 1 Baltimore, Aug. 29.?A private letter received here says that tbeaecesalonista In Virginia have arrested Col. Strother, the well known proprietor of the Berkely Springs, and have carried him as a prisoner to Richmond. He Is quit* aged, but being suspected of lovtltv to the Government hu Incurred the displeasure of hi* secession neighbors. [Col Strother 1b the brother of "Porte Crsyon" 1 Strother, the well-known artist ? Ed 8ta* 1 i NOT A PRIVATEER Boston, August 29 ?The schooner which spoke the schooner Agrlcola, of Ellsworth, Me . off Cape Ann, was the yacht Wild Pigeon, bound on a pleasure excursion, instead of the privateer Freely, of Charleston, as was first reported. The captatn of the Agrlcola was Imposed upon. ANOTHER BATTLE IN THE KANAWHA TALLEY. 1 Tyler's Seventh Ohli Reglaeat Sarriudrd by 3,000 r?afederai???A Desperate Fight. Cincinnati, Aug. 27 ?We lwrn from the Kanawha that Col Tyler's forces at Pummersvllle, Va , were surrounded by the rebels under Floyd, early yesterday morning, at Cross Lanes. Tne following are all the particulars we can learn of the battle, which appears to have been a bloody affair. The Seventh Ohio Regiment, Col. Tyler, was surrounded while at breakfast, and attacked on both Minks and In front, stmultsneously; our men immediately formed for battle, and fought moct desperately and bravely, while they saw but little chance of success Th^ pnpmI' nrnniI *? " * ??? , ?w uuwcriui ior V/Ol. IT* I ler's force, Lf lent forward to bis baggage train I which was coming up three miles distant, and I turned It back towarda Gauley bridge, which I place tbey reached in safety Companies B. C and I, suffered moat severely. I Thev particulsriy were la the hottest of the fljztit, I and fioaUv fought their way through fearful odds, I making drradful havoc In the enemy's ranks. I The rebel force consisted of 3,000 Infantry snd I 400 cavalry and ten guns. I The Federal forces, after cutting their way I through the enemy's ranks, were much scattered. I but soon formed again and renewed their fire, but I received no reply or further pursuit from the I enemy. I i Our loss Is not yet definitely ascertained, but not I > over 200 are missing of the 900 men engaged. The I rebels' loss was fearful. j Lieut. Col Creighton captured the enemy's! colors and two prisoners. The following is a list of the officers known to I be killed: Capt Dyer, Co. D, of Palnesvllle; I Capt. tihurtllff, Co. C, of Oberlln; Capt Sterling, I of Co. I: Adjutant L. De Forest, of Cleveland; I Lieut. Cnarle* Warrent; Sergeant King, of War- I ren. The other field officers are all sare ! [Summersvllle is the county seat of Nicholas I county, the next east of Kanawha county, Is sbout I fiftv miles from Charleston, the contral position I of the Kanawha Valley. It Is about twenty-five 1 miles from Oauley Bridge, and up the Oauley I river. On the 17th Instant the Richmond Enquirer I . stated that General Floyd's command was ten I miles west of Lewisburg. In Greenbrier county, I ' only about fifty miles distant from Summersvllle; I that Gen. Floyd's brigade had been lately *'reln- I forced and supplied with Improved arms;" and I that be would "advance against Col. Tyler In a I I few dsys."] a up nan j?sepn tioii IB Bsstsn?Serenade and Speech. Bostos, Aug. S7 ?Several thousand people ' gatbe'ed around the Tremont House to night, the occasion being a serenade to the Hon Jos Holt, of Ky. After appropriate airs by the band. Mr. Holt appeared on the steps of the hotel, and was introduced to the crowd by Edward Everett, who 1 mede some complimentary and very patriotic remarks Mr Holt was received with earnest enthusiasm. and spoke about fifteen minutes Mr Holt said be came to Boston not only to aee the city but to revive bis patriotism amid the ' thrilling associations that clustered sround the cradle of liberty. He was most gratefully surf>rlsed by the cordiality of this reception, and was hankful for that recognition of fidelity to our J country, and also for the kind allusions to bis na; tlve State, whose stars had been so long obscured by unfsithful public men, but which were now ? preparing to shine with the lustre of other days 5>he bad assumed ber present position under no 1 Impulse of pasftlon. but calmly, and In view of all the gloom and peril surrounding the Union. She says she lovea It still, and will cling to It as t she has In Its strength and glory. That course which abe has so nobly declared at the ballot box ' It Is her duty to make good on the battle field What she bad so well begun must be faithfnlly performed. Full would be the measure of his ;nv urh?n Kb won* v* 1? * j - j uvuic ?o ?cr urnwciy IQd Massachusetts on the lame fields of danger, rebuking those traitorous men that strove to make them enemies. In bis recent extended tour be had nowhere found the public voice hint in vindication of the flag. He now beard the word "compromise1' only uttered bv disloyal lips, or those in the Interest of the rebellion. '80 long as the rebels have arms In their bands, there is nothing to compromise but the honor and Interests of the government. One great peril cannot be disguised. The capital was menaced by a great army, and nothing but our swords could save It. They were powerful and reckless, not the less so because tbev were lighting to maintain a crime Catallne and his co-conspirators fell with their face to the enemf. So would the rebel lesders of the south The more prompt, earnest and united we are, the briefer the struggle and the less the danger. Bnt we must be prepared for the worst?s rained commerce, bankruptcy, grass growing In the streets. Our institutions were worth all we could sacrifice, for sll we are and have are the fruits of these Institutions If we think of our lands, our gold, our merchandize, our bouses or our blood, In contrast with our honor and Integrity, ws are lost. Mr Hnlt than ^VI wi*-4 .... -_w ? WV UlNVTHty CAUiUHVQ in otir midst, u one of tbe moat formidable obstacle* to the aucceaa of oar cauae; but be rejoiced In late decided meaaurea of the President to aubdue tbla element of weakneaa. It ia in vain to toll at tbe pumpa while men are kept on board boring holea in tbe bottom of tbe ahlp. Tbe addreaa of Mr. Holt waa received with tbe greatest enthusiasm rreaa Missouri. Iromtoh, Mo , Ang ?Scoots Just in report the enemy 1,500 strong on Cedar Creek: also in conaideraole force on Castor Creek, with out few at Greenville They report their strength in this section of tbe Btste to be 8.MX) Tbev subsist on cornmeal and fresh beef, and are nearly destitute of clothing, and poorly armed A deserter from New Madrid aays the force* ( under Pillow, eic**pt per ha pa tbe Tennesseaas i and Alabamians, are much demoralized, and are mainly held together by the belief that W Louie will aoon fall Into their handa. The force at New Madrid, under Pillow, ia about 90,000, at Benton, Scott county, under Jeff Tbompeon 8,000, and at Charleaton, under Hunter, 8,000. Our Informant also aaya that two masked bat- 1 terles, not before hesrd of, are located on tbe Mlasourl bank of the Mississippi river, one flfleen mile* above New Madrid, and tbe other about the aame distance below Another Mnked battery la to be constructed at Dog Tooth Island, about 18 miles above Cairo, where the river Is narrow and deep. | Lead, liquor and many ether articles of supply i were reaching New Madrid by war of Paducab aad Colombo*, Kf. * j Tit Prtntotr Iratw. Bo?tom, Aug t7?The British brig Forwird arrived b?r? to-day from CteafuagM. iM r?p*1i: 8?w off Cape Antonio, A ague* 4, ttw P(tT\l?fr , Burnt*, laying off aad oa. j a - ? \ Hi ATT* Town, Aug M ? Inform atlaa ban mcbfd ear WMipBut that there baa bom much f ring acroM the rlw by lk?r?b?li at oarolckMl, at various points between Conrad's ir4 Harper** Ferries since Saturday ? tb? Point of Rocks Tbe rebel encampments above Lensbnrg have boon moved back some distance from the rlw YfMerdsy two snppooed Confederate spies w?r* arrested by Capt Morrison*8 picket of the Twelfth Indians Regimen*. Tbev claimed In be wagon master and his assistant belonging In Gen Stone's br'gade, baton being cionely Questioned apart br Capt M , their replies gave tbe 1'e to their prefess ions, and they were turned over to Gen Banks for a further examination. TUi forenoon continued reports of heavy ordnance was beard, apparently In the vicinity of Washington. The cause has not yet transpired in camp Brigade drills sre to be the order at tbn day ??All letters for this division are now forwnrdad to Frederick nnd brought thither by a government express The mall matter Is promptly distributed by two gentleman detailed from the Aecood Massachusetts Rsgtmeat, wbeart ss military postmasters Tbs men of Msjor Doubledav's battary rssshsd headquarters this oaeralng Tbatr new gnas are hourly expected fram Washington The beslth of the troops has greatly Imposed line* occupying their new encempemt, aad many of IDS HTUI <M St Frederick WlU AtCttj be restored Miiktra R?*i. Lovts villi, Aug /?-4?ov Moore. In Ik* New Orleans Picayune, calls on each family I* o?atribute blankets for tbe soldiers The V Irks burg Whig advocates tbe tnsnu feature of cotton-aeed oil for burning, tbe blnckada having deprived tbein of material for light Tbe Cbarlenton Courier savs tbal an Ironclad iteamer, named tbe Randolph, of 155 tons, ban been purchased at Pa van nab, for tbe ronat of South Carolina She makes from thirteen to fourteen knots per hour The Little Rock (Ark ) True Democrat of tb? tadlnet, says It toaras tbat tbe Missouri Mate troops under command of Gen Price, left Pprtncfleld for Camp Walker on tbe 19th, and tbat Ben McCullough and bla forces bad gone to Camp Scott. A second battalion of cavalry baa Just been organized at Knoxville, Tenn The Fart Smith (Ark ) Tlmea savs tbat an abundance of military sto ea were being conveyed to MeCullough's army In Missouri The Richmond correspondent of tbe Memphis Appeal savs there Is much si (knees among tbe Confederate troops la the neighborhood or Manassas, tbat tbe water la full of Virginia red mac, and Ice extremely scarce at tea or a is per pound Tbe Lynchburg <Va ) papers my It ta impose) ble to forward all the freight passing to Virginia from (be Went and South A large portion ef It la dally shipped by tbe James River and Kanawha Canal A third Texas regiment la en route la jola McCullough la Missouri Massnebasetta Repablicaa Convention Boston, Aug. 27 ?The republican State enm mittee hare Issued * call for a State cooTratlon at Worcester, Oct 1st The call Is addreaaed to " all citizen! of the Commonwealth who are la favor of the Union for the support of tbe Government, and for a vigorous prosecution of the war agslnst wicked and unprovoked rebellion, and who are determined In good faltb and without reservation to support tbe constituted suthoritiee in all attempts to restore tbe sway of the CoMtt ) tution and Isws to every porttou of tbe country Eiplssisa of Pewder Mills. Bostos, Aug 27 ?Tbe extensive powder Mills, four In number, at New Den ham, N H , were blown up this afternoon, Instantly killing flva men The concussion shook the coantry for miles around The mills had a large contract to fill for Government. The cause of the disaster la unknown. Mishap ta a Gaabeat Boston, August 27 ?The U. 8. gunboat R B Forbes, hence for Washington, got aabore at Monomoy Point at half-past 7 o'clock last alght. She got off this morntug and anchored T t<e amount of damage to her Is not yet aacertalaed MiTranti ( Secretary ft?w?r4. ALitRT, August 27 ?Secretary Seward arrived here this evening, and proceeded to Auburn, accompanied by Mn Lincoln pENBlON OFF1CK, Jrwi 6th, 1N1. TO ALL WHOM 1? MAY CONCERN. Application having been made aoder teea** of ad June, IMO, for the reiaeue of the Lui<i Warranta deaonted herein, which are alleged to kt?t been loat or deatroved, notiw ta hereby given, that at the date following the deaonption ofeachwarrant, a new Certi&oate, of like tenor, will he leaned, if no valid objection aha., then appear No. 3,116, for lftn aeree, leaned under aot of IMT, to Angtietoa Ing ram, private of Captain Marrar'a ooirpiTiy, Seoond Regiment of Tenneeaee 1 oiaatrj.?September 8th, 1861 No.46,748. for tfn aoree, laaved nnder the aet of March. 1B&5, in the name of Jaoob Gnliok. aud granted on the Mth day of January, lttSb.?September 21, '861. No. 56 S?. for SO aorea. leaned nnder the aot ?f Hepteinber.1860, in the came of Elisabeth Welle, widow o! Daniel Welle, end granted on the tnh da? ofSf Dtamlwr. I2U ?* liiei No 45.390, for ifci torn, issuod under tee Mt of March. 1855, in th? name of Alexander Or me. and Granted on the 13th day uf OotoUer, 1686 ? Septemer38, 1161 No. 71.636, for 160 aoreu. issued under the Mt of Maroh. 1855. in the came of Arnoe Arthur, acd 11 A* ted on the 17th day of Auguat, 1857 ?Ootobor II. 1861. No. 68^an, fur 160 aorM, under aot of 1847, and bearing date May 6tn, 185", in favor of Miohaol R<pp fhther of Samuel K<<pp, deceased. Tnird Indiana Vo'onteer*. Meiioan war.?October 13.1881 No. 64 536 for 120 acres, issued ut.dor the aot of March. 1855, in the name of James Lock, ar.d grantod on the 31st day of Maroh, 18*,?Ootober la. 1861 No 24 69T, for 100 acres, issued under the aot of Maroh. 1856, in the name of Thomas 1 anner. and pasted on the Sd day of May, 1856?October IB, No StS 100, for 160 acree. issued ucuer the aot pf Maroh 1856; in the name ulto It, widow o( David Bradbury, and g ranted, oalbe 19th oay of September, 1830 ? Novem'>er 16,186r No. 43,342 for i60 aoros. issued sader the Mt of M*reh.Ufi&. id the name of Christopher Dougherty, and gra ted on the 2nh oay of September, 1858. November 16 1861. No. 93.814. for 160 aoros, issued t r.der the aot of Maroh. 1856, lu the name of ttuy S A riamsr, minor oh'M of John C Alexander, deoeaeec, and granted July 3. lafti-November 16.1*61 No. 3.163, I or 160 Mroe, issued under the aot of Maroii. 1856. in the name ut Benjamin Hoily. and granted on the snh day of Jane. 1856 No &>3. for fc6 a-res. iseued under the aot rf Mtroh 1855 in iw DMMorifibM Wo?tref,M< irutel on the *h day of M?r, 18S6. No. ay* tor I an acrw?, ua?d an^ar tl>? Mt of Maroh, 1855, in the "MM of 8araaei H WtUrkout, ud (ranted on the 831 day o Mar. 1856 No. 3,533, for 80 aora?, ie?n??d ?nder tha aot of March. 1855. in tha name o! ?h*IW Dove*. and lrented on the 2d day of Aaxust, 1856 ?Norem bar titan. No 41 933, lor 180 aeree. iiibmI under tha aot of Msroh,1856 inthe name of J arots P my. and *rac '?-<J on the 21st day or Maroh, 1881 ? November 2s, 1881. No 25 9w. f?r 180 sore*. iiium l:c?" the aot of Maroh 1855. in tAe nam* of vv il'iam M , J alia* C. ?.,aod John D. 8., minor ehi dren of lrw.n Pv*get, decent, and *r ited on Use Mth day of May, 8.t6 ?November 23, 381. No 44.818. for 8t> M-ei, iiened voder the ?ol of Ma'oh, 1856, in the name of Gettv, widow of Thomm Elwood.and rraut*d the 19th day of J an nary. 1857.?November a. 1861 JOsfcPH B. BARRETT. a 19-law Commieeioner. /#v RESUMED BUS1NK4& A 1*1 The Undereifnad woaJd inform 9 iera ni.d ?he jnblic that he hae9 0 taken honee on Ninth eC. batweae D and H, where he will acain do bnaiaaaa aa a boaneed PAWNBROKER. Pair deaJlnf ui ail bneineea traaeMMpa. jetl S.n* ENOCH WAED. piKEMfcVri INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND 6BOR6ETOWN. Capital *?<),* . Q#lf4 ternsr C mU Lmtunmm* amm mm Bmmk INSURE HOUSES AND*OTHER PROPERTY ASA1NST LOBS BY PI RE. Z r^'r tiki cr^" No??Lrje*or'poiic'?#. _ JAMES ADAMS. PririiMl AuH.DiTii.SiirKwT. M I DUPVNTS 8UNPOWDKI, iMrrjbmfesxsz?** Mi AMmm'fm tkilHatritt mf ttmmdim. %V vow clothins. j ,IX.E J2^=r.- TT-bTS^ fMttttKW! [NJ>.?rabmoin? ail atylaa of low pne*d, aaitaa, btflB Int qualities, tu?l w arc a .dag a t vary ? ?* fc ?W-Al.L. BTBPUENS * CO., ass r*.? .. hfiw?fi s*tn tad Mtk at*. m ft f ??K< ll????M>q?w.> wSw1^ ( u?W^Ll> aywtf^ai>nili^iutk atft, haa oMnfttAA ?>aatty uafiavad raoantl 1 mm4 mow otaVU tiirtw la??aa?awn for U? >alwaaia onUp uk! atran*?rs than anj otlMr mnIc- Ota bowl m Paia. avaaaa, aa* ku laMaaMM wt >arj|jgaiwM or^nMMi^ b^dtoraaajga^y^ Bgjfe.'?!3HH?3ng

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