Newspaper of Evening Star, August 29, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 29, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. JirsmtOOHS. Editor St'ir:?Juat at this time this deli- ' eiaus vegetable is tolerably plentiful Tor your lady readers I beg leave to submit the following recipes?gained from experience T. No. I?Mushroom Catsup. Take the mushrooms, out off the dirt or root *>id of the stalks, break up the flaps or tope, and bruise the stalks, place a layer in a deep dish or pan, (not of tin,) sprinkle salt over them: then another layer, sprinkled with salt, as bafore. and so on, until jou have thus aud all you have. Let them then stand for tmty-four hours In the dish or pan, which ought to be covered with a thick towel or cloth. After having thus stood, bruise the mushrooms and stalks well, with your hands; then strain them well, through a strong open work muslin or flannel cloth?squeezing out all the j juice Now to the liquor, thus extracted, for 1 everv quart, add one and a half ounces whole < black pepper, one-quarter of an ounce whold 1 allspice, one-eizhth of an ounce of nutmeg, j hair a teaspoonful of Cayenne pepper, a doien of cloves, and three or four large blades of roaoe. Then boil slowly three or four hours, , the loncer it is boiled the better it will keep. After this, pour all into a bowl or deep disn, cover 11 up, ana le; n stana iwenty-iour nours to settle. Then pour it off gently through a fine hair sieve, from the sediment, and bottle in small rials of two or four ounce size. Put j in each bottle enough of olive oil to cover the cataup, cork tightly, cover the corks with wax, put tnem in a cool place, and jour catsup will last for several years. No. 2 next week. CCBRA3T WI5*. A iudicious housekeeper whose Currant Wine 1 we have tried and approved, furnishes her , recipe to the American Agriculturist as follows: Let the currant* get fully ripe before picking, but earefully sort out all decaying berries; the stems need not be removed w arm them a little, and press out the juice through close i flannel. To a three gallon jug add three quart* of the juioe, and nine pounds of whito nar, and fill up with pure water. Pulverize it of alum, the size of a hickory nut, and add it to the jug, shaking it. Tie lace or millinet over the mouth, and leave in a jool cellar nntil late In Autumn, or fire or six months; then rack (or poui) off clear, and cork tightly In bottles. GOOSEBERRT JAM. Stalk and crop as many a? you require of ripe, red. rough gooseberries; put them into the preserving-pan, and as they warm, stir and bruise them to biingour the juice; let them boil ten minates; then add sugar in the proportion of three-quarters of a pound to every pound of fruit, and place it on the fire again; Jet It boil slowly, ana continue boiling for two noon longer, stirring it all the time to prevent its burning; when it4hicktns and is jelly-liko on a plato when oold. it ia done enough; put it into pot*, and allow it to remain a day before it ia covered. TO keep OLD cheeseContributed to the American Agriculturist by "An Old Cbeese maker." When brought from their winter quarters in the cellar, wash and dry them; then with a paste of rye or wheat flour, ?over them entirely with clean wrapping paper. They will need no further attention except to turn them occasionally on the shelves, to keep them from moulding. Machinery" koh screw steam sloops. Navy Department. I Bureau if Construction, August 8,1861.S Sealed Proposals ?i'l be received by this Boreau until 4 o'clock, the 5 h of !*?p timber, 18*51. Sot t e construction of the Machinerj of the United states acraw ateatu sioops "0<sipke," at the Kittery Navy Yard." HocsATosrc." at th* Charie*townNavy Yar?l."ADiKosDACK,''at th? New York Sa*y Yard, atd "Jcsiaxi," at the Philadelphia aw Yard. These proposals must he endorsed "Proposals for .MaoSin?ry of Screw Steam Sloop*," thatthay may be distinguished f om other business letteis. No proposals will be con?id-*red except from propn? tors of marine engine bailmng establishments, and the reputation of ti;o*e which have constructed ncceBtlnf machinery of this character wit! have the we.ght to wiiioh it ia e- tit ed. Csiabiu-haieuU not ?nO*n tu thfl \*T? manne etgnes will, if th.?y propose, he required to t fqmi'h satisfaoto y evidence of taeir experience , nd ability ha tie* desiring to make bona fid* proposition! ' ill receive, on application to th* Bureau, a copy of the Speoihoati*as of tbe work to be done, and of the Contract under the provision! ol winch th?y will bs repaired to execute it Drawing* can be een at tha office of the hsgiceer-iu-Chief. and. if eonven'.eut, photographic copies of the same will be sent with the spscifications. The procorals u.ust be for the maohinery of each easei separate y. with a statement 1st. Of the number of vesse's for which the bidden desire to construct machinory, ieaviflg to tr.e Department the right of selection. This is pre fened, though a bid for a specific vessel, exc.usi ve i of th* others, will t>e considered. 2. Of the sum for t ach vessel by nams for which ! theentre work will bo completed agr eabiy to the specifications, d.awings, and contract%. Of thenmnberof ocasxuitive d*y? from ii\te I of notification of acceptaace of oontiact *ritnin wrnch tie bidder will eo tract to complete the ma i him-ry on board and read ? for sea servioe. pro- I Tided the vessel be p<aced s?t bis commai.d within a . oertaia number of toute :ntive days fr?m tiio date of said notification, whioh liu-noer he will state in I the ro?o*a . 4 The bidder will state, in the event of the vessel not being p'aotd in bis comrr.anl within the stipulated time from date of notification of acceptanoo . of contract, til" cumber of consecutive days with in whioh he * ill contraot to complete the msoruneaon board readr f?>r s*a eorvico lrom the date he ill be notified that the vessel is at his command The_M0?sip*K" and the "Hoc?ato*ic" are to Have fixed screws. The "Adirondack" and the "Jcsiata" are to have hots tup screws. Tnep%fm?au will be made a: fourd (Trent inter vv j as the vo<k progresses?one-fifth of the total amount at each payment, the la?t fifth being reserved for four months aftsr tne trial trip, in order to make good ac j defects that may be di?- ; covered darinc tr.a. time. Ad ample guarantee will be inserted in the con- , traot for tue *uccse?fu! 'uifitm^nt ot all its conditions, and a forfeiture wul be required for dalay in oapletioa. No proposal can be considered unless accompanied by a written gvara tee, signed by two responsible p*rsous. to tne *fl-otthat t ey undertake the bidder (hail, if his < ffsr be a^cepwd. enter into oontrAnt witUxood and sufficient sureties for iu completion. Two or more sureties in a sum eeual to the amount of the oontraot will be required to sign it. and their responsibility must be csrtifiad by a Ucited States d strict judge, district attorney, ool1 actor, or navy agent. bidders whose proposals sball be accepted, and Bone other*, will be no'ified, and as early as practicable a contract will be transmitted to them, da'ed two days after the notification. The Department re?erves tae right to accept the propositions made in corforinity with the conditions preeoribed which shall be ooueidered m jst to the iiterevt < f the Government and nombine the greatest number of advart&ges, and to reject any or ail oi them, at ita option. Form oj OJftr I (or we) of .State of , hereby agreo to oonstruot the machinery for (name th* rmm'-er) : United Mat*8 sere# steam sloops in conformity ; wuhthe provisions and terms of the advertise- ! m?nt of the August 8th. 1861, from the Navy Depart- i mmt and hereunto appended, a^d for prioes and vi uun tae tim*s as Col ows: j rvi ?H?Bi?giUU-Ti7 U| mo l natUO mo TOB8CJ J VflO I pnoa to h?iaaffle the inrni doiars. The total time of con, p etion to ba (name the aiab*r of oonstontive uays) from two da?s after the notification of acoeptar ce hva bean made by i the 0 urean, provided the veaseia be pi^oed at my (or oar) diapoaai within < na.rue tns er of oonaeoativa daya) from the came date. If the vessel should not be plaoed at oar disposal , withm th? tune stipulated, then the tuni of 00.a- 1 leaoa lo be 1 name the nara-er of days) from the t ia'e or the outifioation that the veaael 1a placed at on r diapoaal Not*? Htftat tk4 last thru paragraphs for tht [ #{4jf thrts V4i*eh* tthouid my (or our) proposal be aooepted, I (or we) request to be informed at , and that the oontraot may be (unnrded to , for alf uataree and owtifiaata JJUge.) (ttgned) A. B. Form %f Guaranty. We, the undersigned, reaidents of , la the State of .hereby jointly a ad several 1* oovenant with the United ?tat*a and guaranty that in eaee tne foregoing proposal be accepted, will,: within ten daya aftor the receipt of the oontraot at , exec it* the aaoie, wuh good and auficient 1 an ret; *a. for the construction of tne machinery yropoeed is oomplianoe with the terma of the aaverti s??o?eut o[ August 9th, 1461, fci?reU> appended and under which it wm made; and in oaae the said shall fail to enter into the oontraot aforesaid, we guaranty to make good the .l.tfe-enoe between the off er of the eaid and that whioh may be aoc?pt* l. (WitMM) \ C. D. ijuMl'l B> F. I U1W.J 1 hereby oertify that to the beat of my knowledge I and belief the above named fuamntori, and : . are good ami uffieieut. (gignature.l 8. H. To fr? tigtud bji the VmUtd States District Judtt, i VniUd Suutt District Attorney. VolUttor, or Navy Atmu. as 8 lawtw H~ fKKMOM A RlCHSfKlN ~~ I *lAVK Just reoeived a fresh mM f of Note Pa- ! ?er, Colored Borders, ruled and plain, wlttl Ka- j *o mateh paper ot alJ kicu*, V?h and wunout Mottoes;Envelopes to match. . I*i?ses and Pocket Books of every de?onption. A large aeecrrtmeot of *tsucroery. New York Paper* received daily; Papers from All parte of the country. FRENCH ft K1CHSTEIN, ?*? *7* Pm.aaenno. 40^ HHim H4M8 i^d?MllilHJN?8. . MS tecs BVJJHK. bMS. J AT*, ksl. j. ? Ofraar FlAwoU*sf u ^rrmoartf, . . I * I tFOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPER AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH. Kttt METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHILP * SOLOMONS, Attmtt /#r Lmmrmift ?Ubrmttd Lintn Tmptrt UUU," *?., ft. m Hly het. 9tb and I'Hh *1*. WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. DR. 8HUMAN has, after an experience of ten yeara, established the above refuse from quackery, self-labelled Indian or German doctor*, tnd pretender! of witohoraft and impostora in general This ia the only place where a an re and apeady snre can be oGtauied in the world for all improper tnd eril habita, gonorrha, fleet, seminal weakneas, ayphiilia, primary, aeoondary, and tertiary, organio weakneaa. patna in the loina, strictures, general debility, proatratlon, nenronsneaa, rest, ess nights, palpitation of the heart, riniinrin the ears, loss of memory, oonfnaion.melanoholy, affections of the head, throat, nose, and skin, and all those peculiar disorders arlsine from the indiioretion of youth, rendering thorn unfit for either business, study, society. or marriage. Or. 8. has the greatest remedies In the knows world for diseases of the blood. fonorrh?, gleet, stnotures, syphillis, seminal weakness, self abuse, &o. There is no case in whioh they fail to onre In from S to 8 days. Viotims of these horrible oomplaints, who would wish to be valuable men and ornaments to society, should embraoe the earliest opportunity for relief. Dr. Shuman has made the most complete arrangements for the coml'ort of his patients who oome from a distanoe. They will be furnished with the most pleasant and agreeatle quarter*, necessary diet, and made as oomfortabie as they would be at a first oiass hotel at less than half the oost. Do not forget the name and number. Dr. Shu man's oSce is on the eorner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue. Ciarendon Hotel, opposite the National Hotel, Washington, D. C. Persons at a distance should enclose stamp for return postage. Office hoars, 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. Virions parties have been enticed from my inBtuuiion by certain swindlers on back streets in us oity, who will rue it till the day of their death. A word to the wise is sufficient. *? !> It ?Cut4 Co*gk, Cold, Hoarsnsss, In/tunza. any Irritation or Sorr ntss of tkt Throat, Htlttr? tht Hie Inn f Couth in Consumption, Bronchitis, At km a, # Catarrh, Cltar and girt strength to tkt voitt of PUBLIC SPEAKERS and SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of oheoking a Com h or **rnmmnn in ifi first itaea* fi.*t ? " ?VVIU I U kb U> D? Bl M U| IIW I vnioh in the begining would yield to a mild remedy, if neglected, aoonattaoka the Lunea. "Frown's Bronckiml Troths," oontaini-ng deraulcentingredi nta, allay Paimonary and Bronchial Irritation. .......J "Tbattroahle in my Throat, (fot BROWN 8; whioh the "T\ockit" area apeoilio) 1made me often a more whiaVROCHE8 perer * N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S recommend their nae to PvsLif TROCHES "A"ES,REV. E. H. CHAPIN. reat service in anbdning HpAjtssBROWN'8 SMI." REV. DANIEL WISE. VRnrnvs " Almoat matant relief in the dia treaanig labor of breathing peotliai rrown'S to Asthma." iinuww s REV. A. C. E66LE8TON. TROCHES " Contain no Opiam or anything injnnooa." DR. A. A. HAVfiS, BROWN'S Clumist, /$r><rim. ROCHES JuV.'WAti'"'*"' ?* BROWN'S UR' * F- BI9gLg.^ VRor>HP? " Beneficial in Bsohchtti*." TKUOMt,? DR. J. P. W. LANE, BROWN'S * Boston " I have proved tbem excellent toi TROCHE8 Waoopine Coi?h." KEV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S Botum. "Beneficial when compelled te TROCHES apeak, Buffering from Coli>.h r,??m?,a REV. S.J. P. ANDERSON, BROWN'S St. L?it. nnnnvii " E*f*ctwal in removing Hoaraeaivuuttt,^ nesB and hritation ofthe Throat, ao BRO W\'^ common with Sriitua and Sine ROCHES M-BIACYWHNSON^ brown's laoCHKS "6reat benefit when taken before and after preaching, aa the* prevent BROWN'S Hnaraeneas. From their past effect, I think they will l?e of permanent adTROCHE8 vantage to me. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athena College, Tenn. TROCHES 4a 1-ly PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AMD BLOOD KEJTOVATZR la precisely what tjs name indioates, for, while fiiftuantto the taste, it is revivifying, exhilarating, nvigorating and strengthening to the vita, powers, am! at the same time revivifiea, reinstates, and renew* the Blood in all its oririnal purity, and thus atonoe rtMorts and rtwltrs tk? tyttem invulntrablt to attacks af di'tart. It is the only preparation ev?r oflered to the world, so ohemically and skillfully combined asiobetne moat powerful tonic, aad at the same time so perfect j adapted to, as to act in perfect acoordanoe with the laws of nature, and henoe will sootkt tie wtaktst stomach, ana tone up the digestive organs, and thua allay all nervous and other irritation, it la perfectly exhilarating md at the earns time it ia compoaeJ entirely of ve^eiabiea. yet so o^mhined as to produoe the most thorough tomo effect, without producing any m jtirioas ennee^uenoea. bitch a remedy haa lone 1'^en fe'.t to be a desideratum in tlie medica: world, for :t needs no medical ak.ll to see that debility follows all att&oks of diaeaae, and prooeede and in <iee<i iftja fne e j stem upon 10 me >n?iuious uim? ot many of the most fatal, Euoh, for example, &a the following: ConnnmptioD, lndieestion, Dygpeama, Loss of Appetite. Faintne*s, Nervous Irritability, Neura gia, Palpitation of the heart, Melanoholy, Night Sweats, !,a:.cor, Giddiness, Retention of. aa well as Painful obstructed. too profuse, or toe soant M?i:?troatioa, and tailing of the Womb These a'l depond upon general debility. This pure oaalthy tonic Cordial and Blood Renovator ia ar tare to cure aa tne aun ist o nae and set. There i? no miatak* about it . But this ia not all- If theayatem ia weak?u?d we are open to bilious attacks, the liver becomes torpid, or worse diseased, the kidneys refuse to perform their functions, and we are iron bleu with teaming and moontineooe o {irina, or involuntary discharge of the same, pain n the back, side and between the shoulders, exceedingly iiable to slight ooias, oougns. and n uo oheckeii. soon emaciation loiiows.anu the patient goes down to a premature grave. But soaee will cot allow us to enumerate tne manv ills to which wa are liable in a weakened condition of the srstem. But we will say in this Cordial and Blood Renovator you have a perfect safe pi eautant and effectual remedy for loss of Appetite. Biliousness. Flatulence, weak and sick Stomach. Laagour. Liver 8osr.sla:nt. Chills and Fever.or any Buiousattack ot tlveneas. Aoiaitr of tue Stomach, Nervousness, Neuralgia, Palpitation of the Heart, Depression of Spirit*. Sores. Pimples on tne Faoe, o any diseaaaar'.-ung from impure blood, euch aa Scrofula, Jirysipolaa, Bronchitis, Cough, difioulty of Breath ng, and all that olaas 01 diseases cal'ed female weakuess, and enumerated above. We will also My the traveler exposed to epidemies, chango of climate and water, will find it a pleasant, safe and aura remedy, and no one "h^uld ever travel without. Reader, try it, far ?re assure you yon will find id it & friend indeed, &s weilas a friend in need. All peiaoria of ?od?Ltary habita will find it a perfect preventive of, as well as a cure for those ailments whiob they are particularly exposed. Henoa ministers, students, attorneys, literarv gentlemen, am ladies who aro cut accustomed to mcoh outdoor exercue, will tsa it to their advantage to kees a bottle ooastantly on hand; and above all mothers, or th<>se orcoimu^ suoh, Will go through that most danrerona jcrioa not only with all their acouatomfd strength-but safe ana free from the thousand ailments to prevalent among ths femaie yortio^of the world. In short, la indeed a mother's coMfcaiTTrj it old and young;no lorger run the rial 'jfaaiaj; it will relieve ana prove itaelf emphatically a lUtuntuix* Cordi+l tmd Blood Htnovlor. O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Broad w&t, New York, and 114 Market Street, St. Louie, Mo., and jold^L'j ail good Druggists. rrioe One Dollar pc PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL A. lfD BLOOD RENOVATOR. Bold is this oity by C. 8TOTT, ST# Pa. tTWa*. auao-ooly.aiw QUNUOATS FOE TBI WESTERN RIVERS. QuaamMASTia Ghnual's Owes, i Washington, Jtmt 17,1861. < PaorosALs are invited lor oouatraoting Gunboats upon the Western rivers Specifications will be immediately prepared and may be examined at the Quartermaster's Ofioe at Cincinnati. Pit'sbargh. and at this offioe. Proposals from boat-builrers and engine-build er? alone will be considered. Plans submitted by bidders will be taken isto oonaiaeratios. M C. MEIGS. ie 1? Quartermaster General United States. gOOTS AMP ?HOE8a TO 8VIV VII jfarsK? KPazssia^sjis?*222 supply of asmro mad* work of everfde^BEl acnjtion. made azpraaalyjo order, aod will^^H be sold at a macu owarfrioc than Las beon heretofore charge* la Quia Oity for msoh inferior wtyjaade work^wil! a^^s*Snd8ajwd asso^ea' 114 P?Biml?*?n svansa^ 6oaohes, Bed Bass, AnU, 4.0. Moore's Rat and oum Exterminator never rails. Moore's Benzine will remove paint, vanish, or crease of any kind from the most delieate fabrio, siik or woolen, without injury to oolor or otherwise; will olean Kid S Moves beaubfallT. with little labor. For sale at lOORKTSiwMMisiiie Depot. IIS Pa. av? Wm< Kp/1 *? ' ' a VERY NICE IKON PLATE PIANO A PORTE for sale for ?? at M ti TV. K-^v, RTum^Md1rSf2r?Bg of Piaaea falthW-^JJ^^ f M ? I I 'I i " They go right to the Spot." INSTANT RELIffF STOP \ OUR OOUGH * PPRIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE! 1 SPALDING'S ! THROAT CONFECTIONS, ! ABB GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, t GOOD FOR LECTURERS, ? GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, 1 GOOD FOR SINGERS, c GOOD FOR CONSUMPTITES. ? c GENTLEMEN CARRY J SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. \ LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH . SPALDING'S THROAT 00ICFBCTI0N8. | CHILDREN CRY FOR ' SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. | They relieve a Conch instantly. i They dear the Throat. I They five strength and volume to the voio*. J They impart a delioious aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taate. They are made of simple herbs and cannot harm any one. ^ I advise every one who has a Coach or a Husky { Voice, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the a Throat, to get a paokage of my Thmat Confeo- Q tions. They will relieve you instantly, and you f will agree with me that "they go richt to the spot' You will find them very useful and plearant while traveling or attending pablio meetings, for stilling I your Cough or allayiu your thirst. If you try one j package I am safe in sayuig that yon will ever af , tor wards oonsider them indispensible. You will find them at the Druggists acd Dealers in Medicines J PRICE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. My signature is on eaoh paokage. All others are t counterfeit. * A Package will be sent by mail, prepaid, on re- t oeipt of Thirty Cents. Address, HENRY C SPALDING, ] No. 48 CEDAR 8TREET, NEW YORK. ' S^sisi: NervousHeadacha ! j * 1 Headache. ! Br the ?se of these Pills the periodic attacks o I Ntrvout or Sick H?dmcJu m&y be prerented; and j I taken at the commencement oi an attack imme- | diate relief from pain and sioknees vill be obtained, i They seldom foil in removmt the Ntum and HtadacKt to whtoh female* are so subjeot They act gently upon the bowels,?removing Cos- a i iv??n*?i> ' Fer Literary Mm, Studmtt, Delicate Female*, ! and *11 persons of tmUmtary hmbitt, they are val- < able aa a Laxatire, improving the giving i lotm and vigor to the digestive org ana, and re storing the nataral elaatioity and strength of the whole ?r?t?m. I The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long inveatigaUonandcarefullyoonduoted experiments, having been m use many yeara, dnnng which time they have prevented and relieved a mat amount of pain and Buffering rom Headache, whether origl- j nating in the aarveva ay stem or from a deranged atate of the ttomtuJk. They are entirely vegetable in their eompoaltion, j and may be taken at all times with perfect aafety without making any ohange of diet, mud tk* mb~ imci of any disatr*tablt tmats rtndtrt it mty to mdtnxnisttr tktm to cAildrm. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henry C. Spalding on each Box. Sold by Druggist* and all other Dealers is Medicines. A Box will be sent by mall prepaid on reoelpt e the PRICE, 9? CENTS. All erders should be addressed to HENRY C. SPALDIN*. 48 Cuu Stxbbt. N*w You* I ? ? I 1 I From tko Ezmonmtr, Norfolk, Vm. I Cephalio Pills aooomflish the object for whioh they were made, vi*s Cm re of headache In all 1U } forms. Prom tkt Emnmitur, Norfolk, f?. They have been tested in more than a thtuaod ? eases, with entire socoess. I From tkt Domoermt, 81. Cloud, Mkm. { If 70a are, or have been troubled v ith the h?ad- { ache, send for a box, (Cepha*io Pills ,4 so that yoa ( mar nave them in oase of aiCattaok. , From tkt Wtt torn R, R, SaitM, Ckio+tt, III, i We heartilf endorse Mr. Spalding, and his ma- i rivalled Cephalio Pills. J Prom Iks Stmtktm Ptk Findor, Now Orlommi, La. Try them ! 70a that are afflicted, and've are nrs that your testimony can be added to th? already numerous list that has reoeived benefits that no other medioine oan produce. Prom tk* Gamut, Dmrtonporl, /mm. Mr. Spalding would not oonnect his name with an artiole he aid not knew to possess real merit FVom tin AdvortUtr, iVevWmee, R. I, aeCophaiio Pills are said to be a remarkably tive remedy for the headache, and one of the very beat for that very frequent oomplaint which has ever been dlsoovered. From tkt St. L**i? Dimottmt. , The immsnu demand for the artlele (CephaiU Pill*) u rapidly increasing. I Frcm tkt Kmnmtrkm Tmllt* SMr, KammokM, Tm. WeareaaretUat peraoni rafferltx with the head- ! ache, who try them, will atiek to tflem. j From tkt Advirtiitr, frwMni, it. J, The teetimorr in their taror u atronc, from the I moet reepeotab'e tuartere. ; From tkt Dmily Nowt, Ntw?ort, IL I. Cephalio Pille are taking the plaoeofq/l kind*, Frtm tkt Commercial Built tin, Bottom, Matt. i Said to be very effioaoioue for the headaohe. , ' | From tkt Commtrcial, Cimetmttmti, Okie. Buffering humanity can now-be relieved. t _ I ~ ~ ill j m fry A iingle bottle of t D|>?iuiiag s * 1 CfMCU UIU6 will wt( tan tim? its ooct annually. j SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! , SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! i SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! \ save the piece8! ECONOMY! DISPATCH c C7"A Stitch ih Tim batm niwk."_m As aooidenta will happen, even in well regulated 1 families, it is very desirable to h?re some obeap and!o?>nvenient way tor repair inf Furniture, Toy* Crockery, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE meets all anch emerg enoies, and no house hold oa [ afford to be without it. It is always ready, and f to the stiokinc point. J m useful in evert bouse." N. B.-A Brush aooompanies saoh Bottle. Prid II oents, Address henet a bpaloino. : No. d8 Cedar street. New York \ CAUTION. |! SOBS to eismi? betore parah?su?c?aad see tha t the f? 1 urns, J "PALDINfV PREPARED GLWEJ3J 9 i ? ???^S^????? TEX OILY PEEPABATIO* woirar or miVXRSAL C0N71DEN OK k PATRON AO FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, 7LERGTMEN, LADIES, ?nd GENTLEMEN in all parts of the world testify to tue effloaey ot 'ROT.0. J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE jid gentlemen of the Preae are unanimous in ita raise. A few testimonials only cail be here given m eiroalar for more, and it will M impossible for roa to donbt. i 0 ctWjlll Stmit, New You. Deo. an, 18?. Gtmtltwun: Yoar note of the lilh instant has teen received, saying that yoa had heard that I tad been benefited oy the use of Wood's Hair Keforative, anl requesting my oertifioate of the net 1 had no objection to tire it Iaward it to jon oheerfully, beoaase I think it toe. My ace is about CD years ; the oolor of my tair auburn, and inclined to oarl. Some ftve or dx rears sinoe it began to turn gray, and the soals tn the orown of my head to lose its sensibility and landraff to form upon it. Each of these disagreekbilities increased with time, and about 4 months linoe a fourth was added lo them, by hair Ailing iff the top of m# bead and threatening to make ate Mid. In this unpleasant predicament I was induoed to 17 Wood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest the ailing off of mr hair, for I had really no expeotalontn&tgray hairoould ever be restored to its

niftiuim wviwi vavofl irvu UTVIi 1 WMi DUWOTOTj :*eatly surprised to find, after the ?se of two bot les ouly, that not only ni the off arreeted, iut the ooior m restored to the gray hairs and lensibility to the soalp, and dandruff o*ased to form >n my head, very ratioh to the gratification of mj rife, at whose solicitation I was induoed to try it. For this, among the many obligations I owe to ier sex, I strongly reoomroend all husbands who ralne the admiration of their wives to profit by my ixample, and use it if growing fTay or getting Bala. Very respectfully. Bin. A. Latkish. To O. J. Wood A Co., 444 Broadway, N. Y. My family ark absent from the c.ty, and 1 am no sneer at No, 11 Carrot Plaoe. 8i a.mst0n, Ala., i nly to, 1M9. To P*o?. O- J. Wood: JDtir Sir?Your "Hair lestorative" has done my hair so mnoh good sinoe oommenced tho use of it, that I wish to make mown to the publio of its ell ects onthe hair, wnion .re treat. A man or woman may benearly deprive*! if hair, and by a resort to your "Hair Restorative" he hair will return more beautiful than ever; at east this is my experience. Beiieve it all! Yours truly, Wm. H. Kj.ibdt. P, 8.?You oan publish the above if you like. By mblishing in onr Southern papers you will get ore patronage Sooth. I see several of vour oerGc&tes in the Mobile Mercury,a strong Southern taper. W. H. Kknist, WOOD'S HAIR RE8TORATITK. PmoF. o.J. Wood: LHar Str.-liaviag had the nisfortune to lose the best portion of my nair, front he effects of the yeliow fever, in New Orleans in 851,1 was induoed to make a trial ot your preparaion. and found it to answer as the very thing tended. My hair is now thiok and giossy, and no rords can express my obligations to yon in giving o the afflioted suoh a treasure Finlit Johnson. The Restorative is put np in bottles of three sises.ris: larce, medium and small; the small hold half k pint, and retails for one dollar per bottle; the ineIfum holds at least 20 per ceut. more in proportion han the small, retails for two dollars peroottle; he large hold* a quart,40 per oent.more inpropor mil. nuu rcyn.B iur 99. O. J. WOOD A CO., Proprietors,444 Broad my, New York, and 114 Market street. St. Lome lo. Bold in this c'ty by C. 8TOTT, 37 f Pa. avenue, an ?7-eoIy,alw |OY FOR THE SICK AND 8VFFERINR f LET ALL WHO ARE APfLICTED READ! AFT-LJ THE REMEDY REJOICE JJV HEALTH. Fritz*.4* yoa safer? Are yoa the viotim ef ? > if those nameroas ailraenta which ariae frcm in arlty of the blood? What are ther, do yoa ask? lather ask, what are tiiey sot? Tne blood is th? oaroa of life irJ health, &rd it is the first eiemei.l >f oar bsing to lespond to an? caare which sffecta he system ,aa the pa 1st infallibly attests. The ever >revailing Neuralgia, tae irritating Erysiaelas. the btie Sorofila, the agoniiiiig Rhemcatism, Nerroas Debility, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint with its oraor and dejection, atd the namberleaa ilia that leth ia heir to, derive their htdeoaa origin from the ilood. Deal kin<Hy then ana gently with the blood. Jae the vitaliaing resuaroes of nutare for its aid. >nd aaffer as to commend to yoar eonfideooe ana tae that traty valuable medicament known aa ME8. M. COX'S I IfDI AX VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to this almoat infallible ape?iA? popular aentiment haa apoken in deoidetf te'rma mo the eridnceea of thia great eRoacy are auaamed by constant arowas of abrative effects and iie happiest results from ita cse are after all other emedies and the bast medioal skill have failed. Let ua say. m conclusion, that certificatea (area are not aoaght from the illiterate and acaerioial, but they are volunteered from the moat reipecUble pouroes and jutUfvthe highest terms in vhioh it ia posaible to oommend so valuable a ipoomo to puolio approval. W e may add alao that no ourative properties of the medicine are equalled >nly by its restorative effects, the system reooverng from disease with renewed constitutional vigor. For eale bv all respeotable Drugeiets in this dty, ana by the proprietor, M RS. M. COX. None genmne unieaa her name is blown on the x>ttie and ber eeai on the oork trr Prioe 91 per bottle, aix bottles for *1, wXoUfit iimi. R. h. I, C18SEL, Druggist leorgetown, O. C., Wholesale Agent for the Dlaxiot, and will supply tne trade at my prices. H lt-tr y HE ALL-SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIE8EMAR, 1,1 and i? Protected by Roya; Letters Patent of England, and secured by the ieais of the Eoole de Pharmaoie de Pans, aad the Imperial College of Medicine, Vienna. No. 1 ia invaluable for exhaustion and natorrhea, u>d all phyaioal disabilities. No. 2 completely eradicates all traoea ef thoaa liseases that have been hitherto treated by the na?ieoas and pernicious use of coeaiva and oubeba. No. 3 haa entirely supplanted the injarioaa use o! nercary, thereby insuring to the su?erer speedy elief, dispersing all imparities, and rooting oa jie venom of disease. TR1ESE.MAR, Nos. I, are prepared 1b he form of % loaengo. devoid or taate and amell, knd oan be carried in the waiatooat pocket. Soli n tin oaseyi. and divided into separate doses, aa adniniatered by Velpean, Lailemand, Rons, Ricord ko. Prioe #3 each, or four oaaee for 99. which laves *3; and in #27 cases, whereby taere ia a savng of 99. To be had. wholesale and retail, of Dr HARROW, of 194 JUeecker street, New York, romediatel r on receiving a remittance. Dr. Barrqw aill forward the Triear mar to any part of the woria, leonrely packed, and addressee aecordinc to the initructiona cf the writer. The Rook, of all othera, that ahonld be read by nen with damaged and broken down constitutions a "Human Frailty, or Physiological Researches." it ia beautifully illustrated, and treat* minutely ol Ul tne aymptoma that mvartabiv develop themselves, aoonor or later, resulting from the frailtiea ind vitiating habita of early yopth, incapacitating he victim irom soaring the fruition of tne matrinonial state, and. if not checked in time, degenerating all ttie function* of manhood, and bunting lim, atep by atop, to a lingering and untimely d?th. iota by Dr. HARROW, 194 Bloeoker atreet, four loora below Maodougal, New York. Pr.ce 2B wnia. sent rree every where. Sold also t>j 8. C. Fora, Jr., Drxg Store, Wuh agton. D.C. rie?-<m vx u K A li R fL l ERUSE The following atatemeot and thee judge of ita (actafor yourself. ADRAM COLE, of Brooklyn, N. V.. a well movn oitiseu there, had Buffered from Dyspepais or aome yeara, witho-it permanent relief, untu he riodAYER'S PILLS, which taken aooording to lie direotiona for thia eomplMnt, reatored mm to leaith in a few wneka. After an interva of aome nonth a he haa had no return of hia complaint. GEO. W. CROSS, of Harmony, Texaa, had an >r>.ipuon on hia n^ok. ahou.dera, bacs and leg. rhion covered about one tiurd of hia body. It kept he parta affected oovered with a ecab, and being iften a raw nore, waa of conrae very troublesome ,nd distressing. It ao much impaired hia health aa o unfit himi or buameaa kept him in oocstant intfering. All medioal aid failed him until he took ^YElPfe COMPOUND EXTRACT SARSA'ARILLA, whioh cured him. Hia akin still shows ioine scars from the uiooratioc, but it is otherwise ,s olear aa an infante. JOHN II. SHOOK, Ee* , *n eminent lawyer of liohmond, Va? took a cold whioh settled on his lings. A aevere pain aet in on the left aide, with a aloouga, whiob waa aoon followed by the unmiaakat'le symptom* of oouaumption. W hen r?duoed rei7 low he oonunecoed taking AVER'S CHERl\ PECTORAL, which aoon stopped the cough knd completely cured him* Prepared by 1>R. J. C. AVER & CO., Lowell, das a. mal? eota H NEW BOOKS. ISTORY of the United Netherlande. by John jothr Motley ; 8 vols ; free b* mail, 84. 1M Kiaeor the Dutoh Republic, a history, by lohn Lothrop Motley; S vo a oioth; free by mail, Silas Marner, the Weaver >4 Ravelol, by tke fcuthor of **Adam Bede oloth TSfoenU; piper M enu. Lire and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop iargeant; 91M. After loeberga with a Painter, a Summer Voyate 0 Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Lous L. Mob e; #150. Ttie Manufacture of Photogenio or Hydro-Carton Oils. by Thomaa Antiaell, M. D.; ?1.76. Any of the above froe by mail. FRENCH A RICHSTEIN, ap? 9T8 Penna. avenue. 1 [NION PAPER AND ENVELOPES.?Twen U ty different atylea of Note and Letter Paper, nth Envelope* to matoh. Vieva of Washington in the form of a Rose, and n Rook form; alao, aep&rate All the Daily ai.d Weefc.yPapera oon?tantly on tand. Herald, Timea, and Tribune received every ught at 6 o'clock. Papers from all parte of the ooantry. be.v! e'a Dime Novela and Song Books. A freah anpply of Books for anmmer reading, iheap A large aaaortment of Ju venilos?May ne Reid'a iooka, Rollo Booka, Abbott'a Hiatoriea, Ac. A diaoount of 10 to SO per oent. on ail bonnd booka FRENCH A RICHSTEIN, ma g National Booka tnri. ttTS Pa. av. VUE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a large "T aaaortment of ORE Y and BLUE FLANNEL !r8.RCAM1*IlANI ETS, HALP^'OSEJko., rfcioti we invite all ouh wrah???ri tn mmiu * co? 399 Pa. IT., betWMS 9th ud 10th M. m g (Intellnencer ud Re?Bb!ie?n.) HREAT BARGAINS IN JPlANOfe-On* wy J UM H?ll A Son/ m&ke for tliO; oh_^ I jSSSTW I??" Hn<w>n ? f!r? ' Wpnna m ft SPECIAL BARGAINS ??i TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY |jNITKI} BTATEfl MILITARY ROUTS. CHAtreS~OF HOURS. On m-nS afltr Monday, August IfeA, 1861 PAMSHCXB TllUII WILL ft*M At FOLLOW* : LEAVE WASHINGTON ftt I ud T? A 190 and 5 46 p. m.. arriving at BalUaort at 7A* MM 9.10 a. IB, ana 4.06 and 7 JO p. no. LEAVE BALTIMORE at 4JD aad 140 a. B.aa<j A46 and 6 p m , arriving at Washington at aM 10.36 a. m. and at6 *> and 45 a. Panmftr Train* leaving Waahiafton at 1J0 a, m. and 2-3' p. m^aad Baltimore at I ?i a. m and 3.4 i.b. make direct oonnexions for Aaaapoiu at th? J u notion. Trains leave Anrapoh* for Baltlaoraand Wash incton at 6-S6 a. m. and t p. in. Passenger Train* laavinx Washington at and All artiolM of freight (not ooatrabaod of war) will be transported orer the Una. Tonnace Trains will leave Baltimore at 4 9 a. m. Leave IVaaimwton at 7 p. m. By order of the Seeretaro of War: THOMAS A. fCOTT, General Manager. THOMAS H. CANFIELD. Assutant Manager. an 17-tf SPECIAL NOTICE. SUNDAY TRAIN. On and after SUNDAY, Uth July, there wili be bat one Sunday daily train? Leave WASHINGTON at2.30 p. m. for NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA. Prom New Yor* and Philadelphia, arnrim la Wafjungton at 6 10 a. m. J. A. bCOTT, jy 27 General Manager. frit STEAM WEEKLY BKTWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL, Laading and embarking paaeengera at Qneenatown, Ireland. The Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia SteamBhi* Company intend diapatohioc their fell powered Clyd~-built iron Steam?hipa aa follows t GLASGOW Saturday, Auguat 3d. CITY OF BALTIMORE, * - l?*h. KANGAROO. M " 13th. And ever; Saturday, at soon, from Pier44, North n*er. *ATxs or rillASI. Firat Cabin ?#75 Do. to London?. 30 K. to Pane 5 to Hamburg 36 Steerage $30 Do. toLondoa.. .. 34 l?o, to 'ana . 3' Do. to Humbnrg. S5 Paaaengera forwarded to Havre. Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp, tto , at reduoed through (area. Heraona wiahiag to bring oat thair friend* oan buy tioketa at low rataa. Kor furt-her information apply at the Captains Office. JOHN ?. DAL - , Agent, Id Broadway, V. Y.. Or to Q. A. HERRING, Adams Express Baltimore. -.IT?^INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE ^ LINE. * l- i" EASTERN AND WESTERN SHORE STEAMERS. "EENT," Capt. J. H. Kinran. "1'IONEERr Capt. W. Norman. Will ran their r utM a* follows, leavii g Litfit street, Baltimore, foot ol Camden. at7 o'clock A. M: KENT?For Cambridge. Denton and Landing! on cjjoptank river, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, returning every Thnrtd&y and Moodav. For Annapolis and Weit River, every TUESDAY and FRIDAY and returning saiedays. PIONEER?For St. Michael's an-l Eaaton, via Mile's Hiver, every WEDNESDAY, and return the game day. For Ancapohs. Wert River, Cambridge, Oxford and Easton Point, every THURSDAY, returning by same route on Friday For Annapoli* West River, St. Miohael'sand Ea toil, via Mile's River Ferry, every SATURDAY, returning every Monday by same route. Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Faaton Point $1 so Fare toft Miohael'sand Mile*' Rivera round trip.SliI ....i ..... .?...w..^... 100 Fare to West River,(round trip, #1).. l?i Fare to Aunapoi*(round trio75cents78 MEALS EXTRA. JT^Freight must be prepaid. Wharf and O&oe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden, Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. , NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE.l Calvxxt ?tatiok, Bat. more. Mat It, 1861. | On and after Sunday. Mar IPth. 1861, Trains on the NORTHERN CENTRAL AaIlWaV arriye and depart as follows, until furtlier aotioe. TRAINS NORTH. SAIL at 8 15 A. M. XPRESB at5 30 P. M. ARRISBURG ACCOMMODATION at P. M The 8.15 A. M. train oonneots at Relay Hoase with train* on the Western Maryland Rai road; at Hanover Junot)on with Hanover and Qettabn'g Railroads; at York wiu York and WngntarlLl* Railroad; at Harnsbur* with Pennsylvania Railroad for all part* of the West. alao with Lebannoc Valley Kailroad le iVsw York dtrta; at Northum berland with L and B. Rai.road for K . - istonand all part* of Wyooming Valley ,apd at Wonbn/r with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all parts Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3 SO P. M train makes all the above eonneotion* except Hanover Railroad, Wriiatsville Ra.iroad and the Lebannon Valley Kailroad. The 8 P. M train makes oonneotions with Pent svlvania Railroad for all parts of the West, and aireoi oonnecu for New York. TRAINS ARRIVE. Mill at 6 10 P M.; Ex pre a at 7 45 A. M.; Harrieburg Accommodation at 2.43 P. M. For Tickets and information inquire at the Ticket Offioe, Calvert Station, Baltimore. J. C. CLARK, Rapt. LEAVE PHILADELPHIA FOR NEW YORK. The Camden apd Amb07 and Philadelphia and Tr?n'oa Rs. rpvd Companies' Line from PHILAUEi.PHlA TO NEW YO?K AND WAY PLACKS. from WALNUT STREET WHARF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leave aa fol Iowa: At 6 A M , via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Acoom modation.) At 6 A. M , via Camden and Jersey City, (N.J. Aooomrnodation.) _ _ At 8 A. M., via Camden and Jersey Ctty.iMornii c Mail.) _ , . _ AtliH A. M , via KeLamgton and Jersey City, (Western Express.) At 13K P. M., via Camden and Amboy,(Aooommodatipn.) At 2 P M . via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A, Exprers.) At 4K P M , via Kensington and Jersey City, (Evening Expreas.) _ At 4X P. M , via Kensington and Jersey City, (Second Class Ticket.) At 6 P. M., via Camden and Jersey City, (Evening Mail.) At Ilk P. M., via Camden and Jersey City,(8oathern Mail.) At*4*. M . via Camden and Amboy, (Aooomrnodation, freight and passenger. First Class Ticket.: Second Cla*s Ticket. The6 P. M. Mail Train ran* daily. The llM P< a m as..i o ? - ;ti. man, camraays excepteo Pur Belvidere, Kaston, Lambertville, Flera.ngton. A.o., at 7.10 A. M.;andi>* 1*. M., from Kensington. For Water Gap, Stroodsbarg.Soranton.Wilkeabarre, Montrose, Great Bend, Ao.. at7.10A.M., from Kensington, via Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad. For Mauoh Chun*, Allentown and Bethlehem .at 7. lo A. M. and bh P. M- from Kensington depot; the 7.10 A. M. li e oonneoU with the tram leaving t&ston at 3 36 ?. M. For Mount Holly at 6 and 8 A. M. aad S and <K P M For Freehold at A. M. and 3 P. M. For Bristol, Trentoi, fto.. at 7.10 A. M.,k% and 5J<P. M from Kenaincton, and ih P. M from wainnt street wharf. For Palmyra Kiverton, pelanoo, Beverly. Burlinrton, Florenneoo. Bordentown, Aa.,atl2K,l, S, 4* and 6 PM. , ? Steamer Trenton for Bordentown. and intermediate placet, at Sfc P. M. from walnut street wtiart YOT For New York and War Lines, leaving Kensington Depot, take the ears on Fifth street, above Walnat, half an hoar before departure Ths oars ran into the depot, and on arrival of train ran from the depot. Fifty pounds of baggage only allowed to **eh passenger- Passengers are prohibited from taking anything as baggage bat their wearing ap?ar?. All baggage over ftfty pounds to be Mtd for extra. The company limit their reepoosittlfty for baggace to one dol ar per poand, and will aot be liable far any amount beyond one hundred dollars, " "Sire. gATZM.CH. A,-.. fiSSCHB - WKlfiPSrSPfoUTH .. ,, ? ? BAUTmOJK^ANjD OHJO On and after Mai Mtn, IM1, the traini will ru M follow*, ri?:? L**? Camden Station, Baltimore.?Mai!, i exoept Sunday J V * ? *f" pre?? da?ij at 3.45 P.M. Botn through POR ALL PAET8 6FTHK WEST, SOUTHWEST AND NORTH WB8T7 FOR WAY PASSENGERS. BHwmd Baltimore and Piedmonttaka tk? A. M. "Train; between Piedmont and take Aa oonoiodation Train, laanng Piedmont at A 40 A. M.; and tetwaan Grafton and ParkarsDnrg, take *Tli? ^LLICOTT'8*M^US?TR\'l^'leaT? Bal timore at 6 ? and 90S A. STand 1 46 and fc.40 P.M.. and KlUoott's Mill. at 7.4# and UM A. M .and V4I and 7.W P. M.. _ ^ _ . S^orallUAWO^ UM.COMLr^7aggS&t T&CTlNG^with ?RiS?8 N^R^ Fro??rroafXk atraat Kxpreei. 7 and 11 a. ..ItxTuJI e. " S * PoaifikMHi* trun 6, a ISi. B.,ud l,m ?. a ,1.1* I. B. te'gjgjffiif :s ;v S?> fro?tK?1wtaurTfoot tfV&mJ?3k!\* 4* s^?ie??2wte3 US* or (k>Kb. a. ?-tf M. N FAX.LA. Nrt. ' PHJLADKLPH^A. WIL ; "it's? w)?a0sz Train lor Phiiada ?hia wi.l Imt? PrNidMl UrMt I Depot dailij(*xoa?t ^sadaralM followa. tib: I xproaa Trail at 15 a7M., War Mail Train at . MS A.M., Bmtu Mail at 4 46 o'oioSk Oa MJN> DAV8at446P. M.oalr. AU Mm aoaaoat with ? Saw York traiaa axoapt 4.4S P. M. tra*a oa Satar Car*. A Freight Train with |?aaia*ar oar attaafcod laaraa at 5 P. M , at >ffingai all etationa batwaan Baltimore and Harre d*-Gra??. t Paaaengera for Dalawar* a?4 tfca Bm>wi fWora of Via'? %nd will find the iaoatax padi tioaa roata by 1 war of Wilmington. Ipr All Colored Poraona laaat (It* boad bafora entering the oar a. WM. CBAWFORP. Aprt. hi CBMTRAL HdJLROAP?~FxfT? Tr?lM l*tr? N?V Yorl o ty QfoU o( Hidioii IiT?r Railroad C?i>y. Sundaya ttoeyt^d, m lol.owa: Prom Chaiabara atraat From Slat it atatioa. At 7 00 a m At 7 SS a n 1100** bOOfta 1 J? " uif Sjn f m 3 66 y 01 i Montnal ard Ht:'? o Train with ilMfiii Sra. t.'8? 1 46 p m nneotmr at Albany with tha N?* York Cea tral Railroad for Schenectady. Roobaatar,Uu*a Bataria. Roma, and station* oa Ron* aod Watartown fin r aJ. Huffaio. Syraoas*. Niagara Pali*, ^ paaafoa B'.J*e, Auburn,Geneva.Caoacc*. * v. a Traipa in oonaectioc leave Buffalo and Snayn ion via Lake Shore, Buffalo a?<l i aka Baron aod Great Wemtarn Ra>'road. for Hainiitoa. Toronto. ' Detroit, Chic**". Toledo, Mitwaekie. Fon Pa Lae, La CroiM, Madison. Prairie !? Chlen, Gaeea. Dualeith. Daba^ae, Peoria, Rook Island. Mu?c&tin#, Iowa City, Bnriinrtoa. Qaiaov. Sarin* tod, Alton, Loaia, Cairo, Terre taaute, lndianasois, Lomiaville, CiDoiraaH. L-ayton. Colambaa, CVvaiaad^aad all pointa West, Northwest and Baath NORTHERN ROUTE. _ Conneoi.niwith Trains at Troy, with Troy A B"ttr>r. an R ?ns. A Saratoga Roads for Sara*'<ca. Whitehall. Rut a:. .. ftsrlington. St. Albana, Ro?*a Point, Piatt jbnrgh. Ofdensbtngh, Montreal, Aa., Aa CT Freight A r rang amenta by thia roate aa above, without chant* of Cara, from the Depot* ta Chamber* and laaal street*. are at all time* at favorable aa made by oth*r Bailroad Comsa^i"*. Tka . V % __A. aa I~ -- * uw r*un <ui ? *< (i^h * or* *v<??ive, m> inv W?tl itoammiil it to the confidence of Bteohants a?" ah pfx?f.? lor promptveaa ud duplet Paaeecger trues, with Smoking aad Sleeping ^ars ran m oonneotwn on the Nov York CoatraJ FVrr'partioalara at to looa) train* and freight ar rangemects. ic?air? at the dfpot,?? Warraa at. A. P. SMITH, fiuperinteadent. i-ffi-r-'^ffTr-Trr-"POINT COMFORT. Learea the lower eod of ! Mt?N DOCK.Baltimnr?, weat aid a, l?AILY, iSainUn itcliM.iat Hi o'dlook P.M. Ui ,ni fMftcifn and (eight, ud oonneotmg vita the la road nee. to aM f-i.n Wafhicgron. D. C.. Philadelphia, New York. B ton, York, Harriaburg, Pitut?urg. Pa and the Weat, immediately after the arrival of Um fcxpreea i Train from Nev York aad Philadelphia. The following ia the houeda.e: Prom New York to Fort Moaroe aad baok. >14 Prom Pmiadelph a ai.d t-ack~ - iio From Baltimore and hack fb. iryPHOCUEE YOl'R TICKETS ^/Tl In New the New Jeraoy Railroad Ufloe foot of CoartJand street. In Philadelphia, at the Compaay'a cftoe, N. W. corner of Sixth and Cheataut atreeu, or at the Depot. Broad and Prime atreeta. In Baltimore, oa board the Btaaaaera, foot of Union Dock. H^GH O'CONNKI, Paaaaa^ar Ag*a? -^^-.NEW YOKK, HARLEM AND HH ALBANY RAILROAD. LEAVIr%9 NEW YORK rOR ALBANY, TROV, NO* TH AND WKbT. SUMMER ARHANGKMKNT Commencing Mood**, Mar *Tth, 1481. For Abany?11:00 a. m. fast express twi from 381b street. For Dover Plains?4.-0P p. m stopping at White Plains and station? north to Dovar plains?from 36th street station (This trdn will run to Mi Her ton evary Bats rdav * For irofon FaJla?0:16a. m. stopprng at all stations north of Ford ham from 8S>h street station. For hite Plains?W. 4:10 acd M*> ? m. stop ping a* all stations from 3bth street station. For White Plaine-?: 5 p. m. stopping at all eta tions from White ?treet station. For Williams Bridge-7jn, 11:15 a. m and p: m. stopstng at all stations from *7th street station. Returning will leave? A any?fcoo a. m. last express train. Dover P ains-MO a m (Tlu? tram leaves Mu lerton even Motday morning at 5 a. m.) i Croton Falls?A a. >. White Plains?& to, 74W a m. 4:10 k. 7:00 p . m. Wtlliaau Bridge n t l.-es p. m. undar trains will leave 4th Avenue ooruer ?r: r treet, for Central Park. Yorkville,- Hariem and H igh Bridge everj f?w minuto, from 9KN) a. m. to T.-rfp a. JOHN BURCHiLl. Aost Bap't t^^^NEW YORK AND ERIK RAILPassenger Trains leave via Pavonia Ferry and Long Dook, from foot of Chambers strert, New York, as follows, vis s 700 a. m , EX^RESStfor Dunkirk, and BoMo. ana prinaieal interme U'e Stations. S op a. m .MAIL. for Dunkirs. aad intermediate Stations?TJui Traia remains om aightat Eunira, and prooceJa the next BOrwcr 9.wa m. MILK dail-, for Otierille, and inter mediate Stations. 11 on a. m . ACCOM MOD ATIOM .daily, for Port Jems, and pi tncipal Stations 4 00 b. m . WAV, for Middletown, Newbargk. and ititerr;.?d ste Stations. 6.00 P. m. NIGHT EXPRESS, daily, for Dankirk, Buffalo, Canandai<ua.and principal Stations. Tbe Tram of Haturdsy stop* at all Mail Train Stitions, and rncsonji to k mirt 600p.m.. ACCOMMODATION,for Hornemls, and principal Stations CH *P. M1NOT, fien'l Ssp't. NATHANIEL MARSH. Receiver. jm.FOR BOSTON VIA NEWPORT AND FALL RIVER. * " By the splendid and sapenor > Steamers METROP?'LIS. EMPIRE STATE. BAY STATE, and STATE OF MAl>E, ofgreat strength and ??eed, bat particularly adapted to tbe navigation of I.orr 1* anl Sosnd, running m oon? neouoc wiu the Fall Ri?er a'td Old Coloay Railroad, distanoe of SB miles only to Boston t Leave Pier No. 8 No'th River near the Battery. Th* Steamer EM FIRE STATE. Ca^t. Urayton. > Mondays, Wednesday*, and Fridays, at I o'oloek P.M., touching at Newport each war. _ The Steamer METROPOLIS, Cspt. Brown, on Tuesdays. Thsrsdsre said Setnrd&Ti. at t n'aiM* P.M., toao&ing at Newport each way. Tum b tea ice'i 4ie it ted with ooir rTioJioin tale rooms, and every arrangement for tMMcitnIt and oo in fort ol F_a? setter* who are aforaed by this niti a nights' rest on board, and on arrival at Pall River pi' 'cjkI per Steamboat Traia.reaeh ing Boston earl} the morning: or may 1 remain on board anti. storting or the Aooom vocation at a A. M., by whioh they maj reach Boston ' about S.46 A. M. A baggage master is attaohed to eaoh steamer, who reoeives and tichets the baggage. and aooompani?s the tame to its destination. A steamer rans in oonneetton with this Lin* betvwo Pail River and Provideaoe daily, exoept 1 Btsdvt. Praiht to Boston ts forwasded throach with K*t dispatch by an Koreas Tram, which ieaves 11 River ever? rooming, Sundays TK o'clock for Boston azi New Bedford, arnvine at its destination at about 11 A M For freight or pasaage, apply on board, or at the office on Pier No. 3 North River. For state rooms and berth* apply on board, or if deairea to eeoar* them in ad waoe, to WM. BORDEN, A?'t TO and 71 West street, N Y. ' ja.? MtfiMJMkiai I p*VY!D& TON?Inland Ruuta-The eborteet tM moatdiTttWSffllRWI.C, 6mt, ud COMMONWEALTE.Oafi J. W. WilHuu, Is oor.L^ot.oL viti tee ?u>nJnrW>a and ProndccofAiiC Brtetaaaad Provicoeee Rauropn pTeV^7u "TlCa Oroton UUIo'elow P. M.. or on the arriveJof Mail Train win oh learee Boa ton *4 MDFTIC. Tee PLYMOL'TH EOCK7from New YorkMoocay, vVedn^.a*, and Priday. Pro* Or? .IfSlfe 15*- | i TiMdir.TtiraiUT.IM flfttlriM' Fro* 6 rote & I ?Monday, Wjdmdij, ud PridnT. ? I Pt*HH(iri from Grotoa ptooted Mr ra: -oad to PpvkUao* M.C Boeton, fa tha Kxpr?ea Mali Train, reaching ?|m2 p taoe la advaaoe of thoee by oiner roatea, and la ai: p a time lor al] the car * Moraine Linee ooneotinf North and East. ra? k eeng era that prefer it, reataia oa board the U ??in, an inn ?|?IM IB IM Ml A. K. F?r? from Mtocm to ^*irr<?rt,8,^^*!n>^ Train au{VtT For I'Berths, State Rooms, er Froifht, Mflytt hi*rd U?? WW. or mi tt? Pr?|k Office, Pior 11 North kiror, or ftl tho OIm of ffi. m FkENCH t E?n?5y?.l rmind eliding : A new edition of H&rdoo's Isfratry u< Rile Sri Military Nrpnr. ^ - _ ?'i riM rorutoMM u4 OityMt, ad TmUw, ditto*, Ma S'&S S52. ra??,TB& a ffiffifsiih.* Lt.nau&t boi.M* I 1

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